Why Is Janay Rice Standing By Her Man?

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get into argument, and boy punches girl out and drags her out of an elevator. Girl then marries boy.

Sound right? Of course not. But this is exactly what happened with Ray and Janay Rice. The outcry following this incident is what is quite interesting. As I’m writing this I switched to two news channels (visiting family, don’t worry I didn’t get a TV) and they are interviewing women on domestic violence. Hundreds of articles have been written with everyone and their mothers sharing their viewpoints on the situation, what the punishment should be, and the effects of domestic abuse on women. The media is having a field day with this incident.

To summarize, Janay gets punched the eff out and the day after her then fiance Ray was indicted on aggravated assault charges, she married him. She did not just refuse to break up with him, or stay by his side, but she actually made a vow for life by way of marrying the guy who knocked her unconscious and dragged her out of an elevator. Actions speak louder than words.

Then again words also speak. The day after the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely and the Ravens terminated his contract, Janay in addressing the media coverage again comes to his side, by posting this to her Instagram:

Note that she will continue to show the world what “real love” is. And that the media is taking something away from who she refers to as the “man I love.” Is this surprising? Not at all. What is interesting however is how little the media surrounding this event consider Janay’s own thoughts and desires. Instead, endless opinions on how Janay should have acted. And following her Instagram post and her decision to stay and pursue “real love” there are now twitter campaigns to raise “awareness” about domestic violence and rationalize her actions.

How The Ray Rice Incident Fits Into What We Know About Women

Women have thrown themselves at serial killers. We all know how girls always go for “bad boys.” Hell, a few years after OJ was acquitted for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman I personally saw a young blond with OJ holding hands. Some women are so drawn to these types of men that no amount of logic or reason will stop it.

I will stop for a second and vehemently and blatantly state that I do not advocate or condone what Ray Rice did to his now wife. I won’t go so far as to say there is never a reason to hit a woman, because I can find plenty of reasons, but based on this video in a vacuum this was not one of those cases. Ray is an NFL running back putting him in the top one-tenth percent of strength and power in the world. If you’ve seen the video, that hook will send most men down much less a woman of her size. His actions were not justified (from what I can see from the video at least). Even after he knocks her out he shows no remorse or care and is almost treating like a UPS delivery box pushing her around with his feet.

There are a few basic tenets in game that are widely known, universally accepted and are considered almost hard facts when dealing with and trying to bed a woman. For example, you never ask permission to kiss a girl. Or perhaps that you don’t show up with flowers on a first date. Avoiding the friendzone is part of these basics. Another that we have written about on ROK before is about how women like it rough. (See here and here as a few examples).

I have too much personal experience and evidence to ignore this. Speak with any of your buddies that have success with women and they will all say the same thing. Women love to be thrown around, choked, spanked, and overall completely dominated in the bedroom. I can inundate you with examples but let’s save that for another time.

Now if you want to take this idea off the far extreme, and I’ll leave that up to you, look no further than the instant Ray Rice saga. It can be example number 4,815 of just how far off the end one can go (note – not should go) in being rough with a woman and her still remaining right by your side. My pre-red pill remants and the inherent good guy in me doesn’t want to believe this is true. The Jezebels of the world will die trying to make sure you don’t believe it’s true.  

And this could be the case of course. Janay may have realized she just lost her meal ticket to a happy and rich life and is willing to do whatever it takes to try and salvage it. She did somehow convince Roger Goodell—the commissioner of the NFL who is beyond trigger-happy to suspend players over much less offenses—to initially agree to just a two game suspension after seeing the video (and all signs point to him having seen the true video back then too). Or she has a variation of Stockholm Syndrome, who knows. But a decent argument can be made that she just simply loves Ray, despite his abusive actions.

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173 thoughts on “Why Is Janay Rice Standing By Her Man?”

  1. IMO, she is not standing by her man. She is standing by the lifestyle that his job provided. Her fear is to lose the money, not the man.

      1. True. A woman’s tolerance for physical abuse from his male is inversely proportional to her other male options.
        That is why women from broken families or low class tolerate physical abuse much more than women from upper-middle class and from stable families. That is not to say they cannot fall for an abusive alpha with enough frame.

      2. She looks like she has the potential to be scum. I mean, she is about to hit him before he strikes back. Only so much a man can take, especially a drunk man. Who even names their daughter Janay?

        1. ray can legitimately be proud that he is a man who can handle strong agile confident woman. i mean, janay is at least strong in character, she is also agile enough to send those swift slappings and on top of everything she’s confident to assault someone bigger than her! yet despite all her awesomeness, ray floored her with a single left punch!

    1. True. What started the whole thing was her acting out because he wouldn’t give her any more money to blow in the casino. Then after he gets cut (and loses his paycheck), she woke up “feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend”. Pretty much spelled it out right there.

    2. The strangeness with the Ray Rice situation is that he is not a thug by any means. He was loved by the local community, and even had a great relationship with his parents, especially his mother. When he went to the local high school here, after he won the tournament, he thanked his mother. To be honest, Janay looks like she triggered the fight in the elevator, as she was the first to step in. She starts attacking Rice, who promptly, with his runningback strength, knocks her out cold. Some hard liquor could also influence the situation.
      The media will blow this story out of proportion, but Rice is less likelier a thug than Trayvon was. Who would be better as Obama’s son, the guy who brutally assaults a cop with drug problems, or the guy who actually did some shit in his life, like work hard at football in high school and college?

      1. He made a mistake, plain and simple. I’m sure she did some stuff, there was probably alcohol involved, but no one is perfect.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. She realized her life of no cares and no worries is now in jeopardy. This is her first act of self preservation…. in a few years if he is not re-assigned to another team, she will be gone.

    4. I’m not sure why you would think that, women will stand by the most worthless of scum and swear to the sun and the moon and the stars that if other people could “just see how good he really is” they’d understand why.

  2. They’re pretty much kicking themselves in the ass right about now.
    Maybe Ray can salvage it somewhat with a misic career, he is a one hit wonder.

  3. She’s staying with him for the meal ticket. This will blow over. America has like a 10 second attention span. He will start some charity, have his suspension lifted, and some other team will pick him up. Nobody will care by next season.

    1. He’ll go on double secret probation for half the season, go through “extensive” counseling, and return as the new spokesman for a campaign against abuse. Meanwhile his wife already has the evidence against him for the largest possible settlement in a divorce. Hos run their own game, call it provoke and respond?

    2. The dude sucks now. But Ray Rice can still suck dick for that 4th-and-29 bullshit conversion against my Chargers.

    3. Feminists will not let anyone forget about it (they’ll bring it back again and again).
      Meanwhile, the part of the story where she struck him will have been rationalized, down played or even totally forgotten.
      Sure, over the time, the whole story will be “rewritten” by feminists (and their view on the story).

  4. I find it pretty disturbing that this receives so much attention and incidents involving NFL players in DUI manslaughter cases where men are KILLED are insignificant in comparison. That is a good gauge of how feminized the media is.

    1. I think you’re reaching a little bit here. Obviously the media is feminized but Dante Stallworth was national news for awhile, Ray Lewis is still called a ‘murderer’ by some, etc.

      1. Not on this level it wasn’t. Not even close. And Josh Brent was another incident that was largely overlooked in comparison.

        1. Yeah I’m not disagreeing with you that the NFL is feminized (the breast cancer stuff is an obvious example) and that this is receiving more coverage, just reminding you that the DUI/ murder stuff was a big deal as well. Josh Brent received huge coverage while being a nobody

        2. Those incidents received attention in the sports media outlets, as does every incident in the sports world. It wasn’t a significant talking point in mainstream media.

      2. I think he’s spot on. The reason? I hadn’t heard about the accident he referenced. I cannot however escape 24/7 coverage of this event. All things being equal (listen to the same amount of radio, read the internet, etc) it seems rather clear which one is receiving way more attention as gauged by the “I heard about it” meter.

      3. Did Ray Lewis receive an indefinite suspension? Did women’s groups speak out against his punishment?

      4. I agree with you (to an extend). The news has always been “if it bleeds it leads” but if you placed these two stories next to each other you’d get a 2-1 ratio coverage (with the Rice incident being on all of the female dominated shows).
        The other news stories do pop up and their is some debate…but nothing like the firestorm of these (Rice) types of stories.
        Remember…the woman is the “victim” here….even though she struck Ray (and that act by her is quickly glossed over in the story).

    2. Astute observation. Remember of course that we also have “hashtag activism” of #BringBackOurGirls for 20 girls, yet a higher number of boys were murdered by the same group in the same country and there are crickets chirping for them.

        1. As low as 5000 in some estimates and over 10,000 in others.Live burnings in a number of cases.

    3. Agree. It’s all about catering to feminists (and women as consumers)…remember, we’re ultimately talking about viewers, consumers, etc….which equals dollar signs.
      Plenty of men could be killed and you might hear a quick mention of it. If it involves a woman, women’s rights, etc…..it will be in the news cycle for the next two weeks or so.
      Now, it’s on ESPN so you can’t even escape it.

  5. Nothing to do with the conversation, but please upvote me if you’d like a mod for the comments sections (preferably me).
    The no commenting to women was a strong rule which should be upheld at all times. If we let Jezzites continually ” hate read” and troll comment it will wreak havoc on this community and everything we’ve built.
    I’d like for me or someone to delete female comments, especially obvious trolls.

  6. I swear this website get’s more ridiculous by the day. There was a longer video released, he spit on her first which resulted in him being slapped, they then get in the elevator where he again spits on her, she spits back and goes to slap him and he knocks her out. Now If you’re supporting this dudes actions you’re a bitch. Why are you a bitch? How hard is it to physically immobilize a woman without knocking her out? Hard? Not Hard?
    If you picked hard then you’re a bitch and you need to hit a gym. Ray Rice is a professional football player, he’s most likely stronger than any dude currently circle jerking on this website. He has no self control, he took an unneeded action which resulted in the physical harm of another, and he in turn suffered harm himself in the form of unemployment.
    I think people that peruse this website and support EVERY single article that gets written need to think a bit more. Anytime an article like this pops up people start screaming EQUALITY EQUALITY! Take time to understand something fundamental. Men are physically stronger than women, much more so. Her slap does not equate with your punch. If a chick is beating on you relentlessly, throw her ass across the room and leave, never to see her again it’s that easy. In the case that she is actually physically stronger than you.
    A. Start lifting
    B.Why aren’t you lifting bro?

    1. i agree he handled it poorly. jay z was in the same exact situation and handled it much better.
      i also agree that too many people take what is written her as the word of god. the whole equal rights equal fights thing is stupid. if you were really an alpha youd realize you are much stronger than a woman and that the your punch far exceeds her slap. if she hits you and you swing back youre only screwing yourself, particularly because of the fact that we live in a society with laws skewed towards feminist ideals.
      being alpha is about being in control at all times.

      1. The problem as I see it is that women are rather violent and know for a fact that they no longer have to restrict that impulse any longer. The default will always be that men are wrong, period, and she knows that if you touch little princess buttercup that you will have bad things happen to you. This needs to be remedied, and then the entire argument of “equal rights/equal fights vs. Dude, we are way bigger than women” becomes moot.
        When the law no longer allows them to smack and beat us in public without recourse we’ll all be better off, men and women both.

        1. totally agree. women act like children more often then not and they know they can get away with it.
          i was just reiterating that a man hitting a woman will almost always have harsher consequences than vice versa.

        2. Yup. She’s simply a citizen as are you. And in Texas you can shoot the bitch and declare self defense. Fuck the feminists.

        3. Agree. Women are able to get away with almost any behavior today because of our fucked up laws (and they know it). How hard does a woman have to strike a man (or even kill him) before he gets a fair trial (or fair public trial in the media?)?
          It’s ridiculous how we still rationalize how it’s fine for a woman to strike a man (even this bullshit “baby slaps” description).
          At what point do women start calling out other women for their fucking behavior (and stop hanging men on that cross)?
          Ray could have slapped this woman back but then the media would have just talked about the exchange (the force) of the slaps between the two of them. It’s fucking ridiculous.

        4. Yeah. And since women are about 80 pounds heavier on average when these mores were established, I think it’s time to re-think them a bit. Yeah, you should never have hit that curvy 115 pounder back in 1925. What about the 195 pound drunken bitch who does cross-fit? What happens when she starts throwing random haymakers at people?

    2. Knowing the full details, I emphatically concur. In my other comment, the other day I mentioned I did not condone what he did. Let’s face it, the NFL is sort of a mirage in the desert for the miscreants of society. Clearly he lacks the polished skill of knowing how to handle a mate/woman, which in my opinion should go no further than a bitch slap and spanking (the gentleman’s way). You had certain commentators on here, saying that he ‘showed initial restraint, and she launched at him’. I don’t know about other men on here, but I still believe there’s a fine line between corporeally disciplining your woman and being a fucking coward.
      I wonder if it was Vladimir Klitschko in front of him, would his behaviour have been altered? Probably. Society is clearly pussified and betaised when they propagandise young men into believing that a woman should never be hit under any circumstances, when the bitch slap and spank probably evolved to discipline women and children in the first place. Neither punishment does any real physical damage but gets the point across, when as in the words of Sean Connery, ‘you’ve exhausted every other method’. There is a difference between being an old-school gentlemen who possesses alphadom and a coward two steps removed from being a savage in some backwards banana republic.

      1. ”There is a difference between being an old-school gentlemen who
        possesses alphadom and a coward two steps removed from being a savage in
        some backwards banana republic.”

    3. He has no self control, he took an unneeded action which resulted in the physical harm of another, and he in turn suffered harm himself in the form of unemployment.

      I’m shocked no one (especially here) has even bothered connecting the dots between Ray’s actions and the fact that he was raised by a single mother. That’s the real elephant in the room no one seems to give a shit about. I could care less about what happened to Janay Rice, better bitches get slapped everyday.

      1. Since he is African American, I think it is largely assumed he was raised in a single parent household.

        1. Had to shake my head. I’m black and I can’t deny this, I was also raised under such a circumstance, as well as 4 of my closest friends. It’s really fucking bad out here.

        2. It’s a goddamn tragedy that these kids are put I situations where they are immediately at a severe disadvantage. It’s pisses me off that a culture could be so dismissive of responsibility.

    4. Nope.
      The whole story is this.
      She spit on Rice. He was then caught on video spitting on her in retaliation.
      She then slapped him. He waited till inside the elevator and smacked her left handed (He’s a righty) and then backed up. She then rushed him (You know because that’s what afraid abused women do.. rush men) and he struck her with is left hand and she was knocked out by either that or her head hitting the railing.
      Don’t be such a cunt apologist.

    5. 1.) They were in an elevator and she lunged. No where to go. Personally, I believe he should of not confined himself in the elevator with her.
      2.) Easy to immobilize LIMBS. However, that bitch will bite and scratch.
      3.) Yes, her slap does not equal his force. However, that doesn’t make it right for anyone to assault and not expect to be assaulted in return. No matter if you have a vagina or not.
      Thought Experiment:
      If a woman had a gun pointed at your dick and you had one pointed at her face. You have 1 seconds to shoot or she shoots. Would you not shoot because she is a woman? I mean you are only losing your manhood. Her position is not lethal (less force), so would it be unfair of you in your moments position to use the lethal force (more force)?

  7. “I will stop for a second and vehemently and blatantly state that I do not advocate or condone what Ray Rice did to his now wife.”
    Why do you put this disclaimer here? The like-thinking audience of this site would never think that you advocate domestic violence.
    As for the wife. Let’s see, she has $25 million reasons to stay with Mr. Rice.

    1. Apparently there are a lot of female readers of this site. Just by guess, it did seem a little weird

      1. Why is it our problem if they assume things that are not written?
        For example, I read your comment and I certainly don’t think “wow he must support domestic violence.”
        The more we disclaim stupidity, as opposed to calling out people who act stupid, the more we lose.

        1. It isn’t, but you and I know that everyone and their dog sits around drooling at the tv waiting to become an instant lynch mob whenever something like this happens.
          It’s a touchy situation either way, be mindful that most people are idiots and will say “obviously he supports wife beating”.
          An overwhelming amount of people need things to be spelt out for them

        2. Even if all the disclaimers in the world are posted they will still think the same way. I prefer to be in a position where we can call out our opponents as fools than rather than have to “predefend” our ideas away into oblivion.

    2. I read sites like RoK to avoid the PC bullshit that proliferates the mainstream media. You can save those statements meant to cover your ass from femnazi backlash somewhere else away from red pill sites like this one.

  8. Her respect for Rice grew tenfold after her face healed up. She was being a cunt, taking a shit-test to the next level, and he stone cold put her on the ground. With one punch, she learned that she has complete control over his emotional state and because of that, can wield him like a weapon to achieve her own goals in life.
    She owns that motherfucker, and now she knows it. That’s why she married him. He’s a fancy Leatherman tool that can produce money, attention, or violence for her benefit, 24 hours a day.

    1. Mr. Rice’s dumbest move was to not immediately expel this woman from his life. It would have saved him so much hassle.

      1. The minute she sucker punched or slapped him…is the minute he should have walked away.
        But I get there was probably a lot of emotional investment with her (I heard they’ve dated since college)…easy to say, hard to do.

      1. Spare yourself and don’t read the comments section then, you whiny sensitive bitch. Is your crotch bleeding?

  9. Bullshit, she’s standing by his NFL cheques or at least ‘was’. The rough truth about Janay, is that she doesn’t have the predatory killer instincts of most gold-digging wives because she’s probably not attuned or rather intelligent/deceptive enough (read white women) to have divorced and financially raped Ray Rice a long time ago. In fact Janay’s ghetto upbringing may have been a net benefit to Ray Rice, given that this contributed to her lack of ‘gamesmanship’ in sizing up Ray’s balance sheet, carrion bird beak and all. I wouldn’t also be surprised if there are currently a slew of the slimiest and greasiest lawyers who are ‘consulting’ this ‘distraught’ woman to get whatever they can out of Mr. Rice before he withers away in the graveyard of former NFL broke has-beens. Yes alpha mentality is a sexual turn on for women, but make no mistake, women on the aggregate will prioritise money over dick. She’ll marry a beta, albeit she’d probably feel biologically repulsed by fucking him, but still her hypergamous needs are second to none.

    1. Nobody wants to even discuss how she walk by and slapped him in the face like she had done it 100 times already and she knew she could get away with it. Ungrateful bitch.
      The public, media, all the betas out there are coming down way too hard on this guy. If your a plumber and you hit your wife do you lose your job and have your family put under even more pressure? No. Would a banker lose his job? No. A man working in an oilfield, chemical plant, doctors office? No. Yet every loser with an opinion of their own is praising a man losing his livelihood.

      1. The players in the NFL wear pink for an entire month for breast cancer awareness. I hate to say it, but it’s not our fathers’ football league anymore. Its masculinity has been compromised, at least in part. Look no farther than Faith Hill. Has absolutely nothing to do with football, but there she is. List any trade you want, but it’s a moot point. Welding is not the NFL.
        I feel the same way about Rice that I do about these bimbo actresses whose pictures were released: apathy. This is the life they chose and they made reckless decisions that compromised their future success.
        They should fucking know better.

      2. Agree. It’s another example of how society finds it acceptable to hit a man (because he’s bigger and stronger) but he should not return fire.
        I would not let a woman get away with striking me without return fire. She seems like a person with anger management issues (and that’s what the media should be focusing on)…..not Ray. He lives a pretty productive life and he contributes to his community in Baltimore (this all coming from a Steeler’s fan).
        It’s wrong what they are doing to Ray (in the media) and it’s wrong how they are portraying men as the bad guy, again.

    2. As always, on target Lance. Especially in your non-love for White women (shared by this White guy). They ruined America, and then black women.

      1. How did white women ruin America? America was all white at one point and was a white country up until the last quarter century or so

        1. Women initiate over 70% of divorces destroying the family unit and vote for increasing welfare-state policies, and are more than happy to vote away freedoms in exchange for free shit like birth control, abortions, etc..
          Their presence in the workforce is also a drain on productivity, for example women doctors quit or go part time at very high rates shortly after residency, yet women demand qoutas in med school.
          I could go on but their primary problems are destorying the family unit and electing welfare state faggots like obama.
          They also dont want to be responsible for anything and have a never ending victim complex.

        2. They have ruined;
          –higher ed
          –justice system
          –family structure
          –corporate america
          –the birth rate

        3. Indeed, 95% of them voted for Barrack Hssein Obama during the last elections cause he was one of them!

        4. No, but they are the most lethal. I can’t count how many stories I’ve read about white men being blindsided by cheating/divorce. These were good men who worked hard to provide for their families.
          White women are at the top of the female hierarchy and they’re the best, most refined golddiggers (as previously mentioned).

        5. Bro, Obama’s not the problem. I don’t like him at all, but the “welfare state” rhetoric is absolute bullshit. Look at the subsidies received by companies that sell fossil fuels and tell me with a straight face that shit like the $80 billion we spend on SNAP is what’s killing us.
          And if you’re trying to say we would have been better off with Mitt… have you ever met a mormon? People that wear Jesus Jammies under their clothes believing that they are protected from fire/knives/bullets because of some blessed linen are not people you should trust.

        6. To answer your question, YES it is white women and specifically the white feminist. America has always coddled their victim complex and listened to them even when they were being immoral and illogical the other minority groups are simply following their lead ie.. black feminist

        7. White women are, in the general pecking order of things, in control of America’s education system, and are more commonly found in corporate management apparatus than minority females. By definition, the people in control are the ones that must create and destroy.

    3. Lance, as a slave to the Family Court myself (for just a few more years), in some bizarro world, you could almost see a Family Judge ORDER him to keep play, to the point of retardation, just to give her a check…and believe me, if a Family Court Judge could ORDER Goodell to re-hire Rice, that judge would. For sure. Ray is about to find out what it’s like to REALLY be a slave, because she is going to rape him and force him to clean toilets either inside or outside of jail, to pay a “constructive alimony” amount (and/or CS if she gets knocked up soon, probably the first thing she will do to get sympathy from the NFL and a tactic engouraced by her attorneys).

  10. The article is too nice. I have seen women be scheming and vindictive enough to delay a needed action to get better gains later or “at the worst time”.
    What she is really doing is roping the man in and delaying the breakup to gain leverage. She married him not to stand by her man, but to gain the upper hand using the weaponized marriage-divorce system.
    Having done that, she was probably waiting for him to get a lot of $$ or material wealth accumulated. Then she would have filed for divorce, using the past incident as part of the package over the reason why. She would have made it a big deal too with media interviews and maybe even a book deal.
    And all that got nuked. That’s why she’s pissed. Now she’s married to a loser and her ticket to wealth by divorce is just another shlub. She can still divorce-rape him but for the effort at best she’ll get a car or a measly house.
    Poor cunt.

    1. “Weaponized Marriage-Divorce System” LOOLZ! Goddamn, you better copywrite that badboy right now!

  11. She is standing by her man because he’s her meal ticket and since he beat her she gets to take the moral high road with him. He feels like he “owes” her for taking the beating.
    Love my ass. lol

  12. I think that she just wants his money. In fact, I don’t think sucker-punching a woman will in any way help you, because she realizes just how much you are invested in her emotionally. Given that he put his entire career at risk with that reaction, she is now very aware how much emotion she evoked in him. Not to mention that in that situation, there was absolutely no need to do that. We’ll see what happens long run, but I really feel that she’s either naive or just in it for the paper.

  13. well at least he doesn’t have her fighting other dogs to the death like michael vick… and he’s not as bad as this guy

  14. A real man should not punch, nor be threatened by, beings weaker than him. Of course, that includes children, women and weak men.

    1. Im not particularly big, if a girl about my height hit me, I would hit her back. There are many girls in the 5’8-5’11, 160 pound range who could do damage to me. If they slapped me twice then lunged at me I would hit them and wouldn’t feel bad about it.

      1. It’s not all about the physical damage she can do, although that is important. It’s disrespectful. It’s like getting spit on (being attacked by a girl) It may not land you in the hospital but common code between human beings says don’t spit on someone or hit them!

    2. Nope…that’s the problem today. Discipline (not abuse) is gone or is heavily regulated (against women and children).
      If you act out of line withe me, then you’ll get what’s coming to you. Discipline is the key ingredient missing in our society, today (especially in regards to women and children).

    3. Bullshit. Just because a guy would generally win an actual fight with a woman doesn’t mean that they are purely harmless bits of fluff. It only takes seven pounds of force to break a nose, I heard once. A 160 lb woman throwing a full round house can knock a man out easily if she clips him right on the chin. We’re not talking about two year olds here. Grown women can do a lot of damage especially when they are willing to throw a sucker punch. Then think about 200 pound women or the weight lifters etc. This isn’t even discussing kicking and how much force a 140 pound woman could generate with a trained kick. If they attack you don’t have to play dumb and get your retina detached just to be a gentleman. BETA.

      1. Ok I’ll give you that a trained woman can break your bones, but in that case we are not talking about a weaker being. Break her back.
        For your average drunk guy/girl with an attitude, you must restrain him/her, not destroy.

  15. It’s NOT about the money. Think about all the money she can get from book deals and interviews. Look at all the money Anita Sarkeesian made from being an alleged victim of harassment. Being a victim is very profitable nowadays.

  16. She married him for his power and his money and now he has none. The closest he’ll come to furthering his athletic career will be working at Sports Authority.
    Also…while I understand why Rice hit her, I don’t understand the men cheering him on for it. The man lost his cool, diverted his attention and his strength, and thus, lost his power and fortune. He acted out his emotions instead of being cold and indifferent and will lose everything.
    Take this as a lesson. Or don’t.

    1. He lost his frame. What he should of been doing is playing the field and not getting tied down by a woman in the first place. He has a limited time for football. Personal life and long term relationships should be saved for after retirement.

      1. Think of it like this. HE is the one who is damaged. Not her. Shit-testing (and getting smacked for it) is business as usual for this hoes. Its the MEN who have damaged psyches and insecurities who feel they need to wife up these cunts, these men are in severe need of therapy. WHY would you marry such a whore? WHY?

  17. She married him for his power and his money and now he has none. The closest he’ll come to furthering his athletic career will be working at Sports Authority.
    Also…while I understand why Rice hit her, I don’t understand the men cheering him on for it. The man lost his cool, diverted his attention and his strength, and thus, lost his power and fortune. He acted out his emotions instead of being cold and indifferent and will lose everything.
    Take this as a lesson. Or don’t.

  18. Of course she is not leaving him. The minute she does that, she will be unknown Mrs. Minimum wage working in MacDonald again. Now she has the attention of the world. What more could a pro attentionwhore ask for ? Not to mention all the money she will get when she drags him through divorce court.
    Nah, a little smacking around is not going to get in the way of all that.

  19. She’s not standing beside Rice she is standing beside the money. A two game suspension gave her golden ‘victim status’ but kept the money coming. Now that the paycheque looks like it may be gone she has to flip the ‘damsel in distress’ game to the league before the Brinks truck full of money drives away for good.

  20. Why is she standing by her man? Now Counselor, I’m sure you ask that to make the rest of us think, because you’re too smart not to know the answer!

  21. The last paragraph is everything and the only thing, that matters. Ray Rice is an Alpha Male, no doubt (due to his physical and financial abilities, which are inextricably linked). Goodell might as well have soccer kicked her in the head with his decision. If it is NOT reversed, she will divorce Ray Rice, and so as to not look completely hypocritical, will explain it as some “we just couldn’t handle the media pressure” (translation: I don’t like being married to a HS football Assist. Coach). She will then ask the Courts to grant her high CS (based on the baby she will have prior to filing) and alimony based upon what he COULD have earned. Bank on it. To top it off? She will marry another NFL player.

    1. Will not marry another NFL player. Used goods. She cashed in all her chips with Rice so now she is going to have to settle for a life of only semi-luxury.

  22. What happened is simple, she married him to mitigate any charges he might face (and evoke spousal confidence should they try to compel her testimony) THEN the whole video came out and they fired him. She wasn’t banking on that, but instead being able to ride this a few more years, then cash out. Basically, Goodell fucked her plans up.

  23. She wants his money. That’s why she is “standing by him.” Paradoxically, he will now have much, much less money to give her in divorce because he has essentially been blacklisted from the NFL.
    Although there is clearly no due process here, the video evidence against him is quite damning. He will likely never play in the NFL again.
    He is probably a huge asshole, so I really don’t care what happens to him. But the real story is the state of the NFL. Up until recently, I considered the NFL to be the last bastion of masculinity left in the good ole’ USA. Clearly, the NFL has succumb to the Soviet style, politically correct witch hunts that all other Western institutions have fallen to. While I want to believe the NFL is going along with all this so as not to hurt it’s growing female consumer base, I think there is much more going on here.
    The last few years have really highlighted the pussification of the NFL. Pink cleats and flags for breast cancer awareness, Michael Sam, now this. If the NFL keeps going this way, I will stop watching it.
    On a related note, has anyone been paying attention to how the NBA is cleaning house and charging the team owners with racism to assume control of the teams? Donald Sterling was a billionaire Jew, and he was railroaded via racism allegations. Now the owner of the Atl. Hawks is out.
    If billionaire Jews are not safe from these witch hunts, who is?

    1. I’m already done with the NFL because of Michael Sam. The utter ridiculousness of molding a practice squad player into the next Jackie Robinson was too much to handle. Then there’s the other faggot, Jon Martin.

  24. This article resonates with me on a personal level. I’ve got older sisters – one of them was married to a brutal man for 10 yrs, then on the final yrs of abuse the other one went after the very same man.
    Yep, you’ve read it right.
    The one who got divorced ensuing that, then went on to an abusive partner relationship pattern. The one man who was decent to her and was together, she ditched unceremoniously.
    When you say “my pre-red pill remnants and the
    inherent good guy in me”, along with all the social conditioning, it is something that I try very hard to repress, in my way to get better interactions with women on my terms – and yet when something like this happens to any woman I know, the red pill is a real harsh, bitter and bloody taste in my mouth. Due to repeated exposure to such scenarios, the white knight in me (from the past) is definitely darker. No comforting words or actions. Just a shrug of my shoulders, and walk further into the obscurity, shedding the deadened parts of my soul behind. And still.. I feel I must not forsake my own humanity, lest I become the very man I hate.

  25. Euh, Hope Solo, goalkeeper, will she be allowed to play in spite of her assault on her family? Or DV is bad only when it’s men who commit it?

    1. Yeah exactly. She is a world class athlete and she’s fairly large I think. She beats down a 14 year old boy and no one cares at all. Jay-Z was never once applauded for not retaliating with Solange (okay, maybe he was but I never saw it). He was roundly lampooned though.

  26. Dudes in the NFL have been throwing blows at each other in NFL games and practice so why the fuck is Ray Rice getting a horde of attention? The reason she stayed is for the money obviously. Since Ray Rice is not in the NFL anymore she will be leaving him in only a few months or less. Women always have been, and always will be gold diggers.

  27. What do you expect? Of course she’s trying to keep her meal ticket. Y’all act like this is a bad thing. It’s in a woman’s nature. Few principles have changed since hunter/gatherer society. Ray Rice was a hunter, his millions of dollars was the behemoth of a pig or a buffalo or whatever the fuck else they were hunting back then.
    The same is true for men. You watch the woman that you’re with get hit by a bus, somehow she survives but now her face looks like Steve Buscemi’s asshole, how fast is that “I’m in love you” farce going to break? Of course, you don’t row the woman under the bus after that because you don’t want to make it seem like you’re a heartless devil… Maybe you stick it out for a year and then break her heart later on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” I’m sure Jayna Rice is planning to do that same shit. It’s in her nature. It’s in our nature. It’s not bad or good. It’s just the way things are.

    1. “What do you expect? Of course she’s trying to keep her meal ticket.
      Y’all act like this is a bad thing. It’s in a woman’s nature.”
      there are more men, thanks to hollywood, who will believe that janay stands by her man because of love. red-pill men here men are ensuring that naive men on this site understand otherwise hence the impression of “act like this a bad thing”.

      1. Who? Blue pill white knights may be a world away from reality, but even they can clearly explain the reason for her staying.

        1. there’s this commenter goes by the name Neph who said the followings on the “it’s all about her” article :
          – “No, I’m speaking of the everyday woman who stands by her man, supports and uplifts him only wanting love in return.”
          – “The one where I referenced women who do for men unselfishly.”
          so basically Neph is claiming that women are unselfish beings who only want love in return. i’m sure other women and blue pill white knights can conjure similar tales about many other noble angelic women who gave it all for their selfish husbands. and they’ll tell you that janay is one such woman if you asked them.

  28. She is standing by his potential for a meal ticket.
    Its interesting society finds it a little different than her own interests. By harming Ray Rice society is also harming his wife. But narratives must be presented in full force.

  29. Yeah she hit him walking by on the way to the elevator, then obviously came at him hard in the elevator. Only in western cultures do women get away with this behavior.

  30. Amazing.
    I just wrote about this yesterday.
    Its so obvious yet, no one is addressing why she is staying. Just the punch and the fact that this video was seen in April.
    When I realized she stayed and then seen that IG post I just laughed and kept it moving. Nothing new to see her at this point in my life when it comes to the “Red Pill”
    These broads are so predictable like modern day Rap music.
    Fucking A

  31. Male celebrities should never hit their women…They’re rich. They could pay another woman to hit her for him.

    1. Roger Goodell failed the shit test. Instead of holding frame and standing by his decision, he catered to feminist pressure and showed weakness. It’s no surprise to me that now they’re calling for his head. Naturally when you fail a shit test things get worse not better.

      1. Yep pretty much, honestly without knowledge of the red pill it’s easy to fall into this trap. I used to think this way, it’s perfectly logical, ban Ray Rice and send a message that this won’t be tolerated, and the people should back off, but with women the exact opposite happens, they smell blood in the water and will go all out for your balls to castrate you. It’s not a logical argument with women and all these white knights they are reacting with emotion to the situation which oddly enough is exactly what led to the whole Ray Rice situation to begin with when he let emotions take over.

      2. It’s what feminists have always done (and keep doing). You give them some and they keep crying for more.
        Now, women are crying about equal pay (but are too stupid to realize it’s other women holding them back or taking their jobs for less…….not men).

        1. Yeah. Any false victim demographic has to scavenge for indignation in the USA. Because those same demographics are actually being treated like royalty right now. When Eva Longoria opens up a steak restaurant for women that ’empowers’ them then you are talking about outright insanity. Typical steak restaurants had those misogynistic tables, dishware and steaks, you know. Yes, it happened. It’s not some weird hypothetical. They will never stop because it’s been a false movement from the start. Their victimhood is a fantasy and they can keep it going forever.

      3. Don’t NFL players weak pink shoes for the womyens in October? Just saying…

  32. Blue pill warning: I give Mrs. Rice a lot of credit for staying with her man in the face of all this BS. At the end of the day, he made a mistake, and she reacted perfectly. She seems loyal and accepting of the mistake Ray just made. Not sure why she is being vilified here when her actions are quite respectful and non-attention whorish.
    For those that say she is stupid, I highly highly doubt Ray Rice would ever step his foot near this line again after all he’s been through. I hope they make it through this and prove to all the haters that mistakes can be forgiven.

    1. She’s a terrible judge of character and doesn’t want anyone judging her judge of character. It’s annoying. You don’t get annoyed at how women pull this shit where they pretend to be outraged that you have the audacity to look at them and say, “you sure can pick ’em”?
      Five years later she’ll be pining for a “nice guy.”

  33. By the way American girls love this type of behavior, I have a brother who is a bad boy an actual bad guy and women seem drawn to him like moths to flame. His bad boy behavior doesn’t really work in Mexico I’ve noticed, the women down there I believe are still attracted to it to an extent, but they know he is a bad bet and tend to stay away from him, but then again they would not get any sympathy down there if something happened to them in fact they would be laughed at and the women down there know this, so bad boys without big assets are generally avoided.
    Not so in the U.S where anything goes as long as you follow your feelings. I talked to my dad today and said bad boy has brought a new girl home and has her bunked up in an RV without AC in the summertime but yet she stays and probably gives him all the pussy he wants. This boys is the true nature of women when there are no constraints it’s the way she is programmed …..

    1. Same with Brazil. Bad-boy, jiu-jitsu thugs or gangsters or general criminal scum are actually very common. The women don’t go gaga at all. They actually like a guy who has some kind of international sophistication, dresses and reads. They don’t get much of that down there. It’s all jiu-jitsu/mma everywhere you look. The women are over it and often quite annoyed or turned off by shitty behavior. Many of them have been victims of serious crime or have a family member who has been. Criminals are not fetishized at all like they are in the states. Way too much of the manosphere content comes to conclusions about females in general by looking at Americans. I think that’s a mistake. The obesity and the insanity of the women here make America a very, very weird place to try and engage women. For guys who have never left, they just think it’s ‘life’. But it’s not. The USA is very much on the fringes.

      1. It’s good to hear from other areas. I hope this will help out the other guys (younger guys) in their pursuits.
        Despite what many Americans think, the U.S. is not the center of the universe…there is much more to see and experience outside of the borders (both good and bad)….but it’s a journey.

    2. He’s not a bad guy in mexico. The guys their who are drowning in pussy are CUTTING PEOPLES HEADS OFF

  34. I think he took a blow to the head when she backhanded him with her left hand in the elevator. He might have been slightly out of it when he threw his own left. This seems much more borderline than people give it credit for.
    If you are drunk and have been hit in the head and a woman (your own height) is coming at you and you know you are going to have to restrain her in some way, shape or form, what do you do? You are in a small space. Could you shove her into the wall without risking your eyes getting scratched? Would that risk dislocating her shoulder or opening her head with a cut? What is the good way out?
    It’s funny that women are equal enough to men to be green berets and fighter pilots, but then when they attack us they are just helpless little angels.

    1. Right..agree. We’re all supposed to be equal (but only at certain times).
      I’d like to see someone say that to a woman when it’s time for a raise in the company. “Well, you’re a woman so we’ll have to pass you by for that raise…and give it to John…we have to be careful here”. lol
      Women are getting screwed in the work place….by other women. They are the ones talking your jobs (and pay) for less…not men.

  35. A woman will sooner forgive hitting her than she will forgive constant Beta behavior. That is of course true and that is why those things should remain within the confines of a couple’s decision. As long as she is no slave to him the state as well as the public should be out of it.
    But of course we know that the government wants to be ass-deep into our private lives, so no surprise there. And feminism is always happy to raise the victim card whenever the strong independent woman card is not useful.

  36. Men who hit women are slime. I would say that 20% of men who hit women do it all the time. The other 80% do it once. Like the author said there are many reasons to hit a woman but only 3 should ever be used:
    1) she is attacking you. not slapping you, but coming at you with a knife or some weapon. A man can take a slap but shouldn’t have to. If she slaps you, leave and call the police. If she tries to stab you, or hit your head with a bottle. Knock her out and call the police.
    2) you come home to your house and catch her fucking someone else. In this scenario, I say everyone catches a beating.
    3) she kicks you in the nuts. Nuff said.
    As for Ms. Rice, I believe she thinks she loves Ray. I think she sees her meal ticket gone and I think Ray belongs in the 20%.

    1. I dont think hes a repeat offender. She bum-rushed him without hesitation. Had he beaten her before I think shed be alot more hesitant to slap and rush him

    2. You actually think if you call the police when a women slaps you, she’s going to be the one that’s arrested? She’ll probably lie.

    3. I don’t think she just slapped him in the elevator. I think that she hit him with a closed first when she backhanded him with her left hand. It is very difficult to see any of the blows due to the frame rate and poor resolution.

    4. If number 2, my first reaction is to get out my phone and snap pictures. Then leave and as soon as possible, transfer all monies out of shared accounts.
      I view an affair as caught as signalling two things: 1 is that a divorce is required. At least in that case, there’s evidence she’s at fault. In the 2nd case, if she’s banging someone else than sometimes it can be worked out. Some would say that’s impossible but at times, if kids are involved, it can be worked out. Then arrange a revenge screw or perhaps some other method of compensation.

  37. The BITCH COURT of public opinion is riding this one for points. The grunting crotch grabbing feminazis are starting their street dance but at least they are kept focused on an untouchable figure like Rice instead of burning communities at large, burning beds, burning OTHER PEOPLES beds, crying rape and abuse, crying it ON BEHALF OF OTHERS, always starting shit and never fixing anything. What a cannibalistic bitch frenzy. Why can’t we just have a round up of these zombies. The bitch spirit is in its apogee this season. Bitch power tries to climb from the slime and falls back on itself. Squid has no backbone.
    Well here’s how to FIX the situation. Janaynay needs to SLAP BACK at the first feminazi bitch that gets in her face now. They are always extra harsh on women who go back to ‘the abuser’. What a play on words. He’s no longer a man but ‘an abuser’. People need to be scolded for saying ‘abuser’ instead of ‘man’. I would be proud of Janay if she got into a ruckus with the femcunts in the spotlight. They’ll only ruin her too in the end for going back to him if she doesn’t stand her ground. She has betrayed the great bitch force. Well the father himself is GREATER. I know this to be true and I can sense it in my heart that this woman has the green light now to go apeshitz and start making a name for herself for not taking shit from feminists. START SHITSLAPPING BACK. GO FOR IT JANAYNAY !

    1. haha so true.
      -JayZ Gets Smacked up by Beyonce’s Irrelevant Sister: National Joke
      -Ray Rice Smacked up his Irrelevant Wife: National Crisis
      Ahh the Blatant Double Standards are real!

  38. How many stories do we hear of women in abusive relationships?
    Now… how many of those women walk out of the abusive relationship?
    Eventually, the relationships do end, but most women stay in them for years. I don’t know the psychology behind it, but I have noticed the prevalence of women staying in those relationships for a while.

  39. What is the general consensus of feminists in this case? She marrying her agressor means she does not know better? Trying to destroy this man career is still okay now that the hurt woman is getting hurt by said destruction?

  40. I’m probably restating what others have said that women have hardly ever left a guy for abusing her but will drop a weak, nice guy like a bad habit.

  41. It is him, or does she call back all of the guys she gave the nuclear rejection to, and hope for the best? She is a pretty girl, with no where else to go. As Judge Judy says, “You picked him, cookie!”

  42. Does she like getting knocked around? Probably.
    But does she love this guy? Not in a selfless way.
    What is Janay really upset about? Not about getting hit. But about losing $35 MM. That is the value of the contract Ray Rice just signed and has now lost.
    Will Janay stick by her man? No way! She is in the network of NFL players. She obviously knows how to satisfy one, including letting him knock her around (probably also in bed).
    So, she’s gonna hook up with another NFL player soon enough in order to make sure that she stays on the gravy train.

  43. She stood by him because she would rather get beat by an alpha thug than have a decent man treat her right.

  44. “To summarize, Janay gets punched the eff out and the day after her then fiance Ray was indicted on aggravated assault charges, she married him.”
    This is not a fair summary. A fairer summary is: girl smacks boy twice, corners him in an elevator and comes at him, boy decides that DV ought not be tolerated. Ray should have dumped her. Not only did she marry him, I’ll bet she blackmailed him into marriage.
    Welcome to hell, Ray. She can beat on you with impunity, and if you so much as raise a finger to defend yourself, she will have a documented history of violent behaviour. Expect this marriage to be brief, and for Janay to make out like a bandit.

    1. I find it amusing myself that while the video is easily available online, few actually watch it and see for themselves that Janay started the fight and therefore is responsible for the outcome.
      Folks, it’s amazing how much information is out there if you simply READ or WATCH it for yourself. I’m guilty of this too. I like to skip to the end of an article sometimes or take it for granted someone else has looked at the facts. But sometimes, you have to read the fine print.

  45. Maybe she needs the life insurance policy to be in effect for one year from their date of marriage. Then she and he can go on vacation to Miami where she can shoot him, in the dark, by accident and then claim SYG. You still get a payout if you’re found not guilty or criminally negligent.

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