How Professional Athletes Show Us The Importance Of Fathers

While the glorification of single motherhood in America continues to pave the way for the destruction of Western Civilization, the importance of fathers is only recently being acknowledged in both the political and social arena. Though this acknowledgement in the media is often a backhanded dig at men (that teen who robbed the liquor store did it because he didn’t have a father at home so it’s a man’s fault!) it is starting to gain respectable traction, albeit much too late.

fatherless sons

Numbers never lie

There isn’t enough time in the world to address all of the havoc wreaked by fatherless homes on a macro scale but one need not look any further than professional athletes in the U.S. to see a direct contrast between the men who grew up with fathers, and those who did not.  One would think that with all the advantages they have (money, masculinity, status, physical superiority, etc.) they’d automatically all be alphas as we define them in the ‘sphere but nothing could be further from the truth.  Looking at the situation involving Mario Williams will make you cringe with embarrassment, shake your head and think to yourself “How the hell did that happen to him?”  Sad thing is, there are many more cases like this in all 4 of the major sports leagues in America.

As widespread a problem as this is in the world of sports, there are, however, a precious few athletes that fit the mold of a true alpha.   Each of them come from different walks of life but one thing they all have in common is they had strong fathers as examples growing up—a tremendous advantage when it comes to navigating the landscape of wealth, women, and the locker room.

A dissection of six of the most well known American professional athletes world-wide (active or retired) will show how having a strong male presence growing up makes a significant difference in the way their lives on and off the field.

The Haves

Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter.  These names are synonymous with greatness—oh, and they’re pretty damn good on their respective playing fields too. These three men enjoy a global stardom rivaled by few.  Between them they have amassed a whopping 14 championships.  To be the best in the world at anything for an extended period of while simultaneously thriving outside of your craft takes an alpha approach.  The will, the desire, and the killer instinct necessary to attain this level of excellence simply cannot be taught by a woman.

His Airness

James Jordan was a hard working equipment manager from Brooklyn with a rock solid work ethic who moved his family to Wilmington, North Carolina in search of a better life.  With the help and support of his wife Deloris, they instilled their children with that same diligent ethos.  Their son, Michael, benefited the most from this and became arguably the most famous athlete the world has ever known.

The symbol recognized ’round the world

The Jordan brand and image will be recognized worldwide forever.  Anyone who doubts this should go to their local Footlocker and witness the bedlam that ensues when the latest edition of his basketball shoes hits the shelves.  Jordan also won 6 NBA Titles in 6 tries and is regarded as the greatest player in the history of the NBA. More than a decade after his retirement he’s still flexing his alpha muscle as he is currently the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, made $90 million last year in endorsements alone and also married her.

Michael Jordan’s work ethic was legendary and his competitive drive was off the charts.  It’s said that he was confrontational, uncommonly demanding, and even punched teammates.  In retrospect he isn’t as quite as loved as he used to be what with former teammates regaling us with stories of his infamous tirades but he is still revered for his unyielding lust for victory. We recognize a super alpha when we see one and Jordan is just that.  This 30 year run of dominance is highly unlikely without the presence of a strong male leader.  A leader like his father, James Jordan.

Captain America

On August 8th, 1977 Galynn Brady gave birth to a baby boy named Thomas, after his father.  Thomas Brady was a blue collar Catholic who ran a conservative household.  With his wife studiously by his side, he raised his son with laser focus and an iron will that would later propel him to superstar status earning him nicknames like “Captain America” and “The Golden Boy”.

Tom Brady is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and for good reason.  He’s won 3 Super Bowls in 5 attempts and has set numerous records along the way.   Tom Terrific earns a cool $15 million a year not counting his endless upscale product endorsements, he’s married to International Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and lives in a $20 million home surrounded by a moat.  Put simply, he’s kicking life’s ass.

Brady simply does not put his name on burger joints

To amass and maintain a life like this takes hard work, perseverance, and a belief in himself that could only have come from the influence of a solid household led by a man who understood the importance of traditional family values.

King Of Gotham City

Dr. Sanderson Charles Jeter is a substance abuse counselor who served in the U.S. Army where he met his wife, Dorothy. Together they provided a strong foundation for their son, Derek, who grew up to become one of the greatest shortstops on the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball history.  One of the many rearing methods Dr. Jeter used to mold Derek into the man he is today was making him sign an annual contract that stated what behavior was acceptable, and what behavior was not.  This helped pave the way for their son to handle the rigors of being in the spotlight of playing for the New York Yankees.

Derek Jeter has played in 7 World Series and won 5.  He’s a first-ballot hall of famer and has amassed enough wealth to last him and his family several lifetimes.  Jeter also has a reputation for being a playboy, having dated some of the most beautiful, talented women in the world.  Actresses, singers, models, you name ‘em—he’s banged ‘em. However, the most remarkable feat he’s accomplished with his high class harem is that we never hear about any drama or nasty breakups with any of these women… ever.

He is the master of his universe and keeping things under the radar is a skill he’s perfected.   His ability to seamlessly float from one hottie to another before the public even realizes who his latest fling is mystifies even the nosiest of NYC gossip magazine reporters.  Doing this under the bright lights of New York City is difficult but the Yankee captain makes it look easy.  The icing on the cake is that he has no children that we know of (which is no accident).  Derek Jeter is a red pill alpha to the core.  This is the end result of being raised in a home with a man like Sanderson at the helm.

A small sampling of Derek’s impressive notches

The Have Nots

Alex Rodriguez, Terrell Owens, Mike Tyson.  These names are synonymous with—well—a lot of things.  Yes, each of these men were considered the very best at what they did at some point and yes, they have all made a shit load of money.  But money isn’t everything as the saying goes and these guys are the poster children for this idiom.  Having earned more than $705 million (est.) between them has not kept their lives spiraling out of control in public.  What’s their common thread?  Men like James, Thomas, and Sanderson were nowhere to be found in their lives.

Latin Loser

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most infamous athletes in U.S. history. As recently as 5 years ago this guy was on top of the world.  Rodriguez was the highest paid baseball player ever making $27.5 million per season, he was well on his way to breaking the most hallowed record in sports (the career homerun record), and he played for baseball’s most successful franchise, the New York Yankees.  His fall from grace after the revelation of his alleged steroid use wasn’t much of a surprise because, believe it or not, A-Rod wasn’t well liked to begin with.

So why was this talented, mega-rich, professional athlete with male model looks disliked by both sexes?   A lot of sports fans point to his perceived disingenuousness.  Or maybe it’s that teammates and coaches (current and former) have opined about his passive aggressive personality.  It’s also believed that Rodriguez surrounds himself with some pretty shady individuals which has provided more than its fair share of public drama.  If we combine the aforementioned narrative with the endless anecdotes of his lack of character from people who have spent time with him, we get the answer to this question that’s stared us in the face all along:  Alex Rodriguez is a beta.  Regardless of how rich or good looking you are, a supplicating persona does not win you genuine favor with the masses.  And how does a guy who’s made $325 million in salary become a beta you ask?  Take a look:

“Dad left us when I was 9,” Rodriguez said.  “What did I know back then? I thought he was coming back.  I thought he had gone to the store or something.  But he never came back…it still hurts.”

Mystery solved.


Terrell Owens will walk into the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest receivers ever to play in the National Football League.  His career numbers are only surpassed by the greatest receiver ever, Jerry Rice.  But adjectives like “diva” and “drama queen” have been used to describe him and trust me when I tell you he has earned those labels. A quick search on YouTube will reveal the melodramatic circus that has plagued his career since he started gaining notoriety in the late 90s, such as crying like a girl (masculine men cry on television all the time but this was of the feminine nature) during a press conference when reporters attacked a teammate of his for doing sit ups in his driveway to attract attention to himself in the midst of a contract dispute. His life has been one soap opera after another.

It gets better.  Not only has he reportedly blown through more than $80 million in career earnings, he has 4 children by 4 different women (no wonder he’s broke) and appeared on Dr. Phil to be emasculated by said baby mamas on national television.  No need to speculate on how this physical freak with hall of fame talent got to this point:


Enough said.

Kid Dynamite

Mike Tyson is a man who needs no introduction.  Once known as “The Baddest Man On The Planet” Iron Mike became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the tender age of 20. His vicious, first round knockouts were the stuff of legend and his youth ensured us of many more to come. Tyson did not disappoint.  Of his 50 career victories 44 were knockouts, most of which came in spectacular fashion.  He was poised to possibly be the pound for pound greatest prize fighter in the history of professional boxing.

But without the guidance of a strong male role model in his life, Tyson’s life was bound for trouble.  His father abandoned the family right after he was born leaving the burden of raising him and his siblings squarely on the shoulders of his mother.  Mike got a brief reprieve in the form of Cus D’Amato, who took the 13 year old Tyson under his wing, into his home and introduced the troubled teen to boxing.  For 6 years Mike had a father figure in his life showing him the ropes in and out of the ring but D’Amato died one year before Tyson won his first title. Although his mentor made a significant impact in his life, the damage from the first 13 years of his upbringing had already been done.

D’Amato mentoring young Tyson

Without the tutelage of D’Amato to guide him through the treacherous waters of fame, Tyson’s life was afflicted by bad decision making and many other problems that eventually lead to his downfall.  Signing with Don King (who allegedly stole over $50 million from him), his marriage to Robin Givens, and his rape conviction in 1991 were all pitfalls that could have been avoided had the only father figure in his life had been around for just a bit longer.  Most of the public is well aware of the many other self destructive exploits the former champion has involved himself in and thanks to his recently released autobiography, we now know the gruesome details.

Iron Mike is more of a cartoon character than anything else these days but he appears to be doing better for himself.  He’s been in a few movies and performs a riveting one man Broadway show that he uses as a platform to give a raw and unfiltered account of his life.  But he was forever changed the day his father walked out on his family leaving him and his siblings permanently damaged.

Who would disagree now?

Feminists and egalitarians are always quick to point out the exceptions to the rule as “proof” that fathers are unnecessary.  Sure, there are plenty of successful men who were raised by single mothers and good for them for persevering despite a critical disadvantage.  But for every LeBron James they squawk about, at least 20 Andrew Lucks can easily be referenced to crush this weak attempt to use the exception as the rule.  Feminists also have a knack for highlighting mistakes super alphas have made.  Yes, Tom Brady has a kid with another woman and yes, Michael Jordan went through a very expensive and public divorce, but the Golden Boy’s son’s mother is an an accomplished Hollywood actress and Jordan has more than recovered financially and has made a major upgrade in the wife department.   Alpha’s aren’t perfect, but they always manage to come out on top in the end.  

American professional athletes are a microcosm of the sad state of masculinity in the U.S.  Men who have the rare fortune of having a strong paternal influence from boyhood to manhood stand a much better chance to live a life of true dominance.

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  1. “Is there anyone not blinkered by ideology or invincibly ignorant of social science who disagrees with this:
    The family is the primary transmitter of social capital — the values and character traits that enable people to seize opportunities. Family structure is a primary predictor of an individual’s life chances, and family disintegration is the principal cause of the intergenerational transmission of poverty.”
    George Will –
    I love the “invincibly ignorant” part – what a phrase.

  2. of course single motherhood should be universally panned, but i just wish you could have named some rigorous scientific studies instead of anectodal evidence. shit, gimme 15 minutes to search google and i could come back with three counter-examples for each of the two categories

  3. Brett Favre. Had a monster game the day after his old man (and h.s. coach) died. The whole team stepped up for him, especially his receivers. I’ve heard it said that Irv Favre was his source of discipline and motivation, and when he died, part of that died with Brett.

  4. Also, didn’t LeBron allow a rumor to persist about a teammate banging his mom? LOL.

    1. Lebron’s The Decision spectacle revealed him to be an attention whore. Just sign your damn contract and do your speaking on the court, you feminine-values-emoting dork.
      Anyhow, he’s just a basketball player. They call fouls every other second because there’s no honest hitting. Instead of hitting or threatening to hit an offensive player to slow him down like you would in a masculine sport like football, hockey, or lacrosse, offensive players are slowed down by having to bounce the ball on the floor. How juvenile.
      And can you imagine Shawn Bradley or Manute Bol on an ancient battlefield (my metric for a sport’s usefulness). Their slow lanky asses would be pin cushions for arrows. Target practice. They only made it as pros because of their freakish height, because basketball has a goal that is unnaturally elevated. I have a lot more respect for the athleticism of 6′ Allen Iverson than that of 6’8″ Lebron James.

  5. When in America I always notice that mothers are usually pushing strollers by themselves. When in China or Asia, almost always both parents are with the child at all times. Also the large number of fathers usually are unremarkable or normal men of average height / face; however, they are married.
    A casual look at your average American mother reveals either a man of unknown or uncertain parentage, and growingly (no racist), a large number of mixed race children – which goes hand in hand with woman’s burning desire for alpha male cock, which they, in their hamster brains, associate with blacks.

    1. I can confirm this. Every single time I go out, whether it’s to do some grocery shopping or a night out, without fail, I see white women (usually alone) with their black children. The white male is under attack on all fronts. Just look at how the media portrays them. It’s a society that hates the very men who, while not perfect, created the most prosperous society the world has ever seen. And you are called the “r” word for even noticing or commenting on your own displacement from society and the gene pool, while other races get to celebrate all their victories over you, the Evil White Male.

      1. Best response to being called racist is “So what?”
        Their shaming language only works if you believe that what you say is somehow shameful. Noting facts is nothing to be ashamed of. We need to take away the fake “moral high ground” that was given, wrongly, to leftists.

        1. I sympathize with white men but white women associate alpha male cock with black men because women have a biological need to be dominated. You don’t witness black women playing for both teams in the same numbers. Why? because white men in today’s society, allow their women to do literally whatever they want.
          A week doesn’t go by that I don’t see some nondescript white dude holding his woman’s purse like a dufus while she runs into a store to spend HIS cash or wearing a baby bjorn in Starbucks while he picks up HER Mocaccino. I would never allow it, my niggas would never allow it and your grand-fathers would have never been as pliable.

        2. Nor would I allow it (purse holding nor any other form of emasculating). There is no question that there are a lot of beta white guys, but frankly there are as many beta black guys as well. Lowdown, you see. The culture/media however plays up blacks in the macho roles of course, no question.
          Interesting point on black women. I have been openly hit on by one, but you are correct insofar as this is an unusual situation.
          What is a “baby bjorn”?

        3. My favorite reply to the racism charge is “I’m not racist, I just hate niggers.”
          I’ve only had to use it once since most people are intelligent enough to understand that I’m joking, but man, the shocked look on his face was hilarious.
          Somewhat related, but girls I’ve dated have always enjoyed my “offensive” humor.
          My friends and I always give each other shit over our ethnicities (I’m sicilian so I catch a lot of Italian jokes/slurs).
          Only people who have ever given me the stink eye were pussy beta guys.

        4. All men of whatever race deal with the same things with women; if women overnight started saying and MEANING that they wanted nothing more than love and children and that they want their men to get high education and to improve their minds, you’d better believe we’d have fucking trees on Mars in 30 years.
          I think the reason black dudes knock up women and leave is because they know that the women are trash and pick them for qualities that are other than ideal; believe it or not I’m sure most kids hanging out on the corner in the hood probably went through a nice guy phase too.
          I read on the blog Tiredblackman some dude saying that if black women were more reasonable and didn’t prefer alphas (re: athletes and thugs), they’d have thugs in space and Tupac would have been an astronaut, not a rapper.

        5. You’re an anomaly. You can’t honestly believe there are AS MANY Beta Blacks. Sure they exist but that’s like saying whites commit AS MANY interracial violent crimes in America. It really isn’t even comparable. White Betas out number Beta Blacks five to one and I feel that’s a very diplomatic number.
          Even black men on the ‘down-low’ maintain dominance in heterosexual relationships to keep with appearances. It’s not a media conspiracy, we really do place little to no value women and if we can’t control them we stop fucking with them whether they have our children or not (which is entirely different issue).
          The white broad I date now will go in depth about how her old (white) boyfriend was a pussy, how he was terrified or her and we just sit around and laugh about it.
          Machiavelli tells us it ‘is much safer to be feared than loved’ This is an intrinsic value of black culture. The average white male hasn’t yet accepted this idea because they assume these bitches love them and they don’t. They love power and thus powerful men. If anyone longs for the days of strong white men, you’d be happier living in Russia because you won’t find it here in America.
          Also, this is a baby bjorn:

        6. Agree with this. The thing is though, the lions share of white women still go for white men. If you’re a true alpha white man, you still have it made with them. All the purse holding dick boys do nothing to diminish my own returns. They only strengthen my position. Add in Asian women and their desires for tall alpha white men, and I can say life is pretty good for me in the fuck buddy department.
          There is some deprogramming that has to be done with white women though. White women are just too used to white men pandering to them constantly.That’s resulted in a lot of “nah ah, that shit doesn’t work with me sweetheart” lines being thrown in their faces throughout the years. It all boils back down to ass kissing white knights inflating their value.
          Black men- dominance is implied. White men- we have to demonstrate it. It’s more work and more shit tests for us white guys, but it can be navigated with relative ease.

        7. I don’t disagree with anything you said but blacks are not immune to pussyish behavior.
          On a side note I wish there were more decent looking black girls in my area. That is an untapped resource for white men. They will not leave me alone. I have an online dating profile that I don’t use and it gets a ton of attention from black women. I really don’t get it because I am a rural type guy and possesses no traits that I would think a black woman would find attractive but they sure do.
          Maybe black women like dudes that wear wranglers and cowboy boots that have pics of fish and deer that I shot on my profile. I know it is weird and I can’t explain it.

        8. You are their forbidden fruit, like gangsta black dudes are the forbidden fruit of white women.

        9. I see what you’re saying, in a sense, and appreciate your forthright honesty. And yes, I recognize that I’m an anomaly. But if you go lowdown, that’s about as omega as you’re going to find, sorry, it just is. I question whether violence in and of itself connotes alpha, though a good argument can be made that it does.
          “Machiavelli tells us it ‘is much safer to be feared than loved’ This is an intrinsic value of black culture. The average white male hasn’t yet accepted this idea because they assume these bitches love them and they don’t. They love power and thus powerful men. If anyone longs for the
          days of strong white men, you’d be happier living in Russia because you won’t find it here in America.”

          Agreed on ‘better to be feared than loved’. I open carry a sidearm (not a cop, just a random man on the street) and many women are visibly aroused when I walk by or past them. The entire “omg, he could like so totally start killing people and like whatevah and like that’s like so totally hawt!” thing I suspect. Plus it connotes power in a very “here’s my dick in your face” kind of way, which feeds back to your point.
          Disagree about strong white men being dead here. It seems to me that there is something of a quiet renaissance going on in my circles. Just subtle, below the surface. Head out to the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and you’ll still see a boatload of strong, hard white men who don’t take shit as well. Hence why I’m moving there (and not Russia) in a couple of years.
          Appreciate the conversation. Slainte
          EDIT: Ah, see what the bjorn thing is now, thanks, didn’t know it was called that. I had a baby carrier when we had our two kids, it was called “mom”.

        10. What you said ^
          I’m about as white as you’re going to find, hell I’m almost transparent, what with family directly off the boat just a generation and a half ago from Scotland and England proper, and women throw themselves at me. It’s beyond not even challenging. But…I’m a tall, muscular, strong, chiseled face “traditional” male who is in all ways masculine. And as you say, the beta herb boys just make the contrast that much better.

        11. Odd now that you mention it, I’ve seen that kind of response as well. I’ve heard (and don’t have a lot of real life experience to inform me one way or the other) that a lot of black women are actually conservative (not in a GOP way, I mean socially). Don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard it from more than one source, and the few black women I know beyond casual acquaintance have all born this out, give or take.

        12. I can’t disagree with any of this.
          At the end of the day well-to-do white women, with old-fashioned family values, would still rather procreate with a powerful, white alpha male than a black male, regardless of how alpha that black male might be.
          It reminds me of a time a good friend of mind was fooling around with a bird way back when. East Coast WASP; Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful cans with money to burn (she would pay for everyone wherever we went).
          It was hot and heavy until one day, she just stopped corresponding with him. No phone calls, no emails, no texts. She just dropped him like a bad habit.
          Now my buddy is a handsome guy and this had never happened to him before so he couldn’t understand what had occurred until one day we ran into at a lounge.
          She was cordial but showed him absolutely NO LOVE.
          Finally she told him:
          ‘I’m seeing someone seriously now and my dad would kill me if he knew what we had been doing’ I was in tears.
          That being said, if you’re a white male who is disgruntled or even affected by the sudden rise of mixed babies, it’s a personal problem because you’re not even playing on the same court as these high-value white males.

        13. They’re craving the BWC, mane!
          Whip out your white snake and strangle them with it!

        14. “Appreciate the conversation.”
          You too. I hear you on the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana. I keep seeing random things in the news that lead me to believe there are oases in the heartland of America. I would keep that secret to yourself though. Real men may be able to raise families and retire in peace like the days of old in these places but as long as you live on either coast or in a major city, be prepared to deal with the non-stop parade of depravity and delusion that are associated with living in America.

        15. Thing is, it’s a certain type of Black guy, and only certain types of women that go for them. The geeky, nerdy Black guy isn’t going to get many women, even if he is successful running a business, or making six figures at a job.
          On the other hand, a geeky, nerdy White guy (even the anime loser with no job) might not do so hot in the US, but once he steps out of the Anglosphere becomes a demi-god due to White domination of the world. That is TRUE dominance, and I’d rather have that than hold it down with the fugly chicks in the hood or Wal-Mart.

        16. “…blacks are not immune to pussyish behavior.”
          This is completely true. It usually different vices.
          Beta White males have a tendency to kowtow to their women and are by far some of the worst sycophants I’ve even witnessed.
          Whereas Beta Blacks tend to be shameless pussy-worshippers. Some of the thirstiest motherfuckers I’ve ever know have been black.
          I think another huge factor is that black men shame

        17. I have to cosign this as well. If you’re white and you’re not at least approaching black women, you’re ignoring an untapped resource. Black women are more open to dating outside the race than ever before.

        18. Bet you five bucks within a few years you’ll find her on Redtube taking the express train to pound town with a Debo from Friday look-alike while the guy daddy approves of runs the camera.
          She knows what she likes… she’ll be back.

        19. Totally agree with the shaming aspect. Us white guys really don’t shame pathetic behavior at all. I also find that the image of Alpha black dudes is portrayed through the music industry (rap/ game/ stacking paper). And the principal consumer of the music industry is the white teenagers. So you have white kids growing up and creating an influx of white women ready to jump on these portrayed alpha black dudes.

        20. This newer generation of Black men and Black men in non-Black environments (particularly those of us raised in them) has a lot more betas than in the past. Blacks can also be beta because of our inferior position in non-Black society, not just because of pussy-whipped traits. Whites can choose whether or not to be beta to a larger degree than Blacks can.

        21. Not picking on you here, but are you ever going to get over the whole “waaaah, all a white guy has to do is step foot in Asia and Asian chicks are crawling all over him! It’s not fair!!” bit that I’ve seen you do in several RoK comment threads?

        22. “This newer generation of Black men and Black men in non-Black environments (particularly those of us raised in them) has a lot more betas than in the past.”
          I agree wholeheartedly. 90’s babies (Generation Z forward) are so timid and weak, I almost feel bad for them. Although, I can only partially agree with you about the Black position (or lack thereof) in non-Black society.
          Although there are definitely occasions where I have personally had to play the courtier or pretend to be ‘Beta’ (Du Bois called this ‘Double Consciousness’) there really isn’t a glass ceiling on being Alpha.

        23. Game is the deciding factor. White women are REALLY DISCRIMINATE to non-white ESPECIALLY being black. But then with game taking women away from white men who are ‘Alpha’ isnt that hard.
          I think we confuse archetypes for RAW ATTRACTION. I remember one of white boy would say as a white men asians are really easy to get, but then he had trouble KEEPING THEM AROUND. Do asians have NATURAL ATTRACTION FOR white man or is it because of the archetypal white men. If its the former then why is the divorce rates around 52%. On a conscionous level you can easily say what you like but when the REAL DEAL hits you, you cant explain.
          Thats why white women who dates fake thugs really is destructive because they buy into these fake thug culture (50 cent) and then down the line when the corousel is finsihed THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT.
          Women really dont know what they want.

        24. Very interesting. In the USA being white does not seem to be too much of a “privilege” to me. I have not traveled abroad and have not considered the “white mans privilege” in the 2nd and 3rd world.

        25. I can tell you from experience that carrying a gun will increase your pussy pulling power. In my neck of the woods the cops pull better than a guy with solid game.

        26. Real men exist in ALL rural areas in the USA. The problem is that in rural areas there are NO WOMEN! The competition for women in these places is tough as hell. These conditions force guys to beg and compete for substandard women.
          Men thrive in these communities once they can form a family but they better bring a woman with them.

        27. In my experience this is true. Even badass white dudes will endure endless shit from women just because they get laid every so often. I’m not talking urban/suburban democrat weakling hipster white dudes either. These are rural white guys that will kick your ass for looking at them the wrong way at a red light but they still act like hipster fags around women.
          WTF causes this?
          I don’t put pussy on a pedestal but my buddies sure as hell do.

        28. I had to check urban dictionary for what BWC is lol.
          Gag them with it? Yes
          Strangle them? Not quite

        29. That’s great, I think white women are way overrated anyways and if she wants to date a black guy more power to her. The world is bad enough without racism. However if it becomes to the extent that women start overtly preferring a race for whatever inane, fickle reason: “only date white guys,” “only date black guys,” regardless of character, then obviously you’re going to have a large number of bitter and disgruntled men in the majority that would pose a threat to social order. Let’s be honest, a lot of racism and the ever-looming threat of “race-war” as championed by the far right has everything to do with interracial dating and little else.
          Curiously, black women with white dudes / other tend to have the longest lasting relationships. No idea why this is. Probably has to do with the fact that women are naturally exogamous and black women tend to have slimmest pickings outside of their race so they are most loyal. But not sure.

        30. I love black chicks. They’re really nice (the ones that aren’t really into the ghetto frame of mind) and down to earth and fun as hell to be around. Just don’t like the ghetto ones.

        31. Be careful what you wish for. I grew up Mormon, and most Mormon women are very much what you say you want women to be – they want love, a husband and children, and a significant percentage of them do not have premarital sex. So Mormon women must make fantastic wives, right? Sure, if you’re into frigidity and sex only for reproduction. But Mormon dudes must be “alpha”, right? By and large, no, as they are betatized by being taught from birth that they have to suppress their masculinity in order to ensure they are worthy of their one true love. All of which is ironic because Mormonism was founded by crazy but decidedly red pill sons of bitches who understood human nature and realized that a small group of powerful men could have all of the best women in their society and control the rest of the male population through access to the females.

        32. The decline of the white male. They went from men like Otto Skorzeny to that. If that had a “schmiss” like Skorzeny’s, they’d pay mega bucks to have that scar removed. Wow, Cultural Marxism has really taken a huge toll. Real men are like male lions, they want nothing to do with children from the ages of 0-10, after that men want to prepare their sons to inherit their legacy. Men like Skorzeny weren’t nurturing their fucking babies, they were cracking skulls on the Eastern Front. That picture of the beta should be sent to Arab societies to warn them, want is in store for their sons. Here’s a photo of Skorzeny. This why white women love thug out black guys, because there are no more Skorzenys left.

        33. So fucking true, whatever “negative” accusations women hurl at you, wear them as a badge of honor. My ex came by my house a few weeks, saying, “I missed you, you were refined yet rough. I let myself be dominated by you, and I know I left but I missed you. I know I’m better than those chicks you’re seeing now.” Blah blah!!! At the end of the day, women respond to force and domination, a point white men’s grandfathers knew without thinking. If you slap a woman or even tell her to shut the fuck up, do not apologize, always be prepared to walk away and never call back. Let her call you back, and the results are amazing. I live in a very liberal PC area, and I can tell you that not a day goes past when I cringe seeing these white manginas with the baby slings on, pushing strollers, buying soy milk, going to the Starbucks with their girlfriends and buying whatever faggachino of the day that suits him. These men are literally compliant bitches, and the women wear the pants. The women themselves aren’t really happy, because they aren’t being dominated. These women are simply settling for what’s left due to smart alphas withdrawing from the marriage and dating game, at least when it comes to parasitic Anglo women.

      2. Lemme get this straight. You guys bash White women all day long on Return of Kings and yet you expect them to only date white men. The same women you bash, you want to have sex with. Yeah, makes a ton of sense. Perhaps white women are more attracted to Black dudes because Black guys aren’t ignorant racists like yourselves.

        1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing but the prevalence of it is an interesting phenomenon that most of us admit has to go hand in hand with the single mother phenomenon and the preference for “bad boys.” We can’t be intellectually honest with ourselves and say that these women are going after Steve Urkel black guys or Neil DeGrasse Tyson (though I’m sure some do).
          Women are naturally exogamous in the absence of people with whom to be hypergamous. For example, white men are really in demand in Africa, despite the history of the continent and slavery…. the same goes for black women in the UK.
          But America is in a whole other league when it comes to single mothers and women just jumping on the perceived image of bad boys – re: “tough guy” black men. I don’t really blame black guys for taking advantage of it, it’s tough enough dealing with women as it is, so more power to them for living up to stereotypes; but a lot of them will admit that a lot of the white / non-black chicks that like black guys are generally looking for the ones that confirm to the negative stereotype. This hardly helps anyone.

      3. Given so many white guys nowadays are a bj away from switchng teams, who can blame them? Besides single mom + mixed race baby = liberal superhero.

      4. The more the white man is demonized the more the USA becomes a raging 2nd world shithole.

      5. It has less to do with hating white males than it does with hating beta males. White women went right along with slavery and lynchings; there’s an old black and white photo of a lynching that I saw with a good looking white woman standing right next to the corpse and smiling. Women love violence and men who perpetuate it, regardless of color; when tides come and go and the winds shift direction, so will women. They will naturally go along with the perceived victor. Black-american culture is extremely masculine and naturally dominant – it’s what white guys would be like if they hadn’t undergone decades of brainwashing. If northern Chinese men or Mongolian men came in force and started just beating the shit out of dweeby little white hipsters in the street and brought their hyper masculine drinking culture here, I’m sure the perception of Asian men would change eventually; it is already in the US and here in Asia, where white girls date Chinese guys all the time.
        I’m pressured to believe that women care less about looks than just caring about having a dominant dude around.

        1. This is true. The lily whitest chick I know was droning on recently about some nonsense, but I did manage to pick up one interesting nugget from our conversation. Her “favorite” show is 48 Hours. I later thought this over. Which means she gets off on watching murder investigations of (usually) other Lillies who chase after the wrong bad boy psychopath. The entire premise of the show show is based on this. Just look at any other TV news magazine. This shit sells.
          Solid evidence that nothing gets a pussy wetter than Dark Triad (narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy) personality traits. She is living vicariously through this show.

        2. Absolutely.
          White males are the dominant cultural voice?
          Suzy Q. Whitewoman says: “OMG, like, I can’t stand niggers and I just don’t feel comfortable being around them. Yuccch!”
          Black males are the dominant cultural voice via media conditioning and over-promotion of sports and hip-hop?
          Suzy Q. Whitewoman says: “OMG, like, I can’t get enough of that black meat! Lame-ass white boys are just pussies and they don’t know how to give it to me the way I need it! Tee-hee!”
          Let this be a window unto the darkened cellar of Woman’s fickle soul — for all men.

        3. The target demographic for “Law and Order” type shows is aging, suburban white women.
          The raunchier and more salacious they get, the more intensely focused on sexualized violence and mayhem, the better the ratings.
          Sugar and spice…

        4. Oh yes, definitely have been there. This is probably the single most point I loathe about Cultural Marxism and envy about Arab societies, is that our societies and families hinge on the fickleness of women. I’ll explain, Anglo bitch 231: I love you baby, I’m so happy, you provide for us and I’m “happily” your wife… 3 years later… I’m so tired of this shit, you’re always so busy, that’s why I fucked Alpha 897! Anglo beta 231: Omg, please don’t tell me this, let’s work this out! No don’t take my son away from me! Please!
          Arab bitch 231: I love you baby, I’m so happy for us and I’m “happily” your wife… 3 years later… I’m so tired of this shit, you’re always busy! I won’t cook anymore! (bitch wouldn’t dare admit cheating) Arab Alpha 897: Bitch get back the fucking kitchen or else…!!! Arab Society: Bitch get back in the kitchen or else… Arab bitch 231: Ok… I love you even more, daddy!

    2. Man, you’re witnessing the elite vanguard of contemporary American motherhood. Most of them are too useless to even push a stroller, being to busy being “modern, liberated women” and all, engaging in such wholesome activity as sending nudes of their fat selves to their favorite DJ/coke dealer.

  6. It looks like the author is in love with Jeter, a self-proclaimed half black half Jew (ew). I’ve always thought both Jeter and A-Rod seemed like superficial, dumb athletes when interviewed in press conferences. You get a kind of uneducated vibe from listening to them, much like Kobe Bryant. The infamous Jeter scene dancing around pretending to get hit by a pitch still makes me laugh today (the author would call that red pill behavior). To draw a hard line here and say Jeter is a red pill alpha and A Rod is a pathetic beta requires having very silly and undefendable definitions for these terms (feel free to clearly define how they’re being used if I’m mistaken). Having a father figure is generally important, but attributing everything to that is a very shallow analysis and shows a misunderstanding of people. It would have been nice if the author gave some explanation for why he’s simultaneously praising strong fathers and strong men (Jeter) not becoming fathers.
    A Rod definitely must be a beta male, judging by comments he made at age 11, right? “Once a beta, always a beta” I suppose is his reasoning. I can just imagine the author of this post in a dark room laughing about A Rod sleeping with Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Torrie Wilson and shouting, “hahaha blue pill beta” while he tugs his three inch.

    1. Have you not been listening to A Rod’s pathetic, effeminate lying and denial of reality these last few years? Dude spins as many lies as the typical woman and does it without shame or the knowledge that nobody is buying his bullshit.

      1. A. Rod is definitely a liar and a scumbag, no disagreement about that. I was simply pointing out that many (or most) of the people who read this site agree with Heartiste’s classification of alpha males, in which the appearance of the women you’ve slept with play an important role in your classification. I’m not even saying i agree with his system (too shallow for my taste), but the author’s line-drawing seemed very emotionally-driven by his desire to promote Jeter (who also slept with feminists; more in number actually, but no point in comparing since it’s too far off-topic and bringing that up in the first place was a red herring).
        If you asked the CH guys, they would say that A Rod’s pathological lying is evidence of his dark triad personality (connected to alphaness). I’ve always linked pathological lying with serious mental problems, rather than proof of betaness. What did Tuthmosis’s article say the other day? Never admit it, even when caught red-handed? Correct me if I’m wrong, but drawing the line with alpha/beta here is totally missing the point. It seems many “alphas” consider there to be situations where lying is fully merited.

        1. I don’t buy into CH’s worship of lying or thuggish behavior, so I don’t work from that premise. As you do, I consider pathological lying a mental issue in men, and normal behavior in women.
          As to your other points I honestly have no real knowledge of professional sports outside of a few names, and even then I probably couldn’t tell you the sport they play 80% of the time. I enjoy playing sports, but watching them….why precisely?

      2. I heard the interview with the guy he paid to manage his roids. He was drawing blood from A Rod in bathroom stalls, at set times,to make sure his testosterone levels wouldn’t be to high during the possible testing times. The amount of effort put into A Rods cheating was insane.

  7. I honestly don’t see the point of an article like this. If a kid doesn’t have a father in his life there is not really much he can do about it. The importance of a father is pretty obvious. Also you guys always talk about alpha this and alpha that but isn’t it the alpha males that are leaving these women to be single mothers to being with.

    1. Leaving your kid doesn’t make you alpha or not. Plenty of beta idiots also left their kids. That’s another problem entirely and it has to do with culture and law and the transformations that society has gone through the past few decades. These same alphas were family men fifty years ago.

  8. Jordan got his own father killed. I guess that a father who can pay your unpaid debts (which you have plenty of cash to pay) with his life for you can help you succeed.

  9. If evidence mattered for squat in feminist arguments, the movement (such as it was) would have dissolved in the 1980s.

  10. I agree that fathers are important, but how do you reconcile this theory with someone like Jay-Z? I read Jay’s autobiography, and from what I remember his dad left their family when he was around 10 years old, about the same time as A-Rod’s dad. Jay obviously spent his teens and early 20s selling drugs and nearly throwing away his potential, but ever since he became famous he’s been almost perfect. 13 number one albums in a row, no baby mommas, married Beyonce, potential to become the first billionaire musician ever. And he’s only ever really had one public incident — when he allegedly stabbed a label employee for bootlegging his album in 1999. Since then, he’s been drama free.
    Personally I don’t think a lack of a father figure is a death sentence. You can figure it out if you really try. A-Rod and TO just didn’t.

    1. You are taking a statistical anomaly and using that as anecdotal evidence. You can’t look at outliers. There is more than statistically significant evidence that two-parent households are more stable for children to grow up in. I also like how you said he only had one incident; a stabbing of a bootlegger. As if that is common or something.

      1. Oh come now, who doesn’t go out, deal drugs and stab people with knives? I mean, it’s a rite of passage for all well adjusted men!

        1. The other parts get the regular excuses but stabbing a record exec while being a millionaire doesn’t fit the blue pill excuse train.

        2. I’m pretty sure betas don’t…….. Preferring instead to be bent over and “stabbed” by those who have no compunction about having others stabbed, bombed, waterboarded and robbed on their behalf. After all, that’s what the Man on TV tells them they should do.

      2. I’m not trying to argue that yeah, being raised by a single mom is great. It’s not. But for guys who didn’t have a dad who was around all the time there’s still that potential to be great if you smarten up.
        As far as him stabbing someone, I bet you would have never heard of that had I not mentioned it. People don’t care about your past so much if your future is clean.

        1. Because I haven’t heard of that incident doesn’t in anyway absolve him nor bolster your argument.

        2. When did I ever say it’s ok to stab people and sell drugs? All I’ve ever said is that despite mistakes, Jay-Z made it without a dad and is the type of alpha male every one of us strives to be. He’s not defined by his lack of a family.

        3. Your original point was “I agree that fathers are important, but how do you reconcile this theory with someone like Jay-Z?”
          And I told you he is a statistical anomaly. Of course not everyone can be categorized as a nigger

        4. Agreed, pretty sure his lyrics even say that much. But it’s not like he got lucky and was signed to a million dollar deal off the streets. He started his own record label and spent years grinding before his first album ever came out. He worked his ass off through self motivation, not because his dad pushed him.

    2. He plead guilty to stabbing a record exec with a knife while being a millionaire. You might not worry about him shoplifting but you wouldn’t turn your back on him at a party.

  11. Most, if not all of my most mentally unstable friends and acquaintances come from fatherless homes. I realised this at a young age.

  12. Once upon a time there was a village where the men loved, worked, fought, and provided for his wife and HIS children.
    But women wanted more, the foolish men granted them the vote. The women voted in men who made laws to replace their husbands, but keep their income. They called this divorce. The laws provided phone, food, housing, and insurance for the single mother, and the threat of prison against the father who did not comply.
    Step families and step fathers were celebrated, biological fathers scorned and ridiculed. The children of these families grew up listless and untethered, the fathers guidance was replaced mind numbing (video games), deviancy (porno), promiscuity (sluts), perversion (homos), and unspeakable violence (mass shootings).
    A few began to see something was wrong, they started a website, called it —
    Return of Kings…

    1. Video games aren’t “mind numbing” and mass shootings are few and far in between.
      Aside from that, yeah.

    2. The ideal isn’t for men to ‘love’. It’s that kind of thinking that got us into this mess. If you really want to improve you have to un-fuck yourself and get yourself out of that mentality.

    3. Video games and porno are actually quite nice escapist mechanisms for a world that practically begs people to be escapist; reality sucks very, very much, and even though I’m a relative alpha and very blessed in life I do understand how many, many men can feel sorrow at the current state of the world.

    4. Actually you know knowing what I know now, I would be averse to having children. Sure, they may be fun when they’re young but willing the pain of red pill knowledge on them – unless they’re alpha (which is a genetic coin toss) – life is going to pretty much be a constant struggle.

    5. Seriously? Are you really that delusional to believe once upon a time everything was great? Sometimes the “traditional” family did work out well, but that wasn’t always the case, not even close. Alcohol for example did ruin a lot. And women hat no opportunity to provide an income for their families themselves. This was one of the roots of the feminist movement. I am a feminist because I want to be able to provide for myself, my children, and yes, my husband, if he for some reason needs my support.

    6. women wanted more and used their beauty and sex to manipulate men in power the right to vote, write laws giving them more rights then men, etc. etc…

  13. This article is a whole crock of bullshit.
    You can’t choose which family you’d be born into, what race you’d have, what financial status you’d be born into, what genes/body you’d have, etc. These things are beyond your control. The same thing applies to the type of fathers. What if you’d have an overbearing, controlling, condescending father who’d crush every resistance to grow as an individual in your soul’s calling?
    Growing up with a single mom (without the presence of a father who could serve as a mentor and role model) sure could be hell for a male’s masculinity. But what about growing up with an abusive, controlling father?
    Did you read the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene?
    Robert Greene illustrated Law No.41 “Avoid stepping into a great man’s
    shoes” beautifully – with the examples of Alexander the Great and his
    father, Philip of Macedon, and that of Louis XIV and Louis XV.
    Alexander’s rise to greatness began with his defiance of his great father’s legacy. He forced himself to be the OPPOSITE of his own great but domineering father. He wanted to surpass his father’s achievements. Look at Tom Cruise. He grew up around an abusive father. Yet he “slew” that legacy, to become successful himself.
    Robert Greene summarizes, “Slay and disparage the overbearing father’s legacy, and gain power in shining in your way.”
    In the case of Louis XIV (who already built France to the highest realms of power), his successor Louis XV didn’t try to psychologically begin from nothing to outshine his predecessor. Rather he chose to revel in the luxuries that he had inherited from his predecessor, which ultimately led to the ruin of himself, his own descendants and of France as an empire. Just shows that sons relying too much on fatherly legacy never become alphas themselves.
    You see this trend already in most of the modern world; especially Asian countries. Whether you may find Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian nationalities, you often find the Alpha father still dominates his son much into his son’s youth, making the decisions for his grown up son (as the father himself was dominated by his own old man when he was young). All this creates Beta males, and men from that part of the world are thus very much Beta like – because of their fathers – and not because of their women. The joint familial system in that part of the world, where parents live with their married offspring, while offering more financial support (due to combined resources), actually destroys male independence to make them even more Betas. Single men (from around the world) living with their fathers are more at risk from controlling behavior from their fathers.
    It depends on what kind of a father you have; to determine what kind of personality you’d eventually have (especially if you are a male). A father becomes indispensable to his child – when he mentors the child with guidance, not controls him with force or manipulation. The best father is the father who lets his son learn the lessons of life by himself, while offering unconditional support and guidance. When fathers become guilty of domineering and controlling behavior on their children (much like single mothers do), you will eventually find a new breed of
    father-whipped Betas being created.

    1. False narrative. You compare growing up with a single mom, which is a rather common thing that encompasses all types of mothers (who are single), to growing up with one small sect of fathers.
      I can hazard a guess as to why you do this, but I’ll leave that speculation silent for now.

      1. You’re missing the point. I am not saying fathers are not “necessary”.
        What I am saying is – it depends on what kind of father you have – that determines your personality, and your eventual success. Just like the kind of mother you have. A good father is indispensable. But a bad father is terrible. A good mother is necessary. A bad mother is hell.
        Either way, the bottom line is – all men should pursue individuality to achieve success. You don’t have to mold yourself on your father or anyone else. There are individuals who made it big in this world without the influence or support of a parent or both. The one thing common to both these kind of men was a strong sense of individuality – i.e. they were fiercely loyal to their soul’s calling. They knew what they wanted – and they did what they wanted to do. Just like the author list examples of “successful” individuals who came from “complete” families, I can list examples of “successful” individuals who came from broken families, yet are amazingly successful.
        50 cent famously states, “I was born alone and I will die alone. I’ve got to do what’s right for me and not live my life the way anybody else wants it.”
        Read the life of 50 cent. He grew up without much of the influence of both of his parents – but he was a keen student of human nature, and self reliant from a young age. Read the 50th law by Robert Greene.
        Read about the life of Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle. He grew up without the influence of any parent. Yet he created his own great legacy. He chose to stay true to himself, his soul’s calling.
        “When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts.”
        – Larry Ellison
        Read about the life of actors Tom Cruise or Christian Bale. Both came from families growing up with controlling fathers. Yet both “slew” their father’s legacy – to discover their own path and success. They chose individuality than to mold themselves on some else’s wish.
        Does the average male think like this – who grows up under the shadow of one or both of his parents? The core lesson what every man should learn in life is self reliance, and more importantly, self realization. Even the examples of the “successful” individuals that the author lists in this article are actually individuals who were fiercely individualistic, and not dependent on their fathers (as wrongly hinted by the title of the article). They chose to do their own thing. Their upbringing has nothing to do with their success. There are a lot of individuals who have a strong upbringing but are still failures. And there are individuals (as I gave examples of) who didn’t have a proper upbringing yet are amazingly successful. Ultimately, the successful individuals were the ones who were dependent on themselves (self reliant) and are self aware. You may overlook the lack of parent’s influence in a person’s life, but you can never overlook the lack of self reliance and self realization in a person’s life.
        The lessons of self reliance, self awareness and self realization are what makes a person successful. These are the actual “parents” in a person’s life.

    2. Growing up with a single mother is pretty much the same thing as growing up with an abusive controlling father.
      In parts of Europe it is different, but here in America, single mothers are encouraged to keep sleeping around.
      Thus the kids end up getting raised by a parade of sack less weak beta men, or by dominant alphas who care nothing for the child. Hypergamous lionesses will literally eat their children to get with an alpha, and Hypergamous human females will overlook looks of abusive child abuse crap to stay with an alpha.
      A mentally healthy biological dad will always love his kids and protect them from that sort if stuff.

      1. Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about.
        It depends on the kind of (or lack of) parental influence on a child which molds its personality.
        If single mothers are encouraged to sleep around, then who’s to blame for it? We ourselves. Our society is. The complacent men at the helm of society who allowed society to reach this state, by indulging the demands of feminist women.
        If typical modern (American) women are scum, typical modern men are no better. Scum like mothers raise scum like sons. Scum like sons become scum like fathers with scum like women and produce more scum like offspring. So this vicious cycle continues.
        The only choice left for the “good” or aware men is to take red pill and to choose to reproduce with a traditional, virtuous red pill woman. But a scum like pseudo-red pill man reproducing with a traditional red pill woman is no better than a real traditional red pill man reproducing with a scum like pseudo-red pill, or feminist woman.
        What’s the difference between pseudo red pill and real red pill?
        Pseudo red pill men blame women for everything much like whiners, while refusing to accept responsibility for themselves or for others, or to grow as self reliant individuals. These men would make lousy fathers. A lot of fake Alphas fall into this – who live their lives as cum dispensers, much like how modern women often live their own as cum dumpsters.
        Real red pill men grow as individuals and accept responsibility for themselves. They focus on self reliance, as they know they can’t support others without supporting themselves first. When they choose to support others (or build a family), they responsibly undertake the task – like real men. They are even responsible and logical enough to choose the right kind of woman to reproduce with.
        A scum like man demanding parental custody of his children is as worse as scum like women receiving parental custody of her children. True, the courts are unfairly biased in the favor of women – which ultimately hurts the good fathers. Even though we do agree that men are better than women in the modern world, that does not change the fact that there are scum like men, who’d damage their children. Just like the overwhelming majority of scum like single moms who damage their children. To truly achieve a balanced
        view, you must observe and analyze both sides of the perspective.

    3. Say the guys who were probably raised by their mums.
      Sadly, the epidemic of single motherhood has become so widespread that people rush to defend it because, hey, they think of it as an attack on their own.
      But it’s not an attack on boys who were raised without dads. It’s an observation about society. And a CORRECT one. Sure, you can be beta even with a strong dad. And sure, you can still be a strong man without a father figure. It just takes a huge amount of self-control and discipline, and a willingness to un-fuck your brain. But defending single motherhood is basically going in the opposite direction.

      1. Nah, I’m not defending single motherhood nor was I raised by a single mother.
        I’m talking about the quality of the parent. Just having a father or a mother doesn’t mean you will be successful. How you will succeed will depend upon how you act out of your own free will, how you ADAPT to life to become self reliant and self aware.
        The title of the article talks about the importance of fathers as shown in the lives of some successful professional athletes. Are successful professional athletes the benchmark for how modern men should be – that’s a question I ask. You can be a successful professional athlete, yet be a jerk while having a father.
        You can have a honorable, respectable father, while you being a cum dispensing faggot. Does that demean your father? No. It demeans you. Fathers and mothers cannot and should not control an individual’s behavior, after a certain time. Your successes and failures depend upon you – not on your parents alone.
        A person who functions completely due to the influence of his parents is not an individual. He is nothing but a parent programmed drone who has no individuality of his own.
        The reason why single mother American society sucks is because of laws against men – which makes single moms irresponsible. The state plays the role of the husband for these women. You have people paying tax money which is used to support the children of single mothers. True, all single mothers are not to be blamed. A single mother can be a woman whose man abandoned her, or her abusive spouse forced her to seek divorce, or her spouse died. Would you still look at her in the same way as you would see the skanky slut who irresponsibly got knocked up outside wedlock? I think no red pill man would do that. True, the majority of women suck in America, but red pill has to protect and conserve the good minority of women. If we abandoned them too, we’d only compel them to walk the slut path. Red pill focuses on feminist-shaming, slut-shaming. Not woman shaming. Women shaming is as solipsistic as man-shaming as feminists do. You must be able to distinguish the real good women (even if they are a miniscule minority) from the slutty sows. Else, you might pass on a good woman mistaking her to be the common feminist bitch.

        1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Study after study has shown that merely the PRESENCE of a male parent – and one that acts like a male – is a significant boost to mental health, success, and so on. Even if they don’t really interact with their sons. And if the fathers are good fathers, then it’s an even more significant boost.
          Here’s just one recent study:

          Fuck, it even works in mice!:

  14. On the subject of single motherhood, when I see a mixed race child with its white single mother parent, I can’t help but think this child will grow up to be a future welfare recipient, and the sad truth is most times I’m probably right.
    I don’t blame the black males for this epidemic, I blame the slutty white moms and the government for making it so easy for these women to raise their bastard burdens in this fashion.
    These women should be shamed instead of financially supported and called heroes by political figures such as Obama, these women are a serious threat to society.

  15. NFL teams look for children who had a strong father figure when they try to find great quarterback prospects.
    Children of single moms don’t grow up to become leaders of men.

    1. Get your facts right. Not all men who are raised by single moms didn’t grow up to become leaders of men.
      Who’s the world’s greatest conqueror in human history till date?
      Genghis Khan. The founder of the Mongol Empire. Which was the greatest and largest contiguous empire in human history till date.
      Genghis Khan lost his father at the age of 11. He was raised by his mother Hoelun in precarious life threatening situations in dangerous Mongolia. She not only taught him Alpha concepts at a young age to become self reliant (as Mongolian society was fiercely patriarchal/red pill) but she also was his first mentor who taught him the value of alliances to gain power – a concept Genghis Khan followed all his life. His mother was his first teacher.
      Tom Cruise was raised by his mother – and he is more leader like than each of his contemporaries, to become one of the most influential and powerful celebrities in Hollywood.
      These examples are not to say that single mothers make better parents than single fathers. The idea is to refute the fallacy that children of single moms cannot grow up to become leaders of men. What matters is what kind of person the mother is. A good woman will make a good mother. A scum like woman will be a scum like mother. Just because American women in general are scum like to become scum single moms, does not automatically women in traditional societies around the world raising children on their own (either due to abandonment by the fathers, divorce or death of their spouses) cannot raise leaders.
      Like the father, it also depends on what kind of mother the child has. A traditional red pill woman who understands masculinity (like Genghis Khan’s mother) can raise a child to become a leader or Alpha like.

      1. wait, you are pointing to Tom cruise (scientologist extreme) and attilla the hun (no tactics, no strategy, just psychotic murdering rampages) as decent examples of fatherless men?
        Tom Cruise is not a leader of men. He’s not even a decent actor. and Temujin was perhaps the worst ‘leader’ in his country’s history. post-Attila, his culture pretty much never recovered.

        1. Don’t act like an idiotic, prejudiced fool without knowing history. “The worst leader” in his country’s history? From where did you pull that out – your prejudiced, condescending ignorant attitude is typical of an average American idiot, who does not know a fuck about other cultures or history.
          What do you know about Temujin/Genghis Khan?
          Don’t give me the crap what you read or see in Western literature or movies about him. Travel to Mongolia and see how much he is revered there. Mongolian culture is more red-pill than the fucked up blue pill culture in America.
          Genghis Khan was the first Mongolian “khan” (tribal leader) who successfully united the different and numerous Mongolian tribes who were at war with each other, into a single homogenous fighting unit. Himself a shaman, he was actually very tolerant towards other religions, and he often met with religious heads of other faiths – which led to him create a code of life called “Yassa”. He was an innovative leader who valued meritocracy and loyalty, than family ties, in granting positions in his army.,
          If you think Mongolians as stupid, then read about “Subudei”, his military commander, who rose from humble origins as a son of a blacksmith, as another proof of Genghis’s policy of valuing meritocracy and loyalty over family ties. Subudei has an unmatched record of having directed more than twenty campaigns in which he conquered thirty two nations, won sixty five pitched battles during which he conquered or overran territory more than any commander in modern history. Subudei often gained victory by means of imaginative and sophisticated strategies and routinely coordinated movements of armies that were hundreds of kilometers away from each other, as in devising the campaign that destroyed the armies of Hungary and Poland within two days of each other, by forces over five hundred kilometers apart. Mongolians achieved what no modern army has ever managed to achieve – that is conquering Russia and Afghanistan – so you must give credit to that people.
          And Tom Cruise is a leader among his contemporaries, among the actors of his generation. Take a look back at all the actors of the same generation as him and see who has managed to still retain “star power” and box office draw. All other actors of his generation have faded away into fatherly roles, while he continues to decently still pull off action roles, which younger actors could do. He still does his own stunts, like the climbing scenes in both the Mission:Impossible films (2 & 4). That’s alpha enough for a man in his 50’s. He’s more alpha than typical young men in their 20’s or 30’s.
          I never mentioned Attila the Hun, so I don’t know from where
          you pulled that name. Learn to read the comments carefully and do your research before replying like an ignorant fool.

        2. Mongols, not Mongolians.
          You seem to think that somehow the mongol victories over Poland evoked some sort of tactiocal genius, that was far from true. The only relatively intelligent thing that Temujin did was put a policy in place that evoked fear, and stacking skulls and scorched earth is something even a (snicker) mongoloid could do.
          Feudalism at the time involved an entire community supporting a single ‘knight’. this was not a knight in shining armor (articulated platemail was centuries away) but a guy on, to be honest, a really decent horse with good training, chainmail, and a couple of weapons.
          The Mongols were greasy bastards that put their entire nation on the move.. every single man was under arms. Individually, they were pathetic, but as individuals (not as armies) They were fast, and capable of hit and run tactics that other medieval armies could not mobilize to prevent.
          It is claimed that the mongols put nearly 100,000 combatants onto the ‘field’ at Legnica versus less than a fifth of their number of knights and footmen, although a retarded scholar or two tries to claim that the numbers were a gross overestimation due to their inability to understand that the Mongol individual was a master of self-supporting logistics (raiding and theiving) and did not require a logistical framework like the combined european army did.
          5-to-1 odds does not a ‘tactical genius’ make.
          It is also known that the mongols put nearly two MILLION raiders into Europe. In addition, a large number of his ‘victories’ were simple surrenders without a single battle..
          Yes, Temujin was fucking scary. I will give you that. He nailed dogs and women to doorways, made stacks of heads, raped livestock, his people were known to cannibalize, and he treated those who did not surrender to some of the worst atrocities ever recorded by man. Tactical or strategic brilliance? don’t make me laugh.
          I am not even going to get started about whether Tom cruise is an alpha or not. He’s a fucking actor. His most brilliant achievement was having a really good agent. Even John Travolta has left the ridiculous farce of a religion, and the fact that Tom cruise remains, even in the face of the ‘great exposure’, simply shows that he is a brainless follower.
          And yes, it is possible that subudei was a really brilliant strategic commander. How does that relate to Temujin not having a father?

        3. “And yes, it is possible that subudei was a really brilliant strategic commander. How does that relate to Temujin not having a father?”
          – Mongols traditionally followed a policy of using blood ties to invest authority, even when it came to work. Temujin deviated from this policy – using the policy of meritocracy and loyalty itself to invest authority. During his rise to power, he did not put conquered Mongol tribes to sword; rather he incorporated them into his force to swell his numbers. (His mother taught him the value of strategic alliances from a young age). So he was not a blood thirsty tyrant as seen in the West – at least to his own people. To his people, he was a leader, a statesman (he devised the Yassa – a code he formulated after discourses with religious heads of different faiths), and an elder brother.
          Mongols were nomads, and had a different society as compared to the feudal society in Europe at that time. Don’t mix apples with oranges there.
          His choice of Subudei was a surprising innovation for a leader in that “savage uncouth” societal structure – as Western writers look at it – thus it shows the vision of a progressive visionary leader. Who didn’t have a father.
          Mongols were nomads, who lived a simplistic harsh life, with a lot of red pill patriarchy thrown into their society. Read the Yassa of Genghis Khan to know more about their society. The Mongols were expert horsemen, and skilled archers (who excelled in archery from horseback). An overwhelming majority of their successes in the battlefield was due to expert archery.
          Subudei destroyed Poland and Hungary (whose armies were technologically better equipped and superior than the Mongols) within two days of each other, managing armies that were over 500 kilometres apart. Isn’t that strategic genius for a man coming from a uncouth “feudal” society of “greasy bastards”? No commander in modern history holds a candle to him.
          Regarding the “scorched policy” that Khan used to intimidate his foes, well what’s wrong with that? It is primarily a tactical and strategic concept which has been employed in the field of war since antiquity – even today by modern armies. The Greeks employed it, the Germanic barbarian hordes employed it, and so many other armies have done so. Intimidation is one of the key components of war, and Khan actually understood its value in frightening his opponents, and some (not most) of his victories were when some of his opponents surrendered. Are you blaming the man if they surrendered like cowards? He actually won the war through proxy intimidation. Just shows he was not a tactical raiding brute. Khan had a well developed spy network. All this strategy and tactics for a person hailing from a society of greasy bastards? Sounds more like sour grapes to me.
          The Europeans lost the war against the Mongols due to prejudice, lack of tactical planning, and underestimation of a force whom they considered to be ordinary raiders and thieves. The Mongols were strategically and tactically more prepared to destroy them with better planning. Khan himself didn’t bother to set foot in Europe; he left the conquest of Europe to Subudei, while he himself concentrated on the Tangut Kingdom in China. He split his army strategically to focus on multiple conquests at the same time. A greasy bastard nomad who destroyed technologically superior armies to his own? Again sounds like sour grapes.
          Read about Khan’s conquest about the Khwarezmian Empire – his first conquest – and you will find a man whose attempts at diplomacy were rejected by arrogant adversaries.
          Some of his famous quotes are:
          “I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose one you have fine
          clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything.”
          – shows how he much he hated ostentation. He understood how luxury destroys the will to fight – a probable reason why luxurious nations lost before his humble yet deadly army.
          “An action committed in anger is an action doomed to failure.”
          – shows how much he relied on forethought before action.
          “Those who were adept and brave fellows I have made military commanders. Those who were quick and nimble I have made herders of horses. Those who were not adept I
          have given a small whip and sent to be shepherds.”
          – shows how much he was a student of human nature, and the talent he had to spot human potential.
          All this for a man who came from a society of supposedly “greasy bastards”. We are really prejudiced, aren’t we?

        4. absolutely prejudiced. I practice prejudice every single time I choose an apple instead of an orange. I am a european descended anglo, son of another set of greasy bastard conquerors, and honorably choose my own society over a society of backwards barbarians in my opinion.
          Prejudice is not evil, it is the natural state of affairs, and is the only way humans have to maintain and grow a culture.. a culture with no enemies, no prejudice, no discrimination, stagnates and weakens until it is replaced by a more vibrant, more discriminatory, and more pejudiced culture, as is happening in the UK right now.
          Yes, they were greasy bastards. Their culture was, by my cultural terms, as utterly evil as the cannibalistic aztecs, and as corrupt and backwards as the congo.
          Do not speak to me of relative morality, there is no such thing. conquering me may not be evil to you, but to me it is evil, and my viewpoint will prevail if I sneak into your tent and slit your throat to prove it.
          As long as I live, my culture and morality lives, and it is both honorable and ethical for me to defend it all price. There are morality waypoints that may, and should, be set for the advancement of the human race… waypoints such as respect for ownership, honesty, and avoiding taking human life if it is not necessary.
          bear in mind that Temujin and Subatai were NOT written of by their own people…. the steppes barbarians were functionally illiterate, and literacy was not encouraged in their subject empires.
          History is NOT written by the victors… it is written by the survivors who are capable of writing. A military man’s greatest fan is the opposing force, and, as in the recent case of that fucking idiot, Rommel, the enemy will often praise his opponent to the sky… There is no honor in beating a moron, nor in being beaten by one. It is in a general’s best interest to make his opponent seem as brilliant, strong, and determined as possible.
          For all we know, Temujin was a drooling imbecile that merely parroted what his advisors fed him, and all of his ‘writings’ (HAH!) were created by educated hangers-on.
          We simply have no way of knowing.
          What we DO know is that he decimated all of Poland, much of Germany, and took huge chunks out of other countries… and had absolutely NO ability to rule them afterwards. His ‘rule’ lasted for less than two complete generations, and was attempted again by his offspring… once successfully, and then again with a failure so complete it was never tried again.
          The poiont though, is that his ‘alphaness’ is not important. we learn little from his victory or his failures because it was a situation that is unlikely to happen again unless the technology falls to the level where roving tribes of horsemen again have a mobility advantage, and have a straight geographic shot through europe. I am all for learning from history, but the golden horde was as much an accident of history as a planned campaign.

      2. Lets not forget that Khan’s golden horde just so happened to function during an unusually wet and warm 25 years that gave him lots of extra fuel to travel.

    2. “NFL teams look for children who had a strong father figure when they try to find great quarterback prospects.”
      – Is that supposed to be made as a modern day benchmark for creating alphas for a modern utopian red pill society? How simplistic, stereotypical and solipsistic is that.
      What about the unfortunate kid who lost his father either due to divorce of his parents or death? Is that kid doomed to a life of Beta ness and blue pill?
      The enlightened red piller understands that there are always exceptions to the rule and everyone is unique, having potential and the ability to defy expectations. Because he is disconnected from the generalization laden world of the Matrix (modern world), and he sees people as unique individuals, not as a group. He does not fall in the trap of generalizations.

    3. On Superbowl day there was a roundtable of 5 ex-players. They somehow got on to the topic of having a father around when growing up and as the discussion continued it came out that they had all come from fatherless homes. Odds are, if they are a black athelete, they come from a broken home.

  16. That Tom Brady guy, I think in an interview his wife said she does ration sex, especially after the birth of their first child. I guess that dynamic doesn’t change even for star athletes.

    1. She said that in an interview? If so and he didn’t divorce her ass, that really takes any consideration of alpha right off the table.

      1. As they say “if he’s not getting it from her, he’s getting it from someone else”.
        At least I hope he is. I have to say, that is an incredibly strange thing both to do and say.

      2. On second consideration, I would not consider a supermodel (or any female celebrity) to be an ideal wife.

  17. Sometimes I wonder if it’s so much as not having a father as knowing that your mother is a worthless slut (her behavior being obviously evident throughout childhood, even after father is gone), and / or that the father is a degenerate / thug / alpha / cad / gangsta / listless male – that makes the children of single mothers crazy.
    Having this knowledge would obviously make you realize that women (even your own mother) reward bad behavior and force you down a path of criminality and dysfunction with no obvious goals in life.
    Having only one parent can be devastating. I was raised partly by a single father after my mother died. I still have tremendous issues to this day and greatly resent my parents, being mixed race myself (not the black-white kind, the other kind). Other than that not being able to have a solid relationship with my mother for almost 15 years probably has had untold effects on me that will last until I’m dead. I can only imagine not having a father and knowing that your mom is a slut; the ramifications on a young mind would be untold.
    Of course with a, what, 60% rate of single motherhood, we’re really going to see the effects of this unfold in the next decade or so, and we’re already seeing it; the generally corrosive and limp atmosphere of the US is very palpable now, as it is throughout Europe as well, especially the UK, which looks to be almost entirely overrun by chavs, mixed-raced brats and other weirdos.

    1. It’s so crazy. I am too mixed race and can say the quality of mixed race children today will be extraordinarily bad. The quality of all children will be atrociously bad. The women who are the progenitors of these children are of amazing low-quality and are usually white. White men in nearly every facet, are the prime targets of these new laws, some will say deservedly so for the all the so-called past years of injustice. Some grains of truth may exist in that, but on the whole if you’re a minority male in the West, whatever laws are geared against white men are geared against us. It is certainly obvious at this point in history, that a certain ethnic group that runs the West, has it out for traditional European civilization. Whites, mostly the women are gladly “progressing” over the cliff. Now that European civilization is collapsed here in America as well (with the numerous aid of white women, wouldn’t have been possible), the new target is Arab and Persian civilization. They are seriously looking to dethrone patriarchy over there and is thus why all of these “women’s rights programs” are suddenly popping up all over the place. Now that the Occident has collapsed, the Orient will be the next target of the next domestic revolutions, and when enough dead Arab and Persian males have been mounted, they will severe the ancient and holy yoke of patriarchy and unleash feminist, nihilistic and materialist hell on their societies as they have here.

      1. True. A visit to the Western-culture, Middle eastern cities (Dubai, Doha, Manama) will actually show the same state of society as you see in the West. The moral corruption of society has already begun there with the influx of feminist westerners and western values . The funny thing to be noted is the eager embracing of western values in these places so as to become first-world wannabes. Expatriate women (western white) already dominate men in these parts of the world. It won’t be long when this disease of wanton social corruption spreads to other adjoining lands from these places. You’d see the gradual collapse of society in these places soon. Great point and prophecy, Lance.

        1. True. Dubai is the whore/prostitution/sex capital of the Middle East, full of desperate white women. Sex sells easily there

        2. Wow. So much for the “femininity” and “traditional” values of East European (Russian/Ukrainian) women. Imagine these women back in their home countries – all decked up proper to “cook meals” for foolish western men seeking a “traditional” bride. While we curse American hoes back home here.
          All women are the same – they just need freedom to show their true colors.

  18. I totally agree! If you were raised by a single mother then position yourself entirely against her. Love her, but never accept those circumstances if she did the initiating (which is most likely). Women can never raise boys into men, I don’t care who they are, not even military play dress up soldier whores. Only fathers and other men can raise boys into men. If a father is dead or away from a young man’s life, his sons should spend time around uncles and grandfathers, and/or be sent to an all-boys military prep academy. Correction, Western Civilization is not undergoing a collapse, it’s already collapsed.
    Also, it must be said, just because a “man” is in a boy’s life, doesn’t mean that he’ll be a decent father. I’ve noticed the many hipster-beta dads in this generation who let their children’s mothers run roughshod over them and call the shots. The state has positioned itself in every legal way possible against fathers, they simply cannot afford to have boys raised by fathers (the sons won’t become compliant agents of our Cultural Marxist state). Children raised under two parent households or even single father households do extraordinarily better in every statistical way than children being raised by single mothers. Society cannot afford single mothers, they are an absolute burden on the public, fiscally and criminally. However, the cost America’s masters are willing to pay to keep any semblance of patriarchy from taking hold again, justifies the costs and means. Our discontent comes from on-high, by those who run this system. Unless the goal is to challenge them, everything pretty much at this point is about survival as men and potential fathers/fathers. This is just a much fancier version of the Gulag Archipelago.
    Also I want you all to notice something in this country, women are a much more privileged class in America than children. Notice, how you can corporally disci

  19. Using Mike Tyson to illustrate the importance of having a present father, is a bit of a stretch. Seeing as he barely was aware of who his dad actually was.
    And while D’Amato obviously did great things for Tyson, so undoubtedly did Tyson’s no doubt uber alpha brawler king dad. Also, Tyson was genuinely special. Obviously so, to those with an eye for boxing talent. That’s why D’Amato took him under his wing. A kid like that, like someone building a functioning nuclear bomb in his mom’s basement, WILL be cared for, even if he doesn’t have a present father.
    What makes a present father unique, is that he care for his kid even if the kid isn’t some world beating superhero. Simply because the kid is his. And for the vast, vast majority of children, this is what they need. Being kicked out in the street or living with a single mom, is NOT OK, just because in some corner case, some one in a million prodigy is picked up by a talent scout who turns him into a superstar.

  20. This article has a classic logical error called Affirming the Consequent, mistaking a necessary condition for a
    sufficient one. Fathers alone are necessary but not sufficient for men to do well. Society is so broken that many fathers that are still married and around are at best useless to their sons and at worst damaging.
    Funny that these “Alpha” men were essentially made by “Greater Beta” fathers. So is it that we should become betas to raise the next generation of boys better? Going Beta has a whole set of other risks that we will not take.
    How great really are the Alphas cited in this article raised by their beta fathers? We all aspire to and some of us live this alpha lifestyle, but it is really consistent with a society that we wish existed. Money made in a Roman Coliseum style way, selling consumption to low income youths, womanizing, sport stardom, avoidance of productive labor, money worship; are these things the result of good parenting, maybe. Yes, they are the product of discipline, but they will not build a society or preserve it. They followed their dreams, but there is a caveat.
    Until those actions that lead to a moral and stable society are alpha, we will see alphas chose the path to wine, women and wealth. I made this choice as did many here, but we know that the fact that something is necessary, perhaps even right, does not make it good.

  21. Yeah, and let’s not forget about T.O.’s spectacular failures in the playoffs.
    long bitched that if he’d played on a good team, he’d lead them to a
    championship. Then, when the Eagles specifically hired him to finally
    win the NFC conference championship and get to the Super Bowl (at that
    point, the Eagles had been to 2 or 3 NFC conference championships in a
    row and failed to win the game)….T.O. shirked out like girl, claiming
    an “injury” kept him from playing–an injury Jerry Rice would have
    walked off to play in the game.
    Then, when the Eagles won the NFC
    championship with T.o. on the sidelines, in the Super Bowl, after
    trying to cow out again, T.O. suddenly said he could play…only to be a
    nonentity in the entire game. I mean, when you have the numbers that
    T.O. had, and the 2nd receiver is the incredibly weak Freddie Mitchell,
    you’d think Donovon McNabb would be shooting the ball at T.O. all day.
    Wrong, T.O. choked. And disappeared to nothingness a few years later.
    of greats failed to play great in great games. Jordan was plagued
    early with not being able to beat the Pistons. But Jordan didn’t quit;
    he worked his ass off, bought into Jackson’s game plans, and finally
    became the man.
    Jordan rose to meet and beat his challenges, never giving in. T.O. ran away like a little girl.
    Game, set, match, fathers

  22. Of all the alphas that had fathers, Derek Jeter stands out. It is not surprising that his father had the smarts to be a doctor. His father passed those smarts on to his son, Derek. Of all the failures that have done widespread harm, one only had to look at one fatherless man – Barack Obama.
    How many of us could use the vaginas of supermodels and actresses like Jeter, then cast them aside so easily in favor of the next hot commodity vagina? How many of us could rotate through so many prime vaginas, avoid children, and avoid getting snagged into marriage?
    Doing that not only takes an elite athlete but an elite alpha male. And, even more, it required being trained from a young age to put women into proper perspective. Only his intelligent father could have done that. The example must have been set in Jeter’s childhood home, where his mother was kept in her proper place. Throughout those years, his intelligent father must have explained many of the realities of where society was heading to the young Jeter. His father must have done so on both a conscious and an unconscious level (he had the training to do that). On top of all of that, Jeter is incredibly intelligent – he realizes that getting mixed up on the media is a game for losers, because the media is designed to chew of elite males, not praise them. So, he uses the media to serve him, dong so very carefully, and otherwise keeps it out of his life.
    Never married, all of Jeter’s wealth belongs exclusively to him. No bitch will ever get their greedy hands on it. All the women that have rotated (under his control) through his life have served him and not the other way around.
    Jeter is the man that all American men should look up to and aspire to emulate. All American fathers should aspire to be like Dr. Jeter, telling their sons the truths and realities that they will only hear from a father. My guess is that Jeter will chose to have a child somewhere around the age of 50, and that child will be a son. He will probably have that son with a woman that is not American, but from a conservative culture.
    Personally, I can’t claim to have accomplished anything close to what Derek Jeter has accomplished. I can site one example of what my father said to me that has been most valuable to me: “Women can turn their emotions on and off like a faucet.” That was said by the father of daughters to a boy with younger sisters. I have never forgotten it. It was a nugget of wisdom that I could only have heard in the safe and trusting bond between a father and son. The telling of such a truth is not allowed anywhere else in our society. My mother never would have told me that truth because she could not even recognize it about herself or my sisters.
    The importance of fathers was well understood in America up until somewhere in the 1960’s. Within a decade or two, it was completely denied. Until, finally, we end up with a President of the United States who grew up fatherless.
    Most people are still lost in mist of media when it comes to Obama. What, with a homosexual male as the top anchor on CNN and feminized males and masculine females on MSNBC. Fox News is purely partisan so hard to trust with deeper insights.
    But, when Obama is out of office and the media has moved on to the next sociopath to occupy the White House, the truth of Obama will gradually come out.
    He is a man that never had a father. His mother screwed up his mind. He had a domineering bitch of a wife and he was physically incapable or producing a son (evolution is smart and knows when not to produce a male heir).
    He was an indecisive president, walked over by male alphas on the global stage. Even the big things he tried to do (Obamacare) were a colossal failure, in large part because he thought his mouth could get it done (thinking like a woman), when in reality it took the hard work of a man. That hard work was not something he understood to be required. He misread alpha males from around the world. The only way he was comfortable projecting power was in the passive aggressive manner of using drones hidden away high up in the sky. He did not understand that to impose will and fear on enemies requires over-whelming force imposed face-to-face.
    Our sick society has produced the ultimate failure of a president. Our only hope as a society is that we recognize this failure quickly and reverse course.
    But, alas, this will not happen. It will take 50-100 years for our society to get out of denial. By then, historians will only be writing books about the downfall of a once great super power. They will not be explaining to the United States how to reverse course because a third world country cannot reverse anything.
    One cannot predict the future exactly, except that it will be dominated by alpha males. Look to the societies that produce alpha males and put them in leadership positions to have a sense of the countries and cultures that will dominate the future.

    1. Mariah Carey (a skanky older bitch) on his bang list disqualifies Jeter from Alpha status.
      Alphas have high standards/choice when it comes to women – Jeter instead is a high profile cum dispenser who’s rather enjoying his lavish lifestyle, his looks and the chicks he can get because of them. But hey, not holding it against him. He’s doing what most men would do in his position. So cheers to him. But he is not Alpha. Alphas are choosy.

      1. No, alphas are NOT choosy…they use their position of power to spread their seed anywhere and everywhere. Because they can.

        1. Lol.
          If Alphas are not choosy, then who are? Betas? Omegas?
          I thought Betas and Omegas lapped up whatever poon that chose to fuck with them. Alphas on the contrary – choose the poon to fuck with. Lapping up anything and everything is the classic spineless Beta mindset – where the woman chooses them.

  23. The key element here is to think about in the absence of the father, what next? there’s a shortage of peers, role look upon….you can’t exactly get another father to “be your father” if your not the offspring…the solution needs to go back to civilization, structures of society that prove MENtorship – if a redpill church can befound let it be that…

    1. True. So many men have biological fathers, but role model fathers.
      Reason? Fathers are blue pill Betas. A blue pill Beta father will ingrain in his son blue pill concepts, to raise an eventual Beta. A thing which mothers already do in modern society.
      Modern fathers, being blue pill themselves, cannot provide MENtorship.
      A redpill church founded by redpill fathers, could fulfill that role.

      1. exactly, one thing the ROK community needs to do is start grouping articles with articles…theory w/theory and start pooling these aggregate online thoughts to the central themes of the journey we are all leading and that’s circulating i) men need to be men ii) frameworks and checks and balances that are needed to promote Family iii) theories to hold these values together…our next articles need to highlight and provide analysis of each one against the other and see which one holds in light…

  24. Having dumb luck in the genetic lottery for physical ability doesn’t make you alpha. Only retards and omega bitches think that way. Mentality makes you alpha.

    1. Does mentality alone get you laid? It can help, but I still think that the pretty boy with no personality and whose vocabulary consists of only “hurr” and “durr” will do better initially than the fugly dude with alpha mentality and shit genetics. The former might get played more often, but he’s probably going to get more play too.

      1. Yes but who ever said that women are the judge of what is alpha or not? Again, that’s omega bitch thinking. Remember that millions of girls around the US were absolutely in love with Justin Bieber. And that included a lot of grown women too. Herd mentality trumps everything, even tingles.

  25. I listen to The Herd radio show on ESPN. One recurring theme on the show which it’s host, Colin Cowherd, always brings up is how athletes that grow up with fathers are more successful. He’s mentioned before the three examples cited in this post. There are two other notable athletes not mentioned, who BTW played in this years Superbowl winning team. They are Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson.
    Most of us are probably familiar with Russell Wilson’s father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III. He’s an attorney who attended Ivy League Dartmouth, and played football and baseball there.
    Richard Sherman’s father, Kevin, may not have Wilson’s remarkable resume. But, arguably he’s accomplished more in terms of where he’s come from and how he provided a better future for his son. Kevin Sherman grew up in Compton, LA. Despite being a talented althete, Kevin Sherman and his highschool friend became gangbangers. Sherman’s father got out of the game after he was shot twice in the chest and his friend died in a shooting. Swearing never let his children make his mistakes, he left behind his life of crime and got a job driving a garbage truck. He’s done it for the past 20 years, getting up at 3:45 in the morning everyday, so his son could get an education. Richard Sherman went to Stanford

  26. “Feminists and egalitarians are always quick to point out the exceptions to the rule as “proof” that fathers are unnecessary.”
    Replace “feminists and egalitarians” with “Roissy acolyte pump and dumpers” and you are onto something, dear old chap!

  27. I’m reading a lot of these comments about white guys being afraid of losing white women to “Alpha” black guys. I’ m here to say that white guys really have nothing to worry about.
    First of all, the white women I see with black dudes are of the bottom tier, trailer park variety. If you see a white woman with a black guy; she is a 7 or lower. The 8 and higher white women in America are still dating white guys. Average white guys I may add.
    If you see a top tier white woman with a black dude, you best believe that brotha has access to some level of fame, money, and connections.
    Long story short, average white guys have a better shot at top tier white women than average black guys do. You white guys on this site have nothing to worry about. You are still at the top of the SMV Food Chain all over the globe.

    1. Agreed. White men are still holding down the lion’s share of beautiful white women so white guys can relax because they’re still winning. I don’t at all agree that all white women who who associate with black men are Bowsers but I would love to tag AT LEAST 90% of those girls with FLBP on but I just don’t see it happening because they still listen to Journey and only date white guys.

      1. frankly, the black guys that can tap the absolute top of the heap white girls are absolutely top of the heap themselves. Socially, white chicks KNOW that they are downgrading their own social status by tapping the black, so if they aren’t a major celebrity, a billionaire, a sports icon or the ruler of a nation, they know that going for a bit of ivory is going to land them with tattooed trailer trash.
        Frankly, I think black guys should go for asian chicks. They are more submissive, more obedient, won’t lose status, and are a lot less likely to try and ‘trade up’ for a low-status white guy. Plus they are tight as hell.
        I am going to be really offensive for a second here… most inner city black girls are fucking UGLY and amazingly stupid. I don’t blame you for preferring white girls, even the trashy ones. I don’t know what weird genetic flavoring makes attractive black guys wind up with daughters that look like whoopi goldberg, but I have been to Kenya, Nigeria, south africa, and the gold coast… And african girls are often absolutely lovely… I don’t know how cities like detroit got stuck with the monster ghetto booty crap they are stuck with now. If you are looking to find a black girl to be the mother of your children, import one from Nigeria… all we have here are fucking brain dead kongs. Then again, I wouldn’t look for a decent white girl in detroit either.

        1. Are you serious? I go for Asian chicks; that’s what I like, but Asian girls often trade up for White guys and wouldn’t give a Black man the time of day. I wouldn’t call Asian women submissive or obedient necessarily either, as even many White guys will attest to.
          I will say that the Asian girls that I have been with are vastly superior to the majority of White women that I could have been with, but I am biased with yellow fever, and I am not a famous or gangsta-type Black guy.

        2. I define ‘asian’ as ‘continental asia’. China, Cambodia, Thailand, Korean, et. al.
          If I am talking islanders, I will say Japanese, Singaporan, or Phillipinos.. They are VERY separate, socially and appearance-wise, from continentals. Japanese girls socially tend to be very submissive (if a bit boring), Singaporans have a huge cross-section of personality types, and Flips are the trailer trash of the south China sea.

        3. « Socially, white chicks KNOW that they are downgrading their own social status by tapping the black, so if they aren’t a major celebrity, a billionaire, a sports icon or the ruler of a nation, they know that going for a bit of ivory is going to land them with tattooed trailer trash. »
          This is too true. Porn stars can’t even fuck black dudes without taking a pay cut.
          « Frankly, I think black guys should go for asian chicks. They are more submissive, more obedient, won’t lose status, and are a lot less likely to try and ‘trade up’ for a low-status white guy. Plus they are tight as hell. »
          I agree wholeheartedly. I would love to date an Asian chick but finding one willing to sleep with a black guy is like finding a four-leaf clover. I don’t think I’ve personally known any black guys who have nailed an Asian chick and I have a pretty big network.
          « I am going to be really offensive for a second here…most inner city black girls are fucking UGLY and amazingly stupid. »
          I’m not offended in the slightest. I don’t really understand it either: Ethiopian women are gorgeous, Eritrean women are knockouts, I’ve even met a few East African girl that made me want to leg sweep my own mother but American black girls don’t really measure up to girls from the Motherland.
          « …if you are really intent on going for white american girls, try a ‘superliberal’ place like seattle, san francisco, or daytona or ft. lauderdale during spring break… »
          You’re not the first person to tell me that but I’ve had a ton of fun with conservative Southern girls too. Definitely fucked a Southern girl with enormous cans in a parking garage outside of a Charlotte nightclub once, way back when which, was pretty amazing. Her sister was irate when she got to the car. I’ve nailed so many girls from the East Coast and the Midwest that Southern girl may just be a new experience to me.

        4. I understand that. but you gotta admit, Flips are so damned easy to nail that if you are just in a bad mood and don’t want to have to work at it, you can get a flip 7 (few though they are) for about the same effort you could get a white 4.
          Sometimes you just need an ego boost.

        5. actually, I will agree with ethiopean girls IF they had adequate nutrition. Malnourishment makes a lot of inner-country ethiopeans absolutely retarded, and I mean that in a disabled way, not an insulting one.
          It really is amazing to visit Africa and SEE the difference between girls who lived on unicef sludge and girls who were adequately nourished with actual meat and vegetables. Kinda makes you wish that Britain would have colonized the place and slapped down the warlords long enough to grow a generation of SMART native kids to run the place. Just to see what would happen.
          malnutrition breeds malnutrition… but charity has never worked to fight it. Only Conquest has.

  28. With Bridget Moynahan, Brady fell into a classic trap–when you’re 30 and you are tapping some sweet 37 y.o. ass, life if good. But when your g/f is quoted in the papers as saying she wants to have a family–and she’s thirty-fucking-SEVEN–you’d better make sure you are using condoms b/c her biological clock is going like a trip hammer. There’s no way she’s going to upgrade YOU, even if you are upgrading her, so when you’re enjoying some sweet breakup sex, don’t leave any swimmers behind….

  29. One of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Larry Bird all some of the best bball players without fathers (along with 72% of black athletes, if you apply the overall black population’s single parent statistic.) Musicians growing up without a father: Jay-z, 2pac, 50 cent…real beta dudes. Arod? Highest paid baseball player of all time, sex symbol, and didnt suck/lose his money….so not alpha! Obama and Bill Clinton are totally beta too! Losing cred with this article.

  30. New to the red pill. The last thing I need is to ponder about things I cannot change. Yes, I grew up without my father. But so what? he was and still is a weak man. No, gent’s I have to take responsibility for my life. No excuses. This boy is now seeing the man he is and was all along. Yes I grew up without a father. But I was born a MAN. A MAN!
    Now I’m working up my courage to face the man I see in the mirror, shape him up, evolve his mind, to face this world of bountiful women.
    I accept the wrong doings of my past, so that I may now begin to unlearn all the bad beta habits I have ingrained. It’s going to take time, it’s going to be rough, and if I feel I need advice, all I have to do is read RoK, or find my nearest library, thousands of books exist, written by the true men of yesteryear, just waiting to be read.
    So yes I grew up without a father. But you know what, that is completely meaningless to a man that was in search for the red pill, I was going to find that F’n pill no matter what.

  31. There are other examples too: look at Peyton and Eli Manning, both guys who know how to handle their business in Jeter-esque ways. They both grew up with a strong dad, Archie.
    Also, I don’t think the case of Lebron refutes the overall point you’ve made. At a young age, Lebron escaped the mess his mother lived in by moving in with his basketball coach, Frank Walker, giving him a strong father figure to look to.
    “The Walkers had three children, and James shared a room with Frankie Walker Jr., a football teammate who would become one of his best friends. It was James’ first experience with what, years later, he would call “a real family.” The Walkers were hard workers with 9-to-5 jobs — Frank at the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority and his wife, Pam, in the offices of a local congressman. James had to clean the bathroom every other weekend. Frank cut LeBron’s hair every Saturday afternoon, and Pam baked German chocolate cake for his birthday. They made James wake up at 6:30 a.m. for school and finish his homework before practicing basketball, which was now the in-season sport. Frank taught him how to dribble and how to shoot lefthanded layups. He signed up James to play for a 9-year-old team and enlisted him as an assistant coach for 8-year-olds, believing that coaching would accelerate his basketball learning curve. “You could see his skills getting better at Frank’s house literally every day,” Kelker says.”

  32. This is one of the best ROK articles I have ever read. Me and my father talked about Jeter/A-Rod and the impact of a father a while back, too. It’s amazing what the difference amounts to.
    I know you ROK writers get a lot of hate, but keep on putting out gold like this. It is a nice reprieve from the BS that is modern feminized America. This article makes the lion in me want to raise up to roar again.

  33. the time spent in the garage, with my father and my uncle were worth every moment. No video games, no internet, minimal T.V. The best education I ever got outside of school, which for a few critical classes was mostly a waste of time, again except for several strong male teachers that took me under their wing and taught me what I would need to know later in life, in my trade, and life in general. Yes mom was there too, critical support from the women in the family, mom, aunts, etc. but I would not be where I am today if it not for the strong male guiding influence in my life. They were the best.

  34. Fictional character, but Harvey from Suits also had a father his whole life 😉

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