British Rotherham Investigator Gets Obscence Payoff For Doing Nothing, Then Plays The Victim Card

Sue Berelowitz, glorified pen-pusher employed by the UK Government to construct a report on widespread child sexual abuse in Rotherham and other English boroughs, has recently received an obscene amount of money for having achieved nothing to help the plight of young children raped and trafficked by Pakistani muslim gangs.

The bureaucrat, who will walk away with £134,000 in and continue in her old job as a “consultant” for £960 a day on a part-time basis, has also pleaded for sympathy after receiving anti-Semitic abuse on the internet. The price of a bit of a racist trolling seems a cheap one to pay for a figure that represents the archetype of the high-ranking British government employee: insular, out of touch with reality, and more concerned with enforcing a politically correct, cultural Marxist view of reality than with carrying out the functions they are paid to do.



Any apparent pattern you have noticed is entirely the product of your own racism.

Rotherham, a former industrial town in the north of England, was the site of a national scandal concerning the widespread sexual abuse of children. The perpetrators of the abuse, which included abduction, rape and trafficking, were lumped under the general term of “Asian,” a politically correct British euphemism mainly used to denote Pakistani Muslims. Pakistani Muslim men, in other words, abused white English females on a widespread scale, with conservative estimates putting the number of victims at 1,400 between 1997 and 2003.

The abject failure of local government and police led to handle the problem of abuse in Rotherham led to an inquiry, which accused authorities of effectively ignoring the goings-on. Home Secretary Theresa May condemned the “institutionalised political correctness” of Rotherham’s local government, who turned a blind eye to the curious coincidence that every abuser was a Pakistani muslim in order not to be perceived as “racist.”

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council was effectively taken over by central government early this year, after its entire leadership resigned following another expert report which declared it ‘not fit for purpose’.

The National Crime Agency was also called in after the same report said the council “goes to some lengths to cover up information.” The report, by Whitehall mandarin Louise Casey, sets out how council top brass bullied staff who dared to point out that the abusers were ‘predominantly’ Pakistani.

Met the new boss, same as the old boss


Nationalists have capitalised on the discontent in Rotherham, to the consternation of the Left.

Although the old council at Rotherham was supposedly flushed of Cultural Marxists, the new regime continues in the same vein of arrogance. Police and council leaders are to apply to the Home Office to apply for permission to ban protests against child abuse.

The pretext of the application to the Home Secretary to grant powers to ban the marches under provisions of the Public Order Act are clothed in a convenient fig leaf: the protests are organised by “right-wing groups” like the EDL, Britain First, and Yorkshire Infidels.

The attack on freedom of association in Rotherham, however, is an expression of panic by an elite which has been caught with its pants down, wallowing in Cultural Marxist reverie as they sit in glass cubicle offices masturbating over piecharts proclaiming the success of “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” as across the road gangs of so-called Asian men, unrestrained by the reactionary notion of absolute morality, molest underage girls.

Having given the hoo polloi a scrap from the table in the form of two inquiries and a spate of resignations, the expectation was that the plebiscite shut up and wind its neck in. Since that was not the case, and nationalists in Rotherham are taking advantage of public discontent with a Labour party apparatus, local bureaucrats are reaching for the ban-hammer.

Justice must be seen to be done


The Diana Inquest: some say a stitch-up on behalf of the Royal Family

Inquests like that into the death of Diana or the dead Tottenham gangster Mark Duggan are designed to explain away a death at the hands of the state in suspicious circumstances. Great pomp and circumstance attends them, and families call all manner of wacky experts to engage in conspiracy theory to prove an alleged conspiracy by the state.

Inquiries like the two Rotherham inquiries, one carried out by Professor Alexis Jay, an expert into social work, into the Rotherham abuse, and one by Louise Casey, a Whitehall mandarin, into the specific failings of the Council itself, are effective insofar as they may precipitate a raft of other government reactions, like sackings, prosecutions, and structural reforms.

Inquiries can, unfortunately, be made subject to endless delays by special interests who seek to keep uncomfortable truths covered up. The Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr. David Kelly is at the most more egregious example. The weapons expert who put in doubt Tony Blair’s “dodgy dossier” (which was the foundation for the pretext to invading Iraq in 2003) predicted his own murder and ended up dead in the woods in a highly dubious “suicide.” Lord Hutton, the judge presiding over the inquiry, sealed its report for 70 years!

Committees are usually toothless, noise-making affairs where attention-seekers such as Keith Vaz and Margaret Hodge head their own respective committees which variously excoriate public figures and companies accused of misconduct or other immorality. The impotence of the charade was exposed when a convoy of international corporations passed through Hodge’s Public Accounts Committee to tell her, matter-of-factly, how little tax they’d paid on bumper UK profits. Amazon UK revealed it paid £2.4m tax in 2014, despite £4bn sales.

A lot of bluster from Hodge and a limp stirring from the Guardian has so far resulted in sweet Fanny Adams in the way of tax takings from Amazon.

A nest-feathering bureaucrat with a burning with concern for abused children

Sue Berelowitz

It is against this background of theatric impotence in the conduct of so-called public inquiries before the Great British public that one should understand the appearance of pompous characters like Sue Berelowitz. It is not only for this reason of perception-management that Berelowitz, was brought in as England’s Deputy Children’s Commissioner who headed a broader inquiry into child abuse by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in 2011.

Berelowitz’ activities serve an ideological purpose in promoting and upholding the integrity of the holy, Cultural Marxist narrative. In her organisation’s report, Berelowitz put her name to a churn of bombastic, aspirational left-wing sound-bites, including firm demands for that keynote Cultural Marxist policy, that of sex education for children, put in the following terms:

Relationships and sex education must be provided by trained practitioners in every educational setting for all children and young people. This must be part of a holistic/whole-school approach to child protection that includes internet safety and all forms of bullying and harassment and the getting and giving of consent.

Berelowitz also made sure the right feminist talking points were thrown in: it was men, rather than men from certain cultures, as in Rotherham, who were to blame:

We live in a highly sexualised world in which for the most part it is considered quite acceptable [for men] to do as they want with females, and too many females think that is something they must comply with because they think it is a part of growing up

The report was also at pains to scold the police for “worrying prejudices” they had displayed when in narrowing their inquiries to “Asian men.” Those “worrying prejudices,” according to the analysis of Berelowitz and her fellow experts, were more worrying than the phenomenon of “Asian” gangs of child rapists. Berelowitz effectively precluded any attempt to investigate the possibility that “Asian” Muslim men were involved in large scale sexual abuse, which historian David Starkey had described as “entrenched in foothills of the Punjab,” by issuing an injunction to the effect that there was “nothing to see here.”

All aboard the gravy train


Berelowitz made headlines this year when she took voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year post and was handed a lump sump pay-off of £134,000.

The beleaguered Commissioner was soon hired again as a consultant to her old employer, giving there the same role—leading an inquiry into child abuse—only now earning £960 a day to work up to nine days a month, effectively the same job as before with hugely reduced work hours.

Good work if you can get it.

Acceptable in all major stores


To top it all off, Berelowitz has complained in the Jewish press that she has begun receiving anti-Semitic abuse, claiming that the police is now having to patrol to protect her since she has started receiving “vile” insults on social media.

Attending the Hay Festival, a yearly retreat for assorted left wing intellectuals, far from the tense, deserted streets of Rotherham, Berelowitz complained:

I am a Jew who is doing work that’s very difficult right now because I’m inquiring into the sexual abuse of children and I’m facing the most vile anti-Semitic attacks on social media – ‘filthy Jewish bitch’.

Not only has Berelowitz bagged a shedload of cash for achieving nothing in places like Rotherham (besides keeping the spotlight off the real perpetrators of abuse), but she also has got off lightly if the backlash is limited to a few abusive texts on the internet.


Sue Berelowitz is a personality not far from the rotten core of a British intellectual elite, so beholden to an abstract idea of right and reason that they will actively close their eyes to the truth. Berelowitz helped, as did the entire establishment left, to poo-poo the idea that perhaps there was a problem with so-called Asian men in Rotherham and other places, and that the solution should be tailored accordingly.

Instead she waxed lyrical about action having to be taken, whilst taking no action herself beyond penning some fuzzy words in a useless report which did nothing more than provide fodder for the next echelon of suits-on-the-make wanting to look competent at a press conference.

After gaining massive reward for her rank incompetence, she engaged wrangled a cosy sinecure as “consultant” to the same useless inquiry she had just left. And, as a cherry on the icing, she complains to the national media that anti-Semitic elements of the British right are fingering her as a malevolent element in one of the greatest institutional failures of child protection in the modern era.

The solipsistic conceit is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Every word of every report on Rotherham and its aftermath, as far as solutions are concerned, could have been condensed down to a sentence: “Get rid of all factions that subscribe to political correctness and let the police do their job unfettered by considerations of Cultural Marxist values.”

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    1. Unfortunately, saved for a few rare exceptions, whenever I see some “witz”, “berg”, “stein” or “cliff” in a last name, I just don’t even bother to finish reading the story…

      1. assuming this guy is an orthodox jew its quite probable he isn’t a cultural marxist.

      2. These guys are good, the secular ones are the ones that are bitch scumbags.

  1. Another fine example of the ‘cultural diversification’ of white society.
    The grand scheme is to import, out-breed and exterminate white people. It’s already happening and there’s no way to stop it without an extremist approach.
    Cultural Marxism is a disease that needs to be eradicated, and it can only start when we acknowledge what is causing this problem. But too many people are afraid to openly talk about it.

    1. I think Russia will become “white people land” unofficially. And yes the rest of the world will attack it with immigration policies and if Russia keeps its balls, they will tell the world to fuck off.

      1. Russia does have balls, but I’d only move there if I wasn’t around the damn Chechen Muslim terrorists.

        1. Take note there was no terrorism from these dog fuckers during the Socchi winter games? That’s because Putin told them that he would murder them and eliminate their entire bloodline if they pulled any bullshit off during the games.
          And they knew Putin was serious.

        2. They still managed to pull of many terrorist attacks before that (Beslan, Theatre, etc.). Seems now Putin finally adopted a zero tolerance policy, and rightfully so.

        3. They were winding up to cause trouble until Putin put his boot on their necks.

      2. On point! Europe is supposed to be for Europeans not for fucking scum from the third world. Too bad the Jews need to feel protected by diversity!

    2. So why not get extreme?
      Double, triple, quadruple the ethnic nationalism and drive the spear straight through the heart of equality
      I fully endorse xenophobic, exclusionary legislation even if that legislation will kick me out of this country – because such a move would set an excellent precedent for nationalism worldwide

  2. No surprise here. Cultural Marxist operate on a moral code that states that minorities (and women) are saints and everyone else (white men) are sinners. And since they tend to all work in the government, it doesn’t matter who does what as the end result will be the same.

    1. But really, that’s not actually at play here. Little white girls, the very currency of the Feminists, were raped by Paki animal men. By order of precedent the Pakis should be under fire, and I may actually mean that in a literal sense, yet where are the feminists?
      Hell, screw the feminists, where are the fathers, why aren’t they out hunting down these dogs, dealing with them and then feeding the remains to the hogs? Any fucking thug does that to my daughter and he and his gang receive an appointment in the middle of the night with my KSG, period.
      But nope, all quiet on the Feminist front.

      1. Thats what I was wondering too. Has the Marxist hiearchy undergone some kind of restructuring? I always thought that White Women were on top.

        1. Agents of Cultural Enrichment supercede low class white girls by a mile, you will note that the girls in Rotherham didn’t belong to the leftist elite. Those are the only people the elite cares about, their own.

        2. Good question.
          Liberals, feminists, Marxists eventually eat themselves or passively watch someone consume the same.
          The target in the US and UK is white males. As a group (we) white males have been cowed thanks to our spineless brethren in the media, politics and academe.
          If the rapists in Rotherham were white UK males, game on! Rape frat boy culture – attack. But noooo, the rapists are Pakistani soooo, nothing to see here, move along.
          It is OK for Pakistanis to rape white girls. It is not OK for a college female to regret anal sex after begging for it AKA mattress girl.

      2. I would imagine, correct me if I’m wrong, that a large number of the girls were from single parent families, the holy family of the scum Marxists….

        1. Yep, they are trash and come from the shadiest background possible. They don’t have a father to protect them and their mothers are even bigger slags, worrying where their next pack of Sterling reds and White Ace cider comes from.

        2. Damn, this makes me want to start a shelter for the children of single families, bring them up with a traditional mindset. Although it’d be really hard because you would need a lot of family units that work properly.

        3. and Don’t forget that feminists will accuse you of paedophilia simply because you’re a man.

      3. Same reason that feminists generally don’t attack rappers for misogyny, etc.
        They don’t want to be seen as ‘racist’.

        1. Yeah, always wondered why Eminem copped so much more flak for saying the exact same things as other rappers.

        2. He’d probably get more if he had other qualities feminists could attack him for. i.e. ugly, broke, dumb, etc. He’s reasonably still high on the SMV scale, considering he looks about the same at 40 that he did at 20, multi-millionaire, mastery of his profession, frame, etc.
          “Feminists love Eminem, Slim Shady, I’m sick of him, look at him walking around grabbing his
          you-know-what, flipping the you-know-who.”
          “Yeah, but he’s so cute though.”

    2. This is because the western world does not adopt an openly majoritarian ideology
      Meaning that whenever someone claims you’re racist or something, you respond by saying how you weren’t actually racist, or a similar excuse
      The correct response is: We are the majority and we deserve to be more privileged in every aspect of culture and society – if that’s racist then the time has come for racism
      At this point the only thing an equalist can do is sputter about how mean you are

  3. Seeing how certain people infiltrate government now to use it as their ideological weapon, plus cultural Marxism, and the antics of the SJWs, I’m ready to look at every incident of past “oppression”, democide, and genocide in human history and wonder this:
    “Did they have it coming?”

    1. The irony is that the most brutal instances of mass murder, genocide and state sanctioned repression have been closely tied to various historical manifestations of leftism. The reign of terror during the French Revolution, Year Zero during the time of the Khmer Rouge, the Holodomor, Mao’s Great Leap Forward etc. Campaigns of systematic extermination carried out by right wingers on the other hand were less about destruction for the sake of destruction and more about containing the horror wrought by leftism. I doubt that Pinochet and Suharto just woke up one day and randomly decided they were going to carry out mass murder on an industrial scale just for the fun of it. Virulent left wing ideologies and the damage they were causing to the societies they latched onto called for such responses.

      1. yeah I think it’s a toss-up. It’s either them putting on red uniforms and putting people in camps, or the people they want to put in camps putting on brown uniforms and putting the red uniforms in camps.
        Sucks as usual that is has to come to this, these mentally ill SJWs and the brand of Marxism they come to represent, but if the world is going to continue to be brutal and they see to it that it’s boiled down to “put them in camps or be put in a camp by them”, the decision is far less a moral dilemma than that of survival.

        1. Hitler and Stalin admired one another because each had something the other lacked. Stalin lacked Hitler’s wisdom, and Hitler lacked Stalin’s brutality.
          Next time we put on the brown shirts we really do need to put the SJW in gulags. That’s what they best understand.

      2. It’s a weird feeling, as a libertarian-conservative to look at Pinochet and nod my head in understanding. Didn’t used to be this way.

        1. Leftists refuse to back down no matter how many olive branches we offer them. The only solution left then is to permanently remove them from society.

        2. There would have never been a Pinochet without Allende ignoring the courts, the people and the laws. Stacks of soviet weapons and ammo not to mention the many Cuban “doctors” in the country. Chile had no choice and they are better today because of it.

      3. I think if given a gun, in the woodlands and fairly certain that I’d get away with it, I’d shoot a leftist ( or 1000) in the face and not feel a flicker of emotion.

        1. The point is, there is nothing wrong with shooting a leftist in the face. This “he who is without sin” faggotry is nothing but moral paralysis, and when it’s time to act then nothing could be more contemptible than an indecisive man.

        2. There is everything “wrong” with initiating violence against someone. Slaughtering people simply for what they believe is what socialists (i.e. fascists, leftists, communists, Nazis) do.

        3. It’s a zero-sum game, there is nothing wrong with playing by the rules. No one likes a pathetic loser who sits out on the side lines on account of some narcissistic delusion of moral superiority.
          Those Nazis prevented Stalin from turning all of Europe into a continental gulag. The last thing anyone needs here is some self-satisfied pacifist coward lecturing us on non-violence. That’s a tactic Jews and leftists adopt purely for the utilitarian purpose of moral posturing and pacifying weaklings. And useful idiots like you are dumb enough to take the bait.
          Soon you won’t have the luxury of being a pacifist.

        4. I think you need to improve your English comprehension skills. Who said anything about being non-violent?

        5. “There is everything “wrong” with initiating violence against someone”
          Enlighten me.

        6. That doesn’t say anything about being nonviolent or being a pacifist. I’m afraid you’ve exhausted my charity my friend. Let’s consider this poor excuse for a discussion over.

        7. The leftists already initiated the violence. What do you think ignoring the mass rape of little white british girls is, if not passive agreement with violence?

        8. Where the romans leftist too, or how about the mongols or vikings? Is rightwing simply an economicsystem? Originally leftwing were revolutionaries, the right were the monarchists defending the throne using violence. Violence in and of itself is not leftist, if nothing is worth fighting for or damaging others for then you are a coward and your beliefsystem probably sucks. The left does violence in groups, and are not dominated by any higher principle as they reject any notion of divinity and order. That’s the difference.

        9. As compared with the brilliant “Fascism is Leftism” aphorism you coined?
          You’re the one who started this profound line of reasoning, I just corrected you, and now you’re bitching to me that it makes little sense?
          If nit-picking trivialities is the best you can do then I agree that you should best give up now before you get another brain stub.

        10. Well no one knows what you’re trying to say because like a pseudo-intellectual coward you’re not coming clean with any point. You’re just lingering on the sidelines like a scared little cheerleader on her period.

        11. Left and Right refers to economic control, in political terms. While Fascism and Libertarianism refer to social control. Stalin was a Fascist Communist, whereas Hitler was a Fascist Centrist. While that does sound a bit confusing, it’s a better system than just left and right.
          Hardline SJW’s are Fascist Leftists, they want control over businesses (regulation), high taxation to fund welfare programs, what people can and can’t beleive, how children should be taught etc.
          Anyway, Leftism and Fascism are two different things, although they go together quite well.

        12. You say all this while failing to provide a definition of either Leftism or fascism. This is because you have no idea what either of them are. Your understanding of libertarianism is completely backwards.

        13. What I said was perfectly clear to anyone willing to use their brain, an organ obviously foreign to you.

        14. The trouble is here, is that like all fascists you are in denial. This makes simple straight forward statements impossible for you to understand. You corrected nothing. Your reasoning is circular which is the only way you can maintain a shred of belief in your bullshit philosophy. Not only that, when asked to provide a definition of your own political system you failed miserably.

        15. Nobody said anything about violence being leftist. Before you argue with someone, its a good idea to figure out what their argument is first otherwise, you just look foolish.

        16. In denial about what exactly? There is no argument here because you keep tip-toeing around it, preferring rather to nit pick on little trivialities. You’re the one who equated fascism and leftism, yet when I push you on this you tip-toe around it like a scared little bitch. Why don’t you either make a point or continue being a mild source of amusement here.

        17. Whatever, you still haven’t made sense of your nonsensical propositions. My brain works fine, what’s foreign to me is reading the minds of solipsistic basement-dwelling aspies.

        18. It’s quite clear what you meant. Careful or I might suspect that your IQ is that of the dude on your thumbnail picture

        19. Clearly it isn’t. Obviously violence isn’t the sole reserve of “leftists”. My point is that attacking someone merely because you don’t like their beliefs is unethical but this is the approach that leftists take. As such, you would be hypocritical to criticize a leftist and then shoot him in the face. You are essentially doing to him what you accuse him of doing to others. As such, how do you stand on the moral high ground?

        20. So we are clear. I am not disputing the right to self-defense. I am disputing the right to kill someone because you don’t agree with their beliefs. That is not self-defense, that is murder.

        21. We aren’t talking beliefs here Bob. Ignoring these crimes is as heinous as committing the crimes. They are complicit in the actions, therefore they too are guilty of mass rape.

        22. You are speaking in vague terms. Who is “they” or are the “leftists”? Specifically, who is using violence against whom?
          Self-defence is using force to protect yourself after someone has already initiated violence against you. Ignoring a crime, however appalling that may seem, is not itself a crime and certainly not a justification to attack and kill someone.
          If I ignore a woman being gang-raped should I be killed along with the gangbangers just because I decide I want to mind my own business?

        23. You are obfuscating ad flying cover for those who want to rape little white girls.
          I am not being vague. Those who contribute to an environment of these crimes are agents of terror and are guilty. As long as they block the ability to defend our children then yes, they are on equal footing as the rapists themselves.

        24. Right, so who exactly should be put to death?
          As for “contributing to an environment”, well yes that is very vague. How on Earth do you determine who is doing this “contributing” and how are they doing it?

        25. Research has to be done to find who exactly is enabling and supporting the rape of white children.
          Don’t be lazy, go do some research and come to your own conclusions.

        26. Don’t be an ass. You’re the one making all the assertions and I’m asking you to be specific which you are refusing to do. This suggests to me that really your “arguments” are an emotional response to an usual and dramatic event.

        27. Oh, so now you are name-calling. Pouting because you want me to cite specific names.
          This is easy Bob, don’t be lazy. We know children are being raped, we know people are too scared to be called racist and we know certain people are covering it up or too scared of “being racist” to step up and protect the children.
          Such people are as guilty as those who do the rape themselves. Quit crying, quit calling names, quit asking for your betters to hand you the answer. Go out and do your own research.

        28. You’re asking me to do research and yet you haven’t done it yourself. This is obvious because you are continually vague.

        29. I have done enough to know who is at fault for these terrible crimes. Why is it so important that you hear it from me instead of doing your own research?

        30. Its pretty basic mate. You made the assertion. I’m asking you to justify it. No one has time to walk around doing research to prove someone elses assertion. He who asserts must prove.
          Thus I ask you questions and thus far I am not convinced that you even know who is at fault for these crimes. And so, based on my interrogation of you, I have reached the conclusion that your arguments are without merit and conclusions drawn invalid. No need for me to do any research even if it is was appropriate.

        31. The assertion is simple enough. Liberals and their agents are those who endorse the invasion of our nations by those who rape and pillage women and little girls. There are those who are more guilty among the liberal party based upon specifc actions than those who just vote for it and ignore it.
          You stll have not said why it is so important to you that i provide specific names instead of you doing your own research. It is more than evident that liberals are the multi-kulti group.

        32. It is very simple as I already explained. The liberals are pro-invasion and are the first to label “racist” when someone tries to address a violation of law by those invaders. Those who cover it up are also liberals in order to protect their ability to get re-elected on the “racist” card.
          These are UNDENIABLE.
          You don’t need me to name specific names, just go look up who is in power during these cover-ups. Why is it so important to you that I cite specific people instead of you taking a few minutes to do it yourself?

      4. You forgot Hitler.
        Nazi stands for National Socialist (with a German accent of course).

      5. Correct …the worst “right wing” dictator’s body count is tiny compared to the leftist dictators. The right wing types never ever had genocidal policies either.Francisco Franco and Pinochet had a few thousand deaths attributed to them. Compare to Stalin and Pol Pot who had MILLIONS of people killed.

        1. The numbers for Stalin are greatly understated. It probably doesn’t include Holodomor.

        2. Where is Lenin in this picture? I agree, Stalin’s tally is underestimated, and Hitler’s tally is just Jew propaganda. Hitler fought a preemptive war against a genocidal regime. He can hardly be held responsible for all the bloodletting that had to result. If would have been worse if he waited.

      6. Pol Pot was a leftist
        Think Hitler and Nazism (National Socialism) was mostly a left wing statist type.

      7. Precisely right
        Left wing extremism is the problem, and right wing extremism is usually the attempted solution
        The two things cannot be equated on moral grounds

    2. The kind of people working for the government are looking for a cushy number with lots of holidays and pension when retirement beckons. They make everyone else, i.e. the working people, the entrepreneurs, the self employed, miserable invoking taxes and generally being unhelpful. Bunch of kunts in other words.

    3. There is a much bigger issue here. I am disappointed the author did not deal with the Westminister Child Abuse scandal, which has been going on for decades. At least the Rotherham criminals have been locked up. These wealthy Whitehall types are still walking around, doing what they love.

    4. …or to what extent it really occurred. Just like no rational person bats an eye at racism claims anymore because 99% of the time it’s bullshit.

  4. And, right on cue, like some Swedish episode of the Twlight Zone: two men arrested on the nyc subway for manspreading. The female judge let them off with a warning.
    I cant tell you how many times a fat women’s hindquarters spread into my seat on the train, you just deal with it. I remember one woman, whose ass was so large, that her feet couldnt touch the ground(looked like she was sitting on a couple of phonebooks).
    Batshit crazy- cops have more important things to do, no?

    1. The best is when they have to helicopter their stumpy little legs and then work up enough tork to grunt as they thrust forward and get their fat asses off the seat. If you can’t stand from sitting that should be your first clue that you’re too fucking fat.

      1. again- you sure you are a chick? I think you said you used to be corrections officer- care to share any stories?

        1. I am a nurse. This is what I observe. I’m not super slim, but I can get my ass off a seat and my feet don’t look like swollen ham hocks. I’m not talking about chubbies who are elderly, it’s the young women who are massively obese. The fatpocolypse is coming when these lardos hit 40. People are packing away thousands of calories in food per day and constantly needing a “snack”. You want stories, let me begin by telling you what it’s like to clean and wash that fat, yeasty flesh.

        2. Try doing a pelvic exam on these fatties. It takes a team to do a pelvic exam on these broads. 2 people to help spread the thighs (one person on each thigh) and another person to lift up the giant, overhanging belly fat that covers that woman’s vajay jay . It’s like an expedition or something. Damn disgusting

        3. Picture this, cathing a 500lb woman. Six people and me. Two people on each leg and two people to grab the labia and hold it apart (one on each flabby meat curtain). Me, I’m standing at the bottom of the stretcher with full PPE including a face shield mask. I am holding a pen light in my mouth through a hole in the mask. Fortunately, the urinary meatus was the size of a donut so in fact I had the easy job.

        4. No. You must bark at me about how really fat people are “healthy” and how we shouldn’t judge them based on the fact that they consume 3k plus/day calories of junk. Don’t judge this woman because a team of paramedics and firefighters (12) were enlisted to bring orca in on a special wood board slab purchased from Home Depot.
          And whatever you do don’t ask what happens when Shamoo needs to take a shit – that you can barf about.

        5. Oh god no. I’ve heard some horror stories about fat people in hospitals. I’m not talking about people with a few extra pounds, the kind that don’t know they’re pregnant until they miscarry and the baby sits in the folds, rotting away…

        6. Urban myth. Dead tissue turns the patient septic. Mind you, some of these elephants really don’t know they are pregnant but this is a rarity.

    2. Don’t forget, according to the report I found, it was 12:11am in the morning. The judge questioned if the subway was really crowed at the hour to justify giving out tickets for that.

      1. Thats fascinating- can you post it? Its not wall to wall people on the train at that time…

    3. two men arrested on the nyc subway for manspreading.
      Wait, wut? Da fuck. Are they actually arresting you for that? I thought it was just some SJW campaign. Is this enforced? Shit.

  5. “Although the old council at Rotherham was supposedly flushed of Cultural Marxists”
    Wasn’t aware that any British institution has ever attempted to flush itself of cultural marxism however you define it.
    There is indeed a growing disillusion – something much deeper than a loss of trust – in British social and political life. I don’t know about Princess Di, but I certainly suspect David Kelly’s death wasn’t what was claimed. The British elites cover for each other. The odd thing is that this is both right and left wing elites, who both are and aren’t in bed with each other. Berelowitz is a typically leftie, sitting on fat wads of cash as a reward for pushing irresponsible and damaging policies that ultimately erode cultural and social life. The acid test here is whether the concern is with vulnerable kids or with maintaining ideological conformity, and in that she has clearly failed in performing what should be her duty. The Rotheram scandal and others have racial overtones, but there are also those relating to ‘historic’ sexual abuse that may or may not have been perpetrated by the establishment in the 70s and 80s – Cyril Smith, Greville Janner, and others. The fact that we’re hearing about this just means that some in the political elite feel there is political capital to be made from it, possibly to distract from the other scandals. There have even been some completely ‘made-up’ scandals – enoch powells has been accused of ‘satanic abuse’ – almost certainly manufactured, and a recent hampstead sexual abuse scandal was almost certainly completely manufactured – all of which serves to mis-direct attention from the real abuse.
    In conclusion, I agree – enquiries are indeed nearly always whitewashes if there is any kind of power involved; the political establishment protects its own, and of course and most importantly the need to maintain the ideological narrative is far more important than actually protecting children.

    1. its very real to sheltered white girls
      call the police someone hurt my feels online

    2. He’s one of the few black rappers out there who’s worth listening to. Go check out “French” on youtube it’s raw and cool and shit.

  6. I swear these pakistanis are a curse wherever they go.if they arent supporting or conducting a terrorist operation somewhere,then theyll probably be fixing a game of cricket or hacking indian websites or raping some kid or animal.not to mention they think polio vaccines are a western conspirancy to destroy their war torn,garbage nation leaving millions of kids with polio.

    1. not to mention they think polio vaccines are a western conspirancy to destroy their war torn,garbage nation leaving millions of kids with polio.
      And thank fuck for that, a good case of polio pretty much ensures you won’t be going out for criminal mischief as an adult.

    2. Pakistanis in UK are like Mexicans in the US. They are both burden to the host country.

    3. dont know about that the ones in canada and usa tend to be the oppositite. Wonder how uk is messing up/

    1. We’ll make it out of this hole, eventually. The growth of the manosphere gives me hope, as does the growing vocalized discontent I am hearing more and more expressed in real life. We may not survive as a monolithic entity, but likely will as secessionist states banding together against the hell hole blue zones.

      1. I don’t think so. They’ve flooded the U.S. with so many immigrants /illegal aliens they’ve effectively broken up the identify and will to resist.
        I’m in fucking Kansas and even in Wichita I go to a restaurant I see Orientals, Mexicans, blacks (who think they hate America)…….they’ve broken the identity of America via immigration (which was their plan all along).
        WASPS built America into a great country, these other cultures are going to turn it into a shithole.
        White people just aren’t having kids, and these new aliens / immigrants don’t understand or care how the spirit of America is being destroyed.

        1. I don’t cotton to defeatism. Where I live it is lilly white, around 91% by demographic analysis. I have seen nothing but white people in Wyoming, the Dakotas, Montana (and the odd Injun here and there), Idaho, Nebraska. Rural Ohio is Whitey Central. The town next to mine is 98% white, for example. Upper Peninsula Michigan could be Norway in the year 1890.
          It’s easy to fall into Confirmation Bias, especially near big cities.
          In other words, the rumor of our demise has been greatly exaggerated.

        2. Right, but we can’t rebuild the nation without women. Having new generations of WASPS is essential to maintaining American values.
          It’s clear most American women don’t give 2 fucks about anything or anyone other than themselves and their short term gratification. They aren’t concerned with big picture problems

        3. When I was a child this country was 87% white and most of the remaining 13% were blacks (called negroes then) with a smattering of hispanics, asians native americans and “others.” Now the country is 62% non hispanic white, hispanics have lapped blacks as the largest “minority” group. Whites are less than half of the population in Texas, California, New Mexico and Hawaii. Soon to be in Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and New York. More white people die than are born in this country in many states, perhaps even overall in the nation. Do you really think this demographic tidal wave can be reversed when whites are just not reproducing? It wouldn’t be so bad but the Dems enact policies that get the minorities on various government programs and they have millions more voters for life. Romney was so correct when he spoke about the “47%” and vilified for it to boot. The situation is grim and not getting any better.

        4. The trends now however are pointing towards the Right reproducing at good levels and the Left self exterminating by not reproducing. Additionally it is becoming a status symbol for well to do men (read white) to sire larger families, this has actually been reported before. My neighbor, of strong German descent has four kids and may have more in the future, neighbor to the right, strong Irish genes, has four. Etc.
          I’m not saying it won’t be a fight, and I do not quibble with your numbers. I simply do not accept defeat when in fact the trends are reversing. Just call me General Anthony C. McAuliffe, heh.

        5. True, but…
          They’re easily led. That’s the entire premise of Game, right? Applied psychology?

        6. How many people live in the states you mention? I bet there’s more people here in nyc than in all those states combined. Whites are having less/no kids. 40% of white women born in the first half of the 70s never had any children-what is it for women born in the second half of the 70s? I assume its even higher…

        7. I agree. Something else to point out; I came from one of those quite fly-over towns and alot of guys I went to HS with in the 80’s are now middle aged married guys with kids. We are white, but our wives our latino, Korean, Japanese, slavic, etc…
          The democrats, as are all socialists, are striclty concerned with maintaining power and if they cannot convice, bribe or threaten the people to vote for them, they simply import new ones.
          This will all end in tears, but the readers here know that.

        8. Exactly. Western Europeans men must regain power however means necessary. There is no need to convince women of anything, they will simply cede to those in power.

  7. Ugly face – check
    Family name Berelowitz – check
    Verdict – Jewess
    No further comment.

  8. When I read about the Rotherham scandal for lack of a better word, it really convinced me that the rot in the UK is way beyond fixing. For all you Brit commenters out there please don’t be offended. We in the states are just a few paces behind you. A society that throws its children away in the name of PC no longer deserves to exist.

    1. The only silver lining is all our Mexican / Hispanic immigrants are Christians. So they might assimilate a little better than all the muslims in UK.
      I can’t believe Minnesota and Nashville are importing fucking Somalis, though

      1. The Somalis must think we in the west have lost the plot. And they are right.

      2. Hispanics have no desire to assimilate, and they are hardly christian, just about every “hispanic” country has many anti-clerical policies: banning of religious attire, taxes on churches, heavy regulation of church schools, ect.

      3. If having a 50% illegitimacy rate qualifies as Christian, then the definition of that term has gotten mighty elastic.

      4. The legal age for consensual sex in Mexico? 12
        I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood and even they don’t want the brown wave of locust coming.

      5. Western New York has its fair share of Paki/Somali immigrants too. They have basically taken over Erie County.

      6. So the slave labour system is still in effect… (let’s pay them welfare money and pretend it’s not the same as just giving them food and shelter directly).

    2. You don’t understand, Britain is a ship that cannot sink. You don’t have the luxury of giving up like a coward because we in Europe cannot afford to have an enemy base continental aircraft carried just off our coast because you cuckold fucks were too craven and cowardly to fight.
      When the time comes you will fight, it’s the least you owe Europe after your forefather’s disgraceful conduct in both World Wars. You don’t get to stab us in the back again.

      1. But the ship is infested with rats and women who don’t want to hurt the rats! Seriously, Britain needs an exterminator to get rid of all these vermin otherwise the ship will become unlivable. Also it’s bad luck to have women on a ship. They should be thrown overboard or locked away where no one can see them.

  9. I found out yesterday that my cousins ex husband was involved in one of those grooming scandals. She then went on to marry (and then divorce, thankfully) another Pakistani. I couldn’t even write here what that maniac was doing popping back to Pakistan every year. It’s not terror related. It would probably be less shocking if it was. I can’t believe that the establishment was naive or misguided when they decided to transport the most backward people from one of the most backward country’s on the planet to the U.K. They also give Asians a bad name in the U.K. Even the most hard-core nationalist will tell you the Indians we’ve imported are the best India has to offer.

    1. Was he going back to rape young boys, they have a tendency to do that in their homelands?

  10. It’s not just Rotherham. Paki rape gangs are all over the UK (Derby, Oxford, Rochdale, Bristol) and this is why UKIP gains ground. The left has lost its collective mind when the concern about hurting someone’s feels is more important than kids getting raped. These people are in the USA already. People need to be prepared for this shit, because it is real and it is serious. There is a big fat culture war coming, and it is no fucking joke.
    Does any woman out there seriously think that a man and a father will support this kind of retard mentality when the victim of this shit is his daughter? Assuming that men haven’t completely walked away from the insanity of these women by that point?
    A variant of this type of thinking is already taking place here, in Rockland County, NY. Check out the whole Block the Block vote scenario and shake your head silently when you see there are Hasidim attempting to and successfully creating communities governed solely by Hasidic Jews, places where the American rule of law is on shaky ground as it does not apply to them.
    As for Mrs. Berelowitz, she should feel lucky that she is so above it all, unlike the kids who were getting repeatedly gang-banged by a bunch of fucking animals. How a woman can stick up for these pieces of garbage is beyond me. She and the pieces of shit she tried so valiantly to protect are all worthless wastes of skin and I don’t give a fuck what happens to them.
    I thank god that my father was in the military and that he was able to point out the absolute bullshit these assholes preach very early on in life.

    1. These people are in the USA already. People need to be prepared for this shit, because it is real and it is serious.

      Um, Americans have something that the British tea sippers don’t. AR-15s. We don’t fear our immigrants, our immigrants fear us.

      1. I am well aware of my Second Amendment rights and I conceal carry. My dad would not have had it any other way.
        All I’m saying is that when this bullshit does start to go down, and it will, we need to be prepared and aware of the way feminists and the media are going to try and spin this crap.

    2. Frankly I hope it does come. The sooner the better. It’s one of those situations where something needs to happen and one side needs to eliminate the other to survive. There really is no coexistence in this situation as far as it has appeared for the past centuries. Either they are eliminated in totality or they will continue to attempt to eliminate who they see as “evil”.

      1. It certainly feels that fucking way. People are at boiling point already.

    3. Making sure everyone feels “nice and unoffended” is the perogative of spoiled girls – and incidentally, the collective mental status of most Western countries
      But it should be understood that crimes by outside groups should not be used as an excuse for xenophobia, because xenophobia requires no such excuse. Doing so will let the equalists counter with “Well they’re not all like that!!”, thereby disrupting the discussion in favor of compassion.
      The true rationale for nationalism is self-interest, meaning that even if every Asian in Britain was productive, wealthy, civilized, etc, the grounds for their exclusion and removal need not be any more than the fact that they are not native and therefore contribute to unwanted diversity

    4. She is a Jew. She does what is good for Jews. In the sick collective Zeitgeist of the Jew, Anglo-Saxon children being raped by middle Asian Orcs is good for Jews. Their R-center lizard brain takes perverse delight in the defilement of Aryan children.

      1. Jews are collective race who are loyal to each other and will help one another. They do NOT help any non-Jew (goyim). I’m not sure if I can get this confirmed but I heard that rabbis use gentile children (preferably white children) as sacrifice to get their blood and use it in mixing on their Matzo ball cuisine. Too crazy to sound true but that’s what I heard. Apparently this happened a lot during the Soviet times when many white Christians were brutally murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks and this doesn’t get mentioned in the media. You constantly get screams of Holohoax on national TV and anything that questions the credibility of a Jew gets you labeled as “anti-semite”. Ironically the Modern Jews are descendant of Khazars and they are not originally inhabitant of the Middle East.

  11. The Uk is covering it up because it thinks it needs the immigrants to fill the economic void of socialism and feminism. The country is done

  12. Even without her name, just her physical deformity looking face is a dead give away of what her ethnicity is.

    1. Ethnicity be damned or what she looks like. The outrage is that she is just another SJW twat who would rather have children be raped than just say what is really happening.

  13. These grooming gangs… I lost track of all the towns that have them. Rotherham naturally,
    Derby, rochdale, sheffield, oxfordshire, leeds. Where else?

        1. There’s probably a village somewhere that hasn’t been touched!

  14. Being from the UK, I never understood why Japanese, Chinese or Koreans never said “Stop calling them Asians, we are nothing like those backward, child molesting fucks!”

    1. Asia as a continent includes far more than the Sinosphere. If they don’t like it, maybe they should insist on the use of the more precise term “East Asian” when referring to them as a group.

  15. Google Jimmy Saville and watch the story on Youtube. Absolutely astounding how this serial pedophile was allowed to operate. No one had the stones to investigate because he was the chief court jester for an upper crust gang of aristocratic and politically connected perverts.

    1. right, social justice is merely the undeserved entitlement to equality

  16. Until men—civilized men—get together politically, this will continue.
    The left has created a cognitivie dissonence: it continually tells its voters that they need political organization and that doing so will bring the goodies (which it does), while simultaneously working to dishearten non-leftists from organization (“you’ll never change the system” and “get on the right side of history”).
    They had best remember, however, that war is just politics conducted in a different theater. And leftists are terrible at war.

    1. I agree with you.
      Fuck it. Flip Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals right back on them. There are tactics that the left has gotten very good at using to brainwash those who are less aware of their bullshit. We need to use their own playbook against them and get more people to think instead of being passive shits.

      1. You don’t try and play the Alinky’s game you take your +VLFBERH+T and you cut their ugly Jew head off. Don’t try and play word games with the Kike. I love the word Kike, it so embodies the Jew monster and strikes fear in their cowardly hearts.

        1. I prefer an axe, better for chopping through shields and those swords are too bloody expensive.

    1. Exactly. Shame people are giving her a victim excuse and not focusing on her outrageous incompetence.

        1. If you’re a chick please do everyone here a favor and stop with the ‘dear’ shit when you’re talking to a dude. It’s demeaning and rude, and you know it.
          This is a site for men, and we are being allowed to comment only by the grace of the mods. With that in mind, please be polite.
          Thank you.

        2. Go fuck yourself dear! And go find tweezers to pull that ingrown hair out of your cunt!

        3. Is this how you “ladies” speak to each other when you’re queuing to use the bathroom? So elegant and thoughtful of you.

        4. Queuing for the bathroom? Yes, we were exchanging ambrosia salad recipes and Pandora was acting like the PC cunt police. I know that slut dyes her hair and shaves her box. She is also divorced and wears lipstick.
          Hurry please! I need to tee tee (insert giggle).

        5. No, what I said to you was that on a site for men, you were talking down to a dude, and I think that as a chick, it’s rude of you. That’s all. You don’t like that? Take it up with someone in charge.

        6. You have a point, I’m pretty sure the general rule for ROK is that women and gay men are not allowed to comment.

      1. Jews are not victims, except in their own minds. Unless you are counting the 250K low-class Jews killed by the Allies at the end of WWII to create an excuse for land-grabbing in Palestine.

    2. These Jewesses are very dangerous creatures, just ask Simeon II. The fuck married one and a few decades later his country was occupied by muslim mongol scum.

  17. This stupid, corrupt cunt.
    Making an issue of being called Jew epithets, but conveniently forgetting she was called these things by – Pakis.

  18. Did you expect any different from this pig’s carcass of the Light Upon Nations ?
    They are the syphilitic cancer upon our civilization!

  19. I saw this video of a debate about this, all could say I blame the social worker. This fat cow with those fat glasses and short hair said “well we didnt have enough resources when we first heard of this”. I thought this is bullshit..911 isnt a resource, foster homes and counselling is another. You know those are ghetto low class vulnerable children and they swept it under the rug just so they wont have to do any work. These people are like school teachers, they only work hard when its time to demand more money to “help children” but once they get thier raise they are just as lazy and neglectful as ever, any abuse or bullying they dont care.
    THeir selfishness not only ruined those kids lives but alos smeared the pakistani community and use “political correctness” as a lame excuse to not do their job.

  20. More White Gangs, less Paki Gypsy Whore gangs. I would like to see some gypsy scum come up to me in my country. Never gonna happen cause he knows what will happen to his family. Out in the West, the White males arent ganging up anymore which goes to show white men need to masculinize.

    1. Why do you think we are force-fed so much gay normalizing crap? To make us gay? Most men are even more repulsed by it because we know it is an abomination. The intended outcome IMO is that men are not able to get together without female moderation without someone implying there is an undertone of homosexuality. It is not in the interests of the fat controllers for men to get together, and realise that they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. Got to break through that and the implications of pedastry when we mentor kids instead of leaving it to cnuts like that po-faced bitch. Oy vey . . .

      1. They want to make us weak brother, and by dividing us they can pick us apart much more easily. Thats why you should always keep company with like minded men.

  21. I look at the mug shots of these pedophile paki scum and chuckle to myself knowing I could easily beat the fuck out of any one of them easily putting a caving in hole in their face with my foot. No gym going string bean weaklings Id kill one of these rapist pedaphiles and wouldn’t think twice about it shit like this make any blood boil. As for British people I fucking hate you, there is no hope for you, your a fucking disgrace to Europeans and your a disgrace to caucasins your fucking cowards, sell outs, communists, pussified beta politically correct scum. You know what I say let Britain burn let it brun into a heaping pile of third world shit you cowards deserve it.

    1. The mistake the Brits made is allowing unhindered immigration of people who breed like rabbits and want to kill them.

  22. This term “Cultural Marxist”, it’s too vague and nobody knows what the hell it means
    You’re not gonna fight a war if you can’t even clearly identify the enemy
    Equality is the enemy
    Diversity is the enemy

  23. Google ‘Afghanistan chai boy’ and have a look at the articles.
    From one article:
    For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to
    15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun
    tribal members in Kandahar and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means “boy player.” The men like to boast about it.

    “Having a boy has become a custom for us,” Enayatullah, a 42-year-old
    in Baghlan province, told a Reuters reporter. “Whoever wants to show
    off should have a boy.”
    It’s been well documented that coalition troops complained and tried to stop it but they also were largely brushed aside.
    So this practice is well ingrained to them to the point they see it as normal.
    Bizarre isn’t it that to them consensual sex between adult men is punishable by death but molesting children is something to be proud of. Sick fucks.

    1. It’s consistent in a perverse way. Being able to openly violate the sexual ethics of your society and get away with it is quite a marker of status.
      Was adultery socially acceptable during the time when European kings were having mistresses, heck, were even expected to as a marker of their alphadom?

  24. Inquests like that into the death of Diana… are designed to explain away a death at the hands
    of the state in suspicious circumstances.

    You what? How exactly was the death of Diana caused by the state?

    1. The 2nd batch of Prince charles black spider letters have just been published. Maybe there’s a confession embedded deep in the text

    2. There’s been a conspiracy theory around for ages according to which her death was arranged by people in the British power establishment who didn’t like the notion that the former Princess of Wales would marry a darkie. And, at that, a darkie whose darkie daddy is persona non grata in the British upper class.

      1. I know all about the conspiracy. It’s so much bullocks only a complete moron would give it any credence.

        1. Okay, it sounded like you hadn’t even heard of it. I’m not buying the conspiracy theory either, primarily because if one would want to make a murder look like an accident, there are way more reliable ways of doing it than a car crash.

    1. Ugly hatchet faced bitch with man haircut x years of eating at the public trough ÷ pc bullshit = typical Gooberment employee.
      Take note she has a wedding ring on. Yup, sumbuddy gotta bang dat.

  25. Damn feminists, always using moral outrage about rape to push their ideological agenda and vilify groups they have decided are the enemy!
    Oh, wait. Now it’s RoK doing it. Same shit, just another group being blamed and vilified as a group because of the actions of a subset of its members.
    When did the Manosphere stop being a reaction to the current Western sexual-social order and turn into an incubator of far-right moonbattery?

      1. I’m my own rabbi. Rabbi Rothritterschildstein, Judeo-Bolshevik People’s Commissar. Hear, o workers of the world, the Lord your God is one!

        1. Leftist mangina scum I suggest you go cunt cry with all the other leftists and feminists at huffington post. Nothing screams pussy like a male leftist.

  26. Looks like Jackie Mason went to Thailand for his sex change. I guess you get what you pay for. Sheesh.

  27. Cut to the core of a Cancer, and goddamn it, goddamn it, every fucking time time you find the Kike feeding on healthy flesh and spreading their disease. Berlowitz, a filthy Jew bitch indeed. Wagner said the Kike was the hidden force behind the decay of civilization. Jews, all Jews, need to be safely stored underground.

  28. The utter indifference of the average person around me to things like Rotherham infuriates me. Things like this would be over in an instant if the average person wasn’t such an atomized, individualistic faggot to the extent that they can’t see eye-to-eye with you on something as basic as your own women being raped.
    If there ever was such a thing as rape culture then this is it. Of course we don’t hear from feminists because feminists exclusively hate White men. Since White men are being cuckolded here on a mass scale the feminists approve and their useful idiot minions don’t even notice.

  29. Meanwhile the other epicnetre of pedofile rape and cultmarxism Rochdale, UK has a lovely new poster campaign, example one ;
    Disablist Hate Crime ?
    Report it to the Police Now !

  30. I just find it disgusting when women use children as court and public opinion weapons.
    She’s no different.

  31. So UK’s Fabian-society ministers failed in the state’s clearest task, the protection of the weak, while their effective prohibition of victims and their relatives obtaining redress may as well have painted targets on the weak and vulnerable.
    Perhaps once the UK resembles the movie “28 Days Later” its surviving Caucasians can each regrow a pair of testicles and take action. Until then, it seems civility requires men to tolerate decivilization.

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