How To Optimize Your Personality

A fascinating aspect of personality is that it is partly essential, partly malleable. According to The Handbook of Developmental Psychology, most personality traits are about 40-60% inherited; hence about half is changeable. According to distinguished psychologists such as Robert Plomin, the genetic predisposition for intelligence and personality tend to be more dominant later in life, and there are complex gene-environment interactions that are difficult to disentangle the causal relationship of. It does not make things easier and more reliable that studies in psychology are seldom replicated: one study cannot confirm the next one. Therefore one should be sceptical about the general scientific reliability of psychology, although behavior genetics seems more accurate than for instance social psychology.

Regardless of how things exactly are in the real world, it will still leave a person with about 30-50% malleability during a large part of his life, which implies the possibility for active and constructive decisions. The most fundamental years when a man has the most developmental agency (ability to change his way of being and behaving) in life are roughly between 18-45. For that reason, anyone who aims for self-improvement and lifestyle optimization would ignore the malleable elements of oneself at his own risk. Therefore I intend to describe how a person can optimize his personality. It is more about to raise self-awareness and teach some fruitful concepts than to give concrete advices.

I will mainly focus on the so-called Big Five Personality Traits and the Dark Triad (Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy), since these eight dimensions cover most aspects that are relevant for this audience.

Hopefully the analysis can offer some guidance with regard to personal development and some of the challenges that men might face during modern existence. To be ”the best version of yourself” is so much more than to get laid and to optimally handle disposable income. It might even save your own life.

The Big Five

In 1884 Sir Francis Galton hypothesized that there might be an underlying taxonomy for personality traits. During the 20th century, this field of research has been developed by for instance Hans Eysenck, and Paul Costa and Robert McCrae.

The Big Five Personality Factors include openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism, often abbreviated as OCEAN. I will list some of the pros and cons with each Big Five trait and suggest a more optimal position. First, a person can take a Big Five test.

Openness to experience

Positive: Open to new ideas and experiences, such as books, travel and a more exciting and creative sex life.

Negative: Naive and xenophilic, and perhaps open to silly ideas such as being a white knight male feminist.

Optimal: Try to find a balance between both and which fits your particular personality profile and circumstances. Avoid the negative extremes and detrimental behavior – for the sake of both yourself and other people (xenophilia and xenophobia). Base your decisions on common sense, experiences and science, not whimsy and caprices.


Positive: Strong work ethic and general ethics in life, directly or indirectly required for both profound and spiritual development. High conscientiousness is negatively correlated with obesity.

Negative: A person can become too diligent and have a hard time to let go of even trivial stuff, or become a workaholic. At the extremes, conscientiousness overlaps neurotic behavior.

Optimal: Conscientiousness is perhaps the most important personality trait for a man since it largely correlates with success in life. Generally the more conscientious the better, but some sort of balance and distance to work and other duties have to be maintained. Otherwise it might start to overlap neurotic and irrational behavior, which can have a negative impact on your social life. Perhaps it can also lead to deterimental beta behavior such as to help women in a counterproductive fashion.


Positive: Extraversion, to a significant degree, is an important trait which underlies the ability to make friends and meet girls. Although a loud mouth might be overrated (quality sometimes beats quantity), social success hinges upon the ability to talk to other individuals, whether in school, at work, during a date, or in a nightclub. Overall, a large degree of extraversion is better than to be leaning towards the more introvert side.

Negative: Extraversion can prevent a person from being able to be on their own from time to time. Social interaction is indeed constructive for a variety of reasons, but to spend time alone and focus on one’s own tasks are as important if one aims to make a career or just do a decent job.

Optimal: Be aware of your own level of extraversion and try to change your behavior accordingly. Introverts may have to force themselves to be more talkative and sociable, while extrovert people may have to struggle to spend some valuable time alone.


Positive: Other people tend to appreciate agreeable people more than unpleasant individuals. It almost goes without saying. Maybe that is part of the reason why women generally do have more friends than men, since they are somewhat more agreeable on average. Some degree of agreeableness is thus required to bond with other human beings, whether momentarily or more permanently.

Negative: A too agreeable person can be seen as weak and will get used by either neurotic or dark triad individuals (see below).

Optimal: Be aware of your general degree of agreeableness and adjust behavior depending on context. Sometimes fake smiles are required to survive in the workplace or at your girlfriend’s dinner party, but also to say no and not invest friendly behavior in those who do not deserve it.


Positive: Most individuals have some degree of neuroticism and it might have been adaptable in our evolutionary past. Females are, on average, more neurotic than men. To feel at least slightly anxious about for instance the well-being of those who are close to us is normal human behavior.

Negative: Neuroticism is of course generally linked to various negative sensations and behaviors, and at the extreme it can lead to suicidal tendencies, neurosis and severe depression.

Optimal: A small degree of neuroticism is, of course, preferable to larger degrees. While being relatively emotionally stable, try to avoid a destructive lifestyle and people who do only appear to have a negative impact on your life. That might safeguard against a self-inflicted rise of neuroticism.

The dark triad

The dark triad consists of three at least moderately inter-related personality traits: Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. The word dark implies a set of real or potentially malevolent traits, linked to for instance social manipulation, callousness, entitlement, and risky behavior. One can take a dark triad test here.

Studies show that the dark triad traits are higher among males, but it seems that females are indoctrinated into being more dark triad-ish in current times, a phenomenon probably connected to the current degenerate Western culture and third-wave feminism and you-go-girl-ism. The typical dark triad male is generally more successful with women than more agreeable and conscientious males, at least in a short-term relationship context.


Positive: Machiavellianism, derived from the Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli’s work The Prince, signifies a manipulative and calculating personality trait, often found among leaders in general, successful businessmen, and politicians. Even though some sort of talent has to be an underlying factor, Machiavellianism is generally linked to success in life. Plus it can safeguard against others that might want to use you for their own good.

Negative: This behavior is largely unvirtuous and something that perhaps should be at least partly suppressed in a healthy society.

Optimal: At least in current times, a moderate to high degree of this trait could be useful when socializing with other individuals. If not for other reasons than because it can save you from being used by others with similar tendencies.


Positive: A moderate to high degree of narcissism is correlated with success in life (as long as it is combined with talent and/or hard work). Plus, it is being looked upon by other people as “brighter” than Machiavellianism and psychopathy, probably due to our current largely narcissism-oriented culture.

Negative: A too large degree of narcissism (narcissistic personality disorder) can be seriously unhealthy, for both oneself and other individuals, and general narcissism can at least be annoying when frequently displayed by other individuals. Narcissists can end up alone later in life due to having burned many bridges in earlier phases. Furthermore, it can prevent a person from doing important daily tasks and to fulfill long-term goals. It is not particularly constructive to take selfies and post them on Snapchat and Instagram.

Optimal: A healthy, moderate degree of narcissism, which helps to boost confidence and self-actualization, appears to be the most optimal in the long-term perspective. It is better than both too low or too high degrees of this trait.


Positive: Psychopathy, in tandem with other utilitarian traits, can lead to success in life (girls, at the job market, politics etc.) due to risk-taking and over-confidence. It is also easier to deal with the loss of other people throughout life, since a psychopathic individual do care little or nothing about fellow human beings.

Negative: Psychopathy is correlated with criminality and other forms of anti-social behavior, and few normal people think that a healthier Western culture should favor psychopaths in general.

Optimal: A small to moderate degree of psychopathy overlaps with higher confidence and calculated risk-taking. It can balance other traits such as conscientiousness and agreeableness.


Overall it is about to identify your own strengths and weaknesses with regard to these eight personality dimensions, in order to both know yourself better and other human beings (friends, enemies, girls, co-workers, opponents). Moreover, a utilitarian balance, adjusted for the shape of our current Western culture, has to be maintained in order to both grow and survive as a person.

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  1. What’s a “creative sex life” ?
    Fucking with finger paints or something?
    Covering your body with paint and playing naked twister?
    That sounds like women who are told to “experiment” – sex isn’t mean to be a chemistry set.

    1. every now and then I take a break from fucking girls who only care about fitness and fashion and fuck some art student to mix it up…does that count?

  2. open to new experiences? you mean like the rootless wandering jew cosmopolitans and internationalists?
    I’ll keep my national identity. You can keep the sushi.

  3. I don’t think psychopaths lack concern or regard for all people but rather they reserve their affections and emotions for very few.
    Even Hitler – often held up as a prime example of a psychopath – seemed to have genuine affection for his dogs and was devastated by the loss of his mother.
    Is someone a psychopath simply because he doesn’t care about the plight of strangers?
    I think it’s more bizarre that in the modern world we’re told we should care as much about some African Muslim girl’s ability to get an education as about our own family members. People are told Trump is a bad man for wanting to cancel the DECA act: what about the DREAMers? They’re innocent children! I say too fucking bad. How about children born here? How about them? Don’t they have dreams and aspirations too?
    When we love everyone, we love no one.

    1. There is a world of difference between caring deeply about one’s parents and caring about every piece of human flotsam and jetsam that drifts on by.

    2. An interesting thing about psychopaths (particularly when mixed with sociopathic tendencies as well), and along with what you are saying, is that they tend to get incredibly emotionally attached or touched by things one would think is a trifle. Someone with absolutely no concept of empathy and a healthy dose of the ole psychopathology might feed a stray cat and be totally despondent if, one day, it stops coming around or be watching something as benign as family guy and start weeping uncontrollably at a mock sad situation.

  4. If you’re not severely depressed, you’re not self-aware enough.
    What if you got to attend a party and at this party you could do anything you wanted: there’s every kind of drug on the table, every kind of delicacy, ladies willing to satisfy your every carnal desire.
    You can do anything you want: piles of blow, gallons of drink, whatever.
    But …
    At the stroke of midnight, the party ends and you’re taken out back and shot dead.
    How many of us could enjoy the party and be merry?
    The only difference between the party I describe and life is the duration.

    1. While I think everything you say here is dead wrong and that you are a wuss and a jackass for thinking it, I will give you the gift of this wonderful quote from Kierkegaard’s journals that I think you will like. 1888 I think, but if find out otherwise I won’t argue the point.
      “I have just now come from a party where I was its life and soul; witticisms streamed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me, but I went away — yes, the dash should be as long as the radius of the earth’s orbit ——————————— and wanted to shoot myself.”

        1. the end, I find, is usually the best part! That is the part where my genitals get wet.

        2. Try to imagine, if you can, an evening NOT ending that way. A stretch, I understand, but give it a shot.

        3. you mean an evening where I am tired so I just decide to go home and go to sleep despite the girls frequent and aggressive attempts to give me a hardy dickshake? Well, that isn’t so bad either. Go home and get into bed and rest up so the next night you can go fuck a woman who’s name you don’t yet know,

    2. If you’re not severely depressed, you’re not self-aware enough.

      You know, that is a real honest to goodness sign of a mental illness right there, don’t you?
      “I’m not crazy, the rest of the world is!”
      Seriously man, seek some counseling. Not necessarily some quack psychiatrist or anything, but maybe some friends you can touch base with and talk out some of what’s bundled up inside of you.

  5. Some men take the right-hand path, some men take the left-hand path…and others take the psycho path. To each their own.

    1. right hand? left hand? As long as you sit on it long enough the sensation will be right there.

      1. Heh. I forgot the em path, the naturo path and the socio path, too. And probably some others.

        1. oh you wanna go huh? How about the warpath, the bypath, the footpath, the telepath, the homeopath, the osteopath and the multipath?

        2. no sensible reason for anyone to ever use the PATH with the possible exception of people born outside of NYC who use it one time to get here and then never again.

        3. You are definitely patho-logical (to the extreme on the “logical” side), and I have admittedly been pathed up here…

        4. points for use of path as verb 🙂
          lolknee fact: I am a big fan of taking words that aren’t verbs and verbing them into sentences where they read funny but the context contextes just fine.

        5. I am not familiar with that entity. Now, is that because of my environment, or is that because of hereditary factors. Hmm. I am going to ask a professor at a debt-slave manufacturing center (i.e., a college) about that one, and see what he thinks. Gotta get my mind right.

        6. I have never taken the PATH before. However, I have seen the b and t denizens who do. Question: why don’t they just rename New Jersey to “5 minutes from the bridge” I’ve yet to meet one person who lives in new jersey that doesn’t live “5 minutes from the bridge”

        7. The patht isn’t the prethent so I see nothing wrong with this. (And I know, I know, it’s silly – we’ll have noun of that.)

        8. An activity pioneered by Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes I believe.

        9. I actually have a Calvin and Hobbes set of books like they used to make during the golden age of the comic strip in the 80’s and early 90’s. He actually calls it “verbing nouns” to Hobbes cynical disapproval.

        10. nice! I will search and download that book this weekend from some torrent site if I don’t already have it as part of a larger torrent. I have tons of comics I’ve never even looked at. I like that there is a term for it. I would bet a dollar that at some point Shakespeare verbed up some nouns in his always controversial englishing of the language but that is very cool that C and H neologisimed it.

  6. Interesting article. I’m not sure I buy that if it’s not inherited then it’s changeable, but it’s worthwhile to be conscious of these personality traits and where we stand.

    1. funny, I was just going to comment the total opposite…I don’t buy that if it is inherited that it isn’t changeable.

        1. I am a glass is all empty type…but we have an opportunity to fill it with whatsoever we please.

        2. No no no.
          The glass is always full. Half way with water, the other half with a gas (nitrogen-oxygen).

      1. A large degree of personality is inherited I believe. I didn’t think so until I had children and watched their personalities literally gel in a very short amount of time (and I don’t mean by the time that they were 8, I mean like the first year you see personality traits that form and stick, so “nurture” isn’t at work here). I’d say a good half or so of your personality comes straight from your DNA. The rest is absolutely malleable AND you can mask the inherited part as well with good social skills.
        An example: My son has never liked to be constantly touched (which is opposite of me, I’m big time into being touched as a signal of love, admiration and friendship, e.g. – chuck on the shoulder from friends, or a girl touching me, etc). When my boy was all of maybe 3 months he started vigorously throwing off blankets and he would get really uncomfortable if he was held for any period of time before or after necessary things like feedings, changing, etc. He’d only reverse this trait when he was sick. He has remained the same today and I think the only time he likes touched in any real sense is from his girlfriend. He’ll shake your hand and, very rarely, give me a hug (like, when he moved out of the house, that kind of infrequency) and is generally just dandy with not being used as a “touchy feely” type of person.

        1. I believe that at least half is inherited. What I do not believe is that if you recognize inherited traits in yourself that you do not like that you can’t train them away. In fact, I have done just that with certain inherited traits. I worked very hard denying certain habits that were very much my fathers habits, so hard and for so long that now I no longer default back into them. So yes, I have no problem whatsoever believing that many if not most traits are inherited. However, the idea that there is nothing we can do about them if we want to change them is a mistake in both my opinion and experience.

        2. Right, agreed, that’s why I note you can mask your inherited traits via free will. I don’t think that they ever actually go away, but by exercising deliberate control over them, you can conquer them and they become vestigial at best. I’d reckon that you’d only ever see them emerge again in truly dire type emergency circumstances, or if you got so shit faced drunk that you lost self control.

        3. Absolutely. I’ve always said that without conscious effort, one will develop into a near-clone of one or both of their parents.
          This is fine if you’re parents are quality people, but what it they’re assholes?

        4. Constant vigilance. I’ve learned to immediately ‘self-diagnose’ such shitty traits when they manifest in my personality/attitude.

        5. It is the same with posture me thinks. I tend to naturally have bad posture. In high school this is something I worked on actively correcting. By the time I was 30 I pretty much default to better posture except for when I have had way too much to drink or am sick or in pain or something.

        6. Good Man.
          I didn’t attend to it until I was 40 or so and had walked with a limp for 20 yrs….
          Bad posture is default for all humans because we were reckless enough to walk on our hind legs in the first place.

        7. Absolutely. I have been trying to get everyone on board with the idea that humans were not meant to leave the beach.

  7. So Canada is officially cucked.
    StatsCan just released their new immigration statistics and want to increase “diversity” over the next 20 years. By 2036 they project that 1/2 Canadians will be immigrants or children of immigrants. And that the majority of these immigrants will be Asian (45%), as they reduce European immigration from 30 to 15%. Give it another 20 years and Canada will basically be a Chinese satellite state.
    I have no idea why French Canadian Justin Trudeau is ok with this. As far as I am concerned the man is a traitor.

        1. But what’s the guy’s end-game? He wants to wrestle power away from Canadians and sell off the country to foreign powers?
          Real-estate prices in Vancouver and Toronto have become impossible for local Canadians to afford, and this guy thinks it’s a good idea to keep importing Chinese millionaires and broke-as-shit refugees?
          What does he think is going to happen?

        2. Ha! Bet he likes dominoes, too. And black-and-white-checked, Masonic flooring, etc. And Elvis music. And “Pure Country”, the movie, with George Strait…

        3. He simply doesn’t care about his fellow Canadians.
          He’s insulated from the effects of his sinophilic policies.
          If he couldn’t afford rent or his daughter couldn’t get into university because all of the slots were occupied by rich Chinese students, then he might care.

        4. I lived in an apartment during AIT in the military during the 1980’s. Me and two other men rented the place off base and made it basically “party central” where everybody in the unit would show up on weekends to have huge scary parties that may or may not have included some marginally legal type activities. My next door neighbor was this cute little blonde girl, maybe a 1980’s HB7.5 or so (that would be an HB 9 in today’s world, unfortunately). She had a lion cub she kept in her place. She’d always bring it over on the weekends for parties. It was cute as hell, but after a few months it became *way* too big to play with without getting some serious scratches and blood loss. I think she ended up surrendering it to a zoo.

        5. Well, I read an article a loooong time ago, the writer claimed to quote a Chinese general who wished to offload their excess citizens to western Canada, western US, and Australia…

        6. That’s pretty much what is happening. Combined with the Chinese upper-class buying up huge chunks of downtown Toronto and Vancouver.
          I complain about the rising cost of living to my Chinese friends and they stare at me in confusion. Seems like they just assumed everyone’s mom and dad paid for their apartments and tuition.
          I don’t blame the Chinese as much as I blame idiot Canadians.

        7. It’s those toques you Canadians wear, man. They amplify the power of the secret cabal’s mind-control beams…shhh.

        8. I remember the Ultra wealthy Japanese buying up real estate thru USA in the 80s and 90s. Including Empire State Building..IIRC
          Then the market tanked, and factories relocated elsewhere -China.
          And Japan has stagnated for 2 decades…
          I reckon once the Chinese have bought enough sky-high pumped up realestate in USA/Canada/Australia is when the market will tank, Real Estate will drop – and factories will relocate elsewhere –
          Back to USA?

        9. Mexico out-southed the south. China out-mexico’d mexico. They’ll just need to find the next locale with an even lower respect for humanity….

        1. that faggot must have a whole closet of foreign clothes to play dress up in: one day it’s a muslim gown, the next day it’s a silk robe

        2. don’t know much about him/zhe…
          but would he be banging those on the left or right?
          i really need some heroes – like rock stars with stories of banging 10 Japanese women per night while touring Tokyo…
          enough of this fagotry…

        3. I know him…
          I’m tired of the stories of women’s marches. women’s, LBGTQRMST issues.
          marine generals cross examined about transgender snipers…etc etc etc…
          Need some stories of rock stars, and athletes having fun with cheer leaders…
          Not that women can’t shoot — my daughter snipped her first Hog ‘tween the eyes at 6 years old

        4. Having unhitched myself almost but not quite entirely from pop culture media, I’m a bit less under the onslaught of all of that propaganda. My only pop media influences right now are very carefully selected series on Netflix (I will stop viewing a series when I’ve sniffed out enough SWJ bullshit..I’m looking at you VIKINGS and your idiocy in letting SJW’s insert huge female “warrior” type stories into the series you fuckers) and going to the movies which I’m doing at a breakneck speed of once every 1.5-2 years now.

        5. Yea me too — only have amazon prime movies/tv
          One I started which seemed fun/unique was “last man on earth”.
          and within an episode the last man on earth was a simpering, beta, begging simp…wtf…same as on movie passengers
          Speaking of snipers — do you like enemy at the gate?

        6. I haven’t seen that movie yet, to be frank. Probably should I reckon.

        7. I gave up on Vikings last season. Should have done it the season before. The warrior princess trope got so out of hand it is obscene. When it first started with a small group of warrior women I kind of sighed and looked the other way. Then the bullshit with that bitch in france really irked me. That is when I should have stopped. But I tuned in just long enough for them to go full xena warior princess. Didn’t watch a single episode of the current season

        8. My wife presented me with the latest episode with a look of disgust on her face. She said, and I quote, “Watch this, I hate it, bet you will too. They’ve gone entirely too far”. In it, yep, warrior princess pseudo-lesbians out beating up on all of these supposedly he man Viking men as if they were five year old children. It was utterly revolting. I could watch maybe ten minutes of that bullshit and came away entirely happy that I gave it up.
          Season one and two were gold though. And his first son’s growing up, coming of age, rite of passage stories etc. were gold as well. But it’s just not worth the show any longer. Plus I hear that they’ve killed off Ragnar, and I don’t recall seeing much of Rollo (my dearly lamented grandfather, wot) either, so fuck it.

        9. “The Man in the High Castle.”
          i watched 10 minutes —
          xena karate man killer expert…
          can’t do it…

        10. Yeah, loved season 1 and 2. Rollo was such a great character but the whole situation with his wife having him by the sack was disturbing. I think I would have been plenty happy if I stopped watching after the episode where Ragnar smuggles himself into france and loots paris.

        11. ha! classic. Never been to the museum of the moving image. I did like PS1 but it takes extraordinary circumstances to get me into queens

        12. The Man in the High Castle. I watched season 1. It’s a great premise, and beautifully produced, and well acted. It SHOULD be great, but the scene-writing is a little flat.

        13. That was the peak of the series, no question.
          It really bothered me afterward when they made Rollo into some pussy whipped little dweeb. In real life that fucker kicked ass and took names and his wife sat at home having babies and being a good lady.

        14. Ill give ya that- its good, but it should be better. Mad Dogs was another Amazon show that isnt too shabby

        15. Yes. So much potential with the Rollo character too. I mean this bad ass Viking in royal French high society made for a perfect juxtaposition. But yeah, as soon as he was shown to be pussy whipped I should have stopped watching

        16. Several Soviet divisions claimed the same thing, to their misfortune. Heh.
          Dude was every kind of heroic. When probed about how he became such a good shot, he had a simple one word answer: “Practice”. Here is a man who fully lived his life.

        17. Joey ‘Clams’ Scala:
          And we don’t pay mooks.
          Mook? I’m a mook?
          Joey ‘Clams’ Scala:
          What’s a mook?
          Johnny Boy:
          A mook, what’s a mook?
          Tony DeVienazo:
          I don’t know…
          Johnny Boy:
          What’s a mook?
          You can’t call me a mook!
          Joey ‘Clams’ Scala:
          I can’t?
          Joey ‘Clams’ Scala:
          I’ll give you mook!
          [punches Jimmy in the face]

    1. “the majority of these immigrants will be Asian (45%),”
      There will not be one safe space in the whole city of Canada to get a coke without the fear that someone has made pee pee in it

        1. My love of Dim Sum not withstanding, there is no where in the world with a population of over 40% Asian where you can reasonably expect coke not to be pee peed in. Why they think this is so funny I will never know. Cultural differences and all.

        2. huh.
          Ive heard that’s why Corona (beer, not neighborhood, but then again…) tastes like pee.
          Its because of pee.

        3. There’s a very sensible reason that they do this. It’s an inside joke that they share among each other. One of them pees in the Coke, then some Westerner drinks it and they all get a huge laugh when he says “Something is Wong with my Coke!”
          Or something like that.

        4. Ha. I so rarely drink beer that it all kind of tastes like pee to me. I wonder if there are any vestiges of the old Italian area in Corona left? Finally, while some people may pee in your beverages, Asians, and the Chinese specifically think that making pee pee in your coke is the funniest think ever.

        5. All latino in the 90’s yes, but they still had Parkside restaurant (some red sauce Italian place that has been there forever) and the best Italian hero place outside of Arthur Ave in the Bronx which may or may not exist anymore

        6. The Corona Ice King is still there. I think that good Italian restaurant off that little park is too…the only italians left are senior citizens at this point

        7. Parkside! yes, just mentioned that below. Glad the ice king is still in business. Can’t remember the name of the great Italian deli that used to make the best indigestion special sangwhigghes (pepperoni, prosciutto, cappicola on semolina with tomato, onion, oil and vinegar.

        8. I actually wind up there maybe once a year for one of the union or trade parties. Turns out very little has changed in NYC construction. We still rent the top room with the pictures of Marilyn and get the lard bread stuffed with pepperoni, drink too much and someone, invariably, threatens to murder someone else.

        9. I think you would have appreciated the Viking Blod I drank in December. An amazing drink that I think takes top billing as “best ever” outside of the category of Scotch.

        10. It’s not the taste that gets me, bubbles tend to bug my stomach. If it is super hot out and it is ice cold and it is not very fizzy I can maybe get one beer down. I think it is because I was never given soda as a kid

    2. Fuck you round eye. Ni hao.
      You round eyes get to be stacked up in your tiny efficiency apartments while we recreate the Middle Kingdom in your land hehehe

        1. I spent the next three years in a POW camp, forced to subsist on a thin stew made of fish, vegetables, prawns, coconut milk, and four kinds of rice. I came close to madness trying to find it here in the States, but they just can’t get the spices right!

    3. not a satellite state but a vassal state
      You will serve your Chinese overlords round eye! Didimao!

    4. Hes just doing as hes told. Hes a good lil globalist.
      Is it true theres an Asians only shopping mall in Vancouver? Everything is in Chinese, and if you cant speak it, youre shit outta luck bc the vendors cant(wont?) speak English?

      1. I don’t know about Vancouver, but there’s a few of those around Toronto.
        They’ll fix your cell-phone for mad-cheap, and give you a 6 dollar haircut.

  8. “Introverts may have to force themselves to be more talkative and sociable, while extrovert people may have to struggle to spend some valuable time alone.”
    Extroverts tend to be friendly and likable, and most people want to be liked and admired – meaning, most people wish they were extroverts. The flip-side to being an extrovert, is that a person who is liked and admired has to be accessible to nearly everybody, anytime they might want to access him. This will use a man up by forcing him to live his life in the middle of the road, where everyone knows his comings and goings. I’d rather be reviled, than be liked and admired. Reviled people are left alone (which allows them to thrive via their own devices, if they are self-sufficient); admired people ultimately have their energy, and their life, sucked from them.

    1. Extroverts tend to be friendly and likable, and most people want to be
      liked and admired – meaning, most people wish they were extroverts. The
      flip-side to being an extrovert, is that a person who is liked and
      admired has to be accessible to nearly everybody, anytime they might
      want to access him.

      Nail on the head there, Bob.
      My solution to that, being an extrovert in real life, is to make myself unavailable except on my terms. No social media, I am only on one off-board “messaging” group, I give out my phone number to only a small handful of “second in charge” types who guard it jealously and I make it a point to be absent from one locale to the next for a bit of time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and too much fraternization breeds contempt I’ve found. So I’ll circuit between four or five different venues in a given week with only minimal friend-overlap, which puts me in any given locale once or twice a week tops.
      During riding season of course I’m on a lot of rides with the same people, but when you’re riding you’re not really interacting with others in a face to face information exchange, so the distance is retained.
      I also keep a lot of my personal life off the record, and give charming if rather vague answers to questions that probe a bit too far.
      Relationships benefit greatly from a bit of mystery and “demand to be here”.
      That’s the balance I’ve struck in any event.

      1. Welcome to my world (I mean…our world). We must share some DNA. (Do Not Aggravate.) Your mechanisms are mirrors of mine. I only Facebook to do intel on business clients and/or old friends and/or potential bangs. And I use an alias at FB and have no FB friends. Maybe five close associates have my phone number (friends/business associates), other than some women “friends”, and I rotate through the women friends quickly…

        1. Well see now, that depends. Did your family come from London, England, Inverness, Scotland or the Normandy region of France? If so, you may be onto something there!

        2. German-Scottish primarily. Heavy on the Scottish on my mother’s side. Not sure of the locales in Scotland. Have a dollop of Swedish and a tiny bit of Irish in there as well.

        3. So I hear, lad. But I have never researched it myself, so…just as you tell women you are from Krypton, I tell them I was born in a manger. Mystery. It’s all about mystery.

        4. no fb friends!! How I roll, ultimate creeper mode… funny though how hard it tries to push “friends”

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        6. If you have facebook on your smartphone, anyone with your phone number can peek at your facebook page, via their ‘people you might know’menu.

    2. I’ve actually never found extroverts as being intimidating. It’s as if they exude weakness, they can’t stay focused, they say mostly stupid shit and they aren’t trustworthy. Yet I’ve found them to be useful as energy bunnies, they get you going.
      Introverts fall into the extremes, they are either self-pitying depresive trolls that don’t have any social skills and talks shit about everyone or they ‘re the guys that have a lot going for them, but just don’t want to flaunt it.

      1. I think you’re confusing extrovert with “party boy” or “class clown”. While those two types are extroverts, they’re not the only kind that are. Trump is an extrovert. Most mob bosses are serious extroverts (as are most CEO’s). In fact, most leader types generally have a lot of extroversion going on. It’s not an either-or trait, you can be an extrovert but still value alone time on occasion, and you can be an introvert who still likes to get out now and then in public. We’re all a mixed bag really.

        1. Hmm. I’ve never fought a mob boss. But I’ve beaten thugs before(especially love beating loud ones). I actually confronted a gipsy boss(gipsy king) but he was alone with his wife so he didn’t have the guts to fight me. I actually teased him to say something to my face or spit on me, it never happened so I just left(backup could have come any minute). In fact most times extroverts will dominate a introvert if their surrounded by their peers. If that would happen with me I would probably hit-and-run. Would that happen if they were alone, I doubt it, that’s what makes most of them bitches.
          CEOs(Trump types), I rarely interact with them, but most of them don’t seem that extrovert to me. They probably are that way among their peers, but outside their circle they don’t seem that outgoing and they all got that superficial thing going for them.

        2. As I said, nobody is fully introvert or extrovert, except at the fringes. Of course the CEO will take some quiet time at home, no question.
          I still think you’re grouping extroverts into a very narrow band of personalities, but I guess if you haven’t experienced anything but those types it may be for a reason.

        3. I’ve worked in far too many big corps. About to put that nonsense to rest once and for all here in about a year. Thankfully.

        4. ha. reminded me of this
          “you’re a talker. Listening to talkers makes me thirsty” good stuff here.

        5. as for CEO types being extroverted amongst their peers but probably not outside their circle, that does tend to be true in my experience. BUt you also have to remember that for a lot of them, the stuff that exists outside their circle is literally beneath contempt. I don’t turn on the charm every time I see a stray cat. This is a very hard wired and ingrained mentality.

      2. just look at winnie the pooh : extreme extrovert is like the tiger, extreme introvert is the donkey.
        oh and by the way, the extreme phobic is the little pig. And i dunno for the rabbit.
        Damn, nearly all characters have a mental illness !

    3. Introverts talk too. What introverts DON’T do is small talk. An introvert’s words are weighted.
      There’s a direct relationship between a person’s level of extroversion and the amount of bullshit that flies out of that person’s mouth.

      1. It’s becoming pretty clear to me that there are an awful lot of closet introverts on ROK, lol. A very narrow band of observations which all proceed from the viewpoint of an introvert strewn across the thread. The observations may not be wrong with regard to certain types of people, but as blanket statements they fail.

        1. Will come out as an introvert. I can fake extroversion as needed and be one for periods of time in bars or networking events to achieve an end be it picking up or making professional connections but it’s not my natural state. Would have all been easier if one were born naturally boisterous..

      2. hey, you stole my words in my comment upside (edit : downside). I, too, have see a link between level of extroversion and bullshit. Nice to see we made the same observation !

      3. Being an introvert works in my favor. I have somewhat interesting hobbies and make personal time seem valuable in some way because I don’t spend all of my time with other people. Trying to be quiet but confident without straying towards the awkward/creepy end of the introversion spectrum-definitely a fine line.

      1. I love this movie so much. It is so depressing that they made a musical of it.

        1. Dude acted in dozens of characters for like 90 minutes without stop, didn’t fuk up once. Solid work.

        2. “I love this movie so much. It is so depressing that they made a musical of it”
          They made a musical? WTF…

    4. introversion and extraversion are just 2 differents way to acquire and refill mental energy (i refer to the jungian psychology). Introverts like being alone and refill with activities they can do on their own (reading, listening to music, arts, walking, sports). Extroverts like being surrounded and refill throught people and social activities. But it is not a strict classification, we should rather see it like a spectrum.
      No one is not superior to the other, we should stop to think that.
      For my part, i observed that introverts are more interesting to talk with in face to face situation (they think before speaking) while extroverts are fine to be with, but someof them are quite exhausting because they spontenously say a lot of bullshit. Did someone know a great intellectual who is extrovert ? Me neither.

  9. A narcissist is usually successful in their professional life but their private lives are often bizarre. If you could be a fly on the wall and observe they way they interact with family in private you would likely find it odd and disturbing. They have a public exterior that oozes self confidence and charm but lurking just below the surface they are often cruel, sadistic and manipulative.
    One of my neighbours is a full blown narcissist and long story short I ended all contact with him years ago. I’ve heard really horrible arguments with the wife screaming in terror as she was obviously being beaten. And then the next day the husband is out and about acting as if nothing happened.

    1. I was married to one. Near the end, I could see her battling the mental monster within. She literally (Hitler) clutched her head and said, “I feel like … something is … changing … in my brain.” Defcon 5, evacuate ship!
      She honestly wore me down with the constant boasting. It only grew stronger as time went on. Her brothers had even made comments to me about how difficult she’d been to live with when they were kids. The red flags.
      BTW do you know the best way to identify a narcissist? Just ask them: “Are you a narcissist?” They don’t always say yes, but they never say no.

      1. The problem with red flags is that when a guy is young, dumb and full of cum, they never really appear on his radar when he thinks that he’s found that one special snowflake. I don’t really hold a guy accountable for the mistakes he made in that time of his life when he has no real experience or guidance to go with when choosing a woman. Now if he’s on his second or third marriage and hasn’t learned something, then I begin to wonder, but even then, given the heavy blue pill conditioning in society, it’s a wonder we even know what the term “red flag” is in relation to women these days.

        1. I honestly don’t even think that most guys even see them as red flags. They’re just quirks or what have you. With no experience in living long term with somebody, he’ll have no idea that over time those quirks become really, really annoying and eventually evolve into a real horror story of traits.

        2. Made this mistake…first wife was bipolar. But also extremely hot. I figured they were just little “quirks” that would iron out as she got older. Biggest mistake of my adult life was putting a ring on that shit. Luckily got out with no kids and relatively minor financial damage. I have seen friends go down like the Bismarck.

        3. Oh…but that hotness. It’s addictive. Even in the face of “quirks”. Been there, done that, have several T-shirts, etc.

        4. I made that mistake as well. I genuinely thought my 20 year old girlfriend would gradually mature. One of the big mistakes in my life so far. Thank god that’s over.
          If they aren’t properly socialized, they might never be.

      2. no no, you can spot a narcissist only when after he talks a lot about him, his life etc, he says something like : “let’s stop talking about me, let’s talk about you.. so what do you think about me ?”

    2. Sometimes women lie, sometime they put on a ‘lie show’ for the neighbors. What you are hearing, may not be what is really happening.
      My (former) wife used to scream and shout in terror as if she were obviously being beaten ….. and I wasn’t even in the house. All pretend to make the neighbors think I was a bad guy. Why not call round and see if what you think you are hearing is real? If you are letting her be beaten, and doing nothing, you are as bad as him …. no excuse.

    3. “I’ve heard really horrible arguments with the wife screaming in terror as she was obviously being beaten.”
      You really need to ask herself what she did which required correction. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if this guy knocked her around a bit that she absolutely didn’t have it coming. Maybe she didn’t, but if you don’t know you need to reserve judgement. Your best bet is to stay totally out of it. If she does or doesn’t deserve it it is none of your business.

      1. QFT
        One of the big lessons to pass along to any potential friends or drinking buddies is to *absolutely* stay out of a fight between a man and a woman (and I mean a physical fight, let alone a verbal to which this advice also applies). Even if she didn’t deserve whatever she got dished out to her, there’s a 90% chance that she’ll turn on you the moment you step in and stop Bobby Boyfriend from hitting her in public, usually in the form of attacking you physically at the same time that he’s retaliating against you.
        Fuck that noise. If you really feel so inclined, quietly dial 911 out of earshot, then get back to your drink while they work it out via fists.

        1. Correct. This is a no win situation. Further, and even beyond the fact that it is a terrible idea to begin with, even if it was 100% clear that the guy was in the wrong AND somehow it was 100% clear that the woman would be grateful, if they are married it is still none of your business.

        2. Yep. I won’t step into a fight normally at all, unless the person is literally unconscious and the attacker is still beating on him or her. Even in that case, more likely than not, I’m inclined to not do anything because you never know what allies he may have in the place. I have broken up a few pre-fights where both parties are pushing each other on the chest, but that’s only between friends who are drunk and acting stupid so they’ll listen to me. That’s rare though.

        3. the pre fight pushing is always my favorite. Going back maybe 10 years someone gave me a pre fight push and I responded with a vicious hook to the head. He was so shocked at the escalation. I don’t have patience for the “no youre a fag” “no your a fag” routine. If you are going to get into a fight in a bar might as well get it over with lol.

        4. I’ve gotten out of fights before by refusing to engage in the verbal nonsense.
          “Man, I will kick your ass! You’re a fag! You’re a pussy!”
          Me: “Look, are you going to swing at me or not? If so, get on with it, if not, I’m going to get back to what I was doing”
          Sometimes I’ll add: “Keep in mind that if you touch me I’m going to grind your teeth into the carpet” if I’m feeling particularly jaunty.
          Then I just stand there with a half amused smirk and say nothing.
          I once escaped the “wrath” of four Millenial “men” who thought it was good sport to gang up on the guy who was playing the Deer Hunter game in a bar (me) and show how sensitive they were to the eco-system by throwing out names at him and trying to pick a fight with him (I wish I was kidding about that).

        5. I’ll never understand it….what do people EXPECT is going to happen when they put their hands on someone?!?!

        6. Yeah, they were. They all backed down. 4 to 1 and they backed down. What a pussy ass generation, heh.

        7. by the way, this has me thinking back to old bar fights and smiling a little smile. So many great stories but in the top three is definitely this one:
          I was at this irish bar and sitting with some guys I knew. These were tough guys by any standard. Scary tough. Anyway, some guy we didn’t know was acting a fool and someone I knew turned as he was walking past and said “fookin’ cunt” the guy turns his head and says “what the fuck did you……” he stopped there because that is where he walked directly into a support beam in the bar and knocked his own ass on the floor. What followed next was a criminally bad beating involving about 6 guys laughing their asses off kicking and stomping on him but watching himself walk into that beam was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.

        8. lol. too funny what some people will do drunk. I haven’t been in any kind of fight in a very long time. The closest I got was someone who was being an ass but he was really drunk and using a combination of a very hard hand shake and my general size I was able to walk him to the door before anything started. He even told me to have a good night. Took one hand shake and a 3 foot walk and the words “hey man, I get it, it is late…but it is probably just time to get going huh” I honestly would, at this point, take it as a great thing if I could manage the rest of my life without getting into another fight.

        9. The truth is, more often than not they just stand there and push each other and threaten to do mean things until friends get between them. I think the number of pre fight dick measuring contests that actually leads to fights is probably around 30%

        10. I haven’t had a “push on the chest” in decades. We’re built similarly and I’m 3 inches taller than you, and that really intimidates idiots. Even if they think that they want to fight me, they don’t really, because they ensure that they never draw first blood and touch me first.
          And that’s fine by me. I’m of the same mind as you with regard to fighting. I will if I have to, but I’d really rather just not any longer if I can avoid it.

        11. But what kinda ass-hats start hurling quasi-political judgement on a total stranger playing a game!!!?!?!?

        12. That was my thinking. I was honestly curious at first, they came out of nowhere. There I was playing Deer Hunter alone, the next thing I knew I had four skinny-flab Millenials circling me saying “You think you’re so tough because you kill animals!” and other nonsense. When I stood up to my full height, the circle they were in widened by a large margin (the tallest one there was maybe 5’10”).
          There’s drunk stupid, and then there’s really Darwin begging stupid. They fell into the later category.

        13. Funny you say that. I had a friend who would often start shit when/where he shouldn’t have and It would make me crazy – I’d always ask if he knew how close he just got to getting his ass handed to him. He’s just scoff and say – ahhhhh it never gets that far – or someone will break it up….
          Just reckless and stupid if you ask me.
          Now, I was not, am not currently, and likely will never be a fighter by any estimation, so I’d avoid the dick-waving, shoving, challenging phase entirely. Was I a pussy? Some might say, but my feeling was that I’ll either fight someone or not. No games, no half-way.

        14. Yeah. Kind of sad, isn’t it?
          I have no idea who they thought they were proving anything to. Probably each other I guess, some kind of virtue signaling where afterward they returned to their dorms and butt fucked each other while complementing how brave they were. Or whatever, who the fuck knows, or cares?

        15. They got lucky. Giving them the slow, Biff Tannen-esque loom is actually a mercy. Gives them pleeeeeeeeeeenty of warning.

        16. This is why I stick to Golden T or Pacman in the bar, non controversial games

        17. “hey maaaaaaaaaaaan, you know how many ghosts get eaten every year by tough-guys like you?”

        18. That’s a perfect description, the Biff Tannen Loom. I like it!
          I was told by some guys in the military, back when I did kinda sorta enjoy fighting, that I seemed to “grow three feet taller” just before the fists started flying. It’s a very intimidating tactic, to be certain, but if a guy is under 5’10” it just doesn’t work except on dwarves and midgets.

        19. “Pacman is homophobic! All the ghosts chasing you represent repressed LBGT people- just look at their colors! Why are you running away from them? Then the ghosts turn black-”
          “They turn blue, not black…”
          “Shutup shitlord! They turn black, and then you kill them! Why do you enjoy killing black people?”

        20. “That disk you eat and gives you the power to kill represents the body of Christ! I am atheist! That is soo insulting!!!

        21. “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”
          – John Wayne as J.B. Books in ‘The Shootist’

        22. i thought pacman was islamophobic and misogynistic, because he was eating women in burqua. My entire life was a lie.

        23. This sort of fight is another western only activity. Where I live everyone is polite until the moment where you get knifed or shot. There is no escalation, if you are rude of push someone you risk sudden death.
          Some white guy tried to pick a fight with me in a bar a few years back, while he shouted and waved a pool cue, my wife circled behind him with her hand on her flick knife, waiting for an opening to stab him in the kidney. The bar owner noticed he was about to get knifed and removed him from the bar.

        24. Holy crap ! Where do you live? And your wife was ready to stab your tormentor with *her* flick knife?
          Damn. This is cool and crazy at the same time!

        25. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I live next to a bar and see this every single night. Shit or get off the pot. Either start swinging or get back to drinking.

      2. My previous interactions with him had nothing to do with his wife beating. I never once brought it up. He took advantage of my generosity as a person (my fault for allowing it), he would insult me in an offhand way, spread bullshit about it me to another neighbour and other crap I could write an essay about.
        I agree that arguments and all that goes with it is their issue.

    1. Easy solution, open fire on all illegal border crossers, both at the wall and any tunnel openings. It should only take a couple of months and then word will spread and suddenly cross border immigration will get all nice and orderly and legal like, guaranteed.
      The time for kid gloves is loooong passed.

      1. That would be good. I think we should, instead of building a wall, just lay out millions of hats along the border and allow for open fire on illegal border crossers. When they cross the borders and see the hats they will start dancing on them. Mexicans cannot resist this. It is physically impossible for a Mexicans to walk past a hat without dancing on it. While they are pirouetting and doing a samba on some chapeaus you make a shooting gallery.

      2. Relax gringo, it’s just a joke but it shows how being an extreme narcissist could turn you into the laughing stock.

        1. Are you suggesting that Enrique is a narcissist?

        2. You really have no point or interest in real discussion here do you “fatherofthree”?
          You just lob out your “received wisdom” and snicker and walk away after trolling a bit. Kind of sad, really.

        3. I’m not guessing, I’m observing.
          Now shush and fly away little gnat, men are talking.

    2. Before anyone else here gets butt hurt about this – it’s just a joke. One of the best personality traits is to be able to laugh at oneself. OK?

  10. I think a strong case could be made that words like “narcissist” and “hubris” (as well as many others) were invented by beta males who couldn’t create their own realities, and thus, they felt the need to besmirch alphas who did so.
    These two words imply some sort of personality disorder (which is entirely due to petty jealousy on the part of the envious beta who coined the terms in an effort to hold the alphas in question down and/or reduce them), instead of being a natural byproduct of attaining a supremely confident state or being.
    To which I would counter, yeah, being a beta is so fucking “healthy” and “desirable”…heh. It may be normal (most people fit the bill there), but it is neither healthy nor desirable if you’ve had a taste of something better.

    1. Yes. Exactly.
      They’re trying desperately to pathologize outgoing personality traits these days. I’ve seen newspaper write ups (opinion ones of course) where the “reporter” goes on a long smear campaign informing the reader that leaders and confident people are, and I’m almost quoting, “Incomplete emotionally, and likely damaged and scared on the inside”. What a bunch of bullfeathers.

      1. Everybody has their own vantage point on the mountain. Guys who are higher up receive scorn from those below. Since the guys below don’t know what it’s like to be higher up, they try to reduce/ridicule those who are. In an effort to feel normal and superior.
        It’s chickenshit, low-T, jealous mangina behavior. Betas whisper to other betas about men they envy, saying negative things about them. Eventually they all nod their heads and come up with labels like “hubris” and “narcissist”, etc. Makes sense to me. If you can’t beat ’em, disparage ’em.
        Maybe if they’re lucky enough and their campaign is effective, they’ll get to tongue-clean the ass-cracks of women they desire, whom the alphas already used, cum-dumped, and disposed of (or scorned altogether, in which cases, the scorned women eagerly help with the smear campaign)…it’s a beta thing.

        1. What is laughably sill however is that these kind of smear pieces and quips of wisdom from the establishment ONLY apply to men who display outgoing personalities. For women, it’s the opposite, it’s all “You go grrrrl!” crap. Which I believe comes as a surprise to 0.0% of the people here.

        2. Agreed. It has to be deliberate. Look at it this way – the super rich guys who run the show, what is the last thing they want- competition. So it all makes sense if you look at it that way. Disparage/marginalize any males who pose a threat to their dominance. And use the inferior robots whose minds you already control (feminists, SJWs, betas) to do all the dirty work.
          Wow, that is just narcissistic and sociopathic as FUCK, isn’t it? – heh. But I only say that because I don’t run the world (yet).

      2. Pseudo-psychologists are multiplying by the day, and they’re obnoxious. My old roommate’s ex-wife used to always call me OCD because I gave him shit for leaving his boxes and clothes in the shared living room. She took a couple of psychology courses and thought she could diagnose me with some neuroses simply because I wanted a somewhat clean house and didn’t want him using the main space as his personal storage closet.
        The worst is when masculine traits are labeled “aggressive.” My competitiveness on the baseball field and the basketball court has been labeled “aggression” a few times, even though I’ve never had any outbursts or tried to hurt another player. I simply bust my ass to win. I’ve heard other people call young boys aggressive when they’re out playing and having a good time. It’s usually women or effeminate men trying to snuff it out. Hell, I’ve even been called aggressive for stating a political opinion.
        It seems as if I don’t chop off my balls and pump myself full of estrogen, then I’m a violent force that needs to be thwarted at all costs.

    2. it is the oldest trick in the book bob….you take a quality that is strong and which you do not posses and you turn it into a sickness and blame the people for having it. Nietzsche says that this is exactly what Christianity is and, I have to say, I don’t think he is totally wrong.

      1. Yes it’s as old as “the oldest profession”. As long as men and women have existed, these two realities have existed. Whores and the men who want them. The men who always get the picks of the litter always get the negative labels from the guys who can’t. So it goes…

        1. Possibly pretending that a genetic trait is equivalent to a character trait is the source of the ridicule. Like being a tall male with thick hair or a well endowed blonde woman pretending they earned those traits. Typically those people like to flaunt what they think they earned as though through years of sacrifice.

    3. Supremely confident state of being…next time someone calls me an asshole for being assertive I’ll hit em with that line. Has a real ring to it.

  11. “…a more exciting and creative sex life.”
    Ok, come on. If you have to start getting “creative”, you’re doing something wrong in the first place.

    1. Like I said to Pabst below, I think getting creative is a good thing. I spend to much time fucking girls who only think about the gym and fashion that occasionally I like to bang an art student. You know, “getting creative”

  12. The reason why these eight dimensions are important to check for when it comes to, especially game, is because some flaw can definitely ruin a person’s chances for self-improvement and action.
    Example 1: A former co-worker who wasn’t good-looking but still tall and his looks were overall not that bad if he had optimized them. He seemed to have a balanced personality profile with regard to the big five. Low neuroticism and high on the other. But the guy totally lacked the dark triad: too nice, no cunning social skills at all, and a lack of the inner, at least moderately, narcissistic drive which is required for fucking, at least indirectly. Goofy guys don’t get laid – at all, or only with ugly fatties, I guess.
    Example 2: When I was Hong Kong I hung out with some Englishmen of which the most friendly was a short semi-fat dude. Totally extrovert. He could have looked more than okay if he would have followed a strict diet and started lifting. He also said that he was inspired by my physique and wanted to get back on track after returning to the UK. But due to low conscientiousness and the fact that he prioritized social drinking with friends (Brits drink much as we know), his FB pictures tell us that he is still a semi-fat loser who don’t get laid. Since the quality of English girls are so low, in general, my guess is that he – if anything – sleeps with some of the ugliest of the ugly.
    Without self-awareness and the willpower which is required to change their ways, these kinds of dudes will not get laid. Sad but true.

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  14. I just try to live life by one deciding factor, for the most part. Rather than dive into the dynamics of this kind of thing, I just try not to be a shit cunt. I kind of like the simplicity, along with the fact that it can largely be black and white.

  15. ‘Therefore one should be sceptical about the general scientific reliability of psychology, although behavior genetics seems more accurate than for instance social psychology.’ Based on what though? Our own confirmation bias? Personally I prefer behavior genetics, but even the neo-masculinist movement must be mindful of its own cognitive distortions.

    1. Read the article by Plomin that I hyperlinked to. It will provide a decent overview of this topic and a hint of why behavior genetics is more reliable than social psychology and other sub-branches within psychology. Some experimental social psychology might sometimes be replicated, but often it is not; rather largely subjective and hard to replicate. An example is discourse analysis, used in many fields of liberal arts. It is interesting but largely about subjective analysis.

  16. I watched Roosh’s latest Youtube video, which was interesting, but science disagrees with the contention that females generally suck at studying.
    “Conscientiousness describes traits related to self-discipline, organization, and the control of impulses, and appears to reflect the ability to exert self-control in order to follow rules or maintain goal pursuit. Women score somewhat higher than men on some facets of Conscientiousness, such as order, dutifulness, and self-discipline (Feingold, 1994; Costa et al., 2001). These differences, however, are not consistent across cultures, and no significant gender difference has typically been found in Conscientiousness at the Big Five trait level (Costa et al., 2001).”

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