Brandon Bostian’s Amtrak Crash Exposes The Problems With Homosexuals In America

Last week, Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian was responsible for a train derailment near Philadelphia, killing eight people and injuring several others. In the aftermath of the crash, mainstream media outlets attempted to hush up the fact that Bostian was a gay activist and likely an affirmative action hire, as his job prior to Amtrak was as a register jockey for Target. Conservative journalist Charles Johnson was the first to uncover not only Bostian’s identity, but his penchant for plastering dick pics all over the Internet (link NSFW):

After a careful study of his social media we conclude that he is an exhibitionist who is interested in odd sex acts.

We’ve thankfully blocked out the actual dicks because we’re a family friendly website (sort of).

We’re publishing these photos because we believe the public has a right to know and because we think it’s important to always focus on the who of a story rather than whatever policy outcome.

(Of course, nobody would question this material if it came from Gawker or another degenerate site but because its they’ll freak out.)

Johnson’s detractors tried to argue that Bostian’s homosexuality and exhibitionism had nothing to do with the crash, but the reality is that character traits don’t exist in a vacuum. How someone acts in their private life sheds light on how they’ll behave on the job, a fact that leftists have twisted in order to sic lynch mobs on anyone whom they deem “racist,” “sexist” or “homophobic.” It’s not a stretch to argue that a man obsessed with showing off his private parts to strangers might also be inclined to show off how fast he can drive a runaway train.

For the past twenty years, the left has pushed acceptance for gays and gay marriage on the basis that homosexuals are just like you and me, the only difference being who they’re attracted to. While I don’t care what people do in their private lives, this reductionist line ignores widespread dysfunction among homosexuals. Indeed, because the left has so effectively hidden the dark side of gay culture from view, homosexuals are becoming a major threat to public health and safety.

The Gays Are Very Different From You And Me


The most obvious problem with homosexual men is that they’re walking disease vectors. It’s common knowledge that the HIV epidemic is driven by homosexual men; according to the CDC, gay and bisexual men account for 61% of all HIV infections in the U.S. despite comprising only two percent of the population. HIV continues to persist in the West because the sexual habits of gay men make the most degenerate straights look like chaste church-goers in comparison:

Prior to the AIDS epidemic, a 1978 study found that 75 percent of white, gay males claimed to have had more than 100 lifetime male sex partners: 15 percent claimed 100-249 sex partners; 17 percent claimed 250-499; 15 percent claimed 500- 999; and 28 percent claimed more than 1,000 lifetime male sex partners. Levels of promiscuity subsequently declined, but some observers are concerned that promiscuity is again approaching the levels of the 1970s. The medical consequence of this promiscuity is that gays have a greatly increased likelihood of contracting HIV/AIDS, syphilis and other STDs.

Despite the fact that their promiscuous lifestyles are literally halving their lifespans, homosexual men are incapable of putting the brakes on their hedonism. For example, according to this New York magazine article from last summer, gay men have reacted to the new anti-HIV drug Truvada by resuming their barebacking ways. That’s like a fat chick continuing to shove her face with Twinkies after getting her stomach stapled:

When Adam and I met up, he’d taken his first dose of Truvada the day before. He felt fatigued, but he’d also underslept, so he wasn’t sure it was the drug. The night before, he’d invited over a regular hookup who has told him he’s HIV-­negative. “I had wanted him to cum in my mouth,” Adam says, “but I knew that the PrEP doesn’t take full effect for seven days.”

To make matters worse, HIV retrovirals are heavily subsidized by Western governments. A 2000 report showed that the Australian government was spending roughly $10,500 AUS per patient for HIV retrovirals, and could possibly be spending over $3 billion AUS ($2.5 billion USD) on Truvada alone now. Effectively, your tax dollars are being spent on allowing gays to have unprotected sex with truckloads of men.

Also note the stunning lack of propriety in the above passage. This guy is so shameless about his sleeping around that he has no problem telling a complete stranger that he wanted another man to “cum in [his] mouth.” Lack of propriety and proper boundaries seems to be common among homosexuals, as this news article about the children of gay couples (and why they oppose gay marriage) shows:

Dawn Stefanowicz said her gay father was so preoccupied with sex that when she was in high school and brought home a male classmate, both her father and his lover propositioned him for sex.

Imagine a straight man hitting on his son’s girlfriend. You can’t, because even a single father wouldn’t think about violating his son’s boundaries in that fashion. This is how many homosexuals act: they’re narcissists who can’t be bothered to integrate into society yet constantly demand that straight people approve of their life choices.

It gets even worse. Gay marriage, typically framed as a matter of “love,” can easily be used to enable homosexual child molesters. For example, in 2013, gay couple Mark J. Newton and Peter Truong were convicted of child sexual abuse after they had a son via artificial insemination, then used him as their personal sex toy:

Police believe the pair had adopted the boy ‘‘for the sole purpose of exploitation’’. The abuse began just days after his birth and over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.

Before their crimes were discovered, Newton and Truong were the focus of an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) puff piece on gay adoption. The article has since been deleted from the ABC website, but a copy of it is archived here. There are likely more gay abusers like Newton adopting children for the sole purpose of raping them, but their stories are being suppressed by the media for obvious reasons.

While not as problematic as gay men, homosexual women have their own set of pathologies. In a recent article for Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos revealed that contra to feminist propaganda, the lion’s share of domestic violence in Western countries is committed in lesbian relationships:

The Huffington Post reported in 2014 that 50 percent of lesbian women experience one of these Sapphic skirmishes at some point in their lives. Yet it wasn’t until 2002 that researchers bothered to look into the scale and character of lesbian domestics and understanding of the phenomenon has not increased dramatically, even among lesbians themselves.

According to the CDC, a whopping 75 percent of bisexual women claim to be victims of sexual violence, likely because they’re exposed to both violent men and women.

Tolerance Of The Intolerable Is Not A Virtue


It’s tempting for men who are more clued-in to the nature of the sexes to argue that gay men act the way they do because they’re men, not because they’re gay. This ignores the fact that homosexuals exhibit behaviors and pathologies that are almost nonexistent in the straight population, from anonymous sex (rare among heterosexuals), to exhibitionist sex (in Brandon Bostian’s case), to higher rates of mental illness in general, to freakish paraphilias like this (link not safe for work, or your mental health).

The leftist tactic of smearing critics of homosexual degeneracy as “homophobic” is completely off-base. We aren’t “afraid” of homo misbehavior, we’re disgusted by it, same as if we’d stepped in a dog turd on the sidewalk. There is nothing wrong with being revolted by people who spread disease through reckless sex, who adopt children so they can abuse them sexually, and who think shoving a taser up a mummy’s ass makes for a fun Friday night.

While I have no issue with people doing what they want in the privacy of their homes, homo dysfunction—and the left’s inability to acknowledge it—is hurting society at large. Homosexual men are spreading disease through their wanton barebacking and other paraphilias, while lesbians are disproportionately battering women. If gays truly want straights to tolerate them, they need to rein in their misbehavior and stop acting like we’re the bad guys for pointing it out.

At the end of the day, heterosexuality is the future of mankind. Homosexuality is just a hobby.

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471 thoughts on “Brandon Bostian’s Amtrak Crash Exposes The Problems With Homosexuals In America”

  1. There is much to ponder in this essay. Frankly, the male homosexual who indulges himself freely courts damage of so many kinds that you’d think celibacy would appear irresistibly attractive by comparison. That that’s not the case suggests that there’s a serious mental-illness component to homosexuality, whether or not the orientation itself is inborn.

  2. For the most part. I agree with the message of this essay. I’ve maintained for the entirety of my adult life that your rights end the moment they interfere with the rights of others. If two men want to engage in gay behavior in the privacy of their own homes, they are free to do so. But the minute they start to abuse a child, their rights end and they should be rightfully prosecuted for it. Same with lesbian relationships. Being a lesbian shouldn’t be a crime. But beating your girlfriend or boyfriend is a crime, no matter what your orientation is.

    1. How open minded of you.
      The thing is. what you do in your own home is never a crime. even if they make it illegal, it’s only illegal if someone finds out about it… and if they find out about it legally, that means you didn’t keep it private.

        1. Meaning, nothing is illegal unless you get caught. And if you get caught, you deserve it.

        2. i see. interesting wordplay.
          you must surely have been inspired by quantum theory – nothing happens when not observed.

      1. That’s stupid. So if you murder someone in your home it’s not a crime as long as you can keep it private?

        1. Of course it isn’t.
          I am not saying it is not wrong, or not evil, or not a sin, but a crime?
          There are no automatic monitors in your house that will instantly execute you or send you to prison for spanking your wife with a paddle or smoking a joint.
          At least not yet.

        2. Completely out of topic, but you mentioning spanking reminded me that you are a Dom. I’m interested in asking you, if you don’t mind telling me, as a men experienced in that field what advice would you give to someone who was trying to introduce his girlfriend to bondage and submission?

        3. swat her ass while you are fucking her.
          Seriously, that’s the best way of figuring out if she is easy to introduce or difficult.
          Also hair-pulling. gradually work it into tying hands to bed, then feet.
          Tickle, then swat. There’s a fine line between the ‘delicious pain’ of a good hard massage and the ‘delicious pain’ of mild sadism.
          Talk to her about it. What she has to say on the matter means very little, but verbally introducing concepts seems to set chicks at ease about them.

    2. I think one of the things we need to get away from, is the over-inflated sense of “rights.” Objectively speaking, a “right” is “a just (or righteous) claim.” There cannot be, objectively speaking, a “right” to do something wrong. Now, there are often grounds for tolerating something that may not be objectively right. For example, Natural Law would tell us that people in a representative government must have the right to criticize and question their representatives, so there is indeed a right to freely speak to that purpose in an edifying way. But Natural Law would also tell us that wealth redistribution is a crime and a massive social injustice, and thus there can be no “right” to advocate for communist or socialist programmes. We may say that we prefer to err on the side of allowing unjust speech for a variety of good reasons, but as soon as we float the idea that people have an actual and objective “right” to speak in unjust, false or dangerous ways, we are toying with the liberal/modernist heresy, whose potent poison acts upon society in many (initially) unseen ways.
      There can never be a conflict between true rights; the attempt to create a false neutrality by saying that rights end where they begin to conflict with the rights of others, is that, in the end, because people’s interests are always conflicting and we have already abandoned the notion of absolute truth (if we are speaking of abstract rights disconnected from what is actually Right), an hierarchy of rights based on preferred classes and behaviours will emerge. The homosexual’s “right” to be free from discrimination, for example, will trump your actual right to free association. And this is the case everywhere in our society, where real rights – of husband over wife, of father over children, of free association, of self-defense, of entitlement to just laws and social order, etc., are always being trumped by “rights” – to abortion, to “free” health care, to faggotry, to women’s suffrage, etc. One can always find a pretext for explaining why your rights are encroaching on their “rights,” rather than vice-versa.
      Until Western society repents, reaffirms her commitment to the Truth, and stops speaking in irrational strains of the “rights of man” (preferring instead to adhere strictly to Natural Law and the Rights of God over man), we will not turn the ship around. The problem with our American conservatism, is that it is simply a commitment to an earlier phase of the liberal revolution; but it adopts all those same principles (personal liberty without regard to what is actually right and true), and thus we see that our “conservatives” are not capable of halting the leftward slide. As long as we are working with the same principles, then we will continue to be shamed by each new phase of the leftward slide for not being “tolerant” and “open” of others’ “rights.” Since we accept the premise, we have no rebuttal, ultimately.

      1. where real rights – of husband over wife, of father over children,
        Throughout most of human history there was no marriage or husbands.The concept of a father didn’t exist and it was a primitive matriarchy.They didn’t even know what caused pregnancy or that a man had anything to do with it and did not associate it with sex.

    3. Homosexuality is a mental illness, it’s certainly not innate. High rates of homosexuality correlate with upbringing, English public schools produced a notoriously large amount of gays because schoolboys only very rarely saw a woman. They don’t any more because of mixed-sex schooling and internet porn. The same reason explains the high rates of bestiality in certain muslim countries.
      Furthermore, people don’t exist in a vaccuum. Everyone is part of a community at some level, it’s only that in big cities, people are atomised. The moment they start to abuse a child is already too late. Prevention is better than cure.

  3. Just a note on the aids thing, it was the heavy usage of amil nitrate (found in poppers) that caused the initial concerns since they were coming into the hospital in droves with these large, red marks on their bodies. The whole HIV thing is false. I won’t go into it because, you know, most people believe it isn’t false. Just do some research yourselves, oh, and ask yourselves a very simple question: Are they making a shit-tonne of money treating AIDS patients?

  4. Bad behavior is bad behavior…doesn’t matter where it comes from at all. People (gay or straight) should be called out for it.
    Never let anything stop you if you see it happening (that includes the SJWs and the PC police).

  5. This article has a lot of good facts about the perversity of homosexual behavior, but it seems like the bit about the Amtrak crash was just tacked on to the top of the post as an afterthought. Forney makes no real logical connection between the two arguments.

    1. Agreed. I was actually expecting there to be a revelation that the fag was sucking cock or taking pictures of his cock when the crash happened.

      1. We’ll never know. From Target to driving a train seems pretty strange

        1. meh, my drunkard ex roommate was hired off the street as a bus driver.
          Of course, once I called UTA and let them know that he was a drunk, they quickly fired him, but this is Utah… Political correctness might not allow that for a nationwide like Amtrack.

      2. Yes, this is what I was expecting. To simply say that fags are flamboyant, and so of course he drove the train flamboyantly, was a bit short of the mark.
        It would not surprise me at all, however, to learn that he wrecked the train because he was eagerly looking at/posting dick pics, or searching for sex on an hookup app.

    2. The logical link is clear, the bad behavior of Gays is an afterthought of the mass media. They are protected in all their wrongdoings.
      When the crash happened, where was blame pinned? On Amtrack, on their safety spending, etc..etc… Not on the train going 105 in a 50 near a turn. If that driver had been a tea party member, gun-toting, bill-of-rights-espousing guy, you can bet your last dollar that would be the story, how the clear mental illness of the driver probably led to the high speed near a turn. Instead, his homosexuality and activism is hidden away, not even a topic of discussion.
      That’s the point of the article, that homosexuality is “protected” and “hidden” when the mental disorders associated with it might be relevant to the public, but when someone appreciates the bill of rights enough to be an activist about it, they’re somehow a mentally deranged bigot.

      1. I re-read the article, and I still don’t see where Forney made that link.
        As of this writing there’s no information available as to why the train crashed, so really its impossible to say that his homosexuality is the cause of this.
        I see two articles in this one post. The first couple paragraphs are an intro to an article about Brandon Bostian’s homosexual activities where he says “It’s not a stretch to argue that a man obsessed with showing off his private parts to strangers might also be inclined to show off how fast he can drive a runaway train.”
        Forney never works out this argument. The entire rest of the article has absolutely nothing to do with Brandon Bostian–he is only mentioned once more, yet this seems to be an important argument because it links back to the title.
        The rest is the body of a second article about dirty homosexual activities, and how they’re harmful, but he doesn’t make any real links back to Brandon Bostian specifically except for that single mention. I think it would be good and informative on its own.

        1. How often do we hear of who is Christian in new stories? It’s not the go-to cause of every person highlighted in the news. In most cases the Christians point out that they are Christians and are doing things for the sake of Christianity. Like stopping abortion, or preventing gays to marry, or killing people from time to time depending on the level of deep Christianity they say drove them to it. We hardly hear much about those things. Thats the reality. Because there really is no concerted effort to end Christianity. Some of us have tried it, liked it, but were pushed out because of our differences. Our lives have been better off. Would we go back? We’ll think about it. But see there are an awful lot of Christians saying these crazy things so you are not really doing yourselves convincing people like me. I just have to take it up to Jesus and God myself. Thanks.

    3. Exactly. I was waiting for some kind of connection, because although I haven’t followed the story, I did think the engineer had advocated in the past for improved rail safety, so I was picturing him as more of a whistle blower than a dick blower haha
      Anyway, this article treads dangerously close into the Pat Robertson nuttery (Katrina and 911 happened cause gays).

      1. It gets eyeballs…..hey, it got mine!
        Its a different side of the same hysteria coin; on one side you’ve got the left and on the other you’ve got the right. They’ll both make spurious claims so long as it gets them attention.

  6. Before their crimes were discovered, Newton and Truong were the focus of an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) puff piece on gay adoption. The article has since been deleted from the ABC website, but a copy of it is archived here. There are likely more gay abusers like Newton adopting children for the sole purpose of raping them

    The gaystapo (“KKGay”) wants to make you believe that opponents of gay marriage are religious wackos whose only argument is this…
    …when in reality the main argument against gay marriage is gay adoption, which enables pederasts to easily adopt victims:

      1. I agree – my first thought is to attribute his look as direct indication of how he survived years in prison – given two choices – he chose to live – but the transformation suffered is a questionable tradeoff.

        1. Either that or he got lockjaw from having his mouth in that open position for so long.

    1. Not only can gay couples adopt, they can find some doctor to perform gender re-assignment surgery when the child has no real ability to understand what’s happening.

      1. That’s outrageous. If you know the doctor who does this I would get that information to Breitbart or something like that. A story like that getting exposure could be a real game changer. Do you know what city or state that doctor is in?

        1. It happens everywhere.
          Transgenderreality is a great site that shows just how fucked these people are, and the propaganda they’re shoving down little kids’ throats, mostly boys.
          Here’s a great example of a kid who is likely just gay but thanks to the trans mindset, he went from curious to ‘I will kill myself in three months if i don’t get on female hormone’.

          These people are actively trying to destroy men by telling boys to mutilate themselves and take puberty blockers which stand a good chance of killing them, and they are getting laws passed left and right that enable them to do so.

        2. There’s a part of me that thinks: If some homosexual kid is weak enough to be coached by complete strangers to give up his maleness, then why should I care? He’s weak. He’d never be a real man even if reddit didn’t convince him to “become” a woman. Our society need strong men. If some gay kid wants to run as far as possible from that responsibility: then good riddance (as a male).

        3. No we have a responsibility to the innocent children of our country. It’s up to us to protect them.

        4. I don’t know. Then you have even less men.
          I’m not talking about middle aged men who choose to get their dicks lopped off, I’m talking about little boys who are being coached by mommies who like to paint their toenails pink that they’re a girl in a boy’s body. Then they get on the internet and the trannies at reddit help it all along.
          To me, this is male genocide, and I realize that sounds a bit strongly worded, but it is exactly what we’re looking at.
          At least gay men are MGTOW in some sense, which means you have people like Milo able to shut femmies up when they start talking stupid shit.

        5. I get what you’re saying, but if you’re weak enough to be convinced to chop off your genitals by your mother and the Internet, then you probably should be a woman.

        6. I’m not really in disagreement with you but I’ll say that I think children under the age of ten who are being subjected to this are basically being brainwashed and can’t really make those kinds of decisions on their own.
          I do however, respect your opinion and thanks for having this conversation with me. Much appreciated.

        7. He might have had lesbo moms or a guy that sucked him but once he hits puberty hormones might make him straight.

        8. I think there are a lot of dads out there who love their sons and don’t want to see this happening, either through mommie Munchausen by proxy or via predatory transies on the internet.
          There are some mothers who believe that the fact that their toddler says something that sounds like ‘me girl’ means they are trans and we should allow them to make the decision to be trans. Would these same ‘mothers’ allow their sons to drink poison? While protecting their daughters from imaginary ‘rapes’ that never took place?
          I support MGTOW and fathers, and I would hope that more women would speak up in support of them too, instead of fucking with men in more ways than one.

        9. Ten years old and you are supposed to believe they understand sexuality? LMFAO! These mother fuckers are child abusers. Prog insanity is drowning our entire culture. It’s fucking sexual grooming just like the Rotherham rapes.
          I’m sick of these degenerates trying to twist innocent children. You want to be a social justice warrior? What happens when I arm myself and fight back?
          Cause I’m fighting back. Fuck this child abuse.

        10. SJW and feminists are deeply sick people. Parents who allow this shit to fly *are* abusers, and I support fathers and MGTOW who are determined to protect their sons. Men are under attack in this country. It is a fucked up state of affairs.
          If anyone tried to feed a male child in my family this kind of BS, either through school, or sick mothering, or trans on the internet, there would be some very strong pushback.
          Traditional women aren’t going to put up with this, and neither are traditional men, but there’s so much damage being done that my hope is that we can get our voices heard.

    2. One of those news shots of the Newton/Truong pedophilia crime shows the boy’s face.
      I enjoy your posts, but honestly its cruel to put that up.

    3. Is it too late to turn this article into an Amicus Brief and mail it off to SCOTUS? The jokers who run this madhouse have no idea what they’re about to unleash upon us. The Onion poked fun at opponents of same sex marriage with this “witty” piece of satire below, but my question is, are we really far from this happening for real?
      I mean, hell, they’re already rounding us up and holding us hostage by twisting and contorting every rule of law in existence to suit their purposes. What’s to stop them from just dragging us out in the street and having their way with us?

    4. I still have a difficult time comprehending that there is a large chunk of the population, albeit disproportionately female, content to junk major components our social infrastructure (e.g. nuclear family model, religion) merely to appease a deranged 2% of the population.

      1. Why?
        They are primitive creatures, imperfect and materialistic to the extreme.

      2. a good number of people suffer from pathological compassion, usually caused by poor upbringing
        women are naturally more susceptible to the disease

        1. Are they? I doubt if they are more compassionate towards a man than a man would be.It seems that they are very selective about who gets the compassion. Most females appear to have more compassion for a cat than some homeless man.

      3. That’s what I appreciate about Russia, Ukraine and Korea. They’re not scared to stand up for the most basic human values.

        1. South Korea of course! You’d have to be unhinged to go into the north.
          On the downside they can be a little conformist. I don’t think there is such a thing as a Korean excentric.

        2. not Ukraine, I think you mean Russia, China, Iran, etc. Ukraine used to be like that until the Western takeover of their government last year.

        3. People’s minds don’t change overnight. Ukraine is still Ukraine. People’s mentalities matter morz than governments. Mainland China kills babies. What you say holds for Taiwan.
          Never been to Iran. I’m not a great fan of death cults, I’ll wait till it sorts itself out. Polygamy is messed up, what are the surpluss men supposed to do?

        4. Meh, Iran isn’t that bad. Sure they have the polygamy thing, but only to a limited degree compared to some other Middle eastern countries, most of Iran being monogamous. And concerning their theocratic government, well, you said it best yourself: “People’s mentalities matter more than governments”. Not to say there aren’t Shia fanatics in the general population as well as the government itself, but on the whole Iran is quite moderate and has historically been very different to the Arab countries.
          Feel me to correct me on anything. I haven’t been there either, and am just reporting on what I’ve read about the place.

        5. Lol, this is a new type of fool who is resistant to his home nation’s propaganda, but out of a sense of disillusionment with his domestic situation, happily and readily buys into the propaganda of foreign regimes because he fantasizes that they must be good, simply because they represent ( in his imagination ) opposition to perceived injustices at home.
          U vas kasha v rtu durak.

        6. All the Iranians I’ve met have been against the fanatics and some even said Islam was evil. One guys said he hoped the west invaded his country to free it from the theocracy, I think his family lost their position when the Shah fell. They all lived outside Iran.
          From what I’ve heard there is a large educated and secular middle class. My assumption is that aren’t the majority and are breeding a lot more slowly than the fanatics. I hope I’m wrong.

    5. Frankly, I am tired of the strategic insertions of homos into regular TV shows (Blacklist and The Following are examples). Of course, the ultimate in twisted gay propaganda is Penny Dreadful. It has the most disgusting and unnecessary gay sex scenes.
      I have actually suspected HBO of having an agenda here for years (The Wire and Game of Thrones spring to mind) where contrived homosexuality is replete throughout the the shows and there actually seems to be more gay sex than heterosexual. GoT is a particular offender here since there is none of that stuff in the books.

      1. I’m tired of all the strategic insertions of heteros into regular TV shows, it’s straight propaganda. So many unnecessary straight sex scenes, they’re everywhere, impossible to avoid them. Gross.
        I have actually suspected every company ever of having an agenda for years where contrived heterosexuality is replete throughout the shows and there actually seems to be more straight sex than homosexual.
        Shut the fuck up, there’s so many straight people everywhere you should be able to suck it up and handle the homosexuality every once in a while, god knows the homosexuals don’t complain about heterosexuality in shows or movies. They deserve this.

        1. Have you ever meet a black in real life as smart as seen on TV. If equality existed somewhere in the world there would be at least one school with Asians girls being as stupid and violent as black boys.

        2. i’m an IT. one of the most brilliant sys admins i’ve ever worked with was a black guy. played college football and had a big ol’ afro and everything. i worked with another black guy who was pretty smart on a job many years ago, too. black guys are few and far between in IT though, especially in the higher-level jobs. i always figured it was a cultural thing, i.e. getting shamed by their own for being into coding or building networks because it’s perceived as a white/asian thing.

        3. Stop being gay. For the record I am no fan of sex scenes. If gays have issues with heteros well say your piece and I’ll let you know if I give a fuck. But make no mistake – it is homos pushing this shit. I have no particular problem with gays but that doesn’t mean I have to like watching two guys having sex.

        4. If they are that great name them so we can see their linkdin profiles to know they exist as more than just tokens.

        5. Me, and I don’t do fat chicks either. Don’t understand about the violent Asian chicks though.

        6. If equality existed the way leftists believe it somewhere Asians would be just as stupid as blacks, but blacks cant even compete with Hispanics.

        7. Oh come on you could use Condoleezza Rice as an actual black who passed merit based tests and no one would know you never saw her in real life.

        8. Blacks collectively, I suppose you right. But I can and do compete. Not all of us are like Baltimore, ect….

        9. I understand US MENSA has 57,000+ members and 9 of them can check the African American box. Several of them could sneak into a kkk rally in the summer however.

        10. Fuck it. I am gonna just live my life, married to a nice Spanish woman, who running against sterotype is NOT fat, and if Im not a member of Mensa…I will just have to get over it. And I will not be voting for another piece of shlt like Ojacko. NABMALT.

        11. Right on the money. We’ve got to stop letting people force us to compare apples to oranges. A man and woman having sex is NORMAL, and generally doesn’t involve someone getting cornholed except on EXTREMELY rare occasions (98% of straight women and men aren’t into that unless they’re getting paid to do it on camera). But with gays, we’re talking about people who do this crap all day every day, to the point where the poor bastards have to wear Depends to keep from shitting themselves. MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT CRAP ON TV, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE. To quote Dave Chappelle, “gay sex is gross, I’m sorry, but I just find it to be gross.” And SCOTUS is actually contemplating saying that what they do is as normal as what WE do?!?!

      2. “Game of Thrones”? In case you haven’t seen the latest episodes, Loras hasn’t exactly gotten the best treatment for being gay. You could say that plot point is “contrived” but his homosexuality has an effect on the story and is not merely arbitrarily inserted. The same goes for Cersei’s incestual relationship with her brother. There are also plenty of normal straight relationships to balance it out.

        1. I know about Loras. I refer to the show in its entirety. I have not read about this in the books yet but if it is in there please don’t give me any specifics.
          I have no problem with homosexuality as an issue. It is the blatant way it is thrown in our faces when we watch these shows (GoT is merely an example here). It is treated much more sensibly in Da Vinci’s Demons for example. In the first three books of GoT there are only the vaguest references to homosexuality. In the show, you see guys giving each other blowjobs. There is a definite agenda to attempt to normalize this behavior. They are risking a serious backlash from people like myself, who on the one hand, don’t care what your personal habits are as long as you don’t force me to watch it.

    6. “The most obvious problem with homosexual men is that they’re walking disease vectors. It’s common knowledge that the HIV epidemic is driven by homosexual men; according to the CDC, gay and bisexual men account for 61% of all HIV infections in the U.S. despite comprising only two percent of the population. HIV continues to persist in the West because the sexual habits of gay men make the most degenerate straights look like chaste church-goers in comparison” except the stats are wrong:
      “Also note the stunning lack of propriety in the above passage. This guy is so shameless about his sleeping around that he has no problem telling a complete stranger that he wanted another man to “cum in [his] mouth.” Lack of propriety and proper boundaries seems to be common among homosexuals, as this news article about the children of gay couples (and why they oppose gay marriage) shows:” note that these are liars:
      “While not as problematic as gay men, homosexual women have their own set of pathologies. In a recent article for Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos revealed that contra to feminist propaganda, the lion’s share of domestic violence in Western countries is committed in lesbian relationships:” wrong again:
      “This ignores the fact that homosexuals exhibit behaviors and pathologies that are almost nonexistent in the straight population, from anonymous sex (rare among heterosexuals), to exhibitionist sex (in Brandon Bostian’s case), to higher rates of mental illness in general, to freakish paraphilias like this (link not safe for work, or your mental health).” That is such bullshit:

  7. Great article, Matt.
    I agree – they aren’t like us. There’s no shortage of peter puffer flight attendants roaming around the cabins of airliners either, so I’ve seen more than enough of their queenish behavior. Hell, it was an Air Canada flight attendant that brought AIDS to North America, if I remember correctly. I often wonder how these princesses would handle their responsibilities if shit ever got rough up there. But they won’t be going anywhere – they’ll just hire more and more. They can only do so much affirmative action hiring in the cockpit, so they make up for it by letting them crack open cans of Coke and giving safety briefings to you fine folks.
    A Southwest pilot keeping it real:

    1. You gotta love the part at the end where the white knight chimes in with his morally superior tone and says ” this is what gives airline pilots a bad name”
      Total limp wrist

    2. I can’t imagine the pilot’s face when he realized he was being heard. Probably one of pure dread.

    3. I love that clip. The SWA guy was able to keep his job which really makes me like SWA–I’m sure the union had a hand in it too. That was slightly worse than my worst stuck-mic incident. Yea, I admit it. I strung together a colorful tapestry of the English language that was so bad after I realized my mistake and heard all the “nice stuck mic” and mic double clicks, I grabbed my FO and had him pick up the clearance. Every one got to hear about my drive in, maintenance issues, the dumb broads at the desk, the sub-par line personnel.. well, why not dammit, the cockpit is my personal sanctuary when I’m in it by myself, till I realized how quiet the radio had become. I took that leg so I didn’t have to talk on the radio until after shift change.
      You’re right, patient zero was an Air Canada FA. He played rump-ranger to over 2,500 other fags and God only knows how many female FA’s. Damn, remember when sex was safe and flying was dangerous…

      1. “Damn, remember when sex was safe and flying was dangerous…”
        LOL’d at that.
        You and I both know, Aeronaut, that if they were to ground all pilots due to something they said in the cockpit—not a single airplane would leave the ground today. Lord knows, I’ve had my moments… well, a lot of moments. My writing style and my manner of speech aren’t very different from one another if you catch my drift.
        My best stuck mic was when I was still CFI’ing about 9/10 years ago. Me and a student were doing a night cross country to an airport that was notorious for having loads of foreign students buzzing around the pattern. It was a Class D that went surface based class E after sunset, so the tower was closed and we were on CTAF. You fly corporate, so I’m sure you’ve been to an airport or two with a school that trains Indians and Chinese students—it’s a complete clusterfuck. Those bastards are dangerous and flat-out scary, period. This was, of course, exacerbated with the tower being closed and no one to babysit them.
        So five miles out, I key the mic and let’em know we’re coming in: NXXXX, 5 miles out, will cross mid field for downwind yadda yadda. For the next five miles—in a 172 mind you—I proceed to make every slur against Indians I can think of. I had trained a few Indians, and with no underarm deodorant, a hot summer day in a PA-28/172, a steady diet of curry, and what seemed to be an unending wish to kill me at every opportunity—I developed a bit of resentment towards them. There were a couple of them doing night takeoffs and landings in the pattern, of course. So, one of them gave me—in his Apu from the Simpsons/Bombay call center voice—a speech about professionalism.
        Me and my student laughed our asses off for the entire 50 mile ride back home—good times and memories. Luckily I haven’t had anything too crazy since then.

  8. Damn good article Matt! Here is the unfortunate affair, accepting homosexuals isn’t the problem. It is the obvious, and high, potential for destructive behavior. One gay guy I know engages in behavior where he nightly risks hiss health and uses libations. Another invites suspect degenerates who may just appear on a coach or shower stall, like they were always there. Another gay male I know, caught HIV in the span of the 2 years I knew him. These aren’t things I have to concern myself with straight people. Homosexuals take all the problems of straight women, potential promiscuity, potential physical abuse, potential diseases, and compounds them tenfold.

  9. What’s worse than homosexuals are ‘bisexuals’, because they are the ultimate disease vectors.

    1. I’m not sure of the accuracy, but I suspect bisexuals still typically have sex less than your unabashed homosexual. Especially homosexual males.

      1. yes, but without bisexuals, diseases STAY in the homosexual sector.
        Bisexuals transfer it to straight women, who transfer itr to straight men.
        I could give a fuck if a million fags die of HIV… but my concern arises when the first straight person dies from it.

        1. Yes, but… threesomes are awesome.
          [edit] I’m talking about fucking bisexual girls, not guys, of course.

        2. Actually, I disagree also. They’re waaay overrated. But I made the comment anyway, just because..

        3. they really really are. I mean, yeah, there’s the ego boost, but in the end I have just one dick, a second woman is just a distraction, and a second man… well. if you were in a threesome with another guy, you might as well cut off your dick and wear a tutu.

        4. Did both. The extra woman is a bit of a distraction and not as exciting as porn makes you believe.

        5. Such a gentle soul you are.
          You’re from the Appalachian mountains aren’t you?

        6. Of course. I have often thought about becoming a serial killer, but I think it would get boring quickly, and killing people just doesn’t give men an emotional rush.
          Still, it might be fun for a little while.

        7. Never nothing wrong with a second woman…..that was heaven…Wish I could have it like that all the time. A second man…..Not happening….Thats gay.

  10. Faggots and all sexual deviants should be made to wear pink triangles and worked to death in forced labour camps, just like the glorious Nazis did.

    1. I disagree. sexual deviants are fun, as long as they don’t flirt with disease.
      I strongly suggest beating a woman with a belt at least once while you fuck her, she enjoys it, and you get some of the best sex of your life.

      1. I was referring to fags, bi-sexuals, trans etc, not kinky fuckers like you lol

    2. According to the Pink Swastika, the Nazis were gay pedophiles and opposed Christianity for demonizing homosexuality in Germany

      1. Thing is, it kinda is. There is no direct link to the fag being a fag and the fact that him being a fag caused the crash.

        1. well, If you take the faggy fact that he’s faggot because he objects faggily to an article critical of fags, then his faggotry becomes obvious faggotry, rather than simply a faggoty appearance of faggotry.
          Oh, you were talking about the train driver fag, not the seatless-bike pedalling fag.

        2. But his faggness still wasn’t directly linked to the crash in the article. Which is kinda gay.

        3. You forget that he may have been hired based on his sexuality due to affirmative action.

        4. Point, although to be fair an airline would fire a pilot caught with a bowl of coke and a dozen dead hookers in a hot tub. so why was the fag given a pass?

        5. I give you that one! The media is trying too hard to cover up some aspects but the article is a bit of a long shot. It’s trying to find the needle in the haystack.

        6. in my opinion the most salient point is that it shows irresponsibility.
          Even if said airline pilot was cleared of all charges (No drugs in his system, no link to the dead hookers) The point remains that he showed a woeful level of irresponsibility by simply being in that situation in tyhe first place.
          Homos are irresponsible. Period. It’s like TSA patting down grandmothers and toddlers instead of ragheads.. It’s a stupid policy to ignore ‘the most likely outcome’ simply because people ‘might be an exception’ and paying attention to your instincts, while most often leading to correct action, is ‘bigoted’.
          If they had refused to hire him because he was a faggot, and most faggots are irresponsible, the train wreck would not have occured.

    1. Says the person who can’t control his impulses and sides with pedophilia.

        1. I fucking can’t stand this shit anymore. Playing dumb here? Did you see those pictures above? Look, I’ve been to p town everything is centered on sex…everything! Sex is an impulse nothing more. Ergo, those perverts that center their lives on sex, homosexuals, are centered on an impulse. And, there is fucking mountains of evidence and admissions from prominent homosexuals that pedophilia is very much connected. Shit, at the venerable “stonewall”, left out are the under aged children at the homosexual bars. milk – pederast, the designer of the “equals” symbol – pedophile. I can go on and on and on. So, what the fuck are you talking about?

        2. woah, woah, woah I was accused of siding with paedophilia 30 min ago that’s what I didn’t get. The truth is that the world changes sometimes and has for the better part of the human history and maybe people need to adopt a more independent attitude of live and let live. Let the gays be gays as long as they don’t push it in my face. Everyone has rights and would be counter productive to
          On the other hand, I do agree with you and 90% of paedos are homosexual and some are the result of peado rape. It’s true that the old nonces have propped themselves in positions of power and are using gays to push for more freedoms for themselves.
          Feminine gays will always be on the side of women, ALWAYS. They are women with penises.
          Contrary to this, the masculine gays are actually alight.

        3. Okay, “Let the gays be gays as long as they don’t push it in my face.”
          We’re more on the same page. And appreciate the acknowledgment of the pedo-to-homosexuality.

        4. “The truth is that the world changes sometimes and has for the better part of the human history and maybe people need to adopt a more independent attitude of live and let live. Let the gays be gays as long as they don’t push it in my face. Everyone has rights”
          A society that tolerates sodomites will soon demand your full acceptance of them and require that all children be sodomized as part of their education.

          Any acceptance, rights, and power given to women and sodomites is, correctly seen as weakness and, used to seize ever more power, until society collapses and resets.
          “Do or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda
          Rule, or be ruled, there is no equal.

        5. Good post. We used to call them ‘hedonists’.
          For a man, having a wife and kids means less money, less partying, and less time for sex compared to a single guy.
          Gay life is one non stop partay! New partners, drugs, and no responsibilities.

        6. Jesus Christ! The blue Peoples Republiks are unsalvage-able.
          Gays, SJWs, racists, immigrants, gun grabbers, and progressives of every stripe.
          All with an agenda. All more than willing to stick a government gun in your face if you don’t play along with their foolishness.
          I could never live there and if I did I’d already have gotten out.
          No amount of money is worth living in that septic tank.
          Not to somebody who values liberty.

        7. The involved officials would richly deserve some Biblical treatment and I’m an atheist. filthy Progpigs.

        8. Society already “lets gays be gays” – and look what happens. Boys forced to wear dresses, 5 year olds exposed to pro-gay sex-ed curriculum developed by a pedophile, genderless bathrooms, freedom of speech/thought being eroded, etc. It’s irrelevant if they’re masculine or feminine gays. Homos still commit lots of sickening acts against minors such as child molestation or rape, as you’ve admitted – so why should we be passive and “let the gays be gays”? Would you say the same for those who practice incest, bestiality or other sexual deviancies? It’s obvious they have a mental disorder that needs to be treated, rather than allowing it to get worse over time.

        9. For a community that practices such high amounts of child molestation, rape, etc., I for one do not think we should take a passive approach and “let gays be gays”, because that’s what got us in this mess in the first place. They’re not even hygienic (high rate of STDs). They have a mental disorder that must be treated, otherwise they will keep taking it out on society in various forms (like trying to silence dissent because reality hurts their feelz).

  11. Lets face it, it’s probably traumatic for a gay train driver to have to enter all those tunnels

    1. I don’t know. They have a history for handling bath house trains just fine.

      1. They like the trains all right. Not so sure about the protective bumpers

    2. It’s expected that gay train drivers get derailed they don’t drive straight

  12. Ireland is voting on whether to allow homosexual marriage under the constitution. The debate is so one sided. All the political parties and mms are plugging for a yes vote. The propaganda is everywhere. People are afraid to admit they will vote no. The polls at the moment are giving the yes side a large lead. The people have been convinced that there will be no consequences once homosexuals are given the “right” to marry.
    Children and their right to a mother and father has been deemed homophobic by many in the media. The whole debate has been stifled by the usual emotional debates rather than the reality of the situation i.e. there are differences between man and woman, they bring very different values to a family.
    Any television debate has been full of freak show homosexuals. If they were trying to show how “normal” their relationships are they failed dismally, every one of them were exactly the stereotypes you imagine when talking about homosexuals.
    One topic that has been brought up by the yes side is the fact that the rates of suicide in homosexuals is higher than in the rest of the population. They actually believe the reason for this is that society has looked down on homosexuals and their lifestyle, for good reason, for so long. What about the fact that many homosexuals feel deep in their being that what they are engaged in is intrinsically against the natural biology with which they were born.

    1. I live in Ulster and am therefore blameless. They are a strange people them southern folk. In Ulster gay marriage isn’t allowed. We have a fundamentalist Christian party in power so they won’t be skipping through a church any time soon.

    2. I live in Thailand and ‘gender fluidity’ has a long history here and is widely tolerated and even accepted as normal to a certain degree, far far more than any western country, but gays, ladyboys, transexuals here are well known for their drug taking, promiscuity, thieving, high rates of suicide and general histronics and silliness. There is nothing liberating in it for many indulging in these types of lives, its very little to do with society treats them, but more about something in themselves that cause them to self destruct more often.

      1. Yes, the fact that these people have deep psychological problems is being swept under the carpet or left in the closet??? Any homosexuals I have met in my life have had some major mental deficiencies…….

  13. Great article. Fag week has just started at my Uni here and it’s starting to get unbearable already.

        1. Why? as far as I know, the only ‘fag’ to do anything was Babbage, and he was celibate.

        2. Their sole purpose for their activist “week”, which usually ends or begins with a “pride parade”, is to force people to see/accept all the deviant behavior. If you’ve never seen a pride parade, you might fast a day or so to get the experience without damaging your clothing.

        3. Don’t know who Babbage was, but I just saw The Imitation Game about Alan Turing.

        4. babbage was one of about a dozen men working simultaneously on ‘calculating machines’
          technically, the inventor of the computer was some egyptian about 3000 years ago who created a ‘mechanical adding machine’, but Babbage (a gay dude) got the credit for the modern one because his team’s was the first out of the gate.

        5. the question is, why didn’t the Boston Marathon bomber go after pride week parades?
          Hell, some of us would probably have broken the guy out of prison and put him on a plane to saudi with a thousand dollars in his pocket and a half dozen american sloots for company for that.

        6. I like Jack Donovan and the historian David Starkey. Two gay men you’ll never see doing the conga whilst draped in fish nets screaming I was born this way.

        7. Jack Donovan is a great guy, with a few good ideas, don’t get me wrong, but his entire core philosophy is about naked, muscular men dancing around a fire and then having a man orgy afterwards.
          The fact is, Homosexuals almost universally allow their faggotry to inform their every decision, even the ones that otherwise make sense.

        8. his entire core philosophy is about naked, muscular men dancing around a fire and then having a man orgy afterwards.
          When you put it like that it sounds almost appealing.

        9. If you are a musclefag it is like the holy grail.
          I just happen to know what tribalism is really like, and it isn’t like that.

        10. I’m joking of course, but I do think male rituals and initiation rights are important.

      1. “Gay Pride” imagine having straight/hetero pride week. Ha! Cucakes and Twinkies would go crazy.

        1. technically we have one here, it’s called ‘family day’, and it falls on black friday, for all of those people too smart to get into a brawl over a 14 dollar toaster oven.
          Another one in august too.

        2. Actually last year one was being set up in Columbus. Nothing advertised except “straight pride”. No hate, no exclusion, all were welcome.
          The fag brigade went into weeks of public stage heart attacks. The Stalinism was on full brazen display, with some degenerates threatening to show up and shoot anybody attending.

        3. There are straight-sex events at the Toronto Pride Week but I don’t like the approach they take at all.
          The whole pride week tries to make sex out to be a big joke. You have people there that don’t even have sex walking around laughing at dildos, waving rainbow flags, and staring at all the “sex.” It’s ludicrous to anybody with a normal sex life and I find it very perverse.
          It comes across as very infantile. Like 12 year-olds in the schoolyard hearing the word “penis” for the first time.
          In Toronto, gays, lesbians, and SJWs have so many rights and opportunities that the pride parade really isn’t necessary anymore. There are people in drag, people simulating sex on parade floats, and it doesn’t make sense, they are just looking for attention.
          It’s time to give the circus a rest.

        4. I’m not surprised. Like one woman blabbering at me about violence against women. When I pointed out the “Fifty Shades” of beat me during sex and reminded her woman are responsible for its popularity, I was met with a verbal tirade of abuse. I just laughed.

        5. Yes it is. In large urban centres no one really cares. Overt sexualization of anything is a turn off. The gay community needs to work on their evèr climbing HIV and HepC rates that are occurring. What don’t you get about safe sex?

        6. We need to stage things like this more often. All you have to do is the bare minimum to get the LGBT and SJWs to lose their shit for a long time. If we keep doing it they’ll eventually either die from heart attacks or get so burned out that they stop caring.

        7. Never ever would I attend the retard fest called Black Friday. I don’t care if you are giving it away!

        8. Makes a lot of sense for fags to march it like a circus that’s where freaks belong

        9. Circus indeed. Might as well laugh at the freak show, they do make aholes out of themselves lol. Also, public obscenity in the form of a parade is never a necessary thing, so it was never needed.

    1. “Fag Week”, ffs, if it’s not Fag Pride parades they have to stick their leather chaps into everybody else’s parade also. Then there’s the cinema festivals, book readings, etc., etc….. and before someone starts saying that I’m threatened by fag culture I’m not threatened by it, I think it’s degenerate and disgusting, the same as someone put it below “walking into a steaming turd”. George Michael saying that cruising public parks in London for anonymous bumming is part of their “culture”. They can keep their “culture”.

      1. Yes, thank you. Its not about “hating” homosexuals, its their culture and being able to live how I want too i.e. free of perverted sexual acts. I simply do not want that culture…who in their right minds would? Take provincetown in Massachusetts. Before the homosexuals became militant, I actually enjoyed going there, today, I’ll never go there because I see hate, intolerance, closed minded perverts who only care about themselves and having sex. I digress. p-town is their little stow away and they are welcome too it, I have no issue with that. However, I have a huge fucking issue with making everyplace like p town. Here’s the thing, I can only take p town for a few hours…its just too over the top. You go get a coffee in a quaint little bakery and adorning the walls and everywhere are huge chocolate phalluses. Back in the normal world I really don’t want to get my morning tea and have to see huge chocolate dildos everywhere. And the question is – is that too much to ask? And, sadly, from the radicals the response is – yes, it is! So, I’m left to conclude that homosexual “rights”, which as a general citizen (rights vis a vi the Constitution and Bill of Rights) have long since been acknowledged is the right to push their life onto mine.
        So, it comes down to either they can live how they want or me (and the vast majority of us).

        1. See, once we give an inch, they’ll take a mile. Just like the Muslims, once people allow homosexuals to have a space that’s just for them, they’ll turn it into a stronghold, then they’ll insist on taking over everyone else’s space. It’s territorial. Nobody should ever let them have p-town in the first place, and I’m sure any normal people that lived there think so too.

    2. I’m glad I dropped out after one semester. No matter where you are in the western world, College’s are filled with coddled liberals justifying every depraved, society wrecking idea and lifestyle choice.

  14. What vile pictures. My eyes almost bled. I had to put my phone down, I was so disgusted when I read about what those sick fucks did to that kid. I’m not even an American and I’m not the least bit happy that decent people in the U.S have to pay taxes to keep these animals in a cage. Pay for my travel and board and give me a tyre iron and ten minutes alone with the scum and I’ll save the taxpayer’s a fortune.
    I like Mila. He’s a bit exotic to say the least but he’s a queer that stands up for young men and isn’t trying to ram his opinions or his wab for that matter down other peoples throats.
    I’ve been to gay pride three times. I can tell you, the only people more disgusting than the fags were the WOMEN with their little children subjecting them to that sort of behaviour.
    I want to just add I went to gay pride as a laugh with my father, stepmother and his neo Nazi friends. The third time I just got caught in the town when it was on.
    Great article.

    1. I bet if a man got in between that mess and attempted to get the boy out of there the story would change to a kidnapper who is also a homophobe.

  15. Generally, hedonists will dial it down if you let them face the consequences of their actions.
    For example, Brandon Bostian has not (as far as I know) been criminally charged with murder for the deaths of those eight people. If this was a just society, then he would be in prison right now showing his dick to a bunch of prisoners.
    The fact is, the mainstream press, the government, and our culture makes exceptions for women, minorities, and homosexuals (in order from least to greatest) because of patriarchy or civil rights or whatever cultural Marxist ideal comes to mind.
    Communism won the Cold War. Most people just don’t know it yet.

  16. Matt:
    Thank you times a billion, at least. Sorry for the dramatics. This says it all…
    “The leftist tactic of smearing critics of homosexual degeneracy as “homophobic” is completely off-base. We aren’t “afraid” of homo misbehavior, we’re disgusted by it, same as if we’d stepped in a dog turd on the sidewalk.”
    Excellent comment, that is it! Quick anecdote; someone close in my life once called me “homophobic”, my response was unwavering and swift, I simply said “why are you calling me names?”. After all, dare I say the political instrument known as “homophobia” (I don’t recognize it as a real word) is predicted on the homosexual imperative that, among many other things, presumes that they’re the perpetual victim to include being the the subject of constant insults. So, just like with every other “issue” of the left you defeat them by holding them to their own standards. Putting that question back onto that person revealed to them who the aggressor was and who the “victim” was. You see, in leftist land there is no tolerance for insults or judgement. What is the term “homophobia” but an insult and judgement, yes?

  17. I think we all remember this ode to human buttsticking from a few years back. It does make for a good laugh:

  18. Fighting against stifling political correctness shouldn’t mean that we become bigots. The fact of the matter is, some people simply are that way and have those preferences. How should we treat them fairly as a society?
    Roosh and Matt — seriously, you guys need to tone it down for the sake of this website’s reputation which currently appears to be headed to the level of Stormfront.
    I’m not suggesting you guys stop saying taboo things but that you should do it in a more tasteful and considered way.

    1. I concur. Gays are not a problem unless they embrace leftism. I normally like Matt’s articles, but this is leaning too far towards the old conservative crowd
      Ditch that shit for nationalism, folks

      1. Terry, we can’t. Come on man, this is why we have little children undergoing sexual reassignment surgery.

        1. Because there are gay people out there?
          I disagree.
          We have kids undergoing sexual reassignment surgery because our culture treats single-motherhood, homosexuality, stupidity and laziness as moral virtues.
          I think there is a tendency on ROK to confuse homosexuals with the SJW crowd when they don’t always overlap.

        2. But where do we draw the line? I’m with everyone, the small minority of homosexuals that don’t act up, I agree leave them alone. But, homosexuals are getting away with telling other people how to live. This needs to stop. Have you people conceptualized the fucking nightmare that is unfolding with “trans” and pedophilia?

        3. Where do we draw the line? That is the question isn’t it. I see what you’re saying I’m just trying to speak up for some of the gay men I’ve met personally… who are otherwise just perfectly normal and productive dudes.
          We can stop treating homosexuality as a form of victimhood, because we are long-past that.
          I don’t have the answer but it would be interesting to see how this gets dealt with in Russia. I get the impression Putin is not happy with trans-gender, SJW, and gays parading around the streets chanting about their “liberation.”

        4. I think the lines need to be set way way way back. For starters children and sex are not to be mixed especially in a public tax payer funded school. This is a cultural issue, if it has anything to do with rights it has to do with my right to live how I want too and to not be exposed to things that utterly disgust me.

        5. This. Trans sex reassignement surgery is supported by castration extreme feminazis

      2. Matt is a professional shock jock. If he was married to another guy he would still have written this article

        1. You don’t think you might be twisting my words somewhat. If I point out that an author sets out to create an effect – in this case to be shocking relative to the status quo MSM, how does that imply that I am myself shocked. The guy is a shock jock and that’s why we read his articles

        2. Towngunner77 You don’t have to stop denouncing pedophilia… Some of us are just concerned with how you are expressing yourself about it. It let’s us see a part of you. Those of us interested that is.
          So I was researching and it seems you do a lot of gay bashing. The ratio of your gay bashing to you responding to actual instances of pedophilia is very telling. It shows that you just enjoy gay bashing more than actually speaking out about the real pedophilia that is occurring in America. You’ve got a long history of gay bashing. And feminist bashing. and so much more bashing. You just don’t like people much. It’s your truth. Own it.

        3. Truth? Oh good grief. One thing is true and its that I’m losing patience with people like you. For the one millionth fucking time, the “truth” you continue to neglect is…high stds rates, high suicide, mental illness, history of sexual abuse, pederasty and pedophilia…and a nasty tendency to rely on big government coercion, propaganda and bullying. I don’t consider my “history” of comments against homosexuals bashing…you oversensitive pussy. Again, repeating myself, any group of people that condones or institutionalizes pedophilia deserves the the worst that we can muster against them. If that offends you, I really don’t fucking care. I have too many friends that have been raped by homo’s and perverts. So, what you call “bashing” is me sticking up for those real victims and standing up to this ridiculous homosexual mafia, which are nothing but a bunch of insecure, perverted bullies. Its the truth of homosexualism and they (you) are very overdue in owning it.

      3. “Gays are not a problem unless they embrace leftism.” But they are a problem whether they embrace leftism or not, since they contribute to societal destruction. Just look at the homo community’s stats on STDs, sexual abuse against children, etc. Homosexuals have contributed greatly to the limitations on freedom of speech and thought – now everything and everyone has to cater to them, or else. Also, their very existence is leftist. To consider homos as anything other than what they are (degenerate, mentally warped, delusional in regards to biology, etc), would be to view them as our equals, which could only happen through a pro-equality POV.

    2. I disagree. A journalist should present the facts. You the reader draw your own conclusions from the facts. Facts must be checked for validity, not just regurgitated from another news site.

    3. homosexualism is antagonistic towards masculinity, period full stop. It can never be apart of Neomasculinity because it is the sworn enemy of Neomasculinity. And homosexuals are just as bigoted as any kkk member was – dan savage. You need to open your eyes and accept that homosexualism and feminism are all part of progressivism and, therefore, the problem. If unchecked you’ll be dictated to for the rest of your life how to speak, dress, act and even who you’ll sleep with by a very small minority…and worse a small and depraved minority more angry at themselves then you. Do you really want that? If not, then I suggest you drop the meme of bigotry. Bigotry has lost its meaning. Sargon did a video where a Boston U professor made racist, and therefore, bigoted comments directed towards white males. Other than a slightly spirited comment from the university NO action take. So, to be clear that is bigoted, yet somehow it gets a pass? You see, bigotry means nothing and if you try to be impartial you empower people like that professor who are truly bigoted, racist or hetreophobic etc.

      1. Exactly! Just look at a gay pride parade. The way they dress and act in public is accepted because they are gay. If a straight person did the same thing at the Rose Bowl parade would be arrested and charged for public indecency.

      2. There’s no doubt that gay men have by and large, (and especially those who have chosen to come out and make an issue of it) simply hiding from larger and more complicated psychological issues…. (mommy issues, bullies at school issues, I’m a sensitive artistic type issues and etc.) …. i’ve known a number of gay men and they all have a sadistic twist to their personality, most likely from the sadistic type sex they engage in… i’ve also been hit on by a gay man that was essentially with a life partner and in his mid 50s….
        If someone was going to press the red button and let the nukes fly, i’d put good money on it being a homo or lesbian…. just look at what that fucker J Edgar built out of what should have been a decent and respectable federal police force….

    4. Lots of people simply are a lot of ways and have various preferences. Some people, for example, simply are traditional and prefer to denounce what they perceive as immorality. Some people and their preferences are debased, and “fair treatment” would by definition be punishment or other harsh measures. I think we treat homosexuals fairly by ordering society in a way that prevents the development of that dysfunction, or helps to ameliorate or remedy it when it occurs.
      There is no neutrality, ultimately, in the civilizational dispute over what is good and true. Sadly, the gay movement is a veritable node of all the anti-civilizational trends that have broken down the West for five centuries, now. Men are well within their rights to regard the gay culture – and the generally debased and promiscuous culture even amongst modern straights – as social ills.

  19. from anonymous sex (rare among heterosexuals),
    And when it’s done by straights, it’s generally called “going to a whorehouse”, and the vast majority of straights don’t even do that.
    Among sodomites, it’s called “Tuesday”.

    1. Really? Straight men never pick up a random girl in a bar or club and have a one night stand? This is news to me

      1. Anonymous sex, where you don’t even know her name. Or maybe even what her face looks like.

      2. There is a small percentage of heterosexual degenerates involved in such things. Some young men are too gregarious during their college years. But for a majority of homosexuals, ongoing and prolific promiscuity is a way of life.

  20. There is no need that the manosphere needs to have homosexuals as enemies. It doesn’t really follow. I don’t get why Roosh and Matt are eager to go there.
    I’d like a more considered explanation for this editorial stance.

      1. Then encourage safe sex practices and do so in a measured and humane way. What is the logic in making enemies out of homosexuals who don’t care for modern bitches either?

        1. You need, to take a break and look into this some more for yourself. And, you can start with adjusting your entitled attitude, no one owes you anything…
          “I’d like a more considered explanation for this editorial stance.”
          Answer: So what.

        2. What about raping a child? Someone who is truely innocent and a victim? And as this story goes, the nutcase driving that Amtrak train?

        3. i can’t speak for roosh or matt, but i just dislike having them near. being among men, for me, is to not be concerned with sexuality, rather friendship.
          the entitled activist attitude is another thing, even though it may not be shared by all homosexuals.

        4. Tom, I won’t judge you for that — certainly I believe that there are some politically incorrect consequences that flow from tolerance for homosexuality which is that straight men have the right to feel uncomfortable about being near homosexuals the same way that women might feel uncomfortable about being near men.

        5. Thank you, my thoughts exactly. To add my thoughts – I want to live how I want to.

        6. Nothing to do with a fear of political correctness. Friendship and raw pervert sodomy just doesn’t mix…K, we’re trying to tell you that homosexual culture is incompatible.

        7. Exactly! That fact disgusts me to no end. I thank Matt for bringing that up. I never would’ve thought that they would do such a vile act. Now I’ve been awakened.

        8. Edited. In short: You have the right to feel discomfort about being near homosexuals but don’t be a dick about it.

        9. kind of you to grant me that right, but i don’t really need it. if being a dick is the way i want to express myself and if i can handle the consequences, there’s really no reason why i should have to listen to you.

        10. You don’t need to listen to me, but I’m not sure why you bothered explaining your aversion (“I don’t like having them near.”) Not sure what sort of response you expected.

        11. so me giving you an explanation is synonymous with me asking for your permission to feel that way? you wanted the editorial stance to be substantiated and i told you how i would reason it.

        12. Okay, firstly, it’s not that they are “near” it’s that I don’t like them looking at my crotch. Don’t say it doesn’t happen. Well, maybe not to you, but I’m a fucking gay magnet and it fucking sucks. Couple of nights ago I was chatting up this chick and we’d got to the stage of discussing exactly what I’d be doing to her in the bedroom if she came home with me and I had a full erection. She saw it, she felt it, then called out to her fucking brother (who was a full blow fag) and he came over and grabbed my dick. I was like, “WTH, man.” And she got all hissy at me for being “homophobic.”
          THAT’s the kinda shit we’re talking about. Just reverse the gender roles for a second, any way you like, and tell me that that shit’s okay.

        13. At what point does one draw the line? Is everyone who dislikes modern women to be welcomed into the fold, no matter their personal degeneracies?
          Your post seems to assume that there is no reason to regard homosexual(ist)s as inherently undesirable in a masculine society.
          I don’t think most men have a problem with self-aware homosexuals like Jack Donovan. But any gay man, identifying with gay culture and living that life, should be excluded utterly from any masculine society.

        14. It should be plain; homosexuals are not welcome for the same reason women are not. It is disruptive to male camaraderie.

        15. Yes, if only we could live in a society where only strange women were shameless enough to grope our dicks in public…
          Floyd, I’d consider avoiding that whole situation, in general.

        16. You don’t want to just “live how you want to ” . You want to eradicate the normalization of homosexuality in society and you want an action plan to do it.
          You gotta be honest with yourself so you can find ways to either overtly or covertly fight the fag agenda.
          Don’t take the “neutral” ( read: defensive stance)

        17. You are right. And that’s because in order for me to simply live I have to fight these people. Because it’s the homosexuals that are trying to tell me how to live.

        18. That is unfcking believable. I would have wanted to fck them both up. They probably do each other.

        19. So he just walked away without anything happening to him? At least punch him in the face for that sexual assault, or do so if something like that happens again. Can’t let those freaks get away with that without consequences.

        20. It was a tough decision not to punch him. But foreign country = don’t fuck with the locals. Plus, I still wanted to fuck the chick at that stage.

        21. It’s because Homosexual men are indulging in practices that are putting public safety at risk an not being criticized or vilified for by the mainstream media. There’s also evidence amaand theories that homosexuality is unnatural and mental illness, now I get there’s evidence an theories that say it isn’t but all you ever hear in the media is how it’s natural, you don’t hear any counter argument to this. Articles like this help balance the ledger so I think that’s why Matt an Roosh publish them.

        22. Still, I don’t understand how that wasn’t your initial, natural reaction. Who knows what else you would have let happen to you if you think standing up for yourself against sexual assault is the same as fcking with people. The locals should’ve been on your side if anything, even if they weren’t, it’s worth it. She set you up to be sexually assaulted, and you still wanted that, even though there are billions of other women and she was only a slut anyway? Bottom line, you put emotions (horniness, desperation) over your own self-worth and dignity, and that Floyd is pathetic. Best to learn from that experience for self-improvement.

        23. Dude, after 5 beers 2 whiskeys and a glass of red it takes a couple of minutes for your brain to stop following your balls.
          In SE Asia you can have a car rear end you… and it’s still your fault (happened to a friend of mine when he was waiting at the toll booths, of all places). So, no, it wasn’t my initial reaction to swing a punch, no matter how much right I had.

    1. NO NO NO. homosexualism are enemies of men. Sorry, where do you get the theory of sex is a social construct? Where is this bullshit about “trans” coming from? No, open you fucking eyes. Look at any picture or biography of a ardent feminists – all connected to homosexualism or adorned with their paraphernalia. No, seriously, sell crazy somewhere else.

  21. i was once standing on a bridge in london when the sun was just rising behind the horizon. along comes this small guy who acts like a girl and is all touchy. he tells me the tragic story of a guy he was just passionately kissed by and robbed: “how can a guy who so passionately kisses you rob you? how heartless. i can’t believe it.” all disturbed he was. bad luck, bud.
    he wanted me to take his number and i refused. he asked me why and i didn’t want to be dishonest, so i told him i’m not used to dealing with gay people. he was very righteous and told me “no man, you must not think like that. i had an idea there for a moment, but i just want to keep in touch in case you ever want to live here and need contacts.”
    that sounded reasonable enough and i took his number, but i had a bad taste in my mouth from him telling me how i am supposed to think about him. some special oppressed snowflake.
    i can’t stand this entitled victim attitude. once a black guy wanted to sell me and a friend of mine drugs and when we refused, he actually asked whether it was because he was black. my friend immediately started conciliating him and acted like a fucking coward. just seeing it made my blood boil.
    next time a guy is asking me, i say: yes, it’s because you are black. and a nuisance. now fuck off or i will smash your face in.
    as long as i can think back, i never had any notion of racism and to this day, i don’t care if you’re black or white or yellow. but if you think that it makes you special or that i will act as if you were something you are not, you better get out of my face. i am getting allergic to the weapon of guilt.

    1. “Are you black? You look brown to me. But why are you asking me this question? Is it because I am pink?”

  22. Here is my main point: I have not really seen a substantive criticism of homosexuality coming from ROK. So far, the criticism of gays has been merely a pose that has in no way been intellectually defended. Certainly you guys have the right to express disgust at gays, but merely expressing disgust is not an argument. Roosh needs to make a case against homosexuality as a practice that’s up to the standards of his other essays. If he can’t really lay out a case then this editorial stance against homosexuality should be dropped because it needlessly creates enemies for Neomasculinity.

    1. Fuck, Gurney…homosexuals are already enemies of Neomasculinity. They always have been and always will be. We need to take a stand otherwise you’ll be wearing a dress.

    2. So a culture that willingly spreads terminal disease isn’t a solid argument?

  23. Homosexuals realize, whether consciously or unconsciously, that their behavior is not normal. If it were, they would be able to reproduce. This is a tough pill to swallow. Over time, it can produce sadness or depression in gay men and women. This sadness/depression could then lead to other behaviors, in an attempt to remedy the pain.
    Did homosexuality of Brandon Bostian cause the amtrak crash? It’s hard to know. But I think it’s a question worth asking – especially given the media’s “Everything Gay is Great” agenda.
    RIP to the passengers who lost their lives.

    1. Hey Sir. Good observations, but, why must the rest of society endure the catharsis of a small minority that, per your description, can really never be happy with themselves? And it’s incredibly dangerous too, because, if they can never be happy, they can never be satisfied and they will never stop. Whether its for redefining marriage, banning words, banning thought, banning religion and on the flip side promoting debauchery in schools, legitimizing pedophilia.

      1. “…why must the rest of society endure the catharsis of a small minority that, per your description, can really never be happy with themselves?”
        Well, the dysfunctional want to control the narrative, no? That legitimizes their failure.
        Some guy I know made a critical comment about gay marriage on Facebook about a year ago. He didn’t even denounce it – he just questioned it. The backlash against him was unbelievable: people insulting him, blocking him, etc. Fifty years ago, his comment would not even have raised an eyebrow. Today he is a pariah.
        We are living in a world of so much degeneracy and dysfunction, that the noble are the ones who are hated. Their virtue is a threat to the weak.

        1. i believe i don’t have any friends left who would denounce me for such a statement, now that you say it. lovely freedom, suddenly appreciated.

        2. Yes, we are being ruled by the slave’s morality (to use Nietzsche’s term).

        3. “Nietzche said the same of his own time.”
          Never married, no children, sexual diseases (syphilis, etc), went insane at 44. You know he was probably a sodomite himself right?

        4. Fuck facebook. IF you’re still using it, you’re part of the problem IMHO.
          Or, if you’re still using it and you’re not willing to speak your mind for fear of ‘offending’ other users, then likewise, you’re part of the problem.
          +1 to what the ‘guy you know’ did on FB.
          If more people would nut up and stop being afraid of the SJW’s words the world might be a better place.

        5. Damn straight!
          Once you’ve pissed everyone off a few times already, you are actually truly free to speak your mind!
          Cursed be the man afraid to break a few of his wife’s precious teacups once in a while! He is truly not deserving of being called a man! He paid for the teacup, and it’s his right to smash it on the floor, I say!

        6. He learned by fire, rather than books. Schopenhauer also struck out with women, yet gained incredible insights from his failures.
          Poor Weininger was so upset about his lot in life, thinking himself a failure, that he rented a hotel room previously inhabited by Beethoven and shot himself at 23, unmarried – but later hailed a genius.
          Solomon, Aristotle… both saw clearly what was desireable in woman… both were debased and defiled by woman.

        7. I live in a small Third World village in the mountains of Mexico. The locals use Facebook as a main communication system. If a girl can’t make it to English class, I read it on Facebook.
          I have wireless Internet. Kids come and sit on my stone retaining wall to connect. I really don’t mind.

        8. Nietzsche wasn’t gay nor did he have syphilis, his insanity was caused by brain cancer.
          He wanted to marry but was rejected, the cunt ran off with his friend instead because she suspected he was crazy in love with her (Cunt logic: he loves me, he’s a piece of shit)

        9. I use it to keep in contact with people. Honestly its not so bad if you use it just for contacting, or a method of having others contact you.

        10. there used to be a facebook group called “great philosophers who failed at love.”

    2. It’s good people are becoming openly gay that way they can be distinguished from the normal folk and their faults like this reported

    3. Major, for me it’s not a tough pill to swallow in the least bit, because the last thing I’d ever want is a little shit of my own to have to listen and hopefully not join in on this circle jerk of stupidity. Evidently, the most important factor that could cause depression is the precipitation of ridiculous claims that manages to be held for discussion and accepted as true, which is roughly equivalent to the intellectual dishonesty on this article. What I’m trying to say here is that your stupidity is part of the problem, and not homosexuals being unable to clone themselves.

      1. “Major, for me it’s not a tough pill to swallow in the least bit”
        Well, that’s good. If you are homosexual and happy, it bothers me none. But to suggest that no homosexuals suffer from depression, due to the ramifications of their life decisions, is a bit disingenuous.

        1. It sounds a bit more disingenuous to make a baseless claim that their behavior is not normal, but suspecting by the weight of your claims you clearly haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about. Please, before you start drawing false conclusions at least have the decency to understand that your limits of perception are not the limits of reality, because I’m quite sick of people spitting out unsupported statements based on personal discernment and not of hard evidence. You don’t seem very qualified to speak on behalf of anyone but yourself, bud.

        2. “It sounds a bit more disingenuous to make a baseless claim that their behavior is not normal”
          Homosexuality occurs, but it is not “normal” in the evolutionary sense. Humans evolved via man and woman.
          How can you deny this biological fact?

        3. Humans evolved via man and woman, but that doesn’t give credence to any of your above claims that proceed it. Your idea of “natural” doesn’t encompass any claims to reality aside from your perspective on what you deem as “natural”, which is ever rearely defined as it is. You’re simply mistaking a variation of the human condition that doesn’t fall within the majority percentile as being “unnatural”, when in reality, this “unnatural” occurrence has been observed in just about every animal species studies. So are you planning on arguing from a line of semantics, or do you actually plan on arguing about what’s rooted in reality?

        4. “…this “unnatural” occurrence has been observed in just about every animal species studies.”
          As an exception, but never as a rule. Name one species that procreates via homosexual relationships.

        5. I’m just waiting for you to say something that at least demonstrates how it is unnatural. Keep trying, bud, science is waiting.

        6. Sounds like this is an issue of perspective, because I haven’t the desire to do the opposite. You happen to be the spokesperson for the natural world?

        7. Issue of perspective. That’s rich. Keep telling yourself that sucking cock and taking it in the ass is natural. The natural world speaks for itself, it isn’t my problem you refuse to listen.

        8. Seems like you’re the only one making it a problem, bud. The natural world also dictates that both of us will die, and I have the common sense not to waste time and play out other fool’s visions of how to live in order to be happy. Go find a hobby, fool.

        9. That is where you’re wrong. I don’t give a shit about two guys that want to fuck each other in the ass just as gays don’t give a shit that I prefer to pound pussy. My opinion is gay is not normal. Also, I have many hobbies. Passing around HIV and other STD’s is not one of them, you can keep that for you and yours. Have a gay ol time.

        10. Yet, here you are, wasting your time to prove to everyone you’re gay and happy and living the life. Interesting.

    4. Many homosexuals tend to not know when to say “when”. I suspect that alcohol tends to quiet that inner voice that’s telling them that their lifestyle is unnatural.

    5. rtgdfkggcfkm. If you’re telling me homosexuality is wrong and bad etc because they can’t reproduce then all sorts of birth control is just as bad and wrong and monstrous too lol. Homosexuals CAN reproduce, they have all the right parts, they just don’t want to have sex with the opposite gender. People who have sex with condoms or other types of birth control does the exact same. They have sex for pleasure, but they CAN reproduce, they just chose not to. Doesn’t mean the unreproducing sex is bad in any way. Humans aren’t the only species who has gay sex either. Sex for pleasure is natural and normal and just as good. Not like humans are underpopulated or anything so thank god not everyone has sex to reproduce.

    6. They say his cell phone was turned off but some people have 2 cell phones to manage their life like HilLIARy who couldn’t manage 2 email accounts

    7. slight tangent, but has anyone noticed how gay men will vociferously argue that oral sex counts as a loss of virginity? what say ye? i’m really not sure. i once had sex (the baby making kind) with a girl who considered herself a virgin, although she had blown one former boyfriend. i tend to think i properly deflowered her because what we did could have led to procreation, whereas a blowjob normally can’t. the gays would disagree, and i think it’s a vain attempt to make gay sex seem equal to hetero sex.

  24. It’s ungodly bizarre to see a rather attractive women “experimenting” (yes, make it sound scientific to legitimize what you’re doing, atta girl!) with a bull-dyke that has mutilated herself to look like a man with a vagina. Which I don’t get in the slightest, why not get with another attractive woman if you want to play lesbian as a phase? What’s the point of “trying” vagina with a man’s head and body?
    And lo, we find out they have the highest rate of DV in the country among demographics. Could the high testosterone levels of the bull-dyke coupled with her already bizarre and degenerate predispositions have anything to do with it, I wonder?

    1. In case you hadn’t noticed feminism at its core is pick up artistry for dykes.

      1. I recall a few times when lesbos cock blocked me from getting with a chick and actually trying to steal my chick! moody creatures these lesbians

        1. They are. But their game is rivalry more than lust. The lesbian feminist wants to be a man. Failing that she will move heaven and earth to beat us at our own game.

      2. And then they ruin and taint these attractive women for the rest of us after their dalliance with lesbianism goes nowhere. Not that we should be picking up the embers and scraps after their stupid sexcapade anyway, but some schmucks are willing to overlook that.

        1. Probably already besmirched anyway. Expect the wine to be sour then if some is spilled it’s no big deal

        2. Too true. You don’t meet anybody that hasn’t been defiled by God-knows-who/what anymore. Might as well live and let die.

    2. Lesbians and gays do not have different levels of testosterone or estrogen of their sex. Lesbians have similar hormone levels as straight women. Gays have same hormone levels as straight men. No doubt homosexuals with HIV and other venereal diseases may see changes in their hormone levels though which is what many gays have so that can be falsely pinned as a difference in homosexual physiology

  25. Bostian could have been sexting his buddies on grinder when the train crashed, and the media will never report it.

    1. Texting his buds on grinder instead of bringing the train to a grinding halt!! ha ha

      1. No doubt he was doing gay hook-ups in every city on his route. He thought he had the perfect job, riding the bone train.

        1. No self control in his sexual desires no self control on his job. THat’s the name of the game

  26. I know there are records in terms of counting crime rates by race, by sex, and even by religion. But is there some sort of record that breaks down crime rates by sexuality? There’s got to be.
    Sure, I expect the amount of crime gays do is low, but I’m starting to think the percentage rate of crime per the relatively (hopefully) low number of gays in this country – especially violent crime – it’s got to be up there.

  27. I would like to see the return of social norms where gays feel shame and humility again because they face sanctions against “expressing themselves,” and where they especially have a lot of trouble finding each other to engage in their self-destructive behavior. I suppose gay men’s lives have “value” based on some kind of abstract moral reasoning. But that “value” doesn’t mean they have a right to sexual fulfillment, for the simple reason that nobody has such a right. Instead we have let gay men set the standard for this entitlement mentality that threatens to bring down civilization.
    Oh, speaking of a return to tradition, I work in the hospitality industry, and last night I checked in a young, Mennonite-looking couple from Missouri. The young woman wore a plain, old-fashioned prairie dress and bonnet, like she stepped off the cover of one of those “bonnet ripper” novels many women like to read these days.
    I thought: Hey, I could see living in a world where that standard of women’s decorum becomes the norm again. I don’t like the world of obese, vulgar, loud, promiscuous women with tattoos, piercings and opinions based on arbitrary liberal ideology instead of empiricism.

    1. “Oh, speaking of a return to tradition, I work in the hospitality industry, and last night I checked in a young, Mennonite-looking couple from Missouri. The young woman wore a plain, old-fashioned prairie dress and bonnet, like she stepped off the cover of one of those “bonnet ripper” novels many women like to read these days.”
      The far left would love those people to be wiped off the earth, I imagine. Their adherence to tradition, and their strong family units, are a middle finger in the face of cultural Marxism.
      I sense the hatred of the producer whenever I see a commercial for “Bearking Amish.” It seems like Hollywood’s attempt to destroy that community, in their own subversive way.

      1. I can understand the appeal of marrying an innocent women who has sex within marriage for reproductive reasons, and not because she expects to experience sexual fulfillment as an end in itself. And if she does wind up enjoying sex with her husband after all, she views it as a bonus from the relationship – god’s way of rewarding her for her commitment to her husband? – and not as a requirement or an entitlement.

    2. “I thought: Hey, I could see living in a world where that standard of
      women’s decorum becomes the norm again. I don’t like the world of obese,
      vulgar, loud, promiscuous women with tattoos, piercings and opinions
      based on arbitrary liberal ideology instead of empiricism.”
      I feel the same way when I see or talk with a Muslim woman with a hijab (head covering). I’m not talking about the full on beekeeper suit, i.e., the burka.. but a modest head covering.. I live in Toronto and there are lot of immigrants and first generation Muslim women here.. and they are modest, traditional, well-mannered, and feminine. They are real women.. and a pleasure to be around.. compared to the loud, braying, masculine, “empowered” feminist women here.
      I see a lot of criticism and frankly xenophobic anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim rhetoric on this site.. which is a puzzle given their culture seems to cultivate and encourage modest, traditional women who are raised to be mothers and wives. This is a culture that is far more healthy, “true” and sustainable than the current rotten, feminist Western culture.

      1. I agree there. At my university in New Zealand there are a fair few Muslim international students (mostly from Indonesia and Malaysia, also from Gulf states and Iran) and despite the headscarf, I find most of them are far better dressed than Kiwi locals or American/European internationals (though Europeans better than Kiwis or Americans!). Not only more modest, but often more stylish – not following the dictates of ridiculous fashion trends means they actually can focus on looking good rather than fashionable.
        We have plenty of shaved heads, gawdy hair dye, ripped clothes, extremely short mini skirts, lame tattoos, stupid piercings and Doc Marten boots down here in New Zealand (at least in my neck of the woods) – a kind of SJW punk chic. It’s fuggin ugly, and the hijab is a relief! Never thought I’d say that!

  28. The real dangers in all of this are the sinister lies built up around the agenda. A political force that has the abiltiy to completely distort a cultures view of reality simply by defining the new reality as moral is truly frightening.

    1. That’s the point. Gays are simply being used (not that they’re complaining necessarily) for their ability to represent the inverse of the old order that needs – for those who wish to remake the world according to their will – to be replaced. Both homosexuals and homophobia are useful to the groups pulling the strings as they polarise what would otherwise be discreetly contained.

        1. This is a good point. I see society heading back to a place where homosexuals remain in the closet in the 2020s. That’s the only way to solve the homosexuality crisis in the West: to create a culture with serious disincentives to “coming out”. I think that process is starting.

    2. Am I really a “hater” for simply not wanting to spend my precious free time around lunatics in the picture on the right?

      1. Lunatics are everywhere. Do you really think all gays are half naked guys walking around in high heels. If you do then wow, fucking idiot get your head out of your ass.

    3. In Russia they would unleash the cossacs youth group. They would use the horsewhip on those degenerates like they did to pussy riot. That riot was shut down pretty quick.

  29. Thank you sir for exposing the truth. ROK is a beacon of light in a dark world. People think gays are kind, gentle, harmless beings. The truth is most of them are perverted child molesting, disease ridden degenerates, fucked up in the head beyond any repair.

    1. The comments here gives every reasonable man enough merit to be rightfully misanthropic. Thank you, Baron, your reality is fucked up beyond repair.

  30. I’m not defending these behaviors by any means, but the titles screams generalization. You’re picking some extreme example of vile behavior to appeal to our natural disgust response to prove you point. Even if you present some logical argument, it is overwhelmed by this appeal to disgust.
    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. Our evolutionary emotion to disgust is supposed to be used to protect us from getting sick. So we attempt to keep things like people with sores, spoiled food, and feces away from us. You are exploiting this evolutionary mechanism to push your anti-gay campaign.
    I don’t know the research behind paraphilias and the comparisons among straight and gay people, but I doubt there is much a of a difference. This is very anecdotal, but I’ve had some chicks do some weird stuff with them and they have no problem with it. Are you saying you wouldn’t plow some chick in front of a road sign? It’s just as illegal for straight people to do it. It’s not like they are getting away with it more than straight people.
    Most straight men would see gay acts as disgusting, but that isn’t they way to argue logically. There are definitely problems within this community, but this is the wrong way to present them.

    1. You seem to be taking the Martha (not Arthur) Nussbaum line on disgust as an explanation for ‘homophobia’

      1. lol stormfront. an obscure site SJW-lites references in a hyperbolic attempt to shame a man with any sense of decency and traditional values but which nobody has actually visited. try again.

  31. I think most people, regardless of their stances on social issues or how open-minded they are, find homosexuality to be bizarre. And I think this rise of gay acceptance has a lot of people fronting for brownie points rather than truly supporting the issues.
    Humans were meant to pair-bond with the opposite sex and produce offspring, it’s one of our biological imperatives. So if someone deviates from that and pair-bonds with the same sex then shouldn’t that mean something is off with them? Add in the fact that if homosexuals are “born that way” but also have high instances of depression or other mental health issues that maybe homosexuality is a fuck-up in the brain’s wiring or is a symptom of larger mental issues. And if homosexuality was a natural part of life then don’t you think around 50% of the population would be homosexual rather than only 2-5%?

    1. Good comment, I’ve seen that too, people seem to be “supporting” homosexuals for brownie points or to fit in or to conform, which means they’re really doing for themselves. That’s another part of homosexualism that is so offputting. Its just so fucking selfish, whether its the homosexuals making you “accept” them while trashing your rights so they can have sex or the sycophants that do it just to conform.

      1. And the overall SJW narrative is that homosexuality in any form, no matter how bizarre or dangerous it is to those involved (Like “bugcatchers” who purposely try and get HIV/AIDS), is to be tolerated and accepted and never questioned. Meanwhile, these same people will have no problem shaming a straight guy for looking at a chick’s tits.
        Over the years I’ve realized that I’m actually more tolerant than most SJWs because I believe that any measure to gain equality should be for TRUE equality – If we’re all meant to be equal, then I have no problems with gays getting married if straight people can, or women working and getting college degrees if men can. But then you hit these double standards like I mentioned above which actually does nothing but show the differences in groups of people. So which is it, are we equal or not?

      2. Anyone that supports homosexuality is either gay or is pushing for rights for sexual orientations that aren’t even on the list like zoophilia or pedophilia

  32. Moral of the story, we should treat homosexuality like they do in Iran.
    I’m not kidding.

  33. ALERT: ABC Family, a channel owned by Disney, airs lesbian commercials for their shows like “Chasing Life” in between children’s cartoon movies like 101 Dalmatians, and the Chipmunks Movie. I had to explain to my 7 yr. old daughter this weekend why she just saw 2 grown women kissing. They are not “presenting” homosexuality to
    children, they are PUSHING it upon them now.

    1. “I’m not putting out until that bag is packed”?
      This sounds like the beginning of a porn video.

    2. Yeah, because I see a pair of lesbians that look like that every single day. Not.
      How soon before they both buzz their hair and make themselves lose their breasts to look like men?
      Fuck this trendy, cliche bullshit. This is among myriad reasons why I refuse to watch television narratives anymore. If they’re not trying to tell you how much your life sucks because you don’t live in New York City, they’re demonizing White men any way possible and forcefucking shit like this down our throats.
      Enjoy the decline.

      1. Met a woman I know from years ago recently. Always a bit of a tomboy and looked like one but would have guys once they were drunk enough. She is now in a civil partnership and guess what? Her partner looks exactly like her, fat, red hair and fugly…….

        1. No shock there. Both are fat, ugly and probably skullfucked beyond belief (by their own hand for sure, even though they most likely spew “It’s everybody else’s fault!”). They deserve each other.

      2. Hot lesbians do it for attention and they always go back to the cock. Bull dykes are legit lesbians.

    3. Then they break out the lube and fist the fuck outta each other…. gay for pay baby… gay for pay…..shit I been watching waaaaayyyyy too much xhammy…….

    4. I hope you made sure to explain to her that it is abnormal behavior.

      1. I did. I stood in front of the TV when I saw it start and of course she wanted to know why 2 women were kissing each other. It’s just fucked up I have to monitor commercials during a damn Chipmunks Movie. Lure the kids in, then put this shit up. Might as well add the fucking Trojan Vibrating Twister, Viagra, and Cialis while they’re at it. Man this world is fucked up.

        1. Scary is that the homosexual agenda is big on trying to reduce the age of consent. The man that coined the term homosexual was a known pedophile. In fact, practically all the chief organizers of homosexualism are pedophiles. The connection is very deep.

        2. Lesbians recruit like cults do. I get hit on by these butchy old dykes all the time. They can be highly aggressive.

        3. Just wait there will be a little leagues Will and Grace with underaged boys doing inappropriate things.

        4. Kinsey was researching on the phenomenon of homosexuals and discovered a strong link to pedophilia so much of his work deviated toward pedophilia.
          The homosexual is just the starting stages of a pedophilia.

        5. I told these guys but they don’t want to believe it. Lesbians are 1/2 of 1% but in reality it’s 1/2 of that because the bull dykes groom unstable straight girls and befriend them(dykes want fem girls just like men) Next thing they know they’re playing with their pussies.

        6. Happened to a young nursing friend of mine. When she realized how she had been used by these dykes she lost her mind and had to take time off work. These predatory dykes talked her into getting a large American eagle tattoo on her upper left arm. Just awful!

        7. So can gay men. These people have such big egos they think they can turn a man gay and a woman into a lesbian. Back in the day when I worked in a restaurant, the resident dyke would always hit on the two smoking hot hostesses. She would try to take them out and turn them gay, wanted to take one of them to “Boys Don’t Cry” and had an all out temper tantrum/hissy fit when she realized she couldn’t turn people gay; like it was the most unfair thing that can happen and the cosmos were against her.

    5. Do yourself and your family a favor and trash the TV.
      Here’s an idea: take the TV out to the yard, explain to them why it’s evil, give your kids hammers and axes and let them smash it up. Give them praise and encouragement. You are the leader, never forget that.

    6. Kids shouldn’t be anywhere near a TV at that age. At the very least kill the cable and only watch DVDs you’ve already screened.

  34. There is a spectrum of dysfunction, which finds expression in homosexual acts, so I wouldn’t want to paint all of it with the same brush. But, as the work of many competent mental health professionals has shown, homosexual urges are normally the result of a failed integration into one’s own gender with confidence. This does not mean that all gay men “feel like women,” or vice-versa (though there certainly is that extreme end of the spectrum), it just means that they have never really connected with their masculinity, and often it is accompanied by many other behaviour patterns that most people successfully leave behind in childhood (from complex problems like narcissism, to simple matters like speech impediments). It’s a failure to mature into manhood, with a rooted sense of one’s maleness.
    Dr. Joseph Nicolosi (and others) have done a lot to explain how, therefore, homosexual impulses are not really a matter of sexual attraction. They are a psychological coping mechanism for a psychological wound, and as such, they function like an addiction for the person suffering the dysfunction. The man’s sense of dissatisfaction stimulates the desire for self-medication; even though he knows that acting on the homosexual urge will do nothing to repair his masculinity or make him whole, he is desperate for masculinity, and will any contact with it, however evanescent; the experience may slightly blunt the keenness of the urge, but he actually finds himself even more disappointed and frustrated than before. The cycle continues, with a slow descent into a real rabbit hole of dysfunction, depression and promiscuity. It explains why gay men are indeed so well-known for the compulsive, addictive, anonymous and egregiously large quantity of promiscuity. They are not acting on a genuine sexual attraction, rather, they have found themselves trapped in a psycho-sexual coping mechanism that actually exacerbates, rather than soothes, their ills.
    Dr. Nicolosi found that men were actually capable of escaping from a life of homosexual urges; but he found that it was often quite difficult, and success worked best with men who had never really acted on the urges in the first place. At the very least, he found that men could not make progress unless they quit acting on gay urges entirely – no gay sex, no gay fantasies, no gay porn – since fueling the addiction with that kind of fodder simply amplified and expanded the problem. I think that, if this information were more widely available, young, at-risk men could have this problem nipped in the bud, and be spared a young grave and eternal hellfire, after a miserable life. We do nobody any favours by tolerating homosexuality, least of all the gays. Of course, though I am a devout Catholic, I will admit that some religious people are stupidly naive about “pray the gay away” programmes. If the affliction is to be overcome, it will probably require some real repentance and dedicated work. I don’t discount the possibility of God to do as He pleases with people, but to pretend that miracle cures are always guaranteed is…. well, it’s just plain stupid. We all have crosses to bear, largely because the work involved in bearing them is what God knows to be necessary for our souls.

    1. Great Reply! Do you have any reference books or articles I could check out to flesh out my knowledge base? Thanks.

      1. There is a huge wealth of information and scholarship, as well as links to other information, at

    2. Do you know that it’s illegal in many States for a professional to try to cure homosexuality even when the patient wants the treatment and has sought you out? Now, I don’t know if any of these treatments are effective but I suspect aversion treatments, as seen in Clockwork Orange, will work on some people and they are not really harmful and just sort of make you feel ill when you encounter the thing you want them to reject.You’ve heard of masochists who like to be whipped but they interpret that as pleasure so there probably are ways to change a person’s brain chemistry (or bring it into the normal range) so they experience pain the way that a normal person would and not confuse it with sexual stimulation.
      There’s another drug I’d like to try which is different than the aversion method and is an L-dopamine agonist that may be effective.I’m convinced that it is also effective in curing opiate and alcohol addiction but is not used in the US or anywhere else that I know of and have to wonder why no one is experimenting with it so at the very least we’d know how effective it is.Dr, Dent who has been dead for 50 years used it in England and had a 75% cure rate for alcoholics and William Burroughs claimed that it cured his very bad morphine addiction(he had tried a number of cures and none really worked) but after this felt as if he was really cured.Many people don’t really know how bad they were until after they’ve been cured of their habit and they experience life normally again.When addicted they feel as if they are normal and may not even want to change. Homosexuals are a lot like this where the whole thing is just the norm for them and they feel like themselves. It’s only after being cured that they can look back and see that their behaviour was totally abnormal and maybe even be shocked by it.I do think though that cures will have to be chemical, talking or counselling simply do not work and either does religion.

      1. Coming to understand the root causes and the kinds of habits of thought and act that can correct these, can in fact dry up the problem at the root. These can be learned alone, or via counseling. I am a Catholic and believe God can set a man’s mind at right, and that He has done so before. But, obviously, my advice to a gay man would be to do the hard work and pray to God for virtue and wisdom, and let the “slow cure” come in its own time, rather than pin all his hopes on a miraculous healing. Such things are exceptional occurrences.

    3. I think that Nicolosi is wrong and he doesn’t explain in a scientific fashion why some men have these homo urges.Plenty of people can’t cope with life and have so called ‘psychological wounds’ but yet they don’t become homosexuals or drug addicts and do their coping in a different way.Why would a normal man with psychological problems chose to deal with them by becoming a homosexual?Nicolosi is also incorrect in believing that gays don’t have a sexual attraction to people of their own sex.And if someone were going to use sex as a coping mechanism why wouldn’t he just get a female.

      1. Well, this marks the first time that I’ve heard a medical doctor use the phrase “homo urges.” Come to think of it, it’s also the first time I’ve met a medical doctor with so paltry a capacity to retain and understand what he has read, or to extrapolate intelligently in a general manner…
        “Coping mechanism” for unfulfilled psycho-sexual needs, which of their nature necessitate a fixation upon the masculine. Your question is a stupid as asking why an alcoholic doesn’t simply choose to cope with his problems in an healthy way (the answer, by the way, is: “because he is psychologically damaged and experiences a compulsion which makes it more difficult for him to experience a rightly-ordered desire or to constrain his will towards the good).
        It is apparent you have read nothing that Nicolosi wrote; but are simply writing a knee-jerk reply to my post. Nicolosi’s life’s work is nothing other than giving a professional account of (at least one) particularly prominent genesis of recurrent, homosexual urges.

      1. Well, a hell of a lot of mental health professionals with some compelling research and analysis beg to differ.
        At the very least, the studies with twins, and the professional opinion of the mappers of the human genome, tell us that homosexuality cannot be a genetically predetermined trait. Neither is it simply due to pre-natal conditions, as the situation with twins also demonstrates. It follows that the roots are behavioural and developmental, even if you want to disagree with the details. Perhaps you could indicate just which element of this is pseudoscience? And why?
        To me, it is obvious that the contrary opinion – the “born that way” crowd, which found acceptance through unconcealed harassment and hijacking of the AMA – is the truly political, rather than scientific opinion.

        1. Your analysis of these studies is overtly biased and misleading; as a consequence, your analysis of these studies cherry-picks and contorts the actual science behid the research with your own self-appeasing dialogue.
          In that manner, your perspective on these studies shouldn’t be taken with an iota of seriousness, whereas the studies could lend an established line of credibility that you’ve failed to offer.

        2. Is this what passes for argumentation and criticism, now? “I put on my big boy hat and say something that sounds super-serious in my best big boy voice.” You do nothing to support your view; you simply make an assertion in a big boy voice. That might confuse the wymyn and their allies within your effete, social milieu, but anyone of sound and developed mind sees it as a clear admission of defeat and ignorance.
          Go and look up the phrase: Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.

    4. Furthermore, Nicolosi’s shenanigans are without scientific substantiation and has been repudiated by contemporary and proceeding research on his publishings. Sounds like you’re spitting out some warped witchcraft to me, Cui.

      1. Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.
        The shills who slave under the Zeitgeist’s lash mostly ignore Nicolosi. And if they do deign to pay attention to him, who could doubt that they would lie through their teeth and publish whatever suits their agenda? There is no longer any honor or thirst for truth, no real commitment to ethics. The vast amount of published literature on any “controversial” topic (“controversial” only because insanity has been unleashed and its ravings are now taken seriously) is an heap of lies. It all reminds me of Dr. Faustus, who finally turned to Satan for “certain knowledge,” because he found that educated men disagreed amongst themselves even more than uneducated men. From the frying pan into the fire.
        I recommended Nicolosi’s writings to those who were interested, because I trust interested men to go and read the information for themselves, and see if it rings true. You, on the other hand, have cited nothing specific, but have simply declared “the high priesthood of science hath spoken.” The reason for this is twofold: a) you have no idea whether any specific paper has been written against Nicolosi’s view, and are simply bullshitting; b) you do not give a damn about the truth, nor do you want men to decide anything for themselves. Rather, like a good member of the Leftist Faith, you have simply appealed to your religious authority – “The Vague Body of Assertions Contained in the Hallowed Tomes of Approved Publications” – as some kind of prophetic utterance to which men must simply kneel. I pray that you may some day be uplifted from the dunghill.

  35. Giving people an excuse to hate. Life is hard no matter what anyone says. For that reason when you give people an excuse to hate via some kind of large authority, such as a government, terrible things happen. When the nazi’s told their people that it was okay to hate the Jews, next thing you know, human beings are being baked alive in furnaces, used for medical experiments and made into lampshades. You can trace that specific incident of hate to the ideology of the nazis but the truth is this tactic has been in use for eons. And, today, with the so called empowerment of the downtrodden a peculiar thing is happening were the outlier and weaker people are using their victim-based “power” to create the very conditions of excusable hate onto other people that they don’t like or approve of (or senselessly blame). And they’re insisting that the whole country, culture and people go along with it. We see it the most in the treatment of Christians, who using every measure provided by the left are, perhaps, the only true victim group in the u.s., at present. But, its also being used against white men, heterosexuals or even fit people. That’s why this must stop and stop immediately, because, we have large authorities making it okay to hate and, worse, like the nazis the people orchestrating the hate are radical ideologues that will never stop. We’ve seen this before, the real liberals tried to eradicate this nasty tendency within humans and this time if we don’t? Well, lampshades? I don’t know, given that the homosexuals are so vocal in this “order”, perhaps we’ll see such heinous acts committed on a sexual basis and that is truly disturbing.

  36. When AIDS was first discovered Doctors assumed it was a result of the patient acquiring too many venereal diseases over a period of time. As a result their bodies developed acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Many Doctors still believe this may be the cause of AIDS. As most homosexuals have had multiple partners they are quite experience with STDs. Right now Syphilis is mostly a homosexual disease, and it has become resistant to antibiotics. I am not sure what would compel a man to continue to practice behavior that is clearly unsafe especially after acquiring a STD. At the very least that person would start using a condom.
    There are consequences of anal sex a prefered method of sex among gays, because the anus is not designed for sex, the following diseases are much more common among gays.
    Anal Cancer
    Chlamydia trachomatis
    Giardia lamblia
    Herpes simplex virus
    Human immunodeficiency virus
    Human papilloma virus
    Isospora belli
    Viral hepatitis types B & C

    1. Reason why anyone with a record of extensive homosexuality should not be allowed to give blood or organ transplants

    2. Are we seriously re-living the past trend of spreading fear about gays? I’m so scared! run for t’hills! They’s gonna gitcha.

  37. There is also a link between homosexuality and pedophilia. A good example of this would be Catholic Priests. And a large portion of serial killers are homosexuals, but that fact is swept under the rug by the mainstream media.Leviticus 20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

      1. No I haven’t shaved today. Why are you trying to flip the Bible around to use against me?

    1. The worst serial killers are in fact homosexuals that were also pedophiles. I did a paper on them years ago and I was wondering why there was so much homosexuals that were also pedophiles.

  38. LGBT are paving the way for AI and sex-bots – Artificial Intelligence and sexual robots. With sexual boundaries blurred, crossed, re-crossed, enhanced, altered, eradicated and redrawn – [Like Real Life Barbies – women who have altered their appearance to physically re-create a Barbie doll in every way] – AI and sex-bots are the next logical and lucrative step. Interchangeable and available on demand the sex-bot will be physically perfect, adaptable, agreeable, amendable, upgradeable and pre-programmed to do or say whatever you want…
    Without too much detail my next door neighbor’s two daughter’s are both Lesbians. Plus they have a gay-guy friend who lives with them as well. Between those three and all their friends it’s a LGBT parade around here. Personally, I think they all look and act like Barbie and Ken sex-bots – the template is in place.

  39. I have just thought of this: Some of the straight PUA’s who have had a lot of success getting into the kinds of sexual adventures they want, often by traveling around the world to sample women from different tribes, come to see the harm and futility of that exercise, and then they recognize the validity of traditional wisdom which disapproves of this behavior. (Does this remind you of any PUA blogger you have read?) Their change of mind about this way of life shows what I guess you could call psychological maturation, spiritual growth or enlightenment.
    But I don’t know of any gay men who have gone around the world sucking dicks and fucking butts with random gay strangers, and then concluded that this lifestyle hasn’t made them fulfilled. If anything, middle-aged gay men who haven’t completely destroyed their health plan for more adventures of this sort.
    This seems to show an important psychological difference between straight men and gay men. Gay men have gotten stuck in a state of emotional immaturity that straight men can usually grow out of. I suspect the challenges straight men have to navigate to have successful relationships with women might play a role in this development which differentiates the psychological healthy straight man from the damaged-goods gay man.

    1. This is true. Hedonism is usually a phase for straights. It’s a never ending lifestyle for gays. I know several middle aged gay men and they’re basically text book peter pan syndrome cases, looking for random NSA into their 50s. Even their mini-relationships are shallow, often “open” and way too focused on sex and superficial appearances.

  40. Hey everyone. Paul Joesph Watson is at it again. Neomasculinity is making it to primetime! Hey Paul, thanks!

  41. First the don’t date a girl who supports gay marriage (good luck with anyone under 30 who opposes it) and now we are openly into saying gay people are causing train crashes because of their deviant nature? ROK, get control of some of your content, it’s taken a nutty turn and is venturing into straight wing-nut territory with this stuff.
    For all the criticism about how feminism created a nutty echo-chamber that doesn’t police its own ideas and people, let’s take some of that own medicine here. Stick to talking about girls and real self improvement. ROK is a strike away from jumping the shark.

    1. as opposed to a society that has jumped the tracks
      maybe this gay train crash article is a deep metaphor designed to do its work in your unconscious mind

    2. ROK is in striking distance of going parabolic and so is Neomasculinity.
      Why do you support pedophilia? Unfair question to put on you? No, its really not, because it is your ignorance that prevents you from doing serious work into what homosexualism truly is. And, a little un-bias scratch here and there and you will see that this is ripe with pederasty and pedophilia. So, call it an echo chamber or whatever or just keep your head in the sand.

      1. Cool story bro. You can add that to the back end of your White Power article too, I’m sure that’s next up after this shitbag hate the gays diatribe.
        Christ, ROK comment sections are becoming a bigger cesspool than jezebel.

        1. You ignorant pile of horse shit. I’ve lost total patience with hacks like you. Here we go, we must be white supremacists too. You are so fucking brainwashed it isn’t funny. You think we’re the bad people?? “Independent” you call yourself? homosexuals are taking your rights away (i.e. your independence) as fast as they can arrange it. Deny it all the way to the time when they stick you in a dress. Instead of bickering with me, and we’ll never see eye-eye, so, its pointless from the start, you could be investigating what I mentioned above. But, you won’t because who really cares if kids get raped anymore, right?

        2. Ohhh I could be “investigating” gay people for their deviant lifestyle and stop them from taking my “rights away.”
          ROK was supposed to help you get out of the basement and talk to girls. Instead, thanks to shit like this article, it’s put you a few floors down and slapped a tin foil hat on you.
          So go back to tuning your HAM radio and keeping an eye on the gay conspiracy for the rest of us who are out in the real world getting girls and not foaming at the mouth at the next conspiracy against the normals.

        3. Except, I’m in no basement, rather, married w/ kids, successful professional, former Marine Officer. I just have my eyes open and want to live how I want too, which happens to include NOT being around sexual perverts and pedophiles. But, NO, I can’t I must pay homage and worship the “victims” of society who’s heroic deeds prevailed against the odds of a system designed to keep them down.Translation, I must follow the lead of fucktard celebrities and the fucking tv set who are saying that we all must clap for the homosexuals. I guess you like to be told what to do…I don’t. And that’s where we differ.

  42. I heard a rumour that this guy may have been watching wierd stuff on a laptop or similar device, this distracted, failing to note wher ehe was on the route. Has anyone taken hold of his computer and/or other device and done a study of its history at the time of the crash? THAT would be informative. And perhaps damning. Maybe that is why he refused to speak with investigators without his lawyer. Hiding something? something rather explosive?

    1. He “remembers” nothing and has retained an attorney. Wonder if he remembers his username and password for his dick pics?

  43. those electronic cigarettes. Wonder if they could be used to help gay men cut down on chugging cock

  44. Not so sure I like this article. The author failed to draw a reasonable link between Bostian’s homosexuality and the Amtrack crash. So what if he looked at or posted dick pics. If you look at or post hetero porn, does that mean that you are reckless and irresponsible at work?
    I’m against the lionization of deviant lifestyles myself, as I believe they propagate a decline in family formation. Articles like this, however, do a disservice to this website.

  45. Last year, a Brazilian presidential candidate said that “equal people cannot have children” and “the excretory system can’t reproduce”. He was sued and persecuted for telling the truth.

  46. In defense of gays, I assume nobody would actually choose that lifestyle over a heterosexual one. So there is something different with how they are that makes them that way. I could never be gay because I find other men’s bodies disgusting. I don’t like to see naked guys in the locker room at gyms. Naked men look like featherless chickens to me. Gross. So why one guy would want to poke another guy in the butt, completely baffles me.
    BUT, what I have noticed with homos is their gayness just seems to be all about sex. I use to think maybe gay men just were born with female brains. Seemed logical. But females are hypergomous. They tend to be attracted to social status of males. Gays don’t seem to be hypergomous. They just want to have sex regardless, which tells me there is some kind of deep rooted bizarre sexual perverseness that they suffer from. Possibly from a miswire in their brains. Reason why i say that is that the motivation for a lot of serial killers was actually sexual. Dennis Rader killed men, boys, women, etc. After each time he killed them, he masturbated over their bodies. Once he did his deed, he had no motivation or desire to kill again. He killed because there was some kind of bizarre sexual satisfaction he gained from it that surpassed any gratification he could experience from just having sex with a woman. I believe this was probably due to a miswire in his brain. But I assume in the distant past, individuals like Dennis served a purpose as executioners or military warriors. It would take some kind of bizarre infatuation with killing people in order to be able to do so for a living. Dennis was probably one of these individuals, except he was living in a civilized society. So gays probably have something bizarre with the wiring of their brains to where doing sexually disgusting things turns them on. They enjoy sex with men because it’s disgusting, what is disgusting is what turns them on.

  47. So what’s the deal with homosexuals and pedophilia.
    Something like 2% of the population is gay while 9% of child molesters are?

  48. I’m going to go against the grain here and state something that needs to be said.
    Sometimes “discretion is the better part of valor”. I wish this website would heed that when it comes to inflammatory articles like this that, whether right or wrong, allow the mainstream media to take this entirely out of context and paint this site along with its supporters as a lunatic fringe operating outside of societal norms.
    I have nothing against homosexuals because I don’t believe it is a choice. I never chose to be straight and I don’t ever hear anyone telling me when they chose to be straight either. I have problems with certain behaviors withing the homosexual community but I also have problems with certain behaviors within my own fucking community and other communities as well.
    My point is that I have 99 problems and worrying about what everyone else is doing ain’t one of them, and neither should it be the problem of this website to go so deep as to flagrantly slander an entire subsect of society. You disagree with aspects of their behaviour, fine, understandable. Make a great case why the behavior is damaging to the great good and be done with it. But sentences like this:
    “At the end of the day, heterosexuality is the future of mankind. Homosexuality is just a hobby.”
    “Despite the fact that their promiscuous lifestyles are literally halving their lifespans, homosexual men are incapable of putting the brakes on their hedonism”
    “This ignores the fact that homosexuals exhibit behaviors and pathologies that are almost nonexistent in the straight population”
    make this website an easy and attractive target for the mainstream media to attack, criticize, and slander. And all that does it make this movement look less attractive to those men out there who most need it.
    Look, I’m not telling you how to run your website. It’s your business, do as you please. What I am telling you is that sometimes the way you run your website risks having inadvertent consequences that directly affect current and potential readership.
    Take that for what it is worth.

    1. You mean like when it generalizes women, Asian/Latina women, western women, and every other subset of women that you are okay with. But go after the gays and that is where you white knight?
      Homosexuality is a mental illness and/or a symptom of child sexual abuse (in some studies upwards of 1/3rd of homosexuals report being sexually abused).
      And while you might not be able to choose (though even that is doubtful because conversion therapy is successful in about 1 in 5 cases), you can choose whether or not you act on those impulses.

      1. I’m hardly white knight and quite frankly, I’m a bit offended that you would even accuse me of that. Did you even read everything I wrote? I’m not disagreeing with the argument that the article poses; what needs to be changed is the language the author chooses.
        It’s just too easy for main stream sites to cherry pick these days and throwing out language like this author has done has made their job that much easier.
        Is it better to have 50,000 men reading a site that is unbelievably imflammatory all of the time or 500,000 men reading a site that is unbelievable inflammatory some of the time?
        That’s what I’m getting at.

        1. My bad, you aren’t a white knight. You are a Concern troll. Take your “offense” and request for better “language” back to huffpo, jizzabel, or wherever else you came from.

        2. All Dr. Van Nosstrand is trying to say is that Red Pillers are becoming just as extreme as the SJWs. We’re going in the opposite direction of course, but extremes are rarely good. Most people have a problem with moderation and finding balance in their lives. This is magnified when we organize into groups. If we try to fight leftism with the same kind of extreme tactics they employ there is a good chance we’ll win when the cultural winds swing the other way. Unfortunately the seeds our own destruction will also have been planted and so it goes.

      2. Are you trying to tell me that you have experiences with refusing to act on gay impulses? Evidently, you didn’t refrain from acting on your dipshit emotions about the issue.
        Please use some logical reasoning next time.

        1. I did, you haven’t though, but that isn’t surprising considering you suffer from a mental illness. Its okay though.

        2. You either suffer from delusions of grandeur or you happen to have an ego the size of a walnut.
          Seek therapy, please.

    2. You can go back to watching re-runs of Glee now, where the gay male drama queen is always the hero.

    3. Those three quotes might be indelicate, but they’re true. Do you think covering up reality is a good thing to do? These facts are worthy of reporting on.
      If you think that this article might make this site a target for media attacks then you really need to read some of the back articles. They’ve been at it for about three years now.

      1. I don’t think that covering up reality is a good thing, no not at all. What I am arguing is that the language the author chose with which to frame that reality could have been done in a much better and professional manner.
        There’re times to be engaging and there’re times to be enraging. The editor of this site should do a better job deciding which gets posted when and what the focus is at certain times.

    4. Seriously. Roosh is posting about how toothpaste is part of a plan to end the world and now ROK is firing off hate the gay articles like it’s the Russian press.
      For all the shit everyone shovels on feminism for being ditto-heads and kooks, “red pill” has started to morph into a nutty ideology beyond rejecting feminism to rejecting anything deemed “PC” and not the “truth”. Code words for letting the kooks out to rant about political bullshit and how the whites and heteros are under attack.
      Get back to talking game ROK.

    5. Whenever a movement reaches a critical mass of people, it will inevitably be corrupted and altered. This pattern plays out over and over throughout history. ROK reached critical mass sometime after posting that first “fat shaming” article. Now the site is full of so many voices,opinions,beliefs,and agendas the original purpose has been lost or purposely redirected. It started as a site to give males advice. Now, it’s a site to play the foil for sjw, feminists, gays, whatever….it is what is

      1. ROK is one of the most politically incorrect websites on the internet. Which is why it has so many haters and admirers. I don’t agree with everything posted on this site, but overall it is a breath of fresh air. Conversations happen here that would happen few other places.

    6. Writing over-the-top, inflammatory articles that will be click-bait is Matt Forney’s shtick. You should know that by now.
      I actually don’t have a problem with the quotes you have there. They may be inflammatory and over-the-top but they are factual statements and happen to be true. What I have a problem with is Matt Forney’s failed and poor attempt to pretend the Amtrak driver’s homosexuality had anything whatsoever to do with the accident. There is no evidence whatsoever for that assertion. This article is problematic for that reason.
      But getting back to whether it is legitimate to criticize homosexuality…The current politically correct view on gays is that they and their lifestyle are harmless, and they just want to live the same lives as every middle-class or upper-middle class heterosexual couple, i.,e a house with a picket fence and with kids. This may be true of a very small percentage of gay men but the vast majority are highly promiscuous and their lifestyles are dysfunctional and not comparable to that of heterosexual couples. They have higher rates of STDs and are indeed disease vectors. Many “coupled” and now “married” gay men also have open relationships.. and I think this will serve as a bad influence to heterosexual marriages. “Gay marriage” is a trojan horse that will undermine and cheapen marriage between a man and a woman over the long term.. marriage is already an institution that is becoming increasingly irrelevant and cheap, and putting a perverted and unnatural union between two man on the same plane as marriage between a man and a woman isn’t going to help.
      The problem with the current politically correct and liberal culture is that it elevates “egalitarianism” and “fairness” over all other moral considerations.. such as stability and order. Not everything in life is fair. I don’t believe for the most part that homosexuality is “taught” or that people choose it as a “lifestyle.” Sexual preference isn’t a choice. But homosexuality, even if it isn’t a choice, is a deviation and the kind of promiscuous behaviours that gay men exhibit isn’t one to be held up as a model for heterosexual couples to emulate. I don’t care of gay men want to have gay sex with other gay men.. but what I strongly object to is their attempt to insist I have to like it, and to insist “gay marriage” is a “right” by appealing to egalitarianism and “fairness”.. without any consideration of the potential damage and cheaping that might do to the institution of marriage.
      There are also more stronger objections to “gay marriage”.. in that if gay or lesbian couples choose to have children, they will be able to do so through artificial means and through using 3rd party surrogates, i.,e some other woman’s eggs and/or another man’s sperm. This means children will grow up being denied their biological father or mother.. and I’m not sure that is the best thing for the child. A child needs both its biological father and mother. Sure, there are many heterosexual cases where this ideal is not possible.. but at least one can say it is most likely to be the outcome. You cannot say that about gay or lesbian “marriages” and couples who want children. These are cases where you are guaranteeing the child will be denied being raised by both biological parents. You can make a strong, ethical case why this is wrong and not in the best interests of a child.

      1. That is one of the most well spoken posts I’ve seen on this site. Well done. People should take notes against it.

  49. Is this just bigoted roundup month or something? Are the mods trying to publish the most hateful diatribes toward every group of people to finish off their scorecard?

      1. Are you saying most people here are homophobic like the above article writer?

        1. I totally reject the framing of the issue you’re trying to accomplish by using the term “homophobic.”

        2. What term would you like me to use? Anti-gay? It means the same thing.

        3. You don’t need to believe in god to know that sticking your dick in the waste removal system is unnatural (or wanting one shoved in your own)

        4. Sterling, I think this month is a good indicator of where this once glorious project is quickly heading.
          Back to ED.

        5. You…do know straight people do that all the time as well, right? In fact, it’s one of the most popular porn categories.
          As for gay couples, it’s not like that specific act is required for them to have sex, so…your statement is confusing at best.

        6. Is this your attempt to get me to admit that only 95% of homosexuals are mentally ill? sorry. You all are. Doesn’t mean you should be discriminated against though as long as you can manage it properly. But that is an ADA argument, not an equal rights one.

  50. Andreas Lubitz, the German guy who crashed the passenger plane in France, was also gay.

  51. In nature, let’s say the number of homosexuals in any community is at just under 5%. In the figures above it varied between 2-4%. With this new agenda, I’ve noticed/predict the headlines are going to be about raising this number posing questions like “Homosexuals: How Many Are There?” Their answers will trend the new normal towards 15%, which is what I’ve actually heard out here. Strangely, if the numbers above are correct, simply having gay parents increased the tendency to not consider the son/daughter ‘100% straight.’ That statement should be amended to ‘induces confusion with regard to sexual identity.’ What I’m saying is, the higher number could eventually be a self-fulfilling prophecy, at least in cities like LA and NY.
    Also, there’s another happening that should scare us about the STD thing. I didn’t learn about this until being in Hollywood for a few years, but you know those women that have lots of gay friends? Yeah, most gay men, at least here, will be bi-sexual and sleep with their female friends. Know how bad the herpes epidemic is in LA? If you get tested for STDs the doctors don’t test for it unless there are physical symptoms. They assume everyone has it, regardless of orientation. It’s not a pool I want to be included in.
    As for gay marriage issues, I’ve pretty much left it alone with a ‘to
    each their own mentality.’ Let’s face it, some people are just that way
    and denying it would be like trying to force ourselves to be attracted
    to something we are not. However, it seems since it’s not as big a deal
    as it was even 2 years ago, homosexuals are definitely given a voice in
    the media (news and television) disproportionate to their percentage in
    the population. And I’m in LA, so as an aside even the straight men are
    looking similar to gay men so there’s obviously an influence.

  52. Amtrak should be sued by survivors for failing to perform adequate due diligence in the hiring process. Evidence of Bostian’s unstable gay personality is all over the net. Amtrak put political correctness before the safety of its passengers.

  53. The child molesting set are going to come at you hard, Matt. Watch your 6.

  54. Maybe they’ll revamp the story and make an action thriller where tranny terrorist hijack a train, and it’s up to Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington to top them, with a guest appearance by Jason Statham. It’ll be called Dangerous TRANSit.

  55. If there is one good thing about the homosexual poolitical movement is that it slows the progress of medicine. All efforts in that field is going towards fixing the numerous diseases they are “reproducing.”

  56. This is a really good article by Matt Forney, its well researched and we’ll argued, and shouldn’t be dismissed or ignored by anyone.
    One thing I can add to this discussion is the traditional Chinese medicine concept of ‘Dragon yang’.
    Dragon yang is a concept in TCM which states that if yang sexual energies mix with other yang sexual energies (instead of the yin sexual energy of women), then the result will produce a pathological extreme of yang overdose, which manifests in the inability of a homosexual man to slow down.
    I noticed this myself, marching in a formed squad. I was the tallest member and thus the right hand marker. The man marching next to me however was a homosexual, and while the squad was marching, he was completely unable to match my stately pace, but instead would continue to speed up speed up speed up, furiously increasing his marching pace until he was completely out of time, causing the entire squad to fall into disarray.
    Whenever we marched as a squad without him, there was no problem, but whenever he was present he couldn’t control his Dragon yang energy and forced the speed faster every time.
    I dare say it was the same with this train driver fellow. He was unable to restrain his Dragon yang, forcing him to ever increase his speed inappropriately, with fatal consequences.
    TL;DR- gay men have terrible timing and are prone to rushing.

  57. The CDC’s odds for a straight male getting HIV through normal sex with an HIV+ female is like 1/200. Its not a terribly successful disease–needs butthexing or needles to effectively transmit.

    1. And those odds themselves are overstated.
      Since they have been keeping stats on this disease (30+ years) how many straight men in the western hemisphere have been *verified* to have contracted HIV from a woman during plain-vanilla heterosexual sex? I mean, really, actually verified cases of heterosexual female-to-male transmission?
      My best guess would be a big, fat ZERO, or pretty damn close to it.
      Most of the female-to-male transmission cases were recorded in Africa, so who knows how accurate those stats are or what the true vector of transmission actually was.
      Besides, the entire handling of AIDs/HIV just smells of a massive matrix agenda. There have been countless credible scientists over the years questioning the very basis of HIV = AIDs. Of course they have been routinely ignored or ridiculed:

      1. What’s interesting is that Africa has a long history and traditional practices of homosexuality, transexuality, and even gay marriages.
        It’s funny how SJWs like to say homosexuality is only apparent in modernized first world cultures and that they are more civil. African tribes always were carried out that there is a dominant ruling group and the slaves were commonly used for sex even if it’s man on man.

  58. You didn’t show any link between Mr.Bostian’s homosexuality and his inability to operate the train safely. Maybe you have an anti-gay agenda…ok fine. Several news sites have posted stories of people who used GPS to measure the train’s speed on prior trips, and showed the trains travel at unsafe speeds. I suppose you’re saying unsafe private behavior leads to unsafe public behavior? Perhaps. The facts are still coming in.

    1. This fellow crashes a train and turns out to be a queer. Andreas Lubitz crashes a plane into a mountain, and turns out to have had gay porn on his computer.
      For there being “no link” between homosexuality and an inability to operate transportation equipment safely, them queers sure seem to be involved in a lot of accidents.

  59. lets put religion aside for now.
    How does homosexuality benefit the human race? it doesn’t. You can’t procreate in a homosexual lifestyle. The only way to have a child is by using a surrogate or growing your child in a lab. But you still can’t get around the fact that you need a sperm and an egg in order to conceive a child. Two women or two men cannot do it alone, it’s a fact you can’t get around it. Homosexuality can only be a pleasurable activity at best, it’s not natural and yes it is a choice, you’re not born that way, the gay gene doesn’t exist that is a lie, it only exists in theory.
    It’s also true that some animal species will have gay sex, but how can you compare animals with humans? Animals do not have the same intellect or reasoning abilities as humans do, if you want to compare yourself to a duck or a monkey that’s your business, but you can’t use that to prove homosexuality. Animals are not the same as humans and therefore humans need to held up to higher standards than animals.

  60. First article I’ve read by Matt Forney where I thought he was stupid. I guess he can’t do basic scientific research. Being gay or exhibitionist has nothing to do with wrecking a train; you can be straight, conservative, and drunk to do that (or just stupid).

    1. I agree, unless he was in fact hired because of some gay affirmative action. Even if that’s not the case, his larger points about gay lifestyle and the left’s campaign to obfuscate it are spot on.

  61. Funny he doesn’t mention lesbians having high HIV rates, as if men aren’t more promiscuous and horny than women.

      1. Because women are not promiscuous/horny or because they never make genital contact?

  62. To be fair, of all the gay guys I knew through school, work or otherwise, none of them were flamers or activists; they were all cool.
    If you ever want to be cured of “homophobia”, move to Vancouver. If you are a half-decent looking guy you will get hit on by gay guys all the time. A lot of feminists will say that men will never understand how it feels to be a woman who is cat called, flirted with, propositioned and such. I completely understand from dealing with all the fags on Granville Avenue!
    A good friend of mine had a gay father. I say “had” because I think he died of AIDS. The guy marries a woman, has three sons, and then decides he wants to suck black dick. Actually, he was a nice guy as was his committed partner, who died of AIDS. Meanwhile, buddy ends up marrying my ex-gf, gets drunk and starts hitting on me. Now he is divorced and living in the Caribbean as an IT professional. Go figure.

  63. Call me clairvoyant, but I could almost smell the degenerate stench of logical fallacies and baseless reasoning from a mile away. At this point, Encyclopedia Dramatica can make a more entertaining argument that has more substance and rationality than what was represented here by this fool; quite frankly, there’s a reason why I flock to that site instead of listening to a disabled dialogue spout out his anger of being unable to reason with reality.
    I suppose I should start picking away at the foundation of your claims, which tips its hat to the idea that sexual orientation predetermines their health and behavior as a whole. Now, I understand taking a stand in spite of excessive leftism that plagues the nation sounds like the only reasonable option at this point, but using them as a posterboy to justify your irrational premise just makes you a laughing stock of RoK. Anyone that honestly identifies any intellectual acuity from your empty correlations is the exact equivalent of the intellectual dishonesty perpetrated by the very same “brainwashed” individuals — the damn leftists. Correlation without causation, slippery slope, and the entire works must have been your ingredients in writing this article. Anyone that looks for a clear line of honest reasoning could pick away the fallacies that you’ve asserted and hardly attempted to justify, and with this site hosting reality on its front-page, I’m surprised on how this ridiculous article managed to gain any support.
    If this is the crux of what’s wrong with America, then I suppose that little than 3% of the population is capable of fucking over you fools. If so, then I’m glad to be a part of this disastrous gay parade, Forney. You’re part of the reason why RoK is slowly rolling down the hill.

  64. I think homosexuality is disgusting. Whether you are Hetero of homo: You’re seriously going to put your penis into a buthole? Now certainly you can be gay if you want, I wish you lots of success with that, however the promotion of homosexuality and the indoctrination of children thereof has reached shameless proportions in the west. I myself live in Europe, and as you Americans know, western Europe is a socialist firebox. What is considered “rightwing” here is called liberal in the US, that’s how bad it is. Cultural Marxism celebrates its hayday with (white) men paying most taxes but being frowned upon while women, immigrants from 3rd world countries, gays, and mongoloids are being pampered from cradle to grave.
    Now I know some gay people. Most of them are not bad folks, but they have the tendency to be backstabbers and display diva behaviour. They are nothing but women you could say. And by that token, they shouldn’t be allowed to do jobs where manliness (spatial awareness and decisionmaking) is needed and lives are at stake.
    No gay police officers, no pilots, and no train operator… etc.

    1. I know you don’t want to admit it to yourself, but the truth is clear from your comment: they are bad folks. Don’t delude yourself.

      1. I’m fine with people being gay, holding hands, a modest kiss in public. I don’t care, in a free society that should be possible. And I don’t believe all gays are bad people either. But I don’t want them sailing the canals (gaypride in amsterdam) naked, in tight strings with little children or tourists seeing that. The sexual atmosphere has nothing to do with “rights”. It’s just exibisionism.

        1. I agree. And nude beaches and topless beaches should not allow children to be present either.

  65. I’m noticing the lgtb movement is trying to infiltrate this very website in some of the comments, such as people claiming we should accept gays or they know some gays that are “normal”. Nope. We cannot allow such a degenerate group (high child molestation and sex abuse rates, STD rates, DV and other social ills) to be accepted here, or in any pro-masculine movement. Otherwise, might as well just open the flood gates and let all the other SJWs and free-bleeding tumblrettes in too.
    Also, two interesting links I found:
    One twin identifies as a dyke, the other identifies as normal, despite sharing the same genetics. This puts a dent in the “born this way” myth (which was originally propagated by pedophile and homosexual activist John Money):
    And – BBC refused to take down a pro-gay propaganda film, made by child sex campaigner Ian Dunn. Why? Because “gay rights” are more important than causing offense to people that were sexually abused as children:

    1. The gays are coming! Fear fear spread the fear! They are infiltrating as we speak! Guard the kids. Shield their eyes from the abomination. They must not see the reality we are witnessing! Gasp! The gays are coming!

  66. If you’ve ever barebacked a ONS you’re a fucking hypocrite if you critique gay behavior, because its the same shit. Full stop.

  67. I guess RoK is pure garbage now. I am glad r/TheRedPill isn’t homophobic trash like this.
    It shows a lot of insecurity and a lack of character to blame others for your own problems. Blaming gay people for the failings of society is stupid.

    1. 1. we do not recognize “homophobia”, what is that? Because no one here is afraid of homosexuals. 2. You have it backwards, homosexuals are an “aggrieved” group and just like the rest of them they blame all of their shortcomings on society. And, yes, that is stupid and its even more stupid to cheer this kind of behavior.

      1. Homophobia is a strange term. I have heard it best described as the fear that gay men will treat you like you treat women. It sounds like trying to kills Homophobia and sexism at the same time with that definition. It is strange.
        Gay people do have it better than they use to. That said they are still being denied basic rights. Getting married isn’t the only right they are denied when not being allowed to marry. Things like making decisions for loved ones in hospitals is often denied gay couples. Tax issues and other things are involved in this.
        Acting as if marriage is special and shouldn’t be disrespected is a paradoxical view for RoK to take. Considering how stupid it is for most straight men to marry these days no one here should care about gay people getting married.
        Gay people pose no threat to society. Saying so almost makes you sound like you want to blame society instead of just taking control of your own life.
        Guys who care about gay marriage need to Man up.

  68. My problem with homosexuality is that they infringe on our belief systems. You’re gay! Great! Stay in your bar with your porn movies and fornicate with each other.
    It’s amazing how in the last few decades how homosexuality has gone from being immoral to ok.
    I’m glad there are sites like this that actually have the balls to stand up against the PC bullshit that is now eroding our society.
    Feminism and homosexuality are ruining our society! Men are being marginalized and brainwashed.
    I never used to have a problem with homosexuality. Let me tell you something, when you have a homosexual peering over the divide at your penis when your taking a piss you’ll understand how it feels.

  69. I definitely agree with what Matt Forney is saying, but his article fails to hit home the larger point. Should we be allowing homosexuals in postions where the lives of tens or hundreds of people are in their hands?
    The media has glossed over Brandon Bostian’s alternative life mentioning only that he was a gay rights activist. They don’t insinutate or come to the conclusion that his lifestyle was a factor in the crash. But the recent German Wings crash supports this case.
    When the media mentioned that pilot Andreas Lubitz was teased as “Tomato Andy” by his coworkers, because of his job as a stewardess before becoming a pilot. What that nick name actually a reference to Lubitz being a closeted homosexual, because most people think tomatos are vegetables when it’s actually a fruit.
    In both cases the two men were trolling for gay porn, but they seemed to be personally conflicted with their homosexually. This creates mental instablilty and makes them unfit for jobs where peoples lives are at stake.

  70. If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought that Forney is butthurt because even faggots have a better sex life than him…

  71. I’m sure Forney and Johnson was looking at those pics for “research”..
    Hey Forney ,why is your keyboard so sticky?
    Sees what he has on his computer. Oh I guess he is a top.

  72. I was reading an article in a British newspapers about the gay community and how AIDS isn’t a death sentence anymore written by either a homosexual or their supporters – the article failed to point out that AIDS is still in most cases a early death sentence, the homosexual community have the biggest percentage of people with the disease, highly promiscuous women are highest likely percentage of the hetrosexual community to catch the disease with the least like being straight men

  73. No real insight, mostly links to other articles, but the links are at least OK. C+

  74. The captain of the “Titanic” wasn’t gay. Nor was the pilot of the “Hindenburg”. I would contend that in the entire history of transport disasters, trains, boats. planes, etc. Those in control were almost certainly not gay.
    The whole idea that the sexuality of the driver was some sort of reason for the accident is absurd.
    You people really need to get a grip.

    1. That fag wrecked that train. He was unstable and was not vetted because he was gay and people like yourself looked the other way out of some sort of PC fairness. Any straight family man with his history wouldn’t have the responsibility. If he did and had that kind of negligent crash it would be headline news.

      1. Oh. You mean like that guy who flew his plane into a mountain and killed 150 people. He wasn’t gay either.
        You’re letting your dislike of gay people blind you to just how dumb your ridiculous argument actually is.

        1. That’s right he was a bad person. Any behavior he displayed as that type of person would have been flagged, being gay means he can’t be vetted.

        2. Rubbish. Accidents happen all the time for all sorts of reasons. You are just making stuff up because you don’t like gay people so any chance to blacken their name and your on it. Even it it means ridiculous stretching like this.

        3. Look guy, not all gay people wreck trains and kill people this one guy did. It looks like if people didn’t act as defensively as you are he might not have been in a position to do that. Being a gay man had nothing to do with the accident being gay in a PC society allowed an unworthy man to have a job he otherwise wouldn’t have. The Gay community needs to decide if they are a part of society or on the outside.

        4. The gay community doesn’t have to decide anything. You do. The only person on the outside of society here is you and you know it. You are a member of an increasingly diminishing minority of unreasoning homophobes. You use any excuse you can to pick on gay people and blame them for societies ills. Even links as tenuous as this are fair game as far as you are concerned.
          Your argument doesn’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny at all yet you are obviously going to persist with it. Suit yourself. I’m done.

        5. Just because the government at gun point makes everybody smile doesn’t mean they are happy

    2. As a raging homophobe, I somewhat agree with your thoughts. Although, I do not believe “absurd” is quite the term. Stretching things, maybe. But it’s not absurd to state that this guys’ mental problems were a contributor to the crash. Just as that guys mental problems caused him to crash that plane and kill 150 people.

      1. You don’t even know if he had any mental problems. You’re just speculating. Maybe you should wait for the outcome of the inquiry instead of making stuff up.

        1. He had a mental problem. He took dick up his asshole. That’s a sure sign someone has severe mental problems. So, I’m not speculating on anything.

        2. You’re a hopeless cause. Next time you’re using a plane/train/automobile you should ask if the pilot/driver is gay or not. I’m sure the operators will tell you. Not.

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