How Feminism Is Ruining “Game of Thrones”

It’s cliché to complain about how a movie or television show is ruining the source material by departing from the books.  There’s nothing new about bitching that HBO is sabotaging A Song of Ice and Fire, the literary source for its program Game of Thrones, but what’s not being pointed out is why they are doing it.

The answer is feminism.  Television needs to constantly reinforce the egalitarian narrative.  The point of feminism is to absolve women from all responsibility for their actions.  The show does this by creating simplistic explanations for the female characters’ actions and promoting  Mary Sue style “strong women.”

Women in the books have complicated rationalizations for their actions, often deriving from deep seated insecurities and fears.  Like real life women, they rationalize things to themselves based on deluded self-images, rather than reality.  The show does its best to strip these away, the easier to blame everything on men.

1.  Shae

For example, the character of Shae in the television series is a variation on the theme of a “whore with a heart of gold,” with a “strong woman” twist.  She heroically tries to defend Sansa when she is assigned as her handmaiden.  She bickers with Tyrion only over what she sees as threats to her dignity, not money or possessions.  And she actually loves Tyrion, turning against him because of his comment (designed to get her to flee the city) that she is a “whore.”  Needless to say, this is quite a departure from the manipulative, materialistic, and Machiavellian Shae of the books.


Whores are the real heroes

2.  Daenerys

Or take Daenerys.  The show turns her into a liberal fantasy figure—at the end of Season 3, literally a blonde savior exalted by a worshipful circle of helpless brown people.  She kills people, but only “bad” people like slavers.  Occasionally she makes bad political decisions, but this just shows the world isn’t moral enough for her.

Her translator Missandei, a child in the books, is of an age with Daenerys so they can share grrl power lines like “All men must die, but we are not men.”  Apparently, you now have to believe that women are not only better than men, but so independent and strong they can overcome death itself.

Her affair with a sellsword is “empowering,” not an emotional decision that could have dire consequences.  The complex motivations behind her willingness to kill to secure power is transformed into egalitarian pabulum, enabled by her royal birth and “magic” power as the “mother of dragons.”


Talk about pedestaling. 

3.  Talisa

The show fundamentally changed the character of Robb Stark’s queen, creating one “Talisa Maegyr.” In the books, Robb’s queen is a minor Westerosi noble whom he feels he must be loyal to in order to preserve her honor.  However misguided, he is chivalrous.

The show gives us a more PC, exotic woman who renounced her noble birth because of her disgust over slavery.  She spends her days tending to the wounded created by the battles of men.  Robb falls in love with her because she is the modern ideal of an independent woman who has renounced her family and background in support of egalitarian ideals—while of course, retaining high social status.


“Man up” Robb Stark.  What could go wrong?

4.  Brienne

In the books, Brienne of Tarth is supposed to be ugly (except for her eyes) and huge.  Catelyn Stark views her with pity and understands that her dedication to King Renly Baratheon comes from her unrequited love for him.  After he dies, she psychologically needs someone else to protect and serve.  Jamie Lannister admires her but doesn’t think of her as objectively attractive.  He also fights her to a standstill even while handcuffed and out of practice.  While she’s still an admirable and brave character, Brienne’s strength derives from a deep insecurity.

The show removes this complexity.  She is portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, who is of unconventional appearance for an actress but not ugly. She defeats her challengers in combat, including Jamie.  She even beats Sandor Clegane in a matchup that never takes place in the books. Instead of being a complex character, she’s just another fictional female superwarrior.


Invincible female warrior on TV?  Boy, that’s original. 

5.  Cercei

Even Cercei gets sympathetic treatment.  In the book, Cercei Lannister is plagued by a mix of insecurity and self-delusion—Tyrion notes that his sister thinks she is “Tywin Lannister with teats.”  Indeed, she looks up to her father partially because it enhances her own self-image as his equal.  She also uses her sexuality as a weapon, betraying her brother (and lover) Jamie, who remains loyal.

The show’s Cercei is portrayed as reacting to her oppressed status as a woman forced to marry men she doesn’t love.  She openly confesses her sexual sins to her own father and roars defiance, defending her independence.  Oh, and a consensual love scene is transformed into a rape.  She’s a survivor now and however brutal her actions, the audience is invited to sympathize with her.


“Strong woman”


George R.R. Martin is a traditional liberal, but his fiction contains characters with complicated rationalizations for their selfish actions.  The television show gives us a morality play filled with characters whose motivations and actions make no sense in the context of Westeros, but make perfect sense in the 21st century liberal imagination.  Even when a female character does something wrong, there is the kind of reason behind it that Tumblr users can understand.

The irony is that the “strong women” characters of Game of Thrones are being turned into cartoons.  They are simply assimilated into the same narrative behind every other television show and movie—patriarchy and tradition are always to blame, and we must sympathize with everything a woman does to fight against her oppression.

It actually dehumanizes the women characters of the show.  After all, they don’t actually make decisions—they simply react to what men do.  But television isn’t about good stories—it’s about propaganda.

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214 thoughts on “How Feminism Is Ruining “Game of Thrones””

  1. I’m not sure I entirely agree with you about Brienne- I definitely got the impression that she swore her loyalty to Catelyn Stark out of an intense mental need to protect someone/something. It was more of a subtle motivation, but still present.

  2. Does anyone watch this show anymore?
    ‘Game of Thrones’ jumped the shark last season with its glorification of feminism.

    1. I agree. The 1st season was fantastic, 2nd season was decent, 3rd season was average to bad and the 4th season has so far been the worst. I think I should have read the books

      1. House of Cards went down the same hole in season two…. the first season was ultra masculine orientated. The second season was already feminized.

      2. You can still read the books, its not too late! Once they started veering too far from the book content, it became a terrible show

        1. I hope GRRM lives long enough to finish writing the series. Considering that the books IIRC ( It’s been a while since I read them) are around 800 pages each if not longer, he started writing them around 12 years ago, unless I was misinformed after reading A Dance of Dragons there are supposed to be at least 2 more books to come, and George is neither young nor in great health, I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t though.

    2. Considering GoT became the most watched show in hbo history it would seem many people are watching it.

      1. Yeah too bad the majority of the viewing audience are retarded idiots and probably can’t read the books so that’s the best they are going to get, which isn’t that great anyway

        1. Yeah, but hbo doesn’t care how illiterate they are as long as they keep paying for their subscriptions now do they?

        2. Are they retarded idiots or are you bothered by women empowerment notions in the movie? Don’t cry..

    3. Brienne defeating the Hound was the last straw for me.
      She fights a malnourished, atrophied Jaime only to a stalemate in the books…in the show, she clowns him.
      She’s almost killed by random untrained thugs in the books…in the show, she defeats one of Westeros’s greatest fighters, but even then JUST barely and only when he’s hindered by an infected wound. They try to play her up, but she can still only win when her opponent is handicapped.
      And on top of that, the Hound is left to die (?) by who? Arya, a fucking grrrl of course.
      Brienne did defeat Loras, who is a legit fighter despite the shit his bitch Grandma says about him. That’s her only legit win. She’s GOOD, but not fucking amazing like they make her look in the show.
      Legitimizing Cersei and Shae as victims of “PAYTWEEAWKY” and misogyny stings too.
      But what stings most is to see Stannis reduced to a hapless dipshit in the show, a fucking puppet for the Ginger witch, while Danaerys, who is a fucking IDIOT is exalted as a great leader when she would be nothing without her dragons and her…wait for it…men.
      Ironically, the only reason Danaerys has made what progress she has is that MEN have brought her so far; a male foreign diplomat and Viserys arranged her marriage to Khal Drogo; a man gave her the old dormant dragon eggs that later hatched; Drogo killed Viserys; Ser Jorah, a man, kept her alive and advised her with his wisdom and savvy, his spying notwithstanding; ditto for Ser Barristan; Daario gave her his 2,000 MAN army, the Second Sons; Grey Worm and the Unsullied may not have their cock and balls, but as he says in the books, “a man without man parts can still have a mans heart.”
      Even in a show that is obviously a vehicle for feminism, we see that female characters are incapable of making their own power…but rather, merely co-opt the pre-existing power that men have made for themselves.
      In that respect, it is remarkably realistic.

        1. Hola! – I’m a girl, and a feminist liberal at that. I much prefer the Brienne from the books than this overpowered Mary Sue in the show. Wanna know why? Because the Brienne from the books was brave, strong, and honorable but was also flawed and had weaknesses like regular human beings. It doesn’t make sense for ANYONE to defeat the Hound, except for the crazy Mountain. Neither Brienne nor Jaime should’ve been able to beat him.

  3. I watched Season 1, by the Middle of SEason 2 it had become so implicitly and sometimes explicitly PC and promoting racial and feminist angles that I stopped watching.
    I completely lost interest. Too bad but I can;t stomach that garbage……

    1. Didn’t see anything wrong with the racial angle, its usually only “token” anyway but the blatant feminism was too much.

  4. george rr martin has identified as a feminist of sorts, but he evidently wasn’t feminist enough. This might have to do with the fact that GoT has a strong female following, who the producers are appealing to. Brienne defeating the Hound was a travesty but her characterisation has generally been fair I’d say, but its Dany whose narrative will tell how feminist things will become. With her dragons she’s literally reaching for the sky. The emancipation theme may or may not be portrayed as an unalloyed good, quite aside of whether her intentions are noble or otherwise.
    The interesting thing about GoT perhaps is that with its bleak unpredictable violence and commitment to violating viewer expectations, GoT appears to present itself as red pill reality oriented fantasy, yet within than putative framework the liberation theologies of our day – mainly feminism / egalitarianism – are given substantial if not necessarily free rein. A lot may depend on whether Dany fucks up big time, or rides in on the back of one of her dragons as the conqueror of westeros.
    As for the writers, they’re probably ideologically on board but even if they weren’t what exactly can they do? Only today the British Film Foundation or whatever its called announced it would only financially sponsor films that met its ‘diversity criteria – 40% diversity approved roles; at least two heads of departments (or whatever) in areas of the film’s production etc. Writers / producers etc are under pressure in today’s world

  5. Game of thrones as a TV series is dead. The only TV series that don’t carry a political agenda and have some of the most magnificent acting is True Detective

    1. I was going to say Hannibal but then it is pretty clear that as amazing as the series is (seriously go watch it now, darker than anything true detective could come up with and mads Mikkelson is better than Hopkins) there’s likely a gay agenda from its show runner Bryan fuller

      1. I think TV in general has a gay agenda. Anyone see Penny Dreadful where the shows most macho character turns gay in a heartbeat?

    2. I don’t watch the show regularly as fantasy isn’t my appeal, however I know the show is more popular now than it ever was so claiming it is “dead” is complete and utter nonsense. In fact, pretty sure it has been extended for two more seasons.

    3. It can be tough, but I fast forward through some of the bullshit, like gay sex, romantic blue pill shit etc.
      I do enjoy really great acting though and so far I’ve been quite impressed with some of the cast.

    4. You must be joking. TD is hugely influenced by the feminist paradigm. Everything is. Not one show or film in the past decade is free of the sjw shit. Not one.

  6. Did you even read the books? The author is an admitted feminist who enjoys strength in women. One of the MALE characters in the fourth book even says, verbatim, that women are stronger than men and that they should rule.
    That being said, I don’t really think that either the book or the series has been ruined by feminist influences (the series is in danger of this though, especially with Dany’s storyline which is borderline unwatchable). In the book, there are strong women to be certain, but they are WOMEN who want to be loyal to their husbands and strong for their children. They desire families and love from those families. Even Brienne, with all of her ugliness and desire to be a strong fighter, dreams of another life as a mother and experiences feelings much more intensely than the male protagonists. They’re not men with tits, they’re just characters, and I don’t think interesting female characters are at all a bad thing in a piece of fiction. In fact, the women who try to act like men with tits (Cersei) is written to be actively reviled.

    1. Moral of the story, don’t go to fantasy literature for game lessons if the author hasn’t seen or done shit.
      This is why those crazy Russian authors routinely top out when it comes to books that are deep and world renowned. They’ve had so much shit to befall their country they use the pain to create good literature.
      England was like this. Now we have j.k Rowling a single mum piece of trash that stole every name for her characters from gravestones in Edinburgh because she was too dumb as shit to think that of anything and wizards. The majority of our new fictional literature is poop.

      1. i’ve noticed over the last few years that a lot of harry potter fans dislike tolkien because he “uses big words.” these are native english speakers i’m talking about. i tried the first song of fire and ice book but couldn’t get past the awful writing, fifth-grade-level writing. glad i never tried the show, seeing that it’s apparently following along with the warrior princess plague that has infected all fantasy and sci fi in recent memory.

    2. yeah a lot of fantasy is highly feminist. Ever read Robert Jordan? I stopped reading his books because I couldn’t take the constant feminist nonsense.

      1. Is that the one with the bondage? People wearing magic collars that control them? Oh yeah – and male wizards are automatically evil because the male side of magic is tainted.
        I gave up when I realised that it was one of those series that would never really finish. Same as ‘riverworld’, which I encountered as a teenager. Aint no-one got time for that.

  7. I only watch Game of Drones aka Game of Thrones for semi fattie nudity and over-dramatized pompously choreographed doggy style sex.
    Even Daenerys has a fat anglo ass. Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) loves butt fucking her to make her ass Hawaiian, not because he loves her. By the end of the series, her ass will become Hawaiian.

  8. “Beauty, they called her … mocking. The hair beneath the visor was a squirrel’s nest of dirty straw, and her face … Brienne’s eyes were large and very blue, a young girl’s eyes, trusting and guileless, but the rest of her features were broad and coarse, her teeth prominent and crooked, her mouth too wide, her lips so plump they seemed swollen. A thousand freckles speckled her cheeks and brow, and her nose had been broken more than once. Pity filled Catelyn’s heart. Is there any creature on earth as unfortunate as an ugly woman?” Lady Catelyn Stark A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22

    1. > “Is there any creature on earth as unfortunate as an ugly woman?” – Catelyn

  9. Hey, another ten years and I’ll look like buddy in the first pic of this article, sans hair.
    Never watched a “Game of Thrones”….too busy working.
    I read a short article about the man who wrote Game of Thrones and he’s a fat ugly bastard. I’d rather be poor old me than rich old fat him any day.

    1. This aint the first time youve called yourself handsome. How about you post a recent hi-res pic and let the rest of us decide?

        1. Do you masturbate to your own self while looking in the mirror, Mr. Handsome?

        2. Internet hot guys are like internet tough guys. Pics or it didn’t happen.

        3. Fedora. Mustache. Splotchy stubble. Indeterminate sunburn/gin blossom on cheeks. Many shades of fail here.
          Cool vid though.

        4. Sam, he’s just trying to act like he doesn’t like you… I used to work with a lot of guys like that in retail…

        5. Yeah, I seem to get hit on by gays occasionally. The last time was a few weeks ago at a bar, a young feller. I told him, “I’m fed up with women, but not that fucking fed up!”

        6. Lol I had that today in a store! The guy was literally “eye-raping” me. Asking questions that had nothing to do with the pair of pants he selling me. I felt so violated! Lol.

        7. I don’t…I’m a grown man so I don’t give a shit one way or the other. Just thought I’d point out that claiming being handsome without objective proof is a pretty chick-like thing to do. “I’m a beautiful snowflake!!!”

        8. Really Alpha. Desperately trying to convince other guys that you’re handsom on an online forum.

        9. Never said I was Alpha, my man; far from it. Being Alpha is not just a pick-up thing, it also means you’re a natural leader who yearns to rule the roost, the team captain. I was kind of Beta for a while until my gorgeous wife pushed me to my limits, then unlike the 9/10 divorces initiated by women, I gave her the fuck up and I’m happy to be a fucking bachelor again. When I do encounter an Alpha and he pisses me off, I’ll up the ante and escalate the situation, and you know what? He always backs down.

  10. This article could be at least 5x longer with the amount of aggravating stuff that’s in this show. I really resent the bait and switch with this show as it’s hard to step away from a series once you really get into it. Perhaps we need to start a boycott for season 5 so we can support each other 😛

    1. The show runners have fucked it up. The only way they can return to good is if they get back to the fucking source. There’s a couple of characters that should be introduced that will compensate against the feminist bullshit. One called Victarion who would be a classic badass but we would call now a beta provider because of how much the world has changed, and one called Euron. If they bring the latter in properly you will see an end to a lot of bullshit. If they dont , well then you know the shows circling the drain

      1. I’ve read that Euron Greyjoy cuckolded his brother Victarion Greyjoy and impregnated his wife with his seed. Then when Victarion found out, he beat her to death with his bare hands.
        They’re both alpha as fuck obviously, but who more? Perhaps Euron, unfortunately, as he was the cucker, and not the cuckee.
        And I fully expect them to continue castrating and pussifying the Alpha male characters of the show.

        1. Yep. Euron dominates and manipulates his brother but his brother craves power and women (in the form of getting danaerys) just as much as Euron does

      2. I think it will only get worse. In Season 5 a new region is introduced: Dorne, which is much more liberal and feminist than the rest of Seven Kingdoms.

        1. Well not so fast. The Dornish bang women and have bastard kids galore and it is “ok ” there. Oberyn had six bastards all women and they are called the “sand snakes” . Totally devoted to their badass dad. The HBO/GoT version of course “queered up” Oberyn and made him bi ( brothel scene) but that was not in the book. It’s the script writers that will fuck up Dorne /Dornish…

        2. Turns out he was right, Dorne is a feminist shit hole under the heel of the stiletto boot.

  11. Y’all are as bad as Christians whining about Harry Potter’s satanic influences. Enjoy the damn show. Or don’t. And by the way, it’s spelled Cersei.

      1. Real men don’t spend time bitching about TV shows they don’t watch. But you knew that already.
        They also don’t spend time rebutting twats on comment threads for troll articles bitching about TV shows, so I’m going to go count a rosary on my notch beads and pray to St. Rollo for forgiveness.

        1. Nope but they do influence people and pepetuate delusions that affect the real world.

        2. So what do real men do ? Ride off into the sunset on their motorbike and masturbate all alone in the woods ?
          This site is about the world we live in today. Unless you want to join an Antarctic science team, there really isn’t much frontier left.
          If you don’t understand and study the enemy you are up against, then you will never win, and make no mistake the battle has begun.

        3. Just admit it, the article is over your head. No need to be angry at the intellectuals.

        4. The tv show aspect is just one small aspect of a much larger problem that all men need to address. It would be fine if it was just a tv show, but these shows are used to social engineer a desired outlook across the population, in this case, women are always better than men etc.

    1. Eww not those yucky Christians. The Cathedral approved group we are allowed to hate on, how “edgy” of you. You badass tearaway you.

    1. yup once they began to deviate quite blatantly from the book content it became unwatchable

  12. Read Wheel of Time. It started at the same time, and is better in almost every way. The author was red-pill as shit, and the main boys go through a BP->RP transformation throughout the books.

    1. Until his protege takes over and completes the last couple of books. Goddamn how shitty those last books are…

    2. You have got that backwards. Wheel of Time is probably the most horrifically feminist junk I have ever read. It started well (as a story) but became derivative and repetitive. The basic premise (female sorcerers good, male sorcerers bad and must be caged or killed) is about as feminist as it gets.

  13. What people need to realize is that it is WOMEN and WOMEN’S DESIRES that are responsible for this, not feminism.
    Even without the cancer that is feminism, it would still have been the same!
    The fact that we are too scared to call women out and put all the blame on feminism, is in itself an aspect of female worship.
    Please gentlemen, we must stop letting women and political correctness bully us into silence. Let us stop worshipping women for fucks sake. It is women that are the root of the feminist society and media.
    Note the word – WOMEN.

    1. good article, but not going deep enough…. GOT is still remarkably quite masculine and red pill.
      Other TV shows, I’ve tried to watch, such as Blacklist, Crisis, Scandal, The 100, Defiance and many many more, have script writers creating imaginary women who are super smart, not the slightest bit insecure and seem to have the best of all worlds, or at least be able to fight and run a career like a man.
      The 100 really takes the pick, as all the men are portrayed as insecure bungling evil doers, while the women are saints and saviors. The only good man is a black man, and the hero is a blonde cutie, barely out of her teenage years. It’s so fucking pathetic, I couldn’t get past the first couple of episodes. Kerry Washington’s scandal is even worse.

      1. Blacklist. In principle a good show but ruined by the female lead. How is it that she a newbie criminal profiler turns out to be tougher than Jack Bauer, fully competent with any weapon and having no problems shooting it out with armed terrorists? One time I saw this slightly pudgy little woman beat the crap out of a much larger man. I’m sorry its not happening!
        If not for Spader this show would be a complete pile of shit.

      2. I stopped watching shows awhile back because it all started to turn into complete nonsense. The bad writing, main characters (strong male leads) replaced by sub-par men or women, etc, etc…it just go really bad.
        Even when there was a somewhat strong male lead, the story lines started to go down that same female, drama driven story line…you know what’s coming next…why bother continuing to watch (unless you’re a woman).
        And yes, watching a somewhat out of shape (or smaller framed) woman beat up a rock solid, larger man is just ridiculous.
        I pick what I watch now…but it certainly isn’t on mainstream TV.

      3. I agree that it’s still remarkably quite masculine, and despite what some folks may be saying in the comments section below, this is still a terrific show and one of the few worth watching (along with other notables mentioned like True Detective, Luther, and Archer, damn it). Though Knight Rider makes some excellent points, I believe some of the changes he highlighted were more for practical reasons than political ones:
        Brienne being better looking than described for instance — Tyrion was also supposed to be horribly disfigured and malshaped with mismatched eyes (and later a missing nose) but in both cases we’ve wound up with better-looking actors due to what audiences in general want to look at, the practicality of prosthetics and most importantly what high quality actors are actually available to play an enormous warrior woman and a dwarf. I think the rest is fairly unimportant superficiality and the casting department nailed it across the board.
        Her taking down the Hound in combat was actually one of the show’s greatest changes — they’d already set up he was weakened from that festering bite wound, and instead of one of the greatest characters laid low by an infection from a random soldier as in the books, realistic though it was, we get to the same place through an incredible one-on-one battle with a legit heavyweight fighter, followed up with a truly powerful scene and performance by Rory McCann.
        The girl-power Daenerys angle I’m guessing is being set up for a major fall (if not a complete descent to a villany if some guesses are right), as already her choices are coming back to haunt her, and Cersei’s more sympathetic treatment is actually in line with the story’s focus on grey characters — she’s still a conniving cunt but in getting to see more of her reasoning she’s that much more believable… even some of that seemingly sympathetic side, as in her little touchy speech to Oberyn, was revealed to be just more of her bitch scheming.
        The differences with Shae had to do with the producers’ major change to the Tysha storyline that had such a dramatic difference in the final episode of this season — due, I believe, to their deliberate focus on more present events and characters over those in the past. Audiences were hit that much harder by seeing this “strong woman” type who actually loved Tyrion betray him vs. just a cold-hearted manipulator who never did, along with the subsequent reveal about his former wife (which may not have worked as well, but again, the point is it was due to the different focus on screen) … but I’ve gone on enough.
        Just excited about defending this show because my pursuits are in the writing and film realm, and when I read these books over a decade ago I never imagined they would be brought to life like this. I’m working on similar logistics in vastly different projects… perhaps one day there will be an article on this site about a show that made it through, pure red-pill to the bone.

        1. Luther is a huge social justice show. Every killer in every ep is white English, whilst the hero is the moody black man who gets all the hot white chicks, no matter how crazy they are. It is made by the BBC so…its to be expected.

    2. No, the problem is feminism, not all women. And plenty of men play a significant role in its exsistence, while plenty of women denounce feminism.

        1. Blaming an entire gender without distinguishing among individuals or acknowledging the other genders participation in the problem is what feminism does, and is what you are currently doing.
          The main reason feminism is successful is that there are so many men who support it. Feminism defies female nature, and is a form of gender bigotry that is supported by both women and men. Both genders are capable of bigotry, hate, and ignorance and that is the source from which feminism springs. The bigotry is the problem, not an entire gender.

        2. Thank you, you’re one of the ones who gets it.
          if anything, people going out and hating women makes the other side of the bigotry more powerful because it proves them right.
          I don’t know if it can even be called feminism anymore, because original feminism was only about giving women the power to vote, wheras these fucksticks on tumblr aren’t helping women’s rights in third world countries or anything, not even a mention.

    3. I read both your comment and your manifest and thought about it for a while. I disagree strongly.
      Feminists’ success has nothing to do with being insulting, anti-scientific assholes – it’s just that it didn’t hinder their success enough. Collecting and spreading information are the key values to combat feminism. In fact, it’s through rational realizations that most people became opposed to feminism and learning from sources can be as effective as trial and error, so spreading information is key.
      Feminism is winning because it spreads information more effectively (media, universities, etc). There are few citable sources about the present and historic discrimination of men out there and few good summaries (e.g. a summary of history where men were discriminated against based on reliable sources, not blogs, or even an extensive summary of present discrimination against men).
      Feminists try to paint the Mens’ Rights Movements as women-hating to discredit it (Guilt by Association) and you, out of all recommendations, suggest people should play into their hands??! Either indeed an agent provocateur or very naive.

    4. Feminism cannot be stopped. Because it has justice and equality at it’s root. You just cannot stop something that is good. People in general, annoyed with themselves and their families being treated like shit by people like you, will always join the movement. Don’t cry about it. Man up!

    5. This. Fucking this.
      Feminism is just a symptom of a larger problem: too much female worship.

  14. Never watched the show, but Belfort Bax mentions the same things about popular (live) theatre over a century ago – that men MUST be portrayed as wrongdoers, and the victim woman always MUST prevail – else there is no happy ending.
    This is not something to blame on feminism, but rather upon “feminine-ism.”
    Watch shows aimed at teenagers… isn’t it about them prevailing over adult wisdom? Same shit, different pile.
    The rise of in-home entertainment available at the flick of a switch might have more to do with saturating our society with this kind of bullshit than even the billions spent on political lobbying by our hairy-legged adversaries.
    Dr. Lawrence Shannon discusses the same thing in his book, “The Predatory Female,” suggesting that the telephone likely caused more divorce than anything else. Before the telephone, women only congregated with eachother on Sundays and holidays… for the rest, it was chop wood, churn butter, and wash them long-johns on the washboard.
    But with the telephone coming into everyone’s homes, suddenly they were able to call mom or a girlfriend each evening, and yack and yack and yack… of course, often about the husband… which led to women telling eachother they really were victims and they should leave him…

    1. You have a point. All women should have State-funded surgery to remove their smartphones.

  15. i like the series but when ever they go to danny land i want to fucking blow my brains out i mean can we stop making her into some fucking jesus figure

  16. I’m convinced that even in the show Shae was illustrated as being a manipulative bitch. She was quite happy to be comfy and in bed calling Tywin her lion at the end.

    1. At the end yeah, but she did a bunch of wierd ‘heroics’ stuff she never did in the books, and its just corny. They should have left Shae the conniving whore she was the whole time. I LOVED that they kept that Tyrion strangled her though

  17. I totally quit watching series for a while, until I started watching Vikings. What a story. But now close to the end of the second season, feminism crept to that shit. Remember perfectly the line where two ladies (Aslaug and some other cunt) saying to each other, “Us women should rule”. It upset my stomach, made me cry and laugh at the same time. Yeah you should rule, we’ll see how long your rule will last until the alpha gets in town and breaks those hips of yours, makes you his bitch and pregnant. We’ll see with what kind of Iron hand you’ll lead armies and bring hordes of bloodthirsty alphas under your rule, without of course resisting the temptation of “falling in love for the wrong guy”. Or for how long you’ll keep white Knights by your side, making them work and giving them nothing in return until they turn tail.
    Gosh, same story, different setting. It never changes.

    1. Did you make it to episode were Harbard the alpha turns up and fucks all the Viking chicks whilst Ragnar and the other hubbies are all away battling the odd to provide for said viking chicks? A few kids die too because the women folk are all too busy riding Harb’s cock to look after their own children. When Ragnar gets back, the all make excuses to cover for each other and justify the death of his children. They also try to blame their infidelity on the menfolk who were away trying to provide for them. t’s really quite enlightening to this whole sjw thing.

  18. never seen this show but it sounds like i should just watch the first couple seasons if i ever do

  19. I’ve found that GOT pushed a mixed agenda and most certainly can be read from multiple view points through the lens of different characters. I especially find Tywin and his emphasis on family as brilliant. He understands the concept of not marrying a whore and tells it quite frankly to Tyrrion. Other characters like Lord Bolton give account of how his marriage is a business arrangement as most Royals marriages were which was to preserve his power. Others fall to the wayside for swallowing the blue pill. It’s a well crafted TV series and gives multiple standpoints. You can choose which characters best identify with your viewpoint.

    1. yea but unfortunately, and sadly its never mentioned in the show, the ‘whore’ young Tyrion married, whom his father later threw to his soldiers and made Tyrion have sex with once they were all done, was not actually a whore. Jamie had made it up to make him feel better, but because she was a nobody (milkmaid or farmer or something) obviously Tywin would never allow the marriage. I think that would have made the dynamic a lot more interesting if they had included that in the show, but that’s what you get for watching dumbed down programming and not reading the original material

  20. funny enough, watching this series is what led me to discover ROK…and i agree completely, none of the women’s characters make sense anymore.
    total genius: get all the male viewers in the first season, the women all want to know what they’re watching, discover it’s softcore medieval porn misogyny, they start watching it to see just how bad it gets, then everyone’s watching it. but come second season it starts apologizing by making stronger female characters, gets rid of all sex scenes and only minimal breastage – hence no one wants to watch anymore. game of thrones became a beta male. LOL

      1. Hola! – Sigh. I think you’re missing the point. The female characters of GoT started off great in the first two seasons. Then, half of them became less complex. That’s not feminist. Feminist is writing women characters just as equally and complexly you would write male characters, AKA still having lots of flaws. The only female character who improved from the first few seasons is Sansa. They screwed up Daenerys’s storyline, which is sad because it started off great. She was an innocent girl who started off as a sex slave and learned to become independent – awesome stuff. But then it just went downhill from there, and she became a lot less complex and a lot more boring.

  21. that’s why I watched Spartacus and stopped watching this after the 2nd season. Spartacus makes GOT look gay.

  22. I’m glad someone finally brought this up. I was confused by the Brienne/Hound fight having previously read the book. How is it that Brienne could barely handle an out of shape Jaime but could destroy The Hound, who tears though publoads of soldiers for fun? Literally fun.
    Shae annoyed me too. She is a whore. Nuff said. It was also interesting that they had Rob Stark’s wife killed (and stabbed in her pregnant stomach) when in the books this does not happen.
    The other thing that concerns me is the sheer amount of homo sex in the show. There is none of this in the books. I see it as part of HBO’s apparent mission to ram homosexuality down our throats. I get it, some people are gay, but I don’t need to watch it on TV.

    1. half the people in TV / Film are gay and the other half are lesbians… of course they will promote their kind… I’m just waiting for the day when straight politicians enter into gay marriages of convenience to gain votes….

      1. I can’t believe someone else came up with that ‘pretend to be gay’ for pols and others in the public eye. For real I really think could happen if it already hasn’t. I’m certain that some actresses have admitted to bisexuality just for the publicity.

        1. there’s no doubt that since the first girl-on-girl scenes hit TV shows, that many many women have started hopping into bed together, just to see what’s it’s like if nothing else….
          women are not very threatening to each other, when they are not competing for men….. they are all close and tittle tattle and hold each others hands, go to the bathroom together….. it’s only a hop and a skip to start rubbing each other’s pussies.
          problem is that in the long run, this promotes men to turn gay, since half the young pussy is otherwise engaged.

        2. You can’t just “turn gay.” Most straight men wretch at the thought of even just kissing another man. If you’re going to “turn gay” there was something gay there already.

        3. Have to agree with this. The feminine is sexually arousing.
          The thought of a man touching me in a sexual way stirs up a surge of aggression, like murderous. Its an attack on masculinity that is unmatched.

        4. Easy to explain. Another man touching you sexually comes across as a challenge – ie he is making you out to be his bitch – one whom he can totally dominate and subjugate. The worst part is the disrespect inherent in this move. A true challenge of equals requires him to issue you with a challenge to a duel or fight. Men do not want to sleep with their superiors (male of female) – it makes them feel like the other person’s bitch.

        5. I train Muay Thai. I can’t stand the stench of another man. Makes me aggressive and hostile. The worst thing is male sweat. Disgusting. The smell of a woman however…

        6. Actually, people can be conditioned to be hedonistic. According to the pro-gay Williams Institute, gays and lesbians are only 1.7% of the US population. Homosexuals are only a very small part of other countries as well, but we are told that gay sex was once seen as normal in societies across the world.
          The reason for this disparity is because people can actually be conditioned to desire something they would not have desired naturally otherwise. Another example would be the downward spiral many find themselves in due to internet porn. In effect, some become desensitized to normal sexual relations, and they begin seeking out weirder and weirder porn to watch. People who otherwise would have never been interested in odd shit nonetheless find themselves watching porn involving animals, trannies, and all manner of unnatural shit.
          The cultural Marxism that has plagued the US since the 1960s is built on a foundation of hedonism. Men and women are told to fuck whoever they want whenever they want. People are increasingly likely to not have a traditional family, sleep around like crazy, do drugs like crazy, avoid any real consequences through abortions on demand, &c. None of that hedonistic behavior comes from normalcy. It comes from a willful rejection of normalcy.
          Social pressures can cause males and females to seek out things they otherwise would not. That is not to say that adult males will suddenly “turn gay,” but younger males can and are conditioned to be hedonistic.
          Think about pedophiles “grooming” children. A child is not born a pedophile, but all manner of things can cause them to have desires they would not have had otherwise. If such people can be “turned into” pedophiles, why not gays and lesbians? Note: I am not comparing consenting adults to criminal acts committed against children. I am saying that people can be conditioned into desiring weird shit.

        7. Excellent post. paedophilia amongst men who would not normally ever do such thing is promoted in the same way, hence the huge initiative to sexualise young girls in ms media. Not that I think that’s an excuse or whatever. But a human mind can be programmed to participate in stuff it would normally find abhorrent if you condition said mind in the right way.

        8. Hello caveman, men are not superiors of women. Get rid of your bible or whatever book that taught you this and learn to respect the womb you came out from.

    2. They actually did stab her in her pregnant belly in the books. Def. Not all the blatant gay sex though. When I saw renly and the flowers guy going down on each other I was outraged!!! I had never picked up on the (pretty blatant when I looked back over it though) subtle insinuations of his homosex majesty and whispered rumors in the books. I knew the flowers guy didn’t care for the ladies though. Fucking hbo. Now that there are penises everywhere I demand some full on vageen. It would be the only equitable thing to do.

      1. In the books she is not pregnant and doesn’t even attend the wedding. Rob was not so stupid to bring his wife to that guy’s keep.

    3. We also have men whores. Calling women whores makes you one as well.
      Live and let the homos live, they ain’t stealing your money or depriving you from your basic rights

  23. Great article. I thought so many of these things as I watch the show. While everyone says it, it deserves to be said. The books were far far better.

    1. Articles like that make me hate society even more. I am tired of reading shit by white knight mangina faggots.

        1. Hola! – No different than loving a fictitious character. Even things that aren’t real can evoke a wide range emotions out of people lol.

        2. True as well lol. The level of hatred for women and female characters here is still deploring though.

  24. It’s bothering me way more than it should that no one has pointed out it’s spelt fucking CERSEI.

  25. GOT is the wetdream of a liberal/feminist/possiblygay manboob. There is nothing, nothing red pill on it.

  26. The bitch who plays Shae used to do porn in real life. Type her real name into xvideos to see find a couple dozen videos of her getting funded, they cast an actual whore to play a whore on tv ha

      1. Maybe that’s why Game of Thrones features sex exclusively in the doggy style position. Whores and porn stars wouldn’t find any other position normal. I wonder whether she (Sibel Kikeli/Shae) ghost directed the sex scenes throughout the series; as all of them are in the doggy style position. Maybe she wants every actress to relive her own porn star days, getting humped from behind.

    1. Sibel Kekilli , born and bred in germany, comes from a strict moslem turkish family who disowned her after her porn history was revealed to them. Today she’s spiting them on screen in her walk of sluttiness.
      Just shows that women can never be controlled if they’re given the freedom. All women are the same, even the ones who wear burkas have the potential to be corrupted once they taste freedom of a liberal culture. Even a covered woman can be a bitch.
      Fame, lust, attention – a woman’s desires in life. For that she can do anything.

      1. When good muslim girls go bad. Just been posting this on some pro muslim sites, it’s causing quite shit storm!

  27. “Oh, and a consensual love scene is transformed into a rape.”
    That looked like rape to me.

  28. If you want to watch a good fantasy film with no female presence whatsoever, watch Valhalla Rising. No PC, all male cast, very aesthetically pleasing, lots of one on one combat and brutality.

  29. feminism destroys tv shows…and for that matter everything else. But staying on point, it retards true originality because feminism insists on putting all media content through its own “treatment”, which means only portraying women in approved/specific ways. The story, the morale, the character development all take secondary if not tertiary places because its un-pc to stray from the very strict and narrow feminist guideline(s). Consider this, all tv today is basically the same…in that we essentially see the same characters in media with a different set. Its the same tired “strong independent woman (stw)” in the law, medical or historical drama, likewise, its the same stupid inept and weak male. Same crap just a different backdrop and costumes…heck even the personalities are the same. This acts to confine true originality because it holds artists hostage to pre-determined character molds, and from what I understand, character development is central to script-writing et al. And then, of course, you have the obnoxious sermonizing or propaganda inserted into story-lines, such as, the pro-obamacare theme in shows like greys anatomy. Likewise, now that women aren’t accountable for their actions the current flavor of the month is this annoying female warrior meme, which is no coincidence given the u.s.’s recent move to incorporate females into front line units. In this instance, we see another application of un-related material that has nothing to do with entertaining you and me. Knowing that males and females are different and that combat is best left to men means its necessary for the social engineers to use media to create promote a false reality. Again, this is only acts to suffocate more originality from the artist. This is no different than other oppressive countries and in the end what suffers is the art itself. Shame.

    1. Who are you sir ?? i can’t tell you how much i have been thinking the same thoughts over so many movies tv shows and video games! i actually work in the latter field and it just kills me that for the past decade, there has been an increasing amount of feminist lobbying to force some mainstream poles in our design process. Now we just HAVE to implement “strong female characters” that are just men with vaginas, even when we aim for realistic, even when the lore we are trying to create around the game doesn’t demand it! This basically corrupts our creativity

      1. Hey, thanks for the input. I’d very much like to compare notes, if possible. Like you, I see this plain as day. One of the things that pains me the most, I suspect many men today don’t understand this dynamic and therefore increasingly wallow in confusing and suffering. I believe understanding the feminist/media connection and how they exploit this as a lever is critical to any red piller.

    1. there are many things you can recognize in the mainstream treatment of gender wether in movies or tv shows (growing in video games now). And as readers we can only show discontent when such a strong and beautiful story as a song of ice and fire is just watered down for the sake of pleasing a part of the audience. And the fact that some people think it ok is a great threat to creativity itself

  30. I boycott all shows about “ass kicking” females. Every movie now has to have a karate champ woman in it. Bleh. I have walked out of two movies already that did that and got my money back.

    1. Its an insult to anyone that actually has to earn their “toughness”, for lack of a better word. I’m nothing special, but, I have endured my share of fights. women today just have themselves photo-shopped, as it were, into ass-kickers, but, anyone who’s been in at least one real fight sees right through their “bravado”. Just like it is with tattoos what was once a legitimate signal of something, be it toughness or hard knocks etc, has now been watered-down to mean nothing.

    2. I just laugh loudly in the theater when Angelina Jolie kicks the ass of men 100 lbs (of muscle) heavier than her.

  31. If you’ve actually watched season 4 you will see that Shae is not a whore with a heart of gold, she’s a manipulative bitch.

    1. I’d say the show makes her one, and plays it fairly straight. At the end of season 3, Varys offers her a large payment for abandoning Tyrion and sailing away to the Free Cities, one which she refuses. Had she simply been a self-interested whore, she would have accepted without hesitation. As far as I understood season 4, she only turned against Tyrion when he bluntly broke up with her, despite her devotion to him.
      Which, again, is a case of the books being red pill while the TV show is not. George Martin has stated openly that the Shae of the books is nothing but a manipulative whore, letting Tyrion believe what he wants to believe (and comes to eventually do, despite many misgivings along the way) out of sheer self-interest.

  32. I actually found the books to be very red pill, regardless of how the author self-identifies (which would be something like: feminist with reservations). I would simply put it down to him being an excellent knower of people and human nature, despite being part of the generation that would probably have been most susceptible to the blue pill and with the fewest means to find out the truth.
    What will follow are examples from the books which illustrate my point. A few of these have not yet happened in the TV series, you have hereby received a spoiler warning.
    Jorah Mormont’s life story is largely one of blue-pill woe. He got married to an (almost literal!) entitlement princess from the high nobility whom he had championed in a tournament, won it and crowned her the queen of, an act of supplication there from the start. As his remote, cold, middle-of-nowhere Northern domain was not to her liking, he went into all-out appeasement mode, which did nothing to make her happier, and led to his ruin as he sold a bunch of criminals to slavers and had to flee to the Free Cities, where his wife soon abandoned him to become the mistress of a powerful merchant prince.
    Then, enter Daenerys. Jorah falls in love with her, becomes a beta orbiter, and remains firmly in the friendzone, despite even one assertive attempt to breach it. Granted, Daenerys isn’t an evil bitch who deliberately exploits his hopes by feeding him false hope, but the friendzone is where he remains, plagued by raging oneitis and he doesn’t even give up despite having been banished by Daenerys, trying to win back her favour by performing great deeds for her despite having been told to gtfo and never return. Meanwhile, Daenerys ends up falling for, and having a sexual relationship with Daario Naharis, who is nothing like either of the two TV versions of him, but rather a flamboyant, peacockish rogue. A bit later Quentyn Martell arrives to court her for a political marriage, ostensibly because she has already married Hizdahr zo Loraq. However, in one of his moments of reflection, Barristan Selmy muses over how Quentyn is essentially mud: Useful and reliable, but essentially boring, while what young girls want is fire, in all its dramatic destructiveness. Or, in Manosphere terms: Quentyn is a good, reliable but boring and unsexy beta boy.
    The whole Daenerys storyline is as red pill as it can be, though there are other instances of it throughout the book. Catelyn reflects over how she tingled for Brandon Stark whom she was originally engaged to (and who was alpha enough to fuck around a bit, it’s revealed later), and how she was originally disappointed with Eddard being nothing like her but instead dour and serious. She did come to love Eddard devotedly over time, maturing out of her initial disappointment, but then, Eddard was no betaboy either, and he passed Catelyn’s shit tests regarding his (alleged) bastard son Jon Snow like a total boss. She even reflects that she would have tolerated a dozen bastards for Eddard’s sake if they only had been kept out of sight, she’d rather have that than Jon being put on an almost equal standing with her own children, which would count as a major insult to her in the setting of the books, much worse than him having mistresses throughout their marriage. Heck, forcing her to put up with it and getting her to comply would probably be comparable to getting a woman to comply with a one-way open relationship in contemporary Western society.
    And, think of it, there’s Sansa getting infatuated with Joffrey, a narcissistic sociopathic charmer, who would be dark triad as fuck if not for his streak of inbred madness. An infatuation that puts her under a spell of denial that lasts until the very second he orders Eddard’s head to be chopped off.

    1. Exactly! This is what I feel as well. The books are chock full of wisdowm and great insight into the human naruto of both females and males. It doesn’t matter what Ideology Martin subscribes to, he doesn’t force it into his books, and that’s more than enough for me.

  33. Take Game of Thrones (today) and compare it to the film Excalibur (1980).
    Excalibur is closer to how women should (and did) fulfill their roles (accordingly) during those time periods….not the nonsense you see in GOT.
    Game of Thrones is another example of a show (today) that is being twisted to entice (and keep) viewer ratings alive and well (big business). It doesn’t even stay true to form compared to the female characters in the books.

    1. I love older movies. I hate modern day films for the most part. But dude, Excalibur is a terrible movie. The only thing I learned from it is that even sacrosanct films can turn out to be a huge steaming pile, lol.
      I do however concede your point. Films in the 80s had a more accurate description of where women should fit in their societal roles as opposed to where feminists say they should fit, in the here and now.

  34. ” She bickers with Tyrion only over what she sees as threats to her
    dignity, not money or possessions. And she actually loves Tyrion,
    turning against him because of his comment (designed to get her to flee
    the city) that she is a “whore.””
    Never call a whore a whore. NEVER.
    Just like never call a slut a slut. NEVER.
    That’s the world of women.

  35. Biggest change is about Cersei. In Martin’s books she’s an evil, cruel, manipulative, lying bitch.
    HBO show removes all that and makes her almost sympathetic.

  36. Acceptance of ex-porn actresses into mainstream TV is all about white knighting for whores on TV and culture.
    And making heroines out of whores – and how do we expect the next generation of women to have good role models? The future is doomed, and one huge toxic wasteland.

  37. Cersei is the supreme example of a woman using her advanced skills at social, sexual, and political manipulations. Those are the weapons of a woman. She embodies them whole with such precision I think GRRM grew a vagina and lived the life of a post-wall bitter thrice divorced single-mother with an axe to grind against every ex and man that doesn’t pedestalize her fading beauty. In the book. Of course. In the show, well, that was bullshit.
    Brienne is a dude with tits and most definitely a bull dyke. No need to elaborate on that one.
    Talisa… this was a pain in the ass to witness, but let us take the red-pill. She shows that a man’s mission in life shouldn’t be obscured or thwarted by a woman. Robb blue-pilled himself by forsaking his vow to marry the Frey girl and lost his head for it. Lesson: stick to your mission no matter how sweet the flower smells.
    Shae in the book was much more like Cersei than I imagined. Great twist by GRRM.
    Daenary’s in the book is overcome with teenage emotions, hopping from cock to cock and surrounded by beta-orbiters that want a part of her (dragons). Yet, she falls for the swaggering Alpha that has his way with her. My favorite thing about the Daeynary’s story arc is that her egalitarian slave-freeing crusade is blowing up in her face. The slaves are resorting back to slavery and a rebellion is turning over her success. GRRM tries to make an Iraq allegory, but the anti-egalitarianism and cultural divisions shine brighter.
    It is bothersome that the books are so awesomely red-pill that the TV shows pisses on them. Tyrion and Robb were both thrown over the table because of the women in theirs lives. Caitlynn Stark stuck with Ned even when he came home with a bastard, because he was an Alpha mother fucker. Asha Greyjoy, even though a badass warrior, gets trumped at the Kingsmoot by Euron Greyjoy who came the fuck out of nowhere. Euron, before the Kingsmoot, fucked his brother’s wife and knocked her up. Victarion, the brother, couldn’t handle that betrayal so he dragged his pregnant wife out into the ocean and drowned her ass.

    1. You have issues if you think a woman who cheats on you should be drowned in the ocean, but if a man cheats on you, then he should be welcomed home.

  38. meh, the books are way better than the show, because your average TV viewer is an idiot, so it has to be dumbed down unfortunately. Read the books

    1. Or maybe a TV show is 50 minutes long and the timing and pace needs to be totally different…

  39. Heh. It makes me think of the differences between my favorite female character, a character ironically enough made by a feminist.
    She makes clothes for a living, comes from a middle class background but has cultivated the mannerisms of a high society lady. She uses her career in high end clothing to ingratiate herself into high society to some extent. Originally it was just ‘living in the nice city’ (I forget the name, I was young) but she serendipitously makes connections with important people and charms them when her foot gets in the door (notice she gets lucky but her merit makes it pay off).
    She is generally a very generous and supportive person but has her moments of being bitchy. However she always not only accepts blame, she is often the first to blame herself for her actions and makes consistent progress on her failings. Because she cares about self improvement, without this her reinvention of herself would be token.
    Her weaknesses are for luxury, attention and is uptight when faced with getting dirty, but is willing to do so for the sake of others.
    She is not a particularly aggressive person, only fighting when her ‘pack’ is threatened (very feminine thing).
    I could go on but I am starting to lose focus. Point is, she was not a feminist role model. She was an actual moral person who made mistakes and exhibited feminine virtue.
    She was objectively more fun to watch because the writers allowed her to be funny by playing up her feminine nature.
    Characters like this won’t be seen in Western Media for a while.

  40. Talisa would have been perfectly fine if she was not so arrogant or sanctimonious

  41. Brienne and Cercei are brilliant characters…but I agree the others you mention are crap and pc.

  42. Her name is Cersei not Cercei!!! If the author is such an expert on GOT and ASOIAF he should know it.

  43. Damn man…
    Complaining about feminism in Game of Thrones is batshit mental!
    This is why I come to this site with popcorn from time to time. Time to read the comments.

  44. I agree with most of the article, but have to point out how the makers of the GoT series have noticed (gotten complaints of) the more glaring inconsistencies. For instance, Cersei’s rape was later retconned in the last episode, after she threatens her father, she professes her love for her brother. I think that rape scene bothered too many people (even my roommate, deluded liberal that he is). The criticisms of Brienne are valid, but I think the author didn’t look deep enough into them. First off, the fight between Sandor and Brienne, the GoT series made sure to make a big mention of how Sandor was half delirious from his infected wound and greatly weakened because he was sick as a, well, hound. As a general rule, Brienne (who is probably my favorite female character of all time) is portrayed as she should be. A DECONSTRUCTION of the Strong, Female Character ™. I like Brienne because she shows just what kind of testosterone-overdosed kind of beast a woman would have to be in order to compete with men, while at the same time she’s not a feminist-lesbian fantasy because Brienne is heterosexual and mired with deep insecurities. Other than these criticisms, the article is pretty accurate, especially the portrayal of Daenarys being a leftoid white guilt fantasy.

  45. Whats really funny is too read the plentiful writings of self professed feminists who are shocked at how many women watch the show. They come to the exactly opposite conclusion. GOT is more red that blue. If anything it shows the absolute folly of chivalry, honor, playing fair, and doing the right thing. It demonstrates that in the great majority of cases such honorable and noble individuals will be utterly destroyed by those with less scruples. Machiavelli would have approved of thrones.

    1. “…if one holds his state on the basis of mercenary arms, he will never be firm or secure; because they are disunited, ambitious, without discipline, unfaithful; gallant among friends, vile among enemies; no fear of God, no faith with men; and one defers ruin insofar as one defers the attack; and in peace you are despoiled by them, in war by the enemy.”
      – that’s Machiavelli’s opinion of you, Cody Stark.

      1. Considering that the Condottieri of Northern Italy were largely responsible for his imprisonment and torture thats a pretty reasonable reaction. I’d be butthurt too. Not sure what any of this has to do with tv.

  46. No feminist in their right mind would cheer the changes the show-runners did to the female characters of Game of Thrones. Quite the contrary, because the complex, trope-subverting female characters of the book series have at large been turned into the same half-assed stereotypes of female characters we’ve all seen before. For example: The Brienne of the books is actually one of the most feminist characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, because you wouldn’t expect this tall warrior woman to actually be very gentle, dreamy and faint-hearted. But D&D took this beautifully drawn character and turned it into a butch, snarky Strong Female Character (TM), killing left and right like it’s no big deal. That’s pseudo-feminism.
    I am actually a feminist and I can tell you, the line “All men must die, but we’re not men” actually made me vomit in my mouth a little.
    (Also, book-Shae, machiavellian?? So, Bronn is also machiavellian, because he was more willing to look after his own interests than stand up for Tyrion? I don’t get that.)

  47. I’d mark a lot of these simplifications of characters down to it simply being a book-to-TV adaption. For instance, Shae was doing double-duty for several minor characters, and her ending basically turned out the same minus the heap of sympathy D&D gave Tyrion in the finale. They left out his back story with Tysha, his first wife, thereby casting Shae as the aggressor and the one in the wrong versus Tyrion’s more innocent position.
    Daenerys’ commentary I won’t object to, because she WAS very heavily changed for the TV show. I wouldn’t rule this down to feminism, per se, but simply HBO marketing wanting to continue raking in cash from her fans. (SHE’S GOT DRAGONS SHE’S SO COOL!!!!!1!!1)
    Talisa was just one giant fuckup on the show creators’ part, I’m not even going to bother getting in too deep here. I will say I enjoyed Robb and Jeyne more simply because of the parallel between Robb and Ned’s honour code that ended up getting them both killed. Also, if I remember correctly, Jeyne’s MIA in the books. I will laugh into the sunset if it turns out she’s alive and has Robb’s child with her.
    Brienne’s insecurity has been briefly glimpsed at in some scenes, like when she told Jaime to eat instead of “whining like a woman.” A great deal of it was shown to the reader through internal dialogue, which did not make it into the show, obviously. Brienne is also supposed to be a good decade older than her book-verse self, too, I believe. In any case, I highly respect Gwendoline Christie for her dedication to the role; she put on twenty pounds of muscle, chopped her long hair off and put in more hours for sword fighting and horseback riding than any other cast member, if I recall correctly.
    And lastly, Cersei. Oh, Cersei… where do I even begin? The show took liberty in delving into her character much, much earlier on than in the books. They’ve made her less mentally unstable, less cruel in certain ways, and as the article noted also a victim of rape. I was terribly, terribly angry with that scene in the show; not because of what it did to Cersei, but because it was so completely out of character for Jaime. Jaime’s stance on consent was, and still is, one of the few consistent opinions he’s maintained throughout the books thus far. It angers me that they (the showrunners) are simplifying her character down to “victim” when, in fact, she created most of the problems in King’s Landing in the first place.
    Basically, Cersei and Tyrion, and Daenerys are getting the “good guy” treatment so that HBO can have characters you’re meant to cheer for, rather than characters with complex morally grey motives. It’s a shame, truly.

  48. One thing from this article with which I disagree is the idea that egalitarianism and feminism are similar. In fact, it seems that this article uses them interchangeably. In reality, egalitarianism is anti-bigotry, whereas feminism is a form of bigotry. So the two are actually opposites.

  49. I think GRR Martin considers himself a bit of a feminist (in interviews anyway). He’s made a few comments about how he can write “strong believable female characters” because they’re human or too, or something. Dany, Shae and Cersei are caricatures ,I think if any character should be embraced by feminists it’s Arya. The kid kicks ass, is smart, tough, and legitimately cool. Arya is my favourite female character and one of my top 5 favourite characters in the series. Whether real life women or girls are ever actually like Arya is another debate.

    1. Yes he defended feminists only to have them turn on him a few weeks later when they were horrified by the Sansa rape scene.

      1. Yeah, Arya is AWESOME is in the books. Even though she is only a little girl, her badass-ness is somehow believable there – because it actually displays how twisted and lonely she has become. It also doesn’t shy away from showing how her strengths are also weaknesses (ie: her willful nature and intelligence are also burdens and dangerous). Unlike the show where, eventually, she’s made out to be a superhero assassin who can recover from stab wounds and turn into fucking Rambo. The first two seasons were good, it got progressively shittier from there on.

        1. The only good change the show made was including Tywin-Arya interaction. Finally a scene where a female character is not being complimented on underhanded cunning and not overpowered fighting skills or some shit.

        2. I’d also had that Iiked the fact that the show gave Bronn more character than in the books, and his semi-weird friendship with Jaime was also a welcome surprise. I still think the books are much more superior to the TV show, but credit where credit is due, they did some good things as well.
          Also, Battle of the Bastards was fucking brilliant in an otherwise underwhelming season.

  50. Since apparently we’re only counting the live ones, Shae can be crossed off her list. Exposed as a spy for Tywin, to boot. If only she were manipulative and opportunistic, like the Shae in the book!

  51. To be taken seriously, try spelling characters’ names correctly. It’s Cersei (book and TV show).

  52. OH ! MY! GOD! I have been looking for such an article ever since i started watching the show. I am a diehard fan of the Song Of Ice And Fire and i actually read all the books. what i like about it is the depth and tragically realistic approach of all the characters. They are litterally naked when u start reading their chapters and we start to know them for what they are. covetous, vicious, manipulative, backstabbing, loyal, brave, fragile, cowards, stubborn, and so much more. but in the tv Show, i immediatly noticed that female characters have been altered, mostly to make them look better, more likable, and men on the other hand have been downgraded. they made Sansa spill her big secret to the Lords of the Vail just so she could save petyr baelish life, therefore, putting littlefinger in immediate contradiction with the fact that he knows how to play the Game, and more importantly, how to play the players

  53. Feminism is true misogyny, feminist hate the natural form of a woman and try to transform it into a man. These “tough chicks” throwing around barbarian men makes me roll my eyes, it takes away any credibility or seriousness from the male characters and the show.

  54. It’s time to cut through to the source of the cancer of feminism. There is a political agenda here, it’s not some organic reaction against a supposed patriarchal oppression of women.
    The reason that the globalist elite (comprised of a central banking oligarchy that control western governments and the media) have been pushing feminism is because men are the biggest threat to their control of the populations. In every takeover or suppression of an enemy throughout history the men were taken out first. Men are more likely to view totalitarian authority as an alpha male threat whereas women are more likely to view it as a protector (related to women liking the ‘bad boys’). Men are thus more likely to challenge authority and are physically more dangerous.
    Thus, thanks to social engineering, every other female character now is a 100 pound kung fu expert that routinely kicks the ass of 200 pound, much stronger, trained male baddies, every other computer and science genius character is a hot lady in a lab coat… but with glasses.
    This trend of replacing iconic male characters with women is also troubling (Watson, Moriarty, Starbuck off Battlestar Galactica).
    Now Marvel comics have even created a female Thor!!!
    So why not just create female-centric show counterparts to the male characters?
    Because, people of both sexes will just ignore them and gravitate to the more natural male/female characters/shows that ring true with their primal subconscious and sexual identity.
    No, they must REPLACE the male characters with female ones in order to force people to accept and take notice, it psychologically emasculates men as their roles have been supplanted by female ones.
    Shows like NCIS have statistically misrepresentational characters intended to promote female power in traditionally male roles.
    There is the promotion of female intellect over that of men in the form of Abby Sciutto (an example of descriptive dialogue – [Abby] – “Count me among name such as Da Vinci, Bohr, Planck, etc…” Gibbs – “I do “, the blonde tech girl in NCIS LA with the ‘highest IQ’ of anyone at NCIS, Kenzi the Amazonian kick-ass, Hetty the goddess-like legendary figure that has done and been an incredibly unrealistic amount of things in her life that James Bond and Dumbledore combined would struggle to achieve, Felicity Smoake the unrivalled computer genius et.
    Of course there is also the fact that every female character is a super ninja that can beat up any man. Tv’s Arrow is a good example.
    The fact remains however, conveniently ignored by shows like NCIS and others that the highest IQs in the world are men and the top 100 is heavily dominated by men for evolutionary reasons.
    The IQ distributions in all major IQ tests are markedly different between men and women, on average men and women are roughly equal but women’s IQs are more grouped around the middle whereas men’s are more spread across the spectrum, meaning there are more stupid men than women but a lot more highly intelligent men than women.
    This is because the bigger the difference between men the easier it is for women to select the smartest mates and the best selected from an evenly spread group is going to be much more intelligent than the best selected from an average group thus humanity’s intellectual evolution advances more rapidly via natural selection.
    Globalist inspired feminism is also about societal divide and conquer. They need to destroy the social fabric to make it harder for familial relationships to form particularly between men and women as families provide cohesion and resistance against tyranny. So pushing women to abandon traditional nurturing female traits and to pursue male qualities creates friction as men have evolved to protect and compliment women not compete with them. Relationships have become harder to form between men and women, divorce is at an all time high, marriage at an all time low as women abandon their biological natures in favour of pursuing masculine traits, ending up with internal conflict and they are often unhappy.
    At the heart of feminism lies deception. Feminism was created by the power elite as a communist tool (modelled off Stalinesque Russian female empowerment techniques) to make society more divided, more matriarchal and thus more controllable.
    An early example in the West is the campaign to get women to smoke. It was taboo for women to smoke in the 1920s. The tobacco companies approached Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud and now known as the father of propaganda to market cigarettes to women.
    He organised a march whereby the cigarettes were symbols of empowerment, ‘the torchof freedom’ was the slogan. It worked and women’s health was sacrificed for pseudo-empowerment.
    So making society female dominated and subjugating and feminising men makes society more easily manipulated and controllable.

  55. Nailed it. I still like the show though but thanks for exposing some of the BS.

  56. I haven’t read the books but I am familiar with the differences in media that lead to changes. Series television is not quite as constraining as a movie, but even with what will be 50 hours of story telling you simply can’t go into all the details of the characters’ internal world in 3000 pages of sparse telescript compared to 5000 pages in dense, novel form.
    The other thing is the notion of “Hollywood Ugly”. While you have Brienne on the one hand, you also have Tyrion on the other hand who is supposed to be particularly grotesque and lost a chunk of his nose rather than gaining a bad ass face scar.
    What about Arya? Manic Pixie Stabby Ninja Girl?

  57. I am so sick of the endless repetitive feminist narrative in television. An extremely attractive and thin 120 pound woman can not take on a muscular male.. It is not that it is uncommon, it is not even possible. TV is just crap propeganda now.

  58. I looked up on the net to see if it was just me. This show sucks at times because of the unrealistic way female characters are portrayed. This show is typical tv men are weak gay or monsters while females are strong dominant and only evil to protect family or to subdue wicked men.The best fighters are killed off by quarrells with women. I love the concept but have to stop watching I heard the book is not feminized so I’ll focus on that

  59. Oh man if you made this in 2016 after watching season 6, THAT is feminism, fucking cunts are ruining EVERYTHING guys like, it’s disgusting and now WE have to adapt to this new society where women have even MORE privileges and rights than they already had and even less gender problems they had (like they weren’t already few compared to men problems)…I’m so fucking sick, problem is that men instead of fighting against them, they are too scared of losing sex, this has gone too far…it’s stupid

    1. S6 was when you could tell the show had been taken over completely by social justice. The writing was terrible, and played it safe all round. I didn’t think HBO would cave in to the nonsense about Sansa’s surprise sex but, when you consider the entire gaming industry has had to kowtow to these fools. I really am not that surprised HBO caved too.

  60. I didn’t agree with this article. All these women are very believable and saying these women are perfect is when feminism is coming to game of thrones because they ‘magically overcome” their obstacles? All these women had very difficult pasts and difficult obstacles to face in ORDER to BECOME STRONG. They didn’t just magically became ’empowering’ they fought and earned the position and strength they are in the show, not only did they face their own insecurities but the barriers men had put up for them because of their sex in what is considered a “man’s world’. And women are powerful. Game of Thrones is a very male dominant fantasy world realistic in its depiction of the negative aspects of this world; slavery, incest, slaughter, prostitution, rape, the hate of homosexuality and the disabled and degrading of women. Our actual world HAS strong women, they exist! and Game of Thrones is known for the realism it provides, so yes there are also strong women in the show and they are never going to go away or tone down the feministic aspects. All the great male characters are awesome and powerful and realistic, so why shouldn’t the women be just as amazing, awesome and realistic? Game of thrones is a great show with BOTH strong males and female not one or the other. I could go on ranting at the fact that the show still has some very female degrading scenes and aspects to it, the fact that so many women are still getting raped on the show? Like Sansa stark and Daenerys and many other women in random scenes when a male army takes over a village or a down and beats and rapes all the women like drinking a glass of water? Or the fact that there has always been way more female nudity than male nudity? (Even though that has balanced a little since season 5) So NO, feminism is not “ruining” Game of Thrones its making it better! 🙂

  61. And for some of the ignorant comments stating that feminism is cancer and we need to stop worshipping women please respectfully re-eductate yourself and understand what the word feminism means.

    1. I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean, “superiority” but it seems to have become that.

  62. Feminism isn’t just ruining GOT. Watch S6. It’s gone full on socjus. It’s safe to say GOT is ruined completely by sjw’s.

  63. I think people need to realise… it’s just a fucking show.
    Not just feminists, not just anti-feminists, people. Stop getting emotional, if you hate it so much for the decisions in writing then write your own fucking show
    I think you’re overreacting about some of these, You have a point about the first two, don’t even recall much about the third but Brienne is by no means a feminist icon, nor “stunningly beautiful” as she’s always covered in dirt and in the show she’s portrayed to be a shit fighter, always losing in all battles except for one in series six, and come on, Cerci is portrayed as a cold-blooded bitch and stupid in the show, but it’s not intelligent writing if you don’t show their feeling side and just make them constantly evil, even with Joffrey they show how a little turd can rule a kingdom but be slapped around by all of his family depicting his small will along with his present immaturity.
    And anyway there are so many forms of feminism, some good, some shit, but It’s not like they all want to stop women from taking responsibility, that’s bullshit. Yes some just want equal rights *meaning no one beats up anyone, while others want men exterminated, but it’s not like all women will just agree with the one, don’t have any conscience about it and think any different than you do, they have organs and shit too.
    I’m fed up with both feminism and whatever in the shimmering, sweaty fuck anti-feminists call themselves, but as far as biology is concerned: You’re both dumb, confused apes with repressed sexual desires and a lack of perception, grouping together, making decisions you’ll all come to regret in the long run.
    I’ve met loads of people, men, women and dead, the majority of you are both arseholes in the lowest possible sense, there are rarely any good men or women in my experience, you’re not even arseholes in different ways, no one is cruelest or has the most cruel people, nor are you some freaky hive-mind where you want to wipe out the other gender. You’re both just embarrassments to society, stunted puddles, comprised of cum stains and cunt bubbles, that developed a superiority complex and in my long and wide experience: The only universal difference between men and women is one has an innie and one has an outie, downstairs I mean, other than that your clothes aren’t even that different anymore and you both think exactly the same way and have done so for a long time.
    You won’t beat the other one by slagging them off because it proves them right, same goes for them and vice-versa, Even then it would be a minor victory until you both find another group to hate. If anything it’s not anyone’s goal to absolve the other of responsibility, rather that’s the effect of joining one of these groups, you don’t have to solve your problems when you share them with other people, fling them at the next target buried underneath false statistics and rhetoric.
    As it is; the characters in this show take responsibility when failing to protect someone or making a bad decision in general, including the ones listed, even Daenerys, I won’t go into any more spoilers than what I did but pretty much ending of series one. Also I highly doubt feminism ruined it when you never see a man’s penis but there’s almost a naked woman or five almost every ten seconds, vagina and everything.
    I know my words won’t mean anything but downvotes to you guys because you just extrapolate, hear what you want not what’s there, that’s the whole issue with the books becauset really leaves it open to personal opinions and viewpoints, Etc. Etc.
    So if you don’t want to listen to that; No one’s forcing you to, don’t get dramatic, but buckle up and listen to this next paragraph
    It’s just a fucking show not a guidebook for life, so get over it.

  64. It’s been about 2 years since I read the books, but from some of the comments as far as Tyrion and his wife, I seem to remember the situation incorrectly. I remember him never really knowing if she was a whore or not, because his father and brother kept changing the story. First they said she was, then she wasn’t, then she was again. But as far as I know, A Dance of Dragons was the last book released and in that one Tyrion is still occasionally asking people if they know where whores go. ( Tywin had dismissively told him she went “whereever whores go”, when he asked what had happened to her.)

  65. The neo-feminist angle is part and parcel of the Hollywood mandate to manufacture culture and zeitgeist through movies. If you notice, feminism (female uber heroes, especially those who are unusually stronger physically than males; Star Wars 7 and 3.5, Hunger Games, etc.) and the beyond sensible diversity protocols (especially LGBTQ and anyone not male, “white” or “privileged”) are key to forcibly changing the mindset of the public toward divisiveness and disintegration. The apparent reason is to tear down the family unit and its traditional familial roles, with special interest on turning women (and every leftist) against their male counterparts and demoralizing, devaluing and enslaving the minds of the male masses. This will effectively loosen the bonds of the unified voice of the nation and, for example, will allow the Soros Globalists to flood the country with illegal immigrants, thus seeding the destruction of the USA, much akin to the destruction of the EU.
    It is extremely obvious now that this less-than-covert war is right in front of everyone’s eyes hidden in plain sight. Fortunately, people are starting to awaken en masse. Time to re-acknowledge men’s unique virtues and characteristics which COMPLIMENT women’s unique characteristics. We exist and evolve in unison, not as each other’s enemies bent on hating ourselves. Don’t let these globalist a-holes win. They just want more mindless cattle for their NWO cattle farm.

  66. Feminism threatens only insecure men who fear they will no longer be able to command, order and boss around women to have an easier life for themselves. The women who do not support feminism are the ones who actually cannot stand on their own and need men to survive, they have been brainwashed by people like you. Also noticed more non-feminists have the tendency to seduce men, date married men and easily dump them. Feminists would not do this simply because they fight for humane treatment of men and women.
    Reading the comments here show the ignorance about what feminism really is and how many men still want women to be their slaves.
    So if you want women back to the roots where they were not allowed to consent for marriage and sex, property, education and other basic rights enjoyed by men for long…calm down. It won’t happen. Because in this fight, there are good men (Oh yes, a LOT of men) and women. And they shall win, everyday.
    Good going GOT, the changes were worth it!

    1. What did you think of the scene in S1 when King Robbo slapped the living shit out of Cersie?
      Personally it is still my fave scene and the only scene better than it is when Ramsay fucked Sansa doggy style and took her virginity in such a brutal fashion on the wedding night. Just to show how little a woman’s integrity and innocence is actually worth. Both those scenes should be shown over and over and over to feminists and mangina’s in gender studies class until it sinks in just how powerless women really are against the Patriarchy. Women love to be dominated, the sales amounts of 50 Shades prove that. Bang on about rape culture all you want, we both know that just means you secretly harbour the sexual desire to be roughly taken by a complete stranger on a whim, against your will. And if you are male, it just means you secretly harbour the desire to participate in a bit o’ that good ol’ rape cult, yourself but you’re too much of coward to admit to yourself.

      1. I am sorry your mother did not manage to use a condom. Cersei deserved everything bad that happened after she let a young girl be harmed by her son (who dies in the best way a fan could imagine btw – the best scene so far) and the many innocent lives she let be destroyed by using her power.
        Here are scenes that you should watch over and over again to undo the patriarchal brainwashing you have undergone. Most of us have moved past the cavemen’s mentality. Join the bright side, we have more than cookies.

      2. You came from a vagina, nothing can undo that. You will live the rest of your life knowing a woman pushed you into this world. Your disrespect for women is futile, you are already the loser since you hate women but you came from a vagina. Breathe. Let this information seep in well. You came from a vagina. A powerful vagina.
        The woman who gave birth to you should have aborted you but she choose to bring your filthy mentality in this world.
        An unfortunate reminder for you is you have the X chromosome, you are a part of them whether you want it or not.
        I do not like Cersei much, she deserved it for tolerating her bastard son’s actions and for harming innocent men and women. Here are my personal favourite scenes which can also help you move past your caveman mentality.
        I recommend you see a life coach if you have mommy issues in order not to let the hatred towards women affect your brain and soul.
        May the lord bless the vagina who brought you into this world for she will need to be forgiven for doing it.

  67. If you thought it was bad up to this point you should have seen S6. The show took a huge turn into SJW territory after the sjw uprising against HBO after the Sansa wedding sex scene in S5. The writers emasculated all the strong male characters and basically made it a a chick flick with all the trappings. You had the nameless nobody chick Bran is partnered with killing a white walker because Sam did it first, and they couldn’t let the WW get away to the end without having a strong female kill one too. It was bad enough when wimpy fat Sam killed a WW ffs. But now it seems even weak women can kill them too without any effort at all. The WW have turned out to be no threat at all. Then there was the Arya Stark Super Girl antics. Rooce got shanked and died 5 seconds later, Arya survived a far worse shanking, a tumble off the top of a 30ft wall and a chase through the whole of Bravos only to find her way to Waldu Freys kitchen, where she easily killed his sons (off screen) and served them up to him in a pie, then slit his throat too just for good measure. The worst offender though had to be selfish Sansa being made into the saviour because of a twist of good luck at the end. She sacrificed thousands of lives due to nothing but her malice towards Jon and her own selfish bs yet to hear the feminist circles speak, you’d think she was the best thing since sliced bread. They were going on for weeks about how great it was she fed Ramsay to his own dogs. Cuz she was raped on her wedding night by him, apparently. The Sand snakes killed the King and Prince of Dorn with ease and that one nameless nobody chick that Bronn liked (bad pussy) took out the Kings bull sized body guard with a quick slice from behind. Then Cersie had the nun raped repeatedly by the Mountain, (feminists didn’t utter a word against that brutal bit of rape culture though, wonder why not? Oh that’s right. Because the nun wasn’t sweet innocent Sansa, lol and because the fems love Cersie, she is a reflection of the cunts they all are) The whole season was like a long femtard inspired comedy sketch of sisters doing it for themselves. I will take S1 any day over what the show is now. The moment Rob Baratheon backhanded the shit out of Cersie’s mush for speaking out of place was still one of the greatest moments of TV ever put on screen. A great example of how all these loud mouth fems could easily be silenced if it comes to it.

    1. Even if Sansa hadn’t been raped by Ramsay on her wedding night, why the fuck wouldn’t you want him to be punished? He castrated Theon and set his dogs to hunt and eat people alive just for fun. The guy’s a nutcase; Sansa may be bad, but at least she’s not a sadistic psychopath lol.

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