#WomenAgainstFeminism Is Typical Female Attention-Whoring

A curious yet inevitable trend has been circulating recently: women speaking out against feminism, centered around the hashtag #womenagainstfeminism.

And by speaking out, I mean of course that these women have resorted to the tried and true tactic of useless activism by writing something on a piece of a paper, taking a picture of themselves holding said piece of paper, and then sticking it on the internet where people can fawn over their bravery and cute faces at the same time… all done within five minutes from the safe convenience of their bedroom.


Gee, I wonder why she’s holding her sign awkwardly off to the side instead of comfortably in front of her?

Obviously, opinions on the matter differ: for some people, this represents the pendulum swinging away from the west’s bizarre social experiments with the sexes and back toward normalcy, with women finally accepting that they are, limitations and all, simply women. For others, this is just a cynical and hollow plea for attention. I’m firmly in the latter camp, for three main reasons.

1. Writing on a piece of paper doesn’t do or mean anything

This stupid, narcissistic, useless trend of writing on paper and taking a picture of yourself holding it up is one of the most embarrassing fads of the moment. That being said, I understand its appeal to the insincere people who do it. In one fell swoop, they get to show off their humanity and worldliness by announcing their support for [INSERT] cause; and they get to show the world how handsome or cute or sexy they are. It’s almost like a quickie dating profile: these gals get to show potential penises both their heart and their tits.


Writing on a piece of paper and taking a picture of yourself is one step above clicking a button on the internet. Remember the brief fad of #bringbackourgirls, a “campaign” of sign tweeters who were protesting a militia group in Africa kidnapping several young women and girls for slavery? The first lady of the United States even got in on that action.


Remember how, because of #bringbackourgirls, the world moved into Nigeria and saved all those young women and rainbows appeared over the house of every brave soul who wrote a hashtag sign? No, you don’t remember it because that never happened. Boko Haram is still active (and kicking the Nigerian military’s ass by the sounds of it) and all those girls are, as you read these very words, being raped and forced to take care of the militia fighters who stole them from their families… and it’s likely that many (if not most) have been impregnated by their kidnappers. And just to rub some salt into the wound, Boko Haram even released a video mocking the hashtag.

The first lady of the president of one of the most powerful nations on the planet couldn’t get anything done about an issue the public overwhelmingly condemned by writing on a sign and posting it on the internet. What are a bunch of random semi-cute-to-really-cute girls going to achieve with #womenagainstfeminism? Nothing. It’s a hollow gesture, intended to make the chick posting the picture feel good.

2. It continues to give women all the power in the discourse

I don’t like the Men’s Rights Movement. That isn’t a personal attack against anyone in the MRM, or those who support it (you can read my personal attack here though). I really would like to support the MRM. Yet I cannot take seriously a movement which purports to be concerned with men’s issues when they not only give women a very prominent platform in it, but essentially allow women to control the narrative about the issues.


The most mainstream discussion of the crap men have to put up with in the modern culture has centred around a book written by a woman: Men On Strike, by Helen Smith. Mrs. Smith got to do a lot of interviews, she got a lot of press in a variety of mainstream sources (with varying degrees of vitriol), and the men her book was about were shunted off to the side as if they were kids who wouldn’t understand what the “adults” were talking about. The message was made clear: men themselves are not allowed to talk about the problems society inflicts upon them. All problems concerning the sexes must be filtered through a woman’s mouth.

#womenagaisntfeminism is creating that same dynamic. The movement receives a fair amount of press simply because that it’s now women who are saying there’s a problem. News sites are talking about them, and asking just why these women are against feminism. That’s a huge amount of recognition when compared to the fact that Return Of Kings (and the many blogs and websites with content similar to ours) is under an unofficial blackout when it comes to mainstream sources talking about us. Once again: the problems created by feminism and similar doctrines can only be discussed in the setting of women talking to other women, the sex which is minimally affected by feminism. Every woman creating a #womenagaisntfeminism sign steals a bit of our thunder, further weakening our voice and legitimacy. Their hollow cheerleading is doing men far more harm than good.


As evidenced by the complete and utter (and now, forgotten) failure of #bringbackourgirls, women don’t care about results. That’s not the point of their hashtag activism. They just want that five-minute feel-good endorphin rush and some back-patting attention (preferably from men). As a man, a good measure of my prosperity, and the prosperity of my potential sons, depends upon pushing back against feminism. We men actually have skin in the game, and we have a lot to lose… to say nothing of how much men have already lost to the insanity of feminism. The #womenagainstfeminism have no investment in the debate, and for them it doesn’t actually matter if feminism continues or not. They will prosper either way, as women always have.

3. They are not actually against feminism

Feminism is a tricky word. It has a hundred different definitions, mostly because very few people besides its critics want to admit what feminism really is at its core.

Feminism is simply, and completely, about maximizing the transfer of resources from men to women.

Said resources encompass several things, both tangible and intangible: money, job opportunities, respect, power, love, etc. Feminism is about giving women as much as possible at the expense of men. That’s it, the nitty gritty so to speak. Some of the #womenagainstfeminism mention equality on their signs, but what does equality mean? It means a level playing field, with no inherent biases or advantages to either sex.


And on a level playing field men would dominate. That’s not theoretical either, just simple fact. There’s a reason why, since the dawn of the species, men have been the builders, hunters, workers, and creators, and women were the ones who kept the home clean and raised the kids. Men dominate women in every category. If we were truly to eliminate feminism, the vast majority of women would have to revert to being submissive housewives referring to their husbands authority… or face destitute spinsterhood.

Gone would be the university admittance favouritism for women, and the easy humanities courses which enable them to actually get a degree in the first place. Gone, the lowered entry standards for jobs and careers—a woman who wanted to be a soldier would actually have to keep up with the men in her platoon, instead of being coddled through training (and in an truly equal society, women would be conscripted for the military: though realistically we men wouldn’t allow that for a variety of reasons). Even if a woman wanted to do something simple, like work in a business, she’d have to put in the same hours and dedication a man does or risk being fired; no more clocking out at 4 pm sharp if there’s still work to do, no more constantly-tolerated sick days because her menses are crippling her (or for the more likely reason, that she went out last night and got, like, toootally wasted).


I’m fairly amused that this anti-feminist is apparently not wearing a bra

There would be no more holding their marriage hostage just because women today know they will financially rape a man in court if he has the nuts to divorce her. If she becomes fat, or lazy, or no longer has sex with her husband, then he would have the right to divorce her and get back all the finances he put into the marriage… and likely any children created during the union, since the child would go to the most capable parent and it’s long been proven that single mothers are much worse at raising their children than single fathers.

There would be no more partying away her twenties. No more hookup culture, no more spring break trips with the gurrrls to Mexico or Italy; in an equal society, those types of women would be shunned and would wind up marrying only the most pathetic of men (though a very few might luck out and find a rich dude with a cuckold fetish). Men would no longer feel compelled to marry sluts, and all the safety nets of being a slut would be gone.

How many of these women would actually be all for that? Because that’s what a world without enforced feminism would look like; not because of the evil patriarchy, but simply because men are better than women at most things. These chicks say they’re against feminism, but they and their proud feminist sisters are still enjoying the exact same benefits that feminism has bestowed upon them, all the while avoiding the responsibilities those benefits would entail if they happened to be men. If it came right down to it, would #womenagainstfeminism actually put her money where her mouth was? Of course she wouldn’t.

Remember the golden rule about women: Judge them only by what they do, not what they say. Stupid signs posted on the internet included.

#womenagainstfeminism, no matter their reasoning for it, will only cause more problems for the men who are trying to fix our broken cultures. Cheerlead for us all you like ladies, but stop trying to put yourself at the front of this debate. Only men can fix what’s wrong between the sexes, and by hijacking the spotlight for themselves these women who are supposedly “on men’s side” only ensure that the discourse will remain solely between women, and that men’s opinions on all these matters which grievously affect him will continue to be ignored and belittled. Women who continue to side with men simply for the attention only ensure that there will be no healing, and one day men will simply stop attempting to find a peaceful and fair resolution, and start exploring darker avenues to getting what they want. We should all fear that day.

humungus placard

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235 thoughts on “#WomenAgainstFeminism Is Typical Female Attention-Whoring”

  1. one of the best articles i’ve read on this sight. spot on, on all counts. particularly the little slut with the knockers holding her sign off to the side. what a joke! Cheers!

  2. I cannot comprehend how you would be against this, these women are helping our cause, feminism has been a cancer to our society and women like these are helping us to cut out the tumor from the body, this is the process of healing, these are women embracing RATIONAL COGNITIVE IDEAS, something which many women and men for that matter do not seem to embrace when they hear the ideas of feminism and drink the Kool Aid right away. This is the start of the backlash, watch how much feminism will reel.

    1. Absolutely agree. We’re fighting a common foe. Men are scorned for opposing feminism, but if the meme catches on with women and becomes trendy then suddenly we’ll find a wide receptive audience for our message. We will go from “mysogynist!” To ” ooooh, what an edgy, dreamy man with such daring opinions!”.
      You ally with your enemy’s enemy during war. Not doing so is foolish.
      That some chicks want attention in the pics is irrelevant, women like attention, so who would expect anything less?

      1. Precisely, it’s in a woman’s nature to want attention in the same way that it is our’s to desire sex with multiple women, it’s part of our nature, and you cannot be mad at a creature for its nature, something which is inherent.

        1. It’s also in women’s nature to be fickle, to hop on fads, and to come into struggles near the end game, when the hard work has already been done, and shoe horn themselves in on the winning side.
          Like I said, they’re free to cheer-lead all they want – but they should not have a voice or say in any men’s movement. That is suicide for the movement. Would you trust someone to speak for you who benefits regardless of whether your side wins or loses?
          Besides, what is more appealing to these women – a group of men that wave them right on in, supplicating and kissing their butts; or a group of men who tell them they don’t want them around, and that they are not welcome. Group of accommodating nice guys vs a group of dismissive jerk asses. Which one of these groups have today’s women proven time and time again is the only one they’re interested in being around?
          And as always, thanks for reading Enkise!

        2. I certainly agree there will always be a crowd mentality, I bet it even exists on ROK without a doubt, and this could be a fad, but better this than #yesallwomen. I am always weary of women when they speak about men’s rights because they don’t seem to understand our own struggle, for parental rights in court, to have to pay for a child despite not wanting to, or not having a choice when it comes to the abortion of a fetus. It should definitely be men leading the fight for men’s rights because whenever feminists attempt to lie to me and tell me that feminists do fight for men’s rights I simply ask them then why has any of the above issues never been addressed, the real reason is FEMinism concerns themselves with what is FEMinine, they could give a damn about what men’s right’s are.

        3. You are making the arrogant assumption that these women are fighting for us. They are not. They are standing up for themselves not US. This has nothing to do with men and everything to do with them defining themselves and choosing to stand apart from a larger movement.

        4. I agree, but at the same time based on what can be read on RoK it seems silly to expect more of them en masse.
          I say be vigilant but don’t avoid using them to further the message.

        5. Good points. Also, remember….women are always complaining about how men shouldn’t direct (or even participate in) a conversation regarding a woman’s right to choose (abortion).
          Yet, many women are flocking to fight against feminism and men’s rights? And always after the heavy lifting has been done (agree).
          Yes, it’s attention whoring at it’s finest.
          You can never trust women because they are fickle and they’ll turn on you in a second. Too many examples to list.

        6. No you cannot be mad at the wolf for its appetite, but you can dome site it and make it a dog. Never encourage women. NEVER. if she is your wife you can tell her she’s doing a good job as a mother/wife but even then you have to couch it appropriately. Women do not need attention and are best ignored.

        7. There have been women supporting this cause from the beginning. These struggles always start with a small forward thinking group, the mainstream then catches on much later. I don’t see any evidence that this is to do with gender. I have always seen that a progressive individuals are not necessarily correlated with gender. I know plenty of men who follow ‘fads’ and can be fickle, because most ‘people’ are not interested in politics such as these.

        8. sigh…..its just a sigh after sigh. so your not married im guessing and dont wanna be? how would you trust your wife?

    2. He contradicted himself at least once. Seems like he just wanted to wave the banner instead of accepting that this vacuous trend resorts in less of a consensus among women.

    3. Feminism wolnt go away until it is uncool to be a feminist.
      Images of the manly men and beautiful women being against feminism is a better weapon than all of the logical arguments in the world.
      I agree with Chubbs on most of his points: these women against feminism are essentially feminists. (The ones complaining about ‘labels’ are essentially saying that they want goodies without being held responsible).
      But, feminism being associated with losers is what will destroy the movement, not anything else.
      And even if feminism can’t be completely destroyed, putting actual feminine women in control of the movement will make the world a much better place for men and for everybody.

      1. I do have to concur with that, a pretty face has a way of shifting people’s logic, as has been seen by how some men just buy into feminism straight away.

    4. They accept all of feminism’s original values and goals. They declare themselves anti-feminism while trumpeting the fundamental premise of first-wave feminism- equality.
      “Feminists won, they won a while back and they won hard, but in their victory they’ve only won the original goal of ‘equality’, they have not yet gained what they truly desire: the complete destruction of any civilized restraints on women and the complete takeover of civil society by the state.”

      1. The value of this group is not their ideological purity, but rather that they present an adversarial voice to the Hive mind. The Sisterhood presumes to speak for all women, they rely on that for propaganda purposes, to ensure conformity. Show a bunch of hot girls even modestly saying “you do not speak for me” and the Sisterhood’s curtain gets pulled back. The propaganda cannot accept non-conformity to be seen in public.
        In short this is a prime marketing opportunity for us. Besides even if they are not much different, they think they are. That means they are at least able to have a conversation with us.

        1. I see what you’re saying and to that end it’s certainly a positive development. But it must be understood that they still cheerlead for the very root concept of the entire poisonous ideology, without even knowing it.

        2. Yeah… I would not oppose this group. I think these ladies dressed sexy and showed some boobage cause they wanted to display their femininity ie show the “goods” . They did NOT want to be the typical manhating , manjaw, dykie feminists….

      2. That is truly the undertone of what feminism is now, but the reality is that just like on ROK how there are good men, there are good women out there who want to be just that women, and realize that victimizing themselves and acting in a masculine manner won’t attract a real man to them anymore than acting feminine will get some men a piece of ass.

      3. Well, from what I observed, equality for these women means equality under the law and equal opportunity, not equal outcome and affirmative action. The word “equality” doesn’t mean anything now anyway, since everyone has their own definition.

    5. # Enkise-Did you read the article or even any of the signs held? Brother, this is man’s fight. Almost every sign says: “Against feminism because I believe in equality…” Equality means Equality. We men would dominate every measurable statistic. Like the author says, women would be left at home under the submission of her husband or father under equality. Do you really think this is what these women want? The favoritism in the workplace and university would end under equality for these women. Women are male attention whores…this is just one example of a female saying: “I’m not like other women, that’s why all of my friends are male.” What is left unsaid is that by being the only female in the group, she will easily dominate the attention of all others in the group. Have you ever interacted with a female? She will say ONE intelligent sentence…which is the bait. When you ask her questions about the “bait”, she will revert back to irrational, illogical, overly emotional blah, blah, blah. I realize this is overly simplistic, but it happens to me on a daily basis…at work, at the gym, or any place I see the same people every day. Sometimes, receiving help from an adversary is NO help at all. The points in this article make it the best in over a week for me…Much more thought out than the one ending with your children ending up in your sock, Billy!

      1. Rights are different than behaviors, I personally believe women should be given the same rights, simply because of an ideological standpoint. However, without feminism women would naturally revert to their original gender roles instead of trying to become males in the way they do now, it was only because feminism made women feel that being a housewife and mother was inferior that they decided to go out and try to become like men. We, as men must rise to our roles as father and providers for stable families and make women want to feel like women, because really how can you expect women feeling comfortable enough to act like women when so many men nowadays are effeminate and submissive to the woman’s desires? It’s simply nature, once the balance of masculine and feminine has been restored everything will be right again.

        1. Good points. It’s really funny, though.
          I never realized women had it so bad for so long? (queue the non stop laughter).
          Women (for the most part) have had it pretty good. They love to complain about the things that they don’t have (and they still do to this day) but they have a hell of a lot more (today) versus decades ago.
          Women will dabble in a career, rack up debt (from college) and then decide they want to be a ‘mommy’ so they find a beta provider to marry (and assume their debt). It’s so hard being a woman, today.

        2. Women were much happier before feminism than after it, they will find a beta only if we as men continue to allow masculinity to fall further, men need to realize their destinies as men.

        3. Agree….and they need to realize that the true enemy is women (not men). Example: A man doesn’t negotiate a woman’s salary when she is applying for a position with a company.
          The problem with this argument of ‘women being paid less versus a man’ all has to do with women. They accept less money for the position and if they don’t another woman is behind her to take less for the job.
          I don’t blame anyone if my negotiations skills suck. Women need to learn to start calling out other women for these fuck ups (versus placing blame on corporations or men).

        4. B-but men… they have it harder than women? -cue laughter-
          Men for the most part, have it EXTREMELY good. In fact; it’s so good that they complain about stuff that they already have; i.e the oh so many rights women are taking away from them! But it’s ironic, because they still have the same rights, if not more, than they did, decades ago; but all of a sudden it’s not OK to have these rights because women are getting the same rights? Oh no, I need to have more power; it’s only natural!
          Men. They dabble in a career, rack up a debt from college then decide they want to feel like a big buff dude so they rape a few girls from college. But it’s OK. All part of the male privilege. In a job interview, they won’t settle for the “feminine jobs” like receptionists, nurses etc. Oh, no, of course not – they completely, and utterly deserve the position of a CEO, a director. Those are “masculine” jobs. And they might notice, in those “masculine jobs” women are being denied the same opportunities.
          But that’s OK. Women just want to be a ‘mommy’ and find a beta provider.
          Generalisations much? You’re doing the same.
          Cue non-stop laughter indeed.
          Furthermore if society doesn’t impose the notion that it’s socially
          acceptable for men to be the only breadwinners, women wouldn’t sudden decide to rely on a beta provider. You say you don’t want women to rely upon men, but you’re
          against the movement that liberates them from doing so?
          How ironic.
          Why it’s socially acceptable for women to have less rights than men is beyond me.

        5. Women have had it pretty good as well but by the way they complain you would think they were actual slaves at one time. Women are pretty good at playing the victim (often)….just listen to any conversation by a group of women (anywhere). There are some things that are limited to only some women but there are plenty of things that all women do (just like there are plenty of things that all men do). This equality thing….it’s over. We’ve come to the point in history where women have the right to vote, own land, can be a CEO and be President. The rest of the shit is just more nonsense and more complaining (as usual).
          When is the last time you heard of a march outside of any U.S. courtroom, by women, for equal settlements on divorce (alimony), child custody, child support, etc…? None…and you never will hear about it. It’s called selective equality.

      2. “The points in this article make it the best in over a week for me…Much more thought out than the one ending with your children ending up in your sock, Billy!”
        Goddamn I love the comments section lol.

    6. Because most feminists don’t say they’re feminists. Feminism is about women having power over men. It existed before the 60s. Every time a wife nags her husband, she is a feminist. Even these women are likely feminist in that they control their relationships, even though it’s now “uncool” to agree with Feminism (TM) the political movement.

      1. Very true, at its root core feminism was about turning women into men, however, it’s men that need to rise to their role and make women feel like women, because how can you stay at home with the kids when your husband is playing COD all day long and is unemployed? Men lead, that’s long since been true in nature, why should it not be so here, we need to make them realize what it means to be feminine again, because they have lost touch with their natural instincts and were made to feel as though they were wrong.

        1. But why can’t women lead? If it’s nature you’re crediting with this idea of “male dominance” not all species contend with that idea e.g elephants. If anything, it’s the notion of male supremacy which is both degenerative and harmful to our society. Granted in many cases it may seem as though feminism is turning women into men, however alot of that just has to do with liberation. Is it more liberating for a women to wear a bra, or not? Is it more liberating for a woman to express her own sexuality or hide it? Historically, women have been viewed as little more than assets, how is that in any shape or form an acceptable perception??

      2. “In order for females to not be feminists any more…
        They would have to stop being what females and human females are on instinct.
        -They would have to in childhood stop telling secrets, being cliquish, being manipulative, being taunters and teasers, being tattlers.
        -In teen years they would have to stop being sexual gate keepers who are in little secretive cliques.
        -In adult hood –along with teen hood– they would have to stop being dualistic creatures who are repulsed by males who love them and repulsed by males who become civilized (soft/nice /infantile males). (Male humans become soft/infantile as a side effect of their battles verse each other over female sex value. [see alpha beta gamma again; yep, sorry.])
        -They would also have to be smarter with a closed callosum. And be less gland based. (It is said that males think with their ‘little heads’. Yes Sometimes true. But at least men have a choice between the two. Female humans on the other hand are only glands/moods. They make words [_undefined_ sounds actually that mimic men’s words] so as to trick men into giving them food and etc.)
        -Less reactionary against males. That starts in childhood when the females are a type of bench warmer male. They have classic bench-warmer-male syndromes (ie reactionaries who throw wrenches in the works to “get even”). Once the females get leverage –which their sex value naturally affords them– they believe anything they do to get back at males is deserved simply because males “hurt” them in childhood by being better at everything. (It is called penis envy motivates la femme mystique.)
        -The species would have to stop having wallflower chicks [ugly/ fat/ masculine girls]. They have classic typical female bench warmer syndrome [penis envy] _mixed with_ wallflower ax to grind anger. They are also the most masculine fems and therefore sense that freeing themselves from the harem of emasculated hermaphrodites [see “fundamentals”: cuttle fish] and making a run for it is within reach. They are well motivated ax to grind female rousers using whatever political plank will work at the moment.”

      3. lol wtf
        that’s like saying every time a husband decides to go to work and earn income, he imposes patriarchy. Feminism is about equal rights. If feminism is considered to be women having power over men, then why does that come as a surprise when patriarchy – which was acceptable for far longer, historically, is about men having power over women?

    7. Agreed. When I first saw pics like these I didn’t read it as attention whoring (with them almost always showing off their assets), but as sticking the middle finger up (even more) to the feminists, saying, “Yeah, cunts, THIS is what men find attractive, not your pubic hair covered asses.”

      1. Seriously when I see pictures of women acting like this I personally find them more attractive. A nice piece of ass is just that, a nice piece of ass, but women who are comfortable being women make it easier for all of us to be men, let the healing begin.

    8. I think the difference between this and the other campaigns are the reasons provided with the pictures. Not only is it showing support (hollow, perhaps, but still some sort of support), it raises awareness for the shit that everyone accepts as normal.
      Face it, Atleast this way some beta males will start to follow women that ‘claim’ to fight against feminism and we can weaken their army by the 3 billion guys that have no clue about the red pill.

    9. Most of the women’s signs (above and elsewhere) show support for equity feminism while standing against gender feminism. It’s sleight of
      hand, but it’s still feminism.

    10. is she says she is against feminism doesnt mean she doesnt have feminist mindset
      dont be a braindead never treat female as having agency

    11. Rational cognitive ideas? Don’t make me laugh. As others have said, this is just because they don’t want to be associated with all the baggage of the word ‘feminism’. They still fully support feminist ideals.
      “I’m not a feminist, I just want a career, paid maternal leave, the ability to divorce my husband without any justification and take all the kids, no social repercussions for partying away my 20’s, and _equality_!”

    12. Completely agree. I find the fact that anyone here is against this development, completely ridiculous. First of all, they ARE doing something important. Women are herd creatures. Up until very recently, feminists were leading the herd. By participating in this Tumblr, these women are showing OTHER women that part of the herd is breaking off. And that it’s safe for them to do the same. Which has a domino effect. The vast majority of guys are still blue pill betas. And they aren’t going to say or do anything that they think women aren’t going to approve of. If we have a bunch of attractive girls saying that they don’t believe in feminism, those blue pill beta guys are going to start growing their balls back and speaking up, and turning their backs on feminism as well. Because they see that it’s no longer taboo in the eyes of women to do so. (Yes. I realize those guys are pretty pathetic. But 80 percent of the male public is pretty pathetic these days. If the red pill is going to spread, we need it to spread to these guys…)
      Finally, whether we like it or not, women DO have a legitimacy that we don’t when it comes to the mainstream media. These women have the ability to get messages out to the wider public that we don’t. It sucks. But that’s the society we live in right now. Might as well take advantage of it.
      Finally, I don’t think anyone is advocating that we let these women take over ROK, the “movement”, the manosphere, or anything else. But by doing what they do, they aren’t stopping us in any way from doing what WE do. So why in the hell would you be against that?
      “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend”.

      1. I can understand (and agree) somewhat on several points here, but the bottom line is women are very fickle. Women are emotional by nature so you could have an enemy or friend at any moment with them.
        It’s all about what benefits them the most at that particular time. Anything that I see on social media (with pics), to me, screams for attention (it’s not so much about the message).
        Always look at a woman’s actions….disregard her words.
        The piece of paper each of these girls are holding up in the pics could read “I’m a slut” just as well. It’s not the words…it’s always the actions.

        1. Yeah. But I don’t really care about what they actually believe, or the reason they’re doing this. I care about the RESULT. And the RESULT is that this is damaging to feminism and feminists.

    13. The worst thing about it all is the men who will grab their little peckers in their hand, wank off, and declare “SEE! Not all women are like that!”
      And life just goes on as usual.

    14. These women are disingenuous. Most women are feminist without consciously realizing it.
      They can scream “I’m not a feminist” until they collapse, but ask them about any number of issues and the truth come to light…
      “I’m not a feminist, feminists are so crazy and biased I’m totally not like that at all™.”
      Do you agree that women should have the right to abort a baby without the consent of the father, or conversely, to give birth to it and force the father to support it, even if he does not want to?
      “Well yeah, it’s her body, right?” (she’s not a feminist…but she believes women should have absolute power in reproduction…oooookay.)
      Do you think that voluntarily-single mothers should be given taxpayer funded handouts to help support themselves and their children?
      “Of course, being a single mom is hard and it takes courage, if they need help they should be able to get it.” (She’s not a feminist…but she approves of programs that devalue the roles of husband and father via forcible extraction of one citizens tax funds to another citizen who was too fuckin dumb to make wise mating choices, and probably forced the bastards father out of their lives anyway, against his will.)
      I can go on with examples like this for several more paragraphs, from the bias in divorce, family, and criminal court, to the Glass Ceiling™ myth, etc ad nauseum, but you get the gist of what I’m saying; feminist ideology has become part of every Western woman’s mindset via osmosis. It’s all they’ve ever known, so their frame of reference is skewed from the outset.
      Point being, if women really wanted to do something about all this misandry in law and society, they could have used their vast political and social influence to do something about it long ago.
      Billy Chubbs is right; these women are no better than the ones who say they “love playing VIDEEO GAEMS and LOTR OMG I’m such a nerd LOL XD” when they don’t give a fuck about either.
      These women are like Klansmen who scream “We’re not racist!” as they lynch a random unsuspecting black dude and set flame to a gasoline soaked Cross.

      1. Feminism guided these women away from being women, we have to be natural men and lead them back to their femininity.

      2. For what it’s worth, I consider myself a feminist, and my views aren’t like that at all. While I do think women should have the final say when it comes to aborting or not aborting their fetuses, I think men should have the right to accept or refuse parental support for children they never wanted. As far as welfare mothers go, I’m less concerned for the mother as I am for the child, who didn’t choose to be put in that situation and doesn’t deserve to suffer because his/her mother can’t provide for him/her. That said, sorting out the wage gap that forces minimum wage workers to take public assistance would help with that, and that’s a problem for single fathers as much as single mothers.

      3. “Do you agree that women should have the right to abort a baby without
        the consent of the father, or conversely, to give birth to it and force
        the father to support it, even if he does not want to?
        yeah, it’s her body, right?” (she’s not a feminist…but she believes
        women should have absolute power in reproduction…oooookay.)”
        Do you agree that it’s ok for men to rape women?
        Because that’s happening in this world right now; and, and, wait for it, it’s considered normal.
        -cue gasp of disbelief-
        Yup. You heard me right. It’s normal. So as a male – do I agree that women should have the right to abort a child when she’s going to be carrying it for 9 months then have to endure the same pain as being burnt alive, to give birth to it? Hell yeah.
        Do I think that it’s giving women the absolute power in reproduction?
        uh, no? Because for one, she can’t reproduce by herself, duh. Do I believe any sane woman who loves her partner will decide to abort a child who she wants?
        Uh, no? Because why would you abort something you want? Abortions are for when a woman or her partner does not want a child. It’s for when a woman believes she cannot support the child by herself.
        Do I think it’s OK for women to get child-benefits from the father?
        Hell yes.
        I’m just as responsible for the child as the mother is. And in our society where women depend on men, it’s even more so. Ironically u guys are dissing the system in where women don’t rely on men. do u want women to rely on men? Or don’t u? Make up ur mind.

    15. You do not understand. It is just attention whoring. These little girls are not trying to get in your kitchen and cook you dinner anytime soon.
      These girls are just doing this because they realize that men can’t stand feminists. They are anxious they will be undesirable, so they put up these stupid signs and say “I’m not a feminist I believe in equality! Loovvvee meee! Don’t run away, men!!!!” Horsepoo. Most of these little girls would support any feminist issue.
      One of Billy Chubbs’ main point was that females should not take over men’s movements. It is extremely frustrating that we are constantly at the mercy of female’s wishes when it comes to sexual dynamics, unless you go MGTOW. This is why you do not encourage stuff like this. You are prostrating yourself to the supreme female.

      1. Well man what it is is a matter of opinion, you can think it’s attention-whoring I don’t. There is a lot of pressure of women to be feminist, at least not being one is a step in the right direction. And somewhere in the comments I made it a point that women cannot be women unless men are men, meaning a man takes care of things, how can she feel comfortable staying home with the kids when her man is unemployed and plays COD all day, give a woman masculinity and she’ll give you femininity, and if she doesn’t that’s fine I’ll find a girl who will. Quite frankly your point doesn’t make sense, since men who really dislike feminists are the minority of men, most are effeminate men who will agree with anything a woman says simply to fuck her. I never said females should take over the men’s movements. Sexually we always have been at the mercy of female’s wishes, it’s the economics of sperm vs eggs, sperm is plenty and eggs are rare, that’s nature, not society. And if anything feminism has made it far easier for real men to fuck women since in the end they want our masculine energy and there’s a lack of it because they have feminized so many men. You should encourage stuff like this, these women are the ones who have been jilted by the promises of feminism, the reality is women still want to be women, not men, which is what feminism made them into and made them feel like their feminine role was inferior. I’m not prostrating to anyone, these women are against our enemy which makes them our allies, it seems like nothing will convince you, this may not be the end result you want it to be but it is the first wave of the future,

        1. You dont get it. All they do is TALK, or holding up signs..they dont ACT at all. Talk is cheap.

        2. There’s really not much else you can to but talk. That’s all people in the ROK community do also..

    16. Didnt you read the article ? of course none of these women will ever give up their spring break cock carousel vacation in Italy to become stay at home housewifes who have risen 3 children before the age of 26.

    17. “I cannot comprehend how you would be against this, these women are helping our cause”
      This entire post is one giant explanation to how they are NOT helping the cause, as well as exposing how their demeanor is disingenuous. Seriously clear the shit out of your eyes and actually read the whole thing before you comment.

  3. Of course the women could be doing more, however you are mistaken if you think only self-ascribed Red Pill outlets are going to be enough to change the tide of feminism in the west. Recruiting betas and females to our cause and away from the enemy’s should be a focus and encouraged. We consistently point out the hypocrisy of how feminists treat their own.

    1. Right on. And what better way to recruit thirsty betas than with pretty women? Taking a look at the tumblr site I see loads of good talent on display (with some exceptions of course). Thirsty men would kill to have a chance to align with three quarters of the women there. This is a great opportunity, trashing it out of hand is a bad idea.

    2. It’s far beyond the point where the tide can be changed. If feminism were to go away, it would just be replaced with something worse.
      You have to attack the problem at its roots. Feminism is a symptom, not a cause.

    3. You cant “recruit” a woman for anything. They dont have the mental capacity to join a cause like this. Quite frankly, they dont understand what we are talking about. They live in a dream world. You might as well try to train a cat to join to MRA movement.

      1. Haha with feminism I can watch my girlfriend make the all money. While I can sit back on my social responsibilities. Hit the gym and look good. No wonder so many people “no say to me thank god you have your looks” I’m the new age housewife/ secretary and getting all the benefits. Winning. Patriarchy had me doing all kinds of shit I would rather not do like fighting at the battle of the Somme. But I’m moderately attractive. For all the beta guys with beer guys who support feminism. That’s suicide.

        1. So you get to eschew responsibility for your own life, you get to have somebody else support you and you achieve that by being good looking.
          This sounds so oddly familiar…like how women operate.

        2. If you didn’t notice we life in a hobbsian world and an ever closer Orwellian/Huxlian model of one. I’m moderately intelligent. I’m not a bad physical specimen. I had far less autonomy when I was a slave to some monarch and my only access to pussy was through shameless self sacrifice. Now all I need to do is wink and a girl buys me a drink.

        3. Btw I like the red pill and agree on principle but I did the maths and enjoy the stories and the truth in the world. As a news source this place is amazing and allows me to escape. But the war is lost. Any victory will be pyrrhic e.g the takeover of fundamental Islam does not equate to victory to me. I can ride this out and sleep with high borns and live a good life. The people that feminism psychologically destroyed was the middle class.

  4. Christ all fuckin mighty — the photo of the mens rights summit, not one male on that board? WTF?
    But I do think that the anti-feminists type of girls are the only ones that can forsee the future of men getting so fed up and going galt and not giving a flying fuck about marriage or cohabitating. And that means that these same females know there will not be any useful idiots to put a roof over their heads when the time comes they feel like getting off the carousel.

    1. All people work in their own self interest. Fear the person who tells you otherwise.

      1. Also, fear those who overuse the word “we” in vague, flowery ways. What they mean is “you” or more specifically your wallet.

        1. Agreed. A lesson whose seed was planted in me by the book Anthem, and confirmed time and time again over the course of my life.

      2. yep…I’m with Ayn Rand re: self interest. Everyone has an angle .It is human nature to have self interest. Trick is to have “constructive self interest” where everyone benefits.

      3. Bullshit. Fear the moral relativist who says shit like this. There is an absolute truth, and there is a difference between right and wrong.

  5. Yeah it’s typical female attention whoring but funny in how it enrages professional femists.
    One prominent femist froths with rage over hot young women holding placards denouncing femism. Obviously tools of pedophile “MRAs” and other misogynist miscreants. A clear case of an aging woman slut-shaming younger more attractive females.
    “Besides the warm, pumpkin-candle scented aisles of the Hobby Lobby,
    there’s another new club for self-effacing female enablers of angry
    white men.”
    Always the race angle with these gals, as if femism was not the exclusive providence of middle-class white females. No femist can end a screed without solidifying her position by taking a swipe at “white males”.
    The money shot :
    “Everything about Women Against Feminism suggests it’s a
    sock puppet for the aggrieved misogynists and pedophiles of the
    anti-feminist men’s rights crowd. The main clue is that almost all the
    women on the site are nubile and posed in ways that fulfill dirty old
    men’s wildest dreams about pliant young things.”

  6. Completely disagree with this. I can’t stand feminism, so I strongly support these women. In regard to calling it typical female attention whoring, guess what? Women aren’t the same as men! They have different emotions and different things that please them, and it has actually been that way for hundreds of years (before Facebook and Instagram, women attention whored in other ways). Instead of constantly complaining about it, why not just deal with it and show respect to the women who actually agree with rationality? We are fighting a common enemy here.

    1. No, I disagree. You are siding with an emotional creature who will turn on you in 5 minutes if it benefits her (i.e. she can get more attention from it).
      Men don’t need women stepping into the spotlight to ‘help’ us. We need to do the heavy lifting, educate other men, call out other men and let feminism run it’s course.
      These type of women are opportunists…nothing more.

      1. Opportunist because they don’t agree with psycho tumblr feminist? Ok…
        Comments like this and articles like the one billy chubs wrote are why sometimes, I take a few weeks break from this site.

        1. I don’t blame you for taking the break…sometimes it is needed.
          I only want to understand the enemy that we are dealing with here. Men have been taking a hit for a long time, now, and it’s only natural for many to not trust a woman who is trying to speak up for us.
          I really don’t want or need a woman speaking out for me.

    2. I should show respect to attention whores, because they attention whore is that what you say ?

      1. Women are naturally, for lack of better word, “attention whores”. They have a different method of communication than we do, and different things get serotonin rushing in their brains. Since in life we indeed do have to deal with women, we need to learn to communicate. In a situation like this, where women clearly are standing up for something that we agree with, why not be happy about it? Yeah, we do it in other ways, but we’re men. To some extent, we just deal with it.

        1. If they really did stand up of it, yes, but they dont. They couldnt care less. Might bring some attention to the issue which might be a good thing but dont be fooled into believing they do this out of the goodness of their hearts.

  7. He’s right that they’re not actually against feminism. Lots of them will have signs that say things like “I dont need feminism because I believe in true gender equality, and feminism no longer represents that” or some shit. That means they embrace te ideology of feminism, but they just think modern feminists take it too far. I’ve noticed that a lot of people who claim to be “anti-feminist” think this way.

    1. From what I’ve scanned, most just mention equality. There’s nothing wrong with that, we should all be equal before the law. And looking at some of their other bullet points it appears many of them are traditional minded. Perhaps they mean the equality that Billy mentions? I’m willing to float them the chance to demonstrate their sincerity.
      If we’re looking for ideological purity and lockstep,parroting of our ideas from a nascent movement of people waking up, we’ll never make any cultural headway. The proper strategy is to embrace this, compliment their newly functional awareness and bring them into the fold. Conversion takes time, but if you start with a willing, eager subject then this greatly decreases the effort required for full awareness.

      1. The thing is, the “I’m not a feminist but I’m for gender equality” point of view is already how most people think. Not that many people take the radical, female-supremacist feminists seriously. They can have their slut-walks and tumblr blogs and it doesn’t really affect us. On the other hand, it is these “moderate” feminist views, which almost every politician and average citizen believes in, that cause the majority of the problems.

  8. This is in the top five most idiotic articles on ROK. They are on our side for christ sake. Your premise makes no sense. In order to get their message out some PR is required which you mistakenly label attention whoring. I like these women. Did you have a bad hangover when you thought this up?

    1. Fuck they got to you;I almost expect you to talk about moms basement and wow, just wow.

  9. Perhaps it would help to define the various factions of feminism and which factions are against which factions.

  10. Billy Chubbs, you nailed it. From the very beginning whenever I saw a woman speak about men’s issues I immediately tuned out. THEY are the problem. The only thing women can do to ‘help’ is to be subservient to their man and encourage their dumb girlfriends and daughters to do the same.
    But we all know this won’t happen. Women are like low IQ criminals. The only thing women understand is violence, be it emotional subjugation or at the receiving end of a knuckle sandwich.
    This would be over already if there weren’t entire platoons of beta phaggot mangina white knights ready to play captain save-a-ho at the drop of a hat. You see them everywhere…
    “there’s NO REASON TO HIT A WOMAN!11” (There are many)
    “maybe you should MAN UP!!11”
    etc etc etc
    A gentleman on the youtoobs made an excellent video to this effect.
    He talks about the trend of the “female mra” and how the concept in and of itself is ludicrous.
    Then you hear about GirlWritesWhat, that buzz-cut neo-lesbianic with her crocodile tears…ANYTHING productive she says is because she spawned a son (and of course raising him as a single mother) and is seeing first-hand how the system is fucking the kid over. That’s it. She only cares because she’s directly impacted and then, only insofar as her hamster logic will allow her to be.

    1. My fifteen year old daughter is strongly anti-feminist and traditional. She has no stake in this at a solipsistic level.
      Some people want to rail at the storm even when there is shelter to be found only one step away. If we do not want to be more than fringe dudes with no voice in the discussion, then by all means continue to spit at those who want to be your allies.

      1. Wait til your daughter turns 18 and fucks her first meth dealer. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet my friend. When your daughter realizes weak men will do anything to get access to her little box she will do a complete 180.
        The sad thing about having daughters is they eventually grow up to be women, and women are very base creatures.

        1. This.
          Girls know the value of their pussies from a very young age, and forge a strategy to get ‘buy in’ from all the men in their lives.
          In fact, girls are particularly skilful when it comes to manipulating their fathers.
          Sometimes I find it difficult to take GhostOfJefferson’s posts seriously since he is a married family man trying to comment on red pill issues.

        2. This.
          Girls know the value of their pussies from a very young age, and forge a strategy to get ‘buy in’ from all the men in their lives.
          In fact, girls are particularly skilful when it comes to manipulating their fathers.
          Sometimes I find it difficult to take GhostOfJefferson’s posts seriously since he is a married family man trying to comment on red pill issues.

        3. You clearly have no experience in parenting. I was loath to inject her into the conversation because I rather expected your comeback.
          All of the women in my family are anti-feminist. It is part of our family’s tradition. Not every situation requires bitter cynicism, there are still plenty of decent people left out here in the non-virtual world.
          If we can’t accept allies, even ones of convenience, then we’re doomed to be little more than a group of men forcing a self fulfilling prophesy to happen.
          I have encountered similar attitudes in real life with a political group I worked with. The face palm inducing reflex is hard to control.

        4. Yes, the last person you should take advice from is a man who has made something most here think of as impossible, work. Much better to embrace bitterness and hope for society to collapse into hyper violent chaos.

        5. Plenty of decent people? Maybe in your neck of the woods. But I’ve lived my whole life in a vary large east coast city, and let me tell you, it’s nothing but shit. You’ll meet the occasional cool dude, but every last female here under 50 is a god damn nightmare.
          We’ve started to use prepaid SIM cards on disposable phones and fake names because false rape allegations hand over us like the sword of damocles.
          Maybe your family is what you say they are. Do you really think you’ll be able to keep it going in the face of an entire system rigged to produce feminist cum buckets?
          And even if you do, 1 nanoparticle of diamond in a 50 foot high stack of shit means the chances of a decent man encountering quality women like yours purport to be are so astronomically minuscule they are insignificant.
          Keep fighting the good fight but don’t come in and say that just because somehow you’ve been spared the misery, the misery can’t be as bad as people say.

        6. East coast city. No offense, but this explains our entire conversation. Come to flyover country, deep red state territory. You’ll be amazed to discover an utterly alien world compared to what you are used to.
          The misery can be bad, no doubt. Don’t let it consume you and hypnotize you into thinking all is lost. Where you live allows for a huge amount of negative confirmation bias, which can understandably create an attitude of “it’s over, we’re toast”.
          Ever visited Wyoming? South Dakota? Farm country Ohio? Small town Indiana? Idaho? Montana? UP Michigan? If not, you should, you’ll be amazed.

        7. Making it a family tradition is key, an aunt of mine of 40 or so in Mexico ran away with a younger man and left her family behind, my red pill grandfather would not have her at his house no longer, and she was generally shamed by the entire family, she had to move to another state far away, the females in the family are back to speaking to her, but the males such as my dad are not on speaking terms with her to this day. This was over 10 year ago I think, they will at some point no doubt come around and speak to their sister/daughter but they are waiting, they are still friends with her ex husband.
          The shaming does nothing for this particular aunt, she left what’s done is done, maybe she even had legitimate reasons for doing so, but it sends a very clear message to other females in the family, if you do this expect the very same treatment. Had she come to my grandfather for advice on the matter if she had legitimate reasons for leaving, he would have probably found a solution but she took it into her own hands and ran off with some younger guy, it’s not right. This would be condoned here in the U.S probably.
          This probably won’t work in the U.S because the family units have been broken down so much, but make no doubt, if your entire family is willing to turn on you over your own actions it makes it a very strong deterrent to not engage in said behavior.

        8. Fantastic observation. Yes, we are very old school clannish. It works precisely as you observed.

        9. Most marriages work…until they don’t.
          Married men in 2014 are an embarrassment and a joke.
          Am I the only one here who struggles to take you seriously?

        10. Based on my high up vote count across threads, you just may be. 25 years hitched and counting. Even if we split today, I’ve managed to get one conservative-libertarian red pill man out the door and a red pill anti-feminist girl constantly setting the standard amongst her peers, herself nearly out the door. What have you done to make the world a better place for men, besides snark on the internet, brother?
          We’re on the same side here, man. If you can’t take a man who has made a positive life in a negative culture seriously then what precisely do you hope to accomplish besides reaffirming your already held notions with others who are not actually looking for solutions?

        11. Hey, for what it’s worth, i really liked what you had to say in this thread. Work is keeping me in Chicago for now, but i’ve been thinking of heading out west in hopes that your “red state flyover country” hypothesis is true…..
          Not really sure what i need a good job for in the big city anyways, it’s not like any of the girls i’m meeting around here are “wife and mother” material, so what exactly am i even working for?

        12. I’m not trying to be snarky, I was merely challenging your credibility as an authority on red pill/men’s issues since you are a married family man.
          In my experience, married family men live in a bubble of self-delusion and cognitive dissonance since they are forever trapped in a life of servitude.

        13. I see women for what they are, and act accordingly. Advice on how to deal with a wife is no different than how to deal with an LTR or even a summer fling. Their foibles, habits and mentalities are universal.
          I do not give advice on dating modern young women, except insofar as it relates to their known traits (hyper gamy, etc). What advice I do give would thus be applicable today, yesterday fifty years ago and fifty years in the futures what’s not to take seriously then?
          As to marriage, I too don’t think it’s possible any longer, though I do hold out hope for those who leave their city torture chambers and find somebody, as a miracle, in Smallville, South Dakota.
          Your idea of marriage is colored by modern expectations. This is not unreasonable. I knew the dangers, to some extent, even during the late 1980. My goal however was to have children and raise them properly, so I structured a plan and executed it, so far, rather well despite all of the negativity I hear from other men who have not taken on such risks. Their choice, I do not fault them, but clearly I have managed to keep a modern woman in check, and traditional, despite the 24/7/365 media and corporate man-hate she’s exposed to, and you think I have nothing to say of value? Remarkable.

        14. The red state advice sounds good in theory, but aren’t these places complete sausage fests compared to the cities? Not to mention the much higher rate of obesity.

        15. San Antonio is relatively liberal, and it is the obesity capital of the US (if not the world).

        16. I notice that the guys at ROK section respond well to your comments so I will withdraw my criticism of you and save it for feminists and manginas.

        17. Plenty of young attractive women out here actually. Though you would be right for places like Alaska regarding sausage fests.
          As to obesity it depends on where you go. Deep Alabama, yeah, a fatty paradise. UP Michigan…healthy as you can get. Mountain side of Wyoming…uber hot chicks of mostly Scandinavia/German descent. Choose wisely.

    2. As much as I love Speznaz’s ideas, I can’t watch his videos for some reason as well as GirlWritesWhat, “that buzz-cut neo-lesbianic…” Her hair is something Roger Staubach would be proud of. I too get the lesbo vibe from her. Her do’ and the ‘wifebeater’ is her uniform in every video. When she started smoking and talking about being a single mother, I lost interest. It’s as if she partook in all feminism had to offer and decided it was bad, very bad. And now she blames feminism for being a single mother and not being able to or not wanting to do anything to attract a good man. You blew it sister, and now your son will pay for it…unless, you change your tactics. Alas, she is unable to change. ” I like sounding like a man, dressing like a man, keeping my hair like a man, and smoking like a man. Honestly, how else is my poor sweet mama’s boy going to get any masculine influence in his life?”

  11. Some HILARIOUS comments by some virgin squeakers in this thread. You people come to ROK like 13 year olds shop at Hot Topic.
    The NAIVETE, nay, the indoctination that comes through your posts is astonishing.
    Women today are not your friends. Women today are not capable of loving anyone but themselves.
    Open your eyes.
    Briffault’s law:
    The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal
    family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with
    the male, no such association takes place.
    There are a few corollaries I would add:
    Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
    Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return
    for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the
    male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)
    A promise of future benefit has limited influence on
    current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate
    to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly
    proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which
    is not bloody likely).
    Applies perfectly to the women against feminism set.
    And women against feminism is like prostitutes against money. How can they be against the very thing that validated such empty displays in the first place? My grandma tried something like this in the 40s, my grandpa would have slapped the shit out of her.

    1. Yeah, mate, you spit logic but you don’t half sound like one too many girls made you cry.

      1. Sure, it’s happened to me. And you, and probably everyone out there.
        And then I got angry and treated them like the garbage they are… Oh what a surprise to see that the worse they were treated, the better they treated me. Spontaneous confessions of love, sexual degradation for my pleasure, cleaning my house and buying me things. Fuck one slut bought me a god damn breitling! And then when I kicked em to the curb they would come back for YEARS. Some of them still send me nude pics unsolicited even though I haven’t had their number since the pre-iphone days!
        I don’t do that anymore now, too old for that shit. But I never wanted a sloot. I just wanted what my dad and granddad have. But that no longer exists.
        I’m fine with that, but I’ll be damned if I don’t scream my disgust from the mountaintops

        1. #J.Jiggler-Get out of my head bro. We must have shared experiences. Your comments are spot on and leave me nothing to add. Excellent work Sir!

        2. ‘just wanted what Dad & Grand Dad had’…me too, friend, & I also found it no longer available

        3. Agreed. I did the same after going through my 20s and being the kind, respectful man to a woman. Hit my 30s, starting treating women like shit and I could not get rid of them.
          You can’t make this shit up and it’s really sad. The worse I treated them, ignored them, etc….the more they would hang on, hang around, etc….
          Very sad…but true. I have a few still looking around for me.

  12. I agree with the basic premise of this article, however, they seem to be getting some mainstream attention because they are women, this may in the end I hope drive blue pill guys to sites like these and that will be positive, coming to this site was a big awakening for me, I had always been red pill on some fronts and blue pill on others l due to the example my father set, but after 4 years of marriage I was doubting myself and was considering going full blue pill, without knowing what these even were, basically I was considering submitting to my woman in an effort to keep the relationship in peace, this would have resulted in a disaster for my family. Finding this site has been refreshing, and validates the fact that the red pill stuff I was doing all along was on the right track with alot of beta mistakes mixed in.
    As for the women themselves, I believe the younger ones do it more for attention. I don’t believe any western raised woman would back the rolling back of feminism because of what it would mean for them, but we should embrace them drawing attention to this topic, but men should be defining the conversation once the blue pill guys get here. There is no point in focusing in on the women there is nothing to be gained by that, we must focus on blue pill guys.

  13. That these sloots are getting scorn from professional victims (cunt feminists) is part of the same phenomenon that fueled fat shaming week.
    Something angers them so they will spread it far and wide. A woman against feminism is like a STD repository whore getting yelled at by her parents. A thrill of being “strong and independent” and every statement against is tacit validation of their “uniqueness”
    It’s all fake bullshit.

  14. What a waste of words Chubbs. I did not think you were capable of this kind of article. It doesn’t matter that their efforts are superficial when it denotes a growing rebuttal.

  15. Nitpick much? What else should these women be doing? Go out in the streets and demand that the 19th Amendment be repealed? And cover themselves up completely while at it so that they’re not ‘attention whoring’?
    While obviously not perfect in any sense, we should be glad that there are women out there who see feminism for the deranged bullshit it is.

    1. Precisely. People really need to study marketing, propaganda and how mass movements are built and managed.

  16. Personally I am happy for women to deconstruct feminism to some degree, even if it is by means of attention whoring on FB. They create the “permission” for a lot of weak kneed beta supplicants to all of a sudden say, “OK, maybe I can actually say what I have been thinking but have been too afraid too due to political correctness etc.”
    No, I don’t want those women defining men’s issues, but that is very different then letting those women deconstruct feminism, those are two separate issues.
    Furthermore, I would suggest the whole womenagainstfeminism thing has been a canary in the coal mine showing how much pent up anger there is in the general public, left or right, about the outrageous positions that feminism now takes. I was just over at Mother Jones yesterday, a decidedly left wing liberal publication and they did a piece on various women against feminism and the comments section is orders of magnitude more active than anything else happening there. This is run of the mill left men and women saying, “Ya know, they have a point, some of this feminist stuff is off the rails”.
    I am enjoying watching it, feminism, being subverted from within its own ranks. It cannot eat itself soon enough for my tastes.

    1. Kinda shitty that the beta supplicants are conditioned to be so fearful of being able to speak freely.
      Actually, if you agree with the people who are castrating you, you have become a shit stain omega.
      The feminist ideology is becoming outdated, because many woman realize being so radical and perverse is self-destructive. Women will selectively extract the most beneficial parts, while enjoying the fruits of the patriarchy. If this slowly leads to woman becoming more feminine and submissive, than I’m all for it.
      But I have my doubts.

      1. “The feminist ideology is becoming outdated, because many woman realize being so radical and perverse is self-destructive.”
        Wrong. Women will never learn this lesson because they don’t have the depth of soul. Females as a species are and always will be manipulative, lying ingrates. Feminism is starting to show its age simply because it is unsustainable in an economic sense, same as government tyranny. It is the parasite (woman and state) killing the host (working man).

  17. Aren’t they just doing a direct, mocking response to the “I need feminism” sign holders? Just because this is the kind of activism these women are engaging in now doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the end of their efforts. It’s a start. I’m not trying to white knight for these women, just saying, lets not dismiss them.

    1. Men need to stop giving all of the power to women (as in this case).
      Look at what’s really going on here. Men can speak out for their own causes, their own rights, their own needs, etc….
      I don’t need a girl with low self esteem and a sign trying to whore in on the spotlight.

  18. Sorry, but I gotta disagree with this one. We all hate feminist bitches but when women stand against it (many of them pretty, which would prove the point that women who haven’t bought the feminism bullshit are confident and good-looking) , there is also a problem? So no matter what happens, women are always going to be wrong, even if they advocate our cause??? WTF?? I agree that the whole “holding a sheet of paper with words on it” is pretty useless, but damn, give the chicks a break. At least they are acknowledging their existence but OHH WAIT, they are attention whores for doing it … it’s like you wish women are always on the wrong side so you can bitch about it… things are starting to not make sense here.

    1. There are plenty of women who ‘get it’ and are advocating our cause. But these women aren’t them.
      In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter if women support our cause or not. What matters is if MEN do. If all men actually got together and swallowed the red pill, feminism would vanish overnight.
      The manosphere isn’t about reaching out to women. It’s about reaching out to men.

    2. It’s similar to women not giving a fuck about our opinion when it comes to ‘their body’ and abortions (men should not have a say in it).
      Well, women should not have a say in our shit (remember, it’s about equality). How the hell does a woman know what it’s like to go through all of the bullshit that we (men) face with feminism?
      Yes, fuck them. We don’t need them to come along with the whore seeking signs to supposedly ‘help our cause’. It’s nothing but a fad at the moment for these women. They’ll be on to something new in about 5 minutes (as long as they can seek attention from it).
      Feminism will run it’s course (like the unions) and then it will be over.

    3. Look man these women are not against feminism. No woman in the west is. Because they would have to admit that women are inferior in almost every field. They would have to admit that women in general do not belong in the work force and that there can never be such thing as equality. The lowest denominator for equality is basic human rights, but this is where it ends.
      Woman cannot be allowed to work in areas where men would do the job much better. That would be the downfall of civilization. Or rather, it IS the downfall.
      None of those women are saying stuff like that…so of course, they are NOT against feminism.

  19. Billy, you make some good points, but there is no reason to attack these girls. They didn’t “try to put themselves at the front of this debate”, they are, as you described, just a couple girls that took some selfies. The people that put those girls at the front of this debate is our media establishment, who as you described, refuses to acknowledge any make voice in the discourse.
    You are certainly right, we can’t let female voices (for men) control the discourse in any way, shape, or form….. But that doesn’t mean we should disparage or attack those voices. Let them have their say, and poke the eye of the establishment.

    1. I agree that they probably didn’t think of putting themselves at the forefront of any movement when they took these selfies. Yet they were put at the forefront all the same by the media, with all the news stories about them asking why these women were against feminism. None of these women stopped to say “Maybe you should talk to guys about why Feminism is hurting so many people instead”. No, it was more me, me, me listen to my female opinion bull crap.
      They probably didn’t mean any damage, but it was done all the same – they inadvertently continue to normalize the disgusting fact that the damage caused by feminism against men can only be acknowledged when women say something about it. It’s the same crap in a different package. If I didn’t attack these girls, then I’m saying it’s okay that only women get to talk about the problems plaguing men. And to me, that is not okay in any degree.
      Hope you’re having a good Canadian day Sasquatch!

      1. Agreed. Too many men are seeing these girls as ‘activists’ for men when in fact it’s more of the same….a selfish, attention whoring act to be in front of the camera.
        It’s more of the same…..women with low self esteem looking for validation through social media (it’s doesn’t matter what that sign says on it).
        Watch a woman’s actions….ignore her words. Men can speak for men…god knows we could use a break from women always talking.

  20. I agree that this kind of thing is the latest in attention whoring. However, I’d say let’s take the small win of at least some women maybe realizing feminism was a raw deal. I’ve personally spoken to women who are starting to feel this way so we should let that ball roll and not shut them down. Until both genders get their heads around what BS it has all been, we’ll never move forward,

  21. About time somewhat brought up this critical issue. Supposed ‘American/Anglo anti-feminist women’, who all of a sudden sees the value and necessity of the patriarchy, in the midst of texting on their iPhones, tweetering, facebooking, mindless consumerism and fucking awful American uptalk accents. Yeah, I’ve always called bullshit on this. The crusade against and extirpation of feminism has been and always will be a male cause. Not only are many women attention whores of the worst type, but they are also populists without a shred of honour.
    As if this will stop her from marrying her beta, fucking her alpha and campaigning against the numerous advantages that ‘certain groups’ have made possible here to fracture and disrupt civilisation. The worst thing you can do, is to convince yourself of the honesty of these ‘paragons of civilisation’ that gets you to marry them. You’ll learn the hard way and I guarantee you, you’ll end up like every other American/Anglo loser who gets married or starts a relationship because you see some supposed value in what a woman tells you (lol). ‘Sure honey, I’m an anti-feminist’, ‘yeah I hate Betty Friedan now here push this stroller and cook my food’. Trust what they tell you at your own peril. I’ll never give a quarter or an inch.

    1. Agreed with entire statement Lance, but the end reminded me of something: A married co-worker and I stopped by my house to get some lunch and he asked to use the head. I said “Sure, if its number one.” He confirmed it was so I showed him to the bathroom. As I walked away, I heard the toilet seat slam down. When he returned to the kitchen I asked him ” I thought you said number one?” He replied: ” It was number one, my wife does not allow me to to take a piss standing up.” I rolled my eyes and said ” Yeah, she doesn’t feed you either.”…as I fixed him a lunch plate of leftovers from last night’s dinner that I prepared.

    2. Classic case of women having their cake and eating it. While they don’t exhibit traits of the standard, rabid feminist, they still want the “freedoms” that the movement has given them. They also desire benefits from men; they’ve smarted up and realized that they need to be attractive and give the appearance that they are feminine.
      However, I don’t fault women for exhibiting learned behavior. It is to be expected. If anything, we need to step up our game and not get caught up in the bullshit.

    3. Yep, good stuff always.
      Never listen to a woman’s words…always watch her actions. This type of behavior (with any sign) screams attention or whoring seeking behavior.
      I don’t need someone who is that unstable trying to help me. And I definitely don’t want a woman to talk for men on men’s rights. Fuck that.

  22. The man sacrifices to the woman, the woman sacrifices to the child. This is true for most living creatures.

    1. Not with humans. Women don’t sacrifice shit. They use the babies as leverage and a meal ticket, from the man and/or the state. They are more than twice as likely as men to abuse and kill their babies. Females are not more ‘compassionate’ than men, they are much less so, in fact. Don’t buy into the gynocentric myths of women having ANY special value whatsoever: women by definition lack values.

  23. Dumb article. Find something else to nit-pick instead of actually hurting our cause. Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time, then make a power-point presentation which contradicts itself. Actions speak louder than words, yeah, and what I see here though it be a young woman’s actions.. aer actions. It’s a start

    1. We dont need women on our side. This is about TAKING back our rights. Not about some bitch giving it back to us, which they never will, anyway.

  24. If you’re getting laid a lot outside marriage you have feminism to thank.
    Have a think about it people.

    1. Plenty of people where getting laid outside of marriage before the advent of feminism. It was just looked down upon.
      Nowadays, the word of the whore has become the law of the land.

    2. Great morals. The world will certainly be a better place with more flavinouses in it, won’t it?
      You seem to think everyone who recognizes female nature thinks its a good thing.
      Here’s a clue – it’s not. Which is why every civilization since civilizations began tried to curb their behaviour.

  25. Go visit Judgy Bitch, this woman is an ally, and we need all the allies we can get. Straight up, she makes a lot of sense.

    1. Dude….she refuses to sit on an all women jury in an all womens court to hold women criminals accountable for their crimes.
      She is no friend of men. If you are too stupid to see that? Then you are no friend of men either.

      1. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. I have read her stuff and I would rather have her with us than against us.

    2. Fucking beta. NO WOMAN is an ally. The only help we can get from someone with a vagina is if they stay the fuck out of the way. I’ve read some of her articles and it’s all hamster all the time.

    3. I disagree. She’s with you until she’s against you.
      At some point, you’ll come to a cross road with a woman and you can believe that she’s going to side with women (and against men) every time.
      You can never trust a woman’s words (so stop reading their books). It’s their actions. Every women will “say” what’s considered acceptable by society but behind closed doors she’ll “do” just the opposite.
      An example – No woman ever posts this statement in their profiles on dating sites: “looking for a man who will beat me, make me want him by lying to me and cheating on me”.
      Women will always post this fluff: “I’m outgoing and I’m looking for an honest, nice, caring man to spend our time together”.
      It’s bullshit…because if she met the nice guy she would leave him the second the bad boy hits her radar. The only exception is once she hits “the wall” and she needs that beta provider to pay for her lifestyle….then she’s ready to “settle down”.
      Damn, wake up guys.

  26. “…and one day men will simply stop attempting to find a peaceful and fair resolution, and start exploring darker avenues to getting what they want. We should all fear that day.”
    It’s too late. There has already been no peace, there has already been no fairness. Do the people of and by “the system” have the right to go “oh, we made a mistake. Our bad. Sorry!” and then live on like nothing happened?
    The reason why the good guys fail is the same reason why God protected Hitler. If they whacked Der Fuehrer, Germany would have brokered a cease fire and surrender and alllllll those people who sold out to the Nazis and their ideology, allll those people who ratted on each other using the state as their weapon (look familiar?) would have gotten away without being bombed out of their homes and losing family – which is exactly what you should expect when you sell out to evil.
    No. In the end, nobody gets away.
    And there is no way in this hell or the next we are going to “fix” everything and the people who intentionally monkey-wrenched civilization get to go on and live to ripe old ages enjoying it. We have not the station nor the agency to mete out justice (for what do we do by that, become the enemy?) but we are damned if we try to avert it out of kindness or some altruistic ideal, damned to fail for justice does not sleep forever.
    “Every man for himself” is not a negative thing.

  27. When you’re laying siege against the enemy, you don’t send the officers to scale the walls. You send the grunts. So much the better if they do it of their own accord.

  28. The amount of bitterness entombed in this article is staggering. I usually enjoy your articles but I completely disagree with this one on all counts. Attention Whoring or not, they pretending to comply with us shows that we have a better value. Let’s not moan about it and enjoy the temporary triumph.

    1. I don’t see it as a ‘temporary triumph’….it is exactly what it appears to be on the surface.
      It’s attention whoring (yet again) through social media. The paper can say anything (i.e. I’m a slut, I’m a patriot, I’m not a feminist, etc….).
      The words do not matter.

      1. If you don’t see a triumph as a triumph, then, that is a point on which I must disagree with you.

        1. No problem..and that’s ok. We disagree and it’s your right (your opinion).
          I just don’t want or need any woman speaking out (for me, anyways) on my or men’s rights.

  29. Mr. Chubbs represents the extreme right, the Neo-Nazi among us 🙂 They criticize everything yet offer no real solutions or actions themselves.

    1. Thanks, I needed another Neo-Nazi accusation to level out all those Zionist-Goyim ones I got back in my Men Fought The Nazis, Women Slept With Them article. 😀

      1. I didn’t read that article but then again I wouldn’t have 🙂 Just with a title like that, I can tell it will be another one of those non-sensical, general women bashing diatribes that completely ignore the fact that we live within a society and that our actions are to the greatest extent dictated by the rules and norms of that society at any particular point in time.

    2. And there is the typical ‘shaming’ if you don’t agree with something.
      Men have been dealing with that ‘technique’ for years so we’re used to it. Once you put on the black hat it’s starts to grow on you.
      Yeah, I’m the bad guy (a man)….lol. ok.

  30. This article is great! I believe Billy Chubbs is a very experienced man. (im probably gay haha) When you have sex with a lot of women you will notice that women have so much control in bed. They are extremely powerful, and every sexual encounter I had turns out that I’m losing more and the woman gaining more in return. Every man’s motto should be – In whatever a woman does, never ever trust her – her motives are to take a portion of your masculinity. And this is all very natural. When you get to study on chromosomes you will find out that every time we reproduce, every time the transfer of our chromosomes occurs, the male chromosome degenerates while the female gets to keep all her chromosomes intact. So in this article Billy Chubbs clearly highlights that this anti-feminists movement that they are doing right now is merely a means to take away our skill or ability to debate and stand on our own. Think MEN! Most commenters here are just SO PUSSYWHIPPED.

  31. From the old Chinese military strategies: “borrow a sword to make your kill”
    In other words let these women against feminism girls do your work for you.

  32. I can’t really get on board with points 1 and 2, but point 3 is right on the money. Most, if not all of these girls are in all likelihood anti-feminists in name only. I doubt they would ever actually put their money where their mouth is.

    1. You’re probably right. However, this campaign will make feminists’ blood boil for the simple fact that these girls are for the most part bangable, while feminists are fat and ugly.

  33. Did anyone else notice something about the girls holding the signs? With the exception of the Michelle and the panelists, I would bang every single one of these girls, even the one with the psycho/banshee-in-the-sack green hair. Compare this to the obese, ugly porkers holding signs endorsing in most media. Sure, it’s a propaganda campaign, and anyone who buys into any propaganda campaign is a tool, but I can’t knock these girls for at least buying into a campaign I support. Deriding these girls is kinda like shaming a fat chick in the gym. In my opinion, feminine behavior in women should be encouraged, not discouraged.

    1. It’s not the message….it’s the action.
      Girls seeking out attention (low self esteem) and looking for likes (validation) on FB.
      Hell, that sign could read “I love peanuts” or “Fuck the police” and it wouldn’t matter. It’s the action.

      1. What have you done besides post on RoK/online for the anti-feminist movement? I ask this not just to you, but to everyone else that’s complaining that all these bitches do is “holding signs”.

        1. It’s just my opinion….but I think they are doing more for themselves (attention seeking) versus anything for us (men).
          Time and time, again, you see this same action with this girls posting selfies with whatever it says on that sign for the moment.
          I believe its just more attention whoring. I don’t need a women speaking out for me or men’s rights.

  34. Regardless, at this point we need all the allies we can get, even if you don’t like them or agree with them on other issues.
    For example, I tend to butt heads with white supremacists in other places, but not here, because feminism is a greater problem to unite against.

    1. “There is only one thing worse than fighting with allies and that is fighting without them.” Winston Churchill.
      Or as FDR told the allies who were complaining about the Spanish dictator, “He’s a son of a bitch but he’s OUR son of a bitch”

  35. Who are the most recognizable personalities in the MRM now?
    Who do these proxy representatives of the MRM confer and agree with before they make public statements on behalf of men’s rights in all-female forums where men would simply be dismissed as misogynists?
    It’s an indictment of a feminine-primary social order that only females can come out against feminism and be taken seriously. People want to believe it’s like having a lawyer represent you in a court of law, but an attorney’s interests are only yours for as long as it’s mutually beneficial.
    It’s more like having your mom go fight the schoolyard bully for you in front of your friends. You’re still a pussy when the fight’s over.

    1. Yes, there is a much more sinister motive for their behavior. I believe most of the men in the manosphere understand that women only act if it benefits them, and this is no exception. I highly doubt that they truly care about male suffering, as men have always been seen as disposable.

      1. Yep, agree. It’s all about having power. They don’t want men involved in making a decision over an abortion so they can fuck off when it comes to men’s rights.
        Women speaking on stage for men’s rights is just as fucking stupid (to me). I don’t need a woman speaking for me at all.

    2. The femist monolith appears to be cracking under its own dead weight. That the women will be clawing and hair-pulling each other after all the work we have put in should not cause any of us to feel that our efforts were in vain.
      We only need to stand back smirking.

      1. It won’t happen though. In our little echo chamber it might seem like it’s falling apart but it’s not. Feminism’s message is that they are victims as well as victors in our culture. It teaches them that eating 5 pounds of ice cream a day makes them beautiful with ‘real curves.’ They will not give up their magic wand anytime soon, if ever. The ones doing it just found a cool niche that gives them some kind of pseudo hero buzz. You can’t give a group everything they want for nothing in return and expect them to voluntarily give it up. Victim culture is the autobahn to hell. We’re on the downhill leg.

        1. It can only go on for so long. There is always a beginning, middle and end (just ask the unions).

        2. I remember back about 40 years ago and the tone of women towards women is different and I think there’s also a cultural shift as well.
          Keep in mind, back then, feminism had finished a highly successful PR campaign claiming that if women were given a chance, just ONE chance, to be equals and make big money in the workplace, then we’d live in a utopia where women would only marry “nice guy” men instead of wife beating jerks because she had no option and the economy would be booming and all women would have the choice to be doctors or scientists and life for men, especially minority men, would be so much better.
          Now in the post feminist aftermath, it’s like the USSR in 1970. It’s not like the paradise they were promised and there are external forces as well undermining feminism. Feminists hate their own benefactor white knights (European men) that made their false equality possible and as non-European men flood their countries, their freedom and equality is threatened in a way that shows the difference between chivalrous patronage (sexist protection and privilege) versus REAL sexism (women as true 2nd class citizens.)

    3. Yes Rollo. I have, from the beginning, said that any man who needs a woman to speak for him is a loser. I have also roundly denounced and criticised Karen Straughn and a disaster for mens rights and having been very detrimental to securing the rights of men.
      And it is no surprise the MEN have attacked me for telling the TRUTH about Karen Straughn.
      Men deserve everything that is happening to them today because they have had the remedy available to them since 2009-11-26. They CHOOSE to not use it.

  36. there was an article some time ago about not being afraid to make alliances. Seems appropriate in this case. If women take photos of themselves for rather than against men then the fact they get a pay off isn’t a problem

  37. Yes, they are a lesser force of impact than we males will eventually have on the demise of feminism, however, even small assists should be welcomed. Maybe even if this is weight to tilt the swing of the pendulum in our favor, then I will step back and let them continue to argue amongst themselves.
    Siamese fighting fish have this same tactic, if there are two in one area, they immediately fight until one dies. If there are three, sometimes, not always, but sometimes, one will wait, and simply watch until the victor emerges from the fight, and then, like ROK, he strikes!!!!

  38. Feminism IS female nature. You cannot destroy human nature. And, we certainly wont be seeing any of these women voluntarily giving up the privileges that they have gained over the years. Red Pill men need to tell these covert feminists to take a fucking hike, and stay out of our movement, because all they are doing is acting as parasites.

    1. This argument that women won’t give up their rights is laughable. Here’s why: Men gave up their rights. Many men call themselves feminists and bash other men. Whatever their reasons, it _IS_ possible for women to voluntarily give up their rights and privileges. Especially if they don’t really want them.
      Consider voting. If I could improve my life by moving to another country where I didn’t have voting rights, I’d go in a second. Voting is one of the most overrated rights in the world.
      Next, there’s the workplace equality that feminists are always making a big deal about. This is like young men dreaming of becoming astronauts or CEO’s. It’s also overrated. Many young women want a middle class lifestyle and dream of an upper class lifestyle. They don’t really care about becoming a professor, astronaut, or CEO because that is even more of a long shot.
      Overall, women lived BETTER before feminism and smart women know it. In addition, the best benefit of a pre-feminist world was that women were happier and with men. Feminists who hate men think life is better because more women are single and get to toil at an office job. Enjoy. But that doesn’t reflect the consciousness of most women.

  39. Girls do it for attention. Which in this case is good news as there are influences out there motivating these girls. Attempting to get the attention of boys they want harboring these outlooks. A GOOD THING! It shows younger gen is getting hip to the bs and why not seeing how ridiculously in your face it all is.
    “torches of freedom” for the ladies. It’s influence that re-directs the herd. I’m hoping anti-fem signs become as common as the finger/hair stash bs.

  40. Yes it may be female attention whoring because its hashtag diplomacy…..but its also communication in a foreign world for us. And you can flush out the actionsvswords in the crowd.
    If it gets feminists reeling so much the better.

  41. What kind of weak ass females do you hang out with? The ones in my lab are very competent and dare I say better than me at their work. It’s mostly because they do not mind asking questions and seeking assistance.
    Putting women back in the house and making them housewives would not work out. Not unless we made abortion and birth control illegal. And that is the primary reason why men have dominated women. Not due to some superior intellect…it’s the body – women are naturally vulnerably and easily able to push into an inferior role.

    1. Wow! It’s Gynocentric Man to the rescue! Able to leap tall piles of Haagen Dazs in a single bound!

  42. I thought I was on crazy pills. Finally someone stepped up to point out these girls are just doing it for the flesh thermometer. Don’t be fooled by these girls, they are just extra thirsty for men. If you were in a relationship with any for six months you’d notice that they are just as irrational as their feminist counterparts. They’ll put on weight and they won’t enjoy when you point it out.

  43. Good stuff!
    I don’t think women can help it – it’s in their nature.
    But that doesn’t mean men have to accept this bullshit. In fact, game would suggest we don’t put up with it!

  44. I thought about it, and well it’s not really a product of these women, yes sure these women will get the attention and validation (as women in the men’s right’s movement are enjoying with lavish) but comes as a consequence of gynocentrism. Feminism has been the current skin of gynocentrism but these women want something new, and well are ready to shed feminism off, in favor of well, traditionalism. When I first saw them I rejoiced, but now I think that most of them won’t do anything after their 15 minutes of fame, except maybe a sliver of the women in the men’s right’s movement.

    1. Almost every woman in the Men’s Rights Movement gets the tingles from the lavish attention she recieves, plus marriage proposals, and asking if she has a sister.
      It’s hard to imagine a woman could get more attention online unless she posted nudies of herself. Huffpo certainly doesn’t give a fuck about her.

      1. I think these women are in the MRA group, under the guise as supporters “keep your friends close; your enemies closer”
        I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw ’em.
        Sure they enjoy being housewives, but that’s because they were given the choice to be a housewife.
        Same with birth control and abortion. Sure they’re all against it now, but when they genuinely need it or want it, either due to life circumstances or some other event, they’ll return back to their security blanket – feminism.
        The question is with the backlash the mainstream feminists have sent these ladies, will they be welcomed?

        1. Hah. Glad I wasn’t the only one that saw through their ruse. I was thinking I had become too jaded!

  45. Women will oppose feminism vehemently when the welfare checks dry up.
    The suffragettes were in peak power in the 1920’s, weren’t they?
    Yet there is no mention of the suffragettes during the Great Depression and World War Two… hmmm… interesting, isn’t it?
    Then it picked up one generation after WWII.
    See a pattern here?

  46. While I agree that feminism can only be destroyed from the inside by women, I know that a few is not many. While I will say that some of the ladies in the photos are attractive, it goes to show that with the internet and camera, everyone is a star. I agree with others that this just goes to show that they are fine doing this from the safety of their homes or a white house, I doubt that they would or could show their posters, white boards or pieces of paper outside where they would likely not get the same attention.

  47. That’s exactly what I said when I saw a bunch of sites celebrating their ‘courage’.

  48. Strongly disagree with this article. As someone has already mentioned, all women are attention whores, it’s in their nature. With that said, what’s wrong with women actually coming out and disagreeing with what nazi-feminist say??? How is that, in any way, shape or form bad for the anti-feminist movement? You would have to explain because those three reasons above are pretty sub-par.
    If they were all fat beast, there would be an article stating they’re ugly, same if they were hot (RoK already did a piece on that) So with that said, why even dwell on how they look or present themselves? It’s not as if men are solely supporting the group because of their looks. If you go on their facebook page, you will see men are surprisingly not acting thirsty. I think we all know that wont get us anywhere.
    At some point, Billy chubbs and others have to step back, take a deep breath and realize we’re all human. You cant deny women the right to speak against other women who spout feminist ideas…that’s insane.
    Is holding a sign up going to make a difference? No much, but do dozens of articles from Rok, CH and others make a huge difference either? Not much as well. Face it, we’re hypocrites. If you to put your money where your mouth is, physically go out and do something against feminism. Otherwise, you’re just as bad as the people you’re criticizing holding signs on FB.

    1. How about we don’t do a goddamn thing, and to those that don’t like that? Tough. -MGTOW

  49. I sometimes wonder if some of the blog writers and followers on this site are simply fat and sad guys who are hating on women due to all the rejection.
    I had an old mate who made much ado about alpha and beta and all that nonsense. I didn’t (and still don’t really) give a fuck about any of that but I did find it mildly amusing that when we went out he constantly wanted me as his wingman (as he’d put it) because every night I went out I hooked up without even trying.
    Now he makes the same kind of derogatory remarks about women in general I see here.
    It makes me wonder…
    Who gives a fuck if a girl wants to hold a sign and have a pic taken of it to state their opinion? I don’t.

  50. I have seen the damage that family court does to families and men. I am anti feminism for this reason. Not entirely sure why you see this a bad thing, sure some women are looking for attention, but there are many who have always felt this way about feminism and are glad its getting some mainstream attention.

    1. Think of it as being cynical, or as show me instead of tell me, instead of saying seeing it as a bad thing. For there’s convenient protest, and there’s inconvenient protest. Is somebody actually willing to give up a convenience, or make an actual sacrifice, or does the willingness suddenly end when some benefit that suddenly is shown to be at risk of going away.
      A more extreme example, a protestor can quickly become merely a well wisher who has to be at work the next morning if protesting means being arrested for the sake of the cause.
      So, hold the applause for the girls with the signs until you actually see them doing pass on the cake and eat it ways that are going on.
      And as was mentioned, so far as the pictures that has been shown here, they all seem to be slim girls. Mean looking pudgy girls who wouldn’t normally get male attention, shout it out feminism!!
      Slim looking, mostly smiling girls that who you could see getting male attention, and who might have even seen a recent dip in said attention, say they don’t want or need feminism. A correlation that doesn’t peak your interest?

      1. fair enough, but I am glad its the reason why this issue has gained mainstream coverage, even if it is form the ‘arm chair’ activist end.

      2. I understand that not everyone is an activist. Or can be, saelybour society does not promote this. I also understand the value of a message getting out to the masses. I am not holding these girls up as trail blazers but I do appreciate the gesture for the social media age.

      3. I understand your points….I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see if they start to do actionable things to support the movement. In the meantime, I shall continue with my support by actively joining campaigns to even out family court decisions, legislation related to that, continuing my training as a counsellor who will specialise with men. I will add that, I am quite skeptical about the ‘masses’ and generally do not expect much from them, so for me this reaction was a mini clap, because most people are not engaged in ideologies and political ideas such as these. Yes they may be self interested, but are you not self interested to? As I’ve said before, true empaths are only a small percentage of the general population. The rest are syncropaths and sociopaths. Sheep following the shepherd.

  51. I guess you can call me ex-MRA. It’s noble cause and a right agenda but it will never work if MRAs are confined within feminist structure. They write the rules of the game and you know that game is rigged. It’s a constraint of a still blue pill world. Mindset still limited by perceptions, PR and judgements. A transitional period of still caring about rotting corpse of western society. I simply got sick of all the PC bullshit.

  52. The history repeats once again, as always has:
    . men giving power to women.
    . Men justifying women by projecting his desires on her.
    . Men in denial of the situation, naive as always.
            As if women could really be different than what they really are.
    Feminism is powerless, it takes power from men.
    Wives take power from their husbands.
    Queens from their kings
    many of you are fools. Not yet fully awake. (male weakness)
    This is not about attacking those women, but neither should be about giving them so much importance, or power, like the MRM are doing. They represent a symptom of their egocentrism, rather than true compassion for men children and society.

  53. Some of the women probably are behind anti-feminism, the thing is that they have nothing to say anyway. Even if most women in a country are anti-feminists, the laws and the entire structure of society moves towards feminist goals of unrestricted female sexuality, unrestricted hypergamy and the best rape-a-man-laws possible. You can see it even in countries which are way less prosperous, but where women are becoming more and more “empowered” by the day – South American countries come to my mind. Real propaganda does not seep in via a few hashtags and some 20000 likes on Facebook. Real indoctrination is done via millions of hours of Telenovelas, TV series, movies, commercial, university programs, News (Newspeak) Programs – that is the stuff that costs billions and billions of $ every year – and this is where true mind-bending power is done. The feminine imperative is one thing – the systematic feminism and misandry are financed and desired by extremely wealthy parties around the world. Nothing destroys the families and the very fabric of society better.
    By the way – luckily #BringBackourGirls was so ineffective since “bringing back” to the industrial-military-complex means outright invasion and carpet-bombing – sorry no-flight-zoning – of Nigeria. There was too little support for that in Africa I guess.

    1. Unfortunately, this post is absolutely spot on. The evil empire (or matrix, or cathedral, what have you) is massive, and it operates to an extent you and I absolutely would not imagine nor conceive of (well, we do really, but the monumentality and real reach of it all still eludes us largely, given the depth of the halls of power to which we are not really privy). It is not only a matter of the billions in funding standing behind it, but most importantly the fact that the message has been carefully calibrated in such a way that it best reach the greater mass of humanity with maximum effect to boot. Those extremely wealthy parties around the world have some absolutely brilliant people working for them, and they are definitely not pissing money in the wind here. They probably also realize full well that a certain more perceptive and naturally rebellious minority will resist or eventually shake off the programming, but they remain confident that sufficient numbers of drones will be assimilated for this resistance not to pose too much of a problem for them after all. Frankly, it would appear they are correct, as more and more people end up joining the hive mind and agreeing with it, rather than checking out over time. And the outliers are sufficiently mocked, ridiculed, and effectively ostracized from greater society at large by the brainwashed majority not to pose too much of a real threat to the PTB. Sad but true here… sad but true.

    2. Feminism has a economical benefit for the government. That’s why they throw large amounts of cash on it.
      Family is a basic political and economical unit. Destroying it is a simple divide and conquer strategy. Nothing is more beneficial for the gov than a subservient, disenfranchised and ignorant population.

  54. I somewhat agree with you. However, if nothing else, at least the Facebook/tumbler campaign is sending a message to girls that you don’t have to have the label of feminism just because society tells you to. A girl shouldn’t feel obligated to be silent about things like Jezebel because “they do more good than harm” or “they’re ultimately fighting for my best interests”. I’ve found a lot of women think they are big into women’s lib, but when you talk to them, it’s all slogans and no heart. Many self-proclaimed “feminists” are surprisingly and comparatively conservative (although still buying into a lot of the 20th century Eurocentric liberalism).

  55. There’s only one way that men dominate women, that is physical strength. As for everything else, women dominate.

  56. All right, speaking as a pseudo-feminist who would like to help support men’s rights, how can we best help you? Because you’re right–the fight for rights that men do deserve and don’t have (such as the rights to have male abuse and assault victims taken seriously and the right to accept or refuse parental rights for a child you never wanted) should start with men. This is true of all other advocacy groups, so why shouldn’t it be true about yours? I’d like to help, since it’s a cause I believe in even if it doesn’t directly affect me, but please go ahead and dictate the terms of how you’d like women to support your movement. It’s your movement to dictate.

  57. I don’t need feminism because I am a black woman and modern feminism doesn’t give two flying fucks about me. Even the suffragettes didn’t want black women to have the right to vote. I also do not need feminism because it discourages the joy
    I feel when I take care of my good man.

  58. woman fighting against feminism is like afro-american fighting against civil rights.

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