Say Hello To The New Definition Of Rape

In the past, rape used to be an ultra-violent entry of a vagina, usually involving a stranger who stalked a woman in public and then dragged her into an alley. While this type of rape 1.0 still occurs, a new type of rape is sweeping the nation: rape 2.0. This “rape” is where the woman felt regret, guilt, anger, or embarrassment after having consensual sex with a man she had attraction for. Today, any woman can put a man’s life in jeopardy by crying rape simply because she felt like a slut. This is exactly what recently happened at Ohio University.

There, a woman allowed a man to eat her vagina in public. Many photos were taken, including this one:


There is also a video showing the man giving her sexual pleasure. She liked it enough to grab his head to direct the action:

Female Ohio University Student Says She Was Raped After Getting Her Box Eaten In Public While Folks Stood By   Took Photos! + Some Footage. You Be The Judge  Ohio University Investigating This Alleged

What did the girl do once she realized photos of her slutty behavior made their way online? She went to the police and said she was raped:

A university student photographed while appearing to be engaging in a public sex act near Ohio University’s Athens campus tells police she was being raped as fellow students watched and uploaded pictures.

A meme was made to commemorate her brutal rape:







And on a more serious footing…

help-rape2 copy

Thanks to photographic evidence, it doesn’t appear that the carpet muncher is going to jail, but that hasn’t stopped Ohio feminist Allie Erwin from saying that, photos or not, a rape still occurred (2:23). Without considering the evidence, she is ready to lock the man up for several years, going along with feminist doctrine to always presume male guilt. Not only does the man deserve to go to jail, but Allie won’t be your friend if you don’t actively tweet about the horrors of rape culture:

There may also be foul play from the Ohio University’s Dean of Students, Jenny Hall-Jones, to hide the identify of the lying accuser. Expectantly, she has feminist sympathies, having previously whined about the sexism boogeyman. We have a feminist activist delivering a guilty plea on television and a feminist Dean who is shielding a false rape accuser who clearly broke the law in filing a false police report. Ohio University is making it very clear that you will not be punished if you wrongly charge a man with a crime that can send him to jail for over 10 years. Young men may want to pass on attending this school.

For every one of these false accusers that we catch, how many more did we miss? Feminists will continue to say this is a “small” problem, but men know very well that hooking up with the wrong girl can send them a world of trouble. It seems that the feminist goal of making consensual sex considered as rape is well on its way.

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  1. He better be glad he that camara was there to save his ass, because when these bitches start lying and crying without proof your your reputation is diving. I have had to deal with a false rape accusation from a woman who accused 5 men in one year. On a strange side note, did you know that in a rape trial you should seat as many women on the jury as possible . Turns out woman are less receptive to other women’s fake tears and bullshit crying.

    1. If she complains once, this video is the best evidence. However, I imagine the white knight courts will deliberately exclude the evidence to prevent mayhem from ensuing.

      1. They are no longer afraid of them. They are afraid of us. They must know that now they are between a feminist hard place, and a planet killer rock that is only growing. Us.
        We will no longer tolerate any of these agencies, feminists, or politicians. They have wronged us for so long, we care nothing for any of them. If and when men become more of a monolithic group, it will be because the media blockade of our needs and issues has fallen. When that day comes, more men should realize there is a difference, and they will panic and strain in an attempt to get ahead of us, and control our message.
        If they send this man to prison, they will have a lot of problems. They may get away with it, but feminist approval really is not much of an option anymore as it no longer provides the ability to shout us down.
        Look at the comment section of every single site that is not directly controlled by feminists. They have to realize that a breakthrough is imminent. The 20/20 interview for example. Why did it fall through? Most likely fear. That article they did was a testing ground, and the tests came back dead. If the kid goes to prison for finger banging a whore in denial, it will get the same amount of coverage as Thomas Ball did. At least they will try.
        They time for censorship of men is over.

        1. “Look at the comment section of every single site that is not directly controlled by feminists.”
          They’re also permanently closing the comments sections.

        2. What is this 20/20 interview and associated article I keep seeing mentioned on Manosphere forums? I haven’t heard anything about it.

      2. Truly scary thought. I’d imagine if they press charges and deny the video/picture evidence it would fall under lack of consent to being recorded. I feel sorry for this guy.

        1. Actually, you have no reasonable expectancy of privacy in a public place. It is freely legal to record anyone in public.
          If you intend to use or do end up using the recording for money, you must get them to sign a waiver or blur their faces. Otherwise they will have some limited rights to the content produced and can sue for a portion of the profits.

      3. If they suppress the video as evidence, isn’t that case totally shot? You would think so, but logic isn’t feminism’s strong point. I hope this chick gets charged with filing a false report.

    2. Very true, like the Hofstra case. It is a sad day that if you are going to do something considered puritanically taboo, you must do so in the un-comfort and non-privacy of the public eye so as to avoid being raped by inmates, and oily, fat, “feminist” prison guards.

    3. Oh and women are going to back up an accused man. They gonna side with the female faking it or not.

      1. Not in the court room, women do not buy that shit. In the court of public opinion bitches stick together . Most men have only slept with six or seven women ,and will believe any shit that comes out of a bitches mouth.

    4. What happened to the woman? And the other guys?
      Female jurors are less receptive not only to other women’s fake tears and crying but also to other women’s genuine tears and crying.

      1. She continued her pity party and was not charged. The fifth guy was an Asian DJ who she lived with then robbed and charged rape when he went to the police. Two of the other cases were not in Georgia result they were in North Carolina where she was from. The guy before me was on probation for a drug charge when she made her claim so he was serving his time as result of his arrest for rape, sexual misconduct , and drug possession at the time of his arrest. I know the DJ because he worked at MJQ( popular underground nightclub in Atlanta) and he walked away unscathed because she used the same story she used with me, plus she was caught pawning some of his shit. When I talked to him he felt bad because he thought she was telling the truth about me till she did it to him. As of 2002 she was stripping at the Oasis in Atlanta. When the detective from the sex crimes division of the Atlanta Police Dept. called me to inform me personally that the case was no longer going to be pursued, I asked if they were going to charge her and he told me “this happens all the time , just get over it.” I hope the other two dudes in North Carolina got off but at the time I was watching my own ass.

        1. What a wacked-out, evil bitch. She should have had the book thrown at her. Sorry you had to go through that charade. Must have made you extremely pissed and disgusted to be told to just forget about it. Hope she’s caught out next time and put before an-all female jury that will nail her sorry ass (most women, especially older ones, don’t like strippers). Be careful, man. Good luck to the other guys.

        2. ‘When the detective from the sex crimes division of the Atlanta Police
          Dept. called me to inform me personally that the case was no longer
          going to be pursued, I asked if they were going to charge her and he
          told me “this happens all the time , just get over it.”‘
          That detective is, clearly, a misogynist, rape culture-glorifying liar! False rape allegations almost never happen. I learned that in my Women’s Studies class.
          Take back the night! Slut Walk ATL! Slut Walk ATL!

        3. Sorry to read your story but come on don’t give up !! As a woman I encourage you to defend yourself ! Think about how many men can be in the same situation, what a nightmare for them! Speak out for yourself ! Don’t let her get away like that ! If the police doesn’t want to do anything, fight back in the media, send your story to newspaper, blogs, etc! It’s only fair that this type of unstable behaviour be spotted and brought to the knowledge of as many people as we can ! It’s only fair that we as women organize ourselves to defend our group, you can do the same as men ! So don’t give up !

        4. I feel sorry for you and your male families if one of them is false accused of being a rapist, sluts are degrading the dignity of women and you are being big deluded you have time to wake up

  2. If you sleep with enough women the false rape charge will occur at least once in your life, even if there is video evidence . Even if you don’t fuck women just piss them off, ask Duke LAX.

    1. Maybe not an actual charge, but a man will have several anxious situations where the women acts very strange after sex.

      1. I had a lot drunk hookups in college. Funny thing was that to “protect the girls” and not be seen as “sketchy” I would end up drinking the majority of the drinks in w/e drinking games etc that we played. In one instance I literally had a chick force feeding me beers during a game of dice. End result was that a false sexual accusation was made against me., None of this evidence for me, and more importantly the utter lack of evidence AGAINST me was taken into account. It ruined my senior year, and I was barred from participating in activities that had been my life (sports team, fraternity). All because of her word against mine. The problem with pussified men today is that they do not follow the “bro code” and values such as honor and loyalty, so they are quick to turn against “brothers” to appease a sorority. Nothing ever happened to the “victim” girl. She lived her life normally, and continues to get drunk and partaaay with her friends. I was driven to depression and to the brink of suicide due to the constant stares and looks you get when you have such a reputation. It has been a difficult ride.

        1. I have deep empathy for you. My black ass would be in prison today if my accuser was not caught accusing her fifth victim during the investigation. Although she lied about everything and changed her story multiple times, until she accused her fifth I was fucked. Everyone believed her and even when the charges were dropped I got the side eye for years after. Even people who have known me since high school gave did not believe me. I was an out of control nigger who took advantage of an innocent white girl. The term used was feral nigger date rapist by people I had known for almost a decade. I hope you can get over it, it took me years to come to terms with what happened to me.

        2. Yeah, the looks are the worst. I’m over it externally, but not deep inside because some days I’ll wake up and think this has GOT to be a dream. It’s really fucking annoying.

        3. At least you are free, and moving in the right direction mentally. It took me a while to trust women again, and I leaned on my family for support so I was fortunate to have them. I wish the manosphere was around when my shit went down.

  3. Stick to writing this,at least by doing it you are doing something useful for all men.
    “Game” is not your domain,you suck at it,so don’t bother.
    But such articles are great and should be made public.

  4. She should get a felony charge, 2 years in jail , and 5 years supervised probation with counseling and drug and alcohol testing. That is fair.

    1. That should just be something close to standard. If you fail to get someone time, you should serve a fraction of what they would have. If you give someone time who did not deserve it, and you obviously knew it…you need to serve the same amount of time they did.

      1. My woman is from Voronezh , she thinks feminism is bullshit and is disgusted by this entire case. She had a friend who was brutally beaten , not raped, but beaten by men from the caucuses during a robbery. This was in the 90’s when food was scarce and her friend would not give it up, she was savagely beaten. That is real crime against women , not giggling while getting clit tickled.

    2. I agree absolutely. It’s not a hugely harsh sentence but one that’s tough enough to get her attention. It is fair and just. I hope the guy has enough sense to steer clear of her in the future.

    1. No it was postponed. Problems with the quality of reporting and outright negligence by the network likely .

      1. I don’t think so, it was simply a hit piece. The fact that it took them a month to decide to try an air it, then pull it last second tells me they did not like the results of the article they did telling everyone it was coming.
        Basically, women started a fight, and the men showed up. The show cancelled? Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Just showed the video to my girl off of WSHH and she said it was funny and the girl is stupid. I then showed her the ROK article and how rape is alleged by the girl and she called her a lying bitch. To quote my girl ” did she look at the fucking video, bitch! “. Wonder how real rape victims feel when they see this bullshit, like real gangsters feel when Drake threatens to ” catch a body”.

  6. Just wanted to add something to the story in relations to Roosh’s recent assertion that women no longer feel social shame:
    According to a witness, a couple of white knights in attendance “beat up” the man and ran off, but not before dropping this comment:
    “That is literally f–ked up that you’re pulling her vagina out right here. You’re a slut. Should we start a line right here?” the faceless man allegedly says.”
    While the article and witness reported that the “slut” comment was directed at the man, I have a strong suspicion that it was actually directed at the woman. Regardless if it was or wasn’t, the slut definitely took it personal. Because she went from liberated slut to this:
    “While the man seemed to enjoy the attention, Blanc says the woman was very quiet.”
    The very next morning, the slut felt ashamed / embarrassed enough to lie about the incident and throw her lover under the bus to save face.
    If the above is accurate, it proves my hypothesis that women are still vulnerable to social shaming, especially masculine social shaming. They just can’t help it. It is a biological mechanism that goes deeper than any cultural hand-wringing being promoted by the feminists.

    1. Who were the white knight bitches who attacked the playboy? Jealous bitch men need to get laid themselves stop worrying about true players.

    2. They clearly know intricately where they stand in the attractiveness pecking order of a group, most of them unable to even be seen without their faces coated in chemical masks – the slightest threat that they might not be giving the illusion of the value that they think they are is taken deadly seriously as it has the potential to destroy them.

  7. Just wanted to add something to the story in relations to Roosh’s recent assertion that women no longer feel social shame:
    According to a witness, a couple of white knights in attendance “beat up” the man and ran off, but not before dropping this comment:
    “That is literally f–ked up that you’re pulling her vagina out right here. You’re a slut. Should we start a line right here?” the faceless man allegedly says.”
    While the article and witness reported that the “slut” comment was directed at the man, I have a strong suspicion that it was actually directed at the woman. Regardless if it was or wasn’t, the slut definitely took it personal. Because she went from liberated slut to this:
    “While the man seemed to enjoy the attention, Blanc says the woman was very quiet.”
    The very next morning, the slut felt ashamed / embarrassed enough to lie about the incident and throw her lover under the bus to save face.
    If the above is accurate, it proves my hypothesis that women are still vulnerable to social shaming, especially masculine social shaming. They just can’t help it. It is a biological mechanism that goes deeper than any cultural hand-wringing being promoted by the feminists.

  8. Roosh,
    Keep in mind that under new fedeRAl laws you will be, by Posting this offensivE and unwanted mind penetRAting PERspective, mind rAPing any woman who happEns upon this web site

  9. This is a warning to guys: if a girl is such a slut that she would allow you to go down on her in public, or go home with her within the first few hours that you met, she’s crazy enough to say you raped her. She’s doesn’t care about herself, and she certainly doesn’t care about you.

    1. Any girl this kinky means something simple. SHE has had so much normal sex that it is now boring.

    2. You forgot to mention the atrocious behaviour of the guy in the picture what a desperate animal. And you wonder why women are getting stronger, we have to protect ourselves from scum like this.

      1. Exactly, she has no moral agency of her own and is too easily convinced to do things like this, and it is only after pictures hit the internet that she cannot deny what happened she has to remind everyone that he raped her by being overly persuasive. Even though she liked the daring badboy, sometimes she can’t deny her own complicity. On the other hand, there is no achievement in seducing the girl with round heels, and the heels are rounder now than they were seventy years ago.

  10. And weren’t the feminists just telling us that the girl giving a guy a blowjob at a concert was doing nothing wrong, and was actually a victim?

  11. The problem is that feminist, while getting off on a well-administered cunnilingus, get off more by flaunting their so-called power over a man–in this case, vanquishing him to the shame and scorn of an accused rapist., simply because she can’t deal with her own slut shame. Too bad she wasn’t fat, then should could have garnered the sympathies of the anti-fat-shaming crowd which has been quite vocal in the press lately.
    I say if there’s any confusion over the definition of rape or consensual sex in this video, then we have Ryan Seacrest host an-hour long dialog on national TV where viewers can text-in and tweet-in their vote a virtual thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the question. Of course, there can be no blurring of the faces or genitalia, nor muting of the audio, lest there be room for misinterpretation of the events.
    If, somehow, America calls this rape, sexual assault, or anything less than a misdemeanor lude and lascivious public act, then let American men be warned that any act is open to interpretation as rape in the female’s mind, and the medias eye.
    As I sit here in Starbucks catching up on the manosphere scuttlebutt, even before reading this article,I was just thinking all the homely femminazis who walk through here may accuse any male in here of rape if we merely look at thime wantonly. They’re just in need of some rape-o-meter than can somehow sense a sexual though, even if it’s a fleeting one, to construe the though as mental rape, and consequently a crime.
    No only do we have though-crimes these days (ie hate crimes), but now we have crimes of he-said, she-said, we-interpret. It’s only the collective interpretation that matters. And those interpretations are as reliable as the prevailing political and social winds blow.

    1. Geez, I’m scared! They’re in Starbucks too? You’re a brave man for holding your ground … although … why would you be looking wantonly at homely feminazis? Maybe you find them kinda cute anyway?
      The mind boggles …

  12. Guys, you need to suck her clit gently, sometimes vigorously to get good results.. Some of you younger chaps may not understand the mechanics and think you gotta rub your entire face in her sloppy hole. The clit is up front under some skin folds. Not trying to sound like an expert; I have been at it for 40 years and still don’t know. It doesn’t help that different women respond differently at different times. This site could use a refresher essay complete with anatomical diagrams and lunar charts so fellas could share tips and techniques.

  13. “men know very well that hooking up with the wrong girl can send them a world of trouble”. so true…

    1. Just saw a better picture of her… She actually looks like the kind of girl to cry rape. Avoid needy girls (now I realize most women are needy once you get past their defences, but avoid the really really needy ones). Or if you feel like looking it up, read up on BPD and NPD and avoid these women.

  14. I think that bitch should get jail time for filing a false police report and perjury. That is bullshit she tired to ruin that guys life. Also, wtf! she should be giving him oral sex. Eating her pussy like that with nothing in return (or given first) is some beta shit.

    1. That’s why she cried rape — because he was a beta.
      If he’d been a top-dog, her only thought would have been getting back together with him. She would never have filed rape charges.

    1. That law is already here in New York, I think. I was browsing over something a few days ago that stated that if a man [that said woman doesn’t find sexually appealing] even looks at a woman, it can be taken as sexual harassment.

      1. That’s not quite thought, but close enough. The question now is can the apple-user-experience provide the feeling of being raped through an iPhone app. Perhaps they could connect their smartphone to a wearable webcam that scans for wandering eyes and calculates their path of vision. Too long on a random boob, and you get jail time.

        1. If you were a woman you would understand that. It is not just compliment, it is unwanted stuff like “would you suck me? hey why don”t you answer you bitch!” and so on. So don’t be hypocrite, the law is targetting at this kind of behaviour and they are not tolerable. Ask around you to your mother/sister/ girl friends how much desirable it is to be harrassed by unsollicited compliments all day long in the metro, in the bus, in the streets, or guys “proposing” you to “ejaculate in your mouth” while you have a short skirt this HAVE to mean that you are open to get raped ! And of course if you take the trouble to answer no, which is supposed to be obvious but not for the harasser : you’re a slut, you’re a bitch, une pute, because you’re merely telling them to stop this unsollicited and unwanted sexual attention.
          More here (it is drawings so even you can understand) :

          I think you are the kind of guy who will understand this only if he ever have a daughter one day. Then we’ll see how much you like your girl attracting pervs.

        2. Quand un homme vous regarde, est-ce une violation? Quand un homme dit un bon complément, est ce mal? Tu Parlez comme tout un homme peut dire a une femme est harcèlement. C’est ridicule a parlez de ça comme quand je dire, “Vous regardez bien”, c’est mal comme quand je dire, “Baise-moi, PUTE!”

        3. … Mais j’aime ton talent artistique. J’espère vous ne pensez pas c’est harcèlement a dire ça.

        4. So you’re saying people should go to jail for saying idiotic words. But only if they’re aimed at a woman. #sexist

        5. That MIGHT be because your country is flooded with african and arabian immigrants. How come here in Switzerland where I am this doesn’t happen? Because we aren’t flooded with people from an entirely different culture who don’t know that this is not ok. But yes surely passing laws that affect EVERYONE is the better idea than fighting the problem at the root. You are ridiculous and blind!

        6. Could not have put that better. And they seem to want more if it, 60% voted for a pro-European neoliberal who is pro-Muslim. French and European culture just further oblitarated.

  15. Feminism has shown us the true nature of females. It has shown mankind their complete lack of responsibility for their own actions and a complete lack of empathy for males. I really feel for men who are victims of false rape charges as they are often law abiding citizens that get screwed by the very system they believed in.

    1. Why limit it to feminists? There are all kinds of other women — traditionalists, religious ones, mommy/homemaker types — that have no empathy toward men, boys, or even other females.
      Being a victim of a false rape charge sucks and is WRONG by any standard, just as being a genuine rape victim sucks and is wrong.
      Put the false rape victim in a prison cell with a genuine rapist and justice will be served.

  16. The New Definition Of Rape:
    I wasn’t 100% pleased before, during, and after the act so it is rape. If I feel like a slut it is rape, if I drink one sip of beer it is rape, if a guy refuses to have sex with me it is rape, and if he doesn’t make breakfast in the morning it is rape.

    1. If, at any time before, during, or after the sex, I begin to second-guess whether the guy was alpha enough (proportional to how many of my friends know about it), it’s rape.

  17. Should she be charged with rape for holding his head to her vagina…did he consent to getting his head held? What utter bullshit this accusation is and it does nothing but demean and marginalize men further. This woman is smart though, female accountability is simply unnecessary and meaningless in a feminized society and she took advantage of her regret to mobilize the campus and some in the community to her cause of regret. Sadly, he will be charged to ensure the cops and campus administrators don’t suffer consequences by ensuring justice through not filing charges. This case should be a shining example of why you should avoid feminists altogether.

  18. Great piece. I’d like to direct readers to a blog called “Community of the Wrongly Accused,” which tracks false rape reports and convictions. It was previously called “False Rape Society,” but had to change its title after the SPLC deemed it a hate site when (get this) *all it was doing was re- reporting stories from newspapers.* It’s apparently a hate crime now to report the news. That should tell you something right there, comrades.

    1. So I just visited the site, as it had been a year or so since I had last checked it out. The article from Friday the 18th is about this incident and I thought I was reading satire. I will not be giving them any more traffic.
      -Reposted from cotwa
      “This is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend. It’s almost certain she laughs, cries, encourages people who are down, has a favorite television show, does things to help a neighbor, a parent, or a friend even when she’d rather do something else. She’s a human being, damn it.
      And, no, she didn’t “ask” for it; she didn’t deserve it; and all persons of good will need to raise their voices to condemn the perpetrators, the videographer, the bystanders who joked and did nothing, and the cretins who watched it for entertainment on “social” media without any empathy for the plight of a human being in obvious distress.
      We are disgusted beyond words.”

        1. COTWA looks to indeed be a great, impassioned site against the rape hoax epidemic.
          Additionally, I’ll refer dudes to this article by Jim Goad, which is simultaneously a total takedown of the lie that there are no rape hoaxes and also a comprehensive attack list of all sorts of rape hoaxes:
          The silent victim of this is people’s sex lives. It’s a tragedy that so many dudes are too scared to approach girls because they have a friend, or friend-of-a-friend, who’s been victimized by the rape hoax epidemic, and they’re traumatized into thinking girls will do it to them, too.
          My high school lit teacher, Mr. Sawyer (legit alpha) privately and passionately told every each class about his horrifying rape hoax ordeal after the school had the usual politically correct “Rape Survivor” lecture all the boys about how evil they are.

        2. What happened to Mr. Sawyer? I’m surprised he was allowed to continue teaching. Why did he endanger his job by telling his classes about his experience? Not a smart move.
          You call it a rape hoax epidemic, as does Roosh, though Roosh then goes on to state that rape hoax cases rarely happen. So, which is it? Any stats available?

        3. Mr. Sawyer was in his mid-20’s at the time, and the incident occurred when he was in college. To my knowledge, he was totally cleared and there was never a trial, but, like the Duke Lacrosse kids, he went through months of accusations, legal nightmares, etc.
          Statistics on rape are bogus because hoaxes are never classified as such, but as “unsolved cases”, thereby incriminating an anonymous male, and lauding a sociopathic woman.
          The Duke Lacrosse is a perfect example: the woman was never even charged with filing a false police report, nevermind perjury, slander, or other felonies.

        4. Glad that Mr. Sawyer was cleared and can teach, but I’ll bet that nightmare has followed him around for years. He’s got to be careful about what he says to his students. Better to vent with his buddies and not endanger his job, even though he’s understandably trying to warn his students about what can happen.
          What happened to Mr. Sawyer’s accuser? Let me guess … she got off, instead of serving time in the slammer and paying for his legal fees and a defamation suit. What an evil little bitch.
          Yeah, the statistics are tough. I don’t think there’s a rape hoax epidemic (yet), but it shouldn’t be allowed to happen at all. As Roosh states, these liars need to be punished, publicly, before more wacked-out women decide to follow suit.

        5. Thanks for expressing interest in this. I was in high school in the mid-90s, and so these events would have been in the late-80s or early-90s. My high school was private and, at that time, quite small and casual, so there would be no issue with a teacher relaying this. (Although, incidentally, Mr. Sawyer moved on to higher-paying pastures my sophomore year.)
          There is a rape hoax epidemic. All real, violent rape is black on white, but girls don’t want to seem racist, so they have to concoct white villains so they can feel like they’re in a movie. Every single white rapist I’ve seen in recent years, it’s turned out to be a hoax. The only way they get away with assaulting these men is by changing the definition of rape.
          Regarding the statistics on interracial rape, I refer you to ‘The Color of Crime: Race Crime and Justice in America’, which can be downloaded for free online. Also, the writer Colin Flaherty at WND chronicles black violence (including sexual violence) very well.
          Truly horrid, savage rapes are black men (often in packs). The media just covers it up, and the feminists won’t protest black rape. Here’s an example:

        6. Thanks. Glad to hear that Mr. Sawyer moved on and up. I take it his accuser went unpunished. If she was underage, at the very least she should have gone to a juvenile detention facility. Hope her crime catches up with her one day. Karma’s a bitch.
          Can’t say I agree that genuine rape is solely black on white. Most rape is done by someone the female knows, like a boyfriend, husband, uncle, etc. I’ve met plenty of white women who dislike black men and would rather lie than admit a black man had raped them.
          Where I live (U.S.A.), real rape is pretty much across the board — white, brown, black, and even some yellow and red. My family and friends in Scandinavia tell me that Muslim immigrant rapes and beatings upon local women is skyrocketing. I heard about many rapes between Catholics and Protestants when I lived in 1970s Belfast. Plus live dynamite sticks being shoved up Vietnamese women by white GIs during that war. And Cambodian kids (male and female) are now getting raped by European sex tourists.
          Nope, rape is a trans-race/religion/culture crime. And now these despicable rape liars have cropped up to complicate the problem and further antagonize men and women against each other. Best solution might be to throw these would-be victims in jail — in the same cells as real rapists.

      1. I didn’t see that post. I removed my original post so as not to give them any publicity. They were once a reputable site. Times change, I guess.

  19. Since most of these false rape accusations seem to occur in party-like settings where both participants have been drinking, men falsely accused of rape should just flip the script and also file rape charges. If an intoxicated woman cannot consent, neither can an intoxicated man.

  20. this makes me feel bad for the women who experience the real brutal danger of rape and sexual assault in muslim countries (vs the case like in the above; where spoilled girls/women from good neighborhoods w/o crime just want to be the loudest mouths in the neighborhood, no matter if it deliberately ruins someones life like possibly the dude above, or worse where there is no video proof). Even if he is considered innocent w/ all the rumor mongering girls/ultra trendy bandwagon betas, he will have a permanent river of shit coming his way, unless he exiles himself into another country, loses all his current contacts… Nowadays it’s like all of us men are supposed to be guilty about what happens in muslim countries (or in/near a muslim ghetto in the example of france), where real actual problems lie. the more i read on ROK what the society in the US is turning females into, i start to think, that (well i’m not naive women will remain women); it is a lot better where i currently live, i don’t get feminist shit all day long, and about or over half of the girls act feminine.
    scary, to think, from the article; one never knows whose next

    1. I agree with you. And the Asian country where I’m living in is starting to resemble America in truly frightening ways. A 15 year old girl made a false police report that a 57 year old bus driver had sex with her. Thankfully her story was not believed by the judge and she admitted that it was a false charge so she’s been sentenced to 2 years in a juvenile girl’s home.
      Feminism will bring about the collapse of justice and society. We must take the fight to its doorsteps or the developed (and developing) world is doomed.

      1. I guess westernism is a double-edge sword in Asia. Sure, whites are worshiped, but now the feminism is starting to creep in, albeit slowly.
        As a foreigner, accusations against you may just be taken seriously by frustrated yellow men who watch their women hop into bed with any non-Black that falls off of the plane too.

  21. I’ll stick to my original assessment. She should be dragged out into the public square and flogged by real rape victims.
    Allie Erwin should be beaten for being a totalitarian wishing to pervert justice and remove the inherent right of innocent until proven guilty. We don’t need a female Kim Jung Il telling us people are guilty and criminals without trial or contravening evidence.
    Allie is lucky she doesn’t live near me.

    1. In a civil society she would be charged with filing a false police report, then sued in civil court for damages.

  22. if giving drunken public oral sex is rape, i’ve been a rape victim too many times to remember.
    moral of the story – roll with wingmen who can fight so you don’t get your ass kicked by white knights when you’re trying to get public punani lolz

    1. Please strike that last non-word from your vocabulary. “Lolz” does not belong here, unless you’re a 13-year old girl – in which case YOU do not belong here.

  23. A nitpick: a “guilty plea” is what an accused person delivers to the court if he or she decides not to contest the case. What Ms. Erwin delivered was more like a verdict or judgment of guilt.

  24. This whole case is feminism in a nutshell. A fat, ugly, poorly dressed woman gets a man on his knees, he gives her everything she wants and gets nothing in return, then she has him thrown in jail anyway.

    1. Your comments are facile. This is not the always-easy excuse of that boogyman feminism but a case of a self-centered, stupid, asinine girl. Don’t let feminism, weight, dress, appearance, or how her daddy might have treated her be an excuse for her jackass behavior. She did it herself and should sit in a jail cell to think about how much a defamation suit will cost her. Then let a group of genuine rape victims have a go at her. Forget this idiotic twit.

      1. Feminism encourages and enables this sort of stupid irresponsible behavior by women. You think this could have ever happened without the decades long Feminist influence on our culture? Yes she’s a stupid irresponsible selfish jackass, but Feminism allows that stupid behavior to be legitimized by those in power. Stupid selfish people is a problem that we can’t fix, its always going to be with us. A society that encourages and abets stupid behavior IS a solvable problem however, and the solution in this case is to treat Feminism as the societal cancer that it is.

        1. Feminism doesn’t encourage this kind of behavior, but it does enable it in that feminist-influenced Western culture’s reaction to reported rapes, real or false, is now far less harsh than most of the world (see my reply to anonymous’s “rapes per capita” post above). Maybe you would prefer that. Definitely today’s inane, look-at-me-NOW, celebrity-obssessed “culture” encourages every jackass to put it out there (pun intended). In addition to jail time and a walloping suit, the little idiot should have her Smart phone taken away for life.

    2. True she is ugly but he didn’t have to do it.This is what I don’t understand the whole making him do it.
      Weird you say that because he cant be made to do anything by a woman,he is 10 times stronger than her.
      What are you saying us guys are some sort of children now?
      This guy is doing that because he wants to,i don’t know why anyone would do that in public.
      The whole thing Is just fucked up bro.

      1. “…he is 10 times stronger than her.” Another feminist assumption! If she can lift 100 lbs, and he is 10 times stronger, then – if my math is correct – he can lift 1,000 lbs. He’s one powerful man!

  25. Hi Roosh! You invited us to make submissions if we thought the quality of the articles was slipping. I made a submission and I haven’t heard back. Just wondering why, considering it was good quality.

    1. Obviously you can’t put up everything you receive but a rejection with a helpful suggestion would be polite on your part.

  26. “Without considering the evidence, she is ready to lock the man up for several years, going along with feminist doctrine to always presume male guilt”… beautifully said roosh.. these feminist cunts are grinding their teeth now reading this.. knowing their evil empire is going to collapse on their hypocritical faces.

  27. When a woman gets raped for real noone will believe her anymore… because of lying bitches like this Ohio girl.

  28. Utterly shameful. Not only because they’re trying to ruin innocent men’s lives, but also because shit like this distracts and detracts from bringing actual rapists to justice.
    Gonna paraphrase from Rome:
    “Shame on Allie Erwin for such barbarities, shame!”

  29. Thank you for this. Is there uncensored vision of this video? Fucking media cunts blur the false accuser and don’t even bother to blur his face. Not to say the idiot don’t deserve some flak.

  30. Predator Panic has reached epidemic proportions. Soon all the men will be on the list. Little boys will be to America what little girls are to China.

  31. I wanted to add that I believe these types of cases are very rare, and most guys shouldn’t worry about it, but we need to bring awareness to them to prevent the problem from getting worse. If we punish women now for false rape accusations, it will signal to other women that they should think twice before using it as a trump card, but the problem I see is that the mainstream has shut down all conversation about it. Questioning questionable rape cases will just get you labeled as a “rape apologist” or “misogynist”, and no university will dare tackle a study of false rape accusations because they will hammered by the left.
    In the meantime, just don’t hook up with crazy girls who are heavily intoxicated.

    1. The authorities aren’t going to prosecute false rape accusations unless it is blatantly false and they can prove it. False rape accusations are fairly rare and it is even more rare to see false rape convictions. The standard of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt, and that standard is virtually impossible to meet in cases like this.
      What we need is for men falsely accused of rape to file defamation lawsuits against their accusers — like the guy in the Tawana Brawley case did. Because, while a false rape conviction is probably not something you need to worry about, the damage to your reputation and legal expenses from a false accusation can destroy your life.

      1. They are not that rare. In Sweden maybe 90 % of rape charges were dropped which would suggest the charges are made for other than rape (Assagne style condom or not condom). this is one form of false accusation and it is not that bad. the second class is the type where it is obvious the woman tried to get money or something by the accusation. it is serious because even if you have the tape, they might still not get punished.

    2. Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, Micheal Irving, Chris Webber, Duke LAX, Tupac, the Kennedy, and Brian Banks. If you have assets watch out , you are a target.

        1. Ah sorry but DSK is a sexually obsessed and ill guy and has been recognised for rapes in France (if not in America). Don’t loose your credibility adding him to the above list. This guy is sexually insane and psychologically unstable.

    3. find the guys name and get him to file for false charges, slander, wasting police time, frivolous law suit etc. etc. etc. even if it never goes to court.. it’s very unpleasant getting served with legal papers.
      google glass for all…
      and a few hidden webcams on your person and in your apartment to make sure….
      even just simply recording the audio on your phone in your pocket can be a highly effective tool…. if you know you are recording and ask her the right questions while you are warming her up…. that will seal the deal for your safety….

    4. Very rare? Just compare rapes per capita in the USA and in non-feminist countries. You will be veeeery surprised.

      1. Do your homework. The penalties for being raped in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, and most of Africa, include being stoned to death, being forced to marry the rapist, death at the hands of family members because of family “dishonor,” divorce, and banishment from the family unit. Hence the low rate of reported rates.
        The penalties for reporting rape in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and China generally include disbelief and non-interest by the police and shame and great loss of face to the victims’ families for the victims making such “personal” matters public. Hence the low rate of reported rapes.
        In most “traditional” societies, an unmarried female who has been raped, even if she’s only two years old, most likely will not be able to find gain a husband, and thus children, later on. Hence the low rate of reported rapes.
        Rape will always be a problem for mankind. It should be dealt with swiftly, openly, without shame, and without fear of reprisal to the victims. Rapists and false victims should be dealt with immediately and severely.

  32. We need a website that lists the names of women who pull this shit. This “women” should be punished via a total lack of male attention for the rest of her life. Men of America need to make a do “Never Fuck Her” list filled with girls who have lost their dick-getting privileges because they hollered rape when they shouldn’t have.

  33. We need a website that lists the names of women who pull this shit. This “women” should be punished via a total lack of male attention for the rest of her life. Men of America need to make a do “Never Fuck Her” list filled with girls who have lost their dick-getting privileges because they hollered rape when they shouldn’t have.

  34. I’m serious when I say that soon they will pass a law that says tht in order for it to be legally construed as rape, not only does she not have to have bruises, not only does she not have to have witnesses, but she will show..resistance if she is recorded. She can be smiling, non-resistant and clearly enjoying it like she is in this picture..and the court will still agree it was rape. And ruin a young man’s life as casually as removing a public tree . Tell me gentleman, and know this is no rhetorical question I ask; how will game protect one from that?

      1. she had to fake that she was enjoying it in case he became violent or his friends filming it gang banged her… she faked enjoyment to protect herself…. sorry boys, it’s still rape…

        1. No, she could easily have screamed. She was in a public place, people would have come to help her.if she just made so much as a displeased/distressed done would have taken notice of that and men….not saying white…would have most likely intervened.

        2. No, she could easily have screamed. She was in a public place, people would have come to help her.if she just made so much as a displeased/distressed done would have taken notice of that and men….not saying white…would have most likely intervened.

        3. LOL! Hysterical.
          And what about all the perjury women commit in the family courts? What about all THOSE false allegations? I guess the women have to fake those as well, eh?

        4. Then this means you have raped a lot of women assuming you have had sex. They were just pretending to enjoy it, as to avoid you getting violent.

    1. A gun to the head or knife to the throat can easily ensure no struggle (and thus bruises) and no screaming. You appear a little hysterical.

  35. Hi Roosh,
    great article…well done! I just did an interview with buzzfeed. A 23 year old man by the name of Ryan Broderick. I have sent him your article. I pointed out that what I am after is equality before the law.
    Ryan Broderick
    200 5th ave, 8th floor
    New York, NY
    781 789 6535

    1. Good Job! Paste that bitches face everywhere and shame her for her lies and make google permenant so it well never go away and brand her for what she is, a lying cunt, digitally forever.

  36. Exactly what happened to Julian Assange. That’s why he is caught in the Equadorian Embassy in London.
    False accusation of rape should exactly be punished as rape. No difference!

  37. as much as we hate the girlie smart phone culture, we must be thankful for it also 🙂

  38. Well written and informative. And funny in the sense of making lemonaide out of lemons. Roosh the political activist? The within-the-system MRM betas may be looking up to Roosh yet. There is an outside chance they might choose to learn Game. lol

  39. The man should counter-file rape charges, since the feminazi’s definition of rape is “whatever the victim says it is”

  40. Face it, the fact feminist so willing believe others harbor such violent impulses says more about them than anything else

  41. Supposedly this happened a lot with White girls crying rape to save themselves from being seen as a nigger-lover. The same has also supposedly happened in China where Chinese girls didn’t want to be seen as laowai-lovers.

  42. I believe Rachel Cassidy. That is, I believe that she has nothing to do with any of this, obviously the girl in the photos and video is a lying whore (the man in the video at least admits he’s a whore) but the girl is not Rachel Cassidy and she shouldn’t be catching any of this. She has an uncanny resemblance to the girl in the video, but I believe her solely because it doesn’t make any logical sense to lie about it while trying to file charges on the man.

    1. “but I believe her solely because it doesn’t make any logical sense to lie about it while trying to file charges on the man.”
      Dude…you do not know much about women.

      1. it’s not about women. It’s about the American justice system.
        It doesn’t make logical sense for her to say that she was nowhere near the event when it was happening, when the campus AND the police have the name of the woman in the video who filed the false accusation. Her saying it wasn’t her, if it in fact is her, can easily be used against her in court.
        For you to drag some random person (ANY person, no matter the gender) name through the mud without any proof, is highly irresponsible. How are people supposed to take false rape accusations seriously when insane asylums like yourself are running around implicating the wrong people? With this incident alone you’ve done quite a bit of damage for false rape accusation awareness. It’s not right for names to be released before proceedings are done anyway.

        1. “For you to drag some random person (ANY person, no matter the gender) name through the mud without any proof, is highly irresponsible. ”
          Then go deal with the fact that women do this on a daily basis.
          Get back to me when you are done.
          “Out of your own words you said you wouldn’t care if Rachel Cassidy blew her head off if she wasn’t the girl in the video.”
          If you read the whole quote you would read:
          “If Rachel Cassidy goes out tomorrow and buys a gun and blows her head off that’s not a problem for me. I’m prepared to say that in the public,” he says. “Now the reason I’m prepared to say that in the public is because I’m reflecting back the exact same attitude that it would be if it were a man.”
          Now…since women AND MEN do not care when men suicide in divorce due to false allegations and criminal victimisation my comment is no better and NO WORSE than 99.9% of western people.
          You man hating western men do not like it when you own man hatred is reflected back at a woman do you.
          I made the statement deliberately to reflect back the hatred of men….and look how many people are upset about a comment that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS endorse when the target is a MAN.
          You people are the haters….and I reflected your hatred back at you. Get used to it….we will be doing it a lot more now that it has worked so well.

        2. By the way? I have also said in public in my own name that if my two daughters blew their heads off the world would be a better place.
          What are YOU doing to make the world a better place Damien? How much have you paid me for all the work I have done to secure your rights? How much have you helped me?
          Is there any reason why anyone would care about YOU if you blew your own head off? Would anyone miss you? Would anyone mourn you? Would any important project stop?

        3. We’re not talking about other women, we know most women nowadays aren’t worth a damn. We’re talking about YOU. YOUR self-accountability for YOUR actions.

        4. Why are you talking about MY actions while you are not prepared to hold women accountable for their crimes?
          Oh..that’s right…because you are a MAN-HATER and you don’t care when men are criminally victimised by men.

        5. Actually, I do. That’s why I want fair treatment to this whore of a man in this photo and video, and towards girls who didn’t have anything to do with the bitch in the photo and video. The fact of the matter is, you’re a male version of the Jezebel/Salon/Slate/Huffington Post et al crazies. That’s just it, plain and simple. If we are going to be successful with this, we need more proof that it’s the same person rather than they just happen to look similar. And even then it’s still not anybody’s place to release her name at this point in time. You have to be above the feminists and approach things rationally.

        6. “The fact of the matter is, you’re a male version of the Jezebel/Salon/Slate/Huffington Post et al crazies. ”
          Funny how you manginas turn lies into “facts” and facts into “opinions”.
          We are no longer listening to manginas like you. If you want to be a mangina? Go over to AVFM or the spearhead or any other large MRA/MRM groups.
          You will find LOTS of other manginas to be your friends. You will find LOTS of other manginas who will agree with you. You will also find that they have achieved NOTHING OF NOTE in the last FIVE YEARS.
          So by all means…go and be with your fellow manginas. Us REAL MEN on CAF? We are going to hold “equality before the law is paramount” and we are going to reflect the position of society towards MEN back at WOMEN.
          That means the following:
          1. Perjury is ok for men.
          2. Hitting women is ok for men.
          3. Laughing about women being killed or maimed or injured is ok for men.
          4. False allegations against women is ok for men.
          That’s just to list the first 4 things that if a man commits those actions we will offer him protection and anonymity because THAT WOULD BE EQUAL.
          Now…if the man hating shrews and the manginas do not like us taking that position? Then they have the job in front of them to CHANGE THE SOCIAL NORM. Not us. We are not enough to change the social norm. So we will follow the lead of the social norm and we will see how women and their mangina lackeys like you like a taste of their own medicine.
          Indications are they don’t like it. As I pointed out to one of the reporters. We tried to talk to the media for FIVE YEARS and get a public dialogue going. They refused. We have talked to presidents, prime ministers, entire parliaments and tens of thousands of women. No response.
          We name ONE FEMALE as a false rape accuser and we get 200,000 hits on our site and NATIONAL COVERAGE!
          Hey. I think we were just told what we have to do to get some attention on the facts of the matter…right?

        7. 1. Lying is not cool for anyone.
          2. In self defense it’s fine.
          3. Laughing about anybody getting killed is wrong, no matter the gender.
          4. No. This is wrong either way.
          I think you’re projecting a bit. I’d say the dude outing some woman he doesn’t know without any concrete proof is more of a mangina than I could ever be. Vigilante justice isn’t always justice.
          I understand that the media is extremely biased against men as even this very case proves; however doing things like labeling people (not women, not men, PEOPLE) without any proof is not the solution. If you’re knowledgeable of men who are killed or beaten due to vigilante justice resulting from a false accusation, why would you turn around and put another human being at this type of risk? It’s not about her gender, it’s about the fact that it’s wrong period.

        8. Damien,
          1. Lying is not cool for anyone.
          2. In self defense it’s fine.
          3. Laughing about anybody getting killed is wrong, no matter the gender.
          4. No. This is wrong either way.
          Then go sort it out such that women no longer do this. Until then? I will reflect the hatred of women and manginas back to them. Notice how upset women and manginas are when THEIR OWN HATRED is reflected back that them.
 along. You have much work to do before you talk to me again.

        9. Wow. I saw people down-talking you all over youtube and I was willing to give you the benefit of doubt. You really are crazy.

        10. “You really are crazy.”
          Yes….in todays western society a man who says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and insists that he will reflect back the hated and crimes that have been committed against him is labelled “crazy”.
          Interestingly? In Germany I am called heroic, courageous, committed, and an example for other men to follow who are courageous enough to stand up for equality before the law and to expose criminals in guvmint.
          You see, in Germany they had this group called the Nazis. And they intimated people with force. And not many german men stood up to them.
          So Germans know what I am doing and why and they are very supportive.
          Western men are too stupid in the 99.9% majority. So to hide their stupidity and cowardice they call me names.
          The 0.1% who bother to listen to what I actually say? They actually send me messages of support. How about that?

  43. I know fat shamming week is over but… Today as I was leaving the gym at my local community centre (usually workout at the university, but not on this occasion) a large mammal (seemingly woman) shuffled onto the elevator with a stroller and a small girl of around six. After making sure the elevator could take her weight I took no notice of her. As I left the elevator I open the door to the underground parking and continued on towards my vehicle. As the door was closing I hear a deep and sarcastic “thanks” from behind me. After my astonishment of Baluga whale’s new found ability to speak I realized that the fattass bitch behind me was the one speaking. That fat cunt couldn’t have the decency to speak to me like a regular human being would and ask for help; instead she makes it seem like I am some kind of monster for not holding a door while there is a magical button that would open the door for her. As if that wasn’t enough as I grabbed the door to leave it open she finds the button and says to me “too late.”This whale probably does these things on a day to day basis, teaching her daughter her ways. Her daughter will probably end up just like her: a fat cunt. Which will cycle on until man realizes that mating with these huge tubs of lard is bad for the human race.

  44. First thing that should pop up in a google search for her name
    “**name of girl in photo** falsely accused a man of rape”
    “Alli Erwin encourages and supports women making false claims o rape, destroying innocent men’s lives and harming real victims”
    “Jelli-Haal Jones obstructs justice by harboring a false rape accuser, destroying innocent men’s lives and harming real victims of rape”

  45. Exhaustive research puts false rape allegations at about 3%, absolutely dwarfed by the countless horrendous rapes that happen every day. Completely agree what happened here is out of order. I believe in fact that the black boy in the Steubenville case was railroaded. But it would be good to see some of you guys saying something about real rape, acknowledging that what real rape does is make women scared of men.
    I have read guys talking about going up to women on the street: ‘I hit on a Korean woman, We talked as we walked but she was somewhat dismissive. I had to force the convo and when I asked for her digits, she ignored me”. Now what he can’t see, is that can be very scary. A guy comes up, you walk away, he keeps following, ‘forcing the convo’, you reluctantly reply as you’re afraid he’ll maybe yell at you (try and understand how women are socialized to be ‘nice’ and to fear even raised voices, as little girls don’t shout, it isn’t feminine, is it? So we are so afraid of a guy yelling “Bitch! Slut! Think you’re so great, bitch?!”)
    And what we are really scared of, is that the street pest may suddenly drag you into an alley. It happens every day. How do you know which is a ‘player’ and which a rapist? Try to understand a bit just how unequal it all is. A woman who ignores your persistence isn’t a bitch. It can be so scary. That guy Krauser wrote about hitting on a South Korean on her own, on holiday with his friend. They began’kino’ and ‘escalating’, til he had his ‘hands all over her body’ and the friend was ‘steering her by her shoulders’. Then…they steered her away from the main square towards their apartment. They had plied her with drinks too…men can be very forceful about that “What’s wrong? Don’t want to drink my drink?” Again, it’s the being nice thing…
    They got her to the building when it dawned on her that she was with two strange men, suddenly on a dark street, being ‘steered’ and groped and pushed towards their apartment…as I read it, I could feel panic in my own throat. It’s happened to me, I got away…it happens, assault happens.
    The girl ‘resisted’ and lucky for her, they weren’t prepared to force the issue. But guys…they could have. It was the last day of her holiday. If she is raped, what can she do? It was in Latvia: what are the police like there? Maybe they’ll blame her for being with the men. Or humiliate her with painful physical exams. Or just not care…and anyway, you have to go home next day! They could have raped her and got away with it.
    What if the hands on her shoulders had tightened? What if the hands playfully pulling her forward to the steps had suddenly gripped hard? What if there’s a glance to left and right: “Nobody. Mate, grab her. Over there, those trees..into the yard…bitch SHUT UP!” SLAP across the face, a hard shove, a fall, grab her arms and legs…she’s out of sight in a second.
    It didnt happen. BUT IT DOES. This isn’t imagination. So instead of concentrating on this tiny number of asshole females (and some people are assholes. It isn’t a monolith called ‘women’ who are assholes) look at the number of men who are turning ‘kino’ into groping and groping into rape, who are incapacitating inexperienced girls with drink (again, it happened to me, as a very young girl, I don’t know how vodka tastes and what strong is and how fast it hits and how the next one hardly seems real..) and saying these girls deserve it and getting them to their apartments and pushing and pushing when the girls say no (learn to kiss, guys) and writing horrible posts about choking girls in the rape position and on and on it goes…look at them and the damage they cause.
    And for God’s sake, why can’t both sides try to be a bit more understanding? So much selfishness!

    1. This is a reasoned response and you make good points. However I strongly doubt that only 3% of reported rapes are found to be false. I’ve heard it first hand from sources who deal with it directly (police officers) that it’s a lot, a lot more than that. Some of them say that out of 10 women who walk in reporting a rape, 7 – 8 are found out to be made up stories.

    2. Sweetie,
      “Exhaustive research puts false rape allegations at about 3%,”
      The only problem is that none of us believe that lie. Ex cops put the false rape allegation rate at more than 90%. I personally think the rate is more like 95%+.
      We no longer believe your “factoids from nowhere”.
      Also? Until you put WOMEN in jail for raping boys? We are no longer willing to listen to you. Did you see this article? A 57 year old woman raped a 15 year old boy…where are you women calling for HER to go to jail? Nowhere to be seen.
      And since I was raped MANY times in my marriage? Are you willing to sit on a jury and put my ex away for 10 to 15 for raping me?

      1. Yes. I am willing to sit on a jury and put your ex away. If that’s what she did, she deserves a conviction and sentence. And I would be willing to do that even if you kept insisting on your 95% because justice is justice. I know this post is long, but please read…and I never use ‘factoids from nowhere’. Certainly not the Daily Mail.
        And you are wrong. Plenty of women are indeed calling for such attacks to be considered rape. But it doesn’t help when the culture tells boys that the sexy teacher coming on to him is a plus. If a male teacher does that, he’s jailed. Actually, more women are being jailed. Things are starting to change. We need to work together. There are assholes on both sides, but compromise, talk, listen, as adults…things can change.
        Are you serious? 95% of rape allegations are lies?
        Is that meant to be serious?
        Do you know what a rape investigation entails? Do you know what a rape kit is? Do you know the humiliation a woman is put through? What woman would make such allegations? The least glance at a cop show will show you what you’re in for. It is broken and damaged and psychopathic women who do this. There is no such entity ‘women” there are some asshole women, fucked-up women, and even plain evil women. And a few false rape allegations.
        No cop makes any such allegation. 90%! So women are coming in off the street, are they, beaten and abused…lying? Women are going out with men and drugged..lying? Asked up for coffee and prevented from leaving…lying?
        I personally have had to run from two attempted attacks and during a flooded night in Thailand, woke up to find the guy sleeping next to me, in the crowded shelter, had got under my cover and had his fingers jammed right up inside me…I woke up to that!! Any idea how that feels? I didn’t scream! No, instantly, I feared he’d call the others to hold me down! I fought! Lucky for me, I was never socialised to be ‘nice’. Man attacks me, I fight. (I got away).
        Look. Boys and Men get raped, true. But it is pointless and divisive to reply to every comment about rape of females with the words: Men are raped! What are you therefore saying, rape of females doesn’t happen? Are you honestly saying the number of rapes of males is anything like that of females?
        Do you go out at night? do you walk through subways? When you see a female figure, does your heart stop a moment? Do you do an elaborate zig-zag crossing of the road to see if she’s following you? If you get on a night bus, do you sit on the outer seat to stop someone wedging you in? do you take an extra pair of flat shoes to change into if leaving a club? Or carefully button your coat in case you have to run and it flies behind you, or tie your hair up tight in case its grabbed? do you fear if you go and have coffee with a woman that you’ll go to the toilet and come back and she’s there without her shirt, blocking your way? Do you fear talking to a woman on the last day of a holiday? Do you freeze if you’re talking to one and she starts putting her hands on you, do you fear the sudden change of face from friendly to snarl? Is he a nice guy, a bit touchy-feely…or is he going to follow you home? The guy who misses the bus and asks to stay and is given the couch and then the door handle turns in the middle of the night…
        Women fear all the time. Every day. And every single night. Living alone on the ground floor, I had to have window grilles and security lights…it isn’t robbery, it isnt violence. Its being flung down, being entered…we fear, we fear…we try to make you understand and to belittle these fears because a few asshole women have made false allegations…for God’s sake.
        You don’t know, you’ll never know…
        When I moved to Hong Kong, I got half my life back. A freedom I only knew when I had a dog in England. A freedom to walk anywhere at anytime. I would never live in the UK again, because of this. It’s like being a man. I never have to ask to be seen home or taken to the bus-stop anymore…do your male friends ask you to do that? No. It’s your female friends, isn’t it? (I hope you do have some friends, real friends, not girls you are trying to have sex with).
        Yes. Men are raped. And it is time to acknowledge it. But not by dismissing female rape and going on about false rapes. The fact is that the latest and most exhaustive research is 3%. This is not ‘a lie’. Do some real research. The Daily Mail!! Never was such bullshit!It happens, but it is rare. You will never ever fear false rape allegations the way women fear male rape. It is always on our minds. It will never be second nature to you. Only being in prison would be similar.
        Yes, men are raped. Yes, it is totally wrong that women get away with it. But making up insane rubbish wont help. We need understanding. We need to say: PEOPLE are raped. We need to help boys and men come forward: women used to have to hide it when they were raped: know why? Because they were blamed for being sinful women and locked in institutions. They had to suffer the extreme trauma in silence.
        Now men suffer too, aways have, I guess. The stigma of rape has diminished for women. They can come forward (even when I was a girl they were still asking the rape victim about the length of her skirt and how many partners she’d had)
        We need to help men come forward. Stop other men insulting them, calling them gay, suggesting they should have fought the rapist off. If you were raped by another man, would you tell your friends? Why not? Because it is OTHER MEN who would stigmatise you.
        But I ask you to actually read some rape victims stories. And I ask you to understand that you are always stronger than any woman. And to understand women are so socialised to be ‘nice’ they can’t even hurt a rapist.
        I dated a soldier once who told me that his killing trainer or however you say told him that he taught a woman’s self-defense course and gave up. He couldnt make the women hurt the man. He said women could fight off many attacks, but they are so afraid to hurt and to be hurt. They freeze, they scream, they try to run when they could drive their nails in his eyes.
        Nothing I say here is to diminish your experience and I appreciate it is hard for a man to find help. So work for change. It doesn’t come about with antagonism. Start to say PEOPLE ARE RAPED. Let’s work to stop it.

        1. Fiona,
          “Yes. I am willing to sit on a jury and put your ex away. If that’s what she did, she deserves a conviction and sentence.”
          Then google Crimes Against Fathers and register to the portal for the country you live in. Please encourage other women to join those portals as they are registration sites for women who are prepared to sit on juries and show us men what you mean by “equality before the law”.
          With respect to Jennifer, my ex, she also committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. This is all covered in my two books.
          As a result my children were stolen and alienated. My house was sold and the proceeds were sent to her in the 95% majority. 5% to me. This is clearly a crime.
          Women have been invited to issue me a remedy to tell me what two children and a house is worth. What ever remedy I get is the same remedy we will apply in reverse.

          And yes….many ex police officers put false rape allegations EASILY as high as 90%….and I think they are more like 95%. I think the vast majority of rape allegations are consent at the time and regret later.
          The very fact women have not defined what rape is means it can’t be important. Certainly men who are raped by women are not considered the victim of a crime and it is not considered important.
          The sort of rapes I was subjected to many times were as follows. In 95-96 I was very ill. I was going to many specialists to try and find out what was wrong with me. I was only 31 so I should not be sick. Jennifer had refused to go to work even though we had recently bought our second house relying on two incomes. But when our 4th child arrived she refused to go to work putting all the stress of paying for a family of 6 on me.
          I was so sick that at times my eye sight would go to black and white and tunnel vision. I would lose my balance and not be able to stand up without holding on to something. I even blacked out in business meetings a few times.
          I often had severe headaches and nausea as well.
          At night, when I would only be able to get 6 hours max sleep Jennifer would prod me and poke me and not let me sleep until she got what she wanted. I explained to her many times that I was sick and desperately needed my sleep and that sleep depravation was commonly considered a form of tortute and not to be done to someone she claimed to love. But no matter. She would not let it rest.
          Now every man here knows that if a woman said to her husband that she was sick, and had been going to specialists for two years to try and seek treatment, and said she had a headache and said she needed her sleep, if that man prodded her and poke her so she could not sleep until she gave him sex ALL WOMEN AND MEN would condemn the man. We ALL know this.
          So why is this NOT a problem when a woman does it? Eh? If it is called “rape” when a man does it why is it not “rape” when a woman does it. I can assure you that having sex in that condition was a very negative experience. I loved my wife dearly and that sort of intimacy was special for me. The degrade it and cheapen it by having sex when I was very unwell was really, really distressing for me. And no women care. So if you are going to treat us men like that? Why would you expect us to treat you any differently.
          We have had a gutful Fiona. And we are going to date other women and kick you man haters to the gutter. We are no longer interested in “discussion” or “negotiation”. You have proven yourselves liars and hypocrites.
          I, personally, hold out no hope at all of “fixing western women” in my lifetime. And any man stupid enough to try that deserves everything he gets. I recommend, in my own name, in the public, that men simply kick you to the gutter like anyone else who would betray them and go find a decent woman from somewhere else. Period.

        2. “I appreciate it is hard for a man to find help.”
          Not hard. Impossible. There is no help available for men. Indeed, when a man asks for help he will be attacked and hated on by all and sundry.
          I have asked more than 100,000 men for help. So far? Only ONE MAN stepped forward to help me as I asked.
          Right now, as I type, a client of mine is unlawfully incarcerated and being injected with substances unknown. I have asked for ONE MAN to come forward and deliver a notice to the criminals who are unlawfully incarcerating and drugging my client.
          Nope…men will not even do THAT unless they are PAID.
          The case is on the link.
          We ALL KNOW that if my client was a WOMAN who was unlawfully incarcerated and being drugged with substances unknown that if I asked for help 100 men would be down there the very next day.
          Men are treated like total SHIT in the west. BY OTHER MEN TOO. And that is the dirty little secret MEN do not want other men to realise. I am exposing that dirty little secret which is one reason so many MEN hate me.

        Here is what the aim should be. Why Americans have to be at each other’s throats…Why American feminists are ruining feminism…why must they do that? I notice the new generation of writers on Jezebel are not like the old. Many have the most entitled complained about working at A and F, why? Because they provided ‘rigidly healthy food”…this implies that being fat is not ok. They provided parties and gorgeous young men to to cater them…a girl was advised to just dump a friend who was unhappy: it was because her friends were sidelining her in favour of her boyfriend, asking him to come out and not her! Loyalty, at all? And many demand the right to go out and get ‘drunk and laid’ like men yet simultaneously declare a drunken copulation will be rape! Do not get me started on the railroading of Ma’lik Richmond…One woman talked about picking up men, fucking them and telling them to ‘GTFO’…there are a lot. And many of the young ones have a terrible uneducated style yet claim to be at college.
        Feminism is not taking the worst aspects of male behaviour and making it worse. Feminism is about justice: for both sides. To give women a chance to fulfil their potential and get out of the house. To also give men the chance to stay home if they wish with the wife working. To certainly have both share both loads: work and children. Together. So women get to work and men to see the kids.
        But America is so divisive. So demanding. And so impossible. Impossible demands for ‘manliness’ on men, with no definition of what it is except 19th century ideas (no decorative women before then). Impossible demands on women to be eternally young and perfect mothers and high-powered workers…and where is the dialogue?
        Stress and stress and more stress.
        The Danes know how to do it and have for a long long time.

        1. Fiona,
          “Feminism is about justice: for both sides.”
          No. Feminism is an Illuminati psyop to pit women against men to destroy the family and make everyone easier to farm like sheep. Only women and their mangina lackeys are stupid enough to think feminism was about justice.

    3. Women have the ability to defend themselves. All this talking and writhing around about women’s empowerment on the one hand and then crying and whining about rape and the infamous “rape culture” on the other is total BS because at the end of the day women refuse to do the one thing that puts them on a level playing field with someone intent on doing her harm: Carry a Firearm. There is very little reason to be so afraid all the time, looking over your shoulder and quaking in fear with every step you hear behind you with your Sig .380 loaded, concealed and on your hip. Scared of being raped? Stop whining like helpless little girls and do something about it. Meanwhile be responsible and don’t accuse someone of rape just because you put yourself in a position to have your modesty compromised. That’s your issue. Own it. At the end of the day the entire spectrum of this issue (everything from brutally real, violent rape to calculated false rape) is about women refusing to take any responsibility for their own stuff. Not men – Women. I’d love to see your “exhaustive research” … something in the back of my head says “she made that up” because my understanding is that currently up to 80-90% of rape allegations are false. Maybe more.

  46. Must we always blame feminism for every cunt that lies? It’s sad n she should be punished for falsely accusing that guy. But it’s cases like this, statistically small in numbers, that make the feminist struggle against rape seem like a joke. Let’s be objective. The majority of women are not cunts n the majority of men are not rapists. Feminism deals with the pesky minority.

    1. Because it is a joke.
      “statistically small in numbers”
      did you even read the article above? Real rape is statistically small. False rape is the majority of rape cases. You even admit that feminism deals with the pesky minority. The reason feminism gets blamed for every cunt that lies is because feminism enables them to do so without repercussion at the expense of another man’s life and livelihood.
      Don’t fool yourself. If you call yourself a feminist and you claim rape is a huge problem, you are a cunt like Allie Erwin.

      1. If a girl is a cunt then a girl is a cunt, I doubt she needed feminism to tell her she can blame the dude for her disgrace.
        Real rape is statistically small compared to what? Murder? Theft?
        I said false claims of rape are smaller in number than real rape cases. Check it yourself, don’t take my word for it.
        Though I’m afraid that the attention these cases get + the fact that the women go unpunished might lead to an increase in false rape claims.
        But again, feminism doesn’t deal with false rape but with the real one.

      2. Go to so much hell it’s not even funny. I love how fucking willing you sexist assholes are to disregard statistical fact and cry “false rape” as a means of marginalizing the fact that women are abused every single fucking day. God, go fuck yourself.
        How do people like you even still exist? How is it possible that people are still this fucking stupid? I mean, You are seriously using ONE documented case of a false rape allegation to disprove thousands of cases of real rape. Why? How on earth can you look at the accounts of raped women and say “psh, hey’re just faking it, the lying cunts” even with things like rape kits and medical evidence to back up the claims? Is this just like a women-hating thing? Do you really want to hurt women that much? What the holy hell is wrong with people like you?

  47. Must we always blame feminism for every cunt that lies? It’s sad n she should be punished for falsely accusing that guy. But it’s cases like this, statistically small in numbers, that make the feminist struggle against rape seem like a joke. Let’s be objective. The majority of women are not cunts n the majority of men are not rapists. Feminism deals with the pesky minority.

  48. Seeing how fat shaming week was such a success, perhaps there should be a stupid lying whore week where filthy sluts as mentioned in the above article are shamed. The whole works. Names first and last and plenty of know how they would treat a man. After all they think they are equal

    1. None of your suggestions will work. You should know that. Just steer clear of those kinds of women. Forget they exist, and go on with your life.

    2. Obvious troll. Yeah, sexual assault happens because women assert their “equality” with men and men want to put them in their place.

      1. I am not trolling. All I’m saying is cases like this should be bought to light. Maybe if real shame bought to women who cry rape it would happen less often

  49. Wow im a girl and I have to admit.What a stupid bitch thing to do.
    I don’t know what is wrong with girls my age or women in general.
    I feel like I have a different brain al together from other girls.
    My friends were talking about screaming rape because it would be funny to see the guy cry as he goes to jail,my friend megan did that to her bf she were going to dump.
    She even ripped her own shirt and Kelly the make-up wiz put her magic to work on her and she called the police with fake tears.
    They took him off to jail and he wasn’t crying he was raging,she was like that did not go as it was supposed to.
    She now is in jail for false rape but still,it was a stupid thing to do :/
    She and so many other girls don’t care about other women,the ones that really get raped so bad they will never be able to bear children.Their vaginas get so wrecked that they cant even hold their own pee anymore.
    I knew a rape victum she made me cry everyday,she couldn’t hold her own urine anymore and she had to have a hysterectomy.She felt as if she had died.
    She killed herself.

    1. “She killed herself.”
      Just remember. Men who are victims of criminal women in the family courts kill themselves at EIGHT TIMES the rate of women who have actually been raped.
      How much sympathy or empathy do you women show these men?
      So tough sh*t this woman killed herself. She should have defended herself. After all? “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.
      The HATRED you women SPEW AT US does not look so pleasant when it is reflected back at you…DOES IT!

      1. Oh go fuck yourself so hard, you piece of shit.
        No, seriously, I have never lost my shit as hard as I am about to.
        I had a male friend who was raped by an older girl. He spent his entire teenage life bearing the scars, emotional and physical, of what had been done to him. He stopped trusting, stopped caring. He folded in on himself and it took YEARS of therapy for him to even understand that what was done to him was not his fault. And then he joined a support group for rape victims, most of them were women. Most of them had been so badly abused by men that they didn’t trust any men at all.
        He was terrified that these women were going to look at him as less of a victim than they were because he was a guy. And you know what, you son of a bitch, they didn’t. They saw him as a terrified teenage boy who had gone through the same trauma that they had. And he made friends in that group and he’s going to be okay.
        He works as a fucking rape counselor now and he helps boys and girls who have been raped learn to live again.
        He is one of my best friends and he is the kindest human being I have ever known.
        Don’t you dare speak for women about how we view male-victim rape. If he’d killed himself, I’d have died along with him. And if he ever told me who that girl was, I’d fucking kill her. And if you think anyone who has ever been raped is any less deserving of empathy or regard than any other, you can go right to fucking hell.

  50. Gents,
    running in the Daily Mail right now…you time 11:30pm on a sunday night when SO many people will see it.
    A decision for a PROVEN false rape allegation. Again the man was saved from 10-15 by a phone video. Please pass this around and ask “where is the outrage” as in the case of rachel cassidy wher everyone is OUTRAGED at what we have done at CAF.
    Roosh…maybe one of your writers would like to do an article about how this story was released on a sunday to make sure as few people as possible saw it.
    It can go right along with this article. When a 57 year old woman rapes a 15 year old boy she did not “rape” him she just “incited the teenager to engage in sexual activity”.
    I do try and break these stories into the main stream via men willing to help…but so few are willing to help.

  51. I’m sorry. But a girl this slutty is not sane. Having sex with an insane person is dangerous in many ways. And that dude ain’t much better. What the fuck is this country coming to? Middle class, white, college students fucking in the streets like escaped zoo animals. Jesus Christ.

  52. What is the “victim’s” name? Will she be prosecuted for filing a false report of rape?

  53. Yo feminism is about equality so don’t bring it into this but that woman was wrong to do this and she is exploiting her privilege(women are thought to be raped more than men, plus sympathy) and she is going to ruin his life. In cases where the rape was actually real (steubenville or whatever it was called) their lives deserved to be ruined, but this is not like that.

  54. Absolutely! Let’s use ONE case of false rape allegations to marginalize the thousands of cases of rape and date-rape that happen all over the world! Gender Equality!!!!

  55. This whole situation is f’d up. Rape is not cool and a human deserves to be punished for real rape. This phony girl is making a mockery of real rape victims. Meanwhile, the position that guy is in is unbelievability scary. People like this are nothing but trash. Terrible. You’re only making it easier for real piece of ^%& rapist to get away while innocent men become victims for a women’s poor choices. This kind of behavior is evil, I feel for all the men that went through something like this and I hope no one ever touches that girl again. As mentioned, there are some major warning signs and the dude should have run like hell..but maybe he’s young and naive, he didn’t deserve this.

  56. It’s safe to say both people were drunk right? I guess she raped him too then. It’s the law. A drunk person can’t consent, right?

  57. UPDATE: No charges filed, plus the two were seen making out elsewhere, and according to a witness the male actually did ask the girl did she want him to stop since they were building a crowd. the girl said no. Wonder how that lesbo feminist Allie Erwin feels about this.

    1. I am very pissed over this. Lying cunt doesn’t even get a slap on a wrist. Dude got assaulted after he ate her out and cops actually considered to press charges against bystanders who took the pics and video. We have got to find out who this cunt is. Get in touch with the dude or bystanders to find her identity.

      1. I saw another person bring up a very good point-we also know she has zero honor, because assuming the girl in the tape is in fact NOT Rachel Cassidy, the girl in the tape should’ve come forward solely out of honor to tell people that it’s her in the tape and to leave Rachel alone, but she didn’t do that. She let somebody innocent get thrown under the bus, in addition to the male when both should be charged with public indecency and nothing more.
        You should also look up Praise Martin-Oguike. After 18 months of hell, he’s finally been exonerated from a false rape charge from a woman who was angry he didn’t want to be in a long term relationship with her. He lost his football scholarship, got expelled from Temple University, and was forced to enroll in a community college with financial aid.

        1. You know why I think it is Rachel Cassidy? Because she is a liar and she will continue to lie to save her skin. Did you see pics on Peter’s site? I questioned it myself but damn hand watch is identical. That’s one fuck on a councidence. Athens a little town and it’s highly unlikely there will be a look alike to her. Until identity of false accuser is confirmed Rachel Cassidy is a primary suspect.
          Honor? You talking about disgusting feminist spaw. Honor is not even in a same state.

        2. I felt like they had a striking resemblance but that the incriminating picture was too dark to be completely conclusive. Plus, it just wouldn’t make sense for both the police and the university to say its not Rachel when that could surely be used against them in court.
          Re: Honor. Good point.
          Also, I really hope whoever the broad is that ruined Praise’s life gets thrown UNDER the jail and put on some kind of registry.

        3. I agree it is inconclusive. Innocent woman should not be suffering because of this lying scum.
          The reasoning for OU and police lies could be to ‘protect victims’. If it’s a lie who would sue them? I find it also fascinating that the name of the accused was not released. Usually news-makers are the first ones with pitchforks and torches.
          We’re making good progress in this aspect. We got a keep pressing and keep talking. I hate to be the antagonist but whatever makes feminists upset is good for us.

        4. Three lousy news sources for Martin-Oguike victory. Predictable. They are so quick to condemn but never to exonorate.

        5. But wait…aren’t we supposed to believe any woman who claims to have been raped (or who claims to have been the victim of sexual harassment) no matter what? Isn’t “rape” in the eye of the beholder? Isn’t any questioning of the credibility of the accuser or the veracity of the claim part of the “Republican War on Women”?

        6. Yes. If not, that means that we “hate women.” See, this story is of particular interest to me because I went through something nowhere near the scale of this last year at college. A girl accused me of looking at her wrong, hugging her wrong (she said she was told I was touching her wrongly and holding her too long and she said she didn’t notice I did anything wrong…maybe that’s because I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!), and of taking pictures of her. Now, looking at her wrong is a dubious enough claim. I think it’s retarded to punish anyone for looking at somebody. Hugging her wrong, even more so. Now taking pictures of her? That was absolutely false.
          So I tried to talk with her about it when the weekend passed, but she said 20 f-words at me in the span of 2 minutes. No really, I counted. She went with another girl to the office to report me and said I threatened her. Thankfully, I recorded this conversation just in case she said I did something I didn’t, and I did insult her but it was only after she was cursing me out for the past 5 minutes. The conversation proved that her trying to play herself as a defenseless victim of sexual harassment was false. People from the class were called in and defended me, and I got the grand prize of not getting kicked out of school. She got no type of punishment that I know of for lying and tying up school resources and wasting students’ time.

        7. Yeah, these feminists run around hollering “Most rapes go unreported” (how the hell would they even know that?) but when men fall to false rape accusers? Crickets.

        8. Sorry this happened to you, Damien.
          If I came forward to accuse you of making unauthorized charges on my VISA card, or of stealing my husband’s truck, the burden of proof would be on my side, and you would be assumed innocent until the evidence would prove otherwise. You’d get to confront me in court, and I could be charged with filing a false police report if it became apparent that I was lying in an attempt to destroy your reputation.
          There are some crimes where the opposite is true. If you are accused of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, or rape, YOU are assumed to be guilty because no one EVER lies about such claims. You wouldn’t have very much recourse if someone wrongfully accused you. (In fact in child abuse cases, it can be very difficult to determine who even made the accusation in the first place.)
          You were very smart to record your conversation with this twit. It probably saved your standing with the university.

        9. All true. The funny thing is, it turned out she was never my friend to begin with as she all but said that she was being “pity friends” with me. I was nevertheless surprised that she felt I needed her pity friendship as I already had plenty of other friends…

        10. There’s a smaller part to the story. There was a girl that went with her to the Dean. With this girl, she too thought I was “looking at her wrong” one time, which with her I actually was checking her out but it wasn’t how she made it out to be. So I explained to her and we continued to get along after that, plus at least unlike the girl that lied, she addressed me in private. Anyway, a month later I realized I liked her so I said so to her but though I said I didn’t actually mind just being friends with her, she said she felt “uncomfortable.” So I decided to just say “Hi” and “bye” to her from then on but in a friendly matter. She just plain ignored me each time, while obviously telling everyone else bye.
          She was 19 I was 22 (23 now) but that’s when I decided I won’t try to date younger than 2 years, and on top of that I would no longer show interest in 18 or 19 year old women because they act like they’re still in high school.

    2. I am very pissed over this. Lying cunt doesn’t even get a slap on a wrist. Dude got assaulted after he ate her out and cops actually considered to press charges against bystanders who took the pics and video. We have got to find out who this cunt is. Get in touch with the dude or bystanders to find her identity.

  58. If this is not a rape, this guy has been payed for this right? No? So if this guy is not a male prostitute, and if she wasn’t okay for sexual intercourse (after during or before this picture was taken) , well this IS A RAPE, or explain this to me with logical facts.

  59. We should make a contract with their name sign, As proof that it wasn’t rape. Kind of like The Love Contract in that Dave Chappelle skit. Lol.

  60. This is horrifying. I’m a 21 year old guy on one of the biggest college campus’ in the country and I’m sick and tired of guys taking advantage of girls who aren’t sober enough to make a good decision. You know what’s actually cool? Getting a SOBER girl into bed. Girls aren’t the problem, all of you just don’t have the game to get any action on a level playing field.

    1. If she is above 18 years old she is a young women not a girl and by the expression of her face she seems to enjoy it, to be honest I haven’t seem a rape victim with a smiling face.

  61. Did anyone think to question the sobriety of the woman?
    If you are drunk, by law, you CANNOT give consent because your mind and judgement are impaired.

  62. So you take one outlying instance and use it as a blanket statement to imply that rape is okay and that women ask for it. Good job at committing probably 5 errors in critical thinking, fatherfucker.

    1. Women may not ask for rape, but it’s one hell of a handy fallback when their societal status is impugned by the exposure of their behaviour — as this article demonstrates. Or are you suggesting the woman actually was raped?

  63. my career ended as I tried to film some students working on projects. There was/is an insidious link between the attention they received and it blows my mind how they turned it back on me. They were not working, misbehaving, etc. and accused me of trying to film their flat little chests. I will never see females quite the same way. see inventor projects 1 and 2 in november for

    1. That will be my reaction in the face of any accusation of sexual impropriety. Making false accusations demands that the accuser be held to account. If the courts won’t do it on their own, I’ll bring suit myself.

  64. She’s not going to be your friend anymore.
    “Women and children first!” is more understandable now.

  65. These days pretty much touch any part of any woman and she decides she doesn’t like it afterwards then that’s sexual assault! I think it speaks volumes of the confrontational, hateful relationship between men and women that has been fueled by feminists. It stuns me how harmless affectionate touches between a man and an enticing woman are increasingly being labelled sexual assault. What precisely modern woman would you have men do, get a notarized affidavit from you first before playfully patting you on the bottom or something? But then of course you’d all complain because men weren’t showing enough interest in you, start whining you can’t get a “good man” and all the other nonsense. As long as women have all the power to wield grossly unbalanced rape laws men can be controlled which is what the modern woman at least thinks she wants. But this speaks to the confusion of their troubled little minds because this of course is in direct opposition to biology where man pursues/dominates (initiates) and woman is the pursued (receives) – just watch every other animal mating. This provides the most satisfactory breeding experience sexually and psychologically and its what all the “no good men” bullshit is all about. The translation to “no good men” is I am so in control men can never pursue and dominate me so I end up being stuck with the weaklings that grovel at my feet female muddle-up brain style. Women are such confused creatures that nature quite clearly decided that men should initiate sex, left to women and their distorted thought processes the human race would have been extinct hundreds of years ago! The author is quite right rape is the act of a woman being dragged into an alleyway and vaginally penetrated by force, the rest of it (within reason) is just a lot of over thinking by feminists trying to score points against heterosexual men.

  66. Years ago there was a rape case in Victoria Australia where a dating couple of 3 years was having sex in the back of his car near the front of her parents house, the father became suspicious of the car and went out to investigate when he caught them in the act – she cried rape and it ended up in court where the brilliance of the barrister(defence lawyer) saved the guys a$$ she admitted on the stand that she cried rape because she didn’t want her parents to think of her as one of those type of women. Dates her for three years shafted in three minutes over her pride the judge order the jury to find the defendant not guilty but can you imagine what this guy went through.

    1. What that poor guy went through, gives new meaning to the definition of HELL ON EARTH!!!
      That being said, I would highly recommend that all sexual activities take place in a private place such as a bedroom!!!

  67. Agree with this article for the most part. These aren’t rapes. Big big difference between not consenting in the first place, vs. consenting and then changing your mind a few hours later. The answer is simple. Wait a few dates and be sober.

  68. I am not normally the guy who says this sort of thing, but this is a LOT more likely to happen if the guy is black and the girl is blond.
    The man exercised poor judgement, but this is yet another example of how academia has become a hostile environment for heterosexual men.

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