Did Feminist Writer Emily Eveland Lie About Beating Up Her Rapist?

XO Jane is not a publication known for its hard-hitting journalism. Still, one hopes that the articles posted there would at least be not completely made up. In the absence of credible evidence to the contrary, we should default to believing that a woman’s accusations of sexual assault are true, should we not?

I do not believe—unlike other pundits in the manosphere—that all public rape accusations, unaccompanied by law enforcement involvement, are necessarily false. But I cannot view with anything but complete incredulity Emily Eveland’s remarkable piece of clickbait, “My Friends And I Beat Up My Rapist, And I Will Never Apologize For Getting Revenge.

“Before he raped me, I considered Sean my friend,” writes Eveland. She goes on to craft a compelling, dramatic narrative. Sean took advantage of her while she was too drunk, or too drugged, to resist. He didn’t care that she had a tampon in. He left his used condom behind. He had the temerity to act like he was her boyfriend when they ate at a local diner the next day. It was only after having brunch with her rapist, evidently, that Emily decided, “I think I was raped.” The story, had it ended there, would be an unremarkable one. But it gets decidedly weirder.

Emily Eveland, Serial Victim


Eveland has been raped seemingly time and time again, in her analysis. “When Sean raped me,” she writes, “I knew my survival depended on creating an alternate ending. After years of wearing shame like a self-fastened straight jacket, I finally trusted that the assaults were not my fault. And I was livid. I knew the police wouldn’t help. I had heard of friends going to the police, only to be blamed or slut-shamed. I assumed I would be met with similar accusations, since I was drunk and considered Sean my friend.”

Just like that, Eveland summarily dismisses any thought of going to the police or seeking legal redress for the assault. It’s a cynical view, to be sure. There seem to be an awful lot of feminist buzzwords sprinkled in there, but that by itself is not alarming or suspicious. No, it’s what happens next that should raise your eyebrows.

“I called my ex-boyfriend, a relative, and a friend, told them I had been raped, and asked the three of them to come to Rochester,” she writes.

I said I had a plan. They didn’t ask questions. My ex hopped a train from Indiana to Rochester and the others came in from Chicago. Over the next three days, we held private discussions in my bedroom, met up with Sean’s roommates, and talked to his friends. The consensus was that our plan was fair.

Emily Eveland, Avenging Street Angel

The much-debated plan was to travel to Sean’s house and beat him. Ms. Eveland writes that she and the ex sang along to Tupac on the way to the assault. It’s a very rousing moment, a bit of visual imagery that emphasizes Emily’s journey to reclaim her personal power by beating the living hell out of her alleged rapist.

Eveland claims that she and her posse of ski-mask-wearing rapist-beaters arrive at Sean’s house a grand total of two weeks after Eveland was raped. They “walked through snow flurries” to his door (because Eveland repeatedly drops Rochester landmarks and other details to emphasize her connection to Upstate New York, where this event is supposed to have taken place). When Sean answered the door, they punched him, “threw him into a glass coffee table,” and screamed at him not to rape people as Eveland beat him with a “sock-in-lock.” This is presumably a padlock in a sock, because Emily Eveland has seen “Orange Is The New Black.”

“Sean said nothing throughout the attack,” Eveland claims, “just looked at the ceiling. Maybe he knew he deserved it. Maybe he was busy learning how it felt to be violated. As the others headed for the front door, I turned around once more and screamed “FUCK YOU” in my own voice — the voice Sean had tried to take away from me. I lifted my weapon and whipped it hard into his stomach.”

Eveland then describes how she had a very empowering tattoo with the slogan “Burn It To The Ground” inked on her chest. She characterizes her gang assault on her rapist as “controversial” and says that, five years after the assault, she “stands by” her decision to beat her rapist.

The only problem is that every part of her story is probably made up.

The Red Flags In Eveland’s Tale


The red flags of falsehood are numerous. The tone of the piece is straight from Feminist Central Casting, but let’s let that go by. Instead, we’ll hit the other major red flags one at a time.

The Article Is Too Good

This is some powerfully written stuff. It’s crafted so well, in fact, that you have to question the narrative, because real life seldom works out so poetically. People questioned Lorenzo Carcaterra’s Sleepers for the same reason—the story was so good it couldn’t possibly be taken from the messy, often inconvenient world of real life. I don’t for a minute believe this incredibly vivid story, replete with so much grrl-power iconography and trite feminist imagery, happened as described.

Rochester, Rochester, Rochester—Also, Rochester

I work in Rochester, New York. I know the city she’s describing. This woman drops so many prominent landmarks it’s like she’s writing one of those dating profiles where she needs to prove she’s not a spam-bot by invoking the local landscape. Something about the way she does that just doesn’t ring true—it’s like the way people in television commercials talk about the products, or the way people in soap operas always offer unnecessary details in conversation so that the audience can keep up with what has happened.

Hey, Wanna Travel Across State Lines To Assault Some Guy?

I don’t for a second believe a woman’s ex-boyfriend, much less that ex and other people, would drop everything and travel from other states to New York without asking a single question. I don’t know of anyone I’ve dated for whom I would cross state lines because she hinted at a terrible plan for vengeance. Who commands that sort of loyalty? And why, among all the friends, relatives, exes, friends’ roommates, and uncle’s cousin’s brother’s former car-pool members did nobody say, “Hey, committing a revenge assault seems like a really bad idea and a great way to get shot in the face.”

If Emily Eveland was so traumatized by being raped that she was willing to commit vigilante violence, why the bizarre, television-friendly episode in which she and the ex rap along with Tupac on their way to get some payback? Why the tattoo? Why the final, triumphant strike with the slock, to prove that this odious man could not rob her of her voice? None of it sounds like real life. It reads like the pornographic revenge fantasy of a woman who wants to feel powerful. Emily Eveland sounds like an insecure lunatic who thinks making up stories about beating up silently suffering men (who somehow know they deserve it) will get the attention of those seated at the cool kids’ table.

Ski Masks. Yes, She Said They Wore Ski Masks


Statute of Limitations, Shmatute of Limitations

Five years isn’t enough time for the authorities to lose interest in a violent assault of this nature, regardless of the rationalization for it. Admitting that you conspired to commit home invasion and battery, and giving the police a date range and a location with which to work, would be an incredibly bad idea… if the event actually happened. I strongly doubt that Eveland has the kind of courage that would see her, five years after the fact, desperately begging to be imprisoned.

We Will Never Know If Emily Eveland Lied

There will be no consequences for Eveland’s “admission.” In my opinion, she shared this story because she knows there is no one to press charges for it. The victim is imaginary. The rape is imaginary. The violent attack is imaginary. There will be no consequences because there was no crime.

If pressed sufficiently, I’ve no doubt that Eveland will claim the whole thing was an intellectual exercise designed to help her cope with the trauma of being raped. I don’t buy any part of this story and no part of it will ever be substantiated. It’s too cinematic, too unlikely to have occurred the way it’s described and, quite honestly, it speaks to Emily Eveland’s emotional state.

Actual rape is a horrible act that should be fully punished by the power of our justice system. But Emily Eveland describes not the trauma of a rape, but rather the gleeful anger of a woman who seems more offended at Sean’s temerity than injured by his violation. Any person who, after being raped, committed the series of acts in the order and manner Eveland describes could be nothing less than a complete psychopath.

That is, of course, only true if Eveland’s story did happen.

But it didn’t.

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          Ah, per Eveland’s own accounts on multiple webpages, that’s exactly what she was.

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        3. I’m pretty sure even the most alpha of guys would pass on her, especially if there were more attractive younger women around, or not.

    3. I thought the best bit of her story was when she was chasing her rapist across that roofscape.

    4. Absolutely disgusting.
      She wishes a strong man would rape her because the only males who like her are beta wimps

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      2. I’d also suspect she throws the term “boyfriend” around quite loosely. I can’t imagine who’d be willing to touch her given the way she looks let alone commit to her in any way considering all her mental disorders on top of that.

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  1. If someone breaks into my house, I’m pretty sure I’m not just going to stare at the ceiling while being pummeled.

    1. Pretty sure I’m unloading two full magazines on them, and anyone left standing will face the knife.

  2. The damning part of her story is why she didn’t go the cops. She claims it was because feminism taught her that no one would believe a woman was raped. If that part of the story were true, it’s proof positive that feminism is responsible for harming rape victims.
    Of course, I agree that the whole story is questionable, but that’s the most amazing part.

    1. No one will believe a woman is raped… except for the random posse I’ve assembled and gave zero proof to.

      1. And they won’t do anything to hold rapists accountable…except risk their lives and freedom to participate in a violent revenge felony.

    2. How do these adult women continue to get blackout drunk so often? The real feminist issue might be alcoholism

      1. How do these adult women continue to get blackout drunk so often?

        Even worse when did it become acceptable to be perpetually drunk?

        1. They need to numb the feelings of guilt and shame that come with slutting around. How empowering. Good luck to any man trying to plant a seed in a womb that has been drunk every weekend for the last 10 years.

    3. it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that no one in the US believes a woman who claims she was raped. the UVA hoax, duke lacrosse, brian banks, that french guy from the IMF, and numerous other cases where torches were lit and pitchforks sharpened immediately with no evidence whatsoever. i mean, maybe in ukraine or latin america that might be somewhat true, but in the anglosphere? come on.

  3. The irony in this fempowered, you go-girl, Grrrl power celebration is this:
    she still needed three men to carry out her revenge which tells us that even women know that they are utterly incapable of doing anything other than spreading their legs without the assistance of men.
    This is just like every action movie where a 100 lb, size zero woman takes down trained fighters twice her size – complete fiction.

    1. Exactly. All men are rapists but they need men to prosecute, jail and beat up rapists. What a conundrum

    2. All Grrrl power tales require 3 sets of men: the angry male exerter of testosterone and misogyny, a male to hold back on his physical strength to receive his beating like a man, and a man to frame the story so that it doesn’t step into a female romance novel of sexual freedom and empowerment. Missing the final male, her fiction piece only stands as far as a romance novel can, only to be read and believed by people too lazy to think for themselves.

      1. I fought off two male attackers with my fists. And chased them to boot. A male detective did help me to see them to justice, however…..

      1. Yeah until they need anything that involves something heavy or getting really dirty. But remember they’re oppressed and it’s not fair…

      2. Or until Daddy Government is needed to chime in and rescue them from every little niggling thing.

    3. Makes me think of that dumb shit Jennifer Lopez movie called Enough where she trains and beats her abuser. She would have been curbstomped.

      1. Ha! Saw that movie. The fight sequence sucked. I only have basic boxing skills that I picked up in high school and I would have kicked her ass.

        1. I would fear an assault by a top-ranked female MMA fighter. The rest of the women I’ve encountered (even and especially strong empowered womynz) are just too slow and weak to pose a sufficient threat, and I’m no fighter.
          Remember that Baltimore football player who “assaulted” his girl in an elevator? When I see the tape, I laugh because it’s clear he didn’t even intend to hit her – he does a no-windup reactionary jab while dancing away, and she crumples.

        2. Yeah, if he ran into her like he does defensive players she would be mashed into jelly. They just cannot take hits. I would wager even the smallest men could damage the average female. Remember when everyone wanted Mayweather vs. Ronda? 😀

        3. Janay hit ray-ray, and he replied in kind.
          Considering the size of the dudes he trains to push past, and that he was the doubling down on training to quell speculation that his injuries had left him unable to compete, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that he tossed her around like Harambe did that kid…

        4. That has given me eye aids
          Maybe she should take on Chris Brown next, I hear he’s the best at female boxing

        5. Even top ranked MMA train to fight by rules. Realistically if she did an arm bar you could forearm her in the vulva.

        6. I watched all of Ronda’s fights shortly prior to Holmes, and I noticed one thing: she never had a fight. She dropped all her opponents up until Holmes with a single move, and she never needed defense. When Holmes avoided her first move, it was over.
          Mayweather is no grappler, so he wouldn’t ever put himself in range of her only possible winning technique. One solid jab, maybe a hook if her jaw is stronger than anyone imagines, and she crumples.
          I would pay money to see that fight, if only to watch feminists cry about it.

        7. They would whine about the fight. “He should have never fought a woman!” they would cry before going to an equality rally. 😀 Mayweather could even take the hit. I would love to see the fight and would gladly pay for it.

        8. If she got him on the ground, I’m not sure how well he’d take it – I’ve seen many ways you can absolutely break a man who hasn’t prepared his joints for such stresses. Sometimes you don’t really even have to finish a good submission – lifters will cry if you get their shoulders at a bad angle just because you got their arms a bit beyond where they can actually physically stretch.
          But if she were dumb enough to try trading punches, no contest.

        9. If somebody like Brock Lesnar (a part timer in MMA) got Mayweather down I might be worried, but I would not be too worried if Rousey got him down, especially if his arms were left free. She would have to wrap him up like snake. 😀

        10. I think it was Joe Rogan who informed me (not in person – I’m not that cool, unfortunately) that Rousey actually has pretty solid ground game. At any rate, it’s her only option, and I think Mayweather’s just too smart and quick to let her get hold of him.

        11. Oh? Maybe I am vastly underestimating her ground game. I agree that ground game would not even be a factor, but it is fun to speculate. It is said that a sure way to lose a fight is to underestimate the opponent and become to overconfident and maybe that is what I have done here. 😀 Holm won by avoiding that trap entirely.

        12. Totally agree on everything, here. I’ve never really seen Rousey grapple (except those stupid fast submissions in her early career – other chicks had no ground game to speak of), so I’m delivering this second- or third-hand.
          Speaking of, I just found out Kimbo Slice is gone. A pity – he was sure fun to watch.

        13. They’re pretty fragile. I wonder how much of it comes from attitude, like they don’t have the will and mental stamina to take a shot that a similar in stature man would be OK with. Anyway, some of those MMA girls are killers. When I think of women exercising, that’s what they should be doing. It’s more like they’re fighting for survival in the ring; like some primeval driving force that screws up destroys everything around them, is exorcised by stomping the guts out of another woman.

    4. What, you don’t find the by now cookie-cutter plotline of Angelina Jolie clobbering six Navy Seals in one movie each year completely believable? What’s your problem?

        1. Perhaps that has a little something to do with it completely defying all logic and being an agendafying emotion instead?

        1. Gee I don’t know, it’s a little hard to resist the gripping appeal of old episodes of Drexel’s Class and Herman’s Head right now.

      1. Ha! What a fucking shitcrock that was! How many times did she look off into the distance, see something she didn’t like, run up to the people with an aggravated teethgrinding look on her face and clobber them with no effort? Like, the entire film, maybe?
        It took her one day to learn what took Luke YEARS???????????
        When she schooled Han on how to fly his own ship was when I mentally checked out of the film entirely!

    5. Actually, from my experience, most women like their legs to be spread by the man. Yeah, they aren’t even capable of that on their own initiative.

    6. Thank goodness for men- who else would wipe my ass clean?( rolls eyes and slaps forehead with palm)
      Jack -Jack= another clueless boy

        1. Yes Jack Jack!! That is EXACTLY how I pictured you. Thanks for the confirmation..:)

  4. Emily who? You got raped and took revenge? Haha. OK. Cool story, sweetie.

  5. I can’t remember the last time I got so drunk I couldn’t control myself. I was maybe 18 or 19. Almost every single one of these “rape” stories involves a girl being too drunk to resist. We’ve all been drinking long enough to know our limits. Irresponsible is an understatement.

  6. Couple of other significant facts about Ms. Eveland, as disclosed by her on this separate website:
    – She’s a former prostitute.
    – The boyfriend she mentions in her story about her prostitution, “Aaron”, would appear to be the exact same ex-boyfriend who she called up to come to Rochester to participate in the beating, since the said ex/current boyfriend in both articles share a passion for riding trains like a Johnny Cash hobo. Oh, and he apparently has a four-year-old kid at the time as well.
    – She claims to have been arrested in Havre, Montana in 2010 for train hopping. Would be interesting to investigate this claim.
    As further disclosed by Ms Eveland on the following, wholly separate website:
    – She has been diagnosed with roughly every mental health condition under the sun. By her count, this includes, in her own words on that page, “borderline personality disorder (BPD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar spectrum, dysthymia, major depression, anxiety, anorexia nervosa, and drug/alcohol addiction.” For her part, she’s settled on the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder being the correct one — this year, anyway.
    – She alleges a history of being abused as a child.
    – Per her own words on the same page: “My mental health journey began with a bout of major depression and school refusal in seventh grade, which resulted in my admission to an eight-week outpatient program in the suburbs of Chicago. The treatment center introduced me to cognitive behavioral therapy, but its positive benefits were temporary. The next year, I was sent to a residential treatment center in Utah for anorexia and left prematurely. I continued to suffer from my eating disorder until I picked up my first drink at 18, at which point my reclusive anorectic lifestyle was replaced with alcoholism and promiscuity.”
    – Per the same webpage, she still managed to get a university degree from (where else?) U of Minnesota in (what else?) English, and apparently is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in (what else?) “creative nonfiction”. Sounds to me like she’s doing a James Frey “Million Little Pieces” and marketing fiction in the nonfiction aisle.
    – Her family history is really, really fucked up … yet somehow she seems to have a cardboard-cutout family of Supportive Mom And Dad ™.
    Please send these pages to some sort of archive; it would not surprise me if they became mysteriously “unavailable” any day now.
    EDIT: And just for the shiggles, here’s another page of frothy fun she maintains:
    (Click on the “Who am I?” header of the website to verify her identity as the same Emily Eveland.)
    It goes on to, it would appear, allege that she has been raped by more people than “Sean” (Indeed it may be an inference to be drawn that she identifies her rapist on that page.) She appears to have some, well, issues with a lot of people:
    “I am furious at rape apologists.I am furious at cops and courts and victim blamers. I am furious at rapists. I am furious at Alcoholics Anonymous. I am furious at Natasha VC, who not only accused me of lying, but also published this shitty essay about a woman with BPD. I am furious at Sean and the other fuck heads who raped me. I am FUCKING FURIOUS at Alexander Askelin, whose rape count is now THREE. I am furious at the people who remain friends with him. I am furious at my ex-boyfriend. I am furious at men’s rights activists. I am furious at anyone who went out of their way to harass me after I told my story.”
    Guess she’s going to be a bit angry after this, too.
    Cutest part of all? If you read between the lines of that article, it sounds like even xojane started getting a bit weak at the knees on the veracity of the story:
    “After my xoJane story was published, a friend who interviewed me a few months ago messaged me with this info: “I was contacted by three different people to remove it in order to not allow you to ‘have an outlet to voice your insanity’ or something along those lines. They’ve been blocked from making further comments and I told them they’re full of shit, more or less.””
    That’s before we get to her other criminal activities, again, self-described on the same page:
    “I’m that bitch in the moshpit throwing elbows at the dudes who untie my dress, who touch my tits, who grab my waist, and ask where my boyfriend is. I’m the bitch who put the six-foot-something bro in a headlock after I found him choking a young girl. I’m the bitch who screamed “you touch her again, I’ll destroy you.” I’m the bitch with the pepper spray pointed at the man who put a hammer through Jeter’s window two weeks ago. I’m the bitch who outs rapists on Facebook. I’m the bitch who punched the dude harassing my friend in the stomach. I’m the bitch with the knife in my purse. I’m the bitch in your Krav Maga class. I’m the bitch with the master lock.”

    1. Yikes, well if she’s BPD all rape claims from her are null and void. Honestly anything she says is more than likely completely fabricated. I can’t count the number of times my BPD ex claims to have been raped, drugged, abused, etc. and they’re all lies. Professional attention whores and the guy who wrote this article is fueling the fire.

    2. women dont fare well in mosh pits. I saw one get a few teeth knocked out at a Deftones concert

      1. True. Mosh pits are one of the few “immature” acts I still partake in. I don’t do the hardcore shit with the high flying kicks and the arm windmills. For me, it’s more of just either pogoing or running in circles. Yet, it’s still dangerous enough for dancers to follow etiquette. And mostly it is still a male dominated space where fellas can enjoy music and take out their aggression on each other in a controlled environment.

    3. Wait wait, how do you put a dude who’s six feet in a headlock if you’re not even tall enough to reach his neck?

    4. wow…thanks M .Aurelius for this overview of this gal. She is truly damaged….

    5. Well if she’s a former prostitute she’s probably been raped lots of times. This poor guy who allegedly raped her is either a fake or a guy who got tired of the friend zone of a girl who is obviously a whore. He got tired of her using him with no reciprocal sex for his attention and devotion. So he banged her when she was drunk. Happens all the time, it’s why whores don’t have credibility. Don’t be a whore.

    6. Oh gee, look everybody, another MMA groupie! Used-up alpha cock devouring sluts and attention whores of the most clichè kind!
      A wrestler asks a Krav Maga person “How’s your ground?” and he (or it seems like “she” mostly these days) responds “Oh it’s great, my landscaper just worked on it this morning!”.

    7. Bitches with borderline personality disorder should be avoided at all costs. They are fucking nuts. They either “stage” assaults by cutting or bruising themselves, and/or make up insane tales of fiction that, when objectively observed, are completely full of holes. Case in point: this one chick I knew with borderline personality said some guy drugged her at a bar, she walked to a hotel room with him, she passed out, woke up to him raping her, then she stabbed him in the neck with a pen, then she walked to her car. Look at those details and you’ll see so many holes it’s laughable.

    8. Good detective work.
      Case closed, actual lunatic.
      Now I honestly just feel sorry for her, she quite clearly needs psychiatric help.

  7. I’m thinking we need to reach out to “Sean” and show him some better looking alternatives to rape. I mean heck, if you are risking getting beaten up by ski mask wearing vigilantes at least you should make sure to pound a poon worth that kind of aggravation, at least that’s what I think.
    So what do you say guys?

  8. Someone should whisper ‘ Peter Thiel, he’s your rapist’ into her ear while she sleeps.

  9. Hey guys, I say we incorporate the feminist doctrine of “listen and believe.” This cunt just confessed to violently assaulting an individual and causing extreme harm. Let’s see conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon….listen and believe: arrest her ass.

    1. Don’t forget B&E and destruction of private property. She could also be held for instigating further violence and hate speech, based on her article.
      Considering that it’s all in one crime, we’re looking at life in prison without possibility of parole…assuming men and women are equal, that is.

      1. Ha! Wishful thinking! More like we’re looking at one year of adult probation followed by three years of unsupervised probation! Because, well, vagina!

        1. But, but, that sounds like rampant sexism! Womynz are every bit as smart, wise, strong, skilled, hardworking, and responsible as any man!
          So, naturally, they need to be thrown in the slammer when they commit crimes, given full sentences when they murder their or other women’s children, and drafted for federal service at the whim of the US Congress. It’s only fair.

        2. Oh that’ll be the fucking day, won’t it? When a woman got a slap on the wrist for drowning all five (I think?) of her own children for some inpromptu-invented “post-partum something-bullshit disorder” and another got a goddamn Barbara Walters Special twenty years after raping her then-underage studeny talking about how much they are now “in love” you know the system is a giant sham run by morons and frauds with hyperinflated titles!

        3. My favorite is still the woman who was tired of babysitting a kid who wouldn’t stop crying, so she dragged him up the stairs, banging his head on each step, until he stopped doing anything.
          A one dollar fine and an apology letter each year. For brutally murdering a toddler.

        4. I don’t even understand the concept of judges anymore. What was once supposed to legitimately uphold morals and justice has become a farce of misbegotten emotions and pre-selected biases. And people in the general population reveres these frauds and they have damn near unlimited decision-making power? The only good judge is a dead judge, as far as I’m concerend! Memento mori, you hyperinflated title-having scum!

  10. This lady is a post wall beast who clearly needs to put out to pasture. Probably would soil whichever field that was but small price to pay to remove the deranged.
    When I saw the rape story I thought it would have been an article concerning the 20 year old College student who will serve 6 months for a rape he confessed to. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jun/02/stanford-swimmer-sexual-assault-brock-allen-turner-palo-alto
    That story is actually of some interest as while the rape may have likely been committed, it does leave the question whether it will only bolster the obsession with rape in America or give feminists and misandrist added fuel to attack men?

  11. Tupac? Everyone knows you listen to DMX if you wanna get amped up

    1. First we gonna ROCK, then we gonna ROLL
      Then we let it POP, GO, let it GO!
      X gon’ give it to ya, he gon’ give it to ya
      X gon’ give it to ya, he gon’ give it to ya

    2. Cannibal Corpse will really put you in the mood to get things sorted but caveat emptor if you follow what they say literally.

        1. They Deserve To Die by Cannibal Corpse is a great one for taking care of business.

    1. Yes. When it’s white men being raped by black men, the joke never fails to make them screech and cackle with laughter.

  12. Let’s assume this is all true and take it at face value: This woman needed all these guys to do her dirty work. Many of you have commented on this fact, but I still find it astounding how many of these “strong” women need to have men back them up. When I saw the headline that said she and her friends beat him up I immediately knew that it was not a group of female friends.
    The writer for this site is skeptical that a guy would cross state lines to beat up another man, but I believe it happens. I know guys who drove five states away to help a girl move some furniture to another location. Guys fall over themselves for a little bit of attention. The thirst is real. Furthermore, these guys sound like hood rats. They sang along to Tupac. I would have loved if they showed up and got blasted by the dude or if he had tons of friends over at that time.
    The article even states they met with his friends and we are expected to believe they just let this happen. Man, what trash. This sounds like some type of revenge fic you would read on a 13-year-old girl’s blog. I also like the part where she “think” she was raped. We have a new breed of rape where two drunk people having sex is now rape. I bet Sean was drunk too. Whatever happened to old fashioned rape where the woman was bloody and beaten, you know, the type where she is so swollen afterward after having her head slammed against a wall. The type where women are left in comas. This New Age Rape is a joke.

  13. Betas are always the rapists in their fantasies. The ex was her alpha-the Tupac song gives that away.

  14. Her listening to Tupac reminded me of a funny line I read somewhere.
    Femnists want to replace female vulnerability with fake masculine thugishness to show how “independent” and strong they are.
    They complain that Lara Croft almost got raped in the last Tomb Raider game.
    If they had their way instead of Lara crying, she would have kill her rapist and when asked if she is okay she whould say:
    “Shit nigga, that motherfucka tried to get a hold of this pussay, but I iced that fool youwhatImsaying !? ”
    All feminists literally want to think they are in the NWA fighting ” da system “, taking down “da white man’s Patriarchy”, These women have the mind of a 13-year old suburban kid who heard gangsta rap for the first time in their life. This women literally never grew out of that phase.

    1. Yet they complain about an X-Men billboard with Apocalypse strangling a woman.

      1. You can’t show heroes struggle anymore. They complain about not having enough female characters in movies, they complain about the way they are portrayed (no matter how its done), they complain about female characters not being strong enough, then they complain when the female characters fight. They just want empowerment porn, revenge porn, any kind of feminist porn. They want hallow crap, with dynamic lighting.
        I kind of hope superhero movies die out for a while tbh. Its like nothing gets released in the summer anymore except shitty mainstream movies posing as quirky independent movies and rom coms, besides superhero movies. At least the western is making a comeback.

        1. Rom-coms? Like How To Be Single? What a tripe. I wasted $1.50 on it and didn’t even finish watching it. All it is is a movie about women who can’t figure out their damn lives. In New York, of all places. And some remedy it by boinking around with men. And yet they don’t want to be “slut shamed”. At least in Brooklyn, the protagonist fights the temptation to cheat on her husband and shows a degree of humility.

        2. Yeah, I call those types of movies HPV propaganda. The culture void of contemporary fiction is pretty depraved man. I really liked an article I read on here a while back, maybe years back, about masculine movies, I think QC wrote it. He mentioned Sorcerer, and it was the first time I had ever heard anyone else mention it. They don’t make films anywhere near that level, or stuff like Cool Hand Luke or the Wild Bunch anymore. Nothing worth a damn philosophically or morally, just feminist interjection and virtue signal McFeels for the masses.

        3. The Iceman and Cold In July are some of the most masculine films of recent memory. Oddly, they both take place in prior decades. Go fucking figure!

        4. I haven’t seen Cold in July yet, but I keep hearing good things. It looked kind of like a John Carpenter movie, with the techno wave trailer I saw. The lead even had a mullet or something close I think. Badass.
          I really liked Whiplash, Hateful Eight, Sicario and a few others in recent memory. Wouldn’t define any of them as great, or very masculine necessarily. The only recent movies I’ve really loved were Bone Tomahawk, Warrior, No Country for Old Men and the Revenant. Revenant altered the reality it was based on significantly, and played a racial angle that was inauthentic. But I still loved it, and those movies stuck with me. They were all quite masculine, I think. Only one of them had a contemporary setting. Hollywood is castrated.

        5. I would hesitate to say it has much in common with Carpenter’s filmography. The techno bit is a song that only plays over one scene, I suppose the director has an affinity for the band (Dynatron) as it doesn’t really add to the story nor does it detract from it. It’s a very simple, unpretentious film. Reminds me a lot of Rolling Thunder, especially the last half hour.
          The Revenant was shot beautifully but dragged quite a bit. The first 45 minutes were amazing, after that it went a bit into Clichèville.
          Also check out Nightcrawler. The character is a complete survival of the fittest misanthrope, which I never discourage in anybody. Simply placate who you need to placate when you need to placate them!

        6. A lot of the Revenant fell within those boundaries because the director. Dude’s won every award in the English language for directing, but he’s not an English language director originally. He’s intelligent and aware of the audience, but he isn’t as grossed out by the same tropes we’ve been long tired of. It had the DNA of a western, which suits me well, but most people are still tired of its tropes. But the director has different perceptions of things and once I kind of let go of that reflexive judgement instinct, I was able to appreciate the effort more. He wanted it like that, basically.
          Its similar to Inherent Vice story-wise though, in terms of personal perception. Though instead of clichéd, most people thought it was shit. Boring Big Lebowski with flat everything, yet the director wanted it that way and had a lot of creative freedom. I even thought that when I watched it the first time, but I respect PTA so much I gave it another go, and its no longer shit to me. Not great, or worth the effort, but not shit.
          I had long wondered what would happen if a Spanish language director (they are great visual artists often, and push themselves a lot harder than Hollywood in terms of photography with less resources) got his hands on some Richard Connell, Jack London or Elmore Leonard. After the Revenant, I know.
          I liked Nightcrawler a lot. I don’t think he was a misanthrope so much as a sociopath, he was more indifferent to the suffering of others, and calculated his responses accordingly. But damn it was a good story. Kind of depressing those kinds of dudes are so successful often. Thanks for the heads up on Cold in July.

        7. Even though it’s confusing and made my head spin, I really like Inherent Vice. PTA took a risk and it worked. Give any anything sans clichès and redundant Manhattan-boner centric stories and a talented director and I’m game to at least give it a shot.
          Really stoked for The Neon Demon. Refn is like Peckinpah and Walter Hill rolled into one for a new generation.

        8. PTA is my favorite living filmmaker, though Freidkin and a few others who are still kicking don’t fall far behind. You have great taste! Looking forward to the Neon Demon as well, hear its been getting pretty bad reviews in Europe. So I’ll probably like it. His earlier stuff is excellent.

        9. Oh yeah, I’m a total director bigot and proud of it. And I won’t watch any comedies, they’re all the same premise of an underacheiving Jew running around New York saying something to the effect of “Gotta get sex, gotta get sex!” or now some fat bitch doing the same. Yawn, gag, and snore!

    2. Show me an adult minded woman and I’ll bet she/it used to have a penis. Women never grow up much past the 12-13 year old level. Heck women agree with me on this, when inclined to be honest and there is nothing in it for them by claiming otherwise.

  15. I agree with some of the other commenters. Why rely on other men and not on herself or other feminists?
    On the other hand, a few days back, I ran into this video of a Colombian woman who caught a thief, gave him a beating, forced him to strip, and the poor guy ended up getting chased buck naked by what looks like a Poodle. Do strong women exist? Certainly. Is the Rochester woman one of these? Em, no.

  16. She basically took a feminist revenge plot that’s not quite Liftetime television caliber of PC, a scene from the movie The Town, added an absurd level of detail and tried to pass it off as legit. What group of people on this earth, except maybe men in prison, spend 3 days preparing to jump someone? Who does that? Who has time for that?
    She even said that after this deliberation, of 3 days, to jump someone, they came to consensus. Bullshit. Feminists love consensus, but its the desire for it that is the reason they never got anything done until betas started helping them out.
    I think guilty rapists deserve about whatever comes to them. But, I don’t know man. I’m glad RoK exists and other similar communities, to stand up to the falsifications and imaginations of the prevailing moral authorities.

    1. Heh, a dude exposed himself to my female cousin in a park many years ago, it sure as shit didn’t take me and her brothers 3 days to decide wether to fuck him up or not. More like 1sec.

      1. That’s a good point. That sort of reaction is very instinctive. They know that any kind of assault against them enrages us, especially if that assault was of a sexual nature. And feminists use this instinct against us. They use our nature against is in a lot of ways.
        Feminists make a big deal of consensus because it agrees with women. They don’t like competition in that sort of sense, I think. But I think they like the idea of deliberation more because women seem to be fairly incapable of it, at least when men aren’t forcing it of them.

        1. The women in my family are I think unlikely to abuse this kind of thing. Mostly because they know that the men will act on it and find out the truth very fast.
          I don’t believe for one moment it would take consensus or 3 days of deliberations to decide this kind of thing. At least not if any of the parties involved has high enough T to actually do it.
          Another funny thing is a girl I used to boink once told me she had given a ring of her grandmothers to some guy who dumped her and claimed to have sold the ring.
          I grabbed my 45 and told her to get in the car, and about half way to his place she was already not sure we should go and get it back, while just a few minutes before it was a big enough issue she said he should burn for it.
          My experience of this kind of things is girls talk a big way, but when push comes to shove, they chicken out nearly 100% of the time.
          Anyway the end of the ring story is me knocking on the guys door and telling him to get the ring back to her or I will be paying a less social visit to him. She got it back 2 days later if I remember correctly.

        2. Its a dignifying experience, that sort of revenge. Its sort of a power trip, because dudes like that know they’re wrong, and unless they are very prideful and sociopathic, they tend to submit without physical conflict, the risk isn’t always worth the reward I guess. I wasn’t implying your family members behaved like that. Just that, we need to be constantly aware of the realities of female nature. There was this famous French Courtesan during the enlightenment, I can’t remember her name, but she said “One must choose between loving women, and knowing them”.
          That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but in a perspective it sort of rings true. Anything legitimately unconditional in terms of love is behind us, as men. And even if we are the romantic type, we must invest ourselves in time and effort wisely. Or we may be involved with women of a similar psychological caliber to the feminist in this article.

        3. What a heart-touching story of beta-like compensating for girl`s stupid decisions. No honor-protecting here….just feeble attempt at thumping on one`s chest….with “oooh….`45!!” (no Desert Eagle?…Shucks, man….I expected at least sumpin`like that…)))

        4. At least you have your ))s back, good to see you recovered. I have to admit the 45 was low end, it’s a Norinco 1911A1 copy. And you are right that it is stupid and now I wouldn’t do it.
          But I had the balls to do it anyway, how about you? Ever get in harms way for anything you believe in?

        5. I’m sure pussy just flies in your lap by magical unicorn and rainbow effect lol.
          You forgot the )))s btw.

        6. I see that I may have underestimated Your wits. And Your capacity for civil discourse, as well.)
          Your Norinco is a good gun…but, alas…I have rather small hands – even had to custom-fit the grip on my Star 9 mm. However, for revenge purposes I would always prefer .22 S&W Air-Lite, with hollow-point high-velocity rounds…for some up-close-and-personal. Less noise and quite adequate.
          The answer to Your question is: yes…many times. And sometimes made the same mistake as You, when I was younger….namely, white-knighted for the bitch (not with gun, however…fisticuffs only).
          About Your action concerning Your assaulted cousin – I had to do the same for my daughter. No wrong there, man.

        7. Pretty dumb move my friend. Pulling a gun on someone for the ring of some girl you were banging? The big head must always speak louder than the little head. This kind of shit will put you in the slammer.

        8. Hehe I was just out of the army and it wasn’t the only stupid thing I did. I found a ONS or got into a fight almost every weekend for a while out of the service… the cops knew me and they knew I only beat up shitheads but they had to bring me in anyway…

        9. I RAISE unicorns at my farm….they crap rainbows, didn`t You know? And at the end of the rainbow…a pot of pussy always awaits… 🙂 Here it is: )))….not to trigger some abstinence syndromes there…)))

        10. The ‘using our nature against us’ is seen in the capitalizing on and the taking advantage of the white knighting instinct of men. Men will destroy other men when given a motive and when persuaded that it’s their white knight duty. Men divide and conquer amongst themselves instead of maintaining solidarity against being manipulated and controlled.
          WOMEN also have their own nature used against them when they are manipulated into signing a death warrant on their man or signing away his rightful authority in lieu of nanny state authority over the family unit. Her own flaky nature is capitalized upon in making the STUPIDEST authorizations for predators to dismember and garnish the estate AND get this, divorce rape industry vultures and special advocates calculatedly swoop in when emotions are most intense. They capitalize on the woman’s propensity to make rash decisions on emotion and that’s when they shove forms for her to sign. They monitor and predict a woman’s cyclical emotional toboggan ride and ‘ring’ her when she’s right.
          THEY USE woman’s own nature against her to subjugate and impress and enforce nanny state order over patriarchal order. This is all calculated. It is a real and hot war waged now against us all, families, individuals, our entire species. Our nature used against us in this way tells us that this is a campaign not from within, but from external forces and external bodies whose aim is exclusively to conquer us as a species. To jack with our reproductive programme and undermine our core tribal and familial thread can only be of alien origin.

  17. I don’t disbelief all women if they say they were raped and I don’t think Roosh and the “manosphere” have made that blanket accusation. Rather, Roosh et al have said that you should take these accusations, these days, with a huge 4 pound block of salt. When a women first posts that she was raped and on Social Media and has not been to law enforcement first …THAT is a huge red flag.

  18. I remember reading that story. Had doubts myself the 1st time I read it. WHo knows ?

    1. I’ve written for ROK two other times before. I’m not a regular contributor, or anything.

      1. You had a way of deconstructing her motives and intention behind her piece like reverse engineering or ‘reverse authoring’ that only a true author himself could do. You were thus able to spot her shenanigans.

  19. Leave her alone–I’m pretty sure she also beat the shit out of all those frathouse gang rapists Rolling Stone wrote about.

  20. And they want to serve as combat troops? I wonder if they can get a mob to travel across this world to Syria so they can gang up on Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

  21. Isn’t every single story that’s “girl power” propaganda based off 100% fiction?

  22. Hey it works in the movies… look at how average built women there can take down men 5 times their size with just a single punch.

  23. Well, no, not all rape accusations are bogus. White men who spend time in jail—often for crimes they did not commit or for non-crimes like killing in self-defense or refusing to pay child support for children that aren’t theirs—are regularly gangraped and sold between black and Hispanic lifers as sex slaves. Only very rarely are their horror stories invented. They have nothing to gain from revealing that they were cellblock bitches for five to ten.
    White female accusations of rape are almost always attempts at blackmail, revenge or cover-ups for affairs their social circle would not approve. The gangrape of German women by Arab refugees—a case where there is no room for doubt that women were forced to have sex against their will on pain of death or grievous bodily harm—is the very rare exception.
    If a woman had to produce two witnesses to her rape, the number of rape cases brought by women would fall to near zero.

    1. We’re not Islamic yet – one witness testimony provided without external prompting or preparation is enough for me.
      I wouldn’t trust “close friends” or “a bystander I found and talked to after the fact”. There are just too many ways to influence that testimony, and we’re talking about a very serious crime.

    2. You have to dig pretty deep to find a legitimate case of rape anymore. Meanwhile divorce rape industry shres rallied this morning and set a record high by the closing bell.

  24. Truly raped women don’t share their story except with police. Lying come bucket.

  25. She mentioned her “rapist’s” hometown several times to dox him.
    And yeah, she wasn’t raped.

  26. How many people read 6 words into the title and said, out loud, “yes”
    I did. No kidding. Here by myself at my computer. I read 6 words and said “yes”

    1. I saw the headline and said right there and then the account was bullshit. Women talk from both sides of their mouth and I put more trust in an animal’s sphincter to speak truth to me.

  27. Speaking of red flags…who the fuck goes in and sees a tampon and says, let me get this shit out of the way and get up in that bloody hole?
    I mean, I have been sexually active for nearly 30 fucking years and I am not even sure I would know how to remove on and I am fucking dead to rights sure that if I did I wouldn’t go near it.
    Revenge fantasy is so absurd. I think that the only reason Kill Bill was able to do it well is that they made it so implausible that you knew he was using it as a plot device and not guuurl power. The second that Uma Thurman kills like 500 ninjas or trains with an ancient kung fu master then you know “ok, this movie is meant to be fun….” It really does point to Quentin’s genius that he could do a girl revenge movie and make it fucking awesome.

        1. no such thing. There are only two amounts of kratom. Not enough and not….fucking….enough.

    1. regarding Kill Bill: movie turn a weird turn, message-wise, once I found out he had a foot fetish. Next time you watch either, notice how many close ups he has on Uma’s foot/feet

      1. I actually have noticed Uma’s feet but didn’t know it was a fetish thing.

      2. Yeah, the foot thing is in pretty much all of his movies. Lots of shots of Uma’s feet in Kill Bill, the entire opening of Pulp Fiction is about the implied sexuality of foot massages and there are a bunch more shots of Uma’s feet, in From Dusk Til Dawn Quentin drinks tequila off of Selma Hayek’s foot as she pours it down her leg, and there’s a whole scene in Inglorious Basterds that focuses on Diane Kruger’s foot in a cast after she gets shot in the leg.
        Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but it gets pretty obvious once you know it’s there. I have to rewatch Hateful Eight again to see if he did it there too.

    2. There was the very not-awesome part of Kill Bill where the asian woman was driven to kill out of penis envy, using a sword as a surrogate schlong and eviscerating a man with it, babbling on about how she “penetrated” him.

      1. True. But there has to be characters you hate. In the meantime, the movie at least set it self up to be total fantasy. At no point did they ever make it like this coild actually happen. So I didn’t mind stuff like that. It’s not like all the movies where it is a revenge plot where the movie tries to make it realistic.

  28. Did she lie about the account? I’ll just say one thing.. somewhere in the world, there’s a bolt of cloth with a big hole in it the same shape as Eveland’s story. Maybe she’s angling to get onto the writer’s team on CSI, NCIS or one of the other cliche-ridden cop shows. You know, the ones with the single “poor womynz victim” narrative in their playbook.
    Mind you, it’s refreshing to see this “u go grrl” chick still needed to call on men (albeit beta simps) to do most of the dirty work for her.

    1. Mental note: Idea for show Law and Order: False Rape Claim Unit

  29. People do believe this tripe nowadays, a sizable amount of kids in the ages between 12-17 now genuinely believe that a girl can win a fight against them. This is the result of indoctrination and emasculation by the media, schools,and government. No matter how “trained” a girl is, they cant stack up against the average man. Who the hell is going to be scared of something that is 5″6 120 lbs that sounds like a mouse?

    1. The problem is, while it is not true now it is something that will change. As parents…both fathers and mothers or fag parents or the state…..team up with schools, social media, television, hell even traditionally masculine spaces like the gym…as they team up to push a homosexual agenda which includes the fact that boys act masculine is wrong and boys get more and more effeminate, eventually girls will be physically stronger.
      Your statement is true now, but on the path we are on I would be shocked if it was still true in 20 years. Even now I have seen guys get hit by their women as they cower in a corner. How long until that becomes women just straight up beating the fuck out them?

      1. Solution? Being illegal immigrants as bodyguards. I know, there’s too many here, but what other choice do we have?

        1. She”ll just end up getting fucked into a stupor by the “bodyguard” every chance she gets, keeping her docile, everyone wins.

    2. “Who the hell is going to be scared of something that is 5″6 120 lbs that sounds like a mouse?”
      When something a lot smaller than you is angry it’s honestly more cute and funny than terrifying. Like when my Chihuahua decides to set all 3 pounds of himself to attack dog mode. Is that what men are thinking when they tell a girl “You’re cute when you’re angry”?

  30. Hell RENT is rape. You pay and pay and get no equity, just the boot if you don’t pay and a bad rating if you don’t leave the place spotless like you toiled with a toothbrush and 409 leaving it just like you found it so as not to piss of the landlord. And the rent rape rates are jacked to maintain max turn-in of said local wage slave pay levels. No equity and nothing saved unless you live in your van. The shit’s RAPE man.
    Try and rape me now motherfucking rent raping landlord!!

    1. Marx wrote a whole essay on how rent is theft. It was central to his social economic doctrine.

  31. She’s a “strong, independent woman”. That’s why she needed help from her friends and family instead of attacking alone.

  32. It’s XOJane bullshit…need I say more?
    That’s all they do is talk about feel good girl bullshit..or girl power nonsense. It’s all about feelings on that site.

    1. Man, Roosh…I envy You for Your notoriety….even SHE follows You and the posts here! 😀
      Incredible. )))

      1. You did remember this time, good 🙂 we wouldn’t want to confuse your posts with those of rational people

        1. Aaah…the Royal “We” …the true sign of rational thinkers…(rofl)…

    2. That’s screenshot worthy, so I pissed of that sow too? That’s some funny shit. And yeah I stand by my comments. Good that she’s spreading the word.

    3. Oh Btw if you could be so kind, remove the ip ban on me? It’s quite annoying and does not limit my voice…

  33. jeez that fucking ugly idiotic tattoo – and right in the front… it just shouts PSYCHO TRAAAASH. all her friends must be the same kind of trash – so this story could actually be true lol. we just never hang out with this kind of people to conceive that it’s possible.

    1. Says the guy whose first post is to call someone else a “dumb bitch”.

      1. Why don’t you just get on with hating and justifying every word the manosphere has to say about the female amydgala, dear.

        1. Why such contempt for the last -and greatest of God’s creations?? Woman. The only creation that bears and births the Image of God.

        2. Darling, if you’re going to go with the idea that God created woman, you would do well to remember that He created her from Adam’s rib. Let’s leave aside that the “greatest” of God’s creations was also the first to listen to Satan.

        3. According to most traditions, the first female got Satan cock before Adam’s…
          The ‘forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge’ is allegorical – the fruit isn’t specified, ‘knowledge’ means intercourse (and is used as such throughout the Bible), ergo, ‘Eve’ partook of “The Snake’s” (Satan’s) ‘loinfruit’ (cock).

        4. I apologize for the delayed reply, just got back from vacation…..
          Eve was the first to sin, true. But remember mankind’s salvation also came from a woman’s body.
          I wonder why men such as yourself always focus on Eve’s sin and ignore Mary’s righteousness. Why focus on the negative? And why is Adam’s sin ignored or excused? To be fair, it’s really all all irrelevant in my opinion. The Fall and all sin that followed it was paid for by the God-man Jesus. As a sinner myself I really can’t blame Adam and Eve- I doubt I would of done better.
          Does it bother you that women are also made in God’s image? Both male and female are comprised of body, mind and spirit. Women are not empty vessels as you so eloquently stated in a previous comment.
          Yes- I agree woman was lovingly created from Adam’s rib-not his foot- to take care of Eden side by side. No other creation has that honor. I highly doubt that God made woman as an afterthought. And like I said, no other creation bears and gives birth to God’s image. That’s pretty special in my book. Your opinion is obviously different.
          One last thing my dear, don’t think for an instant that Adam would of refused the fruit. Men are far more ambitious than women. They also love food. He would of jumped at the chance to be like God and get fed at the same time. You know it, I know it – and Satan did too. Adam would of gobbled the whole thing down-chucked the seed- and not shared even a nibble with Eve. The exact same way my ambitious husband gets with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream-it’s just how men are.

    1. …I’m not sure why you’re posting selfies of the last trick you turned, but, okay.

  34. Sounds like she voluntarily fucked him while drunk and then later decided she regretted it because he’s not alpha or cool enough so she accused him of rape to protect her social status in the eyes of her friends. That’s assuming anything in that story is true.
    By the way when I read about how the 3 guys came at a moment’s notice when she said she’d been raped I cringed so fucking hard. They didn’t question her at all, they just immediately believed her and agreed to go with her to commit a violent assault at the drop of a hat. White knights are disgusting.

    1. Women are the ones who start wars. If she had her cell phone taken away proper and if she was kept proper in burka (or Amish bonnet, depends on latitude) then none of this would have happened. A woman answers to her patriarch and master. A loose woman talks to many men without commitment and thus white knights are born. They aren’t her master, none of them, so they aren’t likely to put her words through a sieve to determine which words are lying words.

    2. Hehe her response to us bringing it up is telling… See below rooshes comment.

  35. Further to the comments I already made downthread: even a *female* writer from Vice called bullshit on Ms. Eveland’s story. Eveland, of course, went feral:
    The most hilarious part of the Vice writer’s tweets, though, was this:
    ““2. Working for women’s sites for the past 2 yrs I can tell you that our
    submission box is a firehose of insanity, neurosis and pure dumbness.”

    1. Ugh! Woman is disgusting and vulgar. I’m comfortable with my sexuality, but I would tell this woman I was gay just to get her away from me.

  36. Of course this is all bullshit. She’s more likely to get wet over her rapist than assault him.

    1. Just replace the word “paid” with “laid” and it’ll make more sense.

  37. Why does she think she was raped? Because she was drunk? Did she even tell him no? That’s probably why she didn’t go to the police – sounds like it wasn’t rape, just another drunken slut getting fucked by another random douche.

    1. You get out what you put in society. I do not typically appreciate your trolling here since this is not a safe space for you. However I do teach my daughters how to throw a mean jab and grapple techniques

      1. A straight shot to the testicles always works too. I fight extremely dirty myself and the first thing I go for is a soccer kick right to the gonads.

        1. A proper jab usually knocks most guys out if they aren’t expecting it. Otherwise its all about position and pressure points. My youngest can crush a clavicle. Junk is exposed only as a last resort.

        2. Perhaps but assuming they know a thing or two about defending themselves it could end very messily hence why my appreciation for a devastating shot to the genitals. My philosophy is go for eyes,genitals and impair their breathing. Also a kidney shot works a treat.

        3. It is always better if an unwelcome mate gets a masculine style beat down. If it comes to their being overpowered than anything goes.

      2. Not a safe space for me? Trolling? What the fuck are you even talking about?

        1. I recall reading comments you have made that constantly put you at odds with intelligent conversation. You do not take criticism or acknowledge it. Therefore you are a troll in the ROK intelligent discussions. Quite simple actually

        2. LOL I’m guessing I made you like a fucking idiot somewhere.
          Contrarily, you’re the one who’s trolling me by picking an argument for no reason. I actually support RoK, though.
          Also, I’m one of few people here who has any grasp of evolutionary psychology and my comments are often the lone voice of reason. You would know this if you’d read much of what I wrote. You obviously haven’t.

        3. And when was that idiot making of myself? I am not picking anything.
          “Also, I’m one of few people here who has any grasp of evolutionary psychology and my comments are often the lone voice of reason”
          So was I last week. I am always the lone voice of reason so I always get all the chicks. Doesn’t hurt to be devastatingly handsome, wealthy and a fucking genius to boot.

        4. The idiot-making of you is happening right now, actually. You’re whining like a little bitch. Do you think the spectators are going to be impressed with you?!

  38. This is what bothers me with this sort of narrative.
    Women are fempowered, you go-girl but when they drink, they are untouchable flowers who cannot answer for anything. What about men?
    We can realistically believe, from the context (Trashy party, full of booze), that the “Sean” individual would be as drunk as she was.
    If we assume that both men and women are capable of rape, then it’s entirely possible that she raped Sean instead; she’s just too drunk to remember.
    That’s the problem with the testimony of people who are not in a reasonable state of awareness. They don’t know what the fuck happened; they could, easily, have consented and simply not remember.

  39. This account reminds me of the “revenge rape” scene in the horrendous movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US Version).
    Not even the new all-fem Ghostbusters could out-feminist that terrible movie.

    1. Unsurprisingly, dear old Ms Eveland says that’s one of her favourite characters.

  40. Sad truth is, fellas, as much as this obvious work of fiction reeks more of a pandering screenplay, somebody in Hollywood probably will pay her for the film rights. Expect it!

  41. “I don’t for a second believe a woman’s ex-boyfriend, much less that
    ex and other people, would drop everything and travel from other states
    to New York without asking a single question.”
    I could believe that part. The White Knight streak runs strong in some guys.

  42. XOJane is the feminist version of 4chan. “The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.”

  43. Damsel in distress gets men to do the dirty work of attacking an innocent person, but probably made the whole thing up for attention anyway.
    whatever the truth is, she is an unhinged lunatic.

  44. I think the writer is right on the mark, there is so much female empowerment in this piece add the fact she was less concerned about the supposed rape equals a complete feminazi lie. Also there is some male/female ? misandrist shithead baiting people, the icon shows him licking his mistresses boot. But it could be a woman so who knows. Just another face of the enemy.

  45. Ok, so after a tiny bit of research, Nocturnus Assholis Bitchicus Libertus is a thirty two year old feminazi black panther associate. So this is a woman. In her spare time she wipes her ass on the American flag. Now you know ! Go out and have fun with her kids !!!

  46. Yeah, chalk down to shit that never happened.
    It’s some kind of Munchausen’s syndrome, pressure to produce a hit article (by fabricating). Look at the skanky low grade attention whore tattoos and double nose piercings.
    A girl that average in looks would do better by just presenting herself in conventional clothes and developing virtues such as integrity.
    She’ll end up a shrivelled Childress cat lady or a single mother.

  47. Emily’s article, especially the part about immediately refusing to go to the cops, reminds me of this Lifetime Movie I saw while channel surfing called “Big Driver”. This female mystery writer gets stranded in the middle of nowhere and becomes the target of this serial rapist/murderer who leaves her for dead in a drain pipe with a bunch of his other victims. When she manages to get back home, she decides she can’t go to the cops because “people will say I was asking for it”. So instead, this pampered city mouse of a writer who weighs 120 lbs. soaking wet, decides to take revenge by herself against a 200+ lbs. man who she knows has killed before, and had beaten her almost to death once.
    Emily should actually give Lifetime a call. A couple of tweaks to the story, and they’d have a typical Lifetime screenplay. “Burn It All Down: The Emily Eveland Story”, this Wednesday at 6pm. Lifetime: Television for Rape Culture.

  48. Ms. Eveland has apparently deleted her Twitter account. I thought this quote quite interesting — it’s from a post on her blog about how we should all “fear her feminine rage.” Given that I live in the city where she resides, I suppose I should commence fearing a violent reprisal.
    “I’m that bitch in the moshpit throwing elbows at the dudes who untie my dress, who touch my tits, who grab my waist, and ask where my boyfriend is. I’m the bitch who put the six-foot-something bro in a headlock after I found him choking a young girl. I’m the bitch who screamed “you touch her again, I’ll destroy you.” I’m the bitch with the pepper spray pointed at the man who put a hammer through Jeter’s window two weeks ago. I’m the bitch who outs rapists on Facebook. I’m the bitch who punched the dude harassing my friend in the stomach. I’m the bitch with the knife in my purse. I’m the bitch in your Krav Maga class. I’m the bitch with the master lock.”

  49. As a mother of a teenaged son, I found the original piece to be very disturbing. I kept thinking about my son and what if one day some crazy skank decides she has it out for him? So much hostility aimed at young men — it keeps me awake at night.
    Anyway, thanks for writing this. Your voice of reason is reassuring.

  50. Sounds more like the Munch-hausen diaries complete with silicon implants as supporting characters.

  51. Soooooooo, when he allegedly raped her, why didn’t she just girl power him right then and there? This girl sounds like a total badass (with the help of a man), I’m shocked she didn’t just ask someone to hold her purse, sweep his leg, roundhouse kick him in the temple with her stilettos, put him in and arm bar, DDT, pile driver, figure four, ax stomp to the gut, walk away in a mist of smoke, the click of her high heels echoing in slow motion, she turns her head slightly and the camera zooms in on her rose red lipstick and she says, “See ya around Shawn.”
    This story is very theatrical.
    My femenist roid raged ex girlfriend punched me repeatedly in the face one night. I didn’t defend myself because I’m not allowed to. I knew if I pushed her off of me I’d go to jail so I decided to stand there like a human punching bag and enjoy my face massage. I was disappointed when she neglected my forehead, that’s where I carry most of my stress. She was physically fit. The only way I could describe it; it felt like a baby trying to force feed me an orange. It was the cutest thing. I’m shocked that it didn’t hurt at least a little bit.

  52. Women are fantasists. The only time they don’t lie is when they are asleep. Most of the women of this era, I mean. That’s why I’ve taken my vow of celibacy. Been down that road one too any times. I finally learned. The women of today are not women at all. And ham planets dressed in anime garb don’t count.

  53. Felony assault. Interstate conspiracy to commit felony assault. Deadly weapons. Home invasion. Destruction of private property. She better HOPE she made it up!

  54. We used to see two rolls of quarters in a sock. Besides the classic lesbian Kill-Men fantasy, it does point out that there are, or women regard that there are, men willing to jump in and do the bidding of hoes, and they look at it like rescuing them, or something. I read Craigslist sometimes, and there’re always guys starting flame wars on behalf of some hoe. But it’s scary to see this crap out there because is shows how low our society has gone in allowing psychotics to get media.

  55. As others have said, there is no way this happened. I have been in a lot of fights. I have punched a lot people and seen a lot of fights and I have never seen anyone hit with a sock containing a lock. That only happens on TV. Its a huge leap for someone who has never been in a fight to swing a deadly weapon at someone. There is too much reluctance and fear unless your life is at stake. And when people without fighting experience try to use a weapon it is usually taken away and used on them. Also, I don’t believe that these guy friends of hers would sign on to beat someone with a deadly weapon on the word of this nutcase woman. She admits in her blog that she had borderline personality disorder, which means all of her friends know she is a liar. They would not sign on for a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon based on her story. This is a fantasy that a few women have. They like to think they can beat up a guy, at least with help. It rarely happens unless the guy is passed out drunk or old.

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