You Should Judge Books By Their Covers

One of the biggest feel-good crocks that permeates our politically correct society today is the clichéd statement: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” For those of whose cognizance is quite a bit south of Forest Gump’s, what that phrase essentially means is that you should not draw assumptions of a person based on what you see on their surface. According to the people who believe that, what a person says or does or looks like (how they dress, how well groomed they are, whether or not they smell like mould) does not matter because deep down they have hidden depths which represent the ‘real’ them, and how they interact with the world is irrelevant compared to who they are ‘inside’.


I was especially touched by chapter 14 : A Rose Grows In The Killing Fields

Not only is that statement outright false, the popular perpetration of it has caused people to become blind to real dangers. It causes countless numbers of people to ignore their instincts and to enter into dangerous situations because those Social Justice Warriors out there told them their fears were unfounded; so that female jogger feels nervous running by those three men in hoodies, but hey it’s only 8 p.m. and there’s still some light out and besides everyone wears a hoodie and it’s not right to judge someone based off their oh god I’m being dragged into the bushes.

There’s no comprehensive study but from the tidbits I’ve read on the subject (mostly in Guns & Ammo and SWAT magazine) numerous people who have experienced street violence – be it robbing, mugging, rape or etc – professed to having a feeling before hand that their attacker was going to attack them. They judged the book by its cover and then completely ignored it because judging someone based on their appearance or actions or what they say is like, mean or something.


From the proud writer of Man Crazy, Mudwoman and Daddy Love. A quick experiment:  Guess whether the authour is a man or woman, and try to picture them in your head before clicking here. Were ya close?

The subconscious part of our minds is astonishingly brilliant, even if it’s trapped under the weight of conscious idiocy. There are hundreds of tells we gather from one another through our looks, our speech and our actions. These constitute the covers of the books that are us. The hidden depths that most of us have do not matter. We do not evaluate others for what’s inside them, nor they we.

The vast majority of human interaction is composed of three things; what we say, do and look like. And all three are all that we need to make an accurate assessment of one another. These judgements are not unfair – at least in the realm of relations with other people. Bob could have once saved a baby from a burning building and honestly believes that all children are innocent creatures who need to be protected; if Bob dresses like a hobo, gets sloshed every chance he can, pan handles and spends many nights in the drunk tank, Bob is nothing more than a drunken nuisance to society.

We human beings are not special snowflakes. Admittedly many of us have had semi-unique experiences, and the sum of ones life may be unique in its course and events but the events themselves do not matter nor reflect on who we are. Again, what we say, what we do and how we look is the sum of who we are. The events that have happened to us in our life time only matter insofar as how they affect one of those dynamics.

You could have given your kidney to save a strangers life but if you treat everyone like they owe you something and get mad when they don’t give you what you want you’re simply a spoiled baby. It might not be true deep down inside of you but that is how the world is going to perceive you, and rightfully so. Say-Look-Do. That’s it. That is the cover of your book.

3 pictures

It’s not hard to tell what these things are about

Now in order to pad out this article beyond all reasonable length I’m going to list three examples of people for you to judge. I’ll do my damndest not to lead you to any conclusions but those which you draw on your own.

Example 1

You’re perusing a book store when you see a young woman (18-24) standing in the aisle. She’s reading a romance novel that has recently exploded in popularity, one you know to involve BDSM and sexual slavery. She has ear stretchers, a nose and lip piercing (both are rings) and the tail end of a long tattoo pokes out onto her hand from the right sleeve and onto her neck from collar of her flannel shirt. By the colouring and design both ends belong to a single large tattoo, or two nearly identical ones.

She has short dyed blonde hair which is very long in front, with one side being completely shaved – a hairstyle extremely popular at the moment. Besides her flannel shirt, she is wearing Ugg boots and yoga pants and thick black glasses rims with no lenses in them. Several times, on average every 20-30 seconds, she pulls her iPhone out and checks it briefly before going back to the book.

Who is she? What kind of life does she lead? What is her book cover?

Example 2

You’re in line at a fast food store when a man comes up to the counter and attempts to flag the attention of the nearest worker whom does not immediately respond to him. Once the worker finally acknowledges him the man says, “Excuse me miss, I would like to speak to your manager.” The worker rolls her eyes and goes off, leaving the man standing there. He does not appear affected by the worker’s attitude. He is dressed in jeans and a band t-shirt. His head is completely shaven, and he is in very good physical shape. There is a tattoo on his forearm of a skull pierced by a knife along with a number underneath it, and a little further up is a tattoo of your country’s flag. When the manager shows up he says, “Sorry to bother you ma’am, but we did not get two chicken burgers.” The manager quickly gets him two burgers, and he says thanks her and walks out – but not before holding the door open for an elderly couple.

Who is he? What kind of life does he lead? What is his book cover?

Example 3

You’re reading an article on the internet written by a young woman about how she is a slut and proud of it. The main picture is of her wearing very flattering clothes with a swoop of hair over her face which is tilted down and slightly away from the camera. She does not appear to be unattractive. The article consists of a few anecdotes of her sexual romps, almost all ending with her saying that she broke off the mini-relationship when the boys started to get too clingy. The bottom of her article has a few links to other works authoured by her;

Campus Rape Culture; Men Just Can’t Compete; How Millenials Will Save The World.

There is a small bio of her under that. The picture beside is a straight on shot of her face, which is almost completely different looking from the one used at the top of the article; she is far less attractive then her article photo let on. She is smiling while holding up a fluffy white cat beside her. Her bio reads;

Jane Doe is a Utah born she-devil. A recent graduate of Columbia U, she now lives, writes and loves in New York. In between writing online articles for Well Known magazine and Popular magazine, she’s currently waiting for Currently Hip Director to get back to her about her earth shattering screenplay about Meerkats.

The highest rated comment in the comments section is a man who apparently knows Jane Doe from their home town.

X-Factor95 : hey jane! look at you big city girl! its john bow! lol maybe i should forward this article to your folks ;p

Jane Doe (replying to X-Factor95) : Hey John! Yeah living the dream here LOL. Plz don’t forward the article to my folks, they don’t know I’m a writer yet I want it to be a surprise lol

Who is she? What kind of life does she lead? What is her book cover?

I bet most of us came to similar conclusions, although obviously I couldn’t abstain completely from leading a bit. Of course there could be variables; there are always some who are the exception. But like most things it’s a small percentage, 10% at max. For the most part your first impressions of 90% of the people you meet are invariably right. I can spend an hour with a person and have them pretty much figured out, hidden depths and all. And I’m an idiot (at least according to most of the comments on my articles). Surely you, sweet reader, can do it in 30 minutes. A spade’s a spade, if it quacks it’s a duck and a cigar is almost always just a cigar.


Pictured: a rare and disappointing exception

React to your judgements appropriately. They’re most likely right and you are not prejudiced, racist or any other sort of shame word for doing so. You’re simply responding to the innate knowledge and analysis that resides in all of us, and which many choose to ignore to their own suffering and peril. How a person interacts with and presents themselves to you is all that matters. Despite what the feel good mainstream tells us, judging a book by its cover is not irrational. To do otherwise is the real insanity. And for all you hidden depth believers out there, it’s best to stop waiting for people to surprise you. They’re not going to. Schools really should stop teaching kids useless utopian ideals like these and get back to the fundamentals.


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220 thoughts on “You Should Judge Books By Their Covers”

  1. Funny… the picture of the author (of the rape-love story book) is almost EXACTLY as I’d have imagined.
    Knew I’d get the general idea, but didn’t think it would be that precise.
    Guess it supports the point of your article.

  2. For some reason at the Guess the author of “Man crazy, mud love and daddy love” I was visualizing a large man with a grizzled beard dress in overalls with fresh duck blood dribbling down the front and an ax over one shoulder……Dad….is that you?

      1. Oh wow! I thought you guys here were all about intelligent responses over immature name calling? I thought name calling was what feminists do.

    1. oh please. you’re exaggerating, few men cat-call or harrass women on the street. and besides, even if we were all such monsters, this harrassment happens to, what, the top 0.1% of women? you cunts are always pulling these arguments out of your ass to justify the gender war which, oh by the way, you started.

      1. I sort of agree, obviously the group of women was a bit exaggerated, what I most enjoyed was the more subtle parts, the woman saying she should really speak to his wife, the police officers treatment of her assistant etc.

        1. so what you’re saying is that you’re here wailing because of some SUBTLE annoyances of everyday life? nice way to prove me right about the whole ‘overreaction’ thing..

        2. Am I wailing? Can you here me? I believe I just posted a link, I was interested as to what you folks would have to say on the matter, it seems that mostly what you have to say is a personal attack on me, when I neither made that video, or have really commented on it, I haven’t said how I feel one way or another about it, whether it’s just natural that men treat women like that or anything else, you are assuming I am “wailing” because you are assuming I am a woman and that’s what you think women do.

        3. Am I wailing? Can you hear me? I was simply posting a link here that I was interested to see you folk’s thoughts on. I don’t actually think I’ve really given an opinion either way yet, only said that I enjoyed parts of it.
          You are assuming that I’m “wailing” because I am a woman and that’s what you think women are like.
          I sort of agree about judging books by their cover maybe, but if you’re a misogynist you’re probably going to misjudge people because of your innate hatred and disrespect of them.

        4. the simple fact that you would show such a skewed perspective of gender relations places you square in my crosshairs. i don’t care if you’re a woman, a man, an amoeba or some sentient robot – if you have silly arguments you will be attacked, deal with it.

        5. Could you explain my arguments to me? As I said, I didn’t make the video or even comment on it.
          Also you seemed to agree with the videos perception of gender roles, you just criticized me for “wailing” about it, which I did not.

        6. the video shows extreme examples of harrassment, so as to supposedly show what horrible lives women must be leading cause of these ‘damned men and their penile overlords’. it’s a load of bull because it grossly exaggerates what women have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. hardly anyone has it THAT bad. besides, how about us fellas make a montage of women blowing men out of the water in some nightclub? it would be just as gruesome, only fucking REAL. heck i bet that french chick would love to have that amount of attention every day, cause judging by the clip she put out, she must be one ugly frustrated woman.

        7. I think you have a good point. Not that the harassment women suffer isn’t real, it is, but yes you’re right you could show how women treat men in nightclubs reversed and that would be just as interesting, thanks! That’s the sort of response I wanted.

        8. Although, counter point, isn’t it a persons right to decide who they do and don’t want to sleep with? Whereas I don’t think even you would argue that it’s a right to be able to shout harassing statements at people in the street.

        9. Even if you are sitting there with the worlds biggest dick and a face full of hipster hair, your still a woman.

        10. the video is skewed feminist propaganda, not that dissimilar to hilter blaming germany’s problems on jewish people who admittedly wealthy, were also employers and business people who liked getting things done, and had strong family values.
          what propaganda does it take one small element that you can be easily persuaded to agree with and then blow it out of all proportion as a rallying point, and a cry to war against anything good or bad that might be associated with it. – ie. all jewish people are parasitic monsters ruining mighty germany – or all men leer at women and all women feel threatened and jeered in all public places.
          my baby momma told me the other day that she loves men eyeing her up, she gets a kick out of it, it makes her feel sexy and powerful, not threatened. that negates 95% of the video from a feminine point of view.
          the rest is complete BS. there are occasions when a landlord might prefer to speak with the man of the house, but these days i doubt it. there are also occasions when a school teacher might want to speak with the mother NOT the father, but i doubt any man is assine enough to get offended.
          the video is nothing more than stilted feminist entitlement. few men go running in the street without a shirt on, in some countries like panama it’s against the law and police will stop you…. if a woman is offended by it, she can always politely ask the man to put his shirt on, rather than wasting the planets resources on a lengthy and stupid video.

        11. You’re right about teachers, and I actually do find that offensive. Unbelievably, it’s actually possible to empathize with people who aren’t you and aren’t in your group. I mean, obviously it’s not possible for you, but for some people it is.
          And as I hoped was the message received from my other sarcastic comment, your “baby momma” does not speak for every woman. Are your worried your child is going to end up being screwed up by it’s slut mother?

        12. she’s only a slut for me…… there’s a difference between being sexy and being sexual and it’s a bridge that women need to learn to cross back and forth on…..

        13. It’s good that you find it sexy that she needs to seek the attention of other men in order to be satisfied, that she goes out of her way to do it, that even the approval of ugly creeps is more pleasing to her than yours.

    2. #1. Utter bullshit. Daily life is not like that at all for women.
      #2. Nobody cares about what your daily life is like. Your “troubles” dont mean shit to the men who carry the weight of the world every day.
      #3. Go somewhere that your propaganda might be believed. We know the truth.

      1. when the low point of a woman’s day is that she got whistled by construction workers, i would say that woman has a great freaking life, overall! women are pampered little brats that bawl everytime they get mildly inconvenienced. try building something worthwhile and then you’ll see what a hard day’s work is, toots.

        1. I don’t know if you noticed, but at the top it said “everyday sexism” so on top of the same low points that men suffer, we have all that stuff, we have men like you who disrespect and dehumanize us.
          I actually don’t think all men are awful, I think most are wonderful and I definitely find them easier to get along with, (I realize my association with more than one man means in your eyes I am a slut despite having slept with none, you don’t have to say this), however I do think there are monsters out there, male and female, and majority of men on this site are it, perfect examples of the most mentally ill, depraved and pitiful men there are.

        2. my baby momma told me after one too many vodkas the other night, that she purposely goes to the gas station to fill up the car at lunch time, when it’s busy, because she likes all the sweaty workers and truck drivers leering at her.

        3. Nah, rather than being whistled at and (if it’s a bad neighborhood) bullied, men instead get gossiped about by women wielding their iPhones. In its own way, it’s just as bad.

        4. This is true, and because in my opinion your comment wins in terms of fairness, I shall reveal my true opinions! (I know everyone was on the edge of their seats dying for this big reveal) I think that we pretty much have equality, insofar as we are equally discriminated against, I just personally think that ideally, we’d be equal in that no one is discriminated against. I know it’s an impossible dream, but wanting it hurts no one.

        5. Actually, you seem more like a typical liberally “educated” run-of-the-mill pseudo-intellectual, socially retarded trolls this site has been attracting in droves. Tromping forth in your Birkenstocks to bring enlightenment and vapid snark to the savages, so that you might sleep the deep, untroubled sleep of the politically correct. Hell, who knows. Maybe you are just a slut.

        6. spot on… a man never has any privacy or confidentially where women are concerned… i’ve had girlfriends freely telling their new BFFs they met an hour ago for the first time that we’ve done anal or my sperm tastes bad or any manner of ‘confidential’ / ‘private’ / ‘personal’ details.
          men never go into details in person, face to face… almost never. the internet allows us to discuss with relative anonymity – but women have no shame when it comes to gossiping about a man they’ve been intimate with… even your brand of toothpaste is open for discussion.

        7. My sister loves being whistled at by tradesmen. If she isn’t, she says her appearance, weight, clothes selection etc… must need to be addressed

        8. The idea that men are or should be collectively responsible for what some individual men do is political correctness gone mad. It’s similar to acting as though all gun owners are responsible when one nutjob kills a bunch of people.
          Feminists want to SAY they’re strong and independent and they don’t need men, yet still expect men to suck it up and maintain their illusion for them. In their minds, men should be like a constant neighborhood watch, protecting them from the consequences of their own stupid choices. They should then fade away into the shadows like a ninja, leaving her sense of entitlement and disrespect for men in general intact. When that doesn’t happen it shatters their bullshit notion of “equality” and enrages their hamster beyond belief. Cue the shrill screeches of “MEN need to take care of this!”.
          Sound about right?

        9. Tromping forth in your Birkenstocks to bring enlightenment and vapid snark to the savages, so that you might sleep the deep, untroubled sleep of the politically correct.

          Wonderfully put. Add a description of Kool Aid-colored hair and shitty tattoos and you’d have described the women of Austin, TX.

        10. Thanks, man. I get my fair share of that crap in Houston, but Austin is definitely in a league of its own.

        11. Dude, that whole debate sets my teeth on edge. When the term “victim-blaming” starts getting tossed around, my first instinct is to say “Sorry, I don’t debate retards”. Kinda like those signs in high-crime areas that say “Lock your car, take your key, and hide your stuff.” That’s called fair warning, not victim-blaming.

      2. Not being a woman, I don’t think you’d know how daily life is for women.
        You don’t have to say that you don’t care about the struggles of women, you’re on this website, that goes without saying, no one on this website even thinks of women as human, so pointing this out is just silly.
        I thought i’d bring it here because here i’m likely to get some interesting responses and not just “thumbs up”.
        In a weird way, I actually like you sickos. I never get involved on the comments sections of sites I agree with. What would be the point?

        1. I made a mistake in speaking for others here. They may be interested in the fictional tale told by feminists and I should not assume that they think like me.

    3. Oh yeah, I saw this little gem yesterday. Funnily enough, it didn’t seem like the roles were reversed at all. The women were noisy, irrational and annoying. Like the real world.

      1. Funny, I noticed the same thing. I wonder what it says about women that even when they try to satire masculinity they still can’t get it right.
        With the exception of the topless females jogging (how is that male oppression again? I WISH fitness fanatic women would jog topless!) all I saw was a bunch of typical American female behavior. Yep even the gang of females who assaulted him conducted themselves typically (any town USA is FULL of females who pee in alleys and are loud and crass…SMH).

    4. An interesting and amusing look into the mind of a woman who, being a woman, is completely clueless about men’s daily lives (the equation is commutative).
      It ends up as a form of unintentional self-parody.

    5. I’m going to go ahead and use my due diligence to judge the book by the cover and NOT follow this link and base my comments off of the comments of the others who have replied to this:
      I predict this is a link to a piece of content that attempts to paint women in a victimized light where everyday is just a constant emotional gauntlet for women being objectified and harassed. Typical narcissism and entitlement propaganda of Western society.
      Being a white female in this part of the world is awesome, and don’t you dare even try and convince anyone otherwise. Women get showered with compliments and validation day-in-and-day out from armies of desperate thirsty men via social media, and through texts on their phone. Women “don’t need no man” – and have piles of dick on tap, and they don’t even need to look good. They are encouraged to have it all. It’s a fucking monopoly.
      the cherry on top? You STILL play the victim card. What a joke.

      1. Obviously I didn’t read your whole comment but based my opinion off the first paragraph and the context of the website it’s on, therefore I assume it was uninformed and misogynistic.

        1. “I didn’t read [it]… therefore I assume it was uninformed and misogynistic.”
          lol, feminists.

      2. My favorite GBFM comment:
        long story short, men create wealth
        they built everying in your room right now
        they built the car you drove to workz
        they engineered and designed it
        they dies so you could be free
        they invented the compueter screen you read this on
        they strung up the power linez
        and installed da internet cables undergoudnz
        tehy inveneted wireless wifi
        they planted the seedz ofd the food you ate todayz
        they harvested the fieldz
        they invented and drove the tractorsz
        they drove da 18 wheelersz deliveirng it all
        dey wrote da GRETA BOOKZ FO RMENZ
        long story short
        men cretaed da vstw wealth of the free worldz
        they founght, labored, risked, hoped, died
        and laid it all
        at women’z feet
        and today women label this
        as “opression”

        1. I fucking LOVE “GREAT BOOKZ FOR MENZ”. lOLOLOLOLOLZZZZ. That guy is awesome and hilarious. I read His comments it seems, everywhere. You make me laugh hard dude. Cheerz.

    6. What about that? It’s fiction, and ridiculous.
      Several extreme situations especially pretending that a man would remain in a meeting at work until he was finished even if his wife was sexually assaulted.
      That is ABSURD.

    7. That was one of the most context-less, hyper simplistic, out right defiant displays of will full ignorance of the obvious social and biological differences between the sexes I have ever seen!
      NO straight man on the face of the planet would turn down/ignore so many obvious sexual advances from attractive women. Topless bitches running to and fro, and this guy just strolls around with his baby carriage like a carrot is up his ass.
      Oh wait, he has “gay face”…my bad, carry on.

  3. on this very topic, i submit towards your enjoyment this nugget of truth from the master himself:

  4. of course most (western) women are gonna encourage men to look at their supposedly fantastic personalities – their outward appearance is goddamn revolting!

      1. once you “see” the real side of a woman, her true attitude towards men and how she uses them, you can never trust her.

  5. If he looks like a thug, dresses like a thug, walks like a thug, talks like a thug and makes a thug face, I’ll treat him like a thug.

    1. Of course retired party sluts don’t want men to use their intellect and judge them by their past… That would be too easy for them.
      My party slut told me she is happy with her past and that she’s proud of it, I was like OK but we are still a whore nevertheless and I will never commit to you…

    1. So is there a specific way to identify the mental illness that everyone on this site suffers from? It’s difficult with it being online, I can’t really tell what any of you look like, but if there was a physical tell you could tell me about that would be amazing!
      I used to know this one misogynist who used game, he was fat and ginger, are most of you guys pretty ugly on the surface and that’s why you need to manipulate?

      1. I didn’t know living in the real world and acknowledging social and political reality was a disease. If it is though, I’m seriously fucked up.

      2. Why are you pretending that “looks”, “physical” attributes and appearance play any role in the validity or merit of an argument??
        Are you insane?
        Have that mental illness of yours looked at by a professional.

      3. Is that your best shot?
        You would like that, wouldn´t you? You can always ask the NSA for photos.

    2. In women, the most noticeable signs for mental illness include any or all of the following: she is fat, she has short hair (pixie, skrillex,butch etc.) she has multi color dyed hair or dyed her hair an unnatural color, has tattoos, has multiple face and/or body piercings, has shaved off her eyebrows and penciled lines in their place, wears too much make-up, chain smokes,… If there is anything else I left off that should be in the list, feel free to add to it.

  6. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Maybe not, but you can guess how old the book is, see how well it’s been taken care of, and gauge how many times it’s been checked out of the library.

    1. I think it goes even deeper than that. Physical appearance can hint at things like hormone levels, which help drive behavior. “Gay face” is the most obvious example of this, but not the only one.

      1. I pictured masculine facial features like broad cheekbones and and square chin on the guy from example two. I think I made that assumption from the sentence “He does not appear affected by the worker’s attitude.” but it even more so when they described his fashion sense. After the part about holding the door for the elderly couple, I pictured Good Guy Greg.

  7. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” originates from the practice of book publishers (who may not have even read the book) to put sensational covers on books to market them. Authors, who signed away control of the marketing, hate this and beg you to give their book a chance.
    On the other hand, women are in complete control of how they present themselves…
    … If they are fat, it’s their fault…. If they are unfeminine… Their fault… Tattoos, short hair skillrex haircuts, all intentional decisions…
    And since these are intentional decisions of the author, then it is perfectly fair to judge a book by its cover.

      1. Is it any wonder that the great authors of western literature (Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Mill, Kant, Rousseau, Locke, More, Hobbes, Voltaire, Emerson, Kierkegard, Weber, Hegel,Nietzsche, Dante, etc.) are always dirt cheap compared to hardcover feminist and female self help books?

        1. Thats at least partially because most of their works are in the public domain. But I take your point.

        2. That’s because people buy the classics all the time and occasionally but feminist self help books. So for every 10 classics, only one self help is sold.

  8. “To do otherwise is the real insanity.”
    It’s so true.
    The times I didn’t follow it, I paid for it dearly with my peace of mind.
    Men remember most women are batshit crazy, they are just good at hiding it…

    1. I agree that most all women are batshit crazy, but disagree with their ability to hide it (long term).

  9. Funny, I was just reading this: Lessons learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. It appears that when disasters happen, not only do the victims judge books by their covers, but the rescuers do, too. Apparently if you prepared adequately then you’re suspicious because you’ve deprived the rescuers of a chance to rescue, and the only way you could have had any supplies is if you stole them.

  10. Though it is good to keep in mind though that people are often contradictory towards their outward appearance. Often times, the seemingly normal ones can be the most dangerous. If they want to be perceived a certain way, while keeping their true intentions hidden, they’ll do whatever they can to make society think otherwise. In fact, a good number of serial killers look pretty average on the surface (at least before their hideous deed in any case).
    And of course, “judging a book by its cover” sometimes leads into the dangerous territory of stereotypes. I’m sure we’ve all been the victim of stereotyping at one point in our lives. Hell, “RoK” has a lot of stereotypes attached to it that I’m willing to bet aren’t necessarily be true. “Neckbeards”, “Virgins”, “Pigs”; I’ve seen variations of all these insults flung around at this site.

        1. So does that mean I should believe the popular stereotype that every member of the “RoK” is an MRA, neck-bearded, frustrated virgin that couldn’t get laid and are just frustrated against women?

        2. I’ll admit, I do find some things hard to read in a written form; like sarcasm and the like. To be fair though, you haven’t been very clear yourself.

        1. I mean you’re on here and sticking up for the RoK community, so I have to assume you’re a member, and isn’t misogyny sort of the whole thing that brings you fellas together?

        2. The thing about women is they have an unending need to go where they aren’t desired.
          Women Ruin Everything

        3. And sadly, you’ve fallen for a stereotype. A brief look at my posting history can tell you that I’m actually adamantly opposed to most of the things posted on this site. In fact, I’m actually quite in the minority when it comes to popular opinion on this site.

        4. The door is right over there >>>
          Dont spend so much time on the internet trying to be smart and witty – it will just give you a headache.
          Most RoK members love women. The ones that truly value and respect men.
          Oh..wait a sec..

      1. A stereotype? Are you suer that’s all it is?
        you tube . com /watch?v=ZLyPQ_4ET24
        you tube . com /watch?v=KWgnmVCGg-s

        1. Not going to bother watching them, only because I suspect they’re probably not videos of every single woman alive, and therefore not a fair thing to judge every single woman alive by. I could easily find a video of a man being an idiot, remember that one where a guy dived into ice and it sounded like it really hurt? Yeah imagine I linked you to that. That’s all of you.

        2. You know what a woman most often checks out first in a man, the thing that is important to her and by which she is prone to judge him by?
          His shoes.

        3. OK, boys and girls; let’s play “Guess who isn’t an actuary.”
          Now, let’s not always see the same hands.

        4. Too bad, the vid isn’t about women at all.
          Once again the Solipsism of the female mind is proven again. You are just sooo sure it’s about some bitch.

      2. As I said to the other fellow, you’ve sadly fallen for a stereotype. In fact, I’m very contrary to a lot of the opinions of this site. A brief look into my posting history can tell you that much.

        1. Why would you hang out here on a site where you disagree with most of the opinions?
          Seriously, what a douche.
          Kind of like us RoK regular readers hanging out and trolling Jezebel.
          I mean, like why?

        1. I LOL’d when I read hm’s comments. Definitely a woman. Only a woman could reply in a way that proves your argument yet think she just “flipped it” on you and proved hers.

    1. The difference is that the people who call us neckbeards, virgins, and pigs have never seen us in real life and are working off stupid leftoid assumptions.

      1. Unlike the correct assumptions that you the brilliant misogynists make about feminists that you have never met!
        Buddy, believe me, i’ve met misogynists before, and you do tend to all be angry because no women want to fuck you. I’m sure you get laid now thanks to your completed twisted psychological manipulation of people, but the thing that made you learn “game” was the fact that you were a loser. That or you were just born a sociopath.

        1. Why do you dumb cunts always say that?
          ….”because no women want to fuck you.”.
          But it’s ALWAYS the same without fail: A man types something you don’t agree with and POOF! You think no women want to fuck him.
          Let’s examine that closely:
          • You never say:”no woman would ever LOVE you.”
          • You never say: “no woman would ever want a MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION with you.”
          • You never say:”no woman would ever want to SPEND TIME you.”
          You say —->> “no women want to fuck you.” And that means you believe in your heart that vagina (and a fuck) is the BEST thing women have to offer. You think a FUCK is the most valuable thing women are good for. And you’re calling OTHER people “misogynists” and “sociopaths”?
          That’s all women are to you. Fuck objects.
          Your very own “twisted psychological manipulation” exposed.
          Think about it.

        2. Do you think misogyny would be as rampant as it is if it weren’t for modern feminism? The reason ROK men and others like them have such a low opinion of most women is that feminism has turned them into fat, ugly, whiny, victimized, self-absorbed cunts. If you want men to start treating you as something more than a sex object, start acting like more than a sex object.

        3. I’m not a misogynist against all women. Just the fat ones, those who cut their hair short, and feminists.

        4. To add fuel to the fire; who wants to bet “hm” is a female…
          No matter, I’ve found just in casual convo with my female friends and acquaintances – It’s true. Every women, intrinsically feels their only value is as sex objects. Everything from their social interaction, to their core thinking proves this.

      2. …Which would be stereotypes, correct? A baseless assumption based on a certain looks, actions, or common phrases?

    1. In yet they’re not ALWAYS true. If they were, then the angry, nerd virgin stereotype of “RoK” would be true.

      1. Dude, highlight generally, right click, select “Search Google for generally”, read the definition.

        1. Another tiring thread full of people trying to be smart and witty.
          Yawnnnnn. At least the comments on this article made me sleepy…

      2. No. “The nerd virgins of ROK” can NEVER be true, because anyone making that assumption can’t possibly know. And especially when you consider romantic potential (or relationship status) play no role in the merit of an argument.
        i.e. being “married” doesn’t make someone RIGHT.

        1. In yet that still doesn’t stop people from making assumptions of character based on their own personal bias ie, “A Stereotype”

        2. So what if they do? I wear a ring on the 4th finger of my left hand even though I am not married — JUST TO FUCK WITH THOSE PEOPLE.
          They see that ring and make ALL kinds of baseless assumptions and silly perceptions. Then after the sex is over, and she says “so where’s your wife?”……
          I say “What?”
          SHE: “You’re wearing a wedding ring. Where’s your wife?”.
          ME: “This is not a wedding ring. You mean you thought I was married and you still had sex with me anyway?? GET OUT.”
          That’s called taking the stereotype of “men are bad and women are good” and turning it on it’s ass.

        3. And of course, the reverse could always happen to you. You could bring home the most ideal, most perfect woman in the world, and in an instant, she could stab you right in the back with a butcher knife.

        4. No it would never happen to ME, because I know there is no such thing as “the most ideal, most perfect woman”. That would be more likely to happen to you.
          No woman has ever successfully been able to manipulate me into putting myself into a situation where she cam harm me with deliberate and malicious intention.

        5. And how do you know that? How do you know there isn’t a woman out there who could manipulate every conservative, traditional woman stereotype in her favor?
          Just because you haven’t encountered that woman yet, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist

        6. I was going to add…. there was ONE who threw a remote control at me and almost hit me in the face. But I just took her purse and threw it far into the street. “Better go get it”. When she ran out screaming after it, I bolted the door behind me and didn’t even mail her her shoes. But even then I wasn’t wrong. I saw that coming.
          But no, she doesn’t exist.
          The belief that she DOES exist, would be a downfall in itself.

        7. …Well, then doesn’t that prove that it can happen? To assume that she doesn’t exist, would also assume you’re always right. Which, unless you’ve somehow developed clairvoyance, would be false. The very fact that you’re human means that eventually you’ll make that one mistake.
          The fact that she was able to get into your room to throw that remote at you means to a certain degree, you weren’t sure.

        8. No I already said I clearly saw that coming (above). I EXPECTED it. If she had hit me, then I would agree with you.
          But I made sure no harm was done.
          You see, you’re attempting a manipulation yourself and you’re failing. You expect someone to change their ENTIRE stance on the subject by suggesting “it doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist”? That does nothing to prove or illustrate the existence of ANYTHING.
          If I said “there is a mouse on Mars” and you say “based on everything we know about Mars and science, no there isn’t that’s impossible”…. and then I say ” it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”, then that would make me a FUCKING IDIOT.

        9. So you saw the possibility coming…in yet you still let her into your room anyways? Doesn’t that mean that part of you wasn’t entirely certain, even if it was just a tiny bit?
          Well, except the big difference between your Mars analogy, and the situation I presented, is that mine is entirely possible within the realm of reality. It’s entirely plausible that there exists a woman out there that could outsmart you…you just haven’t met her yet. Your own stereotypes on women are irrelevant.

        10. • “It’s entirely plausible that there exists a woman out there that could outsmart you”.
          Every woman’s hubris.
          And yours.

        11. But you see the difference is … I am not arrogant. SHE is. Women will even attempt to mask this arrogance with outward insecurity.
          SHE: “I feel fat today.”
          ME: “Well I wasn’t going to say anything……”
          SHE: “YOU ASSHOLE!!!!”
          You see, she attempted to MANIPULATE me into giving her a compliment.

        12. True manipulators only need control a few variables at a time, it’s the classic female artform (men: war) so odds are there is a woman but you’ll never meet her or be interested in her.

        13. I wouldn’t call that manipulation per se. That sounds like emotional blackmail (the anger was a giveaway, loss of control). A manipulative woman would have smiled naively and agreed and got back at you later.

        14. Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter WHAT you call it. It’s a manipulation tactic / attempt and it’s totally transparent & obvious. In fact you’re attempting to manipulate by suggesting it be CALLED something different than it really is(!).
          It sure as shit isn’t “emotional blackmail” because – as in the above example – I didn’t get emotional. SHE did.
          A woman is CONSTANTLY practicing dissimulation. Much of the time she is completely unaware of it! As soon as a man recognizes this, it’s GAME OVER for her.
          “A manipulative woman”.
          You didn’t need to say it TWICE.
          It’s just “woman”.

        15. never, ever tell a woman she isn’t too fat if you intend to keep her. I made that mistake and it took years until she got “off” the Pringles.

        16. Not really. I think not enough men see the value in arguing. Much of the times I argued with a woman, it ended in sex.
          Ever see the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
          They were at it CONSTANTLY.
          There are SO many classic movies and stories about couples and characters who ended up fucking while arguing.
          After you tire her out for a while, you change the subject to vile sexual remarks….. she pretends to be all offended and grossed out…… and before you know it, she’s gagging on your purple-headed-yogurt-thrower, and her mascara is running.
          I highly recommend it.

        17. Manipulation is by definition covert. Blackmail is obvious, like you said.
          because her gamble failed, frustration at losing
          Yes plenty of women don’t realise the true reasons behind their behaviour, but most of us do. You could generalize it out to humans tho, we’re a deceptive species.

        18. ? Depends on the issue, I suppose. What inspired you to ask? I guess whatever side of the political fence “don’t ever tolerate a cunt” is on.

        19. So not worth it. Keep that kind of woman out of your life or beprepared to have any hope or joy drained out of your life.

        20. Wearing a wedding ring can sometimes work as an effective game on some women.
          Some women like men who are unattainable. Married men, men who are engaged/have girlfriends often represent that.
          So the wedding ring works as an effective game in that scenario. Instead of repelling such women away, a ring can sometimes act as a chick magnet on these women.

        21. Erik Miles´s question, whever there could be a woman who could manipulate every conservative, traditional woman stereotype in her favor, assuming that you are.
          Kind of jumping to conclusions, no?

        22. Djndbfijskfofhbrnwo STOP SAYING “IN YET”
          You’ve started with “in yet” like SIX TIMES, which would be maddening even if you used the RIGHT words: AND YET.

        23. Well all she would have to do is read sites like this. And act all feminine, nice, not glued to iphone etc. So yeah that is possible. Wont fool anyone for long though.

      3. That isn’t a stereotype, feminists don’t understand what they are and misuse the term. It’s a pre-judgement, very incorrect, considering how many of you get around. Stereotypes are usually based in things you can’t help (hence feminists rally against them): sex, race, age…

      4. Try not to confuse “stereotypes” based on Feminist insults with stereotypes based on actual, unbiased observation.
        Or, just because a few bitchy women say something is true, doesn’t mean it is.

    2. Yesterday, some lame ass was about to cause an accident driving too slow in the passing lane. I was 4 car lengths behind and thought it HAD to be a woman. Should have bet myself an extra $1 she was Asian.

        1. Actually women pay less automotive insurance – not because they are “safer” or “better” ->> but because there are fewer female drivers on the road.

        2. but the female divers disturb most. Every time there is a compact car doing 100 mph on the left lane and not even thinking about getting out of the way it’s a woman.
          (this is not a sarcastic comment. I’m German. And there are still a few unlimited Autobahns left.)

        3. Genau Recht! Deutsch is auch zufällig meine erste “offizielle” Sprache – als kind. Und ich weis genau wie schnell die Strecke von Duesseldorf nach Aachen isst. Mann fährt nicht auf die linke Seite wenn mann langsam farhren möchte. Es kommt ueberhaubt nicht in frage! Auf einmal kommt einer um die ecke mit 225km/st und in einem Augenblick bisst du tot! Hier (USA) schlafen die alle.

        4. Might be a continental difference, there.
          Men pay exorbitantly here in Europe, especially if they’re young and good cars. But women have special women-only companies to cushion their failings.

  11. I typically read this site much like I read the Onion. But I think this post is pretty accurate. I think the context you meet people in is the only real variable. I don’t really need to spend the time judging someone or allowing my spider sense to tingle if it’s 1pm in a nice neighborhood. That’s doesn’t mean I walk around with my head up my butt but still.
    It’s insane how people will ignore the WYSIWYG principle. Lucky for many dudes in the PUA community, girls seem a 100% capable of ignoring all the sign they are being gamed lol. Conversely guys with crazy girls…if a girl is crazy she’s crazy. Stop making it so damn complicated.

    1. When I first started using game on girls I thought for certain they would see through my game for the scam that it really is (I mean after all I just want to hookup and nothing more). Nope, it has consistently yielded far better results than being genuinely nice and friendly. That has led me to conclude that most women have very poor discretion of character. And I see this consistently time and again across other males and females observations as well.

      1. ” That has led me to conclude that most women have very poor discretion of character. ”
        They have poor skills in everything.
        And that’s why you never marry them.
        Women can’t be controlled nor trusted and they are easily brainwashed.
        Smart men don’t risk their money on highly risky investment that loses value everyday.

        1. Most people probably aren’t the best judges of character but American women in particular must be either socially retarded (very likely due to stunted development) or willfully ignorant of player’s natures. Sometimes I am thinking to myself about how artificial and stupid the things I am doing to get laid should appear but they work more than I ever thought they would.

        2. While with my girl, another girl called me and I ignored the call but my girl knew it was another woman….
          3 minutes later she sits on my lap and gives me a lap dance…..
          she never did that before. ***hamster wheel spinning***

  12. This article makes me feel bad for politicians and corporate execs who have to pretend not to judge a book by its cover in public all the time.

  13. Not only are we told to not “judge a book by it’s cover”, we’re also told not to judge once we know about a person’s past- especially in regards to a woman’s sexual history. This has to be one of the biggest loads of bullshit out there.
    If someone walks into the DMV with a vehicular manslaughter charge, two DUI’s, and a drunken disorderly ding on their record- are they going to walk out with a driver’s license? You got a better chance of finding a human vagina on a unicorn than that happening.
    So, if a chick has slept with a dozen drunken strangers and has eight ex-boyfriends- three of them being her friends on Facebook, and one of them being her co-worker, who she just so happens to go to happy hour with every Thursday- is she going to get commitment from you? Sure she will… if you’re really fucking dumb.
    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t judge someone else- you should judge the people you let in your life with inexorable ferocity. Also, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re insecure for being that way. That’s the go-to method of shaming: “You’re so insecure, you shouldn’t judge people like that!” is what they will say… Fuck’em, let their naivety be there downfall- that shit doesn’t apply to me and it shouldn’t apply to any other man either.
    Not judging = the apex of beta behavior.
    These are the same kind of idiots that would hire Casey Anthony to babysit their three year old niece… because.. you know- the past is the past and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… she was found not guilty after all… what’s the worst that could happen?

    1. “Not judging = the apex of beta behavior.”
      Funny how every girl judges every guy 100%.
      Always judging and updating their opinions of him.
      1) Meet the family so mother can judge you
      2) Meet her friends so they can judge you
      3) Meet any asshole orbiter she is friends with so he can judge you
      But don’t you dare question her past or judge her!!
      100% bullshit
      100% shit test
      Judging is the ONLY weapon you have, use it wisely…

      1. Yep, funny how when she’s judging you though it’s called “being cautious”. However, when you’re judging her, you’re being an asshole or a boy that needs to grow up- because everyone has a past! Dur hur hur. Far too many guys fall into that shit trap.
        My personal favorites are when they say, “I was a different person back then.” or “I was just experimenting at the time.” No, you’re the same exact person now- you’re either lacking the opportunities you did back then or you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re all grown up now. Make no mistake about it, those behaviors from the past only need the proper catalyst to repeat themselves in the future.
        The best bet is to find a girl that doesn’t have any of that baggage to begin with… but who has the time to search through a thousand spoons to find a knife?

        1. When you see older divorced mothers acting like 19 yo virgins chasing boys you realise that women never mature past 18.
          Once a slut, always a slut.
          Funny how women say men are immature, no we are not, we are smart, very fucking smart and RoK is educating the new generations of alphas.

        2. Couldn’t agree more dude.
          I look at the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the same way I view sluts. Here’s a guy that went over two decades without touching heroin. Then one day he wakes up, and says, “hmmmm, I think I’m going to do some heroin today.”
          Women that have done the whole cock carousel route are no different than a recovering addict. They may not be on the carousel at the moment, but once the novelty of the new relationship wears off (could be hours or years for it to happen)… trouble is just beyond the horizon. Is it possible that she won’t revert back to her old behavior? Yep, but that takes tenacity, inner strength, and a moral compass- it’s a fool’s bet to assume a woman has those traits in any measurable quantity, if at all. She will most likely leave a devastated beta like he was a non entity.
          If that beta asked some tough questions- questions that most betas are afraid to know the answers to, he would have known some hard truths about his girl, and appropriately discarded her.

        3. “If that beta asked some tough questions- questions that most betas are afraid to know the answers to, he would have known some hard truths about his girl, and appropriately discarded her.”
          I asked hard questions to my slut and she knows I know “the deal” about her…she’s already looking for the next sucker and will probably lie to him 100% to keep him.

        4. Sadly, she will find that sucker and he will be grateful to have her used up ass. Good for you though, all the perks and none of the liability.

        5. Thanks bro..took me a while to see the lines in the matrix…
          ” Cunts are attracted to wonderful human beings because they are the only ones that put up with them. ” – Bill Burr

        6. These older divorced mothers wouldn´t do that if they did not get some. Won´t stop them from bitching, since they still feel entitled to a “good man” who is younger, better physical shape and a lot wealthier than they are.
          That is a message one needs to get out to husbands who did go for “good women”, doesn´t get sex anymore, have their wives getting hideously fat or divorce them.
          Could have been worst than a gold-digger buddy, you could have gotten a slut, someone who put sex above 50 burgers a day or 75% of your income… pretty terrible option, huh?

  14. oh for gods sake. in spite of the adjacent cat, joyce carol oates was married to the same guy for 40 years(until the day he died) then somehow this post wall 70 year old managed to get married again 6 months later . the exact opposite of whaever youre trying to prove.

  15. I’dd add a little international perspective to this as the article was obviously written from and for an American perspective. While all arguments hold true, you examples (partially) fail in Germany (I’ll illustrate my impressions for you to decide):
    #1 will be really hard to find. If she were, she’d be a mother of 2 living on welfare (think of German welfare like having a minimum wage jobs in the US, just without the work and more money, and half an additional job for each child) and, after being a real bitch, reading this misogynistic novel in excerpts to have something to complain about at her next communist-feminist anti-discimination rally.
    #2 would be asked to leave the premises, probably before ordering. Which makes such people hard to find here too, but I live in Bavaria. Self-assured people are rather busy making money than getting tattoos. See above: Welfare.
    #3 would usually not put up a portrait of herself on a website. Those that do will not post anything remotely erotic. But they do have cats, too, and the rest fits perfectly.

  16. To “really” add something useful: The stereotyping thing may work in your favor. When my wife and I first went to Turkey, we kept getting the notion of everyone talking to my wife – in Turkish. It took a time to realize it was not (only) flirting, but that she looked Turkish in some way. We never noticed that before though there are plenty of Turkish girls in Germany, and we’d never have gotten the idea with her both grand-dads in the Wehrmacht (note: this is nothing to be proud of in Germany, rather something you never mention). But after looking at more and more Turkish girls, they overall sport really feminine traits like large breasts, wide hips and a narrow waist. And most dye their hair, so that’s irrelevant.
    For those who want to Game in Turkey after this: I cannot say for sure, but my best guess is “don’t even try”. Say the Turkish guys for themselves and take the ferry to Greece, that’s never far away. Turkish women are demanding and btw up for marriage and children for sex. But sexy, they are.

  17. My first thoughts about the three people (without any references to the others, though I have read them).
    First: one of the girls who says “I’m a slut and proud of it”, probably works at a record store/tattoo parlour and spends money made there on heavy metal and punk concerts (and also a significant amount on cannabis, pills and alcohol). Enjoys Skrillex, probably still lives with her parents (or lives in a cheap share house. Probably had the feminist doctrine shoved down her throat as a child.
    Person 2:
    Raised in a traditional nuclear family with a hrad working dad who beat him occassionally (but still treated him a a cared son nonetheless). Believes in old-fashioned values. More than likely works in a blue-collar occupation, albeit one he works hard in like his father. Is generally quiet but wouldn’t have people try to stand over him.
    Person 3:
    Someone who supports feminism and says that all sex is rape but still has lots of it nonetheless. Enjoys manipulating white knights, but still screws them occasionally because of her promiscuous inclination. Never had a strong father figure, either parents divorced, or mother wore the pants. Slightly more of a cunt than person 1.
    Edit: my favourite is person 2 🙂

    1. I was getting a strong military vibe off of 2. Other than that my read was virtually the same.
      BC made his point here.

      1. Number 2 is prole because he has tats and wears a band t-shirt. But he isn’t trash prole because he has manners meaning he probably grew up in a two parent household.
        I assumed he is military because of the shaved head, muscles, and the skull-flag tat.

  18. That Roger Welsch book is actually good, as is his “Everything I Know about Women, I learned from my Tractor”

  19. Of course there are people who act like someone they are not. You will get guys who bluff you and turn out to be pansies despite outward appearences.

  20. Example 4: “Racism”
    I am a “racist” and proud of it.
    I do not believe that a Golden Retriever has the same disposition as a Pit-bull. I do not believe that an Afghan hound, regardless of how it’s raised, will ever be able to compete with a Border Collie. All four of those breeds of dogs are the same species; Canis lupus familiaris. Have you ever heard anyone state “there is only one breed of dog: dog”?
    “There’s only one race; the human race”. Yea sure. It looks good on a bumper sticker, I guess.

    1. As I told my hopelessly niave mother, to deny racial and ethnic differences exist is not respecting those differences and is in its nature an insult. That being said, Homo Sapiens is one of the least genetically diverse species on the planet.

  21. Women make flash judgements based on what kind of shirt or shoes you’re wearing, and they expect not to be judged for how many cocks they’ve blown.

  22. On the subject of your “intuition” (for lack of a better word) being capable of accurately warning you of danger based on very quick initial impressions, theres a great book on the subject called “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker.

  23. When it comes to judging women as books, you should judge them both by their covers, as well as their content.
    Sometimes, the cover reveals the content. And sometimes, the grisly content reveals the evil instead of the presentable “cover”.
    All are guilty, till proven innocent. That’s the approach.

  24. Nah I can’t agree with this one. You shouldn’t be judging at all, you sound like an entitled woman. Just concern yourself with your blind spots and improving your self. If everyone did that instead of making themselves feel better temporarily by judging others then the world would be a better place.

  25. Very good article Billy. Ever since I read Blink a few months ago I’ve noticed more and more how my swift analyses about people and particularly girls, are nearly always correct. Between reading voraciously and approaching girls on a regular basis, I’ve developed a strong trust for my instincts regarding snap judgments. Any man can do this.

  26. Of course you can judge a book by it’s cover.
    That’s the entire point of the cover in the first place.

  27. I tell people this all the time. Stereotypes are based on averages! Of course there are exceptions and outliers, but when one is thinking of their own life, the life of their loved ones and possessions then the exceptions/outliers do not apply. Ask any hedge fund manager or investment banker do they risk money based on averages or outliers? Sure you have some niche run of the mill investors who try to target outliers but the average investor, invests based on averages. There is nothing ignorant, sexist, or racist about statistics. If I know in certain neighborhoods that I stand a risk of getting shot and robbed at a rate of 9 times out 10, then I am going to judge people from that neighborhood accordingly and take the necessary measures.
    Political Correctness aka Cultural Marxism has convinced the average idiot American that somehow thugs from ghettos don’t pose a threat, that feminism doesn’t upset the natural order and is not a self-defeating proposition due to the decline in birthrates and decline in the dominant culture. We are living in an age of lies, lies and more lies. The lie that democracy is always the best form of government, when history shows that monarchies are more stable and prosperous. That feminism is great even though children raised in single mother households statistically have worse life outcomes in nearly every category than children raised in two parent households or father headed households. We are told to believe the lie that women would rather work than stay at home rearing children, which they biologically know that’s what they really want to do (on average). Don’t take it from me, statistically this is the most unhappy generation of women, ever (yet the most “liberated”). The era of societal experimentation is the era of lies, and when this Tower of Babel finally comes crashing down no matter how violently, I won’t shed a single tear.

  28. First Day of English Class
    Teacher: Don’t judge a book by its cover!
    One Week Later
    Teacher: Find a historical book and write a summary on it.
    Me at the Library
    Hm…Musings of the Ancients or Master Kama Sutra? Well, I shouldn’t even be reading the titles! After all, the titles ARE on the covers, and picture of the lewd Indian lady shouldn’t be discriminated against the one of the round table of warriors and philosophers. I’ll just randomly select!
    One Week Later
    Teacher: Here are the grades you’ve received
    Me: Hehehe, 69!
    One Day Later
    Teacher: (phone call) Mam, your son is dead.
    Mom: Ah! Why?!
    Teacher: He blindfolded himself and then ate his lunch in class…and choked on a fork.

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