Why Do We Root For Women To Hit The Wall?

Daddy’s flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
Snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for me?
Daddy, what’d’ja leave behind for me?!?
All in all it was just a brick in the wall.
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

Quick, pop quiz.  Where is this excerpt from?

  1. A famous rock song, or
  2. A poem about an alpha male leaving his wife and child because she’s due to hit the wall

If this was posted on a Manosphere forum or blog in today’s world, one might think that the writer was writing about an alpha who left his aging woman for lands where he assumed the grass to be greener.

Leaving just another memory…it was just a brick in the wall.”

What does this mean?  Could it mean the woman was simply another notch on the bedpost?  Another woman simply left in the wake of a man making his mark on the world, and living his life exactly how he wanted to live it.

Fortunately, Another Brick In The Wall (above is Part I) was released in 1979, long before the times in which men started keyboarding jockeying-terms such as peacocking and hypergamy.  It is also probably safe to assume that the members of Pink Floyd were too busy banging their way through groupies, creating alpha widows by the dozen, to ever give real worry about what their song really meant.

Alas, I am not a rock star.

In today’s world, The Wall can generally be summed up as the point in time in which a woman sees her value to the opposite sex fall drastically.  Of course, this value is primarily derived from a woman’s looks, according to point number six of the ROK community beliefs:

6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.

Of course, the wall can also be accelerated, or slowed by offspring, habits such as diet and exercise, and overall pleasantness and femininity.  Rollo Tomasi has a great article about The Wall that goes into further detail about these factors.

To this part of the Internet though, The Wall is a badge of pride.  When we talk about the women who reject us, string us along, and hurt us to the point where we are forced to reflect upon ourselves, there seems to be a common phrase along the following lines dropped it response:

“Well, wait until SHE hits the wall.  She has it coming, the bitch.”

This phrase is nothing but a bitter mask to hide behind ourselves.  A way to brace for the rejection, embarrassment, and difficulties of having beautiful women in your life, whether it be a harem or a single long-term relationship.  Truthfully, it’s nothing but a self-defense mechanism, or hell, a wall, to protect ourselves and our masculinity.

Look, I get it.

It’s hard not to think like that when your 38-year-old, increasingly saggy wife cheats on you with the mailman.  You can’t help but think that her best days are long gone, and that in her aging state she’ll never find a new man willing to put up with her shit.

It’s hard not to think like that when the sexy party girl tells you that, “You’re just such a good friend, we could never be together”, then proceeds to take it up the ass backstage from the bass player of a shitty indie band.  You can’t help but look forward to the days that the late nights, hard drugs, and countless cocks gobbled on will catch up to her, and leave her a shell of her former self.

I understand, because I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve bashed girls I have dated, endlessly, and cackled manically as they gained weight and lost the sexiness that drew them to me in the first place.  I have no doubt this will become even more readily apparent as I begin to reach my prime during my 30’s as a male.  However, the endless bashing and laughing accomplished nothing for me other than a short-term band-aid, in which I could feel a little better about myself.

I realized it was nothing but a way to protect my fragile ego, because my own inner self and confidence couldn’t handle a woman treating me the way they sometimes did.  In a bitter state, such as after being screwed over by a girl, it’s easy to fill with rage and hope that you can channel that energy towards sending a woman head-on into The Wall.

You can’t.

That rage accomplishes nothing.

Your buddies will tire of the charade quickly.  If they’re good friends, they’ll tell you to shut up and get on with your life.  If you were to tell a girl directly that she is going to hit The Wall, she would simply laugh at you, and further prove her point that she was right to reject you, break up with you, or otherwise humiliate you in the way that she did.

So why waste your precious breath spitting vile at women for hitting The Wall?

That is wasted energy that you can easily channel towards better things, simply being the best you can be.  There are a plethora of articles on this site that relate to self-improvement in a variety of ways.  If you search around, you are bound to find several things that you can improve on, and that you can find a passion for.  Pick your poison.  Don’t let that poison be your own bitterness seething beneath your skin.

The third and final part of Another Brick In The Wall reads as follows:

I don’t need no arms around me.
And I don’t need no drugs to calm me.
I have seen the writing on the wall.
Don’t think I need anything at all.
No! Don’t think I’ll need anything at all.
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.
All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.

Notice how the last verse has a slight variation between the first and final parts:

First: All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

Second: All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.

The most talented artists leave their work open to interpretation.  I doubt Pink Floyd thought they were contributing to 2014 modern-day seduction when they penned those lyrics in the 70’s, but they sent a great message.

Do not let any woman cause you to harbor resentment, because it is simply wasted energy.  Stop hoping desperately for old girls to hit The Wall so you can look them up on Facebook for a brief chuckle.  This bitterness and mask for insecurity is simply a distraction from living a complete and fulfilling life as a man.

Woman are simply one piece of the puzzle, and one singular women should never be the entire foundation of your life.

They’re all just bricks in the wall.

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290 thoughts on “Why Do We Root For Women To Hit The Wall?”

  1. Still..you meet the former prom queen who never even took a second glance at you back then. You look good, tan, well trained, pocket full of money. She look like shit, all wrinkled and saggy and dressed in clothes from Wall Mart. Well, you gotta be Jesus not to feel some kind of satisfaction. Usually it’s a blend of satisfaction and pity. The tables have turned.
    Still, there’s no reason to make your life revolve around this. Simply notice it, and move on.

    1. “..you meet the former prom queen who never even took a second glance at you back then. ”
      It is exactly because she never gave you a chance that you had to BUILT yourself up. That was Nature’s way of telling you “hey take some action, learn from this and change yourself”.
      All your past encounters (positive, negative) made you the man today. So bricks on your wall can be seen as wisdom acquired or past failures with no meaning. Your choice. But I believe everyone you met departs a spiritual lesson in your life so you can grow to become your true Self.
      The worst life is having no wall at all, it means you never lived.

    2. ” . . .you meet the former prom queen. . .”
      . . . who I didn’t give a shit about then and is invisible to me on the street now. With my attention forced I might feel a bit sad about another bit of beauty being gone from the world if it’s because she simply let herself go; but there are always new flowers in the spring.
      I’m not Jesus, I simply never felt that my worth had anything to do with whether she looked at me or not in the first place.

      1. Who talks about worth ? you say i connect my worth to that !? no..but when someone gives you shit, you give shit right back. Here it just takes several decades to decide the twist.

        1. ” . . .when someone gives you shit . . .”
          This happened while she was busy not giving you a glance?

        2. I dont know what your game is. Are you seriously pretending that you didnt want to return the disrespect given to you by these cunts ?
          Obviously, since all females worth in the west is vastly inflated, you would have to wait until YOUR worth was somewhat above theirs.
          I dont see any reason why you shouldnt USE that worth in the most evil possible way, like they did to you.
          In fact, they might learn something. Something they can use in their next life, because sure as hell, wall put and end to this life.

        3. “Are you seriously pretending that you didnt want to return the disrespect given to you by these cunts ?”
          Respect is an exchange. I give what I get. I do not tolerate cunts. If I get nothing from some pseudo-random person they get nothing from me, because I them owe nothing.
          And vice versa.
          Most of the people in this world don’t give a shit about me and I don’t really give a shit about them other than in some abstract sense that I don’t actually wish them harm.
          But I am under no obligation to give any of these people my attention.
          If some woman thinks I am, well, then she’s being a cunt, and I think I’ve already mentioned that I don’t tolerate cunts.

        4. Heyy well said Kfg!
          See, it isnt so hard to not talk in conundrums if you just apply yourself a little : )

  2. To be honest,
    I have stop caring about these issues and women.I am fine if I get laid or not.
    Women= too much trouble.

    1. Well said. I’m waiting for the next MGTOW book, “Women Aren’t Worth It.” Maybe I’ll write it myself.

    2. Don’t let it prevent you from learning game, it’s useful in every areas of your life.

  3. Schadenfreude feels gratifying but fundamentally it doesn’t offer anything. At some points of life, women are favored to gain the upper hand, at other points, men. All of it is temporary though. Manosphere theory basically states that a man’s 30s are his time to shine, so be prepared. Good advice, prepare by all means, but nothing lasts forever. Men and women alike we’re all going to hit a series of walls eventually, culminating in the big dirt wall.

    1. Insightful and mature comment. It does put things in perspective doesn’t it? One of the only things that chafes my mind is thinking “is this it?” Is banging a few hundreds sluts the most gratifying thing in life? And while I’ve heard foreign women are superior in every respect do I really want them to produce my children? We all die. What will those things mean at that point?

  4. If American girls displayed a little fucking humility the wall wouldn’t even be a thing we discuss. It’s the rampant ego’s that get to me. The pride that glows from their faces as they act like complete bitches or deliberately screw with a man just for kicks is nauseating, but the party doesn’t last forever. It’s quite satisfying to know they’re on borrowed time.
    As they diminish in value, we improve as time goes on. The transference of power is sweet enough to give a man diabetes. The younger guys just haven’t seen it yet, once it’s crunch time and a woman knows the end is near- they become significantly more pleasant to be around, but you can see it their faces though- they hate having to act like developed human beings, and I love that they hate it.
    I would actually feel pity for them- if they were decent human beings all along, but most of them have completely toxic personalities. When you’re out with one of these biological clock tickers it’s like watching that show Shark Tank, where people pitch their ideas to investors, you just sit there with a smug look on your face as they pitch themselves to you- no sale bitch. I’ll take the easy sex though if I’m in the mood. One of those nice, forgiving, the past is the past type of fags can adopt these bitches from the pound and give them commitment. Any man with any sense of self worth isn’t going to give them a second glance.

    1. I agree..hadnt they been acting like total kim kardashian wannabe bitches glued to their iphone all their life there wouldnt be a problem. But as it is, let them know whats in store for them. And let them have it too when they get that far. I dont see a reason why they should be shown any mercy.

        1. You wanna Skype a conversation instead? I’m down….just to warn you Iam a trainee counselor

    2. Great post, you nailed it.
      It’s the same reason why I wish to see a future world dominated by sexbots/virtual reality sex.
      It has nothing to do with my personal desire to use these alternatives.
      It has everything to do with wishing to see those massive egos ground into dust.

    3. This is precisely what I am beginning to witness as I turn 30. I’m sure it only exacerbates as I get older. And I am still hooking up with college aged girls so I know it is not an embellishment.

      1. Basically the same age as yourself, and dating women in the college age range too, with the occasional late 20’s type thrown in for the easy lay (and the laughs). The mannerisms and attitudes of the late 20’s broads is quite the contrast to the girls even 4 or 5 years younger. After nearly 30 years of not giving a shit- they start trying, and it’s funny as hell to watch their attempts. You can almost hear their thoughts, “I can do this, I know it’s possible for me not to be a piece of shit if I try hard enough.”
        On another note- nothing better than being out in public with a 23 year old Asian girl and seeing 30 year old white women give you that “Oh, fuck this guy” look. God, I love it so much.

        1. Its so refreshing to hear it from someone else’s perspective. I swear if it weren’t for ROK I would feel like I am in the Twilight Zone or something. Maybe it is the Econ major in me but I simply can’t justify purchasing an asset (and that is really what a relationship is) with a declining value. I notice a difference around 25 for most women. They can feel the first wall coming or already hitting. I don’t have any sympathy though. They wanted to live it up in their prime so they can endure the consequences. And their realization of their own poor decisions is so satisfying.

        2. Agreed man. I found this place in December and it was one of the best discoveries ever for me personally- simply because a lot of the shit that I’ve thought throughout the years hasn’t been some form of delusion. I’ve been instinctively redpill for years, and in a few aspects- my whole adult life. ROK helps take away that “alone in a room full of people” feeling.
          25 is kind of like the chain link fence- easy to climb over for a lot of women, but enough of an inconvenience to notice it’s there. They will at least start thinking around this time- “hmmmm, maybe I should cut the shit and act like a big girl now.” Most say fuck it and keep on meandering through their meaningless little existences thinking, “I’ve got all the time in the world.” Then reality sets in and before you know it they’re acting like Oliver Twist asking for some more porridge- sorry bitch; kitchen’s closed.
          The econ major in you is right, it’s a shitty investment all the way. For a pilot, it’s like being told to go fly a plane without ailerons. Not just no- but fuck no.

        3. Women arriving at the wall are like high mileage cars trying to reset their odometers, as if the buyer won’t notice the worn tires, sun-faded paint job, poorly lubed engine, and caved in bumper.

        4. I’ve found a few like-minded men that can hash out the sort of topics on ROK without quickly popping a blue-pill, very rare, but happens time to time. I’ve also been able to sway some younger ones toward the red-pill outlook. I think we should start some sort of local chapters, mostly for members own benefit, no change the world political ism crap. Just intelligent men helping other intelligent men. Any Phoenix area Kings out there?

        5. It will be just a matter of time before Red Pill/Manossphere hits CNN on primetime. Probably it will be shown in a bad light, but that doesnt mattter. Men who thought they were living in the Twilight Zone (like John said, and that is accurate) will say “Hell yeah..I’m not alone. This is what I’ve been looking for”.
          When that happens, the world will change.

        6. “[ROK] was one of the best discoveries ever for me personally – simply because a lot of the shit that I’ve thought throughout the years hasn’t been some form of delusion”
          — For me, it was January 2013, totally by chance… still soaking it in.

        7. Don’t forget about their leaky transmission, or their worn-out, torn-up, scuffed-up interior! (The front and rear bumpers can also really start to sag; those usually require some ‘rework’ to get them back up into place.)
          My favorite Rodney Dangerfield joke: “Women are like cars — how many times on a cold morning when you really needed it, you just can’t get ’em to turn over!”

        8. And dont forget the OBD on board diagnostic computer full of defaulted damage codes that you can clear out but still keep coming back..

        9. Amen. Although I came late to the red pill, I married an exceptionally beautiful South American when I was hitting 30- you would NOT believe the mountain of shit I had to wade through as the hamsters went wild around me in my social network. Crab basket behavior everywhere. Even today, with us both in our 40’s, when we’re out with our kids she gets eyebanged left and right by guys, and I get the stinkeye from their wives and other bloated American hambeasts and the odd attaboy from the husbands. In the meanwhile, though, having grown up in the 3rd world, my wife was smart enough to know to prolong her attractiveness through diet and exercise, but also to invest in our marriage to prepare for the day when the wall looms… which is admittedly coming soon, but mission accomplished; she’s actually worth keeping.

        10. > they start trying, and it’s funny as hell to watch their attempts.
          So I recently got a “isn’t it a miracle that we happened to meet?”
          Poor, poor attempt at game. Not working on me, post-Wall woman.

        11. I ran into my ex today who I haven’t been involved with for over a year now. We caught up a little bit and she is hitting 25 now.
          She explicitly stated that she realized that she can’t bank on being treated like a cute little girl for much longer. She was clearly aware of the wall.
          I had two simultaneous reactions. (1) Sadness/sympathy/pity for her lost beauty. I felt guilt for taking 4 of her early 20s years from her. and (2) A sweet sense of retribution for the fact that she cheated on me with my friend and later tried to destroy my career and social life.
          The whole thing is tragic. In me, she would have had a loyal friend. For life.

        12. I”ll ask the same question to you, when you were younger, under the age of 25. Would you have got married to a high value girl of the same age? Or would you have waited until you were older? I am 28 and most guys my age and younger do not want to settle down, so the girls think why not just ignore the betas and go for the alphas? All they both wanna do is just fuck me anyway. it’s a no win situation from my experience. The only win seems to be that you as a female go for older guys who are ready to settle down! If you as a young beta would of settled down pretty quickly under the age of 25 then fair enough moan and complain all you want. In my experience most western men do not want a ltr before 25. Whethr they are beta or alpha. so do they just expect the women to stay around being virgins? I do feel that girls should be a bit more sexyslly free with the betas when they were younger, he’ll I think everyone needs to bit more giving I mean if we are all responsible then why not? If everyone accepts that they not looking for a ltr under the age of 25 then why the hell are you girls being so picky? Give the betas some love to. Perhaps that will stop them from being so God damn bitter in forums such as these! I certainly slept
          around with all kinds of guys. Think what you want of me. But I developed and moved on my mindset, it’s time you lot did to. Perhaps you should teach your sons to settle down a little earlier, at least you’ll be part of the solution. If you plan on staying single and having casual sex, stop being so bitter about the high value females you didnt get when you just wanted to a bust a nut like everyone else!!!!!!
          Females have the blessing/ burden of motherhood. And for the complaints about western womens attitude, I understand it sucks but be part of the solution and stop complaining…ok ?

        13. “Then reality sets in and before you know it they’re acting like Oliver Twist asking for some more porridge- sorry bitch; kitchen’s closed.”
          You made me laugh!

        14. Do not pity her, she does not, and will not, pity you.
          Women never forget and always hate.

        15. When I was on an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru, most women I’d see on their spiritual journeys would be starting around 25.
          There, I was on a boat tour with one woman on her journey who must’ve been around 50 years old and another very hot French girl around 25-30. We passed another big boat full of people and the girls both waved at them. The 50 year old said: “The guys on the boat want me.” The 25 year old answered “Yeah, me too.” I heard a note of skepticism in the younger one’s voice and some kind of denial in the older one’s. It may have been imagined.
          I felt guilty for the disgust that came up in me. Probably, I was disgusted by the lies that I tell to myself and others some days. Was this how people see me? Like a delusional idiot who thinks he can fool us? Gave me quite some motivation to be more honest with myself.

    4. How does the wall affects gay men? what role gay men fit in? a gay men who likes to be dominated (like the women ) will have his value diminished as well? eh?

        1. Dude GTFO! This site is for straight men. Last thing we need is gay dude asking bitch advice on ROK…

      1. 1. not all gays like to be dominated. Like in every relationship between living animals ever, there is also a “top” and a “bottom” in their relationships.
        2. gay men are men too, which means they age like men do – far better than women.

      2. What about “bug chasing”… do these gay dudes have a Rationalization Hamster runnin’ wild or are they just F-ed up?

    5. But why or why were these women so arrogant to begin with ? Did men not contribute to this arrogance with their constant worship fo the ground these women walked on ? Maybe if men weren’t so supplicant then these women would not be so arrogant. Sorry, but had to be devil’s advocate here.

      1. “Did men not contribute to this arrogance with their constant worship fo the ground these women walked on ?”
        Yep, men have certainly boosted their ego’s. However, that’s still no excuse to act like an insufferable little shit all the time. The only reason they could give for their attitude is, “because I can.” Well, is that a good reason to justify anything? You could ask Ted Bundy why he became a serial killer- perhaps he would tell you “because I could”. That shit doesn’t fly dude. Most people know how to treat other human beings- they make a conscious choice to be that way, and it’s an unacceptable choice by any measure.
        “Maybe if men weren’t so supplicant then these women would not be so arrogant.”
        No disagreement, but once again, the question is why? Why behave that way? Simple- they’re bitches. They get off on treating men poorly- and if asked for an explanation for that behavior- they couldn’t give you a good one.

      2. Most men are supplicant because they want sex and don’t know how to get it otherwise. Young women have power over them and can take advantage of them or not.
        Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I can’t pity women who lack ethics when they hit the wall.

    6. “It’s quite satisfying to know they’re on borrowed time.” Thats hitting the nail on the fucking head. It’s like ‘Oh, you get everything from 15-30. Men kiss your ass, buy you drinks, you get out of speeding tickets, and the world is your oyster. But there is a reckoning, and most know it in their hearts and they DREAD it- which is why virtually no woman even today is heard to say something like: I never want to get married and have kids…but plenty of men do. The truth is in 2014 they benefit a LOT more from the arrangement then we do. In the old days it was a fair trade, but not today. Today a woman who is/would be a truly good wife are as rare as fucking gold.

    7. what to do with the growing disease of these women, even young ones, strutting about looking down at everyone with this expression on their face like they have a bad smell under their noses….. perhaps they can smell the stink of their own cum filled snatches ?

      1. It’s all a facade, they can be broken down pretty easily. I call those types the “cloud sniffers”- they’re so far up their own asses that they can’t see their iPhones because of the shit in their eyes. The solution is simple- treat’em like they’re lower than shark dung laying in the bottom of the bay. It’s rarely worth the trouble because they’re far too self absorbed to be any good in bed- they think they fuck like pornstars, but they certainly don’t. Actually, they think they do everything really well- hence the superiority complex; it’s all just masked insecurity though. Constantly implying that the only thing they having going for them is their ability to fog a mirror strikes the insecurity chord pretty well. Cons far outweigh the pros though and I don’t even bother with them at this point in my life.

    8. Watching the hit-the-wallers in action is pretty funny in its own right. They buy slacks a size tighter, buy heels an inch higher, curl their hair, cover their stench with expensive perfume – so they can still continue to act like arrogant cunts even into their old age lol

    9. Exactly… like when my Ex found the guy she’d liked better was cheating around on her when I didn’t do that– hey, that’s what you wanted more!

    10. That pride glowing from their faces is merely a outward manifestation of their insecurity. Women fear and are intimidated by us, both by our physical superiority and general confidence. Consider what the world must look like when 50% of human beings can bully you verbally and physically with impunity. A woman really can’t tell a man nothing. As such it is a minor victory, a slight balancing of the scales, when at one of your few vulnerable moments, she can exult in belittling you. But only a small minded person feels pleasure at meaningless victories.

    11. Yep, and that’s exactly why shows like Sex in the City had to come out…because the days are numbered (and most women know it). They needed something (that show) to cling to their party days of their 20s (the good old days). But, sorry, time always ticks on…and females will age (not as well as men). It’s sad to see these older women (who once could have most any man) get ignored while trying to use those ‘same old tactics’ (sorry, honey…you’re old).
      The heartbreak will last for a short term but in time you’ll be better off. Self improvement is always the way to go to heal…and then move along to a new little tart.

    12. When you were younger under the age of 25 and you found the right ten out ten girl, would you have married her?

    1. Not really, he admits it feels good to think “she will/did hit the wall”, he just advises not to stall on it and to move on quickly.

  5. Because by a wide margin they are a collection of incorrigible cunts that have no respect for anything. Including themselves.

  6. Nobody is rooting for women to hit the wall.
    But discussing the wall and who is about to hit it serves at least three functions that are positive.
    1. Reminding men of the wall is part of the cure for Oneitis.
    2. Discussing the wall publicly is an important counterweight to the “Fabulous over 40,” Frankfurt school propaganda that pollutes checkout aisle tabloids and the E! network. The message sent to women is “you will look fab even when you age, so keep slutting forever cause there are no consequences.
    3. Calling attention to the pre wall, wall, or post wall states of women is important in understanding the meaning of what they say or write. You literally cannot understand her unless you understand what state she’s in.

    1. True. Post and pre wall women are completely different people. If you chat with some women online one has to ask “hey, before I can understand you..are you pre or post wall ?”

      1. Example.
        22 years old: “Where have all the good men gone?”
        Answer: they went to the after party.
        32 years old: “Where have all the good men gone?”
        Answer: you left them behind in your twenties. They… Are….Gone… And, even while you are trying to elicit sympathy from me now, if you don’t seriously change your life outlook, you are very close to missing out on the 2nd tier of men. Miss out on them and deal with the dregs of men or being a cat lady.

        1. “Miss out on them and deal with the dregs of men?”
          What are the dregs of men? The single older guys are the red-pill guys, right? Who are the dregs?

      2. Haha, those online profiles say it all…
        Pre-wall: Nothing serious, just want to have fun and see how it goes, strong independent woman blah blah blah.
        Post-wall: (Using old pics) I am a one man woman, I am not looking for just “sex”, I have x kids/cats/dogs which are my life and looking for a committed relationship.

        1. And they always say “if you can’t handle me and my son” as if YOU are the one with the problem for wanting to make your own kids instead of raising someone else’s… LOL. Like “Yeah… you’re gonna be online a while babe”

        2. Yeah they always phrase it like it’s some goddamn challenge ! Why the fuck would I need my girl to be a “challenge” ?

  7. You can’t root for women to hit the wall any more than you can root for the sun to rise tomorrow.

  8. Look, I don’t spend my time rooting for it, but I enjoy it. The same way I enjoy a guy I don’t like getting his comeuppance.
    And in this messed up world, one should enjoy people getting the happiness they deserve.
    This is just the flip side of my lack of sympathy for any pussy beggar dumb enough to get married. They’ve been warned, the evidence is there in front of them and they still go and do it.
    Just as I enjoy the marriage rate plummeting and the cries of “where are the good men?”

  9. Saw a tired old bunch of them a couple of days ago. They were sitting in cafe, loudly gossiping about everyone and everything.. In walks a nice fit young man, and you watch the trout pout lips pucker and backs straighten to show off the fake tits. Not once did he glance in their direction. The looks of disappointment on their over botoxed faces was priceless. I could see the ego’s deflating right before my eyes.. I’m sure the insecurity and rejection, was going to send them back for some more even ridiculous looking enhancements. Too bad they waste money on something that gets them sneers and snickers for looking more and more like an alien. Worse part, they think they look young and beautiful. That’s just how delusional and ego driven these old slags are. They seriously think a young fit 25 year old is going to want to stick it into a used up, clapped out, 45 year old poon ??. A 50 year old man wouldn’t even want to go there.

    1. This is too common. I love having a pretty, thin woman at my side when I go by them. Cafe setting is not as sad as seeing them gather in an expensive restaurant, knowing that only their friends will take them there.

      1. It’s also fun to walk by a group of them with a confused/disgusted glare, then shake my head noticeably and laugh loud enough for them to hear it (maybe moaning “wow” while I laugh).
        Sometimes, I literally stop dead (shoes might squeak from the quick stop), drop my jaw as far as it goes and stare at them with shocked eyes and raised eyebrows (it will interrupt their aimless cackling for a moment, but it works, because I want them to see me stunned at what I am witnessing). I enjoy toying with the brittle dynamics there. Makes my trip to the supermarket/coffee shop worth while in the end.

  10. Don’t forget that women only need to be healthy, thin and young to hit their ACTUAL prime max SMV. A women only needs to breath (i.e. not dead) and have a so-so body (i.e. not fat) at 22-28.
    Men (besides natural Alphas or those born into money) need to: learn game, get ripped, ingest the Red Pill, work/start a business, make money, get experience, travel, approach, plan logistics, invest time and money and so on, so they may be able to achieve their THEROREICAL max prime SMV at 32-38.
    Women just need to BE. Men need to ACHIEVE.
    The advantage for SOME men is that they can exploit their prime SMV at mature age, and ir could be said that men hit the Wall at 65+. My divorced uncle is 54 and is quite lucky with the 35-39 women group. He doesn’t date women over 40.
    Women, on the other hand, start their decline at 26-32, hit the Wall fully at 35-38 and then, it becomes inevitable.
    Exceptions: women/men born so ugly there is no way they can ever be over a 4. People born or suffering from injuries/dissabilities.

    1. “Women just need to BE”
      Let me correct that for you
      Women just need to BE THIN
      That is all.

    2. Yes they need just to be to “achieve” that someone puts his dick inside. But they need more than that for a man to invest in them. Of course there’s the legions of of beta providers who would provide for anything that moves..
      But to get the George Clooney millionaire they all dream about, they need more than just being. Of course, what they need isnt much compared to what a man need.

    3. >>Men ……….. may be able to achieve their THEROREICAL max
      prime SMV at 32-38.<<
      More like 25 – 80+.

  11. The problem applies to much of the manosphere rantings… if it acts soley as a counter to feminism, then it is simply the other side of the feminist coin… for the same reason we find many feminists are angry trolls, it’s too easy for a man finding redpill to become an angry troll…..
    Pink Floyd btw. produced some of the most inciting and well thought out conceptual art / music of the 20th century which is of course why they sold hundreds of millions of records… more than the beatles or stones….
    Brick in the Wall relates to his father getting killed in the war, and him growing up without a father – which is of course a huge red pill problem, that was started more by accident rather than design after 1945 when the war ended….. and quickly became increasingly socially acceptable….

    1. I think you mean “insightful” rather than inciting. Not trying to be a jerk but as a fellow P.F. fan I want you to effectively get your point across. Now, Atom Heart Mother – THERE was a concept album, eh?

  12. “Why do we root for women to hit the wall?”
    Well, for me, the answer is that I know that that is the only way they will be shorn of their delusions and finally come to know the truth. Like the drug addict that has to hit bottom first before embarking on the road to recovery, some women have to hit the Wall to have any hope of becoming a better or decent human being.

    1. A bit like the riddle of steel mentioned in the Conan post yesterday.
      Problem is, once the wall has been hit, it’s too late. She can’t turn the clock back. And it’s not like their dried up uterus has any value… so their worth is practically none to men. Sad.

  13. It’s fun to go to your high school reunion and see the formerly uppity bitches and most of their high school boyfriends looking like shit. That is especially fun if you took care of yourself. They look over at you with envy and a look of bewilderment. Their youthful instincts to ignore you hold for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, they realize that actually you are ignoring them, simply because you are more interested in catching up with some male high school friends and your radar for chicks is totally turned off. Like, why would you have your chick radar turned on at a nursing home (excluding the nurses, of course)? As they realize this, they are drawn to you. Naturally, you have no reason to bother talking to them much, because in addition to being old and ugly and usually fat, they simply are not interesting enough for you to extend more than just a few pleasantries.
    I also have to admit that I enjoy fucking with women that are just a year or two post wall and confused by it all. I don’t spend a lot of time on that, but when the occasion arises, it’s good for some amusement.
    However, to be frank, I wish there were no such wall. I wish that women just went through a series of transitions to other forms beauty, which left them desirable until the age of 60. I mean, why the fuck would you prefer that all of us are stuck chasing a narrow age group of women for sex? It sucks, frankly. The only way out is to expand the numbers being going to foreign lands (not saying that is not enjoyable).
    True, it is reality that women lose their beauty once they hit the wall. Then, they lose even more beauty until they become just plain ugly. The women that can still look sexy post 35 are incredibly few and far between. Post 40 sexy women are like finding diamonds in garbage dumps. But this is not a fact that I enjoy.
    Actually, all the talk of the wall and all of the posts on ROK – in my view – are well intentioned. We are trying to tell young women the realities of life, because their feminist older sisters are filling them with fantasy bull shit. We are trying to tell them, in a variety of ways, that their best option is to improve themselves as women, to take care of themselves, to focus on their femininity, and preserve their vaginas for one man and marriage. And to those that did that much, we are telling them that their best available path in life is to be a good wife to their dedicated man, because doing otherwise will leave them dumped, alone, and useless to any worthwhile man. I don’t know if any women are listening, but our intentions are good.

    1. On that nursing home bit: nursing homes are like permanent orgies, old people are banging all the time, all the time. The STI rates in nursing homes are skyrocketing right now, so much fucking is going on. It’s a true poosy paradise for these old dudes, because the ratio of women to men is overwhelmingly in the man’s favour.
      Don’t knock nursing home game, my friend. I’ll share a little story when I have more time to write. About a time I went to visit a relative, and had eyes opened wider than I would have liked on the subject.

      1. Yeah, that’s not going to happen in my world. While the old buggers who were dumb enough to go through life without building significant wealth are banging women their own age, my suite will be a revolving door of blue chip quality escorts.

      2. My grandfather, still ambulatory, drove and lived in his own house in his 90s, got mad action after grandma died… life expectancy for my age cohort’s only 72, so there we very few in his left.

    2. Unfortunately, they lose their beauty long before they hit the wall.
      Beautiful outside, but ugly inside.

    3. It will be a lot easier to preserve the vagina for one man if all mens equipment and skill level are roughly the same. Men are lucky that vaginas have less variation. Some are tighter or looser but I never heard of a man who didn’t enjoy having sex with an attractive woman because her equipment didn’t feel right.
      I can’t see myself committing to a man without test driving him in bed. I wish I can to make life easier but biology gets in the way.

      1. “I can’t see myself committing to a man without test driving him in bed.”
        And that, my dear, is why you’re not worthy of committment.

      2. “…but I never heard of a man who didn’t enjoy having sex with an attractive woman because her equipment didn’t feel right.”
        Because honest discussion of a woman’s physical inadequacies is wholly taboo in our society. Occasionally, players will discuss this stuff with other players in private, but try broaching the subject of Sally McSnagglepuss’s unique bouquet or Lucreita Spelunkovitch’s gaping maw in public… and it’s open season for endless recriminations from women and thirsty, sex starved White Knights.
        I have personally nexted two otherwise attractive girls with unfortunately loose cunts. One clearly had past lovers complain and, to compensate, developed kegel muscles of steel. She was very proud of her pussy control… but, regretfully, had failed to develop any finesse. Slip and slide sex punctuated by death grip, baloon-animal squeezing and dick-crushing orgasms lost its appeal really fast. Didn’t say anthing to her, just quietly moved on. Why bother dealing with the inevitable meltdown?
        The bigger problem for men is poor hygiene and girls just plain not taking care of their bodies. There’s an awful lot of stank snatch out there. Some of it is disease and poor diet and lifestyle, I’m sure, but I think there’s a lot of people who just aren’t genetically compatible for mating. They’ll always smell bad to each other, no matter how clean.
        But you really think I’m going to bother telling some chick her cooch stinks? And deal with the resulting bullshit? No fucking way. Not invested enough to bother. Next!

        1. Thanks catch and release!
          It’s nice to know that men do come across these problems in bed as well.

        2. Abuse of kegel muscles=cock death. I was with a girl years ago that almost put me off sex for life. I suspect that some of them do it on purpose though just to get sex over with as quickly as possible.

      3. That’s not true. Women have varying levels of tightness based on age, genetics, and number of vaginal births. And when aroused it naturally loosens up more than normal to prepare for sex.
        I agree with not being able to settle down with a man without knowing if he’s good in bed. It’s not everything but it is a very important part of the relationship. Women are sexual creatures just as much as men are.

        1. Wasnt there an old song that went something like :
          Its not the meat.. its the motion
          Any bitch complaining about size has been with too many bruthas..
          and once they done black, we wont take ya back.

  14. Must have heard that a couple hundred times and never thought to interpret it that way. Thought provoking. This can be true as he may have been stating from man and woman’s perspective “we’re all just bricks in the wall”

    1. The Wall explores abandonment and isolation, symbolised by a metaphorical wall. The songs create an approximate storyline of events in the life of the protagonist, Pink, a character based on Waters, whose father was killed during the Second World War, and former band member Syd Barrett. Pink is oppressed by his overprotective mother, and tormented at school by tyrannical, abusive teachers. All of these traumas become metaphorical “bricks in the wall”. The protagonist eventually becomes a rock star, his relationships marred by infidelity, drug use, and outbursts of violence. As his marriage crumbles, he finishes building his wall, completing his isolation from human contact.
      It is not about women hitting a sexual attractiveness-wall, as should be apparent to anyone who has listened to the song and the concept album. It has been a favourite of mine, and I’ve listened to it since I was a small child. It is much more social criticism, much less superficialities.

        1. Pink Floyd’s awesome ~ I cannot take credit for the info though, it is mostly from wikipedia as I have a fever and is less than articulate at the moment. 🙂

  15. “The Wall” could likely be moved back another 10-15 years if they didn’t demand to have children. I find some older women quite attractive. It happens. But because they’re looking for children as payment of their time, they overprice themselves repeatedly. What they have to offer, in terms of fertility in their 30’s, versus what’s required of me just doesn’t make sense. Why bet on a dying horse? It seems like it would be wise of the feminist movement to adopt childless conditions if they want to remain sexually viable.
    I have no problem with women hitting the “wall.” They’ve pillaged my youth. Can’t say I feel too bad about confidently strutting into my 30’s while they agonize in the slow sunset of their sexuality.

  16. It seems to me that women have some kind of mental contract with each other, old and young. The young women hold out of serious commitment during their youth, so that the older women, who now are “ready”, still have a chance.
    Then, when the young women hits the wall, someone will be ready to pick them up. It’s their payment for upholding their end of the bargain. That’s why, going overseas to find young women is not only shamed, but also sends the womyn into a full scale panic. Because that ruins the whole deal and the women hitting the wall might not find anyone there waiting to save them.

    1. “when the young women hits the wall, someone will be ready to pick them up. ”
      Well, that someone is rarely first choice, those women have to take what’s left.

      1. Oh but there will be plenty. All the men from their youth who, because of them, never settled down as well. And since they have no option, since the young ones will avoid them (to honor the “contract”) they have choice. Besides, most are blue pillers and think this is the way it’s supposed to be.

      2. The question is, “Will the men who are “what’s left” actually want “those women”?” — there will always be a certain amount of stupid mangina schlubbs and White Knights, but TRP is getting around faster all the time. And the more the feminazis try to double-down on the misandric laws and shaming, the faster TRP will get around.
        We older MGTOW don’t have to ‘recruit’ any men of the younger generations into our ranks; the feminazis and their toxic “useful idiots” are doing all of our ‘recruiting’ for us, just by being their hate-filled, sociopathic selves.

  17. The beauty of the wall is…you don’t have to tell women about it. They instinctively know it.
    I was spending some time with my family the past weekend, and all talk turned to my cousin, Mitch. He’s 33 and everyone’s wondering when he’s going to settle down. His girlfriend has been on-and-off for 5 years. His sister was giving me the update and she said, “That’s the cruelest thing to do to a girl; keep them around for years and then not propose. What is she supposed to do if he doesn’t propose?” My cousin is 35, by the way. Fit, cute, tan, never rode the carousel. But even she knows at 35, she can’t demand the things she could if she was 25.

    1. They tend to see the wall more clearly when they’re talking about someone else. When they’re thinking about themselves, the ego-protection mecanism goes off.

      1. Which is what I found so funny. She’s 35, talking about a 33 year old and how much HE’s squandering his potential?

  18. Not all men appreciate with age. Judging by the articles/comments, a lot of you are young-middle aged white males who are struggling to adapt and adjust to the 21 century world. Times are not as easy for you types, just like everyone else… unless you’re a legacy at an Ivy- which most of you probably aren’t. The group with the #1 suicide rate in the US is that of the middle aged white male; the disillusionment and disappointment of not reaching the lofty goals he planned are enough to off himself. I understand the mission of RoK and often agree with many points made here (albeit the rape stuff); yours is an attempt to restore your white masculine legacy. However, The Wall is a serious reality for you menfolk on here. Many of you may already be of average or below average attractive level (Facial features that are 6 or below, being short- 5’9 and below… acne, having a member of vienna sausage size, endomorphic and undefined non-muscular body types, bad breath/yellow teeth, etc) and are highly subject to not only increasing financial instability/ruin but lack of aesthetic appeal, also. I think it just comes down to keeping it real with yourself, realism and just being a decent, respectful person…we can all co-sign that. Now let me go fetch you some water as you swallow that red pill.

    1. “…and just being a decent, respectful person…”
      Or in other words, a beta bitch. Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit “advice.” Respect is earned, not given.

        1. You’re a piece of shit that no one on here agrees with. How about you swallow a red pill of your own and accept the fact you’re both an idiot and a failure. Good day.

        2. White flags? No problem. Not like you included ‘Good day’ in your original response, lol. Suck real slow on that red pill.

        3. Lol. You don’t fuck real good, if at all… with that microscopic wang.
          I said good day, sir though!

        4. And at least we all know you’re a loser who will spend his evening jerking it to “I Touch Myself”. This was fun. Good night, wannabes.

    2. Hence the advice I and others endorse: get it shape, dress better, and get your inner weaknesses ironed out.
      One does not have to be necessarily resigned to hitting “the wall” as man so hard.
      Unfortunatley, simply being a decent, respectful person isn’t enough. How is that red pill to say that it is?

        1. Yes men have a wall..but it’s artificial created by feminism. Since women hit a wall at 35, feminists society figured, so should men, in the name of equality.
          When in fact, most men hit their prime +35, but society has told him he is washed up at that point.

        2. Unless you’re Alec Baldwin or some other giant douchebag who can *afford* to be a douchebag (which as some of you may try to be, but sadly can’t) …you’re gonna peak. Look at Jay Leno, removed from his slot when he was still going strong only to be removed (twice) and replaced (twice) by his younger competition- Conan O’brien, then Jimmy Fallon. I mean, that is what a man’s Mid-Life crisis is about…his realization that he’s no longer young, or as attractive and unable to capitalize on said youth.

        3. Yeah and Alec Baldwin still wets vaginas by his mere presence. You think any female actor that age raises dicks ? I think not.
          So that means, mans does not hit a sexual wall.
          Now swallow THAT red pill. I bet you are a massive wall victim yourself.

        4. Who’s pussy he gets wet? Um, none. He’s a lunatic. You wish I was a wall victim lol. You mad cuz you’re at your wall? Shit you’ve probably been at a wall since puberty with your cocktail weiner size dick that you tuck under. I’m 24 and use my feminine power wisely.

        5. Are you seriously going to aruge theres no difference between male and female wall ?
          Sure, society can tell us that we’re finished at 40, same as women.
          But reality is, we can still marry young women, start a family etc.
          Same cannot be said about women.

        6. Are u KIDDING me ? everywhere that man goes there will be groupies following him around. You can say what you want, if you saw him you would come.

        7. Feminine power ? what is that ? looking at your iphone ? I never see any women with any other power in whats between her legs. Granted, that has power. But thats fucking it. Swallow that red pill bitch.

        8. Why you on the man’s dick though? Cuz you don’t have one of your own; I know and I am sorry for you. Get that bullshit outta here with your weak game, poser.

        9. Well you’re a black woman. We all know about black women and dicks. Thank you tommy sotomayor 🙂 Hair hatted hooligan, makin a fool again 🙂

        10. Wouldnt you like to know. Lol. Here you are back again, tryin to get a lil taste of that white vanilla huh?
          Keep dreaming sistah.
          You are definitely NOT in our league.
          Nobody here interested in what u got.

        11. LOL. Like I said, as if I would be interested in your sour milk smell. Don’t you know that vanilla is boring. Just like you. Keep on, peckerwood. I’m way out of your league.

        12. Pretty much. Only thing she’s probably got is HPV, at least an 80% chance by the time she’s 50 :3

        13. See dear, there it is again. Crazy, cock obsessed animals, just like we all know you are.

        14. Ha! You wish. I’m too selective and careful with my health, unlike the embarassing whoreslut who’s smutting it up in college right now, and soon you’ll be calling her ‘wife’.

      1. Also, getting in shape is a matter of YEARS for men- it can be too late for some. A lot of you men on here are already shaky with your confidence (exhibit A: 2 below) so ironing out certain insecurities could also take a long time as many of them have been brewing for a couple years now…and may never get it right.

        1. I suppose that’s balanced by not White people living in the suburbs instead of Ghetto’s, having stable jobs and having more access to woman generally by avoiding being jailed.
          All of us have to make the best of what we have.
          I imagine though any Black man who has a steady job, gets out of the ‘hood’ and keeps out of trouble with the law will have a comparatively higher value to Black woman, then a White man has with a White woman for doing the exact same thing.

        2. Or maybe it’s balanced because you hang out in the harsh UV-radiating sun too long with your non-melenized skin, sniff too much coke, smoke too many cigarettes and your entire racial group turn into the Crypt Keeper by 25?
          Gotta make the best of what we have.

        3. Well, there are exceptions to consider on both the male and female sides, of course. The same way some women age slower or better, some men who have different body types (particularly Mesomorph) can adapt very easily to a fitness/strength-training regimen.

    3. Although you are probably trolling, you make a valid point.
      Both men and women who are 4 or lower really do not have much use for game. Same with people with disabilities. That sucks, but it’s reality.
      If someone is born extremely ugly, or disabled or has some other extreme handicap, they aren’t really facing a wall like you describe.
      No man faces the wall in the same way women do.

      1. No man? Well, only up to 5% of the men on Earth are truly Alpha. So by rough statistics- almost all, if not all of you here and beyond are subject to this wall, or “peaking” like women.

        1. My hairline started receding at 22, yet in my early 30s i had the most attention from women i ever had. Go figure.
          hair is only part of a man’s appearance. Some women place more importance on it than others.

        2. Maybe its cuz you had the right bank roll. Do you still get chicks? If you did, idk if you’d be on this site. Appearance is only part of the package in both gender’s instances. It comes down to if you look like $$ or not.

        3. This site is pure comedy. I know married guys that visit this site on a regular basis. Yes i still get ‘chicks’, but obviously less than i used to because i’m in my mid 30’s and the selection pool isn’t what it used to be. I can still attract younger women, but it’s not easy to get women under 25.
          I don’t have the ‘right’ bank roll. and men generally don’t care about a woman’s money.

        4. If you can’t get women as easily or the ones under 25 or in their ‘prime’ as defined by RoK then your game is weak.

        5. Not it isn’t the same because the dating pool shrinks for women for different reasons. i.e it’s not just about numbers. For men it’s simply a numbers game. The older you get, the harder it is to attract people, period. There are just less single people around.
          My game isn’t very sufficient to attract the under 20 crowd no, but i hardly try admittedly, and i’m not surrounded by women that age anymore. However, i did pick two girls up that age last year. One of them lost interest when she found out my age. So even if you bridge the ‘looks gap’, the age gap is often a factor.

      2. Even if he’s a troll, let’s address his point in a bigger sense. We have to think about the world around us. If we don’t see that people who act badly get some karma at some point, it undermines our own sense of reason for why we should, quote, “being a decent, respectful person”. If people who are jerks get ahead with the attitude, why not be a jerk?
        This also ties into the point he makes about the modern white male bashing in American culture. Let’s turn this around: the white male bashing would almost be worth it if at least the other groups improved themselves and American culture. Is the economy doing better after pushing white men down? Is the culture improving with how people treat each other? We can talk about sunshine and rainbows all we like but the red pill means first and foremost accepting the world for how it is and then either leading it into a better direction or using the situation for self preservation and benefit.
        Ironically, white males are still largely in charge. Obama doesn’t hang around in Harlem, he goes to Martha’s Vineyard. He’s about as authentically black as Tiger Woods.

        1. Lol. Well let’s go further with sheKielbasa’s argument. Obama comes to Harlem once a year; Red Rooster on 127th and Lenox. He also married a Black woman, so he’s way Blacker than Tiger ‘Caliblanasian’ Woods. And if white malehood wasn’t threatened/endangered…sites like Return of Kings wouldn’t even exist.

        2. Of course its dangered. The other races reproduce like rabbits while white people have 1-2 kids per couple, max.
          And why ? because of slutty whores who delay motherhood well into their post wall days, if ever.
          So basically, white people are being eradicated by white women who do not fulfill their role as women anymore.
          On the White People gravestone it shall be written: Killed by the Cock Carousel.

        3. Well, I’m not a white woman (praise God) that’s not my issue. With what I read above and throughout my examination of the young male mind/PUA zeitgeist …I strategize in my favor.

        4. To try to get a high value black man that doesnt want nuthin to do with yo nasty nigress poo-nanny? LOL.
          Good luck wit dat.

        5. My poonany is pretty and tight. And I’m a high value West Indian girl…that’s why you’re slopping my juices now. That’s why all your loser asses are on here trying to conquer and overcome the power women have over you. I mean life has cheated you and deluded you, right? Pity the dickless. Shove your shit back in. I could spot all of you sour milk smelling fags in the crowd. Cowabunga, dude!

        6. Honestly bitch, I highly doubt any of us here on RoK would be interested in your “high value West Indian girl” product.
          And I find it amusing that you think you can envision our looks and careers. I am pretty sure you would not be in our league; Mentally, physically or financially. But Im sure you can always find some broke-ass niggah that will stick it in ya.
          So keep the faith sistah!

        7. LOL. You mad, too? Wild manginas around here. Does your little peener look like a pig in a blanket when you tuck it in? I can tell who and what you are and even what you look like/profile just by how incensed you get. That’s why this site exists. A bunch of weak betas…who will stay betas but still try to come up in an environment that is against you and everything you believe in.

        1. Try getting lost in some pussy. Lose your virginity at the ripe age of 27. Maybe you’ll feel better.

    4. True–but a large amount due appreciate with age while a very small amount of females do. And while a lot of men don’t appreciate in value, a huge number is by choice. One of my best friends is single and still making 40k a year at 32 and has for the last 7 years because he doesn’t care enough to play the game and enjoys life as he has it, despite the fact that most of his male friends are making 70-200k/year now. And while not every man will be attractive, most can at least make an honest attempt to find success in other avenues of life (work, investments, hobbies, etc) and fill fairly fulfilled. Maybe that is true for some women as well but probably not as many. I can’t even get my own wife of nearly 8 years to stop worrying about her looks to impress mostly other women.

      1. What’s a large amount? It’s not all that many. Most if not all of you here are average or just below. Why do the men here always bring examples from other men but never use themselves as a circumstance? That sounds wild beta to me. I said before, only up to 5% of the men in the world are alpha.

        1. I think you grossly underestimate it. I didn’t bring myself up because I’m pretty common among my friends. I was a slightly above average dude in HS but now that I’m making ~200k/year in a cheap state (NC) at 32 years old, if I wanted to I could get more ass than I could handle. Fortunately for me, I found a woman I trust that I’ve been married to for 8 years and she was certainly above my grade the time (and she married me when I made 35k/year) and I have no desire to mess around. If I was going to devote more time to the “game”, it would be moving from director level to the C-suite.
          What’s a large amount? 30-40% find reward in work, investments, or hobbies vs probably <5% for women. Believe me, I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

        2. I don’t underestimate it I am saying that men peak, too. See: Jios’ above. Guys are in a rat race b/c most (read: all) of you are not alpha or rich… so you too, must attain the best quality girl you can find in your 20’s b/c your dating pool quality decreases after that.

        3. After factoring in a 50% divorce rate in America, and the fact that it’s actually pretty common for a 35 year old man to marry a 25 year old women (or 40 & upper 20s–know quite a few that have done this; I know one guy who is 63, upper middle class and still looks sharp for an older guy who has been dating mid 20s for the last 5 years, with one steady for the last 3 of them), I don’t believe you are correct. And like I said, a middle aged man is far more likely to find a satisfying reward outside of a marriage/relationship than a woman is.

        4. “Most if not all of you here are average or just below”.
          States the low-value hoodrat beastie.
          Comes back the next day to comment again.
          Beastie must really want some white dick. Lol.

        5. Yeah you are spot on. I like how they use the “money” argument too. How many 50 year old women do you see with 30 year old hubbies?
          If you did ever see a couple like that I would be pretty sure she had a lot of money. There are not any 30 year old dudes gonna hit that unless their is some serious cash behind it. Lol.

        6. ^^ Says the poor, white trailer trash. Lol. Why do you think I want any one of you though? Non-existent baby dick is not cute. Delusional.

        7. But you (And the male readers on this site) are not upper middle class! Let’s deal within the realm of YOU and RoK readers.

        8. You asked for proof..not sure what you want me to do? I have a big house in an upper middle/lower upper class neighborhood. You can see my name on the deed if you search the county website. Not like I’m going to email you my w2 or tax returns.

  19. Thing is. When I get mistreated (say by a hot girl), I feel those bitter feelings. However those feelings immediately disappear once I see one of these people down on their luck. I then genuinely have love for them (doesn’t mean I will commit or anything idiotic like that).
    I am 24 soon to be 25. Took up dancing lessons on the recommendation of ROK and particularly Elmer. I notice a lot of attractive girls in their late 20s and early 30s who have the look of desperation in their eyes. You can also tell they were once Ms Popular. No hatred, just love… but also no commitment.
    A man can have empathy for a woman who has hit the wall because he knew what it was like to be nothing in the sexual market place (when he was 15-23). I woman in her prime has no such empathy. And it isn’t like she can be in her 30s and hop into a time machine and tell her younger self to treat guys with respect.
    Just some thoughts.

    1. I was pretty damn ugly when I was a teenager so I get it. I had a freaking bowl cut. All the guys I had crushes on thought I was creepy. As long as you’re not “hot” it doesn’t matter what age or sex you are, people will react to you in disgust. The wall exists only for attractive people. So I’m actually kind of glad that there is a wall for me to hit, because I was afraid that nobody would ever find me attractive when I was younger.

        1. Married housewife now. Now I get to stay at home and NEET while hubby goes to work. Eat your bitter little heart out, LOL.

        2. My heart is never bitter,I just think and act logical,I guess in today’s fake world I might seem as you say.

    1. Jeezus PeterAndrewNolan, shut the fuck up with your OT shit. You lonely or something? Go find someone who cares.

      1. “Go find someone who cares.”
        Well if you don’t care that there is a plan to kill off 90% of the people in the US that’s fine by me. Hope you are one of them.

  20. I think RoK definitely needed this article. There’s a lot of downright hatred on this site, but at the end of the day most of us want love just as much as we want respect. I’ve had two girlfriends who were significant in my life, one of which turned out to be slutty and the other wasn’t slutty at all when I met her but decided she would rather sleep with random dudes than stick with me. I was mad when it happened (who wouldn’t be), but now I’m just sad for them. Two beautiful girls who are both smart and amazing in their own ways, and yet they would rather piss away their youth and end up with losers when they finally settle down in their 30s. The not-slutty girl’s dad left her mom after 30 years of marriage — because he was in the closet and actually gay the whole time they were married. Imagine how shitty that would feel, knowing that your entire love life for the past 30 years was a lie, and yet that that girl never learned from her mom’s mistakes. She’s going to party away her 20s and marry the first guy with money who will take her in her mid 30s, just like her mom did when she ended up with a closeted gay guy.
    I don’t want either of them to be hurt. I care about both of them a lot and hope they learn from their mistakes. But quite frankly, I don’t think they ever will. The best articles I’ve read about masculinity (on here and elsewhere) are the ones that teach me how to deal with that reality and improve myself so I don’t fall for girls like that.

    1. “The not-slutty girl’s dad left her mom after 30 years of marriage —
      because he was in the closet and actually gay the whole time they were
      What a beta fag. too funny. I love this website.
      Ya just cant make this shit up.

      1. Her dad was a self made millionaire who came to America from Cuba as a kid. Definitely not a loser by any means (I respected the guy), but yeah, young girls don’t exactly dream about marrying a closeted homo who doesn’t really love them.

    2. “There’s a lot of downright hatred on this site,”
      What are you? A woman? You hate your shoes too?
      There is very little hatred on this site….want to see hatred….go to Salon or feministing and those places.

      1. Maybe you old bitter guys want articles with nothing but bashing women, but us young guys who still have a chance to get laid before we become AARP members would be better off with self improvement articles.

        1. You really think men in their 30s are AARP members? LOL FWIW its easier for most men to pick up women in their 30s than their 20s for a lot of reasons (more confidence, more money, lot look better)

        2. That’s true, but has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. And according to his comment right above mine, PeterAndrewNolan is 50, not 30.

        3. Don’t know that many 50 year old single dudes but the ones I know make good bank and date 30 year olds all the time (at least the ones who aren’t fat)

        4. “would be better off with self improvement articles.”
          Well my first book, living free in the femnazi world, shows you now to live free from any constraints of legislation. That’s a pretty big self improvement right there Neazy.
          Some guys like women bashing articles….guys like me took our time to develop remedies, prove them, and give the remedy away for free.

        5. Correct…I just turned 50. And I am not into woman bashing. I am in to telling the truth, meaning that 99.9%+ of western women condone women committing crimes against men….men just like you.
          I have done a great deal to help young men like you…but you seem to not wish that help and most of you certainly do not appreciate that a few older men like myself and Bill Greathouse worked so hard for your benefit.

        6. PeterAndrewNolan, you responding with:
          “What are you? A woman? You hate your shoes too?”
          Is not ‘helping young men like me.’ You say you wrote a book, cool, but that’s not relevant to my post at all. If you want a pat on the back, go somewhere else.

        7. Neazy,
          if you cleaned the crap out of your ears rather than indulged yourself in your ignorance, stupidity and arrogance you would start to realise that everything I say, I say for a reason.
          Short story. A young man, 25, read my books and many of my posts. He was suitably impressed because he had done about 3 years of reading and realised I was light years ahead of him.
          So he contacted me. I put him through the wringer. I called him all sorts of names and told him I thought he was gutless for not defending the children of his land etc..Rather than be offended he was intrigued. The wringer conversation lasted less than 30 minutes.
          In the end I told him that 99%+ of men are so stupid and so ignorant and so arrogant that they need to be weeded out and discarded as totally useless to what we are trying to achieve. They are time wasters. They will not listen. They will not learn. They must be left to their fate. This young lad then “got it”. I have even written this in my first book.
          Here is what I wrote in my first book….it is right there in writing…it is not like I am hiding this opinion.
          “I want to also add a word on this hysteria of ‘we must wake everyone up’. In the alternative truth area there are endless numbers of people saying ‘we must wake everyone up’. I happen to disagree. When I was young I learned a saying:
          “Do not try and teach a pig to sing. It sounds terrible and annoys the pig.”
          When I walk around I see endless numbers of mindless walking zombies also known as ‘people’. If you catch the tube around London like I have the last 2 years? You will see tens of thousands of these ‘zombies’ going to ‘work’. Once you are awake and you see this it is really an amazing sight. They are all chasing ‘promissory notes’.
          For a long time I tried to ‘wake the zombies up’. I would sit with people and show them the ‘promise to pay’ on the British pound notes and tell them about how this is a promissory note and their own rules say you don’t have to pay anything to the guvment.
          People would just glaze over and think I was a ‘nutter’. So even when you present the most concrete and irrefutable of evidence the zombies are not going to ‘wake up’. Fine. Let then sleep walk in their slavery. This book is for those few men who WILL take it and use it and liberate themselves. I think that number is about 1% of men. Then, after some time, other men will start to notice and say:
          “Hey, he’s doing pretty well, what’s he got that I haven’t?” And the answer will be ‘knowledge’.”
          So the young man listened to me and learned from me. Then what happened? His soon to be ex wife attacked him via the courts/lawyers. I offered to handle his case for him and he agreed. I sent the ex few letters. She went from attacking him to being as tame as a kitten in less than a week once I talked to her. One of the things I told her was that I reserved the right to kill her if she stole my clients property via the criminal legal system. She took that reservation of right seriously because I am quite serious about that.
          The young lad later confided in me just how depressed he was when he was attacked because he has seen so many other men attacked. He could not believe I could solve his problem of his ex inside a week.
          Although we are very different ages you could say we are somewhat “friends”. He got his little brother to talk to me as well as one of his workmates. They both did the SMRC process.
          So the question to you is this. Are you in the 99%. The zombies…walking around in complete ignorance and happy to do so….or are you in the 1%.
          Even in this place….the 99% rule seems to apply…..99% of the men here are walking zombies it would seem….they do not want to know how to live in freedom….they are much more interested in getting laid….and that’s fine. I am only looking around for the 1% who might make themselves useful. I have looked for them high and low all over mens area….I can assure you that the number of men who are willing to actually learn and make themselves useful is very, very small…
          And those who will not make themselves useful? They are my most vocal critics because by unjustly criticizing me they get to try and hide the fact they are not making themselves useful to the other men…but they can’t hide that fact from me. Not a chance.

  21. This is very true. One must focus on oneself, not on revenge that won’t happen for years..still, only because this song is on right now;
    “Wait, is that you? With them big ol’ thighs after school?
    With three kids, three baby daddies, same car note that’s overdue?”

  22. Men in other countries get to pursue, bed, and connect with more feminine, more supportive, less obnoxious women. But almost all of these countries are less fortunate than ours’, their men have to work harder and longer than we do, and risk more life and limb than we risk, just so they can earn less than what we earn, just so they can have lower standard of living than what we have. Why do you think so many immigrants want to get into this country. People are sitting down to banquets of rice and water and living in fucking huts while working 16 hours a day.
    AMERICA is spoiled. Men, women, it makes no difference. Americans are the problem. Think women elsewhere are better? Then go there.
    Eastern European women are beautiful, sensual, and will stop at nothing to guarantee your satisfaction. And there are absolutely no goddamn fucking feminists plaguing that region. But, there are also no feminine men there and daily life is a bit more cutthroat than it is here. If you can hack it, then have at it. The author’s right, stop bitching.

    1. Women in EE are just women too. It is not a magical land of perfection, they can be annoying as hell.

  23. TM,
    “Stop hoping desperately for old girls to hit The Wall so you can look them up on Facebook for a brief chuckle. This bitterness and mask for insecurity is simply a distraction from living a complete and fulfilling life as a man.”
    You are 22. You are young. You are a good writer for a lad your age but you are still very young.
    I just turned 50. And the women I went to school with? I just laugh my arse off at their photos now. That they even put their photos on facebook is hysterical enough let alone what they look like. They ALL look bad. There is only one woman that I worked with at IBM who is my age who has kept herself reasonably well. And she was always very slim and well kept. The rest? Well? Let’s just say that I am really happy I do not need to wake up on a pillow next to any of them, eh?
    You talk about laughing at them is “bitterness and a mask for insecurity”. Well, maybe for some young men who are insecure, sure. But us older guys? We just think it is hysterical what these women look like now. These women dissed so many good men it was not funny.
    When you get to my age and know that I know? You will have a very different perspective on life, the universe, and everything.

    1. I don’t know about that. Pick the 40 to 60 age range on Match.com. Look at the men and then look at the women. Either a bunch of men are lying about their ages or they don’t age as well as they think they do.

  24. No bitterness here.
    This is about right vs. wrong and consequences. Men are men. Women are women. Actions have consequences. These women are getting exactly what they deserve and that my dear author is JUSTICE. It gives me pleasure and has nothing to do with bitterness.
    Desirable YOUNG women have endless options in their youth. They can slect from vast swaths of good men who are good looking, goal orientated, monogamous, guys who want nothing more than the stability of being with one women, raising a family loving their wives etc. BEFORE SHE HITS THE WALL.
    They reject those guys yet this is exactly what women who hit the wall must have wanted all along. Otherwise why would they all suddenly “decide” by the millions right around age 30 they wanted it? Is that just a coincidence?
    It’s not a coincidence.
    And the biggest crime is when they are able to find that first class man they rejected or shelved in the prime of their youth. It’s always a naive white knight. It’s always someone who is oblivious to what is really going and has never taken the red pill – or spit it out.
    How am I supposed to fall in love with a women who wasted her youth and has hit the wall after I’ve swallowed the red pill?
    It’s always a Wesley (The Princess Bride) that does. What “dear Wesley” doesn’t realize is that Buttercup spent her 20’s being banged out by an endless line of guys and is now eying her final sucker – before she takes him to the cleaners in divorce court.
    It’s the biggest crime I can think of.
    Realizing post feminist reality for what it is can be a “bitter pill to swallow”. But it’s not the same thing has being bitter. The author if this article should’ve realized that.

  25. The author censored my comment due to timid critique of his article. Censorship is a hallmark of feminism and feminist websites. Not red pill websites.
    I will NEVER post on this site again.

  26. I’m not rooting for it, it’s more like…“If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by” Very zen like.
    But once it’s happened, I must admit I do take pleasure in it.
    All those hot babes who thought their crap didn’t stink now look like my grandmother and couldn’t give it away on 7th avenue.

  27. Love how you all are talking about these “big egos” that need to be destroyed, when it sounds as if you all are the ones with ego issues. This whole website is just full of the grumblings of ugly men who are sour because they can’t get any women. It’s laughable. Grow the fuck up little boys.

    1. While some articles here are nice its funny how many authors on this site go down on women for being selfish, yet the common agenda and advice given here is “be selfish”.

  28. idk that “The Wall” even exists the way many guys think/hope it does. I have a 50 year old female coworker who rates at best a 3, and I have seen her more than once hook up with a decent looking guy under the age of 30. I think she’s been doing that for much of her life and I wonder “where is the wall”??

    1. The Wall, as far as women are concerned, implies the moment where the physical beauty of a woman diminishes to the point where she cannot secure a relationship from alphas and greater betas, not her ability to be pumped and dumped.
      A woman under 50 will always have the option of being pumped and dumped by a man thirsty enough, even a drunk enough alpha in a dry spell.

  29. As a 39 year old man with much of my social circle in a similar age range, in the past few years I’ve seen several of the post-wall women in the group find a guy and get married in their late 30’s. We like to believe that post-wall women missed their chance for commitment and have to settle down with their cats, but that’s not what I’ve witnessed.
    And the ones who haven’t landed a guy but want one, and are barreling toward 40 still single, well sadly they weren’t faring much better 10 years ago either. They weren’t riding the carousel back then, they were just always a bit too unattractive and never garnered much attention.

    1. What kind of guy will marry a 39 year old woman he just met?
      Ask yourself – and be honest – if you, or any of your worthy friends had the choice between a hot 19 year old babe and her 39 year old mother as a WIFE (not talkinga about ONS here) – would you take the 39 year old=?
      The answer is of course NO. 90% she will not have children with you. If she does it will be one, and the chance of problems is high. If you do not want children, why marry in the first place?
      So you have a woman to fuck? If you think like that and the 39 year old is the only one you can get, then maybe thats a go for you.
      On the other hand if you have the means to get young babes frequently, you will not consider this an option.
      Bottomline is – these guys who date women that old are loosers. Not the sharpest tools in the box eighter, knowing that women hit something called menopause within 10 years and then their sex drive hits rock bottom hard.
      So 10 years with a medicore looking, old woman who will not be able to give you children sounds like a good marriage deal to you? YaReally?

  30. I’ve noticed that it’s not only men that cop arrogance from women, they also treat other women that way too (the women it direct to are usually attractive thin or happy).

  31. I always thought the wall was about teachers molesting students? Or that’s the impression I got from the music video. “Teachers leave them kids alone”

    1. It’s about the state school system destroying kids’ creativity and turning them into indoctrinated drones.

  32. I think it’s funny that men here think that their prime is in their 30s. In reality, this is no more true than it is for a woman.
    The vast majority of people will have noticeably declined by the time they’re in their 30s, physically. And that is what “prime” really means – your physical prime. Women can make their own money now, so with every generation they care less and less how much money a man makes.
    The whole “schadenfreude” argument is ridiculous too. Vengeance for what, exactly? Believe it or not, women have the right to choose who they date. A woman is not obligated to date a man if she is not interested in him, and it’s not something where any reasonable person would really think she’s doing anything wrong that she deserves some sort of comeuppance for. For a man to laugh at a woman because she ages just because she refused to date him when she was young, shows him to be a very petty individual that she was probably better off staying away from in the first place. She wasn’t interested. She had every right to say no.

    1. Nah men’s prime is different. I was pretty much invisible to women throughout my 20’s and started getting noticed once I was in my 30’s. I don’t know why – I think I was better looking at 27 than 37 – but my reality is that at 27 I got way less attention.

      1. You could have very well gained confidence and a better sense of self. Most people, men and women, are much more comfortable with themselves as they get older. Most people also learn what kinds of people they get along best with and what their own strengths are. These things make a big difference in attracting others.

    2. From a biological standpoint women become more worthless as their fertility diminishes, looks are the indicators of fertility and are therefore far more important for women than it is for men. Men’s worth is based on utility which increases as he gets older, resources and status are indicators of utility and are therefore far more important for men then it is for women.
      You can’t hold women to the same standards as men saying ‘women can make their own money now’, nobody gives a shit about that.
      Feminism doesn’t like this double standard that nature imposed on women so they try encourage women with ‘you go girl’ delusions that they can have it all: money, status, career, babies, marriage etc etc.
      What ends up happening is women drop out of the work force to make babies, they squander their most firtile years to bad boys and end up with cats in their mid 30’s etc. etc.
      It’s all a big joke.
      The schadenfreude that men derive from witnessing this catastrophe is a bitter sweet pleasure that gives us hope for the future.

      1. Yeah…just because YOU don’t give a shit about women’s ability to make money doesn’t mean no man does. Many men like intelligent, resourceful women and are capable of seeing women as more than baby machines. And THESE are the men that women want. So men like you will always lose in the end, which is why you end up on sites like this. Men who are happy with their lives see this entire site and its content as fodder for a good laugh, and men like you as laughingstocks, nothing more.
        Coming from women, again, since we can make our own money now, the smart ones don’t give a shit about your ability to make money. We care more about finding a guy who is relationship material. And as far as shallow concerns go, if we could choose between looks and money, we choose looks every time – and the younger men are the ones who still have them. Why should any young, beautiful woman choose some old man who can’t even get it up without Viagra when she could have a young man in his prime? Sorry, but that is the REAL truth, rather than your version of the truth that makes you feel better. If you can’t handle it, that’s your problem.

      2. This ^^^
        You should have written an article. You have more of interest to share than the fucking cuck that wrote this horse squeeze.

    3. She had “the right” to say no you say. Sure. But was it a wise choice?
      Now that is old and no sane man with options will consider dating her, she has lost. And for that he has all the right in the world to mock her.
      Sorry babe but without your looks you have nothing a man would be interested in.

      1. This line says it all: “If you were to tell a girl directly that she is going to hit The Wall, she would simply laugh at you, and further prove her point that she was right to reject you, break up with you, or otherwise humiliate you in the way that she did.”
        Was it a wise choice? The way the man reacts may well prove to her that it was. Someone prone to bitterness, resentment and vindictiveness is not a wise choice in a mate. And continually attempting to take women down a peg because they were not interested is indicative of all three being present in a man’s personality.

  33. I love it how this article is about NOT to bother talking about women hitting The Wall, as it doesn’t matter. Yet the comment box is flooded by comments doing exactly that. Kind of missed the point of the article, eh?
    Just let it go. The wall will come when it’ll come. You have better things to do.

    1. The comment section is flooded because he is a preening, nancy boy and this article is shit. RoK used to have higher standards.

  34. Funny thing is once I got better at game the younger girls were actually easier to get… If your on point with yourself pre wall girls are the best it’s the old bitter ones who hate you b/c you remind them of the alpha that dumped them.

  35. Wait so they don’t hit the wall? what’s wrong with telling the truth, stop trying to be Politically Correct.

  36. It seems that young men these days feel vindictive if girls reject them. Why the hard feelings? You’re not entitled to pussy. No woman is obligated to fuck anybody who wants her. Win some, lose some.
    It seems that both the young man and young women these days feel somehow entitled to affection from the opposite sex without feeling any obligation to be fun, interesting and attractive themselves. What a drag it apparently is to be young these days.

  37. Great article, like the positive touch.
    FYI, I have an article on my blog about narcissism that was linked by a well-known author on Facebook. I have used Facebook Insights to see the demographic profile of the visitors.
    Starting age 35, women’s interest in narcissism skyrockets. Now, if that isn’t a good visualization of the wall. Judge for yourself.

  38. Wow….honestly I’m shocked… A lot of thought went into this album and the lyrics. Roger waters wrote this album around a character named pink, who is likely a reflection of himself. The first verse you reference is talking about how his father was drafted into war and “figuratively” crossed an ocean. A brick in the wall is a metaphor for all of the reasons one built themselves into psychosis and social isolation. Hence, why he talks about not needing love, drugs, or any of the people who play the major characters of his narrative to save him (because at this point the social isolation has already begun).
    But I mean please feel free to interpret it however you like………

    1. You forgot the indoctrination by the educational system. They were no help and aided to his isolation. Hence another brick in the wall.

    2. I interpret it as you being a self-absorbed, white knight that fancies himself an intellectual, but is really just a neurotic twat. What’s next? Are you going to share your poetry?

  39. This article was written by a pussy .. What kind of journalist writes on a first name basis?
    Author: “Kyle”
    And what does an old Pink Floyd song have to do with hitting the wall?
    I’m actually supposed to read into this, meditate and understand this s–t? “First” underlined you have to understand THIS BOLD LETTERS. “Second” underlined? BOLD LETTERS. WTF?
    This article reads like it was written by a heterosexual white kid holding a Starbucks cup prancing down the sidewalk with a neck scarf, tight pants, and pink slippers.
    Nobody said anything about being “bitter” UDS. You just want everyone to shut up? Are you gay? You’re actually a writer for return of the kings?
    1) Women of EQUAL caliber reject men of EQUAL caliber while whilst parceling themselves out to alphas during their sexual prime
    2) Later those men of EQUAL caliber appreciate in value (unless you’re a loser) and reject these women.
    So what? I’m supposed to keep quiet? Even when it’s not mainstream and 9/10 women are still completely oblivious to these facts?
    Don’t tell me how to think and behave. You’re a weenie.
    I am so happy I was not born in your generation. You’re a pansy.

  40. You sound like a pussy cuck. First, they flooded the comment sections, white knighting the female trolls, now they are writing articles.
    RoK, we hardly knew ye…

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