Being A Misogynist Can Help You Get Laid

“Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.”  – H.L. Mencken

Misogyny can be a dilemma for the Western player practicing game. Growing up, many of us learned that sexism is evil. We loved, respected and even pedestalized our mothers and sisters. Some of us had contempt for misogynistic men before we took the red pill. However, it is hard to deny that many misogynists do well with women.

So is sexism useful for players? Some in the manosphere argue that misogyny is helpful for developing tight game. Krauser uses “cheerful misogyny.” Other players disagree. The gentlemen at Third Millennium Men argue passionately against misogyny.

Will Misogyny Help Or Hurt Your Game?

Can you love women and still be a misogynist? Is sexism wrong? Red pill men should look beyond moral questions of whether misogyny is “bad” or “good.” The only question you should ask is this: will misogyny help my game? The answer is yes. Misogyny will make your game tighter, especially in relationships. Embrace it and become a misogynist.

I do not advocate or condone hatred or abuse of women.  Love your mother, sisters, and all your female relatives. However, be proud to be a misogynist. Reject feminism and the laughable premise that women are equal to men. Do not take silly and frivolous females seriously. They should be sheltered, protected, led, and dominated. However, do not hate them. Hatred is counter-productive to your goals.

When Should You Use Misogyny?

Like game itself, expressing misogyny is an art. The typical Western feminist woman can only take so much sexism at once. Be sure to display it at the right time and in measured doses. Convey your misogyny selectively and only when it benefits you, usually after you have slept with her and she’s highly attracted to you. Thus, it is an effective harem management tool.

How can you express your misogyny? Tell her:

  • If she gets fat, you will leave her.
  • You support the loss of her voting privileges (once states repeal the 19th Amendment.)
  • Her career and college degree do not impress you.
  • You do not care where she has traveled.

Tell her that she had better be useful and available in the bedroom and the kitchen. You expect women to sacrifice their careers for the sake of staying at home and taking care of the children.

  • Insist that she cook and clean for you.
  • Make her buy you food and do your laundry.
  • Insist that she be available to you sexually at all times.

This list will get you started, come up with your own ideas and learn to weave your personal style of sexism into your game.

Be A Loving Misogynist

Always be happy and teasing when showing misogyny. Be a loving man and treat your women well. Never be hateful. Express your sexism with a light heart and a twinkle in your eye. Although they will never admit it, women love a happy misogynist.

With enough practice, misogyny will become a part of your personality and help your sex life.

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305 thoughts on “Being A Misogynist Can Help You Get Laid”

  1. You, sir, are confused. Misogyny IS the hatred of women, just as misandry means the hatred of men. Properly understood, nothing you said qualifies as misogynistic. It is, however, *patriarchal.*

    1. My sentiments exactly. Having reasonable expectations from a female is not misogyny, its simply demanding respect. All the bulleted items Halfbreed mentions are reasonable.
      The trouble is that we as men in the western world have been taught that should we expect anything from a female that we are “misogynistic” which of course, is bullshit.

      1. Are you fucking serious? YOU demand respect? Hello, respect is typically a polite common courtesy, but when you turn out to be a sexist asshole, you lost my respect. Why? Because how do you expect me to respect you when you don’t respect me? Since when does your respect override mine.
        Your attitude is misogynic because you won’t even value a women’s opinion on how she wants to be treated in her own fucking relationship yet to demand respect. Are you fucking kidding me? Women are straight out telling men what they want in a relationship and all you can do is wipe snot from your nose. Grow the fuck up.

        1. yo if someone disrespects your identity why should you have respect for them? ladies shouldn’t respect any dickhead that thinks of them as a vagina with legs. this is bunk as fuck dude

      2. I don’t think you know the meaning of reasonable or respect because the items are show neither traits!

    2. you sound like the type of person that says randian selfishness is not actually being selfish. sometimes strong terminology has to be reclaimed from the liberals to deliver a point.

  2. Once told a woman who saw me rip down a poster and toss it, that I treat my posters like I do my women. When they get wrinkled, I toss them and get a new one.
    Took her a minute to catch on, but it was long enough for me to move on to the next thing, so she got the message without my having to deal with her non-sense. It’s all about HOW you say it… 🙂

    1. Wow. You’re an asshole. It may not have occurred to you that women are human beings and are not to be compared to objects (like your poster metaphor there) but newsflash – women are human beings! -fake shocked gasp of horror-

    2. I’m sure it took her a minute to catch on, and not a minute to find a well lit street to run away from you. You sound like a psycho, and your grip on the English language is tenuous at best. See, it’s all in HOW I say you’re an inbred piece of shit. Have fun raping your unwrinkled sister.

      1. Jesus Christ vcan you just stfu ? I don’t agree with these guys on everything but I have better things to do than troll every comment like you do fucking idiot.

  3. This is by far the worst post I’ve seen on ROK so far. On top of not providing any useful information, this article strikes of my biggest pet peeves: the the overuse and misuse of the word misogyny. Like the guy above said, use “patriarchal” or “chauvinistic”. Nothing you said has anything to do with hating women, and only gives ammo to to the men and women that wrongly accuse other men of hating women. I know you guys are trying to have new content everyday, but this was super weak and shouldn’t have made the cut.

    1. The thing is, the libtards have redefined misogyny to mean not “hating women”, which few men do, but simply disapproving of what they laud as the behavior of “strong women”, which is something all men ought to do.

      1. You may not hate them, but you sure don’t care about them. Not enough to treat them like human beings- which they are- and that isn’t much better

  4. I agree with the others, understanding the true nature of women and the real natural differences between men and women and conducting your relationships accordingly, is not misogyny. The social contstructist liars in our society would call it that or “sexism”, but we know better in the manopshere as we don’t live our lives with a cognitive dissonance and blindly follow whatever is Correct (the female imperative).

    1. Post anything that proves what you’re saying. Any scientific, peer reviewed article that verifies the “true nature of women.” You can’t, because you’re spewing total bullshit.

  5. I’m interested in where a girl travels and where and what she has done with her life. I don’t want a robot… the fact that I’m talking to her means she’s already passed the looks test. after that I need an interesting person to be around.
    what do you want? a house wife?

      1. I’m a women who has traveled and lived all over the world and I’ve not drank from any random dicks. What’s your point?

        1. Apparently they have no way of understanding when a woman isn’t immediately tied to her reproductive system. Or when a man isn’t either. Pathetic, really. Your traveling sounds awesome- I’ve traveled a bit myself! And I’ve also managed to not drink from a million random dicks or vaginas or any other orifices that appeared in front of me. I wonder how they think languages are taught in school.

        1. There are a particular breed of women attracted to douchey men: the ones that get around & have mastered hiding it. Insecure women go for men like you, & you only make them feel worse so trust, your wife is going to drink from more dicks than you can begin to imagine. & you deserve no less my friend! It’s a passive aggressor coping method, & you’ve definitely earned it. Enjoy that beat up pussy while real men enjoy real women that respect them for their integrity & character, 2 virtues far beyond your capacities

        2. A woman gloating about her ability to get fucked is like a dog impressed with its ability to lick its balls.

        3. Bravo. Ill remember that one. Not for the context in which it was used, for this debate is screwed already, but for the sheer comedic novelty of the statement.

      2. Where do you come up with such weird delusions? Kim Kardashian?

  6. LOL – There’s a reason God gave men a convenient handle – and it’s not so they can lead us women around!! Quite the reverse, sweetie.

      1. This is clearly not a troll attemp, you’re just trying to make it look like one. For your awkward attemp though, I’ll give you a 4/100.

        1. And I could perpetuate this chain by giving you -4/10 simply for aping the guy’s tactic. Try harder next time.

    1. Well we could just grab either of those two big jugs of yours (if you’re going to make a grab at our parts). In fact they have the added convenience of choice between left and right handers.

  7. cheauvanism man not misogyny. i dont HATE them, i love them. just not all of them at the same time on the grounds that they are female. like 2 or 3 of my choosing at a time. i certainly dont accept the absurd notion that they can do anything i can do. and im definately not settling no broad down that aint gonna show me a good time after a long days work and cook me some god damn food. if you want a carreer then you dont need a man, do it on your own. if you just flat out refuse to cook and suck dick, well then sweetheart, im not the guy for you. im sure there are thousands of chumps who will put up with that shit out of sheer lonliness and frustration. it aint me babe.

    1. Suck your own dick and make your own damn food. If you want a relationship of respect and love find a woman. If you just want your dick sucked and food cooked then you probably either need to respect women or get yourself a prostitute and a hire a chief.

    2. LOL I only love the “good ones” said every bigot ever. Nice job trying to cover your ass. Just admit you’re a psycho like the rest, and I think you’ll feel better 🙂

  8. Stumbled upon this article and thought I’d like to share the feminist tone taken in this article. I personally was watching this moment live and was pumped that Musburger, possibly my favorite color commentator alive, was ecstatic over how hot this chick was. He complimented this girls beauty, yet of course, feminist America takes this in a negative and “awkward” way and bashes one of our best male TV icons of all time. The man saw a hot bitch, give the old man a damn break! Really though, the dude is 73 and a college football hall of fame broadcaster, he is allowed to call it how it is. Amen.

    1. What on earth are you blathering about? The man is clearly senile. You are too, from the incoherent babbling you’re doing right now.

  9. Non-attachment might be a better way to go. That is, she’s around, but you can leave her when it no longer suits you.
    I like the subtle jibes approach. Said in the proper context, it can elicit playful arm punches. I’ve been there, felt that. 🙂

  10. Halfbreed, friend, thanks for the article. but I tend to agree with the rest of the gentlemen here. The idea is not about to be or not to be a misogynist, (I have not problem to say that I really love my mom, grandma, sisters and nieces), if a girl is smart she can study whatever she wants, etc. That is not the issue. The idea is simple, don’t buy bullshit from women ever. (and for that matter men, but we are talking about getting laid).
    If a girl says or act like this:
    I am only interested in x type of guy. Dont buy it
    I am not an easy lay.Dont buy it
    I dont like Jerks. Dont buy it
    I dont kiss in a first date. Dont buy it
    I am so much better than you. Dont buy it
    In synthesis when interacting with women you want to fuck treat them like little kids and don´t be affected about anything they say or do.Even if you cannot fuck one single girl you will feel better by not caring about it and this paradoxically it is what will get you the big V.

    1. KK, so all we are is a toy? “If we listen and do what they say, we can get the vagina”. No. We are not throw away toys and we are not replaceable. We are not your slaves and we will not do what you tell us to do. Women can be in charge just as well as Men. And we will not let you control us.

      1. He’s just sad because he keeps putting coins in the pussy slot and all he gets is his hand back 🙁

    2. Ladies – don’t take bullshit from men like this one here!
      He clearly has no respect for any women. What would your female relative say if they could see this? It definitely does not look like proof of love to me.

  11. Interesting article…
    But, as Basil Ransom and other people pointed out, “misogyny” is by definition “a hatred of women”.
    Maybe “sexist” would fit more.

    1. Nope, you hate women, and women hate you. It’s a symbiotic hatred, and we’re all good with it. Enjoy being a fascist asshole!

  12. I’m not trying to insult anyone, but the others are right, this is a bad article. Like others have already pointed out, what he’s talking about should be termed “male chauvinism”, not “misogyny”
    The content is also pretty common sense. Anyone who doesn’t already agree with the author(aside from his definition of the term misogyny) probably doesn’t belong on ROK in the first place.

  13. The girl I’m currently dating eats this kind of stuff up. She’ll start cleaning and say “I’ll do this because I’m the giiiiiirrrlllll!!”. She thinks it’s hilarious when I make women drivers jokes, and is just pleasant to be around in general.

  14. I actually don’t like the “stay at home in the kitchen” type women. I have lived in latin america since 2004. I was married to a girl for 10 years that was this type. Good looking, nice enough….but completely dependent on me. She is now 35 and doesn’t know how to use a computer. It isn’t that she is dumb, it is that her dad raised her to be dominated. When you are with this type of woman…it is like dating a child, or worse, a child slave. You wind of making all the decisions, and doing all of the thinking for her. It gets anoying. It is like being a boss and you never get a day off from your employee. I know that Roosh doesn’t advocate marraige, and I am now single and happily dating college girls in Panama(I am 37 now) but there is a delicate balance involved in misogony.

        1. That’s fantastic you’re afraid of women and so massively insecure you have to try to “have them on check.” Wouldn’t just getting a body pillow be a better solution? Or are you tired of your Fleshlight?

        2. Afraid? Not at all. In this day and age its dominate or be dominated. I never intended it to be that way but I have no choice. Again relationships are the least of my worries and marriage especially.

        3. you literally just said you were afraid of women being more powerful than you are. “dominate or be dominated” roughly translates to “i don’t want someone to have power over me, that repels and scares me.” how is tht not insecure??? explain

        4. I never said I was afraid. In your eyes you may think I am afraid but it doesn’t matter as long as I know I am not. Are you implying you like to have someone dominate you? Thats why in relationships its dominate or be dominated. That is why in many relationships and marriage one person is putting more effort then they other. I choose not to get involved in that because I don’t seek to dominate another persons life or have my personal life invaded.

  15. The idea that women should be subservient is ridiculous and only plays into men who are insecure about their sexuality. If a woman is successful, independent, and has traveled that’s something that she has chosen for herself. If you feel threatened by such women, then don’t date them. But don’t make blanket statements like ‘oh i’m a misogynist, I want a submissive woman,’ without backing it up with some concrete reasons you believe the way you do. The fact of the matter is that the earning gap between men and women is closing, and websites like this are just the backlash of those who are insecure. The more equal men and women are in society, the more it allows each individual to be his or herself. Maybe you’re a ‘mysoginist’ but it’s cowardly to suggest that another group of people should be subjected through legal means. If you truly believed women to be the lesser there would be no need to subjugate them.
    I feel like this website is written by socially awkward men who are taking out their frustrations on this weird concept that so-called ‘male culture’ is under attack. stop fretting about so called ‘feminists’ and just be yourself.

    1. Actually, what he is suggesting is well rooted in evolutionary biology. Women have on the aggregate, been the property of men for 100,000 years or more. It’s how we as a species evolved in order to perpetuate our genetic material. “This website is written by socially awkward men” – nothing could be further from the truth. ROK and the red pill community in general have sex with more and better looking women than the average American male by far. You can call it wrong, but you can not deny it’s efficacy which is based on empirical evidence. Your doubts and insistence of insecurity is just a projection of your own weakness. Male culture is under attack? Masculinity is under attack. Because cravens like you continue to support the sort of nonsensical “every kid gets a trophy” philosophy that continues to undermine the social, economic, and military strength of the western hemisphere. Red Pill readers understand that feminism has been a colossal failure and that virtually all scientifically valid poll suggest that women are unhappier than ever before, despite having the greatest “freedom”. They crave subservience, which is why they read so much 50 shades of grey while fantasizing about powerful men will lead them and dominate them. They evolved that way. You are living in denial.

      1. If women truly “crave subservience” then why does feminism exist in the first place?

      2. hey Cody stark, stop being an idiot. unless for the past 100,000 years your genes have evolved to be idiotic, in which case you’re right where you belong.

      3. You have never studied biology or any form of it. Whiny douches like you make me ashamed to be a scientist, even when you have no understanding of it. You barely have a conception of evolution, let alone how it supposedly dictates (hint, it doesn’t) our behavior. Your belief that evolution dictates our behavior is just as asinine as a Christian who claims that God controls all of our actions. It’s intellectually ridiculous, and your superiority is nothing short of laughable.

        1. My superiority would be amply demonstrated when I smashed your face- if only you did not have the luxury of insulting me from behind the safety of your computer screen. I never claimed that evolution “dictates” our behavior, only that it has informed it. Also, by implication the entire social fabric of the industrialized world is a house of cards. When civilization inevitably collapses via economic or ecological disaster our species will return to it’s natural order and “strong independent women” will be turning tricks for food like this is East Berlin. If there is no deity than any form of ethics or morality is by definition nothing more than an abstraction – a social construct designed to benefit it’s engineers. If man is fundamentally no different than any other great ape it is absurd to pretend that he is, and hold him to a higher standard by virtue of his superior tool making ability. What I hate about “whiny douches” like you is that you embrace evolutionary theory as a vehicle for attacking religion (i.e Christianity) while utterly ignoring that reactionary social policies are the obvious implication of those ideas.

        2. HAHAHA you’re fantastic and entertaining me so well. You’re so upset and literally threatening to beat me up through your computer? This is better than I even hoped. You are the tiniest, most pathetic man I have ever encountered, and every move you make is hysterical to me. Your squirming to prove you know anything about biology and evolution, which you don’t, is hilarious. And your paranoid fantasies would be truly sad if I had even the smallest amount of compassion for you, which I don’t, so your complaints sound like the bleating of a sheep heading for slaughter. If a man is no different than an ape, then why don’t you go shit in the jungle, you worthless piece of garbage.

        3. Once again, you only feel safe saying these things because you are not physically in my presence. We both know that, but keep trying.

        4. Pics or it didn’t happen bro. Why don’t you post a video of you hitting a tree with your sweet kitana or beating up your Pinkie Pie toy with your big fat fleshy arms. Then I’d be really threatened!

        5. Oh my god. I agree with you. Because you have a dick you are much better than women. That makes sense. Yes that extra testosterone, it makes you a better person. Yes yes it does. It’s not like we all develop the same in our mothers except a few slight differences that dictate whether you become a woman or a man. No not at all. You could have been born a fucking woman you idiot. I feel bad for you.

        6. Where do you live, bitch-boy? If you live in New England, I’ll be happy to smash your face for you. Then I’ll kidnap you, and make you my slave-bitch; after all, whiny bitch-boys crave subservience, so I’m sure you’ll learn to like serving me. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get just enough food and water to stay alive.
          Seriously though, let me know where you live. I’ll say lots of fucked up things to you, physically in your presence, and then I’ll show you just how weak and subservient you are. I’ll take you out in public, and I’ll force you to treat every woman you see with more respect and consideration than you treat men with; that way it’ll help make up for how pathetic your behavior has been throughout your adult life.

        7. Kabul, Afghanistan. Watch out for the landmines. I’ll be waiting you White Knight faggot.

        8. haha, what a disgrace to the real heroes in uniform. Funny how the insecure/impotent guys are the ones who try to pretend to be all big and bad on the internet, overcompensating, while the rest of us who can actually get women simply just do so without making a big deal about it

        9. I carry a sniper rifle to work everyday. I’m guessing that is ‘bigger and badder’ than what you do.

        10. Real men don’t use guns, faggot. They use hands, feet, elbows and knees. It’s good you’re in Kabul, though- maybe they can teach you some manners and help you conduct yourself in society with greater intelligence. Because you have none. I got a little something for you when you come back stateside, fuck boy.

        11. Your heroes in uniform, to me, are beta bitches that couldn’t get in to four year colleges. Try again.

        12. I bet ur such a pathetic little bich boy. probly kill you ass with one hand faggot.

        13. Small thinking moron-types such as this always resort to violence and threats. How’s cave life treatin’ ya?
          with such a low-level sense of intelligence and thinking should
          definitely keep comparing themselves to apes, but real men seem to
          understand that as humans we are capable of far more sophisticated ways
          of being. I’m pretty sure these are the ones that will end up with good
          partners eventually eliminating all these lingering Neanderthals from
          the gene pool.

        14. The last time I checked, military training included rigorous hand to hand combat training, anywhere in any proper military force. Are you drunk?

      4. your argument really only applies if the world we live in today relies on physical prowess for like hunting/protection and shit but it doesn’t. intelligence and resourcefulness are way the fuck more important now so women can become more prominent and powerful in society. plus, one of our closest genetic relatives, the bonobo monkeys, are led by women. indeed, an intelligent race capable of love, problem-solving, and survival is matriarchal. lol

        1. It’s not inherently matriarchal. Bonobos are also the laziest fucking primates on the entire planet since they are provided all of their resources directly form the Congo river. To say they’re “led” by women or that they’re problem-solvers is quite literally imbecilic.
          You mention Intelligence. Look at an IQ curve, and look who populates it significantly 75th percentile and above.

      5. I’m sorry Cody, but you’ve been misinformed. Or you’ve just misinterpreted things. You see, historical events in human society do not verify human biology. Yes, it is true for thousands of years women have been considered property to men. But that is because for hundreds of years the patriarchy has existed as the main societal system in which humans have lived by. This only means this is part of our history, but it in no way constitutes our biology. Biology is our natural makeup, who we are at birth, our connection to time and energy before we are even born. What’s written in a textbook and mass produced as history is not something to be taken literally as a concrete and permanent way of living. Try to be a little open minded, or at least, inform yourself for your own sake so you have some idea as to what you are talking about.

        1. Karina, actually biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. History is the study of the past, specifically how it relates to humans. The function and distribution of the living organisms known as humans is shown in history. We weren’t always the way we are and human populations all weren’t in the exact location in this Earth as they are now. Humans migrate from place to place, sometimes in great numbers (like the Trans-Siberian migration) thus affecting their distribution. And the biological functions of women/men always show up in history through various cultures and traditions. Therefore, historical events in human society do verify human biology. On patriarchy, you yourself state that for hundreds of years patriarchy has existed in human society. The very fact that it was patriarchy that existed in the past, not matriarchy, shows us who the most powerful sex is in human society. If women were more powerful than men in the past, would they have let men seize societal power? Of course not. And which sex has had the most power in history definitely relates to biology, because it provides insight as to the function of the variety of the organism in question (functions of males and females in human society)

        2. scratch the statement “We weren’t always the way we are” I didn’t mean to say that

      6. You all talk on here about how it is a ‘fact’ that you get more women, how it is a ‘fact’ that x y or z is happening, yet all we have to go on is your word. You present no outsources, no resources to back up your claims, yet you expect them to be accepted as fact immediately? Women have never been the property of men, the roles of males and females in ancient culture were mutually beneficial and we no longer have the need for the same kinds of benefits. Treating women as sub-human would give you those relationships again, but it is wrong and no woman with any actual self-respect would sleep with you. Ever.

      7. cody your a fucking badass. Few men have the balls and intelligence to say what you said. This is TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD.

    2. Put your apron back on. Are you listening to enough of her songs in the car yet?

      1. I hope when you go to sleep at night your miserable hatred of women and anyone else different from you pays off, because likely you’re hopeless and alone.

    3. “The fact of the matter is that the earning gap between men and women is closing, and websites like this are just the backlash of those who are insecure. ”
      Yes, when you have governmental institutions like Affirmative Action, Welfare, and other forms of government assistance directly catering towards women; it’d be rather odd why the gap wouldn’t be closing. Oh, let’s not forget, it’s primarily MALE tax payer money that is funding these institutions.
      “The more equal men and women are in society, the more it allows each individual to be his or herself. Maybe you’re a ‘mysoginist’ but it’s cowardly to suggest that another group of people should be subjected through legal means. If you truly believed women to be the lesser there would be no need to subjugate them. ”
      If women truly thought they were equal, then they wouldn’t have to cry to the government and other men to do all the dirty work/hard work for them as to perpetrate the facade of gender equality.
      “I feel like this website is written by socially awkward men who are taking out their frustrations on this weird concept that so-called ‘male culture’ is under attack. stop fretting about so called ‘feminists’ and just be yourself.”
      Says the cuck who gets pegged by his ‘adventurous’ girl friend every other night and believes his sex life is fulfilling as a result.

  16. “The *fact* of the matter is that the earning gap between men and women is closing, and websites like this are just the backlash of those who are insecure.”
    You are either the lamest armchair psychologist -or- you actually have some sort of factual basis for diagnosing the authors of this blog.
    Lets see… you claim the authors are cowardly, threatened, insecure and frustrated for writing an article that makes a seemingly counter intuitive observation about (at least some) women. Project much? Perhaps it is your insecurity that blinds you to masculine and feminine differences. Why don’t you just accept women for who they prefer to be?

    1. What on earth are you even trying to say? Did you proofread this after slamming a bunch of Xanax? Women are not a hive mind, so they all at once can’t prefer to be anything. I, as a man right now, would prefer to be a time traveler, so I could go back to when your mom was pregnant with you and convince her to abort before it was too late.

  17. What a bunch of whiny man children, Most men I have known want a woman who is educated, has a good career and if she has traveled that is even better. They want a women that is well rounded in all aspects of life. Progression is what helps our society and trying to set it back doesn’t do that. Maybe lots of women would be happy being a housewife but trying to deny them the basic rights (such as democracy) that have shaped the western world is ridiculous. There are many things women have done that have greatly improved our quality of life and before you try to act like they are all unintelligent mindless drones, maybe you guys should try picking up a damn history book. Check, and mate.

    1. Maybe you should pick up book on evolutionary biology. 100,000 of human evolution trumps 80 years of feminism.


        1. Most anthropologists believe that Anatomically modern humans emerged some between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago you “nitwit.” And if you knew anything about human history you would understand that it is little more than a litany of bloodshed and conquest. Patriarchal social models developed because males were larger and stronger than females and assumed the responsibilities of war and leadership. There is a direct correlation between how prosperous a society is and the relative weakness of it’s members, who being insulated from the struggle for survival become lazy, and cowardly. Yourself being a perfect example.

        2. All of which are not relevant now. If you’re so into the idea of what the world was like 100,000 years ago, give up the internet and go do as your ancestors did. You’re saying that because thousands of years ago women needed men to help them survive, the same must be true now. I’m afraid you’re misguided and mistaken. As a scientist, and someone who prides themselves on the scientific method, I find your comments demoralising. Science is based on hypothesis, evidence and conclusion. Where is your evidence to suggest your methods produce results?

        3. I don’t see what the problem is. If women don’t need men to survive, then why is it such a big deal that men shouldn’t hate women? I mean women don’t even need them…..

        4. “Where is your evidence to suggest your methods produce results?”
          The very science by virtue of which you tout yourself as a scientist, born in the last 2000 years, is evidence itself.
          And don’t start spouting about the women didn’t have this or that, women were conditioned to be this or that nonsense.
          Plenty of women of wealthy families had access to the best education of the time even in the medieval times. It doesn’t take the entire sex of an individual to be educated in order to make a scientific discovery (else there would have been no science today either). And a lot of discoverers and inventors were “conditioned” to become anything but these (Laborers and so on). Didn’t stop them from becoming discoverers and inventors.

    2. “Most men I have known want a woman who is educated, has a good career and if she has traveled that is even better.”
      Most men I know just want a woman who is attractive, sweet, and nurturing. Most could care less about how educated or how much money she makes. Why would you want a woman who has traveled a lot? Do you not realize that means she’s getting a greater quantity and more diverse culmination of cocks for her pussy to service? I believe you may be some sort of cuck.

  18. Wow, um, I just accidently came across this article and I sooo don’t belong on this site. o.o You chauvinist men are screwed up in the head and probably don’t know how to function in modern society. If you think this is what women are attracted to, then I just…I don’t even know what to say.

    1. They are wayyyy past being chauvinists. The goal of all these males (can’t really call them men) is to hook up with ho s and skanks, then complain there aren’t any good women out ther.

    2. Thankyou! I found this site because there is some other sexist article, and nearly every article since then has been just as bad. This place disgusts me. But YOU Sir, restore my faith in humanity. Thanks. You sound like a great guy.

    3. These morons are hilarious especially when they pretend like they understand evolution, biology, or even that they’ve read a book since the 8th grade.

        1. The stronger man who hides behind a racist name on the Internet. Bet you’re breaking lots of necks in your mom’s basement, Bubba 😉

    4. You don’t say? Quit bitching, ma’m. You don’t belong here. This is the fucking manosphere. It is not for the faint hearted. The way you phrase your bs comment, I can tell that you’re a woman. Almost forgot; hello cougar.

  19. Hahaha completely agree with smuffy. All these men here are insecure little boys . This whole article is just so tragic and sad I honestly don’t know what to say. I didn’t know there was actually scum like this, I’d say men, but none of you small sad little people are “men”.
    Kill yourselves.

    1. You have no right to judge anyone you small pathetic human being. Even if they are insecure you still don’t have any right to say someones insecure because you don’t know there life so guess what? fuck you.

      1. WOOPS! Guess you struck a nerve Natta! Cmon dude, you could just read a book and think for five minutes- they didn’t literally mean commit suicide. We’ll be nicer to you than you are to all women, does that feel better?

    2. Woah there! They probably are insecure and tragic but telling someone to kill them self is a shitty thing to do no matter who you say it to.

  20. Read it. Initially agreed that the uneducated author was unaware of the actual definition of misogyny. Read it again and realized he unintentionally gave a text book example of it. Heh.

  21. Oh shit, I’m a reverse misogynist! Cause what he just described would be the perfect man. But he forgot to mention that they need to keep their mouths shut too….

  22. Feminism is the only reason you guys get any pussy at all nowadays, well that plus the lying douche-bags and naive chicks out there. And this article reeks of ignorance. Be a ‘loving misogynist’? Quite the oxymoron, makes no sense. At all. I hate people like this, who feel it’s ‘okay’ to use others for their needs or wants. No better than a woman using a man for money, which most men bitch and moan about nowadays too. Maybe if everyone would just start respecting each other, and stop allowing such disrespectful behavior to take place, there would be more respectable human beings in this world. Until then, good luck finding a decent partner. Continue ‘bitching’ and ‘moaning’ about where all the good men and women have gone. You probably used them at some point or another and turned them into man/woman hating sluts.

    1. I agree with you for the most part but about the pussy thing in relation with feminism is far off the chart. They say feminism is to get equal rights for women but reality begs to differ. Feminism is no more than to take anti male stance and use that position to get empathy over the world which is really sad. Women nowadays use the promise for sex to get what they want when they want and use it as a weapon perhaps we ”men” are resposible for this but I can’t support that with any hard evidence. I think the moment women use sex as a weapon our responsibility as men is to either dump the bitch or deny her everything and give no quarter. If she won’t do as we please we will go to the other 5 to 10 women who will.

      1. Yes and your anecdotal evidence about why Jolenne didn’t fuck you behind the Waffle House is why feminism doesn’t work. Right. Newsflash- feminism doesn’t give a fuck whether your micropenis gets sucked. Feminism is about equal rights for women. Deal with your own sad genitals on your own time.

        1. There you go again. The guy didn’t even resort to any obsceneties. You resorted to the ad hominem attacks. Guess cody really had some idea as to what you really are. Pathetic.

  23. Man, who let you inside the house?! That lawn isnt going to f***ing mow itself! Know your place!
    Now, imagine that as the norm of society, and what you would hear every time you tried to to something other than mowing the god damn lawn. Unless lawn mowing is incredibly fulfilling for you, your life will suck. But hey, its so sexy the way women force you into lawn mowing, you cant complain right? rawr.

    1. You are obviously female, because if you spent 5minutes in the a average man’s shoes you’d see that’s exactly what men deal with day in and day out. From bosses at work, to other men on the street, and even women they don’t even know, never mind their wives and girlfriends.
      But of course the solipsism you suffer from and all the pedestalizing you’ve grown so accustomed to have completely blinded you to the realities of the world.
      NO ONE expects anything of women, or holds them accountable for much if anything. But the weight of society and the world at large is resting on the shoulders of countless nameless men. Many who get no more honor or recognition for meeting these demands than a donkey gets for hauling its master’s load.

      1. You do expect a lot of things from women like for example must be not be in any way fat (evidence in your article on “hungry hippos”) must be perfect and beautiful, must cook, clean, support their family, look after the children they might have and fight off sexual harassment from men everywhere. Men AND women both have problems and don’t you dare say that they do not.

      2. this entire website is about expecting women to behave a certain way sexually and socially and you’re rlly saying right now that no expectations of women exist lol ok that’s logical. plus all these expectations of men aren’t womens’ fault, they’re your fault. you’re the ones who need to be all fuckin macho and strong to feel secure with yourselves. you’re the ones who need to be more powerful than women otherwise you feel threatened and scared. you’re doing this to yourselves, you’re doing this to everyone like wow y’all are dumb af

    2. i imagined it… but you know what? i don’t give a single f***. because even if women did say that on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean that i’d be willing to do it. in fact i’d just brush it off my shoulder and get on with my life. i’d be willing to bet most other men would too.
      see, that’s the difference between men and women right there.
      the very last thing i’d do is make a gender group and bitch about it. hahaha.

      1. You know that a group called men’s rights activists exists? So yes, men have “made a gender group and bitched about it” and they’re not even the gender that has experienced the most oppression over the course of human history. Men who are intimidated by feminism are pathetic, especially considering how many feminists are advocates of both women’s and men’s rights

  24. Of course, the misogynistic types get laid. Why? Because they don’t put women on pedestals, they’re not doormats, they don’t shower them with gifts/attention, they’re blunt etc.

    1. You act like behaviour is black and white. You think there is spectrum between how passive someone is and how aggressive someone is? You either have to be a doormat or a misogynist macho douche?
      Why can’t you people respect women and just go in the middle ground? Treat her like a fucking person for Christ’s sake.
      I’m a woman, and misogynists have got to be the biggest fucking turn off.

      1. Respect PLZ is correct, although this method will work to a considerable extent to have sex with submissive women with a weak self-image. As a man, I reject the glorification of man-bashing and citing wage differences as proof of discrimination in the valiant name of feminism. I reject self-pity and the promotion of a victim mindset by many feminists. I instead encourage strong independent entrepreneurial women who are not easily offended or dominated and who won’t hesitate to blow a rapists head off.

      2. Your just saying that cuz u read this post if I walked up to you and applied everything here u would be in love

        1. Said by the lothario covered in Cheetos dust cowering in his mother’s basement. Hell, I bet she’s in love already, if she likes smelly fat guys

        2. If you spoke to me in real life like you do on these comments I would walk straight back out of the room. Far away from you.
          If my boyfriend tried to tell me I had to wash the dishes every time they needed doing, or to cook for him every time he wanted food I’d tell him to get off his arse and do it himself. He’d be very lonely very fast with a misogynistic attitude.

      3. Yes, women have been fawning all over nice guys for centuries.
        Now you’d better get off the computer before your tatooed trash boyfriend comes home from the dole office and beats you 😉

        1. what a shitty thing to say! Making a joke out of assault?! Why can’t you respect other human beings?

        2. Jesus Christ, I’ve been making fun of you insecure pricks all over this comments section, but this is seriously disgusting. Go kill yourself, you piece of human garbage.

        3. The more I dislike someone or something the less I want to do with it, your way doesn’t make sense to me.

        1. oh sure because they must be fat and feminist to try and defend other people! /sarcasm/

        2. lol says the dude with “farty fartsalot” for a name. hahaha god is that all you have? to call women fat? that’s literally the lamest shit ever oh my god if you don’t care what “fat, unattractive feminists” think they obviously think you’re trash too like what do you even think you’re accomplishing???

        3. ..and nit-witted fatty misogynists like you are miserable at their very core, most likely due to your inability to think like a real adult. I guess I’d be pissed too if I felt like a 14 year old trapped in such a hateful and grotesque physical form.

      1. How the hell do you know that. Realistically. Don’t deny it. When I give no attention they wonder why, which gets there little emotions going. ;]

        1. Not giving someone attention isn’t being misogynist. It’s playing hard to get. Which is done by both genders. Sometimes it works, sometimes they just assume you’re not interested and move on. The only girls who will tolerate misogyny are those who are insecure and clingy; is that really the best you can do? I’d rather have a woman who respects herself and presents a little challenge

    2. This doesn’t even make sense. Just because a man does not shower a woman with gifts and attention doesn’t make them a misogynist; it makes men and women equals… I don’t think women should get gifts for everything just like men shouldn’t. You get gifts and attention for reasons like holidays, birthdays… Look up what misogynist means, Farty Fartsalot. And by screen name, your post explains a lot.

      1. That’s the issue, woman are not attracted to peers they are attracted to those who are above them.
        Treating woman like equals is like treating Africans in Africa as your equals, it leads to a lack of respect then what happens is the woman resents you, or in the case of Africans they will most likely try to kill you.

    3. either you are a bitch or you are not, don’t listen to the faggot feminists. all opposed to misogyny can be killed with one arm. Why even bother to listen to the whimpers of the weak whose life is only around as long as you decide it yo be.

      1. LOL. I’m a man & proud of it, buddy. Don’t worry… the angry comments are too funny to me! I think the 23 up-votes speak for itself. While the haters aren’t getting half the love 😉

  25. Whoa, this has to be a joke. Or the person who wrote this was molested by female relatives growing up to be this screwed up, or he’s impotent. Definitely sociopathic. The need to dominate stems from insecurity & lack of a moral compass, dangerous combination. Pure weakness, pure ignorance. A man who loves his mother & sisters doesn’t give other men this kind of advice. I hope for the sake of society men like this are institutionalized, & for his sake I hope his impotence is treated. Such bad juju!

    1. All the men I’ve met, either from school, or work, r male friends, have all been like that, subtle misogynistic, acting like they don’t understand what they are doing, but turns out they do and they do it on purpose. Fuck you sick fucks. You’re never getting laid.Ever.

      1. Me ex is one, and I agree with you. He knew exactly what he was doing. I believe that misogynists are all tough on the outside, but weak on the inside.

    2. Actually, everything he’s said is totally consistent with evolutionary biology but please, by all means continue living in a fantasy land.

      1. Don’t waste your time. I’m sure as more comments come in, it’ll be painfully obvious we have a lot of blue pill poseurs in our mist.

      2. Oh really?? And upon what do you base your ridiculous statements? Do educate us with some actual science!

      3. You know nothing about biology you completely clueless peasant. Read a book you sicken me. Scientists everywhere hate morons like you.

        1. Warriors everywhere hate craven weaklings like you. Your the bottom of the evolutionary barrel and we both know it. Your arms are little pencils, you have poor social skills, you rarely have sex at all, let alone with attractive women and you feel angry and resentful towards the jocks who picked on you in highschool and this manifests it’s self as white knighting and passive aggressive behavior towards strangers from behind the comfort of your computer chair… but we both know that if you were to encounter me in real life you would sink down in your chair and cower because you know that you can’t fight to save your life. Go ahead. Deny it.

        2. Are you seriously talking about “jocks?” What are you, living in a nerd movie from the 80s? You are hysterical, in more than one way, but all of them entertaining.

        3. So you don’t even bother denying it! Lmfao I must have you exact! I’m sorry your such a worthless excuse for a all means keep trying to white knight for these feminists who are laughing at you. What an imbecile!

        4. What exactly am I trying to deny? Please tell me. You’re the funniest thing on the internet right now.

        5. lol cute you’re threatening this person with violence because you can’t produce tangible evidence of your argument!!! how very masculine of you

        6. I would just like to point out you’ve been using ‘your’ when it should be ‘you’re’. This really doesn’t help you look more intelligent.

        7. LOL this was a year ago. I made you so mad you had to respond to every comment. That’s fucking hysterical.

        8. Nope, you’re fucking hysterical. Any sane man looking at the comments would conclude so.
          I merely commented on 4 or so of your comments. You filled the entire comments section with your senseless barking.

        9. You “merely” are making me laugh with your sad obsession. I’m sure “sane men” call other men “hysterical” about stuff they said a year ago on some two bit dumb site. No buddy, you’re the one that’s hysterical. Keep it coming 🙂

        10. Sad obsession, look who’s talking. This promises to be entertaining. Like kicking a chained rabid dog and watching it yowl at you helplessly.

        11. So you’re a person that enjoys kicking chained dogs eh? How surprising that you would enjoy spending your time picking on creatures that can’t defend themselves. Seriously, why are you even bothering on commenting on a thread from a year ago? Do you really have nothing better to do?

        12. Well, in that case that argument could be turned around on you. Why bother about people commenting on your posts from a year ago. quite possible they are aimed in truth to late readers of the article.

        13. There you go. Case in point. Seems you suffered (or still do) from some mental illness, if what I said makes me “sound” fat.

        14. Hahaha, so yep, pretty fat I’m guessing. Your fedora looks great with your asperger’s

        15. YAAAWWN!!! those boring old fedora and asperger’s jokes again… dude, in this post itself you’ve used that way too many times. Did your mommy sing those lines to you when she breast-fed you, and you’ve been parroting them ever since? It seems your imagination is just as small as your dick.
          If Bullshit and not arguments is all you have to offer, either get original or fuck off. Else you are only making a joke of yourself. And thats just boring. Provided you are even capable of that. Who knows. Down’s much…?

    3. Awww. Freyja’s bitter because she can’t get a half-way decent looking man to play hide the salami with.

  26. To Freyija: I am an extreme misogynist. I really HATE woman, how passive they are, they want everything done, you never know what they want, black is white and white is black, get much more pleasure going shopping than in sex, they know how to drive men crazy and they do it without willing any sex at all, just to boost their confidence, etc etc. In one word: they are crazy creatures that lose my time. And I don’t want to lose my time anymore. And for the ladies: I don’t like men, I am not gay. It’s just that I hate you all. Said.

    1. Wow you must really hate your mom then. And we have to be your slaves so you can at least go shopping with us. Its called a relationship.

    2. Maybe you’re just not that great at sex in the opinions of some women? And have you ever tried asking them what they want?

    3. Albertito – I don’t hate you. In fact, I think I understand you (or I’d like to). I’m a woman and I agree with some of the things you say above and I’ve been there in your position too or maybe not quite the same thing but enough to empathize with you. The black and white thinking (does it matter which order it’s in because it’s still one way or the other?), the crazy making behavior and the bad decisions time & time again because those are the ones I used to avoid having to make a real connection. Sabotage.
      The thing I learned though is that I’m only responsible for me and the behaviors you listed (in my case anyway) are from the inability to communicate correctly then add the fact the relationship was never going to work. Basically – I didn’t need a man because it’s safer here where I can’t get hurt. And when I don’t like someone it’s really just me I don’t like and the rest is an excuse for bad behavior.
      Had to do some deep soul searching and I’ve been in better places in my life, but I’m getting there and I hope you do too. I don’t want to give any advice, but maybe you can think about something – listen to the voice in your head and how it sounds (negative, hateful, like someone whom used to yell at you or make you feel less than?). None of it’s true. You’re a good guy and I really feel you just may need to find your own voice.

    4. Well, at least you’re honest. Hope you enjoy fucking men then and staying the hell away because women don’t bloody want your nasty Nazi bigot ass. Enjoy the taste of your semen flavored hatred

  27. men are usually pigs, women can be pigies too. so the problem lies solely in the fact that there are screwing pigs and not screwing ones…

  28. Feminazi stole my ice cream. But I’m a nice guy!!

  29. i think this is a joke. sort of to say, “be a sexist asshole! women will love you!!” when, obviously, that isn’t true.
    however, i may be wrong, and they can be entirely serious. in which case, this is the biggest piece of shit i have ever read.

    1. You een in should travel. Check out South America, Africa, and the whole continent of Asia. Get out of the anglosphere and you will see what normal relations are between men and women.

      1. Again, wrong! Stop running bro, nobody’s listening to you. And also South America and Africa are also continents you clueless moron. Just admit it, you’ve never left your mother’s basement. We all know it!

        1. I never suggested they were not continents moron. Duh. Second – do you think my profile picture is fake? I’ve traveled through every habitable continent on earth, and YES – feminism IS mostly a “western thing”… as is repeatedly pointed out by feminists themselves, which is I guess what you are. Look dude, your a big fucking pussy and we both KNOW thats true. You are a hilarious retard who never gets laid, does not know how to fight, and is a very weak little creature. Thats why your a feminist! You want it be more socially acceptable for men like yourself to act like girls. You have always hated how tough guy, macho, badass men get to fuck the hot girls while you are continually in the friendzone. You know this to be true. I would try honestly to enlighten you and improve your life because I kinda feel bad for you, but you seem like a lost cause so I’m done with you.

    2. No, unfortunately they’re serious. Fortunately, they’re so stupid as to be only influential to a tiny part of the internet.

      1. So what parts of the world have you been to? Checked out the Indian Subcontinent? The Middle East? Anywhere in South America? Eastern Europe? Did you find a lot of feminism in those places? Thats what I thought.

        1. So, because you can find a few articles on the internet talking about a tiny handful of people who share those perspectives that translates into a widely accepted cultural standard in your book? What an idiot you are.

        2. Hey now, two of those were videos because I know you have a problem with reading! See how compassionate I am? And I know it makes you feel safe in your momma’s basement to imagine that men are worshipped and feminism is only a Western thing, but I’m sorry son, somebody lied to you. Now go eat your Cheetos and keep responding to me like a good boy, so I can keep laughing at how ignorant you are 🙂

  30. This whole website is sexist and you provide no logical reasoning in your articles – just opinionated sexism. Being a misogynist will mean you’ll never have a meaningful relationship and may the “hungry hippos” sit on you all. If your own mothers and sisters are really that important to you and if you care about them you would RESPECT women. Where is your reasoning and proof that woman should be property? You are all mentally unstable if you cannot even have the tiniest shred of respect for a fellow human being. What kind of micopenis must you have to try and get your “power” by spouting this nonsense?!

  31. Is this real? I’m super against censorship, but can this website be banned? This is hate speech for sure.

  32. I’m so glad all of you insecure males have a website to vent all of this backwards bullish*t on. Try to say any of this stuff in the real world that we live in and watch your a*** get beat up so fast you wouldn’t even see it coming.
    Oh, and that line about evolution vs. Feminism that Cody Stark was spouting? Say that to a girl and see how she reacts. Bet she won’t be jumping into your bed anytime soon.

  33. This is brilliant and right on the money. And above all: empirically true.

    1. SURE WE BELIEVE YOU except scientists who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about, God you’re dumb.

  34. Someone tell me this is guy is trolling. If not I’ve lost faith in the entire male gender and I intend to burn my bra.

    1. Unfortunately he’s not, but these nutcases are not very influential and are mostly just whiny manchildren in the grand scheme of things. And they DEFINITELY don’t represent the male gender

    2. Go ahead!! Your faith in our gender matters little. You know why? Its exactly because of this “all m*n are pigs” attitude, regardless of the fact that it was specific individuals who committed offences.
      Plus some dudes get to see you topless. Now if you just walk into their faces all topless, that doesn’t qualify as SH, right?

  35. It makes me hopeful and happy that most of the people that commented on this are men. What a load of crap this page is. Also thank you to the people, especially men, who commented supporting women because YOU are the one’s who will be getting laid-the men who respect women.

    1. “Also thank you to the people, especially men, who commented supporting
      women because YOU are the one’s who will be getting laid-the men who
      respect women.”
      I’m continually amazed at female delusion with regard to this topic. Many of the most successful players out there are some of the biggest misogynists. You girls don’t hear them talk at the lunch tables or in the lockerrooms after they’ve met you. You do not hear what a lot of good looking, sexually experienced men have to say about girls behind their back.
      This notion that only men who say and think things that you want to hear are having sex is asinine.
      I also love the bid to throw out a carrot here to your white-knights.
      “Hey, thanks for agreeing with us-know that for voicing opinions that I agree with you will be getting sex in return! Guys who agree with what I say get laid-everyone else doesn’t!”
      I’m certain that many of those men actually believe that. Have you ever stopped to think about that? You know, the possibility that many of the men “standing up” for you are doing so primarily because of the notion in the back of their heads that this increases their chances of getting laid (and not necessarily because they are firmly invested in the viewpoints they’re voicing)?

      1. well first of i really don’t like the way “ariel” ended that comment tbh because she just made it about sex again. the reason these “chauvinists” or w/e the fuck get laid is because they prey on girls who don’t know better. abuse victims or insecure girls or girls who don’t really know that they deserve love&respect are easy targets for men who don’t give two shits about them other than their vaginas. yeah, they are having sex. does that make them successful? i would say no to tht. asserting dominance over women isn’t a sign of strength. it takes no effort to keep treating women and girls like shit.

      2. Dicksquad is right. Just because you have the ability to take advantage of girls who have emotional problems or don’t know any better doesn’t mean you’re some stud.

      3. “You girls don’t hear them talk at the lunch tables or in the lockerrooms after they’ve met you.”
        Misogynists always say that it’s only women who gossip and talk shit about their lovers. Your comment just prove they’re wrong.

        1. It is true that women are responsible for the bulk of the slut shaming and gossip that goes on. The first individuals to call a girl a “sloot” and make other negative implications about her appearance, character or other traits are usually other girls. Girls are highly competitive and very mean to one another in ways most men can’t understand.
          That doesn’t mean that men don’t say anything at all, however. They absolutely will talk about women who develop reputations (usually the ones who get around a lot with many of them in quick succession). Anyone who claims that they’re totally silent (misogynist or otherwise) is fooling you.

  36. Good sweet christ. This website is making me feel physically ill. You people are everything that is wrong with the male gender, and it makes my skin crawl just to know that people write, endorse, and whole-heartedly believe in this evil trash. It is my sincerest hope that this pathetic hive is shut down, although I know that won’t solve the problem since it’ll just turn into a whine about ‘free speech’. Pathetic.

    1. “It is my sincerest hope that this pathetic hive is shut down, although I
      know that won’t solve the problem since it’ll just turn into a whine
      about ‘free speech’.”
      It makes my skin crawl to know that someone would write, endorse, and whole heartedly believe that evil trash.

  37. You are kidding me. This is full of things that are ridiculous. “Loving misogynist…” quite the contradiction, isn’t it. How did you come to believe this? Maybe I’ll find your opinion valid if you tell me that.

  38. Sounds like the guy writing this is an insecure bastard who has issues. The irony is, the the writer is a hater. Read the article more carefully and see what it has to say. (Women that are dumbed down drones are NOT sexy, they become boring and redundant)

  39. I assumed this article was a joke. If it isn’t, I sincerely hope that whoever wrote it is not taken seriously. Women do not appreciate misogyny, gentlemen it will not help your ‘game’ in any way, and if you actually chose to take this absolute bullshit as accurate advice, be prepared for an unsuccessful, unfulfilling love life and universal hatred from people everywhere.

  40. It’s only because women have a veil and believe you aren’t like that. Once that veil is gone, and they aren’t giving you the benefit of the doubt, they are gone.

  41. No. No, it cannot.
    (Unless you’re gay, then it won’t really affect anything unless your male partner was a feminist. But I don’t think anyone on this site would ever admit to being gay.)

  42. My ex was a misogynist. Then one day he tells me he was molested by a teen boy when he was 6. Then began having panic attacks from opening that can of worms. Apparently he has some latent homosexuality, he wanted a threesome with me and another guy. Most likely he has narcissistic personality disorder. Misogynists generally have major mommy issues. I am glad he is gone.

  43. The word misogyny literally means hatred of women. The author tells you not to have hatred for women and then tells you to be a misogynist. I think it would make more sense if he used a different word, like chauvinist.

    1. A chauvinist is a person who exaggeratedly idolizes his/her country.

  44. Excellent article, I accidentally stumbled upon this revelation myself. Just as I became disillusioned with females and found myself drawn to a more herbivore mindset I stopped caring so much what others thought and often made misogynist statements in an irreverent jokey way. Since then I’ve of course gotten laid many times, it wasn’t ablet lilive up to the hype at all though unfortunately. I do get some small pleasure out of hurting them or being an asshole though. It’s almost a game. I’d try nothing but anal for a while to see how long until she suggests the other, or constantly make derisive comments about her favorite characters in shows such as she’s too fat/bitchy/ugly to have that kind of attitude or just saying she’s a slut or calling the guy that puts up with her a loser. Women love to project, so if you criticize they’re characters you’re criticizing theoretical thems, and when they protest you can just say it’s a stupid show and they shouldn’t take it so personally. I think the reason it works for me is its almost funny, but they’re never quite sure how much I actually believe it. If women actually knew what men really think about them, especially when we’re fucking them they would never get closer than a thousand yards to us.

  45. i don’t know if you fellas read old testament, god created eve so she could please adam not otherwise, i know white knights will start bitchng right now … haha

  46. This Is a fucking joke! and so is this website! If this is the Closest that I can find to a misogynist website then I am disappointed. I am a misogynist, why would I want to ”get laid” I’m not some teenager looking for ”pussy” I detest women.Fuck this ”game” you speak of. I would never waist my time chatting up or trying to get with bitches, No matter what they looked like. Because even if they liked me, getting with them wouldn’t do anything for me and I’d just walk away. Bitches have nothing to offer. all this times guys go on about game and trying to impress bitches and get rejected by them like they’re some queens or something and for what ? some bitch who sits on her arse and does fucking nothing. Like coveting an ornament. Why waste your time.. Oh I guess It’s all you sex crazed fucks out there obsessed with that. Personally I dont even like sex.. All this fuss with bitches to get something that honestly isn’t really that great. And people say “well you arnt doing it right” bullshit. No matter what way you eat cake it still tastes the same. And I hate cake. After time I have come to see that relationships and bitches are a joke. Just an obstacle in life that’s always in your face. I hate them. And I hate you spineless guys who serve them like dogs. Where you’d be sniveling up at them like a dog after a treat, I’d just ride past them on my motorbike and give them the finger! Cause I don’t care. they don’t like me, and I’m not afraid to show them what I think of them.

  47. Another very good article. You have to be humane about this of course, but there is very much a point to this. “If you get fat, I WILL leave you.” I’m not interested in having a woman clean for me, but she should take care of her appearance and always available. These basic principles, in my experience, should be put in place immediately, as in, “if you don’t like [ ], I’m not the right boyfriend for you.”

  48. This is the funniest shit, clearly ye were all abused by women during childhood or else rejected by the ‘love of your lives’ when you were 13 years old. To love a woman is to respect her as an equal, and since ye do not regard women as equal beings to yourselves then you do not love them. You simply enjoy possessing them. A strong man does not need to put others down to build himself up, rather he encourages and empowers other beings.

  49. The type of behaviour described is extremely unattractive no matter what context those sorts of remarks are made in and will probably have the opposite effect you’re hoping for.

    1. The use of “equal” or “misogyny” all over this site isn’t really accurate as they are using the leftist slang/warped interpretations that are utilized for impact.
      People say “equal” when they mean “identical”.
      “Racism” is more impactful than “prejudice”
      “Misogyny” is more powerful than your “traditionalism”
      Nevermind that most of these people have never really been subjected to a culture steeped in racism, misogyny, or gender inequality. Explains why they can be so cavalier with such terms.

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