How Contraceptives Distort Gender Relations

Men are genetically programmed to be drug addicts.  Women are the drug and the dealers all in one. Men are rigged to obsessively desire sex for a reason—to compel them to seek the holy grail of genetic immortality before all else.  However, nature didn’t account for modern contraceptives. Obviously, many men are happy to “cheat” nature while still enjoying the neurochemical fix, yet most never stop to consider the price they must pay.

There used to be a more reasonable balance of power.  Before the pill and condoms, a woman generally had to put the possibility of pregnancy on the bargaining table when she had sex. Now she still charges a heavy price for sex, making multiple men compete for her, yet no longer puts any sacrifice of her own on the table in return for their frantic ladder climbing and risk-taking.  These men get only the illusion of fulfilling their primal objective while she still gets real status, attention, and resources.

When women give up nothing while gaining much in return, we necessarily see a huge trade imbalance that grows with each lopsided transaction.  To some extent, “feminism” is a manifestation of this great trade imbalance.  A relatively wealthy society that also provides women with the means to extract increasingly more resources ends up with a predictable result.  Whether in the US, Sweden, China, Iran, or even the Roman Empire, we see the same social dynamics begin to emerge when the conditions are right.

A woman who does not need to account for conception has hit the jackpot.  She can keep plying the same trick over and over.  Imagine having a magic dollar bill you can endlessly use in a vending machine. She no longer ends up losing her powers for 9 months at a time and no longer has to devote her energies to raising offspring instead of playing the game.  Above all, that first courtship phase of life that once lasted a few short years now endures for more than a decade.  Not only can she collect tribute from multiple suitors without having to give up her womb to any of them, she has much more time to exploit what once would have been a passing phase.
Those ripe child-bearing hips and expectant breasts remain ever-vestal, a false promise that keeps those hordes of men panting and clambering to have her. She can get endless adulation and unlimited free lunches until aging finally begins to erode her assets.

Is it any wonder now it always seems to be the foolish and homely women who get pregnant in high school and keep having more? Predictably those least able to strategize or with the least leverage to lose are those who cash in early. Is it any wonder that women now lose status when they get pregnant?  They’re surrendering their power by actually delivering the product they advertise!   In one quick glimpse we can see how our mass culture looks down on perpetually pregnant trailer park moms yet worships barren celebrities fighting a futile fight against time.

Unsurprisingly, it’s more likely the good-looking or smart career woman who waits until her 30s before trying to get pregnant. The enormous power she experiences intoxicates her so she waits and waits to cash in her ever-growing pile of chips until she finds herself suddenly on the verge of losing everything.  Like any gambling addict, the greater her winnings the more she’s compelled to keep playing. She simply pursues behavior that got generations of her ancestors knocked up by high status men, yet the same protocol becomes a dysfunctional downward spiral in the presence of birth control.

It makes me very curious about the impact this might have on the gene pool.  I see it favoring outliers in an almost male-like way.  Both women on the lower end of the bell-curve and a few mutants on the opposite end of the bell who are able to think critically about what matters most and avoid falling in with the main herd. By the same token, we can predict that women will be heavily selected for affinity for fundamentalist creeds such as Mormonism, Evangelicism, and Islam that encourage above replacement fertility in stable families.
We could certainly suppose that women who claim to have “no maternal instinct” and prone to being distracted by busywork will become much rarer and that those with the very strongest urges for babies will tend to become Darwinian elites.

Overall, we’ve begun to see atypically intense selective pressure on females.  She’s no longer guaranteed a high chance of passing on her genes in abundance just by being born female and faces an extreme uncertainty of success that only males normally have to live with. Right now, the current generation of American women around age 40 is nearly 20% childless even after having grown up decades closer to more traditional times.  Almost another 20% of them have had just one child as their reproductive years draw to a close.  We can anticipate a large “middle class” of “betas” reproducing at replacement levels.  And at the top, a small minority of biological “alpha” women who are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling the competition.

It begins to look a lot more like the spread among men, where there’s an entire bottom rung of countless millions who have no success at all, countless more eke out just 1 or 2 offspring to precariously replace them, and on the high extreme, rock stars and sheikhs outperforming other men by orders of magnitude.

It makes me wonder if in the long run the trend may be eugenic after all, if those who don’t fit in with the main herd for whatever reason are those who pass on their genes.  It is this same kind of pressure that pushes men to stand out from one another. Ironically, it may be the closest thing to “gender equality” we’ve ever seen as a species as entire segments of the population are weeded out in an extinction event as big as the bloodiest of wars.

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156 thoughts on “How Contraceptives Distort Gender Relations”

  1. Great article. The best natural contraception is a protective father, uncle or brother keeping the women in check and hounds at bay. That’s how I was with my sister (who already had a good head on her shoulders but her beauty attracted lots of guys). I was merciless to any guy she expressed interest in, no one was good enough. Being ambitious and wanting to help people, she focusd on school, community service and building friendships. She got her MD/PhD in Immunology/Pediatrics and luckily met a quality man in college. They’ve been together 15 years, married 9 and have a 4 mo boy. I’m very proud of her and she appreciates my role in her life.
    I also realize a man’s opportunity is to NOT treat women like disposal sex objects. Every man who pumps and dumps is part of the problem. Just saying NO to casual sex makes sense at some point. It takes tremendous willpower and no one can make you do it. But I got to that point a few years ago. Every woman is someone’s daughter and more than anything, they’re human beings, too. Seeing past carnal desires is kingly.

    1. well that’s only if you want to go backwards into an 18-19th century attitude….
      sex and love / emotions / children are becoming detached from one another…. sex is great fun and highly satisfactory to both partners on many levels…
      why make it all repressed and unavailable and carry all kinds of weight that it doesn’t need to carry….
      i am not a gay advocate by any means, but the guys that have come out of the closet and enjoy themselves are some of the most creative, happy and fulfilled simply because they have the sex they want when they want it….
      women are slowly coming out of the closet…. detach the emotions, commitment and all the moral twaddle from the 20th century from sex and it can become more like a quick game of tennis…..
      if you are attracted to your co-worker and you are away on a conference, why not have a cosy evening together… why does it have to mean more than that… sorry but i don’t understand all these strings people have to attach….
      Libertine… where is the harm ?

      1. I understand your questions. Instrinsically, I agree, there isn’t any harm. If you communicate your desires and another person understands then do whatever you both want! That’s very liberating.
        However I know from my experience that every action has costs and benefits, even if another person is open to it. If we can see both sides then we’re able to engage with integrity and without regret. We can stand up and say ‘yeah, I did that. I may or may not do it again, but I OWN that experience.’ IMO, that’s living a life to be proud of – which I want. I do impulsive things but can’t delude myself about any negative outcomes that might await.
        Looking at our motivations is really instructive. I pursued women and pussy until I realized I was disempowered; I didn’t think myself whole. So I brought my lack of completeness to every relationship and the other person had to suffer to the extent I was unconscious of my unconsciousness. 99% of the time I could see this only in hindsight.
        Any inner trauma or psychic wounding will show up in your relationships. I’ve certainly had my share and am still working a lot out now. We can engage in seemingly innocent behavior which turns out to be destructive then try to justify it as ‘what’s the harm, just having a little fun?’
        I believe having vision and awareness of possible outcome is a
        crucial aspect separating man from animal. I had to be an animal as long as necessary until I could imagine consequences which includes taking other’s feelings into account. I still fall down but have the will to get up again.
        If you are doing whatever you do and paying attention to the outcome, you’ll hopefully move toward making healthy decisions – at the very least you’ll have an adventure and learn something!

        1. how can you say what is healthy and what is not healthy ?
          when for 200,000 years we’ve been bottled up in monogamy for only one reason…. “where and who is the daddy”
          if i want to engage in bondage and orgies and i find that to be a more satisfactory sport than a mind numbing game of golf with mind numbing people jawboning about nothing…. who can say what is healthy or not ?
          it’s pretty clear that a roaring sex life is no guarantee of a good LTR….. it lasts a year and then it fades…. why ? because 6/10 couples want to get nasty… real nasty…… and that is the plain damn honest to god truth….
          whether it’s good to go there or not I don’t know… but it’s a hell of a lot more honest than driving your partner up the wall until they eventually have to find someone else to fuck without you… .
          all the fights, all the sexual tension, bad moods etc… it’s because we want to punish each other… so do it with some latex, a chain and a whip…. not in the family court… could it be that simple ? I think it could….
          i think the woman that gets fed up with her husband would punish him much more effectively in an orgy situation where everyone gets their rocks off and goes home thoroughly blown out….. including him who gets to balance the score before the end of the evening…..
          all that anger released …. all those bad feelings turned into a sex game….. better than a legal game and years of hell….

        2. I’m not telling you what is or isn’t unhealthy, just reminding you that every benefit comes at a cost. It might be you need that nasty wild outlet to explore and that’s great! We all follow our own path. But as men seeking to be aware, conscious, wise – the point of this site right? – we have to hold each other accountable by not justifying unconscious behavior.
          I’m encouraging anyone to PAY ATTENTION to what’s going on inside as well as out – be in information gathering mode. I’ll burn my hand on a hot stove once by accident, but the second time I can’t blame the stove.

        3. Ha! Good one. That’s something the “Father’s Rights” Movement might want to consider. Replace family courts with Courtes de Sade!

        4. You’re making a simple solution for an incredibly complicated issue. It doesnt work. You’re missing most of the issue. Simple solutions to complex issues is exactly what gave us feminism and all those other “what harm can we do?” movements.
          Humans are not machines my man, and certainly we are not purely examples of our culture. We do not start as a blank slate so you have to play within the limitiations of your programming. This is what the “progressive” forgets.

        5. build a rocket – fly to the moon – IT IS THAT SIMPLE… although when Jules Verne wrote it in 1780 odd… they thought he was off his trolley……
          all the tension between couples is sexual… it’s a sexual relationship… that is what oils the wheels… take sex out of the equation (because of daft emotional squabbles over who didn’t take the trash out etc. etc. etc.) and the engine jams…. all the squealing you can hear in the divorce courts…. that’s engines with no oil….
          so all you have to do is find another way to bang your partner when they are pissed at you, that doesn’t involve the emotional connection which is getting in the way……. sexual punishment and so forth… ever heard of make up sex…. so make it mandatory… the family court house should be a bondage dungeon…..

        6. it would work… sexual relationships gone wrong should be corrected with sexual punishments….. 200 years time, they’ll dig up this forum and build a statue in honor mint choc chip and ray wolf….

      2. One of my favorite authors is Marquis de Sade. He was a 17th century philosopher most notable for his involvement in libertinism, and his name is where we get the term sadism. He literally wrote the book on libertinism. This guy was a monster who did filthier things than anyone here will ever dream of. on the one hand he once said, “sex is as important as eating or drinking and ought to be satisfied with as little restraint as the others”. yet he is also responsible for the quote “no man, if he is honest with himself, will deny he would rather see his woman dead than unfaithful”.
        Point being, you can go all the way down the rabbit hole but there are some things you can never stamp out of your system. New technologies or new ways of thinking won’t change the fact that most people are hardwired to prefer monogamy. Morals and ethics evolved out of satisfying real human emotional needs. A lot of guys who rag on sexual mores seem to think they appeared out of the ether.
        Im not gonna say something corny like we should all stop banging sluts for ‘society’, but the truth is most guys aren’t made to handle this lifestyle long term and there’s no shame in that. only a select few can be ok with living a libertine lifestyle but for most men and women it will chew them up and spit them out. You can eliminate the damage to their health and finances with medicines and pills, but what pill can you give them for their souls?

        1. I’m not so sure… i think the pleasure / pain of watching the woman you love being hard fucked, even gang banged by someone else would be a huge rush…… and i am pretty sure that this is why all those so called monogamous relationships end up in divorce….. 6/10 marriages get chewed up and spat out… and there are lots of happy swingers….
          of the remaining 4 marriages, probably only 2 are worth having…. 5 to 1 odds against….
          you wanna jump in my car and come for a ride across town… 80% chance we crash and burn ?
          I don’t think the odds of getting into some insane sexual practices are any worse… probably better…. at least some heavy BDSM and orgies is fucking honest… literally and metaphorically….

        2. I agree with what you wrote Turbo,and it might be true that most humans are hard wired for monogamy. But for how long really? An entire lifetime? It may be that much of monogamy wiring has come from cultural conditioning – and that’s ok! I mean that’s what makes us human, we develop advanced cultures (though animals have cultures too).
          However, not all non-monogamous people are libertines. And not all open marriage or poly relationships are about sex. That would be “swingers”. There’s a huge difference between swingers and open marriage.

        3. Hold on, it may be “honest” for you, but you are really stretching it that BDSM and orgies are “honest” for everyone. Its really an Anglo (and possibly French) cultural thing if you research the history of it. But then these are the same stock of people invented the “brown sports” genre of porn. Nuff said.
          Plural marriages on the other hand, are a different thing altogether. Like I wrote below, open relationships and swinging are not the same. And certainly not all those in an open marriage are libertines.

        4. I bet you’re a little poor omega virgin boy and it just burns you up that other men are having sex while you’re wanking to porn so you come on here with your “misery loves company” loser remarks. People are not monogamous by Nature. We spent 99% of human existence in the primitive matriarchy where they did not even know that intercourse led to pregnancy. Females took care of their offspring and were nice(had sex) to men to get resources and as you can see nothing has changed.Men and women have nothing in common except reproduction(sex). Most of you don’t understand this which is why you have so many problems with females and think “game” is the solution lol You dweebs only want commitment because you’re such losers that you know if you don’t tie a female down you’re likely to never get another. A female wants commitment but not in the way you think. She wants it with a dominant male but only for a relatively short time. The time it takes to get knocked up and then until the kid is weened and growing. After that she’s looking for another dominant male to do the same thing with. It’s her nature and the reason is to get some diversity in the genetic makeup of her kids and a better chance that at least one will survive and pass on her genes.

        5. There’s also some physiological evidence for what you say as well. Of the primates, next to chimpanzees (and bonobos) we have the largest testes (far larger than any other primate adjusted for size) which suggest we evolved in conditions where there was sperm competition (two or more male’s sperm in a female at any given copulatory act). Beyond that, you only need to look at male behaviour. “High status” males rarely commit to monogamous relationships, and probably wouldn’t at all if it weren’t for social morals and norms. Also the popularity of prostitution and porn, even (and perhaps especially) for married men, suggests men prefer indiscriminate sex. For myself, when I am honest with myself, most of my interest in women is bound up with my sexual impulses. Beyond that, I may occasionally find one that piques my interest because she displays some behaviour I haven’t seen before, or she in some way breaks the mold thus offering me a “new” experience. But such pleasures are short lived as women aren’t really good for “play”.

        6. Strong broscience….
          Actually men want commitment from women. Its instinctual, we just don’t want monogamy for ourselves. It’s the best option for reproduction and that is what all instincts in the end revolve around. Successful men often “commit” to a wife but rarely are monogamous. If they could get away with it they would have as many “commited” women as possible. The fact of the matter is they CANT get away with it and that is what causes the modern promiscuous man to just not commit to anyone.
          Would you rather have the women your banging exclusively fuck you or fuck as many dudes as they can? If your answer is the latter then i’m afraid you’re into cuckholding…
          Women do seek commitment from one man (Doesnt matter which one as long as he is better than the last) because they’re pathetic physical specimens and are very likely to get beaten to death for being unfaithful if they don’t have a powerful male to protect them. They will NEVER trade down to a weaker alpha for the sake of diversity because they’ve just issued themselves a death sentence.

        7. That holds for societies where tribes exist in geographic isolation and maintain strict ingroup/outgroup boundaries. The 99% of history you refer to. Societies that replace those genetic boundaries with customs and bonding obligations provide for a ‘greater tribe’ which can accumulate more territory and surplus. They can then kill 100% of the offspring of less organised but more individually prolific dominant males. Co-operative strategies always steal the march on selfish strategies when outgroups clash, so neither is ever selected permanently.

        8. In which world or country are you living??? So you never met any financially independant women ? What kind of women did you met in your life.
          1. One girl can have sex with you???just for fun. She doesn’t seek your fucking long or short term commitment. She just wants to fullfill her needs.
          2. She can accidentally be pregnant. In this case :
          a) either it is accidentally on purpose : maybe she wanted to get some profit from you. Next time put a condom on.
          b) either it was really not on purpose : if she’s smart she will abort, if she’s an idiot, she will keep the baby, if she’s smart she has financial independance and won’t need anything from a looser who doesn’t want to take his responsabilities.
          3. You fall in love with a girl and want to start to build your life with her. You have a children with her. What is wrong in…taking your responsabilities and take care of both of them ? This is what a “real” “alpha” man do. These are alpha man, not a scared little boy who think he’s a man cause he’s no longer virgin and sexually supposedly mature, but emotionnaly retarded and unstable.

      3. Are you familiar with Karla and Kenya Stevens? They went on Fox News and Dr. Phil pimping their “progressive love” revolution. Fox News was more generous with them than the Dr. Phil audience.

      4. “i am not a gay advocate by any means, but the guys that have come out of
        the closet and enjoy themselves are some of the most creative, happy
        and fulfilled simply because they have the sex they want when they want
        People who have regular anal sex over a long period of time are suffering from a myriad of health problems. Invest in the adult diaper industry while you can, your retirement years will thank you.

      5. “i am not a gay advocate by any means, but the guys that have come out of
        the closet and enjoy themselves are some of the most creative, happy
        and fulfilled simply because they have the sex they want when they want
        People who have regular anal sex over a long period of time are suffering from a myriad of health problems. Invest in the adult diaper industry while you can, your retirement years will thank you.

    2. Agreed. Men being open to casual sex definitely encourages promiscuous behavior in woman or “hypergamey”. technically speaking if everyone here (all males) would absolutley refuse to bang sluts and only go out with wholesome, smart, family oriented woman (there probably still are some out there, lets admit it) there would be no “market” for sluts. Straight woman would need to become appealing in order to land a man.
      I realize this would be extremely hard and go against our very nature. I wonder if people agree with this principal…

      1. “wholesome, smart, family oriented woman (there probably still are some out there, lets admit it)”
        I know plenty of young women like that. But they are not in the bars and clubs where wanna PUA-fanboys go “sarging”. And they are not “fuglies” either. Some are plain (but most Americans are, big deal). They are thin, healthy, decent enough looking women.

      2. Jerry, its already happening and has always been this way. The promiscuous men and women naturally find one another and the non-promiscuous men and women naturally find one another.
        Virgins don’t marry people with high sex partner counts and vice versa.
        There is a continuum and those at similar spots on the continuum cluster together. You’ll notice the same in terms of socio-economic status and looks as well. Like attracts like. Not just that like attracts like, but like is unlikely to fraternize in the circles of the non-like. Extreme ends are unlikely to cross.

      1. Not knowing the person or situation as I do means you can’t have an informed opinion but I understand your view point. As I was saying to Ray Wolfson, what matters most in life is we learn from our choices. I would never recommend anyone I know to pursue medicine (in particular) to become rich based on what I saw my sister and my other friends go through. It took years off their lives in the process and killed much enjoyment / experience through mid-20s to early-30s. But I appreciate their dedication and genuine desire to serve humanity in that way. The impulse to learn and serve is immoral to constrain, IMO.
        Ex., EE women (generally reputed to be feminine) are often educated and also proud of being domestic. My Polish-born mom has been a role-model for my American-born sister.

  2. First time to get a first comment 🙂
    I find women who have sex are just damaged beyond repair. These women fight against what they are programmed to do, and that is to sit down and not be a filthy whore while having the children of one man. It isn’t even the risk of pregnancy anymore, it is sex with more than one partner. If a woman sleeps with more than one man she is immediately unworthy of commitment (and I say commitment since I don’t advertise marriage. EVER!)

      1. A typical Otaku is stuck with fat chicks wearing cat ears in the States, but if they make the pilgrimage to Japan they’ll do alright. Some nerd chicks can be hot too if they have good hygiene and lay off the Pocky and Yan Yan.
        Also, if you’re an otaku that lifts and doesn’t fall into the nerdy dweeb category, you can probably do alright where you are (if you want to).

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you find women who have sex with more than one man ever in her whole life, you are in for a lonely life, son. You have pretty much narrowed down your playing field to ugly chicks, fat chicks, and single digit age group. Have fun with that!

        1. There’s a huge difference between town bike and not ever having had sex. In the Occidental world, most attractive women in their 20s are not going to be virgins.

    2. I disagree…. I think the problem is the muddling of emotions, love, commitment and psychology – with the sexual experience….. women have that kind of hard wired in…. due to the baby issue……
      but that is nothing today… the issue is solved… what is not solved YET… is the women’s connections to all that surround sex….
      women enjoy sex just as much as men do and it doesn’t have to mean anything more than it does…. but we’re still mired in thousands of years of religious and moral BS….. linked to knowing who the daddy is….
      women need to mature emotionally…. it’s no good back pedaling… people have problems with emails and smart phones taking over their lives, they have to check their emails every two minutes and respond to every single one instantly… does that mean we should go back to feather quills, parchment and horse couriers ?
      NO – it means we need more emotional maturity…. more intellectual discussion and a more rational approach to the whole issue….

      1. I agree that we have to approach sexuality rationally. However, that is being done has neuroscience is revealing more and more everyday just how connected our sexuality is with certain brain chemistries. This information rationally explains to us WHY we feel like we during and after sex. You seem to be under the notion that merely knowing why chemicals trigger emotions is going to make those emotions go away.
        Why would it.? We are humans. That’s human physiology.

      2. Give them GI Joes when they’re little and make them keep the toilet seat up.
        Maybe that will help you eliminate the evil influence of culture.
        Of course culture is the only thing in the way of the perfect world you wish for.
        Hmmm…Where have we seen this type of thinking before?

  3. It’s true that our primitive sexual urges are not adapted to the modern environment, just as our primitive urge to EAT EVERYTHING is not adapted to the modern diet and lifestyle and gets us fat.
    But, for contraception at least, you have to face the reality that we’re never going back. Contraception is only going to get more easy and more available as time goes on. In many ways it is actually a good thing; it prevents bastardy, which is the source of so many social problems.
    But about the trade imbalance, what can be done? The only thing that can be done is for men to realize that you don’t need sex as much as your hindbrain leads you to believe. Look at all the betas and simps around you. They all have one thing in common: they are needy, and they are needy because they lack control. If you have control over yourself, your body, and your needs, you become WAY more attractive to women, and as an added plus you won’t let women give you any shit. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a beta and an alpha, this is the difference.

    1. Alphas are needy too. Difference is they are able convey the impression that they are not needy. If they didn’t have needs they wouldn’t be chasing notches or traveling the world to get different flags.

      1. You’re right, and that’s what I said. All normal guys have the hindbrain telling them to fuck constantly, but alphas are in control – both of themselves and their environment – and convey the impression of net being needy.

        1. Wrong. It’s not about control. It’s purely about self worth. An alpha thinks he’s better than everyone else. Alpha’s are not in control because of a conscious effort to be in control, (except for intelligent beta’s who are feigning being alpha) theyre in control because they don’t give a fuck. People accept that frame and give them what they want. Its a vicious circle. The ego is driven by success and the success is driven by the ego.

        2. No, that’s a false alpha – a guy who telegraphs alpha status but, you can be sure, anybody who gets to know him or spends any real length of time around him, will soon see that he is not in control, will learn that he cannot be depended upon, and will come to view him generally as a tool and a disappointment. What you have described is not an alpha, but a textbook narcissist (or typical, modern female).
          An actual alpha male has a conscience which is well formed and, in the midst of his clear knowledge, clean. From his conviction that he is pushing himself to be the best he can be, with blameless integrity, he has a deep confidence and sense of inner composure. He may be aware that another man excels him in something or another, but so long as he knows that he is not being a lazy bitch with his own talents, but is developing them and acting with integrity, he is actually gladdened and encouraged by the excellence of another man. This man will take charge of a room when he sees that he is the man to take charge. But if he sees that another man would do better at a task, especially if the situation is of great urgency or importance, he has the confidence and integrity not to jeopardize others through his fecklessness. All the great old epics are full of boasting, yes… but also of praise for the other warriors, of admiration for the manliness and beauty and excellence of other men.
          Such a man, a true alpha male, does not have a pathetic, womanish tendency to “feel” better than other people. He tries to get away from “feelings” about his status altogether, knowing that it is the defining character of a woman to “feel” entitled to superiority, but that a man is content only with the certain knowledge that his conscience cannot reprove him for having done anything shameful. His friend may be stronger and smarter, but as long as they both have integrity and push themselves towards excellence, each man can go home and utterly ravish his wife, or go to the office and command the respect of his peers. Any man that knows he is pushing himself to his limits and is not content with interior weakness or a lack of integrity, can hold his head high even in the presence of other men whom he thinks better. In fact, male culture has traditionally relied on men having mentors and others that they regarded as certainly better and more expert than them, so that they could learn from them. There is a greatness in the humility that admires another man’s excellence. My great grandfather was a man like none other, and I do not believe I shall ever attain to 1/10 of what he was. I think that my ability to doff my hat at his hallowed memory, and to be filled with the desire to strive to be even half the man he was, makes me much more of a man than I could ever be by “feeling better” than him and “not giving a fuck.” Pathetic.
          “Feeling” better than everyone is the textbook definition of feminism, and the lame PUAs who view manliness as the art of convincing the world that you “don’t give a fuck” while you spend all your free time discussing how best to orbit a vagina (“fly casual, Chewie…”), are just the flip-side of the feminist coin. Your ideology is merely a reaction against feminism, and so it is inevitably defined by feminism, the same shape as feminism. Striving towards excellence with the confidence that comes from a clean conscience (purchased with self-control and the avoidance of shameful deeds as a matter of fact), is the vanishing art of manliness.
          I will say that you were right, insofar as you saw that trying too hard to “be in control,” is not the way to go. That’s a good way to become obsessive, nervous and paralyzed by inaction. Real, manly self-control has a keen perception, quick response and light touch. But that comes from internalizing the masculine attitude and spirit and practicing it with integrity… not from indulging a vain and insubstantial sense of entitlement to it.

    2. We don’t have a primitive urge to eat everything. Its actually carbohydrates, specifically fructose that causes you to over indulge. The primitive diet was very low on nonfiber carbohydrates, and especially low on fructose.

      1. We do, it’s just that in the modern world we almost never notice it because we ‘eat ahead’ of ourselves i.e. we’re constantly fed and never get to the point where we’re actually hungry. It just takes a day-long fast to reduce you to the point of not being able to think of anything besides food. This happens even to people who are fat and could go for weeks with only water.
        (Anyways, fasting for such long periods is unhealthy and I don’t recommend it, I’m just saying).
        And btw, not the ‘carbs are bad mmkay’ thing again. If you’re fat and you really think carbs are the only problem, you are doomed to a life of yo-yo dieting. You are right that sugar causes food cravings. But if you’re actually in control of your own urges, you won’t go on a crazy binge after having an ice cream. And btw, what are grown men doing with ice cream in their hands anyway?

      2. Actually we are biologically driven to eat everything available to us. The brain releases a small amount of dopamine whenever our stomach is full, some people even become addicted to that reward mechanism. Humans are like this because long ago we ate everything we got our hands on as we didn’t know when our next meal would be. A human can do days without food, a week or more in the extreme cases. We plump ourselves up, especially right before winter as a survival mechanism, you will only live for as long as your fat reserves hold out.

    3. i totally disagree… in long term relationships that i have had, when things were going well and we were having sex 2-3 times a day, we had this radiance and energy about both of us… people literally stopped us in the street and told us what a great couple we were… i remember my girl leaving the house one day and the neighbor making a joke that she had a great sexed up look about her…. sex is good… 2-3 times a day… it’s a kind of food…
      the sooner women stop messing about and realise this the sooner we’ll have peace on earth…..

      1. Not everyone has the same intensity of libido as you and your girlfriends Ray. And you won’t have that level of intensity your entire life. Libidos ebb and flow. If you have a partner with whom you share the same ebb and flow with great, but there are people out here, particular on this site, who don’t have any partner at all, indeed some who have never even had a partner as of yet, incels. So what the author wrote, as well as the other comments, is for them, not for you.
        Extend some empathy and compassion to your brothers.

        1. Yeah, have some compassion because after all – the majority of us American guys are only “5’s” or below like you said right? Stick your compassion up your ass.

        2. appetite comes with eating amigo… if you never had a red hot libido i feel truly sorry for you…. ,it’s like never having had a good steak dinner or an amazing bottle of wine…. or never having watched a good sunset… hell you might as well find the nearest bridge to jump off right away…. FOOD – DRINK – SEX – MONEY – FUN – SUCCESS – in no particular order…. life is just one long high….. even the bad times are buzz with the right attitude…..
          all of those 6 ingredients are vital…. you can’t enjoy life properly if one is missing….
          and if you think any relationship is going to last long term with sex a couple of times a month and a good night granny kiss in between times… you must have woken from a time warp or something…..

        3. That speaks nothing to varying libidos and ebbs and flows in one person over a lifetime.
          My list of vital ingredients is different to yours, owing in part to a difference in culture and in part to a difference in individual tastes. I prefer to spend my life and my time traveling and living in amazing countries with amazing people and cultures to learn from. That’s my high. Accompanied by cognitive practices which drink and drugs only seek to replicate.
          If you think sensory overload results in a high. Try sensory deprivation as you meditate for days on end in a Himalayan cave. Gives a whole new perspective on “high”.

        4. Mint Choc Chip, I strongly disagree with you. You are completely misunderstanding the point. The point isn’t that libidos ebb and flow. Seriously, read my reply again and next time don’t try to spin it to make guys sound like impotent weaklings like you’re so fond of doing in every single thread so far.

        5. Ray, I like your optimism, and don’t take this the wrong way, but I get the feeling that you have a little bit more learning to do…
          Sure, there are plenty girls who love having fun, but there are also MANY women who’s goal is to simply take advantage. They lure guys in with the promise of sex and then abuse their power. The friend-zone is a mild version of this, the cuckolded husband is a more extreme version. The reason they have this power is because guys give it to them, and guys give it to them because a lot of them aren’t in control of their impulses. Men in the past understood this. They understood that you have to have moderation in things otherwise things go crazy.

        6. yes, you are right, however bringing up kids properly for example requires co-operation, communication and a willingness on bothsides, hell so does running a happy house without kids…. so why cannot that extend to sex, since sex is just a recreation and not necessarily immediately linked to babies…. women need to grow up and stop angling and manipulating to try to pry what they want from men who would happily give it to them if they’d work as a team….

        7. First I don’t expect you have done that, whereas I have spent a year in India and a good buddy of mine old hippy Vietnam vet. does crazy things like swimming up the Ganges with fins on…. if anyone knows about meditation it’s that guy….
          Second I have practiced, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and so forth and I am not talking about some lame classes for pregnant mothers… I am talking about transcendental meditation that blows your mind….
          Thirdly in if you want to get all esoteric… the chinese and hindu philosophies are all about the tantric sex and harnessing the creative energy…. that obviously needs a sexual partner or three that isn’t playing hypergamy or angling for you to buy her a new XYZ so she can feel self important…..

        8. “Thirdly in if you want to get all esoteric… the chinese and hindu philosophies are all about the tantric sex”
          I don’t know where you got the idea that “the hindu philosophies are ALL about the tantric sex”. There are six schools of Hindu philosophy. From your own personal study and research, which particular ones have you found to be “all about the tantric sex”?

        9. In acupuncture which is also the foundation of Tai Chi, the original martial art, it’s all about the types of energy in the body… one of which is the sexual energy….
          just one throw away link from google…. it’s largely an experiential thing… you have to try….

          try this – research it and build your techniques… partner needed ops…. and have like 30-40 orgasms in an hour… without ejaculating … then get back to me and tell me how you feel…

        10. Why dodge the question? You stated that the “Hindu philosophies” were “all about the tantric sex”. I asked you which particular Hindu philosophy, was “all about the tantric sex” and you have not answered. Still waiting…
          Moreover, I am well acquainted with Tai Chi and acupunture, both from a traditional, indigenous perspective. I am well acquainted with sexual energy, which does not imply nor necessitate sexual activity within all (the first) or any (the second) of the Taoist teachings, which Tai Chi is based on.
          You appear to be sorely uneducated about the meaning and use of sexual energy within traditions that you were the first to bring up in this discussion, but so far have betrayed little to no understanding of.
          While when coupled the ability to achieve 30-40 orgasms an hour without ejaculating is certainly useful, and these techniques were also used by ancient peoples as birth control methods in addition to methods for altered states of consciousness, you are quite wrong to assume that sexual activity is needed to “work with sexual energy”.
          Sexual energy is not a different “chi” from any other chi.
          There is only one chi.

        11. chi is chi…. yes, but there is also jing
          in theory … if the sexual energy is powerful enough to create a new life….. it’s also powerful enough to rejuvenate your own body, if redirected correctly…. i’ve had experiences with this, where i’ve totally cured the flu and a chronic lung infection from sending the energy about the body instead of just squirting up her just for pleasure… it requires a great deal of self control ….
          even wikipedia has this shit on it…. don’t be such an agressive know it all man… you’re obviously an intelligent guy and it’s been fun sparing with you…. but everyone knows something you don’t… in theory… if you harness the sexual energy correctly that ‘life force’ can halt or reverse the aging process…. the myth of vampires is most likely correct… although they fuck instead of sucking blood…..
          the hindu stuff is just pinched from the chinese and it’s relatively obvious that the chinese climbed out of a flying saucer 10,000 years ago… and brought a whole bunch of ancient knowledge with them … if people would just open their minds a little bit, we’d be surfing the galaxy instead of squabbling over oil rights and UN sanctions…. this planet is pathetic…

        12. “yes, you are right, however bringing up kids properly for example requires co-operation, communication and a willingness on bothsides, hell so does running a happy house without kids…. so why cannot that extend to sex?”
          It can and it should.
          “women need to grow up and stop angling and manipulating to try to pry what they want from men who would happily give it to them if they’d work as a team”
          Women aren’t the only ones angling and manipulating for committed long term relationships, including marriage. How many men are comfortable with the idea of their girlfriends or wives seeing another man?
          After a few dates if a guy really likes her – he doesn’t even want her to look at another dude, much less date him.

        13. “even wikipedia has this shit on it”
          – Much of it not accurate.
          “don’t be such an agressive know it all man”
          – I don’t see where I came off as “aggressive”
          “you’re obviously an intelligent guy and it’s been fun
          sparing with you…. but everyone knows something you don’t”
          – Of course.
          “the hindu stuff is just pinched from the chinese”
          – Historically inaccurate. China and India were parallel ancient civilizations that exchanged much knowledge and culture between each other. It went both ways but historic research shows a bit more going from India into China than the reverse.
          “if people would just open their minds a little bit, we’d be surfing the galaxy instead of squabbling over oil rights and UN sanctions…. this planet is pathetic… ”
          – Agreed.
          “the men complain about the females who frankly behave like baboons, but are the men really that much better:
          – Agreed.
          “spin up the FTL drive.. i’m outta here :-)”
          – Me too!

        14. only because there is no honor and comraderie amongst men…
          if my wife is being bitchy and i send her over to your place for a happy weekend of mint choc chip reaming… and we have a mutual understanding and agreement of where the boundaries lie in the future… ie…. only with my consent….
          no problem… no different to me lending you my car or boat or holiday home…..
          the problem only lies when men do not establish trust and brotherhood between each other and allow the women to divide and conqueror…
          then you become the guy that my wife is using to leverage her value, get back at me, and you become the guy i want to try out my new mosberg on…..
          if men passed women around between each other like cans of beer or cigars…. and we know that we don’t have all manner of diseases… if there is a trust and a community… it would keep the women under control….
          it’s the only way forward that i can see, aside from lobotomy or slavery….

      2. Right but this doesn’t go against what I’m saying. If you’re having sex 2-3 times a day with a girl who’s easy to please, that’s awesome. But if your girlfriend expects you to go through her crap just so you can have sex, that is not awesome.
        And you’re misunderstanding female biology, as a lot of other people are pointing out. Women don’t really want sex as much as guys do. Sure, sex is fun for them, but their greater goal is children and someone to care for their children. Women will never ‘realize that truth’ that you speak of because they already have a truth which they have realized: sex is for getting valuable males to breed with them and for getting other males to take care of their children. Their behavior, at least in modern society, is highly tuned and optimized for this purpose and as long as things are the way they are, there is no need to change it. Hence the imbalance.

      3. Its not the sex that gives her that radiance. It’s the sex with a specific man, in this case, you.
        Wild, uncontrolled sex will not leave everyone walking around happy. In fact most people will be miserable for cheaping out on something that has the potential to be great like you describe.
        Even as a man, i can appreciate the added value of having sex with a girl you’re in the honeymoon phase with. It blows one nighters out of the water. Imagine what its like for a woman. The issue comes when she gets boring!

        1. she only gets boring because she needs other cock in her… and she fails to learn new skills….. but we’re all too hung up on the emotional BS of relationships and the moral codes invented thousands of years ago when we were barely better than monkeys… and as a result we still are barely better than monkeys…..

    4. Contraception promotes bastardy, which is a far bigger problem now than ever before. When all the masses are encouraged towards promiscuity by contraception, all the ills contraceptives are supposed to prevent, actually increase. When the last Pope said that distributing condoms in Africa made the AIDS crisis worse, everybody laughed at him as though he were some madman blinded by the irrationality of religion… and so, I was indignant when nobody listened to the self-confessed liberal health workers in Africa, who admitted that, contrary to what they themselves had expected, the Pope was right: when you got a formerly sexually conservative African tribe hooked on the idea that sex could be had without consequences, it seemed to follow that their modesty and self-control was undermined, such that they would engage in risky sexual behaviour so much more frequently, that contraceptives were actually not effective enough to offset the huge spike in risk. Pregnancy and disease rates actually increased, the more condoms were distributed. It is really rather disappointing that nobody was able to expect this: our own society already proved this principle. In my grandmother’s generation, which grew up before the pill or widespread availability of other contraceptives, it was almost unheard of to have unwed teenage mothers. Now our society is awash with contraception, and all the ills that they “prevent,” are widespread civilizational crises.
      Past this, on the most basic level, contraception completely annihilates the human context of sex, and turns it into a recreational activity. This is why all of the great keepers of male wisdom have always regarded it as, essentially, an evil. In the first place, men and women have a tendency to seek pleasure and instant gratification, even when this is destructive in the long-term. The philosophers and the masculine tradition have always considered the frequent enjoyment of sensual pleasures, unregulated by reason, to have an effeminizing effect upon men. Many males think that getting laid all the time is a powerful indicator of manliness. Self-control is a better one. Male testosterone levels sink when ejaculation occurs frequently, and the soul is softened by the addiction to pleasure.
      When it comes to women, philosophers have always known that when they lose their modesty, they become far more degenerate and filthy than any man. And when you have a bunch of effeminate men, addicted to sex and enslaved to pussy, and a bunch of degenerate women of easy virtue (who have just realized that their vaginas are a real meal ticket with these rubes), you have a recipe for the breakdown of society. And that is what has happened.
      Men have traditionally been the keepers of real wisdom and holiness. Traditional Christianity has had a bit of schizophrenia for the past 500 years, vacillating between alpha and beta male spirituality. If you care to see it, though, you will perceive that Pope Paul VI’s “Humanae Vitae” encyclical was dead-on accurate in its criticisms and predictions regarding contraception. The Dalai Lama concurs with Paul VI and expresses how Buddhism has the same opinion, in his book “Beyond Dogma.” If you want to get away from “pure religion,” Hippocrates and other Greek Philosophers condemned contraception and abortion along the same lines, and this was picked up by the Romans.
      The moment of my personal epiphany, came when the girl I was dating at my church, suddenly announced that she was engaged to be married (even though we had been together two nights before) to our orchestra’s drummer. I was a ‘cellist in the orchestra. Two months later, right after the wedding rehearsal, the girl’s father (who also happened to be the pastor) was talking with his future son-in-law as everybody packed up. I happened to overhear that he was going to go out shopping for condoms with the guy, because he wanted to be sure that his daughter didn’t get pregnant before they were ready.
      At that moment, a bunch of things snapped, for me. I realized that I would want to enter my wife raw, skin to skin, the first time I was with her. The idea of applying a latex barrier for my first time with my wife, was repulsive. Also, I noticed how “beta” (though I didn’t think of that term at the time) my church’s spirituality was, and how “beta” all of us men were in the situation. Here I was, playing ‘cello like a b*#ch at a wedding rehearsal for a female who had spent a night with me just hours before she planned to announce her engagement to another man. And here was her dad, inappropriately meddling like a b*#ch in this couple’s relationship. And here was the husband to be, acting like a b*#ch by letting his father in law drive him around, boss him around and pay for his stuff, as though he were still a child in need of adult supervision, despite the fact that these were matters of supreme importance to his autonomy, manhood and husbandly authority. And we were all smiles about it, very “beta,” very non-confrontational, very “nice.” I realized that all manly vigour had departed from my church, from me, and from the men in it.
      Ten years later, after a stint in a monastery and a five-year course of intensive reading in history, theology and philosophy, I’m an Orthodox Catholic. The idea of entering a woman without the possibility of planting a person inside of her, is nonsense to me. I can’t even think of contracepted sex as “sex,” truly thinking of it more as a kind of mutual masturbation – fundamentally narcissistic and effeminate and detached from the real, raw power of the masculine and feminine poles of humanity. I realize that in every healthy, masculine society, men wanted to sow their seed in a woman knowing that they were potent, they were men, and they could make that woman great with child. To deliberately render one’s self impotent through contraception, was essentially to act like a masturbating twat of a teenaged boy. That is the defining characteristic of a man, sexually speaking: not that he can stick his appendage in a slot, but that he fills that slot with new life, from the river of potency inside of him.
      As I became more grounded in the fundamentally natural facts of the universe, I felt a strong call to enter the ranks of the priesthood and to become a transmitter of a more masculine Christian tradition; the fact that good women are few and far between, is making that choice easier every day. I’m pursuing a priestly vocation, and we shall see what God wills.
      In any case, yes: contraceptives have played a central role in the emasculation of society. I think they have even undermined male bonding and friendship, because men spend all their time chasing sex or trivial “relationships” with women… having the dual effect of not leaving any real time for male friendships, and also of making many males uncomfortable even with the idea of deep emotional bonds with other men, despite the ubiquity of such a thing in the past, because it now seems “gay.” It seems gay because, only experiencing affection and intimacy with the girls they’re trying to bang, affection and intimacy are sexualized, and thus unwelcome between males. Our male forebears understood that women were for tending hearth and home, and bearing our children, but that friendship, camaraderie, the healthy competition that drove society, and really even the highest forms of intimacy and affection, all occur in the company of other men. But that’s a rant for another day.

      1. wow… kick ass…. you really thought into things….. just be wary of religion it’s mired in dogma and twisted into satantic rituals… the knowledge is in there, but it’s been twisted and perverted over time….

        1. Thanks for reading, and for the compliment. Religion is both the best and the worst thing in the world. I’m not quite sure what all you meant by your statement, but let me tell you that I used to be Atheist, then was Baptist, now am Orthodox, and am this close to converting to Catholicism. The many conversions don’t represent a flip-flopping from one thing to another, but a gradual focusing and deepening along the same track (hence the trajectory has been all in one direction, from complete rejection of Christianity to a greater assent to more and more authentic forms of it).
          I think that traditional Christianity and its rites are very easily misunderstood, but I can tell you that my gradual approach to more and more authoritative and apostolic forms of Christianity, has come via a process of refining the understanding and generally purging out mistaken views. I think the rites of Orthodox and Catholic Christianity are the most perfect and sublime embodiments of theological truth. But, we can discuss that somewhere else, if you wish!

  4. Everything comes down to culture. I spent a good chunk of my formative years growing up in countries where “the pill” was available over the counter for the equivalent of 5 American cents. And who used them? Married women, who already had 4 or 5 kids and couldn’t afford more, or who used them to space a few years between each pregnancy. FAMILY planning. Single women were not using The Pill in these countries because these countries had no dating culture, forget about a “hook up” culture.
    I’ve seen the Sexual Revolution being blamed on The Pill but that theory is relevant only in the West. The Sexual Revolution in the West actually started long before the invention and use of The Pill. It started decades earlier in the minds of the people. Particularly when industry and financial prosperity brought about a lot of consumer goods and new consumer spaces for young people to spend their leisure time and leisure money in – like drive-in theatres and the like. That’s when “dating” started to replace chapeoroned courtship.
    What’s more, The Pill messes with the natural cycle and hormones of an otherwise healthy female body. The irony is that The Pill is meant to facilitate her access to sex but one of its side effects is that it lowers her libido so that she doesn’t really even want sex anymore.
    The healthiest form of contraception is to track one’s own cycle and to engage in sex during the days of the month when one is least likely to get pregnant, and then have one’s partner either “pull out” or use a condom to be extra safe. Condoms should be used anyway to protect the male partner of course. The irony there is of course that the libido naturally wanes during the time of month a woman is least likely to get pregnant. And it increases when a woman is ovulating, which is when she is not going to have sex if she uses this method to avoid pregnancy.
    Mother Nature’s a bitch, ain’t she?

    1. >but one of its side effects is that it lowers her libido so that she doesn’t really even want sex anymore.
      We don’t mind.

      1. You don’t mind. But the partner of a woman on a birth control pill that is lowering her sexual interest in him, will mind.

      2. You don’t mind. But the partner of a woman on a birth control pill that is lowering her sexual interest in him, will mind.

    2. Yes, material prosperity is the most important root of “feminism” from the ancient world to modern times all around the world.
      Modern contraceptives seal the deal.
      Funny how women most want sex when they’re most likely to have babies.
      And how the body knows to decrease libido if there’s no chance of pregnancy.
      The trouble with divorcing procreation from sex…is you can’t.

  5. Good article, but the author makes a number of mistakes. First is that he seems to assume that men and women are bargaining for the same thing. They’re not, at least not completely. Guys by and large bargain for sex, while women bargain for commitment. Men are turned on by the prospect of getting in the sack, women by the prospect of him staying there. Second is a simple matter of economics, lack of scarcity. The greater the supply, the lower the bargaining price for a particular product gets. You see this with contraception. Historically, pregnancy is a woman’s most powerful bargaining chip to ensure a level of commitment from a potential male. Contraception, especially the spread of it (contraceptive use is so common it’s actually considered to be the norm for most sexual encounters), has basically robbed a woman of this bargaining power, having no way to ensure a man’s commitment. Multiply this to the levels we have now, and you basically have a sexual marketplace flooded with women all trying to trade sex for commitment, but having nothing to barter with. Essentially, their market value has gone down the shitter. It’s not the women who have cashed in big, but the men who are willing to go in for mediocre, short-term sex with desperately clingy women.

    1. “Good article, but the author makes a number of mistakes. First is that
      he seems to assume that men and women are bargaining for the same thing.
      They’re not, at least not completely. Guys by and large bargain for
      sex, while women bargain for commitment. Men are turned on by the
      prospect of getting in the sack, women by the prospect of him staying
      Sorry, don’t buy it. Both men and women are in it for sex, until they are not. That is until they meet “the one” or who they think is “the one”. Then, the men, just like the women, want her to stay there, or sleep exclusively with him only.
      Basically both sexes employ the same mating strategy:
      short term relationships or casual sex UNTIL they meet someone they want to long term it with. In the Anglosphere this usually happens mid-late 20s.

      1. Bro I have to disagree. The female brain is physiologically hardwire totally different. They still enjoy sex, but they crave initimacy. The “choke me out, slap my ass, and cum on my face” behavior of the modern American women is a combination of evolutionary preference for dominant men and cultural-social adaptation. The Male brain is hardwire for ceaseless fucking – quantity. While the female brain is hardwire for quality. Hence, why men are the gatekeepers of commitment and women the gatekeepers of sex.

        1. She’s not a “bro.” She’s some dumb Indian bitch who thinks her shitty yoga habit has given her deep insights into the mysteries of the universe.
          And by God she’s going to share every last one of them on this very site.

        2. “The “choke me out, slap my ass, and cum on my face” behavior of the
          modern American women is a combination of evolutionary preference for
          dominant men and cultural-social adaptation.”
          That is Anglo-American porn behavior and attempts to immitate porn amongst Anglo-Americans. I certainly had never heard nor conceived of such a thing in my entire life, until I read about it about 4 months ago on, of course, an Anglo-American blog.

        3. Brain have no sex. You’re completly misled on your conception of what women want and think. No we don’t fucking care about commitment of yours if we are just seeking for sex – just like men. Yes in this sense we got on a equal foot with you as we can now just enjoy sex without worries or worse, having to commit to one guy because of pregnancy. Yes women can enjoy to have regular sex buddy, or one night stand, until she wants to find the right one.

      2. Absolutely true. The quoted sentence only shows a very old-school style way of thinking. Why we women wouldn’t like to have sex for sex ? I do that, we all do that, we’re in to have fun until we can find the right one. How many of my friends were the type of guys who would claim loud znd clear “never me, never in love” and litterally slept with a different girl every week end. ntil they found the right one and got stable with her. Same for women. Same for me. I don’t care about f*cking commitment from a random guy. Sometimes I just wanna get sex and that is all.
        Recently I got a one night stand with a nice guy. However he started to act as if we were a couple immediately ready to commit. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend. I had to break his illusion a few days later. It shows your (as in “you men in general) misconception of today’s women reality. Contraception got as free from seeking commitment from you. Now we can enjoy just the fun and don’t feel forced to get involved with anyone just because of it. So we can just do the same as what men always were able to do : have sex with no other worries than the fun of it.

      3. There’s no such thing as “the one.” All that happens is women get old and ugly and, like musical chairs, are forced to stop playing the game.

    2. I think your logic is a bit off. In talking about contraception and female power to ensure commitment, only male contraception would hurt her bargaining power. You should specify.
      Also, if you are talking about how a girl can become pregnant against the man’s will then compel a level of commitment out of him because of it, it’s not a thing to “barter;” what she would actually be bartering is the lack of social shame, child support money etc. The pregnancy isn’t a positive to the male, it is an undesirable, at least in 1 of the 2 ways to interpret your scenario, both being incorrect. If the pregnancy variable is changed to a desirable thing for the male then in that case it is a bargaining chip for the female but it would RAISE her market value, not lower it, since logically it follows that she is the one deciding to continue using (female) contraception.

    3. Exactly. Well stated. Your post also relates to why there is such a heavy propaganda campaign to brainwash young men into thinking they have to fall in love, buy a ring, a house, a minivan, etc for some woman. This is otherwise known in these parts as “blue pill”. It is advantageous for the people with a lot to lose, to keep the masses docile and confused.

      1. A bit old-school. Do you REALLY think that we women in western countries nowadays wait for YOU to pay for anything ? Did you really never met any financially independant woman ? Then if you happen to fall in love, aren’t you going to build your life with the woman you’ve fallen in love with, eg buy a house and raise your children with her ? What’s wrong with that ?

    4. Beta Antares, men bargain for sex(putting concessions on the table). Contraception allows her to milk the free club entry, free attention, drinks, dinners, homework help, job offers, promotions, divorce money…for all it’s worth.
      And where does mediocre short-term sex get him? Nowhere.
      What are all these behaviors if not displays of commitment in hopes of getting a fertile womb?
      The baby is not a bargaining chip, it is what is being bargained for. It is the reason why we are driven to have sex.

    5. It is beneficial to men if the market is flooded with pussy, the dumber the better. No man wants children, commitment, or be infected with oneitis. You my friend are either a gay, a feminist supporter or a woman.

      1. The market these days is flooded with nothing but massive quantities of the dumbest pussy mankind has ever seen, and we’ve got more gays, feminists, simps, and effeminate men than ever. Your point?

    6. First of all this is heteronormative because not everybody is attracted to the opposite gender and not all relationships consist of one man and one woman. Also, you have your gender roles massively mixed up. Have you ever actually spoken to a woman? Like in real life? Most of them want sex and a lot of them are not interested in commitment. Same thing with men. And people of any gender. It’s almost as if human beings are different from each other and have unique personalities that cannot be summarized by rigid gender roles. Gosh, what a thought.

  6. “Now she still charges a heavy price for sex, ”
    Really? I think sex in general is dirt cheap in comparison to, say, 60 years ago. Contraceptives have eliminated a part of risk called…unwanted pregnancy. Eliminating healthy risk causes people to act irresponsibly/immorally.
    It problably depends on what man you are wether you think sex is expensive or cheap. If you’re a deeply religieus guy who takes his faith seriously than yes sex has become very expensive considering the limitations religion places on sex and the decreasing quality of women (i.e. chast women). If you’re a secular dude who has no problem srewing almost everything that moves you’re living in amazing times. You can easily screw your way six ways to sunday. Nothing but ho’s and bootleg ho’s out there.

    1. If sex were so cheap and easy to get, there would be no need for game sites or game itself for that matter.
      Nor would anyone be willing to pay for prostitutes or escorts.
      People boast about having it on this site because it is scarce.
      Would anyone brag about going out and buying a bag of lays potato chips?
      “Free” sex has also ushered in a whole new era of STDs that may or may not be stopped by condoms.
      The emotional involvement that comes with sex can all too easily get a man thrown in prison or socially discredited.
      Violence between males seems to always involve competition over a woman.(because of scarcity)
      The level of investment required and risk, as ever, remains high.
      Yet the evolutionary payoff, children, has been removed.

  7. reliable birth control, reliable safe abortions and DNA testing, now available before birth – have totally capsized traditional values and only in the last couple of decades…. DNA testing is a huge game changer…..
    the next couple of generations will have completely different attitudes to sex… a lot of what the manosphere complains about is a temporary anomaly, as women move to a more masculine approach to sex… “i enjoy it so why not”…
    give it another 10 years, sex will be like a game of tennis… it won’t carry all the taboos and weight it does today…..
    6/10 marriages end in divorce, probably 1 of those was a total failure, but the other 5, in reality end due to sexual tensions because one or both people want to fuck other people and why the hell not ?
    I think the idea of seeing their man pounding another chic is a huge turn on to most women in LTRs…. so much so that the paradox of the emotional ‘i love you’ side of things feeling so pain full if he’s with another woman, sets off a kind of madness that results in all kinds of jealousy and weirdness…..
    it’s not that different to a repressed gay boy teenager in a strict all boys catholic school 100 years ago…. the repression of monogamy drives the couple, especially the women insane…….
    there’s no real need for monogamy with good birth control and medical care….. perhaps it’s time for the hetros to come out of the closet and admit they are not monogamous….at least 50-60% of them anyway….
    in a good stable relationship while it’s still in the honey moon phase… where is the harm in introducing a few play partners… i don’t see the problem… it’s only some warped morality, some macho pride and a women’s misplaced sense of sex having to be tied to emotions and love…..
    a good (child free) fucking trounces all that every time…..

    1. “give it another 10 years, sex will be like a game of tennis… it won’t carry all the taboos and weight it does today…..”
      The US is curiously, the only “developed” nation that places taboos and weights, to this extent, around sex in this manner. Developed European nations certainly do not. Do you have any idea why this might be, Ray? I would think the US to be even more “progressive” wrt sexuality than European countries.
      ” a women’s misplaced sense of sex having to be tied to emotions and love…..”
      This is not misplaced but rather biological. Even the “macho pride” is a chemical reaction to a woman he has pair bonded with, that pair bonding also triggered by chemicals.
      Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Helen Fisher?
      However, I will agree with you that the chemicals and emotions triggered should be looked at in a detached, rational manner. One should be able to separate themselves from chemical reactions and emotions if only to think about what the reprecutions of acting on those emotions might lead to. This is where a regular meditative practice comes in handy, as you position your “self” as the “seer”. And deeper one divers into that state of mind though, the urges of the senses have less pull over him/her, so it might result in having less sex with less people.
      But this self awareness is necessary.
      And there ARE poly groups out there who are doing this sort of work. Are you familiar with Kamala Devi?

    2. “there’s no real need for monogamy with good birth control and medical care”
      Birth control pills come with serious, sometimes life altering side effects. Same IUDs. Condoms have no side effects but I hear a lot of men don’t like to use them. Plus they don’t guard against HPV and some other STIs. Medical care doesn’t mean squat if you contract HPV, HIV or even Herpes, which cannot be cured.

  8. Just wait until men get worthwhile birth control like Vasalgel or the gandarusa pill. Then things will really get interesting.

    1. I read an article that said the male pill had been invented and ready for testing back in the 70s but they never went forward with it because so few men were willing to be tested and when they did a survey most of the men said they would not buy it for fear it would mess up their reproductive system. However, there is a male birth control pill being currently used in India.

      1. Its not a birth control pill, its a gel that is injected into the penis by a doctor, and some have already taken the plunge. I wonder how American men will respond to the idea of their penises being injected.

  9. Have you ever read “Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth” by Eric Kaufman? Its premise is similar to this. He says that the trend of very high birth rates for certain groups combined with extremely low birth rates for everyone else is going to drastically reshape the social landscape within the next couple of generations and beyond.

    1. But birth rates peak and even out all over the world. That’s the trajectory of birth rates.

  10. If contraceptives are the “magic dollar bill” for women, then Game is the magic dollar bill for men. Never runs out, and works every time.

    1. But you have to be born with the genetic goods to use game. Like I’m 5’11 and decent looking so I can spit game and bang 7/10 regularly and the occasional 9/10 without much effort .
      if you a dude who is average looking and 5’1-5’4 you can have the most amazing personality, have good verbal lingo and be slightly rich and still have trouble banging models on the regular.
      Ofcourse I’m trying to prove this wrong by helping my 5’1 sharp dressing friend bang a European Caucasian hottie and then document it in a youtube vid + book. I’m coaching him for free pushing him to make approaches.
      managed to make him lose v-plates with ugly fat latina(I almost puked) and then a hooker…but yeah tough going. I feel really bad for him that it is this hard..guy has way better social skills that me aswell. like geez, so much hard work….but this could result in good cash for me.

        1. I know, dude looks like a midget from up here..made fun of his height heaps…that’s why I kinda feel bad and want to help him…I mean he can’t help it that he is so short…not like he is a fat chick who is lazy.

  11. Extinction event? WTF are u talking about? Theres almost 8 billion ppl on earth. This whole reproduce for the species and genetic immortality is ridiculous. I like this site, and while I dont agree with everything, I do agree with much. But lately it just seems to be all over the place with contradicting themes and msgs.

    1. The population of dogs can be very large while dalmatians go extinct.
      The genes you leave behind is likely all that will survive you. It’s as close as you’re going to get to immortality.
      This site apologizes for not offering you a unified party line that saves you the trouble of having to think and ask questions for yourself. ;)))

  12. Having met welfare bums with six kids, welfare bums with two kids, wife parasites with two kids, all finding new women to fuck, mainly to all the free time at hand, but seeing the engineers and doctors not able to land a date, it is dysgenic at best.

    1. The race goes not to the strong or the swift, but to those who are most adaptable.
      If workaholic followers who are too subservient to take free time for themselves are weeded out, is it really dysgenic?
      It’s leisure activities that make us human and make more humans, not endless grinding labor.

      1. Yeah, because it is the welfare bums and their statistically future welfare bum spawn that will be able to man the civilization’s systems and just maintain them, forget about building or inventing.
        And a doctor that is doing 12 hour shifts, might be grinding, but he is a million times more valuable as a human being than a leisure loving welfare parasite.
        The disgust I have for welfare kings and their whores is just surpassed by the disgust I have for the ones using th threat of state violence to extract from me wat I have worked for. What my friends have worked for. What productive people have worked for.

        1. Are these hard-working “valuable” people diligent enough to perform the most important thing of all?
          To secure their legacy and/or prevent “bums” from surpassing them?
          If they are not adaptable and always find the hardest way, not the laziest, they will be stamped out by the first crisis that comes along.
          It’s always a specialist that’s in danger of extinction like a bat that feeds on the nectar of just one species of flower.
          Not an adaptable generalist like a cockroach.
          It may offend your sensibilities if “Ow, my Balls” becomes everyone’s favorite entertainment, but so long as “bums” work with reality better than “valuable” people they will be favored by nature.
          “Valuable” people have only themselves to blame for being mindless workbots with no thought or care of their genetic future and no ability for long term orientation or strategic thinking.

        2. Are these hard-working “valuable” people diligent enough to perform the most important thing of all?
          To secure their legacy and/or prevent “bums” from surpassing them?
          If they are not adaptable and always find the hardest way, not the laziest, they will be stamped out by the first crisis that comes along.
          It’s always a specialist that’s in danger of extinction like a bat that feeds on the nectar of just one species of flower.
          Not an adaptable generalist like a cockroach.
          It may offend your sensibilities if “Ow, my Balls” becomes everyone’s favorite entertainment, but so long as “bums” work with reality better than “valuable” people they will be favored by nature.
          “Valuable” people have only themselves to blame for being mindless workbots with no thought or care of their genetic future and no ability for long term orientation or strategic thinking.

  13. I’m not really sold on the premise of this article. Contraceptives also give men a lot of power…if they would just use it. I’ve been guilty of not putting that rubber on and just raw dogging a girl i really didn’t care too much about other than for sex. Condoms allow men to have sex and greatly reduce the ability of a woman to try and lock him down with a kid. We all know how women tell men they’re on the pill when they aren’t and end up trapping the man. Contraceptives definitely empower men, if only men would use them.

  14. I only slept with one man before my husband, who I married soon after college. I have been on birth control ever since because I am a career minded, physically active woman, and he also is an active guy who wants to devote himself to his career right now. I am one of those women who is waiting until her mid thirties for children. If we can’t have kids for whatever reason, we plan to do foster care instead.
    Sorry dude, I’m not on contraception to play with the minds of men. I’m on contraception because my husband and I like our life the way it is and don’t want kids right now. Most happily married women I know are on contraception, particularly those who already have children, because they want to control their family size.
    My mother came from a family with a ton of kids. She loves her siblings, but at the same time is extremely grateful for birth control. It allowed her to have only two kids, not seven, which meant she had more time to focus on and excel in her career, the family wasn’t poor because we had a bunch of mouths to feed, and my sister and I got a lot of opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise. I got to go on multiple class trips to Europe in High School, go to college without loans, play multiple sports and go to educational summer camps. I also only had one little sister to look after, and didn’t spend my whole childhood acting as a mother to younger siblings because there were simply too many for my mother to handle alone. Mom and Dad got to go on regular dates and luxurious romantic vacations they couldn’t have taken if they’d had a bunch of kids both to pay for and arrange babysitting for. They also only had to spend 22 years raising kids rather than 40 like my grandmothers did.
    Contraception equals choices and opportunities, not just for a woman, but for her family as well.

    1. I don’t know if you’re trolling or not. Anyway, I can’t stand when people use themselves to try and refute an argument. Instead of addressing the subject of the article, you simply go into a rant about YOURSELF.

      1. Well I’m using myself because this website always treats women as one cohesive group with a hive mind. They project their imagined motivations on women.

        1. Perhaps you should see the article seven common feminist insults? You’re committing several right now

      2. Also, I only just found this pathetic blog, but can you tell me why it’s called “for masculine men” when it looks like a blog written by a 12 year old fat activist? Oh my god, my life is so awful. Every problem in my life is because of women. i’m such an oppressed victim. Life is terrible. Wahh wahh wahh. I can only get crappy women so I think all women are crappy. I can’t possibly imagine its because I’m a crass, pathetic loser who can’t land a quality woman!
        Is that really what you think masculine men behave like? Fat activist tweens? Because I’m an army wife and I know masculine men, and buddy, you guys are a bunch of whiny pathetic bitter dudes.

    2. “I only slept with one man before my husband.” Then your husband married a used piece of trash and should have found something better.

  15. I work in non profit healthcare and have done work at home and abroad, focusing on impoverished populations. There is a strong correlation between early and frequent pregnancies and poverty.
    Contraception is one of, if not the single best tool at preventing poverty. Some of the most successful anti poverty programs have been based around improving access to contraception to poor populations. Although part of this is because less children are less costly, the main reason is because when women can control their fertility, they can further their education, get and stay in careers that bring in added resources to her family. This is in the interest not only of her, but her husband and her children, who of course will benefit from economic stability.
    Here are several papers on the subject, but there are many more to be found:
    This article completely misses the point of contraception. It’s not about women controlling men, it’s about families being able to control their circumstances to a degree that gives them greater economic opportunities.
    It also makes vast unsupported generalizations about the kinds of women who use birth control, and why. Most married couples use contraception for at least part of their marriage. Even religious women who had little to no sexual experience prior to marriage use contraception. 72% of married practicing Catholic women use birth control, as do 78% of Evangelical married women.
    You really should take it upon yourself to discuss health and socioeconomic matters purely on conjecture with no research what so ever on your part.

    1. Nature cares not at all if you’re poor or rich, happy or sad, only that you bequeathed your genes to successful offspring. I’m not talking about “economic opportunities.”
      In this context, a millionaire in a mansion who doesn’t have kids is a failure, a dinosaur going extinct.
      So families use contraception too. Therefore contraception is all about them? I don’t follow.
      I fail to see how your study from a big-name university contradicts my observations about their looks. It only talks about their economic status.
      I acknowledge that men are complicit in their attempts to get consequence free pleasure…but the whole point of my article is for every choice there is a price.
      You’re right, I should have remembered to get the proper credentials and citations of studies.
      Why don’t you tell us how great the food pyramid is while you’re at it?

  16. I just want to say bless the girl in the title picture for staying in shape and taking care of herself while carrying. Most American women just piledrive garbage food, sit on their asses, and inflate their bodies into oblivion while pregnant. They take it as a right of entitlement to completely let themselves go and (for the most part) stay that way because they are a mother and nothing else matters at all – including their own health and fitness. You would think with the amount of rampant single-motherhood in the states these days you would see a lot more postnatal moms taking care of themselves to become fuckable again so they can rope a good man into their lives. alternatively, you would think if a woman took care of herself during and after pregnancy sh might be able to keep a father around.

  17. Reason 1001 this website is exactly like a fat activist blog:
    Fat activists: “Those junk food companies are so terrible. it’s their fault I’m so fat! They just make it so easy to stuff my face with ho hos all day long at a cheap price, what else could I do but give in? I’m a victim of the modern world, surely no one could actually expect me to have the dignity and restraint to be responsible for my own choices and accept the consequences of bad behavior?”
    RoK: “Contraception is so terrible. it’s their fault I got played by a skanky ho! They just make it so easy for me to go after some skanky bitch who is bound to manipulate me. I’m a victim of the modern world. Surely no one could actually expect me to have the dignity and restraint to be more discerning in my choices of women, to simply not pursue and sleep with game playing skanky bitches and then be subject to the consequences of doing so?”
    you know what, discipline is needed for long term positive outcomes. I don’t eat junk food, I eat cous cous and kale for dinner and then run two miles. Guess what? I’m not fat.
    If you don’t want to get screwed over by a skanky bitch, don’t fuck and chase skanky bitches. Stick with quality, mature, trustworthy women. Don’t go after some bitch, then cry about how you’re an oppressed victim of contraception because a bitch acted like a bitch.
    It’s really not society’s problem that you don’t like the consequences of not having standards.
    It’s called personal responsibility. You should try it some time.
    Or you know, make a few dozen more whiny blog posts about what a victim you are.
    Unfortunately, I know which option you’re going to go with.

  18. “Unsurprisingly, it’s more likely the good-looking or smart career woman who waits until her 30s before trying to get pregnant. The enormous power she experiences intoxicates her so she waits and waits to cash in her ever-growing pile of chips until she finds herself suddenly on the verge of losing everything.
    No, it’s because its harder to get advanced degrees become a successful career woman if you’re forced to take years off of work early in your career for multiple pregnancies and early child care. You have kids early and often, and how are you going to compete with people who have spent those years increasing their skill set and job experience?
    That’s the reason age of marriage and childbearing is most strongly correlated with education. Massachusetts has the highest average age of marriage because it’s a highly educated and economically successful state. Whereas poor states with little good job opportunities see a lot of early marriages and lots of kids young because what the hell else are you going to do, hang out at Walmart?
    Also, the longer you wait to get married, the less your chances of divorce. That is because 1. You are both more mature, know what you want in a long term partner and 2. You’re more likely to be economically stable, which greatly decreases marital stress, particularly when kids enter the picture. Thus, we see that states like Mass with the highest ages of marriage/children have the lowest divorce rate, whereas states where people marry/have kids young have the highest.

    1. It honestly doesn’t matter how a woman rationalizes waiting until her most fertile years are spent.
      Nature has no place for excuses. You either do or don’t. Succeed or fail.
      Is becoming a career woman SMART if the results are ultimately self-defeating and dumb?
      In the end, she prioritized money, a career, social approval, power over men over her own flesh and blood.
      What was the point of it all if she never gets to use the wealth and prestige she built up to help bring in the next generation and continue her legacy?
      What’s really most important? Every choice we make comes with a price.
      I can’t really consider people who don’t stop and think that over very smart.

  19. Actually is not women who are the gate keepers of commitment? Men are actually the gate keepers of resources that women need in order to raise offspring. That is their bargaining chip. Women in turn not only give men access to sex (or reproduction) but also their sexual commitment. Because it is the male who loses more when a female refuses to commit to him, as men have no certainty of their paternity while women are always certain of their maternity. If a woman chooses not to commit to a man she would lose access to his resources but she would still get offspring while a man who cannot convince a woman that she should commit to him may lose in this regard to another male who did (or who has faster swimmers). It is in the male’s best interest that the female he is having sex with is faithful to him. This is why many male mammals “mate guard” and try to keep other males from mating with “their” females. It is also why men value female chastity and will abstain from investing in promiscuous women. Women will commit to men who provide for them (or who are alphas) especially if they depend on those men. So it’s “independent” women who are the biggest threat to men because now that women can obtain those resources without men they care less about committing to them creating a slut culture which is really extreme female hyper-gamy. Birth control (delaying motherhood) definitely helps women become “independent” so it is a factor but not the main factor. Men on this site often confuse male investment with commitment bragging about sex with women who are probably having sex with other men now and who ever produced offspring for them. When human history shows that it was the so called “beta”/provider strategy that was the most effective in procuring offspring for human males. Having sex with a bunch a females who will not commit (or who use birth control) does little to nothing from an evolutionary standpoint and is really just reproductive “gambling” for men.

  20. Great article for how to remain impoverished: have lots of kids early with a woman who doesn’t work, that’s what you should value!
    You know who does that? People in the rural deep south. And you know what? They’re lives friggin suck. My husband is from the deep south. You have a lot of people with a lot of kids they had early, after marrying early. And they shop at Walmart and live in trailers. Oh, and most people I met had been divorced before turning 30.
    I live in New England, where women get graduate degrees and work in high level professional jobs, marry later, and have fewer kids. and you know where we go instead of Walmart to go shopping? London. You know where we go to eat instead of Waffle House? Le Espeliar. You know where our kids go to college? Boston College, MIT, Harvard. You know what we buy our husbands for Christmas? Season tickets to the Patriots, not a singing trout that we got from walmart. Oh, and we also have the lowest divorce rate in the country.
    So great redneck article on how to keep poor rednecks poor rednecks, with a recipe for a failed marriage to boot.
    It’s a shame that being an impoverished redneck is something you aspire to. That you actually think being poor makes you a more powerful man just because your wife is pregnant more often. Really? being a poor hillbilly makes you powerful? yeah, you go on trying to convince yourself of that.
    I think my husband prefers his European vacations, a happy minimally stressful marriage, and the economic ability to give his kids with the best possible life, personally.

    1. You are an uninformed elitist snob.
      So, there are no Walmarts in NE? I’m hallucinating the one 2 miles from my house?
      Where was that group of teenage girls from that made a pregnancy pact? Massachusetts.
      I live in NE, have 4 kids, and ALL of the families I’m friends with have at least 4, with most having 5 or 6. One friend of mine is the 2nd youngest of 11. It’s that Catholic thing.
      I grew up in the south as an only child.

  21. Excellent article, that goes on a much deeper level than average blog article.
    Reproduction was never meant to be something that is controlled. It was always supposed to happen “in the moment” regardless of consequences. When you try to control it, you destroy it most of the time.
    I see around me many hot succesful women in their thirties that have partied too long and are now faced with dry wombs. It’s worrying to see that the “best” or most attractive actually won’t pass on their genes because of recklessness.
    However many girls from high eduction university that were studying with me, I see they are with kids on facebook already, because they know better than what the media is saying, and know the clock is ticking. Where I live the highest educated actually take care to marry not too late.
    Your article needs a bit of nuance.
    Around me I also see really fine girls who would have wanted a baby in their early twenties, but lets face it a lot of western guys are obsessed with making the most of their youth and dont want to become fathers at 25. The fact that contraception is available makes it possible for these guys to *demand* that their girlfriend use the pill. So for these girls its not so much a choice. The current situation (contraception) does not favour women over men, it favours the strongest in the relationship, be it the player/rockstar/cheik over the naive harem, or the golddigger/bitch over the unsuspecting beta.
    Consequences to this situation, as you pointed out, is the natural selection towards girls who hate the view of a condom and “forget” to take their pill. In a more dark scifi kind, surrogacy factories are already open in India and catering to western couples in their forties who suddenly realize they want an offspring.

  22. You’re right. Men still need to jump hoops and sometimes nearly kill themselves for the ultimate prize.
    For women, getting the best choice male is their ultimate prize. Contraception changes this by giving her the opportunity to pursue dual mating strategies. She gets all the bad boy cocksas at her peak. Then she ensnares betas when she’s done playing the game.
    Before contraception women had to make a choice, thus limiting her number of lifetime partners or end up a spinster or a single mom with negative options.

  23. Don’t you PUA types abhor the idea of being fathers? Isn’t the ability to “opt out” of being a father (i. e., being legally able to knock up a woman and walk away) one of your key goals? Now you’re complaining because women can decide to avoid pregnancy with contraceptives?
    The problem you seem to have is with women having power, of any sort.

    1. “Hate,” “complaining” yet I don’t see where this applies to me.
      I’m actually pointing out that even “no strings” sex comes with a price.
      Even if he walks away immediately afterwards, the man already had to bargain for her and invest resources by taking the initiative in courtship, displaying his charm, signs of commitment in hopes of sex.
      What is one of the top “complaints” on a site like this?…
      Without her escapades ever being brought to an end by pregnancy, she gets a never-ending stream of validation, resources, and courtship that inflates her self-perceived value off the charts.
      She gets to live like a 16 year old from 100 years ago for the next 15-20 years, never growing up.

      1. I’m beginning to think the problem your ilk has is you WANT to be women. You at least want what you see as their advantages in sexual relations (i. e., you’re slaves to your dicks and they aren’t).
        Grumbling about reality while developing “cunning” ways to deal with it. It’s a truly pathetic existence.

        1. True. Some of us eventually come to see life as other than a cross between Peter Pan and the Battle of the Sexes.
          And some of us never stopped lurking in the No Grrls Allowed clubhouse.

  24. Permanently stuck with a what the fuck look on my face because there is no fucking way an actual human being actually thinks these things. God I hope the author and anyone else who agrees with this garbage has been steralized. Please never reproduce, you’re doing a huge disservice to the human beings in this world and your future children

    1. Can we see a picture?
      Of course, I would never think these terrible things. I’m really offended you’d suggest that. It’s just an output from an idea-generating program on my computer. Pay it no mind.
      Nope, haven’t been sterilized.
      You would “play God” saying who should reproduce and who shouldn’t? How dare you?!!1 😉
      That’s eugenics, you know, a “discredited” idea.
      I always thought better of you!

  25. Well there are some misconceptions but I find general concept intriguing. Judging by the comments it is certainly not wrong. Hormonal birth control disrupts pheromone olfactory receptors causing search for ‘the one’ to increase. That is the only evidence to support your theory I can think of. The biological imperative can be and have been by-passed with anal or oral sex. While the problem may not be birth control by it self it is a contributor. The societal shift have been addressed numerous times by many thinkers in men’s movement. Responsibility usually falls squarely on feminism and many neglect the role of traditional men that allowed it to reach such proportions.

  26. Some of us don’t want marriage or babies, ever.
    What is so wrong with that? Plenty of men feel the same way.
    I don’t really see the point since all men are cheaters, anyways. Why put myself into a precarious position where I’d have to choose between my dignity (don’t wanna stay with a cheating asshole “alpha”) and the wellbeing of my child (don’t want babies growing up with no daddy?)
    Here’s an idea: Don’t even fucking bother.

  27. Couldn’t have stated this point better myself. I like to be sure that every time I have sex with a woman, there is a decent chance of her becoming pregnant. I am more than prepared for those consequences.

  28. Couldn’t have stated this point better myself. I like to be sure that every time I have sex with a woman, there is a decent chance of her becoming pregnant. I am more than prepared for those consequences.

  29. Just one question: why is it that women should bear all the responsibility and consequences for the act of sex? Before, women had to bear the risk of pregnancy every time they had sex, and now they don’t. But nothing has changed for men and the author seems to have no problem with that. Because men, the supposed hard-wired “drug addicts” should be able to indulge in their addiction with no consequences now or in the future? Little newsflash: this analogy doesn’t work, because drug addicts who indulge in their addictions without accepting any responsibility end up self-destructing. Think about that for a minute.

  30. You guys need some classical education. Contraceptives have been around for a long time, in pre-christian worlds. No problem with them, really. Other favourite method, the ‘pulling out’. Yes, of course it works.

  31. You guys are so stupid in the generalization that there’s specific things that men want and things women want.There are a lot of girls I know who like casual sex, and plenty of guys who would like a committed relationship, and vice versa. And that women use sex as some kind of gambling tool (well some do, but if you’re smart you don’t have to). Me and my boyfriend wanted the exact same thing, a committed, loving, relationship. And it benefits both of us, because we’re both only 18 and don’t want to have any children until we can afford them. I mean should we not have sex for the next 7 years or so because there’s something so wrong about wanting to prevent pregnancy? This article confuses me. The majority of the shit on ROK is disheartening, and when I read it, I always have to remind myself of all the good, compassionate men that I know, who don’t see women as only baby makers or sex objects, but as human beings.

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