Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police

As a big fan of Return of Kings and a police officer for over ten years in a big city within America’s midwest, I want to thank The Quiet Rebel for his article entitled, “How Should Men Deal With Today’s American Police?” Not only was it well written, but it was very fair and lacked the usual rhetoric that internet coverage of law enforcement presents so often.

I appreciate it when an article begins the conversation of modern policing because it presents law enforcement, which is one of the most misunderstood professions in the world, an opportunity to defend itself.  Unfortunately, since law enforcement has no voice and is a collective without a human face, it never does.  Perhaps I can help.

When I began writing this article, I changed topics so many times because I have so much to say.  It is simply impossible to get every point across that I would like so this has been narrowed down to an introductory defense of law enforcement.  Since I cannot cover everything, I would like to offer a couple disclaimers.  First, I am not a boy scout cop that is blinded by the pageantry of law enforcement.  In fact, my favorite piece of literature is, “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau. Second, I can be very critical of the police. I get in many arguments with fellow officers over our enforcement of stupid laws, our inability to control crime, and especially the police unions.

A fellow officer and I often discuss how we can foster change from within the system.  We have come to the conclusion that mass change is unlikely, but we can step in occasionally on a case by case basis to interfere with the system when necessary.  As supporters of gun rights, together we have saved quite a few men from being charged with gun crimes or violent crimes when they are acting in self-defense.

For example, I recall an incident when a large group of inner city black youth attacked a white man who was just walking down the street.  During the attack, the white man pulled out a knife and cut one of the attackers pretty bad, sending him to the hospital.  A sergeant at the time felt compelled to charge the white guy because of the nature of the injuries to the assailant and the use of a weapon.  To make a long story short, I persuaded him not to charge him and he was released.

This may seem like common sense to most, but in the police world, liability and politics often force officers to make the simplest decisions that will require no defense on their part, often at the peril of innocent people’s freedom.  For example, the sergeant most likely felt it would be hard to explain to the attackers angry family why the victim was not charged since their child suffered the most severe injury, and especially since the victim was white. I have never minded explaining why I did the right thing.

On training

One point in the article that I’d like to address is the claim that law enforcement is trained to be antagonistic toward the public.  Although I will never defend the bully cops or deny that they exist, you’ll never get rid of them.  There are almost one million officers in America.  That means one million unique human beings with personalities from every spectrum.  But I assure you, no officer is directly trained to be a bully.  In fact, we spend hundreds of hours of training over our careers in customer service, diversity, community policing, problem solving, etc.  They directly train us to be soft and accommodating.  I’ve had to take classes in dealing with every type of human from a deaf person to a transgender.  But there is one piece of training that indirectly trains us to be a bit more antagonistic and “trigger happy”: watching video of police officers killed on duty.

Although this training is essential and its intentions are to improve officer safety, it certainly indirectly affects an officer’s disposition toward citizens during various encounters.  Training videos showing real footage of officers being murdered are often used to help officers learn from the mistakes of the fallen officer.  As the proliferation of cameras continue, there is not much an officer does on his shift that is not recorded on video.  Many departments even have lapel cameras now that are always recording. As a result, the more cameras there are, the more police murders are recorded, which causes officers to be inundated in training with video after video of officers being violently killed.

Some of these training videos are obtained through a network of classified footage used exclusively for training purposes and shared by law enforcement only.  They are uncut, unedited, and brutal.  I remember one cruiser cam video showing an officer who was gunned down by a guy with a rifle during a traffic stop.  As the bad guy drove off, all that could be heard on the officer’s microphone was his morbid gurgling and agonal breathing as he laid dying in the street all alone. At the time, all I could think was that somewhere his children were playing on a playground or reading in school while he died on the pavement.  It was incredibly sad.

But then I replayed the video in my head and I heard the officer warn the guy six or seven times to put down the rifle before firing his first shot.  I thought, “Why did he even warn him at all? That crazy bastard was loading his rifle right in front of you, what did you think he was going to do with it?!  If he just would have shot him the moment he saw the gun, he would still be alive and his children would be with their father.”  My instructors agreed.  That was the lesson we learned.  Some will say that we learned to be a little more “trigger happy” and others will say that we learned to survive.  Who is right?

I kiss my daughter and my son every night before I go to work.  I’m terrified of being that officer.  When I make a traffic stop and the guy gets out of his car against my wishes and reaches back into his car, it scares the living shit out of me.  I think of that officer and I pull out my gun and yell at the guy to get back in his car.  He looks back at me like I’m crazy and says he was only looking for his phone.

But what if I knew that guy had a warrant for armed robbery, and he was jumping out of his car to get away, but decided to grab his phone suddenly before running?  As he climbs back out of the car, I see something silver in his hand and shoot him.  I just shot an unarmed man.  Some people think I should go to prison or at least be fired.  Anton McDowell requested an explanation of why officers are not held accountable for their actions and felt like cops just protect each other.

The thin legal line

Police officers are often protected by law when they do stupid things, even if they accidentally kill someone.  Consideration is made if they acted in “good faith” or “reasonably,” and the “totality of the circumstances” are weighed.  Police kick in the wrong door?  Stupid mistake, but it wasn’t malicious.  Their paperwork was wrong and they thought they had the right address.  Police shoot an unarmed man?  Hell, if any person shoots an unarmed man but can reasonably explain why it happened and there is no evidence that it was malicious, then no charges will be filed.

In short, police officers are legally protected if they make most types of mistakes, including serious life ending mistakes.  Why?  Because who the hell would want this job if you couldn’t make a mistake?  I could hear this in a job interview: “You want me available to handle unpredictable, violent, life threatening situations over the course of a few decades, but I can’t make a mistake?  Fuck you!”

Fuck the police

If a few cops appear to be immune to justice when they misbehave, then why not harass, videotape, and embarrass all cops on the street and upload the videos to YouTube? Justice, right?  Good news?  Finally, law enforcement will be held accountable in the court of public opinion, correct?  Shaming, embarrassing, and challenging law enforcement has been a recent trend on the internet.  Some of it is genuine and raises necessary questions, but much of it is for attention, or worse to destroy the credibility of law and order as a whole in the spirit of anarchy or other leftist ideology that requires a breaking down of society and culture.

Ever wonder why mobs of juveniles are running rampant lately?  Or why brazen criminals seem to be committing crime in broad daylight?  Most cops are not that aggressive anymore. Here are some thoughts of a conscientious, modern American police officer who senses the change in public opinion toward him when he goes to work: “If life and death situations could land me in a coffin or prison, I will avoid life and death situations.  If that mob of teens harassing people are just going to take video of me telling them to disperse while they laugh at me and post it on YouTube so anti-police fan boys can call me a pig, then I’ll just drive by.”  This is happening.  No cop admits it, but it is happening.

We used to enjoy the support of the educated, hard-working people of the community, but not so much anymore.  The bad guys used to know that the cops were the extension of the values of the community and if you violated those values, you were on your own—and good luck with that.  But those communities that upheld the values of the Ten Commandments for everyone now seem to only uphold the values of the Ten Amendments, and only selectively when it protects them or their group’s politics.

The bad guys know we are running scared from the court of public opinion.  They know the public won’t back us.  Now we chase after a burglary suspect through a nicer neighborhood in the city, protecting the property of that very neighborhood and residents come out and tell us that we are not allowed in their yard without a warrant.  Do you know how hard it is to tell that guy to just go inside and not tell him to “Fuck off?”


As violence increases and public support decreases, cops like me are on our way out.  Years ago, cops didn’t know how early retirement worked or how much your pension was reduced if you left early because the job was great.  Now, many cops sit around with calculators and cut their budgets to plan for a new career late in life.

Right now, you have the most honest and well-educated police departments that have ever existed whether you want to believe it or not.  I work with former airline pilots, former accountants, former business owners, former counselors, former engineers, etc.  Without your support and with the rise of anti-police sentiment, we are moving on.  The ranks will be left with the cops who are either too old and too close to retirement or too dumb to find better work.

I myself have a plan in motion to resign, or as Thoreau puts it, “…leave that office to his dust at least.”  Fuck this job.  Do you think they are not going to fill our ranks when we all leave?  And who will replace us?  Do you think the system will right itself in our absence?  Smart people are too smart to sign up today. I hear some people south of the border will need some jobs soon. They have probably been “dreaming” of the opportunity to serve and protect you.

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399 thoughts on “Why Americans Should Reconsider Their Contempt for Today’s Police”

  1. Cops are paid to en-FORCE the laws that the 1% make. Cops are the ones making sure nothing changes. Law and order – the system’s laws, and the system’s concept of “order.”
    Not one cop, during Ruby Ridge or Waco, did anything to stop it. As it turned out, the cops were more dangerous to the Branch Davidians than Koresh. At least he didn’t fry 100 women and children.
    You are paid for your obediance. Not because you elite crime-fighters. Every cops knows that when he steps out of line, he loses that fat biggov pension.
    The American cops are no different than the Soviet cops or East German cops. Their KGB and Stazi is our FBI and NSA.
    Murka is already a police state.

    1. Yes, America is a police state. There was a time when I would have taken this article seriously but that time has long past. The police are the elites’ Praetorian Guard; they do not protect or serve We the People.
      The police are also often virulent racists (like the author of this article). He mentions the blacks who were attacking the white man but does not mention that the man who shot the cop (Deputy Kyle Dinkheller) with a rifle was a white man. The video is online and the author could have linked to it but chose not to because the race of the shooter does not fit his narrative. See the video below.
      Black and Latino men have suffered hugely at the hands of these hired killers but when we complained, no one believed us. Now, the praetorian thugs have started killing innocent white men and depriving them of their Constitutional rights. It has now become clearer that cops cannot be trusted to protect or serve.
      Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6z8q4lOrDU

      1. “Black and Latino men have suffered hugely at the hands of these hired killers but when we complained, no one believed us. Now, the praetorian thugs have started killing innocent white men and depriving them of their Constitutional rights. It has now become clearer that cops cannot be trusted to protect or serve.”
        Nailed it here.
        Over the last 50 years American whites have spared no expense expanding the prison/law enforcement industrial complex and ramping up the drug war to target blacks & Latinos. It never occurred to them that these weapons would one day poison and destroy their own sons. You simply cannot deprive one group of meaningful Constitutional protections and then expect consequences to never redound upon you and yours.
        Change is long overdue–I wonder how many innocent white men will have to be slaughtered by SWAT teams to see real movement on this issue?

        1. There are so many laws on the books that we are all criminals now. A lawyer wrote a book that shows how the average American commits three felonies a day.

          Three Felonies a Day is the story of how citizens from all walks of life—doctors, accountants, businessmen, political activists, and others—have found themselves the targets of federal prosecutions, despite sensibly believing that they did nothing wrong, broke no laws, and harmed not a single person. From the perspective of both a legal practitioner who has represented the wrongfully-accused, and of a legal observer who has written about these trends for the past four decades, Three Felonies a Day brings home how individual liberty is threatened by zealous crusades from the Department of Justice. Even the most intelligent and informed citizen (including lawyers and judges, for that matter) cannot predict with any reasonable assurance whether a wide range of seemingly ordinary activities might be regarded by federal prosecutors as felonies.

          With so many unjust laws on the books, an out-of-control police force is a huge risk to a fair and just society.

        2. Minorities always get fucked before the the majority does. In this way us whites were fucking idiots. If the rights of minorities aren’t protected then the majority will eventuality suffer too.

        3. The biggest problem as you said is the endless number of laws on the books. This goes back to the politicians and the stupidity of the masses for always voting for Tweedledee and Tweedledum. When you vote for big government you gt big government and all the hell that comes with it.

        4. Hey.. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY F’IN RIGHT TO SELL DRUGS. PERIOD. Stop doing it and you won’t have to worry about prison. Why is that so hard? I don’t believe in libertarian BS. I want an tight, disciplined and orderly society that marches off to work every morning just like our parents and grandparents did.

        5. What if some of us aren’t interested in “fairness” so much as well ordered discpline? This screwed up anarcho-libertarian society has no culturally enforced discipline anymore. Many of us would like a well ordered and decent society, not a hedonistic one.

        6. This authoritarian lickspittle is the reason why the USSA cages more people than any other nation on the planet.
          People who insist on inflicting their opinions and personal preferences on others at the point of government gun are equally odious whether they be “conservatives” applauding government violence targeting people who are choosing what they choose to put into bodies as liberals whose contempt for property rights leads them to violate said rights in the name of countless asinine social justice(sic) causes such as the Hobby Lobby spat.
          Below, a former cops opinion on the stupid, evil, and insane construct which is the War On Drugs. Notice that said war does not include drugs manufactured by Big Pharma which are forced upon boys for the unforgivable crime of acting like boys, by a feminist Public School system.
          And, yes, said laws are enforced by the same cops which AC says we should respect and support.

        7. “As violence increases and public support decreases, cops like me are on our way out.”
          Anoncops fearmongering has worked on those who are petty tyrants, at heart, I see.
          Homicides and violence has actually dropped these past two decades, despite anon cops horseshit about violent crime being out of control.

        8. Its a way of creating a dictatorship you’ve already broken a law so if the dictatorship doesn’t like you it can punish you “legally”. Its like a cop giving you a ticket when over half the time they dont even bother wearing their seatbelts.

        9. YOU nailed it! We (society) stood by and little by little allowed this to happen..

        10. Here’s a hint, don’t smoke crack and you won’t go to jail moron.

        11. and yet, no one does anything about the politicians. Always blame the police for enforcing the laws that your elected representatives create.
          The comments in this thread are why ‘Murica doesn’t deserve the military or police force it has. Go kill yourselves in an orgy of your insane internet discussions of “freedom”. Anarchy is better right? That’s why there’s so many anarchist countries right?
          Fair and just are not reasonable concepts when people are willfully ignorant. The number of people who don’t know what the 4th amendment is in this country (and no, I’m not talking about CopBlock morons, i mean every day citizens), proves that there is no room for fair and just. It’s getting closer and closer to mob rule thanks to people like CopBlock not realizing their fellow citizens are too stupid to live and let live.

        12. I love these posts that say we do not protect and serve anymore. I would let a paycheck go just to have every police officer in this country take a week off and let the citizens see just how much we do protect and serve. I honestly hate that motto by the way because stupid people do not understand that it! It should be protect and enforce. That is what we do, we do not serve people coffee as they think we should. Serve is a word that has eluded so many in this country. lol They do not see the crimes we stop! They do not see the people we help! They see “copblock” and all of these half police videos that are viral and think all police are bad and we’re in a police state. These people do not even know what a damn police state is! lol In short, we’re working with a society of thugs and thug lovers. We work with a society that is indoctrinated by a thug ideology. I wish with all of my heart we could let society live a few months without police officers JUST so they can know how important law enforcement in this country is and what we are holding together in this country. Now, get ready for the TWT, (tough while typing), people that are going to get on here and explain to the world that they are armed and will welcome law enforcement to leave so they can rambo their way through life! Wait for it….

        13. That thin blue line is all that stops the hungry wolves feeding on most of the sheep here, I am not a Cop but I served in the Corps and most of my friends are cops. Having served in combat in Iraq I *know* I can protect myself, and my family. However, most people have never seen, or felt, or done that type of violence that changes a man for the rest of his life, those are the same sheep that would like nothing more than police to just go away, and how ironic it is that those will be the first to get reaped (and raped) by the wolves just waiting…waiting.

        14. Then make your own “well ordered and decent society” there -are- communes for that. Just hope the federal government doesnt suppress you like Branch Davidians or those mormon splinter groups.

        15. they throw minorities into jail for selling drugs in their houses too. You want a sell ordered and disciplined society, right? Well will you abolish capitalism then because your white ancestors enjoyed that too.

        16. So, here are some pig riot squads who plan to bust the heads of Patriots who are protesting the FedGovs decision to bus some illegals into our country. So, how does aiding and abbeting the illegal invasion of our country doing anything BUT promote anrachy.
          Pis will always side with the politicians, even communist ones, against the wishes of the taxpayers who’s extorted omney goes towards providing the pigs with their useless existence.

        17. The only things cops serve and proect is this corrupt regime and their own self serving parasitism…..
          From link below: “4. Settlements are shifted to taxpayers.
          Those officers who are found guilty of brutality typically find the settlement to their victims paid from city coffers. Research from Human Rights Watch reveals that in some places, taxpayers “are paying three times for officers who repeatedly commit abuses: once to cover their salaries while they commit abuses; next to pay settlements or civil jury awards against officers; and a third time through payments into police ‘defense’ funds provided by the cities.” In larger cities, these settlements easily cost the public tens of millions of dollars annually while removing a substantial incentive against police misconduct.”

        18. Here’s a hint on why rational people loath cops.
          “SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah police officer who killed his wife, their two children, his mother-in-law and then himself received text messages from his wife just hours earlier threatening to leave him and take their kids and confronting him for raping her, new documents show.
          A Spanish Fork Police report shows Joshua Boren and his wife exchanged heated texts the night and morning before the January killings.
          In them, Kelly Boren confronted her husband about raping her and told him their marriage was over, The Deseret News reported (http://bit.ly/1oC8lWG ). The couple already had been separated for some time.
          Joshua Boren’s therapist told authorities that Boren drugged his wife and videotaped himself sexually assaulting her on more than one occasion.”

        19. Do you say that to yourself when you shoot and kill some innocent?? Do you murmurer that out loud when you and six other cops beat someone to death knowing full well you’ll get away with it?? Do you, when you realized that you have assaulted the wrong house, keep on brutalizing the occupants and tearing the house up because you’re there and might as well finish the job??
          If you would do your job correctly and quit trying to cover up mistakes, there would be no complaints, but no, your solution is to state that everyone should be happy with your mistakes because it would be worse if you were gone…. That is a childish argument..

        20. I’m quite sure you are not this ignorant and are just trying to be the best police hater you can be! But just in case you truly do not think police officers saves peoples lives everyday, you might want to try this neat thing called Google and do a search on it. Officers protect citizens every single day and that my little police hater friend is something you cannot deny as it is proven! So get over yourself and go play on another thread, pick a topic you know a little about…

        21. Make that paying 4 times.. The police give out paid time off to their bad cops while they ‘investigate’ ways to cover for that bad cop. We had one cop on paid administrative leave for just under two years. The ‘investigation’ lasted long enough for the cop to retire with full benefits…

        1. Unless he’s renounced them bitches and homos entirely and considers his beloved Corps dead.

      2. “Black and Latino men have suffered hugely at the hands of these hired killers but when we complained, no one believed us. Now, the praetorian thugs have started killing innocent white men and depriving them of their Constitutional rights. It has now become clearer that cops cannot be trusted to protect or serve.”
        Quit complaining.
        The cops are the only things keeping blacks and Latinos alive.
        Whites are smarter and better organized. Whites successfully hit what they shoot at. Hell, blacks have been ethnically cleansed by Mexicans from Compton simply because Mexicans have a free pass from law enforcement. Whites are far far more competent than the mostly Indio Mexicans.
        If there were zero cops in America within a year there’d be damn near zero crime because the blacks and Latinos who have “suffered hugely” at the hands of cops would lose their state protection.

        1. I have also wondered that. If there were no cops for 5 years, I bet the crime rate would drop substantially. It would be a “nightmare” for people cowering in the basements and criminals and anyone who gives off that criminal vibe during the first year of vigilante justice, but it would be heaven for law abiding citizens from year 2 on. It is how the West Was Won.

        2. Nanny Bloomberg in NYC threatened to take police off the streets for a week until a heckler called him out on it. He said you better not bring them back early when drug dealers are floating down the Hudson, in fact we will trade all the cops for the native American from Tusla that hunted blacks that belonged to the gang who killed his dad.

        3. That was the case in Tulsa when Native American Jacob “Jake” England went hunting gang members of the gang that killed his dad. The cops eventually saved the gangbangers.

        4. Running interference for scum is what government does. Its all it does. Left to their own devices, decent people will band together and eradicate those less so. Whether the latter be gangbangers, banksters, politicians, or other annoying busybodies.

        5. The crime rate would drop massively overnight if the State stopped criminalizing harmless behavior.

        6. yeah.. banksters are SO EVIL.. until you want that home loan, or a line of credit for your business.

        7. The cops couldn’t even save themselves when they were ambushed by Justin Bourque in Canada. They were able to arrest England because his quarrel wasn’t with them.
          If it was, he would have taken a few out before they would’ve brought him to ground.
          American cops are like any other third world security apparatus; effective at raping girls and beating and terrorizing the peasants but useless against any real opposition.

        8. black scientists and technicians worked on the Manhattan project, so im doubting how ineffetive a nation of 40 million people with access to arms would not be able to defend themselves…

      3. The author of this piece is clearly a racist piece of shit and represents the fundamental reason why cops should burn.

        1. Clearly? Clearly. Clearly?
          I think you’re clearly an idiot. Grow up and stop fantasizing about being tough.

      4. I would like to respond to a few points in your article. First of all, yes, this is the video I was referring to and did not know it was on YouTube, but don’t assume I was hiding anything. The race of the shooter meant nothing in describing the fear and anxiety this video gives officers. The races of the attackers and victim in my story helped point out that conscientious officers often have to combat political correctness in order to do what is right.
        I can’t speak for Latinos because I don’t work in the south or the west coast, but if blacks have collectively suffered at the hands of the police, I would never know it. Blacks call us for every little problem they have and always call us on other blacks. If blacks could have their own officer to privately dispatch on everyone that has ever wronged them, they would. I’m not sure what they would do without us to be honest.

        1. 🙂
          He’s an anonymous cop because if his name and badge number got out his openly racist beliefs may jeopardize his “career” in law enforcement.
          🙂 ” career” 🙂

        2. I appreciate you taking the time to pen that article. Don’t let all the Internet weirdos get you down!
          Your final point was chilling. These guys don’t know how good they have it. Stick with it, you’re efforts are definitely appreciated!

        3. It’s not acceptable in ‘modern’ society to use violence to solve interpersonal disputed even if both people agree to it. Now if the police were to be less interventionist in people brawling over their own issues, I wonder how better things would be……

      5. I appreciate your article, from one officer to another. Our voice is often lost in a sea of idiotic comments from people who just don’t understand or too busy pushing an agenda to care.

        1. Tell that to your public sector union Jarvis.
          Seriously you gotta be fucking kidding me.

        2. Keith, do you want well-meaning cops or not? If you just want hired guns, you’re free to move to Mexico.
          Cops have to deal with the dregs of society ALL DAY. Hell, you’re not even a criminal (I’m guessing) and even you are giving them shit.
          In general, don’t care for unions. But cops shouldn’t be subject to exploitation and political whim. So what if the unions help cops “get over” a bit, late in their careers? Is there anybody else that you can think of that might be more deserving? Afterall, they work a lot of holidays and jacked up hours in a dangerous job dealing with the worst civilization has to offer.
          Chickenshit tickets I can do without – but blame the city gov’t for those.

      6. Baby killer marine. Oh what, you wanted a well reasoned argument as for why you’re a baby killer? Blah blah blah, I’m a sovereign citizen and i’m going to kill you because i say i can because I’m a sovereign citizen, blah blah blah. That’s you. That’s your retarded argument.

    2. This article is just so much of the same PR that police officers always publicly spew. It falls right in with the police’s constant refrain of “We have investigated ourselves and [always] find we do no wrong…[no matter how egregious the alleged wrong was/is..]”…and no policeman will help protect an innocent person that has been accused of anything by another police officer, it is against the ‘thin blue line’… In fact, most officers will lie or withhold evidence showing a persons innocence just to bolster the other policeman’s accusations….
      I am near 80 years old and in my life, I have been beaten on 3 occasions, roughed up many times more, and on each occasion. it was covered up by the police and never went in the book…. I have never spent any time in jail because none of the charges giving reason for the police to beat me was legitimate, it was just something cops do because they enjoy doing it.
      Like politicians, it takes a special ego to become a police officer. A study in the mid 70s showed that there is very little difference between the psychological make up of a police officer and a criminal. Their psych profiles are so close that one cannot tell the difference between them…except that the police are protected and most criminals are not….

        1. Now, explain why you think I’m a moron or are you just drive-by name caller…???

  2. Police obeys the law, the law obeys the corporation, the corporation obeys бай Хуй, бай Хуй obeys the phallus.

  3. Thanks for the article. Interesting to learn that officers are trained to be antagonistic towards the public – explains a lot. Growing up in a fairly small town, we knew all the cops. As I was getting my first Firearm permit, the Chief filled it out without a question, asked after my parents and grandparents, then handed it to me. That attitude has gone far south in the last 30 years. Now every time I have to deal with a cop, I brace for an encounter with an asshole, try to be polite, then get the hell away as soon as possible.
    Is violence really increasing? Violent crime rates are near all time lows. Police work doesn’t crack the top 10 in the list of dangerous jobs (results obviously vary in some urban neighborhoods).
    Part of the resentment towards police is that disconnect – violent crime is down, but many police forces are arming themselves with military weapons and dressing like soldiers. Who the fuck wants an army of occupation in their town? Of course the public doesn’t support you – the Iraqi public didn’t like me when I occupied their towns.
    Dress like actual police officers, act like part of the community, stop looking at me as a source of revenue (I already pay my taxes), treat us like citizens not subjects, use minimal force to detain non-violent suspects – then the public will start to come back to your side.

    1. “I’d like to address is the claim that law enforcement is trained to be antagonistic toward the public. ”
      >the claim that law enforcement is trained to be antagonistic
      >the claim
      ” I assure you, no officer is directly trained to be a bully.”
      >no officer is trained to be a bully

      1. I guess I did too – agnostic is indifference, not hostility. The bully cops are not agnostic, they are openly hostile to the public..
        The author then proves the claim by talking about the training videos shown cops killed. So they are trained to suspicious of everyone, but not agnostic? That makes no sense.
        Any training on being friendly and respectful to civilians?

        1. posted a comment saying pretty much this same thing–this article is extremely illogical.

    2. “Part of the resentment towards police is that disconnect – violent crime
      is down, but many police forces are arming themselves with military
      weapons and dressing like soldiers. Who the fuck wants an army of
      occupation in their town? Of course the public doesn’t support you – the
      Iraqi public didn’t like me when I occupied their towns.”
      I hope Anon Cop realizes that this is what is FREAKING the hell out of people these days. I’m even seeing armored vehicles in their possession! Machine guns, German WWII style helmets, tear gas, flash-bang, and other implements of war seems to have turned the police into military soldiers. What’s worse is that they can chain up, torture, and even kill anyone they wish with no consequences. This scares the fucking shit out of people!
      Maybe the job is hard as hell and that’s got to be a pain. But man I just can’t accept that someone has the right to kill me if they feel like it and there’s nothing I can do about it!
      Hmmm, maybe the fear on both sides is getting the better of everyone?

    3. A swat team was called out to a party next door to where I live. It was found later that someone called in a noise complaint but the police came roaring in with two armored vehicles, one with a gun turret on top, and they were dressed in full battle armor and carrying automatic weapons… Seemed to be a little overkill for a birthday party…. Maybe scaring the crap out of 30 people and throwing them all on the ground is where the police get their kicks nowadays…

  4. There is a huge problem in the police. It is caused by the military style training and complete lack of accountability coupled with a complete disregard of the constitution.
    I was watching swat in the 70’s when I was a child ooohing and aaahing over the show. My father a naval aviator, who has worn many uniforms after his career as a pilot, said,
    “Tim, you don’t understand, and won’t understand until you put on an uniform. When you stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and straighten up your gig line, you become a different person. I’ve lived where cops dress like this and you don’t want to live there.”
    He was right and now these costumes are tame. Black uniforms, bloused trousers, face masks!?!, etc. (Nothing says unaccountability like a face mask) A mindset that they aren’t civilians!, that term has even changed definition in the last fifty years.
    This coupled with the war on drugs and no knock raids where innocent people are roughed up, shot, and sometimes killed with NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the storm trooper have created an environment where people recognize something is wrong.
    The real police officer suffers from this. A man who puts on a uniform and goes out and enters fluid changing and unknown situations where snap judgments are required should have some latitude.
    A man who gets together in a group, puts on a military uniform, and a mask, executes a no knock warrant on the word of a drug addict and kills an innocent home owner should go to the chair. A man who mans a roadblock, and does no consent blood draws ought to be jailed and shunned by the community.
    Law enforcement are no longer members of the community, they are members of their own community and as such are the enemy. The training and mindset have created this and it will get worse as laws become more and more invasive.
    I want too respect the guy who walks into unknown situations daily but that is fading every time I see a pair of bloused trousers and combat boots

    1. “Unions” have also pushed pay-rates above inflation. When your salary puts
      in the top 10% of the community you are no servant to the average
      citizen, you’ll have no time or respect for such peasants

      1. Agree and disagree. They are paid well but it is a sorry job.
        I live in Memphis, TN. The police here earn their money! (They are getting screwed out of their pension now – nobody can do this job till they are 72)
        People rain on them for being crooks because of shitty hiring practices the city has, but all in all, the line officer in Memphis is decent and relatively in control. Believe me, Memphis offers numerous opportunities to tune people up! They show restraint.
        I’ve lived in communities with bad law enforcement. I don’t mind paying a cop well.

        1. Policing should be done by deputized civilians, as was the case back in the civilized era. Not a professional, privileged force whose paycheck and privileges is bestowed by the ruling party/class.

        2. Agreed they should be members of the community they police. They should have to look people in the eye – it would prevent much of this behavior.

      2. I used to hear patients say on a daily basis that cops beat them, my gut usually told me there was good reason.

        1. One of the three times I got beat on by cops was the terrible crime of driving the same make, model, and color of vehicle that was used in a felony crime. Instead of the police taking control of the situation and checking if they had the correct suspect, they jumped me and started wailing away while calling me every derogatory name they could think of. They were “teaching me a lesson”. While on the way to jail, a radio call came in to stand down. Another unit caught the real perpetrator who was identified by the crime victim. The two cops, while still driving towards the jail, began discussing what to do with me. They weighed charging me with assaulting an officer but nixed that because they would have to get all the other cops together to get their stories straight, they talked about saying they found me beaten, laying by my car, by unknown assailants, they talked about the amount of paper work for different scenarios……finally, the driver said f*** it, and turned the squad car around, drove to my car and dropped me there without saying a word to me.
          I drove to an emergency room and while I looked bad, other than my jaw, there was no major damage.
          [Martel733…Your gut would have been completely mistaken in my case and probably other cases…] My jaw still snaps and pops to this day and is sometimes painful..
          After leaving the hospital, I went to the police station to file a complaint and who would be talking to the officer at the reception desk, the very cop that was earlier driving the squad car. He acted innocent and concerned. He volunteered to help me fill out the complaint form, only he would have it filled out that it was a group of street thugs that attacked me and of course, the thugs had to be Black. I told him to forget it, he then leaned over and in a lowered voice stated, “That’s a wise decision….”
          If this is the type of police that you and the others want, you can have it, in fact, you got it….. The police have many of you snowed into believing their PR and believing anything and everything they say.. The police’s “We have investigated ourselves and find we did no wrong,” is very effective it seems…..

    2. Sort of like getting a gang tattoo….they have to live up to their own hype……..

  5. America’s contempt for cops comes from the lack of accountability and blindly supporting their own members when they commit crimes. How many times have we heard a police chief or DA say “his actions were justified” when the police murder someone and lie to cover up their crimes? They said that even before the evidence comes out. Then backtrack when needed.
    Check out http://www.policestateusa.com/ for daily updates on these crimes committed by police. No accountability, no apology, no regret, and no consideration for the public.
    Yes, this may be a small percentage of police officers, but public trust can be tarnished by the actions of a few. If these criminals were prosecuted, maybe trust can be restored. Instead, the police get even more military equipment to use on citizens and continue to perform highly risky operations like a no-knock raid, which can easily result in unintended injury or death.

  6. Cry me a river… A lot of us are in professions where we have to be perfect and we have no safeguards or immunity.
    You don’t get hired as a police officer because of your intelligence. You get hired because it’s felt you can follow orders. Your goal is to put people in jail. Not to find the truth. I’m glad ROK members (based on previous articles) realize that interacting in any way with police is dangerous for that reason. And I’m especially happy about videotaping these days. It’s less likely that you guys can use your “throw away” guns to frame innocent people.
    So next time you ticket a driver for a minor traffic violation costing several hundred dollars in today’s economy, don’t wonder why public support and sentiment for you s not very high.

    1. You don’t get hired as a police officer because of your intelligence. You get hired because it’s felt you can follow orders. Your goal is to put people in jail. Not to find the truth.

      That’s a bingo. Cops are champions of feminism and are essentially paid to be to blue pill.

      1. Whites are seeing cops more and more as agents of Obama, feminism, multiculturalism, DEA, and IRS. That’s why whites are turning against them. (Yes, whites are racist against people of any color that don’t act white enough. If you don’t like it, act whiter.)

        1. Whites are seeing cops more and more as agents of Obama, feminism, multiculturalism, DEA, and IRS.

          Exactly, I know @Anonymous Cop means well but with America’s police state looming on the horizon, if I am ever a victim of an unlawful search by law enforcement, one thing they won’t find is sympathy.

        2. Cops ARE agents of the above. That’s what being on the government payroll is.

        3. Agreed with everything said in this specific comment thread, except I don’t think this cop means well. I don’t think he means well at all.

        4. White, black, Mestizo, man, woman, whatever…..at this point, we all have a common enemy and that is the evil and corrupt regime in D.C. and their goddamned Costumed Thugs.
          After we have taken care of that most urgent and ressing threat to our lives, liberties, and properties, we can fight over the small stuff like sex and skin color.

    2. Of course living in a country that has converted prisons into private NYCE-listed corporations designed to provide cheap labor circumventing employment laws, wages and regulations so that other corporations may come to benefit from this wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the greater propensity for arrest and incarceration at the hands of American law enforcement now, would it? Other countries see prison as a necessary taxpayer-funded expense to house the most dangerous and socially unredeemable individuals. Because of this, they usually suffer from too many people on the outside that should really be on the inside. As for America?
      “America is not a country, it’s a business” – Jackie Cogan, Killing Them Softly (2012).

    3. Yeah…because if you don’t get that burger and fries cooked JUST RIGHT people are gonna be pissed!

  7. It is no surprise that the good cops are leaving the force. The author may be one of the old guard left. The oathkeepers are doing some good, but ultimately they will not succeed.
    The police is becoming more and more militarized, former soldiers are hired more and more, the goal is ever more simple control and terror of the population and not much protection from crime. Unfortunately nothing will be able to stop the process – in the end the good ones will leave or just turn a blind eye. If politicians and the military serve the coporations and the plutocracy like clockwork, what do you think the justice system and police force does? As times get tougher and the people disbelieve in the propaganda, the boot of violence has to stamp out any thought of resistence.

    1. The US resembles Brazil more and more each day. Have you ever seen Elite Squad? Harrowing film. These guys are Cops. Yet they have to be trained like Marines to police the favela. This is America’s future.

      1. Yes, though it will look a bit different. But since the chasm between the rich and poor will increase they are planning ahead and you will see enclosed City-States appearing around the world. There the poor won’t even be allowed entry – the rest of the population can stay in the derelict towns and cities. Those are the plans, whether they succeed – that is another matter.

        1. America will look like Brazil. A socialist country with only mestizos. The corrupt democrats and Republicans will live on the right. The sandel wearing hippie left will stil be wearing sandals in the urban ghettos

    2. This is a spot on assessment. I live in the city of Dallas and I have had a fair amount of encounters with law enforcement ranging from brief conversations to being pulled over, searched and interrogated for driving through a black neighborhood as a white man (yes…..I actually have been harassed for DWW multiple times).
      As a man who served 20 years in the US military, I am not afraid of badges and guns. In Dallas, the police are more of an army of occupation rather than officers of law enforcement. They treat the local populace in many neighborhoods as people to be suppressed and controlled and anyone questioning their authority or resisting in any matter is treated as an insurgent. Police here are taught that the first thing to do is take control of the situation and assert dominance to control the situation. I think this is what leads to many of the horror stories we hear about police gone bad. Compounding this problem is that the police also have nothing but utter contempt for the population they are occupying (not that I can totally blame them for that…..but still). This is not a recipe for good policing.
      Armies of occupation are always hated by the populations they occupy and control. The sad thing is that we pay for these armies to be used against us. It is up to us to get our elected officials to change this model of policing. That is the where the solution to this problem lies. Just my $.02.

      1. Belief that the solution involves working through/submitting to “elected officials”, is a big part of the problem.

      2. You can read interesting commentary by German soldiers who occupied Norway. They said the worst thing was the underlying hatred beneath the thin veneer of pleasantry when they dealt with the general populace.

      3. Why would they want to follow the model of foreign occupation of soldiers? Might Britain couldn’t even hold on to the most poorest of poor african state. We are struggling in afghanistan and iraq with more than 250k soldiers. How do they think thye can occupy america.

        1. Well, technically, they were. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t in the right, it just means that, according to the definition, that’s what they were. Terrorism can be used for acts of good, it’s just that, nowadays especially, there are far superior options available.

        2. The NSA and the DHS began instructing the police that our forefathers were terrorists in the same vein as Al Qaeda. While this was going on, the Muslim Brotherhood was cheered by the powers that be but it turned out that they were the bad guys. Around the same time, a memo went out describing essentially all Americans as probable terrorists. The next step was militarizing most police forces. So, you are correct… It depends on where one views the action if a group are terrorists or not. It will most likely get worse….

      4. The police trying to play military, and picking up rejects from the military, just compound the problem. If you are a veteran and still the best job you can acquire after service is as an LE officer, you’re a loser with no goals in life. Really, with a free GI Bill college education…the furthest you got was as the fuzz? Likewise, if you were never in the military, yet treat your police service as being the same thing, you’re lost & pathetic. Soldiering/being a merc/badass is something to be done before the age of 30, preferably 25. Unless you’re a professional spec ops badace, if you’re still glorifying being a grunt past 30 years of age…I think you’re immature & mentally stunted. A mature man should have some goals established, value his life and respect others, and want to stay alive by this point.
        Anyone in the military knows, the dumbest who joined were sent off to be military police-only to go on to other bases to check i.d.s and bust fellow military members. I’m not ragging FBI/CIA/OSI etc. those obviously have their merits.
        Perhaps I’m a little sore from being pulled voer from them repeatedly for not staying stopped at stop signs long enough…we all know they are using that excuse to probe for anything else.

        1. And here’s the earlier impetus for it, just so you know that it was not in fact a case of wanton police brutality –

        2. Moral of the story? What goes around really does come around. Guess that whole notion of Karma is not as far-fetched as one would think.

    3. LOL, they look like soldiers ready to fight aliens in a 2150 future movie not police men. ?They days of police being your friend are over.

    4. That picture is a promotional picture for a videogame and not an actual police swat team. Stahlhelms and WW2 German weapons with faux bodyarmor and gasmasks are the giveaways. The role of police as enforcer of the marxist, zionist, feminist, homosexualist, banker alliance should be critiqued but use actual pictures of the cops at their worst instead of resorting to fictional props in the debate.

      1. Of course the police – even SWAT teams don’t look like that yet. But the reality is not so far off, when even local sheriffs get tanks and military-grade combat troops. SF meets reality and the uniforms keep changing non-stop – this is the current status in some units – so far off?

    5. Sorry, Zelscorpion, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. Did you even read the whole article? The police arent becoming “more militarized”, whatever that means. They arent carrying belt fed machines, or rocket launchers, or driving tanks. They arent calling in air strikes on their communities. They are using firearms that are readily available in any sporting good store. They are wearing vests, but whats the problem with them protecting themselves? As for hiring “former soldiers” (as if that’s a bad thing) a large percentage of police are veterans, many are currently serving reservists. It’s been that way for decades. When you say cops won’t help anyone who is not “upper establishment”, it’s clear you have badly misjudged all of them.

      1. The militarization of the police is not only in the form of available firepower, which personally I don’t mind as much to have in case of emergency in the station, as some criminals may be extremely well-armed.
        It is not about weapons only, but about the entire indoctrination of being “us” against the civilians, of total mindless obedience to authority, of having to meet ticket quotas, of going full SWAT team on some minor offenders (even in countries in EE where almost no one has weapons at home), of using women with children as targets in police shooting ranges (no hesitation). And this is happening to the police world-wide – even where hardly any violence is prevalent – Scandinavia, Switzerland etc.
        I am sorry, if you cannot see the “Gestapoization” of the global police forces. But many good officers are able to observe the signs and are leaving their jobs because of that.

  8. I once had to pull guard duty back when I was in the Air Force. I was only an augmentee and it wasn’t my main job, but I did get the opportunity one time to ride in a cop car and assist with a traffic stop. My job was simply to provide backup but even then I could see why a cop would get apprehensive. You don’t know if the guy you are dealing with is armed and you don’t know what his frame of mind is.
    Personally, I think the main reason law enforcement is losing credibility with the people has to do with this insane war on drugs, which has been a complete failure. You would think that we had learnt our lesson after prohibition, but no, this time is different. Never mind that people began to show more sympathy for the bootleggers and bandits than they did for the police that tried to catch them. And don’t get me started on the asset forfeiture laws…
    Anyways, since there is no longer any semblance of justice in these god-forsaken United States, unfortunately the good cops will get the same bad rap as the bad ones, because the individual citizen confronting a cop knows just as little about the cop as the cop knows about him. And you all look the same to us in your uniforms.
    So, I wish you all a happy 4th of July.
    God Help America!

    1. And we who get pulled over do not know what the frame of mind is with the cop. He could be stressed out, had a fight with his mistress, a female, feminist cop that hates all males and wants to do something about it….. It is a two way street, although, to the average cop that can do no wrong, you might be bloodied or dead in his mind before he even gets out of his car…

      1. Oh god, don’t even get me started on femcunts. I got stuck with one once while on guard shack duty. Longest 12 hour shift of my life. You could say something as innocuous as “the sky is blue” and she would twist it into some sort of slight against her. I wanted to fucking blast her in the face with my pistol. Even the other female cops hated her.

        1. Yep, We had one female who was a general manager that no matter what any male did, it was wrong and she continuously let everyone know it…until she needed [not wanted] help with something she couldn’t handle, and then, males were the best thing there could be….. No one, male or female had much to do with her and she could never figure out why everyone avoided her. Upper management would not fire her because they were afraid that she would sue for discrimination. Her threats to sue was what got her the managerial position and it looked as if she didn’t want to stop there. They finally closed the whole department and let everyone go….

  9. Anonymous Cop
    first off, thanks for your service, I may not live in the US but its a sentiment that should be extended to you regardless.
    I will admit that I have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with police. I suppose I am a natural born risk taker and I like pushing boundaries and pushing back against authority figures. So sometimes if I get pulled over for say speeding, it can be a struggle to retain my composure. That having been said it seems that these days its more important than ever that I do just that, for if I act even a bit out of order while in the “company of an officer” I am essentially jeopordizing my own safety by likely making the officer(s) fear for his safety.
    I also respect that you have difficult shitty jobs to do that I never or am rarely exposed to myself such as sorting out nasty domestic disputes, having to tell someone their kid got killed in a car crash, responding to all manner of mental health issue scenarios and of course living with a very reasonable fear that you could get seriously injured or killed on the job at any time of the day or night it you make a mistake or some random shit happens to you. I don’t imagine that is easy to deal with and still maintain a calm and even demeanour at all times when dealing with John Q Public.
    I do have one question however. First off it seems that over the mast two decades the police across North America have essentially become militarized. In terms of the gear you are required to wear and how you conduct yourselves tactically when engaging just about anybody other than a lost four year old or a frail grand mother. My impression is that all or many police officers are ready to escalate a situation at the drop of a hat or even less. Granted some of this impression is because you see police on TV and TV producers tend to want to show “exciting” footage and that usually means an escalation and rarely does it show some kind of benign interaction with the public.
    So my question is.. why is it that when most officers are arresting or detaining a “suspect” that even if the suspect is being very cooperative, that it seems to get escalated to a full on violent “take down”?
    Sure some guys go down yelling, “I’m not resisting!” and all the while you can see their arms flexing against the cuffs as they struggle. OK, criminals have this thing about lying loudly and often particularly if they think it can incriminate the police or cut them some slack later in court. But why is that it seems pretty much every apprehension or detaining of a suspect ends as if the guy just took a shot at the president?
    I have seen a number of scenarios in person where the subject was really very cooperative, and yet I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the officers escalated way out of proportion to any perceived or real threat.
    It’s things like this that make me pretty leery of the police a lot of the time. Is this just a few bad apples a bit too hopped up on testosterone and red bull? Is it a trained response to psychologically intimidate a subject to make it easier to handle them down the line? Is it a presumptive escalation that can then easily be used / steered in the court room to suggest that yes, this is a really bad guy where both police as brothers and prosecutors as partners can easily tip the scales of perception?
    Perhaps you can help me understand. for me that perception that I have developed certainly undermines my general trust in the motives and tactics of police in general.

  10. I’ve disliked the cops since the first time a cop robbed me on the side of the road for an action that I watch cops do constantly. It was the highest form of hypocrisy and the cop knew it and got a kick out of it. I’ve watched over the years as cops who used to pull me over looking for bad guys and then letting me go once he realized I wasn’t a criminal transformed into pulling everyone over trying to rob them. It’s very hard to respect or support those who rob you and reserve the right to murder you if you object to being robbed. SWAT raids are just so fucking evil I don’t want to even talk about them. It’s the predatory nature of the modern police always looking to nail you with a bullshit law that makes me dislike them. Their predators and I’m the prey.
    However, given my low opinion of the cops, I don’t blame them. Cops are too stupid and too unorganized to force them to change their behavior through public opinion. It’s the police chiefs, DA’s, and judges that own run the system the way it is. Hating the cops is a useless exercise as Anonymous Cop pointed out. It just drives out the good cops. It’s the DA’s, judges and politicians who actually shape the system ultimately protect the criminals cops who need the be the target of that hate.
    When the ACLU comes out with a big report exposing the evilness of the American police SWAT teams that gives me pause. The ACLU is a tool of the American elites who are destroying this nation. If they’re jumping on the band wagon that means we’re being manipulated. Their intent is probably get rid decent cops by making the police a profession only scumbags would join thus making the police a better tool to enforce the elites will on the public. Their propaganda is made even more powerful by the true behavior of the police over the last 10 years.
    This doesn’t mean we should support the police state. What it does mean is we should be working to remove federal funding from local police forces. Most of this corruption is caused by the feds funding a huge part of local police budgets through grants for certain crimes. The only funding the police should have is local taxes. No state, federal, assets seizure, and no revenue from tickets. Cops need to be crime fighters, not revenuers. Push your local community to eliminate these corrupting funding measure and there is a decent change that you’ll get decent police back.

    1. “This doesn’t mean we should support the police state. What it does mean
      is we should be working to remove federal funding from local police
      forces. Most of this corruption is caused by the feds funding a huge
      part of local police budgets through grants for certain crimes. The
      only funding the police should have is local taxes. No state, federal,
      assets seizure, and no revenue from tickets. Cops need to be crime
      fighters, not revenuers. Push your local community to eliminate these
      corrupting funding measure and there is a decent change that you’ll get
      decent police back.”
      Real good points.

    2. Like The Quiet Rebel said in his article: “Dealing with today’s police requires a finesse until a civil war comes to pass or some other major shift that puts this country back to on constitutional terms, where everything across the board becomes sane again, including law enforcement.”
      If the USA goes to civil war, the catalyst could be some kind of incident involving the police where people are just fed up and it triggers a backlash.
      But we will see, and it is becoming more obvious to me that the friction between the the elite making all these laws and the public takes place when the police have to enforce it.

  11. Nice try brother trying to shed light on our profession..Sadly there are too many keyboard tigers on the interwebz who are ignorant to depths of depravity we have to contend with on a daily basis. The only people we have that understand what we go through are other cops. Excellent post tho, I guess they can always call the fire department when there shit is getting taken from them.

    1. I don’t think you are seeing the problem. Most here are not angry at the man and I mean man who is in the streets doing police work.

    2. This civilian depravity you are talking about has gone down but police depravity has gone up. Why? Explain why you need to increasingly trample on our constitutional rights in order to contend with declining rates of violent crime.

      1. In 1970 the US prison population was 300,000. Crime was stratospheric. In 2014 2.5 million are in jail and crime is at historic low. What do you want?

        1. That 2014 figure exists because of the drug war, which by the way caused crime to SKYROCKET. The politicians are the biggest problem on this one.

        2. The bad guys dealing drugs would have been doing something else bad in its place. The majority of criminals in prison have an IQ under 90, so there is not much they can legitimately contribute to society.

    3. Again, the public is angry over the lack of accountability. The “depths of depravity” you deal with does not allow you to break laws and infringe on people’s rights.
      Here’s a police force in Texas that systematically robbed people and used this stolen money to fill their coffers: http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/05/05/texas.police.seizures/
      Please tell me what “depths of depravity” they encountered for a town’s police force to rob people?

    4. Doesn’t work that way officer. Given the freedom of action most communities would string up the criminals who prey on them no need to wait for a crime. Without the cops crime would go down, not up. Police forces were created so that some else would do the dirty work of taking out the trash and today they largely exist to protect the elites and the criminals the elites foster.
      During the LA riots the police were deployed just beyond Korea town away from the roiters. The political goal was to allow the black rioters to destroy Korea town. When it became clear that not only where the Koreans stopping the rioters (something the cops were not even trying to do) but they were preparing to advance into rioter held areas and end the riot. At that point the police were moved into Korean areas not to protect them from rioters, but to make sure they didn’t advance into the riot zone.
      The people don’t need the police, it’s the police who need the people to support them.

    5. Thanks for your service.
      The problem is that there’s a profound lack of accountability, and there seem to be no real attempt to screen out aggrandizing power-tripping people who shouldn’t have been recruited in the first place. As long as they can follow orders and (supposedly) enforce the law.
      I’m constantly hearing about my black and Hispanic friends getting harassed and treated with extreme prejudice and contempt from these so called public servants.
      Time to to some smart recruitment, instead of hiring subnormal intellect thugs who can fill up the private prisons.
      Good cops are sadly in the visible minority…

      1. …if I were a betting man, and I am, the smart money would be that if there’s hi-jinx going down in any “urban” area, your black and hispanic friends are the logical place to start.

        1. As the Latino numbers swell that’s all we will have left. Anyone remember the Rampart Division scandal in LA? All the dirty cops were Blacks and the gangbangers were Mestizo. When the Jews made the movie the cops were recast as white marines.
          Google Rampart Crash LAPD.

    6. Nigga please… I was LE for almost a decade. And not some bum fuck Egypt middle of nowhere town. The mean streets of DC back when we were the murder capital of the country a few years running.
      You got one part right, the day to day interaction with human garbage is beyond anyone’s comprehension except other cops, corrections, marshals, whatever. But even then, we knew when to put our game face on and in what neighborhoods.
      We are now reaching the point where almost everyone is treated like an inner city thug from the goofy white guy in the minivan to grandma. If you don’t see a problem with that, you are deluded.
      And let’s be real, even back then, many calls were “after the fact”. Yes there was some front loaded crime stops. But a lot of what went down was after ‘it’ whatever it was, already occurred.
      There were good cops and I counted many as friends. But there were some fucking hard cases too that -really- liked to power trip. And we may have talked shit about them but it was always in private.
      We are at the point today that if you call the cops for an active incident there is a damn good chance you are going to end up be charged with something yourself, or as dead as the perp, because of these twitchy fucks they are pushing through academy.

    7. Nice try, but reality is not on your side. During the last large police strike (Albuquerque, New Mexico) the crime rate in the city DROPPED.

      1. There was almost no crime in the Asian part of town during the crack addict Rodney King riots because shopkeepers when on to their rooftops with rifles.

    8. Then go back to Police One and quit spewing your “Us Vs. Them” propaganda here.

  12. As long as you enforce the war on drugs I cannot respect you. If all cops did was solve real crimes with victims I would love the police but as thinks stand now you are the enemy. I know you claim to ” just do your job” well so did the Nazi SS.

  13. Quotas, unions, the pig code, lack of physical fitness standards, and harassment are the main reasons I hate LEOs. I’ve met some great cops that looked out for me and some that were trying to screw me over. Ultimately, LEOs can screw someone over far worse than an asshole in any other industry. And no, I will NEVER trust a cop because if they want to be, they are above the law.

  14. Actually the only real reason to rethink our relationship with the police is through strategic motivations.
    The banksters want the police dead just as much as they want most of us dead. So of course every 2 minutes we are bombarded on the internet with how bad cops are.
    But the cops do get away with a lot, and since there’s no telling if you are dealing with a good cops or a bad cop, it’s best to avoid cops at all cost.
    The banksters want a civil war in which the cops get wiped out. They cannot just make a color of law decree or something that sends the cops home so the cities can tear themselves apart Baghdad style (we can expect the EBT cards to go offline for “some reason” at the same time). No the banksters love getting people to kill each other off while selling the ammo to both sides.
    Hence why the perceived levels of risk and hatred are at “civil war” level between the cops and the people.
    So there are people in smoky back rooms who want bad cops. And angry people. And notice nothing is being done about it?
    The police indoctrination is terrible. I knew an aware fellow who spent years trying to get a police job, then quit after a few months. Why? He was working in a real world Mayberry yet every day it was “danger danger danger!” and “everybody is out to kill you!”.
    That shit is being done on purpose, for a purpose.
    Add to that the killbot training that police get. I have been involved in this world of tactical training. I know the score, and I know the habits. I can tell the difference. The official term is “operant conditioning”. And the people who facilitated that knew they were making killbots of the police, and that’s what they wanted.
    We have the cops outnumbered, so why worry?
    We do not have the welfare hordes, also a product of the same system that created these cops, outnumbered.
    Eventually, a day may come when a couple of cops are doing the usual “let’s beat this guy to death for our jollies” routine, all caught on video, as we see almost every week on the internet, but that day comes when someone is going to drop those cops. There will be a state funeral, how they were big heroes and all that, THEN the video hits youtube – and add to this the usual “Police rampage” effect as they look for the suspect. Dorner ring a bell? That could escalate matters. Fact is, when you have a rampaging gang going around killing people, even if they are the police, what are the people supposed to do about that?
    But the overall plan is to get the cops killed, and then release the welfare hordes to wreck the cities and this will be the excuse to bring in the U.N forces and basically give a “Serbia Treatment” to the USA. The overall collapse planned or the US is pretty much a combination of Rhodesia and Serbia with a bit of Fallujah (for those cities that “resist”) thrown in.
    Yes it will get ugly but this is the sort of thing we warned against and got sneered at and laughed at. And you know, being “that guy” who studies and knows this shit does not get you laid. Therefore most of you can enjoy your last days and hope your bones will look good bleaching alongside the highway.

    1. Yeah, the Dorner episode was a good example of how feral the police have become where they shot up a truck with 200 bullets with two women in it, that was the wrong make, model, and color of that of the suspect. The people inside weren’t even the same sex or race as the suspect.
      What happened? They got a few weeks off with pay and got reprimanded. They should have been charged with attempted murder.
      In the end, they ended up murdering the suspect by burning the cabin to the ground.

        1. Yes. All that snacktical tactical “dynamic entry” shit is just for people involved with drugs – there is profit in taking them alive. For Joe Blow who does not want to turn in his $150 SKS they will burn him alive. All this “when they come to my door” tough talk is bullshit. There won’t be a door.

        2. Not only that, but it’s hard to resist when they bust down your door when you’re watching a football game, sleeping, or taking a shit. And yes, it’s all tough talk. There’s been a lot of people, including veterens that have had their guns taken away for real and contrived reasons that didn’t do shit about it.

  15. Not really sure what to make of this as it seems to be a defense of those who chose to be in a profession that has a propensity for violence, aggression, fear, lying and generally just stressful bullshit. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop, however I do have tacit respect for those that are cops. The problem is that women and feminism require a high degree of order and protection to both survive and thrive. Without that order women have to rely on men for their protection and a general self-policing of society and communities that typically results. As feminism advances their are more hero single moms who degrade society with their demands and thus require more nonsensical laws,policing and protection. These police are in turn expected by feminism to be aggressive toward men and the result is what we see in society today. Of course their is silence on single moms turning out men who lack direction,morality and a sense of masculinity as this does not fit the narrative. It is much easier and convenient to blame the police afterall.

  16. Punish your colleagues that break the rules. Stop hiring idiiots that shoot dogs at near random. FFS, my friend had their dog shot during the chasing of another suspect who wasn’t even in their yard. No, the cop decided to go through the yard, and hadn’t noticed (over a waist high fence) that there was a big black lab in the yard. Bang! Dead poochie.
    The cops / city just excused it and didn’t even punish the guy. Later they at least paid market value for the dog, after my friend filed a lawsuit. Purebreds can be expensive, and he had the receipts.
    Oh, and the arch criminal he was chasing? Some kids had stolen some candy / snacks from a convenience store.

    1. my fucking god
      the only area in our country that should be militarized is the fucking borders

      1. The border zone is over 100 miles wide and it is a constitution-free zone. The border includes most of the large population centers on the East and West coasts.

    2. I would have blasted the cop with my shotgun if that happened.
      “I thought it was a burglar who had shot my dog and was in fear for my life”

  17. While I appreciate good cops who serve their communities, there have been a lot of things that have decrease people’s respect for the police. The only contact that the average joe has with the police is a negative one when he’s being robbed by the police for violating completely arbitrary traffic laws, while not hurting anyone. You see, police have gone from being peace officers, tasked with maintaining the public order to being law enforcement. That is, they enforce stupid and victimless crimes/laws. They’re essentially just tax collectors for a tyrannical government.
    While there’s always a few bad apples, in the case of the police, these bad apples seem to be protected and promoted. It’s called the thin blue line. When a a fellow officer crosses the line, fellow officers should be crucifying him. Instead, they protect him. When there’s a youtube video of an officer obviously abusing the public, they’re always exonerated by the DA and their department as having acted appropriately. You can see countless examples of this on youtube with some of the worst being people who get beaten and jailed for merely filming the police.
    And yes, police officers need to be held accountable for mistakes, including life-ending mistakes where innocent people die. In any other job, people are accountable for mistakes, including professions that are *MUCH* more dangerous than being an officer. Again, if I make a mistake and someone dies, the least that’ll happen to me is that I get fired. I could get sued and/or prosecuted for manslaughter or reckless endangerment.
    A police officer isn’t even in the top ten most dangerous professions. It’s #14. If you take away Feral cities like Detoilet, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Compton, it’s even better. Again, people in much more dangerous professions like commercial fishing, logging, farming, and construction don’t get immunity from civil and criminal prosecution nor do they get to violate people’s rights in the name of worker safety.

    1. Always found it ironic that 20-year-old Soldiers and Marines in combat zones are held to so much higher a standard than 40-year-old cops.

      1. Yep, the rules of engagement, rules of warfare, and rules of conduct are much more stringent with the military. Hell, the military can’t even use hollow points because it’s considered a war crime because it tends to kill rather than incapacitate. Police shouldn’t shoot to kill, they should shoot to stop (incapacitate).

        1. Police are using ammo on Americans that are illegal to use on the Taliban. And I hear they have 1.6 billion more hollow-points to use for live target practice.

        2. so retarded I mean we cant go roman on our enemies but fuck any/all civilians in this country

        3. When people are high on crack they are hard to incapacitate. There was a group of guys dressed as pimps in NY that crashed into a parked police car where the cops where dealing with prostitutes, almost running a cop over. One of the survivors had 17 bullets in him. Of course Rev Al said they where shot on their way to church, since it was Sunday morning before 3am.

    2. Kid, the DA is just another cop who got a law degree and either managed to get an appointment (or elected). If he doesn’t play ball and cover their misconduct they don’t bring him any good cases for him to prosecute and look like a hotshot. You’ve seen Law and Order and how the cops work with the DA.
      If that ridiculously high figure of 1m being in the cop business in some way is true in the US, then the first thing that needs to be done is to reduce it by 90%.
      And btw, when cops go on strike in some countries or on a slowdown when their union is trying to extort more money from the public crime actually goes down. I think the reason for this is that the public is more vigilant. Cops just give them a false sense of security anyway.

  18. Oh, and I also don’t forget that the system doesn’t enforce immigration laws, nor did it prosecute a single BANKSTERS in the 2008 debacle-the biggest heist in history. In the S&L debacle in the 1980s, about 1600 BANKSTERS went to prison. It was about a $50 billion swindle. The 2008 debacle was $23.7 trillion and we saw one, just ONE go to prison-Madoff while his wife and family got off scot-free.
    So when I got that ticket from a PIG for no front license plate the other day, I think of the 2008 debacle that destroyed lives, literally. So why should I assist him if he’s in danger or respect him? Fuck him.

    1. …realistically dude, what the fuck is a cop going to do to about the Saving & Loan goat-rope?

      1. How about investigating and prosecuting white collar crime too? They can also stop robbing motorists and end the war on drugs, especially when BANKSTERS get away with murder. Besides, who the hell do you think brings the drugs into the country?

        1. …dude, I’m just not seeing what you’re getting at. Bankers importing drugs?

        2. Your common street cop cant look at account books and see the crime. I reported fraud against the govt when I left one job, I reported it to the inspector general and it took them a while to understand how the fraud worked to the point they could find it by looking at 3 sets of data/records. Barney Fief wouldn’t have understood it if I drew pictures.

  19. Nice article it’s good to hear a different perspective on this subject. I (barely) remember being picked up by a police officer while intoxicated who was decent enough to make sure I got home rather than charging me. He could just of easily charged me which could have severely impacted my education and future career prospects. Thanks to that sobering experience (pun intended) I packed in drugs and alcohol and got on a better path in life. To all those good police officers out there thanks and keep up the good work.

  20. I’m sure you’re a nice guy without the uniform on. But that does not change the fact that the laws you’re enforcing are blatantly unjust.

  21. The War On Drugs = Money = Military equipped police = out off touch cops = citizens with little respect for the enforcers.

    1. Not sure if its institutionalized racism or a simple contempt for poor people.
      They need to seriously end that war and legalize all drugs.
      Fucking puritanical loonies.

  22. I was an Airline Captain for 30 years, and you don’t make mistakes, period. If you can’t stand the heat……… Police Officers are making some top dollars today and earning nice pensions with benefits most can’t imagine. We lost 1/2 of our pensions in bankruptcy,health care up by 300 percent, and furloughs(aka firing) of thousands. That’s life in the private “real” world. If you don’t like your job quit. Good fucking luck finding wealth in the private sector. BTW, Captains flying the regional airlines are earning half of what our community pays for a police officer not including benefits and pensions. Having 30 or 300 people behind you makes no difference in how you perform your duties as a Captain for a regional airline. Your making damn good money being a professional law enforcer, act like it.

    1. this article is a big sob story about how he doesn’t like Police getting hate. You chose that profession knowing damn well what came with it. If you wanted to serve the community and be love by all you should’ve been a Fireman

    2. Pilots are glorified cab drivers. If I had a nickel for every pilot that talked about his job like he was curing cancer, I’d have a shitload of nickels. I’m no fan of cops who enforce this soviet bullshit coming down the pipe, but I’ve never once heard of a pilot getting woke up in the middle of the night to go scrape up whats left of a pedestrian or to figure out how to get some democrat to release a gaggle of hostages….hell, if a pilot even shows up on time I start thinking something’s wrong.

      1. Fireman suck. Cops suck. Pilots suck. You’re on a roll here Chase. Please, don’t stop now – who else makes the list of professions that ChaseLazenby thinks suck?

        1. Don;t be a snatch about this, I’ll have my diversity-hire secretary gen you up a comprehensive list. In a faux-First World country that prides itself on not being especially good at anything except spending money and sending its sons to shore up international trade deals, you can bet it won’t be short piece of work.

      2. Getting on the plane, “hello Captain, everything going to be OK today?” “i traveling with my wife and kids and just want to pay my respects.” Getting off, the plane at their destination, “fuck you overpaid cab/bus driver.” The mark of a person who gets out little in the world and flies once every few years. We don’t scrape up remains, if we error, we leave them to be scraped up. Cali, Columbia, Sioux City, Buffalo. I’ve got photos you don’t want to, and will not see on CNN or Liveleak. They’re not released to the public. Bloated remains of pax and crew still strapped in their seats. Parts of families scattered on a mountainside. Very small errors at 500 Mph.
        Comparing a pilot to cab driver is comparing a surgeon to a butcher as they both use a knife to carry out their duties.
        Your comment is not original and provides a glimpse of your naivety.

        1. Well hurray for you, you’re one of a metric-shit ton of people who get people killed if you screw up doing your job.
          20 years of military service, sitting on the tarmac for hours and hours waiting on Lt. Johnny to finish getting his hook on, or listening to the big-talking helo pilot run on about how he’ll land on the floors of hell to extract you….not so much. If you don’t screw up landing your plane, then good for you, keep it up. But not fucking up your job doesn’t get you a parade.

      3. Pilots need to be smart and alert. That’s why affirmative action doesn’t work for pilots but it does for doctors, bad pilots kill themselves, but I only know of one black doctor that malrpacticed himself to death.

    3. Exactly right. Not just in the cockpit, but in your everyday life as well. Good luck getting on at Delta, United, American, or any of the good cargo gigs with a DUI in the past 10 years. Not to mention checkride busts, losing your medical, or the FAA coming after your ass for something. Maybe one of the regional’s will hire you with a DUI – if you’re lucky. And I use the term lucky very loosely because you’re starting at 18k a year and looking at years of shitty pay before upgrading to captain.
      Cops get great compensation, 80k a year is not uncommon at all where I live, and that’s just patrol cops, I’m sure the detectives and higher ranking folks are raking in serious money, especially with overtime. Hell, I have a few cops living in my neighborhood. And as you mentioned – the benefits. Only FAA test pilots and Safety Inspectors can enjoy benefits similar to those offered to cops – government benefits just don’t suck.
      I feel very fortunate to have the gig I have now, and have gotten it at a relatively young age. I shoveled shit for several years before it finally paid off for me, and sadly, it won’t pay off for many highly talented guys still working their asses off at the regionals and part 135’s etc. Nice to see a fellow aviator on ROK.

      1. That’s funny. Where I live most cops start out around 28K/yr.
        and it is against the law for them to unionize and the majority do not even have civil service protection. All they have to do in return for that princely sum is deal with is meth heads, thugs, pervs, whiney suburban mf’ers, internet legal experts, inner city types, entitled women, and once and awhile a violent piece of shit that wants to kill them.
        But if one of those fucking pricks answers your smartass comment with even a smidgeon of attitude then we should string up that cocksucker for not kissing your ass just because you are some kind of special human being that thinks the cop owes you something.
        Yeah those guys get all the breaks.
        Lucky bastards.
        It sounds like some “pilots” are jealous of the cops. I honestly never thought I would ever utter those words but damn if it don’t seem that way.

        1. Cops have no student loans and get overtime as well as moonlighting off the books for $20-$40 hr as well as low interest loans from the state employes credit union. That is before you include free shit for being a cop and whatever they steal.

        2. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, Atlanta, but you may want to rethink you’re sources. You’re just wrong.

    4. Corporations have used the pilots’ love for flying and pushed the wages down to ridiculous levels. They don’t care about safety either, since the truly wealthy fly private anyway. In the EU the unions are still holding up the fort, but I wonder for how long, since the trans-atlantic-union is around the corner.

    5. So an airline captain thinks cops get top dollars?
      I have a relative that is a airline pilot and makes +/- 200k/yr. Another relative is a cop and makes about 30K/year.
      Now, wtf are you talking about.

  23. Cops have never directly helped me, but they have directly hurt me, a handful of times. The same pattern exists for ALL of my friends. The data shows that cops have been more dangerous to me than any mugger or gang-banger, and I am a VERY well-behaved and law-abiding citizen. I think a huge problem is that there are something like tens or hundreds of thousands of laws on the books, and at all times anyone is guilty of something. In my experience, cops overwhelming choose to harass the freedom-loving public instead of handling legitimate, serious crimes. They are bullies, pure and simple.

  24. As much as I am a critic of the modern police state and the frequent abuses of power, it is absolutely morally incumbent on us to defend every righteous shoot that the whiners complain about.
    Case in point: there was a recent situation in Toronto where a knife-wielding maniac refused to put down his weapon, and got 7 as his reward. The result? Pacifists who’d never held a gun in their life were shocked that the officer kept shooting until the target stopped moving.
    I need to look into this more to be sure, but the video I saw makes it look like a righteous shoot. Any time some slimeball gets put down – or some idiot waves a plastic gun in a cops face – we should all be defending the officer, saving our vitriol for the obvious abuses and corrupt laws.

    1. Also, you folks should look into the Rodney King incident; wikipedia should do. The cops might have gone a bit over the top, but King was an idiot who got what he had coming. I’d buy any of those men a beer.
      [And no, this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with a drunk, high idiot acting like an idiot and putting lives at risk.]

      1. A bit over the top is the problem. If you are a professional in law enforcement you do not go over the top. You are a direct representative of the state, you were not drafted and you were trained not to go a bit over the top. Save your beer for people who correctly do their jobs.

        1. King was so high on crack that a police issue stun gun had no affect on him. He got out of his car after a chase and attacked cops. This happened shortly after CA banned sleeper holds because people on crack die instead of passing out.

        2. They should have gone for the Vulcan nerve pinch instead. Nice and steady into the arms of Morpheus you go. Attaboy now.

        3. They pummeled him after he was completely incapacitated, that is wrong. The professional law enforcement officer should show restraint when not in danger, they did not.

  25. Bring back segregation and a lot of the day to day grind would stop. The cops could also decommission their paramilitary equipment for the most part. You could even let black municipalities adopt Reservation Laws that legalize weed (it was legal under the Jim Crow period) on established black turf.
    Living together is so exhausting.

    1. I’d be happy to see black enclaves break away as Bantustans and be left to their own devises. Let them build Casinos and deal weed. Once off the Bantustans open fucking season.

  26. I have two kinds of interactions with the police: ignoring me when I report property crime, and staking out back-country roads so they can ticket people who are on their way to work. Any time you speak with a cop they ASSUME you are a criminal and try to find some reason to arrest you. My advice to everyone (expecially my son) is never, EVER speak to the police FOR ANY REASON.
    And it’s not because the public has changed. The police have changed. “Serve and protect” the public is out; they serve the government and protect their own.

  27. Dude, I can dig your point. There are decent people working as cops who are doing their damnedest to keep society upright and functioning. Two problems with that though:
    1) People being admitted to police academies increasing reflect the priority of bringing in incompetents and imbeciles simply because they fill a diversity quota. People who give a damn and are doing their best are, like you say, heading for the door because its a losing battle.
    2) There’s becoming an increasingly large gap between “maintaining order” and “enforcing the law”. The “law” has become nothing but a tool for modern bolsheviks to separate hard-working people from their rights. No enforcer of that agenda, including most cops and lawyers, are ever going to get the benefit of the doubt; when you are part of the machine, you are part of the problem.

  28. If cops are immoral its because of two reasons:
    1. The job requires a large amount of fortitude to resist tempation. Power corrupts. Works for all humans.
    2. The American people are an exceptionally bad lot. Over the last 50 years we’ve had feminism, multiculturalism, welfare, etc. Do you really expect a base people to produce members who are full of integrity and altruism when they put on a uniform or run for public office?

    1. Americans have their issues, but overall they are far from the most malevolent. Go to an underdeveloped country where life is cheap and see how bad corruption gets there. It doesn’t compare to the USA.

      1. And who the hell do you think is coming into the country by the tens of millions to replace the native population? People from the Turd World.

        1. Yes, but that mindset is still within the minority (for now). Imagine how bad it would be if that were the majority.

      2. Americans? lol Despite being heavily armed they are a completely docile people.

      3. Demographics is destiny. The 3rdworld is coming here and our taxes are paying for it. See Refugee Resettlement Watch for the ugly truth. The Boston Marathon brothers where brought in with US taxes and put on welfare.

    2. Your comment deserves more up-votes.

      2. The American people are an exceptionally bad lot. Over the last 50 years we’ve had feminism, multiculturalism, welfare, etc. Do you really expect a base people to produce members who are full of integrity and altruism when they put on a uniform or run for public office?

      Corrupt leaders are products of corrupt citizenry. What a novel concept.
      America’s problem isn’t just our corrupt leaders but rather the corrupt citizenry who elect [and thereafter support] these immoral men over and over because these men are a reflection of themselves.

  29. I understand that there are plenty of good cops out there doing their jobs and sticking their necks out for other people. I understand that even some of the biggest jerks among cops do their fair share of facing danger in the line of duty.
    At the end of the day, cops are part of a system that isn’t exactly empowering the average law-abiding citizen, and the expectation that citizens act in good faith without any such expectation on cops seems a bit morally bankrupt.
    People need to know that even good cops playing by the rules are acting on the municipality’s orders, and that rights of individual citizens is not a priority to them. The author laments abandonment of the Ten Commandments (don’t take the Lord’s name in vain…) and decries those who embrace the “Ten Amendments” typical cop bullshit wanting people to ignore basic rights that men- wait for it- died for.

  30. Hi there Anon Cop.
    I’ve read several comments. So, I realize there is a general sense of bitterness expressed. I think that is probably human nature, because even in previous decades when the public at large had more respect for laws and law enforcement, the experience most people had with a police officer was getting a traffic ticket. It’s a frustrating experience to be fished out of a sea of traffic while you were driving over the speed limit while day dreaming about getting a blow job.
    Still, I am pretty sure that most of the men that read ROK are fair minded. Especially those of us with some experience under our belts, particularly in other countries. We know that police have to deal with the crud of society. We also know that in any many of these situations, there are no clear, black-and-white, by-the-book options available to a police officer. I, for one, give any police officer dealing with violent people the benefit of the doubt. Even to the point of realizing that if the police were not enforcing traffic laws, traffic in the US would be a huge and dangerous mess. (Anyone that does not realize this has never visited a large city in the 3rd world).
    With that degree of understanding on my part, I find it incredibly sad that I still have lost all respect for law enforcement. This is because while I give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt in dealing with the real world of violent people, I expect law enforcement to draw a line at enforcing laws intended to oppress citizens with political correctness.
    Law enforcement is now the militaristic enforcement arm of the feminist state. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) started it. Are you blind to this?
    A man is no longer safe in his own home, unless he is alone, with no female allowed in. (Being armed also helps a man be safe, since he can fend off a violent intruder intent on robbing him). This is the case because any female in a man’s life can now call law enforcement, make an accusation, and that man lands in jail. Then he is put through a judicial system that has turned “innocent until proven guilty” on its head in favor of Napoleonic Law (e.g., guilty until proven not guilty). It only takes a minimal amount of knowledge of logic to understand that proving a negative is impossible. Thus, all men are guilty of “domestic violence,” literally at the whim of a female.
    VAWA is not the fault of law enforcement. But law enforcement needs to set limits on how far into ideological enforcement it is willing to go. At least, that is what is required if law enforcement wants my respect.
    Law enforcement has not drawn this line. It therefor lost my respect about 15 years ago.
    I will go out of my way to avoid conflict with law enforcement. Because you have the guns and a great deal of leeway that a regular citizen does not have. Moreover, I will not interfere with law enforcement, I will not join the club of idiots that are out to bait law enforcement, nor will I be taking videos to try to get you in trouble on YouTube.
    But I will not respect law enforcement. That is simply because I do not respect the laws of the feminist state that you are now enforcing. And you and your fellow police officers have not drawing the line at the degree to which you are willing oppress your fellow citizens with feminist ideology.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote, except not taking videos. When Google Glass competitors become ubiquitous, citizens will need to video record every interaction with the state. Additionally, police departments receive blood money from the Federal gov to enforce VAWA. No boot stomp, no cash booty.

      1. Good points. I might rethink the video statement.
        The sort of video recording I had in mind are the type were a lone cop gets stuck out on the street trying to deal with a mob, gets overwhelmed, and doesn’t handle the matter perfectly. When I see that cop, I realize that he is human and doing the best he can in a bad situation surrounded by hostile humans.
        But, when inside the home, I think you are right. Perhaps everything needs to be recording inside the home now, at least where women are involved. That is the only way that you can prove that you are not guilty of domestic violence or even rape, when a woman or girlfriend decides to make such an accusation.
        On the other hand, if you are keeping a video of everything, I’m sure that at some point, in your own home, you are going to break one law or another, since there so many. If that video is ever seized, you might find yourself in jail because of something you did 3 years ago that you had no idea was illegal.

        1. Really makes you want to start a “relationship” with a woman in modern day ‘murica now, doesn’t it? Do we all not realize just how far this insanity has gone. I mean, I know we all do here but just step back and think it through for a moment. Such thinking to people of my parent’s generation would have been considered tantamount to some sort of paranoid mental illness.
          -Thank you again feminism.

        2. What is it you think would be illegal done in your own home that video could catch? Do you pluck the feathers of dead bald eagles? Do you think they will come after you for fishing out of season? Oh noes he put something in the wrong recycling container.

        3. Recording in the home doesn’t seem to work either. There are many instances of recordings that were discounted by police chiefs when the recording clearly shown that the cop was lying. But the one that really sticks in my craw was a well known football that was accused of rape. He had a video of the situation and it shown that the woman was really the instigator.. The case was thrown out, the female was not charged with filing a false police report false accusation….. the football player was raked over the coals by the judge for video taping the event even though he states he tapes them for his own protection..

    2. QUOTE: “Being armed also helps a man be safe, since he can fend off a violent intruder intent on robbing him.”
      You better then shoot to kill and have a good body disposal plan in place because the minute any man uses a weapon to protect himself it is he that is thrown in jail, and the intruder is given a pass. I’m not joking. Do not ever call the police for help at all.
      QUOTE: “VAWA is not the fault of law enforcement. But law enforcement needs to set limits on how far into ideological enforcement it is willing to go.”
      Unless I am mistaken, it is my understanding that the police, when sworn in, pledge allegiance to the constitution, much as the military does.

  31. Congrats on resigning. Blaming cops for high crime is absurd. Police were meant to stop the people that slipped through the cracks. Now they are expected to fix the whole society.

  32. Nah….this is all about a system that feeds on $$ and # of arrests/tickets for minor violations….
    Most cops are bullies why even try to hide that?

  33. If society could get rid of this gang of thugs and replace em with security forces that actually provided a wanted service (cutting down crime) while maintaining accountability for their actions – it would. Given that cops are not governed by market forces and the money to fund them is taken from a population at the point of a gun (taxes), it is no wonder that the public distrusts / hates them.
    Boo hoo – if only the public trusted us and put up with our abuses – then the ‘good cops’ would come back. Besides, we need to be held to a different above-the-law standard than the average plebian. If we couldn’t just bust down anyone’s door and throw flashbang’s into their children’s cribs – no one would be a cop! You want cops right – we need to be able to do our job without being held accountable then!
    What a baby.
    To the Author, I’d recommend he get a job in the private sector where his salary is determined by the value he provides to other people instead of how many he can waylay at the side of the road and give out traffic tickets to. Read Fredric Bastiat’s “The Law”.

  34. Oh please cops are hired hands by the system. Of course I don’t blame cops for the system, but they do support the system and the laws the system propagates. However, I get a little offended when anyone or cop for that matter stipulates that we should see some moral value in policemen; I’m sorry I just can’t. A father has his children stripped away, made to be a prisoner in his own house, has his assets freezed, home taken and given away to his ex-bitch who didn’t invest a dime in it and guess who’s there enforcing those laws? The cops. Guys are behind bars serving near life sentences for smoking marijuana and I’m suppose to believe that cops who gleefully imprison these men should be publicly respected? Pleeaasee!!! When cops stand up and morally protest the divorce, alimony, “rape,” child and drug “laws” then maybe I may reconsider my stance but until then, you guys are paid to do the bidding of those whom you unwittingly serve.

    1. They might be doing life on paper for possessing drugs but if the book was thrown that hard at them the cops know that they have killed and robbed for years, and just can’t quite get anyone to testify. Agreed on the divorce stuff.

    2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Feminism and law enforcement are hopelessly interwoven; Both are anti-family, anti-father and perpetuate the emasculation of the American male. Anyone who believes otherwise are either delusional or desperately in denial.

    3. Civil Asset Forfeiture is big business for police. Someone sell marijuana out of your rental home… say goodbye to your real estate. Take a few thousand out of the bank to buy a used car… hope and pray you do not get stopped because the boys in blue can seize it and use it to buy donuts.

    4. I see plenty of moral value in a sheriff’s department, it’s the police departments I have a problem with.

      1. When I was younger, the state police and highway patrol officers were the one’s that people had respect for, they, for the most part, made sure of their information before taking action. Local city police and sheriffs usually came rushing in with an attitude that everyone was guilty and treated them as such. It was up to who they were giving a rash to to prove they were innocent but by then, one became a victim of the police. Lately, the state police and highway patrol seem to be following the local boys and girls in their thinking……

    5. Indeed. Without cops acting as the boots on the ground ready to enforce and maintain the matriarchy this whole feminism nonsense would collapse overnight. And, unlike some commentators here, I think a lot of them know damn well what they are doing and actually take perverse pleasure in bringing another man down. The higher-level social engineers really knew what they were doing in collapsing society by way of its women while simultaneously neutering their potential male competition. The one thing they may have miscalculated is the system turning on them as well in the end. After all, once you give life to Frankenstein, how do you stop him when he goes rogue?

    6. Quote: “When cops stand up and morally protest the divorce, alimony, “rape,” child and drug “laws” then maybe I may reconsider my stance but until then, you guys are paid to do the bidding of those whom you unwittingly serve.”
      Once again, Lance nails it!
      Are there really guys in jail actually doing hard time for merely smoking pot? Do you have any links of articles?

  35. Make them all wear cameras that can’t be disabled.
    “In the first year after the cameras were introduced here in February 2012, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent compared with the previous 12 months. Use of force by officers fell by almost 60 percent over the same period.”
    Not only will police officers become more accountable, it’ll also help secure convictions. It’ll also help good officers and corroborate their version of events.

    1. Because many complaints can’t be substantiated and if a suspect throws a punch…well, he’s on camera.

      1. All the more reason for cops to wear cameras. It’ll exonerate good officers, make bad officers accountable, and prove that the suspect assaulted the officer and not the other way around.

        1. Cops themselves started putting cams on their dashboards to avoid lawsuits and false accusation.

  36. Just read the article. And you, anonymous cop, can go fuck yourself. You’re a product of the nanny-state. You couldn’t cut it in capitalism and you didn’t have the balls to join the military, so you decided on your cushy job writing traffic tickets as a foot soldier for the government. Stop sucking off the teet of those who actually had to provide a benefit that society voluntarily paid for. You know, those people you stop, ticket, and arrest every day.

    1. Might take big balls to join the military. But it takes a big brain to think enough to realize that joining the military is nothing more than risking your life to help extend the feminist state on a global scale.

  37. There is a difference between a pig and the cop. Part of public discontent with law enforcement is pigs and part is reminiscent, adolescent mindset that wants to rebel just for the sake of it.
    There are also a deeper and more sinister reason to keep public at odds with cops. This is part of population control and people must realize this. In the event of government change, a good relationship with law enforcement will take away much power from a tyrannical government. It is imperative for any community to have good and strong ties with law enforcement. Cops don’t make laws, they just enforce it. If the public feels laws are unjust and must change, cops will listen to the public.

    1. Cops are obligated by their oath not to enforce unconstitutional laws and to protect people’s rights, not trample them. The public feels many laws and actions are unjust. Guess what, the 1% doesn’t care. It doesn’t care that the public doesn’t want to be flooded with Turd World immigration. The 1% didn’t care that the public was 99:1 against the bailouts of BANKSTERS. The 1% doesn’t care that the public wants the government to live within its means. The 1% doesn’t care that a vast majority of the public didn’t want Obongocare. The 1% doesn’t care that the public doesn’t want to ruin people’s lives over smoking weed…

  38. Here is the problem cops face in the U.S. today. The public is demanding that we create a police state to keep the lid on crime? It’s a police state, but one unlike any other that has ever existed. The populace has demanded it. The real question is why is crime increasing? There are two reasons. The failed war on drugs, and the mass importation of third world immigrants. Those are the real problems, but to mask those reasons law enforcement is growing, getting bigger budgets, receiving military training and equipment. This is why you have cops throwing stun grenades into a baby’s playpen, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

    1. The populace demanded it? Who says crime is increasing? Violent crime is down 70% since 1990, IIRC. Property crime is down like 60%.The public is demanding the genocide of whites through massive immigration and miscegenation???

      1. That’s the point. The public demanded a reduction in crime, and the police complied. We are talking about what they had to do to accomplish that compliance. Why do you think we have more people in jail than any other nation in the world? Who exactly is in those jails?

        1. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-25002927
          How many more of those links would you like to see? I know it’s the UK but you mentioned the whole developed world.
          You really think enforcement has no impact on crime? I guess you believed the GOP when they said we could export jobs and increase prosperity, or maybe the Democrats when they said we could give millions health coverage and reduce cost.

      2. I can see where it seems strange to acknowledge that crimes being committed has gone down, while claiming that crime as a total has gone up. Imagine you have two nations. Nation 1 has 3 thieves, but no jails. Nation 2 has 10 thieves but many jails, and 7 of those 10 thieves are currently in jail. Those two nations would look the same from a crimes committed perspective, but which one really has the highest crime rate?

  39. The police are nothing more than mindless foot soldiers of the system. They are the tyrants sword. When the cattle cars and death camps start up they’ll be the ones shepherding the populace into the showers for extermination and laughing about it. When and if the next phase of tyranny comes to the U.S. you can expect them to start raping and killing directly as opposed to today’s normal smorgasbord of home invasion murders they currently participate in. It is they who throw flash bang grenades into babies cribs in the middle of the night then joke about it. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2014/05/baby-in-coma-after-police-grenade-dropped-in-crib-during-drug-raid/
    If any serious revolution ever gets started it is they who should be crucified (literally) first. Police are stupid, ignorant, vapid, tyrannical, kill crazy, torture loving, power drunk monsters who should be at the very least stripped of their power and shunned and the more just solution deported or executed en mass. The Police deliberately select for the unintelligent: http://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836 because morons are more likely to follow orders without question. Anyone who tells you they are cop are admitting that they are a certified idiot who scored poorly on an intelligence test and all they are qualified to do is break into houses and kill old men and women in their sleep. These are the clowns McDonalds rejects as being too stupid to work a fryer.
    The number of “no-knock” raids in the U.S. has increased dramatically with countless deaths and atrocities and no one in the police department EVER comes forward to challenge this. Morality requires a brain which the police simply lack – animals do not have morals only habits. They are more concerned for their pensions and convenience than any innocent they gun down. There is nothing special about them and they to a man are cowards. How else do you describe the current obsession with their own safety to the point that any movement they don’t like is immediately met with lethal violence. The problem with the stupid, ignorant, moronic, cowardly, police in the U.S. is that they have been provided a license to kill. The least intelligent, most violent, most morally degenerate in society have a license to kill. This is not a recipe for any kind of happy existence.
    The reason people hate the police is because they act exactly like an enemy occupying army. The reason that they are so frightened of their own shadows is that deep down they know this and greatly fear the day when the public actually starts shooting back. Police only appear brave when they are up against old women and children sound in their beds. Put them up against any kind of actual resistance and they immediately call for backup and run around like scared children. Whenever there is a mass shooting it is they who cordon off the area and wait for hours for the shooters to kill themselves. They are not to be loved, or admired, or looked up too – they are scum and the lowest form of human parasites exactly identical to those in the Nuremberg trials.

    1. This is pretty much dead on. Anonymous Cop says “Right now, you have the most honest and well-educated police departments that have ever existed”. This is one of the most laughable statements i’ve ever read. AC says he works in the midwest. It may be that the midwest along with the south is where some remnants of America still exist as far morals and values but I can assure you AC in California cops are despicable trash who could care less about “laws” and only about screwing law abiding citizens and baiting them into admitting guilt to “crimes”.

  40. To Anon Cop:
    I think people are just getting really scared at how militarized the police have become. I know it’s freaking me out! At the same time though, I got pulled over a couple of times but always tried to make the officer feel safe and relaxed. So far my encounters have been good with no problems either way.
    If what you say is true then it does make me much less tense. I’ve just seen too many horror stories of cops going all gestapo on people and it’s very scary! Especially when you know the cop will always get away with it. It just seems like they aren’t getting softer but becoming bigger bullies. Maybe it’s an illusion. Hopefully so.

    1. Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko

    2. When YOU need to “make the officer feel safe and relaxed” you know there is something seriously wrong with the way these people are selected, screened and trained. Not justifying being a total dick towards them but a representative of the law should know that even the most honest and upstanding law-abiding citizen may feel a tad nervous when approached by police, don’t cha think?

  41. “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” by Radley Balko.
    Read it. Or read reviews. Very serious business folks.
    Also, on a much different note — I’ve wonder what % of chicks get out of traffic tickets? There’s the all too common fake crying tactic which I hear is absurdly popular not just with girls but fully grown women. And of course there’s the flirting. A white knight traditionalist cop or beta cannot resist despite his training. I’d like to know how much this works but of course this can’t be objectively studied cause the bitches just drive off scot free.

      1. Yeah I wonder how much that happens too. Chuckle, probably not a very high %. See Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant. You’d have to be one crazy, very horny cop.

  42. “We’re just doing our job”…….what horse shit. This is the kind of shit that makes peopple not like police

  43. reading this only gave me the impression that you’d thoroughly enjoy beating a black man’s face in.
    fuck the police.

  44. “Ever wonder why mobs of juveniles are running rampant lately? Or why brazen criminals seem to be committing crime in broad daylight?”
    Nope, the answer is obvious. You are a fucking bigoted government worm.

    1. “Ever wonder why mobs of juveniles are running rampant lately? Or why brazen criminals seem to be committing crime in broad daylight?”
      Desegregation is the cause of that, not normal people opposed to low IQ thugs enforcing ridiculous regulations.

  45. As a citizen, YOU are the threat any more. Quit your whining. YOU are the problem.

  46. I would say that the vast majority of cops are great people and integrous. I think the anti-police mentality is another symptom of leftest ideology. The left caters to and coddles degenerates with no respect for other people or even themselves. Of course they would hate any authority figure or institution that would get in the way of them acting like childish, selfish shitheads.
    I doubt you would see this article or something similar on MSNBC or HuffPost.
    I would say however, that all law enforcement’s use of force is only legitimate so long as it doesn’t conflict with the US Constitution regardless of municipal laws.

    1. I think it’s the other way around. The left believes everybody has to be looked after and controlled, where as the right want to be left alone to get on with their lives and want to look after themselves. The left loves the idea of the police state provided they are in control.
      Who is currently in control, left or right ?

    2. I have to agree. Despite a certain apprehension around police I feel little sympathy for crusty bums who purposefully seek out to provoke them in riots or on the streets just to see how far they can push their buttons before one of them eventually breaks and pepper sprays one of these useless fuckers only to be put on trial for “police brutality”.
      Then again, I live in a country and society where cops are still somewhat educated to “keep the peace” for the most part and where financial incentives have not yet pushed them into blatantly acting as a bunch of highwaymen and indiscriminate armed enforcers for the 1%. That being said, the militarization of police is visible here too (they got some neat dodge chargers which do look notably badass with the police package), and one cannot help but notice a more dictatorial streak running amongst some of their younger recruits that simply did not exist in their older colleagues.
      Still, unless you are blatantly causing trouble and outright looking to get picked up, the police here pretty much leaves the people well alone to go about their daily business. And based on what I’ve seen, they usually also act with a certain degree of discernment and contextualization when dealing with delicate situations as opposed to ruthlessly enforcing the law to the letter no matter what redeeming circumstances may exist. Because of this, though there is not much love for the police around these parts, there is also no real hate among the better educated public, and those who seem to complain the loudest usually end up deserving it for one reason or another.
      Even so, some of what you guys in the States describe here is outright frightening and more fit for a violent corrupt third-world hellhole than for a supposedly 1st world nation.

    3. QUOTE: “I would say that the vast majority of cops are great people and integrous. I think the anti-police mentality is another symptom of leftest ideology.”
      People’s opinions of the police are formed by the publics general interaction and experience with them. No leftist conspiracy going on here I can assure you.
      QUOTE: “I would say however, that all law enforcement’s use of force is only legitimate so long as it doesn’t conflict with the US Constitution regardless of municipal laws.”
      What is the color of the sky in the fucking world you are living in, dude? The police and government are everyday violating the constitution. Main way is by passing unconstitutional laws.

  47. Police lack public support so the public should blindly support the police and hope that suddenly it all gets better for absolutely no reason. I gotta say that is some flawless logic bound to get full support. Sorry anonymous cop, while its a nice perspective, you can either be the change you want to see by actually working with communities and actually helping to rebuild the local communities you “protect and serve tickets to” (which as a whole are broken, nonexistent or near crime free). If the threat of being seen in a bad light (by complete strangers might i add) because of a stupid youtube video (that you have to actively search for) is enough to prevent a police officer from doing his job then you shouldn’t take the job in the first place. Law and order to ensure peace, not paranoia and fear of shaming (especially when you have so many legal free rides) should be your main focus. You’re allowed your fuck ups no matter how serious, so either fuck up less often or stop acting like cunts. Yes, police have a negative stigma so are you going to follow protocol and have every person you stop assume they’re right the instant you robotically ask “do you know how fast you were going?” There’s also the quota problem. Fix your shit and watch public support for police grow or perpetuate the status quo and continue your bitching.

  48. When police return to being Peace Officers instead of ‘Law Enforcement’ then public support will return.
    “Right now, you have the most honest and well-educated police departments”
    When the best and brightest are not disbarred from being police then public support will return.
    When the police act like police and not like kidnapping thugs then public support will return.
    When police outright lie about being the most well educated police departments while high IQ applicants are disbarred for being ‘too smart’ then it damages the authors claims of police honesty. Police are low IQ paid thugs who routinely sexually assault normal citizens.

  49. I bet a lot of the cop bashers on these comments are some pretty big fucking pussies away from a keyboard.

    1. I’m a Marine Infantry Vet. I bet a lot of cops feel pretty inadequate without a badge and gun.

    2. I bet a lot of the low IQ uniformed thug supporters are closet homo’s in real life who have a domination fetish.

  50. These are pretty much the comments I expected. Most are negative, many make excellent points, and some are just stupid. But I do appreciate nobody wishing death on me – yet. As I stated in the article, this was just “an introductory defense of law enforcement.”
    If ROK will allow it, I will submit a follow up article that will address law enforcement’s failures with the public and police officers’ duty to reclaim credibility with law abiding citizenry. Cops have spent too much time attempting to gain credibility with state funded citizenry and have ignored the tax paying citizenry (mostly because tax payers never threaten to riot).
    Law enforcement can be swayed and it can be reformed, but it won’t happen with online vitriol or with leftist, anti-police propaganda. Let’s face it, none of us want violence or civil war and those that propagate it are either all-talk or fools.

    1. You are taking it in stride and realize how to sort out the BS. You may have seen my comment but I come from LE background too and what I am seeing today is quite frankly, terrifying. I was in one of the roughest cities of that era and we managed to get it done without M4 carbines, trauma plates, flashbangs, etc. I can tell you I would have -liked- to have had some of that kit, and if you are entering an urban warzone like SE DC was at that time, it is appropriate.
      But Barney Fife in Bumfuck Iowa needs an MRAP, a select fire M4, full Lvl 4 tac armor for WHAT exactly?
      I’ll give you one last piece of advice, you are right to try and transition out. I had to get the fuck out for my own mental health. There is a damn good reason cops are among the upper percentiles of alcoholism and suicide.

        1. Yeah, yeah Chateau Heartiste is in ‘black out mode’ this week with us hoping keyboard jockeys like you did even ONE approach. But you didn’t and you won’t. Want to fap once again to the bad ass Magyar bitch I was fucking for 2 years? Drop me an email and I can send you pics of Hungarian pussy you can never hope to attain. Here to help jock rider…

      1. MS-13 illegal alien gang bangers have better guns than many police forces.

    2. Anoncop – “none of us want violence or civil war…” actually some of us do because that is preferable to cattle cars and concentration camps which is a real possibility. I don’t think any of the occupants of Dachau, Aushvitz, Belsec, etc. would accept your statement that a civil war would have been worse. Right now only one side is doing the killing – the police – and they are not punished for doing so. The really is the cornerstone of people’s concern here anoncop and I will state it again so you get the picture:
      The police are right now, at present, actively KILLING innocent people and they suffer no penalties for doing so.
      You can paint whatever Andy Griffith pictures you want of honest cops going about the business of protecting people but that is not reality. The reality is that police, when they aren’t killing, are actively engaged in highway robbery seeking revenue through tickets and fines. That is what you are defending. An organization that spends most of its time killing and stealing. Yes there are the times when a truly horrid perpetrator is arrested – whoohooo even the mafia police their own this doesn’t make them good people or somehow not guilty for the atrocities they commit. What you are defending is evil plain and simple and no matter how articulate your defense the bottom line is the same:
      The police are killing people and getting away with it. This is wrong. It is evil. The presence of a badge does not change this and people hate you and those you work with for very good reason. You make not like this but the only moral choice for you is to leave the force and NOT collect any money from them via pensions (the proceeds of which are stolen from the citizenry). Will you do this? Of course not you’ll sign up for early retirement then get a back ache and doctors note to make sure you disability also. Prove me wrong please – I would love to hear about one cop doing the right thing for once.

      1. I’m curious what you’re doing about your responsibility to the innocent Afghanis killed in drone strikes, seeing as the only moral choice for you is to leave the system and not collect any benefits.

        1. I have no moral responsibility to the Afghanis as I am not aggressing against them nor have I the ability to make those doing so cease their actions.
          But lets take your specious red herring assumption that a person mustn’t be against police violence unless one is doing … what? to combat violence on the other side of the planet. By that argument you aren’t allowed to be upset if someone steals from you unless you are actively hunting down thieves in Uganda. In other words this is a stupid comment and I must therefore conclude by your intelligence that you either are a police officer or are eligible to become one.
          For the record I don’t live in the U.S. anymore and I work in a foreign country on a non-U.S. passport. I do not collect any benefits from the U.S. nor do I desire any.

        2. What a series of unfortunate and unflattering choices you’ve made in your response. Ah well. Best of luck.

        3. Is this the part where you reveal you’re secretly an NSA stooge and now I am on some list and can expect ninjas soon?

    3. Please if the cops didn’t stop the native American Jacob “Jake” England in Tulsa he would have rid the city of its gang problem. He systematically took out members of the gang that killed his dad. Nanny Bloomberg threatened to take cops off the streets for a week until someone asked him to promise not to bring them back early when child molesters & drug dealers start floating down the Hudson. You realize if there is a civil war it will be fought with the rules of engagement Clinton used against the indigenous Serbs when they tried to deport illegal alien drug dealing muslims.

    4. I would never wish death on you you are not a monster or even a bad person as far as I can tell you just have a job that I find distasteful. I am sure you are an alright guy just working for your free time like the rest of us. Truthfully if you were in uniform and under duress from some lunatic I would probley help you out as a private citizen ( if a man attacks the police, what will he do to me?) but undestand where we come from as well. You are a man like me, I assume you like women why arrest someone for soliciting a prostitute? Smoking a joint after slaving away for 10 hours in a job I hate? Seizing vehicles when someone buys a five dollar bag of weed? This will generate a lot of discontent, but if you are on RoK at least you are pointed in the right way.

    5. Sorry, cops long ago have lost the benefit of the doubt. That POS CHP pig beating that woman on the side of Interstate 10 in Los Angeles is inexcusable – I don’t care how many times CHP says the video “only tells part of the story.” What other part of the story is there to tell? That GED-earning roid-rage MMA-wanna-be POS beat that woman. Did he go home and make sweet passionate love to his GF / wife? Likely he beat-off to his own photo. CHP won’t give out his name likely because they fear the woman he beat has relatives that would happily provide a beating of their own. I want a front row seat to that beat-down.

  51. I fucking hate the police. Growing up a white kid in a small midwestern town with a wealthy father I was supposed to be protected from police harassment unless I was a total dipshit committing felonies or somewhat more serious crimes that didn’t involve the occasional speeding or a few stupid Halloween pranks. Of course none of my circumstances prevented the police from constantly being dicks, and had I been a minority who knows what shit I would have to have dealt with when it came to the small time power mad police of my town.
    Most of the comments are right on. If you think the police state is just for the blacks and hispanics of this country you are living in a wonderland, unless of course you are part of the 1% of this country. Which I doubt anyone on here is. And it’s only going to get worse.
    Interesting comments also on what it will take in regards to the harassment and non violent arrests and jail time of whites and if this will bring police state america under control.

  52. OP, what can be done about the system? How can we stop America from dying?

    1. Preserve our libraries. Make hardcopy or optical storage copies of as much information as possible, especially culturally important documents and scientific texts.
      Support the things that made america great in the first place. private education, scientists, the right to bear arms, the bible.
      Call out media whenever possible. Call out liars whenever possible. make sure you are well-armed.
      Photograph or take videos of police whenever possible. Prepare for the apocalypse, even if it never comes.
      Be realistic, assume that wherever corruption and deceit CAN exist, they WILL exist.
      Teach your friends and neighbors to be self-sufficient in a REAL sense. How to raise rabbits and chickens for food, how to grow a garden, how to build a snare or a bow to keep yourselves alive and healthy if the crap hits the fan.
      Learn to be an eagle scout.
      The fact of the matter is that the government is NOT america. It is virtually irrelevant to America. “America’ is the concept of self-determination, a fierce will to freedom, and the concepts enshrined within the constitution and the bill of rights prior to 1912 (when our republic was extinguished) As long as the people and progress are here, as long as people are willing to take up arms to defend themselves from aggression, as long as individual excellence is celebrated and freedom of property is maintained (at gunpoint if necessary) America can never die. The government may fail, the economy tear itself to pieces, but within even the RoK community is that fierce kernel of freedom that will keep ‘America’ alive as long as it must.

  53. Good letter, I appreciate your input. Good cops sit between a rock and a hard place. Soon enough there will mostly be bad cops.
    As the society goes, so too the police.
    One major downturn came when cops went from Peace Officer to Law Enforcement Officer. With the number of unconstitutional restrictive laws coming on the books, nearly everything is against the law. Too many new cops are low watt bullies. I have first hand experience with both types. I like your type better.

  54. Ok. I’ll reconsider my “contempt” for the police.
    Your article demonstrates the absolute necessity of any public officer in any public office to do all things humanly possible to maintain the public’s trust. There is absolutely no room or excuse for public officers and their agents to do anything that even hints of misbehavior, much less lie to cover up the least unintentional mistakes. Even one case of intentional criminal acts by trusted officials is enough to destroy the entire institution.
    Since the police and have failed to maintain the public’s trust, it’s no wonder things are the way they are. And, the fact that the elected officials that fund and oversee the police are just as bad or worse at abusing the public trust. Now that the trust is gone on both sides, it’s merely a matter of time before everything disintegrates to lawless — on both sides.
    Guberments will necessarily have to increase the police and surveillance state to compensate for the lack of public’s blind trust in guberment, which in turn leads the guberments and police to be filled with paranoia of masses of people who may take action to overthrow a regime that cannot be trusted. The prolific militarization of every level of law enforcement is evidence of how little the guberment trusts its citizens and how much force it thinks it must bear to something as benign as service a search warrant.
    Fear of bodily harm is enough justification for a copy to summarily execute a citizen. There’s not evidence presented, no due process, no trial. Of course there’s a time and place to draw a weapon and use deadly force. The problem is all cops carry fear (justified cause) with them and the spidey-sense tingle of a threat to police rather than an actual statement or act demonstrating a threat to a cop is enough to get a guy buried six feet under.
    It would take nothing short of a revolution to change the dynamic of guberments and police towards citizens. I hold zero hope that this revolution can or will take place from within. It’s impossible for the monster to change. So, only the people are left to create a revolution to effect change. The guberment and police know it. They desperately fear it. That’s why we have such a proliferation of police, surveillance, and militarization of many aspects of American life. It’s a lost cause.
    That’s why even though as to reconsider my attitude towards police, it remains the same. You’ve actually solidified it by: a. saying you see the same problems and cops like you are on the way out and b. you offer no hope of any change from the inside out. If you’re one of the “good” cops, and cops like you are on the way out, guess what’s left. Yup, the bottom of the barrel. They may have been the exception in the past, but they’ll be the majority in the future. It’s only going to get worse.
    So, I’ve reconsidered my “contempt”. Thanks for your story. But I’m unmoved.

  55. Undoubtedly, a lot of Americans have swallowed the Libertarian pill in where because the U.S. is a “free” country that means the criminal only has to fear the victim’s capacity for self-defence during the crime but once the crime has been committed the police must use polite decorum regardless of how violent the offender is.

    1. You cannot be intellectually honest and defend this position.
      First off, any victim with a -true- capacity for libertarian self defense doesn’t leave much left for us. Mainly paperwork, particularly in your example of a violent offender.
      Let me give you the Cliffs Notes Version of the UCR (Uniform Crime Report)— “Assailant was confronted by victim. Lethal force instrument (handgun mainly, but etc.) was displayed to victim.” This almost ALWAYS happens and even if the vic is some well armed guy. It means what? Even if you are packing, he got the drop on you as happens OFTEN.
      This present a civilian with two choices, both are equally bad. Attempt the “quick draw McGraw” gunslinger option and probably end up with lead poisoning OR, let the perp rob you then quietly send some love downrange into his fleeing back. Now YOU are on trial.
      Option 3, Armed Vic wisely, keeps his weapon holstered and calls 911. Are you now telling me with an armed robbery call you cannot respond with all options on the table for you?
      Sorry, I call bullshit. Perps have been shot and killed especially recently for FAR less than this.

  56. Good cops exist, but should be ready for the collapse. Back when this country was homogeneous and full of high IQ,hard working people the cops were a genuine extension of the community. Now there is simply no community

  57. The essence of this is follow who controls it all-
    All you have to do is research domestic fiscal policy.
    Fiscal federalism has made all the locals do the bidding of the Bilderberg jet set bankster controllers.

  58. A word of advice for all of my fellow mundanes: No matter how bad of a situation you may find yourself in, don’t call the police. It will only make things worse. They’re all too busy playing soldier and pretending to fight wars to really care, so they’ll shoot first and ask questions later. And they’re at war with you, the American people.
    Oh, and if you have a dog, it’s gonna get killed, no matter how unthreatening it is. These brave cops are so afraid of everything that they need to use physical violence before anything else.

    1. QUOTE: “No matter how bad of a situation you may find yourself in, don’t call the police.”
      Good point. But if one is female then they are your friends.

  59. “No cop admits it, but it is happening.”
    Then how do you know its happening?
    I have to say, as much as i tried to understand where the author was coming from, this article made very little sense.

  60. Am I the only one that’s noticed that since the advent of the Taser, more and more cops are, if not grotesquely obese, at the very least dramatically out of shape?
    I don’t think I have seen an in-shape cop more than a year out of academy since like… 2000.
    Tasers are torture. There’s a reason that the new breed of sadistic, Lazy cop is in love with them.

  61. Thanks for the article and I agree/understand a lot of what you say but the problem is top down and is caused by your “handlers”. The very fact that many of the legal constructs that you guys enforce, things that really are not actual crimes because there are no victims and nobody suffers a loss of health/money/property (apart from the victims on the receiving end of Police actions) is the reason that you get so much tension from society. Add plenty of bad apples into into the mix (on both sides) and here we are…

  62. Man stop with your bullshit already, I’ve done a Master’s in NYC, I’ve worked in 3 different continents, living in 7 international cities of the modern world in the last decade. There is no place that even comes close to the U.S. in its unquestioning, brutal disregard of human freedom at the instigation of the simplest charge, especially if you are male and from another country. It’s always arrest first, harass, mistreat, persecute first, judge later, and if the victim is innocent, so fucking be it…
    Men are coming into the U.S. to pursue the fake American utopia that is instilled in them by intense cultural propaganda, through Hollywood, educational marketing etc. only to find out very promptly that it’s the worst scam of the 21st century, and the American state is there to punish them ruthlessly with the most severe tax code and the most biased unforgiving justice system in the world designed to ruin a man’s life overnight at the sign of the slightest mistake.
    Brainwashed low IQ cops can be briefly shielded from this punishment through their careers because they are the soulless instruments of the oppression, but no man is exempt, and in the U.S. you have to live with the feeling that if you are a man, your life can be in shambles overnight with one spurious allegation, no matter how rich, powerful or virtuous you are.
    Contrarily, if you are a woman, almost every obscenity and felony can be excused, including homicide, embezzlement and whatever you may think of.
    The examples are countless: Look at DSK, once the most powerful man of France, destroyed instantly by the spurious claims of a hotel maid. That hotel maid would be lynched for even daring to open her mouth against a woman if the french dignitary had been female. But Strauss-Kahn was male, not to mention the primary candidate for presidency, and the fate of a once powerful European nation was decided by the ludicrously false and self serving rape accusations of a hotel maid. Not one prosecutor or cop in NYC thought of the man’s basic human rights, even though he was a multi millionaire and one of the most powerful men of Europe, but they proceeded to crush his dignity, his freedom and his reputation with extreme prejudice, only to release him months later like a discarded pulp when it became inevitably clear that prosecution had no shot at a real legal case…
    America has become the worst cultural abomination and state experiment witnessed to date in the human civilization, and for the basic rights and safety of males everywhere in the world, it must be promptly and utterly terminated.

    1. While I do not disagree with the general impression you give here of the U.S., I would like to point out that DSK was a well-know philanderer and “consumer of women” (often genuinely involuntary) in Europe long before his political enemies realized they could leverage America’s totalitarian gynocracy in order to finally sweep him aside and out of the way. And your observation that “Not one prosecutor or cop in NYC thought of the man’s basic human rights, even though he was a multi millionaire and one of the most powerful men of Europe” fills me with disgust as it blatantly reminds me of the kind of rigidly archaic power structures and wholly hypocritical brown nosing required to ascend to the higher echelons of old world society where rich and powerful men (and women) are treated with velvet gloves, theatrical deference, and a plethora of neat collagenated plastic smiles by their sycophantic entourage no matter their potential crimes or depraved character, while the lower rungs of society are in fact treated like absolute shit by almost everybody slightly above them. Though DSK’s treatment at the hands of New York’s law enforcement and judiciary may indeed have been overzealous to say the least, it was nice for once not to see another self-proclaimed silverback simply coast on through after grabbing one last piece of unwilling subordinate ass before departing the new world back for the old one.

  63. I cannot sympathize after all my experiences with the police. I commented on the article you made reference to, How Should Men Deal With Today’s American Police. I have never been charged with anything except speeding, and yet I have been pulled over and harassed by the cops more times than I can count, and the only reason was because I was a young, white male in an area where a lot of young people sell pot. The police have never helped me. My only experiences with the police involve denial of my rights and unlawful detainment. How am I supposed to trust any of you when every experience I’ve had with the police since I was 16 is like that?

    1. When I was 16/17 years old, the police would pull me over for some made up excuse, then use their baton, [called billy club then], and break a tail light or head light, and on several occassions, the windshield then , while displaying a wide grin, proceed to write me a ticket… and this was in a small town where the most a cop had to put up with was a couple of perennial town drunks…It’s only grown worse from there……

  64. Its interesting to get a cop’s view on policing although I would say one thing. If you have to wonder why those you serve have contempt for you then you (i.e. the institution) are not doing a good job. This is as true for the customers of a business as for the “customers” of the police.
    For me, a major reason why people hate the police is because of traffic law enforcement. I see no reason why there should be government laws restricting speed arbitrarily (or other silly laws) or why you need police harassing people for what is not a crime (i.e. an intentional attack against person or property). There is nothing more dreadful than than seeing a cop car in your rear view mirror whether they are coming after you or not.
    But the biggest problem is that there is no contract between the police and those whom they “serve”. So actually the police do not provide a service. Instead they enforce the dictates of the Rulers. This is guaranteed to breed contempt.
    So sadly, while I am always polite and dignified with the police, it is impossible for me to appreciate them. And sadly also, futile to ask us to support you, because an institution, you do not support us.

  65. For no reason whatsoever.
    Posted by Brian Elliott on Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Let freedom ring.

  66. While many cops are worthy of respect, the author included, I have been assaulted 3 times in my life. Once by a criminal thug, twice by cops.

  67. “Police kick in the wrong door? Stupid mistake, but it wasn’t malicious.”
    Who the fuck are you kidding? What happens inside after the police get through the door is VERY malicious. The ordinary people they terrorize there. The families they brutalize and keep handcuffed face down on the floor for a long, long time. The people they shoot. The dogs they kill. The property they destroy. Then come their malicious lies to protect themselves from consequences, their delays, and the pissy little settlements they offer for the harm they have done.
    Why do police do this? Because they CAN.

  68. Thanks for writing this.
    Sure, cops get cynical…anybody in their position would. Check out the Second City Cop blog. It’s eye-opening.

  69. “In short, police officers are legally protected if they make most types
    of mistakes, including serious life ending mistakes. Why? Because who
    the hell would want this job if you couldn’t make a mistake? I could
    hear this in a job interview: “You want me available to handle
    unpredictable, violent, life threatening situations over the course of a
    few decades, but I can’t make a mistake? Fuck you!””
    Yep, and the kind of people who would say ‘fuck you’ are EXACTLY the kind of people you don’t want as police officers. Get a fucking clue.
    If you are an air traffic controller and make a mistake and people die, you lose your job or go to jail.
    if you are a crane operator and make a mistake and kill someone, you lose your job, your license, and only avoid jail if you are VERY lucky and it was clearly someone ELSE that was at fault.
    EVERY OTHER JOB, with the sole exception of the military on foreign soil, are completely liable for their own fuck ups. Police should be too.
    Just the IDEA that you think that your job is ‘so much more important and dangerous’ than a city crane operators, or an air traffic controllman’s, or a lumberman’s, is such a self-absorbed, entitled, narcissistic jackass that you think you ‘deserve’ immunity from your own fuckups is sickening in the extreme.
    How do you define ‘domestic terrorist’? it’s a man with a gun and a government paycheck.

  70. Cops enforce the will of the state. If you like that state that’s great and if not you’re fucked. For John Q. Public the best solution is to avoid them at all costs. Say as little as possible as politely as possible. For activists (think Golden Dawn) the best strategy is to convert them or recruit from their ranks.

  71. And yet *another* incident of brave police action when faced with a barefoot woman.
    Solution? Punch her repeatedly in the face of course. Now anyone familiar with the usual procedures involved in this kind of delicate police work will understand that this officer will be punished with an administrative vacation, *with pay*, while the department figures out how to cover this up and hopefully drags its feet long enough that the public forgets.
    Protect and serve … and beat up barefoot women… that’s their motto and oh might things like this tend to discredit the view of the police in the public’s eyes? Nah… it must be the public is just stupid and unaware that such “services” are needed. Why we should all be grateful that we have brave officers like this beating up women because you know … anarchy if they can’t do that.

    1. Some day, the police are going to pull a Kent State action and then….oh, ……my mistake, the police will get a pass on that just like the National Guard got a pass back then..

  72. I would have respect for cops if they actually do their damn job. Most of the time I only see them harrassing people at trolley stations, passing out tickets, and messing with people just so they could get the greenlight to arrest them to fill in their quotas. I don’t even bother talking to police or have any interest at all in meeting them because they make me feel like I am a criminal. You guys are so out of touch that you have forgotten that your purpose is to protect and serve us not to protect and serve the psychopaths in government.

  73. Well, as usual, the cops want to have their cake and eat it as well.
    SWAT teams in Massachusetts, one of the most socialistic states in the Pax Americana soyuz, are claiming their private corporations, which means they’re immune from FOIA requests.
    So why should we reconsider our contempt for todays police when they have nothing but contempt for us?
    Also, his specious claim that cop haters are leftists and liberals is laughable since it is cops who enforce every liberal edict which gets passed by .gov.

  74. ““You want me available to handle unpredictable, violent, life
    threatening situations over the course of a few decades, but I can’t
    make a mistake? Fuck you!””
    I feel the same way as a CCW holder, and feel the police should be held at least to the same standard I am under the law where lethal force is concerned. Their life is worth no more or less than my own, so why should there be a discrepancy in how it’s handled legally when you have to use lethal force to protect either one?
    The biggest FU in the whole scenario is that if I’m in a self-defense situation, I didn’t seek out a job and get paid to be put there, I’m just going about regular life. I didn’t sign on and take an oath to expect that situation.
    It’s like people who are surprised when they die in military service fighting a war…that’s exactly, explicitly what you signed on for, it’s not an unexpected outcome.
    The easiest way to not die as a cop is to find one of the thousand other professions, although ironically quite a few of them are much more dangerous! “Police Officer” isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US anymore.
    Top three most dangerous are logging, fishing, and flying…and non of them include guaranteed personal violence in their training and job description.

  75. Also “destroy the credibility of law and order as a whole in the spirit of
    anarchy or other leftist ideology that requires a breaking down of
    society and culture.”?
    The left is the bastion of authoritarianism and big-government statism. If they had their way there would be 150 million cops and the other 150 million of us would be in prisons.
    “As violence increases and public support decreases, cops like me are on our way out.”….from the attitudes, conceptions, and beliefs expressed in the article, sounds like a good thing.

  76. I appreciate the article. I appreciate the effort, too. But my biggest fear is getting that ‘above-the-law’ officer in my face, or in the face of one of my family members. Couple that with the recent trend in militarization, the unconstitutional traffic checks, and the continuous pardoning of officers that have committed the most egregious of offences against the public while caught on film have made this citizen a non-believer.

  77. “The bad guys used to know that the cops were the extension of the values
    of the community and if you violated those values, you were on your
    own—and good luck with that.”
    You’ve doubtless seen the recent video of a woman being “protected” in the face good and hard 11 times or more. The bad guys don’t know that cops are an extension of the values of the community because cops no longer embody the values of the community. Pounding on people for walking away from an officer does not embody any community values of which I am aware.
    The Ten amendments are part and parcel of the United State’s community values and you speak of them with contempt.
    This is a problem that has been created by police officers who refuse to adhere to the values of the community that they “protect” with clenched fists and by police officers who refuse to risk the disgust of their own law enforcement community by bringing the lawbreakers amongst them to justice.

  78. One big problem is the wild growth of police agencies.
    These new groups such as homeland security and inland(?) border patrol have to justify their existence and that means harassing and disrupting american citizens going about their daily lives. That is the definition of a police state.
    The growth of swat police has led to swat attacks against minor little pot smokers and so called militia groups who do nothing more than exercise their rights. Again they need to show that their funding is justified. From 3,000 raids in 1980 to over 80,000 today. WOW, this country must be going to hell, or is it just the police state monster running amuck?
    And then we have the lying about suspects and targets as swat raids only find contraband in 35% of raids. Or were weapons are expected, swat cops find them only 36% of the time. Wild criminals with no drugs or guns?? ( source: Zerohedge, 10 facts about swat ….)
    And the militarism of police with flak jackets and helmets is alarming. Are they in a bedroom community or Afghanistan?
    The police state monster needs ever more power. Thus you see things like DUI checkpoints trying to expand the scope of the checkpoint to include running plates and licences for warrants and doing vehicle inspections which are blatantly unconstitutional.

  79. I would have respect for the police if they were masters at de-escalation and reason. This is something I expect from the “most honest and well-educated” serving today. Instead, we see constant escalation of situations day after day.
    – Cops called to help suicidal person? Kill him
    – Someone’s camping above my house? Kill him
    – Guy has a few plants? Raid his house, kill his dog
    – Bum sleeping on a bench? Antagonize him, kill him
    – Driver refuses to sign traffic ticket? Beat the shit out of him
    – Lady walking away from a cop on the road? Beat the shit out of her face
    – Drunk guy yelling at cops? Beat him, have a dog chew his spinal cord to paralyze him
    Then, cops get to investigate themselves. After that, the chief addresses reporters saying, “we believe the officer’s use of force was justified”.
    If cops were trained to use escalation as a last-resort and didn’t ‘fear for their life’ every time a camera was pointed their way, maybe they’d start getting some respect.
    We basically need cops trained as Tibetan Monks – trying to keep the peace with wisdom, but if that fails, they can fully kick your ass if it comes to it.

    1. Your self described agenda of what cops do is quite funny. You obviously have no clue what your talking about and obviously follow and show interest in only the negative stories portraying officers today. You try to make yourself sound intelligent yet your comment alone shows your level of education. Let me break it down for you like you did, but with the real facts.
      -Cops called to help suicidal person? Its called Emergency Order of Detention (EOD). This means the officer takes the person into custody and attempts to locate a bed at a mental facility that can perform an evaluation on the person to find out if they in fact are suicidal and if so what treatment is needed to correct it. The officer simply provides a cab service for these instances and no criminal charges are filed.
      – Someone’s camping above my house? If your so concerned about the safety of the person watching your 13 year old daughter through her window while she changes clothes, why did you call the police. Instead you should have offered him a bed side ticket for a small fee. You could always let him bring his gun or knife too.
      – Guy has a few plants? Raid his house, kill his dog…This one cracks me up. Every drug dealer trains the dogs they get, usually pit bulls, to bite and kill anything that comes in their zone. Pretty simple solution here, stop being a criminal and your house wont get raided and the police who are being attacked by the dog will not have to kill the dog.
      – Bum sleeping on a bench? Antagonize him, kill him….Nah, most officers ask them if they need something to eat or drink after explaining that they cant sleep on the active bus stop bench, then offer them resources such as safer and more desirable places to sleep, locations of shelters and churches that help those in need, and even offer them rides to the places suggested that they choose to go if time and policy permits.
      – Driver refuses to sign traffic ticket? Beat the shit out of him…Its really simple to understand, you as the driver have 2 choices here, you can sign the ticket which by the way is nothing more than an OR Bond stating that you will appear on or before a court date to take care of the fine for the crime you committed in the presence of the officer, or you can get a free ride to jail where you have to post the same OR bond but it has to be with cash money before you leave. Now if you choose option number 2, you have a couple of new choices here, 1- you can be compliant with the officer and simply step out when asked to do so, place your hands behind your back when asked to do so, let the officer do his pat down to make sure you dont have any weapons, which by the way is not a search, and you can go to jail and have your day in court, OR, 2- you can act like a idiot and try to resist and fight and have a poor rest of the day or night. I have found that signing the ticket is best because you have far more respect from the courts when you get there to dispute your case.
      – Lady walking away from a cop on the road? Beat the shit out of her face…Im glad you mention this one, let me correct you, it was a freeway, not a road, she was walking into traffic, nearly causing motorists to crash, and was not following a lawful order to stop. He got the call and had a reason to be there, she was the suspect, therefore his order to stop was lawful. Then she spins around on him and repeatedly struck him in the nuts with her foot and knee. She got exactly what she deserved.
      – Drunk guy yelling at cops? Beat him, have a dog chew his spinal cord to paralyze him….You obviously have no clue here. I have assisted in multiple police dog trainings and they are taught to bite the arms. By doing so it offsets the balance of the suspect by using his own forward momentum and adding a rapid and faster twist to that forward momentum causing a loss of balance. Key to solving this is dont be a drunken idiot. The taser works fine for this situation to, which by the way, the taser was not designed to torture people, just stop them, and the affects go away immediately after the taser cycle stops.
      Now as far as the investigation goes, the agency conducting the investigation will always be an outside agency. It will never be the agency of the involved party conducting the investigation.
      Also, cops are not trained to use “escalation” at all in reference to how you are putting it. We are trained to escalate only if the suspect does so and only to escalate to the stage above the suspect and to deescalate once the suspect does so. In fact, most officers are trained in deescalation tactics to avoid the need for physical force. As for your “fear for their life” every time a camera is aimed at them…Cameras are the saving grace for citizens who do encounter bad/dirty cops. In fact, most agencies require dash cams with audio, and even body cams for the officers to protect against bullshit complaints reported by cop haters because they got a ticket. Those are the funny videos to see after hearing the crap they complained about. Then you show them the video and the look of, “well i feel retarded” comes over their face…its priceless.
      So in closing, instead of living in your made up world of dumbassity, try educating yourself prior to making an attempt to sound smart. You wont have to eat as many of your boots that way.

      1. I would debate you point for point (in person even – I would step out from behind the internet and discuss this), but you seem to hand-wave away logic. I cited actual real cases above, each one backed up by video evidence. You say that there are good cops, but then you made excuses for each one of those encounters. I think there are bad cops, but I think the majority of cops are probably the type like yourself who will cover for a fellow cop. How many cops have you ratted on to the public?
        Be honest and give me a percentage of cases where the police unions don’t back a cop’s actions. That, along with the high percentage of times the police investigate themselves and come back with a ‘force justified’ ruling is why there is an us vs. them mentality now.
        I’m in favor of communities and neighborhoods self-policing. I’d even pay to hire security contractors to police who don’t get any proceeds from drug busts or seizures. Put them on a yearly contract so that if they sucked, they’re out… all of them and somebody else can bid.
        You say I’m not educated, but I’m educated enough to know that I’m not going to change your mind. Your mind’s not open enough because of your occupational bias.

  80. All men in the manosphere have contempt for police and its for good reason. Take your example with the knife. If that was one of the guys on here who enjoy fighting, many do, and he got in a fight and got slashed with a knife in a fight he was winning, he sure would be pissed off the police did nothing. Because if the knife slashed man pulled out a gun and blew out the brains of the knife guy, then you’d sure not say well the knife guy had it coming cause he pulled out a deadly weapon. The only thing worse than police who enforce bad laws, are police who selectively enforce bad laws.

  81. Reading the comments…there is no wonder this country is fucked…You retarded mother fuckers have no idea what the hell your talking about…but hey…Job security for me…If not for Police in this country, you pissant fucks would have no liberty. You think the cops are the ones targeting you because you listen to CNN and NBC…all regulated by the federal government to say and tell you what they want you to hear. You people trying to blame cops are nothing more than ignorant fucking retards…First off ill discredit you about the pension because we dont make shit for money to run to your ungreatful fucking asses when you call when your shit gets stolen or you get your smart ass mouth beat down by someone sick of hearing your shit. The retirement isnt worth shit, if you make it to retirement without some fuckhead killing you because he thinks he is above the law or because his government check didnt come in that day. You retarded motherfuckers hating on the police are the retards voting for the laws…Man the fuck up and take responsibility for YOUR mistakes. You hate cops because they give you a speeding ticket…Guess what asshole, Driving is a privilege not a right, your mad because they arrest you, STOP BREAKING THE LAW AND FORCING THEM TO TAKE ACTION. Im 29 years old and have never…thats right,NEVER, been to jail. And i know why…because I wasnt a piece of shit that broke the law. And for those of you wondering, yes i am a Police Officer, yes i am presenting myself in an unprofessional manner, and let me tell you why, First of all im sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit about how all cops are bad, its absolute horse shit and if you believe it or you speak it your fucking stupid and would be better off taking a nap underwater…you can breath under there if you try hard enough. Second of all, I would like to make a point to you that is very valid in every aspect, the dumbshit cowards kill cops by ambushing them while they are eating, what does this do to help you cop haters so called effort to stop police violence. Its only going to get worse and it should if you continue to spread your hate and misinformation to people that are willing to take the chance. The bottom line of this is, dont be a fucking idiot when dealing with the police and you wont have to worry about getting your ass beat or killed. ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE. Now for some more fact, If the police were just out to get you all, we could do so very easily, I can stop every car on the road because there is always probable cause to do so, ALWAYS, no matter how stupid the law is there will always be something. For instance, in my state it is illegal to operate your windshield wipers without having your headlights on. Dumb as hell but its PC and most people have never heard of it. The fact is, we know there are dumb laws and we have the ability to use our own discretion when dealing with it. I dont have to write a speeding ticket if i dont want to, but if your driving like a dumbass, chances are your gonna go home with the 5th copy. So enough of the bullshit, Stop blaming others and man up, its your fault you got a ticket or went to jail, not the cops. You as a society voted for the damn laws to pass, even the ones giving police the authority to enforce them. So next time you want to blame the police for the shit that society caused…think about when you ran out of gas, was it your cars fault or yours.

    1. So if someone is “a fucking idiot” you might beat or kill them? Nice. Cops like you are the reason so many citizens hold cops in contempt. Maybe you should try a different line of work.

        1. Right there in his comment. “The bottom line of this is, dont be a fucking idiot when dealing with
          the police and you wont have to worry about getting your ass beat or
          killed. ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE.”

        2. Didn’t he? He is a cop, and with anger issues to boot. Defend him if you want, but what he’s saying seems pretty clear to me…

        3. What he said is what he said. You made up the rest and got mad at what you made up.

        4. And yet again you try to take something and bend it to a point of negativity. Have you ever had your ass kicked if your were respectful to an officer. NO YOU HAVE NOT. Yet if you attempt to fight with them, hence acting like an idiot, your probably going to have a bad day. And yes it does piss me off to hear the dumb ass comments from you anti cop dumbasses, for you to try to say that every officer is bad because of a few who made mistakes or abused their power. Get real and provide at least a little bit of logic before you open your mouth. Otherwise you just make yourself look retarded as previously stated.

    2. Your language use is not helping make your case.
      There were far fewer cops around when I was growing up, this was pre-Clinton “100,000 new police officers” legislation, yet somehow we managed to survive with only a Sheriff and a few deputies for the entire county. In short, I think you’re hyperventilating a bit on the “you’d have no liberty!” thing.
      I’m not anti-police nor pro-police as an institution, and understand that it is comprised of every personality type, as the author pointed out. That being said, if the job is that dangerous that it enrages you to yell and people on the internet, then perhaps you should consider another line of employment?
      To the author, this was a decent article and I thank you for the time and effort you put into it. It’s always good to get an insider’s perspective.

      1. So now you want to call me out on my language like your the perfect Christian? Can you take just a moment of your time to try to find good stories about police and compare them to the bad. So many people get online and post negative videos and stories of police, yet so few even acknowledge that the good stories and videos exist. As i stated in my comment above, “Yes i am acting unprofessional”…Try going day after day without being able to say what you actually think to people that act like fools and holding it all inside. Its nice to vent every now and then. And no im not sorry i spoke my mind because guess what, I may be a cop but i sure as hell have the same right to free speech as you, however i cant exercise it on the streets. I take pride in my job and how i do it because when you get right down to it, I have the spine to face adversity unlike the cop haters that have to ambush officers and shoot them in the back while they are eating. Furthermore, i will not choose another line of work simply because i enjoy helping people any way i can. Im not just a cop, Im also a volunteer firefighter, thats right i dont get paid to go save your precious kitty or puppy and your photo of your grandmother that cant be replaced, or even just a change of clothes, and i will never ask anyone for a thank you for doing so. So i guess all firefighters are bad now because i called some joke ass people out on the bullshit they are spreading. Let us not forget the anti cop perfect citizens are also ambushing firefighters and emt’s. So spend a little more time calling out and correcting the ones who actually need to be called out and corrected.

    3. Great comment – really provided a lot of solid points on why so many people despise cops. Just reading your comments I felt like I was dealing with a roid-raging asshole with a badge.

      1. And you obviously fall into the dumbass category i spoke of previously. First of all, I have never used “roids” and im only an asshole when people make me be an asshole. But hey, now we all see that its ok by you for someone to talk about killing people and raping and murdering their families but for someone to stand up and call them out on their bullshit is just being a roid-raging asshole with a badge. Its very easy to understand, If you don’t pull a weapon on an officer, your not going to get shot at, if you keep your hands where they can be seen, your not going to get a gun pointed in your face, and if you dont try to fight an officer, your probably going to leave having a better day than you would if you fight. I think its pretty simple to understand for those with something called a brain.

        1. When did I talk about rape and murder? What are you referring too? You sound like a lunatic.
          You might be a much happier, calmer person in a different line of work.

  82. Wow, do only unintelligent, under educated, libtards read this site. The article was dead on. As a police officer I do not get paid to arrest, write tickets, violate rights, beat up minorities, or any of the other rhetoric most of you commenters seem to be spewing. I get paid to go to work, do my job, and go home. It is that simple. Instead of whining like babies with a soiled diaper, why don’t you people complaining put down the marijuana and K-2, wake up before 4 in the afternoon, and go apply for your local police force. If you are so sure we are all so corrupt, come take my job. My department is even hiring right now.

    1. Ah…’I have investigated myself and find that I am perfect and everyone else is expendable…’

  83. The author of this article is biased and should understand the need for constant surveillance by a unbiased third party entity to watch the ones supposedly “protecting” us. If you are given the authority to wreck peoples lives then you have the responsibility and the duty to be questioned about it when it happens and we shouldn’t have to take your word on it we should be able to see proof of whatever it is you are saying happened or didn’t. Cops wearing mandatory cameras that they have no control over is the ONLY way to stop police corruption and trampling of human rights. Cops investigating cops will never work.

  84. Ok…So lets say tomorrow big government disbands Law Enforcement across the United States. No more police, no more FBI, no more NSA, Basically Law Enforcement as a whole. What then? What happens to order? Who is left to hunt the man who murdered two women? Who is left to ensure the man who rapped a child is brought to justice? You? Ordinary citizens? People these days could care less what happens to the person standing next to them as long as it doesn’t negatively affect them personally. Our society has gone from neighborly to every man woman and child for themselves. The fact is, we will always need Law Enforcement. There will always be problems with the legal system from the laws that are created to the people who create them down to those sworn to enforce them. And calling police officers racist is vastly incorrect as the police community as a whole is a melting pot of various cultures and religions. Sure, there are those who slip through the cracks no different than gang members entering military service to bring tactics back to the streets. But, the small number of bad cops that do fall through the cracks are widely out numbered than the good cops who do the job with the full intent to “Protect and Serve.” This article nails it on the head but the comments are troubling and very very ignorant.

    1. That’s an unrealistic scenario.
      We had what we used to call officers of the peace (notice the lack of “law” and “enforcement”) or alternatively named Sheriffs back in the day. Constables were the analog for what became police, and they were not numerous and omnipresent like today. We also had no NSA, FBI and other alphabet agencies. Somehow we managed to have the freest and most prosperous society in human history, despite these crippling weaknesses.
      Police are fine in a certain context, but what they’ve been allowed to become, combined with their militarization and vast growth in numbers, is a large pressing problem for people who are concerned with liberty.

  85. I joined my local police department shortly after getting out of the Marines. One thing I noticed immediately was that they were pretty much afraid of everything. Every citizen was a bad guy. I took with me a mindset we had in the Marines. Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone around you. The key is to still be polite and be professional which translates in the world of policing to not treating everyone like a criminal but in the back of your mind having a plan in case things go south. All I experienced were a bunch of officers that were unable to hide their fear which only escalates any situation. In the military you just learn to hide your fear from the people you’re dealing with. Bottom line is a lot of today’s cops should not be cops because they control their fear which leads to poor decision making in stressful encounters. Needless to say I left that job after about a year and want nothing to do with it anymore.

  86. When I took “Ethics in Criminal Justice” there was a mountain of literature and statistical data that show police officers are the most corrupt out of the entire legal system from Judges to prison guards. It also showed the reason for it was lack of education, training, funding, and personnel for police departments. I don’t know what the answer is, maybe if taxes are raised to support more education and training, but I’m not sure. I believe there is a large culture that supports and covers up inappropriate behavior and maybe the good ones are on their way out because of public opinion and camera coverage, but if they are honest, and uphold the law and their training then they shouldn’t be afraid that they are being recorded. In fact, wouldn’t they show upstanding behavior if they are “the good ones?” The TV show “COPS” has been on for years and those officers are on their best behavior and has that show caused “the good ones” to walk away? Or, is it that true behavior comes out when they don’t believe their actions will be posted nationally for everyone to see?

    1. He writes this article as though the reason behind “the good ones” leaving is because of the court of public opinion and gives this as a reason Americans should reconsider their position. I say, gather statistical data that shows that the primary reason “the good ones” leave their jobs is because of public opinion and not because the job is stressful, thankless, and an all around low-paying job for the negative experience they have every single day. I would say that it is the latter reasons that “the good ones” leave.

  87. This was well written, I disagree with parts of it and agree with others. I will outline those things but either way the author is aware of both side of the problem and I think thats pretty cool.
    1. “This may seem like common sense to most, but in the police world, liability and politics often force officers to make the simplest decisions that will require no defense on their part, often at the peril of innocent people’s freedom.”
    The solution here is to take the politics out of it. Law enforcement is just that and if politics get involved then people need fired and have their certifications revoked. There is no solution to liability issues, they are not unique to the law enforcement world.
    2. “But then I replayed the video in my head and I heard the officer warn the guy six or seven times to put down the rifle before firing his first shot. I thought, “Why did he even warn him at all? That crazy bastard was loading his rifle right in front of you, what did you think he was going to do with it?! If he just would have shot him the moment he saw the gun, he would still be alive and his children would be with their father.” My instructors agreed. That was the lesson we learned. Some will say that we learned to be a little more “trigger happy” and others will say that we learned to survive. Who is right?”
    Why stop anyone for traffic violations in the first place? I would be willing to bet that the majority of the general publics interactions with police are during a traffic stop. So remove the stop. Photograph the license plate, make note of the offense, mail a ticket and be done. How many dead cops do you think would agree that that tag light being out wasnt worth it?
    3. “Police officers are often protected by law when they do stupid things, even if they accidentally kill someone. Consideration is made if they acted in “good faith” or “reasonably,” and the “totality of the circumstances” are weighed. Police kick in the wrong door? Stupid mistake, but it wasn’t malicious. Their paperwork was wrong and they thought they had the right address. Police shoot an unarmed man? Hell, if any person shoots an unarmed man but can reasonably explain why it happened and there is no evidence that it was malicious, then no charges will be filed.”
    This simply isnt true. People get charged and convicted for deaths that resulted from an accident all the time. Im not sure of the legal wording in every jurisdiction but “negligent homicide” is the killing of another without malice. I think here in Georgia we use manslaughter.
    4. ” Ever wonder why mobs of juveniles are running rampant lately? Or why brazen criminals seem to be committing crime in broad daylight? Most cops are not that aggressive anymore. Here are some thoughts of a conscientious, modern American police officer who senses the change in public opinion toward him when he goes to work: “If life and death situations could land me in a coffin or prison, I will avoid life and death situations. If that mob of teens harassing people are just going to take video of me telling them to disperse while they laugh at me and post it on YouTube so anti-police fan boys can call me a pig, then I’ll just drive by.” This is happening. No cop admits it, but it is happening.”
    Thats the right thing to do. Stay out of it. The individual is responsible for their own safety. Let the individual handle their own life and death situations for a while and a few things will happen. First, cops will quit dying. Second, bad people will be dealt with according to natural law which is far better than our law.
    I think he is very right in his assessment that thinking cops are on their way out and that is a bad thing. I understand it and it sucks that its come to that however, it may be a good thing in the long run. Freedom and Liberty arent safe but neither is a society depends on the government for their safety.

  88. Proud Police Officer…The rest of you? No matter the situation, call 911 I will be there no matter if I like you or not. No matter if you like me or not. I will be there.

  89. Here’s an idea: hold the cops responsible who abuse their power instead of always defending them.
    Just because you can get away with using “justified use of force” to beat the Hell out of someone doesn’t mean you should.
    There is no excuse for the brutality that has occurred.
    People should never be brought in looking like this:
    It shouldnt be acceptable department policy to blow a toddlers face off with a flashbang in a no knock Swat raid. http://m.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/05/30/georgia-toddler-critically-injured-by-polices-flash-grenade/
    I have no criminal record or any bone to pick with the police, nor am I a liberal, but when I see stuff like this, my faith in the police is shaken.

  90. Contempt for police comes from officers believe they are ABOVE the law. Constantly breaking the laws themselves that they have sworn to uphold.
    When police start following the laws that everyday citizens have t live by they will recieve the respect that they deserve!

  91. I know quite a few cops who feel the same that he does. Is no one wondering why the violence seems to be increasing? Is it because the cops are fearing backlash? Is it because criminals are more brazen? Is it because the media is simply vomiting our own commentary and video posts back at us? I fear it is all the above. And I think its time that police unions, city governments, and community leaders recognize this fact. Perhaps with some minor changes to start, and big changes set up for the future, we will start to see changes throughout the system of law and order.
    1 More severe punishments for serious or repeat criminals.
    2 Abandonment of antiquated and unnecessary laws.
    3 Peer review of officers performance and wrong doings, rather than union mandated or politically fueled “examples.”
    4 Providing better equipment and training to all officers, in tandem with community education starting at the school level to increases understanding of the consequences of criminal actions.
    Public service as a whole is misunderstood and misrepresented. Only God and actual Judges should judge others. Reserve your own judgements in kind.

    1. “violence seems to be increasing”
      This is because of the 24 hour news cycle and not happening in reality. Violence is actually decreasing.

  92. Grant it, Nurses, Doctors, teachers, pilots ALL need to be “perfect”, but we are all human. Even Police are human. I know there are very good honest deputies, police, BUT *THE* WORST* get on youtube, they give a black eye to the rest of the Fathers/husbands, wives/Mothers that are just hardworking honest Law enforcement agents. It is heart breaking to see “law enforcement” agents being sneaky/bullying/power tripping/constitution trampling thugs all in the name of “trying-out-the-new-‘toys’-we-just got-from-the-military-on-the-local-citizenry” give the silent majority of true law enforcement a bad rap.

  93. Exactly what “leftist ideology” proscribes the breakdown of society? Way to lose your point in a bunch of partisan rhetoric.

  94. Either things have changed or you are all from a different state, when I was police we only arrested people that broke laws, People with drugs, people with guns that were using them to rob or shoot other drug dealers. People that committed murder, stole, robbed, carjacked, raped etc. I never seen anyone arrested that didn’t commit a crime. So is something different happening now, or do we no longer want rapist and robbers arrested, Also in this report the writer mentions a Thin Blue Line.. that has been so misunderstood or misstated.. the real meaning of thin blue line is the thin blue line of police standing between the criminal minds and the innocent mind. How few police there are compared to society, in Baltimore it is something like 800 to 1, 800 citizens to every 1 officer, we realize not every one of those 800 are criminal, but if even 10% are is is 80 to 1 and if it is the same 1% that is often refereed to in Motorcycle clubs and statistics for police – No matter how you look at it Police are out numbered and that is what the true meaning of the thin blue line is. If people want to take the job they should, but the truth is, no one wants to risk being crippled or killed for next to nothing in wages

  95. Man, people have to pit “Whites” against “People of Color” everytime there is a legitimate discussion on policing. So tired. So lame.

  96. The problem is not the Officer its the Administration. I have been yelled at, written up, given “remedial training” and even released from one department. They said I had, “Poor decision making skills.” I guess my “poor decision” was the one to not conform to their ideal of police work.

  97. The police, and the government they represent, are essentially a gang like any illegal one. They give you “protection” based on perpetrating violence on those weaker than them and attempt to monopolize said violence. The people who join are most often those who seek a tiny bit of power over their fellow man or, even more dangerous, those blinded by delusions of justice and morality. I have no respect for the cops beyond the facade of politeness you show to anyone with a gun and someone powerful on their side.

  98. As I began reading this I said – yeah!!! Somebody else gets it and i fully intended to share it with the public who follow me on twitter – facebook etc. But, then there are a few things that are stopping me. Soften the tone my friend, I get the profanity – I do – but, the public (who is your audience) will be turned off by it. Why mention the race of those involved in the stabbing incident – you were right – but, once you bring race into it – well, the public will be turned off and its not relevant. So, my friend – you’ve got fantastic points here, but temper some of it and I will gladly march behind you and spread it around!

  99. Want the public to change their perception and show respect for police? This is easy. How about the police stop spending so much time focusing on meaningless traffic violations (simply for money for the department) and show people that they are working in the community – protecting and serving. Most (if not all) encounters people have with police is only when getting pulled over or seeing people pulled over. If the excuse is stop people from dangerously speeding (which is a fair point) don’t hide. How about shifting a focus on not stealing money from people that are already struggling in today’s economy and be more involved and interactive wih the public.
    And an FYI, I have never been pulled over nor been given a ticket, but I cringe when I see four motorcycle cops hiding in bushes with a radar gun almost everyday.

  100. From a retired cop, th ank you for a well written and insightful article

  101. No. If your a good cop you just need to quit your job. Don’t bother polishing the brass on the titanic. The Law no longer reflects anything that is remotely close to morality or natural law. The government/people do not want to address any of the problems.
    They all ways portray the SS officers in the holistic films as some kind of evil person. No it was good people who were stuck enforcing bad Law.

  102. It’s not the bad guys or the citizens that most cops leave…it’s the good guys-the administration of the department that ruin a lot of good cops and there is no consequence for them to pay. There are people standing in line to be cops so the administration can just keep the conveyor belt moving.

  103. >”But there is one piece of training that indirectly trains us to be a bit
    more antagonistic and “trigger happy”: watching video of police
    officers killed on duty.”<
    So, you think that news or videos of the police shooting some unarmed or innocent person shouldn’t be of concern to the public. The public and in particular, the victim or victim’s family, shouldn’t be traumatized or otherwise concerned because the police didn’t mean to shoot or beat to death some innocent person? Your callousness explains why the policeman that shot and killed a 4 year old child sometime ago in LA was smiling so broadly.
    I would suggest that the average policeman operates in an ‘us against them’ mode, that all people are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent, that the majority of police are no different than the school bully in mentality and that is why they act and react in a vicious manner no matter how benign the situation.
    Things like police planting evidence, withholding evidence, lying, perjury, beating a false confession out of a suspect, plus a myriad of other offenses always seems to be within bounds of the police and smoothed over by the usual police refrain of ‘We have investigated ourselves and find we never do anything wrong…’ Your so called ‘good cops’ will back up, cover up, and lie to protect the ‘bad’ cops 99 percent of the time. Those that do come forward and help any of the police ‘victims’ are quickly routed, become pariahs to the other cops and soon, a reason to get rid of them is found…
    So what you are really saying in your police PR mode is that the public should sit down, shutup, because we, the police can do anything we want to because we can, and not be held responsible for anything we do…we are above all you peons..

  104. What I don’t understand, is why municipalities defend so vigorously the cops who misbehave, even when those cops cost them hundreds of thousands in lawsuits. Is it the unions bullying them? I was witness to a case where a cop who was sued for brutality smirked as he walked out of the courtroom, no doubt smug about the fact that even in spite of how badly he screwed his employer, he still had his job, so he could do it again. It made me want to throw up a little, as a taxpayer and as a man of ethics

  105. If the cops of today are so much more honest, educated and well behaved then I guess it’s great that I wasn’t born any earlier than I was. I might not be alive anymore. My dog and cat may have been shot dead by some cops too. Who knows?

  106. If you want to see good cops on television, watch Alaska State Troopers. These guys are pretty awesome with the diversity of situations they have to handle, but their respectful treatment of citizens is something to see. And they deal with some pretty stupid people! But they are not like the cops on Cops. In almost every situation I have observed, they seem to actually respect the people they are dealing with. My wife and I have theorized it’s because they understand there is a certain type of person who makes Alaska their home. People who believe in self-sufficiency (even as they drink themselves into a stupor), enjoy isolation and who just want to be left alone.
    Also, we think its because the officers know that at least 99% of the people they deal with own weapons of some kind. An armed society is a polite society, right.
    I don’t mean to denigrate cops, but I have problems respecting them. I was recently robbed at gunpoint while delivering pizza. The “black youths” took my car keys and my wallet. When the ONE officer came to the scene he was “forced” to wait with me at my car (the thieves had run the other way) until a locksmith came and he was NOT happy about it. There were apparently a few exciting things going down and he wanted to be involved. He objected that with me he was “merely” protecting property but “out there”, someone’s life MIGHT be in danger! Oh, my!
    So I had to explain to him, the men wore bandanas and might have already walked by us and seen my car sitting in the parking lot with its flashers on and that they might be simply waiting for him to leave so they could come back, kill me and take my car!!! And he actually downplayed that scenario! But he knew he had to wait for the locksmith but he wasn’t happy about it at all!
    Now, juxtapose that event with one that occurred about a month before. I was coming out of the bank and a motorcycle officer had stopped a man for a violation and was parked in the middle of the parking lot, writing the man a ticket. I noted the motorcycle’s closeness but figured I could cut it tight enough and get out. The officer saw how close he was to the back of my car but did not offer to move.
    I got into my car (which was a loaner SUV from my mechanic, much higher than my Sentra) and proceeded to call my mechanic, read a couple emails, answer them and make another call. Doing all this I forgot the motorcycle was behind me and when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw nothing I began to back out.
    OK, I tapped his bike and knocked it over. Stupid mistake. Turned out there was some scrapping of his faring and so he had to call it in. He expressed regret he couldn’t give me a ticket since we were on private property. He said this more than once.
    My point? Over the next hour and a half!!! FIVE COPS showed up and STAYED in that parking lot, INCLUDING a Sergeant and a Lieutenant!!! Including two more motorcycle cops.
    After about an hour and fifteen minutes, the sergeant came over to me and said they wanted to debrief the situation and see if there was anything “they” could have differently I told him it was entirely my fault, that it was a loaner and sat much higher than my car, yes, but I should have checked my sideview mirror.
    He poo-pooed my excuses and asked again, “What could we have done differently to avoid this accident.” My mind flashed a warning to me to say “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” But I reasoned, “He asked!” So I answered.
    “Well,” I ventured. “See those two OTHER motorcycles?” He nodded. “How they are parked against the curb and are not in the middle of the driveway. . .[shutup, Tom!]. Perhaps if he had parked his bike against the curb and NOT in the middle of the driveway, I wouldn’t have hit it.”
    In less than 1/100th of a second his eyes went from Zero-to-Pissed and my heart jumped. I quickly said, “But I should have looked in the sideview mirror! I should have looked in the sideview mirror!” He quickly turned down his eyes and said something like, “OK. Thank you very much.” and walked away. About ten minutes or so later I was allowed to leave.
    Five officers for a scratched bike and one for a robbery with TWO armed assailants. And the officer didn’t want to stay with me! He said they were short-handed and he MIGHT be needed IF a more important call came in (which he was really begging for!).
    Oh, and the cops made no effort to stop these guys for two weeks until it became clear they had used my phone to set up FOUR other victims (calling restaurants/pizza joints and ordering food for delivery). THEN they called me and asked for my cell service provider, etc. A week later they caught the alpha and he should be going away for at least 15 years. And all he got from me was twenty bucks and a $30 Tracfone!
    But it cost me $850 to have my house and car immediately rekeyed by 3 a.m. that morning. No hate on the cops for that.

  107. If it’s really just a public perception issue, then I think officers can do
    themselves a serious favor:
    1) stop obeying orders from those corrupt
    assholes. start saying no about the war on drugs and surveillance of private
    citizens, for starters.
    2) cut it out with all the highly armored vehicles.
    don’t put the stupid SWAT tank in the memorial day parade, it’s bad PR.
    stop beating and pepper spraying nonviolent protesters and shooting people’s
    dogs all over the place and doing night time no-knock raids for a tiny bag of
    weed. see rule #1 if you get orders to the contrary.
    4) good officers should
    stop sticking up for the injustice perpetrated by their retarded brethren.
    tattle. yes. eliminate the anti-snitch culture of police.
    5) stop fighting
    lapel camera reform. transparency is absolutely needed and in this case it only
    costs about $100 per officer. I cannot believe that city’s are insured without
    having to have officers wear lapel cams.

  108. There are indeed good police, but like in all aspects of life, the bad apples spoil it for all. I agree it is sad that the older and wiser police are fed up and moving on. I disagree that these jobs will be hard to fill. Sadly they are easily filled by former military, and there is part of the current problem and all of the future problem. Our country is more divided than ever. On one end, the rich. We all know that they are largely above the law.On the other end, the poor/lower class. The lower class is divided into three groups, as all three are otherwise unemployable. On the bottom, criminals either in or on their way to jail. One step up are those who “guard” them. Prison guards, parole officers etc.and then one step up, are the police. the wealthy and even the middle class largely lump all three together as the ugly element of our modern society, and none of the three get any respect. Most do not feel the cops are the “good guys” any more. I’m not saying any of this is “right”, but it’s the way it is, and continues in this direction. Why do you think we have 5% of the worlds population, and 25% of the world prison population? Since we no longer have manufacturing jobs and 27% of our population is so poorly educated that they are no longer employable…we lock up the worst, and have the second worst arrest and watch them.

  109. The author got this right: “We used to enjoy the support of the educated, hard-working people of the community, but not so much anymore.” Every time a Thug in Blue kills a happy puppy, kicks in a wrong door and kills a TOTALLY INNOCENT eleven year-old lying on the floor, throws a flash-bang blindly through the window of the wrong house and critically injures an INNOCENT baby, the Cops lose another supporter. We cheer on those infrequent situations when a police chief says “We are sorry.” or a city has to pay $1 million for the damage caused, or a cop gets fired. If the good cops want to re-earn the community respect here’s one step to take. Start turning in the Thugs in your midst. You ALL know who they are and, right now, you all protect them. It is you, every one of you, who turns a blind eye. Well, then you’ve chosen to become pariahs in your own town (where most of you won’t live).

  110. 7. Mandatory Cameras.
    When police are forced to wear cameras, complaints against them go down, and they’re accountable for what they actually do wrong.

  111. I was falsely arrested by a dirty cop who was just looking to make an arrest to further his career. I was 100 percent honest, polite and cooperative. It cost me thousands, hurt my family greatly, and of course, the charges were dropped. I was innocent. Now, my motto is, the only good cop is a dead cop.

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    Post by Anonymous Cop.

  113. You are thugs and criminals. You kill unarmed people with impunity. Cowards is what you are meet a brother in the street with your fists.

  114. The rare good cop who makes ANY effort to thwart the evil that the vast majority of his associates engage in is harassed, abused, ridiculed and exposed to bodily harm by other officers who won’t even aid said officer if he is attacked. The current political system is corrupt, broken and beyond repair. The enforcers who enable this political system to flourish are JUST as corrupt broken and beyond repair. The entire edifice needs to be burnt to the ground….figuratively and if necessary LITERALLY.

  115. Since SCOTUS has ruled the police are not responsible for protecting the citizens I anticipate my only intercourse with them will be about traffic issues. I question why police who are not protecting citizens require weapons.

  116. The fact that the police and military are composed overwhelmingly of White men is the one thing saving our asses, both collective and individual. If it’s true there is an exodus from the police department, whatever fills the gap will likely be used to cement totalitarian anti-Western, anti-White policies — and the tag line will be:
    “White men shirked their duty and opted out of society, so now they get no protection.”
    Or similar self-justifying nonsense on the part of the architects of the “Slow Coup d’etat” occurring now, of which Liberals-Leftist-Progressives are merely the front-line, shock-troop, cannon-fodder, useful idiots.

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