When Fatties Attack

The two girls in the above video got kicked out of a punk show. Probably for being fat. To put this into context the show was a reunion of the legendary powerviolence (punk) band Infest. Their lyrics are standard punk fare: misanthropic, fuck authority (read: the police), be your own person, etc.

Shackled down under control
life is acting playing the role
don’t speak out do as you are told
fucking clone fitting the mold
stay in line with the rest
claim you’re a ‘freebird’ but never left the nest
sport individuality seems more like conformity
say you’re a black sheep but that’s still a sheep
I hope I never fucking sink that low!

Funny enough these days the scene is inundated with feminist ideology and manginas. You’ll see the same people at a punk show as at the Warren Farrell protest. They are the same closed minded conformists Infest was talking about in the late 80s. However, I think attitudes are changing. No longer are men putting up with womens’ childish temper tantrums which are based on a need for the attention of and the submission to a quality man.

The Good:

  • “World Star” is being shouted while the girls cause trouble. The crowd doesn’t take their temper tantrum seriously.
  • Bouncers do their job. Same with the promoter.
  • The crowd is mostly male. Girls like this go to shows to get sloppy drunk and have their tits fall out when they try to mosh with men twice their size.
  • Guy in the blue stands up for himself when he is attacked by saying “I’ll stomp you in the face bitch” at 1:06
  • They’re completely humiliated. People are laughing at them and not giving them the attention they want. They steal the pylons and fall over at 1:40 (is that dude peacocking?)
  • “It was more funny than anything watching these girls trying to get sympathy from the crowd, in the way that they kept yelling ‘assault’ and other things… They straight-up yelled ‘stop hitting me’ when all security was doing was defending themselves.” (source)
  • No white knighting.
  • The youtube comments.

The Bad: 

  • Audience shouting man-up to either the bouncers or the chicks. Maybe they’re mocking them. They shout it near the end too. Maybe they’re mocking the girls’ beliefs.
  • The only female in the audience at 0:58 tells the girls “it’s ok” to just placate them.

The Ugly:

Punk shows were always a masculine space. There was camaraderie, people felt part of something bigger than them, and the mosh pit was physical enough to release aggression. The girls in the video above ruin this. They create drama and even worse, dudes trip over their own dicks to try and bang them. Is this video a sign of things to come? Are men fighting back and pushing women and feminist ideals out of their traditionally masculine spaces? Or are the men just sick and tired of women acting like children and expecting special treatment?

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42 thoughts on “When Fatties Attack”

  1. These fine ladies are angry. Very angry.
    Perhaps reality did not provide what online fantasy promised? Its easy to trade “likes” online but the street is a whole ‘nother ball game.

  2. I remember being at a suicide machines show way back…
    Pig woman thought she could mosh …a broken nose and derisive laughter from the crowd taught her the truth

  3. I don’t like the premise of the subtitle saying that women are getting increasingly violent.
    Pretty sure women have been consistently violent throughout the years, it’s just that we’re now more aware of it.

  4. I really don’t understand why you guys are writing for Roosh for free while he’s putting up ads and profiting off of the traffic you bring in. He doesn’t even make posts here, just copy/pastes shit from other sites or people.
    You dudes are getting pimped out and not even getting a cut of the profits in return. That’s like negative prostitution.

    1. This is total fabrication. I treat my writers like they were my own sons. Here is a picture of the office I set them up in:
      I also care about safety. Just the past month I’ve installed nets outside the window to prevent oddly recurring accidents.

      1. loooool my family on my mothers side looks like all of them
        in fact my grandmother had that exact type sewing machine

    2. I strongly suspect that “Peppered” is megatroll Jason’s new sockpuppet. Same whiny, dishonest, woe-is-me style of argumentation.
      What a fucking loser.

    3. Not really even close to true. Easiest point to discredit you. You can build your own blog and attempt to get your own followers. or you can blog where there are followers and lead them to your separate domain.

      1. Joe Doe = Feminist Roosh called ugly in earlier post. Attempts to rectify by attacking manhood. Continues to eat dwindling supply of twinkies while continually writing “i am pretty” in lipstick on the mirror every morning.

      2. man its true. you guys are writing these articles for free for no direct personal gain, except maybe just the satisifaction. Roosh’s replied with a joke, but he doesn’t actually have a real response to the accusation.

    4. Moop,
      If you think I believe for one second that you or Peppered truly care about my compensation for writing at ROK, you’re mistaken. You don’t care, you’re just being a little bitch.
      Every article posted at ROK from now on that’s not authored by Roosh himself is Roosh’s response.
      And that comment from Peppered was not an accusation against Roosh any more than the turd I just dropped while writing this comment to you is an accusation against the steak I ate last night. Cause and effect. ROK’s success generates hate comments of epic bowel-movement proportions sometimes.
      Consider this comment to be your flush.

      1. Moop = Peppered
        All the hate is from the same guy. His weekends are spent posting from two dozen proxies.

    5. aware, phaggot, and your trolling is 0/10 bad, bro, and by bro I mean not my bro, phaggot
      you sound dumber with each post, angus.

    6. Peppered / Moop is a Jezebelly cunt left over from the Ugly Feminists post.
      Check out her similar fine Grrrrl Logic over there.

  5. You guys need to get out of the “mosh pit” and take some ballroom dance lessons.
    Also, penny loafers and knee socks are totally hot.

    1. “Also, penny loafers and knee socks are totally hot.” Maybe, but not one bovines. Agree on ballroom dance but I’m old too so WTF do I know?

  6. Whoa. The doors aren’t even open and those two girls are drunk as fuck. I’ve seen so much shit like this at shows over the years.

    1. Definitely man, I saw this same scenario when I saw Municipal Waste. These 2, albeit slimmer, chicks didn’t have ID. They were drunk as fuck and one of them put her hands on the bouncers chain trying to flirt her way in. He said “don’t fucking touch me” and pushed her over.
      The worst is the 5 foot nothing chicks who go in the mosh pit. They fall over because they’re tiny and hammered. Everyone has to stop and pick them up. I’ll usually just throw them out of the pit.

  7. I used to go to some power violence shows, I found that the over emphasis of fashion and contrived liberalism sucked so much it began to make it a chore to go those shows.

    1. Same here, my hometown used to have a huge PV scene. I’d go to the shows talk to bands I really liked, but never really made any friends. There was more emphasis on your image and status than in the real world. There were always the super-alphas in bands plowing through all the chubby chicks in the scene and there was always drama between the betas because of this.

  8. And these two poor girls in the video are the true victims of femminism. Watch them flail against the system.

  9. at 0:43 when the fattie falls down after the failed punch attempt-watch that leg fat jiggle!
    2 questions:
    1) why is a punk show playing at 3 in the afternoon?
    2) where was the “na na na na heyyyyyy gooodddbyyyee!” chant ?

  10. mike did you just call these cunts victims? dont you know thats the exact ideology that made them comfortable with that behavior?
    i dont like to “hate” but had to.
    also to the mini discussion inspired by someone seeking to disrupt the site following. its called an apprenticeship.

  11. I laughed at these two fat drunk retards, especially when they so inelegantly fell on their ample asses. The hoots of deirision were good, too.
    But when the video was over, I felt just pity and sadness, and these emotions lasted a lot longer than my enjoyment of their embarrassment. I imagined my own daughters in their place. How would I react in that situation?
    But, then I realized that my girls would never be in a situation like that. They are kind, well-behaved, sweet, thin … and anti-feminist. So, this simply could not happened. (No thanks to my crazy cunt of an ex-wire.)
    I think I’ll send my kids the link to the video.

  12. Punk is fucked up now. Rebellion is a thing of the past. It used to be an outlet for angry male disenfranchisement and youthful revolt and now it is a refuge of betas and fags.
    I was a late-comer to punk and discovered it in the early 90’s when I was still a wee teenager. We certainly weren’t hard ass NYHC shmoes and mainly just rural, angry, nerdy, fuck ups playing Screeching Weasel tunes, drinking and being violent, but it was an escape from the fucked up hell that was school. It was a boys club and we could be boys. There were a few wildabeast punk girls in the scene but they were rare and knew the results of getting into a pit.
    Cut to a 15 years later when I’m living in DC and hit up some punk shows. Full of stupid cunts up in front and their retarded Chuck Taylor wearing boyfriends getting angry trying to protect them from me and the 10 guys who were there to let loose.
    It’s gotten so bad the lead singer of Against Me! came out as transgendered to barely even a peep.

  13. Yeah a couple years ago I was at a Phobia show and I shoved some dumb fat punk broad who hit me and she goes into this hilariously pathetic tirade about how to treat a lady while I laughed at her, then she tried to buy me a drink.

  14. The Good:
    “World Star” is being shouted while the girls cause trouble. The crowd doesn’t take their temper tantrum seriously.
    – This actually means that the person filming is going to post the video on worldstarhiphop.com , not because the attitude of these ”people” (being nice here) is world class. Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

  15. After they got kicked out and laughed at, they blocked the road, out of pure malice.
    If some irritated driver got out of the car and kicked their asses, he would be jailed and they would cry “assault”.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if those two kicked some poor puppy in the street after all this.
    Way to go “opend minded” , “liberal” “antifascist/anticapitalist activists”.

    1. Luckily you can identify the open minded/liberal/anarchist/antifascist/anticapitalist etc. by their closed minds, chuck taylors, levi’s jeans, cigarettes, colt 45, fast food etc.

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