4 Reasons Why Beta Males Persist In Human Populations

A recent theme here is how men are pressured to act unnaturally in today’s environment.  This causes a great deal of anguish among males. In my last post on why girls go for bad boys, I explained the phenomenon of why girls seem to prefer the alpha bad boy types over the much more stable, nicer beta males.  However, this leaves a very important unanswered question that was left in the comments section:

OK, just one question: if this is all true, why haven’t beta males been bred out of the population?

1. Social Conditioning

Feminists claim to be against traditional sex roles, but that only applies to women’s roles.  They still embrace the ideas of chivalry and men paying for a date, among other things.  Although chivalry is thankfully getting destroyed more and more each year it is still very alive and kicking in some people.  The MSM and many people from older generations still sell the idea that being a “good man” is the key to winning a girl’s heart.  Therefore most men are still beta because they have been lied to by the authority figures in their lives (TV and parents, in that order) for so long that they refuse to accept the facts after they have been thrown right in their face.

Chivalry winner

I’m sorry if the image above made anyone throw up.

2. Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have been very common around the world and across cultures in pre-industrial revolution times.  In all of these cultures the idea of gaming women would be useless.  If a man wanted to get a woman then appealing to a girl’s hypergamy would only result in getting killed by the girl’s father and other male relatives.

Father with shotgun

The men who were most successful were the ones who were most appealing to the father.  These were the beta males who could prove that they would be the best at taking care of the the father’s daughter and his grandchildren. So in cultures where there were arranged marriages the beta was king.  Men have adapted/evolved over thousands of years (hundreds of generations) to be appealing to the girl’s father not the girl herself.

Since these cultures rewarded virtuous behavior in males, betas would thrive and prosper more than if girls were free to choose their own mates and bad boy behavior was rewarded (like it is today).  Cultural survival of the fittest in action.

Over hundreds of iterative generations the alpha male, who was most likely extremely common in pre-civilizational hunter gatherer societies, was almost completely replaced by the blue collar worker beta male.

However, since female fertility was so precious to the continued survival of early civilization, society could not ban women who were attracted to the alpha male from reproducing.  Women who were attracted to bad boys were forced via arranged marriage to marry beta males.

3. Hard Times

Neglected alpha male children could not survive without a caring father in earlier times before welfare and society’s safety net.  An American woman living on a homestead in the western U. S. during the mid 1800s would not survive for long without a man to protect her and her children from wild animal attacks and to plow the fields so they would have food on their table.  Yes, a few women did it without a man, but it was rare.

Although they may have preferred a different type of man, it was simply not an option.  Screwing the alpha male bandit would have resulted in being shunned by society and dying alone.  If a man were given an option of death or marrying and staying with an HB6, most men would choose life.  So again, evolutionary pressures were put on men to become beta while women stayed biologically the same as they were in hunter gatherer society.

Man as workhorse

However, in today’s society this is no longer the case.  A woman who makes $8 an hour working as a barista at Starbucks can afford a small studio apartment with heating and A/C and never have to worry about animal attacks.  She can enjoy movies, music, and live a life that is much more luxurious than the most well-to-do 1800’s homesteader’s wife could even imagine.  Women hardly need a man anymore if they are single.  If they wish to have children they would prefer having a man around of course, but with the welfare state it is much easier to do without one than before.

welfare woman

4. Nosy Neighbors In Small Towns

Comments on my “Why Girls Go For Bad Boys” article also pointed out the problem of paternity fraud.  The fact is that about 10% of children are not born by the man the woman says is the father.  Readers claimed that because of this there is no way that evolution would favor the beta husbands because they were not the ones reproducing.

To be clear, all paternity fraud is bad and I am not diminishing the damage it caused by saying this, but 10% paternity fraud still leaves 90% of children being sired by the husband so the beta genes would still be favored.  We can not know what the rate of paternity fraud is prior to the development of paternity tests, but we do know that most people lived in small rural communities where it is nearly impossible to keep a secret.  Also the husband would often work on the fields just outside the house so the opportunities to have an affair were probably much lower than today when a husband is predictably gone from 9-5 every day.

The existence of some natural alpha males in today’s society shows that the above reasons were not good enough to completely replace alpha males with beta males.  However, they were enough to change the demographic of the typical man’s natural state toward beta when the right conditions were in place.

Undoubtedly our early history was very challenging times for the alpha male as he would often find himself at odds with the expectations of his neighbors.  He was forced to act against his natural impulses in order to find acceptance.  Now it is the time for the natural beta male to go against his natural instincts if he wishes to find a place in the changed modern world.  The current culture is unsustainable, but we are not going back to traditionalism and marriage so men need to be prepared to adapt to whatever is to come in the following decades.

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  1. Chivalry today… same girl asks guy if she can take his seat. He gentlemanly gives her his seat. She starts flirting with the guy beside her and ignores the guy who gave her the seat.

    1. I give up my seat if you
      1) Look north of 80
      2) Have a cane or walker
      3) look like you are in your 3rd trimester.

      1. With today’s obesity rates, you better make sure she is actually in her 3rd trimester first. Heh.

        1. I find it’s more comfortable to remain seated and leave a pregnant woman standing, than be stood up and have a fat woman sat down crying.

  2. Beta males don’t “persist” in human populations, they generate them!
    Beta males are the creators of technology, civilization and culture. Beta males are the reason you and I exist today, have food to eat, clothes on our backs, buildings to live in, have heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, and computers to blog on.
    Without beta males none of this, and none of us, would exist.

      1. Alpha males are insignificant. The make no real, beneficial contributions to humanity.

        1. To elaborate, alphas lead, while betas perform the jobs they are trained/conditioned/nurtured for.
          Leadership requires general, broad competence; functionary/technical specialisation is optional. The latter is what betas are for.
          I agree with you that betas are required for civilisation, but betas need alphas’ firm, guiding hands.
          The unfortunate corollary to this is that misguided alphas are, to a very large extent, responsible for the state of the world today.

        2. Except cause 80% of reproduction. Also, you’re confusing being alpha with being a dick. I wrote an article about this awhile back, but it hasn’t been published here yet.

        3. Beta males are the ones getting married, impregnating their wive and raising their children, NOT ALPHAS! Beta males comprise most of the males in any population, the alphas are outliers, so are the omegas who the complete loosers who don’t manage to ever get a girl.
          Beta males are the happy medium, the crucible, the cause.
          Beta males are pure existence itself.

        4. Alphas rarely attain positions of politicial leadership. Frankly the alapha was seen as the reckless stupid man. It was nott hat long ago that a 35 year old single man raised eye brows. I was just reading a book on nazi germany, people rumoured half of the nazi leadership was gay simply because they didn’t marry. People thought hitler, gobbels, etc were gay. Although Hitler was one of the rare alpha’s who obtained leadership those betas like churchill who bows down to a female queen had to take him out. This is no different than regular society where betas and bitches team up to bring down strong patriarchial alpha male run societies.
          We live in a country that won’t elect a single man to office, how can we really be run by alphas. Betasmake good scientist and soldiers because they just do what they are told.
          From what I see whenever a real alpha rises up the world turns against them, hitler, napolean, etc.

        5. Pat Buchanan’s recent book–Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War–casts Churchill as far more of an alpha than popular history records. Lloyd George and Churchill were largely responsible for WW1–Kaiser Wilhelm wanted an apology and got a war, instead–and Churchill played a major if not the leading role in instigating WW2–Hitler wanted the territories back that were expropriated by the Treaty of Versailles and he wanted to duke it out with Russia; if Churchill and England had given them the nod, it would have been Hitler v. Stalin. Point for this discussion being that the evidence does not support the assertion that Churchill was a dutiful beta.

        6. George Gilder’s Men and Marriage makes a different case: that through marriage women harness the energy of alphas to civilize the world. (I think most of us would also agree that it’s a two way street, Freud was also right in Civilization and Its Discontents when he asserted that men civilize women.) My parents are an example of this. Dad is an alpha, Mom civilized him, he grew up to be a Mechanical Engineer, led an organization on a historic and precedent setting court case, and unfortunately his alpha tendencies drove him to beat the alpha out of my brother and almost out of me. Point being that alphas can be tethered to the interests of civilization. Not that I disagree with the main points of Anton’s article. In this milieu it’s ridiculous to try and play along with the mainstream, though there are many women who are equally fed up with the cultural rot in our society, and I’m in love with more than a few of them.

        7. I think Churchill was pretty Alpha himself, just a misguided one.
          Britain just lost WW2 less than Germany, it lost its empire and have become a satellite state.

        8. Half the Nazi leadership was crypto Jewish. Hitler was a street prostitute before being “helped” to power. Never use Nazi Germany as an example of anything, lolz. Biggest psy-op in history, bigger than even what we’re dealing with today.

        9. Churchill is a piece of shit and sellout to humanity who enabled the slaughter of 100 million people.
          Anyone who considers him an “alpha” or someone praiseworthy is missing the point and needs to have their fucking head examined.
          Is Jacob Rothschild “alpha”?
          I’ll spell it out in allcaps for you retards: SATANISTS ARE NOT PEOPLE TO BE ADMIRED.

        10. “From what I see whenever a real alpha rises up the world turns against them, hitler, napolean, etc.”
          True, but the short time they have is one crazy wild ride and worth it.

    1. Not always true. Many alpha males were great innovators and thinkers. Steve Jobs was just one of them. Remember, alpha male does not equal sociopath/psychopath. At its core, it just means dominate male.

      1. that’s what he said. alphas are the big thinkers, betas are the DOERS. you need both of them, but you need a lot more doers than thinkers. hence betas will never be bred out of the populace, they are useful in their own way. not glorifying betadom, just saying not every man can be the pack leader.

      2. Steve Jobs was beta. Extremely smart, extremely savvy beta (and a bit of a a-hole as well), but beta nonetheless.

        1. Steve Jobs is a shitbucket who is responsible for singlehandedly bringing about the downfall of civilization. People with Apple products are all of the same hive mind that makes them think that having an iPhone, iPad, powermac, macbook, iPod, etc. Makes them a special and unique individual just like everyone else who has one of those products. It is quite disturbing how quickly society has changed since 2007. Everyone is a fucking Zombie with G.I. Joe action grip hands. Steve Jobs should never be celebrated. Instead we should all take a fucking shit on his grave and instagram that to the world. #youarebraindeadasshats

      1. Betas are the be all and end all of civilization. They are the creators, the stableizers, the wheel of life.
        Beta males are also the vast majority of our global male population.
        We are collaboraters with other beta males to create culture and civilization and all that is good and right and noble.
        Our enemy is the alpha, the destroyer. And the omega, the leech.

        1. No, Alphas are creators just as destroyers. Betas are the maintenance guys. Like house wives for household of society.

        2. Who is copying what? No one is “right” per say. Depends on your frame of understanding.

      2. Bred for masculinity, Mark Power’s ancestors were.
        In the old days, there was another word for “alphas”: “assholes”, and they were widely acknowledged to be the destroyers and inhibitors of civilization.

    2. i concur. dig far enough and i’m sure you will find that behind every invention or technological breakthrough, there was a beta man trying to impress a broad.

  3. “Arranged marriages have been very common around the world and across
    cultures in pre-industrial revolution times. In all of these cultures
    the idea of gaming women would be useless.”
    You have to game her parents.
    ” If a man wanted to get a
    woman then appealing to a girl’s hypergamy would only result in getting
    killed by the girl’s father and other male relatives.”
    You have to appeal to her parents’ hypergamy.

    1. If you think about it. the “beta” that gets the arrange marriage would be alpha since he actually gets to pass on his DNA, while the “alpha” will not and thus be omega.
      Women cant be trusted with picking their mates, since they go with feelings and not with logic. Today “alpha” is just someone that knows how to seduce insane…I mean western women. While the beta of the past actually gamed normal women or in todays case foreign women.
      Parents typical looked for men that were strong(not a pussy) had the means(can support family) and loyalty (to look after the woman and children). Which will explain why all cultures prize men for their strength(mental or physical), success and loyalty. These are characters of an alpha.
      I wouldn’t call the suitors beta since they were expected to be a head of their households and protect what they had. If he failed, it would be the end of his DNA legacy(someone could kill his offspring and mate). Every arrange marriage cultures rely on “honor” in order for the man to be strong and save face in the community. Every culture did this at 1 point. Control your home and family and kill those that oppose you or dishonors the family name.

        1. isnt hypergamy the practice of marrying up? like similar to the indian caste system? like only women can marry up and not men.
          well “game” is how you get a mate in a certain cultures. The game in eastern europe would be different then the anglo sphere. 1 rewards the nice “beta” provider while the other prefers the cocky buff “alpha”. Switch both of them into each others cultures and neither will thrive. Being ” alpha” is about being better then the rest of the peers isn it?
          let me get this straight
          Alpha: strong man(mental and physical) has “game” and successful..
          (2).though some circles say its just game and not successful(broke)
          beta: weak no game but successful
          omega:game and strong but broke……(2)most circles say hes got none of them
          zeta: has nothin. (this one is never used if definition 2 of alpha and omega is not used.
          correct me if im wrong

      1. “while the beta of the past actually gamed normal women or in today’s case foreign women.”
        Spot on my friend, you can actually be nice to foreign girls, that asshole aloof attitude you have to use in North America makes me sick (actually it doesn’t because girls here sucks) but it’s the only way to get into a girls pants. I approached women at bars with this western attitude and a lot of time girls gave me dirty looks and told me straight up to stop being such a dick. I remember walking around in Ukraine seeing guys carrying roses, it’s just custom there to bring a rose on a date etc… Do that in North America and the girls going to think your a fucking weirdo

        1. QUOTE: “you can actually be nice to foreign girls, that asshole aloof attitude you have to use in North America makes me sick (actually it doesn’t because girls here sucks) but it’s the only way to get into a girls pants. I approached women at bars with this western attitude and a lot of time girls gave me dirty looks and told me straight up to stop being such a dick.”
          You obviously have never been to Ukraine, so kindly stop pretending.

  4. What about a simple Hawk-Dove equilibrium? Hawks fights over resources, doves give don’t fight. If there’s only doves in the population, it’s better to be an hawk and get a lot of free resources from the fearful doves. If there’s only hawks in the population, it’s better to a dove to avoid constant costly conflicts with violent hawks. So there is a so-called evolutionary stable strategy with both hawks and doves in the population – both alphas and betas. In a state of nature there’s no way everybody can be alpha, so it’s better for most to betas who are not too eager to become the most dominant male.

    1. Hawks kill Doves. The first part makes sense, If there are a lot of doves, be a hawk. If there are a lot of hawks, a lot of them have to die for doves to ever populate again, given that hawks will eat doves before they eat themselves.
      That being said, I would rather be a dove in a world of only doves than a hawk in a world of only hawks but given that both exist in the world, its logical to be a hawk.
      In a way, its like game theory. Two doves are the max payout of cooperation. Two hawks are where they screw each other and both are in prison. Just some food for thought or summary, hawks are better than doves but a world of only doves is best than any combination of doves and hawks.

  5. There has got to be negative consequences from arranged marriages on the fitness of their offspring. The attraction is not a natural one but a fabricated one. I assume it produces unfavorable DNA. Attraction is supposed to be a raw animalistic one and not an “arranged” one. It used to be common in third world countries for men to steal the women from their parents. These are the Alphas.

    1. well chances are the “alpha” will die trying since either the father or her male relatives(brothers uncles nephews and numerous cousins) would kill him, Its basically a gang mentality for every family.From european barabrians and African soldiers to warriors in asia(samurais rajputs etc) they all practiced arranged marriages.
      If a wild “alpha” goes around fighting raping and killing everyone, the group will gang up on him and kill him. Even the revered berserk-er in viking society was not someone that fathers would give their daughters to. If the alpha has no discipline and behaves like an anti social , he would be eliminated.

    2. I live in a country with a history of both arranged marriages and bride kidnapping. It’s slightly more complicated than that with regard to parental selection.
      Parents are generally discerning. Parents with daughters of quality choose leaders of men (alphas) as their son-in-laws, if arranged marriage were the norm. Such arrangements usually work, as alphas make women wet.
      If bride kidnapping were the norm, alphas are again selected. As they, being the leaders of men they are, have the manpower resources to carry out their plans. (And there are a significant number of historical examples where parents just happened to be absent when the alpha kidnapper arrives.) Again, such arrangements usually work, because of female erotic plasticity and because alphas make women wet.
      Of course, parents with daughter of low quality do not have much to bargain with.

      1. @dr_corvinus:disqus
        well fertitlty rates are about the same with india and middle east depending wich you compare. Like Iran,lebanon and Tunisa are currently below replacement value like western nations.
        COusin marrage in INdia is more common with south indians, but not so much with northerners. But in Punjab its unacceptable for siblings to marry partners from the same village.
        Actually afrcians still do arrange marriages to this day but, europeans ended arrange marriage about 200yrs ago. This “love marrage” or co habiting were done by the lower or ghetto classes typically. The wealthy upper classes were more likely to do arrange marriages, similar to old royalty.
        Im guessing you are of central asian orgin.SInce bride napping tradition came from that region.
        Well parents picking alphas is universal but the bride kidnapping tradition was only able to thrive in only nomadic cultures were its a gang of men away from “civilization” to control them. If they werent nomads and lived in an empire they would be killed by someone in the community.

        1. “COusin marrage in INdia is more common with south indians, but not so much with northerners.”
          Cousin marriage is NOT “common” amongst South Indians. It only happens amongst *some* Muslims in India, NOT amongst Hindus, Jains, Sikhs or Buddhists.
          I don’t know about Indian Christians.
          “But in Punjab its unacceptable for siblings to marry partners from the same village.”
          Which village in Punjab does this? You may be thinking about same gotra here, not village. Citation please.

        2. The same leadership abilities provide them with the skills and resources to get what they want if they were to live in civilised lands.

    3. Indeed. One major problem in Muslim countries is that arranged marriages usually involve a father marrying his son to his brother’s daughter. Result? Inbreeding and lowered IQ.
      I think the related phenomenon of frustrated Indian males results from their coming from a culture where they’re expected to marry a cousin, but with lower birth rates and son preference, it isn’t happening any more, and there’s a lot of beta rage in there.

      1. India and Nepal which are both predominantly Hindu, and Sri Lanka which is predominantly Buddhist and Hindu, have a very high rate of arranged marriage and they do not marry their cousins.

    4. “There has got to be negative consequences from arranged marriages on the fitness of their offspring.”
      Such as? As long as they are not related, (which normally only happens in Muslim cultures that allow marriage between first cousins anyway), what could possibly be a negative fitness consequence on offspring of arranged marriage parents?

      1. I don’t have the link in hand but there is research stating that attraction is largely determined by genetic compability. We can literally sniff out compatible mates, which is determined by our major histocompatibility complex (MHC).

        1. There’s a huge assumption that couples who were arranged never experience genuine attraction for each other. Why this assumption? Attraction can be generated in a variety of ways outside of a skeezy American nightclub, and if you know any arranged marriage couples you will know that many of them share great passion for each other.
          I’ll assume their attraction is stronger and longer lasting than the 2 hour attraction that results from pick-up.

    5. conception has squat to do with how attracted the future parents were to each other. it’s a biological process. the fitness of the future offspring is dictated twice by pure chance: first – the random combinations of the parents’ genes; second – random occurences in the offspring’s life(disease, famine, debilitating accidents etc).

  6. Hopefully there will be another world war soon. That should reduce the beta male population by at least 500 million.
    Really, these beta males are the “useless eaters” that Henry Kissinger was referring to. The next world war will probably involve the western countries, India and Pakistan, and China as well as Russia.

    1. Bull. Betas are the builders of civliization and the pillars that keep it standing. The “useless eaters” are the so called “alphas” who try to scam and ponzi scheme their way through life, leeching off of the good graces of stable, hardworking betas. If WW3 can off those guys, bring it on!

      1. On the contrary, the alphas are the builders, they made the great civilizations and empires.
        When epsilons are in charge, these civilizations and empires either crumble or become stagnant and crumble later on.
        They elect and re-elected sociopathic snake oilmen, believing in hope and change as they do so.
        Even when those snake oilmen leaves their own people to be raped and murdered, the good eplsilons won´t even take notice, despite their future being at stake.

      1. We do have nuclear war heads and mean satellites now. Could very well be 6billion lol.

    2. There is nothing wrong with the beta male population. And not every man wants to be a leader. The problem is 1). Our society replaced them with gov’t; 2). With Blue Pillers feed betas lies; 3). Feminism gave women their jobs through affirmative-action, rendering betas redundant and “unsexy.” Every society needs beta males, but our society engineered ours into redundancy — that’s the problem and that’s what’s made a lot of men angry. As someone said on here, betas are the builders. When there’s no one building things, society crumbles.

    3. “The next world war will probably involve the western countries, India and Pakistan, and China as well as Russia.”
      Gee, you think so?

    4. How are they useless eaters? They are probably responsible for most of the production in our economies and also the upkeep of our infrastructure. I would say that Henry Kissinger is a useless eater. What has he contributed to anything?

  7. I wonder what society is going to do now that the very things that kept beta males compliant (stable job,nice house, loving wife, kids that are his, etc.) in the past are now taken away from him, harder to get now, or are heavily corrupted beyond recognition?

    1. Dude this society is going to go to hell. Beta will get angry, make gangs and rob and rape women all over the place. the gov security force will not be able to contain hordes of beta rampage and an alpha will step in and be gang leaders.
      Its gonna be Somalia street gang society kinda shit.

        1. No you don’t. Truth is, few people are really cut out for such a world and those who aren’t are either cut to pieces or enslaved.
          To say nothing of those who are simply too old or too sickly to endure such a terrible nightmare should it ever come true.
          And if you find yourself too old, sickly, and weak when the shit hits the fan, you better have a powerful pack of young, healthy, (and brutally violent men and women) ready to provide, protect, and to die for you because you don’t, you will be CULLED WITHOUT MERCY.
          So, unless you are truly as invincible and immortal as you think you are, you DON’T want such Hell to break loose. Pray it doesn’t happen within your lifetime or the lifetime of your children.

  8. Alpha is the state of having options. David Beckham is no less alpha because he married a spice girl and had kids. The guy could chain pull Hard 10s all night long if he chose.

    1. i dunno, man. if you could pull any day of the week, why condemn yourself to one-itis? doesn’t seem that rational, so i suspect the dark powers of female manipulation had something to do with it. my 2c.

      1. There are other considerations I suppose. I posit that people who have fame and power will marry between themselves to leverage that into something even more powerful. I’d say that both Beckham and Posh enjoy more popularity as a couple than either one of them would have on their own. Think about that, it’s the stuff of fairy tales – beautiful (debatable in this case maybe) princess marries hero. It just adds to the mystique. And in show biz, mystique and popularity = money.

      2. Posh and Beckham have what most celebrity couples have: “an understanding”. That is an open marriage. They can both see other people as long as their family unit is put first and foremost.
        Not only do celebrities do this, open marriage is going more mainstream every day amongst the common populace in Western countries.
        Poly is the new mono.

      3. Your comment only make sense if you believe that life has no meaning except pleasure.
        It is not beta to want or provide for heirs. It is beta to provide for somebody else’s heirs.

  9. I’m gonna call bullshit on a good bit of this. The “chivalry” example in this article is absolutely an example of beta male behavior, but I would shy away from calling chivalry behavior of beta males. The idea of chivalry is that the man understands that he is stronger and more capable than the female, and can do nice things, like hold out a chair for a woman because of this.
    This site is filled with pseudo-alphas who’ve swallowed the “Red Pill” just like they follow others into any beta activity. An alpha male doesn’t give two shits about an idea perpetuated by an extremist group whether it’s feminists or red pill enthusiasts.
    If you really think you’re being freed by the “Red Pill”, reconsider the strict rules and ideas that you’re also accepting– following.
    My advice is to take everything written on this site with a grain of salt. If you’re assertive and confident around women it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re chivalrous. Letting chivalry die is admitting that they’re as capable as any man, and I don’t think any of us actually believe that here.

    1. “Letting chivalry die is admitting that they’re as capable as any man”
      or it’s a way of letting bitches figure out on their own that without a man’s protection, they can’t get much done. sort of like letting the child touch the hot plate cause it didn’t want to listen to your warnings.

    2. I don’t think women are as capable as men, but what’s the point of chivalry anyway? Why should I go out of my way to do favors for women and pay for their drinks for example, when they are able to make their own money, maybe even more than me?
      Chivalry may have made sense when women were treated more like children who needed male leadership. But now they are free to make stupid decisions and think they are actually equal. So let them. Treat them as equals and laugh at their shenanigans. Be amused by their hypocrisy (“I’m equal to men in every way, but as a woman I’m entitled to special treatment you know!”).
      And one last thing: Chivalry was not all about women. It was about honor, pride and respect for fellow men. But of course women only care about the part that’s about them.

    3. Red Pill is just seeing through the bullshit. Nothing more. Is there a rule list? I must have missed that one.
      Here is the info… take it or leave it… Apologies for the cognitive dissonance this site may be causing you.

    4. Simple to tell the difference between an alpha and a pseudo-alpha.
      Pseudo-alpha will think highly of a man having many relations and much less of a woman having many relations.
      She is less valuable, for what? Well, for marriage…
      Alpha does not care, if presented with a woman who had many relations and one who has not, he will pick both!

  10. I just came across this comment by a ridiculous woman on some feminist sex site. I wonder if Latin men are really this beta in the bedroom? Is this what they mean by “latin lover”? A whipped guy?!
    “Okay most of the “Hispanic” men I’ve dated, okay, no, all of them, all
    three of them lol, were born in the US, and two of them were only half,
    but STILL.
    In general:
    -They last longer.
    -They take time with foreplay even if it isn’t necessary. They don’t rush things.
    -They’ll tease you. They’ll keep you on the edge of orgasm and deny you
    sex until you go brain dead. If a girl were to strip naked and lie down
    on an American guy’s bed he’d immediately jump on top and hump away like
    a little dog. If a girl were to do that to a Hispanic guy, he’d ignore
    her or tease her or do something to build it up even more.
    -They worship your body. They’ll kiss you everywhere, touch you
    everywhere, massage you. An American man would probably just grab your
    boobs and squeeze at them like a desperate loser.
    -They get off on the woman getting off. But they aren’t afraid to take
    initiative in bed though. Instead of asking,”Do you like this?” or
    laying there and asking you to do things, it’s a mutual act. If they see
    you’re enjoying something, and they enjoy it too, they do it. They
    don’t need to verbalize everything. They know if you like it or not. And
    you probably will.
    -They stay hard after they cum. Though two of the three guys I’ve dated
    said that was anomaly, and that was me, but I didn’t believe them.”

  11. What this shows that the alpha/beta dichotomy is a limited paradigm. Times are always are changing, swaying in one direction and then swaying back and what a real man must develop is the knowledge of his time and flexibility to adopt, to know when to be alpha and to know when to be beta, with potential to be both. Many of those who ridicule beta and praise alpha may end up badly adapted in future just like today those divorce-raped grandfathers who value beta and shun alpha are today.

    1. The alpha/beta paradigm is often defined completely incorrectly. It is fluid, and the guys who can put on the “alpha act” in a bar tend to be beta. Also, you can shift from one to the other; you’re not confined to one at all.

  12. Beta males persist in the population for one simple reason: All men cannot be alphas. If they were, then by definition, the lessor alpha males would be betas.
    Moreover, evolution has made things this way for a reason. Someone needs to provide for and raise the children of alpha males.
    Unfortunately, feminists have figured out how to use beta males to get what they want out of alpha males through contemporary politics. Of course, women want the sperm and thus children of alpha males; even feminists want that. But they also want the resources of alpha males. With the cooperation of the betas, they vote in politicians who take from alphas and give to women.
    There is nothing really in that equation for the betas. But, then, evolution never meant for there to be anything in it for the betas. They are simply worker men with a singular purpose: provide for and raise the children of the alphas.
    You can see this phenomenon in almost all mammal species that have any sort of social structure. E.g., not solitary mammals, like bears. But in wolves, lions, etc.

  13. The closest equivalent would be chimps in terms of alpha/beta comparison. Read Chimpanzee Politics. The politics and sexual relations of chimpanzees is remarkable similar to humans. The important thing to note is that the Alpha chimp simply cannot go about beating up every beta chimp and raping every female chimp in the community because if he tries, he’ll be torn to pieces by a coalition of beta chimps. And ironically, the alpha chimp doesn’t necessary get to fuck all the time because he’s got to spend a lot of his time and energy to maintain his position at the top. Humans are quite similar as well. However feminism seems to be a unique trait (mutation?) amongst humans. Perhaps it’s the bonobos side where their society is matriarchal that’s manifesting in humans.
    Sigh…I do wish at times that humans could be like bonobos where the females give out sex freely to all the males and there’s no jealously or aggressive grabs for power but its obvious wishful thinking on my part.

  14. Fascinating hypothesis. I tried to find flaw with it but it’s really flawless. Your speculations on what might be next would make a good article. Great work!

  15. You’re making too much of this alpha/beta nonsense. At the bottom are the misfits.These are the types who have a lot of personality defects or no personality at all. They may even have physical and mental defects. They are the losers of the world whether it’s through their own fault or not. We need not concern ourselves with them. But with everyone else it’s just a matter of varying degrees. There may be men at the top but there isn’t just a sharp dividing line between him and the guy slightly below him and so on down the line etc. Their positions can change under different circumstances.No, an alpha rated a 10 is not going to be beaten by a 5, but a lot in the 8-9 category can beat him many times.But in general the 10 has a lot more consistancy. A lot of good amateur golfers can beat Tiger Woods on occasion but as a pro he’s more consistant and will beat them 95% of the time.
    Another thing, from studies with chimps the leader isn’t always the strongest but it appears that he’s the best diplomat who knows how to keep the others happy and he remains in charge.Strength alone means nothing because 2-3 of the slightly weaker chimps could easily get together and just kill a bully or who hogs the food and females.

  16. I’m quite content being a Beta who just doesn’t give a shit, or is that a Sigma? Fuck who cares.

  17. This is such a load of nonsense. Aplha males (if there is such a thing) are the ones who have always dominated society. The best way to dominate society is to have a large family so that you can place them in positions of power in order to increase your domination.
    Look at Saddam Hussain. Nobody forced him to do anything. He was a hard ass from day one. Saddam’s hegemony and dominance over Iraqi society was secured by placing both his sons and extended family members in positions of power.
    The BETA males are the ones running around trying to put their d*ck in anything and everything. BETA males are the insecure males who have neither the confidence or mental faculties it takes to create large successful families. The BETA males are the ones who base their self-worth on their ability to bed skanky, dead-beat BETA females.
    I am in business and the men I look up to are successful business men. Something I have noticed as almost common place amongst the billionaires of this world is that a large proportion of them have large families that were born of the same women.

    1. What about old money? Generations of men were born into money, extremely disconnected from the real work and power that made it so. Hence current state of shitty affairs, we have entitled limp wrist faggots running the show.

      1. Well by virtue of the fact that they are from “old money” means that it was not them that gave them their status – rather their successful ancestors.
        Personally I take the Alpha/Beta males theory with a pinch of salt. It’s not completest invalid as a theory but is still only a theory.
        Take the Rothschild banking family for example. The patriarch of that family was able to dominate the financial system of Western Europe by deploying his sons to various European countries. Strong family and loyalty to family eventually enabled the Rothschild to surpass the wealth and power of all the major European monarchs.
        But ask yourself this? Where does the need to dominate come from? A deep sense of insecurity perhaps?
        Find happiness and contentedness in life in the form that suites you best. Be a billionaire or build yourself a shack on a beach and fish to survive. Doing what you love and what makes you happy makes you Alpha as f*ck in my humble opinion.

        1. I’m not one to stick on the Alpha/Beta paradigm unless trying to make a comparison. The connotations are too broad.
          How I see it in a simple way:
          Alpha – Becoming the best MAN you are capable of becoming. Not only being adept at but furthering and constantly challenging your mental and physical boundaries. Mastering the internal and managing the external with ease.
          Beta – A man that has stopped pushing the boundaries. Has either stopped or is imbalanced in growth. Needs verification and direction. Very little is “their” fault in their own eyes.
          —-Example dialog
          Beta – I wish I could win the lottery. I have to get a career, after I get that I’m done growing. Yes dear, you’re right dear, what ever you say dear. She is my heart and soul, she validates my existence. I’ll fall in line just do as expected until the casket is lowered… It’s easier that way.
          Alpha – I’m going to make millions and look here are the plans to get it. Who in their right mind wants a fucking career? Look bitch, you need to calm that shit down and use your head. Who cares this cunning bitch is in tears begging for attention, she spares no one else mercy. There’s 100’s just like her and 1,000’s better, no sweat off my nuts. I’d rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.

        2. Ha ha, now this is a point of view I like 🙂
          You reminded me of this fat slob that was part of a house share I lived in once. When I moved in she proclaimed that she handled all bill payment and I must give her X amount each month to pay them. I was fine with that but told her that I needed to see the bills that made up what I was paying. Months went by without a single bill been shown. This fat KFC hogging slob tried every trick in the book to try and shame me in to paying without seeing the bills. She purposely did it in front of everyone saying things like “what kind of grown man can’t pay his bills”. I didn’t care who she tried to shame me in front of I just held firm. The one night I argued it out in front of everyone in the house and she just burst in to tears with some sob story about how busy and hectic her life was. I can’t remember what I said in reaction to her tears but it was something like “once you have pulled yourself together and had a good cry you can get on to getting the copy bills”. Man-O-Man the look of scorn I got when she realised her little act wasn’t going to get her anywhere. I just sat there thinking “yeah you idiot, because it works with Daddy doesn’t mean it works with me. Anyway she only ever came up with about a 3rd of the bills and that is all I paid her for. I made a profit and she got short changed because she was expecting me to accept her lack of responsibility.
          Anyway, as they say, your eyes are on the front of your head for a reason. You are a hunter. Decide on what you want to eat, seek out your prey and hunt.
          Women are bottom feeders. They can have all the social engineering they want they will never change nature. The clever ones will stand back and let the men hunt, the rest are just a bunch of sheep blindly running towards a cliff.
          “Alpha” males love women, they understand their worth and they understand what they are worth to women. Beta males don’t even under themselves.
          I tip my hat to you good sir.

    1. Germany is also anti-male biased and it’s a feminazi CUNTRY so it comes as no surprise they would lie and put the amount to 1%.

    2. Actually it is much higher……in the UK in the 60s it was recorded at 25% when blood testing for children first came in.
      Every eastern european woman I have discussed this topic with says that women cheat more than men and that women have no problem cuckolding men….I would put the number much closer to 25% than 1%.
      If women were honest they would have no concern with DNA testing at birth.

      1. Actually it is much higher……in the UK in the 60s it was recorded at 25% when blood testing for children first came in.
        That’s really hard to believe. I’d love to see the actual studies.

        1. “I’d love to see the actual studies.”
          It is called Google…there were a few articles about it that I found about 5.5 years ago…who knows if they have been wiped from the internet memory.

  18. The problem with this view is that it assumes all alpha men are no-good criminals, miscreants, unfaithful, disloyal, and never marry or settle down. Being alpha is about being in charge and being recognized as a strong, focused, and self-made man by your peers. Does having children and sticking around to raise them make you not an alpha male? In a wolf pack, that alpha male is still part of the group – he is just the one who sires all the pups and gets to eat first because his peers recognize him as the leader. The omegas are the ones who go alone and never stick with a family.
    Hmmmmm food for thought.

  19. “Beta” males persist because society needs them and because, until recently, Western society has actively cultivated them. The “problem” with our present society is not that it requires men to act unnaturally. The “problem” with our society (at least the “problem” that men on this blog bitch incessantly about) is that it has removed so many of the unnatural bars on social behavior that placed “alpha” and “beta” men on a semblance of common ground when it came to women, while continuing to shame natural behavior. The decline of chivalry is meaningless to an “alpha,” who by definition has natural social chops. But it is incredibly harmful to a “beta,” who is socially clueless and inept absent societal rules he can follow to do the “right” thing in a given social situation. In a social jungle, the “alpha” is perfectly comfortable. The “beta” is lost.
    It is not natural for every man to settle down with one woman and have 2.5 kids. That is purely a societal construct. It is natural for the most dominant males (whether “alphas” or “betas” who have obtained power) to gather up all the best females for themselves and leave the dregs for the rest. Our society actually permits the latter to happen quite openly now, while continuing to (gently) shame it. “Alphas” take advantage of their licentious society; “betas” are lost, confused, buy into the shaming and wring their hands for the good ol’ days when they could have married their high school sweetheart. Sure, it’s still more likely than not that she’d have given the milkman a tumble every now and then, but at least she wouldn’t have been BLATANT about it.

    1. Men should be curb stomping every infant that comes within a 3ft radius of them. Not spawning more of the little shits.
      Fuck babies. Fuck women who want them. Fuck all men who think there is nobility in fatherhood or loving their babies/children. That is the gayest most beta bullshit ever.
      All babies should be thrown in the incinerator!
      We have Fat-Shaming week. I call for Curb Stomp A Random Baby Week. Please get on that Roosh.

  20. It doesn’t really need all this explaining. Human males have two mating strategies they can pursue and females respond to both in varying degrees. Both strategies are, on average, about as equally successful. This was probably as true in cavemen days as it is now. As I heard an evolutionary psychologist put it, humans are neither a tournament species nor a pair-bonding species but something in between, a little of both.

    1. True. It wouldn’t make sense for humans to be purely in competition with each other. A lot of people make social and economic arrangements based on mutual benefits.

  21. Those good men who married back in the day were not beta. They fought so courageously for their countries and never shirked from their duties. What a joke it is for you to call them beta, like it’s some kind of achievement to be an ass towards women. The number one reason for why there are still “beta” men around is because women weren’t as silly and superficial back then, and they could recognise value when they saw it.

    1. There is indeed an argument to be made that a 1940s “beta” would be alpha by today’s standards, and be utterly appalled at today’s betas.

      1. How does one determine who is an alpha male?
        If it’s based on the opinions of women, I certainly don’t find any of you attractive, but you seem to have no problem calling yourselves alphas.
        If it’s based on deeds, those guys built modernity from nothing.
        If it’s based on the opinion of other men – I can’t really speak for men so it’s up to other men to decide. Most people consider these men to be heroes though.

        1. “I can’t really speak for men so it’s up to other men to decide.”
          A Brownie point for you.
          “Most people consider these men to be heroes though.”
          Roland was a hero. He died covering his alpha’s backside.

        1. The Shepherd is the alpha.
          The wolf is vermin to be exterminated, no matter how alpha he might be within the social hierarchy of his own pack.

        2. LMAO! Every man would rather be the wolf. What does the shepherd get for protecting the sheep. Sheep shit. The wolf eats….who’s the alpha again?

    2. You’re insulting beta men. We are the builders and pillars of civilization. NOT the alpha assholes who care not for other men, nor civilization itself.

      1. No I’m not. You’re the one doing it by calling them beta, like they’re one step down from the guys spend all their time living the life of a volunteer gigolo. I know “beta” men are the builders of civilization. That’s why I only date “beta” men. I don’t count feminist guys as “betas” though – they’re not even men, they’re just trash.

    3. Those men were betas and they were suckers…..the wars were contrived by the Illuminati and the “dutiful” betas went off and got themselves kills or maimed for bankers wars.
      Now I respect them for doing it…they did not know they were being suckered in…and women were the primarily responsible for the wars by forcing their beta men to go and fight through shaming tactics….but the men themselves were betas for the most part because all men are betas for the most part. Only 10% or less of men are alphas.

      1. The wars of the last 400-500 years are all crimes against men of the West. Do you know who the Illuminati is? Think of the one group that you can’t replace the word Illuminati with and get away with it, and you’ll have your answer. Also, it’s easy to be blasé about war when the enemy is long gone, and your loved ones and your motherland aren’t in danger. Is it Alpha to allow intruders into your motherland and do what they will with your loved ones? Because that’s what they thought would happen if they didn’t fight. They may not have known that it was all a trick, but I commend them for trying to save everybody anyways.

      2. yup while the alpha politicians, bankers, businessmen stayed home and fucked the wives of the betas sent to die

    4. True, what exist today cannot accurately called betas.
      These females that are asses toward males? Well, those males should not be nice toward them.
      Consideration ought to be mutual, simple as that.

  22. I would add a few other reasons:
    5) Beta Control of Resources
    In societies where beta males have a high degree of control of resources (think free land-owning farmers or artisans), females are motivated to form a sex cartel to restrict access to sex in return for beta resources. The beta males punish female infidelity with alpha males by withholding necessary resources. Beta males also restrict the sexual freedom of alpha males with social, religious, and legal means, such as prohibiting polygamy. This combination of economic and social power allows the beta males to neutralize much the advantage of alpha males in terms of access to fertile females.
    6) Slut Shaming
    This is how females maintain their sex cartel. Rogue females who break the cartel to mate with alpha males jeopardize the cartel and are shamed or ostracized by the female pack, who want to maintain their bargaining leverage for beta male resources. This works to the reproductive advantage of beta males by repressing feral female sexual instincts.
    7) Social Validation
    The carrot to the slut-shaming stick, social validation rewards females who can secure access to beta male resources through the commitment of marriage. The married woman is a fully vested member of the cartel, but the beta male benefits by gaining access to her reproductive resources.
    8) Variation of Female Mating Strategies
    Females also have their equivalents of “alpha” and “beta” mating strategies – the high risk / high reward of pursuing the alpha male, or the low risk / low reward of securing committed resources from a beta male. The more risk averse members of the female population will choose the later strategy.

  23. If a woman ask for your seat ask if you can touch her pussy, whatever her answer is yours should be the same.

  24. Why is this even a 116 comment long thread. The answer is simple.
    Social constructs used to suppress hypergamy. Sex outside of marriage was social shunned. Women were placed in the shackles of marriage at an early age. Exiting those shackles was almost impossible in a legal and societal sense. If a woman was able to even get the taste of Alpha it was probably her first (or at most second) time to the well. Women were instructed by society to seduce and marry the first acceptable man that came along. The decade long sampling of men that women now enjoy simply did not exist. Hypergamy was not a factor until maybe the 1970’s or so.
    Alpha males comprise about 30% of society. Of those about 15% are on the elite/leadership/productive class and the other 15% are on the other end in that they are sociopaths, criminals, hucksters, etc.
    In the middle is most of the population, about 70% some form of beta. Alphas are naturally attracted toward non-reproduction. They either have careers, businesses, campaigns or other things that take precedent. The idea of having a wife and kids is an afterthought. The other class of Alphas are too busy dying young, citing in prison, or plotting the next great caper. Obviously, they could care less about a wife and kids either.
    Betas are the class that are attracted to forming a union with one woman and creating progeny. That is the bread and butter of society. The reason why humans persist.
    The formula used to work quite well until it got all fucked up. With hypergamy released from its legal/societal cage Betas are watching porn and bonking the purple headed warrior while Alphas are cleaning up five nights a week. While women spend their reproductive years seeking an Alpha (who won’t commit to children or the shackles of marriage) Betas get frustrated and distract themselves with video games.
    By the time women are reaching the ends of their child bearing years and have a hormonal urge to reproduce they have to settle for the best Beta chump they can find. A 30 something woman may be good for one or two kids, but probably no more. That is not a level that produces a sustainable society.
    Throw in “no fault” divorce and now you have another class of bitter Betas who are poor and strapped with unreasonable child support and alimony liabilities. And you also have a class of single mom’s who are completely unable to raise their children.
    Then, the next generation is that of disaffected youth that shun the idea of marriage (and think the purpose is to marry someone you love instead of for reproductive reasons, aka gay marriage). Youth today say why bother getting married if I will just get divorced in eight years and never see my kids. Not unreasonable thinking.
    So now you have a system that is completely fucked up. Men don’t want to marry because of the liability. Women don’t wan to marry because they spend their time seeking Alpha cock. There is no reproduction going on that will sustain population levels. You see where the long game is going.
    Look at Russia or Japan. They are in the end stages of civilization distinction. If I live to be an old man there might not be such a thing as a Russian or Japanese person.
    Right now things are great for an Alpha or someone that can mimic Alpha behavior. But, there is an expiry stamp on that type of social dynamic. And that is coming soon. If you are an Alpha work the bars every night and enjoy it while it last. If you are a beta, you better learn to adopt Alpha behaviors or your goose is cooked.
    Women are not going to give up their “freedom” until they have to rely up men to protect them. Once the state of nature descends women will be in for a big surprise. No one cares about your sexual harassment complaint anymore. The guy with a lot of guns, ammo, and other guys makes the rules. You either get behind him or good luck. Best line ever from the Waling Dead “All the men will be dead and the women will wish they were.”
    Enjoy your “freedom” while it last ladies because the end is coming. Your cute dresses, designer handbags, and high heels won’t matter anymore. Feminism will evaporate in 2.1 seconds and I hope that no self respecting man will give quarter or respite to any women’s study major or professor. That is the most they deserve from a society they wrecked.

  25. RSD Tyler has a concept he calls “Brain & Lane” which I think is relevant to this.
    Skip to about 29 mins in…

  26. The number one reason beta males persist in human populations is that, unlike other members of Earth’s animal kingdom, humankind was genetically engineered to be an advanced species, and then psychologically molded for civilization through the introduction of religion – brought to you by the same beings that created us by combining e.t. and primate dna.

  27. Plus, being a alpha was very dangerous. In tribal days, you couldn’t be alpha unless you were leading all those bandit raids and charges in the battlefield.

  28. I don’t think all women prefer Alpha men. Alpha females like Beta men. They want a guy who is more agreeable and is willing to go along with her ideas. They might also want a guy to keep house so they don’t have to do it themselves. Alpha men won’t do that. They expect the woman to. But they can get Beta men to keep house.

  29. Apparently you can’t be alpha and stable/nice (the real alpha), only alpha and douchebag. Being a douchebag has nothing to do with being an alpha, learn what you’re writing about next time.

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