3 Reasons Why You Always Need To Be Performing At Your Best

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Life comes at you fast, and if you’re not prepared for it, so many opportunities can pass you by. Given how hyper-competitive modern life is—in business, in sports, in dating—it’s very easy for you to miss out if you’re not performing at your best. While exercising and eating right will put you on the right track to peak performance, there are many other ways you can speed past the competition and achieve your goals. Here’s why you need to max out your performance physically, mentally and socially…

1. You’ll succeed more at business

Business is a high-pressure, high-risk, high-reward environment that rewards quick thinking, smart planning and courage. If your brain is not working at one hundred percent, you run the risk of missing opportunities to advance in your career. Fortune favors those who spot opportunity and seize it, so you need to be at peak performance on the job in order to succeed in your chosen career field.

For example, nootropics such as those found in Limitless Brain can enhance your mental performance on the job. Limitless Brain includes nootropics and stimulants such as huperzine, which enhances neuroplasticity and memory, enabling you to absorb information more quickly and efficiently. L-tyrosine can reduce your stress levels as well as make you more verbally adept by targeting the portion of your brain responsible for language.

Given how competitive the business world is, you can’t afford not to use every advantage available to you. Nootropics and other supplements can give you the edge necessary to succeed and achieve your dreams.

2. You’ll perform better in the gym

Working out and eating right is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re not taking care of your body properly, you might be wasting your time in the gym. Peak performance is a necessity when lifting in order to avoid injuries and make the most of your workouts, so you need to keep your energy levels and physical strength as high as possible without resorting to excessive amounts of caffeine and other potentially harmful stimulants.

For example, supplements such as sulbutiamine can reduce your overall stress levels and lower your fatigue, allowing you to stay alert for longer and lift harder in the gym. Adrafinil can also be used to enhance your energy levels without giving you the jitters and nervousness that come from consuming too much caffeine. The negative effects of caffeine can be mitigated with l-theanine, a nootropic that naturally calms you down and reduces social anxiety. Additionally, l-theanine has been proven to lower both blood pressure and heart rate, enhancing the health of your circulatory system.

Considering that modern life is geared towards making people as fat and unhealthy as possible, you’re already facing an uphill battle in maintaining your health and body. You need every advantage that you can get in order to maintain your physical fitness and accomplish your workout goals. Maintaining peak performance in the gym is a necessity for maximizing your lifts.

3. You’ll perform better with women

Return Of Kings readers don’t need to be reminded that we live in a hypercompetitive sexual market, where bad female attitudes and obesity have driven the egos of attractive women into the stratosphere. We live in an environment where plain Janes get treated like perfect tens and there’s always an army of beta orbiters ready to slaver over a girl’s MySpace angle selfies on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever.

In this kind of an environment, you can’t simply be a good man, you need to be the best man. The only way you can do this is by staying at peak performance. In a world where male thirst has reached epidemic levels, you need to stand out from the pack in every way when it comes to your game, your accomplishments and your looks. By remaining in top physical and mental shape, you can make yourself more socially adept and have an easier time getting girls.


Many of the supplements mentioned above (found in Limitless Brain) reduce your social anxiety, making getting girls easier. For example, l-tyrosine’s ability to increase your verbal acuity makes it easier to charm a girl with your wit and wisdom, while l-theanine will lower your stress levels and make you calmer. Huperzine’s ability to enhance your memory and senses also makes it easier to deal with girls.

In a world where everything you have has to be earned, there’s no excuse for lagging behind when it comes to performance. Using the tricks in this article, you can boost your physical and mental state past the average man, allowing you to dominate in the boardroom, bedroom and the gym. Peak male performance can be yours: you just need to reach out and take it.

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49 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Always Need To Be Performing At Your Best”

  1. If it doesn’t have Kratom in it, it’s a scam. Kratom makes my toenails thicker and stronger along with leaving my dishes squeaky clean.

        1. It’s a disgusting green herb from the South Pacific (I think). It acts as a mild stimulant and has various strains with subtly different mental and physical effects (usually stimulant in nature, occasionally helping a bit with getting to sleep).
          Of course, that’s the regular stuff. The stuff used by RoK is pure testosterone mixed with the substance of creation.

    1. Kratom made me a foot taller, organized the tools in my garage, and brought my grandfather back to life.

      1. Pour some in your gas tank for an immediate HP and torque boost.
        12 second 1/4 miles are only a 1/4 cup of Kratom away.

  2. “Why do you need to perform at your best? Because otherwise you’re performing at not-your-best.”
    Seriously, though, if you’re looking for nootropics, you can’t trust a single-pill solution. You’re looking at stacks – usually something like racetams stacked with dietary choline supplements. The choline provides raw material for brain activity, and the racetams act as catalyst to accelerate the choline’s uptake. The alternative is usually a stimulant like adderall, which have a host of side effects and drawbacks but provide ridiculous temporary stimulation.
    Of course, you can always free-base Kratom to achieve maximum nutrition, uptake, and spiritual enlightenment. That shit actually is magic.

    1. Kratom is the only substance that actually improve my academic performance, everything else just gives me a “spacey” feeling in the head.

      1. Choline (no “r”). It’s a component of Acetylcholine (ACh), one of the key neurotransmitters in the human brain (the other being GABA, which inhibits mental clarity but promotes relaxation and prevents anxiety).
        Stacks usually contain elements that stimulate production of acetic acid and/or stimulate the synthesis of ACh. While it could be considered a stimulant of a sort, it’s more like it helps your brain achieve its own natural potential.

        1. Eat eggs for the brain. People who cut out eggs to avoid cholesterol and who also took statins got dementia/alzheimers like syndrome. It went away when they upped their good cholesterol and dropped the statins.

        2. Also this diet for replenishing testosterone levels:
          Roosh just added an article on RV about T levels. I’ll post it there and add that the school lunches should be different for boys and girls. Hoping Trump will prompt Melania to revamp whatever Michelle did to the school lunch programs. Animal fats, liver and onions for the boys. Escargot is good for girls. Still home schooling is best.

        3. You ever hear of Dr Joe Wallach? He claims a healthy total chol is 350+- any idea if this is sound advice?

  3. Can we get a non-sponsored post that reviews all the supplements that are constantly showing up in sponsored posts? To get some actual unbiased reviews of this crap?
    I’ll write it. Anything other than Limitless Brain and Kratom that should be on the list?

    1. I can’t wait for the episode where he must deal with the inevitable withdrawal from opioid addiction & LOW TESTOSTERONE.
      What’s next ? Special “K” Vitamin for kids ?

    2. If Popeye took Kratom, Bluto would give himself a haymaker and knock himself unconscious.

  4. (((They))) banned Kratom in my country in 2016 because they feared the advent of the Kratom Ubermensch.

      1. Kratom is Cosmic Eldritch Knowledge grinded in a foul bitter powder.
        Cthulhu wants to hoard all the Kratom for itself; (((They))) are just its minion.

      1. The first thing that sprung to my mind is “Yup, those guys have the physiognomy for it.”
        Boys Life has changed much. Then again that looks like a french one. Not so prudish over there.

      1. Probably yes. I suppose everything that was ever achieved was achieved due to Kratom, for example the Egyptian pyramids.

  5. Pretty much skimmed the article. Raced down to the comments section for the obvious references to…

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