The Story Of O

ISBN: 1562010352

This is a novel about O, a woman who voluntarily becomes a sex slave at Chateau Roissy in France where she is whipped, tied up, and gangbanged in all her orifices by a menagerie of men. The story shows her deepening commitment to her masters and also the role she plays in trying to recruit additional women to the operation. It’s an old book so there was some tenderness and romance in many scenes, like when her vagina was stretched with a special dildo harness.

She did not wish to die, but if torture was the price she had to pay to keep her lover’s love, then she only hoped he was pleased that she had endured it.

She got into the lifestyle due to her submissive nature and her desire to prove her love to a man who wanted to enslave her for himself and his friends. The game he used was along the lines of, “If you love me, you’ll let this masked man violate your anus.”

Many passages gave me boners. They were fleeting and not fully engorged, but it did get my mind imagining how to be a dominant slave master. The convincing style of writing makes you think that all women want to be dominated like O.

O was happy that Rene had her whipped and had prostituted her, because her impassioned submission would furnish her love with the proof that she belonged to him, but also because the pain and shame of the lash, and the outrage inflicted upon her by those who compelled her to pleasure when they took her, and at the same time delighted in their own without paying the slightest heed to hers, seemed to her the way redemption of her sins.

Sadly, my boners went away towards the second half of the book where I simply couldn’t get used to the beatings and pain even after it became clear that O loved it. Some women want to be tied up and anally pounded, but not all, and O’s enslavement became disturbing when the branding irons were brought out. It didn’t help that the writer gave O the personality of a dog. She was just an empty shell to be manipulated by her masters for awesome sexual pleasure.

Would she ever dare to tell him that no pleasure, no joy, no figment of her imagination could ever compete with the happiness she felt at the way he used her with such utter freedom at the notion that he could do anything with her, that there was no limit, no restriction in the manner with which, on her body, he might search for pleasure.

If you consider that this is a romance novel intended for women, it did a great job of holding my attention and keeping me sexually entertained, especially in the first half. It’s a quick read that gives you a disturbing look into the nature of some women (and men).

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    1. Women enjoy following a dominating man. A woman MUST submit in order to have sex, why don’t you think that they’d be wired to enjoy domination? Not all of them enjoy the level of domination this book appears to describe, but if you think women want you to supplicate to them, buy them roses, treat them like princesses, and let them have everything their heart desires, you’re hugely mistaken. It doesn’t mean you have to treat them like trash or like an animal, but the second you lose sight of the fact that they want to be dominated, you WILL lose them.

      1. Not all women like to be dominated. And having sex does not require female submission, unless you have some very fucked-up ideas about sex. Maybe some Christian Fundamentalists think that way.

        1. bullshit… is bullshit your fucked up ideas of me having fucked up ideas, since I am no Christian nothing. I am not even religious. Stop talking bullshit just because you yourself do not get it, as most women don’t. It’s normal

        2. Well, it certainly requires admission. Women can take a more aggressive posture, but normally they follow the man’s lead because a nice girl does not break a boy’s penis.

    2. “Some women want to be tied up and anally pounded, but not all”
      This, from the article. SOME women enjoy that (some men too – if you don’t believe me, well, you can find porn of men being forced to submit to women or other men online). Not ALL women like it, and it’s important to remember that.

    3. that’s why ur beta.
      just join bdsm forums, rape ropeplay forums, u’ll be surprised with how many girls enjoy that.

  1. It didn’t help that the writer gave O the personality of a dog. She was just an empty shell to be manipulated by her masters for awesome sexual pleasure.

    That’s a feature, not a bug. Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey do the same thing; the protagonists are poorly characterized and only vaguely described. The idea is for the reader to insert herself into the heroine’s role, a la how porn movies reduce the guy down to a dick on legs.

  2. Women are ashamed of their own feral and carnal desires: They love to be held down and mastered sexually. Feminism is the ultimate renunciation of objective truth: women want to be mercilessly fucked, so they concoct a bogus religion that says they want to rule.
    Women are idiots.

    1. You’re correct.
      I wish I could remember where I saw it to provide link, but a couple weeks ago saw a feminist admit how seeing a female treated like an object and mercilessly f-ed royally turned her on.

  3. The latest version on this theme is 50 Shades of Grey that women today are going nuts about 🙂

  4. The worst is when you accidentally send your girlfriend the “Happy Mother’s Day” card and your mom gets “If you love me, you’ll let this masked man violate your anus.”

  5. that’s how fucking crazy most women are. I have a friend and he told me crazy stuff that he did to some women. A women begged him to piss in her mouth, she drank it. Then she tried the SAME thing with her boyfriend, and she puked.
    Women are crazy. Something new, uh?

  6. I’m shocked that it took you this long to read Story of O, Roosh. Your review’s rather on spot with my general impressions of it, though it’s been quite awhile. Then again, the writer obviously isn’t your average woman, but it does show one path the hamster can run.

  7. Do you have a system for deciding what to read next roosh? (e.g. amazon wish list,

  8. Less BDSM in nature, but equally disturbing, especially as it is autobiographical: “Nine and a half weeks”.

  9. Roosh, you should ponder the ultimate element of hamsterdom in that story.
    All the way through, she submits, gets off, gets hurt, whatever…. but in the end, she ascends to power and the dudes are all in awe of her.
    Just like in 50 Shades…. the guy is a Dom all the way through, and the sex follows…. but in the end, the submissive attains power over the guy.
    In real life, no legit Dom would allow this. Even after all the ‘submissive’ stuff, its feminist tripe if she ends up in power. Just like in Pretty Woman. He ends up at HER feet.
    THAT is why these stories succeeded. If they ended with the women abdicating to a man who has fully mastered her (like my books do) then they wouldn’t cater to the fem-sluts as well.
    My books, even though they are red-pill, still appeal to women because in mine, it is understandable or reasonable for the woman to submit fully, because the guy is getting it so right. However, they do piss off the more dedicated femmes. This is an added bonus for me.
    If you’d like a copy of one of my books, email me, and I’ll email you a free copy for your Kindle.

  10. Paulo Coelho’s “Eleven Minutes”. Suggest’s that the dominant role is much more difficult and more work than the submissive and it is the submissive that truly gets off the dom is just working. So the man has to put in all the effort at first until she is hooked only then and only briefly can he submit to her.
    As far as this book goes the writer is very aware that readers(especially female) enjoy being outraged.

  11. As a woman I say yes so of us want to be used like dogs only I would say worse. I wouldn’t beat a dog. I wish for the life of being so controlled that I don’t have to think for myself anymore. Just do what is expected of me

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