4 Children’s Films With Subliminal Adult Messages That Affected How You See The World

Recently, I had a good chat with a comrade about our childhood films. Now, I’m not familiar with what children have for entertainment these days, but I can speak on the things my childhood-era films had to teach me about life. Even if at the time I wasn’t consciously aware of their potential meanings and real-life reflections.

The Land Before Time

This film, directed by Donald Virgil Bluth, tells the tale of a tragic event where the earth splits in two as chaos erodes the planet and a longneck, named Littlefoot, is separated from his family. The film is rather dark and paints a horrifying image of childhood trauma through means of family separation, environmental catastrophe and death.

This film teaches the lesson that death is part of life. The protagonist, Littlefoot, is playing with a friend, Sarah, when a T-rex (a.k.a Sharptooth) attacks. The mother of Littlefoot eventually makes way to defend her young with a look of fury only a mother can conjure when her young is threatened.

The fight scene ends after Littlefoot lays bare witness to the beast jump upon his mother’s back and rip a chunk of her flesh off, as can be seen via shadow on the wall. That’s fucked up.

Later, when the earth begins to split, Littlefoot is separated from his grandparents and mother. He finds his mother, in the middle of night, lying half-dead, in the rain. He watches, face to face, his own mother die. In the rain. That does not paint this happy-go-lucky world but one of war, natural tragedies and fighting between different races. Longnecks simply do not walk the same route as the carnivore. And, as real-life demonstrates, the ignorant savage always wins over the intelligent and developed if they’re not protected by a wall, hence The Great Valley.

The Lion King

This film displays the horror of dishonoring one’s own family, or tribe for favors as they ally with outsiders. The ending, where Simba and Scar face off in that epic slow-motion collide of alpha, is just epic.

It relates well to the perpetuated anti-white politics by actual European-Americans toward their own tribe as they actively preach against their own kind in favor of an outside group. Scar, in this case, murdered his own brother and allied against his own clan while the hyenas took place over them, and all for means of power.

The more low-life, less intelligent, less noble beasts were granted authority over the majestic, powerful and beauty of the lion clan. It is made clear, in this film, that hyenas and lions simply do not mix. One group resides in the Pride Lands, while the others lay in piss and rot in the Elephant Graveyard.

Princess Mononoke

Now, I did not discover this masterpiece, directed by the very skilled and talented Hayao Miyazaki, until I was older. This film can easily be geared toward a more mature audience, but it certainly provides commentary on our contemporary state of politics.

The two sides at odds with one another are man and the beast of the forest. The expansion of man upon Nature and the gods of the forest, and the beast which reside within Nature’s trees, tackles the issue of man’s destructive nature in favor of capitalism, corporatism, and consumerism. This has an environmental factor to it. However, what is interesting is that it displays how no side is either villain nor hero. Each side has their own struggle and cause.

It demonstrates how it may seem one is the villain, such as the character of Lady Eboshi. This female antagonist means to expand her enterprise for riches. By her desire for expansion she is both responsible for turning a beast of the forest into a demon and causing harm to the forest. At the same time, she cares for her tribe and looks after the weaker ones whilst finding a place of production and constructive garnering toward capital. On the front, she may seem, in layman’s terms, a villain; yet, on the flip side behind the curtain, lies a leader who fights for her people and cares for their protection.

Then, on the other spectrum, you have the female raised by the wolf clan, San (Princess Mononoke, Wolf Girl), who aims to protect her family and surrounding mates. She may not be of wolf blood but strives to uphold their honor and self-preservation. And, like any warrior, she is willing to wage war for those she holds loyalty to.

This paints a fine photograph that everyone is, at the end of the day, striving for survival. It may seem Europeans have perhaps opted out of that, but the point still stands overall.


The song “Colors of the Wind” is beautiful both in its instrumentation and lyrics. Many may dismiss this as an anti-European or anti-imperialist position. I’m frankly not interested in addressing such a complaint, as this song and film touch on a specific topic I’m not sure many self-proclaimed conservatives adhere to.

Environmentalism is often associated with tree-hugging hippies and anti-corporatism. Despite how one may argue corporatism leads to radical individualism, and thus playing its part in the decay of the West as perhaps healthy tribalism is stomped out, let us put aside our emotions and tunnel-vision aroma and examine just the environment.

Conservatism, in part, is based on traditionalism, in the sense of the West, which means adhering to typical masculine and feminine roles when in a relationship or marriage, and the overall old-school structure of the post-Western Anglo-Saxton family unit. It invokes preservation. Not just for one’s tribe but the home Nature bestowed upon us.

Capitalism sounds good on the surface, yes. But in reality, just like communism or libertarianism or anarchy, it cannot actually manifest itself in the real world, in a real society. It leads to greed, consumerism and, ultimately, a deadened society where the only thing worth aspiring to is making bank to spend on meaningless product; thus, your identity becomes race-less, baseless, shameless.

“You think you own whatever land you land on, the earth is just a dead thing you can claim.”

When I step outside, or I’m driving, I do not want to see litter about the streets, or always see trees being torn down to make way for another fast-food chain. That is, perhaps on a less frantic level, still a conservative mentality. The above lyrics display a sense of respect and understanding that, whether one believes in some Divine Beast or that the Roswell Greys put us here, we are earth-bound creatures. It is even perhaps more fascinating to find we may have come from the earth, hence Mother Earth, by sea to land, only to turn around and disrespect Her.

Not to add controversy by means of being edgy, but Adolf Hitler was a conservative. He may have leaned left on the political spectrum in terms of more government, but that does not disqualify the fact he was a conservative, traditionalist and nationalist. He respected environmentalism and the strength and beauty within Her.


Some may find myself looking too deeply into the animation of those old films, but I find it rather intriguing to ponder on and finding the messages, and examining where they come from and which angles to view them – in part, based on your own personal struggle.

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  1. Yeah, I also find myself pleased to watch older movies and stuff at least pre 2010s. Modern stuff is too politicized and hipsterized they are all over the place. They don’t make movies like that anymore, nothing matches the fun of 80s action films full of humor, irony, unapologetic racism and testosterone, fuk ur modern sjw hipster feminist edition soyboy star wars bullshit aimed towards pseudointellectual artsy fartsy females. Oh and btw using the term “Pocahontas” is forbidden by the dystopia now, Trump himself was reminded of that.

    1. I remember when Pocahontas came out the native American community was pissed off because they said that Disney made her look like a Barbie doll body. Your damned if you do damned if you don’t today. If Disney had made her look like a typical short squat box shaped troll, then the native American community would have said that Disney was stereotyping native Americans.

        1. Of course it’s antiwhite propaganda but even with all that the savages still aren’t happy.

    2. What kind of fuckin troll writes this shit article and comments on his own fucking article with his own fake shitty accounts???
      Everyone already knows cartoon shit can have adult themes and undertones, how much an incel do you have to be to not be aware of this? Grown ass men should have better shit to talk about.
      This article is for the dogs and is an utter piece of trash.

      1. “SUBLIMINAL ADULT MESSAGES THAT AFFECTED HOW YOU SEE THE WORLD” – this is an off-hand comment you make when you’re talking about the sociological constraints of society, not some thign you invest your time into writing about and thinking through. What a fucking waste of life and time. If you can’t call this shit stupid as fuck just from watching it than you have WAY bigger problems to worry about. “BUT, BUT, its SUBLIMINAL!” – Holy fuck man, EVERYTHING is subliminal in some way shape or form, your never going to be able to account for all of it. If this was the VERY FIRST time someone had menitoned this shit than maybe (MAYBE) I would be slightly interested in what the article is about, but men have known this literally since the movies were released and ALL THE WAY back to film in the beginning. What your saying is NOTHING new and completly and totally childish and juevenille as ALL FUCK. This article is for fuckin middle schoolers who never heard of this shit before. Most grown ass fucking men have know for a long ass time that garbage gets thrown into kids movies, its nothing new. Fuckin embrassing as all fuck. “OH LETS TALK ABOUT DISNEY TODAY” – fuck off with this faggot shit.

        1. After I finished fucking your mom she called out your name “SgtHulka” – Whats that all about?

      2. Take it easy man. If you are one. It’s just one person’s opinion on some movies. If you didn’t like why did you read it.

        1. It’s fuckin inept as all fuck is the point. This is the kind of shit kids in middle school think is ‘enlightening’ – the best ‘men’ on here have to offer are articles about the ‘subliminal messages in kids movies’??? Are you fuckin shitty me? Shits fuckin retarded, nothing else to dissect but this trills shit article? Waste of fucking life man. When I was in middle school kids would mention this kind of shit and think, “Hey, you know they have hidden messages in Little Mermaid! – Yeah there’s dick pictures if you look close enough! HAHAHA” – And guess what – THATS THE END OF THE STORY – there is no more fucking story to this shit. This site ‘made for men’ is a fucking disgrace if you think these kinds of articles have any merit. Yeah yeah, we get it, the pervert illustrators have a hidden agenda and want to subconsciously ‘brainwash’ kids into sex, right right? Man, who gives a fuck, if you think this is a real issue you’re fuckin out of your goddamn minds. Its not worth reading about, thinking about, dissecting, analyzing, etc…none of the above – the most attention it deserves is what I’m giving it RIGHT fuckin now which is calling it a fag article written by a faggot troll. It’s so fucking garbage that it makes pseudo-intellectual articles look legit. Waste of time, end of fuckin story.

        2. I didn’t read it faggot – its called skimming the article – did he make any good points though??? Fill me in on ALL of the details bro!!! I’m CERTAIN there’s some shit in this article that’s gunna CHANGE my fucking life for the better?

      3. Kinda agree with Guest, even if he cant control himself lol. And was that last paragraph really necessary?! Mentioning Hitler really made this article bad.

        1. Yeah, the expletive filled over emotional rant is… 100 fucking percent correct.

    3. With old films the acting was worse, the sfx was worse, the camera work was worse, the audio was worse, everything was worse, but they had good stories and dialogue. And it’s funny that that’s all it takes. All these millions of dollars spent on CGI and pedo’s pay-cheques, and they just needed to get a better script writer.

      1. Good point.
        In fact, I’d just like 1:1 remakes of the old movies with todays quality as the industry is unable to provide better stories atm.
        I think there are people, who can write better scripts – the problem is the leftist sjw poz mindset everywhere in the industry. The good and non degenerate script wont be produced as the people with power decide with their left sjw criteria.

    4. The native American community was pissed off about Pocahontas, because they said Disney made her look like a Barbie doll body. You’re damned if you do damned if you don’t. Had Disney made her look like a typical short squat box shaped troll, tbe native Americans would be crying that Disney was stereotyping native Americans.

    5. BS
      There are many more subversives concocted by our friendly “Chinese” at Disney. I forbid most if not all of it but esp Beauty and The Beast. Metaphor for dating a Nggr. No life imitating art for us.
      Right now she’s watching Little House On The Prarie reruns and lives it.

      1. LOL! Only in real life when the bitch kisses a nigg*r he doesn’t turn into a handsome prince.

    6. I would have to say that 2003’s LOTR: Return of the King and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World were the last great movies to be made for red pilled ‘Western’ men. After 2003, Mean Girls, White Chicks (2004) and Aeon Flux, Serenity, Brokeback Mountain (2005) debuted and the countless comic book films (although Batman Begins to the Dark Knight Rises were well made), The endless Fast and Furious films (with steroid using mulatto action stars), subpar Resident Evil zombie flicks and sjw nonsense since 2004 (not 2010) has been a thorn in Hollywood’s back…Hollywood’s losing money, not because more people bought a 55″ High Def Plasma or LCD screen since 2004, but because the quality of the movies went to complete dog shit by 2004. There were barely a handful of films that were good! Dawn of the Dead I didn’t mind much! Gran Torino was ok but Eastwood was already way too old by that time!

      1. I forgot to mention Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ…It came out very early in 2004 before all that other crap I mentioned debuted…So the big 3 last best movies for red pilled American men were Passion of the Christ, LOTR: Return of the King, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Read the book on the last one too by Patrick O’Brian…Great stuff!!!

  2. Gundam IBO, about child soldiers and their desire to uproot the current world order.
    It’s a fairly brutal show aimed for kids but it exhibits the brutality of war and the complexity of the politics behind it.

  3. Young children these days can get to see their female teacher naked, or have sexc with that feminist professor Victoria Bateman while she compiles a false accusation against a male co-worker at Cambridge because she was completely naked.

  4. “Grave of the Fireflies” shows exactly how children are the biggest victims of the negative actions of adults.
    It’s also handled really well. It’s Japanese creators don’t point any direct fingers at the US for the suffering seen in the movie, but rather admit that the fanatical hubris of their own government and selfishness of so many adults in the movie lead the siblings deaths.

    1. It came out in 1988 as well, like the Land Before Time. Both the east and west had a major animated feature that year concerning early parental loss and where the children (whether human or dinosaur) have to grow up REALLY quickly.

  5. Reading the actual history of Pocahontas prevents me from giving the movie any redeeming value…

  6. (((movies)))
    (((entertainment industry)))
    The culture vultures never rest.

      1. It’s the Japanese Disney. But it doesn’t have leftist messages like the regular Disney

        1. Wrong studio. You are thinking about the Pacific Animation Corporation, which was later turned into the Walt Disney Animation Japan.
          Disney only distributes the Ghibli films.

      2. And that Japanese studio is probably safe. (((They))) only seem to have an interest in subverting white Christian countries.

        1. If Japan was white the tribe would have wormed their way in many years ago and taken over entertainment, finance, legal profession, and higher education

  7. Victoria Bateman of Cambridge University poses nude for young children on campus and several school grounds. But she complains of criminal stalking and misogyny if she only is delude enough to think that a male coworker would ever want to look at her nayed body while she is teaching little Johnny how to bang her.

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    1. Preachers in London get arrested under the Public Order Act of 1985, but she gets a free pass in indecent exposure to underage youth. God should spew fire on the Monarchy and government in England.

  9. Why did the moderators flag that pedophile professor’s bame (V1ct0r1a B4t3man) from the comments? She poses nude for minors and has sex with ch1dren. She even posted ch1ldp0rn on her Twitter.

  10. (((V1ct0r1a Bat3man))) also sounds like those J00ish names. Maybe that is why she is allowed to pose naked at Cambridge University and have seks with minors.

  11. To whoever happens to be uploading all of these comments about VB (economics fellow at Gonville and Caius; not that very many people over on RoK happen to be Cantabs), she did what she did to raise awareness in economic circles about feminism, not for any nefarious purposes or British Pizzagates. Seriously, how sad must certain people over here be…?

    1. Oh great! A lesbian coming out of the woodwork to defend a nudist pedophile professor….Are you the Professor? Salman Adebi should have visited her during her office hours.

  12. Hey Edgar, great article !
    First I thought about was https://www.xkcd.com/233/
    Ok, now more seriously, I never thought about these movies like that.
    I’ve only seen the first two and in fact, these are good red pill messages, expecially the second one and that in a Disney production !

  13. Since that piece of trash’s second term, entertainment turned to absolute shit. “Comedies” stopped being funny, “Indy” films became mainstream and “blockbusters” became sequels and remakes of the same old tired shit, and everything else became overly politicized. It’s just a trend though, we’ll get some normalcy again. Once the pussy millennials grow up or get destroyed by a good ol fashioned civil war.

  14. Lion King is literally just Hamlet with animals.
    Also no on Mononoke. There are much, much better stories if you jump to anime. Like PLANETES.

  15. A big shout out to you for referencing Adolf Hilter in other than the officially required opprobrium. Looking at the Western world today, would we really have been worse off if Germany had won WW2? I can’t possibly see how.

  16. I would like Pocahontas and whomever this contrarian lesbian charcater in the comments is to suck my dick.

  17. I love this site’s premise as far as all of the red pill stuff, and I don’t even mind the racist comments. Regardless of the validity of racial differences, such a blantantly white supremacist article on my favorite site makes me feel like an asshole. Is this article what ROK is, and should I just fuck off?

    1. Honestly I’ve been disillusioned with ROK lately, with all the antisemitism and white nationalism. I understand how you feel.

    1. It’s far worse than that, most of the ‘capital’ is now created by private banks, mostly out of thin air, electronically, with usury too, because corrupt governments allow these blatant bankster frauds! Many central banks are even at least partly owned or run by the above private banks, thus significant scope for conflict of interest!
      Capitalism is a rentier fraud founded on the 18th Century England Financial Revolution (initially central-bank fiat fractional-reserve-banking to fund England’s wars with Europe), and has become dominated by banksters and limited liability, non-state, effectively psychopathic/zombie corporations, with parasitic ‘investors’ and increasingly obscenely over-paid executives.
      Fractional Reserve Banking is an insanity based on the fantasy infinity ideas of Alchemy and hubris…

  18. I used to troll my family by saying Lion King was pro-apartheid. Then I learned about Rhodesia 🙁

  19. Go to YouTube and find William Cooper’s expose of the true meaning (racism & genocide) behind the Lion King.

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