But You’re A Good Girl

This past weekend, I was reminded that no matter how you perceive a certain girl, no matter how “tame” you think you can make her — she will always have the same desires, urges, and underlying sexual yearnings of every other girl you’ve encountered.

I attended a friend’s birthday party where it was almost exclusively girlfriends, mothers, and wives making up the demographic of women in attendance. However, it was a very close friend, and having come off a three-month binge in the EE, I welcomed an off-night from gaming. Following dinner, the group of 30 or so went to a nearby karaoke bar.

Alcohol was flowing, but not every girl was drinking. However, every girl did sing. Many songs were sung, including new favorites (“Get Lucky”), love songs of a pop nature (“Love You Like A Love Song”), old karaoke classics (“Don’t Stop Believing”) , amongst others. The girls that participated in these various songs, maybe at most 3 for each song, gave a decent effort to sing for the crowd.

And then this song came on:

With lyrics such as:

OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you
But you’re an animal, baby, it’s in your nature
Just let me liberate you


I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you’re a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me

And the clever line of questioning:

Hey, hey, hey
You wanna hug me
Hey, hey, hey
What rhymes with hug me?
Hey, hey, hey

Two things happened. First, every girl in the room got up and slithered her way to the nearest microphone. Second, these wives, mothers and girlfriends sang the song with the unbridled passion of a sex-starved virgin, harboring submission fantasies after reading 50 Shades while taking an aromatic bubble bath in a castle nestled atop an Italian villa. To say the energy in the room changed would be an understatement. The glisten in the eyes of the mother of three when the song echoed “must wanna get nasty.” The fixated stare at the lyrics by the conservative non-drinking religious girl while belting at the top of her lungs “you’re a gooooooood girl…” The undoubtedly now-all-moist girls exclaiming in unison “hey hey hey!” following the lyric of “I know you want it.”

While it was shocking to see girls I knew act this way, I was not surprised. Girls are sexual creatures and given the opportunity, they will want to express it. They want to be dominated. Yet too often, guys believe that “she is different.” That this little snowflake is does not harbor such devious desires. She does not want her hair pulled. She does not want rough sex. She does not want to get dirty.


I did not see all the girls get up and risk vocal cord damage for Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” that played a few songs prior, a song about romance and love. I did not see more than two girls arise for a sing-along to Tommy Tutone’s ballad about a girl named Jenny and his cringeworthy desire for her and her catchy seven digit telephone number.

Nope. It was a song about “degrading women” that was “rapey” that put the dampness back in those kitchen sponges.

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113 thoughts on “But You’re A Good Girl”

    1. In the UK, I guess ‘shag me’ would be close enough for a pop song…but I wondered…’fuck’ me just can’t be right!

  1. As the muslims say: “Almighty God created sexual desire in ten parts; then he gave nine parts to women and one to men.”

    1. The ancient Greeks had a legend about some man who was changed into a woman and then back. He said sex was ten times better/more satisfying as a woman.

  2. Yup. Hip hop has proven a huge disservice to post-modernist feminism, dominated as it is by African-American sensibilities and Alpha drive… With the recent arrival of European producers the house music infiltrating American clubs and FM radio i.e. David Guetta, Sak Noel, et al., delivers the message that girls are meant to be girls i.e. high heels, provocative behavior, slutty club misadventures, etc., and has been getting slammed home with an intensity not seen on these shores since the mid-seventies. I have certainly benefited from this and will continue to do so. The Euros in particular seem to know how to sugarcoat the message with great beats and saccharine melodies. Keep it coming. It’s a great time to be an Alpha male.

  3. Of course women are sexual creatures…they’re the ones giving birth. Why the hullabaloo if they express it? Men have been doing it for years at strip clubs, et al.

    1. Lol. Yeah,.. maybe,… but not EVERY time they have sex. You’ve been watching waaaaay too much porn.

    2. The idea actually makes me feel slightly sick (though, oddly enough, I don’t think women who do have this fantasy are dirty/evil the way most of this site does). But articles like this bug me because they make me afraid that if I have sex with someone, they will not accept that I don’t want to feel “dominated” and try to force that stuff on me.
      BDSM stuff is SUPPOSED to be consensual. Insisting that “all girls want to be dominated” pretty much goes against that, because you’re trying to take away their ability to say for themselves whether they’re interested in doing that or not.

      1. True BDSM and being dominated “IS” consensual. All the power lies in the submissive in the how, when, where, who, how much, how long, with what etc. The Dominant carries that out with the utmost responsibility and understanding of that power. Or else it is rape. Duh.

        1. Yes, good point. My problem is that these people are encouraging men to sexually dominate women without the woman’s consent (by saying that all women want to be dominated). I guess that makes it not BDSM, just screwed-upness.

        2. All females do want to be dominated, it’s just not acceptable to say it publicly. If not physically then for sure socially. No girl wants to be with a man that can’t handle himself socially because thats how female brains self-actualize.
          Dominant often gets used interchangeably with abusive because of feminist agendas. Real dominance looks nothing like abuse.

      2. Dominating a woman doesn’t mean BDSM, either. Just means being in charge. TELL the woman to bend over. Don’t force her against her will….until the rules have established this is ok. I guess that is why there is a ‘safe word/phrase’.

        1. Well, that sounds unpleasant, but it’s fine, I guess. I’d just walk out if someone ordered me to bend over (or whatever), so as long as the woman has that option, okay.

  4. There’s a reason why “Not the American Average” by Asking Alexandria is such a popular song even among the “good girls.”
    I mean look at these lyrics
    “You stupid fucking whore
    And after all of all my dreaming being only you
    You’re standing there baby oh the things that I could do
    Back to the wall with a drink in my hand
    Baby back it up and ride, ride, ride
    She’s screaming
    With your back against the wall, with your face buried in the pillow
    I feel you cold, I see you heartless”

  5. This is the curse of the white knight and beta. The pedestalizing of women as innocent creatures who don’t want sex all the time is the reason he doesn’t get laid.
    One of the biggest eye openers for me was reading Nancy Friday. My vision of women has never been the same since then. It has never been as accurate either. I would recommend Nancy Friday to anyone learning game or in the manosphere to truly grasp what goes on in a woman’s mind, straight from the horse’s mouth(so to speak)

    1. One of the biggest realizations for me was that the very first thing girls consider when sizing up potential men is how much they would enjoy having sex with them. That’s the reason you see girls turning down so many guys who are perfectly acceptable – they just can’t envision themselves having sex with them. The flip side to this is that if a girl is showing interest in you in any way, she’s open to having sex with you. It’s just up to you to make it happen.

      1. this is a good point ….. the old 1 in 50 pick up strategy of just asking for sex straight up – works because of this…..
        and at the same time…. as soon as she blows you out…. you just move onto the next one until you strike it…….it’s the first rule of game……
        and your comment being laid out so clearly…. shows you are better off being sexually aggressive straight off the bat, and getting blown out so you don’t waste time, because the truth is, she’s made most of her decisions within a few seconds of seeing you…..
        after that it’s yours to blow it and largely a matter of logistics….. and in some cases perhaps a second date…..

  6. What’s the saying, “A lady on their arm and a whore in the bedroom”?
    Come on man – there’s nothing wrong with girls being girls. I’m not saying you’re wrong – but I don’t think 100% of women out there want to be “Dominated in Bed” – or whatever the fuck most of the egomaniacs on this website contend. Sure, I think all men and women think or “fantasize” – if you want to use that sexual term – about varying degrees of sexual encounters. Why? Cuz it’s fun? Duh? The girls probably got into a little group-dance thing, where maybe 30% actually knew WTF the lyrics were – much less what they implied – and meanwhile, you are standing on the side, perving your mind through your own fanta-psycho-sexual thoughts while watching them basically dancing and singing. So who’s the weirdo again??
    After reading your article, to be honest, the only thing I thought to myself was, “Man, this dude has a REALLY whacked sense of reality.”

      1. Nope. I’m definitely a dude; I have a wife and kids; – wait, lemme’ rephrase that so you can understand:
        “Yo Hoss… I’ve face-downed a lot o’ hoes playa’ style!!”
        Was that better?

        1. Lol. Nah…they definitely look like me. – but nice try.
          So tell the truth – you’re like…. 22 right? – maybe 2 year community college. Tell the truth. I bet you drive a Toyota Celica with a spoiler on it. LMFAO.

        2. Figures. Didn’t answer the questions. – No defense, all offense doesn’t win games Mr. Pussy.

        3. $1,000 bucks says Kingsley’s family life was a cluster-fuck from hell. Respect is learned from parents. This piss-ant clearly has none for anyone or anything and thinks that life is his carpet to drag his ass across like some mutt in heat.
          Karma’s a bitch.

        4. You have to have BOTH. WTF man…. If you don’t stand a chance of winning, don’t step in the ring. In the immortal words of Riddick, “If you can’t keep up, then don’t step up.”

        5. Nope. Not a single bit. Actually, I am smiling while I am typing this, because I know you don’t have any game. – but keep working through and coming up with such witty responses. Weak sauce dude. Weak sauce.

      2. “Cyn” is Cynthia, a Lesbo from Jizz-a-Balls.
        Hey, deal with this quote from ‘My Secret Garden’ by Nancy Friday
        “This book caused quite a ruckus when it was released 25 years ago because it directly quotes the sexual fantasies of dozens of women, ranging from the “very common” rape fantasy to lesbian affairs to unusually explicit scenarios that are unmentionable here.”
        See, female rape fantasies are “very common”.
        Over here, the saying is “A lady on their arm _is_ a whore in the bedroom.”

        1. I love how the men on this site want sex. Yet when a woman gives it to the she is a whore. But if she doesn’t then she is a bitch and a tease. Seriously, we can’t win.

    1. “Come on man – there’s nothing wrong with girls being girls.”
      im not aware of the author ever condemning the behavior, simply pointing it out and giving his thoughts on it.
      “but I don’t think 100% of women out there want to be “Dominated in Bed” – or whatever the fuck most of the egomaniacs on this website contend.”
      so Not All Women Are Like That? as a side note, the best way to close people off to what may have, if worded differently, been a fair criticism is to sling insults at them.
      “Sure, I think all men and women think or “fantasize” – if you want to use that sexual term – about varying degrees of sexual encounters.”
      Wait. Above you said that you dont think all women want to be dominated (which would fall under ‘varying degrees of sexual encounters’). but here you say you think they fantasize about it, which is another way of saying they would under the right circumstances. which is it?
      “The girls probably got into a little group-dance thing, where maybe 30% actually knew WTF the lyrics were – much less what they implied -”
      the author adressed this. if women didnt know what the words meant, then it follows just about any song would be sung with the level of enthusiasm they sung ‘blurred lines’. since this isnt what happened, we can guess that they know full well what the lyrics mean and enjoy the song because, not in spite of them.
      “and meanwhile, you are standing on the side, perving your mind through your own fanta-psycho-sexual thoughts while watching them basically dancing and singing. So who’s the weirdo again??”
      thats typically how karaoke works- one or a few people sing, and others watch them until it is their turn. this does not mean they are ‘perving’, whatever that is.
      To be clear Im not sure I agree with the article (except that women definitely love blurred lines) but this is swinging in the opposite direction, where women have no listening comprehension when admitting they do might expose uncomfortable truths about them.

      1. I can’t believe I wasted a minute of my life reading your comments. Way to add nothing to the discussion.

        1. Turbo dissected your comment with logic, reason and examples. He pointed out the flaws in your arguments and refuted the assumptions you based your conclusions on.
          You on the other hand, simply made a exclamatory remark with no substance, akin to what a 15 year old girl does on Facebook when she’s in a pissy mood.
          So who’s adding nothing to the discussion here?

        2. He didn’t dissect my comments with logic, reason or examples. His comments were vague, unclear and only added to muddying the water around an already-vague discussion about some guy who watched some women/girls doing Karaoke. It’s all subjective bullshit. – and then he was trying to use that subjective BULLSHIT as the basis to claim that “All women want to be dominated and fucked.”
          Did I miss anything?
          Fucking retards. Take your “legal language” and shove it up your ass.

        3. There should never have been a discussion because your article is garbage and doesn’t prove any real point.
          THIS SONG IS POPULAR AND HAS A CATCHY BEAT. The lyrics don’t matter! My goodness, you are all IDIOTS.

        4. I try to avoid having to explain every minor detail in my articles however it seems some, like you, need everything laid out for him (or her). I specifically cite to other “popular” songs that had a “catchy beat” that did not inspire such a reaction. Thus the variable is not the beat but rather something else, and in this case the lyrics as you so conclusively attempt to dismiss.

    2. Yes, Yes, and Amen. Madonna/Whore complex anyone? Really, I just read this blog to remind me of how far we have NOT come since the the middle ages.

      1. Well, we’ve come a long way technically – meaning, I can now send you a picture of myself – or parts of myself – and if you like that, well, then… we can get together and go from there. The other thing is the mode of communication has become much more direct. I have fairly young children – not in middle/high school yet – so they aren’t on phones yet with their friends. However, with that being said, parents are telling me that teenagers don’t really “talk” anymore. Additionally, relationships are so short-term and transient. Both men and women recognize that they can “get out” and “move on to the next” so easy, there’s not real deep investment from either side emotionally. No one wants to “try and work it out”. It’s all really kind of scary. I wonder where things are going to be in like 200 years? What happens when I can “plug in” to a computer/device and virtually have sex with anyone I want? Why would I try to “date”??? Scary.

        1. technologically the men advanced the world…. but socially the women have failed to progress….
          thus humanity is just a bunch of monkeys with some shiny gadgets…
          it won’t be 200 years time… more like 1-2 more generations and we’ll just be fucking in the trees like monkeys…..
          bored at the bus stop… have a quick fuck……
          she’s going on a different route……. never mind….. ride the girl in the seat next to you…….

      1. I don’t have to prove anything to you “T&A Man”. Go fuck yourself. I could rub the keyboard across my ass and produce more coherent and substantive content that the shit you post. Douchebag.

  7. There is just something about this “Blured Lines” song that just brings out a woman’s inner-slut. No matter where you go, this song literally changes the environment.
    Secondly, I never knew there was an uncensored version of this video. Skinny Girls Rock!

  8. LOL, correct. Women do want to be dominated in bed, after 2 a days killing it at the gym I just dont have the energy sometimes, but i still hear about it.
    Its another job, taking command, initiative, etc etc,,overpower them..blah blah..smash til the sun comes up.

  9. I think it’s more likely these women got excited because this is the most popular song out right now and girls tend to be pack animals who get excited when they see other females get excited. I highly doubt they were reflecting on the song’s lyrics and getting turned on by them. Plus, if you’re with a group of women who are married or have boyfriends and who are out at a party without their husbands or boyfriends, this is a self-selected group of likely sluts and cheaters anyway.

    1. The pack animal thing is definitely at work. Women will do whatever they perceive their alpha wants them to do. For some, that means joining a monastery as nuns; if their perceived alpha is the Pope/Lord whatever. For others, if their perceived alpha is current Entertainment industry celebrities, feminist dykes and well indoctrinated progressive drones in general, it means doing what they perceive such that motley crue expect of them.
      Women are sexual creatures in that they want to get banged, hence impregnated. Not in that they have some innate desire to act like prostitutes, while singing cheesy pop songs.

  10. I once dated a bona-fide virgin 19-year old (I’m sure because I’m the one who took her virginity). She was probably the freakiest girl I’d ever had sex with. I’m sure many guys here can relate.

  11. Terrible example. I love “gangsta rap” and know the lyrics to most of Snoop and Dr. Dre’s catalog. Doesn’t mean I desire to pull a 187 on an undercover cop. It’s just entertainment. Women prefer to identify with songs that are sexual in nature, Men like to hear about violence. Music is like a caricature of what people’s tendencies are, but singing “Blurred Lines” doesn’t make a woman a whore any more than rapping “Nuthin But A G Thang” makes me a thug.

      1. No, it doesn’t? Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s NOT a thug…at heart or physically….same applies with “bitches are hos.” Good God you men aren’t even giving any reason to your claims…just theory. Idiots.

    1. That’s what we’re fed. Conflict has always been an important part of music but, the shit were fed on a daily basis creates a nasty normalization loop.

  12. hahah this is my favorite law dogger blog yet.
    its too true….put a bunch of women in a room together for a prolonged period of time and the first scent of testosterone or anything related will put them in heat
    wouldnt be surprised if a few of em taken girls flirted with you too
    damp sponges indeed 😀

  13. “Blurred Lines” is everything there is to know about alpha male game & female hypergamy distilled into 4 minutes and 33 seconds of blue-eyed soul. Seriously gents, read the lyrics. Cliffs Notes couldn’t make it any simpler than this.

  14. if i ever became a father and had a daughter, id teach her everything i know about how slutty modern women act, the consequences, their innate hypergamous desires, and their ways of thinking, so i can try my best to create a woman that knows the flaws of her mind, and overcomes them. Tell her to stay with just one man for providing children, and to never cheat. Even if i have to keep her inside my own house until she is an adult, i will.

  15. ive been learning how to become an alpha male, and i love this website. i already have a fair few women on my list that im going to fuck when i feel ready.

  16. Same story with Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back. Watch all the educated feminists jump up and start singing along to that song.

  17. I went to college in the 90s, and whenever Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” came on in a bar or party, every girl, in unison, sang with unbridled gusto the line “I want to fuck you like an ANIMAL.”

    1. Yeah, it’s a catchy song. And not specifically about female sexual submission, just sex in general (or at least that line isn’t, I’m not going to look up the entire lyrics).

  18. They’re sexual creatures, that’s a good thing!
    What’s most disturbing to me was in a similar circumstance but instead of that kind of sexual songs, Cell Block Tango came on. Every woman in the room – over half would identify as religious good girls – acted her heart out and sang her lung out. For those who are not familiar with the song & play, it’s about six merry murderesses sitting in jail sharing happy tales of killing their men. I’ve never seen a more excited and deliriously happy female crowd.
    Remember that whenever you think your woman has your back.

  19. The whole mystery about women and Game is not that women want sex. That’s obvious.
    The key is that women need to hide their lust, most of the time. They want and enjoy sex as much as men, but they are overwhelmed with an existential fear of being impregnated by the WRONG man — anyone who is too genetically inferior. So, they can’t go around advertising their open pussies to the public at large. They have to hide their lust, and be selective.
    It’s in the safe moments, when they can reveal their lust publicly and indiscriminately, that you see scenes like this slutty karaoke thing, or Spring Break tit-flashing, or Las Vegas weekends, or bachelorette parties, etc.

    1. yes, sure.. good point…. this much we already know….
      but with birth control, plan B, effective pregnancy tests, easy early abortions (also by pill) and DNA testing…. women have their bases pretty much covered….. in fact men should be worried more about pregnancy these days than women… since men cannot get the baby aborted if they want to….
      So what’s left, what the manosphere is poking holes in…. just a bunch of rather basic feminine animal instincts, left running unchecked…..
      whilst offset against entitled, childish behavior and a wanton lust for cherry picking the good part of being a woman and the good part of being a man…..
      i want a career and i want a family… i want someone to take care of me and my kids, i want the glory of a mans world with the low risk and comfort of a woman’s world and i’ll take the money and the house even if i have no relationship with the guy and provide nothing in return…..
      i will knock you back for sex because “i don’t feel like it” (which in most cases translates to… “it gives me a childish power trip to force you to go without… even though i have to go without too….”
      but then i will turn around and behave like a wanton slut and wave my tits about because i’ve had too many vodkas and all the other girlies are doing it too….
      but somehow it’s ok because they are just girls….. .and we can allow them ?

  20. It’s a popular song, of course people are going to dance to it.
    Being sexual does not equal wanting to be dominated (and I’m not sure why the people who do have that fetish are “devious” anyway).

  21. If there was only something that could be said that would actually penetrate the stupidity shield of some of the minds on this blog I would say it. But let it suffice to say; I love God, Jesus loves the shit out of me, I’m an amazing mom and at least 80% of my waking hours are devoted to my children their lives, minds, education and upbringing. The rest of my time, separate and but lovely is mine and I love cooking, movies, community service, political activism, and I love sex, I love making love, I love porn, I love fucking, I love men, I love kink, I love dominating, I love being dominated. I love my life. There is nothing wrong with me, my childhood or my relationships. Deal with it, if you’re man enough. Otherwise, just sit around and whine like the others. Night ladies…and the two real gentlemen.

    1. Show me a man who uploaded that to his Fb wall and I’ll show you a man still waiting to get sex out of doing so…

  22. Curious (not confrontational or judgmental) woman here with a question for the men about this.
    For a long term partner/wife: – would you prefer she wasn’t turned on by you being dominant and rough in bed? All the scary stuff that seems to connect on a deep, animal, hindbrain-ish level – choking, humiliation, roughness, pain; from the comments here it sounds like we can safely say most women really like this. So a woman that doesn’t like it is probably less sexual and maybe more disconnected (more ‘in her head’ than in her body) during sex than a more primal woman that likes it rough. Does this preference disgust you? What would you like your ideal (long term partner, if such a thing can exist!) woman to be turned on by?
    p.s. 2 cents on the article. I’d put the singing along down more to herd behaviour than anything more meaningful about women’s preference for rough sex. Little (female) children can behave this way too, getting excitable when a song that’s big in the charts comes on and singing along to very sexual lyrics – don’t think the excitement’s really got much to do with what the song’s about, more about the song’s hype and the weird behaviour changes that happen when it’s a group of people. Also, people act like tits when drink’s involved.

    1. the first thing I think guys would like is for the partner they’ve been with for more than a few months, to stop the testy, bitchy attitude and detach sex from emotional requirements…..
      if women took responsibility for maintaining a good sex life, instead of shutting it down because they “don’t feel like it”… relationships would last much better….
      why is the guy saying he doesn’t “feel like” paying school fees and rent and allowance to the wife.. any different from her saying she doesn’t “feel like” having sex ?
      It is exactly the same thing……
      Women behave like entitled, spoiled children…. especially when they get inside long term relationships……
      But asking them to behave any differently is a bit like asking a male dog not to cock his leg and piss on a tree…. it is an in built animal instinct….. it just can’t be removed……
      women are bitches…… and unless they make an effort to understand their own natures…. all men can do is reject them….. (ie. be players…) or do their best to make them subservient and control them…. much like the farmer controls his cattle……

      1. Hi gunshy111 (interesting name):
        Agree with a lot of what you say here and pity the good men who get screwed by bitch women withholding sex. Disagree that this behaviour is innate and in-built though. Do you think it’s maybe more like bad behaviour that goes unpunished? Rather than being like a dog pissing up a tree, more like a dog that bites your hand and doesn’t get stopped from doing it? Not sure what the male equivalent would be – your (good) comparison of not paying school fees etc wouldn’t be innate either, but learned bad behaviour. Agree the balance is skewing against men – don’t think you can use wife withholding sex in a divorce case??
        I asked whether or not women’s preference for roughness is disliked by men as Law Dogger hints at this: “too often, guys believe that “she is different.” That this little snowflake…..”.
        Revision to my comment about women singing along to these tunes. Law Dogger, you’re right! I normally don’t bother with chart music. Tuned into radio on drive home and it was grinding repetitive song after song after song with the same rough sex message. People are downloading/buying this stuff because sex sells and what young masses are wanting is the animal/hindbrain stuff. Women jumping up and singing along because they like it because it’s in the charts, because they want to engulf themselves in the rough sex base instinct ($$$$ making) message.
        God I feel so down about this. Feeling increasingly like nothing. That the individual is meaningless. Your wife ageing? Get a younger hotter one! Your man too beta? Cheat on him!! Don’t love. Love doesn’t exist!!! Buy stuff!!!! Same with the Miley Cyrus spectacle. Not because the urges they’re appealing to are dirty or wrong but something else about it is upsetting me, anyone else?
        Have you read Brave New World? Great book. The state and corporations control sex – want everyone to fuck and share everyone else, women to never have babies, and a loving long relationship between man and woman is seen as deviant/subversive. If you’ve managed to read this far through my rambling and wailing – below nice crit stolen from wiki. Short version that all of this – our basic urges to get good mate (from natural breeding instinct) are heightened and exploited by government/big business to distract us, control us, use us and buy their crap and we’re LOSING ourselves in the competition against each other, our fellow man/woman. From below – the tyrants are controlling us by inflicting pleasure.
        p.s. sounds like I’ve been smoking pot. I know, I know…:-(
        Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Postman added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.

    2. men want a woman that is honest about her sexuality and doesn’t try to use sex to manipulate….
      women set so many double standards…..
      some how it’s ok for a wife that is pissed at her husband to say she doesn’t “feel like” having sex… but it’s not ok for the husband to say… ok well I don’t “feel like” paying the school fees this month… or well… “I feel like” going banging some whores since you won’t put out any more…..
      and yet the same women that doesn’t “feel like it”… will be out with her girl friends, wedding ring in her pocket….. behaving like a total horn bag…..
      and that same girl at work if she gets so much as a wrong comment… she can file a lawsuit and ruin a career…..
      so many double standards, manipulative games and so forth……
      your average guy would be happy with one girl that creates a good fun sex life for him and helps out around the home a bit…….
      but women link sex into a very basic animal instinct…much like a male dog has the urge to piss on a tree….. essentially they cannot control themselves……..
      perhaps it’s time they learned…..

  23. Or because it’s a fairly new song and the beat is catchy? Men say they want a lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom…yet you berate women for having any sexual desire? NOT all women sleep around, but all women DO enjoy sex. Before attacking me, please explain what’s wrong with that?
    And you talked about those “harboring submission fantasies”…isn’t that why red pill men hate feminists? Because they refuse to submit to men AND they sleep around? And you are sitting there attacking these “sex-starved virgins” because they’re singing a song? She’s a virgin, she’s obviously not sleeping around… I’m confused. Do you guys just hate all women?

    1. the problem is the double standards and the lack of openness and the total denial of any responsibility…..
      the same girl behaving like a slut… singing about getting nasty…. come on… anyone who speaks 5th grader English knows what that means….
      will be off home to husband or boyfriend behaving like an innocent girl… if she’s in a bad relationship she will pull out the long day or headache card and go to bed leaving her man dry….
      whereas if women actually embraced their sexuality properly and learned to please themselves and men… and take some responsibility for the relationships they get themselves into……
      the world would be a whole lot happier…..

      1. Thank you for your response, but you did not answer any of my questions.
        How do you know every single woman’s relationship? How do you know that these women who were dancing and singing did not run home to their respective men and take care of them physically? You DON’T. You are simply planting a silly thought into the minds of these men that all women are evil and mean to their “beta” husbands and boyfriends while they sleep with “alphas” and that is simply wrong. They just wanted to sing and dance and even from back home in my country (middle east, very traditional/Christian values) there is nothing wrong with that.
        There are women who are good, nurturing and feminine and do take care of their men. But this is 2013, so there are also working women who have those same exact qualities. I know way too many men who’ve said that if they are dating a girl then they expect her to pay at least a few times. These are the same men allowing women to empower themselves and lead women to believe that women can do whatever men can do blah blah blah. I don’t pay on ANY date. I do, however, cook and clean my man’s home (we don’t live together) ALL THE TIME. I also work and sometimes cannot offer what he wants physically (rarely). Anyway, this article is just plain stupid.
        To sum it up, you berate women for being whores and yet you STILL berate women for being good girls, like the “sex-starved virgins” as you call them. So whether we are good or bad, you have already decided in your minds that we are all bad. Once a man has made his decision, that is final (at least from my country that is how we see it) so how can you expect any woman, good or bad, to compete with your decision?

  24. to understand women….. just think about gay men….
    first look at the most debauched sexually promiscuous gay men, that sit on apps like grindr and go bang the guy nearest them…. wanton sex with barely a word spoken and no attachments…..
    then think of the guy who is still in the closet…. he can’t behave like that until he’s broken down various social and psychological barriers in his way…..
    once he as admitted to himself and the world around him that he is this way… he will embrace it…. like George Michael lurking in the bushes and public toilets and fucking anything with a hole….
    women are no different…..
    social and psychological barriers prevent them from going all out and fucking wildly…. if they did you’d probably get laid in the lift of your apartment building….. in the local cornerstore buying smokes…. and on the bus…. and that’s before you even get to work at 9am….
    men would be tapped out pretty quick and women would be fighting amongst each other for the nearest hard cock…..
    life would be a huge orgy…..
    but women can’t behave like that … social and psychological barriers (and lower testosterone) prevent it…..
    also the elephant in the room… the pregnancy issue and the whose the father issue also kinda gets in the way……
    since it’s only been 40 years since reliable birth control came into place and only 5-10 years since reliable and affordable DNA testing came into place… we are in a moment of huge social change… the baby boomer generation did not grow up with the pill…. even the X generation had taboos on birth control…. a 16 year old girl still in school on the pill was degenerate… yet today…. its more than normal…..
    so basically women are coming out of the closet so to speak……
    but the real trick is to find a way into their closet… because once you are inside they will do anything and everything you wish…..

  25. This article is silly. The logic of this article would make one believe that all men who play call of duty IN REALITY are more likely to go to war. Sure, getting dominated might be a fantasy of most women (seeing that bdsm is so pop), but unfortunately, for all you PAs who dream of picking up a “good girl”… probably not gonna happen. Like the man who plays call of duty but never goes to war, the desire for comfort and security most of the time wins out as well with these “good girls”… that is why they are considered “good” in the first place. “Good” does not refer to inner desires themselves (of course most well behaved girls wanna be fucked hard), but it refers to how well the girl can control these desires. So, most of these “good” girls will only let go of the reins if the condition of comfort and security is met first… meaning u gotta offer more than your dick (literally and figuratively) to get a “good girl.”

  26. “harboring submission fantasies after reading 50 Shades”
    Sure, if the guy is a Billionaire and not a trash collector lol The fantasy is the money not the sex since they can always get that.
    And yes, being a good woman has nothing to do with a desire for sex. They all get the gina tingles and some of the horniest girls are still virgins(I know from experience) Also from experience I know that some of the good looking girls who are rather chaste and proper looking are the horniest. A lot of these flashy flirtatious girls are just attention whores and exhibitionists and get all of their satisfaction from showing off.

  27. Agree author. These women like to get pounded, no doubt about it. The beauty part is, when you sleep with a ‘taken’ woman (like the mothers and girlfriends you mention). You can treat her like a prostitute, and that’s exactly what she has been fantasizing about. Servicing a guy that doesn’t have to kiss her ass to get sex.

  28. The women in the video have far more personality than the men and so come across as more dominant than the men anyway. Regarding your article, very funny reading, and in my experience, almost accurate, bar the hair pulling. My little snow-flake likes a man to be a man, but there are limits and pulling her hair is a no no for both of us.

  29. The women in the video have far more personality than the men and so come across as more dominant than the men anyway. Regarding your article, very funny reading, and in my experience, almost accurate, bar the hair pulling. My little snow-flake likes a man to be a man, but there are limits and pulling her hair is a no no for both of us.

  30. Agreed!!! (with the article)
    What’s killing me right now is, simply go over to YouTube and watch this video.
    Scroll down and be literally shocked at all the knights in their proverbial ‘paled personas’, sadly assisting in the shielding of the almost more dominating ‘soft legged’ viewers.
    The world has been media poisoned, and it’s as if this video alone should be the cure.

  31. I always thought this song was rather “tongue in cheek” not a serious dissertation on women wanting to be dominated. The guys I work with all say things like, “She looked at me in the meeting. She must want me.” So I always laugh and say, “Of course, she totally wants you.” What ever happened to humor and just having a good laugh?

  32. yeah but you also have this problem where girls think “he’ll love me if I have sex with him” and “guys just want sex, dress slutty and you can get any guy” but then don’t understand why guys leave. i agree with the idea there aren’t good girls or bad girls, but some are more slutty and are going to complain about getting fucked over and say but Im a good girl

  33. I have now read many articles on this website and even though I agree with all of them in different ways, I do need to remind there are exception to every rule. I believe that woman(and all humans) behave the ways they do has to do with all the brainwashing through all the outlets of humans while not being strong enough to find themselves. I am a woman. Had guy friends all my life because… the world has made woman horrible. We’ve given them too much power by giving them rights and the media telling everyone that woman are the brains while the man is some poor puppy dog that couldn’t survive without them. Without finding out who you are, men and women, you will never find the person to travel your journey with because you have no idea of your journey without knowing yourself. I love sex as every animal does, but I have never had sex outside of a relationship because I personally don’t like the idea of sex with someone I don’t truly care about and have a great connection with. Im not some bible study woman that believes I will be condemned if I do so, its just not for me. This is also because I know who I am, what I like and dislike, and have never had the ability to follow the herd. Men flock to me because I have a beautiful face, a nice body(not too nice due to lacking sexy hips), and a personality that just makes you feel like youre amazing. Even with that I still hold true to who I am and how I feel. Peer pressure doesn’t work and even though desires are there, I am stronger than that. I have control over my mind which makes it so I can continuously better myself and surrounding. I have fun, am a homebody that will have friends over for some drinks, but even though most girls do it, I will not be showing my girlfriends my boobs. Its not my style. The majority of woman are sheep, but so are the majority of men. If everyone could break away from the mind fuck of media and be encouraged to actually find themselves, I feel that less people would behave the way they do. To end, I have been in a relationship for 4 years and will be getting married in the summer. I know who I am and I have yearned for the man I am marrying years before meeting him because unlike most, I actually know what I want. Fuck the smart, funny, good-looking nonsense. Humans are so much more complex than that. We’ve given woman too much power. Take it back.

  34. Up til the 19th century it was an acknowledged fact that women were more sexual. Men wrote enviously of female orgasms and bemoaned the fact they’d never experience it. The universal belief was that since childbirth was so terrible, no woman would do it without compensation: physical compensation, that is. Certainly, they’d never have a second kid, they’d castrate the guy first. So God made sex unbelievable for women and just ho-hum for men. Men didnt look for beauty in a wife. Your myth is just that, a myth. They looked for a woman to be ‘bonny and buxom in bed and at board’: a cheerful companion and a good shag, plus a useful practical woman to build a powerful family. There was no room for a decorative woman and they featured only in the songs of troubadours. All women were usefully employed.
    It used to be thought that women were the sexy ones and men didnt care that much. Hence, women were not fit to rule. They were always thinking of sex! Chaperones were employed to keep girls from decoying men into the bushes, not the other way around. Just read your Shakespeare, guys….
    Check out the DaneJones porn site. Here are natural people, beautiful, having natural sex. It’s porn a girl can enjoy and my God those women. The men just don’t ever get off like that. They have a more direct urge, that’s all. When the girls get going…this is the real thing, not porn acting. Have any of you men ever had sex that actually made you black out? Made you scream? Rend skin with your nails? And over and over in one session? No, right. Because it isnt that good for you and never was and never will be.
    The 19th century created the middle class, a new society which for the first time could support a woman in idleness. Cue the new woman, sweet, vulnerable, coy, child-like, provocative…all useless attributes. The middle-class invented this woman because new societies make up new codes instead of evolving them and they were aping what they thought their betters would do, plus obeying a stern Protestantism.
    This stuff about eternal helpless females and sex-driven men who compete for their beauty is new, very new and a total invention. It isn’t natural and of course the women went insane, from suppressed libido and suppressed minds. As would any man.

  35. Why can’t a girl be both? Why can’t a girl want to be loved and roughly fucked at the same time?
    There are 2 facts about me.
    1) I am a 24 year old virgin, never been kissed.
    2) I want to be dominated, hair pulled, held down, fucked roughly.
    Just because I have certain sexual preferences doesn’t mean I’m not the good girl, that I’m not the girl next door, that I’m not the shy introvert. I am all of those things.
    The fault lies with the man who seems to think, “Hmm… she’s quiet, that must mean that she’s vanilla.”
    Being a very private person myself I can see why many of the women you encountered that day are the way they are.
    I would never want anyone but my partner to know what I am like in bed. That is something that should be kept between two people, not advertised to everyone in the vicinity.
    It is in the fault of the the observer (whether male or female) to simply assume that if she presents herself a certain way, then that’s just it. She is simply as transparent as that and her personality or wants don’t get any deeper.

    1. Exactly. Most of the time, a guy isn’t going to find a “good girl” in a bar, same with “good guys”. Many girls that frequent bars aren’t, um, modest.

  36. Absolutely spot on.
    They want to be told what to do.
    They want to be fucked.
    They want to be dominated.
    They want to be spoken to like a whore and a slut.
    They want to feel like you own them.
    Once you get them behind closed doors it doesn’t matter.
    The loud, bitchy ones. The quiet, demure ones. The sweet, submissive ones. The ones who think they’re too cool for school and play games. In terms of what you actually DO to them, their tastes vary, but apart from that, it’s the same person who manifests.
    The trick is to get them to that point in the first place…

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