American Women Simply Can’t Compete

The short clip above shows the growing business of introducing American men with potential Ukrainian brides, something we’ve highlighted here in the past. Five comments:

1. How can American women compete with a girl like Galina (0:30). Answer: they can’t. I’m greatly enchanted by Galina’s body, hair, smile, nails, flinty voice, heels, carefree personality, and—most importantly—the desire to please a man. She didn’t even use the word “fuck” once. No wonder American women are so quick to shame men who go abroad for women—there will be less beta males to tolerate their slovenly appearance and entitled attitudes. Comparing Galina to your standard issue American woman is like comparing Grey Goose to moonshine.

2. The Ukrainian brides were much nicer to the older American men than the Ukrainian girls I approached in Kharkiv clubs. I had to work like a dog to get some love from them. It’s nice to know that if I’m ready to marry, their initial demeanor towards me will improve.

3. Amazing dance move at 1:17.

4. The ugliest broad in the entire clip is—yup—a feminist (1:24). What a jealous, moon-faced hag.

5. A dating consultant said of Ukrainian women: “If she’s beautiful, why should she be poor?” Damn straight. Along the same vein, if a man has money, why shouldn’t he have a beautiful woman?

I don’t know where I’ll be in life when I’m past 50, but I’m pleased that one option can be going to Ukraine and marrying a woman half my age who will serve me as long as I can provide for her. I can live with that.

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253 thoughts on “American Women Simply Can’t Compete”

  1. *****PRIMO!*****
    We like them because they are sexy and as simple as just women
    Not the monsters that seem to have grown in the west
    Long may it last!

  2. I got laid off from Encorpera on my 50th birthday. Later that year I married my lovely viet bride at the historic Continental Hotel in Saigon. We have been together 5 years now. I discussed some of the issues in “ForeignBride Product Review : Finding a Model That’s Right for You”, and one point in particular is her ability to acclimate to the U.S should she move here. It may be easier for an Eastern European gal or a Vietnamese if you live near a large viet population. It’s important for her not to feel isolated. I should follow that post up with a discussion of the paperwork you will have to process for her visa and green card.

  3. I’d be incredibly wary of this sort of thing. What’s the divorce rate like? What’s the marital satisfaction 5 years out?
    Marriage is no escape from the laws of sexual attraction. If you can’t land a girl like this using your own game, you probably can’t keep one either. Eventually her gratitude for being lifted out of poverty will wear off.

    1. Slavic women don’t age well, so in 5 years you’d probably be glad to trade her in. I imagine both sides of these transactions have done the math on pre-nups, alimony, and green cards, etc. and the rich guy is guaranteed that he’ll get enough time with the mistress in return for his money, and the “exploited” woman is guaranteed she’ll get enough money in return for her time.

      1. And American women age well? I’ll give you asian/black/hispanic women, but just about all white women age poorly. Scandinavian women are the worst.

      2. Well this is true,all white women age quite fast
        So what the point of pursuing them when you can get a nice Brazilian ass?
        Nothing beats Brazilians,full stop.

      3. Black and Hispanic women do age worse than white women, by getting disgustingly fat at twice the rate of white women. I’ll grant that if they do keep their figures they usually age better. East Asian women seem to age best.

      4. thought british women age the worst.the reason white women age badly because they drink and smoke more frequently than other women. In asia women drinkin and smokin is seen as unlady western diet sucks and are sedentary.otherwise they could look younger, instaed they hope for the best through miracle creams

      5. @anon1:
        that graphic is full of WIN
        and so true…. I see so many Asian descent-ers with hot bodies during the partying days of their 20s and even into popping out/raising kids. But then…

      6. This is true, but they’re not the worst. They usually manage to keep until 30, sometimes 35. Then they melt, although they usually manage to stay thin. Western European/Caucasian women are the worst, followed by Slavic. Just my observation.
        Asian women are another world entirely.

      7. You cant distinguish Slavic and non Slavic people that much based on genetics.
        There is no such thing as a true Slavic.The genetic is mixed.
        Germans in general have massive admix of Slavic blood,if you put 10 naked german chicks next to 10 naked polish chicks you won’t see the difference.
        The region of Pomerania was populated by Slavs.Prussia was a land of a Baltic tribe called Prussians who were than slowly germanised.Sorbs,a minority living in germany,a re slavs.And so on.
        Ethnic Russians-are not true Slavs.Russians is a 50%-50% mix between Finnic local tribes which lived there since stone age times and Slavic new comers from the West.They also have small admix of Scandinavian blood.
        But these are just ethnic Russians.Russia is populated by Tatars (Turks),asians,jews (most of the famous “russians” in USA are jews,not russians) and so on.
        Bulgarians are not Slavs at all they are Turks,genetically speaking.They were conquered by small number of Slavs somewhen around 7th century.After that Turkic Bulgars from Asia settled there too.Than Osman turks came.The same is relevant for most of the so-called “Slavic”nations of the Balkans.

      8. I’m going to reserve this kind of judgement for the former soviet states. We haven’t seen women fully age from the post soviet era and I think the hardship and cruel existence women from the 30’s on up until the 80’s had to go through wears its effects on their bodies and face as they’ve aged.
        Talk to me about this in 15 years. Then we’ll revisit.

      9. I’m not sure where you got that from. I met my wife (Ukrainian) when she was 34. We’ve been married 5 years and she’s 40 and has got to be one of the most beautiful 40 year olds I’ve ever seen. It’s amusing to walk 10 or 15 feet behind her in the store and watch guy’s turn around and after they pass her by. Much of it is how they take care of themselves. You can go to any Eastern European city and see lots of haggarded late middle age women walking in the streets. 50 years of Soviet life can beat the crap out of anyone. Look around on some of the Eastern European dating sites and search for women 40 to 55. You will come across some incredibly hot looking women. Try the same search on Match!

  4. Yet another repost from my own comment (I am always late to these articles).
    I am a ukrainian and I will tell you one thing: its much easier to fuck an american girl than a ukrainian.It will also cost you next to nothing.A ukrainian girl is not stupid,and she perfectly knows why are you there.She will make you work your poor ass off in order to get laid,and its not even guaranteed.
    Kiev is full of foreigners.The budget airlines fly very very cheap to Italy,Germany and Spain.And,lets be honest,there is noway an American man can compete with an Italian,you simply have it wrong in states in terms of Ukrainian females taste.And you guys look and act goofy.Your fashion style is wrong,your game is not suave enough and so on.
    I have nothing against americans,in fact I have great american buddies,but let me just share my opinion here.
    Let’s look deeper.The marriage with a ukrainian is the most terrible thing you might do in your life.Unlike in states,pre-nups dont exist.Courts decide always in favour of a woman,children are given to women in 99% cases,a word joint-custody exists only in theory.Men usually don’t see their children after a divorce at all.
    Courts also automatically assign half of your properties to a woman.If there are children-also properties bought before the marriage must be split.
    If you consider bringing her to the States-than lol.I live in Western Europe and I fuck with ukrainian/russian girls from time to time-there is a massive community here.Most of them got married than divorced within 3-5 years,once they could get a permanent residence permit.Never ending story.One of my current FBs in fact lives with her husband,claims to live as “different people” but I dont believe this crap.
    If you dont believe me-browse around the “foreign bride” forums and pua community sites.
    Ukrainan culture is also quite a beta male culture (although they are significantly more alpha than americans for obvious reasons),but men don’t realize it .Men provide,men work,men try hard-and usually they end up with nothing.There is a russian expression which is tranlated as a “bitch pit”.These are families where women of 2-3 generation live together without any men around (either divorced or ruined psychologically they run away,become alcoholics etc etc).Every apartment block in Ukraine has several “bitch pits”.
    The rate of divorces is staggering,I think its higher than in the States.60 to 70% of children nowadays grow without fathers.
    Ukrainian women are not that hot as some advertise here.They are flat,pale,have terrible skin and hair,can not dance,tend to be passionless in bed,age much faster than other women and have terrible character.They have this strong believe than “a man is obliged” and than a list of demands follows.
    I have been having sex with women from different countries too-and trust me hardly any Ukrainian can compete with a Spanish in bed.As Roosh have said-they are Bernie.Very good comparison,I ve been looking for it all my life.
    Roosh might give some practical advices on pulling the chicks,but he has no idea what lays deeper.
    Stop believing in BS about some magic Dysney place with feminine women who will be with you till death do you apart.

    1. <<American man can compete with an Italian,you simply have it <<wrong in states in terms of Ukrainian females taste.And you guys <<look and act goofy.Your fashion style is wrong,your game is not <<suave enough and so on.
      That’s why the Italians are the worlds best lovers, also the nonsense that they go hunting for pay sex etc

      1. Italian women are better than Eastern European women, IMO. There may not be as many knockouts in Italy as in Ukraine, and the sex ratio is more unfavorable if you’re looking for women born in the 1980s or early 1990s, but given the choice, I’d take an Italian 9 over a Ukrainian 9 any day.

    2. “If you consider bringing her to the States-than lol.I live in Western Europe and I fuck with ukrainian/russian girls from time to time-there is a massive community here.Most of them got married than divorced within 3-5 years,once they could get a permanent residence permit.Never ending story.One of my current FBs in fact lives with her husband,claims to live as “different people” but I dont believe this crap.
      If you dont believe me-browse around the “foreign bride” forums and pua community sites.”
      I definitely think this is true. A lot of the girls in the video Roosh posted look like amateur bikini models. In the states, these chicks would get lots of attention. It would be just a matter of time before they divorced these old dudes they are with, and headed off to party and live it up. Therefore, if these old dudes are dumb enough to marry and then bring these girls back to the states, then they deserve to be scammed.
      The only way these marriages even have a chance at working is if you marry them, start a family with them right away, and LIVE IN Ukraine as a retired business man.

    3. whatever you are saying here is known to the observant western man who has incurred such incidents tenfold but only with much uglier / gender ambiguous / vicious women…
      so what might appear to you as ukranian hell / bitch pit, is actually refreshing warmth and intimacy to the majority of americans, british, scandinavians and western europe in general to a certain extent.

    4. “lets be honest,there is noway an American man can compete with an Italian” be honest with yourself, that is a ridiculous statement.
      Americans can’t compete?
      Funny one. Perhaps its the red pumas with the jeans, Oh maybe its the extra strong gel, no no wait, its the casanova from Rome. It’s Americans are just not macho enough. Are you really serious?
      My Italian buddies in NY thank you though..

      1. Ukrainian women are vain.They like Gucci and velvet jackets.
        Not Levi’s 501 and hiking shoes.
        But if you want MY PERSONAL opinion-Italians do look ridiculous,yes.

    5. “Stop believing in BS about some magic Dysney place with feminine women who will be with you till death do you apart.”
      Shout it from the mountaintop Caliente!
      There is no Disneyland or unicorns or land of feminine women who love you forever even when you’re toothless and broke.
      The reality is that all relationships are a transaction of some kind. Usually with men/women it’s resources for sex and or children.
      These women are playing their hand the best they can. They’ll leverage their beauty and youth to marry an older dude and get a green card, then divorce him for cash and prizes later. The guy gets a few years of great poosey. Maybe it’s a deal for him, maybe not.
      The sexual marketplace is, above all things, a market where value is exchanged.

    6. You clearly are NOT a Ukrainian because you are a gay scum bag that molests boys. American women are mostly FAT so few thin women because it tougher compared to the REVERSE in Ukraine.
      As for Italian man. LOL they live their mom’s at age 45. American men at least OWN their own home.
      And in Ukraine like in rest of EE women can get kicked and beaten if they try to act like a man.

    7. Caliente, great advice. I have lived in Ukraine. I would never marry a Ukrainian woman, only date and shag them. What country do you live in? Do you post on the RVF as Caliente too? .

    1. Here in the west the reputation of Ukrainian woman is that they are very devoted to their family, very affectionate mothers and totally loyal to their husbands. That Ukrainian women stick with their husbands through thick and thin and even went with them into exile in Siberia in the old days. Is this not true?

      1. Lol.Absolutely NOT TRUE.
        You refer to the wifes of Decabrists but this was 1815 my friend.Even back than it was pretty much fucked up-Anna Karenina is based on Tolstoy’s knowledge of intrigues in the world of aristocracy.And Tolstoy himself commited suicide (he walked from home and never got back) because of constant bitching and betaisation from his wife.
        The russian national poet Pushkin was killed by Dantes,because his wife was flirting with Dantes and the news spread too fast.
        With regards to nowadays-I hardly know any full family in Ukraine.I also dont know any relationships wihich would last longer than 5-6 years.
        I have lived in Benelux and there I saw much more proper marriages than in Ukraine.Yes,Belgian or Dutch men might be betaised but women do have quite strong morals over there and the law is very indifferent to the sexes.

      2. I second caliente. I work with a Ukrainian guy and he told me exactly the same thing about Ukrainian girls as caliente. You only have to listen to what the “Match-Maker” says in the YouTube clip. “A girl should trade in her beauty for provision”. But what about an even better deal? If she divorces a beta provider, she can have her everlasting provision while keeping her beauty.
        The best way for old men to get Ukrainian poosy is to pay for it “Goomar/Tony Soprano” style.
        Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian chicks know it and accept it. They go out with guys their age and serve the old massa on call. Of course if a man is beta enough to subscribe to a marriage service just to get introduced to Ukrainian girls (Like DiGregorio in this clip) he’ll surely be fucked in the ass down the road.
        If you’re blatantly luring a girl with money then it’s very foolish to let her be the mistress of the house. She came for money and will leave with half of it as soon as she has leverage (i.e. Permanent Residence, Green Card, Titre de Séjour etc.).
        These guys are so lame, they spent money on “Match Making Service” instead of learning Russian. How can we have sympathy for them when she walks away with half of everything?

    2. I think you raise some good points but the chip on your shoulder when it comes to Americans really detracts from your credibility.

      1. whatever you are saying here is known to the observant western man who has incurred such incidents tenfold but only with much uglier / gender ambiguous / vicious women…
        so what might appear to you as ukranian hell / bitch pit, is actually refreshing warmth and intimacy to the majority of americans, british, scandinavians and western europe in general to a certain extent.

  5. One of m best amigos married a ukrainian chick who came to the US at age 19. She was beautiful –could have easily been a model, and brilliant; at 19 she already had a university degree, spoke several languages fluently and got to the US. They got together when she was 20 and working at a restaurant. Married when she was 22, he was 30.
    She hit the wall harder than a Tyson knockout punch. To make matters worse, she went to grad school in the US and became a lawyercunt. The marriage was a sham, she was not putting out and was acting like a cold-hearted bitch. Perhaps those were her true colors.
    Anyway, it’s just one story. An N=1, as they say in science. I would like to see a study of long term happiness & divorce rates on these sorts of marriages.
    I agree that mainstream american women are all but undateable. The answer is not to simply look to other cultures–that’s a category error. The best strategy is simply to screen for LTR characteristics, low influence from feminism, high femininity, etc, no matter which country you find yourself in.

    1. Dude,I would be happy to provide you the study if you would speak Russian.There is a massive community of russian speaking men who have swallen the pill too.
      With regards to the study of Ukrainian/american in States-I dont think there are ones.
      Btw,about education.Most of the degrees in Ukraine are very easy to obtain and standards are very poor,lets be honest.the corruption in Universities is berserk

      1. sxodi na antiwomen (dot) ru//ff
        tam i literatury kucha imeetsja
        pochitaj Vit Vitalisa,O.Novoselova.

    2. A former boss of mine had a Ukrainian wife. He advised me to do the same. He was Turkish, and told me all about how Ukrainian girls are much more feminine than these hardass aggro American man-creatures. I was like “huh, ok”, but then one day I was in his office when she called. “Yes. Yes. Sorry. I’m sorry. Yes, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”
      Pretty painful to watch.
      Of course, this dude had zero game.
      I know another guy whose Ukrainian wife left him after he so-signed some college loans. He was a real prick, though. He deserved it.

  6. 1 more thing: feminism does exist in Ukraine too.Check the FEMEN group,they are famous all around the world.
    In fact feminism is an innovation of communism.Women in USSR got the right to vote way before the Western women.Already in 20s Soviet women drove tractors,worked in cole mines and so on.
    The USSR was always interested in increasing its population,so the law has been pro-female as back as 50s.Soviet men older than 23 even had to pay the tax for being childless.
    The pro-feminine brainwash in Ukraine is immense.Men are seen as the combination of an ATM machine/sperm bank and nothing else.
    I understand that my speech here is nude and lacks facts,but of you would speak Russian I would point to the right resources where you could read about it.
    I also think that Roosh contradicts too much feminist America with non-feminist Ukraine.It is not true.Ukraine has very strong “bitch” culture,very high percentage of women in power and managing positions and so on.Look at the book shelves there in relationships sections-95% of books are manuals of “how to be a bitch”.
    Ukrainian women older than 25 also have quite shady CVs.A lot of them have been involved in forms of prostitution and so on.
    The traditional hooks:like ability to cook usually ends up when the “demo version”is over.
    So dont have your hopes too high.Go for Polish instead,at least they are catholic over there and have rather higher standard of living.

    1. I second Caliente again. This is soooo true. I live in Montreal in a Russian/Ukrainian neighborhood and know of at least 3 three Russo-Ukrainian brides who divorced their Anglo-Canadian (French-Canadians are the least beta men in whole of white North America, they won’t do anything like that. Plus to be on the safe side, if they do engage in this type of bride-procurement game, they marry Haitian, Senegalese, Togolaise 19 year olds. As pretty as any Ukrainian chic but much less fucked-up. Of course these girls speak French too. How can you control a woman if you can’t even speak her language?) older husbands as soon as they got Permanent Residence while taking half of their assets at the same time.
      And keep it in mind, once you bring them to US/Canada, it’s going to be very hard to make them put out at a regular basis 😉

      1. ya vraiment une communautée russe importante à mtl? je viens de revenir de 7 mois en ukraine…
        ya nie znaio chto ti dialesh…. patamu chta ti skazal eto prosto nie pravda v moy opit…. mojet bit ti nie xochish amerikansky muzchenie vtornugsya ukr ??

    2. USSR women got the right to vote? What good does that do if you can only vote for one party?

      1. You are right,but it was just an example.
        Communism created a woman equal to a man.A woman who does not need a man,a woman can do everything.And they did,especially in 40s and 50s.
        Modern ukrainian women are taught by their mothers (who spent all their lifes working) that the best quality in a man is his ability to provide,but the man itself and his personality has no value whatsoever.
        Its a very weird society where a woman still possesses all the power,but pretends to be feminine to lure men into her control.

    3. Grerp, who lived in Russia for some time, had some observation somewhat similar to yours:
      “Russia is a feminist country and has been since the early twenties. Communism and feminism are firmly entwined; the communists were ardent proponents of women in the workforce, universal education, state nurseries and day care facilities, abortion on demand, etc. Ironically, women in Russia have very little social power relative to men. Communism targeted and destroyed the family and created numerous disincentives for men to participate in the workforce as creativity and risk taking were firmly discouraged. With men trapped in mediocrity and having no hope of breaking free of the nanny state, alcoholism flourished. Thugs and sociopaths rose to the top. Russian women now find that they have little hope of marrying a decent, hardworking man who will remain faithful to them and be a permanent fixture in their children’s lives. This is why you’ve seen Russian women trying to leave Russia in droves, willing to marry Western men they know very little for a chance at the kind of marital relationships American women take completely for granted.”
      “Soviet women had on average 8 abortions in their lifetimes, paid for, in full, by their communist government… I majored in Russia in college, I lived in Russia. I’ve had a number of Russian friends. I’ve known decent, kind, hardworking, Russian men. But Russian society is not giving incentives to young men to be decent, kind, or striving. Who has all the power in Russia? Mafia thugs, Beeg Beezniss, and Soviet apparatchiks who knew how to remake themselves into resource thieves. Those men build their huge houses in Sparrow Hills and gate out the masses. Those men surround themselves with a bevy of beautiful, very young girls and use them like hankies. Those men cover themselves in bling and have Dima and Vanya open all doors first before they walk through.
      When the Soviets pushed women in the workforce, shoved their children into day cares, guaranteed 100% employment but terrible wages and no opportunity to make more through hard work or creativity, drove the price of basic, bland food staples like bread, potatoes, and flour down below market prices, legalized abortion, legalized divorce, etc., they replaced men as head of household. Men with no authority and no hope to better themselves or show what they can do, back away from responsibility. Not all men, but a large percentage. There’s nothing in it for them.
      Are the Russian family men you know living in America or in Russia? Because when I lived in Russia, a significant percentage of them roamed the streets at night smoking and drinking with their friends while their wives cleaned up the supper they made and helped their kids with their homework and put them to bed.
      Comparisons to the American Black community can definitely be made. This is the reality of government created matriarchy for women.”
      And read on her further…

      1. You forget that Ukraine is not Russia.
        You also forget that “I majored in russia” and “I lived there for couple of years” is not as to be born and grow there up..
        I am telling you Ukraine is full of normal men who provide for their families.
        Sure there are a lot of marginal classes.And indeed the comparison to black can definitely be made with them.But they have their OWN women. Chavettes of no value.
        its like if i try to persuade you and you dig up some off lol
        The funniest part that none of Americans I knew back in Kyiv has EVER been with a girl hotter than 6.The story is simple and always similar-get a job teaching english (after getting a course at CELTA) for 120UAH/hour,getting occasional hook-ups with their flat bleached haired boring as hell students .None of them ever has been able to pull something significant lol (as they are scared to death of good clubs,real Ukrainian HBs and anything of value).
        Ukrainian HBs are not interested in American men.They are interested in glamorous life and they know that americans won’t give it to them.yet the corrupt government officials and quasi-mob businesmen of ukrainian origin will do.

  7. These are the girls from FEMEN.
    FEMEN – is the name of the new woman
    FEMEN – is the new Amazons, capable to undermine the foundations of the patriarchal world by their intellect, sex, agility, make disorder, bring neurosis and panic to the men’s world. FEMEN – is the ability to feel the problems of the world, beat it with the naked truth and bare nerve. FEMEN – is a hot boobs, a cool head and clean hands. Be FEMEN – means to mobilize every cell of your body on a relentless struggle against centuries of slavery of women!

    1. where have I heard this before?….
      Oh yeah :
      I am woman, hear me roar
      In numbers too big to ignore
      And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
      ’cause I’ve heard it all before
      And I’ve been down there on the floor
      No one’s ever gonna keep me down again
      Oh yes I am wise
      But it’s wisdom born of pain
      Yes, I’ve paid the price
      But look how much I gained
      If I have to, I can do anything
      I am strong (strong)
      I am invincible (invincible)
      I am woman
      You can bend but never break me
      ’cause it only serves to make me
      More determined to achieve my final goal
      And I come back even stronger
      Not a novice any longer
      ’cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul
      I am woman watch me grow
      See me standing toe to toe
      As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
      But I’m still an embryo
      With a long long way to go
      Until I make my brother understand
      Oh yes I am wise
      But it’s wisdom born of pain
      Yes, I’ve paid the price
      But look how much I gained
      If I have to I can face anything
      I am strong (strong)
      I am invincible (invincible)
      I am woman
      Oh, I am woman
      I am invincible
      I am strong
      I am woman
      I am invincible
      I am strong
      I am woman

  8. Those marriage agencies are scams, don’t fall for it. In Mykolaiv for example the girls are in the restaurants, working in shifts to “chat” with men.
    They are ONLY interested in your money dudes… ONLY !!

  9. For those who know Russian read the book of Oleg Novoselov
    The dude suffers from massive M/W complex but he has written an amazing insight into the world of women from ex USSR.
    You would be quite depressed upon finishing it,I guarantee.

    1. @caliente
      So actually besides their looks you don’t recommend Ukranian women? They might be bitchy, golddiggers and unreliable? What are their positive karakter traits?
      What dating advice would you give for ukranian women?

      1. Their positive trait is that they are sexy. But for marriage purposes the negatives outweigh the positives.
        You can find a sexual value totem-pole on Roosh’s site. White women are on the top and they know they have a very high SMV. Once you bring them to the US/Canada and give them a legal status, it’s like asking them to leave you with half your money.
        If you follow the same totem-pole methodology, the African (black) women are at the bottom and know it too. So once you marry them (or give them a legal status) they are much less likely to leave you since it’d be difficult for them to find another match. Well this is the French (and Québecois) method and it seems to be working (at least as compared to the Ukrainian Bride Trade) method.

      2. Yes.Have sex but don’t get involved.
        They don’t have any positive character traits,except of not being politically-correct,like western women.
        Dating advice?Its pretty much the same as for any other women.
        1)accept the fact that ukrainian women are hypergamous.You will hardly ever find a young ukrainian woman who will be with 1 man only.Nobody will tell you this,but once you are into their world you will see.
        Exception might be with religious chicks from Western Ukraine (they are carbin copy of Polish) but you wont meet many of them.
        2)avoid slut-shaming and pre-jugmental talks.Again accept that she is fucking with many “projects” at the same time and get on with it.
        3)You will be “cheated”.Get on with it.Be polygamous yourself too.
        4)NEVER speak bad of women from your country.If she asks -say they are very cool.If you American you might get something like-Americans are fat.Reply:”Well,yes but we have many immigrants from latin america.And latin women are very sexy,thin,passionate and they are good dancers.I prefer latin”. The test is passed,she wont have anything to tell you.
        Be inventive.
        5)Although its hard to go around paying for them-it is still possible.If she really likes you-she will be buying you drinks herself.My last ukrainian hook-up bought me drinks and paid for my cab.
        But in general there is nothing wrong with buying them drinks,it does not decrease your value in their eyes like with western women.
        6)Dont listen to their BS.Accept that she might be lying to you about her past.Ukrainian women loose virginity very early,around 15-16 and tend to have a massive number of parthners by the age of 25.
        7)Ukrainian women are betaisation machines and they go straight forward,unlike western women.Their tests are obvious and hard.Get ready to this crap.You MUST pass them with flying colour.
        8)Ukrainian women are very instinctual and primative (not primitive).Unlike women from north western europe (like holland,germany etc) they are ruled by the pussy and instincts not by their head.
        Very often you might encounter a very reserved,calm and intellectual woman but than she might something absolutely unexpected and mind-blowing. Accept it and go ahead.
        9)You are already beta,just by the fact that you are looking for women abroad.Whatever you say you are doing in Ukraine-they won’ t believe you (unless you are a director of some company or bank,but in this case you wont need a dating advice lol).
        Try to turn it around.

      3. Well thanks, that certainly sheds some new light on it. The fact that they are polydaters contradicts a little with Roosh’s statement that they only have sex on the 3rd date.
        A man can also go to Ukraine because he likes exotic women, not because he has bad game in his own country…

      4. Normally I have sex with a Ukrainian woman on 2nd date.I have had some SNLs with Ukrainian girls.
        I never keep seeing a Ukrainian girl for more than 3 dates (except when its obvious that she wants to fuck but logistics does not allow.But this happened only couple of times in my life).
        In fact if you don’t escalate early enough a Ukrainian would loose interest to you herself even earlier than 3d date.
        In december I pulled a Ukrainian chick in a club and made out with her.She told me that she had to work next day so I did not take her to my place.Later appeared to be that she went to a house of a Russian dude the same night and fucked with him.Huge mistake of me.

  10. Which race ages best? Japanese!
    See masako mizutani
    43 yrs old! Wow!!! I can’t believe it, speechless, amazing…
    Roosh, first engage in 2 year relationship with EE girl and then you’ll see if you want her as a wife 😉
    Caliente, good points. I’d say most of what you’ve said about polish chicks, there are exceptions but in general, it is a wise decision to stay single and have all options available. Once you’ll marry…

    1. There’s a reason this woman is famous: she is not common.
      I’ve been an exchange student in Japan and 40-y-old women does not look young. 😛 Also, they are flat-chested as guys.

  11. Roosh, by the time you’re 50, Ukrainian girls probably won’t be like you see in that video. Lustration and economic liberalization will lead to greater wealth which will lead to higher standards of living which will lead to Americanization of Ukrainian women. Also, due to low birth rates, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ukraine took in a fuckload of third-worlders which would not only bring in a cultural shift but also an influx of genetic material that isn’t quite as pretty as what you see in the video.

  12. Well even if it is a scam…at least you get a pretty girl with a good attitude in the scam.
    In America it’s a scam too…but it’s with an overweight, slutty, you go grrl, independent woman.

    1. Yeah but what about “Not being scammed at all”? And even better, what about “Scamming the scammer” by not marrying at all?
      Sex or marriage, in either case, is a transaction. Why would you do a shitty transaction if you can avoid it?
      The guys in this clip are all old guys who perhaps see marriage as an end game and the wife as someone who’d care for them as they grow old. This is an illusion especially if they try to buy their way in to marriage.
      I have a solution for them if they’re reading. If you’ve got money, go McAfee. Settle in Belize or Costa Rica or Panama or Cuba and bang as many as 20 year olds as you’d like. Of course you’ll have to pay for it but it won’t be like handing over your car and house keys to them and believe me you could also find 20 year olds who’d be willing to take care of you once they realize that you’ve got money and you are not a sucker.

        1. not really.. I met Mcafee in San pedro Island belize, he is a paranoid. and with a good reason, he was a hacker, virus designer, he made viruses that beated other antivirus systems. Helped hackers, etc. The Interpol was on him.

    2. Haha. Who told you sh’d have a “good attitude” after marriage? Read what caliente and myself have written in comments.

      1. Yea like an US bitch will have good attitude after marriage. More like good fattitude. I’d go for the Ukranian marriage scam everyday at least you get good young pussy

        1. If you think foreign women are any different, you’re high off your ass. These are job interviews. These women will say, wear, do anything they are asked because they are operating out of fear and desperation. These women are well versed in our marriage AND divorce laws. They have their own agenda. It usually involves all your money and a costly divorce. These women come here with the intention of making a better life for THEMSELVES. You’re just a stepping stone.

    3. You do realize they could be faking the sweet and good attitude? There are looking for a husband of course they’re going to be sweet and charming. When they move to the West, it will quickly go away including the looks. Divorce soon afterwards. Russian & Ukrainian women are a lot stronger then most American men. In the end they will eat you alive, leave you broke, shop a lot (loves clothes & jewelry), go to college, then divorce you. Possibly turning you into a more of a spineless jellyfish. Had several friends and this happened to them. They know suckers when they see them and unless its true love or you;re very rich, they’re leaving or revealing their real controlling nature.

      1. It’s true. I know a glorified “mail order bride”. She seems like a dream come true, except she cheats on her husband all the time when he’s away.

        1. Why are you even talking to confused Frog? It clearly has issues and is lacking common courtesy!

    4. My only concern here is that no matter how nice the Ukrainian girls are being, it’s because they want a meal ticket, not because they’re genuinely attracted to those men. So once they get what they want, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re cheating with guys their own age while their husbands are at work. But as you said, plenty of American women do that too.
      I’m a minority in this, but I think the best marriages are between people of equal attractiveness and somewhat similar age. But for a lot of dudes in America, women who are realistic for them won’t even call them back, so there we go.

      1. Bingo! Third world poverty is a huge motivator. Think about someone who has been unemployed for a steady Period of time, when that job interview does come, that one in a thousand call, you better believe they are going to say or do anything to get that job, even if they don’t really have the qualifications or even a real interest in the work. Same principal applies here. These woman are saying or doing anything to get that “job” so they can get married, reap the benefits, and then find something better or more in line with what they actually want. On the old mans dime of course. If men want to pay for this delusion of a relationship, by all means have at it. But know this while you’re dreaming of your prefect exotic subservant wife and the life you’ll have together, she’s googling divorce attorneys in your state on her iPhone.

        1. Listen, fatty. Your pig face belongs on Jezebel, not here. Go stomp your feet elsewhere, piggy.

    5. It’s a role she’s been trained into. It’s not real, it’s a delusion she created to get to her own means.

      1. Your tears are delicious. As I’ve stated, I’ve spent years in Eastern Europe. The women are very different. American feminist hambeasts like you have no chance when compared to them.

  13. The funniest part is the reporter is stunned to declare that men have spent THOUSANDS of dollars for the privilege, oh mine the scandal, they are much better off staying home and giving their disgusting leech american wives MILLIONS instead in alimony and divorce rape…

    1. With a Ukrainian it will be the same-alimony and the divorce rape.
      Both in Ukraine (as I mentioned the law there is very biased towards women) and in the USA (as an American resident).
      It keeps amazing me how you guys praise intelligence of Ukrainian women,at the same time assuming that they are stupid enough not to figure out how to consult a lawyer once in the States.
      Do you honestly think that that hot Tatar woman from the video (Galina) wants to be with an old fuck who looks like a clown in his suit?
      Of course not,its a simple calculation,a trade-in.By her humble 20-24 she has been with many hot bad boys and alpha men,she has been fucked in the ass,has been in treesomes and so on.She knows what is a good sex,and what means being with an alpha male.She is not stupid.

  14. Going to a foreign country to PAY for a bride smacks of extreme BETA. Get her with game, or don’t get her at all.
    If you bring her back and get ass raped after the bait and switch is complete…you deserve it.

    1. Alpha means first. Getting a foreign bride has nothing to do with alpha cred. I think you’re jealous of their happiness.

  15. How can such a marriage be sustainable. Maybe some guys have very good longtrerm experiences. Would like to read that

  16. When men have issues with their own women, they always seek better women elsewhere. Unfortunately, they’re just trying to take advantage of what the men of other societies/cultures have already built. Men build their women in any society: what men are willing to produce and go to war for is what the women will become.
    If men are willing to work and fight for fat and entitled women, that’s what they will become. The fact that American men have bought into this idea of all women deserving equal treatment, is the engine that drives feminism. Simply treat women differently and be upfront and honest about it, and see how quickly McDonalds and the rest would go out of business.

    1. Great comment.
      Women don’t have a choice but to follow men, for better or worse.
      Our no questions asked, State enforced, welfare for all women no matter what her behaviour brings out the worst in them. Just like a spoiled kid of a bad parent.

  17. Definitely some alpha fucks beta bucks shit going on here. Those girls all look like they got gangbanged in a porn or two and are now scrambling to jump ship before they splat against the wall. But shit, I totally understand the old dude beta-ing it out to some young pussy (that first girl was gorgeous!) instead of the average Americunt Lindy West looking fattie.

    1. Again, compared to the majority of women in established western cities, even the sluttiest Ukranian girl there is an angel without wings. You can almost see the reflection of her halo on her milky white face.
      I’m betting 100k EUR that any man above average IQ would take a Ukranian prostitute with an advanced degree in medicine over the standard female American mindset of entitlement and vicious me me me attitude any day of the week !!

  18. I still don’t understand why these guys would:
    (1) Pay THOUSANDS of dollars to go “meet” Ukrainian women? They can actually “bang” fit, attractive, beautiful young women by spending a fraction of it by going to Thailand, Central America, South America etc. Hell they can even stay there. The weather is excellent and the $ goes at least 3X more than it would if you were doing the same thing in the US.
    (2) Why the fuck marry? I didn’t know men in their 50s could be this dumb.
    (3) Why don’t they try AT LEAST to learn the language? I guess US males (at least in this video) are as entitled as the US women (as they’re described on manosphere). I mean the guy wants to marry a girl and he’s using an interpreter. It’s sickening. This is 21st fucking century and these dumbos don’t even know how male-female interaction works at the age of 55.
    (4) Why the fuck Ukraine? Whatever happened to the Baltic Gravy Train? Romania? Bulgaria?
    I guess the only attraction is that these girls resemble porn stars (I’m very serious here) while the Asian, Black, Latino, Mestizo, Mulatto girls don’t look like they’re coming straight out of Playboy’s pages. In fact they look like they might be your next door neighbor’s nanny. It’s a pity that for these guys there’s a psychological stigma attached to banging non-white girls. I guess they’ll avoid this stigma by losing half their assets.
    I guess these oldies deserve to be ass-raped by these Playmates.

    1. You figured the reason for the “pay to meet” thing out towards the end there and He Man also fleshed the answer out a bit. The premium these girls seem to get over Asians, Latinas and Africans is a racial one. Guys want the young, hot middle/upper class white suburban girls they see at home. I’m talking about chicks like the ones you’ll see on this page:
      The problem is that these girls have very high value in the west, which makes them relatively harder to get, especially for an older guy.
      What to do?
      If these guys are more open to other races, then they’ll find paradise in Asia, Latin America, or (if you’re like Naughty Nomad), Africa. Like you said, these are much more fertile hunting grounds than Eastern Europe and the guys have much higher value there.
      Generally, though, the preference for girls who resemble the kind of young, white hotties they don’t get much access to at home will lead them to Eastern Europe. This is a harder and riskier option than the alternatives I mentioned, but the dream of getting a hot young white co-ed at a “discount” normally justifies it.
      TL;DR: Young white girls are considered more valuable by a lot of guys, white or otherwise. Simple as that.

      1. True. I agree with it and that’s what I said but these morons are trying to marry these scammers. God be with them.

  19. “I guess the only attraction is that these girls resemble porn stars…”
    That is the attraction. These old geezers want to score with young, white hotties, but girls that look like these Ukrainian girls in the USA wouldn’t give them the time of day (unless they were extremely rich), so they pay thousands to a matchmaking service to arrange dates with these girls in the hopes that one of these Ukrainian hotties agrees to marry them.
    Of course, if they are stupid enough marry and bring one of these girls back to the USA, then they will soon find out that these girls are nothing more than a “bait and switch.”

  20. If men would employ Game properly – not merely as a pick-up tactic with skanks on Friday nights, but as a part of a larger life of manliness rather than the beta male behaviors encouraged and enforced by pop culture and the government – then there should be no difficulty in getting an American woman. American girls will naturally change to possess the traits advertised by these Ukranian women around alpha males. Because, in their hearts, women don’t believe the feminist orthodoxy any more than Roosh does. It’s just stupid and unnatural, and has only sustained because of Jewish financing.
    So men, don’t seek salvation in high class Easter European hookers….accept as a very last resort. Work your Game first (not just pick-up, but diet, exercising, etc.). You’ll find things turn around for you.

    1. “jewish financing”….. and here comes the WNs….
      instead of commenting on eastern Europe articles, shouldn’t you be fixated on marrying your Aryan goddess from Norway?

    2. I agree with you. However, Ukrainians are of higher quality. I have had many of both & it is very hard to go back to American girls.

  21. @Caliente
    Post all your informative Russian language links! At least people can try to find russians to translate little bits at a time — you know, COLLECTIVE effort *WINK*
    And of course there is automatic google translate or whatever — so you translate, then send bits to russians for correction and so on. There is nothing to lose by trying!

    1. I think I cant post links here
      Go to antiwomen(dot)ru/ff forum.Great resource on advice about relationships and so on,also legal side of it.Many many stories of real russian and ukrainian marriages.
      There is a book of Oleg Novoselov (“woman.manual for men”).its in russian only never was translated.Ask somebody you know who speak russian to look it up for you.
      lib (dot)rus(dot)ec/a/61410
      You dont have to read only russian resources.I have come across some forums where western men share their experiences of marring russian chicks too.

      1. Excellent Caliente… Google automatic translation probably isn’t good enough yet for this kind of thing but it’s a start. It was worth going to “Antibabsky site” just to see that logo of the mean old Russian babushka!

  22. The fundamental mistake I think is a believe that Ukrainian women are “old fashioned”.Its much more complicated than this.
    You must understand that the traditional fabric of Russian and Ukrainian society was destroyed during the revolution in 1917.Civil war has wiped out many men and communism have proclaimed the equality of sexes at the same time.
    The religion-the main back bone of the traditionalist society was abanadoned as early as 1920s.
    I was born in 80s and I can tell you than in my school I hardly knew any children who would have a father or a full family.In a traditional Ukrainian family the woman rules,its like a basic thing.
    If you want a woman from a patriarchal society -go for mediteranean or other catholics IMO.

    1. Great comments caliente… I’ve long felt something was amiss regarding the praise Eastern Europe women were getting around these parts. Your posts here have confirmed my suspicions.
      This post here also supports another theory I have: We’re on the same trajectory. It is Russia that has won the Cold War, and the future of the West looks a lot like the USSR post-collapse.
      Could America be the poosy paradise of the future?

    2. Heh, they can also be quite bitchy and vapid over here in Med and they’re like the BBC, can’t keep their mouths shut. They’re only Catholic on Sunday. I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side. Having been in a relationship with a Russian Ukrainian I agree with everything you said. I wish there was a post like this for me to read back then.
      She invested heavily in makeup and beauty products therefore I did manage to avoid being completely ‘betha-ed’ by trying my best not to cum when fucking her, watching porn on her telly in front of her and walking out at the nearest sign of trouble. That was in the later stages. I had genuinely started out in the relationship with the best of intentions. Thank you once again for your insight, caliente.

      1. As a footnote, from my limited experience, it seems that if you want more sex from a Ukrainian fb, avoid cumming by her help. Finish on your own and imply that she isn’t up to the task. My ex gf was confident that she could please and attract any man with her bedroom skills. I used that to my advantage

      2. You are right with the last one.
        I know zillions of cases where girls got guys by getting pregnant.Its called “to take on belly” in russian)))
        .Than you are most definitely fuuucked.
        About mediterannean-had relationships with them (actually the only real LTRs in my life).yes lots of bitching etc,but they are seemingly more family oriented.
        At least I never was left feeling like shit after those relationships,being honest.

    3. The marriage agencies preach this idea that Ukrainian women are traditional women and make good wives. Yes, it is bullshit. They make bad wives. SEA girls are similar. Many are from broken families and only knew the mother or maybe grandparents. They’d make horrible wives too.
      Roosh, by the time you’re 50, Ukraine will be long played out.

  23. Only marry if you want kids. Or maybe if you are in your 70s and want a younger woman to bang and take care of you in your declining years.
    I knew two guys who got Eastern European mail order brides. They both had Russian boyfriends and they both left the suckers who brought them over here.
    That being said, it might be better to actually move over there if you really want an Eastern European wife.That is much less beta.

    1. I’m one of those guys right now.As I mentioned I have an FB who lives with her western husband.
      She comes and spend nights in my place and I have no clue what she says to him,but they keep living together and he has not attempted to throw her out at all.I also think I am not the first one.
      As far as I can see a lot of them do this.And I think its natural- a woman is a woman and she wants to fuck.
      My last Ukrainian LTR was flirting with her Swiss client on her phone pretty much in front of me and was making fun of him.I did not care that much,but I think she has been to dates with him otherwise he would not be so invested.This guy was trying to qualify really hard btw,was telling her about his kids and so on.

  24. “The religion-the main back bone of the traditionalist society was abanadoned as early as 1920s.”
    Yes, I believe Solzhenitsyn spent his latter years trying to reinvigorate the Orthodox church in Russia.

  25. Actually if you look at Russian/Ukrainian women who have immigrated abroad and have been there a while, they don’t age as fast. I would rarely consider dating a Ukrainian woman over 40 in Ukraine, but (especially in a western European country) I’d think twice. Just have a look at Slav women on some of their dating sites in countries outside the FSU and you’ll see what I mean…..

  26. caliente, great insights…
    i think the most important disqualifier for the foreigners is: “what the hell are you doing here, chasing us? you obviously can´t make it back home”.
    case closed.

  27. Slavic and Russian women in particular definitely don’t age well. Could be due to the Soviet Union back in the day but i’m still quite wary.
    I remember going to Turkey and i stayed in a hotel in Analya full of Russians and Germans. And all i saw were old aged Russian women who were all busted. They made American women look like prom queens.
    The very few young ones that were there were like the ones seen in the video.
    I don’t know about anyone else but i’d much rather be with a girl who will grow old gracefully rather than bare having to see her become more monstrous with age.
    Either that or i’ll simply marry them when i’m old and not be alive to see them get that old…lol

  28. Great post Roosh! Well I am 42 and would NEVER date or marry an American skank after having lived and traveled the world. Planning to learn Russian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese to spend some good times overseas.

  29. Ukraine females are glorified Roma whores. I say leave them to their back alley coat hanger abortions.

  30. The free market prevails!
    Provider men are in demand in Ukraine and feminine women are in short supply in America

      1. Provider men are in demand for average looking ukrainian chicks.The hot ones receive enough offer.The capital of Ukraine has more luxury cars on its streets than any other capital of Europe.

        1. You are a gay idiot. Ukraine is a THIRD world country with only 01% with those high level cars.

    1. Free market? Google “IMBRA”. It’s American feminists’ attempt at curtailing just this sort of thing.

  31. I can attest to what some of the comments are saying. Although not Ukrainian I dated a Macedonian chick and I know their culture is also more blatantly opportunistic when it comes to beautiful women extracting a ‘price’ for their beauty. Hell it’s hard-wired into a women’s DNA. All good, just employ an exit strategy.
    Clientele – you’re a trip dude. Love your insights and straight talk. Regarding your whole Beta American Man bit – yeah Beta’s are plentiful. But America is a big, big place -plenty of “Alpha’s” if that’s how you refer to them. They are definitely not the chumps you’d see flying 3000 miles to meet a bride. Seems to be turning around regarding weak-ass pussy men. That shit doesn’t fly like it did a few years ago.

  32. I would concur with Caliente and those others who recommend one use game on Ukrainian girls as assiduously as you would on Americans.
    After all, it’s old betas are the ones getting ripped off, because they assume the women they’re dealing with are Good Girls. No girls are Good Girls, unless maybe they’re hyper-religious, and then you probably wouldn’t want that kind anyway! Studying game is essential. It may seem like you’re smooth sailing with foreign girls, but don’t kid yourself. Caliente is right in one respect, although I would disagree with his assertion that Ukrainian girls aren’t better on average than American girls. First of all, there’s the fact that one-third of American girls are overweight or obese, and that’s actually worse than India or China where a somewhat smaller fraction don’t exist due to having been aborted.
    Besides the problems with American girls being fat and in insufficient numbers to go around, I also like foreign girls because I have been more isolated from mainstream American culture and, even though I’m American, I don’t really fit in with the women in my own country. For instance, to pick two obvious examples, I like classical music like Mozart and Beethoven, and have a knack for foreign languages. Getting an American 9 or 10 would be extremely difficult for me, simply because I’m not in the social circles the 9s and 10s would be circulating in, and for hot, in-demand American girls, who live in a constant sausage-fest due to their scarcity, that’s all that really matters.
    Every American man should expat to Europe (or another part of the world with lots of hot women) at least once, preferably multiple times. I know I intend to spend as much time as possible over there, and it appears my younger brother is jumping on the bandwagon as well.

  33. my friends wife is from Laos. she offered me her 20 year cousin. i saw her in a pictue and DAAAAAAMN!!!! she was slamming.
    “all you have to do is fly her in and she’s your.”
    i thought it was a joke until husband (a good freind) said, “no she’s serious. i met her, she’s hot.”

  34. Everything they say is true, although you DO NOT want to bring such a woman to the US to live. It will destroy her and you. The key is to not pollute such a lovely creature with the stench of the US Feminists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love bangin young American chicks half my age, and having them pay for the privilege. But I’m not foolish enough to play their game – and it’s purely for short term fun. They get to ride the carousel and I get an easy life, but I would never consider them for more than an easy f**k.
    I plan on retiring to one of the Asian countries (mostly because I like how Asian women age – Korean and Vietnamese to be specific) to start a family and living well with the off-shore businesses I have. But I will not marry – I like to be in charge and don’t react well to an intrusive Government – the US is about the worst at present. No thanks. Women are wonderful, as long as you don’t let them make decisions – they will screw up their lives if you do.
    But I know guys in the old Eastern Bloc countries who are enjoying life – but the key is to stay overseas. Do not come back to the US, and if possible, expatriate and renounce your citizenship – for tax purposes it is the way to go. But plan it. It’ll take a couple of years to do it right. Life is fun… 🙂

    1. I mean this genuinely- hot young American women pay you to sleep with them?
      Are you a male prostitute? How are they paying you?

    2. Sucks cause I am trying to extract one outta East Europe eventually to live in USA … I think you are spot-on here. My lifestyle exactly … except I do not want to live in Eastern Europe.
      If I had the financing, I would spend 2-4 months out of the year over there, though. Mid-April to Mid-May & Mid-August to October.

  35. Caliente is spot on. I know of couples exactly as he describes.
    As Athlone said, the EE love is to do with the pedelisation of white women.
    If you want a decent wife, outside of Mormons and Amish and the snall practising Christian numbers in the west, it’s very hard to find that with white women today. Best place is where religion is strong, and where girls were brought up Catholics, orthodox, etc.
    Africa, Asia are generally your best bet.
    These old beta white guys are just bringing over more Slavic pussy for men like Caliente to devour while their devoted old husbands Fart and watch golf on TV

  36. Caliente,
    You are putting so much efforts into debunking stereotypes and praise about Ukrainian women. Just wondering – why are you not mentioning anything about Ukrainian men (do not forget that gender roles normally correlate and intertwine)? Why did you not endeavor enlightening your Western audience about this “minor” issue?
    Yes, Ukrainian women frequently go for sham marriages. Yes, they would dump their American husband as soon as the green card arrives unless they are in love. Yes, they don’t age well and tend to have a belly in their 50’s. Yes, they have high demands and expectations from a man who is “obliged” to pay and keep them in comfort. Yes, over the course of the history Ukrainian women have taken up dominant role in the family NOT because of their feminist attitudes advocated by the Soviet ideology (please note that FEMEN activists are not a mainstream but a show-off women’s rights movement known abroad but not valued at all inside the country), but simply because of male impotence, indifference, alcoholism and cowardice.
    In the mid 1990’s there has been a massive female labor migration to the South of Europe where Ukrainians were mostly employed in sex industry, hospitality sector or as nurses. Every woman I spoke to in Italy or Spain… had a husband or dad back home who after having lost his precious job following USSR’s collapse.. would just chill out at home doing simply NOTHING.
    That’s the environment Ukrainian women come from. No wonder, with time they had to assume (against their will) male roles of bread-winning, career-centrism and decision-making. Do they like performing those roles? NO, NO and NO.
    Dear Western men, please acknowledge the fact that a typical Ukrainian man is a weak irresponsible creature not able to provide and care for his family neither morally nor economically. That’s one of the reasons so many Ukrainians after fall of the “iron curtain” have been marrying to Arabs, Western Europeans and North Americans. The beautiful gold-diggers who you see in the videos might be caring for your resident permit and stability more than for love, but trust me they are driven over the edge by the weakness of their Ukrainian men. Once they get papers or money, they will care for love.
    Yes, Ukrainians are generally cold. But don’t forget that a girl who has never heard any words of tenderness from her father and from her male peers, who has never been treated as a princess, and who has never seen her dad treating her mom decently, is unlikely to be warm. So it’s up to you to create fire from an icy cube.
    Although Ukrainian women (as all white women) do not age well, nowadays they are getting experts in beauty practices; they are eager to undergo painful sessions of permanent make-up without anaesthesia & hyaluronic acid injections & high heels & gym just to look beautiful for their special man. And, unlike gorgeous Lebanese or Brazilians who groom for parties, they will look charming on a daily basis wanting to be pretty just for YOU.

    1. Dude,I would not be surprised to meet such type of a white knight,full of ridiculous females bs stereotypes like you somewhere else,but here?
      You make me wanna vomit.You literally just copy-pasting the standard manipulating crap you can hear from an average street prostitute to a russianmailbride kind of a girl.
      Go learn basics of female psychology.By getting laid or getting to know women.ALL women will say that the men from their past were not good enough providers OBVIOUSLY,as long as they want to hook your ridiculous white-knight beta-male ego.
      Men laying home, chilling and watching TV while women doing all the hard work,digging the coal,building the houses and melting steel?REALLY?
      What the f*k do you really know about Ukrainian men at all,have you ever been there?if your only source of information is some woman’s whining or standard marketing of the russian brides dating sites than go f*k yourself,that is to say-go marry one of the sources of your information.Preferably the one who will say that her father was an alcoholic,her uncle tried to rape her and all her 2 ex husbands were lazy asses and she had to provide for all the village full of unemployed men lol.
      All my married mates in Ukraine are hardcore providers to the extent you,Americans,can’t even dream of.Simply because the bluepill has a bit different colour over there-and it kinda screams that women love only providers.As more as more love.Than ofcourse they all will find themselves dissapointed,divorced,poor and lonely after their wifes leave them for another,freshier,dick and perhaps will start learning.
      Oh and one more thing-if you do believe that there are not enough men in Ukraine I will have to disappoint you: only in 50+ age category.You might as well try to save some babushka from her miserable existence.
      Anyhow,I have given an honest and free advice based on my personal experience and your place here is either to believe me or not or go to f*k yourself.But not to offend Ukrainian men,especially basing your facts on what some girl “told you in Spain”You are pathetic.

      1. I’ve been in Ukraine, and I’ll just point out that Ukrainian women and white American women aren’t as different from each other as commonly made out. For one thing, I’ve noticed they’re just as liberal as American women.
        They do like to dress in skirts and high heels and let their hair grow long more often than American women, but that kind of fashion has been making a comeback in the USA, at least in smaller cities and towns. Conversely, I met a few Ukrainian girls who butchered their hair and talked about how terrible the Russians are to their queers. The only reason Ukrainian women aren’t as fat as American women is because of the healthier food there. I lost ten pounds myself in Ukraine without even trying after a month and a half, so imagine how much blubber an American woman would shed if she actually moved there.
        Here are the perks of Ukraine: 1) exoticism, 2) fewer fat chicks, 3) low cost, and 4) a more favorable sex ratio, based more on the much smaller number of fat chicks than anything else.
        You still need Game in Ukraine, as you would anywhere. Women HATE beta males.

      2. @corvinus
        yes you are right.
        Why american women are fat is a mystery for me.Because even in very developed western european countries when living as a kept girls considered to be practically a crime..women still take care of themselves.
        Apart of the UK-the little sucker of the States.

    2. [email protected] you
      My father’s ex Ukrainian wife told him a similar sob story before she finally got her green card, divorced raped his ass and ran off with her Ukrainian boyfriend.

      1. Yep. I have a good Ukrainian friend and he says several women in his family have done it. Its very common and well known in the Ukraine to sham these Betas. He says a lot of the women will send money back home to their ‘real’ men because the men are the ones that have pushed them to do it. Don’t marry these women, simple as that, no marriage.

  37. There’s a lot of Russian and Ukrainian women in India running scams.
    Google it.

  38. I read through the comments and have my own opinion based on my own personal experience. I have been married to a woman from Kiev for 13 years. Women are women about certain things and it really doesn’t matter where they are from. But,if you compare my wife to the typical American woman I can see that her attitude towards me is one of mutual respect instead of one of superiority and entitlement. Her main beef is that she hates typical Ukrainian males and that American women act just like a typical Ukrainian male. She can hardly watch American TV and movies because the male characters are usually shat upon by female characters with superiority complexes. She states this is the exact way males in Ukraine act toward women. I can see some of this attitude in her own family in Kiev. Mama/Babushka, or my wife when she visits, has to walk from the market or ride a bus from dacha carrying what she grew with her labor or put in a shopping bag then cook and clean or wash clothes by hand in the tub while husband and son drink vodka then act like raging bulls..She is thankful I raised her son so he is not this way..However, living in Kiev it is very easy for males to become like this. The wife’s son hates American women and has an abundance of girlfriends in Kiev to choose from. There is some truth in both the detractors and the lovers of Ukrainian women but I would personally say that Ukrainian women have a lot more pluses in their favor than the typical mannish American woman…

    1. Oh, and American males, don’t be such asses because you think the Ukrainian woman just wants to escape poverty. They have plenty of their own good food at home and only need other female friends to hang with to be happy in Kiev. It’s the reliable male lover/companion they are missing. They are used to an age difference but don’t be ridiculous if you want to be in sync… need to ditch any superiority feelings you have over cultures you don’t understand… And..Americans you really don’t have any fashion sense for Kiev!.

      1. Tolemo, why are so many Ukranian women in India? What do they come here for?

  39. As Athlone said, the EE love is to do with the pedelisation of white women.
    If you want a decent wife, outside of Mormons and Amish and the snall practising Christian numbers in the west, it’s very hard to find that with white women today. Best place is where religion is strong, and where girls were brought up Catholics, orthodox, etc.”’
    Unless the girl is Amish,or Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox Jewish(,or maybe a Pomak muslimah ( )
    you will NEVER.and i Repeat NEVER.find a White woman worth doesnt exist.ANYWHERE.
    if you commit to a woman that has had other cock besides you,youre a cuckold.the only thing a woman can offer you is her virginity and can be had thru game and escorts,cooking can be had by a restaurant,cleaning can be done by a maid.the only thing marriage offers you is a girl’s virginity.
    I dont understand white men who pedestalize white women,yes i will admit Aryan women are the most physichal attractive,but for LTR’s as long as you can stand to get an erection for her,she doesnt need to be a Ten,and you dont want a Ten except for Fucking anyway..
    white women the world over lose their virginities at a young age,its rare to find a white most societies,a woman that had sex even once outside of wedding,is a that means most white women are whores.wich is a good thing,but not for a long term relation.
    now?where can you find a Guanranteed virgin besides Strict Jewish sects or Strict Salafi muslims?
    VIETNAM.Vietnamese women stay virgins until marriage.they dress modestely aswell in something called a ”Ao Dai ”.
    you cant date them unless you get their father’s approval.and they dont date for dating,they date for long term only.and dating is what it was meant to be,not porking.
    Vietnam is a very traditional country Thanks to confucianist and buddhist values.
    this is a good guide to vietnamese virginity,dating,and the courting process:
    if anyone is interested in finding a Traditional VIRGIN,do chk out that guide.

    1. haha, your naivety is amusing.
      I have a Vietnamese model friend: She had sex with over 10 guys at the age of being 21. There are traditional and untraditional women everywhere! I met a 24 year-old Thai virgin who is afraid of sex before marriage (due to tradition), but why the fuck does being a virgin matter again? You should urgently watch this:, you (truly) misognystic idiot.

  40. now,if you really wanted a white virgin you could convert to amish.
    you could join the orthodox jews.
    or you could marry a pomak(blond blue eyed muslim women in bulgaria).
    here is example of pomak ladies-
    here are blond bleu eyed pomak children
    but youd might have to convert to islam for that i dont know.i think Turkish muslims are less strict.
    but if you dont believe in those things anyway,is it really worth it?
    the thing with vietnamese women is that you dont have to become a confucianist or a Buddhist to marry them,as Buddhism is a tolerant inclusive religion compared to the above abrahamic cults wich require you join them to marry their women.
    vietnamese women are beautifull for asian women,they have more narrow faces,and beautifull eyes and small button noses(unlike thais,filipinos who have monkey nose).

  41. If only this was that simple. People are looking for bodies. These women have souls too. It’s a fantasy! Say they do get married, and the woman comes here, she will eventually leave the old dude because someone younger with money will come along. These women have minds and hearts too, so to think that a man can just go over seas and pick up a hot broad and marry her is pure fantasy! It’s no surpise these men are looking elsewhere because they have all failed at having relationships.
    Not to say that going somewhere else to look for a wife is wrong, BUT to do it in this fashion is tacky and fantasy. I wonder what the divorce rate is among these type of marriages, and whether they actually feel fullfilled after they move to America.
    Wanna wife? Travel to Europe. Have fun. Meet some ladies on your own. Let fate decide, because this is just not reality, and when you come to, you’re going to get bit in your ass.

    1. It is not “tacky” or fantasy at all. Their are lots of caveats and pitfalls (scammers, golddiggers, some guys going to meet women are players, socially awkward, etc.) but successful arrangements happen all the time.
      I can’t speak for Europe or Ukraine, but the women of other countries (I have experience only with latin ones) are typically very sincere and honestly want to marry a good guy. Just ask them-I have, and not through such sites..but second hand after meeting a woman online then traveling.
      As an added bonus, a man’s SMV is higher in other countries. Who wouldn’t want a YOUNGER, FEMININE woman who’s a good lover to marry if that’s what your goal is?

      1. because latins are family oriented group, specially the mexicans who grow up in Mexico….
        but you cant compare with eastern europe countries such as ukraine that has the highest divorce rate and exports 70% of the european prostitution

      2. If a woman who is far out of your league is explicitly interested in you for your money, she will cheat on you once she has the option. Seen it happen many times. Not saying it happens 100% of the time (after all, some of these marriages are between people who are actually compatible), but most of the time the man is a meal ticket for her.

        1. There are no “leagues” is a myth. For both men AND women.
          “Leagues” are just a way of trying to FORCE a man AND a woman to just not pursue what they want just because they didn’t got to win the genetic lottery.
          You do not take in count attraction is subjective. “Leagues” can only exist if you take in the Hollywood bullshit than an attractive female is nothing more than a 20-ish girl with flowing red hair, barbie face and D cups and that an attractive man is an Adonis clone. While it is true they “universally” appeal you take in count personal preference do count.
          For instance I have a very specific fixation with fitness women. I would be willing to date a woman with a fitness build even if she would be considered “ugly” by mainstream standards.
          Do not believe the myth, as it only limit yourself.

      3. Russian (FSU) and SEA women are the hottest women around. They are the most common mail order brides. All are great for fun, but would make the worse wives if you brought them back to your home country. Divorce and worse.

    2. How are you qualified to talk about finding a wife? The way you write you clearly have a husband.

    1. “Russians with no game look for luck in Asia (Phillipines).Lol”
      And India! There’s A LOT of Russian and Ukrainian women in India. For what, I don’t know, but I guess its to work in the sex trade and also find a husband. Sometimes the two pursuits overlap.

    2. Its not that Americans have “no game” (although the dudes in this video are a hard watch) Its just that we’re sick of American women & Eastern Europe has a higher quality in both beauty & character.

  42. One of my students right now is Russian guy. He said his game was super tight back home. He was dating hot women, and he said himself the women back home where hotter than American girls. But here’s what’s funny.
    He said he does the same shit here that he did back home and it DOESN’T work. He barely even gets women to text him/call him back.’
    Pretty quickly I figured out what was happening. His game is very pull/pull direct and straight forward. I asked him about it. He said back home he did the same thing and that he could get a girls number, call her the same day or night and be fucking them that night.
    However here the same shit he does is making girls run. It’s because girls here have been spoiled maybe, they can get good jobs, promotions, have equal and in some cases better opportunities than their male counterparts – society here protects them and caters to them.
    But in Eastern Europe – they are only really newly free. The concept of women getting a kickass career, the bullshit feminism, catering to women, kissing their ass – that doesn’t really exist over there, for better or for worse.
    These women still NEED men to provide for them, so they will naturally seek out the best option. Apparently game there is FAR easier than it is here, because women WANT to be gamed and are pretty straight once they see you got your shit tight.
    But the catch is he says take one of those women and put them here for 3 months and they QUICKLY adapt and become just like American women. If you ask me, sometimes they over-do it. I used to make fun of this Russian Chick I knew because her personality was like a chick on a Reality TV show. The only thing she responded to was when I was cocky-funny, borderline asshole. When I would try to downshift and make things real she COULDN’T do it. I told her she got her personality from watching too much television and that American Women didn’t really act like that.
    Anyway, it’s just an interesting difference. Hotter women, easier to game.. Here, less hot women, playing harder to game.

    1. What a second. You have students? Like, you teach? Kill yourself, you vapid piece of shit. No, really. Do the world a favor: slice your fat ugly face off and swallow it.

      1. “OhmyGod, Like wut… Laik, literally? Wut? UGH!!”
        Every spoiled american chick’s response to thinks she cannot grasp.

    2. so you’re saying that women, human beings just like you, should not have the same opportunities you do because otherwise you won’t be able to make them like you. that says alot about your game, that you can only get women to like you for your money.

      1. “so you’re saying that women, human beings just like you, should not have
        the same opportunities you do because otherwise you won’t be able to
        make them like you.”
        While I agree he sounds kinda dickish in his points, the main point is that you should look opportunities when they are more available to you. If everyone reject you at one place, why is it wrong to go to the place you aren’t?
        “that you can only get women to like you for your money.”
        Sigh……. and this is when feminists and white knights lose me. It seems from all the blogs I have seen, posts, etc. That for some strange reason you people have the strange belief that only a guy who won the genetic lottery or is a social star (and he has to be a natural social star because learning the social skills women want apparently is “manipulation” going by “progressive” logic) deserves to be liked.
        Newsflash: Attraction has a core. It has a reason to exist.
        Why, why indeed is it valid and nodded by white knights and fems when a guy is able to be liked by women just because he had the luck of being born looking like Adonis, something he put no effort whatsoever in, or because he happened to have rich social interactions during his development and it is frowned upon when he use his resouces he (likely) earned for the same end?
        Different men will use different abilities to attract the opposite sex and all of them (as long as they don’t harm people) are equally valid. Some guys will make use of the fact that have good genes. Other guys will make use of their ability to be very socially likeable. Other guys will make use of their ability to earn income in large quantities. Other guys will use other abilities. Other guys will use a combination of abilities.

  43. i need one good friend
    and i intrest in devorce women
    because i want to give all hapienes who snatch her before husband before

  44. I’m 5 years into my marriage to a lovely Cambodian lady and we’re as happy as we can be. 🙂
    Asian women age very well (especially when compared to Caucasian women!) and they’re generally sweet, kind, and fun to be with. They *like* men and they don’t come pre-fitted with a stick up their ass like so many American women do.
    But the catch is he says take one of those women and put them here for 3 months and they QUICKLY adapt and become just like American women.
    No, not all of them. In fact, in my experience this generally doesn’t happen (there are exceptions to every rule, of course).

  45. No surprise that the woman in the vid who calls it “prostitution” isn’t very attractive herself.

  46. I think American women are one of the worst. You need to be an “Alpha” male and there was always this silent hostility amount the men when I am inside in a room where I feel that I couldn’t just be myself.

  47. “A woman who will serve me as long as I can provide for her.” Well, that’s the rub, isn’t it? Because no Ukranian (or Polish or Romanian) woman is going to want to live in your dad’s basement, Roosh.

  48. Why is it the emotion-based arguments “this is the buying and selling of women” or “this is just like prostitution” ALWAYS brought up? ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.
    There are no “mail order brides”, anyway. There are only introduction agencies, or agencies that do no more than sell contact information. Along with social intoduction tours/parties/translation, etc., that’s all.
    If anything, the women listing their profiles in such agencies should be greatly insulted by the “women’s rights activists” since they imply these women who wish to meet foreign men are nothing more than hapless, weak victims to subject to the whims of ‘evil American men’ such as myself.
    I can’t stand this bullshit.
    Their are a lot of women in latin countries who simply would love to meet a nice, honest guy from USA, UK, etc. and treat him very well. Hard to believe-and sad-that if it were up to these feminists, they would have no such opportunity to do so.
    PS: If you ever want an interesting read, the guy who runs has pages showing the hate mail (and his responses) from a woman who with the same outrageous, hateful claims.

    1. I don’t think they’re victims, or that the men are evil. I think it’s quite the reverse.
      The women are looking for a meal ticket. The man is that meal ticket. Sure, they’re really sweet and doting, but are we really going to buy that they’re sexually attracted? It’s not that money makes them sexually attracted- it’s that they’re willing to feign sexual attraction for the sake of money. Basically, prostitution. But the thing is, I don’t consider prostitutes victims either, if they chose that life.
      Once they get that green card/house/material possessions, then they are attractive American housewives with old husbands.
      And then they will cheat.
      I have known several men who went down this road, and I knew the women. The women cheated constantly. The men were under the impression that European women don’t cheat because they’re traditional, and never knew.
      If that man is OK with that arrangement, all the more power to him. But I definitely don’t think the women are victims/

  49. By the way, my ex worked at one of the offices for one of the major foreign bride introduction sites. I got to see ladies meet (for the most part 😛 ) nice guys and finally be happy. 🙂

  50. Anyone else notice the womens right activist is ignoring the fact that these women are doing this on their own?

      1. The Kosher cult are invading South America with great results, they pee on the catholic faith, a public tv figure in my country had spoken about it but indirectly. In short: the ruling class of southamerican countries are being coerced, dispatched of their long power by the Kosher Cult(unlike America they did everything to maintain feminism out of southamerican borders hence the existing pretty women in Colombia for example) but now the media aided by the Kosher Cult are poisoning the minds of this womens generations similar to american women in the sixties from the media in particular with entitlement, slutty behavior, short hair etc. Also in Roosh readers many of them criticize or almost shot down the ones who protect the white race are the ones warning of the Kosher cult, in my country there is a forum that talked about the ancestors of the Kosher Cult vowing their vengance to the Spanish Empire for their expulsion(you can search for it the documents exists), with that information I don’t know what will make the western world or more properly the american people wake up? The world is in great danger and the ones who will be out first are white western people(who are considered by the Kosher Cult their deadliest enemy).

        1. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        2. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        3. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        4. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        5. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        6. Osmel Sousa, after helping destroy Cuba, fled once his Kosher Cult wasn’t in charge. Now he’s wrecking the women of Venezuela’s sense of self, their identity, and sense of beauty. He’s turning them into Hollywood blow-up dolls.
          They never should have been kicked out of Spain. They should have been declared invaders and executed.

        7. I don’t know much about him to be honest I don’t know hwat to say but thanks for the reply, it is very interesting, could he be probably a cripto agent of the Kosher club? for the way you are describing him? Thank you for our answer in advance.

        8. Osmael Sousa is controls the media in Venezuela and uses government money (taxpayer money) to push plastic surgery as a standard for female beauty.
          I’m a man. I served in the US Marine Corps. I hate feminism. But what I really hate is this Post-Modern delusion that suggests people need to cut themselves up and become something they’re not. Be healthy, exercise, and love your family and people. That’s beautiful! What’s not beautiful is paying some Jew’s salary to pump you full of silicon.

        9. Seems that Osmael Sousa is an agent from the elite, but who would know, thank you for your answer. Socialism or any -ism is a real danger once embraced by any country. *Dear God help us all don’t forsake us dear Lord*

        1. Is it? Are YOU going to solve the situation? Are YOU going to provide the men that are constantly REJECTED by women in their home country a solution for their problem? (Saying “deal with it” or “just use your hand” is not a solution btw)
          If not, then you have no right to tell these men to look for opportunity elsewhere in the lack of local opportunity.
          You would have no right anyway, but at least if you offered a solution you would have somewhat of an argument.

        2. Step your game up. Shut off the Xbox, take care of yourself, be educated, women want men who can bring something to the table. The more expectation you have on yourself the higher caliber of a woman you’re going to attract.

    1. I think her problem is that the entire transaction is exploitive, for both men and women. He wants sex she wants money. It’s not genuine in any sense of the word.

  51. Everybody should be warned here.
    The video is probably from a major us company who organizes tours in Odessa mainly, but also all in Ukraine.
    They have no affiliate on their name in Ukraine, they work with local agencies.
    In this case men are more than 80 % rip off during the pre-meeting stage (letters and video).
    It continues during the tour, where a massive crownd of gold diggers, prostitutes and even translators themselves show to get some money. If possible to fix the guy and as possible get some expansive presents (which will be without delay given back to the shop,in return for the money minus a fee for the owner).
    It is unlikely that you will meet a genuine woman, who will never return to such event after the first party.
    So you get the scene.
    The first screen is that behind all this MOB (mail order bride) business, you will meet people who are 95% of the time in the best case not not professional or pure swindlers.
    Many guys don’t get by the first screen and crash at this stage.
    Showing a party of a major ripping company is not in nature to promote the ukrainian girl.
    But if you pass through the first screen you would meet the genuine girls (after you have sorted the materialistic ones, category you will find in any country), whom, beside their obvious feminity and beauty (in average, compare to western women) are true diamonds for LTR.
    Their desire to please and to reciprocate with a true respect for all around men worth the travel.
    Now if you are just a banger, the travel don’t worth the price.

  52. It’s really only the American women who have no offers rolling in (and who have too much time on their hands) who get all distressed over this stuff. There is a portion (small as it may be) of more traditional, feminine American women who have enough offers that they don’t care who goes to the Ukraine.
    Personally, I don’t care about a man’s earning potential that much (don’t confuse this with me just wanting hot musicians- I just like reliable, decent-looking guys my age who are funny, and who can treat me nicely and be faithful, and my boyfriend falls into that category).
    And if you doubt my femininity, I have a waist hip ratio of 0.66, 28G boobs (it’s a real size- most American women are badly fitted) and my boyfriend actually tells me “I wish you would just wear jeans and flats once in a while” because I’m so stuck on dresses and 5″ heels, just to walk around on a Sunday. Also, cooking is my favorite thing, I cook every day and probably make a roast chicken once a week. Not sure how I happened considering I was raised in a coastal city, but here I am. Oh, and no bad sexual history either.
    Personally, I would prefer a guy my age with less money than a guy my dad’s age with billions of dollars, but if other people want that…they can go for it. No skin off my nose.

  53. Jeeze, you men are absolutely subhuman. Why don’t you just find a hooker with the body you want and marry her?

    1. “you men are absolutely subhuman.” <- Classic feminist man-hating scum. She just can’t handle men having standards or preferences and feels threatened – and so, lashes out.

        1. If they want objects they would buy a human sized doll it’s much cheaper for them plus they won’t waste money in you if that what you want.

        2. Do you know me in person? If the answer is no then don’t come with judgements like this please. “IF” you were acting like this in french or argentinian forum for example you would be eaten alive by the many traditional women who won’t put and won’t let women like you impose your failed ideollogy aka feminism, I have seen it before, which made me ask a question: what happened with the “strong and independent american” women?

        3. Call me nutcase again niña malcriada in real life to my face and you wouldn’t last plus a woman doesn’t need feminism to be tough and independent, if you dare to say that on a traditional foreign woman you will end very bad, want to bet?

    2. At first I thought you made a Sock Account just to troll. Then I discovered you’re just really stupid and indoctrinated. Thanks for adding to the ever-growing pile of evidence that you’re not worth any man’s time.
      Enjoy dying alone and barren. You deserve it.

    3. At first I thought you made a Sock Account just to troll. Then I discovered you’re just really stupid and indoctrinated. Thanks for adding to the ever-growing pile of evidence that you’re not worth any man’s time.
      Enjoy dying alone and barren. You deserve it.

    4. At first I thought you made a Sock Account just to troll. Then I discovered you’re just really stupid and indoctrinated. Thanks for adding to the ever-growing pile of evidence that you’re not worth any man’s time.
      Enjoy dying alone and barren. You deserve it.

  54. You must be gettin lousy moonshine. Good shine is better than Goose. Soak some fruit in it for 6 months . Nectar of the gods.

  55. if, you elected me there would just be peasants and,me….sounds good. and yes. get inline to kill me,

  56. Comparing American girls with moonshine is entirely unfair. Moonshine’s virtues are numerous compared to those of the normal American female, especially refinement.

  57. Some are opposed to this and say that it’s a form of trade….and in pops the ugly short hair femenazi.
    Yet the beauties outnumber the men, and they are there of their own free will.
    WIN WIN, except for the feminists.

  58. C’mon now that old dude looked old enough to be my grandfather. I understand he wants pussy but really? The women he’s looking into would be too young for me (I’m 34). Any 18 year old that takes up with a 60 plus plus man is fulla shit. Don’t misunderstand me I get wanting to fuck young broads but to marry one with that much of an age difference is like buying a house on fire.

  59. I don’t understand this whole theme of bing down on american women. I have seen many american girls prettier than this woman

  60. I disagree, the vast majority of Russian women are just using poor American males just to get a green card, money, trip to US, and the list can go on and on. Some of the Russian women think that they can win everything just because they look good and dress sexy, and hundreds and thousands of males are buying into that, how sad, and later on they get a kick in the butt, divorce and child support with alimony, not that American women don’t do that, but Russians are more desperate. It is sad that nowadays more and more people are users, the meaning of true love and friendship is long gone, and many, I repeat many people are in only for the money, and status. It is sad to see guys get ……Over , just because some of them think with their lower heads. I adore men, but I wish they would use more brain when it comes to dealing with someone in a short skirt, high heels and foreign accent. How sad. Sorry I just had to lay out my feelings.

  61. This is stupid. You are sending the message that a good woman is good for sex. Improve your values for Jesus Christ’s sake!

  62. Ukrainian women are prostitutes you dumb fuckers just like women are natural born prostitutes all over the Earth. Jesus you fuckers sure are dumb. Look, no bitch cares a fuck about you in Americunt or Eurocunt zones… they’re empty, shelf life running scared, face cream shoveling, mindless, empty, one use gestating cuntsumers who contribute nothing but parasiting off you and your lives and who have no respect for men because they fucked their gender up – and can’t hack reality. You have to train your woman – all there is to it. This is a man’s world, with just a bunch of life long retarded self creating drama for personal and social imaginary importance while lying, cheating and snaking out of what they create just to get their thrill fills. Men, ya want to know how to treat a woman, any woman? Fuck her like the parasite whore she is and dominate her, it’s that easy. LEARN TO TELL THE CUNT NO AND MEAN IT YA FUCKING WIMPS. SWEET JESUS.

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