Scoring A Politically Correct Touchdown Against The Redskins

The Washington Redskins, winners of three Super Bowls and one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports, will be changing its team name soon. Sure, owner Daniel Snyder vowed he would “never” do such a thing, but you can bet that’s a promise he won’t be able to keep. (He already backed down from his original avowal.) Political correctness has permeated itself into Western culture like blubber in the belly of your average Walmart shopper. Which means 80-plus years of history must be flushed away in deference to an offended few.

Nothing illustrates the insanity of this issue better than a recent discussion on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” a show that features four columnists from across the country who enlighten their lucky viewers not only with their brilliant analyses on the world of sports, but on the social issues that surround it. And by “enlighten” I mean spout left-wing groupthink at a rate that would make the most strident feminist proud. Not one of these men (using the term loosely) came down in favor of keeping the name Redskins. Not one.

A Trip into PC Hell

Here’s the transcript (the discussion begins at about the 10:00 mark):

Tony Reali (Host): Last week, President Obama said if he owned the Washington Redskins he’d have to think about a name change. Earlier this week, the NFL moved up a meeting with the Oneida Nation, and today team owner Dan Snyder responded. In a letter to season ticket holders, Snyder maintained his position that the name is a badge of honor and his intention is keeping the nickname. He quoted two surveys, one of them, he says, “90 percent of Native Americans didn’t find the name offensive,” and also: “I respect the opinions of those who disagree. I want them to know that I do hear them and continue to listen to them, and learn. But we cannot ignore our 81-year history.”

The writing is on the wall. Even the lone person here with a shred of sanity—Redskins owner Daniel Snyder—waters down his remarks with the utmost respect given to the lords of political correctness. What exactly do we have to “learn” from the offended, Daniel? That they’re still offended? Newsflash: we shouldn’t care. And 90 percent of Indians don’t care either.

Woody Paige: I think he’s totally wrong, and I want to address a couple of points. One, in talking about the history and tradition of the franchise, we have seen over the past 80 years, a lot of changes made in this country, including the fact that we now refer to those who are Native Americans as Native Americans, not by a name that they were given by the Italian when he supposedly came to this country and misspoke about where they belong. Number 2, he talks about the surveys. The surveys, were each about 1,000 people. There were 3 million, the last census, 3 million people who registered as Native Americans, so that is a small sample size. I think he should take more consideration and to call it a badge of honor is such a mistake, I think he needs to back off.

Woody’s never been the most eloquent of speakers, but this statement is a mess. And completely untrue. In his rambling, I think I can safely conclude that he’s talking about Christopher Columbus—the guy who “supposedly came to this country”—and the taboo name “Indians” he allegedly coined. To quote one of the great red-pillers of our time, George Carlin, “Indian” is a dignified term with a history most are completely ignorant of:

I call them Indians because that’s what they are. They’re Indians. There’s nothing wrong with the word Indian. First of all, it’s important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus mistakenly believing he had reached “India.” India was not even called by that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan.

More likely, the word Indian comes from Columbus’s description of the people he found here. He was an Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written accounts he called the Indians, “Una gente in Dios.” A people in God. In God. In Dios. Indians. It’s a perfectly noble and respectable word.

Plus, “Native American” is just a derivation of the name of European explorer Amerigo Vespucci with the word “native” tacked on. Ersatz moniker, for the win.

Tim Cowlishaw: Yeah, I would have been okay with what he said if he reversed it. If instead of saying, I’m willing to learn, but we have an 81-year history and tradition. If he had talked about the history first, and then said, but I’m open-minded, I want to learn. We need more than these two surveys to find out if it’s really offensive, that would have been okay.

Sadly, this is the most level-headed statement from our esteemed Obama speech writers sportswriters. We need to learn? Teach us, oh great spaghetti monster of relativism, if this term is offensive or not. Let me ask you, Mr. Cowlishaw, at what percentage would it become acceptable for you to feel okay about using the term Redskin to describe Washington’s football team: 91 percent? 95 percent? 99.9 percent?

Bomani Jones: It’s a spectacular level of arrogance, this whole show. But the big thing to remember is that this is George Preston Marshall’s team, both a hall of famer in football and a hall of famer in racism. And Daniel Snyder’s trying to tell me that that man was honoring Native Americans. If you really believe that, then what else are you doing to honor Native Americans other than this name? It’s a slur, stop lying to me.

And for our Victims of Racism™ segment tonight, I present to you Bomani Jones. Crusader against racist owners who’ve been dead for 40 years, who understands the only way to fight arrogance is with more arrogance.

Reali: Back to the survey though, what if 90 percent of Native Americans don’t find the name offensive? What if Native American high schools on the reservation have Redskin as a nickname, as they do, if that’s the case?

How dare you introduce reason into this group, Reali? We were having a Racist Haters circle jerk and you ruined it with ridiculously factual hypotheticals! (Don’t you just love it how he has to tiptoe through the truth? The entire point is presented as a great “what if” even though it’s completely true that Indian high schools use Redskin as a nickname.)

Pablo Torre: Well let’s grant that that’s true, for example, and let’s say…I mean, let’s remember that this is a category of a racial caricature, right? That’s what we’re polling about. And so I think there’s a principle as much as there is an empirical research element to this. And if 10 percent of people, 21 percent of people, are gravely offended, if their human dignity has been stripped from them on a regular basis, we should probably err on the side of protecting that minority. That’s where we are, I think, in this country in 2013.

Yes, Pablo, “let’s grant” that the truth is actually the truth, since it is we as sackless hack sportswriters who ultimately decide the truth. And nice touch on adding the feminine touch of the dramatic—I’m trying to picture someone whose “human dignity has been stripped” because of the name of a fucking football team. Beta males suffer divorce theft at the hands soul-wrenching vulturous ex-wives every day, but we as a nation are more worried that little Dances With Wolves will be eternally scarred at the sight of Robert Griffin III wearing a picture of an Indian warrior on his helmet.

Paige: Why don’t we also survey all the people who are non-Native Americans? Because, even though I’m 1/16 a Native American, I’m offended by the term. I think a lot of the people I hang out with are offended by the term, and will never use it, and I never write it.

Chief Plays With Wood has a point. White people are more offended by Redskin than red people. Ah, the gifts of feminism just keep giving! White guilt is its fundamental premise.

Jones: Hey, go back and check how many colleges changed their names from Native American mascots and see how few of them were even close to being like “redskin.” They were much more tame and people still found the decency to do better.

Or in other words, if everybody else is doing it–in the name of PC, of course–that makes it right! When will we as a nation man up and just give in to the whim of the minority already?

By the way, for those of you counting at home, that’s 11 instances of the term “Native American” in a 3:00 segment. Carlin is rolling in his grave.

Change My Evil Ways

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the inevitable. The Redskins will be no more soon, because it’s been arbitrarily decided that, combined together, the words red and skin are a slur. It doesn’t matter that one means a shade of scarlet and the other means epidermis. It doesn’t matter that it only applies to some—it’s perfectly acceptable to call Blacks black and Whites white. What matters is that THIS is a slur. It’s offensive because we have decreed it offensive. It is an etymological fallacy of the highest degree.

In the mean time, I guess we’d better start thinking about some new names for our nation capital’s football team. Maybe the Gay Marriages? the Reproductive Rights? the Community Organizers? I think I’ll play it safe, and go with the name inspired by our gang of sports analysts—the PC-DC Pussy Willows.


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65 thoughts on “Scoring A Politically Correct Touchdown Against The Redskins”

  1. How much longer until all animal names in sports have to be changed because they are offensive to otherkin?
    Either all of this ‘identity politics’ stuff is valid or none of it is. I could see a problem if we forced Indians to sit at the back of the bus, but you have to want to be offended to take issue with some name from some sports team.

  2. That George Carlin quote perpetuates a myth. The term “India” has been around for centuries and was used by Westerners to describe that Asian land since the time of the Greeks. The Indians referred to their country as Hindustan but the term did not enter the English vernacular until well after Columbus’ day. “India” was a mispronunciation of “Sindhu” referring to the Indus River and land thereof.
    Columbus was looking for the Spice Islands (Indonesia) anyway. Why do you think the Dutch formed an East and West Indian Company?
    Additionally “in God” is “en Dios” not “in Dios” in Spanish. Columbus was Italian so he might have said “in Dio.” But then he’d say “Una popolo in Dio,” not gente. That quote, by the way, has never been found in his writings. Anyway why would he say “in God” and not “of God.”
    The unvarnished truth is that Columbus called the land The Indies and the people Indians. He certainly did not see them as Godly.
    I don’t care about the Redskin name but at least don’t use urban legends to support your arguments. You might even want to verify whether Carlin himself said it as his name has been misused to invoke all kinds of opinions since the advent of the internet.

    1. I’ll add that I cannot say how Columbus felt about the Indians but his actions did not convey a feeling of godliness toward them.

      1. Not to mention the diseases, slavery, and subsequent take over of their land. Followed by the asking for black slaves since the locals were dying off.
        I hate PC culture as much as anyone, maybe more. But this article needed far more careful research before putting these statements down.
        Roosh has made an exemplary outlet for writers to showcase their writing, but they better start writing more carefully, and with better research, or I would not be surprised if they stop getting opportunities to write here.

        1. So what if the Indians couldn’t handle an European invasion. Any white person who lives in America is full of shit when they lament how badly we treated the Indians, what are we gonna do, give it back to them and head back to Europe? Leave trillions of dollars of assets to a bunch of drunk losers who have to get gambling concessions to stay afloat?

        2. yes the indians were fucked over. I didn’t fuck them over. The mascot was chosen for its’ postitive attributes ie bravery, ferocity etc… So what’s the new Injun’ icons now: slot machines/diabetes needles and dialysis machines. Stay classy natives. This is naked cultural marxism. These uber sensitive manboobs don’t like masculinity which is also an assault on capitalism and at it’s core Anti-american . Stay classy injuns’!!!!

        3. A real man corrects his mistakes rather than doubling down. Fathers rights, anti feminism, thoughtful and useful perspectives on economics and culture etc are all worthwhile expressions of manliness. Belligerently adopting a position without any real benefit or merit or worse, lumping in people with a legitimate gripe with whiny, unprincipled jerk offs simply isn’t in my opinion.

      2. I suppose I could have delved a little deeper into the history of the
        term Indian, but since it was just an aside from a bigger point, I did
        not. My intention in using the Carlin quote (and it is in fact a Carlin
        quote—you can find it in his book Napalm and Silly Putty) was to
        dismiss the idea that the word “Indian” is offensive, as opposed to
        “Native American,” which is considered okay by the feminist overlords.
        Either way, the root of Indian is indeed “Dios” (God), and the root of
        American is “Amerigo” (Euro explorer). To those who insist on “Native American” I say you’re picking the worse, more stilted of the two monikers. I don’t know why we allow “Indian” to be defined by Columbus anyway. Make it yours and stop being victims.

        1. Much respect to you and to the broader point of your piece, that PC b.s. like this is getting out of hand. I just think that if my myth detector goes off like this, so will a million PC douchebags’. Remember it’s the “lie” where they get you. Which is why I believe when making an argument we red pillers need airtight cases. This was the first I’d heard of the “in Dios” thing and it made me suspicious…once again, that’s not the root of Indian. It comes from Indus or Hindus, which comes from Sindhu, sanskrit for “river.” The “dhu” ending means “tremble” not “God” from what I’ve found researching this. The Greeks conquered the area and named it Indos. In any case the term predates Castilian (though not Latin necessarily) by centuries. I’m not a professional etymologist and my research is basic…anyone who’d like to fact check or confirm, feel free.
          Your point about Amerigo is interesting – I hadn’t ever considered that. I’m guessing most natives don’t like the term “Native American” and probably prefer their tribal or nation’s name (e.g. Oneida). But what do I know.

        2. I’d like to see something to back up the claim that the root of Indian is actually dios, if it is, and there’s no real disagreement about it then I’d rather know that, but I don’t believe it based on what I’ve read. Maybe I am wrong. This whole make it yours, words can mean whatever you want them to seems kind of like something a bitch would say, once again just my perspective. It its right it’s right, and if it’s not correct then fuck it and toss it. Self correcting is critical to being a man, you can’t lead otherwise. It’s not a privilege it’s a responsibility.

  3. Personally, I think they should change the name of the team to the Washington White Houses.
    “GO WHITES GO!!!”

  4. Someone needs to stand up tell these PC bitches that The Narrative is OVER. No longer will we respond to feigned outrage from the PC crowd like they expect. Tell them to stick it in their pipe and smoke it. Wait….no one smokes anymore because of PC liberals. Tell them to stick it in their Chai Lattee and drink it.

    1. It’s useless. The second you even mention something like this people will all unite against you, calling you racist, etc. Public shaming is now an accepted tactic for suppressing even the most mundane and idiotic of things like a cartoon logo.
      And you know what the funny thing is? I used to be a big outspoken proponent of many things that would have been considered liberal (and I still am opposed to racism). But I just can’t get behind the extreme and moronic positions now considered normal in the liberal community. People are waking up. I can only dream that I’m not the only one, and sites like this give me at least a glimmer of hope.

  5. Your point about the etymology of the word “Indian” and the much worse (ironically) “Native American” is great. I’ve never thought of it that way. Excellent article.

    1. Maybe one day a bengal will make enough money and buy the team, like that paki who owns the Jags. Shitty teams for all desis!

  6. It’s ironic that commentators for testosterone fueled, male sports are among the most limp-wristed, PC pussies in America. If someone doesn’t want to buy or support a product because it offends them, then fine, but this Marxist method of cultural subversion by a tiny minority floors me. On the positive side we know that this can’t last in the long-term. Socialism always fails, egalitarianism is a fantasy, but it may be a long time before the tables turn.

  7. They should be deeply embarassed by that offensive name. They should change it to the Maryland Redskins.

  8. The Washington “Feminists” this way any scoring play can be reversed, and the scoring player investigated, in the interest of fairness and “score regret”, any play that results in hurt feelings by the opposing team is immediately reversed on these grounds and censorship of the player is to occur immediately, for fear of competition any good player must only play to the level of the worst player on the field or otherwise face immediate sensitivity training, all players, regardless of position must be paid exactly the same, if a starter demands more than a back-up the starter is immediately shunned for positional discrimination and sensitivity training, to include an apology must occur.

  9. Didn’t know that the word “Indians” derived from “people in god”.
    In school and everywhere else we always heard it was because Columbus thought he had reached India.
    It’s truly amazing how many false information and lies are floating around in “common knowledge”.

  10. Yes the name may have been around for 80 years, but that doesn’t make it right. Slavery has a long history too. Ultimately being a man involves getting it right. In this case, changing an offensive name is the right thing to do

    1. But that’s just it, it shouldn’t be offensive. We can refer to Whites as white, and Blacks as black. We can even say those people have white skin and black skin. But you move into red skin and it’s suddenly offensive. People need to grow up.

      1. If they changed their name to the Reds it would probably pass. I haven’t heard much about the Cincinnati Reds being pressured to change their name. If it was the Washington Whiteskins or Washington Blackskins, that sounds kinda gross. I’m used to “Redskin” so it doesn’t sound gross, but if I was hearing it for the first time… Just drop the “skin”?

    2. I dont get why its wrong. The poor red man is just being used by the cultural marxists to destroy the Emmanuel Goldstein illusionary enemy-The White Patriarch. Like the blacks and the broads, the “natives” will be thrown under the bus as well when the achievement is unlocked.

    3. As an Irishman I am offended by the fighting Irish mascot, and the negative connotation associated with aggressiveness for my people.

      1. You don’t hear the Irish screaming about the Notre Dame “fighting Irish” mascot which is a little guy with green knickers, funny shoes, hat with his fists up…

  11. Alternate names for the PC cunts to approve:
    Reservation dwellers, alcoholics, primitives, casino owners, apples, feather heads, scalpers, non-tax payers…or you can stick with Redskins.

  12. If you need a survey to discern whether or not something is offensive, it isn’t offensive.

  13. It wasn’t enough to drape players in pink, and it wasn’t enough to put female sideline reporters in the stadium (who have never touched a football) to tell us why Troy Polamalu missed that tackle, and it wasn’t enough to invent new penalties so players can’t be a physical as them like without being fined. Nor was it enough to rip the bag of coaches so they can’t speak in a masculine way during press conferences or give a lineman a smack across the head when he jumps the snap. No. Now this. Keep going and people will get fed up. American football will become as obscure as indoor lacrosse.

    1. hey now, don`t forget about the rooney rule. yeah, fuck ability, we`ll just hire this lesser coach cause he`s black and the league is forcing us. whoop dee fucking doo

    2. If we shriek like women when were confronted with a truth that we’d prefer wasn’t true then were no better than them.

  14. Of ffs! If it wasn’t offensive when they first named the team why is it now?! I could name a team The Superior White Race n it wouldn’t change shit about the way they play n what they achieve!

  15. Of ffs! If it wasn’t offensive when they first named the team why is it now?! I could name a team The Superior White Race n it wouldn’t change shit about the way they play n what they achieve!

  16. The USA will be south africa soon. All the steps are in motion.
    This is one of the things that started happening there when the jew-backed anti apartied movement started.
    There are a 1000 other similarities between the USA and South Africa but I will digress and wait on the white knights to chime in and enlighten me to how whites are bad etc etc.
    Even after 20yrs of minority ruled destruction in South Africa it only survives because the 10% white population still represents about 90% of the economy.
    It’s coming. Get ready.

  17. Just place a drunken Indian on the helmet receiving a welfare check to honor these once great peoples.

  18. The American Indians are not “native.” They migrated from Asia across the Bering Strait land bridge during the last Ice Age. A more accurate label is Pre-Colombian Americans.

  19. OMG there should totally be a My Little Pony football team!
    (Seriously, though – who cares about a bunch of guys chasing a ball around a field? Fucking boring and a huge waste of money)

  20. This has got to be one of the best written & well thought out articles that I’ve read in a long time – ANYWHERE! Great job, would love to see this picked up by a major wire service/news carrier, etc – I’m not naive, it’ll never happen but it sure would be nice. Great job Colonel.

  21. This has got to be one of the best written & well thought out articles that I’ve read in a long time – ANYWHERE! Great job, would love to see this picked up by a major wire service/news carrier, etc – I’m not naive, it’ll never happen but it sure would be nice. Great job Colonel.

  22. “He quoted two surveys, one of them, he says, “90 percent of Native Americans didn’t find the name offensive,”’
    Its usually white people, very often white males, who pull a PC stunt on behalf of “peoples” they know nothing about. Getting offended on their behalf over something insignificant that those people would not even notice or care about. Political Correctness was invented by white people, mostly white men. Other (non-white) cultures don’t care about being PC but its being forced on them too.
    Plus, I would think many Native Americans or First Nations people would like the name because it keeps them and their cultures in the public consciousness.

  23. The so-called leader of the Oneida nation that is spearheading this movement is a corrupt crony of Obama.

  24. As a giant fan this makes me sick. The best games and moments in the franchise’s history were made with the REDSKINS as the opponent. I’m sick of this were white we should feel guilty PC bullshit.

  25. In America a lot of natives do call themselves Indians and have absolutely nothing wrong with it, in Canada some do, but it’s generally considered a slur. It’s easy to conflate people with legit gripes with your average spoiled pc whiner.

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