Will Mizzou Students Protest Islamic Misogyny?

After the students of Mizzou devoted multiple protests—spanning an entire month—to successfully oust Tim Wolfe, the crusade for social justice must march forward. For those who missed the previous fiasco, Tim Wolfe resigned from his position as System President of the University of Missouri due to unfounded accusations of “racism.” Lord knows it’s tough to intimidate a president into resigning without evidence, but they did it.

So what would happen if the students of Mizzou got word of actual evidence of bigotry? What if this bigotry was in fact misogyny, directed towards a high school student? And what if this bigot is employed by the very university that they attend? Could social justice warriors prove once and for all that patriarchy is alive and well in some corners of America? Enter Youssif Omar.

Professor Arrested For Abusing 14-Year-Old Relative For Not Wearing Her Hijab 


[Patriarchy intensifies]

Youssif Zaghwani Omar is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri. As the Daily Mail reports, Omar was allegedly seen dragging his 14-year-old relative “very violently by the hair” outside Hickman High School, where she attends. Officer Latisha Stroer informed the Columbia Tribune that Omar also slapped the girl across the face and forcefully shoving her into his car.

The impetus for such behavior arose when Omar noticed she was not wearing her hijab at school, which as we all know is absolutely haram. The following day, Omar was greeted by local police authorities and held in Boone County Jail. Shortly after, Omar posted the $4,500 bond and was subsequently released. According to his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, Omar is originally from Libya, and was the head of the English department at the University of Benghazi from 2003-2007.

Sexism Or Islamophobia? Take Your Pick.


“I’m not sure about Sharia law, but I do like this hat.”

This isn’t quite the narrative that social justice warriors would like. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot going for this incident that they could happily rally against: misogyny, professor, religious extremism. Think of it as being one number away from the grand prize of the SJW Sweepstakes Lottery. All of the winning numbers have fallen into place, but this one incorrect digit has rendered your entire ideological pursuit defunct. That wrong digit is the fact that Omar is a Muslim.

Historically, Feminism and Islam have had an awkward relationship together. Feminists nonsensically apologize for all of the wrongs committed under the name of Islam, while Islam is devoutly committed to destroying the very notion of women’s rights that feminists allegedly fight for.

If only the majority of Muslims were a slightly lighter shade of skin color, perhaps this double-standard would disappear entirely. From an outsider’s perspective, one cannot help but laugh at the cognitive dissonances that feminists commit on a daily basis. If I hear “Western imperialism” as a response to “stoning adulterers is wrong” one more time, I’m going to explode. Figuratively of course. I’m not actually wearing a vest.

It is precisely this sort of hypocrisy that rational people need to make the public aware of. Roosh appropriately parodied this contradiction in his YouTube video titled “Canadian Feminists are dangerously Islamophobic”. After weeks of protest leading up to his scheduled appearance in Toronto, Roosh toyed with the idea of holding his conference inside a mosque, an area where neon-haired feminists dare not protest, out of fear of being branded Islamophobic.

As Ali A. Rizvi might say, this behavior is indicative of “Islamophobia-phobia”: the fear of being called Islamophobic. Considering that sharia law is a legitimate fear, and not an irrational phobia, this rise of Islamophobia-phobia is indeed a frightening one.

Poke The Progressive Stack. Watch It Collapse.


By now it is blatantly obvious that Social Justice Warriors lack any sort of noble principles. Their sole objective is to divide and conquer: draw lines between identifiable groups, convince them they are all marginalized, and pit the minorities against the oppressors.

Marxism tends to entice the masses this way because just about anybody can convince themselves that they are victims. This is why feminists and Muslims are placed into the same victimized category, despite the widely different belief systems between the two. In spite of this, feminists (though likely not Muslims) are steadfastly convinced they are in this fight together, to ultimately overthrow their white, male, capitalist overlords. So how is a rational individual to react to this information?

Poke the stack. Shine a light on the wild inconsistencies between these alleged “allied groups” and let them fight amongst each other. Keep in mind these discrepancies do not exist solely between feminism and Islam. Feminists and Transgenders have recently collided when radical feminist Germaine Greer refused to accept the trans orthodoxy that men are women. This is good news. Let’s have more of these.

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76 thoughts on “Will Mizzou Students Protest Islamic Misogyny?”

  1. In some ways I prefer Islam to Marxism. Neither are a good option but it seems that those are the two ideologies that are gaining ground. Sadly, there are no longer enough men in the West with the will to drive back Islam like our forefathers did. And who can blame them? It would require waging a war on two fronts. What will happen when the Marxists are of no further use to Islam? I think I have a general idea.

      1. Islam is at least a patriarchy. Islam also isn’t as idiotic when it comes to money and how it should be managed the way Marxism is. So at least Islam understands the reality of what women are truly like and lives in an economic reality. They are the same in that both Islam and Marxism sets up an ideology as unquestionable, and punishes those who would be dissidents.

  2. You know what this is? This is a big fucking giant lesson in street smarts. The hard kiddos who grew up having their dick massacred by the religious nuts come here and know that all they have to do to psychologically beat our younglings is to accuse them of being evil and unfair and BOOM. Absolutely no defense against that confident cunning. Fighting against it would be like lifting 500 lbs on your first day for these people.
    It is remarkably logical that people who can not deal with that kind of stuff have the same kinds of problems with female shit tests. And if you think about it, it makes sense then why shit tests developed in evolution: If a man did not have enough mental strength to stand by his opinion, his opponent would not even have to slay him. His opponent would just greet him, be a bit nice to him, offer him a tea and then explain to him in a confident tone of voice why he needs to be his slave and give his wife to the invader. Our younglings – and my past self – would be so overwhelmed by that directness that they would probably break out crying and panically see their false reality disintegrate before their eyes. And then they would do anything, just anything, to keep that disintegration from happening: No, no, that can not be true. There must be a mistake. Surely you do not mean that. Please, have I offended you? I mean, I will do anything but that, please please.
    And that is also the reason why none of those screeching feminists are actually fighting for themselves. Why they have no balls when they are alone. They always do it because they see somebody else in need. They would never have the courage to do it for their selfs.

  3. At the end of the day, men are gonna be the ones to save women from themselves. Islam has no place in western society. Western men regardless of race have been pussified enough. The only real way to deal with Marxism is to completely due away with anyone that have no interest America.

  4. I had some hope that SJWs might excuse those who criticise Islam from accusations of racism until I saw this:
    WTF? The article as a whole dashed what was left of my hopes, but in particular the line:
    “Under British law, Jewish people are classified as belonging to a race …”
    So ‘Islamophobia’ (a term which is meaningless BTW: ‘phobia’ = ‘irrational fear of’ – there’s nothing irrational about a fear of Islam) = racism. Anti-Semitism (code for “Doesn’t see Israel as the blameless victim in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”) = racism.
    So since the SJWs are now categorising criticism of religion as racism, I’m sure they’ll jump to the defence of the next Christian who refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding. After all, anyone who would deny a Christian the right to refuse to contravene their religious belief is a racist, right?

      1. I was under no illusions that The Guardian was a leftist’s paper, but I’d hoped that the leftists would at least have some internal logic, even if none of that ‘logic’ applied to the real world. But no, a right-wing Christian is fair game for criticism because Christianity is a religion and therefore just another worldview but criticising Islam or Judaism makes you a racist.

    1. It’s only considered racism depending on who is on the other side. White, Christian…no racism. All others…much racism.
      This reason alone is why you’ll never have a rational debate with an SJW…too much common sense and they seem to travel on a “one way” street.

      1. So if the cake baker couple had been black Christians (quite a few of them about last time I looked) then the reaction that they got would have been racist? Or what if it had been a white Muslim couple (Islam welcomes converts!)?

        1. It always seems to depend on their racism “hierarchy” pole. But rest assured you can always call out white, Christian men to be racist (or sexist).
          As the media reports, they are always the devil (evil bad man).

  5. They wont protest for a number of reasons. I’m sure deep down many SJWs are just as afraid of violent consequences or pushback as the rest of the world. And they should be, we’ve seen groups slaughter civilians over cartoons. They’d never admit that because it doesn’t sound good. So they will continue to go after the white males who aren’t fighting back. Much like the BLM protesters, who scream or blow whistles in the face of the police; they know nothing catastrophic will happen. My family is from a rough neighborhood in Chicago, and we don’t see these brave protesters screaming or insulting the leaders of the Disciples or the Latin Kings. They know they’d get a bullet to the head.

      1. In regards to the BLM protests, someone, somewhere, needs to sue for defamation or something similar. Do anything, just push back.

        1. I actually heard about this case on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show a while back. It’s a female attorney trying to seduce a cabbie who politely declined, followed by her accusing him of rape. Ok, just watch. It’s amusing and worrisome at the same time.

        2. Yes they are. And put females in any position of authority, whether lawyers, cops, drill sergeants, Fox News pundits, then it’s like Stalin with a vagina.

  6. Reminds me of Senator Patty Murray’s claim over a dozen years ago (shown to be false) that bin Laden had been “out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. We haven’t done that.”

  7. “Poke the stack. Shine a light on the wild inconsistencies between these alleged “allied groups” and let them fight amongst each other.”
    I did just that not long ago. Some lefty I know on Facebook shared some meme or thought that listed some popular downsides of Sharia Law (such as outlawing homosexuality), then ended the list with comparing it to Republicans. Their goal was to take a swipe at conservatives, without coming right out and criticizing Islam in the process.
    My response: “Why is that democrats welcome those who live by Sharia Law into the country in large numbers, yet waste no time bashing Republicans by comparing them to those who live by Sharia Law?”
    I poked the stack. My reply may have stayed up for a day, and was later removed by the “friend.” Some time after that, I was unfriended by said “friend.”
    No lost love there, to be honest.

      1. Oil.
        Saudi have oil. US needs oil, due to everything in the economy. So don’t piss them off directly or publicly. It’s like your boss. Boss has salary. You don’t like boss, but you like salary. So don’t piss them off directly or publicly.

        1. That’s a myth.
          It’s true that in the early 70s, when America was suffering under the Saudi oil embargo, they were heavily reliant on Gulf oil. Ditto for the First Gulf War and America’s liberation of Kuwait from Saddam Hussein.
          However, nowadays, the situation is quite different. America has outstripped Russia to become the world’s largest gas producer. Couple that with the shale revolution and yesterday’s lifting of the ban on America’s exportation of oil, and you realize the entire “America invaded Iraq in ’03 for the oil” or “America likes the Gulf due to oil” arguments are merely myths.
          America will soon become an exporter of oil and the backwards camel-fucking Saudis will have to find new friends. That’s why the goat-bangers have been dumping oil, so as to bankrupt the American shale oil extractors for whom oil extraction is expensive.
          As for why America is allied with the Saudis, it’s mainly due to Iran and geo-strategic placement.

        2. Natural gas is not the same thing as oil, apples and oranges.
          Shale oil is very expensive to extract, layoffs in the fields in the US and Canada have been happening for a year due to oil prices tanking, 185,000 total jobs lost by next spring… better hope prices rebound to above $70 a barrel or so, or these jobs wont come back

        3. Which would you prefer? Too little money(oil) or enough and a little bit extra in reserve? More is better, isn’t it?

        4. You got it all mixed up, Oil production is intentionally limited to keep prices up
          If it was about oil we’d be harassing Australia and Russia

        5. Oh, those jobs will be back. Shale isn’t going anywhere. Sure, those jobs have dried up for now but, when prices do go back into the profitable range, shale production will quickly resume whether it is company a,b or c.
          There is nothing saudi arabia or anyone else can do about it.

        6. Saudis Arabia had a lot of oil, but that evil shithole should still be boycotted.
          Unconventional oil from gas to liquids, fracking of coal seam gas, fracking for shale oil and fracking of conventional will cut down their market.
          One day they can eat their oil. Maybe then they will become human beings and learn to behave.

        7. So are diamonds by the De Beers corporation. This is just same tactics, but a black, liquid form of diamonds.

        8. You forgot stockpiles and stockpiling. If you own 95% of the gold, you can put less on the market to increase demand. Just like de Beers do.

      2. Don’t we get a lot of oil from the Saudis? I figure if that is the case, money talks louder than caring what SA thinks of women.

        1. Actually no, we get less than 5% of oil from any Middle Eastern country( mostly Kuwait). The majority we get from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Alaska, and Russia.( I believe in that order.) The ME primarily feeds its oil to Europe, Africa, and Africa ( I also believe in that order, but I could be off on that count).

    1. Hummm… I know what you’re telling me, is the truth. But I still don’t believe you !!
      & stop confusing me with facts ! My mind’s made up !!
      This is how the morons react !!

    2. These lefties only want the light shined on certain circumstances. You replace this Muslim with a white man and bingo, they have their narrative. It’s funny how the Black Lives Matter group just showed up, recently, after many have been killed (in black neighborhoods by other blacks)…but now they matter (only in certain circumstances).
      It’s a sickness, a disease that spreads. You can’t fight it with common sense because you’re dealing with sick individuals.

    3. How is it possible that these are the people that still control
      the narrative, especially after all that’s happened? We can be optimistic and
      say that the era of the cuck is coming to an end, but these shitlibs just cling
      to their worldview relentlessly. Anyone who hasn’t woken up yet; won’t. That’s
      for sure

    4. I stopped being friends with Liberals. Facebook is good at revealing who they are. I don’t consider them worthy of friendship.

  8. Feminists and sjw prey on the weak. If they didn’t fear Islam they would pick on it. Instead they behave more like sociopathic bullies that run the first sign of danger. They pick on people who won’t do anything. Some women gets in the face of an middle eastern Islamic dude he’s just going to consider it his civil duty to slap some sense into her.

    1. “Feminists and sjw prey on the weak.”
      Ever wonder why they pick on rednecks more than (at least till recently) billionaires?
      Because rednecks are the lowest people on the food chain that are not too low to be considered off limits (e.g. blacks, minorities, disabled, etc.)
      “Some women gets in the face of an middle eastern Islamic dude he’s just going to consider it his civil duty to slap some sense into her.”
      This is why I don’t lose sleep over feminism.
      If we win then feminism isn’t likely to be around anymore.
      If we lose then the muzzies eventually take over everything and feminism definitely won’t be around anymore.

  9. It was about 3 years ago that a mosque near me was defaced. Probably drunk kids. kicking stuff over, pissing on stuff etc. You would have thought it was the southern church burnings….it was a little a little piss. They pray with their noses in another mans ass anyway, what’s the big deal? But seriously, it was treated like the crime of the century. Meanwhile there was a person attacking women (not bullshit attacks, like riding up behind them on a bike and hitting them with a bat in broad daylight shit) that didn’t matter.

    1. “Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls.
      It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,
      Except for Lola. Lo lo lo lo Lola.”

  10. Unholy alliances (no pun intended) exist for a reason. There are numerous examples in history of disparate groups binding together to further their ends. It makes little sense until reality strikes: to except consistency, a lack of hypocrisy, or even simple logic is to expect too much. Those who despise and rail against Western Civilization are not “constrained” by such things. They are not even ideologues as that requires a collection of ideas. They are simply Alinsky like reactionaries.
    You cannot argue or debate with those who have no core principles or foundation in anything. It is maddening. And for whatever reason will always be YOUR fault.

  11. About Wolfe, I’d resign too if I had to work with hundreds of rabid children like that. Can’t wait to see how bad things are in ten years, or even five.

  12. SJW seem insane to me. They SJW’s /feminists should be against “the patriarchy” whether it’s from white males or howling maniac muslims. I can’t make sense of these people…

  13. “I’m not sure about Sharia law but I love this hat.”
    Ha ha. Spot on.
    Without hijabs and cool scarves and head wraps, the rate of Western women turning to Islam plummets to flat zero. A lot of fat girls are digging the frumpy but fashionable burkas that hide their obesity, with the head scarf even hiding their triple chin, leaving only their fattened lips on display and made-up eyes with Persian-style eyeliner. Take away all fashion elements of Islam and they wouldn’t care about it anymore than being a Dervish or a Voodoo queen (but don’t expose them to the fashions of those religions or else they are on that too). This is all so freaking stupid. For 50 years feminists used white boys as tackling dummies in their make-believe world of being victims. Now the real game is on. The other team (Muslim males) will tackle back this time. The white boys were too busy working to even notice what was happening. Idle, gov’t funded Muslim males will have equal time to fight back if feminists decide to mess. But the feminists have stood down on this from the start. Cowards.

  14. Damn, are those Mizzou protests still going on? I know these college SJW types tend to have nothing else better to do, but this seems a bit excessive even by their standards.

  15. Years ago I posted on Mantits that all the MRAs had to do was let the Muslims take over everything and that would be the end of feminism.
    It was the only time that I posted there that I did not get a reply back.
    Btw I don’t know whether to believe this or not but it’s pretty disturbing just the same.

        1. there’s no such a “report”. there’s tons of things on the internet that people make up just for the fun of it.

  16. Leftist blindness to Muslim offences is driven by cowardice.
    Buzz words like tolerance or diversity is just a cop out.
    It’s like that scene in ‘The Blair Witch Project” where that guy pretends not to hear (conspicuously) loud sounds because he’s too scarred to accept the situation for what it is.
    It is simply easier for them accept the idea that the muzzies will integrate (and that their failure to do so is somehow because of white men) than to accept that everything they cherish will be gone in a matter of years.
    They remind me a lot of the Eloi in H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”.
    Essentially human cattle conditioned to (voluntarily) walk into the Morlok slaughter rooms.
    They never wonder what happens to those inside.
    Never wonder why those that go in never return outside.
    They just walk to the cave whenever the klaxon sounds and then stop when it’s ‘all clear’.

  17. “Victim” is the most coveted status among the American Left. There is nothing funnier than watching two groups duke it out for top victim.

  18. Conservatives should host a gay pride event in front of Mosques to piss off democrats
    and Muslims. Let’s see the true colors of groups shine and end the debate once and
    for all Islam is not compatible with any country that values freedom and democrat’s don’t have a backbone and can only pander.

    1. It was tried in Sweden earlier this year. The gays decided to march through a Muslim area of Malmo. The leftists sided with the incomers and called the gays ‘rayciss’.

  19. This is interesting. It’s like a circle.
    Traditional western culture will be killed by feminists. Then some minority patriarchal mindset will take root and make it worse for women.
    It’s like society is begging for its own downfall.

  20. The missing part of the formula is that once the left grabs power they need the widest support to keep and consolidate it. That means a unified society which means appealing to the vast majority who are describable as “normal”, which means dumping on various minorities and attributing their annoying insistence on rights as due to perverts in the overthrown regime and thus bringing about a return to earlier standards. Doing so, of course, “requires” the thought control and secret police that were established during the transitional phase, supposedly to help the minorities.

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