How Influential French Author Alain Soral Become Red Pilled

Alain Soral is an influential French-Swiss thinker, author, and filmmaker.  His beliefs are summarized as “French Third Position,” basically a third party for those that reject the traditional left and right political views, and there have been Third Position movements in many European countries over the past several decades.

Major beliefs of Soral’s ideology include nationalism, political sovereignty, social conservatism, anti-globalism, anti-immigration, anti-feminism, anti-bankster, and a non-interventionist anti-war foreign policy. A major slogan of Third Position is “Reconciliation” between the Labor Left and the Values Right—economic policy which values individual work and labor, and social policy focused on nationalism and traditionalism.

Early Life


Alain Soral was born in 1958 in southeastern France.  He attended a well-regarded private Catholic school, before enrolling in the distinguished National School of Fine Arts in Paris, founded in 1648, and later transferred to study under the philosopher and economist Cornelius Castoriadis, a famous 20th century thinker.



Castoriadis favored autonomous societies that are self-aware of their autonomy and independence, and believed societies should provide legitimacy for their laws and government actions.  Historically, this was often done through absolute monarchy by invoking religion and God, with the monarch having a direct connection to the almighty (What God has commanded is what we must institute with the law).

Modern capitalist societies proved their legitimacy through circular tautology; that is they claimed that capitalism was logical and just, and therefore whatever a capitalistic society deemed profitable was therefore logical and just.  A just autonomous society was always questioning and challenging its laws, but at the same time adhering to, respecting, and upholding the law.

Castoriadis described modern society as a struggle between creative imaginary and capitalist imaginary:

“The repetition of empty forms, of conformism, apathy, irresponsibility, and cynicism at the same time as it is that of the tightening grip of the capitalist imaginary of unlimited expansion of “rational mastery,” pseudorational pseudomastery, of an unlimited expansion of consumption for the sake of consumption, that is to say, for nothing, and of a technoscience that has become autonomized along its path and that is evidently involved in the domination of this capitalist imaginary.  The other road should be opened: it is not at all laid out. It can be opened only through a social and political awakening, a resurgence of the project of individual and collective autonomy, that is to say, of the will to freedom. This would require an awakening of the imagination and of the creative imaginary”



Soral loved books and knowledge, studying radicals from throughout the political spectrum.  He was a dragueur de rue (street pick-up artist) when the PUA movement was virtually unknown.  He developed a skill at attracting young, narcissistic, valueless city girls and claimed to bed hundreds of women, and published a book on game in 1996.  His experiences with these women led him to develop strong anti-feminist beliefs.

He developed a strong dislike for the French Bobos—Bourgeois bohemians, younger wealthy highly educated narcissistic hedonists interested in fashion and trends. Perhaps something like rich hipsters, but less retro, more fashionable and trendy.

He joined the French Communist Party, motivated by his dislike of the bobos, and his camaraderie with the working man.  The Communist Party, along with the Front National, were among the few opponents of the creation of the EU.  Soral studied the works of Marx and other Marxists before leaving to join the far right Front National, where he was a speechwriter for Marie Le Pen.  He noted that both Communists and Front National members were strongly nationalistic, and indeed many workers left the Communist Party to join FN around this time.


He became a strong critic of feminism and minority politics (gay, feminist, and Islamist or other racial multicultural groups).  After Front National performed poorly in the 2007 elections, he formed Equality and Reconciliation, seeking to consolidate ideas on the left and right who believed in nationalism, patriarchy, anti-communism, anti-immigration, and anti-Zionism. E&R is an alternative news site, with some tendencies to the American alt-right, pro-nationalist, and critical of modern culture and feminism.  He describes it as “Left for the workers and Right for morals.”

He is a boxer, and since 2004, has coached boxing.  He records videos, has a regular feature naming the “cunt of the month,” and his works and website are very popular despite harsh attacks against him in the mainstream media.

Summary Of Views

Trolling a feminist

Not much is available in English of Soral, and even English subtitles on his many videos are hard to find.  I have but a cursory understanding of French, so I have relied on secondary sources and translations.  His major beliefs are:


Views feminism as not pro-work, as women have always worked, but instead as anti-family and anti-mother.  Discusses two classes of feminists: freaks and bitches.  The real struggle is between rich and poor, not man and woman, who are naturally attracted to each other.  He has attacked women’s magazines as altering the social conscience and relegating women to the status of objects.  Stresses self-improvement and virility in men.

Anti-capitalism and anti-consumerism

Opposed to valueless consumption and consumerism.  In favor of bankster-free economics, and an end to the nanny state.  Opposes “desire society” and the cult of celebrity.


Opposed to the Globalist Empire, and American Imperialism, attempting to spread its cultural, ideological, economic, social views everywhere and to destroy all nation-states.


Has attacked Jewish lobbying and intervention in French affairs.  Made statements criticizing the Jewish people for being ostracized in societies around the world, throughout history, which earned him an immediate and harsh media blackout.  He makes a distinction between French Jews and Zionism, saying that Zionists are opposing the interests of France and French Jews.


Favors nationalism, not communitarianism.  Calls communitarianism “a poison.”  Opposed to ethnic, racial, sexual, Islamist or feminist communitarianism, which is opposed to morality and national standards.  Opposes the public effeminate, homo and transsexual society, and laments the lack of strong male role models.  Makes a strong distinction between homosexuality and the Gay Pride community movement, which promotes drag queens, parties, vulgar parades, and hypersexualization.


Opposes vulgar language, dress, and speech, especially in women.  Has said he prefers publicly wearing the Muslim veil to thong underwear.  Would go crazy at a Slutwalk.  Critic of profanity and vulgarity; proponent of morality and modesty.


Feels the “menace of Islam” is an artificially created and manipulated threat; primitive Islamic society is not a real threat to modern western states, and capitalistic globalist interests manipulate the region to destroy the anti-globalist anti-feminist culture of Islam, to foster animosity between social groups, to possibly create a clash of civilizations, or world war, leading to a full globalist takeover, and to loot Mideast nations, and that the fundamental values of moderate Islam are perfectly compatible with French moderate Catholic views.

Anti-modern culture and mainstream media

Opposed to the decline in western values and culture, and the sorry state of mainstream media, who has labeled him a pariah.

Le Neomasculinité


Many like-minded red pill men are turned off by the left-right politics in America.  The third position combines right views on nation, morality, and law, with some left positions on social issues and economics.  I believe if both the left and right hate you, you are probably doing something right.  The ideas here strongly resonate with neomasculinity.  Soral’s ideas are stimulating and interesting and definitely deserve further investigation.

An excellent summary of Soral and his beliefs is available here.

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    1. Finally, I’m not the only one who doesn’t oppose vulgarity. Words are made for a reason. Every word has it’s own meaning, and you can’t convey the same meaning using different words.

    2. Well, I’m not sure what you mean by “vulgarity”, but he curses a whole lot. And his gesture in the 1st and last picture means “fuck you”, so… Also, in the pic where he trolls a feminist, his shirt says “I fucked your wife, Stephane Guillon”
      He’s more against the modern society which is vulgar and degenerate (Women are everything but classy, French TV is incredibly awful)

  1. I’m french and I know Soral’s work. He was a PUA in his youth and he made a movie about it :
    “Confession d’un dragueur” where a PUA teach his art to a young guy. I don’t know if this film exist in english or with english subtitles.

  2. Whenever an article notes that a person joined a Communist party, the next sentence begins with “Disillusioned,…”

  3. He’s correct about why some people are drawn to left wing, like himself, movements. It’s not always so much about liberalism, but, more it’s a akin to an authenticate rejection (at least in Europe) of that lame, effeminate, trans-national “anything goes” mentality of the pampered hipsters and millennial generations.
    He’s correct also to make a distinction between homosexuality and the whole gay pride movement which celebrates a carnival of pure banality which pretends to be radical, while in essence it’s merely coarse, crude and utterly banal.

    1. Seriously, this looks like some psycho video from the Deep web to me. What the fuck, Japan…
      Edit: Looks like the uploader thought the same thing. I didn’t read the title until I posted my comment.

        1. Many years ago, I added Japan to Germany and Florida as the world’s sub-meccas of crazy.
          Taking an different perspective, that vid appears to be early 1980s…say around August 1984…as in the 40th anniversary of the Bombings (OK, nukings) of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Could have been a peace song or parody of one.
          *whispering* “parody…parody! Please be a parody!”

    2. That was … strangely enjoyable.
      Hey, in Japan they eat each other’s shit and jerk each other off on TV shows, too. Brave New World.
      Btw, I keep wondering whether he really meant ‘nice piece’. Edit: Or as someone on Youtube suggested ‘Nice piss’

    3. Amazing. And to think the grandfather of this dude was possibly a kamakazi. And his grandfather was likely a samurai.
      I lived in Japan for 8 years. I noticed even from 1990-98, the testosterone level was in free fall. But this is beyond despair, so absurd that it funny. When every value you cherish and wish to defend has collapsed and you have this sort of creature roaming about, I guess all you can do is laugh. Normally, I would want to kick the ass of this sort of thing. But here, no. Just give up and say “fuck it, it’s not wortth it.”
      I feel sorry for Japanese girls. Even the bitchy ones.

  4. Many shitlords are needed to topple the gloablist regime. I might not agree with them on all their points, but their hearts (and cajones) are in the right place.

  5. Totally unrelated, but I couldn’t resist…I know who the following three people are; they are not my friends, but I know who they are, as they show up sometimes at various bars that I occasionally frequent in the Phoenix area. You guys have got to see their Facebook pages. You’ll have to log in to Facebook in order to see them, but I promise you that it will be worth it.
    These three people embody much of what we talk about here at ROK. The first two Facebook pages are damaged girls’ pages. But check out the last page, too; that is the page of an insane guy that the two damaged girls are currently fighting over. He’s a violent, alcoholic, drug-addicted, midget tattoo-artist.
    This is the chick who is an alleged stalker of the violent, alcoholic, drug-addicted, midget tattoo-artist; they used to be in a relationship, but she just can’t let that “hot” man go (ha!) –
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    And this is the violent, alcoholic, drug-addicted, midget tattoo-artist –
    You can’t make this shit up…stranger than fiction.

      1. Yeah…we should set the over/under at 10 years…heh. What’s weird is ALL of their friends are cut from the same cloth. I know it’s a culture thing, but I’m not sure how to name that culture, or explain how/why it happened. We have bad-boy bikers with tats, drug habits, and prison records, and bad-girl biker sluts with tattoos, drug habits, and five kids by five different guys. And the girls only chase these types of losers, most of whom sport bad bodies and have beer guts. And it’s like a whole swarm of these people, easily several hundred in this one group alone, when you count all their friends and family members.
        That one dude, the tattoo artist. His dad is an ex-biker type. Has a goat beard (with a point on it), and tats, just like his son, etc. So maybe it’s passed down from father to son. All I know is it’s weirder than what I’ve seen being written about here at ROK, in terms of the extremes, and the volume of people involved, within one familial group. It’s as if all the “stereotypes” that we talk about here aren’t anywhere near severe enough. If I had a bunch of lives to spend, I’d burn one being a sociologist. It’s pretty fascinating.
        I’ve included a photo here, up above; this is one of the girls that I showed you in a Facebook page – she’s on the right – the tattoo artist’s former girlfriend. And yet, the blonde next to her, is another one of his victims. And she isn’t half bad-looking, although she hit the wall a few years back and has two kids by two different fathers,while being an all-around loser slut. But that blonde is a really good friend of the psycho girl on the right, who is the stalker; and she was in love with the midget tattoo artist for a while, too. It’s like these women set the bar as low as possible, and they pass these losers back and forth to each other – and then they try to outdo themselves with the next loser they pick. Heh…

        1. Whatever grunge is on her legs gave me hope that what is on her forearm isn’t an especially heinous tattoo.
          I’m thinking it was false hope.

  6. Don”t misunderstand this. He s fighting the ‘vugarity’ of socierty, the will from our ‘Elite’ to make everyhing vile and vulgar (Nothing is sacred: so just tay a consumer).
    But he enjoys greatly insulting people that deserves it. The famous T shirt ”J’ai baisé ta femme'(I fucked your wife) was made because he actually fucked the wife of his opponent, years ago.

  7. “Has attacked Jewish lobbying and intervention in French affairs. Made statements criticizing the Jewish people for being ostracized in societies around the world, throughout history”
    HA! I’ve come to the same conclusion. Why ARE Jews ostracized and “hated” around the world? Could it be that those clowns tell everyone that they are the chosen ones and separate themselves from the rest of society while at the same time telling others they are “gentiles” and not God’s chosen people. HA! I don’t consider myself anti-semetic but someone with that attitude can get their kike-ass out of here.

  8. Check out Guillaume Durocher’s “Alain Soral FAQ” on The Occidental Observer. He goes deeper into the rabbit hole. Soral also staged a movie, Confessions d’un dragueur (confessions of a pick up artist), which shows the red-pilling avant la lettre of a young middle-class and clueless White guy in Paris.

  9. Unrelated, but mind-boggling. George Soros just said in an interview that Donald Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide, but it doesn’t matter, because what happens in the electoral college is what counts, and Hillary Clinton being the eventual winner is a done deal; this video just went online and is going viral as we speak –

      1. Turns out it was fake. Soros actually said “a landslide for Hillary Clinton”, not “for Donald Trump”, and they did a dubbed voiceover to make it sound good…oops, my bad…porcer34 pointed this out (a very astute reader and commenter here at ROK)…

        1. It’s actually a bit funny to watch when you know where the edits happened. Go back and watch his lips where the audio says “Donald Trump”.
          No surprise this happens, though. It’s a critical and emotional election season for those of us that care.

        2. I did that. I looked closely and you could tell he said “Hillary Clinton”. Fucking psyops. Heh.

    1. Side note: One of these days, someone will come up with an explanation for why the Israelis who travel the globe to whack old Nazis and muslim terrorists haven’t gotten Soros.

  10. Soral is very useful because he is able to intellectually dismantle leftist dogma from the inside out rather than just approaching it from a conventional right wing position. He also isn’t a nerd which helps his image.
    The French have an odd relationship with feminism. Feminists have power in France but they seem to be criticised more openly and frequently than they are in the Anglosphere.

  11. Maybe I’ll catch hell for his but they seem to want all the benefits of a traditional Christian society without God.
    Neither socialist nor capitalist: check.
    Antifeminist but not putting women in tents: check.
    Strong community and personalism vs unchecked individualism: check
    Strong nation but hostile to war (at least trying a bit, we are human): check
    God and the Bible? Let’s not go crazy here…
    Even agnostics like Maurras realized western man goes crazy without Christianity.
    If Jesus Christ is real, then stepping toward Him leads to human well being. The west developed farther and faster than any civilization has in history.
    Drawing the line at thinking Christ is real is a strange place to take a stand. Conversation for another day, but anti-Zionism is strange for the same reason (“Israel acts like we wish our nations would! The bastards!”).

    1. Soral is anti Zionist, not because he cares about Palestine, but because Zionists manipulate french politics to fit their agenda.

      1. If only the French could manipulate French politics for their agenda.
        Sadly, I knew that’s what people would zero in on.

      1. Soral is a Christian. He does not defines himself as a believer, but he cares about faith and Christian culture. He is critic about it, but thinks that without the ‘vertical’ morality of faith, the ‘horizontal’ structure of society (morality, familly, civism etc) will collapse, making us easy preys for super predators (banks, SJW ideology, crooked politicians etc).

  12. It kind of hurt me a bit to see it, but Cleveland beat my Cubs tonight. However, since I’m $360 richer as a result, and since I also took down my other bet, South Florida -6.5 versus Navy for two units (unranked South Florida beat No.22 Navy, 52-45), which gave me another $200 in profit, my SJW-type of “internal emotional sadness” (heh), was augmented by the turn of good financial fortune.
    I have included a screen shot of the above predictions that I made here at ROK about 12 hours ago, which is attached below, in case anybody wants to double-check it for accuracy. Also, here is the link to that actual comment, too –
    Now here’s the kicker: The Cubs losing tonight might actually be a good thing for Cubs fans. Why? Because I think the Cubs will win tomorrow night, when they go up against the Indians bionic pitcher, the unbeatable Corey Kluber. Haven’t looked at the opening lines yet, but I think it will be Jim Lackey (the Cubs fifth starter), going against Cleveland’s dynamic No. 1 starter, Kluber…
    Which might just lead to the Cubs winning in dramatic fashion, as they even the World Series at two games apiece. Who knows, maybe “Babe Ruth Jr.”, Kyle Schwarber, will even hit a big home run tomorrow night, possibly a walk-off. Have to wait and see there, but bet on the Cubs tomorrow night unless something funny happens between now and then, which I will point out if it does…
    Net for night: 4-0 (units), +$560. (Last night I went 2-4, -$180, but that’s how it goes. The whole thing is a sine curve with a positive slope…and that’s what it’s all about.)

    1. So you foresaw the Cubs losing but were still depressed when you actually saw it happen, even though you made bank off of it?
      Sounds like a modern version of those old Greek accounts of folks who had the misfortune of seeing the future.

      1. The last couple of innings when they were trying to rally, I grumbled several times when they did the typical Cub thing and shot themselves in the foot – despite having money wagered on the Indians to win. I’m wrong about 30% of the time overall on my wagers…sometimes I hit stretches where it’s close to 50/50, for a week at a time or more (on football). So I don’t think I’m going to be making much cash in the future, as a fortune-teller. At least that’s my prediction. (Heh.)

  13. Opposed to the Globalist Empire, and American Imperialism…

    What is “American Imperialism”? The USA just has the misfortune of being an enabler of globalism but it’s not imperialistic. If there’s a country practicing imperialism nowadays, it’s China.
    Honestly, the world would be a better place if the USA were still actually were practicing “American Imperialism”. But we aren’t. And we haven’t for, what, 70 years or so?

      1. Bases that the USA lets be besieged by ridiculous third-world hostiles and infiltrated by fifth columns who engage in “green on blue” attacks.
        More importantly, the USA doesn’t use those bases to control countries, and it has ceded back (to people who weren’t ready for self-government) the countries that it has “conquered”.
        If the USA were imperialistic, if it were anything like Rome, North Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East and most of Europe would be US protectorates instead of sovereign nations.

        1. So, when, for example, Ecuador shut off Wikileak’s internet access in the embassy in London, that had nothing to do with the US pressuring one of its client states?
          You and I may not benefit one iota from this empire, but it exists, and it is a network run by, for, and of the elites.

        2. “Jawn” Kerry persuading his fellow leftards in Ecuador to screw with Assange, for the benefits of leftists the world over, isn’t imperialism though.
          If however the globalism and the network of elites that power it are considered imperialistic then Europe should get the credit for being imperialistic instead of the USA as the Euros are the ones who came up with it.
          …(Literally) hitler driving the Frankfurt School to the USA was one of the worst things that he did. He also gave us the flaming SJW Einstein, but at least Einstein did a useful thing or two while in the USA.

        3. I’m sorry. Because a leftist is currently in power of the American government, and it asserts power over sovereign nations, it’s not imperialistic? I’m not grasping the logic there. It’s only imperialistic when a right wing government does it?
          Anyway, the point is there is an elitist run globally connected empire. I agree it’s really an extension of something begun in Europe. Call it the illumnati or the new world order or whatever you want. Call it left wing or right wing, they don’t really care. But it exists and it is run for (((their))) interests not ours.

        4. What I’m getting at is that Kerry didn’t force the Ecuadorians to do something that was really against their will, it wasn’t the USA strong-arming another country into helping the USA against its will/to its own detriment.
          A Frenchman ought to know imperialism simply by knowing France’s relatively recent history, and should be able to see that what the USA does today doesn’t meet the definition of what France did in times past (and should’ve kept doing…).
          There’s an elitist-run global empire, but why should the USA be the face of it, the metaphor by which it is referred? The EU seems like a far better candidate for that.

    1. He makes a clear distinction between the american people and the corrupted ‘elite’ that speaks in its name. An ‘elite’ who speaks about America, but who acts as globalist, for its own profit.

      1. That’s markedly better, but having powerful globalist elite politicians isn’t something that the USA has a monopoly on.
        Why not stick closer to home and single out Merkel & Brussels?

        1. Read ‘Comprendre l’Empire’ for a full answer’. Globalism has NO nationality. Its ‘Elite’ use (and destroys) the economy (and army) of the most powerful nations it could corrupt ,against the nations best interests.
          Maerkel, Clinton have NOT the same intérêts, but they have the same ‘sponsors’.
          Those ‘sponsors’ are the real masters.
          USA has no Monopoly by itself. the FED has the Monopoly of dollar, wich is the international currency. The dollar only have value because america is ttill the first army of the world, but to stay the first army, it needs to have an international ennemy.
          Globalism is a puppet show, where the Puppet master provides the problems and the cures to the masses..
          The main base of globalism is the USA establishment (Bruxel is a joke). Those people are indeed american, but would selll happily their own country for personal power (in fact, they are already selling it).
          For those people (and their LAquais) nations are Hotels.

    2. America is the most criminal country to have ever existed, face it. The faster it declines the better.

    3. Imperialism means economic exploitation. The West has conquered most of the markets of the world, hence practices imperialism. France then also practices imperialism.

  14. I certainly feel more akin to this guys perspective. Of late I have had enough of both the left and right, especially after watching the children’s playground that is the US elections. You did this. you did that, you said that etc etc but never mind policy.

  15. Pleasantly surprised to see Alain Soral mentionned on ROK.
    I read his book about feminization of society about 10 years ago, he’s the very first person to put words on this inner feeling I had but that I couldn’t articulate.
    If the ROK audience could understand his videos, I’m pretty sure hte impact would be huge. Although, many topics have been covered on ROK as well since then.

  16. I don’t think neomasculinity and Right wing policies are incompatible at all. Actually, to me it seems that neomasculinity is the rescue of the true Right.
    The fact that the Right Wing of our generations are not working as they should doesn’t mean the Right itself is not right.

  17. I first learnt of Alain Soral some 5 – 6 years ago when I watched this subtitled clip of him in YouTube where he explains why feminism is bullshit.

  18. Mostly I agree with the guy. But he loses me on 4 points.
    Zionists? That’s right up there with Hillary whining about the Russian boogeyman whenever something doesn’t go her way. Blaming Russians or some Jews in Israel for the wrongs of civilization isn’t just silly, it’s lazy. It’s not their fault. It’s -ours-.
    Islam. Read the Koran. Really. Don’t take my word for it, find out yourself! That’s about as compatible with Christianity as atheism.
    Anti… American Imperialism? What exactly is that? America running around giving money to stupid nations while the US itself rots? The people that whine about American “Imperialism” are also the first it seems to champion Obama’s gender insanity forced on other nations. Also general imperialism was mostly a -good- thing. It brought idiotic countries up to speed. … OK so maybe it wasn’t a good thing after all. 🙂
    Anti-capitalist. I understand being against consumerism. Being against capitalism is… well… insane. What? You’d prefer state ownership of industry? We’ve seen how that works and it wasn’t pretty.
    Well, and he’s a Frenchie. 🙂 🙂

    1. Zionism is not at all what you described. Zionism at its core is the embodiment of the the JINO culture. Rosenthal, Alinsky’s, Soros, Rothschild – all these people are the spawn of Sabbatean-Frankists (look it up). They are the Synogogue of Satan (Rev. 3:9). Their demand o resources from other nations to Israel is just another means to an end. In the final days we are just all goy. But the even deeper truth is that they serve their lord and master – the lightbearer. He is the source of all the worlds perversions from nature. Who funded PP, feminism/women’s lib, open border societies, u.n./globalism, social justice wackos, homo agenda, brainwash film, tv, and music?? The goal is to replace G-d. That is the root of Zionism. To usher the age of the Anti-Christ. I don’t care what your religious beliefs are, but that is no boogie man.

      1. Attaching something grand like this to the Zionist Jew is really passing the blame. You’re taking a bunch of issues and laying it at the feet of some people that could only dream of having that kind of influence. Where instead, the real fault doesn’t rest on the zionist, it rests on -us-. We let our nations get into this mess. It’s not the fault of some puppet master Jew manipulating the world. If we want to know why we’re in this mess, we need to just look in a mirror. Blaming somebody else not only isn’t going to solve anything, it’s pretty darned unmanly.
        Let’s take this a little step farther though. A thought exercise if you will. Let’s assume for a moment that there is some zionist boogeyman manipulating the world.
        Doesn’t say a hell of whole lot about us does it? We’re so stupid we can be manipulated by some Jew somewhere!? If we’re all really that dumb, maybe we deserve the manipulation!!

  19. Analysis and distinction has been lost for quite a while. Been replaced with cunty one line slogans…get er done, hope and change, etc.
    Possibly how we’ve ended up with so many Bud Light tough guys and SJW’s. They’re both airhead pansies; jabbering about their feelings and murricuh.

    1. Ouch dis pas ce mot au Maire Labeaume, dernièrement il a fait un petit speech contre les méchants trolleurs néomasculinistes/altright(tout ce qui est pas de la gauche finalement) qui laissaient des mauvais commentaires sur les sites de journaux genre la presse.
      C’est le même genre de connerie que Legault qui mentionne de faire baisser le taux d’immigrant et est AUTOMATIQUEMENT traité de raciste. Si les américains chialent des féminazis ils ont aucune idées de ce qui se passe au Québec

  20. “Critic of profanity and vulgarity; proponent of morality and modesty.” – I guess that’s why he is wearing the T-shirt about “fucking” (baiser) that guy Stéphane something’s wife. Or why he is feat. Charlie Hebdo profanity level cartoons at his website “Égalite & Reconciliation”… He is also so one-sidedly obsessed with zionism, that he has become basically cucked by Islam, which is taking over France meanwhile. All in all an incongruent, annoying douchebag, even if some of his ideas are alright.

    1. Sorry but he’s way above Roosh in many ways. Soral has countless lawsuits against him from pedophiles politicians, anit-racist zionist organizations and so on. He’s demonized by the mainstream media. That’s how you measure the true subversion in France. Even though I don’t like the man himself, I got a lot of respect for what he’s done and how many guys he’s turned to red pill.

  21. I agree or sympathize with him on most of his views except for those on Islam. Obviously if The West had never armed them (Muslims) with modern weapons and technology they wouldn’t be causing us as many problems as they currently are. But acknowledging this doesn’t mean they belong in The West. Even though most of them can be said to be peaceful if we lower the bar to everything outside of a terrorist attack, that doesn’t mean they are contributing anything positive to Western societies. As a matter of fact, the mass Muslim migration into The West is causing our cities to become more isolated and less cohesive. To force this upon Western people because ‘muh values’ is at best a cruel social experiment, and at worst treason, that needs to be remedied with the gallows.

  22. Soral is pro islam and help this religion to invade French people (by telling that jews are behind every terrorist attack)
    I was a follower of this guy but since he knocked to the blood a political opponent in a political debate lot of french have turned away from him.
    If islam and the aggressiveness of this political religion is a problem for you then Soral and his defense of islam is also a problem.
    Here is the violence of Soral :

  23. Alain Soral is an anti-Semite obsessed with the Jews. He speaks of Zionist, Pharisee, etc. so as not to pronounce the word Jewish and risk trials.
    He also has one with the family Klarsfeld “hunters of Nazis” of which he
    welcomed the death of the parents while regretting that the children
    were not also exterminated by the Nazis.
    His dream is to instrumentalize French Muslims / Arabs in order to create a conflict
    between the Muslim and French Jewish community.
    He dredges the Muslim community so that it votes for the political party
    Front-Nationale of Marine Le Pen to bring it to the power.
    But deep down he is a white supremacist who wants no stranger in his country.
    Six months ago he still called you obese hamburger buffs and has a deep
    hatred for the power that the USA represents in the world.
    He is a fan of Putin and all the totalitarian regimes in the world. He finds that virile!

  24. Most left thinking critics of the free market simply do not understand it. The free market is not a logical or moral thing – it has never been, and is not intended to be so. Anybody looking for morality in an economic system has a better chance of finding a feminist enjoying this website.
    Capitalism just is. It is an economic vehicle that allows two sides to agree on what they consider valuable, and trade for it. Nothing more. Nothing less. And, it is rational in that is understands then nature of man. Man needs incentive. Socialism or communism, or any leftist economic system destroys this, and man loses his sense of self-actualization.

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