Media Manipulation In Ferguson Sets A Dangerous Precedent

We’ve already written about the details of the Ferguson incident, which you should familiarize yourself with if you don’t know the real story of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. By “real story,” I mean the picture formed when taking all available evidence into account—not the initial knee-jerk reaction that led to the protests.

Brothers, it’s exactly that knee-jerk reaction that I’d like to talk with you about today. But before we begin, let’s do a quick recap of the cultural Marxist agenda:

To destroy supposed white European hegemony in the western world through the promotion of fringe agendas and the demonization of tradition (destabilization), ultimately ending in a totalitarian police state where everybody besides the elite are miserable. Liberals will take solace in the fact that hey, at least everyone is EQUALLY unhappy, so therefore it’s progress.

The reason it ends in a police state is that violence (or the threat of violence) is the only possible way to enforce the end goal. The end goal must be enforced, in turn, because racial and sexual parity will never be the natural outcome of equal opportunity. This should be obvious to anyone with the ability to critically and rationally observe the world around them, generally by high school (and it usually takes several more years to actually accept what you already know in your heart).

Before we get back to Ferguson, take into account that attacks on a man’s livelihood—the means by which he feeds himself and potentially his family—is an act of violence in and of itself. Removing a man’s source of income is essentially wishing death upon him and his lineage. In recent times we have seen such violence aimed at Matt Taylor for wearing a shirt feminists didn’t like, as well as James Watson—who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA—being barred from his profession as a scientists when he mentioned differences in IQ between races. Larry Summers also comes to mind, the ex-Harvard president who lost his job for citing research about sex differences in academics.

So attacking a dissenter’s source of income is one form of violence. Another form (a micro aggression, if you will) is to pass legislature that blocks qualified individuals of a particular race or sex to attain what they’ve earned, in order to reward people of other races or the other sex when they have not earned it. This is what I mean when I say, that the proclaimed end goal of “equality” can only be sustained by violence.

But back to Ferguson. Gentlemen, this was a test of a most insidious nature. The Powers That Be have simply performed another experiment on the United States, which is essentially a playground for mind control researchers and has been since Operation Paperclip.

If you were to imagine that the question was “How easily can we spur a crowd to racial violence?” then the answer is a resounding “Holy shit was that easy.”

You see, now they know that by simply choosing a story and spinning it with lies according to a certain formula, the masses can be swayed and their ire collectively raised BEFORE anyone even has any idea what happened. Further, they know that even when the truth is right there in front of people, they will still go by their initial emotional knee-jerk reaction.

This is terrifying. Imagine what can be done with this knowledge, for the keepers of the formula and those who pull the heartstrings of our once-great republic. They know that any time they want to incite violence and rioting, all they have to do is whisper the right words to the right media outlets and bam, human stupidity and base nature are sure to follow in their fullest expression.

But, I’m afraid, this is not the scariest part. No, the scariest part is yet to come. Recall the pressure that the Ferguson jury was under to indict Officer Wilson–the absolute knowledge and certainty that mayhem would result from making the right decision.

I have the utmost respect for those who acted in the true spirit of Justice despite knowing the consequences, simply because it is the right thing to do. But this will not always be the case. No. They will do this again, press the same buttons and we will wind up in a nearly identical situation. And next time, it will be bigger. The rioting will last longer. More people will be hurt or killed, and more cities will be involved. There is one moment we must fear above all others, and that moment is this:

The moment when a jury needs to make the right decision, and the social pressure to cave in or face massive violence finally takes its toll on the psyche of those involved. Death threats will be sent to their homes and families.

“If you thought Ferguson was bad, wait until you see what happens unless you make the decision we want you to make!” will be the rallying cry. And IF it happens, even once, that the spirit of justice is negated in favor of the whims of the crowd…that, my brothers, will be the Point of No Return. At that point, the FUBAR button can be pressed at anytime, for any reason, and undermine the justice system that is barely holding us together as-is.

The fight is far from over. More awaken every day. We must hit a critical mass before it is too late. Pick up your swords, brethren. Winter is coming.

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246 thoughts on “Media Manipulation In Ferguson Sets A Dangerous Precedent”

  1. Let’s face it. There is no saving this society or turning back what has already started. It has infected the psyche of nearly every overgrown child living in this place. Just one big ball of shit careening downwards gathering more stench and more feces until it’s gonna explode in a disgusting orgy of sickness all over their fuckin faces.
    Personally I can’t wait for that.
    All these useful idiots are gonna get the hellish nightmare of a world they couldn’t stop whining and shitting over themselves to receive. I take heart knowing they will never get the society they want. Oh no, but they will most definitely get the society they fucking deserve.
    They are complete and total pieces of human shit. And every piece of shit needs a toilet to be flushed down.

    1. I think the future of the USA is going to look something like Detroit. I don’t want to invest my future or my progeny is such a society. Time to abandon ship. Putin can take over as world police. I’m personally hoping Texas secedes. Don’t underestimate them. If it wasn’t for Texas, the USA would have a net job loss since 2007.

      1. America is not the only country. Take a look at some parts of Europe and even the United Kingdom. So many cities are deprived of economic opportunities. All of the factories, steel mills, jute mills manufacturing industries are all gone- so many places are ghost towns and large segments of the people are unemployed.
        Disgusting. This is an economic depression. The end is here. The Central Banks are printing all that worthless money and are going to eventually lead to the ulitmate collapse of civilization.

        1. Reading 1493 by Charles C Mann. It’s interesting to read about China collapsing as a result of Spanish imported Silver. The Chinese should have tried to stick to Fiat currency and not do the Silver currency. Although the thing is Chinese merchants defied the Imperial Edicts on trade and commodity currency.
          Clearly the Imperial regime should have been dissolved once the implications of Columbus trip sank in. Had the more piratical Chinese been left to their own devises they wouldn’t had collapsed. I think the US is a nasty Mandarin run mess. It fights Arabs in Arabia to secure Petrol which props up the Dollar. You can’t run an economy that fights for it’s right to have its own currency. Highly insecure.

        2. I really dont want to accept that. I definitely believe North America will be gone but I do not want to see Western Civ end up buried in a Brazil like situation.
          Especially since I know the annals of history will blame it on white privilege and the West not being accepting of outsiders enough. Or some other Marxist talking point.

        3. Sorry, but thats the reality. The fiat currency is eventually going to collapse and with the trillion dollars of debt which will never be paid back, the West will never be the same.
          Factor in automation of jobs, and the rise of more tyranny and the decline of society culturally and morally and… well you can see where I am going.
          It is best for you as an individual, to live life on your own terms. Yes, you need to be realistic, but live life by your own value system and to remember, that your time on Earth is limited, and that death is inevitable.
          Forget about trying to save the West. Its a sinking ship.

        4. I mean, do we just go get some asian wives and innoculate East Asia from the oncoming marxist justice advocates?
          Would that be a good use of our lives? Because I would not knock that.

        5. Trillion dollars of debt that we owe to whom? Ten fuckers who own the main banks and who think they own us too…

        6. Haha. So true.
          Realistically, what we are talking about are approximately 300 old-money families that own ALL the central banks of the world, either directly or through proxies. The only banks they don’t own are Iran, Syria, North Korea (Libya now owned as of 2011).
          At most we are talking about 15,000 or so top-line individuals who essentially run the world (for the worst). If the other 7 billion rose up, they could recapture control in a single day. Just nationalize every single central bank and put money creation back in the hands of citizens, not private bankers.
          At the present time, Russia is the only country in the world that is at least attempting a jail break from this insane system, to preserve both their national sovereignty and their Christian, traditional way of life. For that, they are being punished. It’s a game of chicken really. If nobody blinks, we will soon be in WW III.

        7. Out of these 15’000 top-line individuals, how many are really calling the shots? It’s more hierarchical than one thinks…

        8. Putin is so far ahead of Obama in diplomacy, statesmanship and political savvy he makes Obama look like an idiot. I’d recommend reading some of Putin’s speeches. I’m sure most would be on the same opinion.

        9. If he offered asylum for political refugees in USSA I would join eastern orthodox church and move asap.

        10. The alternative to reserve bank issued money is treasury issued money, you just put enough money into circulation as required. Last guy who tried was Kennedy and look what happened to him. Reserve bank money enters as follows: a bank has a home loan or business customer but not enough deposited, so it borrows it from the Fed which essentially prints it. This money has to be paid back. They’ve made money out of nothing. Used to be done by “Goldsmiths” who noticed they could store gold for folks but hand out more promissory notes. The other way is for the federal government to borrow from the Fed in the form of a bond.
          A reserve bank isn’t needed. All you need is a treasury to circulate treasury issued money. Works well.

      2. Texas is an interesting case initially it was Mexico and Americans were invited to work and live there Tax-Free for an initial 10 years! President Bustamante was alarmed at how many American Immigrants were arriving and living there tax free and breaking the laws…Mexican Law in the early 1800’s prohibited Slavery yet the Americans kept bringing slaves into Mexican territory and openly engaging Mexico imagine that. Over 5,000 slaves in Mexican territory. Mexico should have attacked far earlier than it did. Santa Ana made several major mistakes after he won the Alamo during the big chase when Sam Houston and the Texans ran into American Territory.

      3. I don’t think it’s the future.
        The future is probably something like Brazil. Which is somewhat worse. Think of Elite Squad or City of God. Death Squads of whites/Mestizo etc v blacks/Zambos.

      4. The USA is stepping down as the master of the world, but neither China, nor Russia, nor India is going to take its place. Those countries are either too poor, too corrupt, or both. The media likes to fear-monger about this a lot but it’s bullshit. Ignore it.
        What’s really going to happen is a sort of global free-for-all where no one is the police. Big guys are going to gang up on little guys, and all sorts of cliques and mafias are going to run the show.

    2. Totally agree.
      Which is why I advocate, to live by your own value system and to depart this world with your self respect intact.
      I’ve given up on humanity. There is nothing you can do to help save the masses, who are all brainwashed degenerate subhuman scum.

  2. The media’s involvement is so blatant that it’s almost humorous. Starting just recently, we’ve been assaulted daily with stories of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc. All black males that were killed by police officers. Now (mostly urban blue collar type) people are protesting in great numbers from New York to LA. I wonder if this will eventually die down like so many other “movements” or if it will continue as something bigger.

    1. The Michael Brown story didn’t quite pan out the way the MSM hoped it would, so they’re hedging their bets on several other stories (to use as anecdotal evidence of institutionalized racism). They’re desperately searching for a “black saint, white devil” narrative, to persuades Americans that even though their two-term President is black, they still need to vote Democrat.

      1. “The Michael Brown story didn’t quite pan out the way the MSM hoped it would”
        What makes you say that? Where I live you better not question that story or you’re going to look like a nutcase. I took a bunch of backlash for asking questions about Michael Brown.

        1. That bunch were probably liberals towing their ideological line. Overall, I’ve seen few (if any) opinions changed by the MB fiasco. If anything, the ideological citadels have been built even higher, and reinforced.

    1. Yup. I had a client charged with obstruction of a peace officer, i.e., resisting arrest, after he went limp and the officers had to carry him into and out of the cruiser.

  3. Real talk. Which political party benefits from keeping the perception of institutionalized racism alive? Which party benefits from demonizing and scapegoating white men and police? The President is black, after all, and a certain party is terrified that whites are going to stop feeling guilty about slavery, and that might translate at the polls. Every election year, expect the MSM to be obsessed with these black victim, evil white man stories. They won’t ever honestly talk about how young black men commit a disproportionate amount of crime. According to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 320,082 whites were victims of black violence in 2010, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence.

    1. The Demonrats are certainly worse (on the surface) than the Republicunts but don’t let any of that fool you. At the end of the day, the hidden hand behind the curtain drives both parties.

        1. The left simply said “can’t we all just get a long?” Not understanding that the point of having two parties is for them to be different from each other. The left manipulated the strong minded conservatives with “feelings” the same reason the Roman Empire fell.

        2. In the book “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” the author emphatically states that Rome’s demise was the army came to see and know the elite; and with familiarity came contempt. The elite needed the muscle of the praetorian guard who then exploited this dependence that resulted in destabilization.
          I fail to see a modern day parallel. Perhaps you don’t?

        3. The Rise and Fall by Gibbon isn’t the most up to date interpretation.
          May I suggest another idea? The Roman Empire was built on loot from Carthage and Gaul. From Carthage Grain. From Gaul Gold. This lasted until just before Trajan. Trajan had to invade Dacia to loot and strip mine for Gold there. Eventually that gold ran out and the army could not be paid to fight Atilla. When the Vandals occupied Carthage the army couldn’t be fed either. That’s the end of the Army.
          The Eastern Empire had a slightly more solid fiscal basis and lasted until the Arabs/Muslims invaded Egypt/Levant and staggered on for a few hundred more years.
          Armies just need pay and food. Nothing mysterious.

        4. There were many reasons why Rome fell. It wasn’t down to just one or two reasons. For example, Rome also became too dependent on the people they conquered to protect the Empire. These people obviously wanted their own state and turned on Rome. Daniel is correct, one major reason for why Rome fell was because it was just too big.

        5. Instead of thinking ‘army’, think ‘corporate powers and Police forces’. Instead of thinking ‘elites’ think ‘constitution’ and ‘the backbone of commercial productivity’. In rome, the employers, producers, and providers were the elite… in the modern day, the middle class fills that role.

        6. Pretty much in agreement, the Barbarians, Germanics, kept the “Roman Empire” growing economically and in trade for about 250 years. They were no longer centralised in Rome (where all the booty and tribute went) but decentralised, run by lords and barons. Rome and it’s roads no longer made sense.
          Slavery prevented the evolution of labour saving techniques, much as low wage immigration does today so their technical progression was limited.
          Jihaads seem to have been the final straw according to Emmet Scott

      1. Which party is more likely to drag the country into a pointless war though?
        It seems like both parties are intent on bankrupting the country, I wonder if the end game for the military is coming home and using their anti-insurgent tactics against American citizens, why else would you have a war just to occupy a place for no reason and act as it’s surrogate police force.

        1. The US doesn’t own the oil, all they own is the right to buy it before anyone else.
          If it was just a matter of not letting them switch to euros, there were way way cheaper ways of doing that, you don’t think Saddam was willing to make concessions to keep his neck?

        2. Let me put it another way. The hegemonic power of the US relies on the enforcement mechanism and the commodity in question. It’s not a bad deal, nor is unprecedented, not sustainable either.

        3. “why else would you have a war just to occupy a place for no reason and act as it’s surrogate police force?”
          Easy…cui bono?

        4. One more point before I concede that you win, the USA decided to disband the Iraqi military, as if they weren’t quite satisfied with the level of resentment already, driving the most heavily armed citizens into the arms of the insurgents, which would be good experience for when they have to disarm Americans back home.

    2. Socialism (ie. welfare state / equality) + Nationalism = Nazism.
      Socialism + Nationalism + Insider Opportunism = Fascism.
      Communism is dead, people talk about cultural marxism and such, but really we have fascist states all around the world. National Socialism and corporations and insiders lining their pockets.. .it’s just like Nazi Germany, only way more insidious because it’s a slow creeping agenda, not a fast furious rise to power.

      1. You are mistaken. We have a slow creep towards Marxism, yes. But this is completely different to National Socialism as seen in the German model which glorified the strong, opposed the weak, reinstated gender roles etc. Pretty red pill stuff really.
        And its Socialism + Nationalism + Morality = Fascism. Which btw is the worst form of government according to ….. our Marxist/Feminist masters. Food for thought.

      2. National Socialist ideology is easy to understand when one gets past the anti fascist miasma.
        1 Nationlism; the state sole purpose is protection and advancement of the folk ie race or people. No immigration to get cheap labour excepting maybe from like people’s Holland, Britain Norway.
        2 Socialism: the resources of the state are to be shared fairly. Generally this meant healthcare and a safety net as well as assigned work. Preventative medicin such as anti smoking campaigns, breast self examination was promoted.
        3 the purpose of government is the harmonisation of capital and labour. If necesary by clobbering heads together. No ideological strikes , no Marxist destruction, no robber barons or unfair dismissals, no culture wars on marriage etc.
        4 the national socialists didn’t care how something was done whether private or government so long as it worked. They liked both. Point 1 was the one they cared about. Given their need to break free from international banking they used treasury issued money and used government programs to build up industry. Much of it was private.
        5 they were totalitarian; no leftist media was tolerated, no leftist propaganda could be inserted in entertainment such as movies.
        They were essentially progressives, ie using regulation to bring about what they thought was good.
        And now we return for our regular program.

  4. I don’t mean to digress from the main artcle, but need to vent this out.
    The media is a joke. Why are people still watching the fucking news?
    The mainstream media is a fucking joke. Do people even know whats happening with the Fukushima incident? A lot of people in the US do not even know where Fukushima is. Sickening.
    Instead of responsible journalism, we are a nation of brainwashed assholes, who are more focused on bullshit news for sensation, rather than actual news. People are dying on the streets here in the West, with no hope of ever getting a job, the banks and politicians are robbing, wrecking and destroying the economy, the banks are getting more bailout provisions in rushed legislation, and yet the people are more focussed on the bullshit news like what celebrity’s smartphone got hacked or some gay rights movement.
    Fuck humanity.

    1. I’m not sure why your premise: “The mainstream media is a fucking joke” concluded with: “Fuck humanity”.
      Part of being a “returning king” just might involve flipping the bird to the media, rape culture fads and the rest of the blue pill culture. Part of being a returning king might just involve saving humanity – that’s what kings do.

      1. “Part of being a returning king might just involve saving humanity – that’s what kings do.”
        Not really. As real men, we choose to live within the parameters of “reality.” And the reality is bleak. Which is why more men are now choosing to go their own way. The whole notion of fighting back and going to war is bullshit and the kind of shit that feminists do.
        Real men have already seen that there is no point fighting a lost battle- in otherwords, saving humanity.
        Which is why we choose to walk away from it. Instead, as men, we choose to live life on our own terms for the remainder of our time on Earth.

        1. I have to agree. There really isn’t anything tangible to fight.
          Uprisings and wars in the past were made possible by the tech at the time and the reliance on men.
          We’re not needed in near the same capacity and tech has gotten to the point that mass amounts of people can be wiped out in the blink of an eye, while they get slandered in the media to pretty much justify whatever the elite want.
          Walking away is the strongest option we have. I’ve pretty much decided that only giving a fuck about myself and those few I’m close with is the only thing I have any sway over.

        2. There are different ways of fighting this bullshit culture. Some men go their own way. Others enjoy the decline. Me…I will try and spread the word, to deny the marxists and their destructive pussification of our culture.
          There is no 1 way to ‘be a real man’; as long as you live up to your own standards, and refuse to be swayed by a nation of nincompoops, you are a man, and no one can take that from you

        3. “Real men have already seen that there is no point fighting a lost battle- in otherwords, saving humanity.”
          So now you speak for “Real men”?
          Wow. How many real men are there? You and who else?
          I would not call you “Real men” as you ran away from a bunch of women. Not much of a king. Perhaps you should find a web site called “running away it’s too hard pussy man.”

        4. Your a real pussy dude. Go hide under your mother’s skirt like a good little bitch. Who knows what “real men” do? I know what I do though. I don’t give a mother fuckin inch to a bully when they try to intimidate me. Not a fuckin inch! Social justice warriors, feminists, cultural Marxist etc are all bullies. They are bullies because they can get away with it. However Nobody has ever gotten nose to nose with these mother fuckers and stared them down.
          I am no internet tough guy, but I post under my real name. What I say I would say in front of a crowd of 100,000 people. When I was in the U.S. Marines I faced some adversity. I will be dammed if I would allow myself to live in fear of these 2nd rate wannabe’s. Fuck them! Fuck their social justice! And fuck their mother’s for producing them.

        5. Unlike people like you, I am realistic and not living in denial.
          I don’t run away from women, but choose to live life on my terms. I’m guessing from the sound of your post, you cannot handle the fact that many men are now walking away from it all.

        6. Yeah, even though most people agree with my posts, I have some of the highest rated comments on this website, and you call me a pussy faggot?
          And so what if I choose to post under an anonymous name, as do the vast majority of commenters.
          I speak with logic and base my life within reality.

        7. You’re right. Yet, there are people who think that they have some sort of moral obligation to save the masses.
          People like the ones criticising me can’t seem to understand the notion that the vast majority of people in the West are a lost cause. Which is probably one of the reasons why this website was setup in the first place.
          Any attempt to try and feed the red pill, is simply asking to get punched in the face by feminists and rest of their ilk. The journey of the red pill is truly one of “self” discovery and as individuals, when we have discovered that truth, we as individuals must decide what to do with the truth.
          Which is why, for years now, I have chosen to live life on my own terms and it is the best way to live life. No compromise, no bullshit.

        8. That’s a great attitude Robert. But you have to combine all that courage with BRAINS. Not saying that you don’t have any. Maybe you’re highly intelligent for all I know with an IQ of 160. If so, great! Start reading.
          Once you fully understand what’s going on, you will see that SJWs, feminists, marxists etc. are merely sock puppets for a greater power. Start researching central banking and the history of the British empire and you will start to learn who really controls the western world, how they control it and all the tools at their disposal. Then, if you really want to fight something, figure out how to fight THAT.
          Good luck! Seriously.
          Here is a hint from a great blog I have been recently following. I think this says a lot in a nutshell:
          “For the past two hundred years humanity has been living in an Anglo-American-Jewish era. The aforementioned trinity permeates virtually every single aspect of life on planet earth today. If they had their way they would even “privatize” and tax the air we breath as well. Well, come to think of it, the Western crusade against “climate change” is in fact closely related to their imperial desire to control the air we breath through their laws and their taxes.
          Their ability to influence course of events in faraway lands are unprecedented in human history. They have the powerful tools – political, military, psychological, cultural, financial and organizational – to manipulate and exploit societies across the world. They have powerful news media outlets to disseminated Western propaganda. They have a massive array of well-funded NGOs championing all kinds of causes that serve all kinds of Western interests. They have the financial means to bribe officials and enslave nations. The control the commodities trade. They control global trade routes. They control the creation and dissemination of money around the world. They have an all-powerful music and film industry to craft human behavior. They have provocateurs and hitmen ready to incite unrest whenever and wherever needed. They have professional agents working behind-the-scenes under the guise of “journalists”, “aid workers”, “humanitarian activists” and “environmentalists”. They have the highly refined tools to mesmerize, stupefy and create an alternative reality for the global sheeple. Consequently, they have a great multitude of brainwashed activists around the world to organize “opposition” groups and take to the streets every time their spiritual leaders and financiers in the West call on them -”

        9. Why he gotta be all that?? Just because you were in the military that gives u the right to call someone a pussy or a faggot cause his opinion is different?? So what?? U aint shit… Not everyone was born to be a fighter, and on some issues its better to cut your losses. As a military man you should know about fighting smart instead of going full bore and underestimating your enemies. In reality NO ONE knows what a “real man” truly is. (Ima smack the next person who uses that term). Everyone has an idea but in life there are no absolutes. A “real man” would respect others opinions whether they agree with them or not.

        10. “I’ve learnt from the very best” hahahaha “learnt” isn’t even a word you spineless cretin

        11. So you used the No true scotsman fallacy followed by an appeal to the populus of people you claim to despise? Are you paralyzed from the neck down? Any real obstacles to you owning your own actions and success. I know the answer, but maybe I will get another hilarious rationalization out of you.
          Oh, and about Fukushima, you mentioned earlier; you see I actually am an educated chemist. No one died from that, you would get more ionizing radiation from radioactive cadmium flying into your lungs standing next to some coal ash for an hour than living in fukushima through the “disaster” and for the rest of your life. If Three Mile Island and Fukushima really caused that much damage, you would see increase in thyroid cancer from iodine 131. Not only is their no increase in incidence in these areas, massive studies to determine if their was meaningful statistic deviation in the rate of affliction showed normal results. I would keep going with more evidence, but I feel the horse is already dead.
          By the way. I live in the “real world”, haha. I have seen many pathetic excuses for elitist defeatism from people who have never produced jack shit, but that has got to be somewhere near the top.

        12. Wow, so one spelling error, and somehow, that defines who I am? Fucking troll.
          If anything, you are the spineless cretin.

        13. ” Are you paralyzed from the neck down? Any real obstacles to you owning your own actions and success. I know the answer, but maybe I will get another hilarious rationalization out of you.”
          Why the hell would I be paralysed? I am someone who learns perfectly well about how to avoid obstacles, so that I don’t have to confront them anymore. The only hilarious rationalization is your statement about being a chemist. You don’t have any idea about the chemicals affecting the ocean in California, do you? Some chemist you are.
          Or please, tell me about how the chemicals are affecting the killer whales and their ability to breed?
          “By the way. I live in the “real world”, haha. I have seen many pathetic excuses for elitist defeatism from people who have never produced jack shit, but that has got to be somewhere near the top.”
          What exactly do you know about me? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had a pretty successful life, have made enough money to live a decent sustainable life and avoided many of the mistakes that a lot of guys make. And the only way I’ve done that, is by understanding how “the real world” works and avoiding the pitfalls.
          Please spare yourself the humiliation by not responding to my comments. You are clearly a fucking troll, who probably cannot stand the fact that people like me have legitimate ways of avoiding problems, and that maybe, walking away is the best option.

        14. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that. I find ways around problems, I don’t run away. Defeatism is the trait of all who were master of none and left no mark where they stood. But by all means, get indignant and insult me in front of no one in a place where real names are rarely used. I might go to the corner, cry, decide I know the truth of everything in my complete lack of self-introspection, that I know who all the villains are, get a real pensive look on my face, claim everyone who disagrees with me “doesn’t live in the real world”, stick my nose really high into the air, shout something about how with all my supposed knowledge, I still feel powerless when there are clearly successful self made individuals out there completely contradicting my belief, shout something about how bankers are the devil and radiation will kill us all, and then maybe, if I’m lucky, everyone will ignore me and I can live a pretty decent sustainable life.
          Who in the fuck do you have to think you are to think everyone who disagrees with “doesn’t know how the real world works”? Oh yeah, that’s right, the know it all who thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a troll.

        15. Relax Antonia. From your reply I can tell your dumb ass can’t read. This will be the only time I reply to such a fool as you.

        16. Relax Antonia. From your reply I can tell your dumb ass can’t read. This will be the only time I reply to such a fool as you.

        17. I call people assholes, when I see assholes. You and the rest of your ilk, calling me pussy faggot and other shit, are the fucking trolls.
          Plenty of people have diagreed with me on ROK and I respect their opinions. But when I see assholes like you, trying to criticise me on a personal level, then yeah, I will call you a fucking troll.
          I’m only saying what the vast majority on this website are probably thinking, which explains why I have some of the highest rated comments on ROK.
          Suck on that.

        18. We are the ones that know (or are seeking) the truth, that have the traits that draw followers, we are the ones in which leading comes naturally.
          As much as I have disdain for the majority of scum and zombies I come across, I still feel compassion for them. This is our humanity and should be cherished, for your own sake.
          Don’t deny your own ability to lead. Even if they act like they don’t need you and know it all, you can still make an indelible impact on many. No need to save the world, this is enough. Teach others to live life as you see fit, through your example and encouragement. It will make life a little sweeter.

        1. Get a grip.
          I must have fallen into a mangina filled thread.
          Humanity is lost and the definition is else wise uncertain?
          I’m checking out of pussy-ville. Hope you all enjoy your stay.

      2. “White knights” are not welcome here brother. Live free or die, fuck saving humanity.

    2. Yeah, they dropped that story about the airplane being shot down in Ukraine very quickly – and Ebola, shitty economy, etc.

    3. The news is so bad at this point that even the supposedly good journalism (like BBC) is still garbage propaganda. What they say has absolutely no bearing to reality. Travel outside the West and the layer upon layer of lies begins to gradually fall off and reveal itself.

    4. Because they want to pretend like they are doing something and then take credit for it. Dedicating their lives to building the community is too hard; people would rather turn on the news, get pissed off, demand the government or someone else take responsibility and then pretend like they actually did something. They are fucking scum who worsen the lives of those they claim to love for the sake of vain egotism.

    5. Most people are fucking retarded, literally. They don’t even know what media propaganda mean. They don’t have a concept of neutrality since they are too selfish. They are too idiot to push a computer power button. That is why even in 2014 TV and papers have still a strong grip on society.

  5. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent!
    I am stoked to see that somebody out there GET’S IT.
    The author is bang on. Ferguson was just another Elite experiment for exactly the reasons cited.
    It is a sad comment on our society when it takes a blog devoted to gaming chicks to actually speak some fundamental social/political truth!
    15 years ago when I first came across the likes of Alex Jones, I thought he was the biggest loon in the universe. But over the past decade-and-a-half I’ve seen that he and his ilk have been 90% correct on just about everything. The truth really is stranger than fiction. Alex is still too over the top for my tastes but then there are sites like ROK and others that offer a more sober approach to some of these topics.
    Enjoy the decline.

    1. Alex Jones is a little nuts, but nonetheless has reported on so many issues that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge such as the FEMA camps and martial law. Of course, anything like that being mentioned will be dubbed by the mainstream media as “conspiracy theories.”

      1. I wonder how long the “conspiracy theories are nuts” meme will last for the Elite.
        Across all his shows, channels and websites, Alex Jones now boasts 40 million viewers/listeners. That’s a pretty sizeable group.
        While there are still hundreds of millions of absolute, zombified useful idiots in America, I would estimate some 10% or 30 million are awake to one degree or another. Still, probably not enough to turn the tide. But more than enough to cause a major conflict once everything implodes.
        They’re gonna need bigger FEMA camps!

        1. True dat.
          I decompress with long hikes in nature. Just clear my mind and don’t think about anything for a few hours.

        2. I was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.
          It helps, a bit, around the edges, when I’m not too busy dodging bullets to think about anything else.

        3. I love that comment. It reminds of George Carlin talking about the child abuse today’s parents conduct by structuring them with so many classes. He then goes on to mention about how children should be left alone to daydream and that parents should do the same.
          The man was truly ahead of his time.

    2. Thank you for your kind words. I would caution you to be wary of Alex Jones. While he does point out certain significant events and issues, the narrative he has spun of those events is one of total fear and suffering. He then sells things on his website (and while I do understand that it’s how he makes his living, I cannot in good faith approve of selling fear).
      Ultimately, his talks do open the eyes but they also lower the vibration, which ironically makes you more vulnerable to the Evil Forces in the first place. One must complement the knowledge with personal empowerment, tempering fear and defeatism with hope and faith.

      1. Yes, that’s why I referred to him as a bit nuts for me.
        His fear mongering rants used to really get under my skin and I would stay away from his sites for months for the reasons you outline. But in recent years, I have become stronger in my inner peace, so his fear mongering has no effect on me. I have resumed regular viewing of his shows. Nobody covers the important stuff that he does on a daily basis. And as long as you can filter out some of his nutty opinions, his coverage, guests, etc. are an absolute treasure trove of hardcore truth.
        I’ve also come to see that one reason he fear mongers and rants is to essentially “break the trance” of the sheeple masses. It’s like shock therapy and it works! I am just concerned that a good chunk of the people he awakens do so with that undercurrent of fear instilled in their soul.

      1. Yes.
        Good link, btw. is one of the best geopolitical analysis websites in the world, if not THE best. Highly recommended.

  6. This sort of things works because most people are idiots who only believe sensational headlines and don’t (or can’t) be bothered to do deeper research into all the wild things said by the media.

    1. Network was indeed ahead of its time but over the years I have come to see it as some subtle propaganda. The trick with good propaganda is that 90% of it needs to be true in order to fool the masses.
      In the movie, the news anchor depicted above goes on a later rant of how the media is controlled by “petro dollars” i.e. Arabs. Yeah right. The other major semitic tribe goes completely unmentioned.
      So watch out for those Arabs, guys. They apparently own the media according to Jewish screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky!
      All the same, Paddy at least deserved his Oscar. Overall, it’s a great movie. Great screenplay. Mostly great message so I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water. But it’s a case example of just how subtle some propaganda really is.

      1. Still… a movie by an ardent Zionist claiming that the media is controlled by Arabs? That out-Orwells Orwell.
        The reverse storyline would be a hate crime.

      2. The petro dollar resembles more closely the role of Silver in the collapse of the Chinese. The Spanish mines in Peru, and the back n forth between Chinese and Spanish traders in Manila unravelled the entire Imperial system. Same thing with the US warring in Middle East. The US sends out armies to prop up the commodity on which the dollar rests. It’s a house of cards.

  7. i don’t know what you’re scared of, this is a massive stinking pile of fail. So niggers are burning shit down? Is that different from any other day? What has the government and the bankster establishment gotten from this? Zip. Zilch. Nothing…
    Every day more White people shut the bullshit box down and shut the media off. Their ratings are so low, that even Foxnews is bringing in less eyeballs than reruns of Gilligan’s Island. These whores are dancing with themselves on DEAD AIR.
    The Revolution will not be televised, because TV is deader than the Dinosaurs you use to drive your SUV!

    1. True dat. But soon they will figure out how to either infiltrate, take over or buy out all the alternative media on the internet. Or, they will just do as China and censor the whole shebang (after the next False Flag of course).

    2. Don’t watch TV at all really. Download a tv series recommended to me every now and again but that’s it.

  8. In France, the police doesn’t arrest minority people in certain areas for a long time, for fear of violent rioting…

  9. This is off my least favourite Tool album (I think from Opiate to Lateralus was an incredible climb to the perfection of their concept and sound… and then 10,000 Days was just a cool rock-out), but I think the message of this track is on-point.

  10. This article is spot on. Culture is created from the top down and given to you by your handlers. The news media plays an enormous role in this. If you had the level of control of the media to the extent the banker-politicians currently have, you could galvanize the population to rally to any cause in a very short amount of time. You seriously could convince everyone that potholes were the biggest threat facing America. Just instruct your executives to push pothole stories. Reward junior level reporters for finding and reporting on accidents caused by potholes, toddlers falling in potholes, puppies trapped in potholes, etc. The state of the news media is a complete joke.
    It is clear that they received marching orders to push the protests. They may have happened organically in August, but were quickly co-opted. The media pushed the “riots will happen if no indictment is issued meme” for weeks. Then the announcement was repeteadly delayed to build anticipation. It was then released at 9 PM which is about the worst time it could happen. This is all a play and while disturbing its interesting to see what the authors have in store for the next act.
    As for the protests themselves, I can no longer support them. Militarized police are out of control and have been for some time. Many have been speaking out about this long before the masses joined and it became trendy in August 2014. But I recently saw, on another site which I will not name to drive traffic to them, an article celebrating the protests. They posted a picture of a handmade sign stating “Rules for White People” which basically amounted to a “back of the bus order.” The signs said to direct all questions to persons of colour and to stay off the microphones. The despicable hipsters are all too happy to comply. The protests have taken over by radical racists even though they are starting to display a level of organization and coordination that is clearly on the Madison Avenue level of professional instigators. Steer clear.

    1. You know, it’s crazy how this has steadily picked up steam when I thought it was winding down.
      As a black person it is quite embarrassing to see this. I’ve always felt that you should fear for your life if you ever get it in your head that you’re going to get aggressive with cops.
      Cop barks an order at me, even if he’s wrong I’m going to comply. I don’t want guys who don’t give a shit getting confident with cops. No one really wants that in a civil society.
      There’s definitely a balance to these relationships but the media blows things way out of proportion so that critical thought gets thrown out of the window immediately.

    2. You can have:
      1.) A de-militarized police force with only revolvers and billy bats in a homogenous White nation…
      2.) You can have a multiracial shithole with police cruising around in APCs with a Ma Deuce mounted on top.

  11. I think you mean James Watson , not Francis Crick. Speaking of Watson, a Russian tycoon bought his prize for several million and immediately gave it back.
    Based russia

    1. Good catch — I was just going to mention this. Whoever is editing this site should correct that.

  12. Unfortunately and sadly true.
    As a lawyer, I jumped into the legal system thinking I’d find a lot of “institutional racism” against blacks; turns out it’s not. We just have a much larger percentage of young (under 30) black males committing crimes than those who are not young black males. Heck, the opposite is actually true: judges tend to be more lenient these days against young black males v. non-young black males who commit the same crime.
    Being a defense attorney made me into more of a red pill realist—because I defend these dudes. Because I see them up close. Because I know them and their lives.
    In fact, defense attorneys are either seriously cynical red-pill dudes or such deep blue-pillers that they are on the level of that girl in Haiti who got raped by a black Haitian and then blamed her rape on white males. You either become a jaded realist or a delusional nincompoop (such as Ron Kuby, who is, BTW, an excellent defense attorney). Perhaps a 3rd option is becoming a person who treats the macabre world of murder and (real) rape and violence as a farce, and are so empty, shallow, and uncaring that they laughingly talk about getting their evil clients out to kill again—something akin to The Joker acting as Johnny Cochran.

    1. Wait, you spent ~18 years growing, +4 of college, +3 of law school. 7 years of higher education and at no point until after you became a lawyer understood that blacks are simply more violent and commit more crime???

      1. Not really what I meant. I did taste some red pill before, but being a defense attorney pushed it more fully into my system.

        1. They hide the data that would burst the narrative bubble. They also screw you up by making you read “to kill a mockinbird” baloney when you are a little kid and have no healthy skepticism.

        2. True; Hollywood propaganda is both very strong on first blush AND omnipresent.
          It’s one of the reasons many SJW’s can’t even admit that most media they consume has a left-wing POV. Admitting it would be the first step recognizing that a lot of what they perceive as “news” and “truth” is really just a lot of carefully structured opinion.
          I could write a whole ROK post on The Daily Show/Colbert Report phenomenon—-how SJW’s are so desperate to protect their fragile world view that they needed to watch a nightly fake news shows filled with hipster snark about non-SJWs, all so that SJW’s wouldn’t have to question their narrative.
          Suffice it to say that the (small) audience for those shows has only watched non-SJW news sources a handful of times in their lives—and the experience of an alternative POV frightened them to death.
          I should know; I was one of them at one point.

        3. Fundamentally we were subjected to childhood indoctrination by someone who didn’t actually care for us but saw us as an object to use for propagating their social agendas, one of which seems to have been inducing enough self loathing that we would stop caring for ourselves.
          In the absence of any countering information one cowers in ones White guilt while some seemingly avoid guilt by angrily projecting it on others.
          At the core of me there was something that couldn’t accept the unnaturallness of it.
          I’m can get angry about it when I look back.

    2. Yup. Young stupid incompetents. Mostly blacks. You almost feel sorry for them after a decade of it.

    3. The system is improving somewhat…but it’s also about who you know if I were to commit a petty crime I would most likely face a penalty…where as I have spoken to many whites who have done worse than minor penalties and because they have family in the Judicial System (Judge) or in the Police they have more of a chance to get a pass…as this they have revealed to me themselves. Also growing up I would see white kids smoking weed and the cops barely moved a finger but Black and Brown kids had to be extra careful if they engaged in that activity.

      1. I’ve had a black colleague say something to this effect:
        “If a black is shot he probably guilty too.”
        It’s grim out there.

        1. Probably so, but if its unjust should at least be tried in court.
          Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6….at least in most cases.

      2. 1.Yes, it’s who you know. For example, the black kids who intern or whose parents work at the police station or are in the DA’s brother’s son’s Boy scout troop get lighter sentences. That is to say, those blacks who are part of the community and have a reputation as decent dudes who just had a bad day are treated better than those who’ve been constantly a drain on on the community. That’s life, and quite frankly, the way it should be.
        As I want to tell my clients when they bitch about some minor disparate sentencing: “oh yeah, you, the three-time offender, you’re exactly the same as the first offender white kid who apologized to the court and was crying. When you lied and told the cop to “fuck off” it was exactly like when the white kid admitted everything from the start and said “yes officer.” ” Instead I just drink more.
        I think of it as the “worst offender hamster rationalization.” The worse the dude, the more his hamster goes into overdrive justifying his actions—or complaining that someone “just like him” got a lighter sentence.
        *does shot* Civil society cannot survive made up of sociopaths who have no guilt.
        2. The non-blacks you see smoking weed and not nailed on it…it’s the worst thing they’ll ever do. Those dudes don’t even get in fights when they get high—they just take a nap or fuck their girlfriend. The cops might get on him every once in a while, but they know he’s not going to be attacking a stranger on the subway when he’s done.
        The blacks who get nailed on it…it’s the least bad thing they did that day. It’s part of a deal. The black was seriously suspected of something worse, but either the cops couldn’t nail them on it, or the DA’s offering them a deal to a lesser drug charge because it’s too much of a hassle to get more. It also allows cop to get undesirables loitering about to move along—-losers with drugs don’t want to get frisked, you see.
        Two major reasons law enforcement is against decriminalization of drugs are because it’ll fuck up the plea bargaining system and because it’ll keep cops from “moving dudes along.” Cops get a good portion of their good will from helping neighborhoods and businesses get scum to roll out from a stoop, and that is accomplished because the scum doesn’t want the drug charge. And, without a lesser drug charge to plead to, DA’s will be forced to charge dudes with harder-to-prove crimes and they’ll get off more—meaning more crime or harsher sentences when they do get caught.
        It’s a fascinating possible future, and one that I think is possible: we could legalize all drugs and that would result in, paradoxically, both more crime and harsher sentences for blacks.

        1. LOL!! I have been around all types of people no hamster justification bull…just simple observation! Obviously if you are a three time offender there is little hope for you unless you are George W. or in another influential family. Most people I know “don’t get into fights” when they are high they usually are mellow and they also fuck their girlfriends lol…unless they are drinking then that is more likely. In my personal observation most black and brown kids with little or no previous records usually stick to weed most of the crazier drugs i have seen was from the white kids at an earlier age. Again yes there are certain situations like crack which was a cheaper cocaine (which was prosecuted more harshly). I’ve also been to ball games and the cops stop a friend for drinking rum when they are surrounded by Drunk whites drinking open containers. Again i’m not excusing drinking rum or Hamster rationalization or whatever, just simple observation. Once you get a record even for minor infractions its becomes harder to get into great jobs. That’s why I advise all people ESPECIALLY Black and Brown people to try to have a clean record no need to make life harder on oneself.
          I do support the decriminalization of some drugs and legalization of Marijuana in the United States. Also avoid felony cause becoming disenfranchised and not having a vote in this country renders you powerless…even in a somewhat diminishing political structure.

        2. From the horses mouth. Criminalized weed is all about catching the bastard for the least worst thing he’s done. It’s definitely a way to scoop up known problem individuals. To a degree that’s how drunk driving functions for whites.

        3. When the left comes out with all these statistics to “prove” disparate sentencing in drug offenses, you can be sure they’ve fudged the numbers in one way or another, or otherwise failed to include a number of important factors. The problem is, only about 5% or so of the population is capable of understanding that statistics are not be-all-end-alls.. in fact I trust my own anecdotes far more than statistics that some NPO with a clear biased agenda crunched up.

    4. Just a question. How many of the young males (white and black) that you have defended came from single mother homes and had peers who also came from single mother homes.

  13. This article makes various points but does not paint a full picture. First I believe both parties are selling out to Wall Street the Central Banks and the Global Banking cartel. Ironically the Republican Party openly supports the Rich and big Banks. The Wealth Gap is increasing and we have socio-economic problems. Race is still an issue but in my opinion not as large as before as now the big issue is Class. Many in Generation Y are particularly feeling this widening gap of class and cost of the living rise of all Races, and you saw this by the Occupy Wall street Movement also arising in New York.
    The author goes on to state “So attacking a dissenter’s source of income is one form of violence. Another form (a micro aggression, if you will) is to pass legislature that blocks qualified individuals of a particular race or sex to attain what they’ve earned, in order to reward people of other races or the other sex when they have not earned it.” Well for a long time Blacks had no income whatsoever and worked for free (slavery) and women had lesser rights especially Black Latina, Asian Native Women etc. Even poor whites had their own money or many were given lands (Homestead Act; by fraudulent actions of the United States Government) of the displaced Native peoples of what is now The United States. Fast forward deep into the 20th Century and many minorities were still discriminated against and not allowed a fair shot at the American Pie. Many were not allowed certain breaks that Whites were allowed for hundreds of years. Now this country has made tremendous strides and I admit there are things that the blacks and brown community have to work on but the internal and external issue are NOT mutually exclusive they are part of the major issue. Conservative Media has also used the looters to deviate from the main issue. With Big Banks and the widening of the Wealth Gap now other communities are beginning to experience the plight of the Black Community albeit to a lesser degree.
    The author states…” Recall the pressure that the Ferguson jury was under to indict Officer Brown…” You have to see a larger picture here the Justice System has never been equal to all…factors regarding race and class determine how Justice will play out. Conservative media loves to point out the lack of Outrage when a black person kills or commits a crime against a white person, but fail to see that the Justice system will always work and the victim will receive Justice, this hasn’t always been the case with White on Black Violence especially White Cop on Black violence. The Police rarely get indicted and almost never receive a conviction even in the most blatant acts of violence against an unarmed civilian. Take the case of Amadou Diallou who was shot at 41 times while unarmed, the jury was moved away from the minority community and placed in a majority white community and the policemen escaped without even a manslaughter charge this has played out thousands upon thousands of times throughout our nations history and before. Or look at the Ethan Couch case, a young rich white male who had a prior record including DUI’s and killed 4 people and disabling his “friend” for life while driving with over three times the Legal Blood Alcohol level. He got NO JAIL TIME. I can list many cases like these.
    Black on Black violence is a serious issue that HAS been addressed by Black leaders and even the President who enacted the “I am your brother’s keeper” initiative yet conservative media keeps pushing the narrative that they have not. Also White on White violence is also over 86%. I feel safe to say that if the situation would’ve been reversed in this country many whites would’ve also rioted extremely violently and not just at sporting events. In fact I can cite over 50 major White led riots in our nation’s history such as the Atlanta Race Riot where whites did not want the recently Emancipated Freed Blacks to compete with their jobs, or the Irish Riot in New York where the Irish did not want Blacks freed in the first place because they did not want competition in their blue collar jobs. Rioting is nothing new it is as American as Apple Pie. One riot by whites was caused because they didn’t speed up a trial (where the blacks were guilty by the way) they burned down black communities and killed innocent black people. These recent Protests or “Riots” have been very tame by comparison. The 20 year dispute between Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Government which predate Obama and the subsequent action of Bundy’s men aiming rifles at U.S. Agents was praised by conservative media. And even as they were armed no one was even hurt. And these issues were not even as bad as the black issue in this country.
    Left wing’s P.C. Culture affects everyone not just White males, as you have seen recently with Black People in the media who had to apologize for just voicing an unpopular or non- P.C. opinion. This article claims it was a “test” to control the masses, perhaps, but you cannot dismiss the protests simply as “Knee-Jerk” reactions as they have been apart of a much larger narrative in our Nation’s History. Also Whites have also helped and supported the Black condition in this country notably The WHITE MAN John Brown who led a VIOLENT Slave Revolt in 1859. He felt the other BLACK Abolitionist peaceful protest approach was much to slow and not conducive for change. This is just another side to the article above I believe a community should aim to rectify their own problems withing but cannot be blind to external factors at all. I do not believe all Police are bad but there are some bad Police and at times the System and Police have combined with racists in this country as well. I am glad the Protests have been mostly peaceful in nature since Ferguson as it robs Conservative media from ammunition to deviate from some core issues in this society. But I’m also somewhat disappointing with the Left Wing as well. But calling the left wing “Communist” and using xenophobic language also robs from the overall discourse.

    1. While you bring up valid historical points, the thesis of the article still stands.
      If you examine the Ferguson case objectively, specifically focusing on the role of the media – any intelligent person can see that the media promulgated a false narrative and spun the entire story specifically to amplify black outrage.
      Do you think, for a second, that we would have seen *any* riots whatsoever, if the MSM simply reported the following ONE TIME and then move onto other news the next day:
      “Today in Ferguson, MO, a 6’4″ teenager was shot by the local police after he robbed a store and then attacked a police officer.
      The officer, responding to the robbery report, attempted to apprehend the teenager, who matched the perpetrator description. According to multiple eye witnesses, the teenager did not follow the officer’s request and instead attacked the officer as he came out of his car. The teenager pinned the officer in the driver’s seat, punched the officer in the head and reached for the officer’s gun. The officer managed to push off the assailant and then fired multiple shots at the suspect, killing him.
      Surveillance video later retrieved from the robbery scene verified that the dead teenager was the same individual who robbed the store.
      In other news today….”
      If the MSM had reported the above, as they *responsibly should have* – nobody would have even blinked – black, white or other.
      But instead, the MSM is just a mind control tool for the Elites and they decided to test out their collective brainwashing techniques yet again.

        1. That short cut explanation ignores and, by omission, exonerates the Elite, who manipulated the situation and stoked black anger over several weeks using a false narrative, until the situation exploded into a riot.
          This is really not a black/white issue. People need to wrap their heads around that.
          Simply saying “well all blacks are violent and are just looking for an excuse to riot” is a cop out. What about whites then and the Iraq war? Or whites and the Vietnam war? Or whites and Libyan war? etc. etc. Were whites just “waiting for an excuse to war?” Maybe from one POV. But I think a more accurate statement is that the Global Elite and their media propaganda machine marched white countries into one bullshit war after another for Elite gain. The Ferguson situation is just a micro version of that, but directed against blacks instead of whites.

        2. I agree! But I think it would be dumb for someone to say that the Iraq war was:
          “White people just looking for an excuse to war.”
          That’s my point. Most of these things are NOT racial issues, including Ferguson. But the Elite love to divide and conquer and part of the plan is to domestically divide White and Black, pitting them against each other. Whites now think all blacks are just savages waiting to riot and blacks think whites are just waiting for their police to shoot them without cause. Both conclusions are false.

        3. It’s still a racial issue in the Middle East in general though. If you want to get conspiratorial Ferguson was the Black Run America warning whites in their lovely inner suburbs that negroes are going to hunt you down with the blessing of the DOJ. Leave the city? We follow you there. Invest in property? Omg! We will burn that bitch down.

        4. I think you have forgotten that much of America, if not most, outside the $hit-holes like Ferguson are armed. Well armed.
          So making up scenarios like those being pitched here today is the stuff of fantasies.
          Who is going to feed, clothe and transport this fantasy army?
          What’s in your wallet?

        5. The dollar’s value is intimately linked to its use as the currency used for the commodity known as oil.

        6. Ferguson was 100% white in the 1970s. Now it’s 70% black. The original whites up there were armed heavily. It did not stop the encroachment of the Planet of the Apes scenario we saw several days ago. Ferguson was an idyllic suburb not so long ago.

        7. “It’s still a racial issue in the Middle East in general though.” Deflection?
          You have limitless information on the savagery of blacks though, that you’ll write a book about.
          For as much as we criticize the victim mentality of those on the left and various minorities, you sure do a good job of it yourself when presented with uncomfortable information about your own race.
          Human beings are violent, we go to war for a number of reasons, but it usually involves taking something you want from someone else.

        8. OK. “Ferguson was 100% white in the 1970s. Now it’s 70% black.
          Your point original was:”America warning whites in their lovely inner suburbs that negroes are going to hunt you down with the blessing of the DOJ. Leave the city? We follow you there. Invest in property? Omg! We will burn that bitch down.”
          That is not a 40 year war of attrition, but a pitched battle between clear combatants. You presume that people will stand by passively and be attacked. You are wrong. People will fight to save their land, property and family. The situation you so easily described will be vigorously fought.
          Many armed citizens stood their ground in Furguson, Watts and South Central LA. Read up on it.
          Even if what you say is true, The inhabitants of $hit-hole America do not have the resources to attach the rest of the country. Have you driven across America? It’s big.

        9. You are getting defensive. calm the hell down!
          The roving darks are enormous trouble. Not necessarily a conventional military threat but look at the demographics of Ferguson. A total fucking mess.

        10. These are your words:
          “America warning whites in their lovely inner suburbs that negroes are going to hunt you down with the blessing of the DOJ. Leave the city? We follow you there. Invest in property? Omg! We will burn that bitch down.”
          Followed by: “You are getting defensive. calm the hell down!”
          Dan, your statements are a bit scattered, intellectually speaking. If you cannot see the inconstancy here, I can’t help you.

      1. I’m not sure they pushed a false narrative purposefully if you believe that do be so..I think much of the information was not available at first. The officer was aware of a robbery and initially did not know it was Mike Brown. However there is still conflicting reports for example the distance of Mike Brown to the Officer when the fatal shot was fired, also the video where the two white contractors were holding their hands up protesting the reason for the shooting wasn’t brought up for debate publicly.
        Also misinformation went the other way as well, one claiming that Mike Brown shattered the officer’s Orbital bone (Eye Socket) and his photograph after the incident showed a few red marks let alone minor bruising upon Wilson’s face. Also Garner case thankfully there was video of this incident, when he got killed after he had stopped a fight. Yet Conservative media is quick to criminalize the victim even for petty offenses to justify the victim’s death.

        1. It was intentional, and we will soon see whatever plan Holder and Obama wanted to push. There is a reason they were on board so early, visiting the town and assuring them that “Change is coming.” It’s always planned and extremely specific.

        2. Well they have their motivations just as the previous 43 Presidents have had. And they had even more heinous plans. Personally the only thing I’m a little nervous about is increased Globalization in Asia (TPP), as NAFTA didn’t go so well. As well as continuing of the Bush Tax Cuts and the last Congressional Agreement and Dodd Frank if you ask me Liberals should be angrier right now.

        3. For fucks sake, America is the catalyst and cause of what we call globalization. Mass extermination (mainly inadvertent) mass migration (indentured servants, pirates, adventurers) mass enslavement (mostly into Brazil and Haiti) and the transfer of hegemony from China to Spain to Britain to the US…then, it appears back to China.
          Thank you for your concern!

  14. At the end of the day the South needs to secede or the US needs to break into multiple different nation states. It’s painfully obvious that the country has split into virulent viewpoints which will never reconcile. Liberal economic policies and central bank influence is a failure. If homosexuality, multiculturalism, feminism, atheism are ever accepted it will be a long and painstaking process to integrate these ideologies with conservative America. Liberals have become an unrecognizable species who can’t coincide with conservatives.
    Truth be told this country is far too expansive in land mass, demographics, and religious ideology to be united under a flag and constitution.
    The hostility and opposition have become too much to handle. The liberal underbelly of society is rearing it’s ugly head and unless the US can miraculously unite under strong leadership we are doomed. It’s clear that we cannot peacefully appease everyone and we need to go our separate ways.
    Secession is inevitable and will be violent. Liberals will do anything it takes to keep conservatives on the payroll because liberalism cannot survive on it’s own. Conservative states need to begin the forceful expulsion of liberals.
    Buckle up.

    1. I think it’s deeper than cultural values. From an economic perspective the coddling of the Urban Intafada by blacks makes no fucking sense. in strictly economic terms slavery makes no fucking sense either before or after mechanization. if your economic model is based on surreal notions like equality though, you are going to end up in a miserable pickle. The US economy is increasingly ideological in the strangest ways.

      1. It’s cultural and economic. That’s why I floated the idea of a few different nation states. One could be culturally liberal and economically conservative. Another could be straight Bible belt. Let the liberals go to whichever corner they’d like.
        I think Russia will rise to power at some point and conservative America will be best served to cut an under-the-table deal with them.

        1. Hmmmmm…
          Figure out the key commodity and then make sure you sandbag against inflated prices and devalued currency. Kill anyone who gets in your way.

        2. This was originally the idea of the USA. The states were countries that formed a military alliance with each other, which was necessary to defend themselves from superpowers like the British Empire. Of course, all throughout history certain power hungry men have chipped away at the idea of state identity over the idea that the USA is one gigantic country. These power mad tyrants then want to force their one-size-fits-all policies on all the states, regardless of how they feel about it. That’s not a “union,” that’s an Empire ran from D.C.

      2. Urban blacks live in a delusional world where they think they’re going to overthrow the people who pay their welfare checks. Then what?? I guess they haven’t thought that far ahead.

    2. If homosexuality, multiculturalism, feminism, atheism are ever accepted it will be a long and painstaking process to integrate these ideologies with conservative America.

      Plenty of conservatives don’t believe in religion that much, though they might view it cynically as a tool for keeping the mob in line. And you can come around to seeing the validity of traditional values without having to believe in the supernatural, based on observing human behavior and its consequences.

      1. Truth. Although you’re an atheist you can probably acknowledge that Christianity is a net positive for the US. We have nothing to gain from militant atheism and undermining the Church, which continues to be the largest charitable organization in the world. Even though you might believe the stories are hocus-pocus the Church is still a pillar of the community and traditional values.

        1. Well said. I’m always amused when atheists can’t put two and two together.
          « In order to make ideas of socialism win Christianity must be first uprooted from the soul of the worker. » –Antonio Gramsci

        2. Patriarchy vs Feminism (possible only due to child custody laws and the welfare state)
          Private (mostly Christian) charity vs. Government welfare state.
          Homeschooling/privately funded education vs. public education (dumbs children down, teaches worship of the state, and convinces them of the need for government welfare).
          (Eastern) Orthodox Christian monarchy vs. democracy (which just leads to idiots voting themselves money out others’ pockets, starting with government education of children, because of the children…)
          Get a bad emperor, solved by killing one guy, and the next guy, etc, only you get a good one. Plus, there’s a limit to how much one guy (and his family) can steal, especially since they in theory own everything, and would thus have a long term interest in the genuine growth and health of the people.
          Modern secular democracy – huge multi-headed hydra, no resistance is possible because everyone blames a different head, and one stroke off head would just heal itself.
          Thus, “back to the future” with monarchies and de facto monarchies:

        3. The “Christian social order” initiated by Saint Louis, was one of the best thing that ever happened to France.

        4. What I might call right wing atheism has never been confrontationally anti Christian. These are just intelligent people that can’t believe the fairy tails and think that a lot of preachers are crazy, retarded idiots but accept that a lot of good can come out of the personal moral integrity.
          Left wing atheists on the other hand are prone to be ant religious hate machines.
          Christianity is morphing into a kind of left wing liberal Marxism. The current pope is worse than Trotsky on immigration.
          Then there are shekel loving Christian zionists.

        5. “Christianity is morphing into a kind of left wing liberal Marxism.”
          This has happened to my church. Yesterday I had to sit through a sermon on “racism” and “Ferguson” and “white privilege” from a blue pill emasculated man. The guy posts pictures of food on Facebook and writes about how he’s afraid to drive in the wind, exactly like girls do. And we’re expected to call him “father”? My ass.

        6. Jim Jones, he of cyanide and cool aid fame, was a communist who noticed he could fuse or twist ethno Marxism into Christianity. Since Ratsinger (Benedict XVI) was “retired” the current pope is one of these.

      2. I am one of these secular conservatives. Conservatism, to put it bluntly, works. I see religion as a means to keep the violent and irrational herd from getting too out of hand. Many people simply lack the self control necessary to function in a civilized society. A fear of eternal punishment gives them the incentive they need to control themselves.

    3. Exactly, which is exactly why I consider myself a nationalist. Arguments like Ferguson are null and void with nationalism.

      1. Yet nationalism only works when you have a definable and united nation i.e race. Nationalism is not possible in a society of competing peoples which is why multiculturalism is pushed so hard currently – to prevent nationalism from ever taking root again.

    4. I’ve come to the same sad conclusion. I simply don’t see political reconciliation in America’s future. Independence is the only real long-term solution. I think, in this modern world of political correctness it would be much harder for a Leftist federal government to use military force to stop states from peacefully seceding.

    5. Liberals would do anything to get all nuclear weapons and fighter jets from anyone seceeding, and then destroy them. They would do anything. Genocide

      1. Nah, liberals don’t have the balls for nuclear war. Genocide just because a state wants to peacefully secede? Nope. The international community wouldn’t stand for it. All the seceding state(s) would need is political recognition from Russia and they’re golden.

        1. “Genocide just because a state wants to peacefully secede? Nope. The
          international community wouldn’t stand for it. All the seceding state(s)
          would need is political recognition from Russia and they’re golden.”
          Russians are being genocided right on the Russian border in what historically has been part of Russia…
          Russia is currently playing for time, they get stronger everyday, the USA gets weaker and fill fall all on its own. The only hope the USA has is to pick off Russia soon (thus the Ukraine), which would leave only China, who without Russian natural resources can be contained or even conquered eventually as well.
          Genocide of Christians (especially Orthodox Christians, and their allies, which naturally would include American “conservatives,” Ron Paul, etc) is completely on the table, everywhere in the world. It is in fact the whole point. From Syria, to Iraq, to Egypt, etc, notice how Obama has been funding/arming the Jihadis against the relative moderate regimes.

        2. “Nah, liberals don’t have the balls for nuclear war”
          I’m not so sure about that. Look at Hillary Cuckholded Clinton, and her anti-russian hate.
          If there is one thing I’m sure, it is that the side that think he’s doing things for the “greater good”, will always be the side that will do the most crazy things.

        3. Pat Buchanan has been raising alarm bells at what he call irrational Russuphobia. One pundit said the neocons are still fighting what they think are czarist pogroms only there isn’t a car so they are just plain nuts. Andrew Joyce at the occidental observer pretty much deconstructs the pogroms as made up propganda.

        4. If you remember late 2013, when Obama was funding/arming the Al Qaeda groups that are now ISIS.
          Putin: “Why do you want to supply arms to people who eat their enemies organs?”

          Putin stood Obama down over Syria, preventing direct US military strikes to overthrow Assad in favor of the genocidal Islamists. The US counterstroke was the violent neo-Nazi overthrow of the government of the Ukraine, installing a US puppet regime:

          That the USA is backing openly genocidal Nazis is the reason for:

          UNITED NATIONS, November 22. /TASS/. The third committee of the UN General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution urging countries to adopt more efficient measures to struggle against the heroization of Nazism and other forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance. A total of 115 out of 193 UN member-states voted in favor of the document, initiated by Russia. THREE COUNTRIES OPPOSED THE DOCUMENT – CANADA, THE UNITED STATES AND UKRAINE. Another 55 delegations, including from the European Union countries, abstained.
          The resolution expresses concerns over the spread across the world of various extremist political parties, movements and groups, including neo-Nazis as well as racist extremist movements and ideologies.
          The text also warns against glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen-SS organization and erecting monuments and memorials to them.
          Therefore the document calls on states to take more efficient measures in line with international standards in the human rights sphere to fight these developments and extremist movements posing a real threat to democratic values.
          The resolution unequivocally condemns any denial of the Holocaust and calls for ensuring the ratification and implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

        5. Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers wanted to kill 25 million Americans:

          Why have so many of Barack Hussein Obama’s White house appointees admired Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong)? From Whitehouse Communications Director Anita Dunn, Manufactoring Czar Ron Bloom, and Ex-Green Jobs Czar Van Jones?
          Maybe it’s because Barack Obama’s admires Maoist loving murderous marxist Communists like old friends and early mentors Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were part of the Weatherman terrorist group.
          Larry Grathwohl was inside the Weather men and spoke about what they wanted to do with the people who didn’t go along with their marxist overthrow of the U.S. Government.

        6. Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films:

          Breitbart had recently had a dinner with the Ayers (from whom, it would seem, he had acquired the films).

          The college films Breitbart claimed he was going to release was of Obama with a [now] grey haired pony tail radical (obviously Ayers). Breitbart died before the films were released, and when his company released the alleged video, it was of Obama with a different, black radical, but with little association with what Breitbart had been talking about.

        7. Bang on.
          And did you ever notice how ISIS, the supposed Islamic terror group has destroyed:
          Christian villages
          Christian churches and holy sites from biblical times
          Islamic mosques and holy sites
          They have NEVER attacked any Israeli or Turkish interests in the middle east! I thought Israel was supposed to be their sworn enemy? I thought secular Islamic states like Turkey were their sworn enemy?

        8. Americans are asleep at the wheel and will be marched into thermonuclear war with Russia dues to massive miscalculation.
          The Russian bear ain’t backing down. They have no choice!

        9. Nah, I don’t buy it. The USA has carefully avoided nuclear war thus far. They’re not going to commit that kind of genocide just because a state wants independence, especially a state like Texas, who was once sovereign and has a long independence movement. I think there would definitely be a huge amount of propaganda, fear mongering, spying, even subversion, but not nuclear war. A conflict is possible, but that’s why you seek alliance with someone like Russia. (“My enemies enemy is my friend.”) The USA was founded by secession from the British empire, few Americans want to see another bloody Civil War, and the world is not as war-hungry as they were in the 19th century.

        10. Well, I hope you’re right.
          But I tend to believe in Murphy’s law.
          I hope that USA’s end will go as smoothly as possible, the same as its mongolian daughter : the European Union, but I don’t think it will, and I think that todays elite is so off from reality and so uneducated compared to its predecessors, that, like the angry spoiled child shooting his mother, if scared enough, they could try to make an example or something like that.

    6. agreed with all of the philosophical points, except, the Dixie states are really not and more truly conservative than the yankee north. They’re hypocritical neocons.

  15. If anyone needed any more proof that this website is saturated with white crypto fascists/racists — Let this article provide the ultimate proof. Thanks for this. I’ll site this article (and many of the “Nazi Germany was pretty cool” comments I captured from this site serve as the definitive proof.

    1. It’s the opposite really. It’s a website flooded with bleeding hearts and ethnic minority whiners.

    2. You say that like it’s a bad thing. Btw, who are you going to submit this “proof” to? Morris Dees?

    3. Reality has a Crypto-Fascist bias.
      The wealth of white households was 13 times the median wealth of black households in 2013, compared with eight times the wealth in 2010, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Likewise, the wealth of white households is now more than 10 times the wealth of Hispanic households, compared with nine times the wealth in 2010.

      1. We can only pretend to ignore differences in IQ for so long. Each group is distinctly different.

        1. When I took the test about 6 years ago, I had a Processing score of 155 and a Full-scale score of 130. I also scored nearly perfect on a standardized test that many would argue is a thinly-veiled IQ test, and I have every reason to believe I have gotten smarter since I took it.

    4. I think you meant “cite” this article, not “site”
      So yes, please go ahead and cite this article for your PhD thesis in Afro-American Lesbian Women’s Non-Cisgendered Transphobic Bullshit Studies.
      Btw, many of us, like myself are non-white, including the founder (Iranian) of this site. Yet most of us are awake to the planned ethnic and cultural dilution/destruction of the white European majority of the western world and think that is actually a BAD IDEA (not to mention immoral). One does not have to be a white nationalist or neo-nazi to come to that conclusion. In fact, the more minorities that speak out against this ongoing cultural and ethnic destruction, the LESS likely that neo-nazi nutcases will rise to lead the awakening of consciousness that is happening out there!!
      But you probably don’t understand any of the above because you have been brainwashed by the MSM and whatever Marxist college courses you have taken.

      1. “Afro-American Lesbian Women’s Non-Cisgendered Transphobic Bullshit Studies” Man that student loan is going to be a bitch to pay off because it won’t pay off.

      1. That kinda how it goes. Anyone who dares speak honestly and openly about a controversial topic will sooner or later be compared to Hitler. When they find themselves on the losing end of the argument, they always resort to silly fallacies in order to undermine the debate. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.

  16. The scientist I mentioned is actually James Watson, not Francis Crick. I take full responsibility for the error.

  17. you casually mentioned “The Powers that Be.” Can you be more specific? Who eactly funded this, who profits from it, and who wants to see it continue?

      1. It is not one coherent group. It is many groups fighting for power and control. But to answer Brigadon’s question, George Soros is the liberal party’s biggest donor and he is a die-hard globalist…so the short answer is those who would benefit more by America’s being integrated into a global society than they would if it remained a world superpower.
        People like Obama and Hillary Clinton have studied the globalist gameplan for their entire careers, in its various guises and forms as multiculturalism, feminism, cultural Marxism, etc.

  18. If anyone is interested in what operation paperclip was and how it is still effecting the US, I would recommend the site www. Vigilant citizen. Com

  19. It’s because our society slowly degrades. People nowadays have stopped reading stuff – they lack the previous curiosity for knowledge and additional data. The only information they want to know is when will the new Iphone come out / where to get new sales. This degradation has led them to drop out the most vital evolutional instinct of self-preservation. That’s why you see so many whites supporting islamic terrorists or criminals. They watch the news without thinking or asking questions. Zombies. So don’t blame the media, blame the folk.

    1. Reminds me of last weekend. I was in this shitty pub and a guy in his early twenties told his dumb friends about his vacation on the french “pacific” coast and how beautiful the pacific is.
      I was seriously thinking of nigger knifing him with my beer bottle.

  20. The facts never once mattered in this case, people were going to go with whichever camp they agreed with and sympathized with and that was that.
    Anyone read Gartman around here? One of his “rules” I took to heart was that an understanding of human psychology is often better than understanding the markets. This rule works outside the realm of trading.

  21. Great article; it’s important to remember that Ferguson was NOT about
    race – it was about racial agitprop. The blacks and whites in America
    get along famously, despite the inequalities exacerbated by socialism;
    it’s incredible that two groups which are so distinct could get along so
    harmoniously, coming together to create American culture in so many iterations.
    is the strength of American Exceptionalism; your forefathers did some
    amazing work with this country. Racial strife is the exception, rather
    than the rule, no matter how hard these marxist scumbags try and toss
    fuel on the fire. Remember that it was black businesses that burned,
    and white liberals that pushed the rioters to the extremes; this isn’t a
    racial issue, it’s a barbarian issue.
    Since you mentioned genes/intelligence, I thought I’d provide a link demonstrating the scientific consensus on the matter that, yes, genes and IQ seem to be strongly, strongly connected – it’s still a contentious issue, to be sure, but this stance is hardly that of a crackpot minority, it’s backed by quite a bit of evidence, and mainstream scientists acknowledge it: Mainstream Science on Intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This is a good link for bashing-in the brains of any rabbit that tries to argue with you. Rather than a paper, it’s a whole bunch of prominent scientists signing a petition. Social cohesion – it terrifies them.

    1. Thanks Davis. You were one of my earliest RealTalk heroes, keep fightin’ the good fight my friend!

  22. Excellent article. From viewing the comments, great to see so many are
    “awake” to what’s really happening here: social engineering via the
    media. Most of the attacks by the elite are in effort to bring strong
    men down, thus society in general, to gain more control. I believe they
    started long ago with feminism—taking the essence of “woman as a helper
    to man” away. They have then moved to attacking a man’s livelihood with
    the economic collapse. And now, let’s rev up racial tension between
    white/black men. What they want: lazy, sterile, dumb, controllable
    If there are any women out there reading, the best
    things we can do? Relearn what real femininity is (pretty and not
    slutty, monogamous, respectful, appreciative, nurturing, warm, able to
    cook, quiet inner strength, smiling, free of emotional baggage) and be a
    support to your husband/family first and men in general. I know my
    husband has it hard today so I must be the best I can be to help get him
    through all this chaos and make his life a bit easier. If we strengthen
    ourselves, we’ll strengthen men and then society in general.

  23. But didn’t Ferguson backfire? They were able to rile up a bunch of nearly illiterate inner city thugs who produce nothing and are bored, but by and large most people outside of those zoos got the straight story on what really happened between the cop and that thug. He could have been white, purple or solid blue and he would have still been shot.
    Their only saving grace was scraping up other reports as fast as possible to try and keep the momentum going. One of the, the shooting of the little kid with the plastic gun, was actually perpetrated by a *black* cop. You don’t hear that much in the reporting, do you?

    1. It did not backfire at all. We have yet to see what the intended outcome was all along. Remember how Dominos work.

    1. Seen that chubby broad somewhere else, some other article, I don’t know if it was on this site or not. Cover her gluttonous pie hole (that’s “mouth” for the slow readers) and look at her eyes. Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it, kind of looks like how a person would look at you before the murder you.

  24. This article is full of it.
    I could not even take it seriously.
    Though it is curious as to how no one caught the error in this phrase: Recall the pressure that the Ferguson jury was under to indict Officer Brown–
    Who is “Officer Brown”?

  25. P.S. Alex Jones is a shill yo, by conspiracy theorist standards, he’s the blind shepherd, the false positive, aka the controlled opposition herding the people into one group that will be slaughtered by those pocket-greasing banksters.

  26. Even if Ferguson was 100% racist it’s still not any more a trend than corrupt cops in general
    And it doesn’t even sound like it was racism
    This is what happens when your society thinks like teenage girls – the victim is always right!
    You gotta smack some reality into your spoiled daughters

  27. There seems to be a trend…those in favour of the ruling for both Eric Garner and Michael Brown…are for the CIA and torture…

    1. Which trend is that?
      And why would the Obama administration be “in favour of the ruling for both Eric Garner and Michael Brown…[and] for the CIA and torture…”

    2. Yes. Whites split opinions on most issues 50-50 or 60-40. Most other groups present in white countries will go 90-10 to 70-30 against the predominant opinion of the white population.
      There is no mystery here.

  28. If you are picking up you sword to fight your fellow man, regardless of race, then you are following the programming of the powers that be. They want us DIVIDED.
    This is so we never see past the superficial division in front of us, and to the real problem. Them and their system of control. They that hold the reigns of political and monetary power across the world. The ones that own the world many times over, and now only seek eternal command over everyone, to play out their twisted fantasies with us.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love violence. I’ve trained in it, lived it. But don’t use it against the pitiful folk around you, except in self-defense. Now, if you really have an itch that you need to scratch, do you self a favor and study to figure out who the real enemy is.
    Most of us will never have the opportunity to employ violence against those that pull the strings. The only violence that we can employ that is effective is against the system, and you do that by ignoring it and finding a way to make it irrelevant, and help others to do the same. Tell ’em “Fuck You, I don’t want you and I don’t need you”

  29. So when the media supposedly whips a part of the population into a frenzy to protest *against* an oppressive, overbearing and unaccountable police force, i.e. protests *against* everything that a police state is, it’s actually a conspiracy whose final goal is to get a police state established?
    All this article does is post conjecture about the motivations and agendas of certain entities, conjecture which is by its nature such that there’s no way it can be verified, falsified or even meaningfully evaluated. Just like all conspiracy theories.
    When did the Manosphere stop being about a contrarian perspective on gender issues and started being about right-wing anti-establishment paranoia and hatred of all things left-wing?

    1. It whips people into a frenzy because that makes them more useful for destabilizing the entrenched culture, which is the target of cultural Marxism. The end result is a police state, but the useful tools are unaware of this and genuinely believe that they will rule the land in the name of EQUALITY and everything will be great. There are probably puppies and rainbows involved in the fantasy.
      Unfortunately for them, a prominent KGB agent admitted decades ago that the foolish leftist tools will be discarded the moment they’re no longer useful, at which point the real ruling class will emerge and take the crown from the befallen European hegemony.

  30. I do often wonder who or what forces are behind the sudden and increasing glorification of the Negro in this country. Everywhere you go – a black face is plastered. Everywhere.

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