5 Tips To Raise A Strong Son

It’s no secret that in our hyper-feminized world, young boys are having masculinity crushed out of them at a younger and younger age.

What was once considered normal in young boys, is now being labeled as aggressive behavior. Boys who rough play and fight with toy swords are now being told that they’re violent, and they’re being shuffled to the nearest psychiatrist to give him his daily dose of pharmaceutical drugs meant to “help him.”

Boys who express their sexuality are often chastised and punished. In the 90’s this was popular in high school and college, but over the years, it’s crept down even into middle school. Boys can’t even talk to women without being considered potential rapists, and if they try to seduce a woman by being assertive and decisive, two traits necessary to doing so, they risk a false rape accusation.

Raising a child in our eerily Orwellian world, where nearly every aspect of a child’s growth is determined by the state, is a very difficult task, indeed. Several authors have hinted at this idea before, but I would like to present an additional five tips for men struggling to raise healthy, happy boys in our modern world.

1. Be Aware Of Mother-Son Time After 8 Years Of Age


Women are afraid of their young boys growing up into men, because it’s a part of her nature to want to be the nurturing mother; you must do your job as a man, and monitor this connection when your boy hits the age of around 7 or 8. If boys spend too much time around their mothers well into their boyhood and teens, they do not develop into the men that they need to be.

Boys must be exposed to your masculine wisdom from this age on wards, lest they become too much of a Momma’s boy. Great cultures of the past knew this; this is why most boys’ initiations start around the age of 8. This is also why it is a common theme for the men of the village to literally rip away the boys from their mothers and take them on a journey into the wild.

This ripping them away from their mothers, is symbolic for the boys leaving the nurturing, warm “mother-world,” and entering into the self-reliant, sometimes cold, “father world,” where they will eventually become a man.

2. Expose Him To The World

father and son looking at city of Valetta

This is somewhat of an extension of tip #1, because naturally the question is “what do I do once he’s 8 then?” I recommend that from the time that your boy hits the age of 8, you take him on various trips.

This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or luxurious. Simply spend time doing things with your boy. In order for the “split” from mother-world to father-world to be effective, you must be in frequent isolation with him so that he cannot run back to the comfortable mommy world.

You see this a lot when families go camping together; the men try to teach their boys how to fish, how to set up a tent, and all of these other valuable things, but due to the presence of women, the boys never fully grasp the lessons that are being passed down. As an example, I was camping a while back, and I saw a man trying to teach his boy how to skin and cook a deer that they’d caught.

Despite this man’s noble attempt to teach the boy valuable lessons about the circle of life, where food comes from, and the practical skills to survive in the wilderness, his mother ruined it all in one fell sweep: “EWW! GERALD YOU CAN’T TEACH MY BABY BOY THAT!”

He looked at her, angrily, and said that she should stop meddling in father-son affairs, but it was too late. The boy had run to his “mommy” and hugged her legs; she shielded his head with her hands, and just like that, the boy was denied entry into the masculine father-world.

Do not blame women for this; again, it’s in their nature to want to keep their baby boys in a perpetual state of boyhood. But as a man, you must recognize this when it happens, and STOP IT lest your boy grow up into a giant pussy.

Take your boy camping, take him on trips around the world so that he can see how women act in other cultures, and if you can, take him to work so that he can see what his father does when he’s gone during the day.

3. Position Yourself As The Guide

Father Talking To Son

“Son…bitches ain’t shit, but hoes and tricks.”

Too often do I see young boys running to their mothers for advice on women and life; for although their mothers have good intentions, they almost always give advice that is completely based out of emotion rather than out of reality.

“Mom, I have a crush on this girl at school…how do I get her to like me?” the young boy asks. “Oh, well sweetie, be really nice to her! Buy her flowers and chocolates, complement her on how beautiful she is, and appreciate her every day!” the mother says.

Unfortunately, advice like this is a monumental heap of bullshit, but the boy is too young to know it. He’ll probably end up following his mothers’ advice and come off as a completely needy, creepy weirdo. The girl will then never want to talk to him again, and he’ll come to believe that there’s something inherently unattractive about him.

Let’s contrast this, with if the young boy asked his father for advice (assuming that his father actually has game). “Dad, I have a crush on this girl, how do I get her to like me?” asks the young, budding neo-masculine boy.

“Son,” replies the neo-masculine father, “women like men who don’t make them their purpose. Don’t ever sacrifice who you are for a woman, and don’t ever put up with her treating you like crap. She’ll not only be more attracted to you if you do this, but she’ll respect you more, too.”

Then, the boy follows his advice, focuses on his own hobbies and passions, and ends up fucking a third of the girls in his high school class.

This is only possible if you position yourself as a guide; you must be the one who provides your son with neo-masculine wisdom if you wish to raise a neo-masculine son. Don’t rely on your wife to do it, because as many have said before, women cannot raise boys into men.

Guide your son in the right direction over finances, work, and most importantly…women.

4. Encourage Him To Work Out


Looking back on my life, I can’t imagine how different it would be if my father had encouraged me to start working out when I was 13 or 14. I would have been very strong by the time I was a sophomore or junior in high school, but more importantly, I would have developed discipline and strength of mind.

Working out not only develops a man’s body, but it also develops a man’s mind. Constantly following a routine, not only in the gym, but in what you eat, and how much you sleep, builds the foundation for real mental discipline. You cannot get to a five plate deadlift without some serious discipline in your life.

Not only will your son’s increased physical strength garner him much attention from the ladies, but it will also garner him more respect from his peers. Don’t buy into the feminist propaganda—men respect other men who are strong. It’s in our nature to respect strength, as Jack Donovan pointed out, because without it, a man in our tribe would be literally useless.

Your son’s mental strength will give the real benefits, though. His increased discipline developed in the gym will also translate into more self-respect. He’ll end up getting better grades, due to a better work ethic, he’ll probably want to get a part time job to get some extra money, and most importantly, he’ll learn the value of putting in hard work.

I recommend that you put your son on a compound lift based routine, such as Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, for several reasons. First off, it’s the best way to maximize his time in the gym. Second off, when you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t be doing a split, because you don’t have a solid foundation of muscle.

When you’re a beginner, you should be doing compound exercises to build up a solid base of strength. Then, maybe when you’ve been working out for 1-2 years, you can switch over to a split if you want more aesthetics. And lastly, having your son do compound lifts from the time he’s 14 will shoot his testosterone and growth hormone through the roof, ensuring that he develops into a tall, strong, broad man which will help him in nearly all areas of his life.

Also, as a side note, use this as an opportunity to get closer to him. Go to the gym with him and you can knock out tips #1, 3, and 4 at once. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up being that badass dad who can bench 3 plates, and your son’s friends will all want to work out with you, since their fathers are probably pussies and they crave masculine guidance.

5. Don’t Home School Him

A lot of men are resorting to homeschooling their children, and I totally understand this. I’ve written an entire article on how our school system is utter hogwash, so I understand the desire to protect your children from it. Unfortunately, however, homeschooling children often does more harm than good. It prevents them from having the opportunity to socialize with peers, learn about group dynamics, and practice game on their female classmates.

Your job as a man isn’t so much to teach him facts (school will do plenty of this), but rather to instill in him a sense of logic and reasoning so that he can discern for himself whether or not his schoolteachers are correct. Instill in him a weak, but functioning bullshit detector by the time that he goes off to school, so that he can slowly, but surely, see the folly of our culture’s thinking.

You can do this by extending his education outside of the home. Get him into the habit of reading from a young age. Buy him good books that talk about valor, heroism, and that kindle a fierce spirit into the young boy’s heart. Teach him about great men of the past who overcame incredible odds: Andrew Carnegie, Alexander the Great, Socrates, and the Founding Fathers.

Don’t just shove lessons on him, but actually understand his view point, and with a few well-thought-out questions, try to get HIM to discover why he’s wrong. This is key. Nobody wants to be flat out told they’re wrong. If you do this, you’re a dick. Instead, try to see things from his perspective, but remain firm in your stance. Politely ask some well targeted questions that will get him thinking, and you’ll have a neomasculine boy in no time.


Our children are attacked from every angle: schoolteachers crush masculinity out of them, the media discourages healthy sexual expression, and law enforcement has been siding against him ever since the day he was born. It’s your job as a father to help your young boy navigate our fucked up modern world, so that he can live a happy, healthy, and functional adult life.

Teach him to work out, expose him to the great minds of the past, teach him the lessons of history, and teach him about women. Most importantly, however, spend time with him. None of this is possible without a genuine connection with your son; if he never sees you, it doesn’t matter how right you are…he’ll be too angry at you to accept any of your lessons.

Spend time with him, teach him the skills that he needs to live in our post-modern world, and give us all the greatest gift possible: a noble young man ready to change the world.

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  1. Was kind of the reverse for me to be honest. My mother was a high-ranking manager at a major commercial bank and she always pushed me relentlessly to succeed in school and made sure I knew how to negotiate with others (men and women) so that the result benefited me the most. She told me that serious relationships were at best a pleasant distraction when you were young and that focusing on actual success and achievement was to be my first priority. My father had more of a hands-off approach since he worked and lived in another city, occasionally visiting from time to time.

  2. Disagree with #5. That was true 10 years ago. Today home schooling can involve lots of learning and socializing outside the home.

  3. The first thing to do is to reject the notion that your son’s (or society’s) desires override your will. In our culture today, we have become obsessed with the idea that people should “follow their passion,” no matter how foolish and unproductive. As a result, you end up with college graduates with worthless degrees, mountains of debt, who have not really been “educated.” But “follow your passion” is also the gateway to lots of ills – everything from the normalization of effeminate mannerisms for dudes to tranny acceptance. Your will rules your house. If you start to think there is a greater societal interest that overrides it, you have already lost the battle. You cannot “guide” your son if you are lost yourself.
    EDIT – Bonus points, this also works to raise healthy daughters.

    1. It takes a strong dad to tell his children:
      That degree is totally worthless, and if you pursue it, odds are you will be working a minimum wage job for the rest of your life.

        1. Heh.
          Something tells me that very few dads would love to say “yea my son is in his mid-30s and works as a cashier at McDonalds because he followed his dreams and got a degree in philosophy.”

        2. It’s the father’s job to ensure that he provides the best guidance and path for the children he sires. I know you had a bad experience growing up, but that doesn’t invalidate parenting in ways that you may not have experienced.
          In a way it is about what daddy would love, since daddy ideally should love his children and thus, want to give them the best guidance possible to succeed in the world.

        3. I don’t disagree about guidance. But there is a difference between guidance and forcing/shaming/guilting someone into doing something they do not see the point in doing.
          To obey a father and do a job one really doesn’t like may on the surface look manly, but in the end it’s pretty much the same pussified attitude that makes another man bow down to his mother’s wailing about him being mean.

        4. There is a bit of value to guilt and shame, if applied in a very light coat and with a very specific goal in mind. Most people way overdo it though, or do it like a Jewish Mother and make life an absolute hell.
          Example: My son was 11 and was gaining a lot of weight, very quickly. I mean unhealthy gains, like, really unhealthy. I sat him down and had a talk about how carrying weight like that was unhealthy and that it would be a huge detriment to him later in life, and noted that he’d been gaining really fast and perhaps should reconsider his dietary choices. He got upset for about five minutes, thought about it a bit, then started asking me about eating healthy instead of hungry.
          It’s all in the presentation. Being an abusive asshole is not warranted in any event.

        5. A philosophy degree is actually one of the best degrees for those who want to advance to graduate school in law, medicine, and even business. It teaches people how to think logically, how to support their arguments.
          That degree should come with a warning, though — this diploma will be useless if you don’t pursue an applied graduate degree afterwards.

    2. We had that talk already. I told him to envision the kind of future he wanted to live, regardless of his career, then reverse engineer how to get to that goal to the point that he finally comes to a workable career choice, then pursue a degree that explicitly gets him into that field. He’s 100% STEM no matter what he chooses as a career (it’s built into him it seems) so he’s probably good to go regardless of what choice he makes, but I wanted to provide that guidance and words just to seal the deal.
      I expressly told him that the “follow your dreams” crap was bullshit, and that if that actually worked the world would be full of fishermen, investment tycoons, astronauts and Hollywood actors, when in fact, it isn’t.

      1. I understand that at some point I will have to relinquish control, but also never forget the power of the purse. If you want to follow your dreams, that’s cool, but I’m not paying for it. MY dreams are a lot easier to follow when I’m not pissing tons of money away on something useless. So if my wallet is going to pay for dreams, they’re going to be my own.

    3. “The first thing to do is to reject the notion that your son’s (or society’s) desires override your will.”
      I am starting to be glad I grew up without a father. 🙂

      1. Haha. I should be clear though – I’m not saying your son will never make his own choices. One day he will, and there is a fine line to walk because if you are a prick about imposing your will, he will rebel against it. I’m saying reject the notion that society knows better than you how to raise your son or what values you should impart. To paraphrase what GoJ said elsewhere, it is about providing guidance. That is not easy to do today, when much of what you should say to a son is demonized by everyone, but you have to rely on your force of will to provide the correct guidance anyway, no matter how uncomfortable that makes it for you.

  4. I would add to #5 that your son will gain this insight better if he sees you continuing your education. Not necessarily keep going to school but doing things to build yourself as a man. When I was about 11 my father was attending some management classes at the local community college and had to read “The Sea Wolf” by Jack London. Seeing him read that got me interested and then I read it to. Excellent life lessons are taught in many works of Fiction.

  5. Totally disagree with #5. Sending your kid to a public k12 school will more than negate the other 4 points. Your son, especially if he is straight, white and comes from a Christian family, will be indoctrinated to hate himself if he comes from today’s public k12 school setting.
    Beyond this, #5 is factually wrong. By and large homeschooled kids run rings around those coming from the public k12 school system, by nearly every possible measure.

    1. I am inclined to agree with this assessment. Plus, homeschooled kids don’t get the public school indoctrination that’s becoming increasingly prevalent.
      I remember my 9th grade year, we had a butch lesbian teaching sex ed who I found out later became a tranny. Looked like the PE coach off of Scary Movie. Can’t make this shit up but I was exposed to it way back in 1999.

      1. My husband & I went to the same Jr. high & our vice principal became a man. She was a bit masculine. My husband ran into her/him 10 years later.

  6. Lot of truth here. I saw it all the time with my boys and their mother. For example, when my son was learning to walk, he managed to pull himself up onto the sofa, then stood at the edge of the cushion holding on the arm of the sofa, looking at the floor below. I was a few feet away very calmly watching him, knowing exactly what was going through his developing toddler mind. His mother walked by the room, glanced in, and then did a diving, NFL-highlights-reel-worthy catch from across the room, then laid into me. “Didn’t you see what he was doing?” “Yes.” “He was going to jump!” “Yes.” “He was going to get hurt!!” “Yes.” “How could you …?” To which I calmly replied, “You didn’t see him looking to crawl up on the BACK of the sofa. Since he’s a boy, he’s going to jump and he’s going to get hurt, and you can’t stop him. Now, would you rather he got hurt from down here (indicating the seat cushion) or up here (pointing to the back of the sofa)??”
    Needless to say, she didn’t get it. Men, however – real men, not sissified blue-pill wimps, get it. We have to get our sons away from women’s overprotective nature to let them explore and challenge themselves and others. That’s getting harder and harder with the way things are going, especially in schools.

    1. This has been an interesting dynamic for my wife and sons. My oldest was babied until he had siblings, then mommy learned to relax and let most stressors go. In fact she became pretty cut-throat, “sweep the leg!” to use Karate Kid as an allegory. Years later my youngest son has a few small health issues and gets babied. He’s pretty masculine by nature but I keep telling her she’s going to make him gay.

      1. The right Scout troop with the right leaders USED TO be a good way to get a boy with masculine men on adventurous outings. And it was good for a father to be part of the troop leadership, to help set the example for ALL the boys. With the right leadership, it was also important to NOT go on all the outings so the boy wasn’t accidentally overprotected. But since BSA gave in to the SJWs on gay scouts and gay leaders, it’s going down the shitter really fast – which is a shame because it was a bastion of hope against politically correct blue-pillers.

        1. Nothing wrong with the principle, though. Get a quick liability waiver hammered out and you can still take other peoples’ kids out hunting and camping with your son(s).
          I think every boy should be forced to spend a few nights in the woods sleeping under a hand-crafted shelter with only a few essential items on their backs. Better still if they do a bit of hunting, fishing, and/or trapping to feed themselves for that period.

        2. I’ve been out of the BSA since the gay thing happened, but I’m hoping it’s more of a don’t ask don’t tell thing.. I mean there was nothing sexual about the scouts before, other than a few times on campouts someone brought along a dirty magazine he swiped from his older brother. But I would think the principles and experience would be pretty similar, regardless of whether they allow gays in it or not.

        3. It’s the latest in a long line. When I was working on my Eagle, there was a big push to stop “bullying” that effectively ended any sense of discipline in my troop. Before that, there was increased concern about safety that limited the scope of wilderness survival training, and before that there was a globalist push into the mandatory merit badges for advancement.

        4. It’s … words fail me. Some requirements are being watered down. Individual sponsoring orgs get to choose whether to allow gay adult leaders (that’ll last about 30 seconds into a lawsuit that WILL happen). Gay scouts? Don’t ask is a good way to describe it, but some units are so bloody queer that it’s sickening – like a Venturing crew I saw at Philmont a couple years back that had pink crew T-shirts with rainbows and unicorns on it – and it was a mixed boy/girl crew – from San Fran if you had to guess!
          Odd little observation – the scouts didn’t allow gay scouts or scout leaders to protect boys, and they were considered evil by the libs. The Catholic Church allowed gays into seminaries, and we saw lots of child abuse (documented as gay rape of mostly teenage boys), and they were characterized as evil by the libs. Which is it? It can’t be both (not if you have any working logic circuits – oh, wait, we’re talking about SJWs and libs; they HAVE no logic circuits!)

        5. My dad had really fond memories of the BSA (late 1930s / early 1940s). His mom died when he was 12 (cancer) and his dad was physically and later mentally incapacitated (mine explosion). The scouts gave him discipline, training, and camaraderie he didn’t have at home.
          When I was a kid (1980s) my dad wanted me to join first the Cub Scouts and layer move up to the Boy Scouts. He eagerly signed me up for Cub Scouts once I came of age. I hated it and for my Dad, I think it was one of the biggest disappointments of his life:
          The Cub Scouts degenerated in a big coffee klatsch for the den mothers and there wasn’t any real outdoor stuff. The men were too busy giving awards to each other in meetings to really organize anything cool. The one camping trip I was on had to be one of the lamest experiences ever. It was about as ‘outdoor’ and exciting as pitching a tent in the backyard of my childhood home in suburbia. Per my Dad.. it turns out the Boy Scouts weren’t much of an improvement.
          I was there a year and that was the end of it. I didn’t even have to beg my dad to quit. I just wasn’t signed back up again the following year.

        6. My parents sent me off to summer camp starting around my early teens a bunch of times. The camps were so regimented that I felt more like a prisoner than anything else, which seemed to be driven by the notion of “safety”. Or more like, don’t allow anything where a kid might get hurt and we get sued.
          An example: I used to bring my fishing gear as I liked to fish. Later times I didn’t bother bringing anything. Why? My gear would be gone through with anything resembling a cutting instrument would be taken away (i lost my tiny Swiss Army knife). Fishing was then relegated to one small plot of land along the lake. Taking a row boat to fish was strictly forbidden.
          I ended up bringing books because at least I could pass the time reading.

        7. It really depends entirely on the troop leadership. My boys (both Eagle Scouts – one did a pretty substantial Veteran’s Memorial for our city for his project!) had a scoutmaster whose motto is “if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough.” He HATED female leaders going on outings. He challenged the boys a LOT. It was good for them. Other troops in the area? Not so much. And when women get into key leadership positions, then all the masculine training of boys goes in the crapper.

    2. I have seen a similar dynamic with parents of older kids (early grade school). I went with my wife to her friend’s house for a Halloween party. Before the party, us adults went around with the really young kids to trick or treat around the neighborhood.
      Before going out, two of the boys found some plastic tubes and started “fencing”.. play fighting. The women / moms get really nervous and wanted the boys to stop. The guys/dads were fine in letting the kids rough house a bit.

  7. You arent going to undo the 8+ hours of indoctrination that bombards your son at school when he gets back from it every evening, assuming you get 3 hours with him a night.
    Why would you send your 8 year old into the warzone?
    Game isnt enough of a reason to send your kid to school. He can learn and develop game through multiple aspects of his life at the time whether through sports, being out with his dad, or interracting with kids at church.

    1. Parents are way too trusting of the public school system:science and math classes may be alright but social studies and English classes are always infused with Leftist ideology, whether subtly or overtly.

      1. Even then, the value of science and math education is dependent on curriculum and teacher. When you have a teacher who penalizes students for solving the problem differently from her formula, even with demonstrated work that is sound, you lose a lot of interest in the field.

        1. Yup.
          You know what, as I meditate, I come more and more to the conclusion that it is impossible to teach someone. It is only possible to learn. The mind – at least mine – wants to find its own ways of thinking about stuff and not necessarily buy into the established models. But that takes time and can not be measured or graded very well.
          In a way, this desire of mine to “reinvent the wheel” makes me feel ashamed for “not just listening to reason”, but finding my own way is my one great joy in life. Without it, I lose interest quickly.
          So, counter-intuitively, I am now in a process of kinda shedding all those ingrained beliefs about how the world works, including basic math and physics from school. It’s not easy, because what automatically pops up in the head for it is “You are being irrational etc.”
          Know how they say that in order to gain all you want, you must be willing to lose it all? I think it is similar with intellect. If you want to live out your full genius and creativity, you must be absolutely willing to become mad and irrational.

      2. I am a high school senior, and almost all of my English and history teachers have been leftists to some extent. Some quite blatantly tried to push their ideology onto the class.

    2. Why would you send your 8 year old into the warzone?

      This is the same thinking that sadly pervades many Christian families who are customers of the public k12 school system. They see their kids as disciples who can bring the Christian message into the godless public k12 school system.
      This is a completely unfair burden to place upon a child, and as he is ill-equipped and not mature enough, he will fail, and his family will lose him spiritually.

      1. Absolutely. Franklin Graham can claim that Christian children should be “salt and light” in public schools, but I bet his kids go to a Christian private school!
        Kids aren’t equipped to withstand an environment where the pressure to conform is enormous. That’s what makes then so teachable – they are malleable. For the same reason, this strategy to use Christian children as missionaries to the public school system is completely misguided.

    3. Yes, you will. My son is red pill and hard right/libertarian, has been shooting since age 5 and routinely confronts feminists and socialists at university now without fear.

      1. One time I sat down to teach my son, I think he was about 9, about postmodern philosophy. I told him the cornerstone of postmodernism is that we can’t know truth. He immediately said it makes no sense. I asked him why and he explained, in 9 year old terms, how the sentence is a self refuting statement, i.e. a true statement that there are no true statements.
        I must be raising him right!

        1. Yes, for a STEM major.
          We’re hard right/libertarian, not anarchists. And the public universities have raised prices so much that private university is out of grasp for all by the highest income brackets.
          Really if you think about it, it’s rather a crime what they did. The public university system was ostensibly set up as a common man’s way to obtain a higher education that, prior to the system, he was unable to afford. What happened though is that the public uni’s set up shop, got a lot of people used to the idea of “you need a degree!” (which should be bullshit), and now people who have no business ever stepping foot in a classroom beyond the 8th grade are getting “degrees”. The consequence of course is predictable by supply and demand. And the private universities of course are the premium at that curve, which pushed them out of reach for basically everybody but people with the last name of Clinton or Bush.
          I have advised him to learn a trade as a backup, as he’s a wonder with his hands, however his grades and aptitude for the higher levels of math and science are too great to forgo in order to be a plumber. So, OSU it is, and not for a “womyn’s studies” or “poly sci” degree, but a STEM degree.

        2. Yeah, higher ed is in the middle of a bubble. It’ll pop in the next generation — some estimates say that half the current colleges and universities will go bankrupt.
          However, I’d like to point out that OSU takes state money, which makes it socialized education, so your son may want to be aware of that when he goes around pointing fingers at socialists. He’s benefitting from socialized education too — and if he ever needs a cop, a firefighter, a public defender, or a farm subsidy … well, those are socialist organizations too.

        3. Oh come now, you’re falling back on the highly discredited notion that any cooperative action that the state finances is socialism.
          I’m not a first year liberal arts major dude, I know what actual socialism is. It’s the society’s nationalization/appropriation of the means of production such as to direct the production of products and services of that society towards a common set of goals.
          So, if a government mandates single payer in medicine or nationalizes medicine, aka government financed and appropriated, that is a form of socialism.
          If a government institutes a system to pay for the needy but leaves the competing private systems intact, that’s not socialism (although it can devolve into that easily).
          Besides, even if I bought your statement at face value, when the government makes entering anything but its systems prohibitive, then using their own systems against them is a just act.
          Let’s save the sophomoric debates to the sophomores, shall we?

        4. If your son’s a hardline libertarian (a common stance among young STEM students), he won’t make those distinctions. Any gov’t funding, of anything, goes against the ideology. I don’t know him, or you, so I’m speaking hypothetically.
          Ironically, I went for ten years to private junior high, private high school, and private university, not one drop of govt funding — and yet I don’t take that stance.
          Sounds like he’s benefitting from good guidance from you, though. Reverse engineer your life is good advice.

        5. You’re wrong on the government funding of anything going against the ideology. I’ve followed “mainstream” libertarian literature and the actual party for decades. They have no problem financing an appropriate (and, most importantly, not deployed across the globe) military, nor some basic services (most don’t go the “private roads only!” route, though some do). There are the anarcho-capitalists, to be certain, who match your description and I think that the GOP and Dem party have done a bang up job convincing the public that the only form of Libertarianism is anacap, but that’s far from the case. Anacaps are a minority even within the movement, most Libertarians are what we used to call small government Constitutionalists, back before there was a party. Think Liberty magazine from the 1950’s and ’60’s for example.
          Everything else, yes, I’m aware that youth makes all ideas into 1’s and 0’s in the minds of ambitious logical young men. What he has of that, he’ll eventually mature out of, just like I did.

    4. Your son will learn all the game he needs from watching how his father interacts with his mother, sisters, aunts, etc.
      Flirt with girls in public at the grocery store in front of him if you want to show him how its done.

    5. In modern schools, girls are princesses who can do no wrong, and boys are constantly being derided and punished for being boys. Hardly the best environment for developing game is it?

  8. Public school is the greatest threat:
    The reason we find ourselves in such an apparently desperate, 5-minutes-to-midnight position is because we were too complacent,
    too derelict in our civic responsibility. Our parents were far too trusting of the liberal establishment. We were always told to obey the teacher, respect our elders, etc. Our parents never questioned the reading assignments from English class. They never asked why thinly veiled feminist propaganda like Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House or Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire
    were required reading. They foolishly assumed they were selected for their literary merit. They never thought the teachers could be so sinister and so malicious as to be deliberately inculcating a set of specific beliefs in the minds of the children. Our parents consigned the most precious commodity – young and impressionable minds – to the Leftist system and the modern SJW world is the result.
    A cultural revolution no less thorough than China’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s has been already been effected. It was done so quietly and so insidiously that no one even knew it was happening. Rather than the brash book burnings and public denouncements by the Red Guard in China, course syllabi were quietly rewritten, non-conforming books simply pulled from the shelves, and subtle themes masquerading as literature were injected into the curriculum. The similarities between the recent cultural shift in America and the revolution in Maoist China are uncanny: both were spearheaded by the youth, both were determined to destroy all things traditional, and both created an irrevocable schism with all the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the preceding millennia.

    1. They out-thunk themselves. The main effect of English class is to make students hate whatever literature is being shoved down their throats. Unfortunately the aversion therapy often makes kids hate reading in general.

  9. Gifted and talented program (enrichment programs) used to be a haven for the precocious minds; however, because the demographic composition did not reflect that of the greater communities, these have been all but gutted and are always the first to end up on the chopping block. In a slave morality system, being weak, being dumb is seen as a virtue. Being gifted, having a superior mind is seen as wrong, and all the other crabs in the barrel resent the crab climbing the top and so pull him back down.

  10. The best way to do homeschooling without damaging your child’s social skills is to enroll him in some kind of sports activity where he can make friends, or become part of a community of other normal parents who homeschool.

    1. Agreed. I’m hoping to homeschool my 3 children and we plan on them doing martial arts, going to church events a couple times a week, and also going to some of the local educational areas (science centers, zoos, museums, etc). Plenty of opportunities for them to socialize.

    2. The supposed “damage” to a homeschooled child’s social skills is mostly hysteria manufactured by the anti-family left. Most homeschooled kids have friends their own age that they meet along the way, and get plenty of interaction with other children.
      The best part of course is all of these interactions are 100% voluntary. If one kid doesn’t want to be around another for whatever reason, he’s not forced to sit with him in the same class or be in the same school. It is a win-win for everyone.

      1. Exactly correct. What they’re afraid of isn’t that the kid won’t socialize normally, rather, they’re afraid that the kid will socialize *outside of the Left’s guidance*.

        1. Not to mention, how can a child be taught to not take shit from anyone if, as is the case in a public k12 school setting, he is forced to interact with people that he doesn’t like?

  11. A point on #5, aren’t we red-pillers skeptical of college anyways? My predisposition to college is much like Aaron Clarey’s: Unless you’re going in for something worthwhile like STEM, don’t go. Not everyone should go to college and the argument could be made these homeschool kids are developing their vocational skills at the home. I knew two brothers that were homeschooled who were already working in the fields they were interested in going to vocational school for before even graduating high school.

        1. Interesting idea. Although I think I’d just go with my gut in whom to accept as a student. Somebody may not be good from the get go, but for whatever reason, you may feel the wish to teach him.

        2. Not necessarily. That would be another generalization. I just mean … you sometimes just feel in your gut what decision you want to make. You may completely fail to explain it (although you may try), but you just know what to do. In these ways, I think life is like a dance. You don’t think about dancing, ideally, you just do it.

  12. Since we live in a matriarchy I’d prefer to only have daughters anyway. Surest way to have successful offspring that has a chance to have offspring of its own. Of course they should be taught that feminazism is toxic.

    1. In a world where women have the reigns and are impulsively driving us into the dirt while devolving to the lowest rungs of sexual depravity, it’s actually pretty good to be an alpha male (a real one, not JUST a PUA). They flock to you. Having a son and raising him to be not only strong among men but also desirable to women in a red pill way is actually giving him a great gift as well as ensuring that you’re helped pave the way for a future reclamation of our birth right as men in the future.

      1. True but a lot of being alpha boils down to good genes and I believe I have beta genes myself given how I was a scrawny little short male at school and bullied to oblivion. I’m very afraid of getting a short son.

        1. I didn’t. I’m a late-bloomer to red pill stuff and arrived here from PUA. I so deeply regret I didn’t lift back then.

        2. Well then take heart that if you have a son, he can live a different life than the one you did. Teach him red-pill principles early, encourage him to work out and compete.
          I lived a very blue-pill childhood but relish in the thought of having a son (probably won’t happen though as I’m up to my eyeballs in daughters and the thought of another set of diapers to change kills my soul a bit).

        3. Def can be over come. I know an Asian kid who is a personal trainer. He is about 5’8 and weighs 250 with practically no body fat. He posted, recently, a pic of himself from highschool on his Instagram and he looks like every other skinny Asian kid.

        4. Real alpha may be partially based genetics, and by that I mean the kind that leads men AND slays women in the sex department. That doesn’t mean that a skinny boy can’t start picking up weights at age 13 and do something to improve himself to the point that he’s no longer perceived as “beta wimp”.

    2. You know that is a really interesting take that I have never heard before about having daughters. You very well might be right.

  13. I was so down with everything until this:
    nfortunately, however, homeschooling children often does more harm than
    good. It prevents them from having the opportunity to socialize with
    peers, learn about group dynamics, and practice game on their female

    That’s an utter crock of horse shit. While some, and I mean a small minority, of home schoolers do the Recluse Method of learning, the vast majority that I’ve met, and I’ve met quite a few, have the kids in various extracurricular activities OR they do “block schooling” (not sure of the official name), where kids in the same neighborhood will gather at a parent’s house for a week to learn subject A, then to another parent’s house for a week to learn subject B, kind of like a “class” of traveling kids.
    The rest though, agreed.

    1. Home schooling has come a long way. His mode of thinking is based on the old stereotype of homeschooled kids, that the mother didn’t want them to go out into the world. It just isn’t that way anymore even though that motivation may still be there by “mom”.

      1. That may be true, perhaps Jon Anthony is an older fella, homeschooling was practically and literally illegal in most of the USA in the 1980s. It was perhaps a cultural belief that homeschoolers were FLDS compound-dwelling lunatics. And in the 80s perhaps the public schools were under more control of local parents, and did not teach children to hate their parents, hate their country, hate their God, and hate themselves.
        Homeschooled kids are far more social than public schooled kids. PS kids a quite anti-social. They hide from their parents and hate younger kids. My HS kids can socialize with anyone of any age.

        1. Exactly my perception. They are not taught to “sit down and be quiet, or else” like public schooled kids.

    2. My Aunt and Uncle raised their 8 children home school style, and they all turned out extremely depressed and unable to cope with the modern world. They were a very repressed Christian family, so maybe I have some bias against it.
      I agree that if you do it right, it can be great, however.

      1. The “Recluse Model” is a disaster. Unfortunately it’s the only one that the detractors know, by and large, and they base all of their opinions on it.

      2. It all depends if you do it right like you said …. alot of the time home schooled kids can be more social than their peers in school with less of the cultural bullshit affecting them and not having to socialize with the local school stoners/losers.

    3. Agree with GOJ…Home schooling can be amazing for boys.. Done right home schooling can be structured to stress all the excellent points in this article….

    4. Agreed. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize your children outside of the time they spend learning at home. Many communities have homeschooling groups which meet multiple times, with the explicit purpose of socializing the children. That’s not counting time spent in the neighborhood.
      I can think of no worse thing to do to a child then send it to public school. Particularly with the level of indoctrination they would receive, your efforts to raise a masculine son would be completely wasted as he is taught that gender is a social construct and homosexuality/transgenderism is perfectly natural.

  14. Although, I have renounced to spread offspring (at least voluntarily, before I go under the blade), if I had to, I’d start by not raising them in the digital world, just my library, absolutely no TV, lots of sports and outdoor activities (chess, martial arts, piano & guitar lessons, languages, swimming, fishing, camping) and for the education, I’d go for Military or Catholic Boarding school. Kids that’d make baby boomers proud.

  15. “It prevents them from having the opportunity to socialize with peers,
    learn about group dynamics, and practice game on their female
    This is completely incorrect because of what it implies. Schools as we understand them today DID NOT EXIST until the Modern era. If this was true, then boys would never have gotten the needed interraction with their own age group until governments formalized so-called ‘education’, which is ludicrous.
    Children are impressionable. There is absolutely no way you can raise a child with a ‘bullshit detector’ that will stop them believing all the garbage they will be told in school about sexuality, equality, and other assorted lies. They will be cut loose for several hours a day in an environment where adults who are not you have complete authority over them. Your child won’t fake anything, he will absorb it. I’m not saying homeschool is necessarily the answer for everyone, but for God’s sake, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send your child to a public school.

  16. My old pastor once said his first memory of his father was when he was about two or three years old. At the time, his father had been overseas fighting in WWII and he was being taken care of by his mother. His mother had let his hair grow all this time and when his father came home, the first he did was take him to a barbershop.
    Sometimes it’s these small things that shape a boy into a man.

  17. Another good article jon. I assume you will get a lot of backlash about homeschooling but you are 100% correct.

        1. It does sound better. Ha…just thought…Hilary Snizzerhands you know, because she is always looking to get her hands on some snizz

    1. Not about homeschooling he isn’t. I have nephews and nieces who are homeschooled or are still being homeschooled. His perception is the one the Left exploded with back in the 1990’s which is entirely inaccurate now.

      1. We agree on a lot GOJ but here not at all. I will never back down from my position that homeschool is a dangerous tool which is a net detriment to the child and that homeschooled children will be at a disadvantage in a ton of ways over properly educated students.

        1. Well, respectfully, you’re wrong.
          They socialize. Many homeschooled kids are more appropriately labeled “community schooled” (see my description below). They act and interact with other kids all the time, and that’s perfectly fine. Additionally while the movement started with some pretty scary religious types, it’s become very broad based in appeal, and (in Ohio at least) the kids still have to pass the high school proficiency test to be officially credentialed as having gradutated high school.
          So, they get at least the education of a State schooled kid, almost always get WAY more detailed and in depth instruction (all of my relatives that do this all pass the Ohio HS proficiency test in their equivalent age for 9th grade), and they socialize, act, interact, do sports and generally are well adjusted.
          The whole mythology about it being some recluse thing for Amish kids is almost entirely incorrect these days. The only thing your average home schooler does NOT get that a State kid does, is heavy government indoctrination into socialism, feminism, fake environmentalism and Marxism.

        2. Apparently so.
          Little House on the Prairie? Retards. And literally Hitler.

        3. The “socializing” value of public schools, what little there was, has disappeared too. There IS value to slugging the fuck out of a bully and learning to stand up for yourself, but pull that in a modern public school and YOU will be the one being expelled. So even that scant value is gone.

        4. Literally Hitler, yes. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were socially awkward retards. They also had a much different world to live in.
          They were also basically stuck on a certain trajectory for their entire lives. The prairie is support staff to the real world and the real world has crept in in a bigger way. I have yet to meet a homeschooled kid, either interacting with them socially or teaching them at the university level that wasn’t woefully below any kind of reasonable standard. Not one single kid.

        5. It’s odd actually, neither of my kids were required to read that bilge.
          My son did do a book report on Anthem though.

        6. And don’t forget, there are plenty of opportunities to slug a bully if you just take your kids to the neighborhood playground and let them run around free.

        7. Well, who knows what standards NY has that others do (or don’t).
          My nephews can wipe the floor with public school kids, even the college bound Straight A ones. Easily.

        8. At several universities I taught homeschooled kids from around the country, dozens of them, and not a single one of them was up to snuff.

        9. That NYC is the real world and the rest of the country is support staff and vacation destinations. I wasn’t implying it.

        10. Haha! Dude, I literally view NYC as the exact inverse of this proposition. Nice place to vacation, and they keep some financial and cultural shit running, but then it’s back to the real world. Just goes to show how perception is reality!

        11. Having dealt with endless honking New Yawkahs in Florida, I’m gonna have to disagree with that perception. Heh.
          The last time I actually encountered a New Yawkah in the wild was a few years ago, at a gas station. He was driving through with the family in his car, and came over breathless and white in the face, big fight-or-flight eyeballs, hands shaking as he pointed at my sidearm and honked “Why do you have that?!?”

        12. 2009 was my last semester teaching but I stopped a regular fulltime schedule in 2007
          If there has been significant change in the last 7 years I can’t say.

        13. The “community school” model is fairly new. I don’t know if you’d had opportunity to meet the current crop coming out of that or not.

        14. I didn’t like London at all but I will list it as part of the real world along with Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and a couple of other places that are actually important.

        15. London: What New York City would be if it were a) clean b) polite c) full of hot French girls and d) full of 800 year old buildings.

        16. In the wild, yes. Sometimes we like a break from participating in the real world and go see what the rest of the world is like.
          I know here too we disagree. I will never see anything outside of a major metropolitan area as a “real” or particularly “important” place. It has its usefulness of course. But it is, as stated, support staff and vacation destination for the most part.
          I get that that won’t be a particularly popular idea here and that I will never convince you of it. Some things we will just have to leave as peaceful disagreements.

        17. Most of the college age students I meet at this stage are female and we don’t talk much about their education 🙂

        18. New York is the blowing beautiful leaves on a tree in summer, flyover country is the tree. Come winter the leaves die, but the tree remains. As thus it’s always been with all major metropolitan areas in history.
          I actually don’t mind that big cities exist, even though I rib you about them here. I don’t want to particularly *visit* them, as it would in fact drive me nuts, but they’re necessary to any society. End of the day though, if the lights go out, my crops remain perfectly intact, whilst NYC (or any major metropolis) erupts into chaos, flames and darkness.

        19. ha! London is a shit hole. The old buildings are cool but functional disasters. If I wanted hot French girls they are in paris…..and NYC….and you are mistaking effeminate for polite. NYC is plenty clean if you stick to the better neighborhoods. It is simple, your neighborhoods cleanliness is proportionate to how much money you have.

        20. No, we are consumers not growers. Hudson Valley is where the foie grows. Support staff.

        21. I never really liked the city. I love Berlin and I really love Paris. I was ambivalent about Italian cities. There was just a feel to London that I didn’t enjoy. It felt like it wasn’t a real city. It was like the epcot version of a city.

        22. London is quite clean (obviously there are bad sectors, like any city), and very orderly. I do loathe the omnipresent cameras of course.
          The men there were not effeminate, they simply exercised common courtesies that I don’t find anywhere in the states. For example, on a boat on the Thames a man’s cell rang, he turned to me and the family and said “Pardon me if I take this call, sorry” then quietly spoke into the phone. Beautifully civilized, he hadn’t said a word to us previously. Wherever I go there I’m greeted with cheerful, decent people who are far more polite than your average Sunday Episcopalian church gathering in the States.

        23. it was. Ice cream too because it was august to the grocery stories were just giving away the ice cream before it melted. It was such good time. Not so much in 77….

        24. The Eye doesn’t help relive that perception, I’ll grant that.

        25. Meh. i don’t know. It may depend on the presentation, but I would perceive someone apologizing for taking a call as effeminate probably. Not a big friend of politeness, though.

        26. I mean for any length of time, of course, not just a brownout or blackout. Speaking more long term from a historical perspective.
          The last time we had a major lights out here in Ohio was back in 2012 I believe, a derecho rolled through and knocked most of the State’s power grid offline for almost a week.
          The response where I live?
          A couple of neighbors with generators went from house to house every couple of hours, generators in tow, hooking up people’s refrigerators to the electricity so that nobody would lose food. Cookouts. I got to show off how to make a simple Roman Chimney to provide relief from the heat of the day. Pretty calm.

        27. I have always wondered about the cameras in London. I always thought it would be funny if it turned out they never actually worked. Like it would be some big breaking news “London Big Brother Never Actually Worked” Probably not the case, but funny.
          As for the pardon me, excuse me, sorry…I have too much of the big apple in me to ever deal with that without getting annoyed. I don’t like cheerful greetings….I guess you could say that cheerful and polite people are to me what watermelon is to you.

        28. I come from a poor yet highly civilized and refined family when it comes to manners. I’ve shucked a lot of that off since it doesn’t fit over here in the States, but I still appreciate civility in public.

        29. NYC promotes and cultivates culture? LOL! Are you crazy? NYC is the antithesis of culture. It works to destroy all that is good and traditional. You will find more culture in any small Midwestern town..
          NYC is the living embodiment of all that is wrong with the modern world: form over function, virtue signalling, just hollow vapid pretentious fucks. Effete hipsters sporting stiffies for their $20 pumpkin spice microbrew.

        30. That sounds fun and, to be honest, not much different than it was here in 03. There was the big destructive hurricane black out that happened here a few years ago where people basically turned feral on each other over the course of a week, but that was down town….I don’t go downtown. That’s where “those people” are

        31. fucking hell can’t you fags ever take this offline??? do you have to shit up EVERY fucking comment thread on RoK with your inane blathering back and forth like little girls??? Fuck.

        32. Welp, as usual…an entire comment section destroyed, and turned into the GoJ and LolFag show. Thanks goys.

        33. Fuck off, Stormfronter.
          The discussion is about the article and we’re keeping to topic for the most part. If you can’t compete in the quality and quantity of content, that’s not our fault, it’s yours.

        34. Can attest. The biggest trouble I got in in HS was for retaliating against 2 bullies, they each got a 15 minute detention and I got an hour and a half.

        35. NYC is clean?!
          I live on the UES: big cockroaches marching along the side walk at night like they’re on their way to the office.
          I always imagine them singing Vanity Fair’s “Hitching a Ride.”
          I have to shake my pant lag to make sure they haven’t climbed up on my leg as I’m walking.
          Also, mice darting from the mountains of trash on the street.
          The city is filthy. But people seem to mistake “grit” for character. Tokyo is an even larger megapolis and you could eat off the street and sidewalk it’s so clean.

        36. I am not sure where on UES you live that you need to shake off roaches….lol…I haven’t had that experience any time pre Giuliani even with this dipshit of a mayor we have.
          There is a ton of construction going on in Yorkville with the second ave subway which is causing quite a bit of bugs and dirt, but Yorkville isn’t the UES proper. Take a walk along CPW between the high 60’s all the way up to the lower 90’s. Clean as Tokyo? No. But asia is creepy and weird.

        37. There has been an exponential increase in the number of Chinese students: from less than 50k a decade ago to more than 300,000 today. And they’re all loaded and drive luxury cars and have large, insular ethnocentric networks.

        38. Your utter lack of social skills details why you’ve adopted the worldview that you have.

        39. Hitler had a very detailed view of the direction his society, and homeschooling would impede that.

        40. what worldview? that it’s fucking boring watching two OCD dudes prattle back and forth for a full comment thread? You guys need to give it a rest and remind yourselves that this site and the comments are not supposed to be your personal instant messenger service. Enough is enough. I have watched this go on countless times before saying anything. You fags need to get a life!!!!!

        41. Anybody who uses Stormfront in an insult is an obvious CUCK. That explains why you are ALWAYS here talking about what a manly guy you are, instead of logging off the fucking internet for a couple hours and actually BEING a man.

        42. I know a woman who homeschooled her son and daughter; he made it into West Point, she made it into the Bronx High School for Science.

        43. I work in a job that affords me an ample amount of free time to putter. Most evenings and weekends I’m not on here.
          So basically, shut your pie hole, Adolf. There are plenty of sites dedicated to you placing your blonde haired princesses on a pedestal, but this is not one of them.
          All you’ve posted here is one initial post ripe with hatred of blacks and Hispanics, and then nothing but sneering and insults to others on this thread.
          Don’t like the content, you know where the door is, use it.

        44. You’re free to start your own website. You do not own this one.
          Good day.

        45. If you want this website to succeed, you’ll stop ruining it.
          Every notice that when you and your little playmates monopolize another comment section with your idle chatter, it drowns out all other commentary, and inhibits others from adding their voice? This is basic stuff. But I don’t expect any common sense from a cucked mangina who has convinced himself that he’s an alpha on the internet.

        46. The facts of life.
          1. Disqus has no monopolize function for the average user. Only an admin of a site can monopolize the conversation.
          Verdict: Assertion fail on your part.
          2. While there is banter, there is also loads of serious commentary that come out of discussions that lolknee or myself participate in, and in addition, I’ve added plenty of insightful standalone commentary across many articles on this site as can be attested to by the readership.
          Verdict: Assertion fail on your part
          3. If you don’t like my voice or lolknees voice, there exists an option called Block User that you can use to not see our comments, ergo, the only reason you “feel” drowned out is your own ignorance of the tool you utilize.
          Verdict: Learn your tools and take responsibility for your own perceptions.
          4. Saying “cuck cuck cuck” all the time means nothing, it simply displays that you have nothing of actual substance to say.
          Verdict: Grow up, child.
          5. I’ve actually met some commenters here in real life. I’ve nothing to hide and have “convinced” myself of nothing. If you feel the need to challenge my authenticity I’ll be happy to host a round of drinks with you in or near Columbus, Ohio on a date of your choosing that we can both agree is open.
          Verdict: Doubt you’ll accept that invitation.

        47. Okay, you win, have fun ruining RoK, cuck.
          At least nobody can call you racist or antisemitic – and that is the only thing that matters.

        48. Yes, I know I won. I won before I ever replied to you. Your position exited the gate with a broken leg and it only got worse with each reply.
          If you’ve been “oh so victimized” by me so many times, then clearly you’ve followed my posts so I can only conclude that you’re not very observant. I’ve made almost the same exact post as your initial post on this thread before. I don’t care if I’m called a racist or an antisemite, I just don’t indulge in the “they are all exactly the same and evil” viewpoint that you do. I can, get this, account for variable levels of behavior in individuals. Weird, right?
          Again, if you want to test my authenticity, my email is in my profile, let me know when you’re swinging around Ohio.

        49. He’s addicted to the word “cuck”. It’s the boilerplate handed down from the Alt Right and by golly, he’s not going to deviate from the script.

        50. Bronx science is a public high school. Home schooled until then is impressive, but they will get a public school education. As for west point..there will always be exceptions and exceptional students….I will never be convinced that a homeschool education is a good thing.

        51. Honestly, London feels like the world’s biggest village at times. Has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

        52. I haven’t been there since ’01 so I can’t say. I was there for 2 weeks and while I had a good time, I didn’t really appreciate the city. I felt like all the cool things I wanted to see and do took about 2 days and the rest was just being in a big and generally uninteresting city.

  18. I don’t home school but I started doing math with my son when he was very young. he is 11 and we are doing Algebra 1 on the Khanacademy site. My goal s to make him bullet proof as far as grades and future college prospects.

  19. “Don’t just shove lessons on him, but actually understand his view point, and with a few well-thought-out questions, try to get HIM to discover why he’s wrong. This is key. Nobody wants to be flat out told they’re wrong. If you do this, you’re a dick. Instead, try to see things from his perspective, but remain firm in your stance. Politely ask some well targeted questions that will get him thinking, and you’ll have a neomasculine boy in no time.”
    I read somewhere that it is not only important to be aware of what you say, but also about what you think. If you’re thinking your son is the greatest idiot for believing something, he can read it in your face.

  20. The quality of homeschooling depends on who is doing it, and how they’re going about it. I don’t think much more needs to be said on that.
    Personally, I believe that a quality private school is the most effective tool.

    1. Yes. Quality, emphasis on quality, private school is the best. Schools like Choate and Exeter will always pump out the best educated students. That is, of course, a 1% kind of thing. But under that there are plenty of schools which fall into what is called the “aspirational 14%” which are ideal. Following that, parochial schools offer an excellent education.

      1. In many countries there is a waiting list to get into catholic schools as they have discipline and good scholastic achievement. This compared to the mediocrity of the secular government school system which churns out tools for the system……

        1. Yes, and rightfully so. Catholic schools, especially — but not limited to — ones associated with the Jesuit order are probably the best education for the money that you can get.
          As for secular schools, I don’t know how secondary education works outside of my particular area, but I can say that there is quite a variety and, as you might suspect, the range is largely tagged to money. The best of the public schools in NYC beat a lot of the private schools around the world. However, the worst of the public schools here are closer to prisons than they are to educational facilities. Because school funding is pegged to district taxes we might have one school where there is 40k per student per year funding while we have another school where it is closer to 7k and the ability to hire teachers, buy supplies, etc is connected to that. Further, the better schools will get kids from better homes with lower single parent stats and more early education as well as an emphasis on education while the lower end of the schools will be ghetto trash.
          Further, we have some talent based public schools here like Bronx Science and Stuyvesant which are public but very hard to get into (and generally cannot be bought into) and produce some of the finest minds in the country.
          Whether there is a more equitable and “fair” way of doing these things elsewhere in the country or the world I do not know.

        2. Standard public school design is created to create a servile populace, one that will rush off to war when told.
          With the decline in the inner cities, that system has given way to de facto nurseries, wards and prisons.

        3. A lot of the catholic schools in the nyc metro have been shutting down; whole business model was based on paying nuns and priests next to nothing. the teachers make so little money in comparison to their public school counterparts

        4. The Jesuits aren’t good at business…only at education and molesting boys.
          really though, I have noticed this and it is truly a shame. NY will never give them any funding….can’t give anything religious any dough….
          Here is the catch 22. If you brought in some real sharp COO to reorganize the structure and turn the catholic schools into a profit churning machine, which they could, they would probably wind up sacrificing the education which makes them actually valuable for money.

        5. Catholic schools received fed funding up until the late 50s…”profit churning machine”? a Catholic Univ of Phoenix 😉

      2. And meanwhile Thomas Edison was educated to what the 8th grade? Intelligence is innate and spending $50,000 a year for Exeter won’t polish a turd.
        The same rich elite who sent their precious children to elite schools are the same liberal elite who control academia, the government, and the entertainment industry where they promote policies to destroy the middle class, like busing, forced integration, section 8 vouchers etc. How do you think one affords the $50k a year price tag for Exeter?

        1. Yup. And even if that weren’t true, forcing knowledge down a throat that doesn’t want it is pointless.
          For instance, I recently started to discover a sense of deep fasciation for electricity in me that I never really had. And curiously, it clashed inside me with a kind of hatred of the whole topic. It brought up memories of having to learn about electricity the way the school wanted me to, by memorizing rules etc even when I wasn’t interested in it.
          I wonder how many other cool things I am missing out on simply because school conveyed them in an annoying manner.

        2. Thomas Edison was a unique genius. If we make policy based on people like Edison then we will disenfranchise 99% of the people in the world.
          The thing about the kids who go to Exeter is that education has been an important part of their life, they have been given every single opportunity, they have been taught how to comport themselves, how to pay attention, to listen to music which enriches, they have had, generally, their interests and strengths appreciated and catered to. While it is true that you can’t polish a turd, you can take a young mind and shape it and teach it.
          If you take that young mind and give it to some of the best teachers in the country who have latitude to engage their students and treat them with respect you will get a better crop.
          No, it doesn’t take into account super natural genius 8th grade drop outs or patent clerks, nor should it.
          As for liberal elite controlling academia….yes, there is an element to that for sure. It has to do with a lot of things and it exists. That said, it is not nearly as pervasive as it is made out to be. I have a lot of envy for the kids who were born, went to Exeter, on to Yale and then an MBA at Harvard and on to hedge fund management, yacht clubs and eyes wide shut parties. I mean, I would have loved that life. There are some nefarious aspects to it for sure, but I think that those people are an easy target for a lot of people to throw muck at and the largest amount of shit that is spewed about them is rank jealousy and ignorance.

        3. Heh, yep.
          As I’ve heard mentioned before, Socrates didn’t have a degree in philosophy.

        4. I have mixed feelings on many tech thieves. So often, they steal base ideas that really aren’t going anywhere under the guise of their current proprietors.

        5. So a quality of education is dependent on the financial situation of one’s parents?
          I would say 90% of children shouldn’t be educated: they are resistant and hostile to learning. They should be turned out to the fields or to the factory floor.
          The top 10% should receive a much higher quality education that what the public school currently provides.
          I will say this: I wager the innate intelligence of the children from a young so-called “white trash” couple from West Virginia will exceed the intelligence of the children from a 45 year old hedge fund manager and his 36 year old cunt lawyer wife. Therefore, the more intelligent but poor child should receive the superior education compared to the Autistic result of pairing crooked sperm and dusty egg.

        6. What I hate are patent writers. These guys go out and patent every obvious idea that any reasonable engineer will come to, then charge for the privilege of using “their” idea.
          Great example: Apple patented capacitative touch screens. Given that the capacitative touch screen is a logical progression from the resistive touch screen (that was already theorized years earlier, but unbuildable with that technology), it was an underhanded move.

        7. And if the driving motivation behind an education is to make large amounts of money, then we should be replacing economics professors with pimps, drug dealers, and gun runners.

        8. not just large amounts of money, but that is part of it. Also having a broad education which helps you to understand your place in the world, to form connections that last a lifetime, to get a good athletic training early on.

        9. Yeah, intellectual property laws clearly are disproportionate in today’s world. Just consider the criminalization campaigns against people who download movies or music.

        10. In NYC yes…unfortunately the reality of the situation is that $ = a better education.
          As for you comment about 90% of students…..lower that to 80% and I agree with you 100% the top 20% should receive an absolutely spectacular education for absolutely no money while the lower 80% should be given early and excellent trade educations which will benefit them (as well as society in general) both in terms of their financial status and, more than likely, how happy they are.
          As for your gamble about the west virigina white trash versus the hedge fund guy, I don’t think it is a viable bet without particulars. Suffice to say that I think raw talent will be a toss of a coin between the two, it could go either way. However, the education of the later will almost assuredly be better than that of the former. It isn’t fair, but that is the way it is.
          I think you and I agree for the most part here. I am musing, however, on the realities of our world rather than the way things ought to be.

        11. Public schools in New York? Some are excellent, some are terrible and most are on the sadder side of average. As for private schools, depends on the private school. Some are that way. Others are not.

      3. There is a new thing down here in Houston, Charter academy’s. They are free like public school but I believe you have to qualify academically to attend. They are ranked top 5 in the state after only 5 or so years I believe. The 1%r College Prep schools though do provide an almost fraternity-istic type of camaraderie. I went to one of those schools and doors do open up for me from my High school affiliation. I’ve gotten no benefits from my University affiliation. Id sooner put money into a good high school than University.

      4. No, they admit the best students, their teaching is so-so. I went to a top boarding school in 8th grade, now over $50,000 per year. It was good for learning to get away with stuff (the real purpose of boarding school, I’m still convinced), but the actual curriculum wasn’t that great.
        The 80% Mexican HS in one of the poorest counties in Texas was better in many ways, with more science choices, strict tracking by ability that meant small nearly all-white honors classes, and the ability to go to local universities when I topped out on the HS curriculum. The 5-point honors grade scale let me have a 4.0 GPA, too, which got me into an Ivy League school. Which I hated, it being filled with Adam Sandler wannabes from Longiland.

  21. Excellent article. Yes! Homeschooling avoids the assimilation, race to the bottom mentality.
    Great books for the 8 to 14 boys: The Wilderness series follows Nathan King Mountain man as he travels from the city to Shoshone country to find his fortune as a fur trapper. Plot lines similar to The Revenant written for 12 year-olds. You know: Fight a bear, Indian, crazy crooked bandit gang, struggle through the wilderness until he can regain his horse/hawken rifle/Shoshone Indian bride back.
    Men are men, and women dig strong guys.

  22. If you can’t afford to get your kids out of multikult hell, then home schooling them is the only humane option. No White child deserves to be sent away to spend his days in the company of feral africans and mestizos. That is sure to have a highly negative effect on his intellectual development. He will be forced to focus on survival, rather than on learning.
    I didn’t learn a god damned thing until my parents took me out of the ghetto and put me in a small town White school.

    1. Can attest. As soon as I got into the “gifted” classes, my grades went up (read: more work, more difficult, I did better than less work and less difficult) and my social status and confidence skyrocketed, precisely because it was an environment where people wanted to excel and be competitive and it was free from hillbilly hicks and disruptive jiving ghetto thug motherfuckers.

      1. These days, even the “gifted” classes are horrible. When the teacher (usually a woman who talks celebrity gossip with the girls while telling the few masculine boys to shut up) announces there will be a test, the class instinctively gasps and then spends the week leading up to the test complaining, hyperventilating, whining about how they’re doomed to fail, and not actually preparing. Then, the kids who don’t do well act surprised and then they beg for extra credit and the cycle begins again.

    1. There is only one equality, and that itself is an ideal and not a standard, which is equality before the law.
      Respect is earned, not granted without merit.

    2. 1) Equality is a road to ruin. No one is born equal and to force everyone to be equal means everyone is reduced to the lowest common denominator. It’s only fair and equal after all.
      2) Respect is earned, not given. To show respect for some stranger who you don’t know means your respect isn’t worth a damn. Don’t confuse respect with common courtesy.
      3) A masculine man isn’t fragile. Your first sentence makes about as much sense as putting lipstick on a pig.

      1. He meant Femininity I believe but Freudian slips and all, his agenda is clear and has clearly not served him well by the looks of that Post article. lol.

    3. Is this guy trolling? “Equality”? hahaha
      No such thing. People aren’t equal so why should they be afforded equal rights?
      People should be equal before the law but that is not what we currently have: entertainers, athletes, and other assorted rich and influential people are routinely released after committing crimes for which regular folk would be thrown in jail to rot.

        1. A face that deserves to be slapped or something pretty close, I believe.

        2. Enlighten me then good sir. What is the most precise translation? I know most people say “a punchable face” but they’re usually not Germans.

        3. if I am not mistaken the root is the words cheek and whistle. That whistle is used has always been evocative…it has a certain, if I may, befindlichkeit

        4. I don’t know. I mean, it is definitely the correct translation when it simply comes to the conveyed content. But “a punchable face” just lacks the … character.

        5. Blog is boring, with cookie-cutter intro finance advice. Dave Ramsey with zero personality, and nothing new to say.

        6. He also thinks these are the only 2 sides to the minimum wage being $15/hour debate in New York:
          1) Those praising the mayor for passing this for federal employees.
          2) Those who think his efforts doesn’t go far enough.
          To quote a famous bunny, “What a maroon.”

        7. see my comment to tom above. The word for “whistle” is in there. If I had to translate I would say “a cheek which calls to have the wind smacked out of it” with all the meaning of being called and the wind being smacked out of someone that you could muster and still it wouldn’t really grasp the full of the german…but I think this would be closer.

        8. Hahahahaha, his bio made my day. If you read between the lines, his bio is essentially saying “please like me, random WordPress readers, I did all of these things”.

    4. Why would you assume all humans deserve respect. Have you done anything which has earned you respect? Maybe. I don’t know. By your comment I doubt it, but who knows. Why should I hand you something you have yet to earn? Simply by virtue of your being human? That sounds crazy. How about instilling a sense that respect, like other things of value, is something that is earned, giving the child the tools to earn it and then having them respect themselves. Everything after that will fall into place.
      Oh, and by the way, you are literally hitler.

      1. Here’s a thing about people who demand equality in the name of humanity: Why should I hide my human imperfections (like judging) to accommodate theirs?

    5. Fragility of masculinity? What the actual fuck are you talking about? You sound so freaking weak it makes me sick. If everyone was equal, there would be no good and no bad, no strong an no weak, no rich and no poor. equality is in reality if true would be apparent, but it is not because it doesn’t exist. Get over it.

      1. Check out his wordpress site (link below). A chinless, doe eyed emasculated wunderkind.

    6. “How do we teach boys about equality and respect for all humans?”.. because over the past 50 years, feminism has done such a wonderful job telling boys they are equal to girls and should be respected. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    7. Human beings are inherently unequal. If we were meant to be equal, we as all human beings would be as smart as a nuclear physicist or as fast as Usain Bolt.
      Or maybe have equal trolling/wasting brain cells ability as David Milberg apparently.

  23. Say hello to Moses Rifkin, physics teacher at a private Seattle high school, where he infuses social justice and white privilege into the PHYSICS classroom:

    Thought shelling out $33k a year would insulate you from that shit? Foolish Americans.

    1. A “Christian” private school I attended briefly used to teach that Islam was inherently good and Christians were inherently warmongering, conquering people. To make matters worse, we’d learn that in history class then read books on that theme in English class.
      Needless to say, I didn’t stay there long.
      EDIT: Saw some people who stayed there via Facebook. SJWs of the most mediocre caliber, every one.

    2. depends on who you shell it out to I would imagine. For every taste there is always someone willing to make a profit on it.

      1. Haha. Got a friend of mine who wanted to put his son in a private kindergarten class. First day of class, the teacher tells the children that they should wait to find out what gender they might decide to become. IN KINDERGARTEN! No where is safe!

  24. #5 is really tough. I wouldn’t want my kids to go to public school and be exposed to whatever sick degenerate fad will come after trannies in the next decade, and to make friends with people who lack morals and reason. But I wouldn’t want them deprived of the socialization that happens in a public school. I mean one really needs to experience a bully, flirt with girls, observe others his age.
    I guess the best option would be if you had a really large family. I mean like 10 or more kids. Then I think you could let them be their own pool of schoolkids, and you wouldn’t be raising a weirdo. I think the best answer I have now is do some sort of alternative private education like Montesorri or something combined with a good bit of home education. I also really like the idea of “unschooling” which is basically letting your kid learn about whatever he is interested in (knights, math, running, etc.)

  25. If you get pushback on #3, have the mom watch “Boyz in tha hood”.
    The protagonist is sent by his mom to live with his dad on the other side of LA, whereas his best friend (played by Ice Cube) was raised by a single mom.
    Long story short, the protagonist makes it to college, Ice Cube’s character spends time in jail and gets lit up in a drive-by.
    Extreme, but good to show why father figures are needed.

  26. I’m just gonna keep my sons locked in a cage and poke them with sticks until they turn 13 and then let them out. Relax, they will get a bucket of fish heads each week for sustenance.

  27. 6. Put him to work (other than housework).
    So many kids I have known that cannot work on a car, perform minor house repairs, or even have basic carpentry/metalworking skills. They get out of high school with no skill other than to flip burgers, and no drive to do anything more. Get them to build and create, save the cleaning for the ladies.

  28. As per #2.. probably the most perverse thing feminists have instigated is the “bring your daughter to school day”. Apparently boys don’t deserve the opportunity to see what his father does for a living, watching him bust his hump all day to put food on the table and presents under the tree, and gaining an appreciation for the sacrifices his non-mother makes on a daily basis. It’s nice to think that girls might gain that opportunity thru the “Day”.. but I somehow think that’s not its intent. Fucking cultural Marxism.

  29. #5 is wrong. very wrong. Homeschooled kids actually are more social than many public school peers. They rarely just sit at home all day as you might think. Instead, they are often part of associations of other homeschoolers. In these groups, they interact with many kids of all ages.

  30. Great article and agree with most it, especially breaking the mother-son time together. Little experience with the home schooling issue so I wont get into it other than to say I’ve seen both good and bad results from it.
    I would add a couple things. One, limit your son’s use of social media and video games. They contribute to you becoming dysfunctional not a confident man. Get off your ass and doing something else.
    Two, assuming you know yourself, teach him things like basic tools or how to change a flat tire. I’m constantly stunned by younger men who have never used a screwdriver, hammer, or paint brush for anything, and literally cant do a fucking thing for themselves. I had one young man ask me if he needed to call an electrician if he chose to change the switchplates in his new house. He was surprised to learn that he could go to Home Depot, buy new switch plates, and swap them out with screwdriver all by himself. wow.
    Lastly, there are a lot boys out there with no dad or other older male in their life. If you know any of them, consider reaching out to them from time to time as your own time, circumstances, and energies permit. I’ve done it and it can be rewarding for both.

    1. I used to say ”BITCHING KILLS!” whenever my wife would bitch. But bitching isn’t the real killer, ‘MOTHER SMOTHERING’ is. Bitching is only a nuisance but mother smothering kills your sons. They’ll never learn to create, fix or build anything. All they’ll do is whine and bitch until they feel dry and comfortable, the same as a nagging bitch. When a woman bitches, it’s because she needs fucked. When a woman whines, it’s because she needs stuffed like a turkey. When she runs her mouth with hamster drivel, it’s because she needs her yapper corked balls deep and then she needs her face frosted like a toaster streudel. It’s all elementary.

  31. My dad woke me up when I was 11 to help him butcher a doe he’d shot/killed. We were very quiet because fresh hell would have rained down if either my mother and/or my sister came downstairs and saw what we were up to on “her kitchen’s” floor. Dad wasn’t being a jerk. It was freezing outside, rigor had set in, and our then home had no garage. Still glad that neither Mom nor Sis came downstairs. I wouldn’t call it a bonding experience. I would have preferred to sleep through the night and not yawn through my next day’s school classes. Yet, in a way it was magic.

      1. It was tough making space in our freezer, but we did. Did they notice? Maybe Mom did, however if she did that never passed by me.

  32. As per #4, also consider kicking his ass into a martial arts class. My father made me take up karate after some “well meaning” person told him I got beat up at school (as it happened i was just rough housing with some guys). I hated it initially, but after a while it did wonders for my discipline, confidence and strength that spilled over into other areas of life. I’m sure most readers here are familar with the virtues are a good martial arts.
    One thing I’d advise.. pick a good dojo, preferably one that is community based rather than school based, so the boy gets to train (and befriend hopefully) with men of a variety of ages and backgrounds. I’m sure i don’t need to add, steer away from McDojos.

  33. I already commented something similar on another ROK article, but this is extremely important, so I will reiterate.
    A father’s #1 job is to train his son to become a man.
    There is nothing more important.
    If you have a son, you MUST train him to become real man.
    I speak from experience here.
    My father was a real man.
    – Golden Gloves boxer
    – Mechanical Engineer from a top 5 Engineering college
    – Business Owner – his employees had utmost respect for him
    – Landlord
    – Successful with females – mistresses while still married
    – Leader of his group of friends
    – Respected/feared by other males, desired by females
    He passed down NONE OF THIS to me. Never spent one second of his life to train me to be 1/10 of what he was.
    Many males do not need their father/parents. They are born with innate musculature and athleticism. They have friends, and as teens have pretty girls who present themselves to them. I was not so lucky. I was born skinny and weak. Picked on, bullied, ridiculed, and humiliated from the first day of kindergarten until the last day of high school. The bottom of the barrel. My father never got involved the way he should. Never trained me to fight back. Never fixed me. Maybe because I was not a “born alpha” like him, he figured I was a lost cause and not worth his time. Not sure, but he should have made an effort at least. Was a crappy thing to do to a kid.
    Anyway…Fathers, if you have a kid who is skinny, weak, withdrawn, no friends, no girlfriends, stays in his room, etc… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!. Please do not let him fall through the cracks!!! It is your duty to at least TRY to fix him and see that he has a decent life. Please don’t let him end up like me! The only escape I have is alcohol and escorts. Its a terrible way for a male (I will not call myself a man) to live.
    While my father was useless in raising me, my mother was downright detrimental. I won;t go into details, but suffice to say, I hate that woman’s guts.

    1. It sounds like you could do some clean bulking diet son. Liver & protein too. Paleo/no HFCS or hydrogenated veg oils. Real animal fat only. It’s likely your dad didn’t manage your mom properly. Most married women I see in the west are improperly managed. Your mama, she must have been like a feeder fish that throws herself at an alpha. I’m guessing she didn’t tit feed. I pound my fists that all mamas should tit feed and turn out a decent sized litter. The models you see in mags in real life are empty feeders. They’ve got big tits but don’t use ’em. When women abandon the intended purpose of their tits, the bloodline chain can be considered ended. When the bitch further smothers her sons under her fickling armpit, it’s time to run boy. The bloodline chain link must be resurrected by you from scratch as you climb from the culturally devoid skeletal remains of your parents. You make a new link and you’re 100x stronger for it.
      I wouldn’t worry about your parents insomuch as advice goes. Don’t expect worthwhile words to come from them. Too few female parents can give two cents worth advice that you can live by these days. And when the dad doesn’t overspeak and dictate the woman, control her properly, then even an educated professional married woman who is a mother fails to communicate anything other than hamster drivel. And the interruptions in her train of thought, the running and flapping about the house and the ruffling of her feathers, ”achew!”, and the clang of the douche pail lid over and over. It can be overbearing. It all spells UNMANAGED WOMAN. The process raising of children by more douche pail females in the educational farms compounds the problem along with more douche pail presence in the workplace.
      Get out into nature. Get a boat, fishing pole and 12 pack. Hike. Find a good beer joint later to cool off. I’m from the boomers/x’ers and I did most of my real learning once I parted from my childhood home and cleared my lungs of the douche pail intoxicant vapors. It was like coming down from a hallucinogen or something. I had chronic runny nose eating the processed table slop growing up. Yes I was booger boy in the 3rd grade. Now I’m a food cop and will belt any dumb bitch that tries to poke the sweet kosher goop into my young ‘uns faces. Plus tit feeding is the law.

      1. Thanks. Appreciate that.
        I am an Xer too. 50 to be exact. Pretty sure the bloodline ends here. And my “bulking” days are coming to an end. I’ve been exercising & doing moderate weights for 30 years, and the rotator cuffs are starting to go fast. But I keep doing it. In my sick mind, I guess I feel I need to look somewhat decent for the damn escorts. Kind of like locomotive breath and the all time loser, running headlong to his death.
        Just sending out warning to young dads out there as to what can happen if they let their son fall through the cracks. My father died 11 years ago. If there is an afterlife, I am sure he know how badly he let me down.
        As far as the “witch” goes, to hell with her…

  34. Excellent article, Jon Anthony. I would also point out that, aside from dads, these are also good tips for uncles and older brothers, or other male role models like scout leaders and mentors.

  35. And, in case no one else stated the obvious flaw…nigh on impossible to do most/any of this if your kid has a bad mother.

  36. Everything in this article is absolutely true and I can say this because I’m one of these boys who grew up without a father.
    My father and mother got divorced when I was around 1 year old. I stayed with my mother for all my life until I moved out on my own. I saw my father every other weekends. This is obviously not enough time to raise a boy into a man but going to his side of the family allowed me to spend time with his father, my dear grand-father.
    He was the alpha man who allowed me to become the beta but still salvagable man that I was before I found the Red pill instead of the complete pussy-whipped mangina I was destined to be had I never spent time with him. From a really early age, he taught how to drive a ATV, chop and split wood, ride horses, shoot a gun, etc… At age 5, I was mowing the lawn with his tractor, which would absolutely freak out my mother and my grand-mother. Instead of letting the women stop me, he basically told them to shut up and and that he trusted me. That, my dear fellows, is worth more to a little boy than all of the candies and toy trucks you can imagine.
    Unfortunately, he passed away before I found the Red pill, but I would have loved to have discussions with him about it. Even if I didn’t realise it at the time, he was a natural alpha and surely a source of infinite wisdom on masculine topics. May he rest in peace.

  37. There’s some hard truth to be found in this piece.
    When I was 8 my dad brought me to one of the spectacular riverside forest we have here. He handed me a lighter and told me “Survive”.
    I threw a tantrum initially, I told him many times I wanted to go back home to mom.
    He kept insisting. So I learned to fish, build huts, find firewood, build tools, craft a bed, deal with wildlife and I even made a rudimental bathroom. Best weeks of my life, made me into a strong boy, today I still love camping as it reminds me of that.
    Later he taught me to question things and to not be a sheep in general.
    My peers? They were a bunch of whiny momma’s boys, pampered, spoonfed, backpatted and coddled through their lives – and almost all of them are still weak manbabies to this day, well into their 30s.
    We all need a real man as a father.

  38. Homeschooling is the best option for your kids!! I was home schooled and my father always say this about homeschooling:
    I have always been a night owl, staying up until 5 and sleeping past
    noon. As a parent, I raised, and home schooled my kids, and allowed them a
    schedule that matched my own. The kids are all grown, and are reasonably happy,
    healthy, sane individuals with wonderful kids of their own.

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