The Matrix Is Getting Pissed

Admittedly the YouTube spoofs of the 2004 movie “Der Untergang” have become all too annoyingly frequent. Nonetheless the above clip is short, funny, yet sadly enough echoes the same dialog happening behind closed doors of the powers that be. For the German speakers viewing the clip I advise to turn down the volume to maximize the viewing experience (Für alle Deutschsprechenden, ich glaube ist besser drehen Sie die Lautstärke zuruck).

Make no mistake about it: the issues being addressed in this parody that you read in the subtitles is what is going through the minds of the government with regards to the increasing rise of single mothers combined with an increasing rise of men opting out of marriage tyranny.

In addition to the system using feminism to keep an iron fist on men, it also has to deal with single welfare mothers. Genuine deadbeat dads evading their responsibility is one thing, but aside from that issue, we are seeing a lot of irresponsibility on the part of women, as well as a draconian effort on the part of government to destroy men’s lives.

Today’s modern woman is not held accountable for her actions, so she essentially has carte blanche to live her life recklessly, get knocked up like a farm animal, and pop out an illegitimate kid. So what does The Matrix do? The answer is quite simple: For every welfare mother out there, the system finds some unsuspecting schmuck to stick the dinner check onto. This is a practice done by all States in America and it continues to get worse.

DNA tests that prove the accused is not the father are dismissed by judges being the gavel wielding fascists pigs that they are. In many cases the judges will not even allow a DNA test to be done. It has gotten to the point where any woman can point a finger at a man whom she has never met and simply lie to the State that he is the father of her child. The State happily goes along with this because they know damn well they can extort a certain amount of short term money from the falsely accused before he eventually takes his case to a higher court and gets the judgement overturned. And bear in mind any money he loses cannot be reclaimed.

These case scenarios are just a couple of examples that have become common place today:

Although the worst of paternity fraud plays out in countries like the USA and UK, suffice it to say that involving one’s self with a female in the Western World is extremely high risk. Maybe in the future things will change for the betterment of men, but I do not see anything on the horizon at this point in time that would suggest any rationality or sanity being brought to the system.

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81 thoughts on “The Matrix Is Getting Pissed”

  1. Nice downfall parody. The US courts have a case on this going back to the 1950s. Seperation, pregnancy, the chick went for one last screw with the schmuck. Even without dna testing it was beyond clear the guy wasn’t the father and the court shackled him anyway. The court claimed it was for societies sake.

    1. The American Law Institute (a highly influential, unelected, and unaccountable organization) is hugely responsible for misandrist laws and the destruction of the family:
      ‘The American Law Institute has urged states to update their family law by abolishing the family. Basically, what they propose is to abolish marriage by treating all “living together” arrangements the same, and to redistribute wealth by treating the breakup of such arrangements as an occasion for equalizing the wealth of the parties. The first change would be a blatant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.” [Article 16, par. 3.] I wonder if Human Rights Watch will come down on them?’
      That article links to a NYTimes article that supports this:
      Published: November 30, 2002
      An influential group of lawyers and judges has recommended sweeping changes in family law that would increase alimony and property rights for many divorced women, while extending such rights for the first time to many cohabiting domestic partners, both heterosexual and gay.
      The proposals, from the American Law Institute, seek to update family law to reflect changes in society over the last 30 years. One conclusion, for example, is that if a spouse has committed adultery, it should not affect a judge’s decision about alimony or marital property.”

  2. On some other blog I frequent, there was some story I read about this man who had fathered 30 kids out of wedlock, and owed $90,000 in child support which he couldn’t pay. You know what the judge did: He banned him from procreating. Now how in a democratic state, where people have freedoms and own their own bodies, can a judge order and eventually enforce a man to not have raw sex?
    The worse part, was that most of the women commenting on the post thought it was justified and in some cases some even viewed it as a favor, compared to him going to jail. The truth is that the only power the judge, the government or women in general have, is the fear men have of them. Without fear women and governments are relatively powerless against men who don’t give a sh*t.

    1. I DESPISE guys like that, but the simple fact is that they wouldn’t be a problem if women stopped putting out for them.
      It takes two to tango, and as awful as some dudes are in this regard, the womens need to take some responsibility for this, too.

      1. “Pay to play” huh?
        Nope…no double standards there. Gee, I wonder why Traditional Conservatism is a dying ideology in this day and age?
        Oh yeah…because we already have Feminists saying the exact same tripe.

      2. And neither would it be a problem if the father/brother/uncle of the first gal he knocked up either made him “man up” (the old fashioned, not the progressive/feminist, way), or simply disposed of him the way all those who don’t fancy drowning in shit, need to clean their surroundings of trash.
        Blaming some baaaaad, irrespoooonsible women is simply silly. Repeat after me: there are no consequences for them when they behave like this. And neither are there for the cad. And why is that? Not because of lack of laws. But instead because of a waaaay too intrusive legal and police system. As in every other area of life, get massa gommiment out of the way, and things will sort themselves out just fine.

    2. That should open up for banning women from procreating when they keep getting knocked up while already on welfare shouldn`t it.

      1. They do this in Israel with immigrant women. They tell them “If you don’t take birth control you don’t get government assistance.”

    3. I don’t like the idea of anybody being banned from using their body how they want, but how about we simply let people suffer the consequences of their choices on their own. Our money shouldn’t be used to shield others from the reality they create for themselves.

      1. Yesssss!
        As long as people are left completely, 100.0%, exposed to absolutely every consequence of your actions, they will do their best to be responsible.
        And as long as they aren’t, they wont.
        The armed society is no longer a polite society, when some gommiment keeps taxing the marginally armed ones to provide security for the impolite.

  3. The worst of paternity fraud is not in the USA/Uk but in countries like Ukraine or Russia because DNA tests are not considered in courts at all as any proof. Nada.
    Another thing if you marry a woman with someone’s else child-you will have to pay child support till a child becomes 18 years old and there is no chance you can escape it (as you have “acknowledged” this woman’s child automatically).I am not sure but I think it is the same in the UK (anybody?)

      1. Sadly, he described Canada. ‘In Loco Parentis’ is the term used for saddling unrelated men with child support, and there is no limit to the number of men paying 30% of their pre tax income for each child. One woman in BC was collecting 9 child support cheques for the same, solitary child.
        As for DNA…well, in the US and Canada and elsewhere, even definitive proof that you are indeed NOT the father is considered ‘irrelevant’ by the Law.
        It gets a LOT worse than just that, of course, but troll of not, he’s not wrong.

    1. The difference between Russia / Ukraine and the usa is that America strongly enforces their laws with everything from the police to the army. Assuming your assertion is correct, nonetheless the laws regarding child support are not heavily enforced.

      1. reenforcement for child support in russia is fucking insanely strong,but many men avoid paying the full amount by getting salaries in envelope (although the disadvantage of it is that you can’t get a mortgage or a loan etc)

    2. i would be very interestd to know what child support is in russia-like 3000 roubles a month? give me a break. its way worth in north america. plus in russia its accepted as rather “normal” if a man has a mistress on the side, especially if he is successful

      1. In russia it’s 25% of income (for one child),
        Every 3d child is growing in a family where a father pays child sup.
        The average salary in Moscow (12% of total population) in 2012 was $1540/month.
        the average salary in the rest of Russia in 2012 was $870/month.
        The reinforcement is strong,however lots of men negotiate with their bosses to receieve money in envlope,thus avoiding to show their real income.

      2. The reinforcement is strong,however lots of men negotiate with their bosses to receieve money in envlope,thus avoiding to show their real income.
        I expect paying with cash to become far more common in the USA thanks to Obamacare.

    3. BS. Just search for Україна ДНК тест аліменти – you will see that a DNA test is usually required when a woman sues for child support.

  4. The dialogue is brilliant, because of the undeniable truth in it. The sheer horror on Krebs’ face when Hitler asked him “aren’t you single?” had me in stitches and mirrors my own when thinking of the present-day dilemma.
    Feminism is like a giant millstone around western males’ necks, one that get’s heavier with each passing year. It’s only a matter of time before things start getting nasty. Less and less males will be willing to work till 70 to support the system, being taxed to death.

    1. Why would you want to work till 70 anyway??? Simple living, move to a foreign country. Don’t feed the system

      1. Quite a lot of people in nursing homes are
        Why would you want to work till 70 anyway???-types.
        Keeping your brain active and money flowing in is very gratifying.
        Plus you can also tell people to eff-off if they can’t abide by your rules of service.
        No follow my rules? No service for you. 🙂

  5. I’ve considered Roissy’s idea of mandatory paternity tests, but the libertarian in me doesn’t like the government making anybody do anything. However, what if upon a child’s birth, IF a man wants to be considered the child’s father, he has to have the test done. If for whatever reason he doesn’t want to take the test, or if it turns out the be somebody else’s kid, he can adopt his wife’s child if he so chooses. He would have no custody rights to the child in case of divorce but wouldn’t owe any child support, either.
    In short, no official fatherhood without proof. Furthermore, if women can only request (but not demand) pat tests be given, it might encourage them to only get pregnant with the type of guy who’s likely to own up to the pregnancy.
    Less cuckoldry, divorce being discouraged, more children born into wedlock. I haven’t thought this all the way through, but any comments?

    1. Agree with the libertarian sentiment but we are already too far gone.
      How about this? For a woman to qualify for government-enforced child support or government welfare, she must consent to government intrusion at birth: mandatory DNA at birth and a presumption of paternity fraud absent DNA evidence.
      This, of course, will never happen because the National Association of Women opposes mandatory paternity testing or any policy that holds women responsible for anything.

      1. What about a bit of sanity:
        Government do not enforce “child support.”
        Or, better yet, the government is too small and weak to enforce much of anything.

  6. This blog entry is both depressing and scary. So you are saying that any man is a sitting duck and can do nothing. As one of the articles linked stated that once the system has your name you’re pretty much screwed. I now no longer feel comfortable living in the States. There are many reasons to expat, but this has to be the strongest by far.

  7. A lot of people will say situations like the child support snafus cited in this article are somewhat rare—and they would technically be correct.
    But this misses the point. This real point is that if the state can take your money for a child that isn’t yours and you have no recourse to recoup the lost income and the laws don’t change at all, then on some level you have to accept that the system is working exactly as it was intended to—and that the system does not have your best interests at heart. Full stop.

    1. > “… the system does not have your best interests at heart. Full stop.”
      Exactly. If the system treats you like cannon fodder a la the light cavalry in Charge of the Light Brigade, you can choose “not to reason why” and “do and die.” Or you can go AWOL or mutiny.

      1. That’s actually a good anthem for the manosphere going mainstream:
        Cannon to right of them,
        Cannon to left of them,
        Cannon in front of them
          Volley’d and thunder’d;
        Storm’d at with shot and shell,
        Boldly they rode and well,
        Into the jaws of Death,
        Into the mouth of Hell
          Rode the six hundred.

        1. and only a 156 killed missing even though it seemed like certain death and such goes to show no reason to fear most thing

  8. It would be great if most men actually started going their own way in protest to an unfair system but its never going to happen in reality.
    You guys don’t realize the quantity and quality of Betas that’s out there. A vast majority of men are willing to do anything for pussy. Yes even raise someone else’s kids. If you think that will change anytime soon, you are dreaming. Beta-ness on the whole is increasing, not decreasing because the system is getting more efficient.
    Percentage of “non-participants” in the Matrix/MGTOW will always be low single digits.
    I also believe that MGTOW is also a part of the Matrix but that’s whole another discussion.

    1. That’s why it’s imperative for the manosphere to go mainstream. The moment it does, however, it will be attacked like a piece of meat thrown into a lions’ den.

      1. No, I think the Matrix would love the Manosphere going mainstream.
        The powers that be would love for MRM to be one unified movement so it can be very easily manipulated for their own benefit. Just like they did with feminism. The sheep needs to be huddled together in a herd to be controlled and not spread out.
        The solution for men is inside, not outside.

        1. If the manosphere goes mainstream, it will be soon classified at the sme level as an islamist website or neutred.

      2. The solution is inside AND outside. Get your own life in gear, but also defend those who’ve been screwed over by the system.
        I know they’ll try to manipulate any sort of men’s movement, which is why we need it led by PUA’s. PUA’s are not the type you can manipulate, for the PUA understands human nature and subtle forms of dominance way too well.

      3. And, for all that is decent (if there’s anything left), don’t feed the beast. In any way. For any reason. Ever. Don’t fall for the myth that Tim McVeigh was some sort of monolithic bad guy. He made government smaller, after all. By literally several thousand square feet in about a blink. Something not a single so called “small government conservative” president has ever been able to. Or even made an attempt to.
        Stop falling for the silly notion that “we” need some commitment to protect us from Mohammad Atta (Who didn’t do any of us anything wrong, anyway). If rich people in tall buildings in New York City are worried about incoming aircraft, they should procure themselves some anti air defenses. Not keep propping up the thug brigade that prevents them from procuring them.
        As long as all the thugs need to do to self professed “red pill” takers, in order to get them to fall back in line and stop being so uppity, is to drag out tired old tripe like the above…… well, that’s what the thugs will do.

    2. I agree that there are plenty of weak willed men who cannot survive without some woman in his life, even if she might be a nagging fatass. It’s these betas that keep the man tax at bay. This enables unplugged men to travel and enjoy their lives with FW.

  9. Even in my pre-Red pill days, I knew two things:
    A. Always test for paternity, especially if you’re married.
    B. Most so-called deadbeat dads have been frozen out of their childrens lives by their “co-parents”.
    Yet one of feminism’s most pernicious successes is how it has persuaded social conservatives to attack men for evading responsibility, while giving a pass to women, no matter how feckless.
    So men don’t even get protection from their main allies

    1. This is why the Manosphere is so important. Traditional conservatives correctly understand the importance of fatherhood, but they see it entirely through the prism of responsibility and ignore any sort of rights. We agree that fathers are important, but we know that a father without rights and authority is nothing more than a mother’s bitch.
      In essence, although TradCons value fatherhood, they’re victims of the Feminine Imperative and therefore undermine it entirely. We understand the power dynamics far better than they do, and that’s why we need to be more prominent.

    2. In some States, ANY child born to a married couple is by default the “father’s” responsibility even if the child is not biologically his. That’s why Lauryn Hill no longer has a partner, Rohan Marley. He didn’t marry her, she had ONE child that was not his, and he left right away, despite her having 5 children prior that were his! Point is DON’T get married! Involve the State in your affairs they want to get whatever is in your wallet.

  10. I love that video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It should be a public service announcement that is played during half-time during the Super Bowl.

  11. i happened to stumble on roosh v earlier today, read most of the articles and i have felt this way all my life but i was just clueless and took advice from women on how to get women. i have now officially swallowed the red pill. looking forward to reading more articles by roosh and his fellow contributors. you guys have saved me from a life of pain and misery. thank you.

  12. You guys are taking a lot of this out of context. Also, keep in mind I am no friend of women.
    First, there was a scare at the National Blood Bank where they ran tests and announced that 20% of the samples of children and “fathers” did not match. So, the shit hit the fan and they redid everything and some other blood banks did the same thing. The numbers that “seem” to be accepted are that somewhere between 3% and 5% of samples did not match. So naturally, feminists and the MSM all go with 3%. But that was point where a quantification of the mismatch between children and the claimed biological fathers became both public and quantified.
    But that means that 93%-97% of children and fathers are matches. And that number matches creates what is called a preponderance and is sufficient in the eyes of the law for assumptions.
    Second, prior to DNA testing there was no actual means of determining paternity in a final manner. So, the law, in order to assess paternity makes what generally is a workable assumption. In most states, the father of the child is automatically the man to whom the woman is married. Society assumes that a baby must be supported and assumes that it is a workable convention to assign paternity to the husband of the woman.
    And that is where a lot of these issues arise. There is no actual “marriage” contract that is explicitly spelled out. The defacto contract is contained in the body of case law that is derived from the thousands and thousands of decisions of cases that have gone through the family and civil courts in a given jurisdiction.
    So unfortunately for men, when they say “I do” they are agreeing to abide by that body of case law. It may seem wrong that outcomes such as these are incurred but the law is the law and it is what it is. Obligations and damages are incurred and someone must pay. So that is why DNA tests are thrown out in some of these cases. The court is acting as instructed by the law and deems the husband to be the father simply because he was married to the woman at the time of fertilization.
    It is almost like saying the driver who rear ends another car is at fault. Often the idiot in front made a crucial error and caused the wreck. But someone has to be at fault and rather than worry on a case by case circumstance, the convention exists that the person who struck the other person is at fault.
    In most states, if the woman isn’t married to the man that she claims as the father, then the burden of proof falls on the woman to provide sufficient reason that man can be claimed as the father. Proof of an ongoing sexual relationship at the time of the fertilization is sufficient. Again that 93%-97% creates a preponderance.
    The man can refute the claim by providing a DNA test. Remember the big recent case with Beiber and that woman that named him as father. The DNA test was the final word. DNA evidence is not thrown out, like you say, in cases where the mother and father were not married.
    And also before you get all freaked out, remember this. Birthrate is at an all time low in America at 11 per 1000 people. You know and I know that if a woman wishes to get pregnant, she will get pregnant. This can be muted by the fact that it is much harder for a woman to conceive after age 30 and often it can take 6 cycles even when trying with a willing partner.
    But the failing birthrate is because women, in general are eschewing pregnancy. Last year, even teen pregnancy rates dropped and that “shocked” analysts who had no explanation. It is assumed that teens do not want to get pregnant and there is a built in caprice factor. Inevitably there will be a constant amount of teen pregnancies. I have always that most “accidents” aren’t and are deliberate attempts or at least a very casual negligence. So now when this supposed “constant” that tells me there was a lot more volition is teen or any “accidental” pregnancy. I even think this statistic of 3% failure in Birth Control is bullshit and the women will never admit otherwise.
    My opinion is the drop in birthrate is because women have become attention whores and being even a fat HB5 has an upside today in a way that getting pregnant puts a serious crimp on both the Party, and on the receipt of cash and prizes. The Manosphere writer, Solomon II, calculated that a single woman has $200,000 injected into her life by men by the time she is 30.
    If a woman has baby she sustains a serious drop in SMV. You can look at match sites and see the “price” women pay in their level of selectivity. Breast Implants have a slang as “+2s” because they raise the SMV of the woman by 2 points. You could just as easily call a baby a “-2” because having one drops the SMV dramatically. I can see the older age range of men the woman specifies and know before looking at the profile that she has a baby.
    Roissy also had a post a couple of weeks ago talking about how obesity limits sexual access in a woman by a considerable factor. He said also that statistics show obesity also lends itself to “accidental” pregnancy.
    Only women with the hamster in 5th gear and RPMs red lined would make the leap that being fat leads to accidental pregnancy. This fat woman knows her shots at getting pregnant are limited and makes the best out of the ones she gets in order to get on the gravy train or make her miserable life have meaning.
    And many other statistics show that attractiveness has an effect on success in job interviews, on college graduation rates, on promotions. And it safe to assume that a fattie that has a child will end up on the dole in some for or another.
    And that to me is why when you look around America today it has gotten so much uglier and so much fatter. When I was 18 in 1973, it was very common for a girl that was 5′ 7″ to weigh 110 pounds. My first LTR was 5′ 3″ and didn’t weigh over 100 pounds until she was 21. She was 105 at 24. Today the average 18-28 year old woman is 5′ 4′ and 150 pounds.
    Since the Birth Control Pill came into the being, only the fat and ugly women have children early and if they can pull it off, they have more than the average number of children. And the woman who was an adult of child bearing age in 1962 when the BC pill came out is now old enough to be a grandmother. So when that fat woman had that fat daughter, early, and that fat daughter, had her fat daughter, early, and now that fat granddaughter is old enough have her own little fat spawn. Even if these fat women only had 2 children each that 2 raised to the power of 4, meaning there is 16 fat women and fat children running around.
    And the attractive woman waited and had 1 or 2 children. And those attractive daughters waited and had 1 or 2 children. So at best you 2 raised to the power of 2 or 4. So there are potentially 16 fat people for every 4 attractive people.
    Further evidence of this can be derived. The majority of child births in the country for the past 40 years have been non-white mothers, the Obama mandate and the changing demographics as evidence. The dept of HHS state that 33% of black women are obese and 37% are overweight. Also, 44% of Latino women are obese and 34% are overweight.
    So before you freak out. As long as you are not fucking a fattie, particularly a black or Hispanic one, and the woman is under 32, then you can feel pretty good that getting pregnant by you is about the last thing that woman’s mind.
    She has other “entitlements” in mind that make the handouts from WIC and child support from a low paid guy seem like chump change in comparison to that 200K number named above.
    So the moral of this story is Never Marry and Never fuck fatties. It has been my ongoing rant.
    You don’t know the law and there are about 1 million ways to get fucked once you say “I do”. You give up untold and countless rights. I use the word countless in the sense that it really can’t counted up. Courts and divorce lawyers find ever more creative ways use previous case law to fuck you.
    And when you fuck a fattie you are potentially increasing the national deficit.
    So it is your patriotic duty not to fuck fatties. So you should say “I don’t” and “I won’t”

    1. There is still no denying the severity of false paternity. And like Quiet Rebel stated, it’s still possible that any female can pull a man’s name out of a hat and name him the father. Is it true that DNA can be upheld in a court case and does? Yes of course, but keep in mind that the accused is still out a certain amount of money for his legal fees that he incurred simply for proving his innocence which he does not get back. The other thing that does not get mentioned and should is that nothing, absolutely nothing happens to the accusing female when it is proven she was wrong. Women have the responsibility and obligation to know who the father is. But if no restraints are put on them, as stated above, she simply lives recklessly and gets knocked up like a farm animal.

    2. Minter: “And when you fuck a fattie you are potentially increasing the national deficit…..So it is your patriotic duty not to fuck fatties. So you should say “I don’t” and “I won’t” ”
      That’s your sage advice? You think that is going to stop the malicious shit being done to men? You think that is going to solve the problem? Jesus f’ing Christ.
      Based on your responses regarding the post about the rfid chip your problem is you do not know how stupid you are.

    3. “You guys are taking a lot of this out of context. ….”
      Man, you’re a fuckin jackass.

  13. These women deserve to be punished by hanging. Then women who make false rape accusations should be raped.

  14. This is going to be hard to change. Women have a voice while men for the most part want to ignore these issues. Betas are easily shamed and too cowardly to stand up to women. Alphas don’t give a fuck because they’re busy winning.

    1. Bullshit. Alpha’s don’t care because they are too busy having a life and doing do in a way to avoid the landmines put in place. It’s the beta fags who are carrying on like a hairdresser on the rag who are the ones whining.

      1. It seems you have never met the breed of beta who are either ignorant to the shit bad women try to pull, simply overlook it, or submit to it.
        Not all of them are MRAs, which would still be better than doing any of the above three activities.

      2. It seems you are ignorant of the fact that the most dead beat of dead beat dads are the alphas who never thought this could happen to them.
        Makes since because they’re not used to being utterly defeated, so they quit, they fold (no judgement from me). You might think you are alpha Mike, but you are as vulnerable as a little omega when it comes to this.
        Mike, you are a fool if you believe “avoiding landmines” is all we gotta do. Those days are long past.

  15. ROTFL!
    That was the best parody, and funniest video video I’ve seen in a long time. Brilliant!

  16. OK here’s my fave quote of the day…
    “There are two major categories of chronic masturbators in the world: 15-year old boys who fantasize that a supermodel is going to walk through the door, fling off her clothes, and beg to have sex with him, and…32 year old women who fantasize that “they can still wait a few more years” before a handsome high status man will fall at her feet and beg to marry her.
    The difference between these two groups is…eventually the boys will grow up and have sex with a real girl.”

    1. you forgot to mention husbands in their late 30s to early 50s, whose wives have devalued, but try to increase this own value by restricting supply….. sex them becomes more precious to the poor male….

  17. I work in a law office doing family law in New Engalnd and paternity tests are the norm. If you are not the biological father, you don’t owe a dime. It’s just taken for granted. This sounds like an internet myth.

    1. Another feminist dyke troll trying to play the role of the guardian of the terrible secret. Well it aint no secret anymore. Even the author cited 2 real life examples.

  18. In Germany paternity tests are inadmissible as evidence unless permitted by the mother of the child in dispute.
    In France paternity testing is forbidden, and a man who is caught DNA testing his purported children faces a penalty of 12 year in jail and a €15,000 fine.
    German government officials are considering bringing their laws in line with France’s.

    1. I live in Germany and you’re full of shit stupid troll faggot. DNA tests are admissible and it is the law.

        2007 article:
        “Currently, the law states that there must be “viable grounds” for a legal challenge, and either the child or mother must agree to a DNA test before one can take place.”

  19. “Genuine deadbeat dads evading their responsibility is one thing”
    Why are you assisting this meme? There can be no talk of ‘genuine deadbeat dads’ until the issues of forced parenthood and refusal of parenting rights without cause have been dealt with.
    Has a (competent) dad from an intact family ever been charged with or convicted of failing to provide for his children? Of course not. ALL deadbeat dads are created by the feminist state.

    1. Should have read this before I posted. Thank you for preemptively making my point in a far more succinct way than I.

  20. And after reading through more of the comments, I have to point out that most of you are white knight manginas who don’t even question woman’s right to impose the financial burdens of ‘real’ fatherhood on a man without his consent, while she herself retains the right to abandon that burden at her convenience, including abortion, abandonment of the child (e.g., at a baby drop box like the one in front of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver), and adoption, all without the father’s involvement or consent.
    The sole virtue for this grant of absolute power to the female is that the male was foolish enough to have sex with her. The price of pussy is higher than you think.

  21. “judges being the gavel wielding fascists pigs ”
    I’m not objecting to the general idea, but that “fascist” is a communist word of opprobrium for their enemies.
    Feminism being communist since its inception, they also use fascist.
    Communists are the ones who push leveling, equality, and all the b.s. of women’s equality.
    Lets not fall into the trap of using the enemies weasel words.
    The real fascists, nazis, etc., were against divorce, women’s equality, etc. So probably these are commie pigs.

    1. Fascism is any coercion or direct action that pushes the will and diktats of a minority ingroup and their ideologies on the outgroup majority, and actually wins or gains significance. That is fascism.
      Judges who may or may not truly “believe” in feminism.. socialism.. communism (et al), but understand and propagate them nevertheless, are fascist pigs, as are judges who lead the charge and have internalized these ideologies. Communism is one of these ideologies, and it just so happens that Communists are not too shy to be Fascists. Imagine that.

  22. “Genuine deadbeat dads evading their responsibility is one thing, but aside from that issue, we are seeing a lot of irresponsibility on the part of women, as well as a draconian effort on the part of government to destroy men’s lives.”
    Off with the sugar!
    The system has given women who weren’t raised right the tools to spontaneously inflict financial terrorism on, and exaggerate and fabricate extreme accusations against a man, with zero penalty if proven incorrect, unilaterally terminate the family unit casting the entire family into turmoil for the soul purpose of satiating whatever her current “needs” are perceived to be, by her alone, without any power at all granted to the man, and even perform the most soul crushing adulterous betrayal on a man, with zero fucks given by the courts. This neurotic woman typically emerges with more money then she could ever have legitimately produced on her own. The man is immediately informed he will be forfeiting 50% at a minimum, of his inalienable right to access his children, and most likely more, and will pay an annuity more valuable than most 401Ks or IRAs to the woman who betrayed him for the privilege of having the rest of the time he receives with his children.
    This man, who, if he is in the majority has long been a good citizen and most likely a significant tax payer, get’s the other side of this deal.
    You know, he ‘might’ not be quite as good as he once was anymore, and he ‘might’ just plain old not give a shit anymore. He ‘might’ sit in a tequila bar in mexico for a few years. He might head for the sticks, work at the QuikMart, or just go ahead and sit in jail for 6 months.. take a break. He might just blow his fucking brains out at the absurdity of this shit OR, he might go ahead an live out his days as the slave that he is, to a brutal master.
    Stop propagating the LIE that is child support.
    Welfare for single mothers destroyed the black man’s family long ago. White men you are next, and it is already too late.

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