Trump Vs. The Deep State: The War For America’s Soul

Michael Flynn’s recent ouster as National Security Adviser was the first battle in what’s shaping up to be a war for the future of America’s soul. Unfortunately, Flynn’s ouster was a major victory for the darkest, deepest shadows of the swamp. Now it looks as if we’re seeing a struggle of the colossi the likes of which we haven’t seen perhaps since Theodore Roosevelt took on the monopolies and trusts.

The stakes are likewise colossal. Hinged on the outcome of this war is nothing less than the future of republican governance in the United States of America. It’s now clear that the centrality of the 2016 campaign issue is on the table – will the United States of America function as intended: a constitutional republic accountable to the people, or will the country succumb to the rule of an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy led by the “intelligence community,” reporting largely to entrenched oligarchs while public politics remains a largely ceremonial choice between A and B? This had been the case (for the most part) until the Trump phenomenon disrupted the pattern.

Now, just weeks into his presidency, the swamp has tried to suck Donald Trump in. As one astute observer pointed:

You may remember that I warned in December that swamp elements were setting up a confirmation bias trap against the incoming administration. As I remarked at the time, the trap would be that if Trump or his team didn’t tow exactly the line of the foreign policy establishment on Russia, it would look suspicious. The setup saw Michael Flynn tripping the wire and the confirmation bias bomb exploded.

We still have no idea what exactly took place between him and the Russian ambassador (they won’t release the transcripts, just hearsay from the “intelligence community”), but because it kind of looked a little suspicious, he was forced out in a firestorm.

This was a colossal mistake on Trump’s part because it gave the Deep State and their media sycophants a scalp. This was the first major frame test that I’ve seen Trump fail and it was the most important one. They’ll now be emboldened to take out other people they don’t like and disrupt Trump’s agenda further, making policy rather than following orders.

This is nothing less than sedition against the lawfully elected president.

The persuasion tactics don’t stop with the domination of space on the Russia issue, however. One key reason why the Deep State has been able to be so brazen with its power grab in its assault on General Flynn is because they know that the left is still in a Chernobyl-level meltdown over Donald Trump’s election. This puts them in a prime state for suggestion. Trained in persuasion and propaganda, the apparatchiks at the Deep State understand the game.

The Flynn battle was part of an ongoing, deeper persuasion war. If the Deep State is taking somewhat of a risk with their overt sedition, it is a calculated one. They know that their newfound allies on the left are now very easy to hypnotize, and they’ve been doing it.

To quote myself:

One of the foremost principles of persuasion and hypnosis is pacing and leading. In Influence, Robert Cialdini says that people are easily influenced by those they like. In hypnotic pacing, you show the person you’re attempting to influence that you like them and also get them to like you. You do this by mirroring them – their body language, their speech patterns, their desires, even their breathing. This shows that you are on the same wavelength and understand one another, establishing deep rapport and trust.

Once you’ve paced, you’re ready to lead. Your prospect is now far more open to your suggestions. You can then lead your prospect where you want him to go.

Does this whole alliance between the Deep State and its supposed critics on the left look like pacing and leading to you?

1. Pacing: Deep State undermines President Trump. This obviously gets them on the “same wavelength.” The illiberal left and the lower rungs of the fake news media like this very much.

2. Leading: Now in their good graces, the Deep State, led by the CIA, can overcome public skepticism and lead their new prospects where they want, whether it’s escalation with Russia, continued destabilization of Syria and the wider Middle East, or even, more alarmingly, a de facto overthrow of elected constitutional governance, with a rule of the bureaucracy affirmed and no longer rumored. The resignation of Michael Flynn points to all these things. Poisonous pundits like Bill Kristol cheering it on leaves it in little doubt. Only a relatively few voices that oppose Donald Trump, like Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald, see the bigger picture and are alarmed.

The most alarming thing is that the Deep State is pacing those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome to eventually lead them into accepting the de facto rule of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. This is the long game. That isn’t to say that normal political machinery won’t function, but that the Deep State will be able to brazenly overrule republican institutions because people have gotten used to and begun to agree with such antics. Another key tenet of hypnosis and persuasion is to get your prospect to agree with you early and often – so that the big agreement you want at the end will be easier to get.

Truly, the left in their meltdown mode is paving a dangerous road in many ways. By agreeing with what’s being called “the political assassination of Michael Flynn,” the wheels are in motion.

What To Do Next?

The Achilles heel of the Deep State strategy here is that it relies on leaks to the fake news media. As Mike Cernovich said, trust in the media is a social construct. If no one trusted CNN or the Washington Post, they would lose all power. Fortunately, the vast majority of America distrusts the old media. This makes them an easy target and it’s why Donald Trump’s attacks on them go over so well.

A few years ago, Roosh recommended fireteam tactics against SJW “journalists.” I also wrote on the necessity of shaming white knights, of which the media is full of them. Return Of Kings itself has been known for hitting back and putting the names of fake news bloggers and feminist freaks on page one of their respective Google searches. It may be time to use all of these against the authors of these Deep State-fed hit pieces.

A quick reaction force against the “journalists” spreading the fake news to destabilize Trump is warranted. This would be an effort to drag all of their skeletons out of the closet. This imposes a new frame on the conversation and erodes the credibility of the media to cooperate with the Deep State in the future.

Strategic Analysis

Fortunately, under normal circumstances, time is on our side. As the administration goes on, more holdovers will be fired and loyalists put in. Obama holdovers themselves were instrumental in undermining Flynn. The swamp is already being drained at the State Department with Rex Tillerson laying off career bureaucrats. This kind of brazen action by Deep State operatives is largely a sign of weakness, not strength, otherwise they’d never risk it. Their operation normally depends on not being seen. With each such brazen power grab, they reveal themselves and set them up for Donald Trump to respond with his own moves, persuasion and otherwise. Trump will have more time to root out and corral the Deep State over the next few years.

The big X factor is the meltdown of the left and their newfound neoconservative allies. The best display of that is here:

The Hollywood blowhard, in his cognitive dissonance, obviously doesn’t recognize the hypocrisy of calling for a democratically elected president to be overthrown by unelected bureaucrats, as they’ve done elsewhere many times. This is where the hypnosis of the Deep State is trending.

So we must be on our guard – support the president, destroy the credibility of the media with multiple quick reaction forces, and, if possible, use our powers of persuasion to dissolve the cognitive dissonance of those we can (I’ve actually done this many times).

We have to be operating at the same level of intensity, or greater, than we did during the campaign. This has ceased to merely be a political issue, but one over the very future of constitutional governance itself. It’s a fight President Trump and those of us who support him can’t afford to lose.

And even if you don’t like Trump, he’s time-limited. The Deep State isn’t.

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108 thoughts on “Trump Vs. The Deep State: The War For America’s Soul”

  1. Funnily trumps decision to sack Flynn was an act of poor frame control.We thought he was fully red pill and understood frame control

      1. You never know. You hear stories of guys that did unbelievably brave things in Afghanistan and shit, but can’t hold frame with the village bicycle at the Dairy Queen when they get back home.

    1. You can understand it all you want but no one, not even Trump, has perfect frame control.
      This was just a very important time he didn’t keep it.

  2. When Congress reluctantly agreed to give Chiang Kai-Shek 10 million dollars to fight Mao Tse-tung the point was not that the money wouldn’t have helped (not a chance); the point was that the money NEVER LEFT THE STATE DEPARTMENT. This discovery raised questions as to just who the hell was in charge, Congress or the State Department, which led to the beginning of Senator Joe McCarthy’s investigations. Things haven’t changed much, now Trump has some rats left over from the Obama administration he’ll have to flush out.

  3. I think Flynn was a fall guy for Pence. Flynn spoke to the Russians, tried to calm them down about the irrational Obama sanctions. The topic of sanctions was mentioned, but (despite the allegations) there is no evidence that there was any improper discussion of sanctions, or any promises to lift the sanctions or whatever.
    At some point, some journalist asked Pence about communications between the incoming Trump administration and Russia, and Pence said there were no communications. Or maybe it was more specific, saying they did not discuss the sanctions at all.
    I think it is likely that Flynn reported what went on in his call with the Russians as he was supposed to, and either Pence didn’t get that report, or he decided to say there were no discussions in order to avoid looking bad with all the allegations of coordinating with Russia.
    If we really want to figure out what happened, that’s the thread to pull. It’s much more likely that Pence, a politician, would act like a politician and try to avoid making himself look bad, rather than assuming Flynn, a soldier, would go off reservation and not fully report the content of an important communication with the Russians.
    Also, I’d be curious about the questions asked to Pence on the communications with Russia issue before it blew up. Did the reporter(s) know about the call already? Were they getting Pence on the record because they knew they had a “gotcha” in their pockets?

    1. We still don’t even have proof that the transcript exists. Just hearsay from the “intelligence community” to the CIA’s household scribe, the Washington Post (Bezos’ blog).

      1. I feel pretty certain that if there was a transcript that had damning evidence of Flynn doing something wrong, it would have been released and plastered everywhere.

  4. A new faction will arise. All of these people currently in power are incompetent in leading humans to any destiny other than servitude as cattle, slaves to materialism, and whores to money.

  5. I was optimistically neutral on Trump and willing to give him a shot. Then Spicer came out today saying that the feds are going to start enforcing federal pot laws despite all the state law changes. Therefore, fuck Trump. And yes, I’m a single issue douche nugget like that.

    1. goes hand-in-cuffs with private prisons.
      not sure if fake news…
      but pot, private prisons – not good.
      bombing one more oil-rich-country – I’m out.

      1. Give it time. Some stone age brown people in some hellhole country will be staring down a cruise missile soon enough.
        The idealism and concern I had in my 20’s is really starting to bottom out now that I have been alive to watch us continually make poor decisions over and over again. It’s becoming pretty clear that a majority of the people really don’t want to make things better.

      1. Nope, it’s legalization. It’s such a no-brainer that if you believe cannabis should be a schedule 1 drug, you either A. do not have the ability to read and analyze facts and evidence and make logical, rational choices, or B. you choose to ignore those facts and evidence or act irrationally.

        1. Hey, I personally believe that all drugs should be legal, but I more strongly believe that it is an issue (like most issues not related to national defense) best left to determination by the individual states.

        2. I agree that trump makes a big mistake in enforcing the federal prohibition, either way you come at it.

        3. Oh sure, but the first step is delisting. Then if individual states want to opt out they can. That said, I will judge those state politicians and constituents who would make it illegal at the state level as well.
          Basically, cannabis legalization is a great screening tool for me. If I run into somebody who thinks it should be illegal, I know I am not dealing with an intelligent, thoughtful person.

        4. I agree with all of that. My only difference is that legalization is not a make or break issue for me with respect to trump. We got bigger fish to fry.

        5. In the same vein, hunting down stoners is a waste of time and resources. They can be assholes, and they smell, but they’re usually not burning down cities or threatening violence against their political opponents.

        6. I personally believe pot is a trashy useless stupid drug that ought to be banned to keep my country and countrymen a little more classy and functional.
          And before anyone is triggered, I toked heavily, daily, for over a year, and know people with MS on medical MJ

        7. It’s a dangerous line of argumentation, I fear. Many things could be argued to keep us less classy and functional.
          Legalize and stigmatize. “You can, but what would that say about you?”

        8. I happen to be a theonomist- a militant Christian fundamentalist. Truth, beauty, function, order, and love are all reasons for me to legislate my morality. All legislation is morality anyway, I am just honest about legislating my morality, and my morality is written down in an ancient text (transparent, objective) unlike humanist morality.

        9. I look to Paul in this: “All things are permissible, but not all things are expedient.” Marijuana has mind-inhibiting properties not unlike alcohol, and so in many (most?) cases it would not be expedient.
          Prohibitions are legal disasters. When we prohibited alcohol, we created excessively dangerous criminals like Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel. When we prohibited drugs, we created equally dangerous cartels.
          So, to bring it full-circle, such prohibitions are permissible, but the opposite of expedient.

        10. Serious question, are you okay with alcohol and tobacco being legal?
          I personally believe it is nobody’s business what somebody else ingests. As the great Ron Swanson said, “The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds, and die of a heart attack at 43, you can, you are free to do so. To me, that’s beautiful.”
          Actually, if I had it my way, everyone would have to do a psychedelic at least once in their lives so they can realize this is all a joke and none of it matters.

        11. The stereotypical pothead gives pot a bad rap.
          Pot is a drug that either you control it, or it controls you. As in, you either take a passive or active approach to it. If you take the passive approach you end up being the “DUH” stoner idiot that’s the subject of universal ridicule. On the other hand if you use it to change your state of mind and focus on something creative or constructive it’s an indispensable mind-expanding tool for which there is no substitute.
          On the medicinal side, so many pharmaceutical drugs could be replaced with pot. It’s also one of the best painkillers around, via its dissociative effect. My buddy broke his leg and when he was recovering said all the oxy-this and oxy-that drugs the docs were giving him paled in comparison to the relief that cannabis gave him.
          So, it’s all in the user just like any other drug. I cannot stand alcoholics and their trainwreck antics and dysfunction, but I’d never begrudge someone who controls their boozing and likes to unwind after work and on the weekends. Same deal with weed.

        12. Yep. My own drugs of choice are a nice scotch before dinner and mushrooms once every couple of years or so. But to each his own.

        13. Alcohol is an ancient tradition in our culture. Tobacco is not as old but it is an American tradition. Those two drugs are not trashy and stupid like pot is.
          I do not agree that personal health is “nobody’s business.”
          Not only should I not have to see morbidly obese people everywhere I turn, but I should not have to pay into a healthcare system and society that does not punish them.
          If I had my way, there would be a tax on obesity.

        14. Don’t get carried away there potty. Potheads think weed cures cancer, makes you smarter and your dick 12″ long. You are smoking a cigarette and we know how apoplectic people get when you smoke tobacco. Pot has some beneficial effects and some harmful effects . Still would not want my pilot or neurosurgeon on the stuff while at work…

        15. Churches and cults are the same as you say with ‘passive’ or ‘active’ participants. The passive follower cult sheep are the worst with the sjw cults and the fed and other government tit jobs where bureaucrat ‘sheep’ are passive loyalists. The deep state has many ABC glazed eyed ‘potheads’ of the deep state who do their compartmentalized doo doo every day at work and they love it. How many stuffy sniffeling poor souls have you heard who say upon retirement “oh I love the agency” or “they’re like family”? Well that’s HORSESHIT you polyester suit wearing despised gremlin. A deep state clique is not your family FOOL. YOUR TRIBE is ye family. YE BALLS are ye heart and YE DICK is ye sword. PATRIARCHY is the order of the day. LIFT o men ye fellow man. SUPPORT and DEFEND ye tribe.

        16. Things that really dont fucking matter to me whether they are legal or not:
          1. Gay issues
          2. Pot issues
          3. Tranny issues
          Cry me a river.

      1. Thousands show up all agitated with picket signs looking for a fight, decide to burn one before the march, collectively say “fuck this, I’ll just buy some lights from Costco and grow it in the crawl space.”

      1. Newsflash: you already do. Hell, they founded the USA. Also, I’ll take stoners over boozers any day of the week. How many phish fans have tried to fight you versus drunk frat boys?

        1. The characters in “Pineapple Express and Fast Times at Ridgemont High ” were not very life affirming…

      2. I live among the hippies in Colorado. Allow me to assuage a few fears:
        – The same kinds of people who smoke it legally I found to smoke it illegally in other states. No more, and no less.
        – We have our ne’er-do-well potheads. When they’re high, they play with skateboards and lounge around. When they’re sober, they get up to mischief. Given the choice, I’d rather have them incapacitated by giggle smoke.
        – Given the easy option, I find people have an easier time walking away. When it’s illegal, you need to keep up your contacts, but when it’s legal you don’t have that kind of pressure. And once you walk away, you find it less tempting to return.
        – The state doesn’t smell like pot. During festivals, the areas around festivals smell like pot, but they always did – they just used to bribe the local authorities.
        – The biggest value to legalization is the ability to select strains (so it’s not “go without” or “become a human giggle machine for the next month”) and assurance that the buds aren’t cut or polluted.
        EDIT: Might as well add a value to legalization: it’s above board. It’s hard to regulate criminals for obvious reasons, but one can regulate legal salesmen and producers.

    2. Optimism corner: might this get the idiot lefties fighting for states’ rights?
      How funny would that be if the same people who have spent generations undermining our rights to self-governance suddenly demanded we pull back the reins of power from the Fed? I think there’s enough centralized support for MJ that it might really happen.
      If that happens, chalk it up to “3D Chess.” If it doesn’t, then I think Trump’s made a very bad move.

    3. I get being single issue, but I don’t get being so concerning something as inconsequential as pot. Especially considering the relevant state and federal laws have been fairly inconsequential themselves over the last 45 years.

      1. They’ve been inconsequential because of lack of enforcement. When universally enforced, they turn the law against the people to a dangerous degree. When selectively enforced (as is almost always the case), they create classes of people with legitimate grievances who, God forbid, could form a dangerous faction.
        Announcing a plan for federal enforcement is a poor move, unless the plan is to force a response. I’ll know for sure if suddenly all the leftist outlets are demanding the States take power back from the Federal government.

        1. […] if suddenly all the leftist outlets are demanding the States take power back from the Federal government.
          Don’t expect it to become a universal principle for them, if they do. It will be selective, narrow, and wholly rationalized beyond the ability of rational men to comprehend.

      2. Pot itself may be inconsequential (although for people like me who use it semi-medicinally, it’s not), but the fiscal effects of our drug policy is not. We waste billions on non-violent drug offenses and fuck up people’s lives forever.
        I love that I have derailed the comment section… fucking potheads.

        1. Hey! I’m a recovering pothead.
          Surely admitting to having once used pot liberally will earn me credibility as a stoic and rational individual. Brilliant, me! 😛

          In all seriousness, it’s an argument worth having. Might as well have it here.

        2. Haha, I’m a fully functioning, productive pothead! That makes me… umm.. just a long-winded dude.
          I told my non-toking now-wife when I first met her, “I’m an unabashed pothead and will not quit. Do not ask me to.” Five years in and she’s never tried and even puts up with the smell of dead skunks in the garage when my crop is blooming. I’ve dropped booze, sugar, and tobacco, but I shall never give up dope.

        3. I don’t know why, but I kind of guessed that a long time ago.
          Weird how easily we recognize each other. After my first toke, I knew that my uncle smoked weed and had given it up a few months previously. One look, and I knew.

        4. Yes. We waste billions on busting and incarcerating (read: PERSECUTING) pot-heads, when we should instead decriminalize and tax pot, BIGLY
          I thought Trump was this brilliant capitalist? Time to ca$h in on that great Hemp Economy our founding fathers envisioned.

      3. Not really an inconsequential issue when you consider that the War on Drugs and the prison-industrial complex are largely responsible for the creation of America’s underclass.

    4. Weed is for losers who can’t cope with reality. All of your thoughts produced on it are those of your brain malfunctioning in an altered state.
      Dont be a loser; avoid weed.

      1. Much the same can be said about alcohol, meditation, and most if not all recreational activities (namely those that induce adrenaline production, but most others as well).
        Now, I won’t argue that you’re not addled when you’re on weed. That’s kind of the point – it’s like an “off” switch for your thoughts. But it ain’t as bad as people make it out to be.

      2. You don’t really believe that do you? All that beautiful art and music created on drugs is the brain malfunctioning? Fuck, even the top programmers today are experimenting with microdosing LSD.

        1. Ssh. Don’t give the game away.

          Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Yeah, anti-drug people would be terrified to know that most of the best programmers in the business use drugs frequently. Pot is probably the number one, but psychedelics are a close second.

      3. It’s nothing compared to the re-wiring the ‘smart phone’ has done. I can think of nothing in my lifetime that I’ve seen have such a culture altering impact.

        1. I never thought about that before. What impact do you think smart phone has had on the brain’s wiring? Im guessing more validation obsessed

        2. I don’t know enough about how the human brain is supposed to be wired to speculate about what effects smart phones are having. I don’t own one. It’s just that I’ve seen people out in public, ostensibly together, all sitting fidgeting with their phones & not actually interacting or conversing. I’d think consistency of such behavior would retard one socially.

    5. Single issue on pot? Give me a break (and yes, I’m a huge state’s right person and think federal drug laws are illegal)

    6. Surprises me that team Trump are deaf to the pot issue . Trump could do a triangulation and just remove the federal prohibition /pot laws and let the states decide on an individual basis….

      1. Maybe he’s more NatSoc than he leads on and just isnt willing to give the thumbs up to recreational degeneracy while the country circles the drain.

    7. I think he is going to take a stance of enforcing the law, then decriminalize federally leaving the issue entirely with the states where it belongs.

  6. I was assuming that Trump would accommodate to the deep state / CIA etc, however the leaking of intelligence to the media, the Flynn debacle etc suggests that hasn’t happened. Moreover some ex-CIA sorts are claiming that the CIA is literally planning to bring Trump down. I’ve always wondered whether some of this was theatre designed to give Trump some street cred as a champion of the little guy taking on entrenched forces, but I think it may be time to give the POTUS the benefit of the doubt.
    So if Trump & the deep state really are at war, and I think they are, then maybe there’s a real opportunity to drain the swamp. If the CIA are leaking confidential intelligence or are as has been reported holding back information from the POTUS himself – a treasonous act unless he is demonstrably unfit which is not the case – then the entire agency (amongst others perhaps) would need to be audited for subversion. If the deep state really is an “”unaccountable bureaucracy led by the “intelligence community,” reporting largely to entrenched oligarchs” then there must be evidence of such lines of influence / reporting. This must rank as the best opportunity that has ever existed to clean house. Indeed, even if some of it was just for show, then even going through the motions might represent a partial drainage.
    There is a lot of talk also of the Fed getting sorted out somehow. If the deep state is Trumps first (real or fake) battle, then the Fed will surely be his second (real or fake) battle.
    My apologies for any discernable scepticism: I would like to see real evidence of the swamp being drained. It can’t be just words

    1. I think it is hard to “drain the swamp” in practical terms because federal employees CANNOT BE FIRED.. They( fed govt employees and programs) are immortal , untouchable due to the satanic unions that protect them. Examples: The VA scandal had criminal wrongdoing by docs/nurses /admin at the VA and I think I read only 1 fed employee has been fired. Government programs , once started , never ever go away….

      1. “Government programs , once started , never ever go away…”
        I have always felt that the auto-pilot function of any government is simply two fold: 1.) Always look for ways of taxing the populous, and 2.) Always find ways for a tighter control on the populous.
        If anyone thinks governments don’t operate this way, he’s fooling himself.

      2. In my personal experience, the VA doesn’t give a shit, and doesn’t even try to hide it. I made an appointment for a doctor after I moved, the day of my appointment, I show up and they tell me the doctor is on vacation, though I had specifically scheduled an appointment a month ago.
        They throw pills at us right and left. There are some good doctors at the one I went to in TN, that were actually helpful, but a lot of them it just feels like when you talk to them they just can’t plainly be bothered.
        I just like the VA for the simple fact that I rarely get sick, and don’t have to pay the obligatory healthcare tax every month. I go there when I have to, but try to avoid it for the most part. They are pretty much considered a punchline from all the other veterans I’ve talked to, when the subject comes up.

    2. The NSA has no constitutional charter to exist. It is said that Trump could shut it down with the stroke of a pen. He’s got the nerve to do that.

      1. Bingo and it is the same for the CIA, FBI etc. None are constitutional and Trump ::gasp:: can actually shut them down with executive orders.

    3. You are spot on when you wrote: I’ve always wondered whether some of this was theatre designed to give Trump some street cred as a champion of the little guy taking on entrenched forces,

      1. yeah, my impression so far is that there are real divisions and pretend ones. A lot of is just christmas panto

  7. Trump can be the beginning of the end of the MSM. We need to stay strong and don’t remain silent. Since Trump has won the elections, I am vocal of red-pillness and antiglobalism. I am losing “friends” but I don’t care.
    Our job during these four years has to be: MSM = LIES, feminism = LIES. We are going to win this LAST CRUSADE against Cultural Marxism.
    PS: I found Mark Dice videos very good to awake/convince people about the lies of the media.

        1. Sure. I guess the ambiguity was in the ‘people are listening’ bit…
          I am saying that, like you, I have become completely vocal in dropping red pill and anti-globalism into my everyday conversations. Sure I’ve upset a few people (ZFG), but surprisingly, at first to me, I have found that many are listening to what I have to say and even agreeing. It is as if this post-Brexit and President Trump containing world has created an opening for people to listen to, and even hear, red pill Truths….
          Above all I agree with you that now, more than ever, it is down to us to push the red pilled viewpoint…
          I didn’t think we could get Brexit, but we did. I *did* believe, and predicted to everyone I could (to shocked looks), the election of President Trump, and I currently believe we have a window of opportunity to turn the bloody mess the West has become around, or at least start us off on that process.

        2. I too was scoffed at when I proclaimed that Trump would win even before he was nominated. This country was designed to be run by citizen patriots not career politicians…I’ve longed for the day we’d have that option & I don’t think I’m alone. May their tribe increase. Being anything besides a lawyer has always gone a long way towards getting my vote.

    1. The author is right about waiting 4 years to the next elections before being optimistic. MSM propaganda and scandals, the tens of millions of morons who vote for Hillary, Soros and other billionaire globalists,Hollywood, election fraud….
      Establishment/deep state whatever they are still have alot of ammo and room to manœuvre. Trump can be gone in 5 years and it’s back to square 1 with half of Americans left in complete despair. That leaves half of america pissed off against the other half which possibly means 1861 all over again. Too early for optimism, still rough seas ahead.

  8. I’ve been studying this matter intently I think it is the biggest political scandal of our generation.
    Either Flynn and Trump are Manchurian candidates or someone was able to monitor the communications of our National Security Advisor and had the gall and trust of the press, to leak manipulative, and highly stupid stories, to the press. This is the key to the whole Russia story, although I don’t know anything other than what’s available publically, I can’t see how this guy Flynn is a Russian agent.
    Why was this man targeted amongst all of Trumps cabinet picks?
    I believe this is about Syria and the Israelis desire to take out Assad. Apparently they have so much control over our government they can remove officials that aren’t sympathetic to the cause. They ruined GWs presidency with this shit, forced Obama to continue it and now remove our NSA guy for lack of compliance.
    This ends with the impeachment of Trump as a Russian spy, or the complete destruction of faith in our media, their CIA handlers and a defeat for the Israeli Industrial Complex. I got my money on Trump and will be watching.

    1. Media has been nothing but a mouth organ for the democrat party (check out the incestous relationships between the people) for decades now and the alphabet soup of fed agencies has morphed into nothing but a leviathan whose main goal is to perpetuate itself. No one believes nor trusts them anymore.

      1. I think they took it somewhere else this time. Stories about golden showers and Manchurian candidates in the nytimes? Pathetic!
        The real crime is how much control these “neocon” types have over CIA policy, they are trying to put Israel first and they have the power and capability to hand select our National Security team.
        Oh I believe somebody else is in charge of our government I just don’t think it’s the Russians.

        1. “Oh I believe somebody else is in charge of our government I just don’t think it’s the Russians.”
          House of Saud bought off quite a few in the past, but me thinks there is an attempt to consolidate power in the hands of the few across the globe. Follow the money.

      2. To expand, media has an incestuous relationship with those they cover.
        Gaming media, as we all have become aware, was often literally sleeping with game developers. Developer releases product, media hypes product, sheep buy product, media gets kick back.
        It’s all about power. Media wants it, and they obtain it by securing access to those with actual power. The true power gains control of the people through media puppets, and the media get to touch that oh-so-important power they crave.
        Stefan Molyneux has argued that the lust for power is a physical addiction. Looking at those who wield it, I’d believe it.

      3. One of the main reasons to advocate for minimal decentralized federalized government is that once government/bureaucracies reach a certain mass, they develop their own interests.

        1. True. When that mass becomes critical, all other institutions begin to fall in orbit around those bureaucracies. Stagnation and decline is inevitable at that point.

    2. It is ironic that over the past 12 years Flynn helped to build (pioneered, even) the intelligence complex that spans every agency (and the gas/oil sector) and can reach into every corner of the globe. All this was done under Obama’s watch- the expansion and mastery of ISR, find/fix/finish/exploit/analyze (F3EA), best guess “profile strikes,” and the minimization of the intel analysis cycle empowered Obama to both:
      1. Fight terrorism better and more ruthlessly than George Bush ever did
      2. Imbed ideologues in this new intelligence complex to serve his political agenda, which many in the military (Flynn, McChrystal) strongly disagreed with (chiefly: Obama’s pretending that Islamic terrorism is getting better and we are at peace).
      Obama’s ideologues were fed a steady stream of BS about how Muslims are not the enemy and if we acknowledge that Islam is a problem then we create more terrorists. They are true believers in the intel community and are probably pissed at Trump for being a hardliner, just like they were pissed at McChrystal for publicly disagreeing with Obama regarding terrorism. (The Rolling Stone article was just the excuse for them to do what they wanted: axe McChrystal.) Senior intel authorities even got caught changing intel reports to make it look like ISIS and terrorism is not as bad as some might think it is.
      These Obama ideologues ran the most pervasive, clandestine, efficient, and deadly killing network in world history for the last 8 years. Now they are going to turn it against what they perceive to be the new threat.

  9. “We still have no idea what exactly took place between him and the Russian ambassador, they won’t release the transcripts”
    And that’s all a reasonable mind needs to conclude that the intelligence agencies are acting against the will of the electorate.

  10. You hos still haven’t figured President Trump was put in place by the deep state as controlled opposition . Look at what he has been saying about sending in the feds to Chicago, i.e. declaring martial law. But like all authoritarians you pussies are motivated by fear, so you’ll gladly give up your constitutional freedoms for security.

    1. The deep state is nonsense, or at least it fails to understand the real and fundamental truth – the even deeper state. Yes the interstellar lizard people who are using both cultural Marxists and cuckservatives, to make us weak and girly before they emerge to dominate and colonise us. Then we will be farmed for their food. Yes. Believe. The god emperor Trump is our only hope.

  11. “And even if you don’t like Trump, he’s time-limited. The Deep State isn’t”
    THIS. ^^^^^^
    The only real concern is that Trump may be, at best, a mere 8 year speed bump in the elites agenda. Even if he does make america great again, people are stupid and could very well start voting democrat. And considering that even Republicans are sellouts, Trump may simply be the last death rattle in the end of the free World.

    1. I don’t think the people are “stupid” (at least normal people) so much as the current ideological paradigms of left/right doesn’t align with reality.
      For the left, it’s all about identity politics. They’re promised that their race and/or gender entitles them to something and few on the right are willing to take that paradigm head on. Where will they read in the media or even right wing politicians challenging that worldview? So a good 40% of the electorate votes Democrat about 80% of the time.
      That means that the Republicans have to nail down about 2/3’s of the remaining electorate in order even hope to break even.
      In the meantime, the free marketeers on the right couldn’t care less about these issues and instead fret about short term profits for oligarchs (and selling out what remains of their electorate) and/or ideological Quixotic ideals such as abortion and gay marriage. Yes, these may be useful issues but in terms of culture wars, they’re a distraction.
      So for the left, their electorate is selfish if not necessarily “stupid” and on the right, the electorate certainly will react positively to their interests being addressed but few candidates are appearing to want to bother. In the meantime, about a fifth or so of the electorate boneheaded ideologues on either the left or right drinking cool aid.
      The left and establishment reacted violently to Trump because they fear him exposing essential truths that they had long thought buried. What if other questions start being asked?

  12. He’s been battling the deep state and now he’s decided to take up battle against the degenerates with his rolling back the “transgenders” special protections. Trump’s getting ambitious, I just hope he doesn’t cuck out now.

  13. This is a very on-point article but I think it doesn’t delineate as much as it should the control of the deep state has over American society. The (white) public is waking up to it by ignoring their leftist media but the control they have will be very difficult to remove. Who controls the media ultimately controls the hearts and minds of the populace no matter how one tries to disconnect themselves from it. They don’t just control what you read and see they actually CHANGE any electronic news both on TV and PC to their liking regardless of the intent of the original source. Freedom of speech and thought in America and the Western world is very damn close to being dead and one person in charge of all of this can’t change it.

  14. Notice when the Great Silent Majority rises, here comes New York Times and Washington Post along with seedy leaders who somehow have immunity from breaking laws that would get the average person locked up for years.
    We’ve been here before. Continue the good work, folks. Piss on these Ellsburg liberal cocksuckers.

  15. It’s King Kong vs. Godzilla. But to suggest that this one rather talented marketer and showman represents a real and present danger to the Military-Industrial complex takes a special kind of creative imagination.

  16. Trump verses the Deep State? Is that what the media and political pundits want us to believe? Really?
    All one has to do is look at who Trump has appointed into his cabinet to realize that it’s business as usual for our Overlords and the ongoing puppets who serve them in the White House and in Congress. Nothing has changed and what you may think is change is just an illusion.
    Those on the right who voted for and support Trump are being taken for a ride just as those who voted and supported Obama were. The illusion is created by our overlords to hand pick a candidate, one who seemingly represents what we think, feel and believe.
    When our candidate is elected we feel as though the system works for us. That our votes counted. We get exhilarated because we believe we elected someone different than the rest. Someone who will do all that he claimed he/she would do.
    Trump is a billionaire. Trump is a businessman. Trump is an entertainer. Trump is for Trump and his wealthy and powerful cronies. Trump is going to say and do what those that elected him into office want to hear. But soon things will change. Those in his cabinet will run roughshod over the working class, enriching themselves and their cronies.
    The anti-establishment talk by Trump was just that, talk. He knew exactly what he needed to be and say in the eyes and ears of his supporters just as Obama knew exactly what he needed to be and say. Those who believe that Trump is different and refuse to see this are going to have a one rude awakening.
    Those in control ALWAYS put one of their own, one of those they can control into the White House and other positions of power. Trump is the perfect distraction for those in control to increase their raping, pillaging, plundering and profiting at ours and our country’s expense.

  17. You know we are screwed when Televangelists are gushing all about Trump and how he will rid the Church of false prophets and false leaders. Yes, I’ve seen this on a few Christian programs, the one I recall is called ‘Sid Roth: It’s Supernatural’ program.
    The Counterfeit Christians of our country are already planting the seeds into their gullible followers brains that Trump is our Savior. Trump is going to return us back to Christ and become a Christian Nation again.
    The followers of these programs and preachers are slowly being conditioned by these religious leaders so that these followers will blindly and unquestionably support Trump and all he does in the future.

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