England Set To Ban Talking To Women In Public As “Misogynistic Hate Crime”

Wolf-whistle or cat all at a woman and you could end up charged with a hate crime as the land of the Magna Carta becomes the land of abject despotism in the early 21st century. A pilot program in the county of Nottinghamshire making “misogyny” a hate crime, or more accurately a police state official’s opinion that one is being a misogynist, is spreading to multiple other cities, like so many other malignant tumors in the body politic of the Western world.

Talking to women with anything but an attitude of supplication and deference could become a crime in the formerly free nations of England and Wales.

Dave Alton, the “hate crime manager” i.e. mouthpiece for the de-balling Western men agenda told the press a daily average of one “crime” of misogyny has been reported to his department since the program began earlier this year.

The number of reports we are receiving is comparable with other, more established, categories of hate crime. We have received numerous reports and have been able to provide a service to women in Nottinghamshire who perhaps wouldn’t have approached us six months ago. The reality is that all of the reports so far have required some form of police action.

So far, two men have been arrested under the new program.

Of course, misandry is still perfectly legal and there are no plans to make hating men a hate crime. Evil heterosexual, Christian males are the only possible oppressors in the Newspeak, Brave New World Order that Orwell and Huxley warned us about, but nobody listened to. The hour is very late to begin doing something about this before we end up on a prison planet in which all our words and activities are micromanaged by a growing electronic bureaucracy.

Anglo society exalts women and denigrates men at every turn

Anglo society exalts women and denigrates men at every turn

Melanie Jeffs, manager of Nottingham’s Women’s Centre told the press:

Women are groped, or groups of lads shout abuse or very sexualized comments at them. We have incidents of sexual touching, women being grabbed and men trying to get women into a car with them.

No word on who was doing the shouting at women and yelling sexualized comments at them. My guess is it probably wan’t Lily White English and Welsh men, but “refugees” and holier-than-thou immigrants yelling sexualized comments although it is becoming illegal to even report the ethnicity of offenders in cucked Western nations like Sweden. You wouldn’t want to “offeeeeeend” anyone. Unless of course, they’re white.

Jeffs continues with the boilerplate, victimization racket narrative that was worked for so long in the suicidal Western world. The “raising awareness” gnome is a staple of insane lefties.

We know it’s a big issue that happens on a daily basis – it’s part of the everyday wallpaper of women’s lives. This is about raising awareness, making women feel that they don’t have to put up with it – and that’s very empowering. Already women are ringing through to the police saying: ‘I want this to be recorded as a misogynistic hate crime.’

When propaganda like this is spewed in a program that has led to only two arrests, you know forces are at work higher up in the food chain to further marginalize heterosexuality in an Anglo culture that has long pushed women to turn their sexuality into a commodity. Jeffs continues:

We’ve had women say how proud they are to be from this city, and that this makes them feel like they’re walking 10 feet taller.

Let’s call this what it is: another shit test in a growing mountain of shit tests that Western men have failed. Women are practically begging for Western men to lash out and bring an end to this insanity. Each time Western women jump on the bandwagon of feminazi narratives Western men figuratively crawl into a corner with their head down and say “I’m so sorry I was born with a penis and have normal sexual desires.” This must stop.

Better than you: women can do no wrong under new hate crime legislation

Better than you: women can do no wrong under new hate crime legislation

To show how insane the West is becoming, in contrast to the round of applause the proposal to making flirting with women illegal has received from the Marxist press (even though women prove time and time again they love, love, love uncouth assholes), it recently dropped a figurative bag of bricks on British politician Phillip Davies for daring to challenge the growing insanity of gynocentrism like this proposal in Anglo society. As detailed by Rookh Kshatriya, an English scholar who recently wrote about Davies’ flogging by feminists:

Above all, it demonstrates that men are still viewed as third class citizens by the mainstream media and the authorities at large. Simply put – and I have been saying this for years  – WASP culture, being essentially Puritanical, automatically exalts women and denigrates men. Tradcon MRAs in Anglosphere nations like to think institutional misandry is exclusively the product of leftist, revolutionary agendas. In reality, they are expressions of ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon culture. This is why electoral politics never changes anything for men – at least, not for the better. Socialist or ‘conservative’, all governments in Anglosphere nations preside over societies where the legal, healthcare, welfare and education systems actively discriminate against men.

The new hate crime law is yet more evidence that on BOTH sides of the aisle men are viewed as nothing more than provider modules who exist to be exploited, dehumanized and desexualized in the West, and particularly in the Anglosphere – The United States, Canada, UK, and Australia – where these laws are destined to spread along with the other Stage IV cancers of liberalism and Marxism. And in the current cultural malaise, conservatives are mostly White Knight enablers of this agenda.

One question remains. Will there be a breaking point when it comes to men falling back in the West? Or will this type of insanity continue until men are castrated to atone for the sin of being born with testosterone and a functioning libido? If this law goes national and then worldwide, chalk another failure up in the long, long line of shit tests failed by Western men.

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533 thoughts on “England Set To Ban Talking To Women In Public As “Misogynistic Hate Crime””

  1. >be white
    >whistle at a woman
    >get charged with a hate crime
    >be muslim
    >rape thousands of white girls
    >never be charged, because that would be rayciss
    >watch parents get arrested for trying to stop you from culturally enriching their daughters
    Islam is good. Bin that knife, goy.

    1. Might be more of an immigrant, or rather, anyone not white, issue. The UK has banned several prominent muslims from entering the country

      1. This is a start. But why not enforce imigration rules there as well?
        Ie: Whoops you forgot to check a box on your visa application in 1994 you’re “gone.” You can “apply” to come back but we’ll get back to you on that…”not.”
        Just enforcing the rules on immigration would do a great deal to resore order.
        I think putting these muzzies on edge a bit is a good thing as well..
        That’s all they understand anyways..

        1. Yes, I agree on the immigration needing to be more strict.
          Most Muslims seem ok but it is mostly secretarian differences that divide them in ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For example, a Hisham Kabbani vs an Anjem Chowdhery (sp?) are polar opposites.

        2. You’re making an assumption that the rules on immigration are not enforced. Can you back that up?

        3. Here is a prime examle of politics intrfering with the Canadian Border Services Agency charged with deporting illegals.
          Essentially without any consultation without with the public and contrary to Canadina Laws this department, no doubt with “political instructions” from out idot Prime Minister is making it diffcult for these officers to do their job.
          From a whistleblower..
          Whether it’s immigration consultant or irresponsible third world countries refusing to issue travel documents or corrupt immigration lawyers this government does nothing and in fact seems to be stopping the depotation of illegals.
          Dito for their screening of these Syrian refugees. All Canadian laws on screening seem to have been ignored by political fiat.
          Simply following the rues we have and speeding up depotations we’d being doing our country a great service.
          Now look at America.

        4. I don’t know about America or Canada. I’m talking about England, which is where Nottingham is, the subject of the above article.

        5. DUDE!!! London just got a muslim Mayor and appointed some “diversity” deputy who is pro ISIS to his council. Come on man, I know you love your nation, but wake up.

        6. I am no fan of the London mayor but he was born in London mate. Hardly counts as an immigrant nor does it have any bearing on current immigration rules. These rules are enforced. Trust me, I know people who have been on the sharp end of them.

        7. My point is that your Saxon Christian nation is importing people who hate you and want you dead and not only accepting it but giving them the keys to the treasury and political office of its largest cities whilst generating “no go zones” for native born citizens and cucks like you take to the internet to excuse it and promote its acceptance.

        8. Anglo-Saxon. And the UK is secular not Christian.
          If by “people who want me dead” you mean Muslims, this is untrue. The bulk of immigration is from Europe, the US and China.
          Sadiq Khan is a British citizen and is not an immigrant (are you getting confused here?). Therefore, as odious as he is, he is perfectly entitled to run for political office like any other British citizen under the laws of the land. And he is hardly less odious than Boris Johnson or Ken Livingstone.
          “No go zones”? I suggest you upgrade your reading from comic books to something more factual.

        9. Ok, here we go. India, and the Pakistan are #1 and #2 in amount of immigrants. Then Poles. That is….”the bulk” and it is a real statistic. Again, I never stated Khan was not a citizen, but what he is is an anti white, anti-Christian bigot who is hiring pro Isis persons to his cabinet. A total disgrace and people like you allow it. Yes, some parts of East London and Rotherdam have so many Muslims they have essentially ran off the non Muslim population there. I can post many, many articles to back this up. yes, they do want you dead.

        10. “Allow it”? Lol what do you want me to do about it? Beat him to death with his staff of office? Find me a politician who isn’t a corrupt criminal. How did those nice white guys Boris Johnson and
          Ken Livingstone work out? I didn’t vote for any of them.
          Go check out the Home Office periodicals on net immigration. Hardly any Muslims there. And the vast majority of Indians are Hindu mate! Check your facts.
          Btw I live in East London. Mostly white people here and most of them are Lithuanian. If the Muslims want me dead they’re doing a shit job.

      2. “The UK has banned several prominent muslims from entering the country”
        I suspect these are just ‘token’ muzzies to give to the UK citizens the false impression that the government is doing something about the current situation, which of course they are not doing anything.

      3. All along UK, muslim gangs were raping minors. Some cases those girls went to police asking for protection. The police did NOTHING because they were afraid of being labelled “racist”.
        Rotherham is the famous case (though not the only one). Google for it.

        1. They aren’t afraid of being called racist. Ask any black person. They are simply obeying the orders coming from the top- Soros et al are calling the shots now. And the agenda is clear and it runs thru the whole system.

        2. Its well known, as are the cases involving Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris. Unfortunately pedophilia is a well organized and well hidden crime in the Western world. Of course, “racism” is not the excuse for failing to prosecute wealthy white men.

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        4. You are ignoring the basics. Britain “girls” are the worst sluts and whores I have ever seen ! Don’t simply blame MEN (white, brown, yellow, Muslims or whoever) when things go wrong with the smelly pussies. Girls went to police ! is it !! of course, to play the Victim card !!!

    2. >be christian
      >ask girl out
      >get charged for being mysoginist
      >say you are muslim
      >rape girl
      >sue her and police officers
      >get sympathy for being oppressed

    3. >be white
      >whistle at a woman
      >get charged with a hate crime
      >lost your job
      >your ‘friends’ dont support and ignore you
      >you go to prison
      >you get raped by niggers and muslims
      >you get AIDS because of the rape
      >your family is socially ostracized because your “crime”
      >they blame you, and you feel guilty about it, even if its nor your fault.
      >your family start to ignore you
      >you feel depressed
      >more raping by niggers and muslims in jail
      >you kill yourself in jail
      Wake up, this is the future if we don’t do anything about it.

      1. “Wake up, this is the future if we don’t do anything about it”
        Print out this man’s post and tape it to your refrigerator.
        Based on the complacency of the vast majority of western men, this future is almost gaurenteed.

        1. You lost that bet before it even started. Check out what Singapore does to dudes who even approach or speak to women in public.
          Granted, I may be missing some specifics, maybe the guys were foreign nationals or something?

        2. In the country where men go to jail for defending themselves against home invaders? Britain’s ridiculous levels of leftist tyranny are getting overlooked simply because Scandinavia exists (being much worse).

        3. I would say that the biggest group of immigrants right now is white people from Eastern Europe. Literally every white chick I talk to is Eastern European. Can’t find an English girl for love or money.

      2. Why would any self-respecting male whistle at a female anyway, you’re only boosting their ego even further into the stratosphere, let the white knights go whistle !

        1. Yeah, they’re so pedestalized. Minimalize and stack cash in the West, then travel for the real women.

        2. Why would any self-respecting male think it’s ok to criminalize men? Pretty soon you’ll be charge with “raping by eyes” for checking out a nice rack! This ain’t about white knights.

        3. They don’t. But the whole system is stripping away self-respect from men. You’ve mistaken ‘men’ for ‘self-respecting men’. It’s no longer the same thing at all.

    4. Jim from jimsblog.com has a term for this. It’s called a “holiness spiral”. His theory is where the “priest caste” is in charge over the “warrior caste” you eventually get to a point where those in charge of theology try to “out-holy” each other, leading to a utter madness.
      Until eventually a tyrant rises up and kills all the rest of the ideologically pure, as Stalin did to all his fellow revolutionaries.

        1. As per Jack Donovan’s book, “The Way of Men”
          No point in attempting to halt the current progress, that would merely slow things down and protract the current situation, giving the SJW crowd more weird and wonderful ideas to make ones life miserable.
          Use the system to bring itself down on to itself, it is unsustainable as it is, give it a nudge from every which direction possible and it will come to an end sooner rather than later, then the whole cycle can start over again… hopefully with some lessons learnt…

        2. It really doesn’t at this point. It might be the only way for women to be reminded of the natural order of things. Even something like all electricity going out for months could really help restore our humanity.

        3. It’s shit for those being purged, but quite nice for those doing the purging. It’s usually best to be on the purging side, instead of waiting for the genocide plot against your entire culture to play out.
          You all wanted to be kings, didn’t you?

        4. You idiot. These things are not done by some kind of “order”. Its an environment without food, without recourse, without justice, without rest. This isnt a hunting season where you can go back to the lodge, its a killing field. Each man swallowing up the other, and all the while your neighboring countries may decide to carve your nation into nice sized pieces.

      1. As a slight clarifiacation, “Jim’s Blog” can be found at blog.jim.com.
        Moreover, It seems that the further left (or right) a particular group gets, they form what I coined as “Spherical Ideology” where the left goes so far left that they “travel the sphere” to meet with the far authoritarian right. This is opposed to a linear plot where the left and right occupy designated spots. The right, sometimes, but not as often, go the opposite way to the fascist left. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    5. But those Muslims who raped dozens of white girls were jailed.
      And white men like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Jeffery Epstein are getting away with it.

      1. Are you trying to make the point that the handling of the Rotherham incident was according to the law?
        As to the elite getting away with murder, this applies to every country in the world, so why include it in only this case?
        If a white christian minority in a muslim country had performed such a degenerate act as Rotherham, I would expect that country to expel alle the white christians. And I expect the same from England with the muslims.

        1. You can only be expelled if you are not a citizen. White Christians break the law all the time in Muslim countries. They are prosecuted, punished and sent home but that country does not expel all of the White Christians. How would that make any sense?
          Who said I am only including “elites” in this case? How is that relevant? My point here is that there seems to be some kind of misguided belief that Muslims are above the law in England. They are not. They get sent to jail and/or deported all the time. Clearly there was a failure to investigate in the Rotherham scandal. I am pointing out that these failures are not unique to Muslims. For example there was the White gang that murdered a Black man (Stephen Lawrance) in which there were multiple failures in the investigation.
          This kind of thing is not uncommon and I wonder if in the Rotherham case and in the Lawrance case if someone was getting paid off.

        1. “Those men were jailed” which completely disregards the 1000s who aren’t in the name of political correctness ando the fear it instills in others. If your exceptions proved the rule, the Pakistanis in Rotherham would have been prosecuted after the first reports, not after 1400+ were victimized and pure outrage forced the police into action against their will.
          And then you mention a jew, someone with more entrenched power than 99.99999% of the planet and one of the most corrupt politicians ever and assume that it is that way for all white men. Your argument is no different in its implications than the feminist argument that all men need to be enslaved by the state because 1/5600 of men are a rapists.

        2. Your argument is self-contradictory. I can easily argue that those Pakistanis are exceptions as well.
          The rest of what you say are simply baseless assertions.

        3. You could, if they didn’t disproportionately commit more violent crime. This is why pure rationalism completely fails when describing the world, and why liberalism always fails; you’re showing it right now with more loyality to groups genetically similar rather than ideologically.
          Know the weaknesses of your own mind, or continue to spout half-truths. It’s a toxic, feminine way of thinking when you act like joking to harness social power can somehow stamp empirical truth out.

        4. You speak of weakness yet when you resort to petty insults instead of coherant arguments, you merely demonstrate your own insecurites. You can make all the insults you like, it just makes me respect you less rather than more.

        5. It wasn’the an insult, your logic is not easily separated from your sense of identity and it shows in your reasoning, where you simply pretend that inconvenient facts do not exist.
          I have no idea why you are so defensive about it.

        6. Now you’re projecting which is ironic because it is classic defensive behaviour, along with your denials. Of course you’re being insulting and you know it.
          Look mate I’m not interested in an argument about the argument. I am also not interested in your bizarre baseless accusations. You’re getting boring and frankly all you’re doing here is showing me that you have no argument and no confidence in your ability to make one.
          I’m signing off, feel free to have the final word.

        7. You started it by defending the actions of random strangers. Figures you’d end it with a ‘so do you still beat your wife’ dilemma to the person who called you out on it. You are not talking to women here, reframe doesn’t work.

      2. Examples abound everywhere in the West abound. Just one UK example..
        Only half hearted attempts to deport illegals for whatever reason, usually political interference.
        Anyways, I think the point many are making here, perhaps not so eloquently, is that the natives are held to a higher standard then the non natives.
        The Pakistani rape cases seem to really show that. The authorities didn’t want to give “oxygen to racism” and thus failed to act for over a decade.
        Granted there are actual violent rapists of all colours getting away with this in all over but this was a case mass coverup, considering there were 1400 victims, that was race based.
        This type of case plus media coverage of events on the continent would justify the concern that this new law will be selctively applied to certain groups rather than all…

        1. I take your point but Jimmy Savile was also a mass cover-up, along with others.
          Your Daily Mail example is not a good one. You only have one side of the story there. A woman’s side.
          I recognise that Rotherham was an almightly foul up but given the example I have sited above I am not sure that it proves your central point that immigrants are favoured over non-natives absolutely.

        2. Jimmy Saville was one man the not numerous perpetrators in Rotherham but agreed nonetheless a coverup.
          Agreed the Mail story not the best example but the lack of enforcement of the rules against immigrant populations in the norn IMO.
          The reason I think is that they’re an increasing in numbers way faster than the native born population and that they can vote…

        3. Jimmy Saville was one man as was Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Chris Denning. However, as one man, Jimmy Saville committed more crimes over a longer period than any one of the Rotherham perpetrators.
          If you are going to assert that the lack of enforcement of immigration rules is the norm then you really need to substantiate it. If not for me, then at least for yourself.

    6. Non Muslim jealousy tears are the BEST. How about get control of your women and stop blaming Muslims for your cuckolding ways

    7. I am a white man and i dont like you stupid comment. White women are made for muslim men white women love muslim d0ngs get used to it

      1. This is really a shitty cuck meme you’re trying to force Bret. You should stick to Reddit. They’ll accept you as one of their own.

    8. Seems there is only two types of men.
      The white one whom whistle and the muslin whom rape. Tough choice, tough choice !!!
      Though the muslim rape thousands… THOUSANDS!! That shows commitment in what he believes, you gotta respect that.

  2. Criminalizing normal human behavior inevitably leads to policing just those who are “undesirable”. Men with solid game will probably stay safe (as a general rule), but those trying to learn will be disciplined.
    And, of course, if they don’t like what you say about A, they will find a way to punish you for B.

    1. We can’t fat shame but they create all these asinine laws to discriminate and shame short and bald men, the undesirables.

  3. This seems wholly unenforceable. If a guy walks past a woman and says “Hey sweetcheeks!” is she going to call the cops and follow him around until they arrive? Yeah, have fun with that.

    1. You act like there isn’t ample evidence that there are legions of women who will actually do this, and harangue some Beta police officer until the guy gets arrested.

    2. Sounds impossible to enforce unless there are other women or white knights to serve as witness.
      Only talk to a woman when the music is loud and alcohol is being consumed, so you can maintain plausibility of deniability. The cuntocracy is out of control.

    3. England has surveillance camera coverage, even if they don’t want to make public the facial recognition capabilities they can submit evidence of how they traced the white man’s movements to catch up with him

      1. She glanced up and saw a beta and decided to target him. Of course there was no punishment for her insanse attempt to ruin his life for no reason but pure misandry.

      2. Look at how the reporter doesn’t utter a peep of direct criticism towards her female sister. No one even addressed the behavior of the accuser, only the oddness of the situation in general.

    4. They likely won’t result in anything happening, but they can create huge drama in the process. Did you see the Hugh Mongous video?

      1. Oh man did I! Holy cow that woman was psychotic. Did you see the video of the chick in the Lyft car that was giving the driver grief because he had a hula-girl on his dashboard? The level of stupidity is off the charts with these broads.

        1. Haha I did. I would have dropped her off immediately if she started complaining about something in my car. I’m not going to get in a discussion about my personal items with some entitled stranger. But guy eventually did the right thing. Yeah, it’s a crazy world out there! The Hugh Mongous girl was in Seattle, don’t know where the Lyft chick was, but give things 5-10 years and they will spread down here too…….
          There was a clip of some Indian doctor or medical student a few months back, I think ROK covered it, she started attacking this uber drivers car because feelings. Pretty sure she got the pussy pass. When I was in college the dumbest thing you would hear of is some broad getting drunk and gang banged. This weird complaining about a Hawaii artifact–wouldn’t that mean you like Hawaiian culture? They are just being insane and suffer no repercussions for it.

        2. Yeah I remember that uber chick meltdown as well. Crazy shit. If I was the lyft driver I would have just said “nope” to everything.
          Do you realize how offensive that is? Nope.
          Do you care that you’re oppressing them with that hula bobble? Nope.
          Are you going to take it down? Nope.

        3. Indeed. That fucking Indian shit was drunken and even tried to kick the Man on his genitals ! Damn sure that she got pussy pass.
          What planet are we living ? Do MEN have no Rights, no Dignity, no Respect ? Even if they defend themselves against a Bitch, it’s a crime !?
          I dreamed of that Driver kicking that Bitch between her legs with all his might and BULL POWER !
          Indian smelly cunts are becoming (in fact, they were always) far more shit holes than US women.

    5. We know what these stupid bitches will do : record anything that offends them with their phone & then send it to the cops demanding action.

      1. That’s just it though, unless they’re going to walk around recording 24/7, by the time they pull out their phone and start recording, the incident will be over and the guy will be 30 feet down the road.

  4. What is the actual law? Is it a two way street? If it is, turn their weapons back on the policy makers, the social engineers and workers of gender iniquity.
    If not, live life as normal. They can’t arrest and criminalize 50% of the population.

    1. Not at the same time, but they can move a large percentage of the population through the system to modify their behavior

    1. From what I have seen, they do seem to hit the wall sooner ~27-31 rather than 35 in many other countries.
      I’m not sure about their character.

        1. You’d be if you were a 17 year old girl who drank like a sailor, smoked like a chimney, and had the harshest paper round in the northern hemisphere

        2. Is it just me or do they overdo the makeup, fake lashes, fake tan, to counteract this rapid onset ageing?

        3. Why should they be english? London isn’t an english city. Trust me, I’ve been there in 2012. I think it’s part of Pakistan, India or something..

        4. As a former resident I visited a few years back and was shocked. It’s seems like huge chunks of the city I grew up in were filled with hostiles. And I grew up in St. John’s Wood so it wasn’t like I grew up in the grimmer bits of the city either.

        1. it means the girl is too old, her beauty begins to fade away and she’s being challenged by younger ones who are more attractive to men.

    2. Yeah. They are foul-mouthed, loud, unfeminine, lack class and have a peasant like demeanor. Frankly I can’t stand to be around them. Whenever I am in the vicinity of these women I get the distinct feeling that I just timetraveld to the middle ages.

    3. Well said. But these Sluts will “falsely” accuse MEN ! And other Countries (especially India) will follow this shit. Trust me, MEN in India are more subjugated by the Government, Legal System, Media and Society when compared to their Western Brothers.

  5. I’M GUILTY…
    Approached several girls over the weekend on a cruise — some at least 20 years my junior. Glad it was over international waters.

        1. I better make my one time count. I need to do something good. My bail will be $500,000 or something. 😛

        2. What if I stole grand theft auto the game? We can play it! No, fuck that. I am going back to playing Contra still.

        3. You take the laser or flame, I get spread. These are my terms. Unless we play the GameBoy version, which gives homing spread. Then we nuke everything.

        4. Yeah, nobody really liked flame. At least laser can slay bosses. 😀 Asking about the flame is the best way to notice the true players. When did you stop playing games? N64 era?

        5. I started with World, but my brother had the NES as well so I got NES and SNES to start with. I cannot even play games now because they are too much like movies.

      1. Under your legal system you are guilty until proven innocent, correct?
        ‘murrika aint so bad after all

  6. “Dave Alton, the “hate crime manager””
    Haven’t finished reading the article, but seriously what a cuck. This guy should be ridiculed, by everyone in the country
    Get him to fill in one form per day, just about all the nasty things that have been said about him: ‘alleged perpetrator X’ called me a marxist mangina’ – repeat x 365 days a year.
    Seriously this man is a Quimquisling

      1. great film that. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I don’t think they show it very often any more

  7. The distribution curve of girls in Britain is strange. There’s just as many 9s and 10s as other nations, but much less 7s.
    We have far fewer average good looking girls compared to US, Australia, etc

      1. It’s just like the distribution of alphaness in germany – on the one end there are the germans – raised by single parents, infected with nazi guilt, Omega to the bone – on the other end of the spectrum you have rapefugees – not giving a fuck about womens rights, proud to be serving Allah and his messenger Mohammed until death, Alpha as it gets. Strange society. Perfect depiction of the ‘Women would rather be raped by alphas than stuck with beta males’ article.

    1. I was going to say, it may sound mean but the English are not an attractive people, some peoples are, some peoples aren’t. But when they are attractive they are really, really attractive.

  8. There is an easy solution to all this. All men of value must leave civilization. Leave the hens to pick each other apart. See how they like it. If you believe them, that’s what they want anyway.
    Oh … or don’t they really want men to leave? Do they just want to have control over their magnificent masculine minds? Too bad!

    1. It wouldnt work. Women(at least in the US) spend 3 outta every 4 dollars. If we left them alone, with no jobs bc we shipped em all to Manistan, we would have no one to trade with

    2. The end game of feminist matriarchy:
      At the egg farm the male chicks are destroyed a few days after hatching because they aren’t as valuable as the females, sent through a grinder and used as feed for females.
      Without the presence of males, females will peck each other to death, so females must be de-beaked or have their beaks forcibly ripped off with assembly line conveyor belt process.

      1. I read this beautiful article about chicken and how it can greatly improve a chicken group if there is one rooster present.
        Positive side effects:
        – Peacekeeper
        – Fertilized eggs
        – Protection
        – Providing
        – Crowing
        – Shuffle dance
        – Staying Close
        – The Natural Order
        Sometimes things can be greatly illustrated when the human component is taken away and pure nature is observed. 🙂

        1. The egg farm has 1-2 rooster alpha males per 100 hens. Beta males are considered not worth the expense of keeping alive.

        2. I don’t think ‘beta males’ exist in this context. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s hard in a natural system for a rooster to be conditioned to be supplicating to females.

        3. Nonsense. Valuable to whom? You can’t compare two opposite markets. Women value sperm over eggs, for obvious reasons. And the other way round.

        4. Exactly this. Sperm is valueless to men who can produce and, frankly, extract it on their own. It is infinitely valuable to women who crave it and, as of yet, have no way to obtain it other than through a man.
          The opposite also holds true. But here is the cool thing. While youth and fertility will always be attractive to men regardless of what their intentions are, the value of the egg drops exponentially if the male is not interested in procreation. It is only the look of fertility that is valued.
          Because of this, men who have no desire to procreate are in an advantageous negotiating position having sperm which is highly valued and trading it to a woman who has eggs which is valued significantly less.
          As anyone in business will attest to, the stronger negotiating position always leads to better results. Much of this has to do with the attitude that the power shift bestows. It is very easy to make 5 million dollars if you have 1 million dollars. Harder to make 1 million if you only have 5 grand.
          Being on the “non-reproducer” team, when I walk into a negotiation (a date) I know I am in a superior position and as such, subconsciously, project a confidence which will increase my odds even more.

  9. Easy fix: convert to islam. Grow a long beard.
    a) You don’t need to respect any kinds of laws.
    b) You get a whole new market of women (Most of them are better than their western counterparts anyways).

    1. you also get to make that cool yeyyeyeyeyeyye yell while killing the infidel.

        1. I’d watch her do naked cartwheels, then take her back to England so she can die of tuberculosis in 2 years…

        1. Robin Hood, sexist freedom fighter. Micro-aggresses the rich and gives poor lasses a good seeing to

  10. I’m guessing this law only applies to white men and that no Muslims or refu-trash will be prosecuted.

    1. The law only applies to white beta males. Non-whites are exempt from prosecution as they are considered to be their own protected victim class, and white alpha males are encouraged by females.

    2. I think they mostly apply to short, bald and nerdy men. A Brad Pitt type can get away with more than, say, an Indian IT nerd.

  11. Western Europeans created the most successful society in the history of civilization. But they made one fatal mistake, a mistake they have been making for hundreds of years now.
    They pedestalize their women.
    We’ve been born in an interesting time. The end of western civilization as we know it What will take its place? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m not terribly optimistic.

    1. What is your take? Mine is a multipolar world where there are many regional powers but no superglobal power, international law dead, many wars, some even will go nuclear and millions dead, a combination of Vox Day’s demented vision or “racial” nations (in the case of Americans they will still pedestalize their women, they are that stupid) and reality. It’s that or the globalist dream and billions dead in order to pave the way to the NWO.

      1. The whole world will become communist. But few will realise, because they’ve told that North Korea is what a commie state looks like. That’s the only reason that fat fuck remains in situ, eating cheese and detonating nukes (literally and fartophorically)

        1. I really hope you are wrong but if automation of tasks really takes off, that will be in the cards.

        2. The world will become communist on the Chinese model because that has been the plans of the so-called elite for over a century and most everyone is convinced every aspect of it is a conspiracy theory right up to the moment they are convinced its a good thing.

        3. Right, because in the eyes of the elitists and academics, Socialism/communism hasn’t been “done right”, and “We can learn from the mistakes (gulags, political assassinations, mass starvation and so on) of the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, North Viet Nam, etc.”
          I call bull-fuck on all that!

        4. That’s certainly an interesting idea, although I don’t know what to think about the idea that its been planned for over a century (what is the evidence for this?). The problem with America as a vehicle for communism is the first and second amendments, which even if doesn’t prevent it from going a bit commie, does provide some checks and balances. Internet freedom though will soon no longer be under US control – I could well see that having a quite chilling effect on free speech world wide. The elite really don’t like free speech.
          Some people have already noted that with all the interventions by politicians and central banks these days we seem to be slowly moving towards a command economy and away from the free market – everybody keeps talking about market corrections as though the bankers and politicians weren’t manipulating everything all the time. I could well see the chinese model becoming the model for the rest of the world: the great argument against communism was always that it fucked up every economy it touched. China though seems tentatively to be bucking that trend. It has billionaires and communism. Strange that, and probably the kind of paradox that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and the rest of the superrich can really appreciate.
          Whether it’s all planned or not there’s no doubt the elite will be paying a great deal of attention to China this century

        5. It takes a fair amount of study, but by the 1930s the ideas were pretty well cemented and were being rolled out to the masses for conditioning. Things are way behind their time table. (Think “1984”) HG Wells’ “Things to Come” has a pretty good outline on collective top down management of society by technocrats. Then there is the material from the education sector. Central banking. Much more.
          The first amendment is being attacked heavily as we speak. New Orleans and Boston show how good the 2nd will serve us. All that needs be done is to have the right sort of manipulation and excuses. Waco was another trial balloon. We saw what the american public would do if the people the government attacked a group that was socially isolated. Nothing. Gun owners are being socially isolated. Excuses are being tried. Never waste a crisis. Another generation or two of kids through the government schools and they’ll be able to take the guns. A few old men holding out here and there won’t be an issue when 25 year old cops think they are doing God’s work by killing them.
          The so-called elite created modern China. The actions of foundations, trade deals, political influence, central banking, and more.

        6. I’ve heard of ‘Things to Come’ – Wells was a true socialist I think. Bit disturbing that someone so bright could believe in such a managed society
          “The so-called elite created modern China. The actions of foundations, trade deals, political influence, central banking, and more.”
          That’s an interesting statement – is there any literature arguing this case, or is this an informed private opinion?

        7. One could rely on the Chinese communists buying the Clintons but that would not have been possible unless the so-called elite approved of it anyway.
          In various trade organizations the global so-called elite require that nations drop various protectionist measures such as local content laws. China did not have to do this for access to world markets. In the “global warming” deal Obama made with China the US fedgov will force the reduction of CO2 emissions in the USA while China will continue to increase CO2 emissions until 2030 something when they will consider reductions from that point. These and other things point to some influence that says ‘west cut your own throat for China’s benefit’. The behavior is consistent and has the effect of moving the means of production to China. These are policies, treaties,. deals often created by the so-called elite’s various NGOs or at least favored by them. Without these things China would not be what it is today.

        8. you make some interesting points, which might be worth looking into further.
          Speaking from relative ignorance on the matter I would have thought a simpler explanation might simply be that there is a perception that the chinese are a burgeoning power regardless, and that such concessions indicating apparent favouritism might just reflect a desire to access markets, and develop international trade relations that otherwise might be closed down to western companies: they are after all still communists, capable if necessary of locking themselves away from countries they don’t like even if it hurts their global ambitions c.f. Indonesia for instance with respect to isolationism.
          The relation of elites to China though is certainly an interesting subject. Are there any good books / articles on the issue?

        9. Certainly there is ambition from China playing a role. But ambition doesn’t get the US federal government and others to simply agree to unfavorable terms to treaties and trade deals they didn’t even have to entertain making. The question arises, who benefits?
          Who benefits? Global corporations. Who owns or controls the vast majority of the stock of these corporations? The so-called elite either directly or indirectly.
          As to articles off hand I can’t remember any specific ones. However I would suggest at present looking at the NGOs that are creating the TPP. The NGOs behind China getting most favored nation trading status. It’s more of following the who benefits question through information on the related topics. On the pieces.
          Another factor is that cheap stuff from China has allowed for the stagnation of american wages in the face of higher and higher productivity. Helps allow americans maintain at least the semblance of their standard of living.

        10. Thanks, that’s certainly a possible line of enquiry. I did some quick searches, and there doesn’t seem to be much about it on the net, at least not without digging deeper. Cui Bono is certainly something one needs to bear in mind but amongst other things it’s not always easy to see. You mention stock ownership in relation to elites, but what about debt ownership? That must buy some consideration for the Chinese.

      2. Our only hope is that Donald Trump can manage to save some of the American empire. No matter what happens America is no longer going to be the only world superpower. But we must ensure that it remains the dominant superpower. We don’t want China or Russia enforcing their will on the world. Say what you will about western interests, but at least there’s some sort of concern for the rest of the world. China, Russia, Nigeria, etc. won’t.

    2. That is a mistake. See, a man provides and protects a woman because she is bearing/will bear HIS seed. Not the seed of the alpha male up the road. Unfortunately, men get to interested in protecting women who have no interest in bearing his seed.
      That means you, Mr. Tax Paying, responsible, college graduate corporate drone. The same woman you white knight for is the same woman who’ll jump over you like a kangaroo so that she can suck off her ex con, just got out for murder baby daddy. She’ll have HIS children. But expect you to provide and protect her . Go to any maternity unit at any hospital at any Big City, USA. You’ll see girls, late teens, early 20s giving birth to babies fathered by felons and other dregs of society. Meanwhile, they’ll laugh at the high earning doctor as being “creepy” if he approached them. That is, unless he was willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them. But some low level marijuana dealer who doesn’t make enough to consistently be able to buy diapers? She’ll have his baby and be glad to do it.
      A few years ago when the Costa Concordia sank, the men on the ship boguarded the lifeboats. Everyone talked about how horrible that was and how “real men” would’ve put the women first.
      Imagine that. The same folks who insist that women owe you nothing, that insist that women have the right to spread her legs for every bad boy that crosses her path, because her body her choice while ignoring the responsible law abiding man feel that these same men OWE it to these women to sink to a watery grave in place of those women. Some nerve.
      No im not going to sacrifice my life at a young age so that some whore can continue to whore around with her bad boy lovers. If I just die a natural death, I can live another 50 years. Sixty or seventy years if I’m lucky or outside of any scientific miracle
      And I’ll say this, if any woman expects ME to sink to the bottom of the ocean for her and have my corpse eaten by any passing sea creature, then yes, she does OWE me sex. It’s the LEAST you can do.
      Men ought to quit pedalstalizing women who wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.

      1. The problem is the state. Yes I am a broken record on this. The reason why is because it will never get better until the root cause is addressed.
        The root cause here is not pedalstalizing women although it contributes considerably. The problem is that there is much less to zero risk for a woman to go for the exciting men she encounters. Why? The state is there to take the resources from a productive man and give them to her.
        There might be a guy that’s an option for her. He might be a bit ugly or dorky or whatever but he’s made his way in life and makes good money and more so a decent person. In 1930 that guy was considered a good catch. Practicality was still part of the mate selection process. It hadn’t been short circuited yet.
        After 1965 his value declined considerably. Why? Uncle would simply take his “excess” wealth and give it to single mothers. She no longer had to put up with him. She could have her bad boy or string of bad boys, and if she got pregnant and kept the baby then what’s the downside? She still gets to enjoy the dork’s money. Sure it comes as section 8 and EBT and WIC and countless other forms, but what does that matter? Money is fungible.
        Ever notice that women are always politically demanding what frees them sexual risk? That the entire welfare state they jabber for is about freeing women from the confines of being practical with their mate selection? Even the cultural notions that men should just go for single mothers and raise their children. It’s all geared for women’s sexual risk reduction. See she can have the bad boy and the productive guy too!
        The ideas that are considered pedalstalizing women made sense in world where children died in considerable percentages. A world where women died in childbirth. A world without government welfare. Where charity was voluntary and private. But keeping pedastalization and adding the welfare state and the rest is like introducing a Chinese insect into north america.
        And yes, men need to start saying no. If done in mass women would shape up at least some. Instead they just go to the next guy who of course says yes.

    3. Should’ve kept voting to wealthy property owners. If you’re black, or a woman, and you can make it, congratulations. But if not, fuck off.
      I wouldn’t be shocked if in the future, we have a Starship Troopers voting system. Can’t say I’m in favor of it, though. The vast majority of individuals I’ve served with are virtually indistinguishable from the idiots in the civilian world.

  12. Sounds like a bill of attainder to me. Not knowing UK law, I don’t know if passing one there is legal or not.

    1. I’m guessing it’s because the Bobbies’ stereotypical cries of “Wot’s all this then?” don’t translate well to Arabic or Urdu.

  13. Wake me up when the first guy gets prosecuted. So far it’s just one crazy policewoman making bold claims in Nottingham.

        1. I make no bones about who I am. I am a Nihilistic narcissist with a heavy dose of misanthropy and am just a cunt hair on this side of being a sociopath. Why hide from it?

        2. Do not play into his hands. He will respond to you 19 more times to get 19 more upvotes. He is the Wade Boggs of this site, he will back into the hall of fame by any means necessary

        3. lol. I think the Jezebel cap is actually a diaphragm and you are insane if you think I am going into the 20k club on anyones upvote other than my own.

        4. Did you hear about the junior high school teacher who was found to be a terrorist. He was a member of Al Gebra and found carrying weapons of math instruction.

        5. Have you read the book Malignant Self? Some girl, I shit you not, gave it to me and told me I should read it after I told her I didn’t want to see her any more. I never got around to it.

        6. I am the nicest. I don’t hide my intentions which means, even if I am a total cunt I am still nicer than most people.

        7. ha. Just didn’t get around to it. The book is purportedly written by someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and seems to be a guide book on how to understand narcissism and how it effects others.

        8. Do you really know who Boggs is and the contempt I have for that man? No way, no way…

        9. I would have said something like, “Well, if the book had my name in the title, I might read it…”

        10. Tell him not to waste his breath as I can’t see his gibberish – he’s blocked.
          His Blocked list is probably straining the Disqus servers capacity. Disagree with his loopy circular conspiracy theories – No Soup For You!

        11. It’s ok. He didn’t understand what I was saying to him anyway. Being a dick and replying to his posts is about my enjoyment, not his edification. He is beyond help.

        12. yup. That’s the guy. The book looks interesting. Judging by its cover (the only valid way to judge a book despite common maligning of the practice) it seems like it is worth a read. Such a great fucking parting gift from a girl.

        13. It is funny. I told her I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship and was only in it for fun on our first date. On date four she wanted to tell me all about her fucking life. Date 5 she wanted to know where things were going. When I said nowhere she told me I was a narcissist and that I deceived her. I could have tried to explain that “deceiving someone doesn’t mean telling them your exact intentions and then acting in accord with exactly what you told them” but I didn’t both. I’ve seen this movie before. I know how it plays out. I let her get it out of her system, gather what little dignity she had along with her clothes and gtfo.

        14. He craves the attention and feel of control he gets by going “neener neener” at people. His “Block” is his raging internet penis, basically.

  14. I am pretty sure all of this only counts for men with low to middling SMV. If you are in shape, well dressed and have a good job I am pretty sure you can still break a Nottingham bitches kidneys without much chit chat before hand.
    Set me loose over there for a weekend and they will be calling the place Nuttin’ Ham

    1. More like the 20/80 rule of online dating. The top 20% males have all the fun, the other 80% reported for abuse to the moderator.

    1. Next we will read in a few years how women are complaining that there are no good men and men do not want to get married or start families. They will actively wonder why all the betas they could trap into marriage now have left the country or just grown to hate women.

        1. that is pretty extreme….but just wait until instead of just being looked down on, white men dating Asian or Eastern European men will be outlawed.

        2. Isn’t it wonderful?
          My sister goes to Thailand, everybody encourages here.
          I talk about my plan to go to Thailand, my fellow students (both male and female) tell me I am a pedophile and my parents tell me it’s not safe and I should stay in germany without making any vacation at all (I never traveled without family or girlfriend in my entire life).
          I love those double standards.

        3. Feminists already try to shame men who have sex outside their home country as sex tourists. While feminists get to go crazy on tinder and celebrate travel sex as empowering.

        4. Funny part is here in germany if you are an islamist you can just come over the border.
          If you are a german man and want to bring your asian wife to germany the process takes several years.

        5. USA Passport, drivers license, taxi license, etc, are not renewable if in child support arrears…
          Not a great leap to force support of a land-whale and kids before leaving…

        6. That fucking bullshit really pisses me off. It’s the same in America, only from what I hear more difficult. (Actually bringing in a *wife* is easier, just costs you like $1,800, but as for bringing in a foreign girlfriend, you can forget it!). That’s possibly the most egregious thing the American government does–prevent me from inviting whoever I want to temporarily visit me in my home. There’s not even a method of sponsoring them.
          Of course, if they are disabled immigrants with no ability to work, they come over and immediately go on welfare.
          I’ve heard in other EU countries, you will see hot foreign chicks that are there visiting dudes on tourist visas, and it’s fairly easy to invite a girl over. Hell, I’d have a different girl here every 3 months, and pay their way round trip, if that were an option here. I’ve practically given up on American women, so I consider this a direct assault on my sexuality by Uncle Sam.

      1. Next law, after unwanted beta male approaches are outlawed, alpha males will be charged with misogynistic hate crime if they reject approaches from unattractive females.

    2. I am german (which is actually even more horrible then being english these days) and I take your advice 😉
      When I get my Bachelor of Science degree in April/May I will move my ass over to SEA and bang for three month straight. Like literally straight. No ladyboys allowed.

      1. Damn good idea. I have done it several times over the decades. Well worth it…
        Interesting I met a couple of very young(20ish), fit, sweet German girls on the beach yesterday.
        So friendly, took me by surprise…

        1. They are always nice to foreigners. That’s why they love refugees. They only despise german men because of nazi guilt indoctrination that takes place for up to 13 years in school.

        2. Exactly.
          Good to see, good shape, fit, and friendly.
          Earlier that day was at a zoo with the kids.
          Loaded with extremely obese, weirdly tatted up people.
          And no wander, the food is “like that”…

  15. You’re doing it wrong if you grab and shake your balls on the tube then tell her, “Hey sweetheart, come and get your Christmas present”.

    1. wait? so what are you supposed to tell her after you grab and shake your balls on the tube?

      1. Lol. It was probably tricky doing that in a wheelchair with only one, maybe two teeth, plus drunk as shit, but sadly, no feminine pity points were awarded and no fucks given.

  16. Think of it from a different perspective – the law will sort out the men from the boys and the good players from the bad players.
    Polish your game British boys … or go Polish! LOL

  17. Everyone talking about politics and culture and shit and no one paying attention to the really important issue — like who my 20kth upvote is gonna be.

    1. Cmon dude, youre trying too hard, like A-rod going for his 700 HR. You dont wanna be stuck 4 short

      1. If A-Rod had kratom instead of steroids he would have hit 700 HR in his first 100 at bats.

      1. This is the same way feminazis shame traditional women.
        If they are too ugly and masculine to find a man who wants to provide for them and protect them, then no other woman should enjoy the rewards of being feminine and submissive.

        1. literally. I really would love to go get a picture in front of this sign but that would involve leaving manhattan.

        2. It most certainly is. There was a motion to change the name but I don’t think it went through. If I remember right it’s Canada

  18. I’m not an expert in the law in UK but I assume shoving a woman into a car to kidnap them is already illegal and so is groping them on public transit (same is probably true for men too), right? If so why do they need new laws?

    1. Because feminists want to control the mating selection process. They only want to be approached by men they think are attractive, generally the top 20%. When other males approach they don’t find attractive they feel it lowers their self image. Its all about her feelz.

      1. Well yes we all know that is the end game. I’m more curious why people aren’t pointing out the behavior being claimed as justification for new laws is already illegal?

        1. Many beta males have bought into the faulty logic that if they try harder to be male feminists they will have more access to sex, it will make women like them.

        2. More authority and money for the local police. Plus it will inflate their arrest records like in NYC where the manspreading law is in effect.

      2. It is a terrible movie but if you want to see a 1980’s depiction of our current society find a copy of a movie called Ice Pirates.

  19. Or….Muslims are being a real nuisance by threatening and assaulting women in gangs. It’s simply a law to deal with the problem they have created. In Europe’s case I’m willing to bet that at this point in time they aren’t worried so much about oppressing white males, as they are worried about holding onto their nice cushy elected positions. Will the law eventually be used to do exactly what you imagine, sure, but first they have to get the alien horde under control.

    1. I have something I can shove in the face of a feminist but only if she is a good girl.

    2. It never will be. The agenda is clear, remove men from authority positions in the family, make the state the authority of the family, control reproduction.

    1. Yep! They will make mandatory everyone use dating apps. They will make it the only acceptable way for people to date.

      All they have to do is keep brainwashing the young girls.

  20. Does it work in reverse?
    What if a woman whistles at or cat calls a man?
    We all know the answer to that one don’t we?
    How much longer before it’s perfectly legal for a woman to kill a man for looking at her the wrong way?
    When will feminism be classified as what it really is? – terrorism.

    1. Males should be grateful for any attention thrown at them by females, in fact it is a misogynist hate crime on the part of the male if he indicates he ins’t grateful.

        1. If nothing is done to stop the galloping cancer of feminist hate – yes it’s very possible.

    2. Is it terrible that I take catcalling as a compliment? I wouldn’t be happy if some random man groped me but being whistled at is actually nice. It shows that I am looking good.

      1. TheFamilyAlpha.com would agree, even for the reverse situation. He once said a man should get 6 pack abs at least once in his life so he can understand the joy of being objectified.

      2. Same here!
        Men smile and whistle at me occasionally. I too take it as a compliment – it’s all in good fun, and I don’t mind it at all.
        Most men who acknowledge me are perfect gentlemen. I have never been harassed by some creepy guy – ever.
        I seriously think some of, if not all of these complaints to the police from women claiming to be harassed are wishful thinking and fantasy on the part of some ugly women who men have little or nothing to do with.
        Maybe it’s ugly Betty’s way of boosting her self esteem and making herself feel desirable.

        1. I once worked in an office where the higher ups flirted with pretty receptionists.
          The ugly and fat women were foaming at the mouth when the older gentlemen winked at me and said I was beautiful. The harpies were pressuring me to sue for sexual harassment.
          I never did. I would have only gotten HR involved if one of them grabbed my ass or tried to rape me.

        2. I work in an office like that. There is and has always been a flirtatious interaction between attractive secretaries and executives. That is the very nature of the business world. You are exactly correct about the problem. The girls who don’t get the attention lash out. We solve this here by only hiring attractive girls and making sure each of them gets enough sexual harassment to keep them happy.
          As a side note: I called my HR director “sweetie” today. It’s always subjective.

        3. Yes, we’re talking about a matter of degrees here. No sane woman should find flirting or a whistle from a man offensive.
          A woman who does is behaving like a foolish child.
          I can totally relate to what you said.
          Guaranteed, the fat ugly women were envious of you and they only wished they were in your shoes when the guy flirted and winked at you.

        4. It’s the ugly women complaining to the police about a man complimenting another woman, and not her. So instead of looking like a spoiled brat, she claims the guy is harassing the girl getting attention.

        5. An office full of attractive women would only compete with each other on who will get all of the attention.

        6. we don’t have that many woman. A handful. They do compete with each other and, for the most part, hate each other. It’s terrific.

        7. If a company has great business sense, there will be no ugly women sitting at the front desk.
          The ugly women were kept in small back offices and cubicles.
          I was especially flattered that all the men who flirted with me were 40+. Older men generally have a keener eye and more refined taste in women. I think it was my curls, soft voice and sweet smile that attracted attention. The women who were upset claimed that I was “ditzy” and “lacked ambition.” One of them even started a rumor that I was sleeping with the CFO. That was very hurtful because I am not a slut. I am a faithful wife. As for ambition, I have a powerhouse hubby who always wanted to support me, so I didn’t need to become a man and climb the corporate ladder.
          I know that feminazis get upset when they are referred to with terms of endearment but I like it.
          It makes me feel like the speaker is being affectionate and warm.

        8. My experience tells me that everything you say here is accurate. I have seen the same scenario played out many times with a different cast but always the same.

        9. What on earth was up with the ridiculous rumor spreading?
          For women who were so annoyed at alleged sexual harassment, they were very foolish to start a rumor which could cost them their jobs.

        10. You are trying to apply logic to the thought process. Rookie mistake Hun. They aren’t operating from logic. They are operating from anger, shame, hatred and Sprite. Every done something spiteful that was a bad idea? Sure, we all have. Imagine living your whole life like that instead of just having made one mistake at some point.
          The truth is that they are miserable in in that way you already win. The old saying is right. Being happy is the best revenge.

        11. Just the way it should be. Ugly women kept out of sight as to not obstruct our vision of the pretty women.

        12. I often try to make sense out of nonsense. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
          The rumor spreaders were all single while I am married to a wonderful man.
          In fact, every woman who has ever bullied me in the workplace was hideous, fat or single.
          Anyway, I am glad that my husband took me out of the gong shows.

        13. All good. But why even a Female feels anything wrong when a Male smiles, looks at or even says you are beautiful ? Don’t the Females know that Males are their opposite sex ? Don’t the Females know about Gender Dynamics ? Don’t the Females know how a person of opposite sex Interacts ?
          Guess the Females are at least aware of themselves becoming “WET” when they see an attractive Male ! Guess the Females at least aware of their tits becoming stiff when they find a Macho Male !
          By the way, If a Female is doing a Job, especially in Front Desk/Receptionist, She should have minimum common-sense that She got that Job because She has a Pussy.
          And any Interaction, Talking or Attention by Males are quite NATURAL and Part of the Job that Female is doing.
          I don’t understand why these fucking Politicians are putting the Women (otherwise meant only for Breeding) on Pedestals in the first place !!??

      3. I think I have perfected fucking a woman with my eyes. I’d say it is 80/20 women who smile versus women who ignore. Not a single woman ever seems put out. If you look good and are walking past me expect to get visually violated.

    3. Just like if a female teacher has sex with the HS football quarterback. She’s given a slap on the wrist because “he enjoyed it”. Meanwhile, don’t let a male teacher even be caught thinking remotely sexual thoughts about the captain of the cheerleading squad. I don’t care how voluptuous she may be. And it wouldn’t matter how much she may have enjoyed sex with her male teacher, he’d still have to be hung from a lamppost.
      Of course, her body her choice doesn’t apply here. At this point, she’s a naïve, innocent angel who’d do no such icky thing as let a penis be put in her. And if she did, it was obviously only because of the unobservable and unexplainable “manipulations” of the male teacher in question.
      Of course, if said cheerleading captain decides to take it up both ends by the whole offensive line of the football team, then it goes back to being her body her choice.

      1. Just like if a female teacher has sex with the HS football
        quarterback. She’s given a slap on the wrist because “he enjoyed it”.
        Meanwhile, don’t let a male teacher even be caught thinking remotely
        sexual thoughts about the captain of the cheerleading squad. I don’t
        care how voluptuous she may be. And it wouldn’t matter how much she may have enjoyed sex with her male teacher, he’d still have to be hung from a lamppost.

        That’s part and parcel of the puritan Weltanschauung so to speak. And unfortunately is spreading.

  21. In a nutshell, this means that a woman can make a claim against a man – he looked at me and I know that he was leering at me and having sexual thoughts about me – and that the claim, in and of itself, becomes not only the evidence of the crime, but the proof of it having had been committed. In short, women can and will use these laws to not only beat up on men, but get even with them, terrorize them, harass them, subjugate them, marginalize them and displace them as human beings, and all that is required is for a woman to open her mouth and make the claim. Quite literally, the law will now bow and scrap to the whims of female opinion on what is and is not a crime.
    This is not about equality or protection, this is about female supremacy and turning men into the slaves and chattel of women. Moreover, it appears that the real focus of this agenda is heterosexual White men of a Christian and conservative belief set. Regarding it all, the only awareness that needs to be raised is that of the HWMCC community.

      1. Still going to cost you the price of a lawyer, time in jail while being held, your reputation and possibly your job, to name just a few of the things that it might cost you.

        1. No just claim you are a gay muslim they will immediately kneel down in front of you and they will give you a house and a yacht for free.

        2. “I….I…am gay muslim…please…I need refugee…people want kill me…plz…protect me…Yes I grabed that british whores ass….but I gay muslim and thats racist homophob islamophobia from that fuckin whore!…give me money now!”

        3. time in jail is when they will want you to prove that you are really gay. If you deny one anal rape while in jail it will be used against you in your case when you claim to be a fag. Lose lose.

  22. When i lived in Germany for about 6 months, i dated a british girl. Thing is though she was ethnically half german half british. I was young at the time so i never really seperated her in my mind from actual british women who are among the worst looking anglos ive seen.

    1. It seems that the Brits in general, while brilliant are not a particularly… aesthetically endowed people.

  23. Stop and think for a moment about all the degeneracy in society today. I just came back from lunch at a small restaurant and out of the 10 other people eating there, one was a tranny I have met before.
    The gay orgy sex party pride parades. The triple digit notch counts of the women, who then blow up in size and wife up terrified weak betas. The completely fictional gender fluidity theory. The majority of families ending in divorce rape. Whatever it is that enrages you, think about that and think about where it came from.
    The average college student today was raised in a relatively sane family and culture. Yes, things have been declining rapidly, but someone born in 1995 was growing up in a place where there were certain rules for respecting elders, tradition, sexual mores, and girls knew to avoid being fat and to at least hide their promiscuity, if they couldn’t resist temptation.
    Now imagine what a world will be like where baby boys are raised in a society where it is unnatural and *criminal* to approach, interact with, and converse with women. Where normal and natural interactions can be relabeled as “assault” (Hugh Mongus) or “rape” by a woman, often after the fact, and men can be severely punished. Where it is normal to chop off your penis and put on a dress. Where it is normal to change your “gender” 5 times in a day. Where men feel it is unnatural to pursue or even approach women. Where women have all the power.
    What kind of society will that give us? If all the Big Reds and Trigglypuffs grew up in an age of semi-sanity, what will the future look like in 20-30 years? Where are we heading? What type of people and society will we be creating for someone born today? I literally (Hitler) cannot imagine it.

    1. I wonder spicy. I mean, what you say is my general thought as well for the most part about the kids who are raised today. But then I think back. There have always been big reds and trigglypuffs. I remember clearly on my college campus a group of them. They had a club. Disgusting creatures. They were so small a group that they weren’t even a minority, they simply were statistically insignificant and avoidable.
      And yes, all the things you say are different now from when those kids grew up. BUt there is another thing that is different. Those idiots didn’t have the nuclear megaphone that is the internet. They met at their little club at a set hour and complained about shit. They hung out together and complained about shit. Once, I recall, they had a “rally” and it was like 6 kids outside the library protesting something or other. I walked past the rally twice without even noticing it. If those kids had blogs, and twitter, and facebook, and etc etc etc they could have got in touch with another 6 person reject looser group and another and another all over the city, all over the state, all over the country and the world and then would not seem so insignificant.
      So I am left to wonder if there really are any more lunatics or if we are just seeing it and amplifying it with the internet in the way that there are no more shark attacks now than there were 30 years ago, but the news reports and sensationalizes every single one. Not saying this is the case, just that it is something I wonder about.

      1. Thinking back to college, there were definitely some Trigglytypes that I would occasionally see. And there was the LGBT club, that she would hang out at and wear ironic and angry clothing. (I wanted to go to one of those meetings SO bad to meet the lipstick lesbian that could open the door to a threesome but my friends were too paranoid that someone would think they were gay)
        The question is, just because they have this internet megaphone, why are they listened to more? Is it simply due to greater exposure? Or is something else afoot? I mean, college Trigglytype clubs existed before, and only freaks and losers joined them. But Laci Green has 1.5 million subscribers. Is it only because people are *able* to view her from the comfort of their home? I’d say it’s a more complex sociological change in society.

        1. Those are all the right questions and, to be frank, I do not have the answers. If I had to guess I would say that it is because both of the collapse along with the megaphone of the internet and they are in a symbiotic relationship. I also think that the privacy, as you point out, lends a big hand.
          As for going to the LGBT club to find a lipstick for a three way it reminds me of a funny sotry. When I was a senior in high school I learned about a sexaholics anon meeting going on in hells kitchen (in the newspaper!) so my best bud and I decided we were going to go down there and meet some hot sexaholics. We got all dressed up, put on our best shirts. I remember being in the bathroom combing hair, putting on cologne. We were going to meet some total freaks. Of course, we got there and it was like 4 guys in members only jackets who were there by court order for stuff like jacking it in a movie theater or grabbing some ass. We stayed like 2 minutes and then went back to his house. His dad who was one of those “cool dads” was like “what did you expect a bunch of super hot young moms who can’t help but fuck every guy they see” and we looked at each other and were like “uhhhh kinda”
          It really is one of my favorite memories. remember, this was hells kitchen in the 80’s. It was fucking dangerous going there at night and we were all dressed up with our pointy shoes and club clothes.

        2. you should have seen us idiots. Shirts open with big collar and jacket with the collar outside, skin tight pants and pointy shoes sitting in some church with a bunch of child molesters trying to figure out where all the hot sex freaks were. Fucking morons. This is what went down in a world where porn wasn’t readily available.

        3. It has to do with political correctness silencing rational ideas , and the agenda of “tolerance” being forced upon the public, by democrats and the Obama sjw 3 ring circus machine. Many people simply dont want to face the consequences of dissenting from the narrative, and calling the freaks for what they are, so they keep quiet, and go with the flow.

        4. Yup.
          My college class is going to be discussing the “unrealistic beauty standards” for American women next week, and I honestly don’t know if I’m going to challenge / question this publicly, or just make a comment to one of the girls about it after class. Probably won’t do me any good publicly identifying as a shitlord. I mean, I agree to a point that the airbrushed models are false standards, made to look more perfect than they actually are, and I don’t like the use of botox and breast implants. But at the same time thin is obviously preferable to fat. But I don’t think nuanced arguments like that are accepted by the uber-pc SJWs.

      2. Sorry there are really more lunatics. However your view is coloured by the fact that your country, with all due respect, was always sick. Yeah today is sicker but being sick was its normal condition. The difference today is that thanks to the empire you’ve built and its inherent power you can spread your sickness far and wide.

        1. This sounds like if it isn’t right it is at least very close to right. I am slow to say what constitutes sick and well. As the only relevant country in the world the US has become a spoiler brat and like a spoiled brat it is prone of depravities and excess and, because of the technology and the influence of being the only important country, it is able to spread the depravity and excess.
          Is it a sickness? Some for sure. in the end, I am quite fond of the world I live in and since it seems to be the only world I can chose from, that is a good thing. I am not so gung ho to see a “revolution” or sweeping changes. Of course there are things in the world i despise, but all in all it is a pretty good place. You call it sickness but I think there is always sickness and g you are going to be sick you might as well enjoy your day off

        2. Enjoyment of life is part of it. I am not Anglo and certainly not a Puritan. What really bothers me about the U.S. is the literal cult of Ugliness, it’s anti-civilization drive (what else could be a better word to describe a movement that decries logic as a male-chauvinist construct? or a culture where brainless rappers are exalted and engineers of all colours and stripes are denigrated as “beta”, a tendency that is being copied around the world), its pedestalization of women and rejection of tradition whether good or bad.
          Imperial wars? All empires go to war, it’s part and parcel of what an empire means, only ignorants (and idiotic hipsters) would criticize you for it. But the other things. Well you know my opinion.
          That’s why you even if you are a nihilist, I wouldn’t think you are sick you are just another human being doing what’s rational in view of the incentives. The trigglypuffs and the rest? Those are the sick ones, the tip of the iceberg.

        3. Yeah I think you and I are pretty much in agreement on the facts. The question is how best to deal with the situation. If the choices are submitting or fighting against, I chose option C. Create meaning for myself, enjoy the time I have and gtfo and leave nothing behind

        4. Hahahaha. I don’t think a revolution either cultural or armed is around the corner at least in America. Maybe I’m wrong who knows so option B is not in the cards, at least not as group. In Europe, a place I know, will take it to the extremes, it’s gonna be bloodbath, either the Islamics prevail or they are killed and/or driven out of the continent. A really different dynamic. Much to my chagrin the real perpetrators (politicians, Über-millionaire business men who plotted it all) will not only escape their just punishment, they will consolidate their position and that continent, including my country will be a bad combination of 1984/brave new world, unless a catastrophe happens. As I used to say individual persons oftentimes are rational, collective movements are not and those trigglypuffs will be seen as “part of the tribe”. Sad really.
          What to do? That’s hard, since I was compelled to work overseas, 7 time-zones away, I tend to agree with your option C, build a meaning for yourself, but build a escape route and have some weapons one never knows.

        5. If it was just you with that attitude, then it would be no big deal. The problem is, it isn’t just you.
          The city is a lot more fragile than anyone realizes. We look at the concrete and steel towers and we thing that’s the strength of the city. It actually isn’t. The strength of the city is the hundreds of thousands of men that roll up their sleeves and go to work each day.
          More to the point, it’s the beta males. The guys that work in construction, the guys that sit behind the desks, the guys that do middle management in the bueracracies. The engineers at Indian point (remember when the power blew out about 10 years ago?).
          Those men are the strength and steel and concrete of the city. Everything else is just a shell for them to work in.
          Those men are not just being fucked, they are being demoralized. More and more of them are thinking like you are thinking. So far it’s not too bad. But at a certain point, this game ends, and it will be very very ugly.

        6. Agreed. I estimate that will take at least a century thanks to the relative comfort that credit brings.

        7. I believe your estimation is completely off. Horrifically off.
          At this point Trump has to be voted in, not to save the economy, but because he is probably the only one capable of dealing with the upcoming disaster.

        8. I think it’ll be far sooner unless they can automate at least 80% or more of all the tasks needed to run a society and that are performed by men. Otherwise, 25 years tops before it comes crashing down…even in the U.S. where you (your people) are so comfortable.

        9. I do t think it will make a difference. You could vote in trump or Ben afflak or bozo the clown–it’s all a big tv show with 0 consequence.
          Fat people never revolt. Those hump busters that you rightly point out as backbone…they have big TV’s and kids with braces and care who wins the sportsbowl and have a cold one and complain that the old lady is on them about their shitty fucking lawns in Long Island.
          They have their rub and tugs and poker games and they are going to take the family to Disney or the outer banks or whatever and thanksgiving to plan for and their mortgage payment. They actually fucking care about tv and sports and shit.
          They are too fat, too amused and too distracted to realize what a shitty lot they actually have. It will take actual starvation for anyone to give a fuck and that just isn’t going to happen. KFC and Burger King and the NFL and Visa and Wells Fargo are going to make sure that these middle of the road types stay fat and entertained
          People above them but below elites like me will split between trying to set up a family and heritable wealth or doing what j do which is enjoying life and creating my own meaning while waiting for my eventual death.
          No one is revolting. I mean I could be wrong, but I’m betting my entire life on the fact that I’m not

        10. I don’t think it’s imminent. At least for America. Europe is an entire different ballgame. As long as the welfare checks and food-stamps keep rolling and the Tv series are still on air everything will be fine. They can still wait for automation to replace all the tasks performed mostly by males when it comes to keeping the engines running. When the war happens in Europe it’ll be boom for the weapons industry, just think about it, the supplies and other equipment and stuff they will sell…No man, unless an asteroid or something like that strikes nothing is gonna rock the table…so to speak.

        11. I agree Anglo-American culture is sick. I actually like to take a more dark view (dark acolye lol) it is a virus and it is beginning to become an Epidemic.Fat ugly girls being pedalstized,rabid feminist casterating men, normal (dare I say )healthy flirtation and interactions between real men and women becoming illegal, “gender fluidity”, male athletes chopping their dicks off “because they feel like a woman,” and the worst(dramatic pause and Suspenseful Orchestra),hipsters known as feminized men or very slutty and hairy women with corn rolls. Coming to a traditional and a healthy Country near you thanks to American media and culture. Just curious where do you hail from? Unter means under in German.

        12. The economy is hanging on by spit and bailing wire. Ive read reports that the US banks are 1-3 percent liquid, which means they are hanging outside the window with their asses exposed.
          International shipping, which Ive been told is a more reliable measure of global economic health, has gone consistently down over the past few years.
          This doesnt mean it all has to blow, but it means it can blow. And if it blows, what then? If there is no money, who pays for the food?
          Imagine a 24 year old olympic athelete. He shakes hands with a guy who has pneumonia, or he breaks his leg, either way, his internal system is tip notch, so he recovers fast.
          Now imagine that same guy, but now hes 40, totally overweight, smokes five packs a day, has the atomic clap, and then shakes hands with pneumonia boy.
          The first guy can shrig it off. If nothing else, he has a focused mind and the discipline to overcome everything. On top of that, his body is at 100% performance. The second guy is so fucked up that any shock to the system will take him down, he probabky even wants to die.
          Same thing here. There have always been dangers, always been problems. Your can read alarmist reports about socialists going back to 1910. But the system was strong. Now? Its like you say. These fat fucks could barely waddle out into the street. Forget about economic health, they dont even have the will to keep shit going.
          A serious shock to the system might not bring it down. But a series of shocks, especialky if its preceded or followed by an economic collapse will test it to the limit.

        13. But its always been this way. The beta vs alpha dichotomy is one of the core experiences of male existance, in humans and beast. The exalting of cultural degeneracy and ugliness is a classic halmark of social decline in all cultures since recorded history.
          Frankly, America is not the originator nor the leader in the downturn of modern western culture. Europe is. America just has a much stronger media machine to broadcast with. But if you were to follow social issues around the world, you’d find that generally, in this century; the US is 10-30 years behind Europe in degenerate “social revolutions” of all kinds. Hell, many of the core teneants of social and economic degeneracy have hit and decimated Asia, South America, and Africa long before they were even a blip on the radar for the west. Japan and China are in complete social free fall. The only thing they have on the west is a lack of wholesale embracement of homosexuality. South America has been degenerate so long, there is nothing from south of the border that shocks anyone anymore. Your God fearing wife is a whore after 9, and your son lost his viginity to a donkey? No biggie. Cartels leave dismembered bodies on display in the streets and kids don’t even notice? Welcome to Latin America!
          I guess I’m trying to say, the only thing thats different now or in the country you come from, is we are well aware of the degeneracy of the world. Where in the past – 70-100 years ago – you had to go looking for it. Now I just log onto the web and BAM, more pics of Kim Kardashian ‘s ass, gay pride parades, and evidence of lawmakers teaching my kids about trannys 24/7. Nevermind all of the masculine subversion and feminist infiltration into every sphere of influence.

        14. Actually, automating task IS a core reason for much of the subversion. The less people have to do, the more they can focus on unessary hedonistic pleasures. Society was stable because everyone had to work to keep it that way. When no one HAS to work, people get restless. They loose a sense of purpose. They then search for things to fill that void. Women’s suffferage is a perfect example of this. The average women could give a damn about voting or rights in those days. It was rich women who had nothing to do but be pedestalized who were the core of that movement.
          Look at 3rd wave feminism and the breakdown of the family. Again women, who thanks to all of the modern conviences made available to them by men, beleived they now have no need for men!
          Look at the ghettos of the world. They are not unstable and full of restless criminals because of an abundance of work. They are that way (in part) because THERE IS NO WORK. The human mind ponders on interesting and destructive things when it’s not preoccupied with matters of day to day survival.
          The last thing any strong society needs is full on automation. Good hard work for all members is a core tenant of all developing and rising societies. The decline and degeneracy is always unleashed after the apex is reached and life becomes easy and taskless.

        15. Frankly, America is not the originator nor the leader in the downturn of modern western culture. Europe is. America just has a much stronger media machine to broadcast with.

          That was exactly my point. I never said America was the originator of all social maladies, however the degeneracy the world has always known,coupled with the Anglo-puritan worship of women has been the perfect brew for almost all the modern maladies when it comes to intersexual relationships. Besides, Europe is not leader in many things, yeah, even in degenerate behaviour Europe is losing its edge. But remember, even when a pernicious trend is started abroad, whenever anything reaches American shores, one can easily say those practices reach their zenith there, for good or ill, examples: computer tech, rocket technology, abortion, gay rights, etcetera. Just wait till conditional freedom of speech and censorship German style arrive in full to America. Or just look at your women.
          Pornography was not an american invention. However Americans are the ones who turned into a multi-billion industry and an omnipresent feature of modern life. Women hypergamy was not an American invention. However the ones behind the elevation of women hypergamic whims from a mere feature of life to commandments in the society (sexual harrassment laws, “marital rape laws”) were Americans or american funded institutions, the infamous NGOs based in….you guessed it, Washington D.C.. Moreover now the mother of all Anglo nations, England is about the declare bad game as a crime according to the law of the land. In no time, I can guarantee it’ll spread to the U.S. and from there to the rest of the Western World.
          Regarding Latin America: Mexico maybe is that way but in general women are far less sluttier than their American or European sisters, even in the big cities, you just have to avoid whoever has studied or lived in the U.S.A or Europe (if you want more than hookups) and don’t be a sucker or they will take advantage from you, like women everywhere. Granted, it will not be that way in 10 years or less, (thanks again America) and life is not so violent. Mexico, Colombia and Brazil are not Latin America, but again thanks to the “war on drugs” and the local corrupt and useless authorities, that’s changing as well.
          P.S. I don’t hail from that region. Regards
          P.P.S. As far as I know, love of animals, beyond the regular patting on the head is not widespread in Latam, at least not as I’ve heard it is in the Middle East and US 🙂

        16. It depends. If most people find themselves suddenly out of work, as long as the welfare checks keep rolling, everything will stay on course, at least for a while. Everything will depend on how big is the check and if the security enforcement is automated as well (a la Elysium). The next 20 years or less will be “interesting” as the old chinese saying says…

        17. Yes, Anglo-derived cultures are sick cultures. I think a lot of it stems from the time of Reformation and the kind of Protestants they became: austere, self-righteous, hypocrite to the extreme, rigid (see Cromwell and the Puritans). Even though the Lutherans have always been deluded, at least they were happy sinners.
          In reference to your question, let´s say my native languages are Spanish and German. English was the language I learned at school.

    2. *shudder* You’ve painted a very realistic and terrifying picture.
      Also…TRIPLE digit notch counts are disgusting and just asking for an STI.

    3. I feel we are there now. And it cannot get any worse…
      Also, perhaps, the authors of 1984, brave new world, or Atlas Shrugged hadn’t envisioned worse…(and maybe wasn’t foresight but history they were writing)…
      Shall be an interesting 6 months…

      1. But it *has* to get worse. I mean, Laci Green was raised by a patriarchal Mormon father. What kind of child will single mom Laci Green raise? You see what I mean???
        I have a very, very difficult time imagining how it can get worse. All I know is that it will.

        1. “I have a very, very difficult time imagining how it can get worse. ”
          I cannot imagine worse, and have not read of a worse distopia(except Russian Revolution)
          “All I know is that it will.” perhaps WWIII

        2. Assuming the majority of her followers are white, your fears of 1.5 million single moms are probably not likely.
          If they were black or Hispanic, that would be another story. But I don’t think advancing “fourth wave feminism” is high on their agenda.

    4. “Think about that and think about where it came from.”
      I know where it came from.

    5. Great stuff nujac. Double points for including literally hitler.

      I agree completely.
      The stuff that seems crazy now will be normal in the near future. Social engineering in action.

      They wont be happy until they turn every one into wimpy gray spineless thoughtless worker bees.

    6. I have mixed feelings – as someone living in the West Im kinda scared of the future. But on the other hand, as a Russian I think – great for Russia! The West is weakening by the day, in a decade or two a few groups of Russian Spetznaz will be enough to march to Berlin and London. Who will resist? Also, Im working on my exit strategy

      1. “The West is weakening by the day”. Yes, that’s what cheers me up. Every time I read an article here that details yet another aspect of the Western degeneracy I’m over the moon. That cesspool has long been ripe for annihilation. Everything that advances this process is a good thing in my opinion since order can only come after the chaos that they’re heading towards. That’s why I’m on the fence about the Trump vs Rotten Clinton issue. Clinton would further all the problems but she wouldn’t let the US go down without a fight. And I think the world has seen enough destruction from the US.
        The sad thing is that Russia is also weakening by the day, look at your birth rates for example.

      2. If things get much worse here, who will want to control / own the west? I mean already it’s a paper tiger. We have some smart people in California doing tech but most of our industry has moved to Asia. We can make decent cars but other nations make better cars. We have limited natural resources.
        I’ve thought about this and even if America were weakened to the point you could just walk in, I’m not sure the Chinese would want to. They want to guarantee their investment is safe, but would they really want to administer and run American society? Why would you?
        Russia and China are already huge geographic nations. I think when you get too big, it actually becomes risky. I think that’s part of the reason USSR failed and will be part of the reason USA does as well.

    7. I was in college in the 90s and already there were all sorts of ‘rules’ to interact with women that had been created. To boil it down whatever a particular woman didn’t like was harassment. Think the SNL skit ‘sexual harassment and you’.
      In a lot of ways this how things have been for a long time. The UK is just formally making it illegal so women can ruin the lives of any man they don’t like for so much as saying ‘hello’ to her.
      That said the sexual harassment training I had to sit through as a TA concentrated considerably on protecting oneself. Always have the office door open. Never be alone with a female student, etc etc. Much of it was like an article on this site in a way.

      1. Irony. There were never any (nor will be) “rules” for women to interact with MEN !
        women can Yell, Shout, Comment, Argue, Abuse and Assault MEN and just “walk away free”; no Consequences to face, no Accountability and no Punishment !!!
        What I can’t really digest is; Almost every thing on this Planet (Technology, Science, Education, Medicine etc.) were Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN and yet these BITCHES are always Ungrateful & never Acknowledge the fact !!!
        Hope we MEN should start a fierce fight for our Rights, Dignity and Self-Respect.

    8. A society like that will not last long, but perhaps a lifetime which is forever for us anyway. This would literally (hitler) be hell on earth.

    9. I was a kid in the 90s and I concur that it has been very fast indeed.
      People have offered several explanations. Some say that it is the fault of “cultural marxism”, which you have probably heard of, the idea of gradually subverting Western mores by stealth rather than through a violent uprising.
      I am personally unconvinced by that. Given the existence of many libertarians in the manosphere this is not going to be liked here, but I blame contemporary capitalism. Corporations are lapping this up, fully embracing the diversity and feminist agenda. TV, Hollywood and the media in general have been glamourising the hook-up culture for decades; it is a fact that attitudes towards gay people and gay marriage have been greatly influenced by their ubiquitousness in sitcoms and shows.
      There is a French thinker called Alain Soral who wrote a book about this, “Vers la feminisation” (Towards the feminisation). His thesis is that the business world promotes women’s lib because that means more revenue per home and therefore more spending. They don’t want large families with a single breadwinner who live modestly, who make do and mend, but DINKs who indulge themselves in every luxury possible.
      If you speak (or just read) French I strongly recommend you to check him out. He was born in 1958 so he has seen many of this social upheaval firsthand. Interestingly enough, as a young man he was a bit of a womanizer, a “dragueur” (which could be roughly translated as French for PUA) and therefore has a perfect grasp of gender relations dynamics.
      That’s my explanation. To it I would add how the downfall of the USSR left progressives in shock, unable to offer an economic alternative. So they focused on social and cultural issues instead. In America, where historically socialism was far weaker than in Europe, even more so. Some would say that this precisely what “cultural marxism” is about, but I disagree, since the Frankfurt School is far older. And of course the business world is delighted with leftists focusing on gay marriage instead of wages.
      To be fair, the advantage of championing those social/cultural causes is that victory is attainable. But there is a drawback. Feminism has basically died of success… all its serious objectives have been obtained (voting, equal rights, and so on). So it has to constantly reinvent itself, find out new causes, right up to the absurd. Hence the “manspreading” frenzy, for instance. It might be rude or selfish behavior, but certainly not a reason to make such a fuss. Same with catcalling and wolf-whistling. I find it sort of tacky and I understand that some women might not like it, but making it a “hate crime”? It is ridiculous.

      1. Capitalism does not care about societal issues. It only cares about what is good for profits. The only reason corporations support this dissolution of the West by means of this feminist/sodomite trend or immigrant invasion is because they make money from it. If societal norms were to shift tomorrow they would change in a heartbeat and all their previously held beliefs would be out the door. You need only to look at what happened to German companys when Hitler came to power and what became of them when he was out of the picture. Capitalism is and never was an all encompassing political ideology. It is an economic policy and should be treated as such.

        1. Yes, I fully agree. It is of course the fact that they make money out of it rather than some evil intentions on their part. At least primarily. Re-reading my post I see that I did not stress that enough.
          Sadly, I don’t expect things to change anytime soon. People need to understand how modern capitalism is increasingly intertwined with (fake) progressive politics. “Hey, we are exploiting workers as usual, but look, our CEO is a black lesbian, so no problem folks!”
          Some in the Left start to realize it, however:

        2. Capitalism is like a wild animal. You can use it for your benefit but it is impossible to tame, and as soon as you take your eyes of it, it will take a bite of you, and if you are unable to defend yourself in that instance, it will kill you.
          The whole notion of making Capitalism/ Free market your one and only guiding principle is idiocy. Tribe and in extension Nation must always come first.

      2. I have only a basic understanding of French, but am fascinated by Soral, and think his theory is far more on the mark than any of the “liberals are evil” or “conservatives are racist” simplethink.
        I am really hoping someone does an article on Soral here. I didn’t know this particular theory of his on women’s lib and capitalism, but I agree wholeheartedly.
        I made a post yesterday basically making the same claim about the feminization of our universities–it’s not a mass conspiracy–it’s mostly a way they can make more money. You can teach someone physics in a few months, and then he knows it. But you could spend a lifetime educating someone in the nuances of gender relations. Hence all this “soft” education has sprung up–it’s more for the benefit of the institution than it is some mass plan to propagandize the youth.
        I think Soral is an unknown genius (in America anyway–I understand he is quite popular in Europe) and has answers for some of the burning questions we have. I don’t buy most of the answers proposed from anyone in America (left, right, libertarian, atheist, whatever).

    10. Those boys will be pushed to far and ally with us en masse. If they don’t rebel themselves. The 80/20 rule unchecked always leads to sectarian violence.

  24. An example in solipsism and catcalling. I once pulled a Mexican girl in front of friend at about 11pm or so at night. It was dark and I gave her the ultimatum of be boring or come hang with me and friend. She chose me and friend and was later fucked by me and friend. The friend invited her out a few weeks after the NY catcalling video came out. She is there in front of a crowd of people now, telling these strangers how horrific that video was and how she hates catcalling.
    At this point I get a bit annoyed and decide to burst her bubble. If it weren’t for catcalling she wouldn’t have made two cool friends. She also wouldn’t have had a great night or had some amazing sex. She also might have missed out on a potentially great networking opportunity. All because of her own bias to men, which conveniently did not exist when the guys were ‘hot’.
    Not sure about anyone else, but if I am forced to be some cog in the corporate cesspool, where I am highly likely to not have a highly engaging lifestyle, the only chief opportunity to hit on women will be in transit. If that is the case, then hitting on women in transit is exactly what I will likely do.

  25. Some hard core douchbaggery on this comment section. Alpha males in nature are the males that reproduce, not the males that ‘game’ multiple females to compensate for insecurity. So many have been socially engineered to weed out reproduction. Sad.

    1. So 80% males should just kill themselves, right? Unless they are ok with being used as ATM cash dispensers by single moms of course.

        1. I never fully understand you fags who argue for the absolute necessity of procreation. I assume you are all little whiny twats who conform to the feminist myth of what the people on this site are like.
          Alpha males, if that is even a really valid distinction, are those who interact with their world on their own terms. Go, pop out of few kids. Enjoy. But don’t bring that bullshit to my back yard. My life is way too fucking good for that. You talk about “sad” I find your position weak and pathetic. Go. Raise your little family and pretend you are in some way meaningful if it makes you feel better. But the last thing I need is to be bugged with your ignorant nonsense.

        2. Lol, ‘fags who argue for procreation’, you got that ass-backwards…gay sex does not procreate…and you sound like a real happy self proclaimed ‘alpha’! Good luck with your meaningless existence.

        3. Can you read? Self proclaimed alpha? I even said “if alpha is even a valid distinction”
          I guess you just jumped onto the first thing that hit a little close to home and triggered you and forgot the rest of what I said.
          The irony is that someone who is so fucked in the head, weak and broken but is arguing for his own alpha supremacy is wearing the inmate number from clockwork orange. If you were smarter I would assume you were being clever. As it is, I just figure that you missed the whole fucking point of clockwork orange in the same way that you miss the point of masculinity.
          Ok, done with you.

        4. Lol, you caught me, I stopped reading your post after your ridiculous ‘fags’ comment. For someone who posts that your life ‘is way too fucking good’, you sure sound like a miserable bastard.

        5. Gotta get back to that rewarding life of chasing women to compensate for your adolescent level self esteem? No worries. Enjoy skippy.

        6. says the useful idiot who was fooled into pulling himself out of the gene pool but thinks he’s actually got a step on the system.

    2. While your sentence is technically correct, your assumption about the motives of everyone here is not. “Game” is merely a tool like a hammer. I can use it to build a house or to bash someone’s skull in. The hammer has no morals and doesn’t care how it is used.
      A man can use game for multiple goals: to score many women like you said, or to find and keep a quality wife. Some men learn game and play the field when they are younger and then apply the tenets of game to land a wife later in life once they settle down.
      I have seen the full gamut of men and their reasons for wanting to learn game here. Perhaps you should learn more about the people here before making such assertions.
      EDIT: To clarify, I was referring to your sentence of alpha males in nature when saying you were technically correct. The rest are ad hominems.

        1. Oh I know. I enjoy his, or her, insight about “keeping a quality wife” without ever being married.
          What’s the old saying about people always trying to give advice?

        2. I’ve spoken to others on here about this. The quality of our trolls has really sunk over the last 6 months or so. We had some pretty good ones. Real fighters who weren’t total fucking morons. These drooling mouth breathers who are so fucking stupid they create a vacuum and loaded with more self validating bullshit and need for attention than feminists are really boring.

        3. True, but I always found them to be an annoyance more than entertainment. Even those who put forth a solid statement or POV usually fell back to circular logic, moving goal posts and the standard logical fallicies as they got picked apart. They are not here for honest discourse and hence waste time. I do understand how you and other posters enjoy the fray though.

        4. You wouldn’t know a troll if you tripped over one. Reading your posts, I realized you are the poster boy for being ‘gamed’ by the system, ie a useful idiot…socially engineered to voluntarily pull yourself out of the gene pool. You’re really showing em chief.

        5. You know, it;s a lot more worrying that you’re gonna reproduce like a little rabbit but the again, you ain’t gon’ vaccinate any of your littler soooo………Flu season is just around the corner. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy nature

        6. If I may, yes, men do have to do “game”, if only to at least have a shot at a mate. Of course, game means different things to different people. However, at the end of the day, we do have to go out and attempt to talk to the woman we like. After all, despite feminism, most women still want to be wooed.

        7. In america with no fault divorce laws the average length of marriage is 7 years. 80% of divorces are filed by women. Best of luck to married men who don’t think they need game.

        8. The laws are designed to destroy the family unit. No question. How does having ‘game’ prevent this?

        9. Apparently your wives weren’t. Game could have helped you, but as you have no game I would guess your standard in “quatlity” must have taken a huge hit. Happy hunting.

        10. Lol, you’re exposing a primary reason people don’t volunteer personal information….your interpretation is 100% wrong. But I won’t let that stop you from posting inaccurate things.

        11. Agreed, but there are always better and worse and, unfortunately, we have been getting the worst kind. Like clockwork orange here. He is about as smart as a bag of wet wool and less charming to boot

        12. Lol, if you think I’m a feminist, you’re full on mentally disabled. Is this forum a useful idiot echo chamber?

        13. Do you you even know what a feminist is? Feminism is one of the tools used for population reduction, and full on state control of families. You either haven’t read what I’ve posted, or you’re too stupid to understand what I’ve posted if you consider my views feminist.

        14. If you expect women to do all the heavy lifting, sit, you’ll have to wait a long time. Since time immemorial men have had to go after what they want and women are not exception…idiot.

        15. If that’s a chick, then no one wants to game her. If that’s a guy, then I suppose even gay men don’t want to game him.

        16. Depending on what you call gaming, I do agree with you to a point. If you have to ‘game’ your wife to keep her, you made a bad call.

      1. the larger point is that a man should make his own decisions and accept both the rewards and consequences of those decisions as he makes his way through life. If, with eyes wide open, a man decides that family life is right for him and then earnestly goes about creating his world such that that is what he gets and he understands the benefits with the drawbacks I say good for him.
        Likewise the exact oppose. Opening your eyes, not being a passive observer in your own life, understanding the reality of your situation and acting in such a way that you are true to yourself despite (already predicted and understood) consequences is a hallmark of masculinity.
        Making a decision for yourself and then trying to make everyone in the fucking world conform to it by saying that every other decision is wrong is feminist troll tactics.

  26. England is lost, despite Brexit. Shit like this is so far beyond the pale that I almost don’t care if the rapefugees burn the whole place to the ground. I hope the few conservatives left manage to escape to a better life.

      1. Great game. Though I feel like Hi-Rez lost its mojo when it dumped GA for Tribes.
        Oh wait, were you trying to troll me? If so, damn, please don’t quit your day job.

    1. It’s a damn shame.
      England more than any other western country shaped our modern world. Even more than the US in my opinion.

    2. That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell my acquaintances and friends. Brexit was an emotional response and nothing fundamental has changed in Britain for the better. At this point in time only a victory of UKIP by the landslide and wide repeal of all these legal simulacra could be the answer. Otherwise as you said Britain is lost.

      1. UKIP won’t save you. The problem is too deep for a UKIP ballot box victory to solve. You have the entire media-political establishment against you. Because most brits (including UKIP voters) get their information from the totally pozzed BBC, they can’t even begin to understand where the problem is. Even the Telegraph is pretty well pozzed now.
        You need to create parallel political institutions to take over when the collapse comes. You need to create a network of supporters throughout the institutions with a strong ideology to rally around.
        More positively, the proles will be on your side first.

  27. yet another perfect example on how the hegelian dialectic is implemented in nowadays geopolitics:
    – agenda: replace family with state
    – problem: war on syria -> refugees -> inundate the most sexually “free” societies in the world with sexually aggressive males
    – solution: more strict laws that criminalize alpha masculine traits
    – result: thousands of families not created because the guy didn’t hit on the girl that precise evening because the cops were passing by

    1. You mean the feminine and sweet women that get attention from men. The ugly feminists would laugh all the way to the bank because she wasn’t getting any attention anyway.

  28. Typical PC cowardice. Instead of bravely identifying the culprits/offenders and going after them vigorously, they tar every male with the same brush.
    Guess they need the money to flow in and what better way than to keep expanding what’s actionable.

  29. Here’s a question – when Im out with my GF sometimes we’re being harrased by natives and more rare – white men, all of them being the filth of the society. It is a very unpleasant and disturbing experience. And it is a legit concern as well. So what are we to do about that? Call the police? But then to solve the problem they’d have to round up and send off to Gulags thousands of weirdos from all the inner cities.

  30. I can see if the woman rejects your advances over and over again. Then you’re fair game. Other than that, this is b.s. Then again, given that English women’s beauty standards peaked with the Spice Girls and the Duchess of Cambridge, not worth the risk.

    1. Hmmm even if she refuses someone several times, unless that man attempts to rape, nothing has happened. Bad game is not a crime, not in a sane world.

  31. The West is rottening away by the day. That cheers me up. Every time I read an article here that details yet another aspect of the Western degeneracy I’m over the moon. That cesspool has long been ripe for annihilation. Everything that advances this process is a good thing in my opinion since it is impossible to save and order has only a chance to come after the chaos that they’re heading towards. That’s why I’m on the fence about the Trump vs Rotten Clinton issue. Clinton would further all the problems but she wouldn’t let the US go down without a fight. And I think the world has seen enough destruction from the US.

    1. The “rottening” of the west is controlled demolition by the powers that be. The aftermath will be ugly. You’re naive to embrace it.

      1. I don’t live there, althoug I did spend a year in the UK. And of course it is controlled but hey if they are sheep enough to be controlled into fucking up their societies then they bloody well deserve their fate. That’s actually why this kind of news makes me happy, not because what will come after all this. I still think order of some kind only has a chance to come after chaos. And what we currently have is a nightmare so I think there is a little bit of hope but first we have to see that big pile of shit burn down

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