The Difference Between The Nice Guy, The Asshole, And The Alpha Male

In the manosphere, there are typically two defined sects of men: white knights and red-pillers.

While this division has value, I find there to be three types of men: the nice guy, the asshole, and the alpha male. And these archetypes resemble the above to a certain extent. The white knight matches up with the nice guy, for example.

However, the red-piller can be broken down into the alpha and the asshole. They both have a more realistic view of the world than the white knight. And they both will be more successful as a result. But they aren’t the same. Confidence is the distinguishing trait.

The alpha realizes that he can only rely on himself, he has to take what he wants, and women aren’t divine goddesses. And so does the asshole, for the most part. But the alpha is confident and self-assured. He loves himself, and everything he does reflects this love. The asshole, on the other hand, is not. He has intense insecurities that cause him to constantly attack others in the hopes of making himself feel better. He gets the big picture, but can’t get a handle on himself.

To demonstrate the inherent differences between these three types of men, I’ll provide an example. We’ll examine how they each behave at the bar, because the bar is a quintessential example for every concept these days.

The Nice Guy


As he enters: His first instinct is to seclude himself in the corner, or hide amongst his group of close friends. Based on this behaviour, you might guess that staying hidden is his goal.

Girls: Even if he’s single and wants to meet a new girl, he won’t approach. He doesn’t want to “inconvenience” or “startle” any of these holy creatures. He’d rather shamefully look at them and hope they don’t notice. If they make eye contact, he’s quick to take out his cellphone and send a fake text message.

You can find him: If he ventures away from the corner, he’ll be hovering around the bar trying to order a drink. It might take him an hour though. He doesn’t want to be too “aggressive” and push his way up front. That might upset someone.

The Asshole


As he enters: The asshole feels at home at the bar. That doesn’t mean he’s secure though. He just comes a lot. When he enters, he’ll push his way to the bar and order a Bud Light, or three.

Girls: He tends to be single, but often gets caught up trying to prove his manliness instead of approaching women. He may also be afraid of women, and would rather get shit-faced drunk with his friends before throwing himself at anything that moves on the dance floor.

You can find him: Rest assured he’ll be posted up at the bar, staring other guys down. If not, you can find him throwing shoulders and elbows into other men, trying to prove his “dominance”, as he enters the bathroom for the 53rd time.

The Alpha


As he enters: The alpha is also comfortable at the bar. But this comfort is a result of his regular confidence. He also understands of the insecurities of nearly everyone else who’s there, be it nice guys, assholes, or girls. He might order a drink, approach a girl, or just soak in the environment.

Girls: He can enjoy a good conversation with his buddy, but he won’t hesitate to approach a cute girl, if he sees one that catches his eye.

You can find him: He could be anywhere, but if he’s not deep in conversation he probably has a girl under his arm.

If you realize that men tend to take one of these three forms, it’s far easier to understand their actions. While a nice guy is easy to pick out, keep your eyes open when it comes to the assholes and the alphas. Few men are confident and alpha– don’t be fooled by the common “tough guy” act.

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90 thoughts on “The Difference Between The Nice Guy, The Asshole, And The Alpha Male”

    1. Not if they look like you старик. Can you do the
      Prisyadki or Mazurka? Or Cossack dance and not get heart attack? Then drink bottle of vodka and make sex with young girl without boner pill.

      1. Can you do the “Charleston”, then drink bottle of Kentucky Bourbon and make love to young girl without mechanical devises or contrivances of any kind?

    2. A well groomed ballroom dancer is an alpha by definition and yes, they get all the girls as they are chill, know how to move, know when to hold and when to let go.

  1. There is different flavors of asshole. There’s the bitterness of the pill itself that often bleeds through in the early stages of swallowing the red pill. It is often hard to accept how badly you have been lied to by everyone from day one, how manipulated and betrayed you have been. Having been played for a sucker, etc.

    1. It should also be noted that alphas are often called assholes for the emotions they create in women. Be aware and reward the compliment with a smirk and a ‘thank you…I know…’

      1. Note that in this context, asshole refers to the guy who has poorly calibrated alpha traits, in that he over sells his aloof attitude to the point of coming across as poorly socially adjusted.

        1. Body Language > Spoken Language
          So many guys say they can’t read women. In the end, we all have the instinctual ability to read other people.. Only a few of us ever truly learn to act on our instinctual understanding of human body language.

    2. Exactly, it depends on what you call an asshole. For example, roissy uses it as a synonym for alpha.

    3. Aw you poor weetle victim. Did your unwed man hating mommy lie to you? Did your teacher tell you that you were special because you rode the short little bus to school? Were you are winners and got awards just for showing up at school? Yes you were lied to and when you went into the real world it was like a shock.

  2. it’s a little more complex, i think everyone has aspects of all 3.
    it’s really all about how secure a person is…. the nice guy is secure enough in himself to take it easy, but he misses out because he lacks the killer instinct to get more involved in life. this can come from real insecurities, or a sense of entitlement, or just a passive ‘it will come to me’ attitude.
    the asshole is the most insecure and has the most issues under the surface, but he is often quite successful, just because he goes out there and gets his hands dirty. but in many cases his success is his undoing, because he hates himself underneath, so even in success he’s still trying to prove himself… (you’re only as good as your last fight.)
    the alpha is trying to balance out his insecurities. (everyone has them). he’s probably had some early success and validation in life, so he’s got himself ‘somewhat’ of a platform, even if that was just good luck with a hot chick when he was 17-18, or having a rich confident father or doing well in college and scoring a good job… etc. etc.
    either that or he’s a guy that’s consciously set out to improve himself and dig deep on many levels.

    1. Not only are all 3 styles incorporated in every man, but the female is a moving target that is always changing, and snaking / flaking on a dime.
      It would be nice if everything fell into such tight clean models like this.
      In real life – it doesnt work that way.

      1. all females are inherently insecure…. not just because they are smaller and weaker and vulnerable both physically and emotionally… but also because being inside a female physical body is not very pleasant…. females all feel like crap and have huge body issues…. imagine having a floppy pair of tits that are ALWAYS one slightly different size to the other, strapped to your chest… an ass that ALWAYS feels fat… and a pussy that bleeds 1 week a month and having to sit down to pee…… it’s a messy business long before we get into competing with each other for men, pregnancy, breast feeding and child raising…
        take away the make up, hair doos, jewelery, lingerie, cosmetics, perfume etc. etc…. these are all things to ‘dress up’ the female state….
        this is why females need males to ‘take care’ of them… think farmer and his cattle….
        can anyone say mooo ?

        1. I know a lot of secure females. They generally have a university degree and a gig in acting or the fashion industry they can discard to returning back to being a doctor/lawyer/etc.
          Maybe 10% of men and 10% of women are secure. The funny thing is in countries that promote grooming like Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, free of second wave feminism, women are secure about themselves. They feel not only are they great at their jobs, but that they are beautiful with men buzzing around them who are genuinely attracted to them.
          Women who don’t come from a culture where taking care of yourself is how you respect men as a belief feel insecure. No matter how successful their career is they don’t feel loved. In cultures where respect is seen as a trade, a woman takes care of herself, looks hot, you open doors for her and treat her right, women aren’t jealous of each other as often.
          In US, too many feminists attack each other, its like a disease, because they feel insecure. Why? They want to be loved, but are too romanticized in their heads so they feel it is beneath them to learn the game that is required to attract a mate.

        2. They do exist too. I just don’t have time for insecure chicks. You forget your phone on the table once to go to the bathroom and you return to catch her spying on your phone. I just go for attractive sane secure people.

        3. You talk about these things like a bloke (obviously) :L Being inside a female body is VERY pleasant. It’s even more so when the husband is inside it too 😉

  3. I think the bar was a good example in the past, but I feel nowadays, you could be the sh1t in the bar, but lose the girl once you are outside that environment. As I shared on another article, assuming she is physically attracted to you, all you need to do is to show YOU CAN ASSERT YOUR DOMINANCE OVER HER – she doesn’t necessarily care about the alpha player status.
    Case in point, lets consider that most men these days are way too passive-aggressive when confronted with a man that their girlfriend likes – they’ll make a ton of snide comments trying to stab the other guy in the back. This causes me and often the GF to lose respect for the guy (the girls know what’s up, they live for social games). i’ve seen this poor tactic delay a guy’s ability to get the lay. I recently saw a guy do a trick which I have to use more often – he saw that dissing me was a bad idea (ie not alpha) so he didn’t go down that route. Instead, he playfully hit his girl and made a cheeky comment about her – she laughed at him and there was no opportunity for me to get in there; I had to respect the way he went about it – that’s alpha. Sure, it can be a drag to do this constantly and you have to wonder what happens if you’re not around, but establishing a solid frame means she won’t stray.
    There are also a group of women, sizable enough, who are socialized to be the leader and so reject leadership from men. It truly is a women’s market in the West, even though it hurts the growth of the men and society as a whole. But we have to make the most of it, so I guess if you want to be the chooser and not the chosen, I would say that (a) approaching a lot and (b) establishing dominance over the girl real well and early on, is a simple tactic to yield better results than some of the traditional gimmicks out there, as to how we all need to be the ‘alpha in the bar’. The nature of the game has changed as society has changed.
    Ive seen social alphas in the bar go home alone, often. Sure, the ‘fame’ aspect helps if they have that kind of position in that niche, but otherwise, finding women who are attracted to you (even if its only a few) and being able to pick up on cues to CLOSE EFFECTIVELY is what real game is about. I feel most/all gurus (?) do not address that and using the gurus as a template, you would have to give up your day job and approach poosy sometimes 24/7, which is utterly ridiculous for most men. If you don’t do this, you are suggested as ‘not trying hard enough’, which is also ridiculous. Most men (including me) in the femcunt-socialized environment need to just learn to better identify the girls who are into us (yes, they exist for every guy) and close effectively. This ability to identify those women, establish persistant dominance over the girl alone, and close without any awkwardness is what is alpha.

    1. Dude, you need some hobbies or something. You really think about this pussy/ game/ manosphere shit wayyy too much.
      Go with the flow bro

      1. Right, because authors of articles, regular posters and so on aren’t in the same boat. Nice try with the shaming language. Are you even male? I have 11 upvotes as of yet, compared to your two, one of which you definately gave yourself, if not both. You didn’t even have the balls to post your own name. Feminists aren’t welcome.

        1. “I have 11 upvotes as of yet, compared to your two, one of which you definately gave yourself, if not both.”
          This is where you lost your credibility or respect, narcissist.

    2. She wont stray?.. are you kidding me, the media has instilled a belief in the slut’s mind that it is perfectly fine to fuck other men on the side.
      My story…
      My slut isn’t different, we had an argument one day and didn’t talk to each other for five. Within those five days she managed to set up 3 dates that I personally know of, when I asked about other guys she denied it while looking me straight in the eyes. I was going to dump the slut but my roommate talked me out of it as she serves a purpose in our apartment: cleaning, cooking, fucking, sucking, laundry, I’m currently trying to get her to fuck both of us(Eiffel tower), and lately she buys most of the groceries! she doesn’t know whats coming. I mentally checked out of that relationship the day I found out about all those dates.. Dont get mad get even, she wasted 4 months of my life so I’m compelled to return the favor, I’m not vindictive. I’m bouncing back to Poland soon and wont even say bye.

  4. I like to think of the Nice Guy, Asshole, Alpha archetypes as fitting into a hierarchical-progressive structure into which each man falls somewhere along the gradient.
    Nice Guy < Asshole < Alpha
    Nice Guy
    Naive to the realities around male-female sexual interaction, insecure in himself and caught up in pedestalizing women as divine, infallible, unique flowers.
    Has come to realize and internalize some of the major guiding concepts that govern male-female sexual interaction, remains insecure in self because of lack of work on himself and has yet to possess true pride or confidence in his abilities or who he is as a man, and has reduced his pedestalization of women, though still seeks out female validation because of the aforementioned lack of investment in himself.
    Understands and has internalized rules governing male-female sexual interaction, has invested in himself and internalized his own value as a man and, thus, exudes confidence in everything he does, no longer pedestalizes women because his attraction to women is based solely on the traits they possess, which he assesses in real-time as to whether they increase, decrease, or are neutral in their effect on his desire for them.
    This is an incomplete representation but I feel a solid way to analyze and qualitatively determine where a man is in his self-development. A man can become stuck at any point on this scale.

    1. That is the structure for America. In Russia and places where women have long hair, make up, groomed, go to the gym, where dresses and heels and know the market value of their sexuality, the hierachy is gamma (asshole), then beta(nice guy), then Alpha. They accept sacrificing sexual attraction in exchange of not being with an asshole.
      American women say that “I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of me”, cut their hair short, gain too much weight. They are innocent and clueless of the games men play. While Russian and Arab women laugh at assholes, these clueless girls mistake them for alphas.
      Both assholes and nice guys copy different attributes of Alpha, but aren’t Alpha. So depending on where you are, if you aren’t alpha, try being beta or gamma until you learn being assertive alpha. In US and Western Europe, Sweden, where women are naive about sexuality and say “love me as I am with my fatfolds and don’t fatshame”… they mistake jerks for alphas. Nice guys have no chance there. In Russia, Middle East, girls are trained, and they see you are playing game to try to manipulate her to get her into bed without the situation having anything it in it for her (let’s say she wants marriage, happiness, romance).
      Russian/Arab/Italian women go: he is playing game, what’s in it for me… nothing. Next. They settle for nice guys and the lucky ones find alphas. They know assholes are trying to fake being alpha and are like a nice guy but fake. A nice guy is what it is, not hot, but what you can get, and at least he is honest about being “meh” so you know what you are getting is their attitude.
      Girls with less game, more idealism and naivity like American girls think that assholes are true Alphas. They think they won the lottery, so if you are a nice guy… you just lost out to the fake alpha, the asshole.
      Women want alphas, but they make calculations on mating choices differently. Let’s remember, most men and women are insecure, hence not alpha.

  5. lol I just realized i’m an asshole. I’ll try to work on my inner issues then. His analysis is completely correct. I consider myself a red-piller but i do have issues.

  6. …and most women today won’t know the difference until the Asshole has had an unsatisfying (to her) bout of “college sex” and jetted– ciao, ‘ho!

  7. I started off as a Nice Guy. Nothing to be ashamed of (for a time) IMHO. I was still nervous around women, heck that’s probably putting it mildly. I went to the bar, shot cricket, played pool, and chatted with older guys. I was lucky, I skipped the asshole phase.
    My dad had imparted some wisdom to me, but even more important was Russ. He was married to a fine looking woman who had borne him 4 kids and still looked hot for 32. Russ warned me about lowering my standards, and told me that: ‘Women are nice, but owning your own business, being confident in yourself, and achieving your own goals is more important.’
    I was never AMOG there, but I’ve never forgotten that statement. I’ve avoided the ‘nice guy’ pitfalls. I’ve also avoided being the obnoxious asshole at a party.
    Alpha? Maybe. I’ve got myself set to the point I can be interesting, and pull, without being a loud braggart. I don’t have to wear a suit like a piece of armor. I’ve got confidence in myself. I can ‘be me’ and women appreciate what they see.
    Now it’s just a matter of finding a worthwhile specimen of femininity.

  8. There is that combo of Alpha + Asshole that really isn’t the guys fault like stated above it’s self esteem and can be an easy fix with antidepressants or anti anxiety medications or combo thereof but be sure to choose the ones less likely to mess with sexual drive.

    1. Antidepressants and anti anxiety meds make males feminine. It’s better to be emotional and dealing with emotion than numbing yourself which only makes u worst in the long run. A real man deals with problems and emotions and understands this is a part of becoming a stronger man. He faces it and NEVER runs from!!!

      1. It in no way makes you less of an alpha if you are exhibiting signs of depression or anxiety. Even the most intelligent humans can have bouts of it and it can manifest itself physically. Depression can even be the cause of sexual dysfunction. Being a man is about taking care of business when you know it’s the right thing to do. This doesn’t mean they have to be taken forever. Not all antidepressants make you fem and reduce testosterone. You won’t grow a vagina 🙂

        1. Please post your big jugs, Tits McGee. We all want to fap to those amazingly sexy hot large massive titties, babe

        2. There is no logical reason to take antidepressants or anxiety meds. You address the issue that causes it and fix the problem, you don’t cover it up with medication. People are feeling the way they are feeling for a reason. address the reason to fix the problem. Men…old school and present, don’t need antidepressants and anxiety meds….its shameful and illogical. Men deal with their issues, we don’t run from them or cover them.

        3. Stronger men perhaps I agree. There are some who need a lift so to speak. Maybe a beta who can’t quite get there on his own. There are men who no matter how perfect their women are will resort to verbal abuse. These guys are not alpha or even slight asshole. They are simply mad.

        4. They are insecure and in need of a “coming to jesus” meeting with other strong men. Basically a “stop being a bitch” meeting.

        5. Shhhhhh be vewy vewy quit. That’s me, and yes don’t you all agree here we are all bitches. 🙂

      2. This is the kind of ignorance that is literally killing people. Depression is an illness, just like diabetes or cancer. It does not make a person weak or “less of a man” to take medication for it. Would you refuse to take diabetes medication or chemo for cancer? Would you think those things make you weak?
        Taking antidepressants is not “running away from emotions.” It makes you better equipped to deal with those emotions if you need them. And not everyone who is depressed needs them, but it isn’t right to call those who do weak. Some people genuinely have chemical imbalances and can’t just deal with depression/anxiety through sheer force of will.
        Of course, I do think doctors overprescribe these meds – as soon as they see that someone has a problem, they’ll prescribe them without even talking to the person and figuring out if there is an alternative. They’re basically peons of the drug companies, and it is sad. Meds should really only be used as a last resort IMO. But again, it’s wrong to slam the people who really need them.

        1. U should only take anti depression medication if your sucidal. Depression has gone up 1000‰ in the last 100 years. Stress is stored in our body where humans where always active since the industrial revolution. Since than very little people exercise. Our food is so bad where u feel based on what u eat! Exercise has proven to be BETTER for u than the best antidepressant on the market. Combined this with healthy eating, sleep, meditation, hope and setting goals it should nearly kill your depression. True happiness needs to be study, most people think it’s money and power which leads to unhappiness. A good book is ‘art of happiness’ by the dalai lama. U have more clarity in pain than numbing yourself with Antidepressants where pain is reduced by up to 50% if u accept it where most people fight it! It only gets stronger if u dont face it, u can’t ever hide from it where another way your mind processes it is throw your dreams. If your in pain it means u need to change your life! Than take small steps in making it better!

  9. Good distinction. Being an asshole in itself isn’t good game. You have to be a FUN, INTERESTING asshole.

  10. Tucker max said it best,
    “Assholes finish first”
    Nice Guys finish last.
    But the Alpha statement is correct.

  11. Question here, if you’d be kind enough to answer.
    What does it mean when other males try to AMOG you, does this mean you are a reproductive threat? I ask, because whenever I’m in a place with good looking females, the other men will try to AMOG me. Is this normal, does it happen to every guy? How does one stop this from happening? Does this mean I look too weak? (I’m a big guy medium frame 250 lb, still the AMOGing goes on)
    Also, I have very good looks, and the women I try to approach get very nervous, they won’t even maintain eye contact. This keeps happening to me, am I “scaring the cat”? How can I fix this? I try to initiate conversation, but they freeze, and go very silent. I’m already wearing glasses to devalue myself, but no good. What else can I do? Thank you for any advice.

    1. AMOG as you know mean’s “alpha (male) of the group”. Two or three guys might be really great friends….. and don’t normally “compete” in social situations, until a female is dropped into the mix. Then you’ll often notice the dynamic can IMMEDIATELY change.
      Your friend who is normally maintaining an equilibrium with you, is suddenly sending small jabs, or teasing, or “one upping” you in front of her – in an attempt to “lower your status”, and elevate his. It’s virtually unavoidable and almost GUARANTEED to happen if she is attractive.
      Even when it’s subtle, it’s there.
      This is your cue to SHINE. When in doubt, SMILE.
      Don’t be too concerned by chicks who are uncomfortable with direct eye contact. They are the sex that pretends they DONT like a guy when they DO like a guy.
      But whatever you do (and I make no apology for saying this) but don’t EVER “devalue” yourself to make a chick feel more comfortable. If anything , devalue HER. After all, she can’t hope, pray and dream about “meeting a great guy” if she can’t even LOOK at him when he’s standing right in front of her. This kind of behavior should be “cute” to you. It’s part of their charm.
      An ex of mine loved SexAndTheCity. When Carrie meets Mr.Big for the first time she looks down a lot, gets flustered and spills the contents of her pursue (condoms) all over Madison avenue. You would never guess she was into him. And neither did he. He just stood there with his hands in his suit pockets looking at this awkward girl falling apart right in front of him. “Cute”.
      Women are just like that. They are complete shit at showing interest, until men STOP paying attention to them. But it’s important to know that shouldn’t even matter to you. Before you know a girl, you shouldn’t care if she is into YOU, you want to first establish whether or not you are into HER and wish to proceed.
      So rather than finding out what YOU are doing *wrong*… forget about it, and concentrate on whether or not she is doing anything RIGHT. More and more grown women simply lack the CAPACITY to interact with (straight) men in any meaningful (or FUN) way. So it’s up to us to MAKE it fun. But there is no need to try and “fix” yourself to make interacting with them work. This isn’t your problem.
      When a girl doesn’t know how to respond, thats not your problem. You can even come out and say it directly to her. “Cute”. She may wonder what you mean, but don’t explain it. Use it as an opener to seque to the next step. If a girl makes it difficult to interact, just wish her a pleasant day and go about your business. She’s not worth it. And she’s certainly not worth you devaluing yourself for her acceptance. You can get that out of your head right now.
      All of this IMO. Discard what doesn’t work for you. Cheers.

    2. I thought it is Alpha-Male Other Guy. A competitor/cockblocker.
      As far as freezing girls out, maybe try jokes, bringing up observations about the surroundings / people watching with her, and less direct body language (almost talking to her over your shoulder)

  12. Nice guy: White Knight/Mangina/Beta in the making.
    Asshole: Alpha taken to the extreme. Cynically promiscuous fueled by psychopathic hatred and distrust towards women often due to previous rejection/betrayal by them.
    Can also an asshole due to childhood patterns (insufficient maternal care and affection, rivalry with female siblings, unhealthy male role models while growing up). Can also due to affinity to sadistic pleasure from disappointing/demeaning women in sexual relationships.
    Alpha: Intermediate balance between asshole and nice guy, though leaning more towards to asshole. The fundamental difference between asshole and alpha is usually, temperance.

  13. I’ve never met an alpha male that knows, or even entertains the intellectual construct of the word in his mind.
    I also think that a lot of the theorising about what constitutes an alpha in the PUA community and manosphere is speculatory masturbation. As a recent article on this site alluded to, the defining trait of a true alpha is emotional mastery underpinning contextual competence.

  14. How does an article by a man, for men, on a mens website for men only — turn into a place where females start posting about the importance of prescribing and medicating males for depression?
    They will do anything to supplicate us wont they?
    When words fail, turn to drugs.
    A thousand years ago men didnt need anti-depressants.
    And things were a fuck of a lot harder for men back then.
    Men sure as fuck dont need them now.
    But what we really dont need is females here — “dispensing” their advice.

    1. Amen. The modern Western world’s pressures to be effeminate and delicate have convinced us our anger and energy is unnatural and should be repressed. That we must consume medications and endless vacuous media to numb it entirely. Men aren’t depressed or anxious. We’re pushed to breaking-point and told to hold it all in, then medicated when we invariably fail at not being men. All because women want to play at being male and find real men threatening to that delusion.

    2. No when you fail, like you are doing, and talking like an ignorant bitch then I tried to help cause obviously some of this isn’t working for you guys. Well F you very much and will no longer post any advice. Stop being such a bitch.

      1. Sorry if you need a titty to suckle or some midol or even a tampon I’m not available. Waaaa :/

        1. I see you’re having a spontaneous crying spell so typical of your gender. Don’t worry as I called the wambulance and it should arrive shortly.

        2. Why are you engaging me? Obviously I can’t compete here since you have your site puppet to delete my comments when you get your skirt twisted. If we were face to face MY words would shred you up and make you cry :), I learned from the master. Face like an angel, forked tongue like the devil right? Lawl 😛

      2. Don’t get any illusions here. You all need real women on your side or the feminist trolls will win. Treat us like shit and you’ll loose and our way of life will disappear. Don’t be ignorant. I’m only trying to help others gain what I already enjoy in my family life.

    3. Most people both male and female don’t need medication. It is a sign of a weakened society at the command of large pharma.

  15. This is what I always preach. It can broken down to Alpha (assertive
    cool guy that runs the scene), Beta (the Nice Doormat…oops Guy), and
    the Gamma (aggressive, aka Asshole). This is exactly how it goes down.
    As for Alphas, just fake it until you make it. There is a whole field of
    psychology behind this called DBT, but it is universal and you pick this up faster in Eastern Europe than anywhere else.

  16. You didn’t include the category all of these boys are in on here –Omega asshole blanket boy. Nasty little defective creeps and buggers who are mad at the world because they can’t even get some fat skank for sex.They look like creeps and act like retards and then wonder why no female, not even fatty, wants to go near them.

  17. This reminds me of the ‘dicks, assholes, and pussies’ speech from ‘Team America’. Google it. It’s surprisingly accurate.

  18. To be honest this really just sounds like some kind of “Everyone but this guy is shit” argument with the writer obviously picturing himself as the one who isn’t shit.

  19. Good article, someone needed to articulate he slight difference between being an Alpha male and Alpha male wannabies that transform into something else i.e. assholes, trouble makers, loud mouths etc. The Alpha is confident when goes in for the kill, he’s just as confident when he smells disaster around the corner and leaves. He has control and reads social situations best.

  20. I’ve spent plenty of time around bars and I’ll tell there are really only two kinds of guys – Nice Guys and Assholes. The third one might as well be called the “unicorn” because I’ve never seen it’s existance.

  21. Can someone PLEASE explain the ’53 trips to the bathroom’?? I have devised several possible interpretations, but am positively bedeviled by trying to understand that in context.

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