Australian Newscaster Links Male Tennis Racquet Smashing With Domestic Violence

According to documents leaked in 2013, Australian ABC News 24 presenter Virginia Trioli received an annual salary of $235,664. When she provides “gems” like this, where Trioli glibly links professional male tennis players smashing racquets with the onset of serious domestic violence, you have to wonder if half her remuneration goes towards obtaining (but clearly not using) anti-psychotic drugs.

By treating racquet smashing as a prelude to male-on-female domestic violence, and juxtaposing it with the horrendous decision to name Rosie Batty 2015 Australian of the Year, Trioli is showing her true, radically misandrist colors. Under Triolian logic, any male who stubs their toe and then curses profusely (or kicks the air) is some sort of ticking time bomb about to catastrophically abuse his girlfriend or wife. But the female who does the same thing, just like a tennis temper tantrum female, is unworthy of any “danger rating” mention. Feminist logic at its most cogent.

Serious journalist and news presenter.

Trioli gleefully ignores the truth that females throw some form of tennis tantrum, including engaging in racquet smashing, all the time, just like their male counterparts. Coco Vandeweghe, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova are just some of the menagerie of women stars known for their on-court antics, tirades and verbal abuse towards officials. Footage also exists of Williams and Azarenka smashing racquets, and Ana Ivanovic admits to smashing three racquets at the US Open after losing a match point opportunity. Vandeweghe once smashed her racquet into the net simply because she did not get her own way. If you and I had all day, we could discuss dozens of other examples of WTA player aggression, the likes of which would give every Yonex, Wilson or Head racquet (or your average umpire) eternal nightmares.

Reality check

The irony of the farce on display Monday morning Australian time is that it took Trioli’s male colleague, sports presenter Paul Kennedy, to establish reality for her. Kennedy explained that female players (yes, those impeccable female players) are apt to racquet smash and generally misbehave as well. In the meantime, co-host Michael Rowland was left to suppress his own chuckles and all-round merriment. With no comeback in sight, Trioli pressed on with other stories, never attempting to correct her ridiculous statement.

I cannot decide which is worse: obviously agenda-driven Trioli being a news show presenter in the first place, or being a news show presenter buttressed entirely by the Australian taxpayer. Despite (read: because of) the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s leftist appeal, viewers routinely abandon it. The public instead flocks to the three major commercial networks and their digital offshoots, or satellite television. When the Abbott government announced systemic cuts to the resources-wasting ABC in the latter half of 2014, the pro-public broadcaster do-gooders did not bother to mention the ABC’s poor ratings in their criticisms. And the ABC doesn’t even steal 20% of viewers’ time with commercials!

In many ways, however, we should be grateful for Trioli and those of her ilk. Anti-male hysteria is often wrapped in inconvenient euphemisms that the average person finds difficult to unpack and then process. With such an overt brain explosion, our logically- and contextually-challenged friend Trioli has highlighted and embodied this hysteria explicitly.

Your ABC: where news (and unwanted, irrelevant opinions) come courtesy of you, the taxpayer.

The war against men

Men nowadays, especially grandfathers, and even fathers, cannot come within two yards of a children’s playground. Physical affection towards a child or grandchild raises the risk of being perceived as a sexual predator. Society’s fetish for unfettered pedophile suspicions (and accusations) means that these men, or the near-extinct male elementary school teacher, are simply unwelcome additions to a child’s public or educational experience. Trioli’s domestic violence diatribe adds to this multi-faceted lens of all men not only being potentially abusive but likely to be abusive. Only the most minimal and innocuous criteria need to be met, namely having a penis.

Another quaint aspect is Trioli’s insistence that Rosie Batty would herself link smashing tennis racquets with domestic violence. Speaking for females is a social crime when men do it, but Trioli believes she can extend Batty’s already problematic seizure of the domestic violence debate to whatever tenuous and tendentious conclusion desirable.

At its heart, Trioli’s argument seeks to demonize men expressing normal emotions, negative or otherwise. By failing to mention female anger, even though it manifests itself every day, she is justifying it, while condemning men for the exact same thing. Denial is an additional, intrinsic part of Trioli’s mindset. When a Twitter respondent took her to task for her opportunism, she “countered”:

Keep the wheels spinning, Ms. Trioli, even if it’s backwards.

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65 thoughts on “Australian Newscaster Links Male Tennis Racquet Smashing With Domestic Violence”

  1. Exhibit A. I guess she missed all of the women’s tournaments – in her own country, too (Williams smashes racquet at Australian Open 2013):

    1. Words like “Exhibit A” can only exist in a discussion based on logic, fact and merit. At what point in time did any leftiod feminist adopt any of those things?
      If it’s not Teh Feeelz! ™, it is simply ignored.

    2. Smashing the racquet is something anyone can do and tennis players do it all the time. Ms. Trioli is stupid.

    3. Its a Williams “sister” though, so it’s basically another example of male violence.

      1. Actually, yes. She cannot beat even a low ranked male pro tennis player. That’s the tell right there, heh.

  2. There’s a simple solution – just throw your TV out. Don’t give them your time.
    The TV producers don’t care what she says so long as the viewers number are high. So by dedicating a whole article on what is just a stupid remark, the author of this article helps to make these type of irrational views more acceptable.

    1. Exactly. Media has cottoned on to the art of trolling. The UK paper “Daily Mail” uses trolling to an art form. So if you want some topic to stay in the media talk about it (praise or condemn, it doesn’t matter either way).

    2. The producers don’t even care if her ratings are high. Big daddy warbucks Gubbemint is picking up the tab either way so it doesn’t bother them.
      All they want is to establish their fashionable leftist cred amongst the latte sipping twitterati.

  3. For some people, any demonstration of masculinity is considered sexual violence.
    Sadly, many of them are in the entertainment industry.

  4. Here’s the strategy: who cares what women think?
    This entire thing is predicated on the idea that men can be shamed into altering their behavior. But it is natural to get angry and to act out in anger occasionally. Refuse to feel shame over it, and intimate that those trying to shame you may be the next focus of your rage. Who cares if they find that horrific? It’s not like they have the balls to actually do something about it – that’s why they’re whining about it instead of physically putting you in your place. Besides, I couldn’t really care less if women are slightly afraid of me. It helps to keep their mouths shut.

    1. I agree. The worst part about this shit….. it’s taking place on their news station (ABC), funded and owned by the government (which is supposed to remain editorially independent).
      You just have to fucking laugh.

      1. Even government owned websites providing information are biased. The DVCS in Australia’s capital territory provides a definition of domestic violence that states that holding back money is abuse, and insisting on sex is abuse. They even state that the majority of cases are perpetrated by males on females! There’s really no where to hide from this garbage in Australia.

      1. Would were it true good doktor.
        Unfortunately, dryboxed women in ugly shoes have a huge effect on every persons life (in the western world at least).
        When you deal with your HR person, have to take precautions against false rape charges, can’t find a decent wife, an honest woman or even a woman not filled with hatred and bile…know that drybox women in ugly shoes are having an impact on your life.
        When a job is given to a less qualified person because they are a woman, or black, or gay…when, if you have children, you sons are taught to constantly apologize and never show aggression, when you remind yourself not to smile at a woman for fear she might call the police, when, if you are married, your loving wife, after cheating on you, manages to take your home, your children and nearly all your assets….you will know that drybox women in ugly shoes have had a great deal to say about your day.

        1. While the details vary on which group you belong to. HR work for the company, the only thing they care about is money and not being sued. If HR are giving you shit, you are not valuable enough to them.
          Lets assume equality of crap form a moment, if a high ranking woman doesnt like the way you smile at her, you will have a problem. If a high ranking man thinks I didn’t reciprocate his smile with one that makes him feel important, I will have a problem.
          Both situations are wrong, so stop complaining, have a bro chat with your boss, go out together and pull some women, slag off a few bitches at work, get your promotion and treat people like crap as if you were better at your job than them. _That_ is how it works. If this doesnt work with your boss, I will happily swop jobs with you.

        2. Nope, Im saying there are things you can do about your situation Instead of blaming women.

    2. What you’re saying is true but in a society where womens opinion get listened to more than mens an a feminized media pushing their agenda we should care. Seems like only a matter of time till showing any kind of anger towards a woman will be a crime.

    3. Who care’s? Australia cares. A country where Julian Blanc gets his earnings threatened and refused entry and deported. Where Dan Bilzarian is refused entry not for showing off one of his many guns or the fact that he tried to make a home made bomb but that he offensive to women. Where floyd mayweather a man who is one of the wealthiest sportsmen in the entire world and would showcase the country is refused entry because of his history of domestic violence. Yet…….. We allow hordes of people in from africa and the middle east who rape, steal and kill(not necessarily in that order). Yet…. Mr. Whitey is blamed while the welfare system pays less in pensions to those who paid 40 years of tax in many cases for 3-4 generations than it does to the new wave of immigrants who continue their third world tribal squabbles in a country that only seems to want to please them.

    4. who cares what women think? – the majority of people does.
      and even if you can personally reject the feminist narrative, shaming etc. – there will still be decisions made which depend on how much goodwill men in general are perceived to be deserving of. and these decisons will affect you too.
      higher taxes for example, the healthcare sytem etc. – they are taking more from men than they give them back, while it is the inverse for women as a group. in a broader sense, this is based on men having lower goodwill in the public opinion than women.
      sorry for my english btw, never sure if i use the most fitting words 🙂

      1. no, it is really is a crime in australia to demonstrate masculine behaviour. I will demonstrate this to you. Being assertive is a masculine trait. Agree? Well in Australia under the feminist labor Gillard regime critiquing a business or a person in that business would be considered workplace bullying. whether you were part of the company, business or not. So airing any complaints could leave you with fines or even prison.

        1. I speak strictly in the context of the laws of these united States. There is simply no way to know all of the laws of the rest of world’s armpit nations, heh.

        2. i think the US in many ways may not have de jury process banning manliness but in the de facto sense it may be one of the worst places in the world. people publicly sensor in a way that make the stasi seem ineffective. D.Sterling was smashed not by the police but why public opprobrium. M.Romney lost any chance at office for what could a barely stand as a faux pas in saying that he hired “binders of women” the irony being that he hires women and yet was critiqued for being a male.

        3. Those are highly public figures and were dealt with by social pressures, not legal pressures. The average man, hell even the above average man can still walk around in Clint Eastwood mode not only without reproach, but to the applause of a hell of a lot of people. I see what you’re saying, but I prefer to keep terms and concepts distinct and accurate as a matter of personal preference.

        4. Not just in Australia I’m afraid. I had to do a “sexual discrimination” CBT learning course last year. It was nonsense, and made even more silly be the fact that there was an exam at the end, where you had to judge if a certain statement/situation/action was ‘sexual harrassment’. And in all the examples, it was a man acting on a female….. Because sexual harrassment is always done by men.. right !

  5. Rupert Murdoch, with the help of his puppets in the Liberal government have been desperately trying to destroy (or, at least, hobble) the ABC since Murdoch got Abbot elected in return for $893 million of tax payer’s money in a dodgy rebate scam.
    By allowing their presenters to spout idiocy like this it only gives News LTD and its frothing anti-ABC cronies like Piers Ackerman and Andrew Bolt more fuel for their daily tirades.

    1. Broadcasting that relies on public money – aka stolen taxes, should be hobbled, then shot, burned and the ashes stomped on.

      1. Yes. It should all be controlled by the corporations, right?
        Apart from this dope who said what she said the ABC has a fairly superb track record of fair reporting. Murdoch hates them because they’re taking too much of the online news market over here, and his shitty tabloid rags are losing readers by the week.
        Murdoch wants to own a free-to-air television network but the laws here prohibit it. So he uses his government cronies to sabotage the one news service that he sees as a threat to his online business.

        1. Murdoch screwed up big by helping Gough Whitlam get into power. I can only hope he is atoning for that one deed alone.On a global level i see Murdoch as the last right wing barrier to total left wing control. Most make mention that he is the last goy holdout for an entirely jewish controlled media. impressive that one WASP can still make it through

        2. I can boycott a corporation. No such ability exists with government, I am forced to finance them and their schemes regardless of how much against my beliefs they happen to run.
          I don’t give a shit about Murdoch getting out of taxes. The money is not yours nor Australia’s, it’s his. If he gets to keep it, good for him.

        3. Murdoch avoided nearly a Billion in tax in AUS alone. that’s how you effectively boycott government.

        4. I missed his “rebate” quip. So basically Murdoch kept more of his money than the statists would like, ergo he pulled something “dodgy”? LOL!
          Apparently if you defend yourself against a mugger you too are acting “dodgy”.
          Christ, how I loathe statists. Thanks for making me read his initial post again mate.

        5. I was under the impression that the rather openly libertarian Koch brothers were also standing fast? My general test about a rich dude’s political compass is how vehemently the little zombies on the left scream bloody murder about him, and both Murdoch and the Kochs seem like constant targets of their impotent femi-rage.

        6. i agree, i really like the koch brothers. they seem like they are getting a lot of hate from left wing media barons… meanwhile. Goldman Sachs bank rolled Obama and created the GFC while still profiting from its occurrence are darlings of the left.

        7. haha Apple,google,microsoft etc paid virtually no tax in Aus. i think a combined 89 million or some pennies for them. meanwhile the middle class keep on voting in left wing politicians who promise to make their lives better with raising taxes…to which the large undercurrent class and the wealthy all simultaneously avoid. Funnier is that out cash rate dropped to 2.5% so we could drop the dollar to bank roll the worlds wealthiest woman( who i admire on many levels). Truly a banana republic this one.rebates make no sense. pay tax or prison and at the end of the day if the state takes too much you get a bit back and people dream like the government is paying out big. honestly you scream death and tax are unavoidable for so many centuries people become attuned to their slave mentality.

  6. Being that masculine behavior is a crime, my behavior has been modified to only protect and help myself and immediate family. Good luck with your flat tires, dead batteries, scary night walks to your car, and protecting this Western, feminized society in war. I don’t think your going like the results.

    1. What laws am I breaking by being tall, in shape, hard edged, motorcycle riding, gun carrying (no laws against it where I live), car fixing, well read, former military, unfazed by tears and crying, stoic and resolute?
      We tend to err a bit too far in making fantastic claims on ROK and other sites. Being masculine is NOT illegal, we just act this way as some kind of victimization rite of passage. Sure, some jobs you have to shut up, but that’s not “law”, that’s keeping a job, which the legal system could give two shits about.
      Outside of that, yeah, I don’t disagree with your “good luck” statement in the least.

      1. being masculine isn’t illegal but it seems like it’s getting pushed by the media an feminist groups an feminist inspired politicians to make masculine behavior illegal.

      2. “illegal” Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that male behavior is now verboten unless you are willing to fight the tide. I am, and could care less, but young men do care how their culture views them. Plan on facing a hostile audience if you go full on masculine.

        1. Going against expected social norms as championed by Hollygaywood is hardly some kind of Herculean task.
          I go full masculine in real life all the time, with obvious exceptions when dealing with customers in corporate America (where I agree it’s stupid however if you don’t like the company you work for, start your own business or work for a better company). So far the only thing I see is compliments and happy faces.
          Fight the tide, heh, more like provide-the-magic-elixir that everybody craves.
          This is of course context based and assumes one does not live in the little-boy “big cities”.

  7. Feminism cannot survive without a repressive state vehicle.
    While feminsim is getting worse in the United States, it seems to have far more of a stranglehold in the other Anglosphere countries still technically part of the UK (Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand) as well as the UK itself.
    I see the US as still having at least a glimer of hope to combat cultural marxism and the current fem-centric facade due to our Constitution and our God given right to wage war against a state that exceeds its proper scope. Revolution is in our blood.

    1. The USA has a healthy right-wing presence in the media and online. Australia has none of this… its just shades of leftist grey.

  8. “Women need men, like a fish needs a bicycle. Bicycles are back-peddling from fish says the news agency, we don’t know why? On to other news, fish are finding it harsh, brutal ice-cold in the arctic waters with surprisingly no bicycles to keep their eggs warm? Government is conducting a study on how to tax bicycles in order to keep fish warm.”
    “Now back to your reguarly scheduled, overpriced commercial/government funded indoctrination where we tell you bicycles to spend two months salary on a blood-diamond encrusted piece of metal for fish. Though they don’t need you, ever. And the black bicycles killed to mine that diamond never get mentioned. Like the bicycles killed by Boko Haram, we like to only concentrate on fish.”
    “We also can’t fathom why we have only five percent of our viewership consisting of green colored recycled bicycles that no fish wants?”
    “On to more important news. Senior fish of the world announces that all fish shall receive new high heeled pumps. Why? Because reasons! And we are taking it out of the taxes of bicycles.”
    I’m one bicycle wondering why I need a cold hearted Bish, and not a real woman? Or perhaps “Women?”

  9. Did anyone watch the actual clip? Yes it was a dumb remark by Trioli, but it is counteracted by co-anchor Michael Rowland who brings up how female tennis players like to grunt. This happens on the regular. He brings her back down to reality when she says something stupid (usually hilariously).
    This is far and away the most enjoyable morning news program in Australia and I’m more than happy to keep my very, very minimal taxpayer dollars going towards the ABC. They might be left-leaning, yes, but they definitely have less of a political agenda than any other television station here.

    1. I’d call it a useful gaffe because it’s a good measure of the temperature of female presenters at the ABC. Cowards are more courageous in crowds; it’s unlikely she would’ve made that sort of remark unless she had thought she had safe space from the co-hosts and production crew to say it because they’d expressed similar views to her off-camera at times. Call it the tip of the iceberg effect.
      I think also that you can’t get away from the fact that news is no longer information; it’s entertainment and uninformed commentary for the most part. Michael Crichton’s book “Airframe” predicted the present state of affairs pretty accurately so far as the media is concerned.

      1. certainly true. ABC at least has some framework for being part investigative journalism rather than reading tweets and being part of the 24hr news cycle that revolves around celebrity gossip. they pander to the traditional left wing intellectual sentiments. i really worry for australia. i can honestly say that i think australia is past its typing point. white birthrates are below replacements and immigrants will mock white people for it straight to their face. this is only possible because ABC and SBS run the left wing platform that diversity is important and if you disagree you should be removed from the debate yet they claim to be the defenders of democracy. it’s all a cycle of hypocrisy.

    2. they might be left leaning. they are the cultural marxists along with SBS. they hate white australia with a passion. I will give it this though. they are much less vulgar and at least report on things other than celebrity weight loss fads but after watching some of their night shows they had a session of QA. feminist only panel, followed by the virtues of being trans, followed by the virtues of race mixing. i can’t support this station. especially when they broadcast to the world how racist we are because a random indian is beat up by teens from lebanon and suddenly its the white mans racism.

  10. ABC is a brutally left-wing (and government funded) organisation. Always has been. Triple J (national youth broadcaster run by ABC) have an investigative journalism program called ‘Hack’ which has in recent months provided the biased, left-wing side of gamergate, Julian Blanc and that rocket scientist who cried on TV over his shirt.

  11. this is ABC are not men required to only support women and women encouraged to control men- why are you surprised??
    look at Leslie Sales- her husband just does whatever she wants whenever she wants…
    it is in their corporate culture!!

  12. Most of the Australian media are a disgrace.
    And most of the female newsreaders look like men. Here is a good example of what passes for acceptable on Australian news media.

  13. I live in Australia and can’t tolerate the ABC with their leftist feminist propaganda and their limp-wristed beta phaggot baby boomer audience..

  14. I’ll readily admit I have a very explosive temper. I have anger issues, mostly stemming from childhood bullying and other experiences but I need not elaborate.
    In my outbursts I have smashed and broken things and to anyone unlucky enough to observe this, it can be unsettling to say the least.
    However, in all my years, save childhood fights with my sister, I have never once hit, slapped or otherwise terrorized a woman. Ever.
    Smashing an inanimate object does not compare with hurting another human being and it never will, even if correlations are noticed in known abusers, but correlation is far from causation.
    I’m sure everyone at some stage has kicked something out of frustration or thumped their fist against the table in anger at least once in their lives.
    And we’re paying this perfumed parasite close to a quarter Million per year. There’s one way the Government can save a bunch of change; get rid of her.

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