What To Say If You’ve Been To Her Country

Once you get some travel under your belt, it will be common to meet girls from countries you’ve been to. There’s actually an optimal way to drop the fact that you’ve been to her homeland. Here’s how not to do it:

Her: “I’m from Wroclaw.”

You: “Oh, I was there.”

Her: “Cool.”

You: “Yeah.”

When you say “I was there,” you give her nothing to respond with. Here’s the right way to do it:

Her: “I’m from Wroclaw.”

You: “Is Cafe Manana still the best bar in town?”

Her: “What… ew no that bar is awful!”

You: “Why is it awful?”

Her: “Too many Spanish guys.”

You: “You don’t like Spanish people? When I lived there, I noticed that girls loved Spanish culture.”

Do you see the difference? One leads to a dead-end while the other creates conversation by showing insider knowledge. If you don’t bring up the hip spots you found or local slang you learned, then you’re not showing value. Any guy can hop on an airplane and be a tourist, so you have to give more than just saying you stepped foot into her country. Otherwise she won’t care.

5 thoughts on “What To Say If You’ve Been To Her Country”

  1. Very true. And if you don’t remember the places you’ve been to, do a little research and bullshit!
    God bless google.

  2. So simple. It’s amazing I’ve always done the first but it’s evident how such a small variation can go a long way. Noted.

  3. The best way to broach the subject of being to a girl’s country, is to play it off like it was nothing. If anything, a disappointment. Because, why is she here? She wanted to escape that place to a place (your place) that was better than her place. Any attempt to convince her that her plan was wrong is a waste of time.

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