The Overnighters Shows The Desperation Of Men In Modern America

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”

John 15:18

Over the past few years, Williston, North Dakota has become famous for its oil boom and the wellspring of opportunity it’s created for men. Advances in hydrofracking technology have enabled oil companies to develop the Bakken oil patch in the western part of the state, attracting men from around the country and world looking for work. While the environmental impact of hydrofracking is well-known, few if any journalists have bothered to look at the trials of the men who go to Williston to begin anew.

The Overnighters is the first film—or work of art in general—to capture the human element of the fracking boom. The documentary focuses on the Concordia Lutheran Church in Williston, where Pastor Jay Reinke allowed homeless job-seekers (the titular “overnighters”) to sleep while they looked for work. Given the housing shortage in the Bakken, Reinke’s program helped countless men survive the harshness of North Dakota, but it was unpopular with not only his parishioners, but the city at large.

Without spoiling things, the story ends with Reinke’s life—and the lives of everyone he knows—torn apart.

I saw The Overnighters last week at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem, and it was one of the most emotionally wracking films I’ve ever watched. I have a personal connection to the movie: I stayed at the Concordia Lutheran Church two years ago when I was looking for work in North Dakota and knew Jay Reinke well. I ran into director Jesse Moss a few times while he was filming, though I don’t appear in the movie; I also spoke to Moss during a Q&A session at the theater.

The Overnighters is a must-see for the simple reason that it shines a spotlight on the most ignored and despised group in modern America: men. Moss probes the suffering and desperation of working-class men who leave their families behind looking to make something of themselves. His film is a unique portrait of the dire straits that these men find themselves in and the lengths they’ll go to to survive.

Fear Of A Male Planet

The time I spent in Williston—and at Reinke’s church specifically—was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Every night at nine, Reinke opened up the doors and the church transformed into something resembling an army barracks. Men set up their cots, cooked, played chess, chatted and more before the lights were turned out at eleven. At 6:30 am on the dot, Reinke would wake us up by singing hymns—“The Lord God is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation!”—as we rushed to clean up the church and get to work.

The tensions surrounding—and within—the Overnighter program were palpable. I once had to help defuse a fight between two overnighters, and Reinke took a lot of heat from the Williston Herald for “harboring” sex offenders, as he believed that everyone deserved a second chance. While I was staying there, the church elders also pressured Reinke to limit the Overnighter program to just 30 men. However, there was a real camaraderie between Reinke and the overnighters, as we shared job tips, went to bible studies and devotions, and tried to give each other a helping hand.

So many men were aided by Reinke’s sacrifices—even if they didn’t succeed in finding permanent work—that it was astounding. One guy I befriended had come from South Carolina with literally nothing but the clothes on his back, after struggling with meth addiction and homelessness for years. A month of doing temp work in Williston and he had earned enough to buy a computer, cell phone and car. The Concordia Lutheran Church was an oasis of stability for us in the chaos of the oil patch.

The Overnighters captures the atmosphere of the church perfectly. The film follows a number of overnighters (none of whom I knew personally) looking for work, most notably Keith Graves, a truck driver from L.A. and sex offender. Reinke’s decision to move Graves into his own home—and Graves’ subsequent betrayal of his trust—is just one of the movie’s many heartbreaking moments. As one of the film’s subjects exclaims, “I came out here to save my family, and it’s probably gonna cost me my family.”


The Martyrdom Of Jay Reinke

In its depiction of Jay Reinke, The Overnighters also paints a portrait of what it’s like to stick to your principles when the whole world is against you.

During my Williston stay, I found Reinke to be difficult to get along with at times. He was egocentric in many ways, had a short temper and was prone to outbursts: for example, he once got into a vicious argument with an overnighter wearing an Obama T-shirt. However, his act of compassion in sheltering us—becoming a pariah and straining his relationship with his wife and children—was something no one else in Williston did, either while I was there or after the overnighter program ended.

More importantly, Reinke never tried to pretend that he was better than us. When I first showed up at the church, he was honest, telling me, “When you came in the door, Matt, I thought the same thing I always do when we get a new overnighter: ‘God, not another one.’” It was obvious he was struggling against his own instincts in running the program. It would have been much less painful for Reinke to abandon the overnighters, to take the easy way out, but he never did.

And as Moss reveals in The Overnighters, Reinke’s own motivations for running the program were far more complex then anyone could have imagined. Without spoiling things, he reveals a dark secret in the film that was so shocking it made me shout “Oh my God!” out loud. As I said to Moss after the movie, both of us suspected that Reinke was hiding a great burden, but nobody could have guessed that this would be it.


The Death Of The American Dream

The Overnighters also succeeds in other, subtler ways. Moss had a level of access to his subjects that is rare in documentaries: for example, Reinke’s dark secret is revealed in what was supposed to be a private conversation with his wife. Another segment of the film shows a fat lady chasing Reinke and Moss off her property at gunpoint. At points during The Overnighters, it almost seemed like Moss’s subjects didn’t even know he was there.

It’s because of all this that The Overnighters is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. Even if I didn’t have a personal connection to its protagonist, I would have still been moved by the film. It’s an affecting depiction of male suffering, redemption, and sacrifice, one that doesn’t resort to Manichean morality or hokey cliches. The Overnighters investigates the men and women whose lives are affected by the fracking debate and usually ignored by the media.

The message of The Overnighters, if there is one, comes in a short scene midway through the film. Reinke is listening patiently to a job-seeker discuss his meth addiction, his sexual past, and how he was conceived as a result of his mother’s rape. As the man breaks down into tears, Reinke hugs him and tells him, “You and I are more alike than we’re different. We both have darkness within us.”

Ain’t that the truth.

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168 thoughts on “The Overnighters Shows The Desperation Of Men In Modern America”

  1. I wouldn’t have imagined Matt Forney as a “bible studies” kind of guy. It’s a good article though, I’ll be sure and check out this documentary eventually.

      1. Yeah. The Bible is just great stories, regardless of your religious beliefs. It can stand on its own as literature for sure.

      2. Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to His disciples, “Why is your Teacher eating with the tax collectors and sinners? “But when Jesus heard this, He said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.…

  2. Even though the world falls into ruins around me, will I too then, degenerate into the beast I once was? Will I too, fall into ruins like the city walls that hold a nation of hypocrites?
    The world burns, falls, and turns to ash, and I will die loving my neighbor as I have learned to love myself. After all, we are not so different, you and I. For, “we both have darkness within us”, and of course, most importantly, we are being chosen and called to come into the light.
    Stay civilized. Stay human. Stay with the light. Stay with love.

    1. Easier said than done. When the brain gets deprived from its vital nutrients, people are known to lose their humanity pretty easily.

      1. It is easier said than done, and even when done is done imperfectly. But he is right. And that’s the point Jay Reinke makes — no excuse for not trying. Cheers.

        1. Do kids even sing songs like that in school anymore? Or do they just learn how to twerk and post selfies in our joke of elementary schools (wait, make that all schools in this country!)?

        2. Most kids are brainwashed nowadays with feminists bunk and other sorts of crap. Girls these days in high school all twerked and retarded whore shit. Gen Z females are gonna be the worst ever generation of females on earth.

        3. Yep, sure as shit. And these young whoremutts and pussyboys are inheriting this nation eventually? Better brush up on your Mandarin quick, gentlemen!

  3. Wow, this seems like powerful stuff. Wonder how the mainstream press will handle it.

      1. It is dangerous to alienate so many men. People in America still stubbornly believe things will get better. So they bite the bullet and try to slog though it. I fall into that camp, I suppose. What happens when people finally lose hope? It won’t be pretty.

        1. The real challenge is in preventing the marxists from going to these dispossessed people and tricking them into blaming everything on capitalism, liberty, America, etc. Then we’ll be seeing those men in red uniforms.

  4. What a contrast.
    Want to help women? You get government funding out the wazoo for shelters.
    Want to help men?
    Fuck you eat shit and die.
    Oh but….
    “becoming a pariah and straining his relationship with his wife and children—”
    Really now? I wonder if his wife did what most western women are consitioned to do by just about every fucking story and movie that comes along? You know what I mean. It’s the programmed “give the man trouble for not being normal” crap, the “I want MY LIFE” back crap, programmed into Cuntus Americanus by mass media, to ensure that any man who stands up, has a cause, or really tries to make some positive change in this world will have a cunt on his shoulder like a little parrot in a skirt giving him shit about it instead of supporting him.

    1. Agreed. The only organizations I see in my town helping men are religious in nature. I’m not a religious man but even I can see that they’re doing the right thing and trying to help.

    2. And that’s the fucking sad part, today. We’re all supposed to be “equal” yet the government (our tax dollars) supports women to no end while telling any man “oh well…good luck, no funding for your cause”.
      In other words, fuck you guys.

  5. Thanks for the write up.
    I never stayed at the church. The first day I arrived in town with a plywood box built on the back of my old ford pickup, equipped with a cot. In a true “small world” moment, I met an old acquaintance who i didn’t even know was in town at a coffee shop the first day, and was able to park in her driveway until I got on my feet.
    The Overnighters story left a lot food for thought, about principles and altruism. What really struck me was the portrait of a dying America. The Bakken isn’t a beacon of hope so much as the death throes, or last hurrah of a once great country. The sadness and hopelessness of the men in the film is gut wrenching, and although I don’t worry about my future much, I feel great sympathy for the many who have so much hope and drive but who will probably fail in the American economic wasteland.
    It would be great to meet up if you ever pass through Williston again.

    1. “The Bakken isn’t a beacon of hope so much as the death throes, or last hurrah of a once great country.”
      You still working up there? These too low oil prices are freaking me out. I read fields in the bakken need oil in at least the $80s to turn a profit. If it stays too low for too long, it will just stay in the ground until the prices go back up…

      1. Things are looking grim. They are cutting drilling by about 25%. I working in production on existing wells fortunately, so I’m less worried. Oil and the economy is so unpredictable though that there is no telling what could happen.

      2. Check out this article in The Economist
        “Even the gods of shale disagree about the industry’s resilience. The boss of Continental Resources, Harold Hamm ..has said he can cope as long as the oil price is above $50. Stephen Chazen, who runs Occidental Petroleum, has said the industry is “not healthy” below $70. The uncertainty reflects the diversity of activity. ….. it is cheap to pipe oil from the Eagle Ford play, in Texas, but expensive to shift it by train out of the Bakken formation, in North Dakota. …
        … in the very near term, the industry’s economics are good at almost any price. … But the output of shale wells declines rapidly, by 60-70% in their first year, so within a couple of years this oil will stop flowing.
        … less clear if, at $70 a barrel, the industry can profitably invest in new wells to maintain or boost production. … estimates that the “break-even price” of American projects is clustered around $65-70, …”

    2. It makes one wonder what is going to happen once the natural resources like oil begin to dry up… Whatever it is, it won’t be pretty.

      1. The US has enough oil stored up that at our current rate of consumption we could last for 50 years. The Bakken is far from being dried up. A new oil patch has been discovered under Nevada and New Mexico that is three times as big as the Bakken. All this running out of fuel stuff (I suspect) is a hoax to get us to consciously cut our standards of living and live like demoralized rats.
        If you’re interested in alternative energy but already know that solar, wind are dead ends, as they actually cost more electricity to make than they will put out in their lives; then you should google “Thorium Fusion Plants” Thorium is an inert salt, and once it is radioactive its rate of half life decay is only 5 years. No more Fukusimas!

      2. Oil doesn’t come from the ground it comes from our heads. Years from now we’ll look back and regard the so-called “scarcity” of oil just as people today regard the “scarcity” of spices which is the entire reason Columbus sailed across the Atlantic to begin with.
        Also don’t forget the fracturing is getting us natural gas as well.

  6. The sad thing is that leftists care more about street cats and illegal immigrants than they do about honest men who were dealt a bad hand.

    1. As a Bakken oil worker, I follow the coverage of the area. NYT relentlessly paints the oilfield in North Dakota as a pie in the sky place where people can’t make it. They exaggerate the hardships, which though considerable, do not prevent us from being cheerful, hopeful, and grateful for the opportunity to work. These lies bother me because while many do fail out here (mostly from a lack of will, in my opinion), many more go on to make a good paycheck and really get ahead in life.

      1. Thanks for the reality check.
        My comment comes more from my own personal experiences in academia. I’ve seen quite a few blue-collars pay for their own university education trying to “up” their station in life only to get ridiculed after they paid their dues. I worked in a laboratory for the last 3 years and have seen a few of these men come to our door for opportunities to gain some research experience only to have the door slammed in their faces.
        My leftist bosses and colleagues not only gave him zero opportunity to prove himself and join the lab, but they openly mocked them. One of these guys got the nickname “Boris”… no one even remembers his real name… “Hey Boris can’t do science but maybe we can get him to fix our leaky faucet.” This is a guy with decent grades who spent the last four years studying research methods, he was no less qualified than the rest of us. But the fact that he clearly came from a working class background made him the lab joke for some reason.
        I’ve always been an academic but I come from a working-class background. Hearing the indignation of these people infuriated me to no end.

        1. You have gained insight into the inner workings of your colleges’ minds. Their insecurities force them to openly diminish and try to push others lower and thus themselves higher. Their egos are fragile and in dire need of vanity.
          Use that information to your own betterment.

        2. You are exactly right. Even if one has the same skills and abilities as those with more comfortable backgrounds, working class people who don’t have the ‘cultural fit’ of the upper-middle to upper class will always be outsiders.
          In professional circles, it can be anything from having your degree(s) from the ‘correct’ school (Ivy League, etc) and growing up in the ‘right’ areas (well-heeled suburbs) to wearing the right clothes (preppy, generally) and having the ‘correct’ hobbies (sailing, running,rowing, skiing, tennis, or golf). I talk about international travel and books with this crowd.
          Personally, I have two separate identities– one is the easy-going, jeans and t-shirt, speaks with a regional accent one (with friends from home) and the preppy, always dressed with a collared shirt or sweater, speaks with a nondescript/no accent college educated one I save for work and work-related friends. I talk about sports, life, and the manual labor projects I do on the side with these people.

        3. “But the fact that he clearly came from a working class background made him the lab joke for some reason.”
          These fucking people must have pretty low self esteem. You can always tell when they have to poke fun at others. The sad part is the over educated female who thinks she stands “above all”. She so god damn educated that you should consider yourself lucky to even get to talk with her.
          I call these women out just like I see them. Their usually old, lonely and bitter (with low self esteem to boot). Fuck them…and fuck their useless degrees.

        4. “But the fact that he clearly came from a working class background made him the lab joke for some reason.”
          I’ve always seen this sort of behavior as essentially the male equivalent of the bitchy cattiness inherent in the female of the species. Or more accurately, in GROUPS of the female of the species. It’s the “Mean Girls” social dynamic.
          The more pussified, excuse me, I mean the more white collar the job environment, the more prevalent it seems to be.
          Having worked at blue collar jobs, high white collar, and everything in between I’ve noticed you see very little of this type of thing in male-dominated environments. Think the military, construction, even manufacturing. Environments where production of some sort, or some sort of clear accomplishment, is the focus of the work.
          Even when there’s an upper level of white collar management, the social dynamics tend to organize differently in these environments.
          Instead of the ongoing and continuous sniping and backbiting you see in the pussified environments, there tends to be a hazing period of some sort, not unlike a fraternity hazing in many respects, where the newbie gets “tested” in various ways to see what he’s made of. Often this means even the white collar office types have to deal initially with a period of testing by the blue collar field guys.
          This can go on for a while, but provided the newbie survives it and shows that he can hack the job and the hazing, he’s admitted to the group.
          The hazing comes to an end. After that there seems to be more of a camaraderie that prevails, punctuated by lots of good natured ribbing.

        5. It will end when the current Paradigm collapses and these same stuff shirts are going to have to beg for food. At which point I’ll make them get to the back of the line and charge them 20 times the going rate for my grass fed beef.

        6. Absolutely true, which is why they want to bow down to the dictators club that is the UN, and delegate economic policy to the EU. Libs are *always* looking for ways to hemorrhage American power b/c, fundamentally, they are natural slaves and crave a master.

        7. I’ve often found it mentally exhausting trying to understand how these self-proclaimed rebellious progressives so acutely embrace what is essentially a corporate handbook for personal policy and self-censorship. Their need for hierarchy and permission is scary and results in asking for moral authority from a nameless, faceless entity.

        8. Like typical bullies, these leftist college stuffed shirts knock other men down so that they can feel ‘taller’; they mock and ridicule men who are “lower” than them so that they feel better about their own worthlessness.

        9. Understand? They lied about their intentions to get control… and now that they have it, they take off the mask and reveal themselves. It’s that simple.

      2. “mostly from a lack of will, in my opinion”
        The sad thing about everyone is that everyone cares more about street cats and illegal immigrants than they do about honest men who were dealt a bad hand

    2. Republicans are worse. Republicans openly support Big Banks and Derivatives backed by our Tax Money as well as Big Corporations who benefit and see and interest in cheap labor.

      1. Ah, both parties support TBTF, no-rules-for-the-banks pretty much equally. The difference is the Republicans use lube when they’re extracting submission from their constituents.

      2. Republicans are NOT worse, for a couple of reasons:
        1. They don’t want to rape you on taxes, no matter who you are, even if they otherwise suck just as bad on other things (which they don’t).
        2. Libs actively HATE men. They hate masculine men the most. Who is it that is pushing the “Yes means Yes” business, in an effort to fuck over men? Which party is that “rape by fraud” fucktard in NJ in?
        The GOP many not give a shit about us, but they’re not trying to cut our balls off, either.

        1. 1. Without Taxes you won’t have social programs that benefit those in need. Of course I believe people should not abuse that neither but it does happen. They turned the word “entitlement” into a bad word…Social Security and other benefits you have worked hard for and paid into the system for you are ENTITLED too. They have turned it into I want it without working type of deal which is false. Republicans openly support Big Business which does not care if you are poor black or white they only care that their bottom line is in the Black and that they have lots of Green. But they are good at getting poor white men’s votes.
          2. Not all Liberals actively support Feminism. I myself believe ideally in a Meritocracy with basic right for all, but also understand that there are basic differences between a man and a woman, and that straight males and females are complimentary to each other. Also liberals don’t support abuse of social safety nets. I think some of this new age Feminism is ridiculous just like you do.

        2. The people who “paid” into social security elected the politicians who pissed away all the money. They aren’t “ENTITLED” to anything.

        3. Good post Mistral. Also, people aren’t supposed to ‘give a shit’ about each other. Get yours. That’s what works. Pursuit of happiness within the bounds of the laws. That’s it. It was when everyone starting saving everyone else that the country went off the rails.

        4. I see your point I think we should have social programs in terms of people who put in the work like the elderly of this country also for disabilities and veterans. I also think they should be more careful to avoid people who abuse the system. Immigration many of them work very hard for little benefits but deport anyone who engages in any violence in the slightest. And actually many more illegals have been turned away.

        5. “I also think they should be more careful to avoid people who abuse the system.”
          Well okay, man. Welcome to your first day of common sense, I guess. I personally don’t like the idea of paying off the retirement and health care of some old dude who went ahead and had six kids even though he had no chance of paying for it all (His life, his kids upbringing, his health care, his retirement). It looks to me like I won’t have the cash to have my own kid. I won’t bring up a kid unless he/she is guaranteed an upper middle class life–Not looking very likely. So I can’t afford a kid. Imagine my disgust in feeling like I would have to fork over about 14 years of wages to accommodate other people’s kids via social programs (that are anything but the safety net you seem to still think they are.) Anyway, keep the momentum going. You’re off to a good start.

        6. lol if you feel that way imagine how Generation Y feels. I think I have enough sense to know that a healthy society strikes a balance to give some members of their society a safety net or a system where again if they paid into a system they get that SAME money back its called Entitlement. You are entitled into what you paid in. I also stated that a better system should be in place to mitigate and decrease people who abuse the system.

        7. The more you say, the more I see that you’re on the right track. But as to your statement;
          “If you feel that way imagine how Gen Y feels.”
          How do they feel then? To me it looks like they’re loading up on big gov’t programs, frankly. They voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

        8. Well they did vote overwhelmingly for Obama but with less upward mobility and heavily indebted what choice did they have? Romney!? Generation Y and the subsequent generations had their jobs shipped abroad which Republicans openly support and Higher Education and student loans Bankruptcy is definitely not coming back…fiscally Generation Y had to choose not so good and terrible. And Third Parties still have no chance to win. And forget about marriage and having children or buying a house.

        9. 1. ” Without Taxes”. Did I say “without taxes”? or did I say that the GOP doesn’t wan to RAPE us on taxes? You present a false dichotomy. If my choices are between crap gov’t and HIGH taxes and crap gov’t and LOW taxes, I’m going to choose that second one Every.Single.Time. Why would I support a party that wants to take MORE of my money that I EARNED and give it to people who didn’t earn it and don’t deserve it, all the while shitting on me for being an Evil Capitalist Exploiter of the People? Oh, right…I don’t.
          2. “Not all Liberals actively support Feminism.” So what? That doesn’t change the trend, does it?
          3. “Also liberals don’t support abuse of social safety nets.” LOL. The better to buy votes with….and that’s where we are. We have one group of people that works for a living and another that votes for a living.
          Look, you seem like a well-meaning guy, and generally I think getting involved in political discussions is a wast of time–I show up and vote and that’s about it–but is there any reason that a heterosexual white guy with a job should vote Democratic?

        10. 1…..fiscally Generation Y had to choose not so good and terrible.
          And the blew it.
          2. … but the Republicans are even more so and openly support Big Business!
          So what?

        11. 1. I feel they chose the lesser of two evils
          2. “So What? Big Business only cares about money they are not people and it will be a race to the bottom for workers if Runaway Capitalism is unchecked. It’s about balance.

        12. 1. You’re wrong, but my guess is that you’re a young guy, still, so you have time to figure it out.
          2. Who is doping you up on “Runaway Capitalism”? That’s not.gonna.happen. There are too many people (i.e. lawyers, accountants, bureaucrats) invested in equalism.
          3. “It’s about balance.” What balance do you think you have now? A nanny state that wants to watch and control your every move, a creeping welfare society that wants to tax “the rich” (i.e. anybody with a job, or, heaven forbid, their own business. We are slouching towards a dystopian nightmare of a society that vilifies and criminalizes men, and if you don’t wake up you’ll be right there at the end still claiming that “It’s all about balance.”
          You may have put the red pill in your mouth, but you sure as shit didn’t swallow it….

        13. Fair Enough I guess it depends on your age bracket…you also don’t want to be left alone during old age. both parties are slaves to big money the Republicans openly support Big Banks and Business. Most poor people are white in this country but many vote against their interests. Republicans don’t care if you are poor and struggling to pay the bills but they still get the poor “rural” male white vote.
          I agree with you no one wants to work hard for scraps when someone else is laying back collecting benefits and I’m against that also.
          We will agree to disagree.

        14. I agree with most of your 3rd point…however I’m not too sure about your second point. The wealth gap in this country is at Depression levels and Government programs are the only reason we are not on long bread lines.
          Although I believe in Taxing the super wealthy and not giving them leeway to move to third world countries to get tax breaks.

        15. For now. I still hold out hope that eventually you will come to your senses. 😉
          Meanwhile do NOT count on the government to take care of you in old age. If you’re working, save like a motherfucker, and stay out of debt.

        16. Well I COMPLETELY agree with I’m not counting on the Government in MY old age…I don’t think it will be there…the main thing is to be self reliant and debt free. In this last statement I agree. I’m just debating policy but I cannot sit and wait for my ideal to be realized…so you must rely on yourself.

        17. The problem is not the “wealth gap”. That would only matter if the wealth was somehow lost to the economy. It isn’t. The problem we’re facing is mountains of debt (both on a governmental and, very often, a personal level). Have a look-see at what % of the budget goes to debt service now. It’s insane.
          On a personal level, student loans turn kids into wage slaves for the Rest of Forever, sapping their ability to provide themselves with a more abundant life. I have nothing but empathy for kids getting out of uni, now–I was broke in my 20s, but had a chance to get over. These days, it’s more difficult (although I also think my views are probably informed by me thinking “Geez, it would *Really* suck to have to give up my stash and my comfortable life.” Sure, it could be done, but it wouldn’t be pleasant.)

        18. And that’s what’s going to lead you down the road to realizing that the government having its hand in your pocket is counterproductive to that goal. Beyond a base rate of taxation, should you not be entitled to enjoy the fruits or your labor? Or do the pols have some presumptive right to spend and spend and spend?
          At some point, what you realize is that the pols aren’t taxing you for the betterment of disable vets, widows, orphans, etc. They are taxing you to perpetuate their own power by delivering goodies bought with money you earned to someone else.
          I don’t care much for either party, but even a dog knows the difference b/w being accidentally stepped on and kicked.

        19. Yes the total Debt is over 18 Trillion now and all other debt is in the 100s of Trillions. It will get worse before it ever becomes better. Some of my cohort are getting out of debt as early as their late 20s and early 30s so that is a positive sign. However those with debt above 100,000 with no serious job prospects will most likely carry that debt to their graves.

        20. It isn’t theft, they knew where the money was going they were planning on sticking future generations with all the bills. Now they are whining and crying because the check arrived before they could slip off to the bathroom.

        21. To paraphrase the always insightful Ron Paul: ” One is the party of the Warfare(R) state while the other is the party of the Welfare (D)state.”

        22. If the personal debt numbers are accurate, there are tons of ‘expert’ economists who still cannot properly manage the balance on a Starbucks gift card. These are the same people who want the government to take more of their money via taxes and ipso facto more of their personal decision making and responsibility.

        23. “Liberals don’t support abuse of social safety nets.” Ridiculous.
          They don’t care if their minority pets live on it for the rest of their lives. And we don’t need large, centralized gov’t social programs. It should all be local, like the mutual aid societies
          of the 20th century. Problem with that is negroes can’t organize it for themselves, nor Hispanics.

        24. There have been attempts to organize Black Money prior and they have been met with Government intervention, or rioting and burning down by angry racist whites. Also I can say that Poor Whites are also “pets” to Republicans who don’t give two fucks about them but feed them racial garbage to keep the ignorant happy.

        25. There have been attempts to organize Black Money prior and they have been met with Government intervention, or rioting and burning down by angry racist whites. Also I can say that Poor Whites are also “pets” to Republicans who don’t give two fucks about them but feed them racial garbage to keep the ignorant happy.

        26. Voting against your self interest is voting for Democrats who enact Obamacare… At least it is if you are a healthy male.
          My die hard Democrat brother now is getting taxed because he can’t afford insurance… Isn’t it so nice how the Democrats care for him. My insurance premium increased 86%. The last thing I want is someone to ‘care’ for me… I’m an adult, I can take care of myself, and now it’s more difficult to take care of my children.
          Full disclosure – I’m a Libertarian.

        27. Fair enough The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…what you call “Obamacare” is not perfect but it is something. It was a Healthcare Plan that many Presidents going back to F.D.R. tried to pass. Thing is one day you will reach old age or maybe you may have an unexpected injury or disease and you will need help. I know personally poor people who have benefited greatly from the Affordable Care Act.
          The other side of the coin are Insurance Companies who pick and choose who they will give insurance too barring people with certain pre-conditions and letting people die without caring for them.
          Voting against my interest is voting for a Republican Party which largely serves the Rich and the Big Banks and OPENLY support acts which let the Big Banks deal in derivatives recklessly on the backing of our tax dollars. Also backing a Republican Party at a time when Generation Y students are dealing with Massive Student Loan Debts, while Banks are getting bailed out. Both Parties are no good I get that but I’m not going to support a Republican Party that’s OPENLY trying to screw me. Many on these forums link Feminism with Liberalism and P.C. culture and I get that…but i’m also looking at the lesser of two evils, and a third party unfortunately has little chance of winning especially in larger elections.
          Liberians sounds like a nice idea but “Libertarian” falls under a wide umbrella. Ron Paul was the only Republican I somewhat liked for his foreign policy but his domestic policy was a little questionable…if people get sick “let them take care of themselves” If they can’t what? let them die or go to a church for help?

        28. I’m adding my two cents here really late (by 8 months) but I want to make some suggestions. If we had true unchecked capitalism there should be no race to the bottom for workers. Small business would be able to thrive en mass in this situation and when a mass of small businesses exist, they all compete heavily for the best workers. Great workers quickly get raises to keep them around and the bosses who don’t give raises to great workers lose them to someone else whom recognizes their potential.
          The race to the bottom happens when most industries are highly regulated and so the barrier to entry becomes far to high for many small businesses to start and the big businesses run all the small businesses out due to their better efficiency at dealing with the government. Now the handful of big businesses are handing out most of the jobs and they realize they are going to get mostly mediocre workers anyway, so they expect mediocre and pay them little because their expectations are easily replaced.
          Some of these in fact can be quick to fire overachievers as they just don’t fit the model. Not all, but some.
          That said, what unchecked capitalism is likely to do that is bad is pollute geographic locations until they are unlivable if it is economically profitable for the company to do so. That is the primary historical downside to capitalism I have seen, pollution. But workers pay is not the issue. The ability to screw workers with cheaper than livable pay always comes with bad government policies and intervention (like paying illegal immigrants much less than minimum wage in the US).

        29. Bread lines have always been government programs when they existed at large in the past. Just because our government hasn’t resorted there yet, doesn’t mean we won’t get there eventually.
          Also, the government is the primary reason for the wealth gap. If small businesses could thrive in the US we would have a much larger middle and upper-middle class. When you tax these businesses out of business (while the large corporations jump through the tax loopholes that their accountants, whom are ex IRS employees most of the time, find for them), you see more jobs move to megacorporations, they pay less for them over the long term, and they are also more likely to ship them oversees or have the money to replace them with automation. For instance, all the big box stores have automatic checkouts. Not many of the little grocery stores that are left have those.
          Point being, I think Third Eye’s heart is in the right place. I’m guessing that Mistral is correct and Third Eye is still young and maybe just out of either college or high school indoctrination into the left wing way of thinking. Keep searching and the truth will become more clear.

        30. Just because Republicans support big business doesn’t mean they don’t care about poor people. I think most Republicans agree that disability for the truly disabled (ie, good kid with lots of potential gets in a car crash and beaks his back), is not a bad thing, but in fact a good thing. Conservative people don’t want to let the truly weak just roll over and die. We want to help. I guess I should really say, most conservatives. And most people in general.
          Republicans do support all business and low taxes for all business and less regulation that allows them to thrive. This actually helps poor people. If you don’t understand how, I can’t explain it in a short post. It would take a whole class. You can learn some of it just by googling, “How does lowering taxes help poor people?”
          I would guess most of the establishment is corrupt for both Republicans and Democrats but the fact of the matter is that Conservative Republicans have a sustainable solution for running this country. Democrats as a whole and the Republican establishment both do not. Both want to continually raise the dept, both are into corporate welfare, both do a bad job at protecting us at the borders and from foreigners.
          So the only option left in my opinion is to vote for truly conservative people and in the absence of that, I personally don’t vote at all.

        31. Vote for tea party Republicans then. They are the third party within the party and they have many truly conservative members. Remember, the real line isn’t Democrat and Republican, but it’s liberal and conservative. Most Republicans are extremely liberal. Corporate welfare is just as liberal as welfare for the average Joe, yet the Establishment Republicans general support corporate welfare easily as much as Democrats support regular welfare.
          Ron Paul’s domestic policy is better than his foreign policy. The primary roll of a federal government is to protect the people of the nation from other nations. It’s not the only role, but it is the primary roll. It seems from your statements that you agree that the government is better suited than society in general, for helping people get over illness. I come to this conclusion because you wrote, “if people get sick “let them take care of themselves” If they can’t what? let them die or go to a church for help?”
          What proof do you have that the government is better at helping people get over being sick than society in general, including churches, synagogues, hospitals and business. The general finding seems to be that government is not at all efficient, and so in the long run it does a worse job at these things than society does on its own. One case in point, most socialized health systems, including the UK’s, Canada’s and our own VA system, have incredibly long wait lines just to get in to see a doctor. Some people literally die while they are waiting to see a doctor in these systems. I worked in a VA in college and was completely dismayed when I overheard two surgeons talking about how the roof of the surgery room was leaking and the other doctor said, “It’s been that way since I started here.”

        32. When runaway Capitalism occurs Businesses Seek the cheapest workers possible encouraging illegal immigration or workers they can abuse and exploit. As well as shipping domestic jobs to foreign countries this is not theory as it has occurred many times in the past for example the Robber Barrons. Its very simple honestly, Teddy Roosevelt a “good” Republican realized this and broke up the giant trusts.
          Government needs to check runaway capitalism and NOT allow itself to get BOUGHT by Big Business, Wall Street, and the general Elite. They buy off politicians for example most of the Republican candidates have been BOUGHT off, by people like Donald Trump. Capitalism for the poor Communism for the Rich. The very small business you keep defending will get SWALLOWED or Spit out by Bigger Businesses under unchecked runaway capitalism.

        33. Actually its Big Business and Runaway Capitalism BUYING off the Government that is the true problem in this society. This is what causes these Recessions and Great Depressions. Although I would never vote for Donald Trump this is exactly what he is bringing to light, he has BOUGHT off his Republican rivals to include Hillary Clinton, only a very few in the Democratic Party have not been bought off including Bernie Sanders, the reason why he attracts such a large grassroots following. It is not College indoctrination and this goes beyond the Two Party Dichotomy in our corrupt Big Money led Government.

        34. I agree both parties have been bought off by Runaway Capitalistic elements. And that is the core problem in this country. The Democrats I believe are a little less bad than the establishment Republicans who have elements of ignorance in their party as well as the Tea Party which has been already bought off by Big Money almost at its inception.
          In actuality I am a Democratic Socialist, but I usually have to vote for the Democratic Candidate because their are few actual candidates at the national level with that view. The exception is of course Bernie Sanders which has been the most successful Democratic Socialist to date…and he is gathering large support.

        35. When Healthcare is based upon unchecked Capitalism what will occur is extremely high prices in every doctors visit which is now occurring. Many Americans simply can’t afford even a minor procedure. Then the Insurance Companies will be based on PROFIT. Businesses ARE NOT people! All Businesses care about is the BOTTOM LINE. Basically the insurance company wont cover you if they believe they will lose money on you, and cut you out if you have pre-existing condition. You need a certain level of regulation to check Free Market behavior, it is very simple.

        36. The GOP never lowers taxes in the end, because they will blow whichever savings they make slashing social programs in order to sustain their warmongering foreign policies, which happen to be ludicrously expensive… For me only Ron Paul and thinkers like him are worth considering, consequential people who say no to government as a whole, be it in the form of an overblown welfare program or a useless military research project.
          In the end, dear Americans, it is a matter of choice: if you prefer to have a bazillion foreign military bases, carriers and subs running around constantly, state-of-the-art military tech instead of singlepayer healthcare or affordable education, it is your call. Remember that military IS government, and that a soldier is basically a bureaucrat in a uniform.

        37. “The GOP never lowers taxes… ”
          Actually, they do. See Reagan and Bush the Younger (Bush the Elder was basically a RINO). You seem to have (understandably) more of a beef with them on the ‘spend’ side. But as a guy with a nice income, fuck giving more of it away to mofos who DIDN’T EARN IT and don’t deserve it. I mean, so long as we’re printing fake money to cover our debts we can just as well print some more and not screw me on taxes…..

        38. Yes, I agree with you regarding free riders, and certainly about GHW “Read-my-lips” Bush.

      3. You mean RINOs support Big Banks. And honestly the truth is the “Big Banks” only did that financially irresponsible shit because the politicians MADE THEM DO IT. In case you haven’t noticed, the American Public is beginning to wage war with the career politician class just as UKIP is doing in the UK to theirs, they’re just further ahead than we are right now. But plenty of people are pissed off at the political class in the US and recognize that these shits don’t come from the middle and/or working class and don’t walk the same path in life we do. These shits are the ones being given the boot until we get honest representation in government again. Change is a coming. It’s just a matter of time.
        Truth is, the Dems are not “liberal” but authoritarian, and the same for the Repubs, as they are anything but conservative. As the economy worsens, expect there to be more political earthquakes as people wake up to the gross incompetence of our politicians.

        1. Yes I have noticed on both sides of the aisle. Democrats are mad with Obama for his Globalist Policies namely the TPP and his extension of the Bush tax cuts…you have Elizabeth Warren on the left wing of the Democratic Party who actively wants to cut down the hijacking of money flowing in both parties hands by Wall Street and Big Banks and actively went against the Obama’s deal with the Republicans who wanted Derivatives backed by our tax money in order to not shut down the government. Honestly I’m in her camp more than a Tea Party Republicans whose movement was hijacked by the Koch Brothers and big business almost at its initialization where as the Occupy Wall street Movement was not.
          When it comes to RINO’s the earliest known was Teddy Roosevelt now that’s a Republican I liked because he help bust many of the Robber Barron’s of the Industrial Revolution with Anti trust laws. People that paid low wages to American Workers and would shoot American Citizens (mostly White Males) who protested with the Aid of The Pinkertons. People like John Rockefeller and Big Oil and Carnegie and J.P. Morgan. also liberals gave you unions and the weekend and minimum wage. I know we stick feminism on the left and it annoys me too but things are multi layered.

        2. “also liberals gave you unions and the weekend and minimum wage.”
          Christianity gave workers the weekend, it was the Sabbath (Saturday), the old day of rest, and Sunday, the new day of worship in light of Christ’s Resurrection.
          What unions gave America was exporting of jobs, importing of illegals. Rather than workers taking their time/labor/skills to different employers if they thought they could do better, unions were freaking Communists who would use violence and sabotage and threats of violence to keep other people who’d be happy to work their jobs from having their jobs, inflating the costs of doing business, and ultimately putting themselves out of business.

        3. You list every negative but at the same time do not list the negatives of Big Business and monopoly.

        4. Again you don’t paint a full picture…why would Unions want to export jobs if they want Domestic workers to get the most out of their labor. Yes there is corruption in the Unions…but the Big Bosses and Corporation LOVE LOVE to ship jobs overseas remember they only care about MONEY especially in a society where you have runaway Capitalism the only color that matters is green so they will SHIP jobs overseas so that Black and Brown people work for only a few cents…why pay an American Worker minimum wage, protect the environment, and provide healthcare to your American Worker when an illegal or foreigner can do the same jobs for pennies while working in horrible conditions and you don’t have to pay fines if you damage the environment. Come on man lol.

        5. I hate to break it to you, but the US isn’t a capitalist society. A true capitalist society would actually RAISE ITS CITIZENS TO BE CAPITALISTS in some capacity. It would teach them financial education, assets and liabilities, multiplying value, and finding ways to make your money work for you so that you can maximize the limited time you have on this Earth. The truth is the way our system is set up is to leverage us as employees for a few. The upshot to all this discord and Nanny State shit is that it’s making more people find ways to financially educate and liberate themselves in whatever way they can, and sites like this one do touch on the subject at times (like with working abroad teaching English being an example).
          If you want to see the future of business, then you should educate yourself on the work of Clay Chirstensen and his theory of Disruptive Innovation, the whole purpose of which is for upstart David businesses to slay monolithic Goliath “monopolies”. There’s PLENTY of opportunities out there right now, it’s just a matter of rolling your sleeves up and seeing what society NEEDS versus what it WANTS. The guys that helped Christensen do his research immediately formed Minute Clinic afterwards because they realized that healthcare had huge opportunities for disruption to make money but to also make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and convenient for people. And of course, we now have Obamacare fucking that all up six ways to Sunday.
          The bottom line is that business is not “evil” and if you are keen you can get yourself into an industry that won’t just see you as expendable but will also go out of its way to take care of you because there’s a dearth of people looking to do that work (ala the Bracken Oil Fields). In fact your entire goal is set yourself up so that you are NOT expendable. Business is ultimately about helping and pleasing people, and the only time we see this crony capitalism run rampant is when politicians allow for it to happen. Forbid politicians from being able to get in bed with business, and you’ll see the free market truly assert itself. But perhaps I’m wasting my breath with this.

        6. While I agree with you the bottom line in Large Capitalist Society comes to money. I agree that if you make yourself valuable you can thrive…but most Companies are always looking for a competitive edge on the bottom line…that’s why Conservative’s saying Corporations are “people” is inherently false. People look for ways to maximize their income but they can be charitable and altruistic when it comes to their family or sometimes their community.

      4. I think that argument might have worked a couple of decades ago (or at least appeared that way). Not anymore.
        We’ve seen (recently) that these two parties are one in the same. The faster people start to get the message the better off we will be as a nation.
        Everyone (on the hill) is in one big club (or party)…the rest of the nation is in the other one. You don’t belong to “their” party (D or R). It’s why more independent candidates are gaining ground (and support).
        Some of the biggest trade agreements are happening (or happened) on the Democrats “watch”…i.e. NAFTA and the new “secret” trade agreement TTP still pending.
        Don’t get confused….they’re all a part of it.

        1. Yes I agree with you Driver thanks for the response. However I’m not sure how much momentum the third parties are getting (and I hope they do). Even Warren if she even becomes President will most likely deliver on her campaign promises, if she runs for Office.

        2. Changes always takes time and it never comes overnight. I’ve been around for a bit and I do see progress with independent candidates (and a third or fourth party). It will come….just takes time.

        3. “We’ve seen (recently) that these two parties are one in the same.”
          What we have is, in effect, two branches of a “national party”. They both suck, but one sucks *less* than the other (and which one that is is different depending on personal circumstances). That said, a straight, white guy with a job who votes Dem basically has his head up his ass.

        4. Some good points. The really sad part about today is the fact that common sense is pretty much thrown out the window. The powers that be (on the hill and behind the money) use wedge issues to drive people apart (versus people looking at what they have in common).
          Religion isn’t “owned” by one party. Gun rights isn’t “owned” by one party. Welfare isn’t only an individual thing (plenty of corporate welfare). People need to stop listening to these fucking politicians and start thinking (again).
          My take on politicians (today): if he (or she) is talking, then he (or she) is lying.

  7. My grandfather left home in the 1910’s and road the rails looking for work. He contracted tuberculosis slogged his way home and nearly died. Got better and hit the road again looking for work. He found work in Colorado a thousand miles away from his home in the south. He worked hard, married my grandmother and became successful.
    This is what men do. We are a privileged lot, each one of us.

    1. ^^^Read the memoir of Louis L’Amour the famous western writer ,who sounds like your grandpa,”Education of a Wandering Man”. He leaves home age 18 yrs old to find work . He lives on the road. Hitchhikes. Camps out. Does every kind of work. Does some boxing on the side for prizefighting money. Miner. Crop/fruit picker. Merchant marine sailor. Voracious reader. Autodidact. Self taught writer. Despite often being hungry and homeless you could tell he (L’Amour) would not have lived his life any other way. People back then had no concept of “welfare” . They would have died before going on the dole.

    2. True. But don’t keep blowing sunshine up my ass with all tax dollars going to the “equal” citizens (women) while at the same time shaming me to “man up”.
      I’ll keep my tax dollars for me and make my own way (and good fucking luck to them as well).

      1. Agreed.
        That said, the sunshine you feel between your cheeks ain’t from me. Try sun block or wearing pants, Achilles.

        1. That wasn’t a personal attack or specifically aimed at you…it was more of a general statement geared at “all” or society.
          You’re a little too sensitive…let that shit go, already.

  8. OH BTW before anybody thinks “Oh these guys are meth heads and perverts” just keep this in mind: more and more these days you don’t have to be a perv or a drug head to end up on the skids.
    It used to be that when at a stoplight the usual panhandler was some old guy you can tell spent his whole life drinking and drugging and the outcome of begging was expected.
    But for the last 5-6 years now I’m seeing younger and younger fellows and half of them still got the same haircuts they had in the military and they don’t have that “Yeah I’m gonna take the money and buy booze” look. They look like they have one last shred of self respect and begging is killing them.

    1. Originally meth was used by the working poor to be able to work longer and not sleep, hold down 2 jobs. Truckers used it to stay awake.

      1. They lost the jobs but kept the addiction. Life and money both lost in the end. The midwest is full of this.

    2. Yeah wasn’t long ago when the OP author was very glad indeed for the twenty dollars that the Lord provided via some ‘passing motorist’. :O)
      As you say, making assumptions about homeless men in these times is unwise. You never know who’s on the road.

  9. I remember an explanation I heard about the difference between left wing and conservative morality. The left wingers will always try to change systemic / structural factors, assuming it fits in with their pre-conceptions of who’s good and who’s bad (we’re bad just in case you hadn’t noticed). In their hands charities become professional organisations modelled on big corporations & eventually always become corrupt bureaucracies. Conservatives on the other hand may or may not give a damn about such things, but when they do give charity, they’re more likely to give it with a full and unstinting heart. I miss working with people, but a lot of the time the costs seem to outweigh the rewards. I’d actually quite like to see this film though. It’s strange that it used to be the left who claimed to care about the working man.

    1. Biggest difference is the left believes charity should be done at gunpoint.
      Conservatives believe you should just do it.

      1. or the difference between giving food to the poor at harvest festival and collectivising all the farms

        1. Judas was the first liberal. In charge of the collective purse, stealing from it, and complaining about how others used their money on anything other than donating it to “charity for the poor.”

      2. The Left, like in many things, are All Talk And No Cock on charity, too. Syracuse University professor Arthur Brooks wrote a book called “Who Really Cares?” exposing the left as “bleeding heart tight wads”. He found that households headed by conservatives gave an average of 30% more to charity than households headed by liberals (another study sponsored by Google found an even greater disparity). Conservatives also Walked The Talk: Brooks discovered that if liberals and independents gave blood at the same rate as conservatives, we would never have another blood shortage again.
        Liberals are only generous with Other People’s Money….

  10. Just re-watched the trailer. Can wait to check this out soon
    Its tough out here. But, at the same time is it really even about us or trying to help build a better system for those in power?
    Even if these men manage to get a job in that movie, it will still be for the benefit of others in the long run. Sure, it will of course help feed the family and when it comes to that plus feeding yourself, you have to do what you have to do period. Don’t work don’t eat bottom line.
    But, when you really start to think about it its like modern day slavery. It doesn’t even feel worth it because, when you really break it down we are no different than batteries just here to keep the lights on. From a Alien view, we are mere bugs playing the longest game of flashlight ever.
    Too deep for a Monday I understand but, I do wonder sometimes about this. Its like there is no escape from the system at all. A system that used to benefit everybody (To a degree of course). Granted, you can say these men have no one to blame but themselves for not doing more with their life and, I’ll agree with you to a point. But, most dudes just want to chill, eat, watch some TV, and spend time with the family. Not chasing money, women, clothes, latest toys, etc 24/7. The men in the trailer seem like dudes that just want to get their money and go home quietly in peace. They can’t even do that though.
    As far as helping sex offenders, drug addicts, and other criminals that is a different story for another time. Some would say “Yes” in that everybody deserves a 2nd chance, while others would say “No” in a heartbeat when it comes to those men. Especially if that sex offender had harmed one of their kids. Its a debate that again is for another time.
    But there is the point in my mini comment/rant. In this world its as if you have to have a detachment from your emotions in order to succeed and keep pushing forward. In dealings with not just life but women, people, yourself, etc. Times I have been in dark places and wonder why go on when it came to this world but, I always manage to get up and keep a game face on and not let this bullshit overtake me. Despite the fact even though more than likely I am just another battery that can easily be replaced. You have to have ice water in your veins to deal with this world.
    Its amazing how women think Men have it easy 24/7 as if we have a back-up plan full of money and power ready to be used at the drop of a hat. These broads just don’t understand. Watch this trailer and tell me how much power those men have. You know, the ones sleeping in the cars just to feed their family that more than likely will take him for granted not caring about what he had to go through to make that money.
    Cool post and recommendation on movie worth the time to watch that isn’t labeled Marvel.

  11. This man took a huge risk in helping these people-a risk most wouldn’t take. I’m guessing a couple of these guys end up committing some sort of crimes in the town and the blame will be laid on Reinke for inviting them in. Never mind that the majority of decent men just looking to get by and build a life. Although i would understand the concern from local residents. Many unsolved crimes are committed by drifters which is why they’re so hard to find. Many wind up dead or in jail for other things. It’s a fucked up situation and I’ll be watching this film for sure.

    1. Based on Matt’s writing, it sounds like the Pastor had a dark secret he was both hiding and using as motivation.

      1. Spoiler alert…..
        Spoiler Alert….
        Spoiler alert…
        The pastor was having sex with at least one of the men he was sheltering.

        1. The man who was trying to blackmail him was not in the film. Did he sleep with any overnighters? Signs point to yes.

        2. The man who was trying to blackmail him was not in the film. Did he sleep with any overnighters? Signs point to yes.

  12. Hydraulic Fracturing or “fracking”, not hydrofracking. It is not a new technology, it just wasn’t employed because oil prices were low and these reservoirs and techniques require higher prices. Higher oil price allowed this technology to be employed on these well known “tight” reservoirs.

  13. A “desperation” leads some guys to seek comfort in former Soviet republics, where they hope internet access isn’t widespread and women therefore haven’t heard of them.
    There’s a certain desperation to being an aging PUA, laughed out of clubs and unable to pick up those young hot babies. There’s a certain desperation in the aging PUA, marginalized and loathed by the modern world due to bitter internet writings and impotent campaigns against the damn wimmenfolk, yet dependent upon the modern world to provide those pageviews and adclicks to finance his meager lifestyle in a former Soviet republic.
    The poor dears.

  14. Its rare to see someone stick to their principles and those in the Church do what they are supposed to do; take in the poor and desolate.
    I get the idea this is going to be one of those films I fight back tears.

  15. Great article, I will keep an eye out for this film. This is what holds us men together and grounds us to our earthly reality – hardship and a somewhat moral conscience. Too bad that, given our current social climate, it’s every man for himself. What hope is left then?
    If being a great man was easy and comfortable in this cold world, we wouldn’t value greatness when we see it.
    After some thinking, it seems (in my opinion) that human nature is such that it flourishes best between the extremes of being too comfortable, and being constantly challenged.

  16. This is one of the BEST ARTICLES I have seen on this website!! Focusing on Working Class Men of ALL Backgrounds! I will surely watch this Film and hope it gains a Nationwide Audience. THANK YOU!!

  17. I thought about trying my hand in Williston back when it was the best kept secret in America. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t given the stories I’ve heard.

  18. “The Overnighters is a must-see for the simple reason that it shines a spotlight on the most ignored and despised group in modern America: men.”
    The more accurate thing to say,is that this group is white and heterosexuell.
    Mr.Forney,I think,know this so why didn’t he write that?

  19. The oilfields are going to go through some big problems with the price of oil likely to go below the cost of production. But this is an area thats used to booms and busts (this is what I was told when I was in ND visiting my grandfather, just south of williston).

  20. Heckuva article. Not surprised the town hated Jay. People, especially Christians, don’t like it when somebody actually follows Christ, takes him literally. Makes them look bad by compare.
    The King chose humble, working-class men for his inner circle. Concordia Lutheran would be his kind of place, and people. Only humbled folks get near God.
    Whatever Jay’s dark secret is, hey, welcome to the planet! All the Stonechuckers, puh + tooey. All the stained accusers.
    ps getting pissed about an Obama tee shirt isn’t being difficult. Pagan idols aren’t allowed in church.

  21. Interesting to note that marginal producers in the Bakken and much of the rest of the domestic shale oil industry will start getting driven out of business soon if oil prices don’t reverse their decline.
    The Saudis appear to be in control of the world price, and they don’t seem too interested in letting up on production just now.
    Opinions vary as to why (some say that they’re doing the bidding of USgov, trying to force financial crisis in Russia), but what’s clear is that, as usual, USgov doesn’t give a damn about protecting an industry that, arguably, it’s in the national interest to maintain.
    (Yes, I know that I’ve implied less than complete support for the purist “free market” approach. I’ve become less enthralled with that over the years as I’ve watched the U.S. productive base exported to Asia)

    1. Doesn’t sound like type of movie that would come to very many movie theaters. Unless it’s a film festival.
      Rental, netflix, or buy it online or something.
      I’d like to see it too.

    2. It’s on right now, PBS Point Of View. Or known as P.O.V. on PBS.
      Right now it’s broadcast on TV, but over time it should be watchable online on PBS’s website.

  22. Great post ! I always tell myself when I see situations that are gut wrenching, ” but for the grace of God goeth I”

  23. The new America. Our generation’s grapes of wrath.
    A vast country with tons of potential and resources and yet men are picking up their entire lives for a sliver of a chance in ND. That’s just great.
    No reason it has to be this way. Ever.

  24. Wow, I work in Wireline down in the Perminian Basin of Midland, TX and had never heard of this movie. Will definitely check it out. Shot out to those up in the Bakken busting ass in the dead of winter right now. I guess theres a reason why you all get paid more up north! Lol. Hopefully these oil prices wont stay low too long, or it looks like we’ll be hitting the road yet again (I’ve moved across the country 4 times in the last 6 years already, now at the age of 25, I guess Im prepared for the worst). Im starting to get bitter now.

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