WATCH: Why Men Should Vote For Donald Trump

This video summarizes my case on why Donald Trump deserves your vote, in spite of his many downsides. After uploading this video to my Youtube channel, over 50 people unsubscribed, suggesting how invested people are in the election.

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170 thoughts on “WATCH: Why Men Should Vote For Donald Trump”

    1. Why you should vote for Trump.
      Trump is a man.
      Clinton is a woman (kind of).
      Those are enough reasons.

    1. No chance? He’s been up or tied in the vast majority of polls in the last week and the state polls are beginning to break heavily in Trumps way. Only down a couple even in Rhode Island. Also, I think the “brexit” effect – people don’t want to be labeled racist, bigoted, sexist, etc – will occur here as well – where the actual vote was 5-6 point swing from how the polls averaged.

      1. The question is not if Trump will win…. It’s if he does win… is it manufactured dissent… is it like Obama’s “change you can(NOT) believe in”. It seems manufactured to me…. the people’s choice turns out to be more of the same… The dramatic candidate that stole the show was just a puppet on a string….

        1. Unlikely. Never seen the media, MSM, or the GOPe this upset. The manufactured candidate was first bush, then Rubio and lastly kasich.

        2. that’s what you are supposed to think… the same can be said for Obama in 2008… people have short memories….

        3. The MSM was in LOVE with Obama and the entire DNC 100% rallied around him as soon as he locked it up. I’m more worried that he has a congress that won’t let him do anything. Not to mention the worst thing Obama promised to do was crack down on the banks which was wildly popular in all circles during the middle of the crash. Trump is threatening to overthrow the entire NWO in the US

        4. Put down the Tinfoil Pills conspiracuck and go find a woman. If it’s all rigged you can’t stop it and the best you can do is move out of mommies basement and make some kids. Maybe they will listen to your rambelings.

      1. It depends on how fair the elections are. Opportunity for fraud is rampant.
        For example, some states have early voting that starts almost 2 months from the actual election day. The states of Colorado and Oregon perform all of their voting by mail, and we know the Colorado GOP is full of flaming neverTrumpers.
        In Paul Ryan’s primary election earlier this year, all absentee ballots sent in were declared invalid and had to be redone manually by poll workers.
        There are still allegations of voter fraud in Philadelphia and Ohio from the 2012 election. Philly has been heavily targeted by the DNC and Ohio is full of neverTrump politicians so we could see a repeat.

        1. Did you know the US elections don’t even meet the basic criteria that the Carter Foundation has set up as a basic requirement for election monitoring? Ie they can’t even monitor our elections the way they do in many banana republics because our elections don’t meet the basic criteria needed to even be effectively monitored. We don’t have standards and rules in place that would make the election monitoring meaningful.
          I’ve been following Greg Palast for years and he does a great job documenting election fraud.

    2. Time for “your” kind of people to wake up dude. People of this Country are not fools and the “manginas” count is declining rapidly (thank God !).
      An average Citizen of this Country is NOT A FOOL because HE/she is observing what’s happening on daily basis, since beginning of the campaign:
      1. Why Major News Channels are spewing Venom against MR. Trump ?
      2. Why the Democratic Candidate (hereafter: DC) is commenting/insulting/belittling MR. Trump with Vengeance ? Is it because HE is a MAN/MALE ?
      3. Why the DC repeatedly says “He doesn’t talk about women or He doesn’t respect women” ? As if the DC is talking about MEN, As if the DC is addressing MEN with respect !?
      By the way; what’s left for women of this Country that needs to be “addressed” ? what do they want ?
      =Pink Saturdays
      =Ridiculous amounts of TAX PAYERS Money spent on their Health/Cosmetic (!) needs
      =Free Pass to Assault MEN verbally, emotionally, socially, financially and physically and getting away without any Punishment and Consequences
      =Randomly hitting MEN on their Genitals and going UN-punished, Identity not revealed and not a big issue !!??
      =Getting Jobs with lowered standards, Falsely Accusing MEN of Sexual Harassment and Rape
      =Entitled, Arrogant, Bitchy, Demanding attitude
      =Never Ever ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGE the Inventions, Innovations, Discoveries, Sacrifices that MEN did; since the evolution began. Despite the fact that almost everything has been BUILT by MEN
      =Divorce Laws and Societal & Legal Double Standards favoring them
      Heck, yet MR. Trump is expected to “talk” about women !? He is talking about PEOPLE of this Country you Moron.
      4. Why others (vested interests) are making fun of MR. Trump when he talks about building a border with Mexico ? Are Chinese fools to build their “Great Wall” ? Are Jewish people fools to built borders with Palestine ?
      5. What’s wrong when MR. Trump says that this Country needs to control (or prevent) entry of Muslims ? He is after all addressing/echoing the concern of the PEOPLE of this Country. May be He is a bit emotional. And may be He has some better plans to control/streamline on “outsiders” who come into “THIS / HIS Country”.
      6. Why the DC (and vested interests) are saying that a woman never has been President of this Country ?
      For that matter, a Transgender has never been a President of this Country, a Native-American or Asian-American or Chinese-American has never been a President of this Country. So why the hell they are making a issue ?
      7. Why there are always “protesters” for MR. Trump ? Why the Media always making Deliberate & Desperate attempts to show MR. Trump in negative ? Aren’t they “organized” !?
      And why they are highlighting a person, who can’t even be Accountable or Properly manage the “Emails” as the best bet for the position of President ?
      *** MR. Donald Trump, the next PRESIDENT of the United States ***

      1. 1. Why Major News Channels are spewing Venom against MR. Trump ?
        Manufactured dissent to make it appear that the people’s choice has won the election.

    3. That’s what they said during the primaries when he was pitted against all the other GOP candidates. He trounced, what, a dozen candidates? Meanwhile Hillary had troubles beating one old socialist codger.

        1. Instead he threw the race in the first debate (defending Hillary’s email scandal) and sold out for a $600,000 vacation palace.

  1. In your quest to promote men’s issues — which I support, being a man —
    — you’re urging readers to vote for a megalomaniac sociopath who cannot distinguish fact from fiction.
    THAT is how fascism comes to the U.S.
    Please don’t make me stop reading ROK. The Trump ass-kissing is damaging a really good website.

      1. You won’t be yawning when he sweeps aside two hundred years of constitutional protections and comes after you and yours just because his eggs were a little too runny yesterday morning.

        1. Uhuh. Trump=Meany!! Obama=Fantastic!!
          I’ve heard the mindless drole before and always lacking facts.

        2. I’ve actually edited a book about why a person should vote for DT, despite being opposed to his candidacy. Suffice to say, Hugo, I know the facts about that sociopathic toddler better than you and most other voters. I urge everyone to stay the hell away from that man. He’s radioactive and will make his trash fire of a candidacy look like your grandma’s tea party by comparison if he ever gets into office with unbridled power. The man is deeply unhinged.

        3. You’re making two key assumptions that are incorrect.
          1) That I am uninformed about Trump. I am indifferent of the man but, quite passionate about what he represents.
          2) That I care what an Obama fanboy says about politics.
          Now if you want to influence the uninformed you’ll actually have to prove some of the facts you say you know. Just stating he’s unhinged isn’t enough.

        4. Trump displays some of the worst possible human characteristics. Not all of them, but many.
          Poisoning the well: Calling anybody who disagrees with you “an Obama fanboy”. Come on, dude. I’ve got twenty years of experience working both inside and outside of politics. Please remember who you’re speaking with. We’re all men here; show some respect.

        5. I didn’t engage in a flame war. That isnt my style. I called you a fanboy because frankly that’s what your posts lead one to believe.
          And again you make opaque statements regarding Trump. “He displays some of the worst characteristics”. Not a lot of facts there.

        6. Its a feelings world. He is threatened by his personality or didn’t get his way in the primaries, so he must assume DJT will do the worst things in the world.
          As you state, he is very fact lite. Its all he is successful, therefore he must be a pychopath.

        7. I am sure that will totally happen under Trump and not under Hillary.
          > Be American citizen
          > Walk down the street
          > Accidentally brush and African-American female on the street

          > I am sorry ma’am
          > DAFUQ you doin cracka. Poleece, help, I am being raped
          > NO MA’AM please
          > A police drone flies next to me
          > The drone speaks in a robotic voice
          > Sir, you have violated the safe space of an opressed citizen. Under the new US amendment you are arrested for gross misuse of gender and racial privillege.
          > But I have done nothing
          > Get kicked in the balls by the black female
          > The drone notices sudden movement after I collapse
          > ALERT Code Red : A violent unrepentent misogynist on the loose. I repeat violent misogynist on the loose.
          > Wait NO ! The robot tazers me and injects me with estrogen darts to supress my toxic masculinity.
          > A pink party van arrives. Two gender-neutral officers in pink uniforms arest me
          > Next week under trial
          > Sir, do you realize the gross mistake you have done by violating a citizen’s safe space
          > But, she attacked me in the groin
          > Yes, but she scores less points on the privillege scale which make her actions an act of self defense and righteous fight against patriarchical opression
          > But …
          > Sir you already commited stare-rape in the past at your job place, and you have once incorrectly used a trans-person’s preffered pronoun
          > I couldn’t pronounce it properly
          > NOT AN EXCUSE
          > Sir your defense is nullified as it comes from a position of privillege. Whitesplaining and mansplaining make your defence de-facto null. Now the jury must decide your fate
          > In front of me is a jury of 12 people. All of them look unlike him. Some have blue hair, some wear nose rings. Some are transexuals and five of them are black or mixed race with one of them dressed in a black power suit
          > After a short discussion the jury comes to a conclusion. “Sir, we think this honky motherfucka betta learn what it means to be trully opressed ”
          > I am sentenced to become the slave of black person under a new federal program that assigns white criminals as personal slaves to blacks to re-compensate decades of black slavery
          > A random lot is picked. I become the personal slave of Jaqurias Ahmed Jamal-Cohenberg under the new federal program
          > 200 hours of community work
          > While under the program, I am injected with estrogen to supress toxic masculinity
          > While doing community hours as a slave I am forced to clean his sport shoes, buy KFC for him and do other stuff. Meanwhile he dresses me in drag and pimps me out in the hood. Cannot protest
          > After I finish my sentence my criminal record does not allow me to get a job.
          > Desperate, I am offered to have my criminal record removed clean if I accept more community work
          > Become the personal man-slave of a fat femicunt. I am forced to eat her out. She weights 400 pounds and her vagina smells like rotten fish. She rarely washes. Have her pubic hair stuck in my teeth. She forces me to cook her her favorite food. Deep fried pork chops with jelly. Help her get into her mobility scooter. I also am her personal fan blower. I feed her grapes in her mouth. Change the channels for her. Whenever we go shopping she takes me on the leash with her while she is driving around a mobility scooter.
          > See another manslave on a leash. Quickly we approach each other and I ask him, “doing time huh ? “. He answers, no , just happily married. Holy Shit. His fat wife comes downing a beer and punches him in the back of the head for talking to an unvetted man. She tazes him, beats him and spits on him. The girls around the store scream in cheers “you go girl”
          > My personal femicunt owner asks me “have you been conspiring to bring back the patriarchy again ?” I say no ma’am, of course.
          > After my record is clean I thought I am finally free
          > However, since I am a bachelor I am picked at a lottery assigning me as the husband of a chosen female
          > I do not have breeding rights. But I must pay a monthly fee for the children she had with other men and pay money to sustain her lifestyle
          > At least she doesn’t care if I live near her, as long as I pay my check
          > Decide to get laid, approach a prostitute. She is fat, but whatever. After we finish sex she demands money. But now 5 times more than we agreed on. I don’t have that ammount. She calls the police and says she was raped.
          > Am closed in prison, on a super heavy dose of estrogen
          > As I watch news I learn about how Congresshwomen Jillstein has banned sex robots and sex tourism. Men are not allowed to escape the contry and are killed and castrated if they try to cross the border.
          > A man comes and says, “it’s your turn too”. I have been sentenced to castration with no right to appeal
          > Am allowed no anesthesia
          > Somehow survive the awful pain
          > Will work my whole life in the Rodham-Clinton prison facility. While working we sing progressive slave songs ” I was born one morning with a penis and legs / I got nothing to eat and I’m dressed in my dregs / Nobody cares cause I’m a cis white male / They gave me estrogen pills cause those never fail.”
          ” You work 15 hours and what do you get ? / Some estrogen pills and a dildo set / My anus feels pleasure but my brain feels pain / I opressed minorities now I wallow in vain”
          > Quit singing there, you opressive peace of shit. I get whipped by the gender-queet xir-sir.
          > In the evening, after a meal filled with soya and quinoa we go through multiple courses on how to avoid sexual harrasment and wrong think. We are handed a booklet and are told to memorize all the 72 gender-orientations until next time or we will get an electric cattle prod in the ass
          > After that we watch the screen. A giant screen get’s filled with the face of Hillary Clinton. The president of the US for the last 15 years. We repeat in unison the slogans that appear on screen “I AM NOT A RACIST”. ” I AM NOT A SEXIST”, ” I ACKNOWLEDGE MY PRIVILLEGE”, ” I AM A CIS WHITE MALE”, ” I AM GUILTY “, ” I’M WITH HER “. The last one gets repeated 25 times.
          > Afterwards it’s time for the 30 minutes of hate. We are shown on screen the faces of the enemies and are expected to boo, shout, throw stuff at them as they appear on screen. First, they show us Christians fighting in Crusades, we slowly start booing, then the picture of Vlad Dracula, booing intensifies, then the pictures of Kings and Queens of Europe which did not believe in gender equality, including Queen Victoria. We start screaming, picking up pieces of paper and throwing them. Then they show us anti-suffragists, we scream harder, and throw papers more actively. Then they show us pictures of Auschwitz and Hitler. Our scrreams are as powerful as those of a monkey. We start picking our chairs and throwing them. Then they show us people who did not believe in Female lib, like the Pope, We start ripping our clothes in anger. Then they show us segregationists like George Wallace and the KKK. Our eyes shoot up with blood. Next come pictures of MRA’s and PUA’s , we are gnashing our teeth to the point of breaking some of them. Next comes the worst, a dramatic pause, the screen turns black, the pitch of dramatic muscic gets more powerful, our heart beats at above 150 BPM, our bodies sweaty, our anger slowly building into a delirium. Next it comes, suddenly out of nowhere a picture of Drumpf. The reaction cannot be described as anything but agonical. It seemed that Satan unleashed his spawn. People where screaming on top of their lungs breaking their vocal chords. People where falling on the floor, triggered into a spasm, beating their fist against concrete. In anger people start biting each other’s ears, punching themsleves in anger, screaming like possesed beasts.
          > The main guardian says : ” Yes, feel the progress, feel the BERN ” .
          > Suddenly the picture stops, instead appears a picture of Hillary, beautfiul as an angel, as if she came from heaven. Our pain turned into pleasure as people fell into a trans of love, some people experiencing full body orgasms and erections more solid than concrete, despite the estrogen shots. The orgasmic experience cannot be replicated by any drug on earth
          > After the 30 minutes end. We are sent back to our rooms, but I am stopped by one of the gender-queer guards
          > I am afraid you were not enthusiastic enough
          > I am closed in an isolation room with no water and food for 30 days. Am forced to drink my own pee and collect the moist of the walls. Thanks I was in an underground room with moist to be found. I catch pneumonia after a week
          > As soon as I am treated I go back to my normal chamber. My room is filled with motivational Hillary posters. As I go to sleep all my thoughts are drowned, I feel no pleasure or pain, there is no God or Satan, no heaven or hell, just one thought “I’m with Her. Thank god Drump didn’t win, or else we would have lost our constitutional rights.”
          WEW LAD

        8. Based on DJT’s thousands of public statements over the last fourteen months, yes — he will try to convert the United States into a banana republic, with himself as the Supreme Leader. That is his mentality.
          If you pull the lever for a man who campaigns like a fascist, then don’t be surprised when he starts governing like a fascist.

        9. After spending two weeks editing and fact-checking a book about DJT, pardon me if I don’t want to dive back into that swamp of malignant narcissism.

        10. Fair enough but, if you state your opinion on a public forum you usually can expect for it to be challenged for validation through facts.

        11. too much empathy is bad.
          You say sociopath / psychopath like it’s a bad thing.
          Psychopathy is the next step in evolution.
          It means not being deceived by some photo of a little arab toddler washed up on the shore like a piece of driftwood because muh feelz

    1. The other option is hillary. Who is a pathological liar, responsible for the Benghazi deaths/disaster, is medically unfit to be POTUS, and rode with the Obama trainwreck for the past 8 yrs, not to mention she’s a pay to play politician where 3rd world dictators “donate” money to the Clinton foundation to receive benefits from the Secretary of State. No, the Clintons are rotton to the core, lets not forget seth rich and the “suicided” with connections to the Clintons. Trump is the only option for any Man concerned with “men’s issues”, if hillary gets elected, she’ll be “damaging a really good” country. Trump 2016.

      1. Men’s issues are important–
        — but preserving the Constitution of this country is more important. The man is a pathological liar and is already an embarrassment to us in the eyes of the rest of the world.
        Keep everything in perspective. Don’t vote for a would-be fascist.

        1. The perspective is Trump or hillary, there is no other option, if Trump loses hillary wins. A hillary victory will appoint radical leftwing supreme court justices who will reinterpret the Constitution out of existence. A hillary victory will not preserve the constitution but greatly alter the constitution.

        2. Trump would alter it more. He’s unaware of constitutional limits on authority because he’s a megalomaniac.
          Not say Clinton is much better in that regard, but Trump is an order of magnitude worse. He would also alienate much of the world, because he’s ignorant of geopolitics, which Clinton wouldn’t, as would be expected from a former Sec of State. Trump also shows little aptitude for understanding complex issues. That’s why Obama said Trump can’t do the job, and I agree with him.

        3. Yeah he might upset the path of selling out our country for the interests of the world.
          I get it. You want to be a slave and hope you are eaten last.
          BTW how much did he ‘alienate’ the President of Mexico? Oh yeah that didn’t happen, even though that seems to be the country he pissed off the most. (IE I think you are full of shit, projecting your insecurities)

        4. Hillary Clinton oversaw the destruction of several nations, and the abandonment of allies, during her tenure as SecState.
          Trump could do no worse than she has done.
          …if ever you find yourself agreeing with 0bama, you know you need to rethink your position.

        5. ” He’s unaware of constitutional limits ”
          Pal, we aren’t cuckservatives who complain about the constitution.
          The constitution has already been tramped. We are in civil war mode. The left gives 0 fucks about the constitution and will break any rule to harm males.
          Forget about constitution, it’s about SURVIVAL. This is WAR. Constitutions work in times of peace.
          The only thing that will work now will be stocking guns and prepare for SHTF.

        6. so basically your options are for closet creeping communism or closet creeping fascism…. it’s like being asked to vote for Hitler in a race a against Stalin….. if you ask me… Fascism is the preferred because it allows corporate interests and well connected insiders to carry on their businesses… whereas communism nationalized everything. Trump is probably the deep states choice all along………..

        7. If you look at Trump’s business history, he used other people’s money to open 3 casinos in Atlantic City which is a dull second best to Vegas and put in so much competition against his own businesses that they all went bust…. that’s pretty dumb… and so easily avoided…. he cottoned on to a good thing and then flogged it to death…. instead of using intelligence and risk to branch out to Vegas and Macau and others….

        8. Generally Constitutions today are mostly… irrelevant. Here (Greece) Constitutionologists (Yes, that is an actual thing that you study for 3-5 years to learn) can give any meaning they want to it. Our government even overlooked it twice this year!
          All in all constitutions tend to fail to protect nations, values and peoples.
          The reason that constitutions arose in the first place was to fill a great void: That of what Christian Theology was called the “Catechon”. In simple terms that is the reason why those Christian businessmen some years ago, refused to make a wedding cake for some homos. In the medieval times the laws were based primarily on the Catechon (in greek it means the one who holds) then on the needs of their pockets.
          Today the remnants of the Catechon are hunted down by the law, which are based on an interpretation of any given constitution.
          For more info on the Catechon the book “Political Theology” by Carl Schmitt is excellent.
          Finally the reason of why Constitutions fail is that they try to protect rights based on umbrella terms. For example freedom can be understood in our interpretation, True freedom, or independency of the mind, and we believe in True justice or natural (you err you get punished), or that of SJWs, that of social freedom (freedom from discrimination, or else standards), which requires social justice to prevail.

        9. I’ve never heard Trump say anything that indicated disdain for the Constitution. Obama on the other hand made it clear he had contempt for it with his disgusting statement that the constitution needed “positive” laws. His promotion for a national police directly violetes posse comitatus, he has ascribed to himself the power to execute anyone, citizen or otherwise without due process, he has completely overextended the Federal mandate with his “health care” insanity, also totally violating the privacy rights of patients with the same.
          I could go on, but it is not right for you to make such statements about Trump without backing it up.

        10. A constitution is not a magic document. You cannot simply wave your hand and magically enforce it. The populace must be honest, they must have integrity and they must be willing to stand up for what they believe in.

        11. But it implies that it will magically enforce itself, and besides the clearest points, most citizens lack the knowledge to defend it, against some breeds of very specialized lawyers.

        12. That is why the battle always comes down to integrity and righteous behavior. Absolutely nothing is more important than that. Which is what the original framers understood.

        13. The original framers in all their wisdom envisioned a very different system. A system in which only rich landowners would have the right to vote, which means an enlarged aristocracy. Needless to say the possibilities of them to honour that agreement between gentlemen was much higher as perpetrators could be easily recognized and swiftly taken care of.
          Today even illegals might be able to vote in a few years and complete degenerates that should have been in a loony asylum strapped in a hugbox vote, while a class that back then was not envisioned: that of tax consumers (human parasites) also vote.
          by theses what has remained common between those two ages?

        14. Yes, this is the nature of all systems. All systems have a degree of error built in, over time the error adds to the system, until it becomes wildly out of balance.
          All anyone can do is act with the best of integrity so that the next generation can do better.
          I see humanity as a family endeavor. One nation carries the torch of civilization, then falls, then another picks it up and carries it further, hopefully learning from the past lessons good and bad. Then another civilization, and another after that. And in this way we try to bring Man to a point where we can advance the entire family.

        15. Pretty close that is what I believe in too, with a minor difference: One civ can pass to another civ to which that is unified by spirit.
          (i.e. European ideas cannot properly pass to Far Easterns as they mutate beyond recognition while speaking for Arabs and Africans that has proven by practice impossible. On the other hand civs in the same category, which means that one does not surpass the other in quality, can develop great respect for one another.).
          What though I want to say the constitution is just out of date, because it is maladaptable, it cannot change to fit the times, that is the reason for its fast decline.

        16. “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag.” -Sinclair Lewis

        17. Ours has lasted two hundred and thirty years, which is a very long time. Let’s see if we can keep that streak going for just a while longer.

        18. “That is why the battle always comes down to integrity and righteous behavior.”
          Of which Clinton shows only a little and Trump shows absolutely none.

        19. “I’ve never heard Trump say anything that indicated disdain for the Constitution.”
          Then wake the fuck up, man, pay attention. Trump has launched attacks on the press, on mosques, and on other institutions explicitly protected by the Bill of Rights.
          1st Amendment: “We’re going to open up those libel laws.” – DJT
          8th Amendment: “The other thing is with the terrorists; you have to take out their families.” – DJT
          14th Amendment: “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.” – DJT
          Plus his threats to Judge Curiel’s tenure once he takes office. That shows a massive misunderstanding of the American judiciary, which does NOT serve the executive branch, but instead runs counter to the executive branch. Basic separation of powers.
          Educate yourselves. Strongman politics have no place in the Oval Office. Let the Europeans and South Americans have that shit.

        20. Strongman politics have no place in the Oval Office
          Having a weak man in charge has not worked so well, has it?

        21. You think Hillary’s going to preserve the Constitution?
          Trump’s a flawed candidate, but there’s simply no other choice.

        22. I’m just saying, I don’t understand the worship you alt-right guys have for Trump. You do know all of his adult children are either dating or married to Jews, right? If you’re hoping for the next Hitler, Trump is not it.

        23. 8th Amendment: “The other thing is with the terrorists; you have to take out their families.” […] 14th Amendment: “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.”
          You seem to be suggesting that the US constitution applies to foreigners in foreign lands. It does not. Not in any way whatsoever. These objections are completely without merit.

        24. Aye. If I phrase it ‘protect people from government’? Point being it does nothing for foreigners in restraining the US government.

        25. The Constitution applies to the government, not the people. In other words, the 1st amendment which protects freedom of speech, has nothing to do with the people of what type of passport they hold, but instead restricts the GOVERNMENT from shutting down free speech. So whether you are from Texas or Bangladesh, the US government is equally powerless from using its powers to restrict your speech. The issue of citizenship or nationality really doesn’t mean anything unless we are talking about voting or holding public office.
          In that sense, the Constitution does restrain the government from affecting foreigners, or more accurately it restrains the government without concern given to foreign or domestic status whatsoever.

        26. I don’t think I can fully get on board with that interpretation. It might have value as a model to think about the constitution in this manner, but it’s not the 1st amendment preventing the US government from interfering with the free speech rights of a Bangladeshi in Bangladesh, it’s sovereignty and jurisdiction that prevents that.

        27. Now now. Be fair. Clinton is a criminally insane butcher with a trail of bodies following her around the planet and a history of openly breaking the law.

        28. some people would be blathering on about checks and balance as the orc army is battering down their door

        29. We absolutely realize that. We like him because he is moving things IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.
          Whatever personal flaws he may have notwithstanding.

    2. A Hillary presidency can only hurt men. Trump hates PC speech and behavior, and the elimination of the notion of Politically Correct can only help rational men.
      The position on Trump that you get from ROK then seems rather obvious. Besides, speaking loosely, ROK isn’t concerned with what is good for the US. What is good for men transcends any particular national election.

        1. I made one major and a few minor points. The major one, which seems to have escaped you based on your reply, was you need not stop reading ROK. The mission of ROK being good for men has not been compromised.
          Trump could very well be a global catastrophe for those foreign politicians saying as much. Consider carefully, however, that such an occurrence might be good for men worldwide, and even better for men in the US.

        2. “ disaster in the making.”
          I don’t think Trump will be as successful as Obama in that regard.

        3. He’s will hopefully be a gigantic catastrophe to one world Bilderberg globalists. And a great POTUS for those of us who put America first.

        4. The US repuation under Obama has been made a laughing stock. Your boy gets openly rediculed in public by foreign dignitaries because they know he is a spinelss little bitch.
          The “draw down?” Is that why he sent troops back to Iraq and Afgahnstan of late? What about the chaos havoked with his incompetence in North Africa and ME? Talk to some active duty personnel sometime. It might drag you out of the bubble you are hiding in.

        5. I remember your comments from previous threads and you’re coming off like a total prick. The fact that you have named yourself after an Ayn Rand character is further evidence of your extremist mindset.
          We’re all on the same side here. Put aside your hatred for Obama and try to understand what he has and has not accomplished.
          I doubt you’ll read this, because you’d rather shout catastrophe, but this is an excellent summary of the thinking behind his foreign policy decisions, in his own words:

        6. If you wouldn’t post such hyberbolic drivel (eg. “vote for a megalomaniac sociopath who cannot distinguish fact from fiction”) I would be less of a prick, but as you cannot help yourself I will continue pricking you. The fact you outed yourself a member of the global warming cult makes you an especially big target. I recommeneded a book or two, but we both know you couldn’t be bothered.
          The Atlantic? LOL. Throw some NPR and MSNBC news feeds in to the pot why your at it. Put aside your love for Obama (as you are clearly not going to honestly evaluate him) and try to understand why you and the left are despised.

        7. I read the article and it reads like a comic book narrative. Goldberg did pluck his tongue out of Obama’s ass long enough to fire off some pure gold though:
          “(though it may be a good idea for someone to remind Donald Trump that Superman was an illegal immigrant)”
          Brilliant stuff indeed. Atlantic lost me when they were having their Bush melt downs back in 2004 and it look like the quality of writing has suffered greatly. I will leave you to your DC comic book.

        8. Oh no … what do the French think of us? The same French who offer their throats to be slit on an almost daily basis?

    3. I reckon we’re more in danger of losing our constitutional rights under a(nother) Clinton regime, than a Trump one. Especially men. Look how many rights men have lost under her predecessor: rampup of AA, Title IX, “yes means yes”, “Dear Colleges”.. the list goes on an on.
      BTW, google “women are the primary victims of war”. That quote will tell you all you need to know about how Hillary feels about the male sex, and you personally.

      1. Her apathy for the suffering of the male half of the human race should render her fit only for begging on the street.

      2. The constitution is long gone….. don’t be fooled…. the deep state, police state, NSA, FBI, CIA setup will flourish under either candidate…. change you cannot believe in… the differences are almost entirely superficial… one contentious bill or other that occupies the media shrills and public attention…. some swath of new public spending on this or that which benefits a few elites….

    4. ” THAT is how fascism comes ” We can only hope.
      ” Please don’t make me stop reading ROK ” K buddy.

    5. “– you’re urging readers to vote for a megalomaniac sociopath who cannot distinguish fact from fiction.”
      Says the man who belongs to the global warming cult.

    6. Closing off the border to 3rd worlders is the single most important issue of our time. Our country goes straight to hell unless we do that. Trump’s wall and banning muslims is a start. He is the only choice to save America.

        1. If we can get back to the way things were in the 40s & 50s, it will be worth saving. Otherwise, partitioning or leaving will be the only options.

    7. Anyone who goes for office is a megalomaniac sociopath. If you think sanders is anything other than a crook, or hillary is not a sociopath, then you are delusional.
      The difference between Trump and the others is that at least he says the right lies.

    1. I refuse to believe that the people running the corridors of power, banks etc. are so stupid to not have Trump in their pocket…. in a sense he might be a wild card…. but so was Obama….. it’s easy to forget the wave of popular sentiment that went behind Obama in 2008, every liberal minded anyone, saw Obama as the cure to every evil in the world, when in fact, Obama has been far worse than Bush II. The police state and the secrecy, NSA monitoring, middle east problems and national debt have all become worse by several factors since Obama the nobel peace prize winner, outsider…. puppet clown… “change you can believe in” … “choice of the people”.
      Trump is a TV personality first and foremost…… he’s the perfect right wing version of Obama… the outsider, that beats Hillary, the people’s choice, the change you can believe in, the “make america grate again”…..
      Come on…. can anyone else see the hoax going on here….. you think you are voting for a victory and in fact you are voting for exactly more of the same… prepackaged and marketed dissent…. “the people’s choice”… the contentious, outsider… the one that didn’t stand a chance…..but came through against Hillary against all odds…. it seems manufactured to me…
      Don’t you think that Bill Clinton might be in on the ruse ? Using his hag lesbo wife that he must utterly despise by now… as a punching bag and loser candidate for the second time in a decade….that’s revenge you can believe in !.
      Don’t you think that Trump has a certain glint in his eye – an insider confidence that he knows it’s all prearranged ?

      1. I agree completely. Also, if Hillary wins the US will go to the dogs much quicker than under Trump. My question is which one of them would be made to cause more suffering in the world by the actual powers that be. The world has already suffered way more than it should have thanks to the US so I personally would love to see that country lose its supremacy and Hillary seems like a better person to make that happen.

        1. Why? I’d like the inhabitants of this planet to suffer less. I’d just like to figure out whoch candidate would be better from this standpoint. I don’t understand you

        2. Undermining people by encouraging them to vote for corrupt candidates is by definition dishonorable. i.e. “bringing shame or disgrace on someone or something.”
          As men, our job is to create and encourage order. I would rather that even my enemies were honorable men who believed in order and justice, than scum who I can barely stand the sight of.
          The problem in the US is the same problem everywhere, corrupt behavior. Electing a corrupt maniac to office makes the problem worse, not better.
          Such people do what they do best, corrupt other people, undermine and bullshit everyone. This makes things worse for everyone.
          Trump has made it clear from the beginning that he is opposed to foreign entanglements for the US. Hillary was directly involved in the US intervention of Syria.
          I cannot tell you if Trump will keep his principles in office, but I can tell you that at least he says the right lies.

        3. I see what you mean. If Trump could be granted actual power (that is not being made to do this and that by those who actually run your country) you’d probably be right. I have, however, no reason to believe he will be. So I’m a bit skeptycal about him.
          I’d love to contribute to creating and encouraging order but I want to see the big picture and I honestly cannot tell which candidate that would call for. Don’t get me wrong I think she should be doing forced labour for life though.
          As for our enemies I think we are on the same side. That means it’s the ones actually making the US’s policies, owning the presidents and forming your social fabric. We can see where it all led. If the US were a lot weaker that MIGHT mean those people in the backstage were less able to use the US as their vassal. I’m not trying to make anyone vote for Clinton I’m just saying there’s this to consider too.

        4. I agree with your cynicism but I’m not convinced Hillary would be better off for the world. She may spur the decline of America faster, but there’s also a very good chance she would instigate war with Russia or in Syria or against some other conservative nation. It’s a coin flip to me.

        5. Well, one can’t really believe any politician, and even looking at their past behaviors is problematic because they will flip their positions on a whim if they think it will help them in some way. But Shillary does have a very troubling past of endorsing violence and being a warmonger.
          The nonchalant happiness she has when talking about murdering a leader of a foreign country, that was one of the most successful nations in Africa, and now will become a shitstorm, is sociopathic.

  2. I love trump because I cannot stand political correctness. I hate political correctness in all its forms . I despise it and America is such a pussy country because of it. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t profile like Israel does. I think he truly does know how to negotiate and play hard ball. He has his shortfalls I agree, but he’s got balls and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I respect a man like that, a real man who isn’t afraid. All other politicians are bought and say what you want to hear. Vote for a real man, vote trump !

    1. When people are free from political correctness, you know where you stand with people. I could do with more of that, rather than this slinking around back room shit.

  3. I obviously prefer Trump than Hitlary. But dude, are you getting paid to make publicity of this guy? I’m telling you again: do not have many masculinist hopes policy-wise on his presidency…

    1. I like him for his rhetoric. I would make him Head of State, if we had such a position (basically like the king but not the head of government). Trump doesn’t even want to govern, and has said as much. So that means the actual policy would be left to … probably the rich elitists, or Trump’s friends, or Republican party hacks. So his could be a very dangerous presidency.

  4. The way population & thus electors are distributed by state, if Clinton wins New York, Illinois & California as she almost certainly will, Trump will have to carry almost the entire rest of the country’s electors in order to win. This is not the election to sit out. Should Clinton win the courts will be packed with judges favorable to the Democrat/Marxist vision & America will be flooded with Turd World ‘immigrants’ & Western Civilization effectively erased here forever.

  5. Bob Smith wrote:
    This is going to turn out just like Brexit…the people will “win”, and Trump will be elected. And then, he rains holy terror down on the ignorant masses. It will be like Obama on steroids. Because there is no other option. The NWO means business, and they will eat at the dog bowl and slobber all over the Kibbles ‘n Bits. And the way they prefer to do that, is to make the brainwashed beta dogs think they got their way. It cucks the fuck out of ’em.
    This is about breaking the will of the enemy. And the enemy is anybody who stands in the way of the NWO. Within one year, most of the Trump backers will be just like most of the Obama backers. “Oh my god, he didn’t stop immigration. He didn’t do what he said he would do. Uh, gee, gosh…” Same shit, different day.
    Until people take control of elections, and kick the Satanic assholes to the curb, the same things will repeat themselves over and over. We all pay for our education, one way or another. It’s like slamming your head against a brick wall, thinking the outcome will somehow be different, and you won’t get brain damage. Not gonna happen.

    1. Even if you are right, the situation is not exempt from its “Quod Erat Demonstrandum”. The “mobs” resist to acknowledge the failure of this political system. It will have to be shown.

  6. You’re going to hate having a hard left Supreme Court. That’s the main reason I am voting for Trump.

  7. If Trump wins and cuts the size of central government, control illegal immigration, cut taxes, STOP the outrageous regulatory regime of the LEFT, and rebuild the military, he’ll be a hero. If he doesn’t, we’re finished as a Republic, anyway.

    1. You are missing the point. Right now the only issue is immigration. In a few months it might also be a completely collapsed economy.
      That is why Trump has to be elected.
      As for the rest, Trump will not be able to do any of it. Even assuming he wants to. That can only be done if the people want it done, and right now, the people are too busy jerking off to football.

      1. Oh, I don’t disagree, at all. The ONLY reason the Left is in control of California, (and other Left dominated states), is because of the transformation of the demographic voting blocs that resulted from the Reagan & Kennedy amnesty agreement. However, there’s are so many serious problems that these issues need to be addressed, as well. I’ve left out government finance and social spending promises which will wipe us out, regardless as to who is President. I think Trump’s advisors recognize the problems that they represent, too. Furthermore, if Trump wins, the Republican Leadership is TOAST, because Donald will stream roll them, he’s a lot more impressive behind a negotiating table than he is on stage. “Trust me on this…”

    2. He’ll probably build the wall using the same illegal immigrant labour like he used in his modeling agency – and attract more illegal immigrants. The guy is a Democrat. I feel bad for Americans, the choice is three Democrats or one guy who thinks “A leppo is an albino hippo killed by global warming. What is a Leppo? What is Syria? Is Syria a form of post- organic gluten free coffee diarrhea?”. So election is Democrat vs Democrat plant vs hard core communist democrat plant vs Democrat plant who has no clue. If Hillary admired Alinsky in university, I think Americans have to start reading about leftist schemes and tactics they learned from the USSR, and use and new devious ones they use. Don’t be naive, it’s an election of three Democrat plants vs a Democrat. No matter how you vote, you’ll vote benefiting Democrats – better stay at home and figure how to teach people to outwit them for congressional elections in two years.

  8. I’m amazed that Hillary even has support at this point, but it goes to show you how gullible an (unfortunately large) percentage of the American public is.
    As the mainstream media (MSM) has been revealed to be very dishonest and supporting both hoaxes and pandering to Hillary (while attempting to demonize Trump), I have been following prominent figures in social media. Otherwise I wouldn’t know the truth about what’s really going on, and the narrative/agenda being pushed.
    There is part of the problem: I am seeing how a large portion of people are clueless as to what we are up against: culture wars (SJWs, the insanity going on in today’s college campuses, the war on free speech, the war on men, and pushing pro-Muslim agendas). They are ignorant as to how much is at stake.
    Even worse, the anti-Trump rhetoric I have heard, naturally, based on lies and playing with the truth, attempts to paint Trump supporters as “racist”, etc., when in fact it’s the opposite.
    I’m amazed when these lemmings do no understand his popularity. It’s easy to see why: he’s willing to call a spade a spade, is not pandering to the left (and is unapologetic about it). People are fed up with being treated as they are the root of the problems and having agendas pushed on them and being shoehorned into social justice and watching the USA go down the toilet.
    I agree with Roosh. If Trump doesn’t win, we’re probably done, and you can expect mass immigration of “refugees” and Muslims, which is the beginning of the end here.
    Note: Beta males and cucks are spiteful to Trump: He’s successful, masculine, and married to a beautiful woman. Betas/simps always resent successful men.

  9. Trump’s pro israel stance concerns me, but running against zionist interests is political suicide, so i guess he has no choice. Id rather the US not continue to give them 20 million dollars a day though…

    1. Every candidate is always hard-core Israel. Hasn’t Trump made a few anti-Israel statements? I’m sure his handlers pulled him back afterwards, but I thought I recalled him making a few statements about not blindly supporting any and every Jewish policy.

  10. Trump is corrupt, as all of them are. Don’t you realize the powers that be control both sides of the game board? Choice is an illusion. You’re being played.

    1. Then get off the net conspiracuck and go start a family and have kids. May be they will listen to daddies bs.

      1. Good thing we found those WMD’s Iraq; I’d hate to think what would have happened if the war was for oil…oh wait. I also guess Operation Northwood, Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, the 3 gunmen, MKUltra was also bs. But then, American and stupid go hand in hand these days.

        1. Funny you should mention that “WMD” thing. I was there I saw the 155mm artillery shells destroyed at the Lake TarhTar complex. All Chem and Bio rounds made in America and France.
          Conversely, Operation Northwoods was a DOD operation meant to provoke a war with Cuba during the Missile Crisis. But like a typical thruther you’re spoon fed just enough info to make you stupid and apathetic. Job well done on Alex “Muh Israel” Jones.

        2. So the US went to war to destroy some shells. Wow. Definitely worth it. Haliburton must have been my imagination. The reason was oil, and not WMD’s.
          Yes, I know Northwoods was never carried out, but it was an option they were willing to pursue. They also shot at nonexistent Vietnamese boats for the sake of an excuse. The San Bernardino witnesses saw 3 gunmen, not a man and a 90lbs woman shooting people. Not everything is a conspiracy, but among the apparent, there are many things that are not as they appear, particularly when it comes to government.

        3. Awww, it’ll be ok. I bet you’re not high enough on the NSA or Able Danger list to warrant a visit by spooks pretending to be hadjis.

        4. The reason was oil!? So, when do we start getting this oil? It’s been 10 years since I was in Iraq and oil prices went nowhere but up until facking drove it down. You still huffing Cindy Sheehan farts?

        5. You really think any of us peasants are getting in on it? Really? They benefit themselves at the top while we pay for it. They don’t care about either one of us.

  11. I will not be voting for Trump, Hitlery, Johnson or any of the rest.
    His presidency will not differ from the Bush or Obama years.
    I will stay pay half my income in taxes. He will not touch any welfare programs. In fact he wants to add paid maternity leave to the list.
    He will not appoint conservative justices like Scalia. Does a man who wants to restrict the first amendment, infringe on the second amendment rights of those Americans arbitrarily put on a secret government list, and who loves eminent domain even know what a conservative justice looks like? We’re more likely to get another John Roberts.
    Immigration is a lost cause. If you live in Florida, California, or Texas you know what I mean. We’d be better off building a wall along Interstate 40 and surrounding California.
    The only thing I see myself voting for is a referendum on secession if it ever happens. The founding fathers were afraid that a nation comprised of 13 states on the Atlantic would be a failed experiment in Federalism because the Federal government would dominate the states. They would laugh at a union of 50 states.

    1. You might want to update your script. It’s out of date by a few months.
      >”Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association smoothed over a hiccup in their alliance Sunday, agreeing that the government’s terrorist watch lists are unreliable and should not be used to revoke Second Amendment rights.”
      The NRA proposed their own version of the FBI background-check hold that had protections against (((liberal))) abuse and turning into a stazi gun ban. Libs understandably voted it down, because the abuse was all they were interested in.
      And the 1st Amendment? The Jewish Media is still assravaged about the threat that they might be required to actually tell the truth when they call it (((news))), I see. Good thing Obama legalized the use of Government propaganda against US citizens again, otherwise they’d already be in trouble.

  12. I have heard 2016 described as, “The Flight 93 Election”. Voting for Trump = storming the cockpit, while voting for Hillary = accepting your doom. If that’s the case … Let’s roll.

  13. After uploading this video to my Youtube channel, over 50 people unsubscribed, suggesting how invested people are in the election.
    I wouldn’t have expected so many cucks to be subscribing to Roosh.

  14. LOL that anyone is actually arguing otherwise.
    Even if you’re a total degenerate who just wants to have fun while society burns down, Trump represents your best chance for a temporary 80s style revival where men are allowed to act at least slightly masculine.
    How could anyone be reading this site and think that having Hillary in charge would be good?

  15. Any man who votes for The Cunt is betraying men…imagine 4-8 years of extreme progressivism……
    All men, White MEN in particular…..step the fuck up!!!!!


  17. Roosh is understating the scale of what we are up against, because it is not just Americans that will be affected. A Clinton win will see the end of the internet as we know it, and that affects everyone, globally. Imagine not having access to the sorts of platforms that we can now employ, albeit vanishingly, to get our messages across. Irrespective of what one makes of Trump, a Clinton win will be the end of any hope for the future, not just for the US. And a Clinton win is not a win just for Hillary Clinton, as her connections go further than the current election cycle… others will be pulling the strings, even if it is just a corpse that is being propped up á la “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Voting other than Trump is not an option. The November elections will be a game-changer unlike any other.

  18. Putting your hopes and dreams on any presidential candidate, especially this piece of shit, is pathetic. White men are more weak and delusional than ever, and constantly having Trump’s dick in their mouth is a testament to that.

  19. Why would any man vote for an obvious authoritarian? Both Trump and Clinton want to tell you what you can/can’t do with your life, while continuing to centralize powers at the Presidential level. America is supposed to have a decentralized government, and only Gary Johnson seems to get that. A real man votes for Liberty.

    1. Why would any man vote for an obvious authoritarian ?
      Because authoritarianism is a real men’s movement. Liberalism is for pussies.
      We believe in hard principles and believe in enforcing them authoritarianly, end of story.

      1. America was founded on the principle of Liberty specifically to escape the authoritarian regime in England. It doesn’t make you a “real man” to enjoy being told what to do by another man. That makes you a bitch.

  20. There is nothing in Trump’s statement in support of military action in Libya that was not congruent with the sentiments expressed by Russian and China in the Security Council meeting that authorized a no-fly zone over Libya. Russia particularly felt duped by the US and its allies because their vote for authorization was intended for the protection of Libyan citizens against the Libyan Army, not for direct attacks on Qaddafi’s regime. The US media (propaganda) machine succeeded so effectively in conflating these two sets of intentions that even some of those who should know better swallowed their confusion. Better luck next time!

  21. Trump was my candidate from the day he announced his candidacy (and didn’t know much about him) and he said we’ve got an immigration problem and we are building a wall. What he did in destroying the Republican establishment field as a total outsider is astonishing.

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