Immigrants Who Skipped Work To Support Immigration Became Upset When Subsequently Fired

In a move of solidarity, the left (those of them with employment, that is) decided to not work last Thursday in something called “A Day Without Immigrants.” Purportedly to make the economy take a small hit for a day and make us feel the absence of immigrants, their families, and their sympathizers financially, it was supposed to make us have a higher value in our minds of them.

Problem is, some people got the sack for walking off the job, other people just got pissed off when they had to cover for their activist coworkers, and the rest of us just didn’t notice. Today, we’re going to talk about why this Day Without Immigrants is not only not the right thinking for the leftists to be having, but why it is precisely the wrong thinking as well.

Skipping work to protest

Among the participants in this day without immigrants were 18 employees of a painting company in Nashville, TN. They informed their supervisors that they would be skipping work to do the protesting, and the company informed them that they were fired. One fired worker was upset that they were not allowed to remain employed and make up the work on a Sunday.

Knowing that the above wishes are not exactly how the business world works, the company responded that, nothing doing with peaceful protesting, the 18 employees decided to not meet their obligations to the business’s clients, and, in the interest of fairness to the employees that actually showed up to work, they had to be terminated.

This fundamental lack of common understanding that these people who skipped work to protest, and the left, especially the young left, have showcases a misconception that they have about the rest of us.

No one here has a problem with immigration

The left delights in the use of straw men arguments. I think the reasoning behind it is twofold; firstly, much of the left’s arguments make no sense at all, so they have to find something easier to defend, and, secondly, bearing that in mind, it is the party of the intellectually weak.

The straw man at play here is that “the right, the rich, the whites, the Christians, and the men” hate immigrants because they are something different; i.e. liberal, poor, brown, Muslim, or a woman and that ALL immigrants are equally hated regardless of their immigration status.

This is done by focusing on the demographics of the individuals in question at the moment, instead of more important things like their ethics and underlying motivation, and also by blurring the conversation via biased language like “undocumented immigrant,” which implies that this person, here illegally, is actually a great person who is immigrating legally; it’s just that the paperwork got delayed, instead an “illegal alien,” which is what the actual term for the legal status of the person is.

This country was founded on immigrants. My great-grandparents took the boat through Ellis Island and became citizens by not only swearing an oath to the USA, but also against their native country. They came here legally, through due process, wanted to become Americans, did so, and lived law abiding, productive lives afterwards. Millions of Americans have the same stories.

What we do have a problem with is “Dash-Americanism” and Illegal Entry

Ever notice how no one is just an American anymore? African Americans, Islamic Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans? Seems like the only actual Americans are white people; the terms Caucasian American and European American never took off, and Appalachian American just translates to redneck.

You don’t need a cool term to be different, anyone can see where you’re from by what you look like, and I thought equality meant that it didn’t matter anyway. The problem with all this is divided loyalty; I’m going to quote Teddy “Big Stick” Roosevelt here:

There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all … The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic … There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.

The problem with “dash-Americanism” is that you can’t totally be trusted. This works on a micro- and a macro- scale. Micro- would be when you have a complaint at work and the HR person and the complainer are the same race while you are a different one and the outcome is affected by that. Or when someone is not a permanent citizen and send their paycheck home to their families in their home country. Macro- would be when an entire people start moving here and are united by a common creed or religion and consider you the enemy.

The other problem is illegal entry. If you are already a criminal by breaking laws to come here, even though you may have rationalized it as the right thing to do, what’s to stop you from breaking more laws? The citizenship process is not onerous, people have been doing it for years. One must presume that illegals are either hiding criminal backgrounds, have no valuable skills, or don’t want to pay taxes.

Missing work shows your true colors

The problem with arbitrarily taking a day off, even if you used a vacation day (and I bet most of them just skipped work) is not that you are showing solidarity with the immigrants, it’s that you’re showing your ass to your coworkers and employers.

I didn’t notice much because I was on a deadline for a technical document, but my employer got hit by people just being “peace, I’m out!” and skipping a day. Building cars is a team activity, and we plan for only a certain percentage to take vacation at a time, plus factor in for people being legitimately ill and out because of it.

The statement that taking off from work and leaving your coworkers to struggle to get the job done says that you care more about “dash-Americans” than Americans en total, and also that you have no problem breaking the rules when you see fit while expecting no consequences to come to you. If that sounds like the problem that the rest of America already has with the “immigrant issue,” that I described above; it’s because it is. You signed up to do a job; no one cares about your ancestry;  you bailed on your people; get fired.


America’s standards haven’t changed. We want good immigrants who will be loyal to the country, law abiding, and productive. It’s cool to hold onto your roots, but you have to leave militant Islam, La Raza, or whatever sort of third world trouble you have behind, because if you don’t, it’s not America not giving you a fair deal—it’s you not giving us one.

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  1. “A Day Without Immigrants”? (Be A Bum Day) I didn’t notice a difference.
    America has more of one thing than everywhere else, victims. There are more professional victims in America than anywhere else in the universe. Victims are always going to be unhappy because they are after all, victims. Democrats are the victims party and misery loves company so the best to do is import millions more like minded victims to vote democrat, then they can sit around and argue about who has been victimized the most.

  2. Illegal immigration is illegal (duh), so why anybody at all on any side of the issue has a problem acknowledging this can only be due to utter dishonesty.

    This country was founded on immigrants.

    Actually this nation was founded on war and wiping out the people who were here previously who, gosh look at that, had no immigration policies and were totally open border.
    AFTER they were dealt with, sent to reservations and marginalized THEN we started the whole legal immigration channels type setup. But not a minute before.
    This is not weeping over the fate of the red man. He went to war with us, and we won. That’s how war works.
    About damned time we shook the sleep out of our eyes and realize that now it’s *us* that are being colonized and sent to a war over the same stupid open borders policies.

    1. “He went to war with us, and we won. That’s how war works.”
      This seems to be much harder for people to grasp than it should be doesn’t it? Outside of Japan who recognized when they were beat and learned to have a first world economy and play baseball pretty fucking quickly, I can’t think of anyone who really fucking understands this.

      1. So much of life, politics and philosophy would be greatly simplified if we injected harsh reality and harsh truths into them AND didn’t shy away from acknowledging them.

        1. it really would. If I have to hear about how some nation or army that was totally decimated was really superior one more time I am just going to cash in my chips. Japan knew they were fucking beat and look at them now. Without turning into total fucking cucked out faggots like the germans or totally irrelevant nobodies like the Italians, they did what they were told and are now one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world — plus, they produce serious big league pitching.

        2. all smoke and mirrors on their pitchers. They cant pitch from the set position. all herky jerky windup voodoo, thats all the got.
          Yu Darvish is half Iranian, so he doesnt count

        3. Fair enough and usually after the first season of them guys will watch enough film to be able to hit them on command….however, they pitch a shit load better than I do.

        4. I have a good story involving strippers and catching gear, but its so specific I would probably reveal my identity

        5. lol. you fucking turds really know how to look past the meaning of a comment and focus on the absurd minutia. This is really the reason I am here.

        6. We can talk some more about how specious atheism is, if that would make you feel better.

        7. That’s why I don’t like when people complain about what the Nazis did to the Jews or what the Jews do to the Muslims now. Might makes right. Don’t like it get stronger.

        8. Why do you think the Germans became cucked out faggots? Clearly you’re saying this was the aftermath of WW2. What happened? I’m not disagreeing, just curious on your take.

        9. I am sure there are people here who could explain it much better than I could….politics aren’t exactly my AOS. I am sure there are dozens, if not hundreds of reasons. Being two time losers in the world conquering game in a pretty short period of time probably had a little something to do with it.

        10. WW1 wasn’t about Germans conquering the world in any sense, but WW2 yeah clearly.

        11. fair enough. Still, being two time losers in a few short years can’t have helped. Like I said, I am as far from a war historian as is possible and politics isn’t my thing, however, getting your ass handed to you in two huge wars in the course of like 30 years probably is a bad idea for anyone.

        12. It sure as hell will reduce your viable breeding stock of actual masculine men, that’s for certain. Their dads were killed in WW1 so Junior grew up, became a Nazi soldier and died and boom, end of the line for any real chance at a Y chromosome that wasn’t born pre-cucked.

        13. see that makes a lot of sense to me. It strikes me that if instead of being all Nazish, Germany would have focused on Americanizing like the Japanese did it might have paid dividends.

        14. This actually goes a long way in answering @disqus_639J1Cep5J:disqus question I think. Whatever small bit of masculinity survived after WW I was pretty much mulched after WW II and that, in no small way, must have had something to do with the current state of faggotry going on over there now.

        15. In the aftermath of WWII, West Germany invited and naturalized large numbers of Turkish men in order to rebuild. The effects of this have amplified over time.

        16. That’s also very true. That was a huuuuuggeee mistake.
          Give the Germans credit on all the engineering stuff, and on an individual soldier level they’ve always been badass, but their decision making skills regarding domestic and foreign policies has always been atrocious, and this includes when they were 300+ silly little kingdoms with no meta level leadership.

        17. ha. yeah makes sense there too. The way I figure it is that big things, the kind of things that change nations and continents, usually have dozens and dozens of interrelated causes creating a mesh of circumstances which leads to the current state and the removal or alteration of any of them would change things in some way or another.

        18. The only book I ever read on WW2 was Action Comics #43. I got them all from kick as torrents. All I know for sure is that Supes doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his role in the war.

          But on a serious note, the Supes. I didn’t read Action Comics. I read Mad magazine growing up with a strong focus on the Mad-libs and the mind blowing fold-in pictures.

        20. fold in pics in mad were a rite of passage. I have only read the comics as an adult once I got them off of bit torrent sites for free.

        21. you flip thru them on an ipad I assume? Man, there were a lot of fuct up comix prior to creation of a comic book code, Id love to read those 1950s ones

        22. To be fair, Mad-libs got a lot of historical stuff wrong. I’m pretty sure George Washington didn’t ___dance___ across the Delaware ___tree____, and Abraham Lincoln didn’t ___jump___ the ___Jazzercise___ Proclamation to end ___watermelons____.

        23. Alternatively they should have finished with their internal plans before looking to expand. I mean how dumb is it to have slaves or prisoners of war building your weapons? In any case they weren’t going to Americanize because they were all about the socialism. Even had the entirety of America and Europe just given up and joined up, the entire system would have soviet unioned by now.

        24. sure do. There is one torrent that had like the first 50 years of DC comics and took all of about 10 minutes to download. I use the free program Calibur to organize books, comical or otherwise.

        25. “In any case they weren’t going to Americanize because they were all about the socialism”
          It is amazing how quick your politics change after two major cities see the business end of a 15 kiloton atomic bomb.

        26. Good point. A large portion of the smug sneering Leftist pateena we have in the States comes from those Americans who attended German schools in the early 1800’s and brought the “If you don’t have my education, you brute farmer Americans, then you’re idiots incapable of reason” bullshit back with them. Eventually we lost track of that coming from the German kingdom universities and it became simply part and parcel of the Leftist personality.
          The fuck is wrong with Germans anyway, with all that collectivist bullshit?

        27. It took them a while to know they were beat- 2 atomic bombs and hundreds of thousands of dead and terribly injured.

        1. hey, at least they figured it out. You could nuke downtown berline twice a day for the next 10 years and there would still be people talking about German military superiority. Knowing when you have been beat is a very, very good quality.

        2. Here’s the thing- if they hadnt been bled out on the eastern front, theyd have likely whooped on the USA & UK ground forces something fierce. We stepped in after Russia took the brunt.

        3. See, this is the thing I am talking about. Ifs and woulds and coulds and in the end they got their kraut asses handed to them and no matter how much talking about what if things were different anyone does it won’t change that fact. We can sit here and talk all about how the Buffalo Bills could have been 4 time superbowl champions, but in reality they are irrelevant clowns…..

        4. If the US/UK hadn’t pressed them with a massive bombing campaign they could have retained air supremacy on the eastern front and the USSR would have had much tougher going if they could have won at all.

      2. Yes. Play ball, or get off the fucking field and make room for those who came to play — play by the rules, lest they be disqualified from the prize. (think I read something akin to that in the Bible)

    2. The idea that any number of people can enter the U.S. at any time because this country was founded on immigrants has got to be the stupidest argument I have ever heard.

      1. An interesting fact about the Revolutionary War is that a lot of the Patriot forces were financed by pirates and piracy. Which is cool. But using Leftist logic, this means that today, since the nation was founded on Piracy, that piracy is perfectly peachy and anybody can launch a skiff and loot other ships in our seas on a whim, without repercussion.

        1. Im surprised they arent offended by being called migrants. makes em sound like animals, bison or canadian geese

        2. Similarly, our nation was also heavily dependent on a slave economy for a large portion of its early history. Ergo, anyone who wants to own slaves these days should be able to.

        3. I’ve just had this image of some guys dressed up in Pirate gear sailing out towards a huge cargo freighter……
          That’s what I could never understand about the Somali Pirates…. how the fuck did they ever get onto those things…. they’re fucking huge!!!

      2. It always sounded to me just like a larger scale version of the less successful person complaining about why the more successful person has more than him and making any excuse to why he should have some too.
        Fact is white Europeans came and got here first, build a successful society unlike any that the world had even seen, so everyone else who is envious wants to come up with a reason why they should be able to come and partake of our success.

    3. i’ve heard the useful idiot communists making statements that there should be no capital ownership as we stole the land from the Indians initially; so we don’t own it…
      It is war – conquest.Now a capital system. get over it – I say.
      They make squishy arguments which actually boil down to them taking by force middle class possessions…
      all delusional and hypocritical.
      and will end in hot war

      1. The argument of “original ownership” is silly on its face. Nothing on earth dealing with human property is owned by the “original” humans who claimed it first since they are all literally wiped out, or assimilated into other peoples. Across the globe. That “argument” is little more than a roundabout way of upholding the Marxist notion that property is all theft and thus nobody should own property. And it’s not even particularly clever.

        1. hence the apt label “useful idiots”
          2 types of communists:
          the brain-washers, and the brainwashed.

        2. so you are saying that I can’t go back to the store I bought my new shoes at last week and demand my money back because it was originally mine and they are just unlawful occupiers of my currency?

        3. You put it better than I ever have.
          All I’ve done is used some little-known history to challenge the narrative. I’ll explain about the Olmec people, then observe that they were wiped out centuries before we got here by a people that seems to have come over some time in the late BC period.
          Or I’ll ask how long it takes to become a Native American. The current French have only held France for, what, 800 or so years? But they’ve been considered French for at least the last 600. Ergo, since I’ve got ancestors who were at Jamestown 400 years ago, am I a native American yet?

        4. Of all the shit I do this is what you want a video of. lol. Man, priorities.

        5. If you want to go with a body cam, I can get a production team in place and we can monetize this with a 24-hour live streaming site. The only question is if we want to go with an ad-supported or subscription model. Maybe both.

        6. I bet dollars to doughnuts I could sell a subscription to a go pro if I wanted.

        7. Life is cold hard reality. Everywhere you tromp some other dude claimed it at one time. You can spend your days wailing and crying about “in-just-uhhsss” or you can get a fucking grip and move on with life.
          The shit us bored silly Westerners fret over is so detached from reality that it’s not even funny.

        8. The problem is they have no strategy of sharing everything, hence their government should hand out everything
          All wars & conflicts are based on efficiency, if there are no efficient distribution channels, people resort to greed, corruption & war
          This is why capitalism & socialism are failures, as theyre designed to exploit inefficiencies, not fix or optimise inefficiencies in a society
          This is essentially why we have elites & gangs of criminals, the current systems of capitalism & socialism, are all designed to exploit the problems of not having an automated highly optimised, system of distribution of resources & wealth

      2. Especially that comment from one high placed communist that, “you know that company you built? You didn’t build it.”

    4. Who gives a shit who was here first, what matters is WHO BUILT THE COUNTRY
      America is a european country, first & foremost. For over 300 years america was 99% white. The majority of slaves owned by european americans, were irish, not black
      America was built on the backs of Irish slaves & european settlers, 99% white.
      Blacks arrived much later
      No native indian has built ONE skyscraper, no mexican or black has ever given a shit about white people
      Native indians, mexicans & blacks, have NEVER given a shit about white people
      FUCK native indians, mexicans & blacks, fuck them all back to their shit hole 3rd world shit holes
      You want handouts? RETURN to your countries & REBUILD your own countries. Take up arms against your corrupt mafia governments, goto civil war if you have to, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WHITE PEOPLE HAD TO DO
      Fuck native indians, mexicans & blacks, fuck these maggots & leeches & parasites, the whole lot of them …

      1. The richest man ever was black. Also, they tried to rebuild their governments but weren’t allowed to: see what happened to Gadaffi when he went against the petrodollar system in favor of gold and oil among African nations?
        “Take up arms against your corrupt mafia governments, goto civil war if you have to, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WHITE PEOPLE HAD TO DO” And the prize for the most corrupt nation in the world goes to….America!

        1. I meant the people have to rise up & goto civil war. Have their own standing army like the swedes where everyone has a gun.
          Mexican, muslim countries & africans, are too busy being domesticated drones instead of rising up against the 3rd world shit holes they live in
          When you have mexicans walking past open sewage & their streets filled with shit & faece’s, & not giving a shit, they are the problem
          Dont even get me started on disgusting africans & their diseased hell holes …

        2. Civil war, although always an option, is often not successful in the long term. This is because the people want change but do not change themselves: they will end up with a new corrupt leader, as they themselves are corrupt. See Arab Spring.
          Yes but the ones that do rise up are quickly killed. There is a lot of uprising there, hence the large amounts of violence. There was an article years ago of targeted killings of professors in Iraq during the war: another method to ensure greater proportions of low level people.
          Perhaps they care but such a state has become normalized due to greater problems. As an analogy, look at the US: No one cares that their own rights and property are taken away for the sake of killing people around the world, but that’s the new normal for that society. There was a picture of people clearing war zones and tossing kids bodies like garbage: new normal.
          The people are to blame but so is the US: if they can exert this much control over the US, they can and do exponentially worse to others for their resources, and damn the consequences, via puppets and warfare.

        3. Exactly. Gadaffi was threatening the so-called elite and various rackets. For that he was taken out. None of the world leaders gave two shits about terrorist acts he supported 30 plus years ago. They took him out because he threatened the oil deals certain forces in France wanted, because he was attempting to create a gold African currency, and lastly because he was playing the role of benevolent dictator and building useful infrastructure. These are all sins against the world order.
          This isn’t a defense of Gadaffi, it’s not like good men rise to such power, it’s merely pointing out why he was killed.

        4. Yep, that’s essentially what Ron Paul argued. For all his faults, Gadaffi had excellent foresight. He said the US could take any one of them out like the US did to Sadam during a Muslim nation conference (Assad was there and he laughed openly) and that Libya was the wall that stopped terrorists from coming in. And after being attacked, he said Europe will become black.

        5. So basically you agree with me, the people are idiots & end up screwing themselves over …
          The problem is government should be controlled by the community, that way all the money & taxes goes back into the community instead of corporations
          Instead they hand over government to politicians, criminals & crooks

      2. But but they were “indentured servants”. Which was waaaaay better than being a slave. Sarc/ off.
        Yrp. Irish were disposable trash. African slaves were an investment, tools.

        1. Look at it this way. If you had two cars, one you bought, and one you rented and could just drop at the end of the term, which would you treat better? Let me note, never buy a rental car.

      3. As far as I know, no Native American had ever invented a car, an airplane, or a technological device. The only thing they are known for is so remedies and culture.

        1. There were impressive earth work structures in north america that were destroyed in the 19th century so people would have that opinion. Also there are surviving structures in Mexico and further south. Then there are anomalous ruins that point to a high technology in very ancient times. Of course that doesn’t mean the peoples in the areas today had anything to do with them although conventional wisdom says the ruins aren’t that old and the ancestors of the people there created them relatively recently. But their anomalous nature means they aren’t looked into very far. That’s how archeology likes to treat things that don’t fit.

        2. according to mainstream belief nobody was or those that were already there when the Spanish arrived.
          However once mainstream belief is discarded for evidence the americas have seen numerous waves of immigration from various places over a time span much larger period of time. So how is native defined?

        3. Native is usually defined as point of origin, but i define it as who populated & civilised a place
          Also it’s been proven the Aztecs didnt build the pyramids in american … they were there before the Aztecs

        4. Mayans built the pyramids. Aztecs conquered them, bloodthirsty savages.
          If we are talking native human populations as we do plants and other animals, then Africa is the only place that has native human beings, as that is where we evolved as a species. Animals move about the globe a lot. For instance horses and camels evolved in North America, moved to Asia and then died out in North America before the white man came and probably before the red man came. Man evolved in Africa, then all those with any get up and go, got up and went, to more favorable climes in Asia. Then a bunch of Asians (who were Caucasians) were pushed out of their lands (by ethnicities we now recognize as Asian) and migrated to the harsh climates of Ice Age Europe. Other Asians, and maybe some ice age Europeans crossed the ice shelves into North America. Each wave of which pushed earlier waves further south or absorbed into one. Finally, the last major migration was Europeans expanding into the Americas.
          If you look at TFR world wide you will see that in the next 50 years there will be a huge wave of immigration out of Africa. Sub Saharan Africa is the only area with TFR above replacement. Demographics don’t lie and that mass movement of Africans is already baked into the future.

        5. Actually the pyramids pre-date the mayans
          The out of africa myth is a jewish scam, just like evolution
          The pyramids & other ancient structures pre-date the africans & are in fact much older then even the africans …

        6. The aztec pyramids were built by Aztecs. There are however other cities, monuments, structures, and objects created by civilizations long gone by the time the Spanish arrived.
          The people in north america when europeans arrived in force had established social structures and society. It was radically different from how europeans functioned but it worked for them. In fact much of the problems these first waves of europeans had was because their way of life was not well suited for living on the east coast as it was then.

      4. An awful lot of the high steel workers in NYC during the early to mid twentieth century were Native Americans (Indians), so your statement that, No native indian has built ONE skyscraper, is in error.

    5. That comment that “we are a nation of immigrants” annoys me to no end, especially when minority groups use it to try and say that America is up for grabs and anyone can come over here and take a piece.
      We are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of PIONEERS and SETTLERS. Big difference. When America was discovered there was no government, no laws, no infrastructure; Europeans came and established a nation and created an infrastructure (with immigration laws), which people could THEN come and legally immigrate to. To say otherwise is complete hogwash and liberal bullshit. We won the wars, we did all the work of establishing a nation, so we got dibs. Get over it. Every country in the world was founded the exact same way, by discovery or conquest by some group at some point in history. That doesn’t make any other country subscribe to this nation of immigrant nonsense and browbeaten into believing that everyone else is entitled to come and take a slice. That’s like saying that Japan was settled by “immigrants” in 30,000BC so then it’s not really theirs and they owe all of us a piece. Totally ridiculous.
      My ancestors came over in the early 1600’s and helped settle Concord, Massachussetts, with many landmarks there still bearing their name. They didn’t do all that work for Mexican-Americans, Arab-Americans, or whatever race-du-jour group is that wants to take over and replace it with a halal butcher shop or Cinco de Mayo day. Nobody coming here now is settling shit, they want to take what others like my ancestors already built and worked for until they are the majority and white Americans are the minority.

      1. Not to mention that even the Indians who preceded the Europeans who brought civilization to this continent were themselves “immigrants.” They came from Asia of course.
        Then there’s the fact that they too may have been preceded by people from what is the south of France, as well as Aborigines from Australia.

        1. And each wave of “Native Americans” immigrating from Asia or Europe pushed out the prior waves. We Caucasian White Europeans coming after 1492 are just the most recent immigrants.

      2. You do know that there are a bunch of aborigines in Japan called the Ainu people. And guess what, they are Caucasians who had their land taken over by the Asian Japanese conquerors.

        1. Yes, that’s exactly my point. But nobody says “waaaaaaah, the Ainu were taken over by the Japanese, so Japan is a nation of immigrants and that means we all deserve to come over and plant our own flag, waaaaahhh”….

    6. This country was founded by citizens, not immigrants.
      The North American landmass was settled by colonists (not immigrants – words mean things). These colonists then revolted, expressly rejecting their countries of origin, and fought a war to start their own, new country. They stopped being colonists at that point and became citizens of this new country: America.
      Immigrants contributed to the development and growth of the country over the years. That’s true and we should recognize and respect that. But we as a country of citizens allowed legal immigrants to come in and be part of our country to enrich it, for the benefit of America, not for the benefit of the immigrants or their countries of origin.
      There have been times when our country has taken in refugees (not immigrants – again, words mean things) out of our own compassion for those refugees and their situations. Many of these refugees also had a positive impact on our country.
      Now, we as citizens of America are recognizing that waves of illegal immigrants and refugees are having a detrimental effect on our country and our fellow citizens. We recognize that many of the people coming to our country that are described as “immigrants” and “refugees” are neither of these things. Many of them expressly flaunt our laws and pledge allegiance to other countries, religions and movements that are directly opposed to the continued existence of our country. Some of them even openly profess to be colonists or soldiers of foreign causes.
      We voted for a Presidential candidate who promised to enforce the current immigration laws on the books and do more to stem the tide of illegal immigration. He also promised to work harder to vet the refugees coming here and seek other ways to help those people without bringing them here. He promised to do more to protect America and American citizens from those seeking to usurp, pervert or destroy America and the American way of life.
      We are not required by any moral or rational standard, merely because of past positive effects of legal immigration or previous compassion in accepting refugees, to allow the foreign and domestic forces currently pushing this false narrative to corrupt and destroy our country.

      1. No one has the right to just come and live in America any more than someone has the right to come and live in your house and take your spare bedroom. This is an established nation, not an international hostel like our politicians and leftist cucks make it out to be. We should be immigrating only the cream of the crop, people who are thouroughly vetted and that will be an asset to the United States. Not Mexican gang members, or illiterate Syrians who were wiping their asses bare-handed right before they got here.

        1. Anyone with a fence around their house cannot honestly protest a wall around the country.
          Anyone with a lock on the door of their house cannot legitimately support an open-door immigration policy.

        2. Funny that all the policymakers that support this open border propaganda live in nearly all-white, upper class neighborhoods. They have no concept of interracial tension or racially motivated crime. These are just abstract concepts to them that they can casually dismiss as they drive their BMWs through their gated communities.

      2. The immigrants who came to America and helped grew it were all European. We didn’t have any significant non-euro immigration until well after WW2

    7. No to mention – this country was founded on immigrants – so what? Why does what happened in the past compel the same result in the future. By that retarded logic, all manner of terrible things – slavery, Jim Crown segregation, women not voting or owning property, public dueling and hanging, etc… – should continue in perpetuity jst because that’s how it used to be.
      So yeah, even if I accepted the premise that this country WAS founded on immigrants (you make a compelling point otherwise). The point remains that the descendants of those FOUNDERS have decided to shut immigration off to preserve what their forefathers created.

      1. It’s also of importance that the “as founded” contention immediately vanished when you bring up “no income tax” or “unfettered ownership of weapons” or any other form of actual liberty that the nation was founded upon.

        1. Yeah, the left is basically a cottage industry for why we should disregard what they used to do because they were old white racists. But somehow immigration – that back then almost exclusively brought in two groups: more old white racists, or their slaves – is totes different because muh feelz, OMG, didn’t you see the crying baby on the beach!!!

    8. “…the same stupid open borders policies.”
      The Chinese are the world’s longest continuous civilization. They got there by fierce ethnocentrism and closing their borders when it needed closing.
      The 3rd century Romans granted universal citizenship to the very same migrants that ended up overthrowing their empire.
      I see zero upside to multiculturalism.

      1. There is no upside. Look at Japan as well, very ethnocentric. They have relaxed on immigration somewhat but are still quite xenophobic. They take heavy criticism but when you are in Japan you don’t have to worry about violent crime, it’s almost non-existent. Nor do you have to worry about no-go zones, rape, or any of these things. They have a strong sense of cooperation and harmony and want to very much keep Japan as Japanese as possible. I lived there for over two years and while they like Americans and certain other select foreigners, there is a clear distinction and understanding that you are a foreigner and always will be.
        Back when I was less red pill aware I used to think they were ignorant racists who need to come around. Now I’m thinking that they are pretty fucking smart.

        1. If you were to post an article on your experience, it would get alot of respect. We’re all sick of hearing how if we allow 3rd World degenerates into our country, it somehow makes us “stronger”.

        1. Open borders. Currency devaluation. Over-extension of the military. Stefan Molyneaux talked about the parallels between the downfall of Rome and America’s decline.

    9. Thank goodness for your second to last paragraph. Thankfully, I didn’t have to point out that inconvenient truth.
      The natives in North America were murdering each other for centuries before white people arrived. White people were just better at it, and they act all butt hurt, as though they weren’t murdering each other for thousands of years before we showed up.

      1. Until the 1970’s most Injuns didn’t really bitch and moan about whitey. Generally it’s the lilly white SJW virtue signaling kind who are all prissy about that time in history.

        1. I live in a area with quite a few Indian reservations. The Native American population is large and well organized these days. Gambling money has made them very sovereign again. They don’t like white people, but I haven’t heard any of them ask for “their” land back; they just want their treaty rights. Good to go as far as I am concerned.

        2. same SJWs who are whining about womens rights, blacks rights or whatever else they can to feel good and keep those government dollars rolling in.

        3. Should read the book “The New Trail of Tears” by Naomi Schaeffer Riley…talks about Native americans /Indians on the rez. Some stats: 1. according to statistics compiled from various federal agencies , American Indians have the highest rate of poverty of any racial group in the nation-almost twice the national average”
          2. Suicide is the leading cause of death for Native American males aged 10 to 14
          3. the rate of child abuse among Native Americans is twice as high at the national average….
          4. 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys in indian country is molested before the age of 18…..
          Sobering and shocking book…

    10. “They went to war with us, and we won. That’s how war works.”
      This statement needs to be pounded into the heads of every liberal crybaby moron who thinks the losers in war deserve some sort of special treatment and perpetual apologies for losing. History is essentially one long story of conquerors displacing the conquered.

    11. It’s funny how all these third world migrants want to move to a country where the majority are “White” people. I don’t see East Indians wanting to move to China or Japan. So where do they move to? UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Same goes for the Chinese. Somalians could have easily moved to stable countries in Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. But instead, they always choose Europe, North America, and Australia. The truth is, they envy White folks, want their women, and want to be them. Then they cry foul or racism if White folks don’t want them into their country. It’s just funny no one sees this perspective.

      1. Didn’t you know that only white countries are up for grabs? Japan is for the Japanese, Mexico is for the Mexicans, Korea is for the Koreans, Africa is for the Africans, but white countries are somehow for EVERYONE. Like you said, you don’t see white people trying to get into fucking Pakistan or dying to live in Mexico.
        They all just want what we have, and our leaders are stupid enough to accomodate them while they laugh behind our backs at how weak and pathetic we are.

    12. The majority of native American population decimation was actually caused by old world diseases brought over by colonists, not war or armed violence.
      Congressional records from the mid 1800s show even back then there was much debate over the Indian problem: fight them or let them live on their lands peacefully?
      The Indians started pushing back pretty soon, attacking the first Jamestown settlement after a bit of uneasy peace.
      Seems a bit ‘anachronistic to talk about ‘immigration policy’ back in the old days. Tribes filtered in and out of other peoples’ lands and vice versa. You either defended your territory or not.

    13. This is what I want to say everytime some dipshit lib says…”well we’re all on Native American land, so no one is a legal”

  3. ill-liberals are not willing, or able to reason.
    The ends justifies the means.
    Each statement from normal person invokes efforts to:
    straw-man, ad-hominum, mock and shame.
    More adept will put all in one sentence…
    illegal-immigrant therefore becomes innocent-immigrant you racist, facist

  4. Yo, ordinary people are just trying to live their lives, get money, pay the bills, build their future. I hope a bunch of people got fired that day for this kind of behavior. Fucking immigrants.
    Immigrants are invaders, especially nonwhites from 1965 onwards.
    I realize now that I, a first-generation nonwhite immigrant, have been part of this plan to contribute to white genocide.
    What a fucking world.
    I moved back to my homeland a few years ago.
    Maybe I’ll move back some day. I could if I wanted to.
    I love America so much, I don’t think I should live there anymore.
    Too many whites being displaced.

  5. All the talk about how valuable immigrants are to our economy means very little if they were fired for one day of truancy. Guess they weren’t that valuable after all.

    1. The mistake is to assume that the Left meant that they are individually valuable. The Left is NEVER about the individual and the value of the individual, they think strictly in the Collective. So in essence, they are actually correct as far as their understanding of immigrants go. As a collective they are valuable to the Left because they are low skill and irrelevant as individuals and can be easily replaced by other immigrants on a whim the moment one of them gets uppity and starts thinking that he’s an individual.

      1. They do hate to see a successful immigrant as successful immigrants tend to see the shit storm coming down the tracks with unhindered migration as they have come from shitholes and don’t want to see their hard work decimated……

  6. Hilarious.
    Our esteemed mayor is supporting the release of an illegal alien who is also an MS13 member. A dozen or so we swept up by ICE a few days ago. You cant make this shit up. Bo Dietl for mayor!

  7. Luke, we need amnesty for undocumented machine guns. Unregistered post-86 MGs are not illegal.

  8. Leftists will constantly cherry pick some random redneck saying something genuinely racist and use it as ammunition for their absurd immigration policies, which actually have nothing to do with them caring about immigrants but more about legally gerrymandering because they know immigrants ALWAYS vote liberal.
    You couldn’t have said it better, it’s not immigration that is the problem, it’s illegal immigration and certain types of immigrants. If your nation can hold 2 immigrants for the year and the 3 applicants are a Hindu Indian, a Buddhist Chinese, and a Muslim Arab, any government official who even looks in the direction of the Arab Muslim should not only be banned from coming within 5 km of any political institution, but should also be evaluated for certifiable insanity.

    1. Its how they roll- they present the exception to the rule as being the rule itself

  9. This couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of losers. Now I hope that ICE goes to these businesses to look for even more illegals.

  10. Yes, America was an immigrant nation. We were a frontier society that needed warm bodies to settle the land and work the factories. But the frontier has long since closed and our factories are increasingly automated. Yes, America was a land built by immigrants who have long since dropped the hyphen as to their national identity. We are no long longer an immigrant nation. We have a growing national indigenous population that needs every job they can get. No more of this argument “they take the jobs no one else wants”. If that is truly the case, then let us issue the proper number of work visas to fill those positions as needed. There is no excuse for illegal immigration. The U.S. can no longer afford to act as the dumping ground for the world’s peoples that cannot make it in their home countries. We need our resources to take care of our own people when they are in distress. This is not me being harsh, This is me being honest. I cannot imagine I am the only one who feels this way.

    1. The real unemployment rate has been 23-24% since 2012; I assume the numbers are similar in most western European countries. We dont need any more people, yet the Starbuck CEO is committed to hire 10,000 refugees, how are you gonna take people’s orders if you cant speak the native tongue? Im sure they would get english as a second language instruction, paid for by you and me of course

      1. The Starcucks CEO doesn’t care about any of that, it’s just blatant virtue-signalling.

      2. The trend is that all the order taking will be automated. You will go to a kiosk (Turkish word by the way) where you can get a menu in about 150 languages. Then when your number is called you pick up your order. I have seen it in several different food businesses lately; Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and McDonalds. What will that do to the unemployment rate?

    2. And for the early immigrants who built this land there were no welfare benefits…’a country can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both’ & in my view having neither is best.

    3. You definitely aren’t the only one. America is the guy sitting in the corner masturbating while a Mexican, Arab, and Black dude all take turns pounding his wife and daughters. Then he gives them free rooms in his house and high fives them for sharing their wonderful gift of diversity with his family.

    4. NASA just announce a star with 7 possible Earth like world orbiting it. Sounds like a good place to send all these illegals. Let them go build a new life there.

      1. Sadly it is those of us who build that will be the ones that have to leave. Then they will follow and we’ll have to leave again.

    5. When we were an immigrant nation we were also a melting pot. All the immigrants jumped into the pool and pretty soon (no more that 3rd generation) they were pretty much amalgamated into the alloy that is America. Now the left says they want America to become a salad bowl, where each individual ingredient retains it’s own unique identity, but adds to the total. We know that a salad bowl model will end up in civil war. It is already starting. Diversity + proximity = war.

    6. The idea in the past was that immigrants settled farmable land to produce food. Similar to that of past illegals about 20 years ago who picked lettuce and grapes. There’s even a joke:
      Q) What do you get when you cross a Mexican and an octopus?
      A) I don’t know, but you ought to see it pick lettuce!
      But… that’s no longer the case. The leftist claim that immigrants work so hard is offset by how many go on welfare the first chance they get and put their kids on it immediately. The left used to represent the working class but now they represent either oligarch elites OR the welfare recipients who don’t work at all.
      At this point, I don’t really want cheap lettuce or a hotel room for $50 a night if that means I need to pay more on taxes on the back end for the fallout. Let’s tax the oligarchs to pay for the education for illegals (not their income which they can “smurf” but their intellectual property. Confiscate their facebook and microsoft stock.

  11. The BEST is that these asshats, and the media that goaded them, FAILED to differentiate at all between “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants”
    Why the fuk support anything prefaced by “illegal”?
    Maybe I’ll launch a rally defending illegal parking. I’ll call it a “Day without Parking” where everyone just drives around endlessly.

    1. It’s votes. That’s all. The left is no more compassionate than the right. They’re just smart enough to market themselves to the peso crowd and get them to the booths.

    2. That wasn’t an accident. They consistently conflate legal immigration with illegal immigration on purpose. Trump says he wants to stop illegal immigration, and they write articles saying Trump is going to start deporting legal immigrants that have been here for generations.

    3. You can’t call an immigrant “illegal”, cuz that could hurt their feelings and make them scared to leave the house. Every minority groups feelings matter more than your safety or economic well-being.

  12. Great piece.
    Now we need those cunts from the feminist march to follow through on their claims for a day without women at work. Pretty sure productivity would skyrocket.

    1. I had to call a government agency today…. got put through to 3 different persons on the other end of the phone, 2 of them were women. If government agencies took off for the day:
      1. You can bet your ass nobody would get fired.
      2. Life would go on like nothing happened. There would just be a larger pile of paper and more emails to deal with when they get back to their desk the following day.
      3. Men take off for the day, the lights go out…….

  13. Please speak for yourself.
    I do have a problem with any immigration at this time. There are plenty of poor and homeless natives that can’t find a decent job or housing. Our large cities all have a housing and traffic crisis. Rural areas all suffer from lack of good paying jobs. The last thing we need is more people of any background. Even the “high-skilled” tech workers. They just drive down wages, increase housing costs and traffic.
    Even Mexico puts up barriers to Gringos moving there because they drive up the price of everything and makes life hell for the natives.
    There are TMFP already. Why can’t a country close its borders until they can take care of their own?

    1. I’m growing weary of the qualifications about “We all have no problem with legal immigration”. Actually, I kind of do right now. The shit we have going on right now isn’t sorted, and adding any more bodies to the pool while trying to machete through this enormous mess of the Left is just adding fuel to the fire.
      Shut it down entirely for 50 years. When and if it opens back up, have a rigorous set of requirements where newcomers have to provide real value AND have a sponsor/means of self support if they stumble.

      1. I second that. America used to do that very thing, they stopped immigration for a while before WWII in order to let the different European immigrant groups assimilate. That’s exactly what needs to be done now, cut off ALL immigration for at least 50 years. Why do we need more people? The ones we have now don’t fucking assimilate, and that’s a huge problem. Like Roosevelt said, everyone is a goddamn “dash” American, with blatant and unwavering loyalty to their home country first and foremost. I always thought if you are that loyal to your home country and have that much national pride then why aren’t you living there? Why aren’t you building your country up?
        But no, they aren’t here to assimilate, they are here to continue their own way of life, their own cultures and societies but on a first-world income. They have no more interest in becoming like you or me any more than you or I do to become like them. And of course only white countries are the ones that are supposed to be overrun by immigrants, while we are supposed to cheer it on. Utter madness. You go to any country where any Mexican, Arab, or Asian comes from and they have STRICT immigration policy and act, as a nation should, in the interest of the national majority population. You cross the border here you get welfare and handouts. You cross the border in Iran you get fucking shot. Maybe some of these other countries have more things right than we realize.

      2. But but we need the immegants to do all the shitty jobs we won’t do!!! Ha ha…. in 20 years all those jobs will be done by robots and al these immegants will have nothing to do! For example the dairy industry….. one man can now run a farm of 100 cows, checking it once or twice daily. This is happening today…..
        They’re saying 40% of all jobs done today will be obsolete in 20 years. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off bored guys with a lot of pent up sexual energy…….

        1. it will be much sooner than 20 years, and the robots will take more than just the shitty low-level jobs.

  14. I don’t know exactly the situation there in America, due misleading media here who are against President Trump, however the strange situation is that, in Italy, almost all refugees are men, very few women, young men the most of them.
    Furthermore not all people who still come here, are fleeing from those countries where there are a war, if any, however I believe that if you have a war in your nation, young men must stay there to defend their country, guess what? They leave their families there and don’t give a fuck? For me it’s just an invasion, drive by those we already figure out.
    So this article is right, they will not want to become American or European, they just want to invade our countries and have it all.

    1. It’s well known that they buy a Syrian passport for about $200 regardless of wherever they’re from.

    2. How can you differentiate between refugees and invaders? Refugees are mostly women and children that flee a battle area and settle in the nearest safe area. Invasions is young military aged men that move to far away countries, crossing many borders and safe areas, to get to countries where the pickings are easy.

  15. A Holywood-broken long-haired blue-faced Mel Gibson limps into view and shouts in a Fake Scottish Accent(™) “YOU CAN TAKE OUR WOMEN, BUT YOU CAN”T TAKE OUR RAINBOW-COLOURED SOLIDARITY FAAAAACEBOOOOOK AVATARS!!!”

  16. To hell with all of these immi-grunts. Shut it down for at least 75 years or so. And ship all the libtards to California and NYC, and build huge-ass electrified fences around those areas. Same thing for Chicongo, but take it a step further and do the right thing and turn it into a zoo, and charge admission; paying customers would be protected by security personnel while they ride along train tracks in armored box cars, stopping periodically, to take pictures and throw bananas and peanuts at the wild animals. There, I just fixed America. (You’re welcome.)

    1. The only thing that would improve the Chicago idea would be to have Kurt Russel give tours in character as Snake.

    2. a woman got arrested for having sex with her dog. put the video online lololol

    3. Heh heh Chicongo-love it. I’m from Chicongo and couldn’t agree more. It’s like the ape house at the zoo in some areas. Our idiot mayor just keeps doubling down on the sanctuary city bullshit too on top of it all while letting the city spin out of control. I’m planning on moving form here in the near future before it’s like living in the movie “Warriors”.

      1. He and Daley II before him have created one anti-visitor policy after the next. They embraced the new urbanists who are wrecking getting around the city turning the clock back to where people spent their entire lives in a three mile radius. Even bicycling around the city has started to suck with all the stupidly designed bike lanes and such. It was easier and faster to bike back in the 90s when I lived in the city and there were no bike lanes.
        There are men and women now who won’t date anyone they can’t reach easily by Chicago’s largely 19th and early 20th century transit system.

      2. I was once deployed on a submarine and the movie officer failed miserably. The only half decent movie was The Warriors. Now if you know The Warriors you know how horrible the other movies must have been. By the time we pulled into port, a couple of months later, every man onboard could recite the entire dialog by heart. In fact, towards the end, we turned off the sound and just chanted the lines.

  17. This bullshit is really just about white genocide. Every minority group in America, despite what they say, deep down wishes to become the majority population and have things setup in their best interest. It’s human nature after all, so I can’t blame them. I blame our weak and cucked leaders who allowed this shit to start happening. When this country becomes 60% Hispanic and 20% Arab (or Black) how do you think whites will be treated? Do you think for a fraction of a second that these groups will give us affirmative action, welfare benefits, congressional lobbying and White Entertainment Television? I shudder to think what the reality will be, but it won’t be pretty that’s for sure. We will become a persecuted minority similar to what’s happening in South Africa, where whites have to flee the country and leave entire houses and land behind in fear of being killed and taken over by blacks.
    All these liberals and snowflakes can protest all they want, but when English is a tertiary language next to Arabic and Spanish, and they have to pay a non-Muslim tax to the local Sharia caliphate in their “peaceful” majority Muslim town, then I won’t give a shit about them. Add to that the cognitive dissonance they finally get when their daughter is raped by a peaceful muslim or an illegal immigrant who “showed courage” by breaking the law and crossing the border. They can all fester in their own sewer they created.

      1. Sweden too. Their problems are getting worse by the day. I believe the term is “pathological altruism”, basically continuing to feed the dog while he bites your hand over and over and over. Their women are being raped more every day while they pretend nothing is happening and pat themselves on the back for their wonderful acceptance of diversity.
        They are so pathetic there that they actually put out instructionals and classes for Muslim migrants on how to properly flirt and pick up Swedish girls so maybe they won’t rape them so much. Why you would even want third world filth to breed with your own beautiful, native Swedish women is beyond me, but to openly endorse it and help them do it? I truly don’t understand this world and the sick fucks in it.

        1. You may have a point but I think English is too entrenched in the business world for it to become a tertiary language anytime soon.

        2. The leftists have created their own alternative reality regarding Sweden. They imagine Trump claimed there was a terror attack there when all he said was they have problems due to their immigration policies. Then they say there haven’t been any crime increases or problems of any sort with immigrants in Sweden. A leftist I know posts this the same day I am reading about riots in an immigrant neighborhood just outside Stockholm… They have gone from a different perception of reality to living in an entirely fictional fantasy world.
          Or maybe I am, but I doubt it since I listened to Trump myself and read an article on the riots from a Swedish source that appeared trustworthy. They even made no mention of the cause or nature of the riots. It had to be assumed from the location.

        3. Stop being a cuck. Swedish sluts are getting what they deserve. Laugh at. Don’t cry for

        4. What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not sure what you thought was cuck-worthy about my comment. A cuck would be the Swedes who encourage filth to breed with their women. I oppose it, that would make me anti-cuck. And no, I don’t laugh at the invasion of a white country by third world trash. Especially when that’s exactly what American politicians are trying to turn this country into.
          What I do laugh at is Swedens leaders for their stupidity, but not at the girls who end up getting raped. Unless the girls in question personally supported Muslim trash immigration, well then I have zero sympathy. But I’m sure many of them over there do not support it and are pissed off at their government cucking them out and turning them into victims. If I was a Swedish man I’d be slaughtering these Muslims and spraying their corpses with pigs blood.

        5. You have heard of the Swedish woman that was raped by a Muslim, but didn’t report it because she didn’t want to seem racist.

        6. No I didn’t hear about that, but somehow it doesn’t suprise me. What’s more appalling is how brainwashed the government has made its citizens, that they don’t even want to report crimes just to avoid the stigma of being called a big evil racist. It’s psychological terrorism.
          However, in this case I don’t have much sympathy for the victim. Societal brainwash aside, if you still can’t draw the line on liberal bullshit after being fucking raped then you have a serious problem.

  18. Ohhh mis queridos compatriotas, tambien aqui son igual de huevones.
    Here in Mexico they do all the tricks to skip work. Most people have free health care a shitty socialist government health care called IMSS. You can go the IMSS with any injury or illness the doctor will give days, 1 week of no work and if the injury is work related it is more. And this is the bizarre thing, some dudes injury themselves or fake it to get days. Some dudes sabotage treatment just to be examined again and the doctor see a mess and no progress and will give you another week or two. In Mexico all the employers spend in Cameras, guards and security because there is stealing in all business ALL. There is no one place where some worker is not stealing something, They
    steal even the paper for bathroom. In factories they even use metal
    detectors, and search you like in an airport. Everything needs to be
    chained or Adios and all the employers do illegal shit stuff to like tax evasion, in fact there is not other way, if you pay all taxes you are an idiot, and we all the people with businesses do it.

  19. You can take this job and shove it … I ain’t workin’ here no more! Wait, you can’t do that when you are an illegal!

  20. >ha hah see this poem written by a Jewish zionist over 130 years ago and placed on a French statue by another Jew?
    >you have to let hundreds of millions of immigrants that want to destroy your country and kill your people into your country now heh heh bet you feel stupid now!
    >also the American Indians were destroyed by immigrants you should feel bad about not letting in more immigrants so we have to let in more immigrants.
    Hitler did nothing wrong.

    1. Trying to invade the Soviet Union at the height of winter was tremendously stupid idea, along with surrounding himself with sycophants, junkies and morons as well. He was also a pill popper of some stature. I could go on and on at the things he did wrong, would you like me too? I can start with Poland if you like?

      1. Hitler began the invasion of the Soviets in June. Even Wikipedia explains this.
        This is why you should believe nothing you read written by Jewish historians. They’ve demonstrably lied about everything. Especially the Holocaust.

        1. And the German Army would have reached Moscow if they had started the invasion in April as originally planned. But Hitler delayed the invasion of USSR to bail out Mussolini in Greece, and shore up his southern flank when Yugoslavia had a revolution that overthrew the pro German government and replaced it with a pro British government. So, Russia owes it’s existence today to Yugoslavia. We might have all been defeated by Germany if the Yugoslavs hadn’t decided to shift sides at a critical point. What if writ large.

        2. The Holocaust oh really? So what happened there? Why was my Grandfather so horrified by what he had seen in Belsen? What was the Wannsee conference about then?

    1. Pretty soon it’s going to be robots/automated facility. Not sure what they’ll spit though, oil?

  21. “The country was founded on immigrants”
    I thoroughly detest that phrase. .America was also found upon slavery but that don’t mean I get to keep a few tied up in my back yard. We have 90 million living on the edge in this country and only a dam fool would add more people to a shrinking pie.

    1. I found this logic amusing in that “America oppressed the native Americans so this is karma”. If that’s the case, then doesn’t this current invasion LEGITIMIZE the genocide of native Americans? When Native Americans protest Columbus Day, shouldn’t they be told: “Hey! La Raza thinks this is ok so just get over it!!!”

  22. I was in one of the most liberal of liberal cities – San Francisco – and didn’t even notice.
    But I’d bet money that nearly every Asian American showed up for work.

    1. That’s because Asians in America these days are considered White. My wife is Asian and all of her minority co-workers consider her White.
      White immigrants were not protesting only black and brown.

      1. Yes and no. My wife and I patronize several Asian businesses such as our mechanic, hair salon, and doctor but these are “old style” immigrants who are more right wing than I am.
        But there’s a recent influx of Asians that are just as racist and gaming the welfare system as “La Raza” and they vote 9/10 (or more) Democrat. They also comprise a majority of the H1bs. It’s funny that African Americans tend to dislike those Asians more than whites. My wife was welcomed at her workplace by the AA’s.

        1. Of course. Statistically, hispanics up to the 1980’s used to be neural or even Republican. I have cuban friends who will never vote Democrat. Ever. But recent immigrants who are members of La Raza or NASSCOM or even the Chinese who come in the last 2 decades have leaned Democrat about the same as Hispanics: 3:1. Indians are 90% Democrat or more.

  23. I think the ‘hyphenated’ prefix is a result of the view of the US overseas, ie, it’s dogsh*t. The US is hated just about everywhere for the actions of those in pursuit of profits in countries that have nothing to do with the US, have never threatened the US, and couldn’t even if they tried. The US PEOPLE are liked, it’s just the Government doing the bidding of huge corporations which peeps overseas hate, and as a result demographs WITHIN the US try to differentiate themselves. Imagine if the US was a peace-loving humanitarian paragon of free enterprise world-wide, would those with prefixes still bother with them? Nope, they would be just ‘American’.

  24. “Hate immigrants because they are different..liberal, Muslim, etc” hahahhahahahahaha
    If only Christianity were as conservative as ISLAM, we might have half of the problems we do now!

  25. Also, as a child of legal immigrants I abhor every time I see some cucked white manlet put the picture of the American flag hijab girl as their profile pic…get a f’n grip…the American flag is not to be worn as an article of clothing, it has nothing to do with the bitch’s religion, skin color or citizen status.

  26. I had to spend plenty of money and jump through hoops just to get a US work visa. I wonder would I have saved more money and time just crawling through a fence in South Texas.

  27. So when will the society realize that different races cannot co-exist on macro levels?
    This whole immigration thing boils down to one thing…. RACE. (different race).
    Even if the brown or yellow minority tries very hard to adapt and become Americanized to fit to white cultural standards, that person is going to be asked a lot of questions like “Where are you really from?”.. At first it will be flattering but then it will start to become annoyed to the minority.
    Let’s see how many of these questions it will take before a minority snaps and go postal. The person will also feel like a third wheel when surrounded by white folks especially if that minority happens to be introvert at the same time.
    At some point, you will realize the efforts to assimilate are futile and just realize that different races cannot co-exist.
    America was founded by white people and it was made for white people. This is the truth that no one will talk about or bring up.
    You are only as “American” as your white American acquaintances/friends allow. You have to be “vetted” and “accepted” by whites to even be considered “American”. If they don’t know you, they will just assume you are foreign minority fresh off the boat unless proven otherwise. It’s always that “unless proven otherwise”.
    Also, Native American Indians were at war with white people over land and resources and they lost.

    1. I don’t think anyone is gonna get asked that question if they learn to speak English at a decent level.

      1. I was recently dealing with a Somali check out girl. She had the hajib, and the long dress, but spoke crystal clear English. My wife asked if she was Somali, and she said yes, but I said, “you were born in the US weren’t you?” She said yes, California. I thought I had heard a little valley girl speak there.

    1. I was a very regular Starbucks customer with a location being close to the office and it was just nice to sit outside with a cup of coffee over lunch. I haven’t been back since that announcement.

  28. An amusing thing I find about “strikes” is how they often refuse to work but still want paychecks. Kind of like the “housewife” strike a few years ago in some western European country and it turned out they still lived at home, etc. A real strike means no work AND no paycheck.
    The illegal immigrant strike was also tried in Northern Virginia and on that day… the businesses boycotted by illegals turned out to see massive reductions in shoplifting or “loss” for the day. My wife initially refused to shop at Ross next to an illegal immigrant congregation area and when Ross hired “loss management”, the store cleaned up… FAST!

  29. “The problem with “dash-Americanism” is that you can’t totally be trusted. […] when someone is not a permanent citizen and send their paycheck home to their families in their home country.”

    What business of yours (or anyone else’s) is that? It is his money, not the governments, and people are free to do what they like with their property. (I, for example, regularly move my earnings from the east Asian country where I live to Europe — is this a problem for you?)

”Ever notice how no one is just an American anymore? African Americans, 
Islamic Americans, Latin Americans …”
    For your information, Latin American refers to people from Latin America (that is, more than 60% of the population of the American continent), and they were called so long before your great-grandparents ever set their foot on Ellis island.

  30. “The citizenship process is not onerous”
    I know people that have completed the immigration process. For those that can find a hoop to jump through the process is difficult enough. For others it is impossible.

    1. Brought my wife over on a K-1.
      I filled out the paperwork which, if you just read it, isn’t that difficult. Googled some tips and created an affidavit of support and had her gather the necessary documents. Due to applying from California, there was a 1 year waiting list at the time but that was ok (just visited her more often and extended our courtship).
      She came over and after marriage, filled out an Adjustment of Status and temporary work/travel permit (the fees added up to about $500). Took about 2 years for that to snake through the system but in the meantime, she was able to work and travel. She had an interview for a green card and after showing basic documents such as joint checking accounts, etc. was approved for the green card. Two years later, applied for citizenship.
      She attended a class to learn basic civics and scored perfect on the test (7 out of 10 required, she got the first 7 correct) and wrote a perfect English sentence. She was sworn in about 3 months later.
      A bit of work, but I didn’t consider it that onerous.

      1. Yet if your wife had never met you and still wanted to emigrate to the US would she have managed? I am happy that you managed to successfully thread the immigration via marriage needle.

        1. 🙂 Indeed, my wife marvels at how I was able to fill out the paperwork so precisely. I use this at work as well and numerous people marvel at how they’re amazed that someone bothers to read instructions. 🙂
          My wife has several foreign friends and they managed on their own but engaged in some scams, (legal), IMO including abusing (legally) some other visas. I don’t want to go into details publically lest it encouage others to do so.
          On a personal level, if it wasn’t for me my wife would not have come. She had a good job as a TV producer in a nice section of Odessa. She married me because I’m reliable and introduced her to a concept known as “alaskan King crab” which I brought over with dry ice on Lufthansa (after the pilot approved.)

  31. One thing to get straight here is no Muslims missed work that’s not a statement that’s a fact . Why because Muslims don’t work that’s how all of their countries are Shitehouses . Except of course the ones like Saudi Arabia who took in 100,000 of Indian Manual workers to build their Shite cities as their own don’t do Manual Labour. O don’t get me wrong they’ll stand in a shop all day and serve our underage youth cheap Alcohol. But real work forget it shower of Lazy fat Dirty Bastards.

  32. No one wants to be different. One day, race will no longer exist due to many intermarriages.

      Note that this utopian futuristic society is so awful that they seek to go back to the past to escape it (even as they ultimately cause their own future misery). A neat allegory for the immigration policies that even Parker and Stone are too meek to challenge outright.

  33. Immigration as practiced by the Dems/libs/progressives is nothing more than demographic warfare. Naked voter replacement pure and simple. Seditious and treason imo….

  34. Even legal immigration is a big problem. The people come here, but thanks to the internet, they do not have as much incentive to assimilate given they can watch their homeland’s TV shows and news. My ancestors had their Czech language newspapers, but when doing business with the government no one catored to them with translators.

      1. Despite (surface) logic and crony capitalist greed, H-1B’s really aren’t more efficient for their employers or the country.
        In the regions that H-1B’s usually work, they get paid at least half the prevailing wage to start but that’s not the end cost for the employer. The contracting agency usually pimps them out at twice that rate. In other words, companies really usually do pay more for H-1B’s when the numbers are added up.
        Then… the average H-1B usually has a fake diploma and resume so it takes 2 of them to do the work of one qualified American worker. Even worse, the work they do usually generates MORE work to clean it up (look at how CGI messed up the obamacare website!)
        I have seen shops that made groundbreaking software (such as Adobe) become transformed into H-1B sweatshops with 3X the labor making total crap.
        So why do oligarchs love them so much? Middle and upper management get bribes and the oligarchs hate white people for some reason. Even as they typically hang out only with elite whites, they despise working class (namely, anyone who earns less than a half million a year) whites as “losers”.
        On college campuses, a white male who “man spreads” and perhaps spreads his legs a little too wide on the subway will get a half dozen feminists screaming at him for oppressing them while they’ll welcome “migrants” who want to put them into a burka with open arms.
        The bottom line is that this is a sick society.

    1. Doesn’t naturalization include a language test? If it it definitely should.
      I don’t think people watching shows or news from their former home country where their relatives still live is much of an issue though. So long as they are aware of what goes on in the country they chose to get naturalized in and speak the local language.

    2. Nor does our government encourage them to assimilate. Instead we are scolded and guilt-tripped for not being accomodating enough to their unique and wonderful cultures. Doesn’t matter if the country they came from is a shithole and they want to bring that shit-holery here, we are supposed to praise it and slobber all over the big dick of diversity.
      Immigration worked back in pre-WWII because it was mostly white Europeans, Irish, Germans, Italians, etc. They all have being white in common and have some common cultural values and ancestry. Liberals try to take that and say it’s the same as immigrating Arabs, Mexicans, and Somalis and we should all be able to get along just as well. It doesn’t work.

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