How To Use Rhetoric To Sexually Objectify Women

In my post about being judged by appearances, I said, “Women complain about how they’ll never be supermodel-skinny, but most men want to marry a woman whose ribcage they can see.” Some commenters were upset at this, but this, interestingly, was a typo. I meant to say that most men don’t want to marry a woman with a visible ribcage. I caught this before it was published but ultimately decided to keep it because it presented a different aspect of the same truth. Both statements are true because both statements sexually objectify women and shame the gluttonous.

Shaming Into Health

As for how I meant to word it, I think the notion of health is important. Personally I want a woman just a little on the plump side. Not overweight, but a little poofy. Again, we are instinctually attracted to healthy people of the opposite sex. So the commenters were right that you want a certain hip-to-waist ratio as opposed to mere thinness.

However, I decided to leave it because I think it is a stronger statement to say that men want a ribcage girl. The polar statement has a greater effect, at least in the present case. Obviously, the statement was a bit tongue-in-cheek, since it was preceded by, “The thing about weight is that it’s a sign of health.” Looking underfed is not a sign of health, but having a visible ribcage doesn’t always mean looking like an African orphan. I’ve had a visible ribcage my whole life, even though I grew up middle class and had to eat my vegetables. I’ve been blessed with a very high metabolism.

Saying that men want a ribcage girl is an exaggeration with a purpose, even though the article itself was not satirical. I was not trying to communicate that women should look unrealistic but rather that they should not be fat. The word “curvy” is fairly vague after all. The same is true with my article about envying women. I made the claim that a man will only talk to a woman if he’s interested in banging her, but in real life I’ve had close female friends whom I had no interest in being physical with.

The point of my claim wasn’t to make a clear-cut axiom as though it were a statutory law; the point was that being a woman ontologically entails being a sexual object.

Women Are Designed To Be Sexual Objects (And Maybe Something More)

In real life, I think a woman should be more than a mere sexual object, but she will always be a sexual object. We use this phrase “more than a sexual object,” but it seems to mean “a sexual object plus something else.” A woman by nature is always a play-toy for a man, and she is only valued as an individual should she choose to cultivate that individuality in a way that is valued by others. By that I mean, if a woman has nothing appealing about her beyond her body, then she is merely a sexual object. If she has a rockin’ body and can make a pie from scratch, then she is more than a sexual object.

Granted, women lust after men too, but it’s different. By “object” I mean something which is acted upon. To make a grammar analogy, men are the nominatives and women are the objects, whether in sex, work, society, entertainment, domesticity, or anything else. Even if a woman should pursue a man, she is still wanting to be taken herself, hence the ridiculousness of the “Yes Means Yes” law. Patriarchy is a natural law, not a philosophy, and to topple it would be like defying gravity.

Remember that a man is a key and a woman is a lock. A master key can open many locks, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is worthless. This is the way we are wired as human beings, and no amount of legislation or marching in the streets will change biology. And this is why the most hurtful insult you can tell a woman, even as a joke, is that she is ugly. She can accept being called a bitch, a whore, or an idiot, but a woman cannot tolerate being considered ugly no matter how light-hearted the jest or how close of friends you are.

Misreadings In Modern Criticism

People today easily misunderstand when something is a joke instead of actual advice, as we saw with ROK’s posts both about why you should date a girl with an eating disorder and why you shouldn’t. The comments section on the second article was quite enjoyable. Suddenly all the offended people were claiming that to date an anorexic girl was a wonderful privilege that most men don’t deserve.

This leaves the question, is it appropriate in society to date an anorexic girl or not? It must be one or the other, because an eating disorder consumes one’s life so much that it can’t be ignored by your significant other. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The eating disorder articles weren’t actual dating advice. They weren’t even merely meant to troll people. Like nearly everything on ROK, they were trying to reorient social order. Notice the nine points between the two of them each criticize a bad character trait that’s become considered benign for women. Inattention to physical appearance, heavy spending, conceit, poverty, and sexual negligence for the “should” article. Overweight, bad breath, avoidable instability, and mental illness for the “shouldn’t” article.

We see the same gut reaction with my two articles above. I’m inclined to not blame those individuals but the society that has given us this draconian literalism. If a person makes a joke on Facebook about killing the president, then it’s treated like a viable plan. As a society, we are trained to take things at face value and assume the worst. So I don’t blame the individuals for misunderstanding my tongue-in-cheekness, and in fairness, the exaggeration in my article about appearances was subtle.

Red Pill Wisdom For Women

What should have been the takeaway, more than body weight, is sexual objectivity. A woman by definition is meant to be viewed sexually. Notice how women past 40 have the worst hairstyles. It’s like they are trying to hold onto some relic of their prior glory. Even my spinster mother regularly gets a perm and won’t go to the bank without her makeup.

But then they turn into true elderly women. Gray-haired women almost never have long hair and look strange when they do. An old woman tries to look good and presentable, not hot or cute, because they know their time of sexual desirability is long past.

If a woman is wise, she will use her sexuality for a long-term investment instead of a short-term one-night stand. She will retain her virginity and marry young to a man who can both provide for her and be someone she respects. Interestingly, this is the origin of expensive engagement rings, which disproves the Christian myth that few people fornicated before the 1960s.

If a young woman has a financially stable husband, then she has no need to go to college or pursue a career. Leftists will scream that women should be able to pursue a career if she wants, but people who make that argument miss the point entirely. For one thing, being a responsible adult is more about doing what you should instead of what you want. A woman has a stronger innate connection to her family and therefore should spend her life investing in them.

Why wouldn’t a woman want to make her husband’s life easier by preparing him dinner? Why wouldn’t a woman want to stay home with her children instead of incarcerating them in daycare? The joke about a woman refusing to make a sandwich is horrifying to me because of what it says about the joke-teller. Let’s not be selfish, ladies.

Second, the workforce is a bitch. People only desire the stress of a soul-crushing career if they had no other method of self-validation. Even if you achieve your dream job, you don’t really know what it’s like until you get there. And even if you love your job, there will always be difficult people you have to appease and obnoxious procedures you have to follow. I don’t believe for a minute that any woman truly wants to work for the raw joy of it because I have never met a man who loves work for the sake of work even if he settles into a career he loves. If working was so joyous and fulfilling, there would be no concept of retirement and no social security crisis.

Nature Will Always Trump Nurture

I wrote that a man shouldn’t envy a woman because of her privilege, but in real life, I would love to be a stay-at-home dad. However, I recognize that isn’t my role, and I understand that even the most virile wench looks down on a servile man. Men are wired to provide and women are wired to nest. All of human history attests to this, and fifty years of burning bras isn’t going to change mammalian biology. A wise woman will use this biology to her advantage instead of trying to subvert nature out of unconstrained conceit. Ruining your life is not empowering.

A friend once told me , “I can’t go anywhere without men staring at my chest.” I responded, “I can’t go anywhere without women staring at my wallet,” but what I should have said was, “That’s just the way Jesus made you.”

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621 thoughts on “How To Use Rhetoric To Sexually Objectify Women”

  1. The only women that are against the objectification of women are the unattractive ones that get zero attention. Good looking girls love being objectified

    1. Yep…I have met women who enjoy catcalls and being whistled at . They told me that it was like a compliment and they “still got it”.

    2. They love being objectified if it is from a source of attention they want. If it is a source they don’t want, they’ll claim rape/assault/ harassment/etc.

        1. When we quarrel with the way the world is, we find that the world has ways of getting back at us. In other words, however we try, the sexual act cannot be made into an egalitarian pleasuring party. A man penetrates, conquers, colonizes, plants. A woman receives, surrenders, accepts.
          ~Doug Wilson

        2. Imagining that evolution is either irrational or cannibalistic is an embarrassing sign of advanced mental illness.
          Women are irrational because their competition reduces them to barking mad, unwilling to compete fairly for male filial and marital slaves.
          Women are irrational because bitch fathers pay infantilised parasitic leeches to abuse Their Own children.

      1. They love being objectified by anyone. A girl crying rape/harassment does it with a smug, arrogant pretentiousness that says “guys are attracted to me”. Its more attention whoring. Years ago, a friend of my ex was constantly lying/exaggerating about guys trying to rape/drug/assault her. It made her feel good about herself to even pretend that a man wanted her so much that he couldnt take no for an answer.

        1. Ive seen pigs play that card. A friend of mine overheard a female bodied behemoth at an airport call her friend and complain how some guy tried to step up on her… at that moment i realized women who openly complain about men hitting on them and being aggressive just want attention.
          a hot girl who knows shes hot and brings it up is more believable as they probably already know the score.

      2. If they’re attracted to the man, they like it.
        If they’re not attracted to him, it’s creepy and possibly criminal.

      3. One thing I find baffling is this obsession women have with their “careers”. Really I have never heard a man talk worriedly about his” career”. In most cases it is considered a necessary evil. After all, do you work for fun or is it a means to an end?
        I dated a woman who would fret that if she had children she would never have a career. I told her that instead she could die lonely, barren but with a great career to talk to other old people about. A woman who fails to raise healthy children is a failed woman.

        1. I suppose some people do enjoy their jobs. I personally don’t but hopefully one day will be in a position I derived satisfaction from. I don’t care if they want kids or not, I just don’t want them criticizing men for their problems. It’s not men telling them to work full time and not have children and ride the cock carousel.

        2. I have no problem with a woman enjoying her job, its when having a job becomes a goal in itself instead of a means to an end.
          The purpose of human beings is to further the species. If you can do that without actually having children of your own that is fine but my ultimate goal is raise successful healthy children. That goal cannot be achieved with a woman who is obsessed with her career.
          The purpose of my job or my career is to provide sufficient funds to finance the raising of these children, to finance myself in old age (so that my children do not have to) and provide them with an inheritance to further assist them when I am gone.

        3. I fully agree with you and I commend you on your efforts to raise a successful family, I just don’t think everyone should be propagating the human species. If someone is going to be a bad parent, and most of these women focused on their careers will be, I would prefer they just didn’t reproduce. I am indifferent on what purpose they take in life so long as it doesn’t directly negatively affect others. But what they are doing I find very selfish. I believe it is irresponsible to have children past a certain point and subject the potential child to health issues, or to have children raised in a less-than-optimal environment without two parents and without time to commit to the child. And in this case, having an optimal environment used to be standard in western culture with couples having children when the woman was young, and a mother that was committed to raising the child properly. This has now become increasingly uncommon. Which is where many societal problems stem from IMO. And it only gets worse with every passing generation.

        4. A man who imagines dependent women can raise independent children is not merely a broken man and a pathetic john, he’s a child abuser by proxy.

        5. Criticism is their endgame. They complain to obfuscate the reality of their malicious noncontribution.
          They are parasitic vermin, dead carcasses reduced to liability by women who hate girls for being competition they cannot compete with.

        6. Have you ever raised children? I’ve raised two of my siblings before I was 14. Children raise themselves. Women abuse children to create dependents because imbecilic men like you (who idiotically imagine women are credible) pay women to abuse Their Own children.

        7. Please don’t believe women when they talk about what children need. They’re fucking lying child abusers. They perceive handicapping the child to be necessary, as it’s required by the narrative that secures them male financial support. After handicapping the child for dependency, they then hang the poor thing out to dry when they get bored.

          Giving a dependent woman an incentive to breed your children is akin to handing your kids the blade. Just in case. Chances are, they’ll only cut themselves in their imagination.

      4. You obviously don’t know or understand all women. Polite compliments are one thing, but abrasive whistles, hoots or hollers just make the guy issuing them look stupid, no matter his status in society or looks.

        1. Do you think any of the responses from men to that chick walking through New York were polite compliments?

        2. Or just maybe it has a teeny bit to do with self-confidence. But I have a vagina, so what do I know, jonny boy?
          Let’s suppose your theory is true: catcalling doesn’t show intelligence, charm, respect, etc. The attention girls do want is more subtle and refined, not frat-boy tactics.

        3. I don’t catcall women. I’m not a moron. Women should be catcalling me.
          You must think I’m one of these morons to be telling me What Women Want. I don’t give a fuck what women want. What do you have to offer? Nothing?
          Then you need to go into the ground because there is no value in your object, you parasitic leech.

        4. Speak for yourself, cunt.
          Plenty of women don’t think of whistles as abrasive.. but as compliments. Even saw a tv anchor admit she loved to be verbally noticed by men.

        5. Do you want me to call you dick, penis-head, Mr. Johnson? What’s the purpose in referring to a woman by “vagina”?

        6. Because that’s all you choose to be when you’re a lying parasite. Did you think men valued your deceit? They’re not your mother. Men do not value you, they appear to. You have no value, you merely appear to.

        7. I know the site has told you you’ve got to treat women like shit to get laid, but my ovaries aren’t bursting yet, honey bunches of oats.

        8. I think you’d get more rage out if you just wacked off or punched a wall, hun. You can’t make me shut up; I’ve received a plethora of equally creative insults from dozens of other gentlemen on this site in only a week, yet here I am.

        9. You already called all us all dickheads by posting that bitchy, snarky criticism of a certain type of male attention. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, cunt.

        10. You’re putrid. Real men don’t need.
          You need to stop abusing children before a less pacified man than I am comes along and puts your evil precisely where it belongs.

        11. You terrify me, you truly do. I’ll think of your sympathetic heart when I go to a pro-choice rally.

        12. The insanity of your deformed mind imagines that men could have a motive to insult you.
          As if manipulating your infantilised emotions could possibly interest a man.

        13. And yet I’ve managed to rustle your jimmies enough through mere comments to incite a dozen replies within less than 15 minutes. How cute.

        14. Oh no, are you afraid? Maybe some abused White Knights will come and protect you from Big, Bad, Mean Truth.
          Keep your toxic feelings to yourself. If reading truth makes you afraid, the problem isn’t with truth. The problem is you.

        15. Thank you for the insight, dear Thought Police. I’ll be a good vagina-owning citizen and not dare raise my voice to any good-hearted sack of balls.

        16. This comment chain has been going on forever, so I’m not sure who you’re talking about, unless it’s that woman who taped the video walking through poor sections of NYC for a day, in which case, no, most of them weren’t. A few seemed polite, but were said creepishly(ex. the guy who followed her for 4 minutes I think, then finally said “god be with you” or something similar).

        17. I don’t tolerate whore lies. If you think that’s cute, you’re an even more stupid whore than you appear to be. If you don’t think that’s cute, you need to start saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
          Or there is no point in saying anything.
          Your infantile sarcasm must be a real hit with your social group but if you ever want to grow up, you will need to learn how to communicate.

        18. Just stop lying, you stupid parasite. Who gives a fuck what you do with your vagina. You imagine that you have value because you lie to men who then appear to value you, which confuses you into imagining that you have value.
          All the men you lie to value you. That probably means something to a whore, but in reality, you’re just a sub-worthless parasite who needs wedlock because you’re selling fraud.

        19. I offered an honest opinion without resorting to name-calling or pettiness. Can you manage the same, or is that above you?

        20. I’m sorry you had to grow up fast and raise your siblings, because I think that’s why your vision of reality is so distorted.
          You’re taking out your anger on me because you disliked your mom, the first major female figure in your life, and now you associate all women with her. I sincerely hope you find help beyond this site and break down your misogyny. It’s difficult, but it can be done. Good luck.

        21. I think you’d do well to go to therapy, because, from my intuitive ovaries, I’m sensing a lot of inner turmoil and pain from you. How is it that you manage to concentrate this much hatred towards an anonymous person who disagrees with you online, and proclaims to possess a vagina?

        22. No you didn’t, bitch, You flung the insults “abrasive” and “stupid”. So don’t bullshit me about “honest opinion”. Nor chastise me about name calling, you fucking name calling cunt.

        23. No, you braindead imbecile. I’m angry at a world of demons abusing children to pay for their decision to pursue cosmetic extortion of men in lieu of learning how to provision themselves and their young.
          You will not be a real woman until you are humane. You will not be humane until you are honest. You are a fraud, a fake ‘woman’, a parasite who hates women for being women. There has never been an authentic male misogynist. Human women give men no reason to hate.
          You are the misogynist. All the hate comes from your unwillingness to provision yourself. Men and children are willing to contribute. All conflict is sourced from your refusal to contribute.

        24. “Your refusal to contribute”
          What are you talking about here? My refusal to have a domestic life? My refusal to pop out kids or dedicate my life’s pursuits to men’s desires? All of the above?

        25. I don’t take mental health advice from infantilised prostitutes who conceal their face with clown paint to appear fraudulently attractive in public. Call me crazy…!
          But I have zero need. My criticism of you is sourced from my disgust that you would abuse and betray defenceless children to pay for your decision to peddle sex to broken and abused men.
          I hate child abusing whores. My frustration is the product of my incapacity to protect children from your violence, lies and shame. A real man would put every child abuser down, or die trying.

        26. No one values your lies, nitwit. You have no biological value in your needy object. You have no biological value in your needy mind of malice. You have nothing of value to contribute.
          You represent the sole source of all conflict this world has ever seen. Men and children are willing to play fair.

        27. Typical cunt. So whistling now includes crotch rubbing? This is exactly why no man in his right mind gives a shit about “harassment”

        28. How can I make it any clearer? You contribute nothing of value to the world, just endless misery.
          You’re “difficult” in fear of being “easy”, because you’re insane enough to imagine men value your malicious contrived obstruction. Men do not value suffering, you lunatic. They merely appear to, as the victims of your fraudulent worth.
          You use violence, shame and lies to make children love and respect you, because you have nothing positive to offer a brilliant child (who isn’t very brilliant when he or she loves the mother who abuses them, but what choice do children have?)
          You offer nothing. You’re just a reduced shell of screaming need. You’re a terrorist breeding hostages to hijack men into paying continued Whore Support. What part of Your need is illegitimate liability don’t you comprehend?

        29. I think you’re making several too many assumptions that you’re unable to back up. Seriously, if you’re in this worked up of a mood, I’d suggest taking a walk or smoking a blunt. Sitting here and lashing out at me over your presumptions is only going to raise your blood pressure and cortisol.

        30. Graduate from middle school, take our your pubescent rage on a punching bag, then come back and read my comment again. Whistling =/=crotch rubbing, but both are disrespectful forms of sexual harassment.

        31. Assumptions can be shown to incorrect. Nothing I say can be shown to be incorrect.
          The evidence of this is shown by your incapacity to show that anything I say is incorrect. Your hatred of truth doesn’t make truth untrue, it just means you’re worm food illegitimately existing above ground.

        32. Nor can you prove any of it to be true =P Pick your battles based on what you can actually prove, not preconceived notions.

        33. You’re the one denying the charges. I can prove every single thing I state because it’s reality.
          Truth is very easy to prove. I say you offer nothing of value to men or children, because you let your mind atrophy in your obsessive determination to sell your worthless object to men.
          If you have value, you need to declare it. You conceal your true worth not because you imagine it’s prized but because you know if men sample the truth, they’ll never say “Till Death Do Us Part”. Your Toddler malice is fucking ridiculous, desperate to bind victims of fraud to your side for life.

          Men tell you your true worth. 150 fucking times, even. The only thing she didn’t deserve were the flowers.

        34. You’re creating the charges. The burden of proof lies with you. Prove that I give any consideration to my physical appearance solely to “manipulate” men. Actual evidence, not diatribes about all women being out to get you.

        35. I think you should tell a psychologist how you really feel about married women. I think they could refer you to some nice people in white jackets that could help you a bit.

        36. I don’t care what women do until their life of predation presents as a need to breed children of Their Own to secure continued Whore Support.
          Your whore mind is so broken, you’re screaming insane. Men and children are not your food source, whore. Stop trying to force them to suffer to please you.

        37. Annnnd once again you refuse to provide proof. Go see a counselor(one with a dick you can trust) and tell them all about your views of women. I’m sure they’d love to listen

        38. I’m a fool for talking to you evil demons. You just prey on men and abuse children and tell yourselves that you’re contributing when all you contribute is misery and suffering to force your victims to please you.
          You can keep telling yourself that you’re valuable until the day you die but men just need to accelerate that date. Nothing else will communicate your true worth to you.
          You are the most horrific sentient beings in the universe. The only sentient beings who refuse to provision yourselves. The only cannibals in the universe, but you’re batshit insane and refuse to accept reality.

        39. Actually it tends to only ever be women (obviously more enlightened women than you) who understand the truth I’m speaking. Men tend to be too confused, invariably turned off by the conditioned aversion to “bad words” being said about the mothers that broke their existential spine with violent force and sadistic shame in private, forcing them to fuse their Self with their aggressor’s to protect themselves against further abuse.
          There’s nothing remarkable about capture-bonding, aside from the fact that everyone with Stockholm Syndrome are blind to the truth of their traumatic abuse at the hands of their loved ones.

        40. If you were physically abused as a child, you should talk to someone about it; not harangue strangers online.

        41. 100% of children are physically abused. Don’t look now, but you weren’t always ashamed of your biological skin to the point of having PTSD at the thought of exposing the naked truth.
          And you certainly weren’t always retarded enough to imagine you could conceal your mother’s shaming of your skin by advertising your need to conceal it with clothes.
          Women force everyone to wear clothes so they can change the logic to illogical and get paid by broken men. Men are extorted by women who give every child PTSD for life to secure their illegitimate entitlement to undress to impress.

          You child abusers are truly perverse.

        42. Despite what your cunty feminist leaders have told you think… Whistling is neither disrectful (not that it matters bitch) nor sexual harrasment

        43. So that’s how men and especially the poor are demonised. Walk through the poor area of any city and see if you will get the same kind of result.
          I wonder if the same would have occurred if she had walked through some more well to do suburbs? I think not.
          Now the poor are being demonised. I hope that is what you intended.

        44. Lilac, I think jonny is fucking whiny faggot. jonny, go see counselor, you clearly have issues to work on!

        45. I can see why you refer to yourself as ‘youngexecutive’ as you clearly have a mental age of about 12 with no respect for manners, women or your elders.

        46. You are speaking the raw truth, jonny. The evil ones, the demons, women, they will ridicule you for it, for it is their best defense of their racket.
          The man-animals are too confused, damaged, and invested in their own slavery to see the light of truth you speak.
          But there is hope. Now, and maybe never again, we have the technology to free us of our parasites. Artificial wombs and ultra – realistic sex robots spell the extinction of evil.

    3. True. I know an obese chick who went on a rampage over the whole catcalling thing a week or two ago. I’d be shocked if she had ever been catcalled in her entire life! Somewhere in the hamster rationalization portion of her brain the real motivation is… if men aren’t going to catcall her, they aren’t going to catcall ANYONE.

      1. Those same women aren’t naive or in denial. If they don’t want to be objectified they usually either downplay their looks or try to convey being cute as oppose to sexy.

        1. like that lacy green. Talking about being objecitified and laying on the bed like… you know ;). Always looking in the cam as if she would jump on you like a horny rabbit!

        2. No matter what though… If a guy has a rock hard cock in you… he’s objectifying you…
          I don’t see the problem here… It goes both ways…

        3. I’ve only felt objectified by sex once and that was when it was forced. All my other sexual encounters added depth to my relationships, but I suppose if you’ve had sex with anyone/everyone, it can lose its meaning and become objectifying as you say.

        4. If a woman is gorgeous she has the ability to certain reactions based on certain looks. If she doesn’t want to be objectified she always wear clothes that make her look cute instead of sexy. She can always wear make up to convey girl next door look. She can always dress simple and modestly. If she doesn’t want to be noticed at all she can wear baggy clothes, put her hair in a ponytail, and not wear make up.

        5. This is just semantics.
          The point I’m making is that when your man is taking you from behind and your sweating into your pillow, he’s busy listening to your heavy breathing and watching how your back curves when he does it just the way you like it….
          Guess what… he just looked at you like a sexual object and lost himself in that for a moment there.
          He’s not fucking your HR diploma, he’s not fucking your choice in Starbucks latté, he’s not fucking your shitty karaoke performance on Tuesday night… He’s getting up all in you because his biology is excited about the sexy young thing that he is conquering.
          If he is attracted enough to your physicality, and he is attracted enough to your mind and character, he’ll try and figure out how to fuck you to the point where you are dying on the inside to breed for him. How to fuck you hard enough that your body and your mind are only loyal to him.
          Does he love you? Sure… he loves you the weight of his being… Does he feel pride in knowing that HE and HIS greatness has earned the devotion of a sexually potent creature? A creature that he deems worthy of himself? Damn right he does.
          Anything less is settling.

        6. Haha. I sensed that often here. The site should get rid of the ‘flag this comment’ snitch bullshit icon at the right and replace it with an ‘invite’ icon to go offsite to skype for example. The jousting could continue in private. The commenters might return later all ‘messy’ maybe. The site would turn into a real zoo for sure.

        7. why dont you just respond to the valid points he made? no wonder woman here are rarely answered to

        8. You have to love the hypocrisy…especially when it’s right in your face for everyone to see.
          Feminist want control. They want to control “when” and “what” is said (similar to the old Soviet Union). If you don’t agree with what they say, how they say it or how they think, then they’ll come get you, try to discredit you, destroy your career, etc…
          This isn’t equality.

        9. Ummm….cute and sexy are both physical descriptors. Either way, they want the attention of men. God damn, how can women be so averse to seeing the truth? It’s not always pretty, but denying it is what encourages men to view you as immature and childish, unable to handle the hard facts of a hard world

        10. Except they think their semantics actually mean something…such profound insights. Sexual encounters are never sweaty poundings…cute is not sexy…bla bla bla

        11. And it’s why “50 Shades….” is such a popular book. It says (and shows) everything that most women are feeling (or saying) without the woman actually have to do the “dirty work”.
          She can get away with it because she didn’t do it. Remember, she is the good girl.
          But, she wouldn’t mind the sweating pounding at all.

        12. Men are responsible for everything, up to and including all women. Women are responsible for nothing. The end.

        13. What a silly idea. This may be true of your average, “plain jane” types who have to dress up to even be considered fuckable but there are a number of women who are attractive as soon as they wake up.
          I’ve known women who could get catcalled in a Burqa due to the color of their eyes alone. Only naive little girls believe clothes define beauty; Guys don’t care about any of that shallow nonsense.

        14. How was I suppose to comment? Was I suppose to argue with him? Or maybe I was suppose to call him a misogynist or blame the patriarchy? I didn’t know there were comment expectations I was suppose to meet.

        15. You seem to think all attention from men is the same. There are different types of attention and different ways to get specific types of attention. If I want sexual attention I will act and dress sexy. If I want flirty and playful attention I will dress cute and be adorable. If I am emotionally stressed or in emotional pain I will cry to get sympathetic attention. If I need a man to do something for me I cannot do for myself I will either act helpless or entice is protective nature or stroke his ego. If a man is mad at me I will speak softly and look like a sad puppy. On and on…

        16. I don’t doubt that. Where we diverge is regarding the idea that all women are capable of minimizing their beauty to the point where the become unnoticeable, which is a laughable proposition. Not all women are created equal. If you become invisible in sweats and uggs, more power to you but the idea that all women are working with the same level of sexy is utterly ridiculous.

        17. They all love it, some just don’t know why…it doesn’t jive with the current ‘women are the dominant sex’ id(iot)ology

        18. Sadly, most attention from men IS the same. When it comes to sexuality, we are simple creatures. You may manipulate the type of attention you are receiving by dressing/acting a certain way (and there’s nothing wrong with that; use the tools biology gave you), but in the end, men are responding to your cues because they want to ‘intimately enjoy your body’. Family will not be like that (hopefully), but male friends and associates will probably not pay you much attention if they don’t think there is the possibility of sex in the near future.
          Of course, those men leaping to respond to your cues won’t be enjoying your body; such pleasure is reserved for those of us who don’t play into your feminine manipulations ; )

        19. Yes, the frequent attempts to censor uncomfortable facts are disturbing…even more disturbing is the complacent public’s complicity in the matter. It used to be only the wimmins who thought with their emotions (on a large scale); now, it’s almost everyone. If something hurts their widdle feelings, they are all for silencing it, ignorant as they are on the historical use of censorship to control nations.
          Of all feminism’s foul fruits, I am most disgusted by the continued push towards a censored society. There was a reason our nation (the US) was founded on a right to free speech. Yet that reason is forgotten and ignored by the hoard of eunuchs and fools we call a country

        20. The typical feminist is a fierce upholder of the Equality or more accurately, the Superiority of the Sisterhood until some cruise ship hits an iceberg or she has to evacuate a burning building.

        21. Some people look sexy naturally though. Like they could be wearing a plain T shirt and jeans and still look like an hourglass bombshell, so outside of wearing something dorky and embarrassing, there’s not much they can do(anything they do will still garner attention).

        22. I’m all for equality in opportunity, meaning you get a job based on your abilities, not your genitalia. Oh, and I’m a feminist =P

        23. If you’re talking about sex, that sounds really fucking boring. If you’re talking about the world, consider carrying a fetus for 9 months, only to either get your uterus sliced open or squeeze out what feels like a watermelon. Then taking care of the children when the man disappears(esp. in non first-world countries where guys are relieve of alimony).

        24. Why? You don’t have to be that person to observe it. Take Megan Fox for instance: even in baggy pants and a huge T-shirt, she’d look attractive to many.

        25. Megan Fox is an entertainer by profession. Everything about her is suppose to attract attention because she is an actress. Poor example. And yes, you do need to be the type of woman that gets unsolicited male attention to have a personal opinion.

        26. I was talking about women who look sexy no matter what they wear, not ones that just get some degree of unsolicited male attention. Her career helps drive the majority of public awareness about her, but even if she wasn’t in the entertainment industry, she’d still get plenty of head-turns IRL, even in a baggy outfit.

        27. But you are not talking about your own personal experience. Which leads me to believe you don’t get much male attention. Which would mean your perceptions of male and female interactions would be skewed and bias.

        28. So because I’m not Megan Fox it’s impossible to realize that some people are going to get unwanted negative male attention no matter what they wear?

        29. No because you are not attractive. Not once have I seen you write about your own experiences with male attention or attraction. Because you really don’t know what drives either. Otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for examples or generalizing with other women’s experiences.

        30. I wouldn’t recommend jumping to conclusions when I don’t even have a picture up, brah =P. I’ve written before, recently, about getting whistled at when I was trying to jog. Hormones and ignorance drive catcalling; that’s no secret. What have I generalized? I merely pointed out an exception to your statement.

        31. Are you attractive? What are your experiences. Saying you got catcalled one time while jogging doesn’t mean anything. One time does not represent everyday of your life. And unattractive women can jog, so that also does not saying anything about your own level of attractiveness. One guy thought you were attractive enough to catcall you. But what about all other interactions with men everyday. Do you get asked out often? Do men flirt with you often? Do men stare at you often? Do men actively pursue you for sex often?

        32. So because I don’t experience the same level of attention, my point can’t be true? It’s impossible for some women to avoid all negative, unwanted male attention without resorting to highly impractical outfits because I’m not a supermodel myself?

        33. You didn’t answer a single question. What is your level of attractiveness? Do you get asked out often? Do you get flirted with often? Do you get stared at often? Do men pursue you for sex? Some women is not you! What happens to other women is not about you! When was the last time a man was sniffing around your goods?

        34. And you still haven’t answered my question. You seem convinced that if you don’t have 20 guys going down on you a day, you can’t understand that some women don’t want male attention all the time, but always get it.

        35. Then base your opinions on the attention you are receiving. Not based off of rhetoric. Talk about you. Talk about your experiences. Talk about what you go through as a woman. Not this generalizing feminist crap. Stop bring politics into gender and sexuality.

        36. “Generalizing feminist crap”. Is it that difficult to believe that not everyone wants to be seen as a piece of meat 24/7?

        37. Why are you so comfortable with politics being ingrained in your identity as a woman? Why are you so content to reduce the experience of being a woman and experiencing womanhood into political talking points? Why are you letting politics govern femininity?

        38. “How was I suppose to respond? Was I suppose to argue with him?”
          err yes? he came up with a valid point, you “countered” with blabla aka “Get yourself worked up typing that?”
          instead of disproving him with something that could have … more substance? again, its no surprise womand are accused of lacking logic, especially if you behave like that. and no, you dont have to meet certain expectations. but if you dont meet them, dont be surprised if people feel less likely to share experiences with you.

        39. Women who attempt to convey “cute” are infantilised demons looking to exploit men’s biological instinct to respond to and protect the young of altricial species.
          You can’t tell me women pretending to be children are oblivious about the nature of their evil. They know they are stealing children’s biological protection mechanism. They know they’re conditioning men to be paedophiles (victims of infantilised women’s association of “cute” with “sex”).
          They just don’t care.

        40. Real men don’t need loyalty.
          Real men don’t fucking need anything. Period.
          You needy men are bitches. It’s disgusting.

        41. WSJ: Is Blurred Lines A Rapey Song

          “Thicke created the character that is depicted. Does he have a right to say that she actually does express consent?”

          “Rand’s defense is textbook rape apologism. Does Rand have the right to say that her character really did want it?”

          That’s Ayn Rand, the female author, being warned by feminists that her fictional characters are not allowed to fantasise about men taking them without explicitly asking for consent.
          The nature of women’s rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents.

          62% of women have had a rape fantasy.

          The insanity is out of control. The Ministry of Compassion will be dealing with confused men shortly.

        42. Of course women like you support equality, but until you stop lying there will be no equality.
          True equality looks like female slavery. There’s no reward for men in this world of violent, lying whores and johns but abused men are strung along until they crumble in defeat or go postal.

        43. Oh shut your whore face.
          Ecstatic Birth: The Hormonal Blueprint of Labor
          Dr Sarah J. Buckley
          Issue 111, March/April 2002

          Giving birth in ecstasy: this is our birthright and our body’s intent. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, prescribes birthing hormones that take us outside (ec) our usual state (stasis).
          Four major hormonal systems are active during labor and birth. These involve oxytocin, the hormone of love; endorphins, hormones of pleasure and transcendence; epinephrine and norepinephrine, hormones of excitement; and prolactin, the mothering hormone.
          These systems are common to all mammals and originate in our mammalian or middle brain, also known as the limbic system.

          You whores just want to make children feel like they owe you something for all your abuse. Men were supposed to put your child abuse in the ground. They provision you instead.

        44. If you want to actually have control over women’s expression, I’d recommend going to the Middle East, because here I have no reason to shut my “whore face” at some loser’s command.

        45. You have reason to stop making children feel bad to manipulate them. If you cannot perceive the reason in not being a child abusing leech, men need to give you a reason you can perceive.
          It will need to be six cubic feet full of peace.

        46. Women love meaningful sex. They contribute no meaning, they just love having sex with stupid johns who contribute all the meaning for no reason or reward.
          A girlfriend of mine once explained to me that I had nothing to worry about. I’d just dumped her for cheating and she said I didn’t understand, she only cared about me, the other guys were just meaningless sex.
          I stared at her, horrified. She was right. I didn’t understand until then. Only I was contributing meaning. The other guys got the identical product without all the tilt of her batshit feelings precisely because they did not contribute meaning. I was her only meaningful john.
          Only meaningless sex has value to men. Until women can contribute meaning, men who have meaningful sex with women are stupid bitches.

        47. “If I want to be a cannibal, I will manipulate broken men.”

          If a man is mad at me I will speak softly and look like a sad puppy.

          Keep stealing children’s biological protection. Women’s evil is untenable. You think you’re very crafty exploiting male instincts to give innocent children the benefit of the doubt, but you are not innocent, you are not a child, you are pretending to be to protect yourself from fair retaliation for your malice.
          You are conditioning pedophilia into the minds of men when you pretend to be a child to secure protection. There will be Hell to pay for you infantilised creeps. Men and children are not supposed to be your food source.

        48. The hottest girl I’ve ever dated (or hooked up with) spent nearly 90 min every day concealing her stunning face with cosmetics (and an hour every night removing it all to put on night creams). She could only have sex in pitch black darkness. She believed she was ugly without her mask. I know exactly where she got that idea from.
          Every girl is so abused by their own mothers, they imagine their unconcealed faces are unpresentable in public.
          With her stunning face concealed by a grotesque amount of makeup, she still turned every other guy’s head; but it did nothing for her low self-esteem. I point-blank asked her how she could lack confidence when she got so much attention and she said, “Those guys just want to fuck me.”
          Her mother had led her to believe guys who wanted to fuck her didn’t count. Only men who pretended not to be attracted to her mattered. Women are mutilating the minds of girls.

        49. Women make more money than men.

          In most middle tier jobs, you can get hired just because you’ve got a pair of tits. As for STEM, men dominate due to a better capacity for objective thinking and a greater volume of genius level IQs.

          I don’t think you care about sisterhood; rather, you’re simply bored. Being a feminist makes you feel cool and edgy. While the coolness is subjective, feminism is about as mainstream, affluent and commercial as Gucci handbag. There’s nothing remotely rebellious or personally empowering about it.

        50. You whores literally create the Glass Ceiling with your obsessive prostitution, and then blame men for commerce not valuing your obsessive peddling of fraud.
          As if commerce hated money? If women represented value that was being overlooked, a firm could hire up all those talented women and kick ass. But it doesn’t happen because you’re just whining whores who want to sleep (or not sleep) your way up to the Glass Ceiling.

        51. “You whores” I’d recommend making insults you can defend. There’s no way to prove or disprove it. You might as well keep slinging “cunt” and “bitch”, because they’re based on your own interpretation of me, not how many people I’ve actually slept with.

        52. Yes, every ideology you disapprove of must be followed solely for egotistical pursuits. Forget FGM, abortion rights, rape, etc. it’s merely because I want to feel “cool”. Tell me more about your world views.

        53. You think I need to prove that women use artifice and illusion to induce unnatural desire in men with the explicit intent of manipulating the inflicted suffering for extortion?
          Do you want me to prove that grass is green? I only need to prove that women want marriage. Every married woman is a whore, I don’t care what you and your pathetic johns want to pretend.

          You’re so stupid, you’ve conflated “whore” with “slut”. They have polar opposite meanings.
          Whores sell.
          Sluts do not.

        54. I think you should see a psychologist and tell them why you hate your mother. That will do you more good than calling a stranger a “whore” because you think she’s married and has a vagina. Cool your jets

        55. Your demented refusal to accept that marriage is prostitution has no reflection on the messenger. You are a whore because you want to sell fraudulent favour to broken, betrayed men who’ve fallen for the illusion of your deceptive abuse. You aren’t contributing value by denying men who would favour you, you deranged twit.
          You aren’t contributing value by undressing to impress. Your mind is batshit. Why are you dressed in the first place? You inflict pain on men and then dangle pain relief for sale. Presently, they’re buying relief. That is unsustainable. Men need to put you and your hijacking into the ground.

        56. I’m sorry. That must have really hurt, feeling it was meaningful and realizing it was one sided. I’ve been there, and it’s the worst.
          But I disagree that men who have meaningful sex with women are “stupid bitches.” It takes a level of courage to trust someone enough to be that vulnerable, but vulnerability is where you find meaning. From my perspective, that doesn’t mean a man’s a bitch; that means he’s strong.
          And now I’m done with the sap…

        57. This has been the case with every stunner I’ve ever dated as well. They look gorgeous without makeup but body dysmorphia has led them to believe they look like Quasimodo w/o it.

        58. It hurt more to have meaningful sex. I don’t know if you’re doing it on purpose but you are completely missing the (fairly obvious, I believe) points I’m making.
          I don’t want fucking whores valuing me for being the only john who contributes meaning. I don’t want anything. I want whores to fuck off and / or die but I’ll settle for an end to their violent oppression of children.

          It takes a level of courage to trust someone enough to be that vulnerable, but vulnerability is where you find meaning.

          No. Vulnerability is where you find meaning. Men find no meaning in a whore’s vulnerability. What the hell can she lose? Her feelings? Her walled-up heart? She’s been hurt before! You whores are the worst.

          From my perspective, that doesn’t mean a man’s a bitch; that means he’s strong.

          johns are not strong. They’re just bitches paying whores to abuse them.

        59. The value of women is not subjective. There mightn’t be a woman alive worth +EV, I wouldn’t know for certain. Maybe Miley Cyrus or some liberated women. But the % would be negligible.
          99.9% of women are parasitic liabilities. This is not subjective opinion. This is measurable value I’m talking about.

        60. I read through some of your posts and while I agree with a lot of what you say (i.e., I think The Manipulated Man is in fact the harsh truth) I think you are more extreme than I am.
          I think where you and I differ in our thinking is that you seem to have the notion that men are morally superior to women. Truthfully, I think both men and women try to constantly scavenge for power in all its forms. Once anyone gets a taste of power over others they rarely feel comfortable to give it up… There are wise-men but they are quite rare I’d say.
          Can we say that the worst of female nature is worse than the worst of male nature? I’m not so sure.
          Where my thinking is in line with RoK however is that I agree that our society is becoming systematically more feminized… We are systematically giving power to the worst of female nature… Whether this is to destabilize society by elites or we’ve got to this point through stupid short-sighted events and corruptions makes little difference to me. The scales are tipped towards making all women narcissistic princesses right now and it will inevitably have bad consequences. It seems that you think female behaviour is worse than male behaviour practically by definition in all instances…
          I don’t really see how you think I’m not being a “real man” because I like to have sex with women I deem worthy of myself (and this notion of myself is always in progress), but I do agree with you that defining yourself as a man entirely in relation to women and their imperatives will ultimately lead you to nowhere… I can say I’ve been guilty of this before and it has lead me into trouble… and while I’ve learned from it and swallow my RedPills on a daily basis, I can’t say I regret having put my heart into the things I cared about in the past.

        61. I think you are more extreme than I am.

          I have to suppress how I feel most of the time, because the truth is these Toddler whores and their pursuit of illegitimate entitlement borne out of their mothers’ depraved hatred of competitive betters have been the sole originating source of all conflict. Men and children have always been willing to contribute and play fair. Women’s noncontribution in pursuit of their ancient birthright (to be exploited by Their Own) reduced a deity species to predatory cannibals, fighting and killing each other in miserable denial of their betrayal.
          What’s a valid response to their psychotic evil (their blanket refusal to accept culpability for their abuse of men and children, or to stop abusing them)? Whatever is appropriate, I know I’m failing by falling short of it.

          I think where you and I differ in our thinking is that you seem to have the notion that men are morally superior to women.

          Only children are morally superior. Men’s blindness incentivises and enables the abuse of deity infants and toddlers. Men have no Right to be enslaved. But at the end of the day, men are willing to play fair. Only women’s refusal to contribute hijacks the world.

          Truthfully, I think both men and women try to constantly scavenge for power in all its forms.

          This is true but the gnawing need of people who scavenge for power is the direct result of having been disempowered during their formative years, and it’s women’s force and fraud (and men’s blind tolerance of women’s child abuse) that overrides the free will of every child. The need (for evil, conflict, misery, suffering, hatred, violence and lies) is entirely sourced from women’s noncontribution. Men aren’t blameless, but the need that sent violent boys running riot across a world that had prepared for peace was manufactured by women’s abuse of children to pay for their putrid whore entitlement (to fuck and lie and be paid for contributing “difficulty” / withheld favour).

          Once anyone gets a taste of power over others they rarely feel comfortable to give it up…

          The corrupted need for self-protection is superimposed onto minds frozen for life as emotional Toddlers by mothers’ private abuse of children. Control is taken from children’s Self by their mothers, leaving billions of abused children out of control, fighting and killing each other in the depraved effort to control environment in lieu of controlling one’s Self.

          Can we say that the worst of female nature is worse than the worst of male nature?

          We can because humans don’t abuse until they’re the victims of abuse. Toddlers betray no one until their Self has been eroded / betrayed. Boys and girls aren’t cannibals until women cannibalise them.

          The scales are tipped towards making all women narcissistic princesses right now and it will inevitably have bad consequences.

          Fathers (who’ve failed to protect daughters from women’s hateful depravity) are largely to blame for the sickening rhetoric that brainwashes little girls with self-defeating Special entitlement for life. Mothers simultaneously brainwash adolescent girls with conformist fear and shame, creating the ludicrous insanity of Special, selfless, conformist princesses. They’re abnormal by virtue of their Special entitlement and ferociously “normal” by virtue of their generic abuse.

          “Try not to think too much.”

          It seems that you think female behaviour is worse than male behaviour practically by definition in all instances…

          I’m less interested in what people do than why they do it. The why is women. The what is men. Men don’t kill and die in war for fun.

          I don’t really see how you think I’m not being a “real man” because I like to have sex with women I deem worthy

          A man willing to play fair is out of the league of every woman on the face of the planet. Women are not confused about their true worth. Only men are confused. Their biological desire to please has been hijacked. They mistake the (illogical) validation they derive from Toddler whores deigning to allow men to pleasure them as a favour, but the biological reality is that men pleasure women, women cannot pleasure men. Men’s emotions have been so abused by a lifetime of conditioned betrayal, trying to point out the obvious to them (that sex has negligible sensory reward for men) is nearly impossible.
          How do you convince insane people of truth in front of their eyes when life-threatening abuse during their formative years has blinded them? A few hundred years ago, Puritan whores had men conditioned to get erections at the privilege of seeing an exposed ankle or wrist. Almost nothing has changed. The sole biological function of mammary glands is the provisioning of infants but 29,000 children under five (mostly girls) die every single day, primarily because mothers don’t want to ruin their breasts by feeding them.
          We live in a world of strip clubs and private bedrooms, where men pay / reward / express gratitude to women for taking off the clothes placed on everyone by sadistic, violent, perverted, infantilised whores, who use children to repay Society for giving them the unmerited and illegitimate power to extort broken and abused men. Women need children of Their Own for this reason; traumatic betrayal. It’s all too horrific and insane to be plausible, it’s merely reality.

          I can say I’ve been guilty of this before and it has lead me into trouble…

          I didn’t arrive at this point via theory, more’s the pity.

          I can’t say I regret having put my heart into the things I cared about in the past.

          I care a great deal about being the victim of women’s force and fraud. I retired at 26, a severely traumatised slave victim of 21 years of women’s abuse that led me to believe I needed more. I was never good enough, women told me every day. I never bothered them, I didn’t need to. They bothered me, informing me in traumatic terms that No means no when the last thing on my mind was the delusional idea that they could be interested (my decency in failing to harass them was misinterpreted by them as disinterest, so they abused me for a decade because “Who does he think he is?!”). I thought I was who they told me I was; not good enough. I never hated women, I worshipped them because I wasn’t good enough.
          At 26, I was a liquid USD millionaire, attractive, popular, athletic, intelligent, intuitive, personable, kind, sociable, hilarious and blind. In blindness, I needed to spill blood, sweat and tears for twenty years to become good enough. I had stalkers camping out in my lobby threatening to scream “Rape” at building security’s attempts to remove them. “Don’t you fucking touch me!” Or else, drama. These were heinous skanks I’d slept with when I was blind drunk. They were ugly, antisocial, obese, stupid, wretched, boring whores screaming violent threats at innocent men trying to do their jobs because they had something important to tell me and they’d tried for dozens (or hundreds) of unanswered texts and phone calls. The stalkers each left once I cringed and faced them, they just had something to tell me:
          I wasn’t good enough. They weren’t interested.
          Real women have never given men a reason to hate. I don’t hate women, how could I? I’ve never even met one.

        62. Wow man… That was an extremely loaded response…
          I’m sorry you’ve experienced such an utter mind-fuck… I wish I could understand but it sounds like you’re talking about a lifetime of experience here… Sounds like you’re in the thick of dealing with a lot of grief and confusion… I’m sorry dude, you sound like a talented intelligent guy… I think intelligent men go through a different kind of suffering than those who simply don’t question things, and I empathize with that kind of pain and loneliness…
          I understand what you’re saying to a certain extent. After a lifetime of blue-pill thinking, taking the red-pill is more than just infuriating… it is really enough to make an honest man go completely insane…
          I read that during the World Wars, women would openly shame men that did not enlist… They would adorn these men with white-cloths (or something like that) to imply that they were not “real men.” You know… kuz “real men” are disposable and go and risk their lives without hesitation in the service of women and the state… Esther Villar says it herself, society hates self-determining men… because they are of no use to women…
          Frankly, I don’t know if there are “good women” out there… The issue that you brought up that I find most interesting is that you distinguish between “women” and “whores.” Either you are saying that all women are by definition whores (which is not impossible), or that this degenerate-self-cannibalizing-whorish behaviour is a learned thing… Its an important and interesting question.
          You claim that both boys and girls are innocent, and they become indoctrinated… They’re forced to become dependent on the love of the mother… I’ve seen this kind of evil mother figure behaviour before. My grandmother on my mom’s side played all of her children against each other… I haven’t seen my grandmother or my relatives on her side since I was 16 (more than 10 years ago). Is it any surprise that my grandfather was a quiet, intelligent, loving, and yet completely broken man??? It hurts me to think about him because he taught me so much, yet he got no respect… and I was too young to even recognize what he was going through (he died when I was like 10).
          Men are castrated in the marriage system… It is incredibly depressing… The way things seem to be going now in the West, marriage seems like social, financial, and emotional suicide… I hadn’t thought as much about the innocence of children before you brought this up but that is also worth thinking about…
          I’ve mostly been concerned about myself to be honest. I’m not wealthy, or well-connected, and I’m worried that the West is becoming incredibly hostile to men in general… So I’m trying to figure out what I should do with my life now and how to balance my responsibilities to the people I care about with this perception that perhaps all is not what it seems… I’m living a double-life right now and calibrating myself is my #1 priority…
          Much respect dude, I hope you can deal with these new-found realizations and not isolate yourself… because that will be game over… The manosphere helped me to realize I wasn’t totally insane… I hope it can help you too.

        63. Either you are saying that all women are by definition whores (which is not impossible), or that this degenerate-self-cannibalizing-whorish behaviour is a learned thing… Its an important and interesting question.

          It might be the most important distinction of all. Women are not Naturally malicious. No one is Naturally violent or deceitful, except in defence of their young. There are no whores in the animal kingdom, no selfless love, no wretched beggars for love. Mammal females are nearly the polar opposite of human females, in Nature, they will die in defence of their young because they are selfish.
          Humans are selfless victims of early childhood abuse, needy and pathetic. Butthurt emotional basket cases who shatter into violence at mean words, wildly hitting children who offend them (like asexual toddlers who expose their innocent privates). So offensive. So perverted. It’s no wonder they do it all in private.
          Women don’t want to pay for sex. So they abuse every child instead, changing the logic with violence, lies and shame of biology. They call it love but what is love worth when women are worthless, abusive and needy devils who use organised violence to prevent their loved ones from escaping their suffocating need? Their love is hate.
          In Nature, mammal mothers are selfish, powerful and need-free. There is only selfish love in Nature. The offspring of mammal mothers form part of their mother’s Self until they’re independent and unattached. Mammal mothers will die to protect them in the way a man might die to protect his limbs from being sawn off. Human mothers breed slaves to betray in need of dependants to use as a pretext to hijack men into paying continued Whore Support.
          Human women do everything in reverse to Nature’s mammal females. Human women are wretched, demonic parasites but it’s not Natural. Their Nature is promiscuous and it’s frankly embarrassing for everyone who understands evolutionary biology. Why would Natural Selection select anything but sex-obsessed women for mothers? Naturally, they would be selected over Puritan whores who protest, they’re good girls, they hate sex, you can’t use them until it’s too late for truth. They’re the opposite of evolution, we’re going in reverse and I know the reason:
          Women cannot compete with girls’ on merit. Reduced women have a problem with competition, they cannot compete so they’re forced to reduce every girl to a liability. Alternatively, they could forfeit their male slaves. They cannot compete with value. They abuse children instead.
          The above was my suicide note. I leave tomorrow. I’m nervous to point out this unemotional fact because this wretched world of selfless devils are the most insulting creeps imaginable. They get really emotional about what is really quite noble, selfish suicide. They have no problem with murdering people or enslaving children with lives of suffering, but you can’t leave them easy. The extent to which they’ve taken measures to prevent people from choosing to leave with dignity is literally the irrefutable moral argument for everyone to commit suicide. When women are willing to use violence to prevent you from leaving them, you are a bitch morally compelled to go.
          I cannot be part of this world of child abusing whores. There’s no reward for men or children. Everyone suffers for women’s pleasure and in return, women provide all the abuse. Are women evil for destroying the world to get out of paying for sex?
          It’s a philosophical question and the answer is yes. But the men who finance their abuse of children aren’t really off the hook.

          “I would never hit a woman.”

          Tight father, helpless to watch as his whore beats children.

          “Mothers Know Best.”

          Remember that one for your defence argument.
          Bitches will burn with their whores. This is probably too long, but children are the selfish interests of every grownup alive. Women prey on children with impunity, protected by violent bitches bound to the sides of whores having been blinded by whores during early childhood (Dark Ages tricks of capture-bonding). Bitches will kill and die for their abusers, they reward women for abusing them. Boys die in war to protect their mothers without asking why their mothers aren’t dying to protect them. In Nature, everything is one way. The correct way. The logical way. Humans do everything the other way, they’re too stupid to be real but it’s all by intent. Women confuse the world to get out of paying for pleasure, but there’s no profit in their demented betrayal of children and men.
          Sovereigns are more cunning than Toddler whores. To steal boys abused by mothers (to make them feel worthless / dying to impress), Power only has to contrive a threat to mothers and voila! Slaves stolen for another war of attrition. War profiteers play women’s abuse of children and men off against each themselves, stealing boys on both sides of borders for contrived wars of attrition that secure profit and power for our overlords and endless misery for the stupid vassal children of whores.
          To stop women from abusing children, women need to be put into the ground. They’ll never stop disturbing the peace. They can’t compete with girls or even take care of themselves. I’m unwilling to do the Right thing as whores are universal now. The Right thing reduces suffering, it would be very easy to create suffering trying to reduce it but if everyone did as I’m doing, there would be no more suffering. So I’m doing the Right thing. Doing nothing about women’s private bullying of toddlers enables their abuse, soaking a man’s hands in the blood of deity children.
          I’m washing mine.

        64. Dude, if you’re being serious about your ideation of suicide it might be time to go get help. No shame in that. Life sucks. But you aren’t doing something “noble” in suicide.. The best revenge is to live well as they say. If you’re confused and frustrated to that point it just means its time to change something in your life. We’ve all been there at some point. If you’re seriously thinking of suicide I’d suggest its time to make some real changes in your life. You’re stuck in some kind of negative loop-hole… Gotta break the cycle.

      2. By the average guy on the street. I’m sure if Leonardo objectified them they would be ecstatic.

        1. Isn’t that the truth. All women would love to be objectified by any of the latest Hollywood (men) stars out there…but not the average “joe”.
          Another hamster at work I see in our comments section.

        2. They’d wet their panties. Women crave to be objectified, but only by alpha cock. They are only protesting attention from men they find undesirable.

        3. I agree with you and it also goes both ways. We want women to be thinner, nicer and prettier. We as man have to have our lives in order and firing on a few cylinders.

        4. That is true. It would be entirely dishonest to not acknowledge the fact that there are standards for both sexes. The difference seems to be that men tend to accept that there is a standard and work to better themselves, whereas a lot of women will rationalize that wherever they are IS the standard.

        5. Or else they complain that they have no choice BUT to follow the standard. Change comes from within, and not by whining for someone else to fix it

        6. You’d be surprised by the truth of women’s desire.
          The whore doth protest too much. By degrading men who give them attention, they make the men feel they need to give them more.
          Men fooled by women’s withheld favour destroyed the world to bring more back to whores.

      3. there is no beauty inside. It´s a stupid definition of your little princess syndrome. A personality can be anything but definately not “beautifull”. It´s a term for an appearance!
        And to be gorgeous inside is pure alice in wonderland!
        Maybe you use terms like “helping people” selflessly instead and so on… make it relevant to reality!

        1. When I mentioned inner beauty, I specifically meant character. I’ll be more selective with my phrasing next time.

        2. I know what you mean with “character” of beauty… you dont fool me!
          —————————–> DOOR!

        3. I have hunted and butchered deer and hogs and they are pretty ugly on the inside. I don’t think human females are any different.

        4. Haha nice, and very true.
          On a side note, don’t respond to females or their beta orbiters. They don’t deserve our time.

        5. I didn’t; I don’t, and I won’t. Except occasionally to tell them they’re not welcome here.

        6. No there was a comment above from what looked like a female but you can never tell these days. It’s since been deleted.

        7. Imagining that contribution is selfless is mental illness. Selfish people help people. Selfless vermin are parasitic leeches. Selfish people have no need. Selfless sociopaths are needy.

        8. But your character is worthless if you’re a needy fraud. I see a lot of cosmetics on that profile pic.
          Your appearance only appears to be valuable. It has no value. When you use cosmetics to secure consent, you are raping men by deception.

        9. I’m unsure why you attacked my appearance instead of my statements, but if you’d like to join the discussion, my opinion has been made public in this forum.

        10. You completely missed the point, going defensive imagining I’m your mother. I couldn’t possibly care less. I’m making a point about the value of narcissistic fraud.
          You’ve been led to believe that you need to project a certain image or set of values to have “character”. I’m saying that if the image isn’t authentic and the values truly yours, then your character is a fraudulent identity that has no value to those you intend to sell it to, which means it should have no value to you.
          I’m not saying you’re explicitly malicious but at the end of the day, all fraud is malicious and everyone in Polite Society is malicious. Did someone tell you lying was nice? How curious. I bet she was a whore, amirite?

        11. I wasn’t defensive. I asked you to make a clear point.
          Character is not image, as you say, but that could lead to the debate of “am I good because I want to be good or because I want others to think I’m good,” which is entirely different.
          Character does have value and its fraudulence hinges on intention. If you’re saying my intention is a lie simply because of my appearance, I can’t agree with you.
          If your point was lost on me, please clarify so I can understand because your comments are dissonant.

        12. Where is the virtue in fraudulent appearances?
          Where is the virtue in polite deceit?
          Where is the virtue in wanting love (blind victims)?
          Where is the virtue in artifice and illusion?
          Where is the virtue in positive thinking (delusion, denial)?
          Where is the virtue in clothes to conceal biology?
          Where is the virtue in contracts of marriage?
          Where is the virtue in violence used to discipline?
          Where is the virtue in attachment (suffering)?
          Where is the virtue in shaming to modify Natural tendencies?
          Where is the virtue in bringing life to a world that doesn’t even value the life it has?

        13. Delores: When I mentioned inner beauty, I specifically meant character.

          Jonny: But your character is worthless if you’re a needy fraud.

          We seem to be going around in circles from the opening exchange but my point is cogent. Women are worthless but they don’t want to accept it. That’s the only reason they’re worthless. Women hold onto their lies because they afraid of truth. That’s the only reason they’re worthless. Women destroyed the world, blaming men the entire way. Every liar is worthless.

        1. We watched sleeping beauty the other day. My wife noticed that after the first scenes of romance the Prince has no more lines in the rest of the film, despite him being the central character, fighting a dragon and rescuing what’s her name.
          All the male Disney men also have amazing physiques, the perfect upside down V and the lantern jawed chin to boot.
          Yet women watch these films and conclude women are objectified? LOL. They don’t even pay attention to men and their situation except when it affects her.

        2. Women objectify the living shit out of men, especially high status men, but not necessarily. Remember back when that Jeremy Meeks dude’s mugshot went viral? Bitches started protesting his innocence. Why? Because they thought he was hot. He’s innocent just because you like the way he looks? How the fuck is that not objectification?
          So why don’t men make a big deal out of being objectified? Because we’re not trying to paint ourselves as victims in order to milk women out of resources (via government policies and taxation).

        3. ‘Bitches started protesting his innocence. Why? Because they thought he was hot. He’s innocent just because you like the way he looks? How the fuck is that not objectification?’
          i’ve had a few bitches from my own family circle indignantly and vehemently denied that they defended jeremy
          meeks due to his smoldering good looks but instead because he exuded the vibe of being “such a nice guy”. women surely are all psychics and magical by nature, no wonder throughout history it was much more ubiquitous & common for a woman to become a witch while rarely if ever you’ve heard a man became a wizard.

        4. Yup…the wimmins want to earn in the workforce we created, but those resources are HERS and hers alone. Men must still pay for the ‘pleasure’ of her vapid conversation and ongoing bullshit. Nice trick they played

        5. The “trick” is to make women spend money on you (remember, you are the prize).
          If not, then she can beat it. Women can’t have it all.

        6. The female rationalization hamster is a long distance runner. Meeks was one of three men arrested who had their mugshots taken. Note no women gave one shit about the other two.

        7. Just because I made a point to oppose one doesn’t mean I’m ignorant to (or in support of) the other.

        8. Lol, a fucking gibbon could look at that guy’s face and understand ”predatory, potentially violent individual, beware”, it’s ALL OVER the guy. I mean I can understand that he exudes a kind of raw masculinity, but ‘nice guy’, that is ridiculous.
          Just the hamster, hard at work as always.

        9. Why would they pay attention? You bitches reward women who abuse you.
          You have a wife, huh? What’s the matter? Can’t she take care of herself?

        10. Throughout history, some of the hottest women have been murdered for being bewitching competition that ugly, haggard wives and mothers couldn’t compete with.

      4. That just means they’re lying
        Attraction IS objectification. If they don’t like being objectified then they don’t like anyone being attracted to them
        Hard to believe

        1. No mate, we are attracted to their minds not their tits.
          When I first see a woman i often think…………I can sense she has an attractive personalility I can fuck. Always love having sex with their personalility……….so goood.

        2. Maybe you’re attracted to their profession? lol
          It’s why so many of them keep telling us “what they do” for a living.
          We don’t fucking care, ladies.

        3. You’re actually right but abused men are in denial.
          Any experienced prostitute knows that men need to feel emotional connection. Women can fuck anyone and be gratified.

        4. They say their resumes because they know you won’t fact-check. If they’re denying their sole interest (sex), you’re being played.

      5. objectification is not easy to define. since SJWs in general and many women in particular, use changing of definitions (shifting narratives *puke*) to make them fit to some felt discrimitation.
        if men want to adress these “problems” and solve them, it is like shooting moving targets.
        example: rape goes down for 20 years now. the definition of rape has been extended to more or less every kind of interaction between the sexes (if the female does not approve the interaction).
        so of course, from this self centered point of view, rape is everywhere.
        this is done with almost anything regarding relationships. I have given up on LTR, because what i did was never enough. moving targets…

        1. “objectification is not easy to define. since SJWs in general and many women in particular, use changing of definitions…”
          Indeed. Their seemingly random changes are a product of emotional reactionism. Wherever their emotions take them, hence their obvious contradictions.

        2. Like shooting moving targets in bulletproof armor; even when a direct hit lands, they still keep going.
          You are right in that every interaction between the sexes can now be labeled ‘rape’. It is absurd, especially since most women like men to be sexually aggressive and ‘take them’ in the bedroom, rather than asking for permission to kiss her neck. Most females would dry up like a sponge in the sun if their man politely asked if he could remove her clothing.
          The feminists want to make everything rape; as I’ve been saying for a while, if society collapses these type of women will find out what a rape culture really is…to the tragedy of the many women who didn’t buy into their bullshit rhetoric

      6. Oh no you didnt just say that. If any of these women you know puts on makeup they want to be objectified. If they wear anything with a heel they want to be objectified.
        your rebuttle amounts to a child on the playground saying “nuh uh”

        1. Yes, but you have to remember…they only want to be objectified by the “right” man.
          Anyone else and they’ll call out rape.

        2. For women, makeup is part of being presentable and professional. It’s putting your best foot forward, similar to having pressed clothing, good hygiene, etc.
          Some women use it otherwise, and that’s their prerogative, but I disagree that “if any of these women [I] know puts on makeup they want to be objectified.”

        3. But makeup is used solely to make women look prettier, more desirable, sexier…it never, ever makes a woman seem ‘professional’. This is feminine reasoning, assuming their worth is based on appearance, rather than their performance. It’s all surface, no depth.
          This is not true for all women, and cultural norms no doubt punish women who don’t doll themselves up…but claiming that they only wear makeup to look professional is silly. Makeup is used to raise a woman’s level of attractiveness, to draw the male gaze, and as such it leads to some level of objectifying.

        4. Alright, sure. I’ll give you that. You need to wear clean clothes that fit, wash your hair and make sure its in the right place. You need to brush your teeth and not stink, so I believe thats not setting yourself up to be objectified.
          Where the line is for looking presentable and doll’ing yourself up is up for debate. I draw it at putting on makeup, wearing any form of skirt or heels. **If it makes me look, or pay more attention, then its something that contributes to a woman being objectified**
          Here’s a thought experiment. If you or your friends meet a rather attractive guy and they didn’t have their makeup on, how would they feel?

        5. That may be true for some women but not all women, Driver.
          It makes no difference if he appears to be attractive or unattractive; if he merely sees me as T and A, he’s disgusting/repulsive and I want nothing to do with him.
          What real women want in men is depth of character, and if a guy lacks control over something as basic as his genitals, it’s off putting. It shows a lack of discipline/morals.

        6. It is a fine line, one I suppose that comes down to personal intention.
          I believe most ladies aim to look presentable, and that can mean lots of things. Depending on the occasion, one must wear a dress, skirt, heels, pantsuits, jeans, t-shirt, etc. But just because men find skirts sexier than jeans doesn’t necessarily mean a woman is aiming to please him/be objectified. She could simply be dressed appropriately for a certain event.
          Though it’s true that both genders sometimes use their appearance/clothing to attract the opposite sex, I believe they are sometimes just following gender appropriate social norms regarding dress, and for women (especially those who are older), that includes makeup.

        7. I agree that it makes women look more attractive and/or presentable, but I still disagree with the entirety of your comment. Please see above to my reply to Taelan.

        8. “What real women want in men is depth of character”; some enlightened women perhaps, but (usually) only after they have done their time on the alpha carousel.
          Women (again, usually) take their cues from peers and pop culture. And both of those have nothing to say on depth of character. Thus, they slut it up for a few years before realizing they want a man of depth.
          Unfortunately, men with depth don’t want to waste their love on women who’ve handed out blowjobs like candy on halloween. It’s sad, but once most women have reached maturity and realize they need love and depth of character, they are already too used up to deserve it

        9. You are responding reasonably and I while I will stick to my guns on this point, I can respect your opinion. Agree to disagree

        10. Yes, but those cultural norms are reinforced by the culture that makes them normal. That is why I blame women for their complaints of being objectified. Throughout history, there have been oppressive cultural norms that were overcome by men who opposed them. Yet so many women point to cultural norms, adhere to them, then complain about them. The only way to change a cultural norm is to defy it in everything you do. Otherwise, it will remain. Women are the only ones who can change the norms that supposedly oppress and objectify them…by refusing to conform to them

        11. I agree with you to an extent, but I would be so bold to argue that this is just as true for men.
          Both genders waste their youth whoring themselves and in maturity expect to settle with a respectable partner, when in truth neither gender desires a person whose been spent or “used up,” as you say.

        12. I’m not arguing the origin, perpetuation, or validity of these norms.
          I’m simply stating what society expects of women and saying that just because a woman adheres to these norms by wearing wearing makeup, dresses, etc, it does not necessarily mean she wants to be objectified.
          Like I said, “it is a fine line, one I suppose that comes down to personal intention.”

        13. I disagree; there are most def chaste women out there who don’t want a man who’s been around, but for the most part women are attracted to experienced men. This is just a fact of life…what woman dreams of a male virgin who will fumble at her bra strap for five minutes and blow his load on her thigh? For men, sex takes practice, at least if you want the woman to enjoy it as much as you do.
          We all know the “lock and key” analogy, and it is accurate. Women will always find themselves attracted to a man with experience over a well-intentioned but fumbling virgin

        14. Men seem to convince themselves this is true, but I disagree, and I also digress since we agreed to disagree.

        15. Right…because women are so responsible and accountable when it comes to their behavior?
          Stop with the bullshit and stop giving women a free pass on their behavior. Women are just as much to blame (equality) with their lack of discipline (and or morals).

        16. You wouldn’t be able to tell if he saw you that way, if he’s skilled enough. Women are attracted to power — the type of power, however, varies.

        17. But you choose to be worth nothing more than T and A to a man. Men don’t value your mother’s lies. Why would men value your malicious, predatory obstruction? Why would men value women who wait patiently for what they deserve? What you deserve for waiting patiently is nothing. You are supposed to bring value to men in exchange for men pleasuring you. What can you offer men?
          By falling for your malicious competition advice, you choose to be a liability. That’s negative value (if you’re confused).

        18. Women are so bad at appraising value, they reserve themselves for the bottom of the barrel (needy abusers and needy johns). Men who don’t need are perceived as rude for not needing to be insulted by an objectified Toddler whore, who insists on being (dis)respected by having her demented butt-hurt feelings patronised.
          They’ve been setup to faceplant. It’s fucking ridiculous.

        19. It is nauseating that you wretches imagine you’re entitled to men’s value. Men who marry you are the most pathetic, violently abused and shamed johns in the gene pool. What possible advantage is there in marriage for men? You start out as a liability and just get more ugly and more bitter as time goes on.
          Of course I know why women are so keen to secure a lifelong contract for men to be bound to fraud, but imagining that real men would let themselves be bound to your wretched needy for life is fucking ridiculous. You want illegitimate entitlement. You get an emasculated bitch to bully. Whatever you codependent leeches are into, but children deserve much better than whores and johns in denial for parents.

        20. I don’t argue the problems of entitlement in both men and women, but I don’t feel entitled myself, as I’ve worked for mostly everything I’ve gotten since I was young.
          Was there something I posted that led you down that path? If so, I would like the opportunity to clarify.

        21. “But you choose to be worth nothing more than T and A to a man.”
          I agree and believe that some women do this intentionally and unintentionally.
          I’m unsure what you mean in the latter potion of your comment. I never advised women to “wait patiently” or “place obstacles” in men’s paths. I merely stated my appreciation for self control in both men and women and said that those without it lack morals.

        22. I can’t speak for all women, but personally I can’t recall a time when I’ve been attracted to a man because he was “powerful.”
          For me, good character is a huge aphrodisiac. It’s enough to make a 4 rise to a 10 and a 9 fall to a 2.

        23. I never advised women to “wait patiently” or “place obstacles” in men’s paths. I merely stated my appreciation for self control in both men and women and said that those without it lack morals.

          Yes generic slut-shaming can’t be marketed to girls without an incentive. You’re claiming that girls who practice less sex have more control over the quality of man they can expect. But why would their slut-shame be value for men?

        24. If you’re not going to marry or accept State funding or child support for your kids, my comment doesn’t apply.
          But of course you are, and of course you have banked on receiving that illegitimate entitlement your entire life.

        25. So nothing I said led you to believe I am entitled, then? Good. I believe it’s safe to say you think I’m entitled simply because I’m a woman.
          But I’ve worked since I was 11, been on my own since I was 16, worked my way through college, paid in full for every car I’ve owned, always lived debt free, and helped my husband get of debt in less than 3 years.
          I’ve overcome more obstacles in my life than most Americans even encounter, but if you’d like to lecture me on my supposed entitlement, please go on…

        26. Through traits like character, humor, strength and intelligence a man controls his environment, his woman, and himself. Even sex involves surrendering yourself to the power of a man; that’s why girls are so into choking, rape role-play, spanking and surrender.
          You want a man who has power over you. It’s built into your biology.

        27. Ah, now I see your point more clearly.
          So you are saying that men conceal their motives and manipulate their environment to achieve desired results, correct?
          I don’t argue that men and women do this, and sometimes it’s hard to recognize, but the minute it’s evident, I think any reasonable woman/man is out.
          What woman would stay with a man who uses his “power” to manipulate her? And what man wants to be manipulated?
          Again, I believe character/virtue (not the pretense of it) in this scenario wins for both genders. “Power” aside.

        28. I never advised women to “wait patiently” or “place obstacles” in men’s paths. I merely stated my appreciation for self control in both men and women and said that those without it lack morals.

          Self-control = Waiting patiently = Placing obstacles to block access.
          Your morals are corrupted lies that only serve the interests of reducing women and perpetual prostitution.

        29. Yes, my opinion is reality. Your husband is not free. You have restricted his liberty and he has the Right to protect himself using any means necessary.
          First Offenders cannot dictate proportionate response to their provocation.

        30. I can only speak subjectively here, but it’s true.
          I met my husband in college. He had 30+ k in debt, didn’t own a vehicle, and lived pay check to pay check. There was nothing “powerful” about him.
          But he was, and always has been a virtuous man, which attracted me to him. And now, nearly 6 years later, he’s still an amazing husband.

        31. “So you are saying that men conceal their motives and manipulate their environment to achieve desired results, correct?”
          The strongest man wouldn’t have to conceal his motives; he would, through subtle skill and charisma, synchronize your desire with his. Sure, some men accomplish this through manipulation (lots of lower tier PUAs), which usually succeeds due to sheer practice and our nature as hunters. Other men, however, enrapture women with authentic displays of power (intellectual, physical, social, etc). Don’t you love the way he makes everyone laugh at the Christmas party; the erudition he commands while speaking at a meeting; the way other women glance at his nuts? (Don’t lie: I see you bitches do it.) Alphas get to a point where they’re so damn good, they don’t even have to manipulate. Maybe a little coaxing at the most. Women don’t want to be manipulated, but they damn sure want to be led. And of course authentic character wins, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t susceptible to bullshit; indeed, sometimes bullshit is all it takes. BOTH sexes dabble in that.
          It’s our JOB to scale those
          castle walls, and we choose to do so based on your physical attractiveness. Needless to say, LOADS of women fake that shit: high heels, makeup, implants, hair dye,
          pushup bras, plastic surgery, fake nails, jewelry, ostentatious
          clothing, etcetcetcetcetc. despite the specious nature of these things, they still help women get better dick. Many girls cover their castle walls with pink glitter, golden brocades and velvet banners; they blast titty trumpets from the central towers whenever a young knight rides by, even though the structure itself is ridden with termites. Most men are too busy with their boners to investigate what lies beneath the surface. Sometimes we don’t discover that until it’s too late.

      7. Courageous of you to post here, but if those women have ever dressed in an even slightly provocative way, or have reveled in the attention of a man, then YES, they are enjoying being sexually objectified.
        It’s only the men they are not attracted to that ‘objectify’ them. Luckily I’m on the hot side of the spectrum, so I’ve never objectified a woman in my life, lol.
        Words mean nothing…it is actions that tell. Dressing sexy is an invitation to ‘objectification’, not matter how you rationalize it. And no women dresses in a sexy way ‘just for herself’…unless by ‘just for herself’, she means “just so I can enjoy the attention I receive”. Nothing wrong with it, provided those women don’t try and worm out of the truth of the matter.

        1. Women dress a certain way to get attention from anyone (both men and women).
          They want certain men to “notice” them and they want all women to comment on their style.
          You only have to watch women in action. It will tell you everything.

        1. Hey we all gotta be what we gotta be doll face =P YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY…don’t forget to smile and laugh and BE POSITIVE 😀 😀 :D!!!

        2. “…we all gotta be what we gotta be…”
          a whore can stop whoring but a bastard is always a bastard.
          Best wishes to you, Larry. I hope your relationship with your mother improves.

        3. She’s dead delores so that’s about as good as it gets here on out. We should hang out 😀

      8. Women’s only power is the fact that men objectify and desire them. When a woman’s beauty fades or never appears, she become invisible to most men. Which often causes her a great deal of stress, especially if she was pretty at some point.
        If women don’t like being objectified,don’t blame men take it up with God or nature whichever suits your beliefs. Men are sexual and our primary sense for attraction is visual. So get as many degrees as you can, have a great career, do whatever you want, but men will still objectify you until you no longer can command that attention, then you can “enjoy” not being objectified.

    4. Physical objectification is the foundation of sexual attraction to begin with
      The deniers come in three types: Those who are ignorant, willfully ignorant, or don’t want people to realize the truth (guess why)

    5. Agree…and they don’t usually switch sides until they have “hit the wall” and they are invisible to men. It’s very obvious (in your face) and it’s another fact that women don’t want presented in our society.
      Many join the other team when the new, younger, hotter models come out. They’ve been forced to “retire” because they are past “their time”.

      1. Yup. Yet they want to be treated like rational adults when they plug their ears and refuse to listen to men for the first 30 years of their life.
        Men only created the world that allows them to live unfettered by truth and reality…what could we know? lol

        1. You know nothing. Women aren’t grateful.
          Massa isn’t impressed by the work of his slaves. He perceives their efforts as his own.
          Predators aren’t impressed by their prey.
          For as long as men pay women to abuse them, women will know they Know Best. When they only Know how to fuck and lie, their children are going to be violently abused.

      2. Men need to protect girls from women who suddenly become averse to sex and project all their putrid hate onto their betters the instant men no longer want to have sex with them. When the object of hate is their own daughter, it can destroy the girl.

    6. Hair done, nails done, perfumes, body washes, always out shopping for clothes, new clothes, sexy underwear, heels, cosmo mags about how to get him, how to make him want you more – women were the first to objectify themselves indeed.
      Roughly her entire day is dedicated to objectifying herself enough to achieve attracting men. Not just that, they’re absolutely shameless about it.
      Then they lie and say they’re “just doing for themselves – they like looking pretty”; No, its all about men and attention – typical lack of introspection
      Women know they have one and only one use.
      Fat and ugly girls just can’t hang with that and they complain constantly but we’ll ignore them anyway

    7. …however attractive women get bored of hearing the comments associated by objectification. A nice one will acknowledge the comment (sometimes this is only in the form of a polite smile), but to warrant some interest from her, a man needs to distinguish himself some other way. Starting a conversation about music is usually a good way to do that. Everyone likes to think they have the best taste in music and it generally gives him an opportunity to show off social skills, articulation and knowledge.

    8. I got whistled at when I was only 16 and trying to run for track. It feels weird and dehumanizing, not fun.
      Sure, some girls/women like it, but don’t assume all do.

      1. Like it’s been said a million times…. it’s harassment when the guy is someone you’re not attracted to. If you had a crush on the guy that whistled, you would have loved it

        1. I associate whistling with stupidity, so even if I was capable of having crushes, it would have been extinguished by the action. Don’t act like you magically know everyone’s mind.

        2. Arguing with women makes my head hurt. Do you even read before you reply? ….I know you disliked being cat-called, because the guy doing it was probably unattractive to you. Had it been someone you liked or admired, like Leonardo Dicaprio or Brad Pitt or whatever famous guy women swoon after, you would have welcomed the cat-calling

        3. “Do you even read before you reply?”
          I could ask you the same thing.
          You claim that all women’s reactions are ultimately controlled by their level of physical attraction to the man/men doing the catcalling. I responded by explaining that, no matter the looks(or lack thereof) of the person doing it, their character is diminished enough in my eyes for me to not be attracted to them if I learn that they do that.
          You’re ignoring outliers in an attempt to insult women as a group to cradle your “I have a dick, so I’m superior, RAH RAH” ego.
          I was hoping I wouldn’t need to spell it out for you, but here goes: A lot of celebrity-swooning female fans do so not because they think the guy’s an “alpha” jerk, but because he seems like a gentleman who actually sees women as people. Some women are different, sure, but if I had to swoon over someone, that would be my reasoning. “Catcalling” is not the mark of a gentleman, but a crass person, hence, unless you get off to that kind of behavior, it’s going to diminish the person in your eyes. Hence if I saw some random celebrity that appears polite on screen hooting at me or another woman, I would no longer find them attractive.

        4. “Arguing with women makes my head hurt.” Yes, I know, baby, they use so many words, and so many sentences, it’s really hard to follow. Do try to keep up though.

        5. No, I meant it’s because they never listen and I have to constantly repeat myself. Your comment shows you didn’t even read the comments before you decided to run your mouth.

    9. And how do you know that? Are you a good looking women? Your not even a good looking guy sorry

  2. Women with a Waist-to-Hip around 0.7 have optimal levels of estrogen and are less susceptible to major diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and ovarian cancers. WHR correlates strongly with general health and fertility. Source:
    Women prefer men with broad shoulders (waist-to-shoulder ratio), which also indicates good health. Source:
    People who are obese lack these healthy ratios and appear sexually androgynous. It is unclear, by their body shapes, whether they are male or female. Therefore, they are seen as unattractive. Unless you live in a society where the population is poor and starving, and obesity signals wealth, obese people will never be seen as attractive. Not in a normal society. Deal with it, fat chicks.

  3. Women of the past: “Honey would you like something to eat?”
    Women of today: “Make your own goddamn meal!”
    Women of the past: ” Honey can you tell me where your socks are?””
    Women of today: “Pick up your fucking socks!”
    Women have really have changed over the years. As men when we point out their flaws, they will tell us that we are the ones who are flawed and we can’t handle an intelligent woman.
    You know what I say?

    1. What sensible individual desires to live with another human being with a considerably large chip on each shoulder, placed their by some misguided and destructive political ideology?

        1. Not just the mall, but your average street. I’m in Chicago and every so often I see something that is so jarring that my only reaction is, “My Gawd….what has America become?” Men with babies strapped to their chests while their wives scroll their phones. Women who are neigh morbidly obese, more chins than China, acne, and still has the gall to smoke with a huge, glistening rock, on her stubby ring finger, suggesting someone married her. And the woman in question looks younger than 28. Are these the choices? Fat, arrogant, slutty, or ugly?

        2. I believe you can hear America’s death rattle. You can’t have a nation of lard asses towing along their castrated husbands and expect to have a civilization. I see it all the time in Vermont fat, tatted up, loser bitches with their spawn, after a while the man usually splits who needs the constant humiliation.

        3. And yet they don’t make shoes for that “walk of shame” …
          Maybe Nine West can “man up”.

        4. Hell, just open your front door and sit out front…watch any neighborhood. You’ll see the same thing.

      1. They’ve been sold a lie.
        And they gain so much mileage and hit so many bumps along the way that they crash and burn into reality.

        1. Much like a sizeable portion of red pillers and PUAs.
          The hardest part about accepting reality as it is, is letting go of bitterness.

        2. I actually agree with that.
          There will be some MGTOWs and PUAs who are going to end up asking themselves if chasing/ignoring pussy was all it was cracked up to be.

    2. They say we can’t handle a strong, intelligent woman, but they can’t even figure out how to cook.

        1. I’m starting to wonder if salads make women fat. I go to restaurants and I see fat girls eating salads, I know it’s probably a first date but now she wants to lose the weight?

        2. It’s not the salads, but the 2200 calories of lattes, cronuts, mac n cheese, ice cream and wine that round out the day.

        3. It´s the food they dont talk about or just drop into them by accidently visiting the kitchen….

        4. Penises, food – don’t matter. The hamster can rationalize away anything women put inside their bodies.

        5. The salad’s just the tip of the iceberg …
          … an iceberg hiding a veritable buffet of nasty food that would choke a donkey and give a myocardial infarction to an elephant.
          “But I really can’t eat anything more!”
          Let’s put this to the test, shall we, in Mister Creosote style.

        6. That dressing she just poured all over it, that’s where all the calories come from.
          It’s neat to order a pile of lettuce to look like your weight conscious, but to drown it in bleu cheese or ranch dressing just lets everyone know you have no idea what you’re doing.

        7. Salads without the dressing won’t make you fat. People drown their salads with that sweet and fattening dressing that shoot those calories through the roof.

        8. Agree.
          I think they trip over whole cakes in the kitchen…and then a healthy salad (with diet coke) for lunch.

      1. Nice.
        A strong, intelligent woman who knows how to order “take out”.
        It’s pretty bad when the majority of men can “out cook” women.

    3. Back then, even if you made the bed wrong (as in, not the their bullshit “standard”) at least they would thank you for trying anyway. Nowadays it’s “You made the fucking bed wrong!” and an all-day grudge which includes storming out for hours while ignoring your texts and caller-ID snipering your calls just to power posture. Cunts.

    4. I’m currently in a unstable LTR (long story) and had a conversation with my gf about cooking. She doesn’t like to cook and practically will not try; she is hesitant in compromising and tells me I can just do it (cook) myself. But yet I’m expected to be a perfect gentleman and put her on a pedestal? Give me a f-ing break!

        1. AS of matter of fact, that is what I did. We haven’t spoken in two weeks. plan on keeping it that way.

        2. I have no clue. since we both don’t like it I figure we split the “duty”. But she is unwilling to compromise in this area.

        3. Most definitely! There are pros and cons in every relationship. it comes down to which ones way more heavily. and in this case, the cons are pretty heavy. this issue is only the tip of the iceberg. Thank goodness I came across this site.

        4. Most relationships have their cons, but now that you know what a shit relationship looks like, set the rules you want early. And don’t settle for a girl who will sleep with you, but one who actually likes you. Or you’ll just get another Becky do nothing, who twirls her gum on her index, and asks “What?!” when you tell her make me a sandwich. That what is the official marker of a person who don’t like you.

        5. Thanks for the advice, RHA! My problem is that I keep thinking I won’t find a better gal than X. this leads down the path to settle (better the devil you know that the devil you don’t). But thanks to ROK and the community, I’d rather be alone than be miserable.

        6. She is thinking only of her; what she “feels” like doing. Given that you are even willing to split the duties yet she remains adamant in her refusal it is obvious that this individual is not relationship material.

        7. Here is the thing: you will. Women work on this cycle: smile, reflect, develop investment, reciprocate until the balance of activity is between 72 to 78 percent you doing work vs 12 to 17 percent her work in the relationship. Once you are in the 80 percent range, the lazy will let you do everything else and claim it is your fault. Simple things to remember as you move forward. She didn’t love you. It’s okay. She has a mirror. And once she hits 27, she’ll hate everything about that mirror as she pads her face with more, and more, mascara. You got stock from two long term relationships. Truth 2: when you stop sulking on what you lost, you will find all you needed was more investment in yourself. More goals, more self created joy, more reasons to laugh independent of a female on your arms. Truth 3: most women are only going to see you as an accessory to their existence, boyfriend, husband, f-buddy, etc. before thhey see you for you. You set the tone there, and when you do, you will have a roaring time of it. I can’t wait to hear the first time you tell a woman, “Get your shit and get the fuck out!” That isn’t a statement to be mean mind you, but to instill the power of a godly word that will change your life forever. No.
          Say No often. Say No just to see a reaction. What are you doing? No. What? No. Aren’t we talking? No. Best word you can use in interactions with anyone, but especially with women. Say No, and follow your dreams.

        8. Golden words! After the end of my first LTR I told myself no more sulking–ever! not worth it…no one is.

        9. Bacon?!?
          I’m with you, though: I love cooking. Especially baking.
          If a woman has disdain for cooking, she may as well tattoo “Shitty Caregiver” on her forehead.

        10. Yes Bacon!!! It is delicious.
          I agree, I know a lot of women who don’t know how to cook or find cooking to at times be a chore. But I don’t know many women who absolutely hate cooking to the point where they are unwilling to compromise.

        11. Yeah, That One-Itis Bug can be a powerful infection for a lot of men.
          I had some of that disease too before i knew anything about the Red Pill concept or this site.
          Hence, my agreement with the whole self improvement & awareness concept being espoused here & on the Roosh forums.
          There are those ill informed who assume were a bunch of whiny women haters. Couldn’t be far from the truth. Granted, there will be the odd misanthrope here & there.
          We love women. Actual women. But that also comes from our sense of self respect & understanding about what it takes to be a man. I think that’s where healthy man-woman relationships are rooted.
          NEXT her if she doesn’t meet your standards. Just make sure you’re keeping your own value as a man high. Make the fish come after you. And if they don’t? You’ve still got your value defined independent of that.

        12. I want you to start thinking of yourself “as the prize” from now on (not this nonsense “I can’t find a better gal”).
          If you start to think this way, then you’ll start to have the pick (versus being picked). I still have women looking for me years later because they didn’t get picked.
          You are the prize…that is your new mentality.

        13. Before I wouldn’t think as myself as the prize. But as I read more and more ROK articles I thought to myself “shit!?” I am a fucking prize! This new mentality is settling in and it’s permanent! no more “you’re a lucky guy” bullshit! She’s the lucky one!

      1. Thats what women want from us men- chivalry.
        Well guess what, you are not going to get it, unless I get what I want, which is warm food on a plate and regular sex when I want it.
        If the women does not like that, then tell her to go fuck herself.

        1. Amen! If a woman is willing to compromise with me on cooking and provide me with regular sex along with loyalty. I’ll have an incentive to treat her right in many ways.

        2. ha yeah chivalry. Didnt we had that discussion already that chivalry in our western society is suicide or pure masochim ?
          It´s white knighing like quijote did with his windmills… 😀

        3. Chivalry is for ladies. The last time I checked we no longer have any in the U.S..
          So many were so busy buying into the feminist narrative that they need to be more like men…so there you have it (cause and effect).
          No more ladies; no more chivalry. In other words, open your own door, bitch.

        1. Don’t just say well said, Do IT! Even if you love her, the more time you invest, the more hurt you will be if or when you break up. By even having the second or third thought to do it, you should know, it is time. Pull the plug.

      2. I cook for myself. And I cook for others.
        I wouldn’t wife up a girl if she was too lazy to cook. That is just basics of life. What is she good for exactly?

        1. It’s ironic. She says she believes in a partnership but is opposed to doing certain things that–depending on the relationship–may require two people. We had many many conversations about it and she said she rather do x or y, something more productive. Mind you, she is in great shape and watches what she eats. But she was brought up in a household where her mother wears the pants in the family and her father is a white knight.
          Honestly, I’m exhausted. It’s like I hit my head against the wall repeatedly expecting a different outcome. I’m over it.

        2. If she’s not adding value to your life, she needs to go.
          An accomplished male is an asset that will appreciate over time, like real estate IF he’s constantly self improving. A female is like a car, impressive at the outset but will diminish in value over time.
          Actions define value in any human relationship. If you’re the prize that she thinks she can take for granted, well then…

        3. Indeed if a woman can’t bring more than a pussy she’s not worth more than a hole to stick it in – and that can be easier to get than married.

        4. How her parents are is exactly how she will be in a relationship. That’s what she’s basing her entire idea of a relationship on, no matter if she says she is not.
          Walk away man, there ain’t any rabbits in that hole worth shooting.

        5. I’ve seen her parents’ relationship; Father is a mangina and mother runs the show. It’s a sad sight, all three sisters and wife get on his case when he tries to do something nice for his elderly mother. The wife/gf’s mother hasn’t worked in 15 years and doesn’t even have food waiting for him when he gets home from work. She’s too busy co-raising her eldest daughter’s child. However, the child is gone by the time he gets home.
          The family is central American and so am I, but I was raised in a patriarchal home. It’s like if we’re from two different worlds.
          I put a lot of value in her because besides me she’s only had one other sexual partner (ex-husband), doesn’t party, has no male friends, etc. But that is not enough anymore.

      3. Women are funny. They want to play the “man role” but only parts of it (selective equality).
        They don’t want to play all of the hard stuff or the bad stuff roles…they only want the good stuff.
        They still expect you (the man) to play all of those other roles.

    5. There is always a good and a bad of any changes, in life.
      Have you ever heard a woman comment on the “downside” of feminism?
      That’s how you know when you’re dealing with a “Coo Coo for Coco Puffs”…crazy ass.

    6. Feminine women don’t exist in the west anymore, sadly. They cut their hair short, curse like sailors, and dress like sluts. Then they expect us to treat them like ladies. Sorry, but I treat FEMININE women like ladies, not sluts.

  4. It has always seemed strange how humans during the course of the last half century have futility attempt to defy biology and by extension, nature. One could only imagine the chaos that would ensue if every mammal, insect, and other living creatures attempted to deny their own respective biological nature.
    One can clearly see the danger and destructive results of political ideologies that attempt to rewire human nature. One can barely comprehend, if at all, such naive arrogance.

  5. I used to be extremely overweight (240lbs). I now weight about 175 and have a six pack from regular crossfit sessions.
    I live in a city that is very body and health conscious (LA). When I return home to Arizona, I get flack from my family for not wanting to gourge myself on unhealthy foods during the holidays. One of my uncles is even a bit belligerent about MY dietary choices and won’t STFU about me choosing not to eat dairy.
    The fat-acceptance movement seems nothing more than an “in-shape person” shaming movement. Rather than the fattie accepting where they are and take decisive action to change, they use guilt and shame and, if need be, governmental force via the tort system to legitimize and enable their gluttony and sloth.
    When I was fat, never once did I have the audacity to demand women give me attention or give support to fat acceptance movements. Now that I have gotten my life together with getting sober and working out like a madman, I get the attention that I always craved from women. Change yourself and your world changes. Trying to change individuals and society is futile and will only result in depression and suffering.

    1. Same boat. Was 245, dropped to 170, now back up to a northern life insulating chubby but happy and healthy 205. I get that shit all the time from co-workers and especially my GF’s fat fucking family about not wanting whatever shitty nutrient deficient, awful tasting garbage they are trying to force on me.
      What’s more strange – that I don’t eat bread or that you can’t see your fucking feet?

    1. Keep telling yourself that. Let us know when her hypergamous nature kicks in, and you find out the reason she’s never in the mood for sex is because her boss’s trouser snake has been engaging in WW3 with her penis fly trap.

      1. A man who is Alpha enough and stays at home while his wife works is effectively applying Dread Game all the time. While she is at work, he could be out banging other women for all she knows, which is why she will do whatever she can to keep him loyal.
        It’s as simple as that.

        1. No, she knows exactly where he’s at. At home with the kids taking their temperature with an anal thermometer. That’s not alpha. Stop the rationalization. Alphas will never rely on women as providers. They are self sufficient.

        2. You really shouldn’t narrow your perspective of what an Alpha is and isn’t. Yeah, her man could be at home. Or he could be hitting it up with the other, hotter housewives who are staying at home.

      1. Either Mark is a woman, or he’s been failing female shit tests like crazy. Mark, it’s never too late to take the red pill, brah.

        1. I actually do know one guy who is doing this relatively successfully so far. But there are contingencies that should be noted that make this the exception not the rule.
          The wife makes 150+k/year as a nuclear engineer + she was already mid-30s + she already had a kid to another man.
          My buddy is mid/late 30s, plays pure clown game 24/7, no career, unemployed, and overweight. He was in my Masters program but he had to drop out after he was diagnosed with depression and was on meds for half-a-year.

        2. Sorry about your friend, but the moment she realizes and knows she can do better he’s gone.

        3. She’s would be a divorced mother in her 30s. Can’t do much better. She has exactly what she deserves.

        4. True, true. Being a single mother is extremely damaging to a woman’s sexual value, and a career isn’t much help. I can see your point. (What a strange world we live in.)

        5. The weird thing is if you’d just met him he’d seem like the happiest, funniest, coolest guy ever.
          Its only if you know him that you realize he is constantly consuming to keep his shit together (video games, drinking, SSRIs, etc.). The man cannot sit still for more than 10 seconds and is actually very anxious to be liked by others.

        6. Sounds like the typical stand up comedian. They tend to be some of the most depressed, psychologically messed up people you’ll ever meet.

      2. I wouldn’t.
        Maybe I’m just a dick or an idiot (both is probably the right answer), but I wouldn’t be able to sit home, change diapers, and make sure the pot roast is ready in time while the woman worked.
        I am not surprised that lawyer in that article is seeing so many stay-at-home-dad based divorces.

        1. That sounds normal to me.
          It depends right… If I had to choose between depressing office work and working to give my children all the opportunities and education I possibly could, I’d go for the latter.
          If it was between a decent career and changing diapers and being broke-ass… then yeah… the former…

        2. I spent six weeks this summer “funemployed” with a brand new puppy. It was the best six weeks of my life. I would gladly raise the children and cook the food. My buddy just went on praternity leave and spent a month raising his new son – loved it and didn’t want to go back to work.
          I get the early feminists being pissed before we had amazing modern technology that makes our lives super easy, but the fourth wave griping about stay at home moms now is beyond me.

        3. Here is the problem, for a select few, it is about providing for themselves. For the vast majority, if you took away the ability to post pictures off yourself at parties, events, gatherings, accomplishments gained from work, you would see these hollow insecure rabbits for who they are. They don’t want children because they would be responsible. They prefer jobs because they will receive assistance and several cop-outs on a whim. And there are exceptions sure, but take away social media and the amount of women on anti-depressants would sky rocket.

        4. You mean skyrocket past the 1/4 who are already on antidepressants and the 70% of all Americans who take prescription drugs?

        5. The amount on anti-depressants is only a pittance of the truly sad women either wishing they had friends to share the day with as stay at home moms, or clamor for more selfie shots and motivational quotes to substantiate the mock life they have in a career. Both ends are sad, because the original genetic fulfillment can’t be attained.
          You have no idea how femininizing spaces for communication has made the world a truly lonely place to be.

        6. I have 5 kids and sometimes my wife gets mastitis and I stay home and conduct homeschooling for the day.
          SHIT GETS DONE and some shit don’t get done but either way I have fun, do things my way, and the kids like it.
          The stuff that doesn’t get done is usually just because I am substituting in a job in which I do not normally work. If I were a regular I’d be a pro, and as it is I have lots of tips for my wife to improve her day that she doesn’t listen to very well. i.e. everyone eat out of one bowl and share one cup for drinks to save on dirty dishes.
          She knows not to complain about the dishes or housework because I will implement daddy’s rules, and she would rather wash dishes and fold clothes her way than do it my way, because manners.
          The price women pay for manners!

        7. Woops. Accidently downvoted this. Hopefully I took it back.
          I don’t know. I’d work a job I hated if it meant I was able to provide for my family and let the wife stay home and do what she’s better at.
          If I had to, I would go to night school or something while working to be able to make a career change if my job was that bad.
          I just don’t see myself ever in the role of primary caretaker and housekeeper. If my wife was sick and needed help, yea…I can stay home and help for a bit.
          But not as my primary role.

        8. It’s funny to watch these women over the decades. They wanted to get out and “be the man” – have the career.
          And then, many of them, later on married to choose to stay at home to be the mom (i.e. former lawyers, doctors, etc…).
          Women have found out that our (a man’s) life isn’t all that easy. They wanted to be “strong, empowered and independent” only to find out it sucks. That’s why so many (still out there) are single and on meds.

        9. I bet there are many more stay-at-home mothers and wives depressed and on meds then there are single career women

        10. Today, it’s by choice. The average woman, today, has many “choices” versus women of yesterday. You can’t have it both ways.

    2. whatever. Most man dont live in utopia. And these woman you mean are I guess mostly 20 years older then you. How many rich widows do you know ?

    3. Not supporting yourself and being reliant on a woman for income can in no way help you maintain an alpha frame. Eventually she’s going to come to see you as a resource drain. We have hard wiring that no amount of alpha can overcome, and when that woman starts to see you as a drain on her “career”, guess what, office cock for her, the door for you.

  6. Mothers/grandmothers used to guide the next generation of women with common sense…
    “If you’re going to be a slut, don’t expect to snag a man of high-value.”
    “If you get really really fat, don’t expect to get a man of high-value.”
    “You should learn how to cook/clean/child-rear for when your husband takes care of the money while you are taking care of the children.”
    “If a man says he is not interested in committing to a woman… he probably isn’t.”
    “Get a man of character and integrity, rather than a degenerate.”
    “Get the best man you can when you’re younger.”
    etc. etc. etc.
    ***For any of you who have heard me bitch about my ex, she messaged me yesterday with a whimsical message of…
    “Hey its been a while, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since your birthday passed. Maybe we can meet up tomorrow and get coffee/tea and catch up. I miss your mom.”
    I don’t get which part of… “You betrayed me. You cheated on me with my friend and tried to destroy my career… Our relationship and our friendship is now over. Don’t ever contact me again” she did not understand…
    I predicted this would happen. Her beta-white knight-mangina boyfriend just doesn’t do it for her in the same way. That is the problem a girl runs into when she cheats or behaves like a slut… She can’t fully respect a man who thinks she is the most wonderful purest special snowflake in the world. Now all the sudden she is stuck thinking about the guy who decided he deserves better than to be treated like that.
    The feminazi culture does not work guys… Don’t buy into this psycho-bullshit. It contradicts human nature.***

    1. Exactly, bro. I’m guessing she went and ran the gauntlet of schmucks and dorks (probably via Tinder!) and none of them quite cut it or just didn’t give her the attention/subservience she wanted, so what does she do? Try to go back to the old comfortable, familiar, and safe that she already knows instead of bothering using the time and energy to get to know someone new, all the while thinking you’re a sucker who will take the bait. Good for you for shooting her down and keeping your integrity intact! No go run through as many bitches as you can, YOU deserve it!

      1. She sees me as a sucker? I doubt it. I’ve done things to that girl she is never going to forget. I plundered that girl. Case closed.
        The second I say “Wow… I miss you… Remember that time we [insert story]”
        is the very moment she will see me as a sucker though. She just wants the attention and validation kuz she is bored at the moment.
        She knows she fucked up any possible future between us. She can just rationalize when she is bored that it “Wasn’t so bad. He’s a man, he’ll just get over it.”

        1. Plundered?! Not you Clark!!
          Jokes aside, there is a chunk of rage left from trying to do the long term thing with a bona fide slut. It pains you knowing you were with it and the thoughts of the past are just as disgusting. It helps me, to think that she wanted someone who wasn’t me, some fictitious character who she imagined I could evolve into with prodding coaxing and motivation.
          Kudos to you for cutting the cords. Be happy you have left a permanent cog for a hamster wheel in her head and keep on growing. You’re doing it right man.

        2. She sees me as a sucker? I doubt it. I’ve done things to that girl she is never going to forget. I plundered that girl. Case closed.

    2. I had a similar experience with an ex of 9 years. She did not cheat on me but blind-sided me when she broke up with me. After she obliterated my heart she reached out and when I did not respond she played the victim. What I recommend for any man who has experienced this is to not give them a splint second of your time; do not acknowledged any form of communication–they no longer deserve it. Move on, carry your head up high, and and NEVER look back!
      I rationalized the situation by asking myself “what do gain from this?”…absolutely nothing! she did not want me back. My theory is that she reached out because she felt guilty for breaking my heart and wanted some sort of validation for what she did.

      1. My theory is that she reached out because she felt guilty for breaking my heart and wanted some sort of validation for what she did.

        Yep. She didn’t contact you for you, she did it for her. Sometimes they just want to know if they can still have you. Fuck her.

      2. Anyone who didn’t have time for you (before) doesn’t deserve any of your time (now).
        Never waste time on these types of women. I never go back…it’s a waste of my time (I value it too much).

    3. Have you considered WHY that lifestyle you romanticize the grandmothers suggesting doesn’t appeal to all women? Does sitting in the house, taking care of screaming children day after day, year after year really sound pleasant to you? I don’t hate children, but the idea of being a stay-at-home mom sounds like a death sentence to me. I respect the women(and men) who do it happily, but it’s never appealed to me personally. Even being a “lonely spinster” sounds better, if it means having the time and abilities to pursue individual dreams(art, music, research, etc.).
      Sure, women *tend* to be more nurturing and family-oriented, but being more focused on a career or project doesn’t make someone a “freak of nature” because they have a vagina. If work is always so awful as the author suggests, why don’t men seek out more domineering, career-oriented women?

      1. “Have you considered WHY that lifestyle you romanticize the grandmothers suggesting doesn’t appeal to all women?”
        Firstly, “all” is not the point of contention. Secondly, In the majority of cases it is the result of the indoctrination from the media, education system, and the government. Not to mention the entitlement mentality that the current political and cultural atmosphere inculcates into females. It is perhaps unsurprising that an increasing number of women rely on anti-depression medication.

        1. STOP responding to the cunts. This one doesn’t even make sense, big surprise.
          If work is always so awful as the author suggests, why don’t men seek out more domineering, career-oriented women?
          I mean, come on, did she not even read the article? More likely it all just went right over her pretty little head. Another big surprise.

        2. I know several members of my own families(my mom included) who aren’t stay-at-home moms, and don’t take any drugs.

      2. Appeal isn’t relevant though
        Women are better suited for those exact duties, ergo the outliers should be regarded as such

        1. The bulk of my female friends from high school and college want careers before(or without entirely) children. Yet they’re all pleasant and have multiple intelligent male friends.

        2. you go girls! yay! i feel genuinely happy for those pleasant women who have intelligent male friends so they will never, i mean never, waste even a second of their precious time here on a misogynist site like ROK! seriously what quality women would want even consider patronizing or should i say matronizing a misogynist site like ROK??? it’s like, you know, creepy and totally gross!!!

        3. Yes, it’s disgusting to try to see things from the opposite of your usual perspective to add different viewpoints.

        4. ‘Yes, it’s disgusting to try to see things from the opposite of your usual perspective to add different viewpoints.’
          i know!!! it’s like, you know, only creepy insensitive jerks do that and not to mention it’s so totally offensive and demeaning! and don’t let me start with rape culture being discriminated by children and the society, i mean, i’m so confident intelligent independent but all good men are taken while all misogynist loser men out there are so totally gross and shallow yet of course not all women are like that, aiiiiiiiiiiiight? gnomesayin?

      3. If work is always so awful as the author suggests, why don’t men seek out more domineering, career-oriented women?

        Because younger, more attractive women are more fun to be with. Stressful careers can really age a woman. If a guy has a choice, why put up with that?

        1. Because he cares more about being able to raise his children than whether or not his wife has a “bangin’body”.

        2. if his wife doesn’t have a “bangin body” then he may not be able to get it hard and then there won’t even be any children?

        3. You don’t have to look like a Playboy model before 15 years into the marriage to be considered “hot” by a lot of people.

        4. oh lord, forget playboy model! most young women can’t even afford look like the woman with black bikini in the top left picture titled ‘what men define as curvy’.
          i’ve learned from experienes to know better and take it with a grain of salt when any woman ( even my own mother ) described this and that woman as ‘hot’.
          on the contrary when women talked among themselves about this and that man is ‘hot’ or ‘confident’ then invariably it later turned out that the man was indeed handsome and even had the body of a male underwear model.

        5. That’s because we live in a country where it’s easier to get cheap junk food than quality fruits and veggies. If we have more health problems, we need more drugs and medical care. But by all means, if you have the resources and time to work out and eat well, go for it. You’ll likely get the attention of at least some girls you consider “hot”.

      4. Yes, a 20 year career as a waitress or secretary is far more profound than raising your own ‘screaming’ child. A tiny fraction of women become CEO’s, actresses, or models. The rest grind it out
        Of course, women have entered the higher workforce, but I’ve yet to see a real, important contribution outside of sexual harrassment and human resources. Sorry, but dem’s the facts

        1. Remember who you are arguing with on this subject.
          Facts and logic only apply when debating men.

        2. Yup. It is endlessly frustrating. While most women will admit they think ’emotionally’, they can’t imagine why such behavior is not appropriate in a voting public, or the workplace

        1. I’m young enough that I still have options, but mostly I’m interested in neuroscience and molecular biology. Read Ben Carson’s novel “Gifted Hands” if you get the chance; he describes a case where he had to separate a set of infant twins who were connected at the backs of the heads. He only had an hour to freeze their blood to keep them from bleeding out. It’s very interesting.

    4. Respecting a person who doesn’t respect themself (most u.s. womyn) is a form of cuckoldry. This is exactly what modern feminism dictates that men do: worship the feral, the insincere, the deviant.

    5. I remember my ex tried to contact me after my mum died. Didn’t even return her text. It is all tied into the culture of the day, thw belief that just because you are an attractive woman you can do whatever the fuck you please with no ramifications.

  7. “Remember that a man is a key and a woman is a lock. ” – Made me think of that ex-girlfriend of the portly MP Nicholas Soames who said having sex with him was like having a wardrobe fall on you with the key still in.
    Women denying they are just sexual objects is understandable (there was one movie I remember where one of the sexually active female characters was simply named ‘hole’ – probably didn’t do much for her self esteem), but the strange thing is how this demand – that they are not just sexual objects has over time morphed into the demand that they shouldn’t be seen as sexual objects at all effectively (a least outside of constrained reciprocal relationships). This de-legitimation of being a sexual object (in the first instance) has tended to combine with women seeking equivalent attention through dishonest means – disguised as raising political awareness, or protest or something. There seems to be know limit to their capacity for self-deception in this regard

    1. Right. It’s called “having your cake and eating it, too”.
      Women want to have it both ways with no accountability or responsibility at all. They want to act a certain way and they don’t want anyone to have an opinion on the matter.
      If you’re an adult, then that shit doesn’t fly. We all are responsible for our actions (we even teach our kids this valuable lesson).
      Women want a free pass…..I’m not fucking giving any out.

      1. “They want to act a certain way and they don’t want anyone to have an opinion on the matter.”
        About sums it up, but I think they’re actively deceiving themselves (and us) as well.

    1. I´m not sure about the pretty part. I mean an average looking woman who has a traditional mindset can be your best “partner” in life. Because once you know you can realy trust your woman and you go trough life together as a team your perception changes too how relevant the look of her is compared to all the media images they have created for the super type new age woman. A skinny lamp post with a face that looks straight out of a cartoon is not my type of girl anyway. And those models are obsessed!

      1. Ugliness is usually a choice. Most young women could look decent enough to get a man to commit if they wanted to.

        1. Yeah i know. Back in the day woman had to do a lot more so they couldnt become so fat as today. When i look at pictures of the 30´s or my grandma told some storys…fat were only the more privileged ones. Today they are just lazy, thats it. But honestly i dont care about lazy and people of excuses. We in the west have everything one need to have a physical appearance that is “ok”. Comfort can be a bad thing i guess.

        2. You are right. Most women have control over their appearance. Charlize Theron was able to gain 40lbs and look hideous for a movie. Only to go back to looking beautiful again.

        3. Yes, not all women can be the most beautiful. I don’t have any issues with ugly women. I barely notice them. I have issue with the ones who try to shame me for not being attracted to ugly women. I just want to say, “bitch, the reason I’m not attracted to ugly women is the same reason you’re not attracted to homeless men!”

        1. I know responding to females is prohibited here, but it’s quite refreshing to have a voice of reason among all the silly femitards(Lilac, for instance) that flock here to be a nuisance(and unknowingly prove our point at the same time).

  8. How to win any argument against a women:
    Woman: *Throws out whatever insults women like to use*
    Man:Make some short of hint that she is short of fat. “You are a bit on the chubby side. Geez cut back on the Micky D’s and chocolate ice cream you cow!”
    Woman:I HATE YOU!!!*storms out of the room crying*

    1. How to win argument against a man.
      Man: “cunt bitch whore parasite of society blah blah”
      Woman: “your dick is tiny”
      Man: *storms out of the room crying*

    1. Agree. Women and the media do it, nonstop (even in commercials).
      If this kind of behavior was aimed at any other fucking demographic, then you could be damn sure that there would a “beheading”.
      But, it seems to be the norm because of the new feminist narrative which is about power and control (not equality). There view, today, is that it’s “payback” time and open season on all men.
      Fuck that…not here.

  9. A little muscle on the torso will conceal the rib cage. I’ve seen muscular women with ‘insect like’ bodies who could do the most amazing things. They are limber and strong but amazingly light. Only a ‘cat stretch’ reveals ribs which is JUST PERFECT.

  10. Shaming works
    Women do it all the time, to men they don’t like, to each other, even to their kids
    Never be ashamed to shame

  11. I check ROK occasionally, and I’ve made some observations. I am a 17 year old girl, and when I first found this website about a year ago, I was sure it was a satire. When I realized it was serious, I was horrified. However, I tried to read each article thinking ‘If this were written by women about men, would I be bothered?’ and usually the answer is I don’t agree with it, but I wouldn’t be disgusted by the content, either. Honestly, I can see truth to some things on this website – to this day I have heard girls my age talking about how their goal is to ‘marry rich’ and not liking guys who are ‘overly nice’. That said, there’s a fine line between red pill mentality and outright seeing all women as inferior. I could be annoyed about the double standard regarding promiscuity, but I know the response will be ‘it is a women’s role to have children so she is judged on that’. In my opinion, seeing women as merely reproductive tools is limiting and old-fashioned, but I digress.
    Every once in a while I’ll see an article on here that I enjoy (Margaret Thatcher as a strong woman vs ‘strong women’ who make excuses, article about author’s girlfriend who was raped and the commenters acknowledged that true rape is disgusting) but there are also many that I dislike. Talking about women as dirty, worthless, things who you still would have sex with, then judge them for being a slut if they sleep with you (if they didn’t have sex, I’m sure you wouldn’t be immediately down on one knee, praising her chastity but correct me if I’m wrong) has escaped my mind. There’s so much more that I do not understand, probably because I am a girl and not who this website was intended for at all. I grew up in a traditional household with conservative parents, both of whom are well-educated and treat each other as equals. Both of my parents worked in similar fields before I was born, then my mother left her job to take care of the children while my father was the provider. When my siblings and I graduate, she may go back to work out of enjoyment. I don’t see anything wrong with that arrangement because the mutual respect is there.
    Maybe I’m missing something but I get such a nasty, hateful tone from a lot of these articles (one said to impregnate wife as many times as possible to make woman dependent on you which seemed really quite horrible?). Do any of you believe in genuine friendship or love with a woman? Have you ever liked a female, found a girl smart and funny? Have you ever respected a woman, truly? I’d like to reiterate that I can understand where you are coming from on certain topics, although I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. I just want to get some context as to why women are spoken about on here as if all of them are incapable of intelligence, humour, personality, class, respectability. I don’t disagree that Western culture has led to a hypocritical, whiny, and entitled attitude among many, but I would argue that there is more to the female population than just that. This message will probably come off sounding whiny and I apologize for that, because it’s not my intention and I just wrote down thoughts as they came without much of a filter.

    1. I dig your sincerity in trying to understand some of the over-the-top rhetoric on this website, however, it its a good example of how most of us here assume women who see such comments are intelligent enough to know that most of it is to drive home a certain point. Most men here are tired of the corporate mass-media’s attempts at pushing down our throats the idea that we have to not only accept non-traditional male-to-female roles, but, that we have to celebrate alternative lifestyles, and absolutely all forms of self-mutilation. It’s one thing for people to be free to do whatever they want with their life, but when you try to coerce others to celebrate your lifestyle choices. Real men celebrate their masculinity and love their natural roles with females and will often make over-the-top remarks about how good it feels to be with the opposite sex, much like curse words are often used to describe how good certain food tastes. Again, most men here assume females, like yourself are intelligent enough to know this.

      1. I appreciate your acknowledgement and polite response. I think part of me reads the articles as pertaining to other women, another part of me is, admittedly, insecure enough to wonder if I am victim to these traits without realizing it. I think we all are influenced by our environments to some extent. The concept of being ‘free’ to do whatever they want while not imposing it on others is also very important and I can see how that would be bothersome. It’s reassuring to know that not everyone who reads this website and takes it seriously does not hold every extremist belief that are degrading. I think everyone should have the right to live how they please, so long as it does not negatively impact another’s life, but it is really a personal decision and trying to flip gender roles isn’t innately a positive change; it could be for certain people but definitely not all.

        1. “…another part of me is, admittedly, insecure enough to wonder if I am victim to these traits without realizing it.”
          One could look at it another way. If indeed any of them are descriptions of any flaws you might currently possess is not the logical course of action to discover if it applies, and if so, work on correcting them?
          “…trying to flip gender roles isn’t innately a positive change…”
          Imagine if the computer you are currently using endured an internal squabble between the hard drive and the processor (assuming they were intelligent, living organisms). Imagine the hard drive being envious that it could not accomplish the tasks the processor does, insisting that the latter be hampered or injured in some fashion in order to create a “great equality” between the two. Such an internal war would prevent a computer from properly functioning.
          Humans are similar in that both are necessary for familial harmony, but their functions differ. Now, in some respects this makes men “superior”, depending on the function of which you speak. The most obvious (merely an example) is physical strength. Does this make my worth higher than yours? Obviously not. But it is a biological difference that necessitates a different function.
          Women, likewise possess an ability men lack: the ability to give birth. If a man wishes to have children, a women will be required in order to achieve that since she obviously possesses a womb and a man does not.

        2. The only thing I would add to respectfully qualify your last comment is to say that we can’t expect others with differing point-of-views to agree that it is “positive for certain people” what we ourselves don’t agree is “positive”. Doesn’t mean we’re “racist” or “sexist” for believing that way, it simply means that it would be a contradictory to our beliefs.

        3. I completely agree that with negative traits the course of action is to improve them, my choice of words was really odd there. I hate the word ‘victim’, I meant more so having these traits without knowing i did.

        4. Of course it’s unnatural to expect that everyone will agree with everyone’s choices because our ideas of right and wrong vary. My own opinion is that as long as what you believe is not detrimental to another human being’s quality of life, then it is individual (I’m having a difficult time articulating exactly what I mean here, hopefully you can extrapolate). Actions over words, after all. If you go around believing that women belong only as homemakers and find a woman who wants nothing more than to be a housewife, that doesn’t make you sexist so long as you’re not negatively impacting a woman who doesn’t see that role for herself or forcing her to embrace that.

        5. I think what you’re trying to say, and I agree, is that “…we all have to learn how to be disagreeable without being violently disagreeable” (Martin Luther King Jr.). History has shown that a dominant culture always will arise and come to the forefront and it’s always based upon common traditional ideas of right and wrong. Therefore, there is an undeniable common understanding of what is right and wrong that give evidence to what is commonly understood as “natural”. Sure, dominant culture, societies and religious beliefs are conquered or taken over from time-to-time, but, the fact that this “historical traditional culture” endures the test-of-time demonstrates that what is understood as “natural” does truly exist. Again, this “common understanding” is tested and challenged by those who consider it “old fashioned”, but the older and wiser they become, (those younger who adopted what’s new and trendy), will be the first to acknowledge the wisdom of past generations. Free will to do whatever one wants in life should be a right not given by man, but, should be given with the understanding that the one exercising those rights must take full responsibility for their choices and actions. You cannot expect the majority in society to agree with what your free will guides you to do. Nor can corporate mass-media, expect to abandon their role by pushing some new trend and at the same time not expect to be abandoned themselves by the “common traditional culture”. Those who have chosen to go contrary to what is considered to be “natural” in a dominant culture, want you to more than agree that they have a right to do whatever, instead, they want you to change your belief in what you think is positive and natural”. Because deep down inside, it is impossible to not feel insecure or even embarrassed when your lifestyle choices are contrary to a “common dominant culture”.

        6. Yes! Thank you so much for the amazing, thoughtful response, I had some Martin Luther King Jr. journal I read a while ago in mind when I wrote that. This gives me so much hope that the ‘alpha mentality’ promoted on ROK is not mutually exclusive with general logic and acceptance. It made my day to know that there is at least one person out there who understands respectful disagreement and choice. It’s about respecting human dignity in some ways, too. There is wisdom to be found in past generations- history does repeat and the same lessons can be applied as time goes on. That said, the past was not perfect and once we are able to merge traditional lessons with a modern perspective, society will be in much better shape (I would hope).

        7. “It made my day to know that there is at least one person out there who understands respectful disagreement and choice.”
          Indeed. If only the feminists allowed others who disagree with their ideology the same courtesy.

    2. “That said, there’s a fine line between red pill mentality and outright seeing all women as inferior.”
      It would probably be more accurate to state that worth between the sexes is equal, but their function differs from one another.
      “I’d like to reiterate that I can understand where you are coming from on
      certain topics, although I don’t necessarily agree with all of them.”
      Of course not. It is difficult to imagine a situation where any two people can agree on literally everything.
      “Do any of you believe in genuine friendship or love with a woman? Have
      you ever liked a female, found a girl smart and funny? Have you ever
      respected a woman, truly?”
      Of course. The contents of these articles cannot possibly apply to ever single woman or man. The majority of the articles speak in generalities, something which, for whatever reason, the majority of females seem unable to either grasp or accept.
      “I don’t disagree that Western culture has led to a hypocritical, whiny,
      and entitled attitude among many, but I would argue that there is more
      to the female population than just that.”
      The above sentiment which you described is creating increasingly hostile responses for a variety of reasons. In my opinion, the most destructive and malicious is related to completely destroying a man’s life. Some of the responses are likely not fair, true. However, if the present problem is not corrected by both men and women accepting their place, biology, and nature while simultaneously destroying the political activists who have created an increasing gulf between the sexes we are likely to remain at war with not only one another but even ourselves.
      “This message will probably come off sounding whiny and I apologize for that…”
      I would describe it as confused. I have been there myself.

      1. Thanks for responding and answering my questions as well, the tone was likely very confusing to someone who isn’t me. I like that you said the worth is equal but functions could differ. Obviously there are outliers in regards to functions but for the most part I see what you’re saying there.

        1. Christine, you’re 17, and you’re looking for answers. I have to commend that. Most people your age would run away from ROK to the shelter of the self-esteem regime.
          It’s true that many readers really are chauvinistic boors. Why someone thinks it’s masculine to insult a faceless teenage girl is beyond me.
          ROK probably isn’t an appropriate website for a girl your age to be reading. There’s a lot of good truth here, but there’s also a lot of vulgarity. However, here are a few articles that may help you:

          5 Ways To Land (And Keep) A Quality Boyfriend

          American Girls Have No Game

          As a final note, I will say that it is very true that men care about a woman’s sexual past. Many women think they can do what they want, but in the end, sluts are a dime a dozen. A young woman who preserves her purity for marriage, maintains her physical appearance, and is pleasant to be around is highly valued and can attract much better men than if she she slept with her high school boyfriend.

        2. First of all, it really does mean a lot that I am receiving honest and legitimate responses from a few people. So thank you for that. Also, to clarify, I did not comment to ‘validate myself’, nor did I comment do start arguments. Frankly, it doesn’t bother me that some are responding with rude remarks. None of us know each other so any judgement I make about someone (and vice versa) is far too impersonal to impact my self-esteem. What concerns me is when derogatory comments receive lots of upvotes, as if many men hold those viewpoints and agree that treating others as a subordinate is the way to effectively get a point across.
          I’m not perfect, I don’t have concrete opinions yet, and I am naive, sure. But I’m curious and want to better understand the viewpoint of ROK readers who aren’t extremist. Moreover, I wanted to KNOW that not all readers were extremist and true misogynists.
          There would be something wrong with me if I loved every article on here- I certainly disagree with some ideas. I haven’t talked about my own opinions because I know this is not the appropriate forum for that. My point, as was mentioned earlier, is that respectful disagreement is necessary to remove unnecessary hostility between feminist movements as well as masculinist (for lack of better word). As long as our actions are not degrading the life of someone else, we can really think and believe whatever. Finally, I think that today’s idea of feminism contrasts sharply with what it was a century ago; feminism was simply fighting for women’s right to a democratic vote. And I don’t think women voting is exactly radical.
          Thanks to everyone who offered their polite insights, I feel my understanding of what message this website offers and what men in general feel has broadened.

        3. First off I’d like to say that I’m absolutely baffled by a girl your age reading this site. I’m 23 myself and recently discovered the Red Pill and ROK and I understand your qualms with the site. I’m impressed at your desire to understand and your ability to look past your qualms.
          What I have come to understand about ROK is that this site is set up in two parts. The first part is for potential new Red Pillers. It is set up for men to discover and swallow the Red Pill. That’s the vulgair and misogynistic part. This part is used to let non Red Pill guys (bluepillers) swallow and realize the bitter reality that is life today. To a woman it might just seem like crazy misogynistic talk but guys tend to look a little further, even blue pill guys, tend to try to understand and make sense of it. The misogynistic part tends to appeal to guys who are looking for the truth, who feel that there is “something” wrong. Whether that be with their relationship or the world or whatever.
          It’s best illustrated by an example.
          I got my brother to this site too. At first he rejected the site for obvious reasons. Yet he started to read it because he knew that I’m a reasonable man meaning that I understand the concepts of logic and reason. Being a law student, he knew that there had to be some reason I would be reading this. “Something” was wrong. Just as I myself understood that there had to be a reason for the guys here at ROK to write what they wrote. So he understood that while my newfound views challenged his, it might mean that his views were flawed. The point is that he was open to the idea of his views being challenged. Something that is extremely rare these days.
          Which brings me to the second part of the site. Which is self development and improvement. After swallowing the Red Pill ROK invites the newcomers to develop themselves into true men. The site does not necessarily lead them but gives them guidelines they can implement in their own lives. It’s truly a beautiful and responsible thing. Because if ROK gave men the Red Pill and then just left them to that reality without giving them anything else they would be unable to grow and just turn in misogynists.
          So now that I have “awakened” from the matrix/blue-pill life I tend to stay away from the misogynistic articles. I still read them for laughs and casual reminders. But now the articles I mostly read are about masculinity and self improvement. They are about the core of this site: How to be a better man.
          ROK has made me wiser, gentler but at the same time harder. Harder against women but even ten times harder for men. If anything I have more misandric feelings then misogynistic feelings. I have come to despise the bluepill men. At the same time ROK has made me value quality women. LADIES, a word and species gone extinct in todays society. It has taught me that there are a lot of sluts out there. It has cautioned me that if I wish to interact with them that I should treat them accordingly. But it has also taught me that my time is valuable and best not spent on these hoes.
          Currently I’m still in the process of rejecting the bitterness that comes with swallowing the Red Pill. Similar to most medicine, it doesn’t taste good but it’s a necessary evil.
          It has retaught me life. But mostly, it has allowed me to rediscover myself. Because a lot of idea(l)s on ROK are not new. They are probably concepts that you’ve encountered at some point in your life and have probably lived by. Yet they were ripped from my brain by corporate brainwash. Simple things like nature and biology. These are all things we’ve all understood at some point in time yet in the Western World are pushed fiercely to the background.
          It’s hard to explain in words. ROK has taught me that I’m a beast first and a human second. To elevate myself to human I must first learn about my beastly ways and then be able to control them. It has made me humble.
          I continue the journey of manhood and I’m so thankful to ROK and the RP community for existing and waking me up.
          Swallowing the Red Pill is a process. A process similar to the process of grief/loss.
          – You realize the truth
          – You are saddened by it and maybe even denial it at first
          – Then comes the anger (misogynist)
          – Then the bargaining (not all women are like that)
          – You might feel depression (I personally skipped this being the well reasoning man that I am)
          – Lastly, acceptance.
          The amount of wisdom I have garnered in 4 months is invaluable. I can not imagine having lived my life forward without this essential wisdom and knowledge. I cringe at the thought. Swallowing the Red Pill has made me understand LIFE.

    3. The takeaway for women frequenting this site is that they have two choices: First, they can gracefully raise the white flag and with contrition and deference accept their biologically designated roles as support players, in servile and nurturing capacities under the auspices of all upstanding men — OR the second choice is face the excoriating scrutiny of a newly empowered generation of men who will bask in exploiting and ridiculing your ineptitude in the professional and academic arena. We are asking you to voluntarily swallow your pride that was built on entirely false pretenses. You can’t do what we do. We’ve allowed you to wing it and half ass it long enough.
      We are done playing nice. You have no business playing businesswoman (oxymoron, no?). You are not meant to practice medicine outside of kissing and bandaging your children’s cuts and scrapes. We don’t base society on outliers and we will certainly no longer foster the feigned, effeminate workplace dynamics that encourage your participation when your contribution to the workforce is demonstrably inferior to male performance in nearly every field. Only in the utmost subordinating fields such as nursing and clerical positions will you be spared our scorn and bias as these jobs wont bolster some noxious bravado within you that you will take home and beat your husband upside the head with. This site is the catalyst for ravaging the PC havens that have allowed you to “progress” against your own best interest and the interests of society. Women have always been dependent on men per the effects of simple endocrinology. You are not hormonally predisposed for much beyond yielding to your biological imperative. We are merely asking for obedience in your home and your elective abstinence from pantsuits and boardrooms, grad schools and laboratories — you don’t need to comply with this directive, but as you can see by the burgeoning number of men adopting the redpill code of beliefs (easily in the hundreds of thousands) – your life will be a metric fuck-ton easier if you get with the program cupcake.

      1. See, this came across as very condescending without much justification, which is what I have a problem with.
        “We don’t base society on outliers”
        True 100%, we do not. But, this response blatantly fails to acknowledge women who have made contributions in the fields of science, finance, and more. Again, I have no way of knowing whether or not this was a generalization or just choosing to overlook the ‘outliers’ but they are out there, they are not as rare as you’d think, and they are doing their jobs at least as well as their male counterparts. I may be nitpicking, but it is always difficult to know whether or not comments like these are directed at all women, or only a selection of them.
        “…newly empowered generation of men”
        Please elaborate… were men oppressed prior to this empowerment?
        “You have no business playing businesswoman (oxymoron, no?)”
        That’s not an oxymoron. I would try not to use words that I don’t understand, “cupcake”.

        1. Indeed sweet tits, using words you don’t understand, along with failing to grasp literary devices like irony can be awfully humiliating, no? Considering nearly every fortune 500 company – rank and file, was forged upon the exclusive business acumen of men – Yes, the compound word “business+woman” is about as big an oxymoron as they come.
          Since, like most girls you lack any semblance of intellectual curiosity – here you go, I did your work for you. Per the Merriam Webster definition… Oxymoron:a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.
          Now, let’s see if you are a big enough girl to look up “incongruous” all by yourself kitten.

        2. You’re basing your definition of oxymoron on the opinion that women and business cannot go together, ever. That could be your opinion but it is not rooted in common English. ‘Businesswoman’ has never been categorized as an oxymoron, something like ‘exact estimate’ has been, to give you an example. I could believe that men were incapable of cooking (I do NOT believe that, just an example that parallels your logic) and by the same token, ‘male chef’ could be my idea of an oxymoron. And it’s not. Perhaps my idea of oxymoron is more rigid than yours, but I would not classify a phrase as such unless it is widely understood as ironic.
          Seeing it ‘as big an oxymoron as they come’ is a complete distortion of what irony is. I’m not even going to bother responding to the rest of your message, it’s a waste of time to even try to interact with someone as fatuous as you.

        3. Dude…you have left the realm of masculine self-improvement, and entered that of true misogyny. There I said it. Misogyny is not a made-up concept, nor a dirty word. It’s a legitimate concept that has been grossly over-used by the feminist left.
          Men who have achieved true masculine status would never write this sort of bitter claptrap. You come across as an emasculated loser, pissed off that he has to subjugate himself to the HR gynocracy at work, and the scornful eye of his female peers in the dating world.
          The point of manoshpere sites is to FREE you from that attitude. Dont wallow in anger, just laugh at the absurdity. Dont accuse hypocrites of hypocrasy, just roll right by them. YOU are the key to your own life satisfaction, and there is no groundswell of societal change coming to make it happen for you.

        4. You have a long tongue and a keen and tireless wiggle of ye tongue. You grow old daily. Your eggs will be gone and your tits will wither. You should be using your genius in the kitchen and your multi tasking skills to juggle titfeedings, lullabys and servicing your man. Trust in the patriarchy.

        5. “Please elaborate… were men oppressed prior to this empowerment?”
          Men have, excepting those connected to the political apparatus (typically extremely wealthy men) as well as the political class themselves, typically been viewed as disposable utilities throughout history.
          Women were generally protected, albeit for biological reasons. Much of what one hears regarding the oppression of women in the past is largely a myth in the sense that they were directed targeted due to their sex.
          “I have no way of knowing whether or not this was a generalization or
          just choosing to overlook the ‘outliers’ but they are out there…”
          Of course. This will always exist. Otherwise humans would be little more than pre-programmed robots; bland.
          are not as rare as you’d think…”
          The exist number cannot be known nor am I clear on how you define “rare”. However, in an attempt to create some perspective in this arena, one should keep in mind that 95.5% of all patents are owned by men. Civilization itself and the majority of the major inventions and advances were created by men. Certainly not all (a good example is that of Kevlar. It was invented by chemist Stephanie Kwolek), but it is not unreasonable to utilize the word “most”.
          As noted in a previous post, men and women are thankfully equal in worth, but typically simply different in function, generally speaking. There is a yen to the yang in our differences.

        6. The kid is 17. How much of an ass can you be? Calling her sweet tits? She’s a kid. Show some gentleness, if you really believe women are that soft.

        7. The kid is 17. How much of an ass can you (Guest) be? Calling her sweet tits? She’s a kid. Show some gentleness, if you really believe women are that soft.

        8. Yeah. Forensic evidence trail proves Max was clean. The offending party was called Guest (troll-tard can’t even post using a full account).

    4. Christine,
      Interesting perspective. ROK is often like a brick in the face. Notice the writer said,
      “I made the claim that a man will only talk to a woman if he’s interested in banging her, but in real life I’ve had close female friends whom I had no interest in being physical with.”

      1. I feel that commenter was I older than 17. The framer and punctuation was of a college level. Unless she is one damn smart cookie

        1. Not that I have any credibility on this website but I can assure you that I am 17 (1997). I considered not saying anything about my age or gender but I figured why not give some context to my questions. Glad my comments didn’t come across as too juvenile.

        2. Welcome to this space.
          You will find the packaging of truth here, as espoused by my fellow brethren & me, to be raw & undecorative as possible. Unfiltered truth (mostly) circulates in this environment & it can be a shock to the system if you’re uninitiated but we won’t have it any other way.
          Tough it out here & you will gain some valuable insights over time.

        3. Just looks like college level because most kids today can’t type a coherent sentence or understand the need for periods and punctuation at all.

        4. It wasn’t just the punctuation it was the grammar, the way the sentences were constructed-the choice of words. It smelled too fishy-like someone posing as a 17 yr old. Also your retort misses the point by bring other teenagers into the conversation. I did not compare the commentor to other teenagers I stated the the level of writing was upper level college writing.

      2. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t read this article as thoroughly as i usually do, I just had some general questions/thoughts after looking through the site and this was the last post I read before deciding to comment.

    5. First thing is this: you’re 17 years old, according to your bio. It’s not like we can exactly check your birth certificate from here, but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt on that. Second thing is that you’re coming from a conservative household, and given your background you are not seeing the majority of dysfunctional relationships as they stand in the US. Put it this way: the divorce rate is 1 in 2, and 75% of the time it is the woman who breaks the promises she made on her wedding day – not the man. I refuse to believe this 75% is because of domestic violence, and indeed not even RAINN has the balls to assert that.
      “Have you ever liked a female, found a girl smart and funny?”
      Sure. But a very, very high proportion of those women in America and the West at large are not actually interested in smart/funny/charming men. Per the very common experience of men here and elsewhere, women as a group reject smart, funny, or charming men in favour of drug dealers, bikies, and others who treat them badly or treat them as inferiors.
      For every idiot female commentator who says all you need to do to win a woman’s heart is to treat her kindly, listen to her and appreciate her feeeeeeelings, each of us can show you personal or high-confidence anecdotal examples of ten women who blew a bad boy in the toilets after knowing him for five minutes at the club.
      There is a vast, yawning gap between what women say they want and what they actually want as demonstrated by their actions. And those actions demonstrate that women do not want men who are what we call “beta” i.e. being the chivalrous, upstanding, kindly type who is willing to accommodate women’s desires more than most, who is interested if not convinced of the idea you can have a female partner for life. Women are much more interested, sexually if not relationally, in the bad boys – those who use elements of what we call alpha game, an unapologetic masculine outlook and approach on men which never seeks to deceive women that they are the man’s highest priority.
      There’s an informal social experiment I like to conduct whenever we get a
      screeching feminist and a beta male supporter – what we call a white
      knight – in these threads. I always make a point of putting it to the
      screeching feminist that boys like the beta male supporter do not
      interest her sexually. Despite the anonymity of the Internet, I have never once had that screeching feminist declare she gets turned on by someone with the values of the beta male supporter. She may pat him on the head and say he’s a “good man”, but never once does the woman admit that kind of man turns her on. Again: actions count a lot more than words.
      Men on this site for the most part have decided to stop running on the hamster wheel saying we should run our asses off trying to figure out what women want in the hope the woman’s approval will result in them feeling more self-accomplished or self-aware. We would rather seek our own enlightenment and not rely on women or long term relationships for that purpose.
      If that results in men just wanting sex from more women, so what: women are the gatekeepers of sex, but men are the gatekeepers of relationships, and women as a large group in the West are not demonstrating sufficient qualifications or incentive for men to allow them past their gates and into their wallets. And women, having lost most sense of morals, i.e. the capacity to keep their legs closed anywhere past the age of roughly 17 or so, seem fine with fucking random strangers rather than holding out for the “good man”.
      Also note the divorce rate – 50% or higher – is a pretty powerful incentive for men to stay the fuck away from long term relationships. Women can say all they want that it’s All Men’s Fault Because They Didn’t Understand Their Wives’ Feeeeeelings: guess what, it doesn’t matter anymore. Men have stopped blaming themselves for divorces and are analysing marriage coolly and purely by the numbers: a 50% divorce rate, accompanied by another 50% number, i.e. that proportion of their assets likely to be taken from them after the woman leaves.
      Eddie Murphy’s well-known routine in “Raw” sums it up pretty eruditely (you might need to go look it up, he gave it in 1983, well before you were born). Marriage these days is literally taking half of your combined assets — your mother and father’s home, cars, and everything in them — and tossing a coin whether or not the man gets to keep that half.
      Men, seeing this, are deciding “You know what? Fuck this. Women don’t bring enough to the table anymore in terms of relationships, and they sure as fuck don’t need men to survive. Why should I have the hassle?”
      “I just want to gain some understanding as to why women are spoken about
      on here as if all of them are incapable of intelligence, humour,
      personality, class, respectability. I don’t disagree that Western
      culture has led to a hypocritical, whiny, and entitled attitude among
      many, but I would argue that there is more to the female population than
      just that.”
      (1) You answered your own question.
      (2) “more to the female population than just that” is restating what we call NAWALT: Not All Women Are Like That, the common refrain of women who do not have to navigate these increasingly dangerous waters and who don’t appreciate in any meaningful way just how common these attitudes are. Single cases of erudite or intelligent women do not disprove the general working rule. Betting on the likelihood of a royal flush on every hand will get you cleaned out every single time. Like Agent K said in “Men In Black”: “A person is smart; people are dumb, panicky animals, and you know it.” This site is designed to help men deal with female people, not female persons.

  12. Since when are all these females here? And why is everyone responding to them? And why are they not getting BANNED for it? Anyone?

    1. Honestly, a lot of guys here don’t hate women, so as commentators they aren’t immediate to want them banned. I agree with their sentiment to a degree but I only respond to anyone, because I view their comments as valuable in some way shape or form. Some of the newer ladies are distractions and are no where near as enlightening, witty, or informative as some former female commentators in the past. I am biased. We shouldn’t opt to ban. Limit certainly. Even put in their place if they come looking to start a fight. But we can ban them no more here than we would in real life. Seems wiser to assert authority and control what does come in. Their in put also helps with the tone to both verify where we stand as well as open a dialogue to translate that into real world activity.

      1. Perhaps it would be wise to merely ban the feminist trolls since they are typically unable or unwilling to reason? Such a decision of course is up to the administrator but in my opinion it is worth discussing.

        1. I’d don’t think men come to this site to read about how some 17 y/o twat isn’t getting her feelings validated.

    2. Valid point. To be fair, there are a rare number of women here who will occasionally add value to the discussion. On a personal level i’m fine with letting them be. I don’t make it a point to respond though, usually.
      Forum & site rules still hold for me.
      Collectively, we don’t hate women. Just the deluded Western extremist entitled feminist types who argue & attention whore instead of discuss issues like adult humans.
      As in the real world, those types don’t last long here anyway if the oxygen of attention isn’t heading their way.

      1. Collectively, we don’t hate women. Just the deluded Western extremist entitled feminist types who argue & attention whore instead of discuss issues like adult humans.
        This. We’re not at war with women, just western feminist nutjobs, which unfortunately is a large chunk of the population now. It doesn’t mean all women are the enemy, though.
        This is all just my opinion, but I was talking to someone else about this the other day…
        If they’re genuinely asking being polite, we should just answer or clarify.
        We can’t say the new generation of women are clueless, screwed up, useless, not worth taking as mates, and being given wrong information on how to live, then refuse to answer their questions and kick them out if they ask anything.
        The main point of this site is to let men be men and teach men how to be masculine, but if we get the chance to answer some questions from women who either agree with us for the most part, or are looking for actual information on why we think what we think, I think we’d be remiss not to take the opportunity to answer in our own words. If we don’t answer, the feminazis will be more than happy to answer for us, and the message will be warped beyond belief.
        If they start causing trouble, or trying to change the place, then yea…toss ’em. If they’re just curious or trying to understand or even just want to say they agree with whatever we’re talking about, as long as they’re being polite, I don’t see a problem.

    3. If you read the About page, the rules have changed. It only says, “Women are discouraged from commenting.”

  13. Just had to say I fucking love Amy Schumer as a comedian, she’s hilarious.
    I will get my own cross and carry it now..

  14. Unrelated: I am at a point in my life, where I can not afford to spend a single dime on new bitches.
    Thus, when sex comes into discussion, you have to meet the girls = going out = spending money. I want to save every single cent to reach next years goals. But in order to reach it I have to have an exact amount.
    So here I am : either I save-up and limit the time I spend with women (black hole of money) and later reach my goals where I am more powerful than ever.
    As a long term goal, it’s worth it.
    As short term, sometimes it’s fucked up.
    I wish it wouldn’t be this fucking hard.
    Just felt like blowing some steam.
    Back to the fucking drawing board.

    1. Or you know, go on dates that don’t cost anything. Walk in the park, meeting at a mall, taking in a free, out-door event. Those thing don’t have to cost money. Think outside of the box.

  15. Ha! That Amy Shumer vid at the end was the fuckin truth. Shes not that funny… shes a girl after all…women dont need to be funny to reproduce, men do. But i do respect her work and the subjects she brings up. Shes on to something. I hope to see her content develope in the future.

  16. I really like the way this was put…rather than saying women are more than sexual objects they are sexual objects (and hopefully something else too).
    I will never understand how women, who comodify men (in terms of money, self-esteem, etc. etc.) can complain about being objectified. That would be like my watch complaining that I treat it like an object after i have spent money on it. This is a well covered issue here though…punching out.

  17. Some men do love to work for the sake of work, but that’s a part of our nature. The wimmins only enjoy work while they’re young and get tons of attention. After that, it’s a miserable grind. Those few women who get a dream job are more than likely privileged princesses from wealthy families with great connections…and they usually suck at their job, lol.
    What have women contributed to the workforce in the last fifty years? Aside from sexual harassment and human resources, I can literally not think of anything.
    They are…as the empowered ones like to say…sexual beings. Yet thanks to our culture’s schizophrenic ability to talk out of both sides of the mouth, they want to be sexual beings who aren’t looked at sexually while their cleavage is bursting out of their shirt and their ass hanging out of their shorts.
    The view is great, provided its a silent one…

    1. Agree…and there is no “empowerment” with women. All they have done is set the bar lower and have formed a police state (i.e. HR depts, the government) around them for protection.
      As far as equality goes, men didn’t have this bullshit in the workplace before the “feminist regime”.

  18. Feminism is a huge shit test. Society has failed. . Women have been lied to and convinced that they are judged like a man. I’m so sick of the fat single mom’s, the dumb women saying they are curvy In profiles when they are fat. Sick of three kids from three men which is nasty. Sick of the slut shaming which means women want to ride the bad boy cock train and get baby batter in all their holes. Women are Machines to make new men. End of discussion. . Women just don’t seem to get that. . When they sexuality is a benefit they love it. When it can be used against then. They cry misogyny and whine. . Women are large kids. .

  19. If you are fat yourself. You won’t have a hope in hell.
    And a man who is fit will never settle for a fat woman.
    So let me get this straight…you want babes to go for you when you look like a dog?

  20. um, this is a joke, yes? Please?
    You get women are people too; on this earth to get as much enjoyment and fulfillment out of life as you, right? I don’t get dressed up or take care of myself because of a guy – I do it because I have self respect and I don’t go out of my way to diss guys cause I’m a snob – I just don’t respond well to assholes……I don’t need to be taken care of, I am not an object or a baby machine. Please wake up to the new century. Thanks much!

    1. Technically speaking, you are in fact a baby machine. Females of any species with dual sexes are de facto baby incubators.
      You can’t fight nature, no matter how many times you put the word “I” in your meaningless diatribe.

  21. Women are a rare species. I know, I am one. First of all, when we dress up it is usually for the attention of and in competition with other women. We only dress for men when we are showing skin cause we know you go ga-ga over anything showing. If we are looking fashionable, it is usually for other women or for gay guys cause they are the only ones who care. Most of the time when a woman doesn’t like being hit on by you its because you are not her type. However, if you are her type then she will like it.
    Most women know how attractive they are and will always turn down a man that is less attractive unless he owns something that makes him more attractive. We know an eligible man is one who can support a family… So, at the end of the day we focus on ourselves and our careers to care for our immediate family or because we haven’t received an offer of marriage from the type of man that we want to marry. I don’t care about getting attention from men because it always keeps me wise on what to expect from them. I have never been harassed because I know what to expect and I’m always packing something that lays down the law for men to not take advantage of me (or my dad has a couple of mean guns too..). If you trust men with your sexuality as a woman without being made an offer or a contract in which they respect that sexuality then you are a dumb whore.
    I know a guy will never love me because of my cooking, my career, my money or my personality but he will ultimately use those things to decide that it makes me different from the rest of the pack and therefore a wiser investment… Marriage is a contract to be a business partner with someone of the opposite sex and the merger comes with different responsibilities that most women are willing to make when they are ready. Lots of women who fight this truth are not really ready to settle down and want to invest more time and energy into themselves so that they can attract a better mate – which they also will not admit. So, thumbs up to this article.

    1. I am impressed
      You speak the truth mylady a truth not many know and even fewer would speak out Well done

    2. ‘I know a
      guy will never love me because of my cooking, my career, my money or my
      personality but he will ultimately use those things to decide that it
      makes me different from the rest of the pack and therefore a wiser
      a guy can love you because of your money much like a woman can love a guy for his money. the difference is that a guy knows that his woman must get to enjoy his money or she won’t love him whereas a woman thinks she can keep her money all to herself but somehow magically her guy will love her for her money nonetheless.

    3. I’ve read many of your comments and I appreciate your perspective. However, I just wanted to point out that I disagree with this portion:
      “I know a guy will never love me because of my cooking, my career, my
      money or my personality but he will ultimately use those things to
      decide that it makes me different from the rest of the pack and
      therefore a wiser investment… ”
      Your right about the career/money part (we really don’t care about that unless it ‘gets in the way’), but your ability and willingness to cook for a man e.g., and your fun, easy-going personality (if you have one) are *exactly* what will make a man fall in love with you. Its not that men want you to be their servant, but if you show those traits to a non-jaded male you like, you are almost guaranteed to win. There is no if-ands-or-buts about it; men are suckers for nice women (like women are for ‘bad-boys/dominant’ males) and cannot, I repeat, cannot resist an attractive woman who is friendly and easy-going. Not ‘easy’, but easy-going.

  22. There is so much that is right in this…the one thing I hate being called is ugly, I can handle pretty much anything else…

    1. Jesus had a pre-human existence. He was the firstborn of all creation, and all things were created through Him. So says the Bible.

  23. “about doing what you should instead of what you want”
    Your Statement is very true. However there are 2 sides to the coin.
    “What you should do” -> as in the “best benefit for yourself and your Family” may be very different from “the best benefit for your goverment”.
    SAHM do not generate GDP nor taxes. High taxes are very important in todays world because more taxes means a higher amount of interest can be paid, more state employees, more pensions be paid.
    Those on top care very much about the later and do not care at all for the former.
    The effect is that mass media and education camps will teach people how to behave so the benefit of the goverment is maxed. Nobody teaches them how to max their own happyness.
    The longer people stay in education camps (= college/University) the more trained to benefit the goverment they become.
    The smart Reader may want to think about this for a Moment.

  24. “Remember that a man is a key and a woman is a lock. A master key can open many locks, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is worthless. ”
    Astute observation.

    1. Or perhaps, for glib meaningless quips that personify inanimate objects, how about a woman is like a pencil sharpener – still effective regardless of how many pencils are inserted. A man is like a pencil and rendered more and more damaged with every go round in a sharpener. See, equally nonsensical to quantify the value of actual people in lame analogies.

      1. ‘how about a woman is like a pencil sharpener – still effective regardless of how many pencils are inserted.’
        except of course in real life a woman’s vagina gets loose and even disfigured after enough cocks slided in and out.
        ‘A man is like a pencil and rendered more and more damaged with every go round in a sharpener.’
        a pencil is supposed to be sharper instead of “more damaged” after went around a pencil sharpener.

  25. What struck a chord with me in this article was – work being a means for validation. I’m inclined to add that we have also become a greedy nation, one that works for things. It’s the American way: Make money. Spend money. Buy more stuff. Two incomes allow for more things, but this should not come at the expense of our children, who need our time. Ultimately, a couple needs to work as a team on prioritizing, taking ‘less’ from the planet, an giving more of what’s needed.

      1. I never claimed to dislike the articles. Though hyperbolic in some cases, I’ve found them to be snappy, clever, and direct. I don’t agree with every aspect of them, but I don’t have to. As a reader, I like to stretch from my comfort zone and sink into something that makes me question and reflect. The mud-slinging, personal attacks, and childish taunting are what I have found to be both ineffective and disturbing.

  26. Women want the highest paying, most prestigious, most powerful positions for themselves. At the same time, they want to marry up. Women are repulsed by men not their equal in terms of finances, education and social standing. Fewer and fewer men under this paradigm will be capable of supporting a wife and family. Pair that with the disastrous consequences bread winning men suffer through divorce, and presto changeo: fewer and fewer men will marry. Why are people surprised by this?
    In the future, about 20-30 percent will marry and have children within wedlock. The vast majority of births will occur outside of wedlock and marriage for most will become a thing of the past. This social shift is well underway in Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Canada, the UK, parts of the Middle East, Hong Kong, S. Korea, the US, Spain, France and elsewhere. Except for Japan, the other countries are using mass immigration to prop up tanking birth rates. In the US, 40% of births are already out of wedlock and marriage rates will continue the decade’s long decline. Singles in the US are now the majority.
    As a result of the above, massive shifts in social spending will be devoted to single mothers. This has already happened and will escalate globally. Policies and laws will also shift heavily in favor of single mothers.
    This is how deeply gynocentric, liberal, misandric, feminist societies operate, folks. Socialism will become the norm globally. Buckle up.

  27. Granted, women lust after men too, but it’s different. By “object” I mean something which is acted upon. To make a grammar analogy, men are the nominatives and women are the objects, whether in sex, work, society, entertainment, domesticity, or anything else. Even if a woman should pursue a man, she is still wanting to be taken herself, hence the ridiculousness of the “Yes Means Yes” law. Patriarchy is a natural law, not a philosophy, and to topple it would be like defying gravity.

    You need to read The Manipulated Man and stop deluding yourself. Patriarchy has never existed. Men don’t give birth or abuse children to form traumatic bonds (capture-bonding). There is only Matriarchy by Proxy but keep telling yourself that you’re in control as you pay for women to fuck. They’re really oppressed by your wallet.
    The Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be plausible, but the evidence is in front of the eyes of anyone who wants to be more than women’s cannon fodder. Women reversed biological reality. Men pleasure women. Women cannot pleasure men. There is no intrinsic value in women’s objects. The game women plays goes like this:

    “Women are not objects for male sexual gratification.”

    Because their objects cannot gratify men.

    “We need to teach our boys not to rape.”

    Or they wouldn’t pay women for the ‘privilege’ of pleasuring them.

    “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

    Or boys would never imagine their interests could be served by killing.
    I read a book once that wasn’t yet written with this premise:
    * If men stopped paying women to undress, women would have no motive to force everyone to dress.
    * If men stopped paying women for ‘favour’, women would have no motive to withhold their universal favour.
    * If men stopped rewarding women who abuse / deceive / exploit them, women would have no motive to abuse / deceive / exploit.
    * If men stopped being bitches, women would have no motive to bully them.
    * If men stopped marrying women who cannot take care of themselves, women would have no motive to traumatise innocent children.
    * Etcetera.
    Women, given to evil by their malicious competition, will always reflect men’s capacity to be compromised by denial. In reality, men like you give women the incentive to destroy men. Men willing to give are taken for all they’re willing to give.
    But you should see the other guys. Human nature (male denial of betrayal) is not altered by borders. War profiteers laughed all the way to Hell.
    Women are really oppressed when men die to secure whores’ withheld favour. You call yourselves men? Stop being bitches, for the sake of children if not for yourselves.

  28. Hi, I’m woman with a fairly unattractive face and D sized unattractive saggy boobs (but I’m not even fat) and not enough money to afford a lot of makeup or very nice clothes. I know ladies aren’t supposed to post here but I like reading these articles and I need some advice on how to be more attractive and feminine taking into consideration my unfortunate appearance and budget. Thank you

    1. Be real. Don’t place value in fraud. Be valuable, don’t appear to be.
      Be warm. Be honest. Protect children. Teach truth. Teach self-reliance. Be humane. Be strong. Don’t be needy. Don’t contrive “difficulty”. Be easy. Don’t create problems. Solve them. Contribute. Don’t pursue illegitimate entitlement. Be grateful when men pleasure you. Don’t control. Don’t seek to possess or be possessed. Be a woman, not a parasite. You are an island. All need is imagined. Be sane.
      If you are valuable, you will be valued.
      If you appear to be, you will need wedlock to secure your fraudulent ‘gains’. And you will deserve domestic violence for being the enemy of liberty.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am already in a relationship of domestic violence, black eyes, a skull fracture and bruises anywhere you could imagine. I believe in my heart that I am already a “good” woman. But as a sexual object which women are supposed to be, I fall short. That is an area I need to work on.

        1. Women say women are supposed to be sexual objects. Biologically, as you already know, that is a lie. Men pleasure you. You cannot pleasure them with your object. Your mind was biologically superior to the male mind, that was where your value was supposed to be cultivated.
          But reduced women hate girls. You can pursue the Big Lie or you can embrace truth. I don’t think it really matters as long as you don’t breed in need. This world is a write-off.

        2. Don’t look to society to define who you are supposed to be. You know you are good. Your own opinion of yourself counts more than anyone else’s. Respect yourself. Eat well. Exercise. Dress nicely. Embrace your talents and pursue them. As Jonny suggested – be warm, honest, and authentic! The rest will fall into place. Knowing who you are and all that you’re capable of is sexy.

      2. This website and it’s users stress that a female’s appearance is her absolute most important asset. I just wish to improve myself for my partner or future partner.

        1. That is because this website’s users understand that there is no value in a woman’s predation. I’m advising you not to be predatory.
          Whatever you do, please don’t bring life into this world of horror. There will be Hell to pay for those who bring deity children into a world of cannibals-in-denial.

  29. I agree with most of what you said, but it’s simply not feasible for most families to have a single stream of income. I work in Finance and work with several very smart women, it’s still a boys club but we’d be lost without those ladies. Women should have the right to pursue a career but women that choose to be housewives are not inferior.

    1. Yes, it is feasible. You just have to make better choices and really it is about identifying wants versus needs.
      I’ve been around long enough to see what people consider “needs”. These are not really needs (i.e. cable TV is not a need, let alone 3 TVs in a single house). Too many people have been born into this entitlement mindset and can’t really identify: needs versus wants. You need oxygen, you need water, food….you don’t need a new phone, a new car, cable TV, etc….
      That’s part of the real problem, today.

  30. I can imagine how sad the people on this site are, do you even know how many girls are reading this and laughing, because this is satire isn’t it?
    But seriously, why do you guys feel like you need to give yourselves such a bad name? do you hate women or something? If you do, then I guess that’s your prerogative, but I don’t understand how anyone can generalize people on such a large scale.

    1. I don’t know how many of you women can’t find the door ———————–>
      Beat it, no one here cares what you think.

      1. such an educated response, but what else should I have expected from people of your caliber .

    2. “But seriously, why do you guys feel like you need to give yourselves such a bad name?”
      This is classic female thinking. The worst fear she can summon is the prospect that a woman might be laughing at a man or that the man might damage his own reputation. Women, and in particular young Facebook obsessives like this author who used her own name and her own Facebook profile to make a Disqus profile, can’t think of anything more substantial to throw than that.
      As it is, hun: we don’t really care about the bad names we supposedly give ourselves. The truth, and pussy, will out.
      By the way, your Pinterest page makes for interesting eclectic reading:
      Tell me, are evil queens really princesses who were never saved? Do you really believe women need saving by men, and if so, why do you think you’re so far off the driving principles of this page?

      1. You’re creepy! I don’t think that I need to say anything else, because that is all your comment dignifies!

        1. Diddums darling not realise that Google is a thing in the modern world?
          And people call your generation technologically savvy.
          If you think that was creepy, every employer you have in the future is going to be guilty of being “creepy”, unless you think they won’t be doing Google searches as well. Journalists do worse.
          As it is, “creepy” is a nice, vague, content-free accusation that means nothing. I’m merely referring to public information that you’ve posted on the Internet.
          But let’s get back to the question I asked, which you seem to be a little uncomfortable answering notwithstanding that you have thieved an image containing the assertion and are hosting it on your Pinterest page. Do you believe women need saving by men, and do you think they all become evil queens when they don’t find a man?

      1. Yes, because the only thing in life that matters is the number of comments you post on this site, thank you so much for making that clear to me. I shall continue with life enlightened and understanding of the inner working of the universe, all thanks to you!

        1. You do know that this is a forum for men, right?
          Surely you can find some nice man-hating forum for that welcomes females like you.

        2. I don’t hate men, how can you hate a whole gender? I was just trying to understand what you guys had against girls, I still don’t know if this is just a joke site or you’re serious?

        3. Is that you’re real picture, or are you a 40+ dried up “curvy” feminist forced into lesbianism by your lack of pride and care for your body?

        4. Wow, I was just about to ask you if that was a real picture or are YOU a 40+ dried up “curvy” feminist forced into lesbianism by your lack of pride and care for your body????

        5. English language has 800,000 words. It is one of the primary reasons that the English speaking peoples of the world have done so well for 300+ years. The next closest competitor is German, with about 400,000. After that, the word count falls rapidly with each of the Romance languages coming in next at around 200,000 words.
          Your education has been dumbed down to the point where you use a term of language as a term of biology. The poor quality of your education is denying you a sizable portion of your birthright.
          Your sad, abused and starved little mind probably doesn’t have quite what it takes to read and comprehend the TOS for this site.

        6. Please refer to my previous comment about your language revealing the poor quality of your education.

        7. wow, you get really bitchy when I question if you are a cat or not….. this defiantly means something!

        8. does that mean that everyone on this site is a cat??? or a a 40+ dried up “curvy” feminist forced into lesbianism by your lack of pride and care for your body????

        9. anyways, what do you mean by ‘forced into lesbianism by your lack of pride and care for your body????’ I don’t even swing that way and I think that Lesbians are hot ;P

        10. You’re REALLY desperate for some attention from any real man, even one you meet on the internet. Arentcha, Cupcake?

        11. It is so cute when you try.
          Reminds me of a chimp riding a kid’s tricycle.

        12. So tell me ‘Ty’,
          If not through FaceBook, exactly how did you find this site?

        13. Wow, your troll ID and comments exactly match the FB rubric. (I know
          you’ll have to look that word up, but then you’ll remember it. Uncle Shep is
          always glad to help an under-developed mind move closer to its

        14. Says you! You would be distraught if I didn’t keep replying to you. I think it’s got something to do with how you love everyone to objectify and control you (Hee hee, see what I did there!) You couldn’t not reply back to me!

        15. TMI. 🙁 Ty must have made up her profile especially for you. I think she’s sweet on you.

        16. You’re probably right. Women who know they don’t have a shot often go to ridiculous lengths to attract my attention.
          Next thing on the list is usually sending me naked selfies. No joke.

  31. Truly amazing.
    ROK found ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of my ex!
    I’m glad she was finally able to contribute something to society.

  32. Everyone wants to be sexually objectified except fat, ugly feminist women who thinks it is degrading. Heck, if a girl said I had nice biceps or abs I wouldn’t be offended and take it as a compliment. In a sense, that is sexually objectifying except it is done by a woman to a man. Yet when it is done the other way around it is immediately called sexist, misogynistic, etc. Ironically, it’s the fat and ugly feminists (and white knights too) that like it when women give false rape/sexual harassment/assault accusations because then it furthers their agenda. They want attention to and that’s how they get it. The only thing is, it makes them look bad.

  33. you claim to read philosophy and be a man of letters, but you objectify women. this is a let’s say lower state of consciousness… .

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