3 Anti-Trump Companies That Men Can Boycott Today

Return Of Kings has a massive following—this is our strength. We’re not just a rag-tag team of a few thousand men scattered across the globe…we’re hundreds of thousands strong, with our message growing more and more every single day. Whether the cucks like it or not, we have the power to significantly impact this country.

One of the best ways to significantly impact our country, in my opinion, is to hit the elites where it hurts: right in their pockets. We already cost J.J. Abrams and his overtly multi-cultural propaganda piece Star Wars: The Force Awakens an estimated 4 million dollars, so why not start doing the same for companies that have vehemently spoken out against Trump?

Do not underestimate the power of your pockets, gentlemen. The collective realization that “news” such as CNN and MSNBC is completely fake, and the consequent refusal to watch their programs, is what’s caused them to lose their shit over the past 6 months. We, the men at Return of Kings, as well as our ideological allies all throughout the manosphere, have caused massive changes by simply diverting our attention from elite-owned operations, and giving it to better causes (such as ROK, Breitbart, InfoWars, etc.).

So, with this in mind, here’s my top 3 companies that we can boycott TODAY to show support of the resurgence in American traditionalism:

1. Starbucks (Anti-Trump)

As I have covered before, Starcucks is already a degenerate enough company as it is—they support several transsexual activist groups and lobbied hard for Planned Parenthood, but that’s not even the worst of it.

Recently, after Trump declared that, for the safety of our nation, he was going to ban refugees from several key terrorist-ridden nations, Starbucks responded by saying that they were going to hire 10,000 refugees. If this isn’t the epitome of arrogant and selfish political agendas, I don’t know what is. We have veterans in the streets, our African American population has a nearly 25% unemployment rate, oh, but no… let’s prioritize foreigners, says Starbucks.

By now, you should realize that Starbucks is a globalist whore, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. I’m not asking you to give up coffee—it’s by far one of the best nootropics of all time, and it did, in fact, even fuel the age of enlightenment. Instead of going to Starbucks, just get your coffee from Peet’s, get an organic roast from your local farmer’s market or organic co-op, or make it at home with an Aeropress unit like Roosh does.

It’s time we #BoycottStarbucks and refuse to support their globalist agenda with our hard-earned dollars. And besides, not having to speak with a transsexual, plant-identifying, non-cis-non-binary, purple-hair-dyed barista is enough of a reward as it is.

2. Kellogg’s (Anti-Trump)

On November 29th, 2016, Kellogg’s announced that they would be blacklisting conservative media hub Breitbart, because they don’t believe that their 45,000,000 monthly readers are “in line” with the company’s views. Okay, that’s fine—it’s a free country and they have the right to do that.

But, do you know what, Kellogg’s? We have a right to refuse to support your bullshit cucking out of the United States of America, and millions of Americans are already doing so. Here’s a few of Kellogg’s brands, so you know what to avoid:

  • Pop Tarts
  • Rice Krispies
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Apple Jacks
  • Raisin Bran
  • Fruit Loops
  • Kashi

3. Welch’s (Anti-Trump)

Welch’s, the maker of various jams and juices, has followed Kellogg’s suit in banning their ads on Breitbart, because, again, somehow the 45 MILLION monthly readers don’t align with the company’s values (I wonder why). People have already been speaking up, however, because remember—what makes the alt-right strong isn’t necessarily how vocal they are, but rather how willing they are to take decisive action.

Sorry Welch’s, but conservatives fight back (unlike the crybaby left)

And now, here are three companies you should support who have actively promoted the interests and viewpoints of our commander-in-chief:

1. Yuengling (Pro-Trump)

Be right back boys, I’m going to head to my local gas station and get me a six pack—alright, I’m back. Time to get down to business.

Yuengling, which is America’s oldest brewery, was very vocal in their support of Donald Trump. Their CEO, Richard Yuengling Jr., publicly endorsed Donald Trump before he was elected president. In fact, he even gave a tour of the brewery to Donald Trump’s son, Eric:

So, while I usually only recommend drinking alcohol for newbies trying to overcome approach anxiety, seeing that this glorious company supports the return of the greatness of America, I’ll make an exception.

2. UFC (Pro-Trump)

Dana White, a part owner of the UFC, has spoken out, calling Donald Trump a “loyal friend,” and he even spoke out during the Republican National Convention, claiming that “Donald Trump is a fighter and I know he will fight for this country.”

Well, fortunately for our country, he was right. The lib-cucks have tried their best to boycott pro-Trump companies such as UFC, but too bad for them that only about 2% of their audience is made up of liberals, seeing that UFC is one of the most alpha male sports of all time.

3. Hobby Lobby (Pro-Trump)

As if the whole birth control healthcare fiasco of this company wasn’t enough, they’ve also recently decided to place their support with Donald Trump (a wise decision). David Green, who is the CEO of the traditionally conservative company with over 600 stores nation-wide, is extremely Christian and has spoke out against Hillary, claiming that she “…believes that government interests supersede the protection of religious liberty,” which she does.

In addition to this, he has also said that “…Donald Trump has been steadfast in expressing his commitment to uphold the Constitution, and his list of possible Supreme Court nominees inspires confidence that there is hope in my future—and in my grandchildren’s future—for a country that will value those most fundamental rights.”

So if you’d like to get your girlfriend a feminine hobby, such as sewing, painting, knitting, or home-furnishing, Hobby Lobby is now your go-to place.

We’ve reached a stage in the culture wars where we can financially hurt companies and entities which stand opposed to our values. It may be prudent to take advantage of that, and starve the beasts that are trying to harm us and our society, while helping ones that benefit us.

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279 thoughts on “3 Anti-Trump Companies That Men Can Boycott Today”

    1. Already binned Kellogg’s branded food a while ago. Supermarket own brand is cheaper, plus I only eat toast and porridge.

    1. Banks donate heavily to all major candidates. Hillary was big apologist for goldman sachs, got paid big money by them to give meaningless speeches about “financial reform”. Wall Street must work with trump because they have no choice now.

      1. This is something I can get behind. Say what you want about NYC trying to ban obscenely large sodas being useless or draconian….there is a serious fat ass problem that needs dealing with and at least someone was giving it the old college try. I would totally be in favor of a huge tax on anything which is loaded with sugar.

        1. How about just doing us all a favour and substitute the sugar with Xanax or Adderall.

        2. I agree with the principle, that people should stop sucking sugar, but it’s not the state’s responsibility to straighten these people out.

        3. Also each couch should come with built in electrocution cushions. When they feel the pressure you get 15 minutes then they emit a strong current for at least 15 minutes (which can be adjusted up or down but nothing below 15 minutes) to get their fat asses off the couch and less indoctrination from Oprah. Either that or beat them off it with a stick no thicker than your small finger……. some Islamic laws are there for a reason….

        4. True, but as long as these fat fucks are going to be leeching off of tax money and causing all sorts of fucking problems for everyone else then why not. How about this, the State can step out of the straightening fat asses out business the second that the morbidly obese are forbidden from getting any form of health care, medical insurance, using public transportation, being considered “disabled” or in any way getting a hand out based on their inability not to fucking eat themselves to death. Until then, I will take any help I can get curbing the fat ass epidemic.

        5. Populist that I am, I find shaming to be the most effective tool. On the market front, I’d support airlines charging by the pound.

        6. Shaming is a wonderfully effective tool. Yes, charging by the pound is a great idea on airlines, also subways, busses and anywhere where taking up twice as much space makes everyone elses life just unpleasant. But fat people are a legitimate menace and being a fat ass needs to start being treated as a crime rather than a disease.

          Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet

        7. If the problem we really want to fix is how much it costs the healthcare system, insurance, etc., let’s skip the social engineering of trying to control their behavior and just allow them to suffer the consequences of their decisions. A major factor in why healthcare and insurance is so expensive and screwed up now is because of government messing with things to achieve social outcomes.
          Drink as much soda as you want, be as big a fat ass as you want, just don’t expect anyone else, including the government, to pay for it.
          The best way to make people more responsible for their actions is not to outlaw and regulate their behavior but to stop saving them from the consequences of that behavior.

        8. I am fine with that and said so in the comment below. My point is that we aren’t doing that. So in the absense of actually doing what you say (the right solution) I have no problem going with an inferior solution like social engineering in the meantime. Remember social engineering worked very well on men and women for a very long time and it is social engineering that allows for the fat acceptance movement in the first place.

        9. That is the problem with the nanny state in one statement; if the state takes care of you then the state has jurisdiction over everything you do.

        10. Agreed and it is a bad deal to have a nanny state but what is worse than a nanny state is a bad nanny state that gives out the gimmes but doesn’t make you follow rulea

        11. AMEN! Preach Brother!!!
          Big Corporations won’t stop producing the shit to make people fat and sick and Big Pharma won’t stop producing drugs to keep them alive long enough to ingest another fucking Coke. We (the taxpayer) become saddled with the burden… WTF?!!! Something’s gotta give.

        12. I would do exactly the reverse. Lower taxes on anything loaded with sugar, ie encourage obscenely large sodas, and at the same time remove all insurance protections for any fat fuck that feels compelled to stuff their face.
          Most of this shit stops when you remove the safety net.

        13. White Castle is the mutha-fuckin’-Nuclear option!!!
          Personal experience: Everytime I eat their gut grenades, I barely live to regret it, but for the grace of God!

        14. I haven’t eaten one in lord knows how many years. I do crave them now and then and have to talk myself down

    1. And every one of those cups ended up littering the streets along with their stupid signs.

      1. But that’s part-and-parcel with the liberal world view: everything is someone else’s problem!

    2. Dante thought he could creep us out with his vision of hell, but he never imagined feminism.

      1. He did! Paolo and Francesca. Helen of Troy. The Furies. All the women and many of the demons in Dante’s hell represent the inverse feminine ideal of his own personal unicorn, Beatrice. Dante totally got it.

  1. “that we all must boycott TODAY”
    => It should read: “that we must boycott from TODAY on forward”

  2. Don’t boycott prostitutes, whatever you do. Because they’re comin’ out, guns blazin’, and they are going to stand feminism on its freakin’ head.
    Some dufus wrote an article here at ROK a couple weeks ago, and the guy had the audacity to predict that prostitution (and sports betting) would one day be legalized in every state in the USA. This, of course, is preposterous. No way that could happen. Who was that asshat? Let me think…oh yeah – it was me.
    Hawaii Bill Would Legalize Prostitution –
    New Jersey Presents Two Sports Betting Bills to Congress and Gets Boost in Supreme Court –

    1. They keep fighting now they call prostitution “sex trafficking” among other things to keep up laws against it.

      1. yes, only the elite can traffic in slaves — H1B, move factories to slave areas, tax free, etc…
        From the whoreses mouth Thai girls can get visas to visit “friends” in England and other countries – but not USA…
        Cannot get a tourist visa to visit… so controlled…

      2. I always ask when questioning the definition of trafficking, “If I wave at a street prostitute, and she crosses the street to talk to me, have I trafficked her?”

  3. I notice more and more people calling for boycotting Starbucks but the company’s behavior has been this way for years with many boycotts being called for them then, I don’t think it’s working. It’s still a typical rich prick paradise for many.

    1. Fuck that noise anyway. My local starbucks has unlimited refills, an outdoor courtyard with wifi and electrical outlets near the chairs, is situated between a park, a gym and a yoga studio and is constantly packed with good poon. I don’t care who they support politically. It’s a great place to to have an iced coffee in the summer.

        1. if they fuck up my order I will stop going there. My order is black iced coffee so not so hard. I was there the other day and there were 5 homies behind the counter and somehow the line was not moving at all. I asked them nicely if they could “finish up with whatever rap video they are recording and get to work” lol. I have zero filter or patience.
          But yeah, the reason I won’t boycott is because they provide a service I like for a price I can accept. If that changes I would boycott but it would have nothing to do with trump…only with the fact that it is no longer pleasurable.

        2. all in the delivery my man…the delivery and a look that in no uncertain terms explains that their being pissed off is nothing compared to the misery they will have if they get mouthy about it.

        3. If you can’t inspire at least some fear in others then you are doing it all wrong. I almost want to attribute good humor with being from NY but I think it comes more from being tested as a kid and saving face with style and grace. I’m in agreement with you on Starbucks. They get so little of my money and the crowd they attract, college, nubile, thin, and horny ladies, can’t really be matched. A silent passing addiction is those gummy Welch’s snacks. Why did Welch’s have to be on the list? I’ll still eat them as well but damn.

        4. Ha, I don’t think I have had a Welch’s product in a while. If I am going to get the sugar from grape juice it better be at least 13% ABV. I think the trick that I see most in NY’rs is the ability to threaten someone with a smile so you kind of tacitly give them the choice of whether to laugh or fight. I am not really explaining it right, but if you have spent any time in the construction field dealing with Unions or disposing of haz mat then you know what I mean.

        5. lol”Finish up with whatever rap video they are recording and get to work.” Kneeman your jokes will be the death of me.

        6. there is this girl I have been on again off again boning for years. Will fuck her stupid for 3 days and then not speak to her for 6 months. She always makes me laugh because whenever we go out and I do or say something like that she will always look at me and say “why can YOU do this but no one else can” or sometimes she will text me and say “nearly got myself killed pretending I was you today”

        7. And come on you’ve got to enjoy the fact that every time there’s a big leftist Riot. they always destroy the local Starbucks

        8. ha yeah it is. There is a story from a few years back where a group that was hanging out in an anarchist bookshop attacked a starbucks bashing its windows with bats. Fucking vegans sdidn’t break any glass. Gotta find this hold on

        9. That is so sad. They would be scared to death if they saw what happens when a working man swings a hammer.

      1. You should just save your cup and get the unlimited refills and keep using the same cup for days until it starts to leak at the bottom. You “boycott” them while still enjoying the benefits they offer.

        1. meh, fuck that. They can have my 4 bucks when I want to go sit around, chat up some broads and enjoy the sun

        1. there are a few that are nice, but in the summer this courtyard gets really good sun and you can lounge out and catch some rays. It is 2 minutes from my front door by foot and it is packed with sexy women. I don’t care if they hire Bin Laden to make my coffee and have a trump effigy burning outside…if they give me my crappy coffee, wifi and make a place in the sun for me to sit right near my house I am fine.

        2. Yeah, good location can make up for other shortcomings. There’s an exceptionally average diner just down the street from me that I cant stay away from in the summer, because they have a nice, shadded outdoor area.

        1. can’t be a traitor if the only thing you care about is yourself.

        2. and imitation the sincerest form of admiration.
          But i don’t understand what’s the link between treason to the red pill cause and suicide ?

        3. ah ok i understand. anyway, i dunno if this argument will be effective on our nihilistic beast called lolknee..

        4. A man who is loyal only to himself is a traitor to everybody else. With someone like that, it’s only a matter of time before he thrusts the dagger into your spine; and it always comes when you least expect it, right when you trust them and need them the most. Traitor!

    2. FUk starbuks….there are so many independent shops to patronize, why feed these social-engineering, burt-coffee-peddling, coporatist dildos…..

    3. “1. Starbucks (Anti-Trump)”
      Ironically, unless I was mis-informed, when those fanatical retreads protested at Berkeley recently were setting fires to parked cars AND smashing in the windows at the Starbucks there.

    4. It doesn’t work because the only people who boycott Starbucks are people who never go in there, anyway. The idiot kids make a lot of noise every now and then about corporate greed or whatever, but they are mindless consumers who never change their spending habits.

    5. Starbucks CEO is butt hurt because hillary promised him that she would make him Sec of Labor if she won; he donated big to her campaign.

  4. What about the department stores that stopped carrying Ivanka Trump’s clothing line? I mean for God sakes, what has she done?
    The Leftists cry female empowerment and all, but now goes out and sabotage a woman just because she is the daughter of the President they disagree with?

    1. A store I shop at just dropped all Ivanka’s clothing line items. I am fine with it. To be honest, that they were carrying it in the first place was more disconcerting.

      1. *insert mildly sardonic joke involving the juxtaposition of two polar opposites here*
        …lazy this morning, 14 hr wax-play binge. Nothing puts the world into perspective like dripping a few pints of molten blue and pink wax on a Puerto Rican girl’s back, ass, tits and tummy while she does her darnedest to keep sucking without biting or drowning on her own drool.

        1. I’m (literally Hitler) laying here in bed with my laptop resting on her ass while she’s kissing my sack, so if I am slow to respond, pay it no mind.

        2. It really is wondrous, call them sluts, dirty, naughty, bad whatever; drop a few hand-prints on their ass cheeks and they come back again and again. AWALT.

        3. She even made the bed and wiped up the floor around the walk-in before asking if she could come back this evening. That’s what I call manners.

    2. It’s embarrassing to be honest. They should be proud to be carrying that line of clothing, especially considering her product is actually selling very well.

      1. There should have been more of a rukkus about the Trump Klan’s making shit in China all the while condemning the very practive.

  5. Nice article. We on the right need to stick together and start voting with our dollars.
    I stopped going to Starbucks and now get coffee from a small mom and pop restaurant/coffee shop that is ironically enough owned by European immigrants. I signed the breitbart petition on Kellogg’s – fuck them. And now I will stop consuming welch products. What do they make other than the gummy snacks and juice? I don’t eat/drink any of that shit anyway. Cold water and hot black coffee for me

    1. I think you should do that even if Starbucks wasn’t SJW infested.
      I love the small shops run by actual humans.

    2. Most of their products are 10-20% real juice and 80-90% sugar water. Who needs that shit?? The big “K”, same thing: Overpriced sugary shit. I want Tony the Tiger’s head above my mantle, goddamit!!!

    1. Anyone who uses Lyft should understand that they are indirectly contributing to the ACLU.
      I’ve already canceled my Lyft account and told them why. Never used and never would’ve used Airbnb so that one will be easy to boycott.

      1. I deleted my Airbnb app. They later sent me a diversity-dipped email the other day, so I unsubscribed and reported spam as well.

  6. It’s going to be hard for me to boycott the first three companies. I haven’t used any of them in many many years considering I am not a fag (Starbucks) or an eight year old boy. (the other two)

  7. Hobby lobby is a mixed bag for me. They may upset social justice warriors. That’s always a good thing. On the other hand, everything in their store is made in China. That makes them complicit in the globalization neutering of Western Civilization.

  8. Also just cancelled by Netflix subscription over the lawsuit they and others filed against POTUS. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter (other offenders in the same suit) and I’m scratching Apple products off my list.

    1. I canceled my cable going on a year ago. And I don’t miss it at all. Paying to be insulted and force fed propaganda? Fuck that.
      I bought an OTA antenna for $8.50 and pick up 40+ stations, many in HD. Even at that, I don’t watch anything. But at least I’m not enriching The Left.

      1. I am with you. My cable is next. But I also get my internet through them, so it won;t be a complete divorce.

    2. I admire what you are doing, but how are you going to communicate with people? Pony Express went outta biz like 10 yrs ago

      1. I’m older and was part of a generation before Facebook or MySpace (remember that?) became the primary tool for communication. I have friends on forums and elsewhere and we exchange emails or private messages. I don’t knock anyone using Facebook or similar. I know it is a prime communication device now. I just really wish these corporations would stop wetting their damn beaks in political matters. Stay neutral, make your money, and shut the hell up. If the CEO wants to get involved, them let them do so as a private citizen. Sorry for the rant.

      2. Yeah, since things like phones, email, and talking to people in person don’t exist anymore he’s really up shit creek.

  9. Never mind boycotting for political reasons – I’m stunned anyone here would eat/drink any of that shit for *health*, *body composition* and *testosterone* reasons!
    Maybe the coffee, though the one time I tried StarCucks I thought it was awful…

    1. You aren’t alone. The black coffee is awful. They are known for their tea options and specialty drinks.

      1. I like their black cold brew. Not as good as I make at home and over priced for what it is, but not intolerable.

        1. To each his own but the taste I always found too bitter. Also there is a lot to be said for when they get the beans and how long ago they were grounded etc. A friend of mine with tastes similar to yours swears by the freshness of the beans and also places Starbucks in the middle of quality coffee places to go to.

        2. oh I agree it is way too bitter…amost burnt. I wouldn’t say it is my preference, but I do like it better than Dunkin Doughnuts which is basically water. Much better are all the little awesome cafe’s around the city if you are just talking about taste, but for me, with the Starbucks I go to, it is all about the location.

        3. The funny thing about it, all companies selling you on coffee needing to be strong and bitter are essentially lying to you. They are selling you the bitterness to hide the beans are past due date on freshness.

      2. Once was enough for me… I’ve literally (hitler) spent an *hour* wandering around Rome with Italian friends seeking the *perfect* expresso… don’t claim to be as coffee sensitive as they, but the crap I got served put me off StarBurka for good…

        1. I’ve always said that Italy in general understands coffee on a much higher plane than the rest of us. Shit, even the free crap in the hotel beat out anything I’d had in the US prior to that!

        2. This is a FACT.
          I am in awe of the Italian sense of good coffee (and, indeed, good food). Everyone goes on about French cuisine, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Italian, IMNSHO…

        3. Italians also clearly understand that the true coffee bean is the good old Arabica…

        4. Bread is the best here in germany – no debate.
          We also got the biggest variety of bread in the whole world.

        5. There is a level at which “best” is subjective. There are a few Frenchmen who might have a decent case to make. But my experience in German confirms what you are saying. It is absurd how good the bread is. It isn’t even “good bread” it is like this whole other fucking thing that is just better than bread.

        6. when you go to the panini guys and just get one of those little panino and realize that every single thing called a panini in America is basically a subway sandwich it is a real moment of clarity

        7. Indeed!
          Mind you, can say that about coffee too… I’m sad to say almost everywhere in America the coffee is simply awful…

        8. Eating anything in Italy filled me with the sense that all of the US was somehow “kidding”…

        9. LOL!
          Hate to say it, but agree…
          My first enlightenment experience was eating street pizza in Napoli!!
          Took a while before I could bring myself to eat it *anywhere* else after that first taste…

        10. I hear ya – but even in coffee capitals of europe, Starbucks is very popular. It’s all about the marketing.

        11. There are a few good places I know of but for the most part you are absolutely correct.

        12. For me the big moment was in France rather than Italy. When I first got a Saucisson Sec sandwich. This garlicy, fatty salami with cornichon pickles and slathered with butter on a baguette. Everyone was eating them at this little inexpensive sandwich shop on the quai de Voltaire so I ordered one…despite wondering why pickles butter and salami were on a sandwich together. One bite and I was like Homer when he had the mcrib

        13. The first time I ever drank coffee was in Italy. I was stationed there at the time. Cappuccino was on every street corner. Every push cart and drug store coffee beat out the Starbuck’s crap.

        14. Yes. Italian food in Italy is better than anything I have eaten elsewhere. I will take an exception to their pizza, which sucks.

        15. I could make the case that Austrian pastries put the French to shame. Make mine mit schlag.

        16. I love Austrian pastries. There is an Austrian pasty shop not to far from me in a Viennese art gallary that is just absurd

        17. I love Subway’s “Muchos Condimentos” sandwich. Which is all of them of course

        18. So sue me for saying this but Duncan Donuts with cream is delightful. I know I know it’s a big chain. I’m a former barista and I’ve had a lot of coffee but I still think it’s great. Best of the American style.
          Broadly speaking though I agree and I’ve had coffee in Italy. You just have to compare apples to apples, it’s a different style.

        19. I grew up on German and British beer (legal to drink <18 with a parent) and when we moved back to the states American macros taste like despair.

        20. If you want to waste an evening, sit amongst Germans and start a conversation about “the best” beer. Last I checked the had over 1000 breweries in the country.

        21. the fact that you just referred to it as “expresso” kinda voids your opinion on coffee bro..

        22. Ehhhhh, I thought Greece and Japan’s food was better. Visited Italy for 2 weeks. Was not very impressed with their food except for a farmer there who believed in slow eating. 7 course meal was one of the best dining experiences of my life.

        23. ten points for being observant – another ten if you can detect which part of Europe we *were* from old chap?
          Personally, as a Brexit voter, I’ve always thought we were closer to the US than Europe…

        24. Perche ho parlato, necessariamente, in Inglese?
          Allora, in Italiano si dice ‘espresso’, ma in Inglese si dice ‘expresso’.
          Credo che la mia risposta sia: “vaffanculo, testa di cazzo”.

        25. Pretty much why I tried to kick it off… actually I quite like Cologne’s ‘Alt Beer’ 😀

        26. Ooh. Well I think you have made it too easy for me….thank you. I don’t think you would have mentioned Brexit if you were referring to England: too obvious. I haven’t detected any obvious signs of Irish or Scottish “slang”. Wales? Wales voted #leave. That is my guess: Wales! Please don’t hold me in suspense Marcus? Lol.

        27. Not bad! but I really was being that obvious…
          You are not entirely wrong though – one grandparent Welsh (one Irish, one Scottish, and one English). As you may have guessed I’m 100% pro-American too…

        28. Oh you cheeky bugger, you used reverse psychology on me. Lol. And it sounds like you travel well also. Good for you Marcus. I hope to be able to do the same some day.

        29. Thanks buddy!
          Get it written down in your goals, keep working on your self, and *everything* is achievable…

        30. I stopped at dd once. Had a breakfast sandwich.
          It was the WORST sandwich Ive even touched.
          So bad I was amazed.

      3. I don’t go there for those, either. Not only do they burn the crap out of their weak-ass coffee, but their tea subsidiary has a history of unhealthy chemical contamination and their specialty drinks are 90% sugar and 10% soy.
        Suffice it to say, if I have five dollars I’d rather buy a can of coffee and french press it myself.

        1. I have heard wonders about the French press but have always been more of a tea guy. Apparently you can’t go wrong with a French press and freshly ground beans. Ideally this means they were ground a few hours before you brew them but within the week is also some what fine as well.
          The last couple of drinks I had from Starbucks was during the holiday season. Everything was laced with enough sugar to make you diabetic. Haven’t been back since December since the Starbucks isn’t located anywhere near a college.

        2. “Apparently you can’t go wrong with a French press and freshly ground beans.”
          Highly recommend that. I used to buy the beans whole, grind and use a french press in my bachelor days.

    2. yup. most of the things on this list are just basically poison. You don’t need to tell me to boycott Uranium-o’s

    3. To be completely honest I haven’t heard about most of these companies until this article.
      By the way is there a website which makes a list of pro-Trump companies?

      1. I don’t know, but would use if there was. It’s powerful to put your spending where your values are…

    4. That is why I boycott Starbuck, because I hate their coffee. We have a local brand, Dunn’s Brothers, that I much prefer on the few occasions where I feel the need to pay $4 for a coffee instead of making it a home for a tiny fraction of that amount.

      1. Another extremely good point! HomeMade coffee no only tastes better (if you know what you are doing) but costs orders of magnitude less!
        Coffee is one of the very best ergogenics too…

      2. Yep. Not only are they part of the Fascist Left shtick, but their coffee is lousy and overpriced.

    5. Starbucks are like what wine coolers are to good beer. Starbucks are for those who need an extra dash of pretentious condescension in their pseudo-coffee.

    6. When i go to Starbucks I usually get hot cocoa. Im very particular about my coffee. Most of the time shops burn it. Plus my bro works at a local coffee packaging plant and gets a monthly allotment.

    7. The most prominent corporations that men should boycott are the Hollywood and Mainstream Media Industrial/Political complexes.
      Identify the movie and TV actors and personalities who shit on your social and political views. Refuse to fund their existence by turning off the TV shows they star in and the movies they put out — most of which are terrible for you mental and emotional health, like the junk food & drink mentioned above being bad for your physical health.

  10. Where’s New Balance???
    The shoe of the white man.
    Even in Berlin the SJWs are gathering to burn New Balance shoes.
    New Balance equals global white supremacy.
    Oh, btw: Trump is cucking hard for Israel and therefore he calls Iran the biggest terror state despite the fact there are no iranian terrorists.

    1. The fuck are you talking about, lol. Iran has funneled more money to terrorist orgs than the rest of the middle east combined. And they paint death to America on their missiles. Wake up.

      1. Lol, you fucked up zionist cucked kike. Get a life and move your ass to the oven.
        Israel and USrael are both jewish zionist states and Iran is obviously redpilled and uncucked, therefore you hate them.
        Death to USA is a good slogan.
        The USA has always been the biggest threat to white people.
        What the Americans did in WW2 is the biggest disgrace in human history.
        They traveled back to their homelands to kill their brothers so that jews and muslims can rule over europe with the result that white people go extinct. Nice job, Joe Sixpack! Now go back to your Macbook and share some Trump tweets to prove that you are redpilled af.

        1. Nope, sure didn’t. They are also a state sponsor of terrorism, but you guys jerking off to Iran on this forum are super cute!

      1. But a war with Iran would be great. My Ayatollah Asshole-a shirt would be relevant again!

        1. he actually might be part of the secret shadow government who has been pulling the strings for decades trying to get us back into a war with iran. commitment to a bit my friend, that is what separates the good from the great. I leave you with this classic

    1. The only thing Obama had right was his persecution of the so-called Jews. If Trump wars with Iran, indeed that fukin sucks. Hopefully he’ll get RP’d about so-called Jews soon.

  11. You who want to bad-mouth Starbucks coffee. It’s not that it’s bad at all. It’s actually perfectly set up for having the holy hell sweetened out of it. So if you like a coffee that tastes a lot like a milkshake. There is no better coffee than Starbucks. That is the secret to their success, a lot of flavoring.
    I like my coffee black. So I’m not a Starbucks fan

    1. They probably take the old coffee leftover in the pot and add flavorings and sugar to make it taste good and still make a profit off of it rather than pouring it down the drain.
      It’s like Chinese restaurants taking the leftover rice in the pot they bring out to tables and recycle it to make fried rice with it.

      1. Starbucks is actually very big on quality . That burnt flavor they got his intentional. And I honestly think it is because mixed up with milk cream chocolate it is a very good background flavor. Those of us who like our coffee simple might complain a little bit. but the average person prefers it

    2. I quick coffee years ago. And it’s been great ever since, and encourage all people to do the same. It’s just another drug, that’s all.

      1. It’s a pain in the arse to make waffles from scratch. Eggo’s are not only convenient they are the best frozen waffles. I give them to my daughter every morning. I’m gonna attempt to man-up and make a bunch of waffles over the weekend to be warmed for the little one’s breakfast.
        And Bay Shore…. It’s been a while since I was back. There was a German delicatessen on 27A which sold great potato pancakes…. And Amore Pizzeria was my spot. The owner worked at the Pizzeria in Sunset City back in the late 70s and early 80s.
        Sorry to give my life’s story…. LOL

        1. Not a big deal to make them from scratch. I’ve done it before. I have the ingredients and an iron. The hardest part is making the batter. All this is a good excuse to spend Saturday afternoon drinking beer.

        2. Quite honestly, I have never been able to make good waffles from powder mixes. They just taste like pancakes shaped like a waffle. I could never get that crunchy outer surface like the ones you make in the complimentary continental breakfast at the hotels. I even have the same waffle iron.

  12. I asked this question a few days ago: are refugees exempt from minimum wages laws? Would it surprise you if they were?

    1. The whole reason so many companies fight tooth and nail for H1Bs and illegal aliens is they can use and abuse them more than they can native born wage slaves.

      1. right, but Im talking about refugees- can corps pay them lower wages? Thanks

        1. They are protected by min wage law. There is no savings to the employer that way. Its just a form of virtue signaling to hire refugee now. I’m assuming they have some legal resident status, in between full citizenship and illegal alien, while they are becoming naturalized.

        2. Ive also read refugees get bumped to the front of the line, social-service wise- true?

        3. no difference, everyone from the 3rd world claims they are refugees. They are used to a lower standard of living so will accept lower wages, tax money is used to support them because they are “special”, and employers could possibly get some kind of grant.

  13. Why pay 5 bucks for a cup of coffee? And most particularly when some of that money goes to leftist organizations that want to flood the country with 3rd world maggots to overrun whitey. No thanks. They suck!

  14. I’ve been on a Starbucks boycott pretty much since they started springing up everywhere. Watching the women in my city walk down the street—nose high in the air, proudly holding a cup of Starcuck’s… was reason enough for me.

  15. Didn’t Starbucks just recently get caught out in the Middle East with a sign saying staff will not serve women – pretty laughable considering the crap starbucks supports in Western Countries.
    Secondly – Starbucks went bust in Australia because their coffee is crap compared to local stuff not to mention a more pricier.

  16. https://sjwlist.com/User:Organizations
    This list was brought to my eyes on Vox Day’s blog (by the way, if you’re not already, read vox day on the daily). It could stand to be updated, but it’s a start. Amazon is the company I need to stop supporting. There is way more than three companies in need of boycott though.

  17. Well Kelloggs is also going to make you less manly with all the carbs. Is Starbucks good for game though I wonder that might leave some in a conflicted situation. Never go there myself though as it’s a chain and why patronize an American chain in Europe

  18. Can someone please explain the meaning of the NO MENORAH sign with the Hobby Lobby picture?

  19. Except for the original Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s products are just surgary crap so I wasn’t even supporting them anyways. As for Starbuck’s, their coffee is overpriced and not very tasty.

  20. Fuck starbucks …Heard Dunkin’ Donuts has pretty good coffee… Good to hear about Yeungling beer, that company is exploding….

  21. Starbucks always has been and always will be a fag / abortion loving devil spawn that would be a first strike target if push ever came to shove against these Globalist swine.

  22. I’ve never seen a healthy, well-built man who put Kellogg in his daily diet. Never ever.

  23. Coffee is cheap. No need for Starbucks.
    Generic cereal is just as good. A bowl of oatmeal would be better than cereal anyway.
    Fresh squeezed juice is better than Welch’s.

  24. Back in the day I recall when coffee shops / bookstores lived or died due to having or not a all copper espresso machine. If they did, then the factor was the quality and upkeep of said machine. Also recall when shops would mostly be 24/7…this 10am – 8pm is for the birds.
    Anyhow. If like money, classy people, and having nice things…odds are you’re naturally boycotting stupidity by default. I’ve never ran into collage strip burned out bar trash at the coin shop for example. Never been to a crystal ballroom where had to step over urban outfitters.
    Most of the things listed in this article were vile long before Trump slander. Little research on Kellogg…oh so a bunch of assholes that wish to command me their shit private resort food experiment is something I should look forward to every morning.

    1. Actually, this is somewhat valuable in that a lot of brands like Starbucks that cater to the upper-middle class tend to lean left. (You may remember a few years ago the head of Whole Foods getting in trouble for being libertarian, or Brendan Eich losing his job as CEO when it was revealed he had contributed to an anti-gay marriage initiative several years back.) So if you need coffee and have a choice of shop when you’re on the run…

      1. Lord, now I’m reminded of the stupidity when that chickfala guy (spelling ) expressed his personal beliefs. The reaction was funny, bunch of fags taking selfies as fruity as possible with a chicken sandwich in their hands posting to social networks in protest. Crap like ” this is America and a business owner shouldnt be allowed to express such hate.” Just la-la opposite land. I trolled the Fuck out of them ” The company isn’t pubicaly traded…gonna buy more of their product in drag to show them what for?”…” Hey the protest seems to be working, went by today and the place was empty! Oh wait it’s Sunday and they are at church”.

  25. Brilliant! Keep getting the message out. Readers here are on the front line in the culture war. This is how we stop the subversion of Western Civilization.

  26. Another one to boycott is Hallmark. They insist on putting gay numerous couples into their Valentine’s day ads. This is obviously done to avoid a SJW boycott.
    I actually would not object if gay couples were only portrayed 1% of the time. But the cucked corporations will make it look like gayness affects half the population.
    Also, gay men tend not to be monogamous, so I don’t understand pandering to them on Valentine’s day. Marketing on St. Patrick’s day would make more sense, getting drunk and having sex with a random stranger is more in line with gay reality.

  27. There is always a line out the door for starbucks. I don’t get it. There are dozens of coffee shops in Denver that take it (too) seriously and make a great cup of coffee or espresso drink.

  28. Starbucks isn’t even a coffeeshop. They make caffeinated milkshakes for morbidly obese women. Also need to boycott Netflix.
    Under Armour is also pro-Trump.

  29. i had a nice couple pints of Yuengling last night actually… me and the wife(no were not married,but might as well be considering we live together) went out to red robin and had dinner,i saw they had Yuengling on the tap,and it was my first choice. its pretty much the only beer company in america that hasnt gone corporate,and still has an owner instead of a CEO.

  30. starbucks always reminded me of city boys and metrosexuals anyway, so boycotting that chain its overpriced crap “coffee” isn’t a problem. kelloggs though, oh boy…… that’s a doozie.

  31. Starbucks isn’t liberal. It’s J shit. Trannies, refugees, PP, AIPAC and BLM.
    If they were liberal, they’d have unions. Say union there and you’re canned. No freedoms, no private ownership – only obey the J.

    1. They can shove their five dollar coffee up their ass. I doubt Nancy Pelosi allows the peons working in her vinyards to unionize either.

  32. Yuengling it is. The major brewers are now owned by multinational corporations. Fuck Budweiser.

  33. Fantastic. I already sold my shares of Apple, Facebook, Google-Alphabet, Zillow, Dis, Twitter, Microsoft for their anti-trump, pro terrorist-H1B rhetoric.

  34. I say we all buy a farm and throw a middle finger to social norms. Hard to fund a liberal if we don’t buy anything…
    I feel that the UFC and MMA are the only sports men should watch. Football Baseball Hockey inspire nothing but manboys wearing jerseys and getting fat and angry at something that literally does NOTHING for their lives. UFC encourages you to learn different fighting skills and to keep in physical condition

  35. I dont drink coffee.
    I also dont use any of whats listed here.
    Ill certainly try yuenling, or whatever its called.

    Quite frankly, you authority-philes are starting to really creep me out with this leader worship shit. This country was not founded with the attitude you are espousing.
    Publish an article critical of the reality show guy. Or don’t. Hey, every electrical charge needs a conduit, right?

  37. Starbucks is McCoffee. McGlobalism. Dressed in liberalism to attract rectangle glasses no kids disposable incomers. Real men make their own coffee with a French press.

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