Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus

After six years of continuous operation and 5,800 articles published, I’m putting ROK on an indefinite hiatus so I can take a break from the daily grind of maintaining the site. I don’t know when the hiatus will end.

The first factor for this hiatus is that site revenues are too low. We’ve been banned from Paypal and countless ad partners, which forced me to lay off the site editor last year and also lower payments to regular contributors. This started a negative spiral of declining content quality, site traffic, and revenues. Even the beloved comments section, which many see as the highlight of ROK, was badly hit when Disqus banned us. Currently, ROK receives half the traffic of its peak and less than one-fifth of the income.

The second factor is that I’m burned out. Keeping ROK updated, writing books, posting articles on my blog, doing live streams, and maintaining the forum has put too much on my plate. Out of everything on that list, working on ROK has become my least favorite activity because duties are centered more around editing other people’s work than creating my own.

I’m sure many of you understand that we are in the early stages of a censorship wave that will sweep through society. Scoundrels like myself get banned first, and then soon the hammer will come down on anyone who dares to share the truth. Personally, I believe that I will suffer death by a million cuts, but until then, you can continue to follow my work here:

Lastly, I’m planning on doing a book tour in 2019, mainly in the United States. If you are interested in attending, complete this brief survey to help me identify which cities I should visit. The tour will probably happen in the summer.

In the meanwhile, if the situation with ROK changes, or I miss updating it, articles will return. Thank you for supporting the site all these years.

424 thoughts on “Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus”

      1. Jared I feel your pain.
        I will miss writing for ROK. I had so many more redpill truths to drop to this generation. For me ROK was like a second home. It was a place where we all could tell each other straight forward truths without worrying about being politically correct or some crazy SJW getting triggered and going berserk at us. Long before I became a writer for ROK I used to follow it for years. ROK was like a sanctuary free of the Orwellian’s 1984 censorship that are happening everywhere.
        I can only thank Roosh and the rest of this redpill community for all the wisdom this place gave me throughout the years. Thanks Roosh, for building this amazing community and especially helping me discover my passion for helping the youth of today by writing redpill articles for them.
        Hopefully ROK will return to its former glory one day and we can all keep sharing our redpill wisdom to our brothers again. Awaking
        Anyone who enjoys my articles can still find me on my blog.

        1. Howard, I really like your articles about the deeper parts of life. If you ever want something published I have a website Legends of I have a modest readership but it’s growing.

        2. I can’t see my below two posts, so I’ll post again up here.
          Sorry for being redundant if they eventually show up.
          Good luck Roosh, Mods (Luke & the rest), & Team!
          Thanks for putting up with all my “slightly against the rules” P4P posts!
          Best of luck for the future.
          And good luck to the many posters here I have enjoyed over the years:
          Edward E, B.E.D., JD/PJC, MM/GenX, AC, McGoo, SM, AFTLON, RM and the all the rest. Take care guys! Hope to see you around on other sights.

        3. [Similar to Slim, I am re-posting here due to a lost post below]
          I hear being nearly-banned can be quite liberating. I’ll miss the blunt honesty/integrity of ROK. The real deal. Solid back catalog, Roosh & Co.
          Travel light, go far, be wise in your quest. Thank you for selecting my 2017 post about the meaning of the ocean (chock full of stoic, Aurelius-inspired metaphor and double entendre) as one of ROK’s rare “featured posts” before Disqus put it on ice. I’ve mostly tried to match the level of the site’s writers in the comments. In the 2-3 years that I’ve been reading the site I’ve probably dropped about 600 posts. Good times, deep thoughts, we got ’em. Carpe diem / carpe noctem

        4. The young Generation Z guys coming up desperately need the information that sites like this provide.

        5. Mr. Roark, while I’m not personally shedding many tears over the impending demise of ROK, I’ve enjoyed your insights and writing craftsmanship, especially from a faith based/spiritual perspective. Reading commentary on here from young men on how ROK is their bible, and the editor is their savior, is disconcerting, and a sign of the times. I hope you can find a venue that appreciates your work and views. Perhaps Dalrock.

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      1. when false rape happens to a nonwhite guy youll see an unholy alliance of feminazis and alt righters….hard out there for a playa….wheres that ethnic privileged of getting a slapped wrist that the right talk about? cuz prisons wouldnt be majority black n brown

    1. Maaaaannn I’ll miss you white fuckers
      It’s all love
      Say Hi to your wives for me

        1. @big shon
          Good luck with then
          you will see nothing but melenated folk in the future
          the walls are closing in on you, whitey

      1. I’ve just read thru a lot of the comments here, and you are the only one that has said something very stupid. But I suppose that’s what us white guys, your superiors, have come to expect from most of you knuckle draggers.

        1. Us white guys? Pfft you most likely posted as the black dude {{troll}}} even at the very end you still play your divisive games befouling these boards terrified the g0yim may just wake up.

      2. We’ll miss your interpretation of the White man’s language. Say hi to your STD infested, obese baby mommas for us.

        1. Crackas be triggered right till the end lol
          Enjoy your fertility Rates of 1.01
          While your country is taken from you
          read the article roosh wrote about the barbarians will win
          he has already predicted it

        1. You mean go steal some sneakers (every single time, which is quite a few times) I or my wife have actually witnessed shoplifting occur, it was a North American Pavement Ape doing it. Men, women, and kids.

      3. Not seeing you or Big Dicked Illegal Mexican again are about the only two upsides to this site shutting down.

        1. It’s OK faggot now you can live in delusion as your fertility rate drops to 1.01
          You have your fast food and Netflix to comfort you

        2. Blackie, didn’t you hear, it’s time for you folk to eat humble pie, everything you thought about evil white republicans turns out to be false. Everything you thought about trump being bad for blacks and america has proven to be false.
          We’re big enough to not openly laugh at you lot for all your years of “white oppression” while taking handouts from the party who created the KKK.

      4. once they go fat.
        they go black.
        and we don’t want them back.
        will miss your cliches too, better than a triggered fat chick, and they are mostly not wrong. Even though you are not black.

      5. Seriously, “black man”.. you’ve gotta be some “chosen one,”, white fag, or white feminist posting this crap. Other real black men who have made posts on ROK have been serious and sensible guys. You were always just here to stir up trouble.

      6. “Currently, ROK receives half the traffic of its peak and less than one-fifth of the income.”
        That is a measurable harm and should be legally actionable. I would talk to an attorney. Sometimes an attorney’s threatening letter does the trick.
        Libertarians have no doubt this is censorship. Purely private personal clubs/groups are one thing and can discriminate away, but private-for-public (what they call PfP’s) should be non-discriminatory. Some ‘conservatarians’ confuse the issue, but SCOTUS generally buys the libertarian argument having ruled personal groups’ discrimination is OK.
        They tried to censor some libertarian e-pages in 2012 and were hit with threatened lawsuits and backed off. The libertarians don ‘t screw around, and warned conservative groups who however pooh-poohed the threat. Now it looks like the companies are IMHO trying to set a precedent: the companies have been captured by extremists especially as the Libertarian founders died or retired (Apple, Yahoo E-groups…) or found themselves inadequate to the philosophical warfare of their left ‘fans’ (Look at Linux). In other words, they’re probing for weakness, and conservatives are getting the results of their inaction. This is how the far-left works: they capture and sabotage companies then blame it all on capitalism so they can call for more power. If they can get away with censoring folks like Roosh and HBD Chick, who is next?
        What’s sad is the more the leaders claim to be progressive, the more we see the repressive and gossipy morals of small towns make a comeback. I hope you have a nice rest and come back again swinging. I’m sure a lot of readers would be happy to write here for free, so please do something to keep RoK active.

        1. “That is a measurable harm and should be legally actionable.”
          As an attorney myself, I can tell you that you are offering legal nonsense here.
          As far as the ROK coming to an end, it should have shuttered its doors about three years ago. Too many posers repeating the same thing.

        2. “That is a measurable harm.” Hahaha. It’s so hilarious to read shit like this here.

      7. Dear Roosh,
        Many thanks for a fabulous RedPilled site. ROK has definitely opened my eyes and confirmed many suspicions I had about Western women.
        Thankfully I have a hot 24 year old black woman (petite curvy athletic shape – an excellent dresser!) with a good head on her shoulders who rocks my world. She’s definitely a keeper, so I think I’ll stick around. 😉
        After meeting her, I’m convinced the best level-headed conservative women come from close knit rural communities — far away from destructive urban cities. Remember this ROKers when you travel and are looking for a “good woman”.
        Anywho, I will continue to share ROK articles with my ignorant bluepilled acquaintances – wherever they are.
        Safe journeys!

    2. Well the truth is if the articles aren’t about white nationalism and Ethnostates then they are worthless, being without those nothing is ever going to change.

      1. Right, lol. It would be like having your city gates being overrun by hordes of orcs raping and pillaging your city, and then turning around and bitching about taxes being too high. Every single issue in this country is about race, the whole Kavanagh thing is about race and keeping white men out of power, our welfare is a race issue, border control is a race issue, affirmative action, crime, political corruption, our shitty educational system, wages….literally EVERYTHING involves race issues. White people who don’t talk about it are either below 100IQ, or they are just extreme fucking cowards who don’t give a shit.

        1. Is the fact that all women would rather watch you die than to ever give you the time of day about race, incel? And again, brown guys are not straight up raping and pillaging. White women are voluntarily coming to us, because you white boys have become bitch ass faggot crybabies.

        2. “Is the fact that all women would rather watch you die than to ever give you the time of day about race, incel?”
          If you consider (white) women to be another race, then yes.

        1. As far as they’ve fallen, they still overwhelmingly prefer White men. One White privilege is not having to live in a contant state of delusion.

    3. This is a mistake. Look at Mark Ame’s the Exiled and Exile, the best sites on the net, but he couldn’t make it into a pay service (possibly because of the shift to less Gonzo content). The site is a shell of itself and won’t get five percent of the traffic it did before he abandoned it in 2013.
      Even if the content declines or you give control to another, Roosh, it’s important to keep it going as it won’t be viable in the future to the same degree.
      In fact, why not create several Exile-type sites out there, dudes in several cool cities, such as Tokyo, Sao Paolo (Ames was actually thinking of moving there after being censored in Moscow), Seoul, etc.?

      1. Te Exile failed because it lost its location in Russia and then Taibbi left. It was primarily a print endeavor, which I assumed was either propped up by local advertising or interests hostile to the Russian government. Its reason for existence was primarily as anti-Russian propaganda in Russia. They were functionally kicked out, and so that ended.
        Ames is an okay journalist, along with the rest of the rabble, but Taibbi was obviously the nucleus of the publication. Its a shame that he sold out after touchin the politial third rail of implied antisemitism (or so they accused) after he targeted Goldman Saachs at the time of the 2008 mortgage crisis.
        Both Ames and Taibbi have never been anything more than communism apologists, a their core, but Ames completely lacks finesse whereas Taibbi could at least put on a show of objectivity at times (but mostly before 2008). Today he has a clear master.

      2. But how to get money without Paypal? Takes money to move and set up shop abroad. It is impossible for the U.S. public to transfer funds if the jevv appointed SJWs at Paypal don’t like you and think you are gonna breed. In China we have Wechat Wallets and Alipay for Chinese yuan but little good it does when you can’t use multiple currencies in the U.S.

    4. Nooooooo, is correct. This site will be missed. I bought your lifes work package because I believe in you. Not really for picking up women.

      1. for now…
        I reckon we need to see it all come together this week – vote-in Brett.
        and then hold congress in the mid terms – a few arrests, etc…
        Trump’s rhetoric seems to be ramping up: triggering the leftists because he doesn’t obey MSM shills: telling them to sit down, shut up, “you don’t think”, etc…
        nicknames for all our enemies:
        crooked hillary
        da nang “Richard”(Dick) Blumentahl…etc
        at least it is fumy…
        But, I reckon I will give up and john Dodds, if something concrete doesn’t manifest by nov6

        1. I believe that the UCMJ rules on military trials have been re-written and take effect on 1/1/19.

    5. to keep u guys busy

      alpha or beta……is indias sjwism worse then ours,….I can imagine a western boy crying and apologizing in the same scenrio

      1. I only watched the first minute, but I saw enough…
        That dude was in a no win situation. Should’ve just walked away.

    6. I’ll put this up here – so it doesn’t “vanish”.
      Comments paginate (perhaps after 100 comments).
      the email links are correct. adds “comment-page-3#”
      But, there doesn’t seem to be paging buttons…And only shows first page when click on initial post.
      Certainly adds to the issue of lack of traffic if people’s comments are “banned/deleted/vanish” etc…
      I can fix this real quick. Already have better system ready to go…and can’t get a job in any of my 4 distinct trades/degrees due to being straight white male…

      Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus


      Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus

      regular link:

      Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus

      1. damn the links converted to pics:
        typical email link with paging:

        1. so yea the point is:
          is the regular link – and will probably have 100 posts – no pagination.
          is paginated – but probably a lot less than 100 per page. I think there are 5 pages now with 221 comments. And this “comment-page-4#comment-1329537” is the link sent in an email…
          and I cannot see page buttons…
          This is a major reason for less commenting/traffic. I’ll fix it up make a custom system with forum/commenting/voting…make it no/low maintenance/automated…

      2. > and can’t get a job in any of my 4 distinct trades/degrees due to being straight white male…

        BadMan, can you code?
        If I were you, I’d learn to program in these newer modern programming languages — Julia, Kotlin, Swift, Go or Crystal — and then start doing remote work.
        Julia and Crystal are especially going to be very disruptive because they’re easy like Python and Ruby respectively but run as fast as C/C++.
        Go and Swift have massive financial backing from Google and Apple. Both are also very EASY to learn. Kotlin is taking over from Java on Android.
        The future is Tech, dude – regardless of your skin colour!

    7. Thx Roosh for this site! Best to you
      Men. Why shouldn’t women hold political office?
      Herein is the deepest reason females should not hold societal power. They are not inclined to protect the society. When the exogenous threat is other males, it is in their interest to bring them in to fight it out, so the females may become spoils for the victor.

    8. Why women shouldn’t hold political office
      Women, in fact, tend to welcome invaders. It is not in their interests to resist. They’ll be kept for reproduction (sack the village, kill the children, rape the women), and resisting will only get them killed.
      The remainder will enjoy genetic diversity and the genetic fruits of competition between males.
      Only females with strong allegiance to their (alpha, trustworthy) males will

    9. Can’t you just hand ball ROK to someone else for now Roosh? I’ve been coming here for over 5+ years nearly everyday. 🙁

    10. This is terrible news! 🙁
      Will EXISTING content still remain visible on site? Or is site going down completely?
      Bad news for the Red Pill community for sure.

      1. Indeed, its a bad news. Somehow I gussed it long back & archived/copied the Full ROK website. I don’t think keeping the site online is difficult. Should it become necessary, we can happily contribute to the Hosting charges.
        Let US keep Faith and get going. Who knows, things can turn POSITIVE at any moment.

        1. @Ravi Macho
          Hey, that was my idea as well. Especially the older content is worth saving !
          Can you please tell more details, how you used HTTrack ?
          Which speed & connections did you set, not too put too much load on the server ?
          How big was the final archive ?
          And when I tried it, every time I wanted to resume, this strange tool started to update the old data, instead just continue the DL.

        2. is THE way to go, best site mirror ever! 🙂 I can post the -* and +* pre-made codes and parameters for responsible site mirror to save you time if you want to try using HtTrack.
          IF RoK is going down completely, we should mirror its content and preserve its knowledge for generations to come.

        3. @ChristianCool
          That would be really great, yes.
          Can you put the config files (whtt) oder command line parameter here or on pastebin, or somewhere on the forums ?

          It really annoys me, that the httrack tool tries to redownload everything (b/c it’s probably a dynamically generated site). And I don’t want to put unnecessary load on the server.

          And yeah, that’s my motivation as well. It’s like the Roissy Sphere sort of a “cultural heritage” and history of the manosphere & red pill. That’s why ROK deserves a decentalised backup. (Ok, it is super decentral, as it lives on in us, but a copy on a hard drive is always good.)

        4. @ROK backup…,
          Sorry for delay. You are right, HTTrack happens to update/re-download the Pages unnecessarily, due to the “dynamic” nature.
          The final ROK mirror is around 6 GB (I have selectivity avoided some .mp4 and images) and it took almost 10 hours !! Maybe I might be missing few Articles and other files, but still I am happy with the result.
          When time permits, I will check & refine the portal structure. Here are few tips:
          1. Leave the “number of connections” blank (defaults to 4)
          2. Keep the “link depth” to 20
          3. Configure the “filters string” to avoid junk/unnecessary stuff.
          4. Leave the HTTrack running, until you get the result (if required, you can “pause” the process and make your PC/Laptop to Sleep or Hibernate)
          ** All the best **

        5. HTTrack Rules (I tried to post a link to my guide but did not get posted). He is a copy and paste:
          Project name: Return of Kings ONLY (updated)
          Project main link: –> no https!!!
          Important Notes about this project (what is being copied and not copied):
          *NO (forums have to be separate due to quirk with https:// issue)
          *NO links here to avoid issues or copying sites un-related to project.
          *Mirror/copy and on their own to avoid bugs.
          *Includes ALL comments, even comments made before (when Disqus was part of RoK) and current commnets!! 🙂
          *Includes ALL images from the site, so when you see page, looks exactly like RoK.
          *No videos are copied here; no videos copied from YouTube. No SoundCloud podcasts! These are huge files! Copy them individually if you want soundcloud files (Podcasts).
          *All advertisement blocked, so not downloaded. Ads will show as “page not copied” and blue background. 🙂
          *This mirror copies everything up to the Hiatus period of RoK.
          Important basic Options:
          *Set browser ID to “none” on Options!
          *On “Limits” tab, set “max connections per second to “1” – see image below!
          (this fixes Error ‘Forbidden’ (403) + fixes error “No data seems to have been transferred”!! 🙂 This bypasses huge annoying bugs on RoK structure and bypasses anti-mirroring settings from site.
          *370000 max links (the site is HUGE and if you wants all images and cross-links, you need to go deep)
          *Max transfer speed: 229797 (Flow control: 1)
          *If site mirror gets interrupted, re-start HtTrack and use option “continue interrupted download”. If you already downloaded some of RoK before, use option “update existing mirror”, so you have latest stuff. 🙂
          *Before mirroring site, clear your browser history and close browsers. Unp[lug and re-plug to reset your house modem to get different IP address, because if RoK detects multiple online access from same IP, you may get blocked! Go to to see if your IP address changed before and after modem reset. Do NOT access RoK while mirror is going on from a browser, because it will seem like “multiple connections are active same time” and will try to block you!
          *The images below show all the “Set Options” settings you need to successfully copy RoK without copying the whole Internet and without ads, spam, outside pages, etc. Leave other tabs as they are standard set by HtTrack program.
          *Get HtTrack program FREE here:
          ***Important: Next post will have the all-important +* and -* “wildcards” (Scan Rules) to save time and prevent copying stuff not related to the site!

      2. Just tested the Ht Track website downloader parameters Tom posted here and THEY WORK perfectly.
        It is a file with instructions on the link. Copy the Rules and it will work great. Has instructions with all settings too.
        Very good +1 Thumbs up, Tom.
        Ravi, Chris A, RoK mirror, see link above (link will expire in 20 days, so get the info).

    11. Have someone else run it or submit content.
      Expand the scope of the site to make it more interesting to you and dynamic
      This is a bad decision.

    12. What other sites are like this as alternatives
      Roosh you’re sabotaging yourself. Broad n discourse have less updates have other men run 🏃‍♀️ t in trust

      1. I would say Chateau Heartiste is an alternative.
        Dalrock is another good one, but focused on more Christian-centered topics, but also discussing Game, marriage, relationships, and Feminism.
        Fabius Maximus is working on solutions to the mess we have economically, socially, and male-female relationships.
        Roosh should please consider keep this site going, even if he taking a break from adding new content, IMHO. This has become an integral part of the ManoSphere.

    13. Roosh, are you open to having someone else help edit and moderate content to keep site going, even if free of charge?
      Is site going to stay online with its current content as a resource to men everywhere or will it come down completely?

      1. Maybe odd, but it does makes some sense! Even after 1 week, there are just over 300 comments! J U S T over 300 !! Where the hell are MEN who got benefited from the ROK Platform !? Where are those supporters for MANOSPHERE and well-being of MEN !? Where are those “world wide” followers, at least from the Europe !?
        Heck, where are those fucking “trolls” who post negative comments !!?? Come on dumb ass “trolls”, post some (albeit “mindless”) comments !!
        I appreciate all those who stood in support of [email protected] and even offered to contribute for free. I sincerely believe that there is a HOPE.

        1. I use to donate but stopped due to RVF snowflake moderators. They get triggered worst than a group of radical Feminists!

        1. 343… lol
          1,000 comments should not be a problem in a few days. I think a lot of guys are not commenting because they are mad the site is going down. 🙁 It was terrible news to see site go down in flames forever or suspend its online presence.

        2. More than mad, I am dissapointed. This site is one of my favorites; it has many articles on different subjects: politics, philosophy, game, fitness. I cant think of any other site that has half of what RoK offers.
          I came here daily for my red pill on women, and the last two weeks that it has been on a hiatus I ve been very anxious. Very sad news indeed.

    14. Cause ROK has been a big part of my daily routine for the last 5 years, my doctor said I’m going through mild depression due to it being taken down.
      Come on Roosh, you’re torturing me bro, bring back ROK 🙁

    15. I used to be a regular on this site until the loser Corey Savage banned me. Maybe banning regulars is not good business practice. I am glad your site is burning down!
      I hope you never recover.

      1. I agree! The amount of people they ban on their RVF is worst than the snowflake Left.
        Roosh doesn’t care when I asked him! It makes me think that the moderators are losers cause they are trigger happy. It’s their only way to feel good in life!

  1. I am sad Rooshie, but I understand. Get rest, refresh and return. Am going through another shit show at a new job and I know that I have been able to cope and strategize due to absorbing RoK articles about frame, game and how to handle incredibly stupid, incompetent and evil women.
    Deus Vult!

  2. Everyone still here is invited to join us at A Kings’s Castle ( There’s a lot of stragglers there who’ve been banned for too much shitposting in the past. We hope Roosh has success in his endeavors, but if you want a place to hang out come join us.

    1. Tried to check it out and it wouldn’t even let me view the page because I’m on TOR. That’s a pretty bad move if you’re trying to grow the user base.

      1. It’s our DDOS protection. I’ve got Onion Routing support enabled, try upgrading your TOR system. If it’s compatible with CloudFlare, it should work.

        1. What happened to GoJ? LOL, A kings Castle is literally the only place where the comment section is the main aspect of it, literally having nothing to do with the articles. Funny shit though, Disqus is a much better comment platform.

    2. Miss you ‘ol sock puppets but I kind of got the impression that A King’s Castle was anti-return of kings?

        1. I always got the impression the point was to sanitise the red pill somewhat.
          Maybe there is a symbiotic relationship though. Wasn’t it this time last year that the exodus occurred?

  3. They censored the biggest manosohere website by lowering revenues. RoK is likely responsible for introducing the red pill to more men than any other site. Since it has been introduced the red pill and it’s audience has changed. I notice it’s a lot less about development, ownership, and intelligent discussion. Now more people come here to read about how horrible women are and how bad feminism is. That’s yesterday’s news. Time for this online community to step up its game and become better men.
    Some advice nobody asked for; neo masculinity was brilliant. RoK readers should dive into hard. Roosh you should bring it back in a big way.
    God bless you. Thanks for the platform.

    1. Here, here. And those fucking MGTOW’s, and “I only fuck whores cause I’m da man,” fuckers… fuck ’em.
      But this site is dead because it’s treading old ground. There’s nothing new. We know all this stuff. If you can’t get laid and are following the steps correctly then you would have to be butt-fuck ugly.
      For me it was a massive head-slap moment on this site when Roosh started attacking Trad-hot’s because: “they’re just saying what we’re saying but getting more attention because they’re sticking their tits out in front of drooling betas.” Yeah, but… they’re a fucking good ally to have. The more the merrier.
      A real man doesn’t have woman issues, and that includes being able to co-operate with them, rather than be petty little boys. If you want to progress this site, I suggest you losen the “NO-CHICKS” mantra, it’s gay as fuck.

    2. Agreed, where I am going to fill my red pill prescription now? Guess I have to find an ilegitimate source.

    3. I totally agree about the neomasculinity thing. If there was one cause that I always felt was most important here, it was that one. You can ease up on the women/leftist/feminist/etc – bashing, because if we had a community where men could come together to learn and teach one another how to grow properly, you wouldn’t need to publicly bash any of our antagonists. We’d simply get to a point where we’d instinctively know what’s right and wrong, and we’d avoid them all quite naturally. They wouldn’t effect us in the least, and we wouldn’t wind up on their hit lists for being openly scornful of them.
      If only there was some kind of open “neomasculinity forum” where we could keep that movement alive, and where each of us could contribute our own voices and stories to help make the concept grow and thrive… If it was a largely positive place, and steered away from the hit pieces, instead favoring the topics of proper personal, physical, mental, spiritual and financial growth for all of us men who can clearly see the problems with the current status quo? Holy shit that would be great.
      And what if you put this forum somewhere that we’re already under direct attack – like on Reddit perhaps? The red pill sub is gone now so there’s about 200k men who need a place to discuss neomasculinity, and most of us aren’t ever going to be content with hanging out amongst the doll-fuckers over at r/MGTOW… I guess what I’m saying is, wouldn’t it be swell if there was a neomasculinity subreddit to fill this massive void? R/neomasculinity … It’s got a nice ring to it. I wonder why there isn’t one already? Maybe, just maybe, there’s somebody out there who knows. And if not, maybe it’s time for someone with the will & the skill to create it.
      Just saying

      1. How about I sweeten the deal? What if this place you seen was one not on the internet but one in the real physical world? Forums can be shut down and subverted, thinned out until it doesn’t even represent what the original purpose even was. But real world friendships and true real communities are strong. A real world red pill society devoted to it’s ideals would be a much stronger force than simply a forum. If we were to all come together and unite into some sort of syndicate we would be unstoppable. I hope to see you at one of Roosh’s meet ups. I sure will try to meet more people and build a red pill community.

  4. Roosh, You do know that this is exactly what the enemy wants and will be perceived as a victory over you and your movement. Please reconsider.
    At the very least, please continue to repost articles from ROK archives because they still pack a punch and are of much better quality than recent contributions.

    1. The point is, why should Roosh do something again ?
      He has done already so much for us. He should enjoy this financial outcome, as long the site produces any traffic, etc.

      It’s now time, that WE DO something.
      I know self organising is hard, and I don’t have a good idea how to do that.
      In fact I doubt we have here a commen ground (even on the political agenda, as seen below the recent libertarianism article …)

      Roosh started a good conversation and discussion and WE have to continue and develop it.

      1. Fine, then pass on the torch with Roosh retaining a veto or something.
        With all the censorship, something like this site and, dare I say, movement, may never be possible again…

    2. Whether we like it or not, the enemy is having his way.
      All those tech companies are run by lefties determined to enforce political correctness everywhere, and whose actions are all politicized in an age of mass hysteria. They refuse to debate, resort to shaming tactics and ultimately will succeed in shutting down anyone they don’t agree with.
      The purge has already begun, with the self-righteous pricks at Twitter and Facebook, in a festival of double standards, banning people who aren’t politically aligned and who rattle their cage enough to get blacklisted. YouTube has been demonetizing any channels that antagonize and denounce political correctness for the cancer in society it truly represents (see Joseph Paul Watson and others). And now Roosh has reached his own crossroads. I think he has realized this battle is lost, decided to cut his losses and move on.
      Whether or not people identify with either side of the political spectrum, it’s time to pick a side. Real fast.
      Some people are already moving to other “right wing friendly” platforms. The Right must pick up the pace real quick and have their own established platforms, or else this war will be over pretty soon.

      1. Keep up with the news, Google, Twitter and Facebook are in serious trouble with the law. Courtesy of Qanon. This censorship battle will be over before you know it.

    1. Wouldn’t your esteemed host blame the Jews?
      Be honest woth yourself, he would.

      1. As well they should be blamed. Since murdering God they have been Satan’s tools and the enemy of humanity.

        1. Ha!
          Cheers for that.
          You are screaming being led from the dock….
          Priceless, thanks again, and of course, goodbye. Forever.

        2. @Frank the J3w.
          Jesus Christ. God incarnate as man. Murdered for not doing the Messiah job to the Tribes specifications. Resurrected and when he returns they will receive the full punishment for all their evil deeds.

  5. This bites, for me and many others. This is one of only about 3 of my go-to sites. But I totally get it, from your point of view. You don’t need the stress or disappointment.
    The thing I really don’t get is how the site traffic dropped so dramatically. Where did all those masculine men and alpha (or wannabe alphas) go?
    I just hate Disqus, PayPal, Google, Facebook, {{{them}}}, ugly feminists, and everyone else who has tried to deny people like us our freedom of speech, put you on “hate lists,” disrupted your meetups, trolled on this site, etc. Hate each and every one of them.

    1. People used to share RoK articles for how edgy they were at the time. Tuthmosis had some articles about dating anorexic women and how women with short hair were damaged. When those were released it opened a lot of eyes to RoK. Celebrities were commenting on those articles. Nothing is controversial now, people don’t even care about metoo anymore.
      When feminism was the enemy it was easy and fun to write about how stupid feminists are, but the feminist outrage is yesterday’s news. Female hyperbaric and all that is yesterday’s news. Too many people like to bitch about it and nobody likes to learn how to live in the world or how to change it.

      1. Tuthmosis was sooooo epic.
        I really miss that. And the outrage it created.
        It were the first articles I did read in my blue pill days and my jaw basically dropped and I had to read them several times to digest it – but on a gut level I knew, that guy’s analysis is dead-on.

    2. #meToo.
      trump has mentioned this, and maybe will handle – who knows?
      There is a precedent with common carrier rules (AT&T, ferries/railways, etc)…
      Not a fan of big government – but there must be standardized utilities -including public forums.

    3. ROK is still clocking over 2 million visits every month, according to SimilarWeb.
      Actually Roosh should license the ROK brand to me, I would turn this into my own blog and give Roosh 20% of the profit. Fair deal and no more worries and work for Roosh!

  6. Seems there are 3 separate Roosh forums – and one still uses disqus…
    So – which one should we hang out at?
    This guy Dustin Nemos2 mentioned that there could be conservative shutdowns this week. He is a young guy and very knowledgeable. Check his bookshelf – you can do it too. read read read – history etc… it does repeat.

  7. wow, i was not expecting this. very sad news. the site will be up without updates or is it closing down? when exactly is this happening?

  8. The US is fucked.
    Americans don’t care if a Supreme Court judge supports censorship, NSA wiretapping, indefinite detention without a trial for Americans, and torture, but Americans will go batshit insane if he’s accused of sexual harassment.
    The Supreme Court will say everything unconstitutional the government does is legal, but even if the court ruled against the government, the government would keep doing it anyway, and Americans won’t even shrug.

    1. Agreed, looks like Adirminal Poindexter has had the last laugh. Private industry? via the tech conglomerates has accomplished what the government failed to do Manhattan Project 2.0 is now a reality!

  9. So sorry for myself to here that. I joined a few months a go and I was so into it. It was a pity though tgat I can’t contribute.
    Anyways take care of yourself. I hope you would be back soon.

  10. Roosh, it was an excellent run. Because of you, my life has changed for the better.

  11. Roosh – have you ever thought of selling the IP rights and platform to an editor or group of editors that will keep it up and running? Hate to see it go but all good things must come to an end.

  12. This is very bad news. It will cause a wave of celebration among the SPLC types. There are so very few red-pilled sites on the net right now, to lose one of them is a crushing blow.
    Why does it have to be a revenue-driven site? Some of the best sites on the web make no money — see Heartiste. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would volunteer to edit articles and plenty of writers who would provide articles at no charge. I myself would have been more active on that front but I don’t like being told I’m forbidden to discuss race or the JQ. As we see, none of your censorship did anything except alienate fans anyway….they still came after you for “hate” regardless.
    I guess we have to accept it and move on. But I’d urge all readers to consider that this marks the end of Red Pill 2.0 and now it’s time for the 3.0 version which involves making ourselves extremely anti-fragile, and bringing our message into the real world, forcing it on the normies who need to hear it. No more echo chambers or hideaways. It’s time to reveal our power level….we have about 3 years before the full weight of the enemy comes down on us. If we haven’t inflicted major damage against them by then we’re done.
    They deny us the ability to make a peaceful living, then we deny them the ability to live peacefully.

    1. Red Pill and other conservative types need to start devolping a power base in academia, the government, and private industry. A conservative organization has been banned by both Master Card and Visa as both these companies will no longer allow the processing of donations for this organization. The only solution I see right now is certain tech coglormates have to treated like public utilities and cannot bar companies from using their services. Amazing that a baker refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding receives national attention but the banning of by Master and Visa has received so little press.

  13. This is really sad, but yeah, many lamented the quality of the articles and Roosh’s decision is rational at the moment. I did my fair share of support by buying his books, but obviously, with less traffic it gets harder and harder.
    And it is much more diffiult now to compete, as there a ton of new (pseudo) “red pill” and pick up channels with 100.000s of YT subs. Idk how they did it, but It’s difficult to get a sensible message out in this noise …
    So my main point is now:
    How can we create an active RP community & network ? Enough of this black pill stuff, yeah, we analysed the situation, but now we have to do something. Or at least be prepared when the s**t hits the fan.
    Any ideas ?
    Sure we can continue to use the RVF atm, but it’s not that active like it was.
    (Oh, and maybe it’s time to backup the ROK content as well …)
    Or Roosh can bring out a ebook with a compilation of the best, most-outrage-creating articles.
    Thank you Roosh for everything. And to the other’s who use the site/ comment sections/forums but didn’t support his work: Damn it, donate or buy his books !

  14. This is sad news, but understandable.
    I’ve never thought of myself as having been “red-pilled.” If we’re using movie references, it’s more like I was born outside of The Matrix. Most of the “red pill” principles I’ve found here (and elsewhere) are principles that my dad taught me from birth. Then my ex-husband tried to feed me the blue pill. It eventually destroyed our marriage, but not before I’d conceded a lot of ground for the sake of harmony. I was outwardly a much different person by the end of my marriage than when I went into it, and inwardly I had a lot of cognitive dissonance.
    I found this website quite by accident while I was in the early stages of extracting myself from that relationship, and I honestly don’t know what I’d have done or where I’d be now otherwise. After years of being harangued and cajoled into rationalizing and aligning myself with principles and practices that conflicted with my intuition and upbringing, stumbling across this website was like a cold splash of water to the face.
    I don’t remember exactly which article it was, but I remember my very first reaction was to recoil for fear of being judged by all of my liberal friends for reading it. But I couldn’t stop, because the words arranged on the screen said things that my heart and my head and my gut all understood to be true. I’ve been a daily reader ever since (nearly five years, I think).
    This place (and not just this specific website, but it’s various related resources as well) has helped me to negotiate my divorce fairly and honorably (in the face of being urged to play dirty by pretty much everyone else), stick to my guns about homeschooling my boys, and find a good man who for whom I am much better suited (getting married next year).
    That’s no small thing – and I’m only one of many. The good news is that the information is still there – and not just on the internet, but in the brains of a whole lot of people. Can’t un-ring a bell, as they say.
    Thanks for that. <3

    1. And of course (forgot to mention): it’s helped me regain perspective, turn my own life and behavior around, and get my head on straight again. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have accomplished any of those other things.

  15. I completely understand.
    Thanks for the amazing years filled wigh great content. I learnt a lot and have grown as a man in this world.
    Thank you Roosh and thank you to all the contributors.

  16. Calm your tits everyone.
    There was a world before RoK and Roosh posted a link to his own site which had massive traffic before RoK was even a thing many years ago.
    Yeah the left will have a little party. Good for them. Doesn’t change a damn thing. We are still out here and not going anywhere in spite of their attempts. Point your browser over to Roosh’s site and let the shitpoasting commence!
    I 100% get where his head is. You have to step back and re-evaluate often in life it is part of healthy growth & change. Wish you the best brah, I frequent your other side often anyways so it is a non-event for me.
    I give not a single fuck about what the SPLC or other leftist agitprop cunts think or care about. You should do the same.

  17. Why not have Jon Anthony and his 100 Tindersloots run it in your absence? Surely his training of future gajillionaires can break for a bit, no?

  18. Use cryptocurrency to accept donations. Also Roosh, if you’re burned out find someone else to take the reins of ROK. A winner never quite and a quitter never wins.

  19. There’s no way to spin this. It’s bad news. The matrix is firing back ruthlessly and it’s obvious they are doing their best to take Roosh down. The death of a thousand cuts is the perfect analogy. I expect the hammer to keep coming down on any content producer that isn’t in line with everything PC. These are not good times and I wish I could see some light at the end of this very dark tunnel we find ourselves in.

  20. Sorry to hear it Roosh but it makes perfect sense.
    My only suggestion, if you’re going to keep the site online as it is, is that maybe you could handpick what you think are the best of the best ROK articles and present them on one page for new people to discover. It would be useful for introducing new people to these ideas and to what made ROK the go-to spot for boys and men of this time.
    Either way, this website is a modern masterpiece and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

    1. I always liked you as a poster, man. You, Automatic Slim, Cavalier, RW, John Dodds, Sasquatch, and a bunch of others.

      1. This really sucks. I for one will miss you guys, your opinions, and humour. An oasis in a desert of PC insanity.
        Thanks Roosh for galvanising us, I hope you come back bigger and better. You are a legend, never forget it.

      2. Thank you brother.
        My very best to you and all the fine men red pilled on this site.
        Keep your heads up, chests out. Confidence is electric and a magnet. Work to better yourselves and accomplish great things, 1 day and 1 task at a time.
        I Hope you all find that woman that completes you and that you’re blessed with a family.
        My Advice. Never Fn relent. Never apologize to your enemies. Double the F down and go for their throats. Be calculating.
        Love y’all.

  21. Thank you, Roosh! I hope this website will be alive and kicking again sometime in the near future. But for now, we must do our part and fight on in this era of cuntrocracy and clown world. Ride the tiger.

  22. Ya the site was recycling a bunch of stuff, seemed like it was on its way out.
    Good luck Roosh figuring out your life in middle age. Hope you find inner peace or have a heck of a good time trying.

  23. In other words you sorry ass pack of masculine losers? SJW’s won. Because SJW’s DONT EVER GIVE UP.
    SJW’s will win long term.
    I always knew that Roosh was a weak candy ass.

  24. Stay strong Roosh! Thank you for changing the lives of many, for the better. Hope to see your return, enjoy your well deserved break!

  25. Thank you for first assisting me back when I was only 16. There truly does exist knowledge on here that will forever be hard or impossible to find anywhere else on the internet. Though naturally growing up I began to take on red pill ideals from observing every day life and whatnot, there’s no doubt in my head ROK was a major help in confirming a lot of what I initially believed as well as learned later on thanks to this wonderful site. I may have turned 18 only days ago, but it feels as if though I was 16 only days ago. Though I did eventually notice the decline in site quality, there’s no doubt you guys are and have been great. Thank you and may more of the younger generations eventually follow the paths I did in changing the way they live and learning what can be taught in a place like this. -Dan

  26. Then it will have to be named Return of the Return of the Kings. Hey, make sure to thank your government for banning Roosh from government run Disqus, government run google, government run Amazon, government run paypal…….oh wait, those are all privately run Capitalistic companies abusing their monopolistic power. I guess you should instead thank your local “free association, free market, guvmit ruin everything” libertarians for that one. Hopefully the Government under God Emperor Trump finally breaks these BS companies up.

    1. Your surrogate daddy Trump doesn’t give a fuck about your worthless incel ass, just like your real dad.

  27. Thanks Roosh! You did a great service to many man that felt very lost at times, and you helped them with a sense of belonging and the notion that we aren’t crazy and there are more of us. Unfortunately, due to authors like Troy Frances, Von Stroke, etc. the site started to decline in quality. I live in LA and when I started reading this site 4 years ago everything made sense, I no longer have “oneitis” and know the true nature of women, as well as what it means to be an alpha in every aspect of life. Please consider recruiting foot soldiers that are as passionate as you about the movement, that way when ROK is back, if it is ever back, we can have great content where older guys like me teach the future generation how to act around women. God Speed!!!

  28. I was introduced to this website last year around the same. Sad to see you go. This was my main go to when I wanted to refresh my memory on certain topics, or just to get away from all the bullshit in life and remember about the Red Pill.
    Roosh, have you every thought of compiling all of the work and putting it into a book? I would definitely buy it, that way the people can access the knowledge you and the other contributors have provided without losing all of the content when the website shuts down. Are you planning on shutting it down and removing content? I’d like to still come back and read through the archives.
    Let us know! I’d be willing to buy a book of all the articles compiled into one!

  29. Very sad to see this happening, Roosh. Been here almost since the very beginning and I have this site to thank to introducing me to red pill and making me a better man. I was in a bad place after a breakup years ago(2012), but this place, and other manosphere resources truly showed me the light. Please consider returning someday, perhaps at the start of 2019, but if not, I would like to give RoK and all of its contributors my eternal gratitude.
    Thank you

  30. I saw this coming it was only a matter of time. Well good luck everyone!

  31. Mainstream media has interviewed Tommy Robinson recently. If you look him up on google news, you’ll find a spate of articles by people bitching and moaning that he’s being given a platform. The counter argument was that all views should be aired, and in doing so, mainstream hoped to “expose” Tommy for his supposed “bigotry”. Those against begin with a presupposition that such views should disqualify him to begin with, thus, no platform. But who are they to decide? The left wants to be the arbiter of what is and isn’t legitimate in their own self-righteous mindset. They want to have their say, yet not allow you to have yours. Make no mistake, we are dealing with fascism and tyranny in the west.
    As for ROK, I saw this coming. Its one thing when you’re attacked on all sides like Alex Jones. But on the other hand, there’s a sort of saturation now with manosphere content. I myself haven’t been reading this site as much.
    Men discover the red pill at different stages in life. Some early as teens, some as young adults, some in middle age after it’s too late and they’ve been burned by divorce. What they didn’t teach you in school was female nature. That there is even such a thing. We learned it here.
    But once those lessons are learned, knowledge applied, the need to keep coming back for advice diminishes. Occasionally you come across something new, and you say, ‘hey, that’s a good point’. But generally, once you’re red-pilled, you are red-pilled. All you have left to do is go live your life with the knowledge you’ve gained. And let’s face it, as you get older, the novelty of poosay diminishes as well.
    If I had advice for Roosh V, I would say definitely take a break. Sometimes you need to stop in order to figure out where you’re going and what comes next.

  32. Roosh,
    Thank you for all you have done, to awaken myself and others.
    Web pages can be shut down, but ideas and realities can not.
    No illegal immigrant, thot or fag will ever be able to pass a law to make me love them.
    When times are bad, I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself that Earth is Satan’s kingdom and he rules through his agents. As a Christian, I am the interloper and the resistance here. Resistance movements always lack the resources of the far greater power they are fighting, and setbacks are inevitable.
    Until God’s kingdom returns, I can only pray and tend to my business. If more of us would do that – work on becoming our best possible selves, good things would start to happen.
    I hope we’ll hear from you again soon and that you find peace in this life.

  33. This is sad news.
    About five years ago i found Roosh´s “Easy bang world map” on several websites.I think back then it was even published on some mainstream news websites.
    I was very curious about it and thereby i found this great website.
    Since then i probably checked this website on daily basis.It changed my life and sex -life
    very much.Since then i was much more confident and successful when i approached women.
    I will download all my favourite articles which have been published here.
    Thanks Roosh!!

  34. Roosh is slowly turning into an old Iranian Nana. Pretty soon he’ll be puttering around the house in slippers, a house coat, and a hairnet, searching EBay for antique Victorian thimbles to add to his growing collection of tschochkes. If you want to, you can go over his house for a nice cup of tea, and he’ll complain long and loud about his hemorrhoids, his bursitis and the
    neighborhood brats.

    1. This are the kind of comments that I’ll miss. As for the articles, I couldn’t care less; whenever saw a shitty headline written by Troi Francis, I usually skipped quickly to the discussion section.

  35. By the way Roosh, I did buy a copy of Game even though I don’t need dating advice at this point in my life.
    The only other time in my life I bought a book I didn’t need as a gesture of support was “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie.
    So you’re in very good company there.

  36. All I can say is thank you to Roosh and everyone else here that shared their wisdom (or funny shitposts). God help us all against the enemies we face. They are pure evil.

  37. It sucks but totally understandable. I noticed the changes and the powers that be know all they need to do is demonetize you or take away your distribution platforms – no laws needed to kill you off.
    Unfortunately this is just another agonal breath in the death rattle of the dying American dream. The waves of censorship and no-proof allegations will spread until 10-20 years from now no one will be safe. We will not need a Big Brother; we’ll all become will slaves to our corporate and government rulers in exchange for the comfort of being left alone.
    Kudos for all you’ve done and the battles you continue to fight.

  38. Sorry to see you go, but if you’re concerned about censorship Twitter isn’t the place to be. I joined a long time ago and there is no censorship there.

  39. It will get worse before it gets better, lads.
    Brace yourself, Soros’ globohomo foot soldiers will be doxing most of us.

  40. Honestly, quite a long back, I have mentally & emotionally prepared myself for this “unfortunate” day. Thank you Roosh; for the ROK Platform and for giving me a chance to meet so many like minded guys.
    We all can understand this situation. Maybe the “timid” leftists & pussies might see this as their victory, but in reality; this is just the beginning of their downfall.
    You indeed need a break and time, to come back fully recharged. Wish You ALL the Best, Roosh.
    PS: If anybody wants to carry on and continue the ROK Platform, do not hesitate to do so; you will NOT be alone. I am sure to say that you will have 99.99% of ROKers in your Support.

  41. very sad and an end of era. Unless of course it’s a case of ‘Return of Kings is dead’ long live Return of the Return of Kings….in due course
    Kind of got the feeling Roosh was cooling on the site. It has been difficult to post to since the disqus hostile action. Writing in your name and email with eveyr other comment is a pain

  42. Thanks for giving writers such as myself all that time ago the first real taste of being published in the manosphere. A lot has rapidly changed in these last years for all men but I believe more people are becoming aware of the ways things are going & the tides are slowly starting to shift.
    It’s been a long time since I last posted on RoK but I’ve chronicling my life on a weekly basis for the last four years. Check out if you need something else to read.

  43. Keep fighting the good fight Roosh. I’ve been a fan since Day Bang and I relate to your American and international dating experiences. Take a break. You deserve it. The rest of use will do our part. Learn from your insight. TAKE ACTION. Hold the line. Be impactful. Share with others.
    Fuel up sir. Grab some ammo. Heal up those wounds. This ain’t over yet…

  44. This is exactly what the leftists want, unfortunately. Activists shouldn’t expect to make money, although I get that Roosh isn’t an activist.
    Consider letting someone else run the site, or ask for donations.

  45. All the best, brothers. ROK has been incredibly cathartic for me; I hope the hiatus is brief. Good things Roosh.Good things.

  46. Sad, but good choice Roosh. As you stated, both comments and article content have declined. Add that to declining revenue, and you having both better revenue generators and more fun revenue generators and where is the choice at for you?
    It’s sad though as this could be counted as a win for “them.” and When I say them, I mean the power structure trying to control narratives and people, not Jews. Though some will now comment they are one in the same. Still a win for them.
    I hope you’ll plan a comeback though. How, when you bring ROK back, can it make you more money and get even more traffic than before? How can it make an even larger, more powerful, more positive impact on society? They don’t actually win if you make a glorious comeback.
    Good luck sir and God Speed!

  47. Thank you very much to Roosh and the rest of ROK writers and also the rest of the guys of this community i remember when i heard about Return of kings for gamers, how wrong i was this site opened my eyes and i figured out how blue pill i was in my life this site changed my life improve my masculinity,my game,my finances i also dropped videogames,porn and other toxic “activities” that left nothing to me thank you very much guys

  48. Do a book tour in Europe as well please!
    If you come to Stockholm I will make sure me and friends pay for a 5-star hotel and excellent food for you. I think your books are more needed here!

  49. Good luck Roosh and team!
    Thanks for tolerating my P4P posts!
    So long to EE, BED, JD, MM, AFLON, AC, RM, SM and everyone else! Take care guys.

    1. AutomaticSlim
      See you around. I always look forward to reading your comments. One of the best.

  50. Hey Roosh,
    I have been a regular reader of ROK for a little more than four years now. Neber bothered to comment, but since this is probably the end of ROK I would just
    like to say something from the bottom of my heart.
    I remember being heartbroken by my first girlfriend (who dumped me for another guy), and accidently coming across ROK. Throughout the years I have made similar endeavours with women, navigated through dating market, travelled to different countries, and the advice you gave me were immensely helpful in helping me develop as a person. I realized eventually it’s more important to improve yourself rather than chasing after girls, which are nonetheless a nice bonus to have.
    I moved to Europe and am currently learning a new language. I follow your life/fitness/dating advice and have made amazing, red-pill friends had more meaningful relationships with women. Not saying my life is perfect, but I would not have my red pill realization without your help, and I would still be this helpless chump with a domineering girl that I see very often in my daily life. I have made tremendous improvements to become the person that I am today and i am very thankful of everything that I have learned from ROK.
    I want to thank you immensely Roosh for everything that you have written and for the eye opening experience that is ROK. We have never met face to face but you are like an older brother/mentor to me.
    It makes me really sad to see ROK go, but I agree with your statement about the comment section and I understand that it must be demoralising with the bans that were imposed.
    I wish you all the best in the future and I hope you can continue the good work at Roosh V!

    1. How do you sustain yourself in Europe? Did you somehow get a work visa? That’s hard to do there.

  51. To be honest, it is all the fault of Roosh. He had to be a clown, specifically making ridiculous and cynical advertising stunts like the pro-rape post, along with a toxic rhetoric that proposed nothing of value to the world. He also specifically declined to protect his personal life and identity, seemingly enjoying the press coverage. While such actions did help to sell his books, they were not sustainable, and now he is banned from all UK airports, along with the main websites of our digital age.
    The rest of the manosphere writers still sell their books and operate sane businesses. Just for an example, Rollo Tomasi is still there, providing reasonable, logic arguments for the improvement of the masculine world, in a neutral, non victimizating tone. He receives a lot of shit from liberals and feminists alike, but his rebuttals are just as good as his arguments. He has never engaged into toxic arguments just for the sake of it.

    1. “The rest of the manosphere writers”
      The majority of manosphere writers are pussies and part of the problem.
      You’re essentially saying Roosh should have conformed like a lil b1tch and not rocked the boat.
      Fuk that, better to die on your feet than live on your knee’s.

  52. Maybe the cognitive dissonance is finally getting to Roosh. An ugly beardo who cant get a good wife to cook his meals and raise his children, who talks about the importance of “tradition” yet simultaneously encouraging men to be promiscuous and follow women into the degeneracy trap instead of punishing them for it. Game over Roosh. You failed.

    1. But by the grace of God he’s not a j**, feminist, or faggot. You can’t say the same.

  53. This is bittersweet for me. When I found this site around 2012 ROK was the bible for me. I would read everything that appeared on this site daily back then. I loved reading articles from McGiness and Billy Chubbs like they were the ten commandments. Something happened with this site after you were getting death threats and media lynching for the Aussie meetup. I was ready and in the trenches with you. When you declared the new era of neo masculinity though things got weird. You had irrational enemies sure, but even in war you need allies who may not fully agree with you but share a common enemy.
    You excluded too many online subgroups when you drew that line in the sand, MGTOW, homosexuals, even some women were sympathizing with the red pill. This site told them to fuck off too. At a time where this site needed outside allies to show comraderie. The hardline conservative and political articles replaced articles that ranged from individual viewpoints, humor, and the comfort of being a confident man in contradictory and confusing times where just simply being a man with an opinion made you target. Basically coming to this site made me feel like hope was fading as opposed to enjoying the decline. I know this wont be shared by many but the site lost it’s way ever since.
    I honestly am thankful that ROK was around when I needed it. I learned a lot about women from this site, more than anywhere else online. This site exposed things like Mattress girl and the UVA rape hoax as well as the now unbearable amount of internet overreaction and faux outrage from Twitter warriors and SJWs that is out of control. Despite my critiques this site made me a better man. Not alt right, not a mythical and undefined Alpha male, not a beta, not a moral authority nor an enemy of the left. Just a better man.
    Roost from my heart and soul, I wish you happiness and peace ya fucking asshole. If this is it thank you ROK for everything.

  54. Wow, this REALLY fkn sucks. ROK has been one of my favorite sites for yrs. The knowledge I’ve gained from Roosh and all the wonderful contributors has been truly invaluable in my quest to become a better MAN.
    Don’t be blackpilled my friends. This new feminized Globohomo society we find ourselves in is unsustainable and with father nature on our side we will ultimately prevail.

  55. A sincere thank you Roosh. Your writing and insight has been a pleasure to witness. Your bravery to stay true to yourself and what is right in the face of the globalist beast is quite admirable.
    I will continue to support your work where I can.

  56. Sorry to get the news, Roosh. What can a man do?
    I came here in 2013. Read the articles and comments for a year-and-a-half or two years. Then started commenting.
    I learned so much here.
    Sadly, I have had a feeling for the last several months that something would have to give at ROK.
    Aside from the red pills you and the writers and the commenters have given me, I thank you for standing up for OUR freedom of speech. You didn’t have to do that. But you did.

  57. I’ll miss you ROK and your penchant for triggering snowflakes. I understand and respect your decision Roosh. This has not been an easy year for you personally and can understand you’re being worn down.

  58. Sad news. I hope the Kings Return real soon. Reading here for years was very enlightening. The insight & exchange of information clearly helped one navigate through the PC-garbage nonsense & feminist psychosis we all witness in the western world.

  59. This was the site that started me on the red pill. Really codified concepts that I knew were true but had never read about, only talked with other men.
    I found this in 2013 as i was getting back to the sexual market place and fighting the family court system.
    Thank you Roosh.

  60. Umm can you not please shut it down? Beta faggots like me need this site for some red pills stuff. Dont let the feminists win bro.

  61. this is unfair as hell, I learn so much about myself & other things in this ROK world, I love these articles, I love this website so much, This Breaks my heart, Fuck Censorship!!!

    1. You’re one I won’t miss either. “Libertarians…Libertarians…Libertarians… I got canned from my job at Subway”!! Blah…blah…blah….!!

      1. LOL, whatever you faggot. Your probably just butthurt like a SJW snowflake whenever you realize that you have nothing logical to come back at me with. “I got canned from my job at subway….I live in my moms basement…I have a small wiener….I’m and incel…I hate freedom…I’m a SJW…blah blah blah blah” -> About the intellectual extent of a faggot libertarian.

        1. You see, that’s exactly my point. The reason you’re so obsessed with politics is because you are a fucking loser. It’s easy to blame every brown person for all your failures in life and give yourself a political label so that you don’t feel as much of a piece of shit. And yeah, truth is, we don’t care about bringing “logic and reason” or to “debate” you. It’s much easier to point out how fucking useless you are to society.

        2. Cholos are useless to society. You will be the ruination of America and are the reason that Canada is better than US because they don’t have Cholos in Canada.

  62. My life connects to this site. I want to see you back as soon as possible. Waiting for that day Roosh, the world needs the Red Pill.
    The Free World will have to find a way to overcome this censorship wave, we will find a way!

  63. FUUUUUCK! I work at a fucking university Roosh, keep it up man! If not for us for the youth, men are so fucked. This what the enemy wants and the best way to win is to grab the knife amd cut their throat. Double up and ask for free writers, editors and webmasters… and make it bombard the net!
    I found ROK a year ago and found some sanity in this effed country. This is a tough blow for me because I dont know where the othrt red pill sites are. This was my oasis…and now?

    1. I share the pain you are suffering through. Every year (Canada for example) finds new ways to become ever more Degenerate!!! Feminists are Destroying everything. Clearly it is a catastrophic matriarchy in much of the world!

  64. Men Tears Maybe…Maybe fill a Thimble
    But a Woman Tears can end a Drought …
    Soldier On the fight has just begun.

  65. I hear being nearly-banned can be quite liberating. I’ll miss the blunt honesty/integrity of ROK. The real deal. Solid back catalog, Roosh & Co.
    Travel light, go far, be wise in your quest. Thank you for making my 2017 post about the meaning of the ocean (chock full of stoic, Aurelius-inspired metaphor and double entendre) one of ROK’s “featured posts” before Disqus put it on ice. I’ve mostly tried to match the level of the site’s writers in the comments. In the 2-3 years that I’ve been reading the site I’ve probably dropped about 600 posts. Good times, deep thoughts, we got ’em. Carpe diem / carpe noctem

  66. Roosh if you go to the the owner Mike The Health Ranger has created an alternate web that allows true freedom of speech and video. When you are ready to return, please update us on where to find you. If you are going to do a speaking or book tour come to Orange County California, we would love to see you, I’ll bring my son who is reading your and Rollos sites. Lastly get a PO Box, check donations still work great, I hate paypal cause the owner is not someone I want to do business with, I have no desire to enrich his pockets. I hope it inspires you to know that young men under 25 are
    not rolling with the lies the media is selling. All is not lost, hang in there, take a well deserved rest and come back strong. By the way there are other sites to sell your books on. Or start your own book site. Never say die, never give in, never give up.

  67. This site will be missed. For all the guys that have moved away from home and fam, or don’t have an uncle or older brother or cousin looking out for them, this site has helped men be men. We know you’ve paid a price. Through you we’ve also learned that speech ain’t free, that sometimes you need to put some skin in the game. You’ve done good work. Be proud. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  68. This site changed my life for the better back in 2016 when i first came here, reading the articles of Quintus and others. Thank you Roosh and all the other who gave life to ROK. Hope this is just a break…Remember: that wich does not kill us, make us stronger.

  69. As others have mentioned. i would also help run the site.
    Would even implement custom commenting – same/better than Disqus.
    Build it up with forum…

  70. the same message from Roosh on Twitter has over 60 comments.
    98% from anti-white-men-commie-bigots:
    “see ya”
    “we got em”

  71. “Currently, ROK receives half the traffic of its peak and less than one-fifth of the income.”
    That is a measurable harm and should be legally actionable. I would talk to an attorney. Sometimes an attorney’s threatening letter does the trick.
    Libertarians have no doubt this is censorship. Purely private personal clubs/groups are one thing and can discriminate away, but private-for-public (what they call PfP’s) should be non-discriminatory. Some ‘conservatarians’ confuse the issue, but SCOTUS generally buys the libertarian argument having ruled personal groups’ discrimination is OK.
    They tried to censor some libertarian e-pages in 2012 and were hit with threatened lawsuits and backed off. The libertarians don ‘t screw around, and warned conservative groups who however pooh-poohed the threat. Now it looks like the companies are IMHO trying to set a precedent: the companies have been captured by extremists especially as the Libertarian founders died or retired (Apple, Yahoo E-groups…) or found themselves inadequate to the philosophical warfare of their left ‘fans’ (Look at Linux). In other words, they’re probing for weakness, and conservatives are getting the results of their inaction. This is how the far-left works: they capture and sabotage companies then blame it all on capitalism so they can call for more power. If they can get away with censoring folks like Roosh and HBD Chick, who is next?
    What’s sad is the more the leaders claim to be progressive, the more we see the repressive and gossipy morals of small towns make a comeback. I hope you have a nice rest and come back again swinging. I’m sure a lot of readers would be happy to write here for free, so please do something to keep RoK active.

  72. So r/theredpill is quarantined two days ago and now rok closed itself?!?!?! What???? It is not like red pill is not needed anymore since we returned to patriarchy. It is also not yet time to give all the discourse control to feminazis and cucks.

  73. This is too bad Roosh. I’ve been reading this site as part of my waking ritual for 3-4 years. This place is about the only place on the internet that had consistent and interesting red pill content. I find the rational male too wordy/ lacking in humor. The only other blog/site comparatively entertaining I’d say is le Chateau Heartiste.
    Is the PayPal de-platformed really so crippling? Have you looked into alternative payment processors? (Square, SignaPay, JetPay etc..). The news about the traffic is disheartening.

  74. While this may appear on the surface to be a victory for the globalist, I genuinely believe that this is actually a sign that the red-pill is having it’s intended effect on society; otherwise they would have left Roosh alone to fade into obscurity. However, the enemy is afraid but they are trying to shift their fear back onto us. Don’t let them black-pill you into apathy and nihilism.
    Roosh, keep up the excellent work and thank you.

  75. thought about just charging for memberships?? could see a huge quality uptick, up the ante on mysteriousness, and keep ‘nosy’ libs out of most of the articles. Even if you got 5 or 6 out of every 100 people who read the site regularly on a cheap sub service you would be making far more money.

    1. But we need to be out in the open spreading the red pill. Hard to distribute to those in need of it behind a subscription. Roosh needs the internet equivalent of a church pulpit.

  76. That sucks, this site was one of my daily reads. That being said, ROK 2018 is shit compared to ROK 2012. I do however hope Roosh goes back to livestreaming once the strike on his channel expires. Listening to all the confused spergs raised by single moms trying desperately to figure out how to talk to a girl was pretty fucking funny. Cheers, folks.

  77. NOOOO!!! Roosh you shouldn’t have drank that Soy Joose a few weeks ago. It’s sapped your energy.

  78. Well guys, I first discovered this site years ago. I was living in my grandmothers sewing room and was unemployed. Today, i’m an engineer, I own my own business, and i’m dating a doctor with huge tits. I had been reevaluating what I thought I knew. I used to be a hardcore liberal. I went searching and found a lot of bs and then I discovered this site. I don’t always agree with everything on here but it is has been good to have a reminder that in this crazy idiotic world their are still some somewhat sane dudes out there.
    Cheers boys and thanks Roosh

    1. Great story, man… that’s a lot of delayed gratification. Sky’s the limit when you’re self-sufficient and red-pilled.

  79. I can see you have not read the Exile or Exiled. It was the only publication showcasing the eskimo and free market rape of the country, to great chagrin of the establishment.
    He was the first and better Roosh, macking babes left and right, so great that his career has been destroyed an amazingly twenty years after the events by the anti-Russia state dpt. crowd acting as a defacto MeToo Movement.
    Ames was less polished, but more fun and the creator of the meme before the meme! Taibbi was only at the paper a few years, a career crafter, not to be on staff too long so as not to sabotage his career.
    I highly recommend everyone to read the Exile and Exiled. Unfortunately, the Exile is behind a paywall. THat’s right, a site that went defunct in 2008 is under a paywall.

  80. You fought the good fight man, now rest easy.
    I just want you to know people who write like you inspired me to look at the world from a more analytical perspective. Looking forward to your streams or w/e you have planned.
    Have a good vacation!

  81. Roosh and the other authors should select the best articles and compile a RoK miscellanea book.

  82. I found this site back in mid-2016 ,and you guys really openend my mind.Today I know a lot of thruts about feminists,women,game,masculinity and what means to be a real man.
    Thanks a lot Roosh,Michael Sebastian,Donovan Sharpe and all the other writters,from an old-time lurker.

  83. “I’m putting ROK on an indefinite hiatus”
    “I’m sure many of you understand that we are in the early stages of a censorship wave that will sweep through society. Scoundrels like myself get banned first”
    Mate, your site’s still up. People can read every word you wrote in this post. I don’t think you know what censorship is. It certainly isn’t putting your own website on hiatus. It isn’t even getting banned from PayPal for violating their own rules.
    You didn’t get ‘banned’ first. You failed first. And it isn’t because you’re a scoundrel. It’s because you’re a failure.

  84. Is it possible to archive all the articles somewhere (maybe make a PDF and allow it to be downloaded or load them onto Dropbox or Google drive) and keep them available even if the site is shutdown? I think these articles are great piece of writing and they must live beyond the life of the website.

  85. Hey Roosh here’s an idea: Don’t be a misogynistic piece of shot and you won’t get banned from things that earn you revenue.

  86. Oh wow this white supremacist garbage site is going down? Yay, we lefties are gonna have a party and fuck each other in every hole while consuming barrels of alcohol to celebrate. Good riddance.

  87. Roosh – Thanks for your effort and a great site, life-changing content. You did some remarkably powerful content and killer linkbait that red pilled untold thousands of men.
    I burned out from having a popular blog and took 7 year off creating web content. I wish you the best in your rest, relaxation and new directions.
    I am excited to hear about Solid Pod – a new platform startup created by WWW inventor Tim Berners Lee. It’s re-engineering the web so users own their own data and have freedom of choice. It’s our only hope against a grim future of living on our knees, in fear of data spying and censorship. please check it out ROK readers.

  88. Roosh, unfortunately, I understand. I wish that there was some thing, some reason I could cite to change your mind, but I would probably do the same thing.
    Has there been any thought of making a compressed backup of the RoK archives available for download? It would be nice to go back into the articles, and re-read everything. I would hate to see all of this be lost when the web site goes offline.
    Maybe charge for a link to the compressed files to offset the web traffic expense.
    Anyone else in paying a few dollars for the archive?

  89. Sorry to here this, I have been a long time follower and remember the early days of so Where I first stumbled upon this world of like minded men. When “friends” who were sjw’s started sharing rok post I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was all censored. We couldn’t even have a meet up without I viral spread that it was a “rape meet”. What a sad time we are in. Wish you the best of luck my friend

  90. Roosh for Mayor (of Toronto) ! Municipal elections in Ontario (right now). We’re dying here (radical feminism) & need all the help we can get !!!

  91. In ROKs absence I’d recommend getting your self over to the pirate bay and torrenting the shit out of this doco: Europa: The Last Battle (2017) Heavily Censored Documentary
    Hectic 10 part documentary that explains exactly why our society has gone to the fucking dogs and is full of SJW retards hellbent on digging their own graves.
    I’m still undecided upon how factual the whole thing is, but it definitely presents some compelling info.

      Don’t bother with the YouTube links. Just open a Bitchute account and watch the 10 part series there.
      Alternatively, you will find the same uploaded to VKontakte. Again, most of you will need to create a new VK account to access those.
      These vids will look far more questionable to Americans because of the wild, anti-German propaganda you’ve all been subjected to since the late 1930s.
      The true reasons why we are where we are (culturally) can be traced back (at least) to the rise of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and Central Banking. And also back to the First Zionist Congress & Basel Program (1897).

  92. Roosh,
    Thank you for all that you have done for this community over the years. We all greatly appreciate your efforts and sacrifices. I’ve been at this site, and by your side, since the beginning. We all need a break sometimes. To you I’m Towgunner, nothing more. You might know that I was a Marine and maybe that I’m Catholic. Other than that I am anonymous. Admittedly, it’s impossible for me to know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. You have been shouldering a very large burden for all of us.
    I must implore you, if you need a break, by all means take a break, but, do not permanently shut down this site. Roosh, this is so much bigger. This is not just a site, this is an institution and a place of refuge for men. I depend on this site and so do thousands of other men. As a man living in “The West”, I am a second class citizen subjected to various forms of systemic oppression and discrimination. All men today either have already realized this or are realizing this right now. This site is a red-pilling machine and more than ever we need more men to take the red pill.
    To say that this is not the best of times to take a break or quit is an understatement. Fault lines have never been as wide, deep and sharp, not to mention the stakes are very high. You picked a heck of a time to do this. Before our very eyes we are witnessing the deadpan proof as to why female empowerment and leftist influence is utterly treacherous and, indeed, very sow of evil incarnate. Judge Kavanaugh might be taken down by an unsubstantiated rape accusation made from a person and a political party with an obvious motive – the left cannot let the Supreme Court go conservative. They will do whatever it takes. This situation represents everything we’ve been discussing and fighting for over the years. A false rape charge with no evidence and only a woman’s word to substantiate it. Moreover, the expectation that we all should just simply “believe”. The outright rejection of eons of legal wisdom i.e. presumption of innocence. A fever of hysteria and irrationality…this is not so much a religious order being threaten but a cult much like jim jones’s people’s temple.
    The course is clear from here, the only option is to fight. If Kavanaugh gets confirmed than we have a victory and the court swings conservative for a generation. If he doesn’t than we CAN NOT QUIT! Same goes for the mid-terms.
    I have been saying this for years and I stand by it. Irregardless of your sites conditions, traffic et al., men are waking up not because they want to but because they can’t help it. The tragedy of Kavanaugh echoes what most men have already experience and will experience if they haven’t already…its the story of a man that has done everything right and because he has done everything right he is destroyed and hated. For many, like Kavanaugh, its an accusation. For other men its being passed over because their company needs “more diversity” or because they exercised some of their God giving rights such as speech.
    I’m never quitting. I never asked for this liberal progressive religion and I do not want it. Want some incentive? Who rules us? Voltaire is apropos. Look to the “progressive stack” and realize that this stack inverts merit and has elevated the most sad and pathetic people alive. These people, worthy of pity during normal times, perhaps, are rejects that will never be satisfied. Ultimately, they hate their own existence more than anything and, as follows, they are incapable of love and can only hate. That is why they can jettison presumption of innocence on a whim…they might even say it was a creation of white European men as some cursory justification, but, its really because they have no desire other than to destroy. These people need to be stopped. I know things are bad, but, I still have hope. For the moment our mission is clear, keep waking up more and more men. We got Brexit, Trump, Hungary, Poland, Italy…heck even Quebec etc.
    We need you Roosh.
    God’s speed to you,

    1. Towgunner, you took the words out of my mouth.
      We all will see each other again, we’ve got plenty of sites. RoK content isn’t going away, we’re not going anywhere, and Roosh isn’t going anywhere.

    2. @Towgunner
      I’m glad somebody took the time to hash out some really well-contextualized insights on ROK as it fits into the big picture. Could not have said it better myself. Ever forward…

  93. We will still have the archive, right? Will articles continue to show up in search? In a world devoid of Christian faith in life after death, that’s basically how one gains immortality.
    I will miss all the new content, but there are still thousands of article I haven’t yet read!

  94. The project is over and you know what, it’s a good thing. The project and main goal of ROK has succeeded: passing along red pill knowledge and truth to a sizeable portion of the population. The red pill philosophy is much stronger than it was even 3 years ago and is now a force to be reckoned with. This is why the Globalists and media have been ramping up the attacks and chaos because we have been pushing back and are winning this war.
    At this point it is time for us to move forward and start organizing in real life instead of online. It’s time to start forming our own institutions and making our own moves.
    I don’t think Roosh honestly thought ROK would become as big as it is today when it was first formed.
    At this point with everything that has happened over the last 3 years: you either swallowed the red pill or you didn’t and you never will. ROK has touched on everything involving life, society, finances, women, fitness, philosophy among many topics. Anymore articles at this point would be masturbation. Now the only thing left is what are you going to do with this knowledge from here on out?

    1. No, Maybe this projekt is on hiatus, but it is not over. I guess there is not sooo much new to say anymore but the site is still online and still spreading knowledge, they have won nothing !
      The manosphere is expanding and this is a great thing.
      There are now many YT channels who continue to spread red pill ideas. The more the globalists try to shut these ideas down, the more they will spead.

      “At this point it is time for us to move forward and start organizing in real life instead of online. It’s time to start forming our own institutions and making our own moves.”
      >I agree with you and pointed out this idea several times, too.
      But maybe not that much in the open, while the leftists and globalists can come after you.
      We need to start building more networks and connection IRL and use more services provided by red pill men, instead of big coorporations, etc.
      And we have to use MGTOW ghosting techniques to reduce our interactions with the state, so that the state can’t extract ressources from us.

      But do you have any concrete ideas, how to do this ?

      1. We need to build financial networks, so we can contribute to those like Roosh without SJW’s intercepting the payments. Some manner of poor man’s SWIFT.

  95. The subject matter of this site isn’t going away. We were the first to vindicate the victims of the #metoo false allegations. We are the only part of the manosphere which really deals with neo-masculinity’s political and cultural outworkings. If site traffic has decreased, it is because more mainstream sites like Takimag have started to pay attention to the dynamics first described here. In other words, we’re still winning. Let’s use this comment thread to discuss where the RoK diaspora should regroup.

    1. Like others have said, real life. The writers, commenters, and the lurkers who have been coming here for years have all the qualifications needed to organise. I meet up with a like minded French associate every two weeks to talk business, women and nwo over a few glasses of whiskey, we occasionally each bring a younger gent who shows promise who leaves with his world turned upside down and mind blown at the depravity of clown world.

  96. So, no more spirited conversation with smart guys with dumb names huh? All things come to an end, and RoK accomplished a lot; freed untold numbers of men from their blue pilled conditioning, contributed to trump getting elected, provided an oasis for men to shoot the shit.
    There are more and more ‘manosphere’ sites and YT channels starting up, undoubtably inspired by rok, and though they may not be pure Neo-masculinity, they are on the right track and will red pill more and more people.
    I recommend all regulars go out and start their own face to face communities to finish the work that Roosh started, whether its pursuing masculine pursuits with like minded men or inviting a guy who’s beginning to notice women’s real nature for a beer.
    In a few years sites like Return of Kings will no longer even be needed.

  97. If there is one parting shot I’d like to leave this community it is to remember going forward to place emphasis on UNITY. Together we stand. Specifically White Male unity because it’s in shortest supply but if you are black asian or hispanic then form unifying bonds with YOUR brothers too because we are all under attack by the same small group. Help your brother! We’ve lost this completely. Help people out without expecting anything. Be generous of spirit. Be strong in your resolve to pitch in for the team and let the team take care of you when you need it. There is no way out of this but TOGETHER.

  98. Roosh man, you are crazy like a fox. This “shutdown” will go down in history as one of the greatest publicity stunts ever. Vice, HuffPost, Daily Beast, all the usual sock puppets have just given us millions of dollars in free publicity and outreach. I’ve got a sh*t eating grin on, predicting the RoRoK you’ve got planned. What I wouldn’t give to see the looks on their faces when you flip the switch to turn it back on. ROFLMAO.

    1. Same thought crossed my mind when I first saw the headline… could be a fun little chess maneuver, if he wanted it to be and if it doesn’t fade from peoples’ memories during hiatus (he sounds off the path for now, so he may not parlay it). Here on the west coast the SF Chronicle, LA Times and probably others have hooked into the story, with the predictable gender-baiting smear campaign style written by female journos and sponsored by Soros/SPLC. Any lemming dimwit has now learned “yay fight the patriarchy” can land them a media job so there’s no balance in the journalistic ethic when describing Roosh or ROK. We never expected otherwise. Ever forward…

    2. Yeah, that is the fun part and I had this tought as well. The site is still online. And the media idiots indeed did take the bait.
      It’s ofc not the stylish way like Tuthmosis with his outrage producing articles, but it was really a quite cheap & clever way to increase traffic.

      And it may finally trigger the community to build more networks IRL.

  99. A shame as some of the best and most insightful articles I’ve read come from here, some truly unforgettable ones which have served as signposts and invaluable lessons and guidance which will always benefit me and which I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Hopefully the site continues to stay and in time new articles will appear like before.

  100. Not to mention the comments under the articles, which at most times were even more substantial than the articles. With new articles gone quality commentary from members will be missed.

  101. They say that every seven years we go through a big change in life. People end up changing jobs, they move, etc. Maybe this is a good time to start on a new path — get married, have children… Walk the walk.

  102. I hate to say this but I agree with you on how the quality’s been going down. I mean there was a guy about his webcam routine and that other one about expert text-gaming. and i forgot about how much I need to “up my shoe game”… and the guy that LITERALLY slept with 100+ girls on tinder etc.
    I miss the old ROK. it was intellectual and got me thinking a lot. I thought it was a conscious decision on your part to lower the quantity threshold in an attempt to attract a wider audience. the less hardcore you get the higher number of people will like you. I thought you compromised your integrity but it turns out you didn’t. to me that’s good news wrapped in sad packaging

  103. No great loss with ROK going offline. plenty of other misogynists to take its place.

    1. Dear Dick,
      If I hated women I wouldn’t have banged so many of them, and married two of them. Male supremacist would be a more accurate description of RoK readers, for men who love women, but still, want to be in charge of everything.

  104. Hopefully a way will be improvised to continue site and forum, like a division of labor among people working on a volunteerism basis with free time.

  105. Got confused and double-posted there, Roosh. Must be the tear in my eye.
    I took a look at your Forum and there’s a lot there good and bad. If I have something to add, I may just join. Keep the Forum up!

  106. Wow … it’s taken an effort to get all the way down to this comment box. But I feel obliged to throw in my 2 pennies worth.
    Firstly, while I am very sad that Roosh has taken this decision, I nevertheless sympathize and fully understand it. Roosh has taken a lot on the chin recently. The Amazon ban was a sickener. It’s impossible to comprehend the pain Roosh felt unless you are yourself a published author.
    I’ve been visiting RoK for about 3 years max (at a guess). Can’t remember the first time I got linked to RoK. Same way I can’t remember the year I actually started to visit the Jeff Rense site. But I’ve gained a great deal from the experience. I’ve read many superb and insightful articles, and I’ve gained much comfort from learning there are men (just like me — same genetic stock) living far from me who’ve had similar (or worse) experiences to mine. So I wasn’t so crazy after all … eh? My own views and observations all getting validated. A priceless feeling that is!
    Roosh has earned a break. He’s earned a long break. RoK has achieved far more than anyone could have dreamed. And it has done so during some very hostile years. None of us will forget. The contributions of RoK, and how it has benefited us all, will become immortal … just you wait.
    Perhaps my bigger regret is losing contact with the article writers and with the regular Commenters. I’ve just bookmarked the website “A Kings Castle” and will do the same if anyone else has something similar established.
    Everything comes to an end. Even the good. It is better that Roosh chooses the moment instead of it being forced by some external shit-storm or hack.
    This means that the current Bolshevik Purges (driven by the Talmud Thugs, the Homo-Elite, and the STD-Infected Womb Squad) will also come to an end. Perhaps when their food and income from handouts runs out? But they are all heading for certain d e a t h … one way or another.
    Everything is a cycle Brothers. So hang in there. I could explain why I know we are living through a cycle in much greater detail. But not here. I can’t afford to make this long and rambling comment longer than it already is.
    I can’t thank Roosh enough. He’s demonstrated what can be achieved in this vital area. He has emphatically exposed the global humbug that has been relentlessly attacking the Male position and his status (especially the White Male) and now that baton must be picked up not just by one man, but by several. Perhaps 50 or more! We need a cooperative cartel … and not an infighting group … in order to carry on the good work started by RoK and Roosh.
    Shame I was too old to take maximum advantage. If I’d had a Roosh (and friends) to refer to and learn from … vis-a-vis wise conduct around females during the 1980s … then I would have likely avoided much personal suffering, angst, and financial loss. But never mind. As far as my race is concerned, I would hope the younger guys can learn and apply the wisdoms now, and going forwards.
    For those who would like to get involved in Outsourcing (Offshoring) and Globalization issues — stuff like H-1B Visas allowing the replacement of American I.T. workers by Indians (Dot) — then just click on my red icon heading this comment. That is a link that will take you to my book’s website. Someone visiting RoK purchased a copy then wrote a 5-Star Review (Amazon) so check it out.
    Those of you who would like to read some insightful Blog posts I wrote back during 2014 and 2015 that have some connection with RoK topics, then check out: | I authored all those articles before I was introduced to Roosh’s work and to RoK. So, I think some of you will enjoy the read.
    Follow me if you wish. I operate a newsletter also. From there some of us can try and network outwards to other ex-RoK readers … and into new territory.
    As someone has already suggested, the days of Twitter, Facebook, Google (Yahoo), and PayPal/Stripe are numbered. It’s not just the illegality of their behavior. New technology has already started to make them redundant. Within another 3 years we will have replacements accessible via blockchain apps which will render such monopoly behaviours impossible to sustain.
    If Roosh wants to make a trip out to SE Asia (perhaps late 2019) in order to address a group of Expat Nomads, then he can contact me and I will see what I can do to help. There’ll be no shortage of others offering the same. We could book into a retreat and then pow-wow during the day, arrange for some Tai Chi lessons, while booking a bunch of nubile masseuses during the evening.
    Nobody should be sad or depressed. We’ve all been honoured to have lived at a time when someone was willing to put his head above the parapet, and speak out for the male gender against “the predictable onslaught”.
    Understand this. We have not yet started the real fight back. When we finally get our sh*t together, there will be hell to pay for some. And living through the phase where we own the momentum is going to feel glorious.
    And a final, “finally” … perhaps more Americans should learn respect for Iran (Persia)? They are nothing like Arabs. Apart from giving us Roosh, the Persian food is fantastic, and many of its women are drop-dead gorgeous. I know, I saw many in Dubai during the 1990s. They are so erotic that premature ejaculation becomes a major problem. Haa-haa-ha.

    1. I am and expat nomad living in Asia (7+ years). Keep me posted about meeting up. I can wake up in the morning and have dinner anywhere in Asia…from ‘stans to the slums and barrios of various island countries and EVERY PLACE IN BETWEEN. I usually do my nubile masseuse thing solo…so as not to drive other men in to jealousy over my prowess, but if I keep it lowkey and don’t boast I should be okay with it.

  107. Hi Roosh, do you have any plan in place so that you can start attracting more positivity and lessen all the negativity that comes your way? Good luck in any future endeavors.

      1. BlueEyedDevil
        That’s what I like about you brother. Go out fighting like a man.

  108. I loved this site. It was a real fag watering hole. I’ll bet you nellies give each other golden showers each morning.

  109. Newsflash Red Pill fuckers
    Women have figured you all out. The feminists and the traditionalcon women have joined together. We will destroy MRA and every last one of you mother fuckers. Time is up asshats.

    1. And when you get stoned for your slut walks by the Muslims that have taken over cause all the real men are long gone to protect your man hating ass, don’t be surprised and remember all the times you said diversity is our strength, except for straight white men who keep this country safe, that is.

    2. You needn’t be afraid of Roosh. It’s people who have viewed this site for years who never comment on this site. We are your brothers, your dad, your boyfriend, your son, your Co workers, boss, the doctor you see, the policeman walking down the street and the business owner you shop from. We men who you wish to step on. We have built this world and we are everyone your life depends on. We grow and make the food you eat. We’re there doctors and consultants you see. We guard you so you can sleep. We build and maintain the smart phone you use, run the taxis, trains and planes you ride. We process your credit and trouble shoot your electricity.
      We control every aspect of your life. Don’t not fuck with us. Now go ahead little girl, take your day off from work, because if we all did, you would be dead.

  110. Man, this sucks. I love this website & read the articles daily. This has been a bastion of wisdom. When I first Googled articles on masculinity several years ago looking for wisdom on the subject, needing to find people that had a longing for the ways of old, this was the first website that showed up & I have followed it ever since. I, for one, will miss it. And hope you come to a day when you become passionate about it again and decide to do it. You will always have my support brother.

  111. You brought this shit upon yourself. ROK had subversive, sometimes funny, but helpful articles. Then you got away from that and got into the whole alt-right, bible thumping, minority/immigrant bashing, “race realist”, Donald Trump dick-riding bullshit. Nice job alienating at least half of your readers.

    1. Go suck a hairy burrito you brown untermensch.
      Looking back at all the thumbs down your comments received, you did a pretty good job of alienating peeps yourself with your phony Mexican machismo bullshit.

      1. None of my shit is phony motherfucker. All that shit I’ve written that’s triggered you….100% true. So sorry dude…’re gonna have to go elsewhere for your articles that make you feel better about being a bitch ass crybaby loser white boy.

        1. Drawing a paycheck in this country as an illegal is the definition of phony “motherfucker”. All of that American capital you send home will make no difference. Mexico is 3rd world because of spuds like you.

        2. At least 3/4 of your screen name is phony, with only the “Mexican” part possibly being true. You and “Well endowed black man” were only here to troll, and almost everyone knows it. America will eventually be a 3rd world crap hole thanks to you and your racial cousins.

        3. Being triggered by wild Red Indian scalpers is true.
          You belong in the Amazon or Central American jungles not a first world country.

    2. Why don’t you immigrate to other countries besides the US, then Donald Trump would not be an issue for you.
      Cholo have destroyed the US because they are part American Indian.

  112. I think this must be the right decision. When water becomes stagnant we can no longer drink it. I believe it to be the same for life. So I salute your choice. Something tells me this won’t be the last the world hears from Roosh.

  113. Sad news, but it sounds like you still have plenty going on. It was fun, even when disagreeing. Good luck.

  114. Thank you so much Roosh, and for all the writers who had contributed to this site, four years ago I was used and abused by women I never got to fuck, after being here with ROK for all these years, I am now with a housewife who is 22, we now have two beautiful daughters, my life is so much better and fulfilling.

  115. I really wish that I had stumbled on to this website, and this article, earlier. So much that was said in here is absolutely true.

  116. we need the articles already on this site put up on some other blog or online platform to go back when we need it, ,some of these articles in this site I have read more than twice…

    1. No, atm we don’t need another blog/online plattform.
      Roosh said it’s a hiatus. He wont close down the site. So the content will be still here for some time (as long the hosting costs don’t annoy him).
      And that’s the funny part. All the libtard media write now victory articles, pointing out to ROK xD.
      What you can do, is backup the content of the site. Look at the other posts about httrack. Then we have a decentralised backup, and should Roosh take the site offline, we can still share the knowledge with torrents, etc.

  117. This is wrong.
    No, not from the standpoint of no more dating how-tos or making the score with a beautiful woman, but from the perspective that most men are unfamiliar and grossly unprepared to fight censorship of the magnitude we are witnessing regarding you and Alex Jones.
    Personally, I have never seen anything like it in my 40+ years of living on this Earth, and apart from doing something crazy like what we see in the movie, Pump Up The Volume… I for one don’t really know how to fight censorship. You just don’t learn this kind of stuff in school.
    Perhaps, rather than shutting down Return Of Kings, you should rebrand it as “Find. Your. Voice.” with the objective of teaching men step-by-step how to speak eloquently, logically and fearlessly?
    Men need this. We men all need to find our collective voice.
    Don’t quit and show the Liberals your back in a hasty retreat! Give us homework! Direct us to books on free speech and public speaking! Give us civics lessons! Give us SOMETHING so that we men can all grow beyond mindless Tim Allen grunts and growls to passionate masculine charisma! Like this guy:

  118. The bastards are winning and the only way we step up is if more of us become leaders rather than followers !! Roosh was destroyed by the powers that be that stopped him making revenues and thus killed him !! They ban ad networks and put him on every list ruining him ! Dunno what he will do but he is probably unemployable at this stage and they even banned people donating money by blocking free starter networks. It shows the powers of the censorship is huge !

    1. @Hal … superficially it may look like Roosh has been “destroyed by the powers that be”. But I do not think most are seeing it that way. He’s a tactician. Sun Tzu (The Art of War) advised that retreat should be used as strategy that in reality will eventually lead to total victory.
      More of us need to delve deeper into this global Chess Game. We need to reduce the short game in order to master more of the long game. The more of us who get to master its rules, the easier it will be for more of us to master (((them))).
      Sit back for a while longer and let (((them))) make their plays and show more of their hands and true intentions. Currently, they are trapped into a full reveal.
      I expect that soon we will all (i.e., the proactive amongst us) own a copy of the blue-print that explains how to (finally) erase their power and influence. If you are currently in your twenties or thirties then I fully expect you’ll live to see many of those “corrupt to the Nth Degree” MF Globalist types wiping dirt off our shoes and cleaning our toilets.
      Despite the success of his new book title, Roosh has certainly suffered some set-backs recently. But he’s still “in the game”. He’s recently made a personal choice about this website. We must assume he knows best what’s best for him. Right?
      As regards the blocking of donation channels … no … there are two, three, or perhaps four alternative channels that remain wide open. And there’s other new ideas (or variants) in the pipeline. They will mostly circumvent the Jewish/Rothschild legacy Central Banking Model with its worthless paper currencies. The only problem (so far) is that these alternatives are not yet being embraced by enough of us. New technology tends to make people anxious. There’s always a delay before they get widely adopted.
      We are now passing through a period of massive adjustment. So don’t fret. Just follow those men who are already on the new path, and then be ready to do the work required to get yourself shifted over. In future we must boycott our enemies and reward only our Brothers and known allies.
      Meanwhile, you can head over to my website and take a gander. Just click on my name at the top of this post / comment.
      I deal in issues that are not fully part of the manosphere, but nonetheless fit-in (connect) with many of the core issues that have been routinely discussed here in RoK and on RooshV. We all need to add more tools to our tool-kit. We can’t continue to rely upon only hammers, chisels, or screw-drivers.
      Buy my book (ebook or paperback) if you want to learn how Outsourcing (Offshoring) got to be all part of the plan to destroy you and I … aka the “New World Order”. I explain by taking you back to the 1990s … which I’ve dubbed the “Clinton Era”.
      Sign up for the Newsletter if the topics I cover suit your interests. That way I can include you as a recipient of info about the new paradigm fast emerging out of the mists of recent decades … mixed with some insights you’ll probably not find elsewhere.

  119. Roosh, I think you are due a break after being a major global “culture-jammer” of massive impact PLUS this great material will remain here for others to learn about the red-pill.
    I am more concerns about the coming free speech storm. Someone on Gab had a meme of Marine Le Pen today noting that the battle is Patriots vs Globalists which I feel is quite accurate (and I see Brazil Stage 1 Election is this Sunday). Yes the next battle is Men who protect their family/tribe vs Women who don’t and should not be able to vote. (Kavanaugh’s Revenge?)

  120. Damn shame, this was actually a really great informative site until it turned into Stormfront Jr.

  121. Damn shame, this was actually a great informative site before it turned into S t o r m f r o n t Jr.

  122. Your problem is being anti Jews…don’t make you credible, you here to blame a race that had nothing to do with your good message of Masculine man, I stop following your stuff after you show your hatred for a race that has done way more good for humanity than bad..I think you should go back with your Mullahs in Iran now, they hate the jews too

    1. Do more research into this issue. For me it was living abroad in a non-Jew dominated media environment juxtaposed with looking at the racial origin of the surname of SJW and elites behind off-shoring, banking, immigration, media, academia, etc.

  123. FFS…I find RoK five days after it shuts down. I’ve been binge reading for two hours.

  124. Please Roosh don’t go, you are like a brother to us, it feels like we are losing a member of the family.

  125. RoK has had its ups and downs, but Ill remember it for being the community that helped me recover from the side effects of the red pill. When the veil was removed from my eyes the truth was horrible and wicked, and once you wake up you can never return to the illusion that life was before. Everyone walks around me, still sleeping as we enter moral decay and the destruction of the society our ancestors created. But, there were other men out there who too had awoken, very few, and although hard to find you could find solace as often times you’d find some of these men congregating here on RoK. You knew you were not out there in the war alone.
    Now as this site dies we lose yet another battle to the global machine whom we can not see. Corporate monopolies, censorship, debauchery, and genocide are all things we have on the horizon.
    Thanks RoK. And to the brave men still out there fighting, youre not alone.

  126. Question: Do we have your permission to back up and repost your ROK articles to alternate sites like the Internet Archive?
    I’m currently using Opera browser’s “save as pdf” feature and to create a literal pdf & jpeg snapshot of articles from Prison Planet, Infowars, Drudge, News Wars and now ROK.

  127. Just so you know, I discovered this site on Oct. 3rd and like…”OMG! People like me. Where has this been all my life?” I’ve been binge reading ever since. I hope to buy the books but I am in China and not sure I can get them. I have also encountered what I call “shadow sanctions” from Paypal while trying to send money to myself abroad. There is zero way to transfer money electronically abroad to other currencies…plenty to send it in. We need Russia and China to develop an alternative, low-cost version of swift that would allow us to donate funds without SJWs and the jevvs who love them getting in the way.
    Until then research Wechat in China. If you install it on your smartphone you can receive Wechat money which is readily convertable to Chinese RMB and spendable from your phone in China. If you open an account with a Bank of China branch in the U.S. you can probably maintain balances in multiple currencies and do conversions. It’s a little complicated and I haven’t succeeded yet but that’s probably because I don’t really need to that badly. But it might be a way around the Paypal monoply and their financial castration of us men.

    1. @The Travelling Man If you have a Chinese friend you trust and who trusts you, you can ask them to use their visa/MasterCard to make purchases for you, or even send you money to your home country, obviously paying them the cash/wechat pay first.

    2. Travelling man, though I keep a couple thousand yuan in Wechat I have a legitimate reason to and wouldn’t keep funds in a Chinese bank which are liable to be frozen longer than I needed to. I’ve had landlords who wouldn’t accept anything but Alipay and several western retailers in China do not accept Wechat money in any case, most probably due to the CP’s recent anti corruption drive. If anyone wants to talk Asia more you can message me on the private Slack chat.

  128. Just thought I’d pop in for a visit and…I could see it coming…the standard has gone right down, both with articles and the comments section. Better to bail out before it goes completely downhill and Roosh has a breakdown.
    Although I didn’t agree with everything on here, it was what I enjoyed the most about this place. It answered a lot of questions for me and gave clarity and shape to my own misgivings around our degenerate culture. I will always appreciate that.
    Thank you Roosh and my fellow men of virtue, honor and courage.

  129. Pure laziness.
    A few fat pigs reduced RSh to quasi=retirement..
    Time now to be screamed at in public for writing a useless dating book.
    -Certainly you are a Returning King with that attitude! Bravo!
    The Internet was supposed to be total freedom and limitless cash profit for writing a few articles about conning third world sluts,,,, right?
    Feminist SJWs and their brown-sissy boi-toys could be swept away in mere hours.. but …nooooo… Just grow a beard and do some squats in your rented hovel.
    Let the world fall into the hands of scum.
    Keep the status quo.
    Do not sue PayPal.
    Do not expose the Google-FB world of shite.
    Just sit quietly and cry about your universe of FAIL!~

  130. It’s schadenfreude Sunday.
    Hope everyone had a good laugh at the shrieking histrionics.
    It so important to listen to the “leaders” – the chanting, shrieking etc.. Most important the bullet points – They hate traditional people. Communists and useful idiots.
    Threaten to go on strike – hahaha – yes do it – perhaps all you H1B should don a pussy hat and join.
    The meme war is hilarious – haven’t laughed so much in years. No wonder Europe is banning them…
    Trump really is just in time -imagine Hillary President -and Donna Barazille, Wasserman Shultz, Eric holder, and/or Lorreta Lynch as SC Justice(s)…We would have been so far down the commie anti-constitution/BOR drain starting November 7th 2016
    I tried to vote absentee for first time in my life. But the require me to send a form. Wait for forms and send back with 5 day period – impossible. Should be done on-line.

      1. What can you expect from “Martin”? The last time that name had any coolness was Back to the Future. And even then they had the sense to shorten it to Marty. A side note; never trust a man who claims to work for God. Haha. All of these simple shits act as though they are inspired by something higher. They are not. I can promise it becaue I am inspired by something lower and I know what I am seeing. False weak degenerate garbage. Consult yourselves.

  131. To bad the operator is to much of a puss to fight on guess I’ll make a tactical withdrawal to Brietbart

    1. You’re going to {{{Breitbart}}}, and you dare call Roosh a puss? Have fun with the {{{neo-cons}}} there.

  132. I understand that you’re burned out. Why not publish once a month, say the 15th of the month with hiatus in July, December and January?

  133. I wasn’t going to comment, but I just can’t help myself. I have mixed feelings about this news, on the one hand I shall miss some of the informative articles and even some of the twaddle that tried to be articles, I will miss the comments mostly I think, not many places you can express yourself freely, but I did notice difficulty recently in posting comments critical of certain ((groups)). All I can say to all of you is, if you are serious about being a man, stepping up to protect your culture, preventing this nightmare of a future that is dawning, then 9/11 is the lynchpin that will cause the whole house of cards to collapse. Research it, read all sides of the argument, come to your own conclusions and encourage others to come to theirs. It is my belief that the only way to expose the agenda is through the truth of this event. All the other sub-agendas, feminism, mass immigration, globalism, climate change, the pointless/expensive wars, police state, financial shenanigans, social conditioning and many others, will come crashing down like plates on that old plate spinning act, once the guy spinning the plates is kicked hard enough in the nuts. We still have time…

  134. May I suggest to drink many beers or else your choice of poison and then watch the film Kingdom of Heaven. Not for the players in the game but for the story it tells. It is a good one. Truth and honor and the path of a good man. I sense the soul of a good man here Roosh. I give of piece of my blood to God that it is the truth. And for the watchers I am a Christian. Born and bred. So if it’s hate you’re after then seek it elsewhere. Good men are not your enemies. No matter their origin.

  135. I understand you need a break but why not just reduce the publishing frequency? Perhaps 3 posts is too much since revenues are going down. 1 good post per day is enough to keep this site alive.
    I’ve been following you Roosh since DC Bachelor. Born in DC myself too. And I’m shocked that you let Paypal and Amazon bully you into shutting down your website.
    You have enough loyal followers to generate your own revenues with your own products. Get creative. Perhaps dating books aren’t the biggest problems you can solve.
    Try consulting, affiliate programs, and online courses. If you want to shut down the site to focus on other projects, then ok cool. But if you are shutting it down due to lack of revenue, then I say you are being lazy and selfish.

  136. Right before the midterm election too. The MAGA generation will be missing some very important analysis on the events coming up. If and when Roosh is back, he’ll have more topics to cover than ever. So recharge your batteries Roosh. Fuck getting burnt out.

  137. Thanks for all you have done Roosh, it’s great, realy great!!
    Maybe I’ll meet you some day. I don’t apply e-mail anymore.

  138. why not franchise different sites in different cities. you can still retain control but not be belabored

  139. I’m writing to express my hope that this website does not ultimately disappear. I found that many of the writings here at ROK are among the best quality of thought analysis I’ve seen ( not just the articles, but the reader’s comments, too.) In many cases I’ve read comments which caused me to smile and nod my head in agreement as I share the sentiments which I’ve had for several years now but I didn’t (or couldn’t) articulate them. Now, those comments bolstered me, made me reflect/introspect, etc. If you really are taking a hiatus, I hope you “return” and that the traffic doesn’t fizzle out.

  140. Roosh, best of luck in all you do. You created a great site that changed the world forever. You planted the seeds that will influence men from this point on.

  141. Fucking feminazis did this! Time to take back control and get them bitches back in the kitchen where they belong!

    1. Send the Ccuunnttss to deep space (one way). Replace them with Stepford wife functioning robotics. Western women are failures on every level.

  142. lol finally this shit site dies. Good riddance. Some of the most ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever read, I found on this site.

    1. You brain dead libs worship things like saving trees and whales, multiculturalism, gay marriage, aborting babies, and transgenders… yet you think this site has “ridiculous nonsense???”
      You are degenerates of the highest order, contributing to the decline of the west, and yet have the audacity to malign us?? Really???

    2. I’m not a member of any liberal, democrat, conservative, white nationalist, feminist, globalist, SJW or any other faggot manchild club you guys like to stroke your dicks to. I don’t give two fucks about any of that rubbish. I’m just an ordinary person with an ordinary but good life that finds the stuff written on this site is a bunch of nonsensical garbage that seems to be written by dumb teenagers without a lick of sense.

      1. You make it sound like you are quite familiar with this site and have read quite a lot here.
        However, a normal, ordinary, apolitical person with a good life person, as you claim to be, doesn’t spend their time online reading ” nonsensical garbage that seems to be written by dumb teenagers without a lick of sense.”
        Don’t know what your real motive was to be reading stuff here, but the fact you are jubilant that “this shit site finally dies” tells me you and your little story are bullshit.
        This conversation is over, lying lefty degenerate.

        1. Motive? That’s easy. Entertainment. Now, while the garbage written here is a source of entertainment for me, I know deep down that the stuff written here, as ridiculous as many of them are, are born of pure malevolence, spite and hatred. If losing a source of consistent entertainment is the price for this ridiculous yet evil place closing down then I’m all for it. There’s really not much more to it than that.

        2. Oh and one more thing and only when you have a good life would you actually have the time to waste on rubbish sites like this.

        1. @Cavalier, look at how this guy, chick, whatever it is, keeps coming back to get the last word in. It’s either an insecure mama’s boy or a typical chick. I can’t tell.

        2. @Big Shon
          You’re so adorable the way you’re trying to impress Cavalier with your manly powers of deduction by insulting me.

  143. Rosh could just pass the management of the site to some trusted dedicated person. But he wants to control every single article which means that, better closes this site, than to trust somebody. Pretty unmanly for his part.

  144. I understand that Roosh has done a lot for us and he needs a brake, however I found this site less than 2 years ago and feel really sorry that it is going down.
    I promise to click every advertisment when it is back each time I log in even if I dont care about the product advertisted.
    Dont let them win Roosh I really hope we have you back by Trumps reelection or better yet sooner than that. (Midterms maybe?)

    1. “I really HOPE we have you back by Trumps REELECTION”.
      @Pavlos, Blesd You! I can clearly see the results of next election; Mr. Donald J Trump will be the 46th President of this Country.

  145. It is a big disappointment for me to notice the number of Comments; even after almost 13 days! Are there only 375 (mind you, this number includes “multiple” comments by the regulars!) guys out there in this Country who read and are concerned about ROK !?
    Even the guys who used to regularly comment here (when Disqus was the comment system) didn’t show up and express their Support; only few (not even handful!) guys, like “Clark Kent” were noticeable.
    Roosh might have expected 1k comments, but I have expected far more! It may appear as sarcastic, but seeing less number of responses is MORE Painful than the (temporary) halt of ROK.

    1. ROK is a low quality blog site with articles that read as if they were written by angry teenage virgins. Nothing unexpected here. If ROK was at least average, you can expect 1000 comments. Truth is,nobody really cares about the nonsense they write about here.

      1. If you are a man, you need to turn in your man card ASAP.
        If you are a woman, you and your ilk are the reason sites like this exist.

  146. Ravi, since you’ve archived ROK, is it possible for you to put it into 5 or 6 zip files (part1…6) and share? Maybe in a Telegram group ( ) or somewhere similar. The file size limit on Telegram for uploads is 1.5GB and it’s really fast. That would prevent overloading ROK servers.
    I would like to revisit the articles and I’m sure there are thousands of them I haven’t read yet. Just a suggestion – provided Roosh is ok with that.
    However, if ROK will stay online until Roosh gets his groove back, then I wouldn’t bother.
    Perhaps Roosh can embed some interesting consumer affiliate links (travel, men’s stuff, expat services, gadgets, gym stuff, natural food stuff, etc.) throughout the site to earn some ad revenue while he’s on a hiatus? ROK users could visit the site everyday and click the links to help him earn some coin.

    1. @Black Picard, It would be a great pleasure (and pride) for me to share the ROK website archive; on any day. As you pointed out, I will email Roosh about this. I am sure He will not say No, as anybody can download any website (with in the tems and as long as the Content doesn’t get “re published”). I will get back to you at the earliest (and thank you for asking).
      “Perhaps Roosh can embed some interesting consumer affiliate links (travel, MEN’s stuff, expat services, gadgets, gym stuff, natural food stuff, etc.) throughout the site to earn some ad revenue”
      Good thought Picard, but as we know, the leftists & pussies have already made “any profitable and revenue generating” a Herculean task! Hopefully things will turn Positive soon.

      1. Reposting something isn’t the same as publishing it. ROK is too important to let the site flatline. My suggestion is while Roosh is on hiatus, pick a featured comment, a good one and automatically make it the article for the next day’s cycle. There’s no shortage of 1200 word pieces. Many commenters I’m sure would gladly throw a comment into the hat or even compete making whopper comments with illustrations just to see it featured as an article. Maybe put a disclaimer that your comments may become the next featured articles and it would become a commenter powered website where the commenters got da POWAAH! And dig up some sponsored pieces too.

  147. Damn.
    Can’t blame you a bit though. I’m heading over to your survey. If you make it to w Texas(PC free!!!) I will be there.

  148. HA HA HA HA HA
    You guys in America think you live in a free country.
    People censored left and right.

  149. I have been visiting this site from its beginning (2012) on a daily basis. Making sure that I truly understand redpill concepts being discussed here. I am who I am today because of this site and people that I meet here. And I am thankful for the results that this site and it’s people made me achieve. I am Writing this from the heart of Africa (Rwanda). I hope to see the true kings return (one day)

  150. It’s odd to just throw away a successful site. Surely someone would like to pick it up, succeed or fail.
    I just had the notion RoK readers could continue to comment here ad infinitum.
    How about that Kavanaugh? #BelieveWomen, #RepublicansAreRapists.
    Makow has an interesting article on how Trump is fake opposition.
    Maybe so, because where is our wall. He gives a voice to many. To me the most interesting point of the article, after Trump, what comes next? Is this a set-up for Social Democrats? I don’t think many will buy it.
    How come the Dems are failing so spectacularly just before the elections? Too good to be true, maybe.

    1. No just God would want anything to do with a site like this. I sincerely doubt a truly just God would endorse slavery, bigotry and blind hatred.

  151. The site had much promise in the first few years. Definitely an eye opener and had some great quality articles. Just the past two years have gone on a slow downhill. Especially when that News Syndicator was implemented. Hopefully when this site returns there is the return of quality.

  152. Great sites independent of biased search algorithms are precious and tend not to bounce back after neglect.
    Roosh should keep it on life support with some lesser frequency of content or pass it of in trust until he returns.
    Someone mentioned copying the exile magazine style and franchising it.

  153. I used to be a regular on this site until the loser Corey Savage banned me. Maybe banning regulars is not good business practice. I am glad your site is burning down!

    1. I remember the tosspots like Loknee whose only purpose on this site was to boast about themselves and put everyone else down. banning them was the best decision Roosh ever made in his life.

        1. Ghost was basically alright, a vet, and had some good commentary. Lolknee was a shill for the chosen ones and insecure

  154. The culprit behind the demise of RoK is none other than the liberal feminist site Huffington Post. The people there were working behind the scenes to take out this site by cutting its income source. They were the ones who got PayPal to stop processing payments. Plus HP also got other feminist news sites involved to slowly dismantling the livelihood of RoK. The demise was accelerated when Roosh refused an interview with them hence the rejection increased the efforts by HP to bring this site down. So if you want to know who is behind this Huffington Post is the one.

    1. If your theory is correct, then Roosh, and his one-trick-poney ROK site, was brought down by feminists and limp wrists. A dishonorable way to be taken down IMO.

      1. That’s not surprising. This is a site for losers ran by losers. Losers lose. That’s what they do and ROK lost.

        1. WTF even brings you soy boys, homos, and other human detrius to this site to make your smartass comments?
          Guess you feel it’s safe now that most of the regulars are gone and can’t rip you a new asshole. Easy to be brave *now*, isn’t it? Fag.

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