How To Get Everything You Want

I’ve heard various bits of hearsay science around human beings only being able to count to three in our brain (e.g., 5 is represented in our brain as 3+2).

Whether or not that’s true, I seem to find that achieving almost anything can be distilled to a core of three points.  Once all the waffle is stripped away, any further advice will always be built upon them.

This is not to say that more in-depth research is useless, just that the fundamentals never stop being required and refocusing on the basics is a good way to move past a sticking point.

Goal:  Build a physique like a male fitness model.


  1. Gym three times a week
  2. Eat properly (lots of eggs, steak, veggies etc.)
  3. Get a good amount of sleep each night

Timeframe:  6 years*

That’s it. 

There is no “One surprising secret to…”

There is no “Top 10 things that will help you …”.

There is no “Science reveals new method for …”.

Everything comes down to a simple plan, discipline, experimentation and persistence through failure. I’ve already written about the six points I consider to be fundamental and universal desires.  Here is everything you need to achieve each one.  Life transformation guaranteed in a period of 5 – 15 years.

Be respected, popular and charming

  1. Understand your input to someone’s perspective in five minutes is a tiny speck compared to the thousands of other reference experiences they used to build their current frame of understanding.  The reverse is also true.
  2. Provide opportunities for other people to talk.  On an interpersonal scale this means having your mouth shut more often than open.  On a societal scale this means organizing events of any kind with some social element.
  3. Give time, compliments, attention, good conversation, introductions, gifts, loans, advice on situations you have experience with etc.

Have lots of money

  1. Work
  2. Don’t spend all of your paycheck
  3. Invest

Be intelligent

  1. Read
  2. Listen to podcasts
  3. Talk to people that are highly opinionated or also follow the first two steps (bonus points if they are a recognized expert in a given field, usually the most opinionated and who have done the most research of everyone)

Get a girlfriend

  1. Talk to girls you find attractive
  2. Ask them out
  3. Close

Own your own time

  1. Develop a practically useful skill like plumbing, computer programming (not pushing papers at a desk)
  2. Offer to exchange labor in that field for money to individuals that require that service
  3. As your clientele grows, hire someone else to do the bits you dislike or are bored with.  Eventually someone else provides the pair of hands that does every part of the job, and you just perform basic quality inspection (doesn’t take long) and receive the check

From these lists, you may realize you’re overcomplicating things and that you’re doing one of the steps wrong.  Either the solution will be immediately apparent or you will know what exactly further research should be focused on. If you are not satisfied with your Generation 21st Century approved Life Fulfillment Plan, feel free to return it, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

*For those on the impatient side, this duration can be shortened with steroids at the expense of your wallet and chances of a liver failure.  However, it will still require years of hard work.

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85 thoughts on “How To Get Everything You Want”

  1. ” . . . human beings only being able to count to three in our brain . . .”
    That’s a dirty lie. It’s four. Three, however, is the universal number of stability.
    “Timeframe: 6 years”
    It should be noted that, without any “enhancments,” you will still get 90% of the way there in about 2 years. Substantial visible results in about 6 months. So there is no excuse in putting it off because “it takes so long.”*
    Just, ya know, shut up and do it.
    *Stop worring about your damn abs. Concentrate on simply building muscle mass and leaning out and the abs will come of their own accord as a “finisher.”

  2. Great post, but “get a girlfriend” shouldn’t even BE on the list. A girlfriend is the BEST way to be held back and to make sure you DON’T get everything you want.
    Imagine it’s 1949 and a man says to his “girlfriend”: “I’m going to build a rocket and go into space”. You think she is going to encourage you to “get everything you want?”Fuck no. She is going to work her ass off to shoot you down, tell you that you’re crazy, it’s impossible and your “ego” is out of control.
    DO NOT – REPEAT DO NOT – GET A GIRLFRIEND UNTIL YOU ARE ALREADY WELL ON YOUR WAY TO ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS. (not a day before you are 26) Bang for free or minimal effort, time and cost. Or don’t bang at all.
    Women are NOT on your list. Pursuing women never pays. It only COSTS. Pursue things that PAY – and when you are SUCCESSFUL –>> women will pursue YOU. That’s the position you want to be in.

        1. Much better if those benefits include more than just sex. Having room and board on top of that is even better, and guaranteed threesomes if I can luck up and find other girls.
          Asian cougars are great.

    1. You’re looking at it from a predictable and jaded perspective. A girlfriend is a social primer. A disciplined man can maintain one without compromise, and losing one is no risk to a prolific alpha.
      Girlfriend or no girlfriend. A man with ambition gives no fucks.

      1. Nothing “jaded” about it. It’s very positive in it’s intent and message.
        Fuck a social primer. That’s useless to a man.
        You will notice that women don’t give a damn what HE wants….. she only cares what SHE wants.
        Just listen to the way they talk! ” I want a man who does this for ME…. who thinks about ME…. who will gaze into my eyes all day…..” she wants him to be the man SHE wants. Not the man HE always wanted to BE.
        BIG difference.
        Women are dream killers. My perspective would only be “jaded” if I allowed one of them to get away with it.

        1. The point I was making was the complete opposite. Work on YOURSELF and women will select YOU.
          Think about it.
          You could “select women carefully” and easily drop $200 on friday Sat pursuing/getting/having a girlfriend.
          Over 4 years – that’s over $40,000. Imagine what kind of classic dream mobile you can own for that kind of coin??!!!
          It pays better. INFINITELY better.

        2. I espouse the idea of self-focus as much as the next guy.
          However, I don’t support the idea of passive game.

        3. Then balance it out.
          It’s not “passive” game. It’s very PRO-ACTIVE game. You’re just putting your energy, investments and pursuits in YOURSELF.
          Women are simply NOT INTERESTED in your best interests and wants. They don’t want you to get laid. They don’t want you to buy a Lamborghini (but a useless diamond necklace for her selfish ass is perfectly OK). They don’t want you to have your choice of women. They don’t want you to be a rockstar. They don’t want you to be able to decide when YOU get laid. They don’t even want you TALKING to other chicks!
          This is not “jaded”. It’s the way things are.

        4. I think the point is concentrate and invest in yourself and you won’t even need “game”.

        5. Spot on. Girlfriends and wives are for douchebags. They are parasites. Dangerous ones at that.

        6. I live like I am James Franco. Trust me, this ain’t no sermon to the uninitiated. You seem jaded, because you preclude the possibility of maintaining a relationship while putting oneself first. As if such a dichotomy is untenable. I’m telling you this isn’t true. You can be egocentric and self-driven while in a relationship – that is if you are not a beta provider and cannot set the parameters.
          Now, if you then choose to put all your eggs in her basket, drop a couple of hundred at the weekend and appeal to her material needs and so on, then that’s a different story. Though alongside the framework of self-development (pro-active game) there is still room for active game. You can’t just rely on status and positioning if you lack the skills to capitalise. How does one develop those skills?
          I think we know the answer. Relationships are even useful as a social barometer for value. Your absolute view doesn’t consider the various advantages that the image of attachment can offer.

        7. I am not an advocate, I just don’t subscribe to the dramatic avoid-at-all-costs paradigm. There’s no “need” to have one.

        8. You sound like such a whining BITCH. Here’s an idea, Tom: LEARN TO MANAGE YOUR FUCKING EXPECTATIONS WITH WOMEN and BE IN CHARGE so that you’re not REDUCED to a slave when you ARE in a relationship. Do you think that will change once you’ve become ‘financially’ successful? NO. If you CAN’T manage your relationships with women NOW, and you AREN’T doing anything about it, holding off and getting into a ‘relationship’ later WON’T solve the problem. Men are PROACTIVE.
          The same ambition that drives your expectations in meeting certain goals and dreams for personal development, should drive your desire to become more socially competent so that you play a FUNCTIONAL role. When you as a MAN learn how to play a FUNCTIONAL role, your girlfriend or wife will ALSO play a FUNCTIONAL role (via the impact YOUR active leadership has) and will greatly SUPPORT you in your endeavours. I get lunch made for me EVERY day and dropped off at work by my girl. I don’t even pay her rent. When we go out for lunch or dinner, she reaches for her OWN wallet, unless I stop her and tell her, “don’t worry babe, I got it covered this time.” Even then, she says, “are you sure?” Perhaps the fact that she’s a traditional Pakistani feminine beauty raised with refined morals helps tremendously, but without active expectation management — you’re heading for a wall.

        9. I’m digging the idea of personal development, because a man’s CHARACTER (not his looks) is his most powerful asset. HOWEVER, this INCLUDES attaining SOCIAL COMPETENCE and EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT (and NOT just with women, but with EVERY human being you form a relationship with, no matter how short or superficial).
          While, under YOUR model: you become successful financially and materialistically but STILL lack holistic social competence with women. Your surfaced level success gives them the impression that, “surely this man must be able to lead me and create order in my own life too!” and they become deeply attracted to you (initially). Once they realize that there’s a disconnect between the success you HAVE attained in life, and your ability to apply the SAME principles that made that success possible (ex. applying limits, discipline, sense of direction, enforcing and meeting your expectations etc.) — isn’t translating into, “I know how to keep my bitch in check and enable her to play her functional role!” Depending on how the woman has been conditioned, she’ll either just leave you, hold on blindly a bit longer (with ever more bitch-like behaviour emerging), or unleash her inner gold-digging whore 100%.

        10. What? I don’t have any expectations.
          However low you lower the floor of expectation for a woman…. you can always count on her to fall below it.
          That’s not “whining”. It’s just a fact.
          Have a nice day!

        11. You don’t have any expectations? Are you a lifeless doormat then? Your social interactions must either be non-existent (since you don’t have expectations, which are linked to universal needs) or utterly unsuccessful.

        12. Make up your mind. First you accuse me of having too MANY expectations and say “you sound like a whiny bitch”. Then I tell you I don’t have ANY and now I am a “lifeless doormat”.
          Are you just about fucking done being a dickstain???

        13. Really Dude, I’m 50 years old and have banged more women in my life than you have even laid eyes on. I read this blog and learn something new every day. Why…because I’m still hungry, still on the hunt, always looking to better myself and those lucky enough to be invited into my world. You will be middle aged and old someday too kid. Pray your sack is as full as mine when you get there!

      2. Women are nothing more than cum-dump stations. Nothing more. A true “Alpha” would never limit himself to one single vag.

    2. “Bang for free or minimal effort, time and cost. ”
      If you really want to focus on your goals, sometimes girlfriends will cost far less effort, time and money than “free bangs”.
      The downside is that your also learn less.

    3. Women didn’t hold John F. Kennedy and other alpha males like him back. You just have to have a strong enough frame that women will accept it and not try to get in your way. If they do try, dump them immediately.

    4. Women are parasites. The biggest cost is not the free drinks, free dinners, or shit you buy them, but the TIME they steal from you.
      I’m still shocked by the number of 30+ year hopelessly single women who, while bangable, are still deluded into thinking they are good girls who must be dated at least 3-5 times.
      WTF? Even if I did date, they fail to realize that I”M THE PRIZE and they are lucky to get even a couple hours of my valuable time and attention. If’ they want to play the dating game I’m sure there are plenty of beta chumps waiting for them..
      I just have to sigh at the situation and move because if they don’t realize my value that I clearly demonstrate with even my average game, then all they are is a waste of time to me.
      Beware of the parasites know as women.

  3. Cliffs Notes: How to get everything you want – be an asshole. Nice guys truly do finish last.

    1. You can’t be afraid to make enemies and be merciless with the competition. But if you have a reputation as a guy who can never be trusted and always screws everyone, you won’t get far. You really need to specify the right type of asshole to be to get everything you want, because the wrong types of assholes finish after the nice guys.

      1. Very true. Which is why I’ve mentioned Machiavellianism in previous posts. Use when appropriate. It’s not to say you can’t have friends, just realize true friends are like diamonds – hard to find.

        1. True friends are not hard to find. Involve yourself with many different groups of people. Hunting is an instinct.

  4. On the gym part, should you diet until your body fat is low enough to not have a belly first, or even visible abs? Many of us have bellies, some small, some quite large.

    1. Dieting is for girls that want to fit into the bridesmaids dress. Eat real whole foods until nutrients are met (your body will tell you). On days you work out eat about 10-20% more. If you’re not sure what constitutes real whole food ask yourself “if I were living out in the wild would I find this?” If the answer is no, don’t eat it.

    2. Don’t diet but eat well (meat and veggies) while building your muscles.
      The more muscle mass, the more fat burned, eventually your belly will disappear and abs will show.

  5. Do something you love in your spare time. Something that can be respected, showcased and demonstrated as social value. A passion or interest. Consider it a second job alongside a career or professional discipline.
    This framework alongside the self-improvement dictums above will offer great benefit.

    1. How about volunteering to help young dudes realize the total fucking waste of time, effort and resources chasing pussy is? Kind of like a mentoring program…volunteer work type of thing..

  6. I like that this list jives 100% with the post about “I don’t talk to guys unless they have 5-6 things on this list done” Well done Generation21!

  7. Nice… but you left off the most important part…. 1.) buy lots of guns 2.) start a drug cartel…. that will only take 6-12 months :-)~ You’ll soon be a billionaire….

  8. “Everything comes down to a simple plan, discipline, experimentation and persistence through failure. ”
    This is true but it appears that planning and particularly discipline, which requires daily effort, is increasingly harder to do for some people, especially young people these days, as they are ADD owing to constant electronic and social media.
    Making schedule and sticking with it, taking up a craft, hobby, language, spiritual practices, and daily disciplining oneself to engage with it for a certain time every day over a long period of time. Seems that fewer and fewer kids are doing this.

  9. Great post and so true in that by closing the door to the bullshit dealt by women you excel maybe 50% + faster. It’s not easy, as it can result in long periods of going without. but if you have a good plan and burning desire you can achieve stunning results pretty fast, I know for a fact because I’ve done it, it’s taken me 7 years though not 6 months and I’m still a further 7-8 months away from completion. Being financially free results in you having more time, time is king and you would give anything for more of it would you not? Having this time allows your 9-5 j.o.b (just over broke) to be replaced with turning yourself into whatever you want to be.

  10. Really good post and is something that is completely a foreign concept today. There really is no secret recipe to anything. You simply have to work hard at it. But many lack the motivation.

  11. Great advice (I have been following it for the most part) except about the girlfriend part. Women are time killers (especially when you can be doing something more productive).

  12. What if you are 32 and have sort of did all that and now dont know what to do? Is being in your 30s too old to pull hot girls, even if you do look like a fitness model and have a good job, smart, friendly? Is their a time in life when you are too old to have fun, even if on the outside you dont look that old, but on the inside you feel old?

    1. There are plenty of guys who are well in their 40s or 50s and killing it. I think the hint is in your last phrase – “on the inside you feel old”. Why should you? Let go of self limiting beliefs.

    2. Old? Son, I’m 67, more than twice your age. If you have an IQ above room temperature, are not on food stamps, and can see your feet and pecker without bending over or using a mirror, you can STILL pull hot girls. They won’t be 21, but that’s fine, most people (male or female) don’t grow a brain until they are 30 to 35 anyway, some never do.

  13. Your website is so funny ! I can’t imagine how much imagination it takes to create a website like yours. Thank you ! You make me laugh ! Assholes!

  14. Do not go for the male fitness model physique if you are not natural.
    Aim for the 10-12% BF range which is optimal for male athletes – you lift weights with intensity which means you are a strength athlete whether you like it or not – and focus on strength programs that have you doing the basic compound movements.
    Some good examples are ICF 5×5, Bill Star 5×5, Madcow (replaces the PC with DL) 5×5 and Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and Beyond 5/3/1.
    I do not like SS since it has atrocious nutrition advice as long as you are not 30-40 kg underweight and you will learn how to do the PC with incorrect form and you would wind up hurting yourself.
    As long as you do not eat like a nimrod – you should be fine. Start lean-bulking – yes strength training requires you to put on weight so do it – and everything will come to its place.
    Peace out.

  15. Just curious. Is that pic your idea of a good looking girl? I guess she’s not bad but she’d certainly have to change her clothes and dress with a bit more class before I’d take her out in public otherwise she’d only be good to pop over and shag her at her place.

  16. Umm, not 6 years. I ‘lost’ 90lbs in a year and (irony) I wasn’t trying to lose that much in a year. No magic pills, I did use Oh Yeah! Bars, and I did drink Gaspari Myofusion every so often. They were NOT my primary nutrition. Healthy eating (chicken, beef, lamb, pork, whole milk, lots of veggies, salt & pepper, fruit) was the way. I did use an app to help ensure I was getting my vitamin and mineral needs met. (Myfitnesspal)
    Lots of cardio, free weights, and so on. Sauna to relax. I did cardio five days a week, weights three.
    265 down to 175 baby, and only a couple pounds left. I just kept looking at the scale shocked month after month (I only weigh monthly), unable to believe how fast the transformation was happening. This last 10 is a b*tch though!

  17. who cares about having a girlfriend, just get to know alot of sluts, i have 40 girls i can call anytime to fuck, and they will

  18. This guy just summed up years of experience and libraries worth of books in a simple article. It really is that simple… Mere knowledge is not power, APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

  19. Unfortunately the girlfriend issue is being argued by the dissapointingly ignorant and fundamentally stupid males. To succeed in life you need to be hungry, ambitious, unwielding and yes most importantly bang as many girls as possible. Initially.
    However there comes a point in life where priorities change. Fatherhood is the underlying point here as everything you do previously is too breach and conquer this overwhelming purpose of a mans life. It’s biology – the one and only reason we are alive – to father offspring and pass on our genes, and perhaps most importantly to teach this boy the right values and how not too be a douche. Douchebags who think its cool to live like they are 20 when they are 40/50 are the absolute dregs and may succeed when young but in old age are the bottom rung of society.

  20. Excellent blog. This is my first comment. Two or three years of serious, 7 days per week of dedicated weight/aerobic training outta transform a man’s body enough so that it is noticeable.

  21. Excellent blog. This is my first comment. Two or three years of serious,
    7 days per week of dedicated weight/aerobic training outta transform a
    man’s body enough so that it is noticeable.

  22. How to Get Everything You Want:
    Get out there and fucking take it. Don’t listen to haters and naysayers. There’s so much out there in this world. Don’t let anyone get in your way.

  23. I don’t agree with a “get a girlfriend,” though. Some guys are just happy single or are not straight. Sometimes, a girlfriend can hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. I think this should be replaced with “have an ambition,” then if you’re successful in it, girls will come after you! Work toward your goals and don’t be a jerk!

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