Are Anti-Depressant Drugs The Reason Why Many American Women Are So Fat?

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25 percent of American women are taking psychiatric drugs, with the majority of those being anti-depressants. As anti-depressant drug use has increased 350 percent over the past 10 years, it raises the question: Is anti-depressant drug use causing the massive increase of fat women in America?

As a personal anecdote, every single American woman that I’ve known that has used anti-depressant drugs has been at least moderately obsese (10 pounds or more over the healthy body weight limit), and many of them have been outright chunky landwhales, the mere sight of which would make you want to vomit.

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Why do so many American women feel the need to turn to drug use in order to cope with reality? Is life really that hard for women in America? In rural India, some women have to walk many kilometers each day carrying large pots of water on their heads. Or in Pakistan, car bombings and other acts of violence are an almost daily occurance. And yet women in India and Pakistan aren’t guzzling down anti-depressant drugs in record numbers.

The fact is that American women are the most spoiled, pampered women on the planet and have an extremely easy life. Why then are they so unhappy? Any man that has travelled outside of America and met foreign women will tell you that women outside of America are much more mentally stable and much more likely to have a healthy body weight. Outside of America, the vast majority of women don’t take anti-depressant drugs and aren’t fat either. Coincidence?

Pakistani vs American woman
Give me a spicy Pakistani woman any day of the week over a fat chunky American landwhale

Do anti-depressant drugs cause weight gain?

According to Norman Sussman M.D., a psychiatrist and associate dean for postgraduate medical programs at the NYU School of Medicine, the side effects of weight gain appear with long term use of anti-depressants, generally appearing after 6 months of first starting the usage of the drugs, although some anti-depressant drugs can cause weight gain both in the short term and long term.

Antidepressants have been associated with weight gain since they were first used about 50 years ago, according to Psychology Today. One woman even reported that she went from petite to obese, gaining 100 pounds in weight after having started the usage of anti-depressant drugs.

About 70% of people in the United States are overweight and, in a cruel catch-22, many of the drugs used to treat obesity-linked conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression can themselves cause weight gain, according to

One woman who had been taking Zoloft for two years described her own situation on Reddit:

[All of the SSRIs I’ve taken] have caused weight gain, and lately it feels totally unmanageable. I work out 5 days a week, cardio and lifting free weights, and still the pounds keep coming. I watch what I eat. I don’t drink or do recreational drugs anymore, I even gave up smoking. I’m in therapy. Basically, I am doing all the shit necessarily for an emotionally healthy and stable life and it really frustrates me that I am still piling on the pounds. I was a fat kid and body issues are a big deal for me. Weight gain tends to spark feelings of panic and self-loathing and hopelessness, all of which can help me slip right into depression again.

One study even discovered that mothers that took antidepressants during pregnancy were four times more likely to have a baby that developed an autistic spectrum disorder. American women are not only damaging their own bodies with anti-depressant drug use, but also the bodies of their unborn children. Congratulations, ladies.

There is also the troubling possibility that, in some cases, the causal arrow points in the opposite direction—obesity may exacerbate an existing tendency toward depression, creating a vicious cycle that is depriving the American man of dateable women. Americans eating a standard diet are constantly being force-fed poison that makes it much more difficult to maintain a slim physique, and research is finding that what goes on in the brain is inextricably linked to what we put into our stomachs.

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In either case, a clear aspect of the problem is that American women have had such easy lives, never having experienced any real hardship or difficulty. As it stands right now, most American women are nothing but a bunch of spoiled little brat children who never grew up and learned how to function as adults, as women, instead of acting like an immature 12 year old girl. And most of them certainly never learned to cook nutritious meals for themselves, instead relying upon eating processed slop that may actually lead to mental illness.

But as more and more men reject feminism and boycott marriage, American women will have no choice but to adjust their behaviors, change their bad attitudes, and lose some weight. Otherwise they will end up growing old alone with their 10 cats.

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282 thoughts on “Are Anti-Depressant Drugs The Reason Why Many American Women Are So Fat?”

  1. Cheap soft drinks and processed foods are the main reason. That is the start of the downward spiral that leads to weight gain and inflammation in the gut that then create food allergies and hormonal disorders. This causes Hashimotos and hypothyroidism, diseases that slow down metabolism and cause weight gain. Anti depressants and a society that looks at these pills like something normal are the cherry on top.
    Scary to think how 20 year olds will function when they are 65.

    1. In addition to the things already mentioned, Americans are fat main because of 1 and 2 below. Look up the most popular American foods, and you’ll see with a soft drink a single meal is usually over 1000 calories.
      1. Sedentary lifestyles
      2. Large portion, high calorie meals
      3. Stress (poor management of)
      4. Fat acceptance (aka “my personality is all that matters”)

      1. #4. Fat acceptance (aka “fattitude; what matters is what’s on the inside; big bold and beautiful).

  2. Most people I know who have taken those pills have been men, and they’ve been on them for ADD / Aspergers / whatever fad diagnosis since their school days.
    I don’t know about SSRIs for middle aged women, but I do know that stuff like Seroquel have a heavily derogatory effect on fitness.
    I can understand giving people pills when they act out, but not for every day. Who takes Zoloft for 2 years? Why is depression considered a major health problem, rather than a behavioral problem?
    There must be something wrong with society. Mental ‘health’ is not a concern of people in developing and non-Western countries. Behavior is, but it’s usually considered more of a disciplinary issue. It’s considered an issue within the family. Or like, just the way somebody is.

    1. One of the craziest mass delusions I’ve ever seen was when I was in high school and everyone was on amphetamines and if you fell off your bike they’d prescribe you oxycontin…and then, with a straight face, authority figures would talk about the evils of marijuana. In a room full of kids on amphetamines.

      1. The government dictating what drugs should be legal is one of the craziest mass delusions ever. Tobacco and alcohol are perfectly legal but less harmful drugs aren’t. It’s wildly inconsistent.

        1. And enforcement has destroyed due process and the justice system. The only positive thing that’s come out of the recession is we’re finally scaling back the “War on Drugs”.

        2. The asset forfeiture laws under the pretense of the war on drugs is such blatant corruption it is astounding every American, no matter how retarded they are, isn’t demanding reform.

        3. Many of us do. They ignore us. We no longer live in a nation where the common man has a voice.

        4. No, we no longer live in a nation where the intelligent man has a voice. The common man is an idiot whose vote counts as much as anyone else’s. That’s a big part of the problem.

    2. I find it interesting that so many women are on psych meds but not men, and so many boys are put on psych meds but not girls.
      So boys are medicated while young, grow up, and stop medicating. Women are not medicated while young, grow up, and start medicating… they start medicating themselves and those they have power over: young boys. So perhaps boys are overwhelmingly medicated when compared to girls because boys are overwhelmingly in the charge of women who use psych meds?

      1. Exactly. Some of my friends had these diagnoses when they were younger and then when they got older, were told that their conditions were ‘lifelong’. Lifting is the answer, not Seroquel and Risperdal.

    3. I am a male survivor of major depression and it is no joke. It is not just behavioral, you cannot just “snap out of it”, and affects one profoundly on a physical level. What anti-depressants do is raise the floor, so to speak, so you can then do the work needed for ongoing recovery. They are not a panacea, just one tool in the box. It is true that they are not perfect, there can be side effects, they are overprescribed, and can be a bitch to get off of. But in my case they truly saved my life.

  3. Women who are on any meds should be avoided, since long-term they end up being problematic. I’ve noticed men seem to be able to improve their bodies, but a sick woman usually stays sick. Beyond that, women are quick to cast any man who is flawed as “genetically inferior,” so we need to turn this around. You’re on meds? You’re a human failure and not fit to breed or be in a relationship.

    1. or just pretend you like them, get some pussy out of it for a few weeks and runaway. thats the best revenge plus you got some satisfaction out of it.

    2. You’re a sociopath? You’re a human failure and not fit to breed or be in a relationship.

  4. “Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is” – Thomas Szasz
    I think western women are bored, and they mistake boredom for a reason to take anti-depressants. I’ve never seen a woman more joyful and dedicated then when raising a family, but feminism told women it’s wrong to feel like that and they need to find joy at work like men. Therefor women drudge along incongruent in their desires, finding entertainment in massive dopamine triggering events like sex. Now, thanks to feminism adding women to the tax base, women MUST work to make enough money to finance the kids, kids come second to both parents work, with destructive societal consequences.

    1. You nailed it. Feminism took men and women out of their roles. So now no one is happy other than the few that get to profit from the rise in mental issues, obesity, divorce, etc.

        1. I’d say tie up all the lawyers and drop them into the bottom of the ocean, but I don’t think the EPA would like me polluting the ocean with toxic chemicals.

      1. Women now want to be equal with men in everything, including eating portions. They want to eat like a man, so they get a man’s body.

        1. Yes, but dressing in black is so slimming. Portions are way out of control. My European friends are aghast at the choices and size of menus in our non-stop eat, eat, eat world.

        2. “I could feel her hip bone right there”
          Sounds like she has an eating disorder. That thin is just repulsive.

      2. you did too. Im paraphrasing Kerouac, but I think he said the best modern novels would be confessional. If you agree with this, and if someone took the time to cobble together the anecdotes and wisdom from this site, I think we would be looking our modern day tragedy.
        Anyway, its been an interesting few weeks for me, but I think its time to go.
        Of course, I will check tomorrow for any upvotes/comments one last time 🙂

      3. And also happy are all the corporate heads who profit from the cheaper labor pool thx to women. And the gov’t who has an expanded tax base (I’ll stop there out of respect for John). Lol.

    2. Very much this.
      I do think there is an element of social cohesion that has been lost in America.
      I say this because in my experience these women like shows that are about old America (like Mad Men and the 50s).
      Back when Men were men and women were women but also back when the country was… Well white or at least had a unified culture.
      It’s been noted that homogeneity builds better social cohesion.
      But that culture is gone.
      Feminism of course played it role in this as well.
      In fact it could be seen as the ‘gateway drug,’ since destroying the family is always the first step of a totalitarian agenda.

  5. With so much other junk being dumped down Americans’ throats, I don;t think you could say anti-depressants are a “cause”. HOWEVER, there is definitely a SIGNIFICANT CORRELATION between having to lie to yourself about being a “big-beautiful-strong-independent” woman and ending up depressed, especially when you know deep-down you’re nothing but a fat useless twinkie-dumpster.
    In that sense, anti-depressants are just a garnish for the connection between American womens’ sad state and clinical depression.

  6. The reason is very obvious surrounding American women’s usage of prescription drugs and overeating. It has to do with a woman’s nature of being very sensual, in the moment, and one who for goes for immediate pleasures. Well, between Facebook, financed BMWs, and gourmet chocolates, women have everything in front of them.
    Consuming American culture is like a drug binge … women love it! Except when it ends… the highest highs create the lowest lows.

  7. Anecdotal evidence and all that but I’ve been fucking a girl who’s on antidepressants and she’s still got a rockin figure. But there’s definitely a correlation between fat chicks and antidepressants, or depression in general, which is caused in large part by not getting enough sunlight and exercise.

  8. Plenty of northern and Western European women are equally as privileged and still don’t have the obesity rates of Americunts. I also don’t think they subscribe to the same degree of blind consumerism that Americans do so the prevalence of consuming unnecessary drugs and excessive calories isn’t as acceptable.

    1. Have you had a look about in England lately? They are running a close neck in neck race with Americans regarding being obese.

      1. I hear that. They are still below our levels though and in the countries I am familiar with (Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Denmark) feminism is every bit as rampant but obesity rates are far below our levels.

  9. Women take them because life didn’t go as planned. They thought they could control all their men in their life, they thought the beta attention meant that they would be Playboy models soon, and by 30 they end up lonely and the only relationships they get are temporary or with really weak Beta males no other woman wants.

        1. I wish you had been, because your last comment coming from an actual woman would have been solid gold!

  10. It’s probably the reason why they’re bat-shit nuts; anti-depressants make you fucking crazy.

    1. they were already nuts to begin with, the meds just suppress it for a little longer and when they are in public. I fucked around with a single mom who was on 3 of them !! and in the middle of a date she would have blank stares and her mind was in la-la land.

        1. I got a vasectomy. then I started fucking around with single moms. Just for the pussy. they think I can knock them up and I stress think. they figure it out after 3 months though.

  11. ” that women outside of America are much more mentally stable” – totally untrue. Not only do I know of women foreigners that are just as nutty and entitled as Americans, I’ve seen them in action firsthand. They pretend better; even American girls can only fake it so long. the foreign ones can fake it for 10 years until they get a Greencard. The author , by elevating foreign women above American women, will give the younger guys here the wrong impression.

      1. If they do act conservative, they do it in their own countries out of fear of the consequences from other family members. These days even that fear has subsided. GO look at Fakebooks of foreign women that are hot.

    1. I dont think thats correct, but if it is at least you get 10 good years..then she can fuck off and you find another foreign woman:)

      1. was the 10 years worth the alimony and child support? what part of it is not correct?

        1. Im not sure about the rules in US but if she is the one who wants divorce, for no good reason, do you still have to pay ?

        2. if she did not work outside of the home and she can come up with reasonable evidence that she was a provider for the family and raised the kids “like a job” then chances are (with a good attorney) you will pay up in the USA.

        3. Anyway im still thinking that foreign women are “better”. Yea many say they are basically the same but imagine two persons, one has been carried all her life, been worshipped by white knights, momma state provided everything for her, she never had to work hard for one day in her life, mom and dad told her she was the best no matter what..then the other, working hard in the fields since she was 8 years od, food is scarce because no money, at her birthdays all she gets is an orange or a pair of sucks or something 🙂
          Her parents tells her that staying loyal to family is important, that includes her husband.
          Now, are u going to tell me these two are “teh same” ?

        4. I know of a guy in the USA who married a single mom from Denmark who had a half-Italian kid. He waited until she was 40 before marrying her and had to “train” her. Which European women work in the fields?

        5. I’ll believe it when I see it. I have a hard time believing some some of you guys who claim they have reached the Utopia of Titty Land. Why would you be on this site if you were sitting on the pussy throne ?

        6. No pussy situation is pretty much like US (Entitled bitches on iphones)..but law and order is fair.

        7. You are talking about people from rural areas, much like down south USA where kids also work on farms and don’t have shit. There are plenty of urban folk in Europe, plenty, that emulate westerners.

  12. This author obviously has not been with any women from the former Soviet Bloc. The Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club are like Nuns compared to Russians, Ukrainians, Armenian women, Polish, etc…

  13. There’s definitely a correlation. I would add:
    Way too much processed food, soda etc
    Not enough vegetables
    No exercise
    Drugs and chemicals from processed food make a lot of sense. A lot of fat folks now look like mutants, where as “healthy” fat people (look at old photos and you’ll see one occasionally) looked “plump” and jolly.

    1. My rule of thumb is to only buy things at the grocery store on the outer edges. That’s where you’ll buy raw produce, raw meat, and minimally processed dairy. Most things in a box with an ingredient list longer than 3 things is something that’s going to fuck up your health in some way. The only middle aisle worth going down is the one with spices.

  14. Certain psychiatric drugs cause bloating and a significant gain in water weight. They will lose the weight when they stop taking the drugs.
    Almost every woman I work with drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi by the 24 pack every day. I bring a gallon of water with me everyday and get dirty looks from the women near me. I guess water is too boring for them. Fast food is common for them during lunch hours. Office jobs can be terrible for people that dont exercise. Its too bad that women take such pride in sitting around for 40 hours a week.

  15. It’s distressing to me how most people simply accept the axiom that unhappiness should never happen in life, and if it does happen that you should not go through the process of suffering and recovery. Nope, instead you just dope up the dopes, and there are butterflies and unicorns spouting rainbows out of their arses, even at mommy and daddy’s funeral.
    I strongly speculate that the shallowness of the modern is directly correlated with the over prescribing of anti-depressant medication. Their brains simply have not grown and matured through normal life event suffering, and they thus have nothing of substance to fall back on. So, off to watching reality television, binge drinking and banging total strangers in clubs it is! Yay Team Woman!

    1. They can’t think for themselves so when MSM tells them more consumption = more happiness they abide. More attention, calories, dicks, materials, debt, income, etc. equates to more utility to mindless consumers.

    2. Do you think their hypergamy could be a factor? If their biological instincts tell them to find the fittest mate, there should be some real dissappointment when they realize they have to settle. A guy can settle down with a cute 7 and be happy. If a woman is with a nice 7, she’s an emotional wreck because her girlfriends all have better guys.

      1. Hard to say. That has always been the case throughout history, but I don’t recall women becoming alcoholics en masse back before the Pop A Pill culture took over women’s minds.

    3. Darkness requires light.
      One man’s boredom is another man’s happiness. As a child, I was always looking for something to do because I craved entertainment and stimulation. As an adult, I truly learned to enjoy having nothing to do. It’s a rare day that I do not have somewhere to be or something to do, and having that time to do anything or nothing is the feeling of true freedom.

    4. you’re missing the enabling aspect of psychiatrists not having an actual field of practice and think it’s a good idea to take the pharmaceutical companies money and shove the drugs down these people’s throats. women do have accountability in a lot of this, what the psychiatrists have some accountability in it is well. the women don’t actually want to fix the problem, that’s why they go to the psychiatrist. Psychiatrists don’t care about fixing the problem, they just prescribed the drugs. the drug companies don’t care because they’re making money on it more than one way; women get depressed, they buy the drugs for it. When they gain all the weight from taking those drugs, the drug companies and hospitals bank on surgical procedures and various other medications related to obesity brought on by the anti depressants. it’s all a farce.

      1. I shadowed with a Psychiatrist and they were a Women’s Health Concerns clinic and they focused on group therapy, CBT etc.
        If you knew the literature, evidence based practice shows the most efficacious treatment is a combination of psychotherapy and pharmacology.

        1. then why is it to every psychologist I’ve talk to keeps talking about how they keep prescribing drugs for their patients all while laughing about it? Whether it was true psychology and psychiatry might have been good in the past, it is no longer if it ever was.. Psychiatry is basically a bullshit degree now.

        2. There is no such thing as a degree in psychiatry. They are medical doctors. Psychiatry is a medical specialty, like orthopedics or pediatrics. Psychologists, on the other hand, are Ph.Ds, and can only prescribe drugs in three states: Illinois, New Mexico and Louisiana.

    5. Any activity that isn’t childish ignorance or whimsical/ironic fantasy is now frowned upon. Tonight on Halloween everyone is going to dress up in lame costumes, pretend they are zombies or vampires or whatever (because vampires are sexy) and binge drink until they pass out.

  16. Obese women are unattractive but what about the skinny one? From hormonal point of view, the fuller women, the hotter they are. Literally, their body temperature is higher and they are more into sex for that reason.
    Skinny women don’t age well. Their faces start looking older in their mid to late twenties compared with women who have a normal amount of flesh on their bodies. The skin on their arms, legs, and face loses its quality very fast. These women start looking haggardly in their 30s and by the time they are in their 40s they are totally done. No guys will look at them any longer. This is the price they pay for going to extreme measures to stay skinny.
    I also see young women walking down the street with a normal amount of flesh on their bodies. They are not fat. But they have nice full legs, nice round ass, nicely shaped arms, a little bit of fat in the stomach area, and filled out faces. I’ve fucked some of these women over the years and they generally think that they are fat. I tell them that they are not fat and their bodies are incredibly sexy (which is the absolute truth).
    I have also observed that a woman with a normal amount of flesh on her body generally stays very attractive as she gets older. Sure, these woman get some extra weight in their mid section as they get older, they get some extra weight in their hips, but their faces remain attractive and I still find them to be very sexy. These woman can be very sexy yet they think they are fat and they envy the emaciated women who look haggardly.
    From the perspective of a guy who loves women, please don’t diet. It is much better to have a few extra pounds on you then it is to be emaciated. If you avoid dieting and overexercising you will keep your looks much longer than if you destroy your body through dieting. I see the results of extreme dieting all the time all over Manhattan its just not pretty.

    1. Depends if you go for a youthful culture.
      Russians/Latvians/Lithuanians etc all look great into their old age.
      I know one girl who is 26 but she looks 17.

      1. So to you 26 is an old age?
        Eastern European women in fact do not age well at all. One day you’d sleep next to a beautiful girl and next morning you would wake up to an old and saggy babushka. They eat lots of fermented cruciferous vegetables which affects their thyroid.

        1. No I am implying if she looks 10 years younger than she is, possibly this will carry-over to adulthood.
          I know her mum, and she has aged wonderfully.
          So that’s what I would say, look at the mum and you’ll get an idea of how she’ll age.

        2. Comparing the daughter to her mother was a reliable rule some years ago when the diet and lifestyle did not differ so much between generations.
          There’s so much fuss about dieting these days that she has every opportunity to screw up her genetics and end up the complete opposite of her mother.

        3. That is very true.
          Go for the wealthy girls, they may be entitled but they are fitness/nutrition freaks.
          I see it as you can’t have it all, pick what traits you like and run with it.

        1. thats my point, the foreigners are no different . a girl with a hot ass thinks she is entitled to everything that comes with it, an alpha male who makes a lot of money or has fame.

        2. ‘a girl with a hot ass thinks she is entitled to everything that comes with it, an alpha male who makes a lot of money or has fame.’
          ALL girls instead of just limited to ‘girls with a hot ass’ think they deserve rich famous alpha males. i’ve personally witnessed and observed fugly dumpy fatties either implicitly and/or explicitly broadcasted that they are entitled to guys like henry cavill or the younger version of brad pitt but with the wealth of the older version..

        3. 1% of the hot ones ever actually get what they want. The rest become whores or pornstars. The fat ones … there’s always beta males who get dumped and then decide to take on a fat one.

        4. These guys don’t get it…. fat American chicks act worse that really hot foreign chicks.

        5. not to mention that really hot foreign chicks are cheaper, even with the same amount of money from men and same shitty attitude from all chicks, it’s a no brainer still : always better to spend it on the hotter chicks for crying out loud.

    2. You must be in heaven living in the US we are surrounded by full figured women. The reason the fat ones like sex is because it’s the only male attention they can get is by providing easy sex. My rule is if you would be embarrassed to be seen with her at the beach then she is fat.

    3. You must be in heaven living in the US we are surrounded by full figured women. The reason the fat ones like sex is because it’s the only male attention they can get is by providing easy sex. My rule is if you would be embarrassed to be seen with her at the beach then she is fat.

    4. Totally agree with you. I’d take a woman with a bit of extra fat over an anorexic model type any day

  17. Contrary to some commenters here, I am not on antidepressants and I am not overweight…I know some women who are both but I don’t think there’s any connection whatsoever

    1. are you on here for attention? nobody cares if you are on nutjobb meds or not, you’re still nuts regardless.

  18. Pointless article…. American women are fat because they are “foodies” that love to eat, they drink excessive amounts of soda and Starbucks Frappuccinos, and they’re just lazy and don’t work out.

      1. American women are fatter than most women outside of the west. It boils down to the fact that they eat out for lunch too often instead of taking food to work. They don’t like to cook their meals from scratch which is how you control what you eat. Exercise is part of it but 90% is diet. It’s simple eat less get thin. If the side of effects of your medication is weight gain then cut back on food. It’s all about self control.

        1. Diet is not 90%. The thinnest group of women in my world are always seen walking or biking…. everywhere. They are EE’s and work in the hospitality industry. Their meals are all the same half off restaurant food as the American fatties, but since burn 600 additional calories a day. They stay thin.

        2. Exercise is a component but if you don’t eat right you will get fat. Eating processed food causes obesity, processed food has chemical additives for longer shelf life these things are what make you fat. Every single woman that you see with a freak body who loves working out also eats well. The two are important but diet is more important hence my 90% figure. Improper nutrition equals fatty and no body wants that, not even the fat butch dyke feminist who hate us for fat shaming. We all want the same thing thin attractive feminine women.

    1. This is actually true. Although it is true for American men as well. It’s just a fatass country in general, and antidepressants have little if anything to do with the problem.

      1. Mostly thin faggots are foodies who drink frappuccinos. Male weight gain is a result of the feminiziaton of education and work.

        1. It’s projected that by 2018, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight. Unreal.
          People envy the fit.

    2. You list the immediate cause. The author is speculating on the primary cause though, which is relevant I think.

      1. I really don’t think 1 out of 4 women take anti-depressants. There are A LOT of fat women in this country, and I really doubt it’s because of medication

        1. It’s really because of: PCOS, intolerances (not to food), allergies (not to food), digestion problems (except greasy junk), vitamin deficiency, insulin resistance. It’s something other than just stuffing your pie hole.

    3. The fat chicks order a “skinny” latte and then putting a blob of whip cream on top. Remember, fat is something you catch like the common cold. Woke up one morning and I was 250lbs.

  19. It starts with our garbage food supply. Thanks for mentioning the link between what we eat and mental illness. It’s very real. Too much sugar, too many omega-6 oils, vegetarian diets, excessive grain and soy consumption, a sickening number of food chemicals like MSG and Aspartame, and an emphasis on eating out and fast food deprive people of critical nutrients required for healthy brain function (zinc, omega 3 fats, b vitamins, key amino acids like tryptophan, etc). Add in anti-depressants to the mix and it further exacerbates the problem because those poisons have been shown to slow thyroid function down and contribute to insulin resistance.

    1. ^ This is the real answer. It’s rarely just one thing. Always a combination of factors.
      I’ll single out the rising trend amongst women to become vegetarians in hope that they would lose weight by eating just raw salads (wrongly considered a healthy food). Zinc deficiency is associated with obesity and comorbid conditions that include insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

    2. Exactly…I dumped all the crap/processed food and added the good ones as you indicate and no more fatigue/anxiety/depression. AND…good fats make you feel GREAT. The brain needs healthy fats. Thanks for your comment as it’s a truth the medical community chooses to deny…and the crazy US food pyramid that says you need ELEVEN servings of grain a day. WTH?????

    3. You’re partly wrong. There is no problem with vegetarian diet, that’s actually way more superior to meat eating diet.

      1. I’m not wrong at all. Vegetarian diets are sorely deficient in Zinc, Iron, Omega 3 fats from sources that do not have a poor conversion rate (ie: fish), all the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), cholesterol (ya know, the pre-cursor to every hormone your body manufactures) and most of the B vitamins.

  20. Obesity is simply the result of burning less calories than one consumes over an extended period of time. It is something that EVERYONE has control over, and at the end of the day, it is a personal choice.

  21. No, Its because they’re lazy and want an easy answer / solution. An answer that doesn’t require them to do anything

  22. Here is what I don’t get about anti-depressants…
    The common side-effects are…
    obesity, muted sense of desire, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, decreased sexual desire and erectile dysfunction, nausea, constipation, dizziness.
    Those side-effects are CAUSES depression.
    Who comes up with this stuff? Oh right the ivory tower.
    Also… research on SSRIs and anti-depressants is inconclusive and messy. Some researchers say they have basically the same effects as placebos… others say they save lives… The industry is backed up by pharmaceutical companies, so IMO there is no way to really know the validity of the research with so much established business investment.

    1. SSRIs are great when you are taking them. Getting off these meds is a living hell on earth. Best to tie yourself to a tree in the wilderness and just ride out the storm.

      1. Having never taken SSRIs I can’t say I’ve ever had this experience.
        Don’t know what it really feels like or the withdrawal.

    2. Check out the book Anatomy Of An Epidemic by Robert Whitaker. It paints a very damming picture of big pharma and it’s attempts to prove the “biological basis” theory of mental illness and the drugs used to treat it.

    3. I’ve read they don’t even know how they work, its just like throwing shit at the brain and sometimes it works, sometimes people kill themselves. Funny thing is, exercise actually relives depression equally as good as anti-depressants. It could be a vitamin deficiency because of the bad overused soil we have. Magnesium being especially important and way over 70% of people being deficient in it

      1. Yeah I’m a proponent for overcoming depression and I would suggest trying something natural before filling your head daily with magic pills.
        Start exercising and working out, walk through the park, get off the computer, eat better, get more sunlight… start with what your organism is naturally meant to do.

  23. Do you know what the marriage success rate is with women from the former USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, etc) is ? 0% ….. the author is doing a disservice to men by giving them the impression that foreign women are somehow better. Go look at UNIVISION TV or European TV. There are more attention whores on those channels than on American TV by FAR !

    1. I don’t believe it. The EE’s around here have long marriage and stay looking hot into their 30’s.

      1. as long as the men’s wallets are full and they can screw the gardener ? If these men post how great their life is on Fakebook, then you are drinking the Kool Aid.

        1. My gf is EE. If you want a non slut, this is the group to look at…. I won’t be in a LTR with a regular American slut.
          The whole EE family dynamic is impressive … it’s like a mini religious mafia. Too bad it will end this generatipn.

  24. If these women would just admit to the fact that they are in charge of their bodies and do things to improve and lose weight, they won’t need these medications. Most of the obese feminists I read about blames something else like they were abused as a child, have hormonal problems, their dad left them, and all the other BS excuses.
    When you work out, your body naturally releases endorphins and you get that natural high. Your body feels good and your mood is good.
    It’s useless trying to convince them. They just think it’s not their fault and it’s not fair so they suffer and take a pill. The easy way out.

    1. they also develop diabetes and skin infections. Also nobody wants them. there is ALWAYS a price to pay.

    2. they also develop diabetes and skin infections. Also nobody wants them. there is ALWAYS a price to pay.

  25. Well, with every two-dollar jackass cunt with an Instagram profile going out and buying a criminal amount of spandex and taking gym selfies and saying shit on their pic posts like “THE GYM IS MY DRUUUUUUG!” after working out semi-seriously (but not when tired, sick, or hungover, of course) for a whole six months this problem should be all but over soon.

      1. I was implying total sarcasm, heckling these poser “Instagram Fitness” self-styled overnight fitness gurus proliferating each day. They irritate the Christ out of me!

  26. I also would like to know how much Starbucks alone has contributed to the American female obesity epidemic.

  27. Don’t kid yourself .A large % of Caucasian women are bat shit crazy the world over. Though Americans in general, male and female appear to have higher rates of “mental illness”( especially of the bipolar type) than other countries. Probably due in part to over diagnosis by practitioners and their collusion with “Big pharma”.Though a correlation with non indigenous “colonial” societies also exists. Plain text, a lot of North Americans are fucking crazy regardless of sex.
    Interesting assumptions made in the post, but factually very superficial and sketchy as not all “anti-depressants” cause weight gain. Some in fact cause weight loss, Wellbutrin,( Bupropion) a very common AD is noted for causing weight loss and increased libido especially in females.

  28. > work out 5 days a week, cardio and lifting free weights, and still the pounds keep coming. I watch what I eat. I don’t drink or do recreational drugs anymore, I even gave up smoking. I’m in therapy. Basically, I am doing all the shit necessarily for an emotionally healthy and stable life
    … for about two weeks. Then back to the old habits of ten donuts a day and complaining about not losing weight.

    1. That’s right. They want instant gratification and not realizing it is a lifestyle change.
      I do have to give them the benefit of doubt. We are being lied to by the USDA and the medical community in what foods are “healthy”. Giving up grains and processed foods loaded with sugar and carbs has helped me lose a ton of weight (70 lbs.) in a short period of time (6 mths). Yet these experts still pitch eat grains. Even the diabetes foundation suggests diabetics eat grains (carbs). If carbs contribute to elevated blood glucose, why would anyone suggest consuming the thing contributing to your ailment? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  29. I would say these femiblubber fat fucks on depressant drugs are also radical feminists. These flabberghasts of lazyness and excuses should only be allowed to eat bread and drink water only for a year! Man should whip these shambling mounds on the running field until they look at least humanoid again.

  30. The author of this article is a fucking retard. People in third world countries don’t have access to medications because mental illness is barely acknowledged there. I don’t doubt that there are many people who take anti-depressants because they want an easy escape, but there are women (and men) with genuine mental illnesses who need to take them temporarily in order to recover or permanently in order to live a decent life. And you are a piece of shit for shaming them for just doing what they need to do. I’m betting that YOU are the one who has never had a real problem in his spoiled, ignorant, clueless life, so you think you can just sit up there on your high horse and judge people who are.just trying to take care of themselves. People like YOU are the reason that there is so much suicide in the world – even Robin Williams, who had all the resources in the world, didn’t feel free to ask for help, because so much of society is composed of ignorant little shits like you who would shame him for it. Congratulations, you are partially responsible for ignorance and cruelty that actually KILLS people.

      1. Your comments are consistently hilariously harsh and on the mark, heh.
        Have a great weekend everybody, off to realityville.

      2. Nice try, but I’m a size 2. And that really shows your level of intelligence – calling someone “fat” for thinking this article is a piece of shit. Any person with two brain cells to rub together would see that there is no correlation between the two.

        1. this Cassie bitch is all over ROK telling everyone how men need women more than women need men. She’s clearly a paid troll spouting the feminazi garbage.

        2. She’s not disagreeing with that! Haha. When I read “but there are women (and men) with genuine mental illnesses who need to take them” it sounds like she’s getting a little self defensive about her meds. Ha!

        3. I didn’t disagree right away because I didn’t see it right away. Unlike you losers who are probably sitting around in your mom’s basements with nothing to do, I actually have other things going on. I’m not on meds, but I work in a profession where many people do need them in order to survive, and the ignorance on this page (both the article and comments) is absolutely disgusting.

        4. No, the sad thing is that I’m sure the majority of you people have a personality disorder and don’t even see that you are the crazy ones. The entire rest of the world sees you as sociopaths.

        5. Actually, I make more than my parents combined and live on the top floor of a building in a large city with a glorious view. Not that it matters. Do the people who need them happen to be fat?

        6. Yeah, I believe you…because successful, rich men really have all the time on the world to spend on a site like this. And no one can EVER lie on the Internet…riiiiiight.

        7. ” I’m not on meds, but I work in a profession where many people do need them in order to survive…”
          Calling it now: this one’s a nurse employed in a mental health facility, in common with many nutty people who decide the best treatment for their own mental health problems is to hang around more mentally ill people.

    1. So I read all of that and all I got was, “I’m on anti-depressants” and “YOU KILLED ROBIN WILLIAMS!!”

      1. I’m not on anti-depressants because I chose not to be even though they were recommended, and I was simply using Robin Williams as an example. Too bad your brain isn’t big enough to comprehend what I was really saying.

        1. you better eat all the depressants you can get instead of the living things on this planet. Plan B!

        2. “recommended” so you’re a walking basket case with no control mechanism restraining you?

        3. ” is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear or worry; In psychology, relationship obsessive–compulsive disorder (ROCD)[1] is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder centred on relationship-related obsessions focusing on intimate relationships. Such obsessions can become extremely distressing and debilitating, having negative impacts on relationships functioning.” – yup you’re a certified, graduated cum laude, professional fucking nutjob.

        4. I once dated a chick who was a therapist who worked with the poor and mentally ill, and she was an absolute nut case herself. The blind leading the blind seems to be the standard in that field.

        5. Lol you’re a fucking retard. I’m not even taking you seriously because you have no idea what you are talking about. And you likely have Antisocial Personality Disorder. At least OCD is treatable, yours is not.

        6. Not defending Cassie and think she should GTFO, but no. My cousin had a severe case of this and he wasn’t nuts. They still have a perfect grasp on reality, just a lot of anxious thoughts. He’s a smart guy – most people who have OCD are. Albert Einstein was one. Who gives a damn about insulting fat, entitled American women, but the shit you’re saying just gives all of us red pill men a bad name.

        7. No you’re also a fucking doctor too? so you have written me off as APD…woooaahh. I think my life is over … a feminazi cuntbag with no medical degree who has specifically stated “men need women more than men” (yet she is constantly on a mens site) has given me the prognosis. I’m really worried at this point.

        8. If you want to try to bend reality and mix it with the feminist jargon that comes out of her mouth go ahead, see if you can deal with it. I doubt your softer red pill b.s. will work. If the terms OCP, ACP, ADHD did not exist before 1940, then those are bullshit terms. Good exercise, parenting practices, and putting kids to work would solve those issues. When did Einstein state that he was OCD?

        9. Actually, I do have a medical degree. And I’m a surgical resident who works with psych patients quite a bit. Meaning I have forgotten more about this stuff than dumbass pricks like you and the author of this article will ever know. And “constantly” is a ridiculous exaggeration – I come here occasionally, because a mental patient (whose personality resembles yours quite a bit) was talking about ths website and I wanted to see if it was real. You don’t have to worry if you don’t want to – but you probably live an incredibly sad life. You can’t get women to sleep with you without paying them, you probably don’t even have any family or friends who give two shits about you, which is why you’re here unleashing your pathetic, transparent hatred and bitterness all the time. It’s more sad than anything really.

        10. Mail order degrees do not count as licensed physicians. DI you get your education from the back of a cereal box? A surgical resident working on mental problems? so you’re like Dr. Mengele ? I don’t go on women’s forums and try to treat yours and their mental disorders. You must be describing your own life. The typical female strategy is to project their life onto others.

    1. no bro but you’re being shallow, you see, you should like them for their character instead of their blubber. character > blubber.

      1. Fat bitches have no character, that’s why they are fat. Plus i like some meat on my bones not no american top model skinny bitch. But u are right I am being shallow, least I can about that, bit its no better than guys up here saying they only go for skinny bitches.

        1. A skinny bitch has enough regard for herself to stop abusing her own heart, liver, and intestines with pound after pound of fat. That’s something she has over and above the fat bitches, Mix-a-lot.

        2. Lol Mix-a-lot that was good on, but that’s pretty much what I was saying about having character. But any ways big bitches is my preference im not talking about marriage or LTRs with them, just a little more cushion for the pushing. Good day all.

    2. If a fellow like a bigger cushion for the pushing that’s his deal. My dad was a chubby chaser. Heck my mother has some weight on her and my dad had a mistress who was heavier!
      To this day my mother says if the other woman was some hot young model she would have understood. 😀
      The old man is in the ground now but yeah he like the fat ones.

  31. Although I still think the author is an ignorant piece of garbage for writing this, I will say that antidepressants are definitely overprescribed in the US. And that’s partially the fault of the broken medical system. Psych doctors won’t even take the time to talk to someone before shoving pills down their throats, when a lot of these people actually don’t need them. It has been shown that moderate exercise can have the same effect as antidepressants to help someone with mild to moderate depression. These medications have so many ugly side effects, yet doctors tell patients that they are the only way to recover when this is often not the case at all. Medications should be seen as the last resort, not the go-to treatment. They should only be used to help people for whom nothing else has worked, or people who are suicidal. But they are abused.

    1. I think you’re a dumb cunt for reading a men’s website and wanting to give her emotional 2 cents, which are worth 2 more cents than I would value it. Modern Day fucktards like yourself take these meds and demand them because life did not turn out to be like the Bachelor, MTV or the Kardashians like you thought it would. You put so much value on that stinky vagina that you deserved all of this at the expense of men’s sanity. Then when the coin flipped you put yourself on nutjob meds.

      1. Are you retarded? Your response has NOTHING to do with what I was saying. Maybe you need to be on some sort of medication.

        1. Suicide is an option, i agree!
          Before you eat away all the living things on this planet please consider the plan B!

        2. I talk about how medication is overprescribed and people should be exercising instead, and you respond with some bullshit about how I take pills because blah blah blah. You are illiterate and a retard.

        3. it is not people it’s 1 in 4 WOMEN; you dumbshit as the article states. 1 in 4 women are on them because they have the fucked up mindset that you do. THAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE you dumb cunt. the feminazi garbage and shit you spew on this site like “men need women more than women need men” (yet you are on a men’s site after all) Once they are on the meds they get fat and lazy, probably a reflection of you, you stinky cunt.

        4. It’s funny that you idiots talk about how feminism is ruining men’s lives, to the point where men are committing suicide because of it. None of you mental midgets ever put two and two together that maybe the reason men more frequently commit suicide is because they are less likely to seek help for mental issues than women are? And since women seek help more, they will be more likely to be on medication.
          I am a size 2, and I am not on medications. I chose not to be. But there are people who need these medications in order to not kill themselves, and the author is seemingly shaming them for needing the medications.
          And you didn’t even address how irrelevant your first reply was to what I was saying. Showing again that you likely just lack the intellectual capacity to make a coherent argument.
          Fine, stay ignorant, and continue to make an ass of yourself by spouting shit all over the place. The rest of the world, outside of the cesspool that is the manosphere, is laughing at you.

        5. so now you are lying bitch? typical. where did anyone state:
          “men are committing suicide because of it.”
          spouting shit like “men need women more than women need men” yet you are on a men’s site and not vice versa? explain that cuntbag.

        6. but werewhales can only be killed by the virginal sword of the holy feminazi………….not to mention that only a strong agile confident intelligent independent less-than-120-lbs virgin woman mounted on the winged-pink-unicorn who can wield such potent and mythical blade…………

        7. “Although I still think the author is an ignorant piece of garbage for writing this”. This is what you said, so every response correctly identifies your clear motive.

        8. “None of you mental midgets ever put two and two together that maybe the
          reason men more frequently commit suicide is because they are less
          likely to seek help for mental issues than women are? And since women
          seek help more, they will be more likely to be on medication.”
          Interestingly, statistics show that men may succeed at suicide more than women do, but women actually try to kill themselves at four times the frequency that men do. And in China — the only nation on the planet where it happens, but also the most populous — women actually do suicide more frequently than men.
          If, as most desperate apologists do, you want to characterise attempted suicide as a “cry for help” (which is intellectually dishonest since the definition of attempted suicide is trying to end it all, not trying to get help), then call it self-harm instead. And again, women self-harm more than men by orders of magnitude.
          Either way it suggests women as a gender are more fucked up mentally than men, even supposedly being in better touch with their feeeeeelings and “seeking help” more often. If anything the fact men don’t try to kill themselves more than women suggests men are simply more resilient, full stop.

    2. ‘Although I still think the author is an ignorant piece of garbage for writing this’
      what specificly did he write that warrant your righteous condemnation?
      just so we’re clear, i think the author is wrong to scape-goat those poor misunderstood anti-depressant drugs for it is the patriarchal darklord of thyroid who casted his evil spell onto american women and transformed them into bipedal werewhales.

    3. You criticized the author but then agreed with the content of the article. Passive-aggressive much??

  32. there is enough garbage in our food, environment and drink to mess our bodies natural systems up, then throw in some more chemicals in the form of pharmaceuticals and problems arise. from personal experience once i started eating cleaner and cleaned out my digestive system i started not only losing weight but put muscle on much easier and look like a completely different person than i did a few years ago. the only pills I would recommend are red pills.

  33. Proverbs 31:6-7: “Give strong drink to them that are sad: and wine to them that are grieved in mind: Let them drink, and forget their want, and remember their sorrow no more.”
    Not that you should get all of your medical advice from the Bible or from strangers on the internet who go by Beefy, but there’s something to be said for getting smashed when you’re feeling blue.

  34. The pictures of those land-whales make me want to gouge out my eyes… Man the harpoons, Gentlemen!

    1. harpoons won’t cut it, even the titanium ones. werewhales are impervious to all things within the realms of asgard and midgard with the exception of the virginal sword of the holy feminazi………….yet even then only a strong agile confident intelligent independent less-than-120-lbs virgin woman bearing the
      birthmark of the runes of nawalt and mounted upon the winged-pink-unicorn can wield such potent and mythical blade…………

    2. …more Dependopotomous fatassicus sightings, including a rare report of a specimen observed in the larval stage.

  35. Medications should be reserved for truly dire cases. Most of these women who are taking them are giving the people who have real mental illnesses a bad name. My cousin got so fucked up a few years ago that he almost killed himself twice. He started therapy and medication, and after a while was weaned off of the medication. He’s fine now. He was bad off though for a while. It’s sad that these spoiled fat women who are likely just pissed that no one wants to marry them after they’ve turned 35 and have ridden round and round on the cock carousal, are taking these drugs and giving people like him, who really need these kinds of medications just to survive, a bad name.

  36. Our love affair with drugs is the reason for a lot wrong with America.
    It’s what happens when you destroy social cohesion through social experiments, people rely on chemicals to feel good.

  37. Great post. The photos are just hideous, by the way. I almost retched at how awful these women look, especially with their fake smugness. Deep down they know they are disgusting, though.

  38. Probably the main reason for the obesity issue in our nation is the level of tolerance. It has become socially acceptable to damage your body past the point of return, and then the rest of us are supposed to accept you for your laziness and try to reinstate a sense of self worth in your massive fat ass.
    Don’t participate in ”fat acceptance,” if those people had an ounce of self respect they wouldn’t have put on 300 pounds. It’s not our job to make up for their lack of worth just because they are trying to make up for our lack of size.

  39. Well actually:
    In either case, a clear aspect of the problem is that American women have had such easy lives, never having experienced any real hardship or difficulty. As it stands right now, most American women are nothing but a bunch of spoiled little brat children who never grew up and learned how to function as adults, as women, instead of acting like an immature 12 year old girl.
    You see part of being an adult sized child spoiled brat is to eat like a 12 year old at a birthday party way too often. And also, how often do you see or hear them use the term “treat myself” ?

  40. American culture is fucked.
    Half the female population is un-datable because they are land whales. Imagine what a different social environment it would be if only 5% were obese. Then average women wouldn’t be able to get away with acting like entitled princess cunts just because they aren’t 200 lbs.

    1. even the 40 year old average looking chicks with a decent body act like that nowadays.

  41. You got the relationship backwards:
    Many American women being fat causes them to take Anti-Depressant Drugs
    The reason that they are fat is because they no longer cook there own food thanks to feminism brainwashing them to think that it is “oppression”.

  42. No! Women are being told that it’s OK to be a fattitude lardo land whale and that what really counts is what’s “on the inside”. Non-stop eating, lack of self control and zero exercise is leading to young women waddling down the street and needing a “wide load” sign on their backsides. They can argue about being a special jumbo sized snowflake, however, once they hit 30 that weight will stick to them with the tenacity of a sticky bun.
    Don’t believe me just look up Kendal Rae on Youtube (“facing my fears”). Young women are listening to this lardo crap.
    By the way, aren’t we due for another fat shaming week? I use it as my thinspiration.

  43. Anti-depressants, except in extreme cases, just cover up structural problems in a person’s life. A pill can’t fix a bad father, low self esteem, toxic feminist indoctrination, or a bad diet. You may be taking that pill and getting a nice little buzz, but your sub-conscious (or soul, whatever you want to call it) still knows your life is fucked up.
    A healthy life takes work. Anti-depressants are a quick, $profitable$ shortcut pushed by USADrugCorpInc. Once you’re hooked, it’s almost like nicotine trying to get off the stuff (withdrawal).,37309/

  44. But to be fair, we all know most women are lazy. So if they can be lazy, get fat, and still have tons of thirsty guys give them attention, why would they change for? Fat women will ALWAYS find a man desperate enough to be with her. It just sucks for us men that can get an attractive girl and are repulsed by fatties that we have to sift through all the lard just to find a decently attractive woman nowadays.

  45. Depression is often just low T3, which also controls isnt a coincidence that fat people are often depressed.

    1. reading that made me rage. I had to write the author a short letter. Comments have to get approved before getting posted, but as long as she reads it I’ll be happy. These feminists are seriously fucked up in their head

      1. Agreed. I’ve been up for the past hour emailing red pill bloggers (including Roosh) about this. I also emailed the author and kept it civil/professional, but I’m furious. This is seriously fucked up and it’s at the point where men, collectively (even fat, defeated manginas married to harpies) need to take a stand and have their voices heard against these Taliban-feminist freak shows.

        1. Fair enough. I can tell you right now your NYTimes comment will not be approved. Nothing but SJW moderators there.

      2. Here’s what I wrote…

        The author is comparing catcalls to the KKK burning crosses in the South? Really? Why is the Times giving voice to Left-wing extremists? It is clear that this law would only be enforced on one of the sexes, even if females did engage in catcalling behavior, which makes the law discriminatory. I’ve certainly witnessed such behavior in various “girl’s night out” and bachelorette groups, as have I been catcalled by drunk women in cars. If I complained that the women made me feel uncomfortable, I would not be taken seriously by law enforcement. Harassment is already illegal, Ms. Nielsen. If you want to make it illegal to say “hello beautiful” to a stranger on the street, then it’s clear you are prioritizing irrational fear over liberty.

  46. Well gene pool of pakistani women is Afghan, Persian, From Central Islamic states, some Turkish, Indian and some Arab…
    I have been to India and Pakistan booth.
    I was shocked at lack of beauty in india while I wasn’t expecting anything in Pakistan I was taken by surprise …Ladies in Pakistan are of every color ……

  47. Females need guidance and control, which is why they are bored and self-indulgent. They lack control because feminists — whom they regard as alpha females — have told them they need to be “free” from society and men because they actually believe men are free and always do anything they want to. Feminists started out as females who wished they were men; a certain kind of envy, you know. The mental and cultural trap Western females have made for themselves contains its own barrier against escape — any alternative is slavery to the “Patriarchy”. What’s to do but dope yourself up and continue complaining…

  48. but is this an issue of the female metabolism? a few male friends and myself have been on SSRIs. in my case it had to do with my condition after being deployed in afghanistan.
    one gained weight (btw: the only married guy). I even lost weight.
    SSRIs helped me a lot get myself sorted and i have noticed no side effects whatsoever except for the very inconvenient two weeks at the beginning…

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing as well. The days when I still put up with medications for my illness (epilepsy, most anti-depressants are used for a wide scope of illnesses) I would experience extreme weight loss and usually had to be taken off them rather quickly. Everyone is different I suppose.

  49. The problem, as many of you have pointed out, is excess. Attacking the emptiness that arises out of ignorant (over)consumption with more consumption only induces more baggage and only leads to more emptiness. For example, the big dieting trend we see today is that you lose weight if you eat smaller meals more frequently. This is harder to regulate in terms of calorie intake, and doesn’t gel with our days as hunter gatherers, when a hot meal meant a surge in calorie intake. The idea behind this frequent-smaller-meals diet is that our metabolism slows down if we fast for longer periods, but the truth is you can go almost 72 hours before it does. Not to mention, this improves insulin sensitivity. If we focused more on fasting as both a spiritual and physical practice, I can see the average weight go down in the US. The fact is, as humans we’re not built for such sedentary lifestyles. Capitalism is not a healthy form of competition because it does not necessarily acknowledge balance, but rather excess as a benchmark of success.

    1. “Capitalism is not a healthy form of competition” My parents are from the USSR. I’ll take capitalism over the mafia riddled, EVEN MORE greedy , Socialism-Communism structure that’s not even remotely close to the theory that it cam from.

  50. There are some pretty god awful medications out there, and when you mix that with all the toxins and chemicals in our diet, it’s no wonder we’re all waddling around. Of course, there are just people who use that as an excuse, without ever actually trying to rectify the problem. More than anything, humans are lazy. Touching on your point about being spoiled, having no issues to overcome, etc, I think that’s pretty spot on. The person that does not encounter misfortune in life is cursed.

    1. “humans are lazy” – bullshit, maybe you are but I am certainly not . I fight hard to accomplish goals in sports , financially, and professionally and I teach it to my offspring. you’re a typical female who is lazy and expects the white knight who looks like a Kennedy , to come by and save your lazy ass.

      1. I never said you were, and I never said I wasn’t. I’m not interested in a white knight. What on earth do I need to be saved from?

  51. The Education System plays a role in this phenomenon by forcing kids to take prescription drugs to solve their Attention Deficit Disorder. It paves the way to other drugs later.

  52. I was a personal trainer for a little bit during college and the definition of “working out” needs to be defined…its all relative.
    Women who would come in would be tired before I even got them through a second set. When women say I workout and I’m not losing weight, remember this. Plus it didn’t help most of them would workout and then “deserved a mocha ” for the 100 calories they burned lmao.

  53. There’s no adherence and exposure to wisdom that tells people for example that doing what you have to do is better than doing what you want to do. No self discipline, no will power, and no self awareness.
    Americans got lazy because everything started to be given to them. Everything made easy, short, and convenient. But there’s a negative to every positive.. And your character gets destroyed if all you do is expose yourself to pettines. Averaged Americans blame everyone but themselves because they’re too egotistical to fix and acknowledge a weakness/flaw that they have.

  54. This is due to doctors who prescribe medications to Americans in an increased alarming level, some people are taking a daily dose of twelve different medications just to live. Medical profession is currently based on Greed and stupidity. Antidepressants do cause weight gain, so do fluoride added to drinking water. Now all these women are peeing all these antidepressants and birth control pill residue into drains and most end up in streams and even causing genetic changes on fish.

  55. This topic reminds me of Lena Dunham.
    A lesbian that rapes her younger sister. Who knows what other young girls and women she has raped. A clear case of BPD on top of that. Most likely on pharms.
    And, of course, Lena Dunham is a fat cunt.

  56. I was on anti-depressants for two years–1998-2000–and put on a shitload of weight. No doubt the medication was a contributing factor as it slows down your metabolism, but the other issue is that when you are depressed you eat, so it’s a catch 22.
    I never fully recovered from taking that medication. I lost weight after I stopped taking them, but there were other lingering effects that are still with me 14 years later.

  57. I don’t think anti depressants cause obesity. I think they are on anti depressants due to low self esteem because they are fat.
    My ex is on anti depressants and only weights 115 lbs but she did have an eating disorder when she was younger therefore in her mind she was fat or was afraid of getting fat.

  58. The use of anti-depressants and psychoactive drugs in general has extended the shelf life of many many relationships and marriages even, and has made many a psychotic bitch manageable for the duration of their child rearing years. The ‘crazy pills’ have tamed many women and mothers, preventing them from abandoning their nests, drowning the infants in the tub and doing other stupid shit that only paint sniffers or PCP heads would likely do.
    And instead of animating her crisis or instead of running out hapless to shit on a few beta carousellers dickheads and crap in their desperate faces, she stays home medicated, making SHIT FOOD box dinners on schedule. Instead of throwing her family INTO the trash can, the combination of meds and ‘shit eating’ leaves her with an ass AS BIG AROUND as said trash can.
    The symbiotic relation between the SHIT DIET of processed, dead, chemically preserved, trans-fatty, addictive kosher goop AND the psychiatric head meds GUARANTEES the market for both. Women don’t even have to exert the slightest bit of will power or kick the SHIT FOOD habit and can continue living as SHIT EATERS. They double in size but remain relatively stable as partners provided they take their cocktail of meds as directed.
    Wouldn’t it be simpler and cheaper to fucking EAT RIGHT and go cold turkey on the SHIT EATING? The crazyness is in part triggered by the SHIT EATING in the first place. If you eat shit for diet, YOU BECOME A FAT, CRAZY SHIT EATER. Wake up.

  59. the real question is why are rich white woman in countries like america, canada, australia, britain and so on, by global standards, the number one most depressed and anxiety ridden on the planet?

    1. it’s due to the the evil patriarchy who still reign supreme in the developed western countries. look at the countries that had got rid of patriarchy like saudi arabia, pakistan and isis-held lands – paradise on earth for women which explains why feminazis rarely if ever bitch and moan about those countries.

    2. White girl problems… they are the most privileged group who get everything easily handed to them. They’re so privileged that become bored with life. The boredom causes their depression. They have absolutely nothing wrong in their lives, that’s why feminists make shit up to bitch about.
      Women of other races are too busy dealing with other issues than to worry about how video games should portray women or to walk around a city for 10 hours and then complain about the compliments she receives

      1. You do realise that depression is a mental illness caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and it affects people of all ethnicities and genders, correct?
        Blaming people with mental illness for their problems is like blaming people with cancer for having cancer. They didn’t ask for it, they don’t want it, and it isn’t their fault.

        1. And you do realize that the chemical imbalance is usually a result of being constantly sad and unhappy? There is a correlation. Why are more women depressed in a 1st world country like America, versus say a worn-torn country in the Middle East?

        2. It’s the exact opposite, actually. Being constantly sad and unhappy is the result of the chemical imbalance. Of course there is a correlation, the chemical imbalance is a direct cause of the way people with mental illnesses act and think. Please learn about the disease before you make a fool of yourself.
          In all countries around the world, women are twice as likely to be depressed than men. However, the countries with the lowest levels of depression across the board are not war-torn countries, but are places like India, China, and South Africa. A study was done on why higher-income countries have higher rates of depression than low-income countries, and as of right now the scientists aren’t completely sure. They believe it could be that high-income countries have more stressful environments, that the wage-gap causes it, or even that the low-income countries simply don’t have access to information about depression and so they aren’t deemed “depressed.”
          As for why women are more likely to be depressed than men, here’s an excerpt from a book all about the subject:
          Many have attributed this disparity to the various stresses women face as a result of their gender and the demands women face as they occupy multiple — and often conflicting — roles within the family, in the community, and at work. Over the last decade, researchers have also focused on the role of reproductive hormones, particularly estrogen.
          It is interesting to note that before adolescence, rates of depression are about the same among girls and boys. Things begin to shift between the ages of eleven and thirteen.
          Over these years, there is a dramatic rise in the prevalence of depression in girls, and by the age of fifteen females are twice as likely as males to suffer from depression.
          What happens to create this gender gap during adolescence is a topic of intense debate and research. There is no doubt that adolescence is a time characterized by dramatic psychological and physical changes for women, and it is easy to imagine that this tumultuous transition may render adolescent girls more vulnerable to depression.
          However, a woman’s risk for depression persists beyond puberty and she remains at higher risk for depressive illness than a man throughout her entire adult life.

  60. Girls with protruding collar bones, no ass and skinny legs are unattractive. I’ll choose a girl with a bit of belly fat, thighs, a round ass and a cute face over that anorexic model with a gorgeous face any day of the week.

  61. Why are they unhappy and taking meds? Lean in, you are a string independent woman. You need a man like a fish needs a bicycle. You go girl.

  62. Obesity in America does not respect gender or medication status. For every obese woman you will find one obese man and two children. The cause is lack of calorie expenditure versus intake. Not rocket science, my friend.

  63. Are Anti-Depressant Drugs The Reason Why Many American Women Are So Fat?
    I think that is a good theory. I can tell you from prior personal experience that many of those drugs most certainly do cause weight gain. They screw up your sensitivity to insulin. Unfortunately for a man, they have other … ahem … undesired side effects as well.

  64. More men are depressed then women, I don’t see why this article wasn’t just titled ‘Are anti-depressants the reason why so many Americans are fat?” The USA has more anxious, depressed, and drugged up people like never before.

  65. Lol that people on this site want things to be as they are in third world countries and as they were centuries ago in the first world. Meaning no technology, no enlightenment, just living like cavepeople. You discredit yourselves with every article and comment you write.

  66. I suppose I should have expected pictures of fat chicks but a warning would have been nice. It is impossible to read the article.
    Fat is a wonderful substance. It’s like a battery waiting to be used and fat accumulation is a genetic survival mechanism. Animals including human animal eat more during feasts to survive famines. Men are less likely to accumulate fat because of superior survival qualities women lack. We simply didn’t need a big gas tank because we could always kill something and eat it. Women are designed to nest.
    I reckon US females are fat simply because of sloth and pussified males that will fuck anything. They have no motivation to stay fit and attractive.

  67. American men are obese and overweight in a slightly greater proportion than their female counterparts. No its not the antidepressants nearly as much as, its the unnatural food, and unnatural sedentary lifestyle in the first world. That’s the tradeoff for departing from nature in order to avoid her harsh side. The tradeoff is that we meet her harsh side again on the other end of that circle called karma, in the form of obesity and chronic illnesses.

  68. Fat women go on anti-depressants because they are depressed about being fat. They thought everyone in the world wanted to be fat like them and dudes that are “jacked” would die to date them. They were lied to by their own culture of “full-figured” women’s groups who told them guys would learn to find over-weight women attractive.

  69. From where the hell did u get she’s paki? She’s an Indian actress, Alia Bhatt . The pic is from the movie Student of the year.

  70. I am an Eastern European girl with Borderline Personality Disorder.
    America likes to keep people comfortably numb and FAT. I had to fight like an animal to get my doctor to not prescribe me all the drugs he wanted to pump into me. I told him NO WAY am I going to get fat just to alleviate some mental pain I have. I was prescribed a low dose sedative which I barely use and made major HUGE lifestyle changes in order to be stable. Rewiring my whole brain isn’t easy but I would rather take the hard way out than be comfortable and fat.
    I have friends who have been on SSRIs for years and they still have miserable lives. They let the diagnosis define them and don’t do anything to change their lives. Also pills are way over prescribed. My doctor was surprised that I didn’t want all of his pills he tried to push on me. How could I? I don’t want to be a zombie. I fight my illness every day and feel alive. Also, I think so many women are depressed because we are forced to be career women, mothers, porn stars and marth stewart all in one. Women are not meant to be this way. Also, people here can’t seem to handle pain. They have one slightly depressing even happen and they suddenly want to kill themselves. I think if I did not have some seriously traumatic experiences happen to me as a child and young teen I would not be diagnosed with anything. The brain is tricky but even if you are mentally ill you can take your life back one step at a time and cope. Pills are just bandaids for the real issues. When someone actually looks at their life objectively and starts changing things, mental illness symptoms magically disappear. I’m not saying this is a case for truly uncontrollably ill people but about 20% of the 25% of Americans on pills can apply this advice to their situation.

  71. The woman in the pic is an Indian named Alia Bhatt , a bolywood actress and not a pakistani .

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