Why Men Should Focus On Spirituality For Self-Improvement

The path to happiness and peace is paved with the scripts of thousands of lifestyle gurus who have developed their own way to get your life on track. Breathe like Wim Hof and you can climb Everest shirtless. Read Gorilla Mindset and unleash your inner alpha. Read a book a day and Tai Lopez will make you a billionaire overnight.

It’s not my intention to demean the methods within these works. Each contains certain truths and provides legitimate practices that can enhance one’s life. However, they ultimately do not satisfy what lies dormant in the souls of the beta males, the addicts, the unmotivated, and so on. Only through a genuine rebirth in religion can the disenfranchised members of our society find personal fulfillment.

I was raised in a casually Catholic home—the twice-a-year Catholic type. I went to a private Catholic school. I took over a decade of religion classes. I became a non-believer by the time I was a teenager, and assumed my internal debate on the issue was settled. I told my religious friends I still had an open-mind, and I meant it. As an atheist, though, I thought that barring divine intervention, nothing would alter my perception. I was ready to be knocked off my horse, so to speak, but wasn’t expecting any miracles.

My mind would slowly be changed over a year and then drastically over a month. The gateway was Jordan Peterson’s biblical lectures that revealed the apparent value of the Bible. Things accelerated once I read Modern Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung.

I must take a slight detour to illustrate my next point. Jung devotes a chapter to his differences with Freud. To summarize, Freud viewed the subconscious as a manifestation of man’s darkest side, while Jung saw both light and dark. Within the light, he identified man’s spiritual element that has existed as far back as his expressing it on cave walls. He observed that religion was a way of nourishing psychic health, especially during eruptions of chaos either on a personal level (e.g. divorce) or a societal level (e.g. war).

When I read this, I thought of my own friends who had serious religious commitments. Two protestant friends of mine, so sure in their faith, had never been drunk, never tried a drug, rarely swore (only to have a real effect), were unencumbered by cell phone addiction, had genuinely contagious joy, and had a real community of good people behind them. One came from a broken household, the other from a wealthy, nuclear family. I was impressed with their virtue, but told myself, “Yes, religion is good and necessary for many people. I would never try to strip someone of his or her faith. But of course, it is not necessary for ME.”

What finally convinced me to repent from my spiritual neglect was a meeting I had with an old friend. I had not seen him since my last year of high school, in which I remembered an unsure, struggling individual. A good person? Absolutely. At peace? Hardly. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was seventeen, his parents divorced soon after, and tendonitis sidelined him from athletic activities (of which he had considerable talent). He began smoking weed, and the friends he adopted only promoted further delinquency.

A year later he began to take his faith seriously, and when I met him for dinner years later, his transformation was unmistakable. He exuded confidence and carried an unmistakable contentment. He told me his story, and it was then that the words of Carl Jung totally resonated.

What’s more, philosophy proves to be no substitute. For years up to that point, I had been a listener of Stefan Molyneux’s, who lays out a tidy code of objective ethics that ties up loose ends and provides a path toward a virtuous life. I had never read his book, but understood the basic premise was the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

The problem with following any code of ethics forwarded by any philosopher is they have no mechanism by which to compel someone to moral behavior. Is consuming alcohol going to trespass on someone’s property rights? No? Good. I won’t have to face the ugly truth of my alcoholism. In this way, Stefan’s objective ethics are not objective at all. Ethical codes are useful insofar as they actually bend human behavior. Otherwise, it is simply logic, which is intellectual dung without any means of application. Who actually approaches interactions with the golden rule at the forefront of their mind, anyway?

God’s code gives a proper framework for morality that rests in the spiritual element of man’s mind. It is only through occupation of one’s spiritual capacity that man is compelled to good behavior. In this way, God exists in a real, tangible sense. Forget who created the universe—it doesn’t really matter and we may never know. Forget the apparently unfathomable prospect of a divine creator—religion is not about having all the answers. It is about sustainable happiness and peace through prayer and sacrifice, not self-help books, possessions, or supplements.

Our toxic culture, so intent on saddling us with the burdens of degeneracy and degrading our most pure institutions, apparently has little affect on those who take their respective religion seriously. It is through Christianity’s fruits I came to know God (Matthew 7:15-20), and once you take up the mantle of religious devotion, you will begin to see the fruits manifest within yourself, and then you will begin to love Him.

Don’t know where to start? Mere Christianity, written by former non-believer C.S. Lewis, is a captivating introduction. I recommend attending traditional Catholic Mass, spoken entirely in Latin (besides the sermon), hosted by the uncucked, red-pilled branch of the Catholic Church “Society of Saint Pius X.” Most importantly, get in touch with your spiritual friends, who will happily guide you through the process of awakening your latent spirit—an act of defiance in a godless world.

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59 thoughts on “Why Men Should Focus On Spirituality For Self-Improvement”

  1. Some concepts that have helped me a lot:
    * There is No Guilt
    At the highest level nothing happens without full agreement of all parties
    * There Are No Victims
    All beings are co-creators of everything in their lives
    * Failure Is Impossible
    Events may not turn out the way one expected, but that is because the desired outcome may not have served the greater purpose – to wake up.
    * All the World is a Stage
    The world we see is but the projection of people’s thoughts, somewhat like a motion picture, which is just a projection.
    * My Past is Perfect
    The fearful ego loves to dwell on the dramas of childhood, past relationships, illnesses, abuse, etc. The fact is, it was all perfect because it brought you to your present place of open-mindedness and wisdom.
    * All Events Are Neutral
    You and only you give meaning to events through your perception and judgment of them.
    * I Am Sovereign and All-Powerful
    Everyone operates from his or her power all the time as a co-creator of their lives.
    * I Remain in the Present
    Only the present is real. All power is in the present.
    * Fear is always Unreal and False.
    Fear is nothing more than an absence of love.

    1. Remove Islamophia from India and it will be ripe for disruption. Islamphobia held Islam from taking it for a thousand years with women burnt to stop Muslims taking them. Right now they are dropping Hinduism, and Islamophobia and I think they can race Europe for full Islamization. Feminist societies don’t have enough kids to be on the right side of history; they are just a blip.

      1. The irony is that protestantism with its focus on education, civilization biulding, morals, helping the poor, science, and arts was such a force but it was just unplugged by basic logic completely pulling the rug from under it. Victorian societies even focused on basic eugenics in a good way to ensure the problem people couldn’t breed out the educable. The societies have since completely degraded and the idea that even civilization will continue in Europe is now up for debate.
        The lower races are far less civilization than we ever thought and view multiculturalism only as a convenient Trojan-horse with a view to dominate.
        They actually come to societies where they usually hate the men of the society and dream of cucking them and breeding out their women. Equality is only a buzz word of white females looking for cock to come to them from the middle-east and Africa. From global domination to complete cucks in 60 years wowzers

      2. full marriage based societies where everybody married everybody got a partner and thus ratios woudnt have been so bad. young white women in the poor actually now white men who are considered a laughing stock. White men are angry and they soon begin to flood out of white nations which are run often by leftists who view them as the enemy. White man is the leftists ultimate enemy.

    2. I don’t understand the downvotes – I thought this was a good and though-provoking post. Can someone who downvoted explain what they disagree with?

  2. Whilst I agree in principle, it must be noted that modern interpretations of religion personify God into an external, all-powerful being, when there is a significant weight of evidence that it ought in fact to be interpreted as a metaphor with our own struggle to break free of our instinctive animal natures and achieve true consciousness and reason.
    “God is within”.
    As such, responsibility is shifted from the individual to Work on themselves, instead blindly following a set of rules with no thought.
    Religion does need to make a comeback – but with the correct understanding.

    1. Can the majority of people handle that understanding is the question though.
      I’m not sure if they can and I think in a lot of cases it causes more harm then good.
      I think that’s why all religions and esoteric schools talk of an elect, as in only a few can handle and make use of the true teaching.

    2. Pantheism and monism is luciferian and a deception. Self-internalized deification or apotheosis is what satanists, Hindus, new agers, Mormons, atheists, and the NWO elitists practice. Be wary, it is the oldest lie in the book. “Ye shall be as gods”.

  3. Has anyone ever heard of Falun Dafa? (Falun Dafa is also known as Falun Gong.)
    Here’s the following link for more information: http://www.falundafa.org/
    “If people can apply the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance against the evil system they will defeat it. It´s that simple. In reality the first step is perhaps the most difficult one since it involves standing up for truth and uniting people against the evil system and approaching the evil representatives.” – http://expandourmind.com/2018/01/06/2017-year-full-stunning-events-2018-01-05/

  4. The author sucks you in with a title touting spirituality then tries to convert you to his religion, catholicism in particular. Weak article written by a middle aged man. There is a clear and distinct difference between spirituality and religious dogma. The author intentionally tries to mislead the reader and muddles that difference as if the words were interchangeable. TL;DR the article can be summarized as: Three people plus the author are vaguely better off for incorporating religion in their lives. I’m truly offended that this article passed editorial at ROK.

    1. I’m not, it all tends to be good food for thought, especially when the comment section so easily can rip apart those ideas that don’t hold water.

    2. You’re correct. The Talmud scriptures make it very clear that Catholicism is the biggest threat to gods chosen ones and must be brought down if the messiah is to come to earth to reward us. I stand with Israel death to Rome and the Catholic Church!

    3. We all deeply care about you being personally offended by someone thoughtfully sharing their point of view. Yours was a weak criticism written by a juvenile man. Do try harder next time.

    4. Christianity aint working bro. From strong strong pimp hand over women to cucked as fuck. Paul said they shouldn’t talk in churches but these days its all about them. Islam is still based on women and correctly no platforms them

    5. This kind of, so called, spiritual talks will become more prevalent as the West gets from bad to worse. That’s because, when bad times occur, man’s native inclination is to cry help from heaven.
      Up to this point, I see no negative societal implication. But, what’s silly and absolutely disgusting is that when the people in U.S.A. want a spiritual awakening, they regard the Catholic Church as an authoritative, safe guide, not comprehending that imperialist Church would love to regain Dark Ages’ dominion, this time over the country whose existence was justified, in a great part, by peoples’ detest towards Roman principles.

    6. “I’m truly offended that this article passed editorial at ROK.”
      Come now, did you expect a post about zen and meditation on ROK? They talk about christianity here every week.

    If you do not like where you are, leave. People have been doing this for thousands of years. Saxons left Denmark and became English. Europeans became Americans.
    You have no initiative if you are sitting around someplace complaining about everything around you.
    So leave.

      1. PERSON
        What is simple-minded about it?
        Fact is fact. Ultimately in a “dying culture” you leave.
        To be honest, I could care less how “dying” the culture of Chicongo or my former city in the Midwest ghetto is. I left.
        When a place is shit, you leave.

        1. Eventually you have nowhere to run to. Perhaps you will convince yourself one shithole is better than the other. But you’re not fixing the problem.
          An ostrich sticks it’s head in the dirt and assumes it has avoided danger

        2. “Not Fixing the Problem”
          You must be about 20 years old so ask your parents why the white people moved out of Baltimore or Detroit.
          It is the view of the naive young man that he can “fix” a place. You cannot.
          Sure, if everybody stayed in Baltimore or Detroit and fought the good fight it would make a bit of difference.
          You could say the same about people who flee crazed dictatorships. Some of the brave ones remain behind to be tortured in jails. Everybody else moves to Florida and builds a new life.

        3. Is it the view of a young naive man or is yours the view an old coward who grew weary?

        4. JAMES K POLK
          The coward sits in the shithole he was born be it Haiti or a Rustbelt city where attacks on whites have grown frequent and decent jobs scarce. If he dreams of changing anything or that the economy will come back he is a fool. He will wise up when he is 40 or 45 like me but by then it will be too late.
          From the Rustbelt, I grew weary at 24. As a single male you are not going to reverse the trends of a late techno-industrial society, Human Biodiversity, raw capitalism or 10,000 other factors that make Detroit look like Detroit and Sydney Australia look like Sydney Australia.
          So I did not waste my time until I was old (44 today) in a rust belt city where nothing was coming back.

        5. The coward runs from his problems whether internally or externally.
          He also only considers himself.

    If you look at the ghettos of the US all people eventually move except those who lack the initiative to do so.
    Hanging around a dying culture is a result of having no initiative to leave.
    Logic gets simple when a city becomes like Detroit or Atlanta. You flee. The difference is that the educated people with initiative do it sooner and the listless lower class whites do it later. But they all do, eventually.

    1. If all people did was moving, we would never make any place better. But we do (as a species). Or we do the opposite. We change the world around us for the better or worse, or both – because we do not always run from problems. Sometimes our efforts are futile. But IF we care, we TRY.
      That said, there is nothing wrong with leaving IF:
      – you have no hope for improvement
      – you don’t care

      1. KAROLINA
        I felt sorry for the Polish “Old Timers” who moved to Detroit as young people in the forties. They worked all their lives at the car factories and then, when they were old and retired, Detroit collapsed and their houses were worth nothing.
        However, you yourself come from a country where perhaps a million people left and moved to Chicago or Detroit or New York in the 20th Century.
        Polish people have always moved.

        1. That’s true that sometimes a city dies. But not always. What I meant was simply: Sir, do not generalize!!! 🙂

  7. If you want real spirituality then you need to become familiar with the teachings of Vedanta. I recommend highly “Be As You Are:The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi” edited by David Godman. Look up Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj on YT, or download for free any of his books.

      1. Well then, you’re missing out Dirk.
        Besides, you don’t have to “believe” anything Ramana or Nisargadatta said. Vedanta is 100% scientific. All it really asks you to do is to look deep within yourself to find out WHO is observing your life as it unfolds.
        There is no dogma. No rules to follow. No nothing. Advaita Vedanta is 100% pure, scientific spirituality. The only thing that comes close to it is Zen but the latter has some rules and some dogma, though minimal.
        And I’m from Kerala myself (at least my family is)! Not that it matters one way or the other. I can’t speak Malayalam. So who cares if you lived in Kerala.

        1. You would be a Nair, preaching that.
          But you had to throw out the Brahmin by force. Who were replaced or substituted by the Syrian Christians (Probably ancient Iraqi Jews, in fact).

        2. HAPPY HINDOO
          …Then how did some Russian nomads you call “Aryan” (Maybe Central Asian Arabs) hijack your religion and turn Dravidian into beggars.
          …It was when you rejected the caste system and kicked the Aryan-blooded Brahmin out of Cochin that your state improved some.
          …Dravidians preach Hinduism when you are at the bottom of the race-based food chain in that religion.
          …Yet low-caste Hindutvas are actually the most pro-Hindu worshiping some Brahmin chick who got married at 14.

    1. I’ll second that. His teachings are merely the true esoteric teachings of all religions.

    2. Can’t believe it’s a girl red pilling the comments section today but I agree.
      As a total religious system and way of life Vedanta has it all. The warrior ethos, the reverence for greatness, concepts of duty and honour, the proper understanding of spiritual and racial caste, respect for ritual, articulation of cosmic archetypes, balancing act of masculine and feminine, respect for nature, integration of local and global truths, etc.
      There’s a reason that many Western people have instinctively turned to certain Eastern religions in the last few decades. Things like yoga, meditation, concepts of balance, etc., have all become wildly popular among western people in a short time. The reason is that the principles and methods in these older spiritual systems are actually not foreign to westerners at all, and actually have much more in common with ancient Aryan pagan systems than modern Christianity. Even Christianity itself held onto its foundational pagan way of life until relatively recently, where it has now become almost completely alien to us. Christian martyrdom has supplanted pagan heroism almost completely, while a fusion of the two existed throughout Western history. We need both Saints and Templars.
      How to reconnect with our natural way of being is the great challenge of the 21st century, regardless of the name and aesthetic that we assign to it. Call me crazy but I am pretty convinced that some kind of fusion of Vedanta with a religious interpretation of European history is the ideal solution to the spiritual crisis of the West.

    3. Second time my comments have been deleted on ROK for posting similar content.
      Fair enough I wont push the limit.
      But don’t think I didn’t notice.

      1. or not… ?
        this comment system is annoying tbh
        fuck disqus for being a bunch of liberal hypocrite cucks

  8. Why would Catholic God manifesting Himself on a mass conducted in Latin be more important than myriads of other gods? It’s yet another one of your delusions. God may exist and thus objective morality may exist but just because you believe in a certain religion being true doesn’t mean it is so. Catholics aren’t more moral. They are just more confident in what they are doing. Just like Muslims or any other believers, you do what you FEEL is right.
    And so do I, even though I have only own conscience to guide me. I believe in my values. And I believe that my feelings, intuition and instincts, which influence my convictions and actions, are just as valid as your beliefs and rules your religion imposes on you. I actually believe in God but my reason tells me that I need to follow my conscience only – and here where the reason’s role ends. Morality cannot be derived from reason alone. So you can’t prove your morality is better by reasoning. If you want to change me – or anyone else – you need to appeal to feelings. That is how people’s convictions are strengthened or weakened: we have some basic moral tenets deeply rooted in our mind and we cling to them.
    Trust your gut. Combine feelings with reason. Do not pander to ideologies.

      The Polish built huge cathedrals in Detroit and Chicago. Perhaps you know this.
      Today, their children have all left the Polish neighborhoods of Milwaukee and Detroit and Chicago and masses of blacks smoke crack cocaine around them.

      1. Shit was Detroit full of Poles? The Pole is the mule of Europe. As a realist on the issue of Polish cognitive faculties, or the distinct lack thereof, I think we have have finally understood the exact cause of Detroit’s wholesale catastrophic economic collapse.

        1. hello
          What happened to the Polish in Detroit, Flint and other post-industrial areas of Southeast Michigan is what happens to whites Boers in South Africa.
          They were not able to leave the city after its economic decline, their property values declined to nothing and they became raw meat for the hood rats.

        2. @ Hello
          I see, so Poles are dumb, right? :/ Because… they work hard? Or because they build cathedrals?

  9. RED
    Women who are homemakers probably have some guy earning $50,000 to $100,000 a year while the average working woman earns half of that.
    If your job was to live in a nice house, keep it clean and spread your legs for a guy with a good job wouldn’t you be happy?

    1. Womens happiness is also rapidly dropping as well. Now clse to or below mens depending where you look. Remember many dudes impregnate then btfo, especially black dudes, so they have to work which is unnatural for them and care for the kids. All whilst being told that they are oppressed. Many have sucked so many dicks no sane man would marry them as mans core nature is against settling with a slut which feels like a disgusting idea for all men. The women then hate men because they are conned by BigLesboFminism thateverything cultural and thus they hate men for this disgusting cultural artefact which all the primitive white men hold.
      The culture is everything myth is the most pervasive and destructive myth around and is the reason why when polls show most men or many would rape, without any evidence of any actual culture around rape, at that time the feminists called it rape culture rather than rape instinct or genetic instinct to rape. This was because it was assumed all behaviors are cultural when very few things like hats and specific rythms are cultural and genes are the big variable. Maybe that we are not attracted to animals or trees is cultural lmfao. They are very unhappy, and the enemy is the white man. They were fighting to dominate many realize its a shit life living so unnaturally.

      1. the irony is that to us its obvious this society would drop womens happiness but feminists call it “the paradox of declining female happiness”. BigLesboFeminism cannot fathom it out why these lifestyles lead to such misery after all they get to ride on the carousel every day.

    2. ‘Homemakers” are not doing any favor by spreading their legs !! They are doing it because they are getting enjoyment, relaxation, orgasms & health benefits !! (Unconditional, No-strings attached, On-demand & Absolutely FREE S$x).
      Not doing any favor, period.

  10. Ultimately for me, my spirituality is the rule of Honor, and Honor is mandated by the need to keep my family name clean. Shortly before he died, my father reminded me of the necessity of doing this (not that he needed to), and then at his graveside service I spoke to the assembled people about how important that is. They all listened earnestly and nodded in agreement.

  11. I have a few thoughts regarding some of your comments…
    This article was not intended to be a sales pitch for my particular denomination or even Christianty. My principle objective was to offer a different perspective on the idea of “believing in god.” So often people want to think of religion as math – they want neat logic like 2+2=4. This outlook will only lead to frustration. Instead, think of religion as food. It is nourishment and crucial to your well-being.
    Freddy B.

  12. A beginners’s reading list:
    1. Daniel Deida, The Way of the Superior Man – an amazing book about understanding masculinity as a spiritual essence
    2. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now – how to bring yourself back in contact with the ‘reality’
    3. Herman Hesse, Siddhartha (or indeed anything by Hesse) – eastern spirituality from the perspective of a man of high European culture
    4. CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters – a fictional account of how two devils communicate – hands down the best Christian writer accessible to all
    5. Andrew Lynn, Classic Spirituality for the Modern Man – choice extracts of the most important spiritual works for men, with short powerful introductions and explanations, all in about 200 or slightly more pages
    Actually there are so many amazing books which our mainstream media fails to guide us to, but this list will start you off.

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