Observing A Young Alpha Male

I was watching the above video recently for some reason (I have no idea how I wound up there – ironically the same can be said of many of my one night stands *badum tsh*). It’s a basic science video, the kind that so many internet ‘scientists’ with their 3 year Bsc degree from mid-tier universities sperg themselves over. It’s boring as hell and useless, so of course like many situations where my attention wanes I immediately began checking out the talent in the background. Stripes and green are pretty decent specimens, and black skirt on the end needs a closer examination before I declare hot or not (not to mention some badly needed hair treatment) but the others all have blocky bodies and guts so they’re wrote off immediately.

As the video went on, a few interesting things caught my eye.

1. The boys and girls are completely separated.

Now I have no idea if the teacher set them up like that or if they were all shy and naturally assumed that demarcation. I can see a teacher trying to separate the boys and girls, having experienced some petty frosty bitches like that during my school days, but me and the other two biggest goons in my class never let that stop us from sauntering over to hover behind girls to snap some bras and sniff some hair.


However, these kids are clearly in grade 9 or 10 – literally making my erection a crime by the way; at least according to the man. So I’m going to assume that they picked their places themselves ‘cause they’re like, shy or still worried about cooties or something.

2. The only boy and girl standing beside each other are wearing the same colours flipped vertically.

This is an interesting composition. It’s unlikely they coordinated or planned that in advance but his black shirt vs. her white shirt and her black skirt vs. his white shorts instantly draw the eye, creating an almost chequerboard like appearance of unity; even the line between their shirts and bottoms match up to an eerily uniform level. Their complimenting style and stance are very cinematic in appearance, and if this were a competently made fictional movie that composition would give us a hint that they’re attracted to one another.

3. Also the two I mentioned above are furiously attracted to each other.

I could float a cinder block on the sexual tension between them. I also noticed that the boy is a hard alpha for his age. Don’t agree? Well I’ve broken down the video play by play to examine the moves of this young, burgeoning alpha male.

And before you sperg lords scroll down and begin furiously accusing me of being a paedophile; this video was made in 2010. These kids look at the very youngest to be 14. They’re either 17 or 18 now.


Like you wouldn’t either or.

Besides, every red-blooded male takes down consenting High School girls. Stop letting feminized society dictate your boner. But stay the f*** away from kids you sickos. Lolita was fiction, not a suggestion.

Any ways, if you’re cool with observing the sexuality of 14-year-olds then tie up your trench coat and hop on the lurking school bus to see if you agree with my observations below:

(0:04) They start off stiff, both facing the demonstrators. Very quickly in the video the girl shuffles, lightly nudging him, and immediately the boy readjusts his stance, turning slightly toward her and leaning back. Subtle signs of interest have been established by both parties.

(0:19) A deal of time passes where neither of them makes a move toward each other. Eventually the boy, perhaps sensing rejection, or that the girl was merely teasing him, reverts back to a stiff forward facing stance. Immediately the girl fidgets, letting him see her interest by extending her leg once, receiving no reciprocation and then extending it again – once more receiving no reciprocation. The boy refuses to chase her and it is here that he displays his first hint of alpha dominance. A deal of time passes with them leaning away from each other, both clearly disappointed, but the boy stoic in his refusal to buy into her chase game.

(0:40) The teacher, or TA, or whatever that fashion victim woman calls herself (probably just a university student, going by her fatness, mole-mannish movements and inability to dress herself) moves around the barrel to begin the experiment proper. The girl becomes frightened and shrinks back and toward the boy, her movements practically begging for protection. However, for several seconds it is unknown whether he notices her need for protection or is simply refusing her.

(0:54) The boy has noticed and has likely held off to signal that he does not need to react to her every whim; a second display of alpha male dominance, showing the girl that he will react to her needs on his own schedule. He also pulls the girl in further by rewarding the girl’s helpless need for protection by leaning over to her, establishing contact and at that moment she shrinks into him further, clearly accepting his protection. Her hands, which had been clasped in front of her skirt in a protective position, unclench in a sign of trust; one even moves back to clutch at herself in an almost sensual manner.

(1:00) The boy has visibly relaxed, having established a physical contact and dominance with the girl. His arms, still crossed, have loosened and he appears less like that asshole bouncer who threw me out of the club last weekend and more of a king observing great works being ERECT-ed in his domain. His confidence has sky rocketed from the females acceptance of his alpha moves.


Is fatso checking out her lack of ass or just admiring her sweats?

(1:05) The experiment before them enters a ‘dangerous’ phase. The girl can be seen raising her hands to her ears to block out the bang, and also shifts more into the boy. Unfortunately at this point MuffinGut McSweatPants moves in front of her blocking the girl’s reactions from view for several moments.

(1:19) When Sweatpants finally waddles off to the side we briefly catch the girl’s leg bent coyly toward that of the boy. Her hands are back down, once more moving in front of her skirt in a suggestive manner and she’s fidgeting nervously, constantly shifting into and toward the boy.

(1:27) The girl leaps fully behind the boy, completely giving herself over to him as her protector. Her hands grasp his arm and doubtless if the camera was focused up at the only interesting part of this video we would see her upper body pressing into his, letting the boy feel her burgeoning female form, possibly whispering how totally freaked out she is into the boy’s ear. As far as can be discerned from the angle, the boy is defiant and proudly masculine, fully exposing himself to the danger and showing no worry. He has established dominance over the girl and at this point it’s undoubted that they rutted soon thereafter, possibly after a sock hop when both are inebriated from a shared bottle of liquor stolen from their parent’s liquor cabinet.

After that point their sexual frustration cannot be ignored. Their legs rub, their bodies turn toward each other like frickin’ magnets, they’re both antsy and clearly they want nothing more than to mount and mate like the crazed teenagers they are. The boy has entered alphadom and I have no doubt that in the years since this video was made he tapped a lot of teenaged ass at his school. It’s likely he currently spends his time going through a bevy of tight, attractive young bodies, writing up occasional articles on game websites to share tips with his fellow alphas and trying to help borderline betas make that final step to the promised land of poosy.

You can visibly see how happy he is with her by his side, how much grander life is when you assert your male dominance. Meanwhile the beta chumps off to the right all are crestfallen, probably wishing that the school day was over so they could rush home and play Call of Duty together – each in their own houses of course, since this is the 21st century and only homos want to go over to each others houses and talk face to face with each other hur hur hur.

They undoubtedly rationalize their sexless high school lives by reassuring one another that all the girls in their town are sluts and who would want to have sex with a whore? They know that once they head off to university there will be a treasure trove of beautiful, chaste virgins who totally understand what a big deal reaching level 12 prestige is in their video games and laugh uproariously at all their witty recitations of jokes from Family Guy and Futurama, while these mythical women ask and expect nothing in return. It’s likely that they currently spend their time masturbating to videos of tight, attractive young females, writing up incessant comments on game websites about how much of a lying, creepy loser the author of the article is.


Ms. Frizz: “You’re right Billy! Those High School girls do look like they’re DTF!”

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55 thoughts on “Observing A Young Alpha Male”

  1. Ehh, a swing and a miss. All we know is that it seems that the girl is attracted to the male. Everything else is pure conjecture. Unless you were at the bottom of the barrel, you had many girls that were attracted to you in HS, most of which were in decent shape. I was complete loser and still had girls here and there. Means nothing.

  2. Ehh, a swing and a miss. All we know is that it seems that the girl is attracted to the male. Everything else is pure conjecture. Unless you were at the bottom of the barrel, you had many girls that were attracted to you in HS, most of which were in decent shape. I was complete loser and still had girls here and there. Means nothing.

  3. A wet-behind-the-ears HS kid who has achieved ZERO, has absolutely no power in the world, leads no one, devoid of any status and probably has to borrow the car from mom id Alpha? Talk about lowing the bar

    1. With your logic, congress would be full of alphas; violent criminals who have 20 bastard spawns would be betas. You can’t use socially defined standards to judge biologically engrained dynamics. Welcome to the manosphere.

      1. Yeah, cuz everyone knows a HS kid who knows how to cross his legs has more cred than a congressman. Welcome to reality

        1. “Cred”, as defined by clueless betas like you, has got nothing to do with the alpha/beta dynamics.

  4. the body language at the beginning is a classic…. not the best video quality, but still very interesting… thanks…. look for some better examples man… keep up the good work…. btw… in the UK the legal age for sex is 16, in Spain it’s only 13….. fresh chickens….. yee haa…. so don’t feel like a perv amigo….

  5. Here’s an observation for ya, douche: There was only one worthwhile, notable thing in the entire video. That girl in the blue is so ripe for the picking, her coyness and fertility is high. Also, a prime age to capitalize on her natural insecurity/inferior intelligence, which is noticed as she unconsciously jerks attention away from the scene once hearing the term “phase change”.

      1. That’s where it’s supposed to go, but it’s all good. You could have banned him for using a colon instead of a semicolon. lol

      2. The punctuation goes outside the quotation marks unless you live in the UK, silly retard.

  6. This analysis is fucking retarded.For fuck’s sake. come on! obsessively interpreting everything fucking nuance as alpha/beta is neurotically beta. Get the fuck out of here.

    1. I liked this article, also. “Bizarro” is correct, but his observations are sound.

  7. When I first read the title and watched the video, that it was supposed to be a metaphor for the modern world. As in, the oil drum is the young Alpha, being capped, and then crushed by masculine(science) feminists, with the help of a Beta White Knight (teacher). That was my interpretation.

  8. Billy Chubs you are my hero! You make me believe in things again! You make me want to be a better man.

  9. Lol dude, happy october fools day. This must have been comedy because all I’ve seen is some chick of cuteish looks and proportions stepping behind a tallish dude during a science experiment. Is this college or high school, or does that even matter. Show us a video of some below average dude pulling and making out with a sexy club slut and extrapolate from that.
    P.S. Roosh don’t ban me – got a couple articles I’d like to submit

    1. I wanna see a manlet shorter than 5’5 who is average looking picking up a hot slut and making out with her. Now that is true game.

  10. I hope EVERYONE knows that Roosh is beta through and through. He has been caught hiding in bushes trying to lure girls there. He’s been caught skulking around bars finishing of left over drinks. He has been caught on youtube… go on have a look, it’s embarrassing as hell.
    At least that ^^^^ comment is worth of a ban (and also happens to be true).
    P.S. This article is so, so shit.

        1. No, not a cunt, just sad. I kinda feel sorry for the dude. I mean, this is filmed in his mother’s basement, right?

  11. Billy Chubs is the most useless writer here and he even managed to write the most useless and pointless article too now,Roosh should give him a medal or something.

  12. Behold the body language of the girl next to the one analyzed.
    Ps: Banned for bad english. 🙂

    1. HAHAHA! I’m glad someone else remembered this kid. The interview you linked with that scolding, schoolmarmish news anchor was legendary (I’d prefer links with mandatory commercials, however).

  13. I think there’s a bit much being read into this video, but the overall concept of analyzing a “young alpha’s” behaviors is sound. I wish I had a fucking clue about game in HS. Any teenager reading this site and similar ones has a gold mine at his fingertips, use it.

  14. Note by the way that while the nerd girl in sweatpants did all the talking, it was the Walter White looking guy who actually handled the propane burner, screwed the cap on the drum properly, and brought up the hose after her ineffectual attempts to splash water around.

  15. I found the experiment more interesting.
    Here’s a theory. The Alpha boy gets girl pregnant married gets divorced at 30. The other men (boys) had more time to develop now roams the globe writing about masculinity.

  16. It is rather difficult to fathom “Billy Chubbs” motivation behind the articles he types. On the one hand, you get comments defending his typing; on the other, there seems to be an almost tacit acknowledgement that he is just trolling, and the joke is on the reader. Either way, his writing leaves a lot to be desired, and his analysis and conclusions are rather simple-minded. If Roosh wishes for this site to be taken seriously, he needs to re-think who he is allowing to contribute to it.

  17. how the fuck did you not see the chick with the massive tits 5th from the right in the white dress jesus christ man step up yo game she was working with some E’s i reckon

  18. And the comments are now disabled on that video. Oddly enough, no other videos uploaded by the same user have the comments disabled.
    So, I am going to guess people from here were going over there and leaving rude or sexual comments that the uploader of the video didn’t want there. Lovely.

  19. I spotted some of that first time through (before I read your comments but that was a great analysis. Discovery channel worthy, if it was horses or chimps or something.

  20. I see that the All-American Gamma Choir has shown up flash-mob style in the comments to howl one of their dirges to the painful truth of the SMV.
    Slightly interesting, but definitely out of tune.

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