Frequently Asked Questions For International Meetup Day On February 6

The tribal meeting is only 9 days away. We’re meeting in 43 countries throughout the world at 8PM local time. Over a dozen meeting locations have changed since initial publication so be sure to review the full listing of meeting points along with the meeting protocol.

Here are answers to several questions I’ve received about the meetup:

Q: Can I bring a female friend, girlfriend, lover, or wife?
A: Absolutely not. This meeting is for heterosexual men only.

Q: Can I come if I’m a homosexual or transsexual?
A: No. This is a meeting for heterosexual men only.

Q: What should we do if a pretty girl shows up and begs to be a fly on the wall?
A: Get her number and then tell her to buzz off. Do not allow women to attend the meeting.

Q: Can I bring my son or little brother?
A: Many of the final venues will be in bars that require you to be of legal drinking age to enter (18 or 21 depending on the country). Since there is no way to tell you beforehand what the final venue is, underage males may not be suitable for the meetup.

Q: What happens if a host doesn’t show up?
A: If no one claims to be hosting, the men who arrived can discuss which venue to move to at 8:20pm. The meetups are structured so that they can proceed without a host.

Q: What if I’m the only one who shows up?
A: That means your city is not yet ready for meetups. Let me know so that we can plan future meetups in larger cities within your state or province.

Q: What if crazy feminists show up?
A: Record them with your camera, upload the footage to Dropbox, and then send it to me at [email protected] afterwards so we can tear them up. If accosted during the meetup, travel to the final venue in pairs or triplets using an indirect route so the final location is not compromised (make sure you are not followed). While I wouldn’t mind a bit of excitement, there is currently zero chatter online that a single meetup will be disrupted.

Q: Is there is a danger I could get doxxed from a feminist?
A: The risk is extremely small (it has yet to happen that a reader of mine has been publicly doxxed from commenting or showing up to a meetup or lecture). I also think that men who are scared of feminist actions are underestimating their ability to respond firmly and without fear. Even if a feminist records your face and uploads it to Youtube, the “crime” of standing at a location in public is not enough to have a witch mob come after you that threatens your livelihood.

Q: Have the hosts been vetted? What if they are a secret feminist agent?
A: Again, this has never happened before, so the risk is minuscule. If you remain anxious or fearful of green-haired female activists or male feminists, simply don’t give out your last name or company name during the meetup. At least for the meetup on February 6, high trust is not necessary since you’re not giving personal information beyond emails or phone numbers.

Q: Which meetup will you be at?
A: Washington DC.

Q: Is this a white nationalist meetup?
A: No. This is a meetup for men of all races and backgrounds who read ROK and my blog. The Tribal Meeting is not a white nationalist organization.

Q: Do permanent tribes have a consistent message that ensures purity of neomasculine thought during the meetings?
A: There is no universal program. Each tribe is encouraged to interpret neomasculinity to suit their local and immediate needs. I don’t know what is best for a German tribe, for example.

Q: For meetup hosts that go on to create permanent tribes, will there be a way for them to stay in touch with other tribal leaders?
A: Yes, I will create a private forum for all tribal chiefs and elders after we have ten or so tribes. We currently have four.

Q: Are you concerned that agents within the various Alphabet Soup groups (CIA, FBI, NSA, CID, NCIS, ETC) may try to infiltrate the tribal meetup?
A: The tribe is apolitical and does not attempt to challenge governmental authority, so I don’t believe we’ll be targeted for infiltration. That said, keep an eye on possible agent provocateurs who advocate for illegal activities out of the blue. If you have any more questions, ask them below in the comments or learn more about the Tribal Meeting concept through the announcement post.

Lastly, I ask that you share details of the meetup with friends of yours who you think may be interested. Our views are becoming known enough that we can “come out” of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation. Up to now, the enemy has been able to exert their power by isolating us and attacking with shrieking mobs, but we’ll be able to neutralize that tactic by amassing in high numbers come February 6. I will exact furious retribution upon anyone who challenges you in public on that date (remember to record them). Therefore let the sixth of February be a clear signal to all that we’re not going anywhere. We have finally arrived.

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247 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions For International Meetup Day On February 6”

  1. I am going to go if work cooperates. I want to meet the young bucks who are making a difference. My gen. we started in a pretty good world not great but not like it is now. We just let it fall apart. You guys are fighting the fight we feared to fight. I just want to see the men who are brave enough to do it. In a time when you can be hurt. Me I’m not so brave. There is not much that can be done to me. I hope to see you all in Seattle

    1. Stop by Graceland… Geez. Elvis-style pelvic thrust x 3 and wiggle your hips = triple attendance guaranteed… You know this, MAYNE!

      1. What would be even better is if these feminists come storming in looking for the group and the men slowly infiltrate their circle and begin wooing them all. Think of the cognitive dissonance when they finally are told they’ve been seduced by the very men they came to crash. Even better, get it all on video.

        1. You see, they don’t rationalize. Not liking it goes against their biology.
          “It just happened,” is what they’ll say.

    1. The biological definition of human male is XY. That’s what it will probably have to come down to. Few male to female trannies are going to care about an event such as this. Therefore, attendance is dependent upon being XY. Pronounce it ‘zy’ if that helps. Trying to get ahead of the cultmarx idiots who want to label. I may even mention this at meet up.

      1. Maybe there needs to be a question only a real male could know the answer to? Kinda like what the US agents would ask a potential Soviet spy(e.g., who won the Triple Crown in 1956?).

      1. What a moronic question … I know it’s asked more out of stupidity than malice or ill-will, but the question demonstrates a complete lack of common-sense. Here’s an answer: “How about you and your female friend, you and “your girl”, just stay the fuck home. Please, you moron.”

    1. They are the pussywhipped simps that are told to ask the question by their women. Women always want to be included in EVERYTHING even the ones that exclude women.

      1. There is one secret move, as ancient as time itself that neutralizes this problem. But it has been forgotten by modern people.
        It’s so potent and misterious that it has no equally powerful countermove.
        It always strike upon the weakest spot of your opponent, destroying any opposition.
        Do you want to know what it is?
        Are you sure ?
        Are you 100 % sure ?
        Ok, it’s …
        It’s …
        IT’S …

        ok, ready now ?

        you can still not look towards it, if you don’t want to, you know …

        ok, so you really want to know, huh ?


        ok, here we go




        IT’S !!!!!!!!!



        1. This always happens when I hang out with friends. One guy I go to wings with once a week gets it the worst.
          He has a “deal” with his wife where he gets a couple hours a week to himself so we hang out. And she texts him the entire time.

        2. Does he leave his balls at home before he meets up with you and your friends? As his friend, you gotta help him out.

        3. Speaking of texting the entire time:
          A friend of a friend was/is dating a woman about 10 yrs younger than he is(hes about 37).
          Well, if she texts him, he has to take a photo of where is he and send it to her.
          “Im at the Flapjack Diner on 50th ave.”
          “I dont believe you- go outside and take a selfie with you and the diner’s signage in the background and send it to me- NOW!”

        4. @cheeseburger
          Doesn’t he even think that maybe, just maybe, she just wants to know where he is so she knows how much longer she can bang a different dude in their bed? ‘Ok, I know he’s at least 20 minutes away…’ Dude needs to consider all possibilities. Cheers

      2. I was just talking to the GF about taking a trip. I said “well I will drive there and meet you there if you want to fly (9-10 hr drive vs. 1.5 hr flight).” She says “no I am good for the drive” (complete lie). I reply “I would rather drive by myself because it I think the entire time and passengers a distraction”. Her response was “so you don’t want to be with me….?” My reply was “sometimes a man just needs his horse and to see what is over the next ridge”. She booked a plane ticket the next day.

        1. Women always has this need to occupy your time. She can’t stand it not knowing what you’re doing or thinking.

    2. I wouldn’t be too hard on the guys who ask that. They have been bombarded with equality propaganda for their entire lives and are not used to male-only meetings.

      1. It really is ignorance. While woman’s only groups still are the norm, for the last 30 years men’s only groups have been demonized even sued out of existence.

        1. Look at what’s happened to male athletes as another example. Speak out about women being forced in your lockerroom and face huge monetary fines. This bullshit now extends to colleges. Where 18 year old female journalism majors must be admitted in male lockerrooms on campus. USC apparently makes male athletes read some BS about how they MUST act when a female is in their lockerroom. I guarantee these fully dressed cunts entering male lockerrooms have 0 literature on how they should refrain/ act.

        2. Exactly. if some guy treats a female reporter exactly as he treats a man. And he walks up buck naked and answers questions loud and proud. He’ll be accused of sexual harassment

        3. Yes. But also look at it from the other side. Forcing male athletes to put up with the opposite gender in THEIR locker-room or face monetary fines. How does this not constitute as Sexual Harassment in the workplace!?

        4. Men don’t know how to meet in groups. They always end up hunting bison. They’re just not equipped for it. But we don’t hold it against them…unless they’re naked in the kitchen scrubbing my floor with a toothbrush.

        5. No no no baby it’s not ike that..come on over in all your manly hairyness…we can chat…while you’re scrubbing my bathroom floor.

        6. For an older guy I’m very light on the body hair. So if that is what you crave I’m not your guy. And I do not do floors, but I am sure there are other services I could provide for you, if you pass my inspection.

        7. Around here, we hunt Elk … so I hear your into toothbrushes … you kinky girl you. I knew the girls would eventually figure out another use for those ultra sonic toothbrushes

        8. Elk shmelk. Just bring home the meat and cook it. Rare. Sick of waiting around while you guys are blowing each other off here. Love boy on boy action but enough is enough. Get busy, meat.

        9. And there it is, the cunt word. The tool of men who hate women. Using it as an insult. Small man. I have a cunt, maybe I am a cunt. The source of all life and mystery. The thing you guys all worship. If you can’t get it, you call us names. Small, pathetic little men.

        10. The source of all life is sperm. Without sperm meeting eggs, the cunt is worthless. Ultimately MEN control reproduction by opting not to pro-create.
          And there it is. If you’re FAT and can’t get men, you resort to the “small dick” straw man, proclaim to be a Feminist!
          I don’t hate women. I HATE those who are on a mission to silence those they dislike while criminalizing basic harmless actions between the sexes.

        11. Im sorry for you but I cant show you that you are very wrong. while you very well may look good enough, I’m married and happy

      2. OK, hear me out.
        I can understand this mindset.
        When I attended the Roosh on tour meeting in London last year (I was the concerned father who wanted advice on how to stop my daughter from turning into a feminist shrike) I was very much aware of the fact that I was in a roomful of men. No women apart from the young lady who was on the door.
        My first thought was “Crikey, this is a bit gay.”
        That’s how deep the conditioning goes. From a very early age we are taught, overtly and covertly, that unless women are present we should feel uncomfortable and doubt ourselves and our motives. It was quite a moment of realisation which I am happy to say has helped me recognise and reject this aspect of my conditioning.
        At the grand old age of 46 I have finally shrugged off the imagined need for a female chaperone at all times. Other men may not be so lucky and still feel the need for approval/permission from the feminine imperative.
        The next time somebody asks such a question you need to tell him to buy The Rational Male from Amazon (even better, ask your local book shop to order it to raise awareness of the title) and read it a few times. We have to help each other out of the Matrix.

        1. “My first thought was “Crikey, this is a bit gay.” Fuck man, if you’ve ever played competitive sports like Rugby you get over the “all male gay” thing in the locker room after the first week, no dude gives a shit about being around other guys and yes perhaps it’s our fucked up Christian/female morality that says
          it’s so.

        2. I don’t like your stance on Christianity.
          “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”
          1 Timothy 2 11-15
          This quote from the bible literally says that women should save themselves through childbearing. Which I’d say is a damn fine use of their time and being.
          Leftism is the only enemy. All those blue pill Christians you see are nothing but leftist controlled brain dead corpses. If they need one thing it’s true Christianity and the red pill it brings.
          I hope that you finally shut it about Christianity. The only thing that leads to leftism is atheism.

        3. Church doctrine does not always match up with the word of God. This is why people have these views. I was once a certified minister.

        4. Exactly right. Leftism has it’s hands everywhere. And because it “feels so good” many churches just had to follow suit.
          True Christianity by the word of god shouldn’t be dismissed just because of that.
          Christianity is the greatest patriarchy that we have.

        5. Good point SJ, although to my credit, I did indeed get over it quite quickly but it was the nature of the involuntary reaction I had that really drove it home. Just another reminder of the non-stop barrage of anti-masculine conditioning that I went through and countless young boys are being subjected to.
          The first step in overcoming a problem is recognising it as such.

        6. Was it the guy sucking your dick who tipped you off? Could you record some? I kinda like boy on boy action. Then cook me dinner.

        7. Yeah…gotta love X’ianity…The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…
          Go make me some dinner, boy.

        8. Do you know what the conclusion of the left is? The abolishment of values.
          This state is normal for atheists. You are in no regard in the position to talk down to me, you dignity free dog.

        9. I will not bother talking to you about my experiences with god.
          But tell me how is it to live in a world where meaning is only applied and doesn’t intrinsically exist?
          It sure has to be liberating when something is only “bad” when it is bad for you.
          Actually it has to be great to only care about your own well being. When humans around you are just there to entertain you and make you feel good.
          When they stop in that function it doesn’t make any logical reason for you to care about them anymore.
          You know what? I am aware that you will not understand a word of what I have just said.
          Not just because you are a woman but you are an atheist to top it off.
          If you where to have any kind of reasoning in you somewhere you would either be
          (a) someone people consider a psychopath
          (b) religious
          (c) suicidal
          Atheism is the ultimate rejection of all values. You are nowhere near talking down to me.

      3. Once, I was in a men only group, after an arrest in NYC. I was the most intelligent man in the room, so I spoke and they listened respectfully. Mostly men too young or too old to be arrogant. Not bad.

        1. Supposedely, each tribe can make up it’s one rules. So if your local tribe decides to be nationalist, then yes.

      4. Hey Roosh, has the similarity to the organization of the Freemasons occurred to you? And if so, have you or are you planning on addressing this in an article?

      5. Understanding is a sign of true strenght. Thank you for being an example of that. Being alpha is not about being a silverback gorilla it is about congruence and frame. Thank you for being an example

      6. Yeah, take it easy on him. He’s retarded like all the members of Return of Small Dicks with Big Problems. So just speak reeeaaaallllyy slowly to him and then run when he turns his head!

    3. Um… I am a cisgendered hermaphrodite involved in a loving relationship with my neighbor’s sheep, can I come?

    4. Im one of the group leaders in a major city and was considering bringing my wife to hang because she`s a gem, but this is a men`s only meeting, and that`s that. If you`re concerned about your ladies I`m sure they will make eventual friends with the brothers S.O.`s you end up bonding with at these meetings. Calm your tits..

      1. “Im one of the group leaders in a major city and was considering bringing my wife to hang because she`s a gem”
        I exected a meetup leader to be more hardcore on the no women rule.
        Like, as soon as somenone even mentions it you pick a knife, stick it to this throat and say “don’t even think of it faggot. If see one hole near our hangout I will make sure you’ll regret it. It’s a tribal meeting, not a mangina meeting, got it ? I’ll be damned if I get another male space ruined just because you can’t keep your dick from letting you thiink straight. No wives, girlfriends, sisters, not even hookers. Got it pal ? Good, now stop pissing your pants get your shit together, we’re making history my friend. This is more than a mettup, it’s a revolution, got it mate ?”

    5. Imagine how well this people would do in a war
      – Joe , quickly, get over here we’re topping down NWO, it’s humanity’s last stand
      – Can I bring my girlfriend ?
      – For god’s sake, of course no, are you retarded ?
      – Ok, I’ll come, but let me ask her permission first.
      – *Sigh*

    6. Some women can be very clingy. Wifey Asian women can really get up your ass, demanding to follow you everywhere. They’re loyal but overbearing with their accompaniment. I read a commenter a year ago on here who described how his Asian chick demanded to be present every time the man interacted with anyone. She’d quietly sit at the restaurant table and glare, stare and listen as the man spoke to other males and females alike. Isn’t that an indirect form of bitch control?
      The silent but manipulative approval she blankets over his every human encounter.
      I myself knew a white girl who by every respect was traditional. Both of her parents were still married since high school 30 yrs ago and she was a stay at home cook/mom. Her mom had her dad wrapped around her finger literally though. This is very common in the last generations of farm steads post feminism and the big ‘wind down’ of trad families (the last gen of trad families) are characterized by med & large families with an extremely bossy matriarch. She may not even oficially work a pay job, but she rules like a queen bee of a hive. A genuine queen BITCH. Look at the Kennedy clan. The last gen of proliferates saw a MATRIARCH sieze the roost. (JFK’s mom was the family curse in itself). Many trad farm families (the last remaining) today you’ll notice have a big fat bossy QUEEN BITCH snapping orders and pulling the man’s chains.
      But back to this bossy white chick I knew, she did all the same shit that Asian women are known for. I saw the worst of it with her. It’s like she was programmed to wring the Alpha out of me at any cost. Her daddy was a sacrificing beta and the shame on me never ended. It’s like she was hell bent on slamming me into the mold of being beta like her dad and her mom never let up on ordering the girl around like a general. Ordering her to play every move against me to try to break me to beta. Sorry, I don’t break like that. I called her mom out for the lame bossy bitch she was and suggested her daddy ought to break the mom to polygamy. Her cooking sucked anyway. Have her dig the garden but not cook please. Greasy redneck shit cooking killed ELVIS dammit.
      So as for the clingy bitch, I empathize with guys who ask, ”can I bring a woman?”. What he means to say is ”this bitch won’t get off my ass”. I’d suggest to begin seeking a sister wife. The clinginess is terminal and won’t end until she’s broke to her ‘sister’. Meanwhile, short term would be to find some sort of attractive female babysitter for the clingy bitch woman.

    1. Out of town that weekend, was disappointed the meetup fell on the same weekend, would have been great to finally met a few of you regulars!

    2. tribe leader of TO here, yes TO is a go, coleader and I have met and we are going to get the most out of this meeting. Our main goal is to establish a bi-weekly or monthly meet with tribesmen. ..

    1. It’s strange that men have to even care what woman want, or ask for permission to do something without there evil wives or gf.

  2. The O’Sullivan law states : Anything that is not oficially declared right wing will eventually become left wing.
    Substitute right wing for masculine and the point stays.
    This is why these types of meetups are valuable. They declare themselves to be masucline, conservative from the start so they are hard to infiltrate and subvert.
    Good thing there are set rules regarding women and shit. With such a solid frame and strict rules, it would be hard to subvert such an organization.
    Good job Roosh for making it clear from the beginning and laying a solid foundation.
    I also appreciate the decentralization allowing each tribe to adapt it’s own vision of neomasculinity, depending on their needs. Great move, Roosh.
    So far we have : solid frame and rules, high quality individuals, decentralized organization, good foundational philosophy. This is amazing.
    True Men’s club are coming back. Finally.

    1. I hope so they were common when I was a kid and have been killed off. Gyms used to be mens clubs. They were far better then, woman change the vib and not for the better

    2. I wonder about ethnicity though? Jews and Muslims… hmm…I think he will regret this concession to the diversity cause.

  3. If we fear the feminists and SJW’s, they win. This does not mean throw caution to the wind, however we should never hesitate to speak our minds when the time is right, regardless of the bad reception it might get.
    We must have the thickest skin possible. I get attacked from a variety of angles in the comments here…and this is a site where people are generally friendly to British/American nationalism and Imperialism.
    I urge fellow readers not to rage or argue at the meetup. There is a very wide variety of views in this community. Fighting among ourselves (ie: white nationalists vs Donovan Sharpe, a black writer here) will get us nowhere.
    Once Social Justice and feminism is back to Victorian Era levels, then we can fight over kicking out non-whites or other minutae.

    1. Depending on the state, if a bar serves food they will generally admit people over 18 but not 21 up until a certain hour as long as there is someone older in the group. I wouldn’t let the fact that the group decides to go to a bar defeat you. If they do go to a bar tag along and just tell the bouncer you are with the group. He will probably put black X’s on your hands to denote you are not 21 but will otherwise let you in.

      1. Negative, attending and curious if there will be much of a turnout. Someone has to lead the charge against the Clementine Ford’s of this city

  4. Definitely red flag anyone who starts talking about the violent overthrow of the US government or seems to pro-armed rebellion (like they talk about what is going on in Oregon with a little too much zeal).
    Also red flag guys that starts talking about the n**gers and the jews (or the n’s and j’s as I like to call it). I personally don’t have anything against people that think white people are getting screwed by the n’s and the j’s (because they sort of are), but guys who seem a little bit to into it should just join the Klan and not this effort. Plus it turns off a large subset of men who may be interested in neomasculinity. Nothing says warm and welcoming discussion like someone ranting about your race before they even get to know you. I suspect mostly white men will show up at first but I have talked to some guys, Indian in particular, who were totally into neomasculinity.

      1. Agree. When I discovered this website a few years ago, I was highly impressed with the caliber of intellect. You can engage in quality discussion here. Unlike next to every SJW site like Lezebel, Buzzfeed, etc … where any discussion is absent of critical thought and simply refers to all as “racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.”

        1. On this site even the people I am strongly disagreeing with. they come off as pretty well informed and intelligent. on most political sites I sometimes feel like I’m the only person who even reads a newspaper or has a high school level education in history

        2. It’s really not worth getting into arguments on those sites. They’re devoid of logic. Everything is a regurgitation of what some Academia Nut professor said. I wouldn’t even bother on FB either. I used to get into arguments with some lefty and have a mile long thread going. It’s pointless. Now … face to face, out in public. Whole different story. Because one can read how I’m coming across so I will often engage with these left leaning individuals at a bar, etc. They can’t simply cry “RACISM” in that environment without others seeing how narrow minded they are.

        3. I find that the majority of news sites on the web which are predominantly predicated by liberal/left wing ideologies are dull, sterile and conformist and they disallow, either directly or otherwise, the articulation of real and visceral viewpoints on an array of issues, like mass immigration, that are relevant and pertinent to the “ordinary” guy’s world. These other sites are essentially- pro establishment in the conformist brain washing leftist sense- and that’s why people are abandoning them for very sound reasons.

        4. Exactly. Kudos to Roosh for allowing all view points to run even when expressed with some coarse language or shock value. It’s definitely one of the most intellectually stimulating sites out there. Good luck having “no b.s.” and hard-hitting discussions anywhere else.

        5. What part of Scotland do you hail from…I hope it’s not Cape Wrath or Wick…it’s some stormy night.

        6. They’re mostly Chocolate soldiers, proper debate with a real man in the flesh usually causes them to melt and swoon like a semi hysterical female patient of Herr Freud.

        7. Here’s an example: If you click on the Disquis icon or Home tab, up comes a bunch of things started. The one I’m looking at on top right now is something against Trump. Commentators there, “I can’t believe I actually know people supporting this guy.” “Yea. This guy and his supporters are idiots!”
          Not worth getting into a stupid disquis debate with them as they’re simply going to call you a racist, sexist, islamophobic — white supremacist! These folks are useful idiots. They’ve been completely deluded by the modern education system to ignore the REAL issues and focus solely on manufactured ‘isms. It’s pathetic.

        8. Eh, not tonight, I’m across the way in Donegal, but the wind is so wild and mad tonight. I know Inverness a bit from my trips over the way…the howling wind I hear outside made me think of Cape Wrath.

    1. True, good points. Theoretically speaking, of all tactics, armed rebellion, though it has very little chance of success, is perhaps the only way to uproot the rotten and decaying system. It will not change “legislatively” or though sit-ins or various other types of senile protests. However, practically and pragmatically, I, nor any sensible person, would ever openly preach violence or rebellion, nor advocate them with any zeal.
      On the “n and j question”, I frankly doubt there are many vociferous proponents of such views. It seems so for these individuals are quite conspicuous on various discussion boards, but realistically, I doubt the numbers are high.

      1. No sane soul ever advocates violence, but, alas the eve when you see that your kilt must be curtailed under the jurisprudence of sharia law might even prove too much for a Scot’s man measured temperance!.

        1. LOL. I don’t think our Arab interlopers will ever really appreciate the basis of such a “measure” not being partakers in that most subtle and distilled spirit that keeps the wind from one’s chins!

      2. Oh I am not saying it is going to happen or it has a high likelihood of happening. Just be prepared for it in case it does.
        Alphabet soup agency intervention would be trying to seed questions of violent revolt into groups to then make them “enemies of the state”.
        Feminists and liberals would probably take the n/j route to try to prove anyone that believes men ought to be men are really just deep down racists and bigots.

    2. It’s definitely a senisitive topic.
      The majority of the website is white, but it has some minority viewers.
      It’s about balancing. On one side there are hardliners who won’t stop a bit from the joos rant. On the other hand I witnessed oversensitive blacks calling people white supremacists for some mundane stuff.
      The golden rule is : if you are more into racist stuff than neomasculinity to the point were you won’t accept standing around non-whites you might definitely look into someting that fits your view more.
      On the whole neomasculinity is not incompatible even with white nationalism, but it needs to be a part of your specific tribe, something everyone in the tribe agrees with and not to be pushed on every other tribe out there.
      WN’s don’t really have these type of meetups though, not only because they can be infiltrated easily, but also because there are just too many uptight guys in that crowd.
      I can vouch, been at a Roosh tour, the crowd is way more easy going and more fun, not to mention they care about other things besides hating on jews.
      I do care about white issues, but that isn’t the only thing I care about and I am not as one-sided as some other pro-whites out there.
      Overall, for guys here, Neomsculinity is core, everything else is optional. So since white issues are not the center of everything it will not attract the one-sided Heil Hitler type of crowd.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against people who want to care about white issues. Every other race cares about their collective selves, why can’t white people. The advice I was giving was more practical then philosophical. Having a guy around ranting about the N’s and the J’s in a mixed group which can be just about as much fun as a SJW who wants to talk about institutional racism and cis-genderism.

    3. yeah. i’m hoping this will be all about neomasculinity and not white supremacy. to me they’re different things, but they seem to have blended entirely over on heartiste and moving that way on ROK, at least in the comments section.

      1. I hope the groups stay separate as white supremacy is too deep in rage to be heard and what has built here has spanned issues that affect all men and women under Western influence. It would be lunacy to have the white supremacist voice stand as our own because it has been tuned out for decades and would only give our would be allies a very obvious reason to disavow the message. I’ve noticed the tone shifting as well and while appreciative of relative information, have little time for the angry defensiveness.

  5. It’s a good idea for attendees to brush up on your rights and obligations under the law for your jurisdiction, especially when it comes to self defense, assault charges, and the utterance of death threats (which carries a two-years-less-a-day sentence in my locale). I’d hate to see any tribesmen on the wrong side of the law, we are already at a disadvantage.

  6. I’m actually really looking forward to this. My biggest problem seems to be choosing which of two locations to attend.

  7. Since Roosh set this in motion I’ve wanted to find some way to express my support for this event to those men in the two locations in my state. A few ideas like walking by and giving the thumbs up, to inconspicuously leaving enough money in an envelope to cover the first round crossed my mind, but it didn’t feel right. I’ve even been reluctant to leave a comment because it felt intrusive, but the question about bringing a female goes to show how necessary these meet ups are. To those gentlemen who would, wanted or wished they could bring a female understand that, she, whoever or whatever she is to you, will in the long run will respect you more if you stand up or put your foot down, and go alone. You need to do this without us.
    Well wishes to you all.

  8. As I mentioned on the other post, next week in Stuttgart I would love to do a meet up with fellow readers.
    I know I missed the boat in terms of submission, don’t take this the wrong way Roosh, fellow organizers. Great job.
    Hit me up if you guys are interested. Just comment below.

  9. Help New Hampshire stake a claim, let me know if you are interested and don’t feel like driving to Boston.

  10. : Can I come if I’m a homosexual or transsexual?
    A: No. This is a meeting for heterosexual men only.
    milo yiannopolis

  11. That was quick. Have you seen this?
    As background the Sydney Morning Herald is as close an equivalent as Sydney has to the New York Times, very left wing, probably still the most noted paper in the city although not the most read. So getting in it like this is no small matter. The article is written to be about as provocative and misleading as possible without clearly lying.
    I’d say the probability of some kind of trouble in Sydney is roughly 100% now. All the details of the meeting, including code words are in there.
    Glad to read that there are at least 6 Australian contributors to ROK. Happy to be able to count myself among them, in a small way.
    I would love to be there to see what happens, but I will be attending in Manila, Philippines. If you are in Manila, I hope to meet you on the night.

    1. What’s the bet none of the people going apeshit about the ROK meetings said anything about Cologne except calling those appalled by it racist?

    2. Viv Payne
      why don’t the women organise a ‘right to castrate’ campaign, so long as
      it is carried out on private property? It might make a few of those
      gonad driven males with the morals of a feral tomcat think twice about
      their misogynist attitudes.
      My favorite comment by far. A comparison between violent mutilation and a bunch of dudes meeting up to chat is fine in their eyes, and we’re the violent rapists right?

      1. Maybe not, but you follow the teachings of a rapist.
        So, luckily, you’re probably just another pathetic guy who can’t seem to get a date.

        1. If you’re a feminist, you’re following the teachings of multiple misandrists. Shall we get into some of the more colourful writings of Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon et. al.?

  12. You better change your name you bastard. I dont want my ethnicity associated with some ayatollah wannabe in this country. You little kids be armed at your next rally, or I’ll show you how big boys play with guns.

    1. Stop with the threats of violence otherwise people will begin to think you to be a person who has nothing meaningful in his life

  13. Just a heads up… RoK is not being referred to as a ‘rape advocacy group’ be people twittering about these meetups…. I mean seriously, these people are mental.

    It’s an eye opener when it happens so close to home. Apparently I’m a misogynist for standing up for masculinity. Apparently I’m a homophobe for not buying into mental disorders. Apparently I’m a rapist who thinks women shouldn’t have veto powers for consentual sex. To top that off, apparently encouraging healthy living and lifestyles means I’m endorsing eating disorders.
    It’s disgusting that we have even sunk this low and have to take a stand against this degeneracy.

      1. Yeh man, as if some screaming banshees pose a threat. They know nothing about us apart from the starting location, which can easily be changed on the fly.

    1. Saying women should be submissive is not the ultimate expression of masculinity, sexuality is not a mental disorder, and anyone has veto powers DURING consensual sex. None of these are controversial statements to normal people.

      1. Never said it was the ultimate expression. Anyone has the right to say no during the moment, but regretting it the next day and ruining a guy’s life is wrong.

        1. “Anyone has the right to say no during the moment,” is this not veto powers for consent? “Regretting it the next day and ruining a guy’s life is wrong,” assuming consent was given you are absolutely right.
          If you pay attention to this website, they clearly endorse making women submissive, which goes beyond “standing up for masculinity.”

        1. Actually, she is. But her husband treats her like a second class citizen.
          When she figures that out, she’s gone.

        2. Nice try, why do you hate those who want to be positive leaders in their family and relationships?
          Please, stop being childish and join the winning team.

    1. Rawstory is not news, it’s the leftist version of National Enquirer. Perhaps you might want to start reading credible forms of journalism.

  15. While I don’t agree with this website/group on many topics and I feel a lot of you place too much value on masculinity and “being manly” (absolutely hilarious), I feel it’s safe to warn you:
    In every Canadian city, there will be groups either protesting or physically interfering in your activities. Likely in many places in the US as well.
    There are many who believe your group advocates rape and misogyny (after talking with some of your members, I’d believe it myself), and there will be many who will not take kindly, even resorting to violence. These are not all “feminists” but just regular concerned citizens who think your mindsets are dangerous for their friends and family.
    For your safety, I advise not going to any meetings in North America unless you are willing to risk your life. This is not a scare tactic. I’m seeing dozens of people who are guaranteeing to crash multiple events.
    Please don’t put yourself in harm’s way. There’s too much senseless violence in the world already.

  16. I just found out that montreal group might be interrupted by a bunch of feminist. Is there an alternative plan of action, or should we just meet up as planned?

  17. hey I’m a crazy feminist is it okay if I come I’d really like to see what heterosexual men do in their natural habitat it’s fascinating

  18. You do realize that you guys are in the minority here? Most of the world things you’re wrong and uneducated, or even brainwashed. I understand the need to cement yourselves within a group of like minded people. But your views are damaging and harmful to a lot of people. Sure, have men only get together’s, but maybe don’t talk about how women should be submissive, child bearing slaves. Talking about how to pick up women is fine. Talking about how to harass women until they finally give in to sleeping with you, is not. Also, if your that fucking desperate just have a wank. Have fun on Saturday. You’re going to be causing a lot of unnecessary anger and harm just to help a man with an over inflated ego sell a few books

  19. What exactly is the point of these meet-ups? To sit in a bar and whine about how awful women are and how persecuted and you many men are? Is there any purpose? I’ll be very interested to know how many of your brethren show up at the two Maryland meetings. Equality is a good thing. A man of quality is not threatened by a woman of equality. We are not your servants or whores. We are not your playthings. I feel sorry for you pathetic, sad little men.

  20. Roosh what can I do if in my city doesn’t appear any contact info?? How can I set up a private meeting???
    Granada, Spain, Southern Europe, hasn’t gone private and antifa are criminals, I can’t go to a public place.
    Email: [email protected]

  21. Well this certainly doesn’t sound suspicious of all the question you’re answering are all trying to cover your tracks from being open and public to your ideas. If these ideas are so awesome, why not be public and transparent about what you’re doing?

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