Why Are Female Firefighters Allowed To Graduate After Failing Physical Exams?

Doirin-Holder also failed to run the required 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less — even after the running course was slashed by an estimated quarter-mile, the source said, alleging that the start and finish lines were moved to shorten the run.

The New York Post

Fire Academy whistleblowers in New York have revealed that perennial failure Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, a black woman, was allowed to graduate thanks to the fudging of her scores. It is simply the most recent gag amongst a litany of grotesquely political correct decisions from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Overzealous courts, especially that of Judge Nicholas Garaufis, have previously ruled that the FDNY “must” hire more women and minorities. The result is that standards have been drastically and openly lowered. Some female candidates, like Doirin-Holder, even had fitness and other tests tailored to their sub-par abilities when they fell below the inferior gender-normed standard.

Doing the work that the ultra-liberal New York Times refuses to engage in, The New York Post previously covered how Doirin-Holder, long recognized as a repeat washout at the Fire Academy, “failed her way” into a $81,000-a-year desk job. Even though she would have only been paid $39,000 as a newly minted firefighter, the FDNY kept her on a pay scale some $26,000 higher than her previous 2013 job as an emergency medical technician (EMT). She was allowed to wait on this bloated remuneration until she could go through the Fire Academy once more.

2015 has been a sorry year for the FDNY, with Rebecca Wax becoming the first female firefighter to graduate whilst failing the vital Functional Skills Training test. The madness goes back far further, however. Wendy Tapia, called “unfireable” after failing six times to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less, finally quit in 2013, but only as a result of sustained media and other pressure. Because of the priority being given to women and others, it is inevitable that many more stories of special treatment which threaten the future safety of the public will have escaped wider scrutiny and critique.

Court-sanctioned and other madness

Judge Nicholas Garaufis, whose looney tune findings of racial and other “discrimination” led to 282 “priority hires”, including Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder.

We are at the stage now where the physical requirements for firefighters, whose job involves taking people to safety during otherwise fatal infernos and making their way through gutted buildings with heavy equipment, are described as “sexist” and “discriminatory” by courts and political parties alike. New York’s is just one of many fire departments prioritizing female feelings over the functional requirements needed to be an effective firefighter. Four and a half years ago, a UK government study confirmed that physical standards had fallen under successive leftwing Labour Party administrations.

Faced with this incontrovertible academic and anecdotal evidence, including those of experienced firefighters, Britain’s highest-ranking female in that profession, Dany Cotton, still found cause to cry fake tears of misogyny:

People who express these views are dinosaurs and very chauvinistic and need to get with the programme. It’s 2011, women are firefighters; get over it.

As is typical in these cases, “developments” which unfairly promote women and have much wider social safety repercussions are casually brushed aside or blamed on male sensitivity. The relaxed standards undoubtedly allow overweight men to join fire departments as well but, that said, an overweight male is almost always more physically competent in terms of strength than a fat female. And the relative leniency in newer fitness tests was never designed to advance the career prospects of less fit men. They aren’t at all important in the context of stopping the purported employment oppression of women.

We’re capable but government, please help us!

Dany Cotton has described criticisms of lowered fitness standards, empirically proven in a government study, as “chauvinistic” and sexist towards women.

In so many fields, especially conscription, which almost universally impacts men only, feminists are quite happy to use “biological differences” to lumber men with what doesn’t suit them. But if women want to voluntarily work in any profession, expect a shrill call for an end to male privilege, however invisible (i.e. non-existent) and fifth-dimensional such privilege increasingly is. The ending of these so-called advantages takes the form of quotas, lower entry standards, including women-only lower standards as found in the military, and the ability to speed up one’s career advancement by saying “Misogyny!”, “Sexual harassment!” or “Gender discrimination!”

When everything is said and done, let’s feel some sympathy for Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, hey? After all, she’s currently the recipient of terrible, terrible, terrible gender-based taunting, all because her genitals enabled her to graduate. Jokes aside, though, feminists do count calling out a woman’s lower qualifications as institutionalized misogyny.

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  1. And of course, only the best of the best firefighters are assigned to the fire stations that protect judges and bureaucrats who force such things on the people.

  2. The exact same thing is happening to our military. Throughout the whole debacle regarding females failing the Marine Officer Infantry course, ROK seemed silent.
    Female must pass the same test as males to be in Combat Arms Army Branches or Marine Infantry.
    Given the attacks in Paris, military readiness should be a top priority. Not political correctness.

    1. “Military readiness” will not be a priority until a mass number of females are either killed or seriously wounded; even then, the PC nitwits will still be screaming “DIVERSITY uber alles”.
      To get an idea where all of this headed, read and become familiar with Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.

      1. I hate to play devil’s advocate but actually this will probably not happen: most Western troops are not sent to the frontline like in WWI or even Vietnam. Besides they are assisted by massive airpower.
        The “real” fight is done by rebels, “local troops” or contractors.
        So, actually, enlisting women is not such a big deal.
        That will be an issue the day we have to fight on our on soil. for instance if we imort more refugees and they create some caliphate ghettos and we have to sent troops there like Mexico sent its soldiers against the cartel.

        1. The way the world is going, it could be that that day is not as far off as we currently think that it is…

  3. Its gotten to the point in the western world now that PC culture is having a direct impact on our own safety … just makes the case for moving away all the more better

  4. I applied for an advanced course, in my area of qualification – precisely within the criteria of their mission/curriculum.
    I’m highly qualified.
    I have the cash for tuition.
    Denied due to “diversity”. And state it in the dear John letter.
    They don’t even have to disguise the agenda.

    1. With today’s rules of “diversity”, even a white woman takes precedence over a guy in wheelchair. Merit is dead and buried.

  5. If anything, the FDNY is now being sexist (and racist for that matter).
    First, they will be told to hire more women. Next, they’ll be told to hire more minority women or they’ll be labeled racist.
    All the while, excluding men (and more so white men) – all for the feelings of equality. We’re not equal…they should get used to it.

    1. Dude who conducts background checks for the nyc police dept told me there are a lot of people on the job now who shouldnt be cops, but made the grade bc of diversity needs. Quotas are awesome, arent they??

        1. He also implied some of them werent mentally stable enough for the job…more civil lawsuits, more PR fiascos, etc

      1. I agree. They will definitely let in people who shouldn’t be on the force. That’s why police departments are having such a time in dealing with the public today. It’s similar to how many managers at companies shouldn’t be in charge of people (no people skills at all). It becomes a mess for everyone. The elephant in the room that no news agency will touch is the fact if we’re becoming more “diverse”, as a nation, for accepting these actions then aren’t we becoming racist (or sexist) as well? The answer is yes but you’ll never (or very rarely) hear it brought up in the media or any political speeches. You’ll only hear about how more diversity is needed: which is code for racism (sexism).

        1. Yup, they will push for even MORE diversity rather than acknowledging its failures, put out that fire by pouring some gasoline on it

      2. “..but made the grade bc of diversity needs.”
        Christopher Dorner was an outlier.
        A friend of mine who is an airlines pilot getting ready to retire said the same thing.

        1. I coulda sworn I read they now allow female would-be fireman to drag a victim down the stairs rather than being able to carry them down the stairs…this is in nyc

      3. … there are a lot of people on the job now who shouldnt be cops, but made the grade bc of diversity needs.

        The irony of that is the same leftists who push for more such diversity policies are the same ones who complain the most about how well or how poorly the police do their jobs.

  6. This problem is easily solved. Just give lady firefighters the exclusive responsibility of rescuing kittens. Unless of choose if it’s stranded up a tree in which case a man will still have to do it.
    Seriously though, she’s given a desk job that pays double for having failed to make the grade? No wonder men are going transgender.

      1. Would really like to see this. I would try it, but not married nor pending divorce. Blame the whole thing about her not accepting your perceived identity and talk about all the emotional turmoil she put you through. Then demand alimony.

    1. Doesn’t solve a single problem. My chances of being in a fire and needing help are approaching 0. My chances of paying 30% of my salary in taxes + a sales tax on everything I buy with the remaining money is 100%.
      If I have to pay for firemen then fine…even if I don’t get a say in what a valid compensation is. However, while I am paying for them can we at least have a team that can pass a basic standards test?

      1. They are up there avoiding their catlady masters, and the fireman return em to em…. patriachy is even oppressing felines…

  7. Awesome article. I’m in this field and see more and more of this all the time. On the cpat site (national physical for firemen) it says “to accommodate female applicants we have changed the physical standards”. Did we change what happens in a fire too?
    At my academy there was a physical that had to be passed in under 7 minutes. Most finished in 5 something, a few finished in 4 something. Not a single female finished under 6 minutes. The worst part? I found out 6 minutes used to be the cut off. Can this person pull you out of a fire in time? Maybe, maybe not. That’s not important. What’s important is no one gets their feelings hurt.
    There are now three branches in the fire department. Combat/suppression, rescue/medical, and prevention. Prevention is paperwork and fire inspections. Rescue is an ambulance. Combat is fighting fires. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for just combat to be closed to women.

    1. Sure did,
      Delays in scene arrival to accommodate women’s bladder and hygienic needs.
      More panicked voices taking up the emergency radio band.
      New public addresses to proclaim our intent to be “as equal as possible.”
      Fires are now a misogynist conspiracy of the patriarchy.
      Fewer people likely to be saved in time or at all, more human rotisseries and more: “blame the men”.
      But seriously, you’re point is exactly it.

        1. Along with the FDNY, I have also been placed on hold with the MTA construction job appointment and have been rejected by the SDPD/ CHP for whatever reason despite them allowing weak ass cunts to go on through the process. Getting a journeyman appointment is a long long wait and I have to buy the learning material on my own while women are given the items for free and priority as journeymen. I guess being fit and STEM educated means nothing.

    2. Imagine the following scene. Guy gasping with a death rattle in the fire. Male and female firefighters come. Male firefighter wants to rescue the dying guy. Guy screams in protest and says: No! Fucking misogynist! Give the girl a try! Come on, gurl, you can do it! Go girl!

      1. What about a staunch feminist that is literally burning alive in her cat palace and refuses to be rescued by a male firefighter? Would she be martyred?

        1. Well, the world seems to be full of crazies who burn themselves alive for some cause. I know a guy who knew someone who did that in Czech to protest against Soviet invasion.

    3. I’d be interested in a poll of how many women would prefer to be rescued by firewomen instead of firemen.
      Interesting that spellchecker flags firewomen…

      1. “Misogynist! Misogynist!”
        *More Female Fighters come and fire goes out
        So, the lesson here is, say ‘Misogynist’ and the fire will go away. We need a 50% female fire fighter force.

    4. So we can scratch off firefighting as another service fallen to progressive bullshit.
      This is why my home is festooned with fire extinguishers.
      And since police standards are also way down, it was already festooned with guns.

      1. “And since police standards are also way down,”
        Forced female and “minority” hiring practices in police departments have led to more higher incidents of bad police shoots (more dead and costing taxpayers coin thru lawsuits), public costs and corruption. I would welcome objective standards of hiring the best candidates, but we still have a long way to fall before we get back to sanity.

        1. Yep, if you can’t do the job then you can’t get hired. Only very few women can do these jobs and that’s pretty much it. This PC shit is ridiculous.

    5. “On the cpat site (national physical for firemen) it says “to accommodate female applicants we have changed the physical standards””

    6. Until they are in the roids (i.e. maybe those female-to-male transexuals) or built like a man. Most women can’t even compete.

    7. One of the things I don’t understand in the USA is why fire departments, police departments and the military have young cut off ages, usually around 30-35. The implication seems to be a male in his late 30’s or 40’s is too ‘old’ for that kind of work (or at least to start it as a rookie), but an 18-29 year old woman? She’s fine. Yet science and common sense tells you, it’s obviously not the case. Men can maintain a high level of physical fitness well into their 40’s. Look at the various athletes who still compete at high professionals levels and haven’t retired yet, but they’re over 35. Like Tom Brady who is nearly 40 and still the QB for the NE Patriots, granted, not for much longer. But still.
      This is an argument I often bring up against allowing females into ground combat roles in the military, such as special forces or the infantry, which is unfortunately underway as we speak. Age cut offs to train for the SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, Army/USMC infantry, etc are all around 28-34.
      Sounds like a good precedent for an age discrimination lawsuit if you ask me.

    8. I took and passed my cpat despite recovering from the flu (strength was still sapped) and did it wearing boots and BDUs. Now I’ve been placed on pending DQ because a stupid Asian (I’m Asian as well) male doctor took issue with a scar on my head which other doctors said was non-issue. When I took the physical I was in the later stages of the flu so it skewed my blood work but the female doctor wouldn’t listen and DQ’d me until I got new blood work done on my own time and dime (which I did but that stupid male doc fucked me over again). I sent in my appeals and haven’t heard back from the FDNY in a year.
      Women shouldn’t complain and this bitch isn’t the first and only one to pass after failing. Tapia and Wax along with the fitness instructor/ firefighter (Filipino woman) are the others I’ve heard about. I’m pretty sure there are more considering they coddled this new one throughout the academy.

    1. The running qualification is to make sure that you have aerobic fitness; in the Navy, we had various kinds of isometric standard tests (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) as well as a running test that you had to pass twice a year. If you failed, you were put on mandatory physical training until the next testing cycle.

      1. I understand, and not saying that there should not be standards of fitness but it seems to me that the fitness tests should more adequately reflect the occupation. I would expect the key test would be a loaded carry (of the weight of an average person) going up and down a ladder. This will measure weight bearing aerobic fitness for activities I would expect a fireman to conduct every day.
        Of course no woman would ever pass such a test so I guess that’s why they have the run.

        1. running is a quick and easy way to weed out the fatties without having to waste time and money to buy more training equipment. Plus if someone doesn’t maintain a good standard of fitness in their normal life and training, they aren’t going to maintain any standard of fitness if they get the job

        2. Yes true, but the tests should adequate reflect the physical demands of the job. Do you want a fireman who can run a mile really quickly but can’t carry your unconscious body down a ladder.?
          Anyway, I wouldn’t think the Fire Brigade would need to buy special ladders to weed out the fatties. They have plenty already don’t they?

        3. I did not miss the point. “Acceptable level of fitness” is vague and proven false. Training and fitness tests need to adequately reflect the requirements of the occupation.
          Btw, did you even read the link you sent me?

          For instance, the Salinas Fire Department requires applicants to be able
          to carry a person weighing up to 120 pounds unaided, and up to 300
          pounds with the help of another firefighter, while simultaneously
          wearing up to 50 pounds of gear.

          This is what I would expect. 120 lbs is too light in my opinion…

        4. If someone can’t run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes (an acceptable level of fitness according to the FDNY) what chance do they have of being fit enough to climb up and down ladders all day. Running is the best way of getting rid of the people who have no chance, there is not simpler way of explaining it
          i googled “how many people apply to be firefighters” and picked the first link which shows how many applicants there are compared to how many places, I am not saying there shouldn’t be a test to carry a person, but that is not the point
          Also the fireman’s carry isn’t really used anymore by firemen so carrying a person does not reflect the requirements of the occupation

        5. And if someone can’t run up and down ladders all day what chance do they have of making that run? Answer: who cares?
          Usain Bolt probably sucks at distance running. Does that mean he’s unfit?

    2. Not much. But they do wear heavy gear and required to carry heavy equipment up staircases. In intense heat. For long periods of time.
      Cardio-vascular and stamina helps you there, n’est-ce-pas?

      1. Yes but see my other comment. Loaded carry up an incline is very different to unloaded steady state cardio. One does not necessarily prepare you for the other.

  8. You know, the solution to this is very simple. All the affirmative action hires can be transferred to stations guarding the same politicians who got them hired. You want that woman as a fireman? Fine, she’s the one who has to pull your ass out of a burning building.

    1. You know as well as I do that the pols and their followers responsible for this nonsense will NEVER agree with that, not any more than agreeing to settle the wonderful followers of “the religion of peace” in their neighborhoods.
      They screech that “walls won’t keep out crime or violence”, yet live in gated communities or walled enclosures.

      1. And in a sane world, that would be the end of things. If you can not lead by example, you can not lead at all. Sadly, that is not the world we live in anymore…

    2. “All the affirmative action hires can be transferred to stations guarding the same politicians who got them hired.”
      The secret service is full of women. It was even headed by a woman (Julia Pierson) until she was forced to step down after a series of white house incursions. The sheer incompetence was too much to handle, even for feminist Obama.

  9. Reminds me of a female CSM I had that couldn’t qualify at the range even after I think 4 or 5 tries, tip of the spear folks.

  10. This is only a single example of the inane behavior that is political correctness and leftist ideology. People often laugh at PC and at liberals (American definition.) but this is unwise. Liberals once upon a time were simply annoying with their fantastical Utopian ideals, but that false Utopia is now getting people killed.

  11. Same with the Army, not sure about other branches. The difference in the amount of push ups,sit ups, pull ups and running between males and female is insane. True equality folks!

      1. I think it is an expression or colloquialism that we native-English speakers (maybe just North America?) don’t really think about the origin of too much.
        Sort of, the difference is so great, so large, as to be incomparable, preposterous, mind-boggling, baffling, insane, etc. At this point, perhaps even a slang?
        Like saying something is unimaginably stupid is more like meaning “profoundly so” or “obviously so” not that one is somehow limited in imagining just how stupid something might be.

    1. I’m double my healthy weight, grossly out of shape, and extremely lazy- but I can still pass the army pt test for women.

    2. The marines did a study on integrated combat squads. The integrated squads failed miserably.
      For example, when negotiating the wall obstacle, male Marines threw their packs to the top of the wall, whereas female Marines required regular assistance in getting their packs to the top.
      During casualty evacuation assessments, there were notable differences in execution times between all-male and gender-integrated groups, except in the case where teams conducted a casualty evacuation as a one-Marine fireman’s carry of another (in which case it was most often a male Marine who “evacuated” the casualty)
      women in combat conditions get injured twice as often as men, shoot infantry weapons less accurately and have more difficulty removing injured soldiers from the battlefield.
      All-male squads demonstrated higher performance levels on 69 percent of tasks evaluated, compared to gender-integrated squads. Gender-integrated teams performed better than their all-male counterparts on two of the 134 tasks, the study said.
      All-male squads also had a “noticeable difference in their performance of the basic combat tasks of negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties.”
      The same types of issues they have in these military exercises, they will have as firefighters.
      They are smaller, slower, weaker, and more fragile. It’s not because men hate women or Patriarchy says it must be so, it’s just the way Mother Nature works in humans. Women were not designed to do this type of stuff.

      1. Yep. All that’s left is to give one some fake “Best Firefighter of All Time” award or some such shit. -“Congratulations, sweetie, ten fewer people died unnecessarily in that fire you responded to than died in those other females responded to”.

  12. Fuck this, you should make being female mandatory in order to be a part of the fire department. After 5 years enough shit will burn down that MAYBE people will come to their sense. If not…well, another year or two and we won’t have to worry.

    1. The blame will be spread over the entire department! lol you don’t happen to believe that women firefighters will be singled out do you?

  13. Here in Canada, postman jobs were heavily given to women in recent times. Basically in recent years, if someone wanted to become a postman, a woman has a much higher chance to be hired. And recently Canada Post decided to stop shipping mail to homes. They just dump mail in mailboxes instead (mine is like 500 meters away from my home). Coincidence? I don’t think so. Women postmen struggle to carry a bag of mail and a few packages because they are so weak. I think that’s the real reason why they stopped home delivery. And when you are applying for a job of postman, you see all these “requirements” (being fit, being strong, etc…) that are incredibly insulting because you look in the street and all you see is 115 pounds female postmen.

  14. Sorry phony firefighter cunts, nature is chauvinist and sexist, Welcome to biology. Should I be pissed off because I can’t fly?

  15. When your house is burning down around you and your legs are crushed beneath a burning beam, try not to be an oppresive member of the patriarchy by concerning yourself with thoughts of your impending death by fire. Instead, try to think postitive thoughts. The Bitch Brigade’s #14 truck just pulled up outside. Any hour now they might actually get those hoses off the truck and start fighting the fire. That is, after they reach a consensus on who’s butt looks just right in their fire gear. And even though the combined “grrrrrrrl power” of all of them won’t be able to budge that beam you’re pinned beneath, at least you can die a painful, grotesque death knowing that the loss of your life is worth having an “inclusive” and “diverse” team of female firefighters.

    1. Don’t forget the group selfies they take so they can post it on FB so all their friends can see them on an emergency call.

  16. I joined the Marines in 96, was no different then. A bunch of chicks running around thinking they were Marines when they didn’t have to do half the shit we did in boot camp. Hooking up with all the guys out in the fleet. Fuck, its heaven for a slut. the ratio has to be 100 guys to every 5 girls. They completely destroyed the military experience. And now I’m a Firefighter, not FDNY but a small city in the North. We had a female, she lasted 10 years. This girl was book smart but that’s about it. She was literally so common sence dumb she thought she could take a guy in a street fight because she took karate. Fucking idiot.

      1. Yeah, unfortunately that delusion will wind up harming women if they ever get into a dangerous situation, like you say, a woman should just cheap shot the guy and Make a break for it, there is no way in the real world a Chick is going to CSI judo Flip some Guy.

    1. Women are pure dead weight in the military and they cause distraction (aka. Drama) that ruins unit moral and cohesion.

      1. Absolutely, I feel bad for the guys in the military today as it’s probably 10x worse now. Thank god I never fucked around with any of those skanks. Plenty of dumb fucks did though.

        1. Hefty price to pay for a stink hole. Let me guess..girls got drunk, hooked up with the guys, sobered up the next morning and decided they were raped. Isn’t equality great!

        2. No rape. One banged a chick and her boyfriend found out and she claimed she was “forced.” Second was banging and got caught by an NCO– MP chick was where she shouldn’t have been (male barracks) and claimed “rape.”
          The weight of evidence is pretty lean with the UCMJ.

        3. The saddest part is, the military holds the value of nobody gets left behind. In itself, it is a good value, as it instills trust and camaraderie. However, when you have to deal with females, as buddies of mine who were Soldiers and Marines have told me, it is dangerous, as you have to drag them along.

        4. Just like any woman nowadays.
          “When the paychecks are handed out, women want ‘equality’; when the bills come due, they want chivalry.”
          And MGTOW is growing by leaps and bounds…

    2. Is’t that the military for females, anyway?! Most military girls I know are sluts to certain degrees. I even have a co-worker that is one of them. She isn’t even even fit enough to be there and probably just getting by because of lowered fitness standards for females. And she thinks she’s all tough with her rude behavior, endless tattooing and flirting with the manager. She works where I work at only because the Navy does not pay her enough. And I bet that girl you mentioned is just as stupid as my co-worker. Until she’s on the roids or built like a man, she can’t beat the shit out of any guy.

  17. If you lower the standards to a point of absurdity, a ham sandwich can be an Army ranger officer. Problem with this route, or agenda, is that it costs money, materials and lives in the long run.
    Lt. Kara Hultgreen is a great example. To bad that bitch cost US tax payers millions when she crashed the F14. If she were held to the standards men Pilot candidates were, she would have never been let near a cockpit (pun intended).

    1. I figured her back seat rider, the guy who got out in time, from the first time he rode with her was practicing ejecting, in his sleep.

  18. Diversity at the cost of lives is nothing new, nor is this an isolated case. A few years ago in Houston this happened with knowledge tests for AA firefighters. It was the same back in the 80’s & 90’s with inner-city school testing. Now it’s women (even “men” self-identifying as women) – the last to be treated as a protected class. It’s the same continued effort for “equality” at any cost. This crap has been going for decades.
    FWIW It doesn’t matter much to me who saves my life so long as they know how and can physically do their flippin’ job. I’m sure Judge Doofus would agree with that.

  19. Reminded me of going through USAF basic training. I do recall the qualifying run for men being at 11:50 for a 1.5 mile run. This was in 06. We did have a sister flight. If I’m not mistaken, and I’m too lazy to Google it, but I think for females, it was at around 13:00 or 14:00 for a 1.5 mile run. I ran my final PT at 11:20, which was my worst, and yet, I STILL beat all 40 or 45 females, including their dorm chief. And on top of that, they had 5 of them recycled. And bear in mind, this IS USAF basic training, which while it does have it’s level of difficulty, admittedly is a cakewalk compared to say, Marine Corps boot camp. Ditto Ranger School, Navy SEAL training and USAF pararescue training. And they wonder why no one with a common sense wants women on combat or rescue roles. Until they prove otherwise, the answer is hell no.

  20. Lowered physical requirements for female firefighters huh? Hope the various fires have received & acknowledged that new memo.

  21. Seeing how obese Americans are getting, I want to see a female go to a Wal Mart fire so she can carry one of those fat ladies in a scooter.

    1. Unlikely to ever be reported, at least not widespread.
      But the excuses would prove interesting I’m sure:
      It’s the male instructors fault for not doing a better job training her.
      It’s the victims fault for being too heavy.
      How could anyone have known the hose had to be tightened down that much?
      Who knew you should place a ladder securely on even ground?
      Her male teammates let her down by not doing it all.
      She felt uncomfortably bloated and cramped that day and should have been allowed to relax at the station.
      She didn’t see that gurney in the rearview while backing up.
      Fires are a conspiracy invented by the patriarchy to keep women oppressed.
      Her boyfriend was caught cheating the night before.
      Her horoscope said it was destiny and so what could she do really?
      What difference, at this point, does it make?

  22. I am 100% ok with dike fire women if they pass the same exact standards as the men. They preach equality until it comes time for standards. Then they change their tune.

  23. This is nothing new. My father served in the US Border Patrol between 1973 and 1997. Back in the 80’s as I was nearing HS graduation we had a talk about affirmative action.
    The Border Patrol began to implement it in the late 70’s. First it began with test scores. Before, all agent candidates had to make at least an 90 on the entrance exam. All candidates had to be at least 5;11″ tall and weigh at least 180 pounds. The thought being that BP agents were often in situations where they might need to handle a suspect. Anyway, once the AA kicked in, the first thing they did was create different test scores. White guys still needed a 90, hispanics needed a 70, and blacks a 60.
    Then, they wanted female officers, so the size requirements were ditched, then finally the physical performance standards as well (like the FDNY and USMC et al).
    The USBP, prior to the late 70s was mostly white men. Not due to discrimination but that’s who could meed the requirements (for the same reasons that NFL teams re mostly black).
    Fast forward to about 1984. One night, an agent was attacked in a fenced compound by numerous illegals. He called for backup. Agent Geraldine (I met her, a 6’2″ hulking black woman) was nearest and responded to the call. When my dad and others arrived a few minutes later, Geraldine was still struggling to get over a 6 foot chain link fence. She could not do it; at that time hopping 6 ft chain link fences was a daily task for most field agents.
    The delay caused by Geraldine’s inability to get over the fence caused the agent who’d called for help to be stabbed and be injured much worse than if Geraldine had been a man and had been able to get over that fence before the other men arrived. In the aftermath, a lot of the guys (whites and hispanics — I never saw a black BP agent other than Big G, even after AA) were extremely upset and requested that Geraldine be removed from field duty. Geraldine was also long noted for her arrogance and belittling of other agents. Not long after the incident she went into a meeting room and demanded one of the men to produce a form, to which he angrily replied “I’m not your nigger”.
    She filed a complaint and that guy was shipped from SoCal to Alaska within 2 weeks, his career ruined. Several of the men, including my father, who were present when the comment was uttered, snickered. They were also punished.
    For hurting Geraldine’s feelings. The same woman who a few weeks before had allowed one of their comrades to be almost killed due to her inability to do the job.
    Affirmative action is racist AND sexist. If we believe in merit, then the questions of A/S/R should never be asked on a job app. The only standard that SHOULD matter is the ability to do the job. Failure to uphold that standard weakens organizations.
    How competitive would the Patriots be if they had 78% white players (because fairness and demographics of course)? Not as good and no one would argue that.Somehow we can all accept that sports teams would be weaker if they had to accept women or men who were not physically capable. Fine. I get that and we all do.
    But when someone suggests that affirmative action might weaken the Rangers, USBP, Army, or the nuclear physics team at MIT, or skunkworks at McDonnell-Douglas, everybody screams about unfairness.
    Why is it that we all accept 100% meritocracy in sports, but cannot accept the same standard for other, far more important fields?
    It’s bullshit. And AA is institutionalized racism.

    1. I would Ditch the 5ft 11 requirement too, I’m 5ft7 and can deadlift 455 lbs, i’d be hard-pressed for an excuse that i’m physically incapable just because of my Height.

  24. again with the misogynistic trash. its obvious women are physically weaker than men so why should they have to have the same standards in a job as men?
    just because there bodies aren’t as capable doesn’t mean there minds aren’t. it has been proven women are smarter than men and have common sense. much more than you dumb brutish men that run this site.
    i bet all of you on here would not be able to live without a women telling you what to do.
    however i get back on point women are just as capable as men and if you think otherwise you are sexist misogynistic and wrong.
    i advice most of you to get out the house get with the times and try and enjoy life instead of being sad losers that exchange conspiracy theories all day.
    i am sorry if i offended anyone and i wish you all a good day.

    1. No one here’s offended by your pitiful lies. Why should women be held to the same physical standard as men in these jobs? Because the jobs do not scale down to cater to the women. A firehose doesn’t become less heavy simply because a woman has to carry it. An enemy assailant isn’t going to take it easier on a policewoman or female soldier simply because they’re weaker.
      As for the whole women are smarter crap, that’s not accurate either. If you look at the studies with bell curves, men and women are pretty much the same in terms of intelligence. The only big difference is that the men’s bell curve spreads out wider meaning we have more geniuses and idiots on our side.
      Your trolling is pathetic rhetoric and laughable ad hominem attacks. Go back and sit down at the kid’s table until you can talk like an adult.

        1. What’s REALLY disgusting about their stupidity is that it’s willful, arrogant, and refuses to consider opposing viewpoints. Their only response to different viewpoints is to scream insults, call names, and shout down opposition (because that’s all they can do, of course).

    2. Oh, don’t worry about being offensive you fucking shithead pussy. How do you know that we’re all inside all day and that we’re losers? Telepathy? Is it magic? I’m going to go on a limb here, usually I don’t share personal anecdotes because when on a comment thread I can say and be anything because its basically impossible to prove. That being said, we have an over representation of Marines here to include Officers, of which I am one of them. And military in general from all the other outstanding branches. I also work in high finance as do others here. Many of us are self employed. We have authors here, we have men that work on oil rigs. Everyone is committed to their health – they work out, take care of themselves. I could go on. You’d know this if you weren’t ignorant. I guess that qualifies as “loser” to you. Lastly, women are not smarter then men. Newsflash – feminism have been tirelessly claiming that men and women are exactly the same, so, that must mean intelligence too? Or, could this “theory” be flawed? If you really think women are superior to men in intelligence then I encourage you to go outside and when you do kindly take note of, oh everything, a car, a truck, buildings, sanitation, telephone lines, telephones, etc. All of these things were created by MEN. But we’re dumber than women…yeah, okay fucktits that makes sense.

      1. Bear in mind, we’ve given Western women a fair chance to prove themselves. Kurdish female fighters they are not.

        1. If he really thinks women are as capable as men, let’s see if women can lift his fatass. Just throwing it out there. I’m decently fit, and I don’t think I could.

        2. Typical Leftist — thinks that more words means more ‘intelligence’.
          “Men have logic; women have words.” — old Italian(?) proverb.

        1. A chump and a simp; typical male feminist. But just TRY to tell him that any feminist despises him; feminists will use him, sure — but they won’t even let him sniff their dirty panties.

      1. I say Roosh should let him stay, Maybe he’ll Read enough so he changes, and if anything a Good Troll is always fun in the Comment section.

      2. you would be quite surprised to know there are people like that in real life. Yeah I know, it’s sickening.

      3. “appose?”. You look famished Dunkin must be at least 2 hours since you ate. Here’a hot dripping hole for you to chomp on champ.

      4. “dedicated to peace and equality” — typical SJW/Leftist chatter, code for “silencing opposition to my beliefs/anyone who disagrees with me”.
        Leftists are well-known for demanding “tolerance”, while not showing any toleration whatsoever.

    3. “i am sorry if i offended anyone and i wish you all a good day.”
      It’s too late. I’ve been triggered.
      I kindly request a moment of silence for your recent destruction of my safe space.

    4. ” it has been proven women are smarter than men”
      And how exactly has that been “proven” Duncan? Source?

    5. So, just to confirm… it’s obvious women are physically weaker in comparison to men, so everyone should accept them into PHYSICAL fields?
      Feminist logic, ladies and gentlemen. Even if you’re a troll, you’re such an accurate troll it’s hard to tell.

    6. “its obvious women are physically weaker than men” “just because there bodies aren’t as capable doesn’t mean there minds aren’t.”
      So Duncan, when your house is on Fire, and a female Firefighter comes to pull you out (Say a Beam fell and Broke your Legs) and she can’t Budge you, are you going to say? “Well I see your Mind is Capable Darling and it’s the Thought That Counts, though you can’t drag Me out, at least you Got a wonderful Career as a FirePerson and while i’ll probably Roast alive, at least women are finally “Equal”. It is not Proven Women are Smarter than Men, and the whole Women having Common sense Thing, I suggest you take your own advice and “get out the House” and actually Listen to a woman Talk, I doubt what she says will resemble Common Sense.
      “get with the times” I agree, you should, Welcome to the Time of Masculine Man.

      1. The “women are smarter than men” argument is usually based on testing via book-learning, rote-learning, and fact memorization, rather than actual real-world knowledge and problem-solving.
        I’ve known many women who were good at taking tests and yet had nothing in the way of common sense — get them out of the classroom, and they couldn’t function in the real world. (That could also explain how women still also want to marry in their thirties: they’re wanting to have someone who can provide for them, because anyone who already knows them is likely to be tired of dragging their dead weight through life.)

    7. Women can be smart sure BUUT not under stress mate. Under stress the hamster and the reptilian brain take control. A woman will demand to be saved first (Women and children first) every fucking time. There are no women sacrifice like men do. Under stress they do stupid things and put herself and other at risk. Even men when suffer the most dramatic shit in their life, women are more at risk from PTSD. So women have less stress and even with less stress they have more PTSD for nothing, but fuck the men you are a PTSD veteran get over it you pussy. Women are naturally inclined to feel insecure. Even living in a fortress with armed guards a woman never feel 100% secure is in her nature. So what would do a Firewoman if she can’t over come his natural predisposition to fear for her life. Men life is expandable remember. Women only care three things, Her children, Herself and her family in that order, A woman is always thinking in her children and then herself women NEVER RISK THEIR LIVES if it is not for her children.

      1. Women don’t even care for their own children sometimes — there are many women in history and modern times who murdered their own children because they “got in the way” between her and what she wanted or what she thought she was ‘entitled’ to.

        1. I need your backup on the “Welcome to the Red Pill, the angry men’s rights group that “knows what women want” page. I got a feminist that won’t shut up on my butt. Thanks

    8. “its obvious women are physically weaker than men so why should they have to have the same standards in a job as men?”
      Because if it comes to a point where physical ability is the difference between life and death — like, for example, firefighting — a women in a man’s position is going to get the woman and likely the civilian she was trying to save both killed.

  25. Was just at my mom’s house when heart issues suddenly arose, the local rescue squad was called, all of course firemen with top notch EMT training arrived. Everyone one of them was jacked, knowledgeable, rational, and competent beyond necessity. I’d like to see our first responders stay in this form, it’s what’s best for society undoubtedly. Fortunately they didn’t need to take her and she as quickly determined to be stabilized.

  26. Most women cannot carry a lifeless 300lb body out of a building, nothing sexist about it, just simple biological fact.

    1. Thanks for this. I work in forestry. In 10 years met one woman who can handle a chainsaw. Even then I doubt she could fell as many trees as a man in a days work.
      They bitch and moan about the wage gap. Guy goes to oil rig works 40 days straight makes a wad of cash. Woman makes the tea and sandwiches.

  27. Great write up! Another example of having to LOWER the bar so that there is “equality” instead of privilege. I am so tired of this world because everything now is anti male and pro anyone but white male. If I say I have an issue with it then I am a woman hater and a privilege rider, but if I say I am proud of being white I am a racist while every other color under the sun is encouraged to be proud of their color. If it wasn’t for my life insurance policy for my family I would just An Hero and be done with this world.

  28. Also coming to a Special Forces base near you, Look at how a 37 year old Mother supposedly passed the Army Rangers with the standards kept the “Same” as the Men, look at how the Other two younger Broads supposedly passed the Rangers as well, standards kept the “Same” of course. Sorry but if a 37 year old woman is now Passing Elite Special forces training, either the Rangers standards were never that Impressive and receiving the Ranger Tab is basically a non achievement, or the Standards were Tampered with to Favor Pussy. Here are some sources that claim the Pentagon may be Shredding evidence about the Female Rangers performance during their Stay at Ranger Boot camp. Massive “Historical Event”, and the Report Papers are Shredded.

    1. Wasn’t that the case where Obama was booked in months in advance for the speech when they passed? As in there was no chance they weren’t going to pass because he was there to give his feminist speech?

      1. I’m sure it was, Kinda Fishy that Obama would Book a speech, how would he know the Futures Results for the women Rangers? Unless He Knew…

  29. In Britain the rules were all changed by the New Labour regime which came to power in 1997 determined to revolutionise British society through a mixture of harsh laws, politically correct regulation, destruction of the old culture and constitution and finally through mass immigration.
    It was decided that the Fire Brigade had to be made more “diverse” so they simply dropped or changed the rules. Once there were rigorous height requirements and chest capacity requirements. There were also tests such as carrying a 12 stone (168lb) man 100 yards in a certain time. All were simply dropped so that they could proclaim that women were passing the same tests as men. We will never know if lives have been lost due to this stupidity.

    1. Probably Lives Have. Isn’t Leftist Propaganda so Misleading, to Claim women and Men are held to the Same Standard, they just create a New Standard which is easier.

  30. If I was in a building and Miss Cotton above came to rescue me, I would push her out of the way and rescue myself.
    Second thought. New Fire Department thinking goes as follows:
    The Court is forcing us to hire more women and minorities. For every one white male we hire, we have to hire at least one minority and one woman. Therefore, to save money we should almost always select minority women, followed by women and minorities. We should never hire white males.

  31. One day, Danny Cotton or Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder will be standing in front of a door, unable to force it open, and while she hears the terrible screams of the people behind it having their skin and muscles burned off their bones, she will realise that fire doesn’t care about the number of women it is burning to death.
    Identity politics will be our doom.

    1. No they won’t. They won’t realize a darn thing. The fire was just too strong and they weren’t able to rescue them. The fact that a stronger man could’ve saved the victims would never cross their minds. After all, they passed the tests and were more than qualified for the job.

  32. There’s just no reasoning with these people
    Equality and “Wow! That’s so Inspirational!” trumps all rationalism

    1. Indeed, shit, it pukes on rationalism. Let’s review the situation at the FDNY. These women can’t make the standard and had it not been for a fucking judge these “fierce” women would not be “fire”people””. Its like eating glass to know that feminists will use this “triumph” and refer to it as “inspirational”. Shrug and sigh. “Inspirational”? They didn’t make it and this is “inspirational”? And they had to have some outside force, like a parent, come in and make the sandbox “fair”, basically saying fuck the standards let them in! There is not reason to be inspired by someone who couldn’t make the standard and, worse, basically cried and cheated to get in. Is that to be emulated? Yeah you go girl – you want to have the pride of being in SEAL team 6 or Marine Force Recon…okay just take the indoc when you fail go to the highest ranking officer and accuse them of sexual discrimination call up a local women’s studies professor and take em to court. And be sure to cry all the way. And you know what girl, get this, all that time you’re bitching the class will be the woods being cold wet and miserable, shiiiiittt, you’ll skip that shit. You’ll be walking tall as a navy seal force recon women in NO time.
      You know Terry, the whole reason men used to walk proud for being a Fireman, Marine or SEAL was because the standards were very high. If you take away the standards or reduce them then there is no reason to be proud of yourself. Anyone can do it.

  33. I’m a 25 year volunteer and see our females weekly at practice. In theory, they learn what we are trying to achieve. Nonetheless, raising a 24ft. extension ladder by themselves and advancing a charged hose lines, especially 2 1/2 inch line, is physically difficult for them. Even they admit that.

  34. How many people have to die before we get these goddamned clowns (women) back in the kitchen where they belong and where no one can be harmed?

    1. They can’t even do anything in the kitchen anymore, either — or they won’t, because “it’s sexist and demeaning”.
      They’re practically bloody useless and good for nothing now, except prostitution and reproduction.

  35. Hey Gents, just want to point out something very significant in regards to this issue. Bottom-line: Did the women legitimately earn this? Answer: NO. Moreover, we can observe the very same modus operandi at work here that feminist use everywhere else…it took a fucking court order to force the FDNY to fucking hire women.
    BOOM! Period full stop.
    So now we know for sure that women are NOT all of a sudden over taking men because they’ve been vastly superior to us all along and had it not been this systemic oppression they’d be writing code and colonizing space. NO, NO! Just like with STEM, education to include medical school, the military, board of directors, fucking corporate america some outside external agency is forcing these institutions to put women in. Now that women are “empowered” where the fuck is my flying car and base on Alpha Centuri? And as we can see perfectly in the case of firemen, these women are NOT qualified. Now, that might be different for some HR manager that can apply her natural match-making gifts, but even still, how can we honestly take women seriously today knowing that they were greased in? Shit, just recently there was news that a police force is doing away with its physical standards because some fat female cows screamed discrimination!. Elsewhere I, like many others, have witnessed first hand, myself included, women being chosen for the job because the office needed more “diversity”. A friend of mine works as a lawyer at a major pharmaceutical company and has boasted about the obvious preferential hiring of just women.

  36. Affirmative action is simply a government program that admits certain groups of people aren’t able to compete without special assistance and consideration.

  37. i fail to see how facilitating cheating is “politically” or any other way “correct”. ……
    “It’s 2011, women are firefighters; get over it.” really, that’s the best debate she can put forth – get over it. …..
    1.5 miles in 12 minutes. that’s merely a fast walk. yet she failed six times. she should hang her head in shame, not at failure, but because she clearly didn ‘t even try

    1. I know. I its grating to hear…shit like “its 2015 and homosexuals can marry, get over it”. This is no “argument” and even if taken to be a legitimate position in debate it leads to no where, because, someone like me can say “yeah, I disagree and there is nothing you can do about it – get over it”. This is particular stinging to the leftist in light of their moves to use authoritarian measures to silence free speech and thought.

  38. No female fight fighter has ever passed the original standards. And the ones that are pushed through anyway. They end up promoted out of the field fast. Where they cant do any harm. They give them the positions that older firefighters whose backs are gone used to get

  39. Wait…. I thought we were after equality not preferential treatment. I’m glad I don’t live in NY. I’d hate to think my or my family’s lives might one day depend on some pathetic under achiever that only got her job because she was the right color and gender. How humiliated I would be if I were her.

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