Canadian Feminists Failed To Have Man Imprisoned For Sending Them Mean Tweets

With Guthrie, for instance, what frightened her about Elliott was the sheer volume of his tweets about her…

— The National Post reporting on the preposterous offense Steph Guthrie took to Gregory Alan Elliott tweeting about her. If this is the standard for criminal harassment online, 1,000,000 Americans should be jailed for tweeting their gripes about Barack Obama.

A Canadian court has found Gregory Alan Elliott, prosecuted for criminal harassment after disagreeing with feminists on Twitter, innocent. SJWs Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly received a number of oblique slap-downs from the judge, who ruled that their fears over their “safety” were entirely unreasonable. The decision is a victory for common sense and highlights how—absent threats—communicating with people via tweets and hashtags should not be a criminal offense.

Elliott tragically lost his job as a graphic artist after his very, very widely publicized arrest. Then came the additional and extremely heavy burden of fighting to clear his name, which compounded the immense impact of this whole debacle on his wife and children. The accusers, Guthrie, Reilly and a third woman whose claims against Elliott were dropped from the charges, could rely on the state to prosecute him without having to pay a dime for it.

The background

Heather Reilly and Steph Guthrie, the world’s most delicate flowers.

Gregory Alan Elliott had been communicating with Steph Guthrie before a bitter online falling out. Elliott criticized Guthrie after she tried to set the internet upon Brendalin Spurr, a very ironic hypocrisy given what she later alleged against Elliott. Spurr had created an Anita Sarkeesian punching game of the exact same kind he had devised for Jack Thompson, a disbarred attorney infamous for wanting to censor games of almost all their sexual and violent content.

Perpetuating a feminist obsession with making everything about invented misogyny against women, despite the earlier game about Thompson, Guthrie initiated a harassment campaign targeting Spurr, contacting scores of people, including his potential employers and many local media outlets. Guthrie eventually blocked Gregory Alan Elliott after he called her obsessive actions into question. Elliott then continued tweeting at Guthrie, who demanded he stop using the public platform to mention her. The police and courts then became involved.

Police found no threats of harm by Elliott against either Guthrie or Reilly, who had joined the fracas earlier. This assessment was reiterated by the court, which found no tweets or other communications of a violent or sexual quality. In the meantime, the innocent man had been subjected to long-term Twitter and general internet bans. This further eroded his ability to generate an income, as most of his work opportunities stemmed from online interactions.

Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly are so disingenuous they make fabulists look truthful

Gregory Alan Elliott was denied a meaningful income for years after being banned from the internet, without even being convicted of a trumped-up crime, much less a real one.

In mid-2015, National Post columnist Christie Blatchford reported some of the big holes in Guthrie and Reilly’s story. For a start, the pair were so “terrified” about Gregory Alan Elliott that they organized a meeting with associates to brainstorm ideas about how to publicly shame their new enemy. This sort of concerted effort to continue a feud is hardly the stuff of being scared for your personal safety.

Worst of all, and the thing that constitutes the biggest, non-prosecuted criminal harassment of this case, Reilly disseminated Twitter accusations by an account supposedly belonging to a 13-year-old girl that Gregory Alan Elliott was a pedophile. The mendacity of even retweeting such an accusation is beyond vile and demonstrates what sort of repulsive and narcissistic worms both Guthrie and Reilly are (remember Guthrie’s hunting down of Spurr).

Surprisingly, Toronto’s The Star, no friend of ROK after its slandering of Roosh last year, felt the need to report on the baseless pedophile accusations against Elliott.

A respect for this wider context cannot be said of Vice‘s Sarah Ratchford, who cried at length in an article about how women are apparently an endangered species online after the court decision. A friend of Guthrie’s, she deliberately left out the deplorable false pedophilia accusations by Reilly, which would have greatly changed unbiased readers’ view of the case and the prima donna complainants.

There was no mentioning by Ratchford of Brendalin Spurr either, particularly Guthrie’s harassment in calling prospective employers and gerrymandering out of the incident the existence of the Jack Thompson game, which obliterated any pretext for calling Spurr a misogynist encouraging violence against women. Never let facts and the background get in the way of a story!

The judge made a serious mistake and falsely impugned Gregory Alan Elliott’s character

“Hold on, David! He was found not guilty!” you may say. And, yes, this is good. But what is shambolic, and reflects the judiciary’s willingness to believe poor evidence, is that Gregory Alan Elliott was wrongly described as “homophobic,” based on a very incorrectly attributed tweet. No less than four times did the judge describe the man this way.

For us here at ROK, even if the comment were his, it would not be a big deal. The focus on what Gregory Alan Elliott was thought to have said about gays was so selective as to be morally meaningless. People say these sorts of things all the time, whether to attack people with different political views, people they simply do not like, all white men, Green Bay Packers supporters, or Jeremy Clarkson fans. Until such time as all insults against anyone are treated equally, and do not depend on any severe disdain SJWs have for you, picking out random ones is a joke.

The very astute Greg Renouf, who was in court on that day, unearthed that this was, in fact, a tweet from a fake account, which (I think) was probably created by some of the very same feminists, not necessarily Guthrie and Reilly, who wanted Elliott prosecuted. Remember, this a man who has already has his finances blown to pieces by vindictive accusations and draconian limits on his ability to derive an income, plus legal fees and the substantial attention he needed to devote to saving himself from jail. These allegations of homophobia will dent his employment prospects above and beyond their present curtailment.

This triumph should be treated cautiously

Thankfully she only gave a talk at a TEDx event, not an official TED one, but Steph Guthrie has been presented with the ability to “earn” money by falsely presenting herself as a victim.

R v Elliott was the first case of its kind and will set something of a precedent. By its very nature, though, ideas of “reasonable fears” after harassment claims are open to substantial tinkering, especially in a climate indulgent of SJWs. Notions of reasonability also reflect the society in which we live. With more and more chances for people to be narcissistic, destroy the livelihoods of social narrative critics like Gregory Alan Elliott, and promulgate demands for anti-free speech measures, mental illness-based feminist victimology is likely to become more prevalent and, sadly, “reasonable”.

Plus, the shrill screams of a Steph Guthrie or Heather Reilly crowd out the voices of the majority of people, who are too busy working, raising families, and making other productive contributions to society. These SJWs attempt to claim the mantle of spokeswomen for some wider virus of misogynistic harassment, one which is instead always either rampantly exaggerated or non-existent. If challenged vociferously, their poison can be mitigated. If not, fantasists like them will have future success in sending individuals similar to Gregory Alan Elliott straight to jail.

Be aware of these risks. Yet for now, let’s bask in the sweet rays of Guthrie and Reilly’s courtroom melting. The heat of the truth has that effect on precious snowflakes.

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170 thoughts on “Canadian Feminists Failed To Have Man Imprisoned For Sending Them Mean Tweets”

  1. What credibility could these hags possibly possess??
    Kudos to this man for escaping another mockery of justice.

      1. Which is why the economic goal in the current world is to be financially independent of anyone. Easier said than done, but a goal to work at.

    1. And what is the man? Old enough to be their father and stalking two girls on twitter like a whacko? What damage has he done to his sons social lives as well.

      1. stalking isn’t really the right word. He had no interest in them beyond wishing to call them out as hypocrites by the sound of it

  2. what a waste of time and money of the state in stupid cases, they should fine those who prosecute innocent people and those who make trivial things important, don’t people have anything better to do in their life than going to court over an innocent disagreement ? those kind of people deserve the asylium or expensive fines so that they learn think before to leap

  3. Sad thing, I am not even surprised. It’s just a another Wednesday in Canada. People going to court for hurting feelings.
    It’s scary I’ve come to expect this. What has the world come to.

  4. So maybe Gregory Alan Elliott should sue the prosecutor and these two women for defamation now.
    He has a legitimate case. I don’t know much about civil litigation in Canada but he has effectively lost sources of income because of these feminists. That alone is grounds for reparations.

    1. ROK should open a fund where we can donate money to this man because we all know nobody else is going to give 2 fucks.

  5. I was thinking about you guys when I heard this story. Is he your hero? Old man who spends his days stalking and obsessing over women on twitter? Pretty pathetic role model I must say.

      1. lol. You know what I mean. The girls were over the top, but come on, this guy was obviously a dick and deserved it.

        1. What is it with these people, make a generalization that some may be soft little pussies and at least one will feel the need to raise their hand and say “That’s me.” or “Am not.” Why reply then, jackass?
          Of course if you did it because you felt obligated to take proxy offense on some group’s (which you are not a part of) behalf, then that’s something else entirely and we may have to think up new mockery and labels to fit your particular inanity.

        1. They live in a fantasy world. They believe that reality is whatever they want it to be, as long as they repeat it enough. Show them undeniable reality and their brains explode.

  6. This is proof that society has declined. There are more worrying matters such the economic collapse, the negative interest rates and bail ins that countries will face, yet we have a generation of kids (yes I call these adults kids) who are more concerned about silly and childish immature matters such as who said what on the internet. Pathetic and absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, if these feminists could devote their time into working an actual job or learn some new skills which could drastically improve their life, then society would be better off.
    But of course, in this day and age, lawyers will do anything to get a case, even if its something stupid like the above situation. In all honesty, society is comprised of kids and adults who refuse to grow up. Rather than learn to deal with “harsh” words or a dissenting opinion, the situation has to be escalated to the next level, which is using up the court’s limited time and resources, while other genuine cases are put on hold. Yes, the sickness is growing and we have too many kids who seem not to give a damn about their environment or surroundings and whom their own actions will affect.
    It is indeed, a victory for this man and the rest of society who are fed up with these situations growing out of control. But let us also not forget the number of incidents where plenty of men have lost their jobs in scenarios like this such as the two guys who lost their jobs over a joke about dongles. Also, this very victory can be celebrated in conjunction with the recent justice against Anjali Ramkissoon (the doctor who attacked the Uber driver.) However, she has now come out and apologised for her actions. The question is whether she is genuinely sorry, or only sorry because she got exposed for her actions? Too many women seem to think they are untouchable and it is acceptable to walk all over man simply because the system puts women on a pedestal.
    Women and feminists who attempt to destroy a man’s life (whether attacking him physically, trying to eliminate his job, or sue him in court) should be named and shamed for their actions.

      1. That’s a horrible story but the guy sitting down and trying to have a discussion with the blonde millennial girl was a huge mistake. He’d be better off running into a kindergarten class and trying to win a debate with the kids. He’s not going to change an illogical emotional woman’s mind. Plus he’s running his mouth way too much.
        That being said, I think he put himself in a bad situation by going into this place and at that point maybe there were no good alternatives, I think the police were already coming. But running your mouth that much and being rambly and weird and repeating “stay calm” comes across as unstable.
        Also, it’s shitty that a judge issued a warrant for having nightmares but he acted like they were illegally busting in when they indeed had a warrant which included the ability to enter the house. The best thing to do is remain calm as possible and act like the whole thing is a silly joke, which of course it is, although I can understand being scared.
        Is this from Canada? The cops in the US would not be this nice or gentle.

        1. To identify her. I suppose I could have called her a “doctor” as that’s how she refers to herself but I’m not going to do that, and frankly she doesn’t even look old enough to be a either an M.D. or Ph.D.

        2. you are correct.
          he was talking waaaaaayyy too much.
          he just said something about people he might harm.
          very rambly and chaotic acting. he pretty much screwed himself.

      2. Let’s be honest here. The situation in Canada for all men (but in particular white men) is bad. Any chance or crack that they have to put another one “away” is considered a win by feminists and SJW (because of patriarchy, remember).
        These people are the enemy and this man’s first mistake was talking to a woman. He seems like he has a condition and needs some help but if the roles were reversed there is plenty of “help” for women where the men get throw in a hospital or jail by force.
        Men need to realize that there is a cold war going on, daily.

    1. American/Canadien/Anglosphere society is so affluent, with most people having no real physical threat to their existence and living a life of comfort unimaginable to homo sapiens throughout time immemorial until very recently, that people literally have to concoct drama and whine about being offended online. Yes, it is indeed a hard life, but in their solipsism they have no context.

      1. Interesting. I have recently conjectured that people who manufacture drama merely for dramas sake are doing it for the high that comes when endorphin, seretonin, adrenaline etc are released. Could it be that danger was so common in past times that NOT having daily risks causes us to malfunction in some way?

        1. I’ll say from spending time in several poorer countries, where they do have to face daily challenges or struggles, even if it’s as small as having to go outside to use an outhouse instead of walking a few feet to a heated room to pee, that a society that faces struggles is far more cohesive, friendly, and socially integrated.
          In America you have the “bowling alone” phenomenon where everyone is shut off from everyone else, living through a 3 inch screen in their hands and basically living a virtual life. I actually think real VR will be a positive change once it improves and becomes universal, but only if it’s done correctly.
          The life of luxury and comfort is destroying western civilization. We have no problems so we have to search out poor brown people to blow up all around the world, basically creating our own drama in the ME the way these girls create their drama on social media.

        2. Very well said.
          The truth is people have turned into zombies. Obsessed with their smartphones and detached from reality. A lot of people no longer have the capacity and ability to think with reason and the fact that they cannot put down their phone down for even just a few minutes, should provide you with an indicator as to how much humanity is falling apart.
          Indeed, the luxuries which the West has provided, only has made people more weak and insecure, unwilling to leave their comfort zone and go out into the world. Here are comments I made which are quite relevant to what you have mentioned:

          4 Reasons Why Living Abroad Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

          Why Facebook Is Emasculating And How To Stop It

        3. That is really not the problem. Those Feminists who use false accusations of sex crimes are in league with those whose phony holocaust propaganda paralyzes Europe.
          The same ones who are repeating phony accusations of sex crimes perpetrated by Muslims generally, are also being falsely accused of sex crimes themselves.
          One of the most stridently anti-Muslim guys, also has a website blatantly harassing him with what I assume is a phony accusation. Now he repeats suspected phony sex crime accusations by jews against Muslims.
          There are two groups consistently getting away with the phony accusations – Feminists and jews.
          Now Muslims are being accused of faggotry and Fascists are being accused of faggotry, and Catholics generally are being accused of faggotry… Gee, I wonder who is behind that?
          It’s not that there are no Muslims or Catholics or Fascists guilty of sex crimes, but there is one group consistently exaggerating and lying outright, and they also say Germany lampshaded six million jews, and they also said Russia annihilated six million jews before that.

        4. “One of the most stridently anti-Muslim guys, also has a website blatantly harassing him with what I assume is a phony accusation. Now he repeats suspected phony sex crime accusations by jews against Muslims.”
          The Jews don’t make “phony sex crime accusations” against Muslims. Islam basically has institutionalized rape. The Jews promote Islam as the most misunderstood, most exotic, most vibrant, most wonderful of all religions, while they use it to destroy the West. If you hear about Muslims gang raping women right out in the open, you should believe it. They’re enough videos of it out there. Yet, you would tell us that Jews make up false accusations rather than hiding real crime waves and crushing all complaints about it as “racism.” And while they import and aid a real rape culture, they create and impose an imaginary rape culture upon white Gentile males.
          “Now Muslims are being accused of faggotry and Fascists are being accuse of faggotry, and Catholics generally are being accused of faggotry… Gee, I wonder who is behind that?”
          Islam has always had a problem with sodomy, “dancing boys” for the men who will never get married because of polygamy, and those promised “doe eyed boys” in the after life. The Nazis were a bunch of socialist sodomites as well. Most of the fascists since WWII have been Jewish controlled, as in the modern Ukraine. The Catholic priesthood ever since they went with mandatory celibacy has always had a lot of sodomites and pedophiles and a need to hide it.

        5. Clearly you are a jew supremacist, so I won’t try to enlighten you, only to prove you wrong for the benefit of others.
          Jews attack all Muslims without exception, however the jewish racial cold war against the white race is even higher priority than the jewish racial cold war against Arabs. So how is this manifested in what we see today?
          Jews are generally in favor of the non-white immigration of Europe, and most of the non-whites are Muslims. Jews want the non-white Muslims to flood Europe.
          This invasion backed by jews is an embodiment of the jewish racial cold war against white people, yet it also presents more opportunity for the jews to humiliate Islam.
          Islam does not condone rape obviously. Islam, like Christianity, considers the non-believers as outlaws, so aspires to no legal protection for those outside the law.
          If Christian Roman Imperial armies raped women of conquered non-believers, the Pope did not concern himself with this. Non-believers had no legal recourse against Christian armies.
          I do not see any credible evidence of Muslims, in broad daylight, in public, gang-raping women. This is the kind of thing black negros in America have been doing in places like Detroit. Most Muslims are not negro, do not behave like a negro.
          There have been gang-rapes of white women by non-white Muslim men, but they were not done out in the open. They were done in migrant centers. Either way, the women were still raped, but not as if by a conquering army in broad daylight in the public square.
          There are many reports of non-white Muslims involved in mass groping events in crowded public spaces in Europe over New Years Eve. This is believable because like the timid and polite japanese men on the subway, being crammed together with women and girls affords them a chance for unsolicited touching and groping.
          Feminists always try to confuse people, by using vague language such as “sexual assault” which is used to describe rape and groping, or basically any time a man touches a woman, even his own wife. Feminists try to confuse everyone, and then they try to distract and ignore when white women really are being raped by negro, for example.
          Japanese men are known to be among the most polite, after white men who are probably too polite and inhibited by Feminism. It would make sense that Japanese men would be more bold, not being accosted by jewish Feminists as white men are.
          So those are exaggerations which I have pointed out, but not the ones I suspect of being outright lies. Yes, the gang-rapes are real and there have been a few, perhaps several, perhaps dozens. I cannot be certain of the number. Perhaps more or fewer than reported. I cannot guess with all the false rape accusations, and meanwhile, the cover-ups of rapes of white women.
          But there is no evidence of any gang rapes in the public square. These non-white foreign men might aspire to be a conquering army, yet they are not, and they do not have that level of impunity.
          Yes there has been faggotry within the clergy of all religions, Jewish, Buddist, Christian, Islamic and Hindu. However, there has been an disproportionate amount of accusation against Catholics, and a major smear campaign lasting decades within the jewish media.
          When you help the jews defame any part of white western society, i.e. Catholicism, for one example, you are helping the jews destroy all of white western society.
          More commentary to follow…

        6. From the Muslim viewpoint all unescorted females are provided by Allah for the pleasure of Muslim men, therefore grabbing one and having sex with her is a lawful, not an unlawful, taking.
          Rape is taking something without the permission of its owner, specifically a sexual taking.

        7. All non-whites must be deported from Europe and apartheid from non-whites is a necessity for the survival of European people in our ancestral homeland. Apartheid from our most terrible racial cold war enemy, the jews is of primary importance.
          See my comment below for a more well informed response about the problem we’re facing.

        8. The jew holohoax paralyzes Europe, and meanwhile, jews demand what they call “diversity enrichment”. Jew promoted wars destabilize Muslim homelands. Muslims are in Europe because of the jews.
          I get sick of arguing, so I like to spice things up a little bit. We’re going to annihilate the men of the race war enemy, and the men of the Israeli Defense Forces will be left as a feast for the buzzards! SIEG HEIL!
          Aside: Feminist Reddit claims men aren’t insulted by commercials

          Advertising 101 from funny

          Gee, how did they miss all those commercials about men’s baldness, flabbiness, impotence and not earning enough to provide for women?

        9. moslem rape gangs are paralyzing europe more than the idf or “the jews” ever have. “muslims are in europe because of the jews” is the dumbest, most [citation needed] comment i have ever read in my life.

        10. Oh, okay. I guess I lost. Boo hoo. I just don’t like arguing with any grown adult who hides behind a child’s face. If I need to say something harsh, I look like a bad guy. It’s a typical jewish ploy.

        11. It was not only the Romans. If some non-white woman said a Union Army soldier had raped her in America, she would have had no legal recourse. Probably even a southern white woman of Confederate states would have had no legal recourse if a Union Army soldier had raped her. That is how it is for those who are ruled to be outside the law. After all, if you do not control the monopoly on force outside your territory, you cannot claim to be the provider of law. It’s as simple as that.

        12. But when you put it that way, the first world is actually going through real struggle/hardships right NOW. So, we are finding again what it means to form cohesive tribes and community, reconnecting with our brothers. So I suppose in that sense, we can thank the feminist movement for putting us back in touch with the more important things in life.

        13. I’ve thought about this. While the first world is facing dangers more destabilizing than the third world, they are covered up and overshadowed by non-issues. In other words we have problems but we don’t have struggles or hardships.
          Take unemployment. If 1/3 of all Chileans were out of work, it would be a huge fucking deal. There would be problems with people feeding, sheltering and clothing themselves because they no longer have a source of income. People everywhere would be talking about the problem, leaders would be discussing how to fix it. However, in the USA with 90+ million out of the workforce, there are no such problems. Over 20% of the US is on food stamps, and magical credits keep popping onto their debit cards every month from which to purchase food. Sure, they’d rather be working, and the majority of them continue to search for work, but they don’t face severe consequences to being unproductive.
          Instead, turn on the TV, and the media will tell you the biggest problem is that some rich rude fuck getting in a pissing match with some blonde tv bimbo about how he doesn’t want to go on her show is the Most Important News Of The Day (ie Trump/Meghan Kelly) or how he said “two Corinthians” instead of “second” as if that’s confusing or offensive. This is not news. This is not important. In any sane nation, and in most nations around the world, a country facing the problems the US is facing would be confronting those problems. Instead, we prefer to talk about the latest microaggression or why a fictional character has a different shade of skin tone than we think they should.
          It’s even here on this site. This story is an example of it. These should be minor things that are off the radar, but because of the lifestyle that America is, these are the issues and values that we feel are important. I’m not even criticizing ROK. I mean we could sit around and talk only about the family unit and creating real jobs or whatever, but meanwhile the federal reserve will continue to print money, chipping away the value of savings, investing, and hard labor, the media will continue to glorify masculine women and encourage all the bad corrupt immoral actions of millenials.
          It’s just the way of our culture. We value things far differently than a traditional society that values family, happiness, food, and socialization.

        14. My “bowling alone” is due to the fact that most people I’ve known have ultimately proven to be a pain in the ass. They always try to impose their problems or see if they can control you without your knowing.
          I could put up with it in some females if they gave BJs and the like willingly when asked –but those are fewer and fewer.

        15. But thats just it, the USA is creating a nation of zombies. So, if you are a relatively “normal” person living in a nation of zombies, there are going to be real problems. Sure, there are the “ignorance is bliss” type of folk that you describe above, but these people live soul-less lives basically just waiting out their lifespan to terminate, only to be reincarnated in a similar state of being (they call that “Samsara”). But if you are one of the brave souls attempting to reach a form of your higher self in this lifetime, well, then there will be many challenges for you to face as you make your way towards that final destination (“Samadhi”).

        16. Today, people ignore the people next to them, to pay attention to their electronic devices. Not good. What will be humorous though, is in the future, when we all have “real” virtual reality “beings” in front of us due to how far it’s all evolved and people begin ignoring them, to pay attention to their “smart” devices.
          Slogan: “Now you can ignore your virtual friend in reality!”

    2. I don’t believe that women are ever genuinely sorry as we understand it. It merely means “please don’t punish me, look how pretty I am”.

      1. Two months ago, at the age of almost fifty, I saw back in my life and realised that the only people who have ever uttered a heartfelt apology to me, have all been men.

        1. You need to understand that for a female, tying to kill you, or actually succeeding isn’t enough to warrant an apology or even an acknowledgement of it…
          HOWEVER, should any man fail to hold a door open for any of these special snowflakes, the full force of the worlds armies must be brought to bear on the poor chap as punishment.
          Ya’know… “fairness”… “equality”….

        2. This is why you never apologize to a woman you’re involved with as they see it as a sign of weakness even sub-consciously.

      2. Absolutely, they disassociate from the problem and assign blame. I only did it because X happened which made me do it. They do it with everything.

      3. That’s funny! But what’s worse is that even ugly women do the same! They’re so delusional that they “feel” they’re pretty!

    3. Yeah, it becomes blatantly obvious if you leave America for a few weeks and then come back. I returned and the news in the airport was talking about a horrible gaffe that Donald Trump made: It turned out he said 2 Corintihians instead of Second Corinthians when referring to an ancient bible text. What the fuck!!!! This country is so backwards and primitive.

      1. Meanwhile in other news (not reported), we’re now importing terrorists in Europe and the U.S..
        Yes, our priorities are a little backwards, today.

    4. Women with too much time on thir hands behave like this. You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle freedom. Women have proved they are completely in the dark. They can’t handle real love from men, and they can’t handle the truth. Like a guy said in onecomment, on women, in an article here on ROK: there’s nothing there. Nothing.
      I said the same thing to my wife this summer, about women.

      1. Strangely, many women agree.
        Back when the woman suffrage (voting) movement was in full flush, the suffragette (pro-woman suffrage) party was adamantly opposed to holding referenda on woman suffrage, restricted to women. The suffragettes were certain that if women were allowed to vote, just this once, on woman suffrage that it would be defeated.
        It was MEN who voted to extend the franchise to women! And the party that promoted woman suffrage was:
        __ Democratic
        __ Republican
        The party that gets most of the women’s votes is:
        __ Democratic
        __ Republican

    5. My generation (I was born in 1983) of westerners has never faced any real hardships, yet taught “you can do/be anything!!!!” As a result of this cushy life and pandering we as a whole have become so complacent, so detached from true survival that raking a man through the legal system, attempting to ruin his life seems a “fair” retaliation for disagreeing with us.
      Yes, the interest rates, bail ins, unchecked immigration, government debt still exist but we are only really vaguely aware of these things and st present they aren’t really affecting us personally. Any time these things start to impact on us, it’s someone else’s fault and responsibility and if you’re a woman you’re taught from day one that it’s the fault of the glass ceiling, the patriarchy.
      Children NEED to be taught that you can do anything IF YOU WORK HAD ENOUGH, not that it will be handed to you.

      1. It’s the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. You can be average and still be a winner. These types of lessons weaken people and a society.

    6. Look at who will benefit from the negative interest rates and who controls the foundations that often sponsor the organizations that push this ridiculousness.

    7. Feminism is the disease that has infected western culture. Women (all of them) are notorious for being attention whores (it’s who they are) and they’ll get that attention by any means necessary. It’s why so many of these women have found a way for the state to protect them and for society to grant them access to “earning a living” – by being speakers – as so called victims.
      They are just like children, ignore (as a society) them and they’ll go away

    8. It’s amazing that the prosecutors allowed themselves to be SJW tools. They could have just dropped the charges and never taken it to trial but for some reason they actually took it seriously.
      The other disturbing trend in Canada is for crown attorneys to drop the anvil on any guy with the temerity to defend their person or their property, particularly with the use of a firearm. The stories of Ian Thomson and David Chen come to mind.
      In Thompson’s case his four masked men firebombed his house so he got out a revolver from his gun safe (he is a former firearms instructor and had all the proper licenses), loaded it, stepped outside and fired 3 warning in shots into the ground and a nearby tree. The 4 guys scattered and were later arrested but when the cops arrived at his house they proceeded to arrest Thomson, confiscate all his guns and ammo, and begin the process of what became 30 month legal battle to clear himself of charges of careless use and unsafe storage of firearms.
      David Chen is a Chinese immigrant who owns a grocery store in Toronto’s China Town. A guy who was a notorious shoplifter in the community stole a bunch of plants from the shelves outside the shop. Chen saw him on his security camera but the guy hopped on his bicycle and took off before he could get outside. A number of other shop keepers had found the guy trying to make off with goods without paying so they would keep him in the store until the cops arrived but they always seemed to have an excuse to keep him on the catch and release program, so to speak. Anyways, the guy comes back to Chen’s store a few hours later and when Chen spies him get takes two of him employees and they chase him down. When they catch him the guy struggles and tries to punch and kick them so they tackle him, hog tie him, throw him in the back of their delivery van, and then wait patiently after calling the police. Of course, as with Thomson, when the cops arrive they arrest Chen and his employees and charge them with assault and forcible confinement. So he was put through the ringer for 17 months before being acquitted.
      What is probably most disturbing in both cases is that the prosecutors cut deals with the actual criminals and gave them a reduced sentence to testify against the actual victims.

  7. Two things: psycho eyes and problem glasses. Every damn time.
    Mr Elliot should never have gotten involved with feminists in the first place, this is what you get, they hate male feminists even more than misogynists. That red pill tastes like shit doesn’t it, Mr Elliot. At least other men can learn from his mistake.

  8. I believe this IS a victory for the manosphere, BUT those two girls got away with it – no repercussions whatsoever. So they can still falsely accuse men and potentially ruin their lifes, although that potential is now smaller.

    1. the article mentions something like a ‘strategy meeting’, not to mention attempts to false portray Elliot as a paedophile not to mention the false ‘homophobic’ tweet – the latter doing demonstrable damage to the man’s reputation. It would probably be difficult to pin it on them, but one wanders if they couldn’t be sued for defamation – although clearly money is an issue here

    2. I agree..and that’s where the law needs to change. These women falsely accuse someone of this shit and they get thrown in jail as a result. If the government doesn’t fix it, then the community will take justice into their own hands.

  9. While it’s frightening that this even came to pass, we should hold this as an example of getting involved with feminists in the first place. Additionally, this is further proof for the need to be able to post anonymously and to never, ever, trust social media.

  10. While this is a very public victory don’t be fooled, this kind of shit is still happening, just not with a Toronto Star article attached.
    I’ve seen mangina faggots pull this kind of shit on people they don’t even know; reporting online comments to someone’s employer and getting them fired. These cowards consider destroying a man’s income and family a victory… Victory for what? I don’t know…
    But I’ve seen the shit-eating grin of these kinds of people… Mentally disturbed people who don’t have the strength to improve their own miserable lives. To me they are the ones that would have had an innocent person burned at the stake centuries ago.

    1. What amazes me is how many people still post their photo and put their real name out there. If you’re going to debate feminazis you’re going to have to protect your anonymity since those cowards somehow think it’s ok to destroy someone life because their precious little girl feelings were hurt.

      1. That’s a good point. However, with all the Snowden revelations I basically take the position that I have zero online anonymity. I think Roosh basically concluded the same. I mean he could have tried to be anonymous but at some point it’s going to be easy to discover who you are so why not just be out with it. I don’t do anything online (ok except pr0n) I wouldn’t do or say in public. Some of the things I wouldn’t normally say right to a person’s face, but if anyone asked me to explain an online statement I made, I’d be totally comfortable with it.
        That’s why I don’t make my posts “private” because that just gives me the illusion of privacy and doesn’t really hide them from anyone, just makes them “harder” to assimilate in one place (ie you can’t do it with one click).
        Now your average feminist doesn’t understand technology so they will probably never discover who a ‘spicynujac’ is, but some of their mangina orbiters probably could.
        I respect people who aren’t afraid to say un-PC things publicly (like Trump is doing).

        1. I respect people who aren’t afraid to say un-PC things publicly (like Trump is doing)

          Sorry, I don’t have fuck you money like he does. He’s in a position to say what he wants. I’m not.

    2. Not to worry…this shit soon turns on them at some point.
      Take a look at Europe with their immigration problem. Feminists, SJWs cried about a rape culture and now they have it.

    1. Paul Joseph Watson is fucking awesome! And he’s a Neomasculinist! And he reaches millions of people globally. Alex Jones and Infowars is fucking great too! What we need to do is to deconstruct the deconstructionists. Watson did that perfectly here.

        1. Another big part of the force that will pushed that swing back. He’s young, he’s got a huge following, he’s outspoken etc. Both him and Alex are openly against feminism and they say it. No one challenges them because they’re too powerful and will speak the truth.

    2. Thank you! I always believed that these “artists” were in denial that their crap is an excuse to hide their lack of talent. They remind me of people with terrible voices singing off key but are so convinced that they’re good that even dogs howling in agony isn’t enough for them to face reality.

    3. There’s a Buzzfeed quiz (no link – I hate clickbait links) that has about 50/50 modern art and toddler “art” and asks you to spot the difference.
      I managed to guess a slight majority of them right, but that’s down to luck rather than skill. What’s the point of “artwork” if a small child can make equally beautiful (or even superior) work?

  11. These Ted talks are becoming a joke. A feminist can get up there and fart into the microphone and it would still be deemed culturally significant.

  12. It is good this sham was outed for what it was, and hopefully the trend of failure will continue across the board.
    However, to feel truly celebratory will mean the day when charges/cases like this aren’t allowed to even be filed, never cross a person’s mind to file, and the law firm representing such a ridiculous (and in most cases fascist) thing is forced to pay costs incurred by the accused and also for the expense of the state (i.e.: taxpayers).

    1. As much as I blame these women, I feel the judicial system is ultimately at fault for even entertaining their allegations. From a brief read of other articles pertaining to this situation it seems it was the state that pressed charges against this guy. Regardless, there is no shortage of bloodthirsty lawyers to take cases like these. The whole system needs a giant overhaul so cases like this never see the light of day. The worst part is, the guy has been branded even though he’s been proven innocent, he’s still kind of fucked. Whereas these two women will have no shortage of opportunity from like minded idiots. It is Canada, after all.

      1. True, feminists have always and will always be a crazy, degenerative lot, but the fact this case made it so far through the justice system is the depressing part. As soon as these two chicks brought this to a lawyer they should have been laughed out of the office.

        1. I can see a scumbag lawyer taking the case, no problem. The fact that the police didn’t laugh this off is where I am surprised. Everyone deserves their day in court but what the fuck.

  13. It will take decades but the justice system needs to be slowly woken up to the fact that women are often profoundly conflicted about what abuse, harassment, and even the threat of rape mean to them. It isn’t that they want to be abused, or harassed let alone raped or sexually assaulted – which when it is real, is typically what they most fear – but the fact that their emotional lives too often revolves around the dramatisation of such threats. Feminism’s unique achievement is tot have made young women in particular almost incapable of accepting positive attention, above all because it is describes such attention as inherently insulting to them or even misogynistic – re-describing all heterosexual interaction as essentially abusive except when entirely under the females control (which women tend to hate). What it does well though is to enable women to enjoy male attention (even here where it isn’t sexual in nature) without any kind of reciprocation. That is simply the beautfy of abusive supposedly ‘unwanted’ attention – even where it is genuinely unwanted – it can be processed and re-packaged as a genuine ego-boost – men want me, but I don’t want them. This is in the 21st century the essence of what it is to be a feminist woman, to be able to believe, and to demonstrate to your friends, and the world at large, that you are wanted, desired, bothered, abused, harassed or otherwise ‘attended to’ by men who you hate, despise, or otherwise look down upon. Complaints, reporting of abuse, or harassment, including sexual harassment doxxing, feminist marches, slut-walks, reporting or recording everyday sexism, or any other kind of misogyny all reflected this hidden inner incentive system which all or at least most women have, and which feminism has exploited and turned into a political system. That’s not to say that women want abuse or harassment, let alone rape, but that for there to be any possibility of justice where abuse etc is real, we need to, and the justice system needs to factor in this kind internalised quest for drama and perverse validation.

    1. Right on! You must have read Steve Moxon or Martin van Creveld’s brilliant works on feminism and the sexes.

      1. I haven’t actually. I’ve read a lot of Steve moxons comments on spiked online though so I’m aware of his basic positions. I thought Van Creveld was an Israeli historian?

        1. He is. But with a very interesting perspective on women and feminism. As a historian he knows how to dig out information from church books, etc, and man does he document how feminist historians have lied to us all. His main book in this matter: The Privileged Sex. I recommend it!

        2. Cheers, I’ll check it out. I remember hearing him recommended in some context, but I had no idea he wrote about gender

  14. Im happy this all worked out, but, this is getting to be fucking scary. For this to escalate to the levels it did…the tide must turn because this is becoming a police state ruled by freaks, perverts and fanatics.

      1. And I think it is swinging back. Trump and Sanders (I’m no socialist) represent that swing back. Yes, even Sanders, because he is outside of the establishment. Now, I think Trump will beat Sanders. So, Trump is that swing. Someone said the other day that as President Trump would reverse all executive actions of barry! That alone would be huge. He is also very much against political correctness and proved to all of us that these pc harpies are just a bunch of cowards and we can say what we want too. He did about Muslims and his ratings went up!

        1. If I hear one more MSM talking head say, “…but Trump’s numbers keep going up!”, I’m going to lose it.

  15. I’m so glad he won in court. These trends have got to be reversed and the only way that will happen is if the every day guy starts speaking out against this radical pc feminism. It can’t just be the fringe standing up to it.

  16. This is a pyrrhic victory at best. Eliott lost 3 years of income and freedom based on an accusation (that’s what we call “the presumption of innocence” apparently) and his carreer is surely over because no matter what the court says, the left-leaning art establishment is going to blacklist him. He’s also drowning in debt so much that I wonder if he’s even going to be able to sue Guthrie for slander.
    If we lived in a healthy, patriarchal society, Guthrie would have been laughed out the police station when she went to file a complain. Instead, it took three years for a judge to come to the conclusion that disagreeing with a feminist on Twitter and using the word “faggot” isn’t a criminal offence. If that’s what it takes to defend your right to free speech in Canada, there is no free speech in Canada.

      1. Depends. If people remind the other cons that he was labeled a pedophile, even if he wasn’t, he’s in danger. Remember, most cons have that same dumb irrational mentality normally found in feminists and religious zealots.

  17. Just like this man, I have been reported to the “authorities” – the disciplinary administration – of my alma mater, TWICE, for the “crime” of disagreeing with a feminist at school, debating her, and then subsequently posting anti-feminist articles or videos to my facebook feed. Of course these things weren’t posted in direct response to these women, but that didn’t stop them from feeling victimized and running to protection. So much for “strong, independent” women.

  18. The sad thing is, that these harpies will regroup, work on how to make false pedophile accusations stick. Death to feminism.

      1. It’s already being done. Democrat pols are pushing the right of children to have sex with anyone they choose, even with 58 year old pervs in trench coats offering ice cream.

      1. They had one particular ad of her getting a designer chair from her hipster beta boyfriend with a giant E, which supposedly stood for Emily. Of course she insisted it stood for Engagement. I was expecting for her to go Sparta on the poor dipshit at any time. This is ENGAGEMENT!
        I looked for it online but couldn’t find it. I wonder why.

        1. Here it is in a nutshell. The problem with most adult women in western culture (be it the states, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc…) due to the princess effect.

  19. Also, while I still enjoy Vice video documentaries, particularly anything to do with the situation in Syria and Iraq, their written stuff just plain blows. Reeks of lib shit.

    1. The age of Vice docs is long gone. Gone, gone.
      Their articles are on the following topics: Broadly (hah), chemsex, wage gap, I hate (insert city), I spent 20 hours in (name ordinary location) with a heavy leftiod bias.

      1. The one reason they still do good video docs is that they still insert reporters with, say, the Peshmerga. Or they send someone to Raqqa to report about life under ISIS. But their written stuff sound like armchair activist crap.

  20. I am happy at this ruling but there is no doubt SJW fascists will try again against other people. SJWs version of law and justice is using the system to punish people they personally don’t like. They have no idea what justice and fairness is and they don’t care.
    In France, French people are getting arrested after being attacked by 15 illegal immigrants on their own propriety because they defended themselves, while the violent illegal immigrants are never accused of anything and live in lawless zones. The leftist collaborators use the laws to only punish the Europeans. Basically, SJWs and leftists abuse the laws they make up as they go to punish innocent people

  21. The ruling is almost irrelevant. the process of being arrested, tried, of being stripped of a livelihood is a savage punishment for daring to disagree with a feminist. This is ‘lawfare’, drag someone through the courts and the verdict simply doesn’t matter, the process is the punishment.

    1. Exactly the issue.
      I hope the woman who caused these frivolous damages are held accountable and have to compensate the victim here.

      1. I hope the same thing but I expect the woman to walk away into a lucrative career of whining about how much of an oppressed victim she is.

      1. I agree that would be excellent but it costs money, takes time and with the bias in the system it would be risky. But I hope he does and I hope he wins big.

  22. In another story…the Crown Attorney in Toronto dropped charges against a PanAm soccer player accused of sexual assault while attending the Toronto games. There was a press conference by TO police in October announcing the charge.
    An investigation is being launched as to why charges were laid by the TO police despite being told by the Crown Attorney that there was not enough evidence to charge the Brazilian athlete and another man.

    1. I’m in Toronto and I remember when the police announced the charges. Back then, it sounded like a woman went out, met two guys, brought them home, had consensual sex, and made up a bullshit story that the police fell for.
      I’m curious to find out what happened with this.

      1. What happened is, from the beginning, the Crown Attorney told the police this was not going to fly but the police went ahead and charged these two guys . A press conference to announce charges yet complete silence on dropped charges. Disgusting.

        1. What happened to that athlete is a travesty. It’ll be interesting to see what the Ghomeshi verdict will be later this month. He’s facing a separate trial in the summer and who knows what will happen with that, but I don’t see how he will be convicted in his current trial in light of the lies the witnesses have told.

        2. I live in Canada. This matter started when Ghomeshi dumped his young girlfriend. She started the rumour mill on-line and the Toronto Star went on the hunt. That actress is a fame ho who is hoping to revive a non-existent career. Take note after she was abused she continued to keep in contact and fuck Ghomeshi.
          On the up side, his female attorney is a shark.

  23. Left is scary with politics of personal destruction. I never liked Jerry Falwell , Reagan and Moral Majoriity folk. But they were at least content just to push a point of view. Did not go after careers of people. Or have them thrown in jail.

  24. Hey ROK, let’s start a fund going for this man to help him get back on his feet. We need to support our brothers in arms especially innocent ones who fight in the correct manner.

  25. Whenever there’s a crazy situation involving radical feminists, it almost always involves women from Toronto. It never ends.

  26. The law is saturated with the term “reasonable”. Who decides what is “reasonable”? The married, gynocentrism judge who sees all women as innocent snowflakes in need of his protection from the big, bad man, that’s who. Roosh is right. The definition of “reasonable” will be watered down just like the definition of rape has been so that in the future a female accusation will be prima facie evidence of guilt. No need for a trial, she was “reasonably” – fill in the blank – and off with his head. The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland will be turned loose. Gentlemen, prepare yourselves.

  27. I am shocked that the law in Canada favors a man over a woman in this case. That guy should sue that bitch for loss in wages.

  28. We’re going to have to come to understand, as a species (or whatever we are), that young, breeding-age women have been evolutionarily adapted to expect never to have to face the consequences for their actions. In our past, women of child-bearing age have been protected from consequences, and to achieve that protection they’ve been excluded from “the public square.” Now that they have access to the public square by cultural demand, they still have the deep-seated aversion to consequences, and still have the expectation that they be excepted from them. They also have the ancient desire to control men who they perceive as “fringe” or “undesirable” — and they achieve this control via other men, who want to fuck them. Now, these women use the power of the state as the ultimate Alpha male, and often succeed.
    We’re going to have to recognize this still-extant tendency to automatically assume all child-bearing-age-female complaints are valid ‘res ipsa’ — “because they say so.” Nowadays, especially considering these young women no longer do their evolutionary job of having children, that their value to the group is no longer so integral that we have to make them happy at every turn lest group survival be threatened. Young women are no longer that important, and they are going to have to learn to accept the consequences for their actions, which is, in itself, a consequence of their actions — feminism — that they did not expect.

    1. wow. that’s a very insightful post. I agree 100%
      Unfortunately the fact that so many men still find their body attractive (whether or not they are having babies) these women will continue to have these pathetic thirsty guys bending over backwards to make their lives easy and defend them.

  29. And people wonder why I look at them like they are crazy when they say they want to vacation in Toronto. I’d rather get shot in some drug hole in south america while pulling 8/9s than get thrown in prison when I see some died short haired, ear-holed, 300 lb overweight feminist with a bare midriff and belly button piercing and throw up.

  30. “Be aware of these risks. Yet for now, let’s bask in the sweet rays of Guthrie and Reilly’s courtroom melting. The heat of the truth has that effect on precious snowflakes.”
    Be Aware. The legal system has became so corrupted that it’s meaningless. It’s a losing battle. Everything is lost. In my “beta” male mediocrity I recognize the need to outright deal with this kind of perpetrator such as these canadian SJWs swiflty, in the same way they tried to accuse an innocent man with implausible evidence. That’s just downright nasty, vile and VERY disgusting. I think I’m gonna be sick now. BRB.

  31. It was mentioned once already in the comments…. but I would like to see just how much the ROK community can come together and affect change.
    For libel and slander, a malicious attack WITH INTENT to destroy someone’s life VIA the court PROCESS, not a successful “guilty” verdict.
    I am serious. Are there any practicing lawyers in the ROK community in Canada? What are the statutes for libel and slander with respect to an actual loss of income and employment ability (i.e. REAL DAMAGE) due to character destruction based on FALSE accusations WIDELY distributed to the community/public for that VERY PURPOSE.
    I am no lawyer… but I think there could be a LOT of money, not to mention publicity, for the man that takes up this challenge.
    I would also like to suggest starting up a crowd source/fund raiser for this legal prosecution and to help Elliot out. This man was on the FRONT LINE of the gender war and took a freaking grenade for all of us online who write to expose these demon SJWs. I am too old and have no idea how this stuff is done on line. But if this funding was setup and a real chance Stef Guthrie will find HERSELF in the defendant’s chair facing REAL LEGAL CONSEQUENCES for her actions?
    This was a great article… but it can’t… it CANNOT… end with Elliot simply declared innocent, and life goes on while these two women continue to be FREE to do whatever they want with the full backing of the court system in Canada.
    The legal system IS a two way street. Feminists and SJWs must see that the legal sword does have two sides and can cut both ways.
    I am confident that with the evidence presented in this article…. there is a REAL case for libel and slander that resulted in REAL damages to this man’s potential life/income that CAN be brought before a court of law and won.
    It would be a trial that would expose the entire feminist SJW agenda for what it is because the PROOF will be the lawyers ability to show, to demonstrate, to highlight INTENT… WHY the went after Gregory Elliot… and for what PURPOSE they brought him to court.
    Does anyone else feel the same way? What are your thoughts?

  32. We will remember what they did. We will retaliate. Legaly.
    “Women and feminists who attempt to destroy a man’s life (whether
    attacking him physically, trying to eliminate his job, or sue him in
    court) should be named and shamed for their actions.”
    or/and sued to oblivion.

  33. In Germany, the loser of a court case has to pay the legal fees of the winner. That tends to curtail such frivolous legal procedures.

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