Western Feminists Continue To Exploit Women In Developing Countries For Their Own Gain

Britain’s Daily Mail recently reported that T-shirts for the “this is what a feminist looks like” campaign costing £45 ($71) were being made by women in Mauritius working in sweatshop-like conditions. One veteran feminist rounded on her fellow ideologues:

‘While London fashionistas and point-scoring politicians brag about their right-on credentials by wearing the £45 shirt, the predominantly female migrant workers who actually make them have to work a grueling 45-hour basic week, live in barrack-style dormitories, 16 to a room, and are paid a derisory 62p an hour to make ends meet,’ adding, ‘there’s nothing remotely feminist about having T-shirts made by poorly paid migrant workers in the Third World.’

I beg to differ. I think exploiting Third World women is something western feminism does all the time. It would seem beyond dispute that women in the west live more privileged lives than those in “poor” countries. After all, what western woman has ever lived 16 to a room? Arguably women in the west live more privileged lives than everyone on Earth, with the exception of that small group of elite men they are so clearly fixated upon both sexually and, as feminists, politically.

But that doesn’t stop feminists gleefully reporting that life is getting tougher for western women:  apparently the UK came in at only no. 26 in the global gender gap rankings (the US was 20th). That’s better than Mauritius at 62, but far behind Rwanda at no. 6. As one commenter put it though maybe Rwanda closing the gender gap just means that life over there is is equally crap for everyone.

princess vs pauper women

But when not competing with their “third world” rivals for top victim status, western feminists tend to argue for international solidarity, which translated means that western feminism should be a model for the rest of the world. Like liberal modernisation theory, feminism assumes that less developed countries (LDCs) should develop into more developed (i.e. progressive) countries.

Such a linear model of development has been challenged for being western, imperialist, and just plain wrong, but as an internationalist movement—the idea that women everywhere are in fact an “oppressed class”—it has revolutionary overtones as well. The internationalism of the women’s movement conveys the sense that the women of the world are a gender proletariat, and politically conscious western feminists the revolutionary vanguard.

emma watson with fur

Celebrity Revolutionary

Recently celebrities like Emma Watson and Beyoncé have joined the cause. Emma, as the vanguard intellectual responsible for the HeforShe initiative, appealed for the world’s men to fight with her against counter-revolutionary forces. There is an obvious irony to elite women celebrities like Ms. Watson fighting for feminism, including for themselves. But at least Watson attempts a sincere effort at being a “role model,” even if her ideology is poisonous.

But what sort of role model does “feminist” Beyoncé provide for women in traditional societies when she grinds and gyrates on stage? Or for that matter feminist shock artists like Femen or Pussy Riot? Do girls in Afghanistan have a better or worse chance of being educated and respected on account of a feminism that seems to offer help and assistance while seeking to stir the hornet’s nest on the other?

I don’t doubt that idealistic young women naively expect feminism to help disadvantaged women abroad. But having a kind heart doesn’t mean much if the effect is to make things worse. Indeed one of the main effects of global progressivism seems to be that it inflames more traditional societies, making them more resistant to the kind of small improvements that might actually make a difference. When “progress,” “humans rights,” and “spreading democracy” sound like bywords for imperialism to the people they’re supposed to help, then maybe it’s time activists pushing the agenda asked themselves if they are partially to blame for the world burning.

Ethical Capital

So far, the above could be (implausibly) explained as “great powers” pushing a cause that coincidentally has both good and bad effects for the intended beneficiaries. But I would like to suggest that western feminism has a selfish interest in perpetuating the misfortune of women in the third world.

As the world becomes more formally democratic and consensual, those who wish to act in the world must demonstrate they have justice on their side; not the justice of might is right, but the justice of fighting against injustice. In the case of Afghanistan, the War on Terror needed feminism as an easily marketable social justice cause. To put this another way, being able to claim you are fighting against “injustice” has now become an important political resource in its own right.

This ability to invoke an ethical crusade is a resource like any other, like oil, gas, or water. It establishes not only the grounds for action, but also the redistributive action. It is a form of social capital, or what has been called ethical capital. Moreover, injustice, by virtue of the redistributive claims that can be made on its account, has material benefits for those who can command it for their own purpose.

Thus, western feminism desperately needs the international feminist cause to be its own struggle. Increasingly insecure about the weight of its own cause, with its manufactured outrage and paranoid claims of misogyny sometimes amounting to no more than complaints about hurtful words, western feminists have an ever increasing need to “import” injustice from abroad. That way, as long as women in other countries remain genuinely oppressed it doesn’t matter how privileged western women themselves become. Global feminism’s balance sheet will always show them in credit.

model with bloody fur

Fashion Victims

Some marxists have argued that the reason “modernization” doesn’t work is that it isn’t supposed to. Gunther Frank for instance argued that developed countries benefited by “under-developing” less fortunate ones. According to him, the wealth of the less developed periphery was repatriated to the metropolis—be it New York, London or Amsterdam—in an unequal exchange, for example a transfer of technology for natural resources.

Something similar is going on with the “technology transfer” of western progress for the resources of (negative) ethical capital that oppressed women in LDCs possess in such abundance. Ethical commodities are exchanged for the ethical capital of “injustice” so that rich white women in the west get to look beautiful “wearing” real pain and injustice, as though it were a fur coat. But there’s blood dripping from those furs, and its time they admitted it wasn’t theirs.

The problem is feminism needs third world injustice because in every meaningful sense it has exhausted its own supplies. Hurt feelings, unkind words, and making a few pennies less because your career stalled when you chose to have a baby isn’t the same as being shot in the head for wanting to go to school. Unfortunately messages like that don’t sell t-shirts.

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108 thoughts on “Western Feminists Continue To Exploit Women In Developing Countries For Their Own Gain”

  1. Women are NOT victims. They are predators, claiming to be victims. Look at the following points and tell me they are still victims:
    -Manipulating and entrenching the family courts to their advantage and destroying the lives of men, with the backing and support of the Government and politicians.
    -Getting all the good jobs with their good looks, sex appeal and feminist HR departments, while men are discriminated and rejected for jobs, even though they have worked hard.
    -All of the mainstream media heavily influenced by feminism and catering to the needs and wants of women. From the magazines in supermarkets to all the morning talk shows for women and even the news networks.
    -Filling up all the campuses in colleges and other academic institutes where men are now in a dangerous position because anytime a women screams “rape” you will be prosecuted and sent to prison.

    1. Their appearance of victimhood is their strength. The appearance of male strength is his weakness.

    2. -How much of the court decision is based on women’s action, versus the court system/gov’s assumption that women should automatically get the children because they’re “more nurturing”? I agree, it sucks, but I think it stems more from prejudice and the expectation of women to be “better with children” than their own demands. This is an example of how ruling by generalities can come back to bite you in the ass.
      -You’re forgetting the average and less attractive ones. And even then, you can notice the same thing happening when two guys are being considered for a job, and one is more attractive.
      -Mainstream media isn’t worth caring about, IMO. Pick up a novel instead and avoid the mind numbing sensation.
      -You’re trying to make a point, I get it, but it’s not THAT extreme. I can understand guys being extra cautious these days, but if you avoid the people you could see accusing you unjustly more easily, and only do it when both of you are totally sober and consensual, then it’s pretty unlikely you’ll run into trouble. Of course, if both of you want to act out some BDSM fantasy that involves her saying “no” a lot, I’d save it for a more serious relationship or until you’re with someone you understand clearly.

      1. Thank you! Finally some common sense! Not everything in this world is geared towards women, and some of our shallow preconceptions about people in general are unfair, but gender neutral. I am a woman, which pretty much means I’m banned from this site, but the truth is, many women recognize the general unfairness of government policies and court rulings when it comes to men. I for one, am married and can tell you my husband is far more nurturing than I. What does this mean? Should we decide to have children, and should we split after said children are born, I would personally want my husband to be the primary caregiver. And I, like a number of women I know, would do everything possible to keep the courts and lawyers out of our personal family matters. I know what’s best for my unborn children, and it’s my husband’s gentle nature. My husband also knows what’s best for our family finances, and it’s my type A personality 🙂 It doesn’t emasculate him, and doesn’t denigrate me, it’s about being a team and recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

        1. Awesome. My aunt and uncle are in a similar situation. She has a very demanding, well-paying career, but still makes time whenever possible to go on nice outings, adventures, or “short vacations” with the family. Her husband had a nice career as well, but, due to their personality differences and her career being more pressing, he became the stay at home dad. He’s softer, but they both discipline the children pretty well. It would be nice if the “red pill enlightened” lads here could realize that it doesn’t make you less of a man to have a softer personality, in fact some women(dare I say) prefer to be the dominant one in a relationship/parent dynamic.
          I already know the reactions they’ll have: oh, he’s just a mangina/beta/insert-clever-manosphere-term, he’s not a real man. But guess what? He gets the fulfillment of spending years with his children and actually being home to teach and nurture them, while his wife, being less nurturing naturally, gets to excel at her job and do something meaningful for her own life and others’. They might not fit the gender dynamic dictated as law on this site, but they’re damn happy, and secure, which is what matters.

    3. Feminism is a blatant power grab by ugly women. This is obvious because of how little they accomplish for women who fall outside of their cultural and social milieu.
      Part of it has to do with the fact that outside of their safe Western cocoons of safety, men in places like China, Easter Europe, Africa, and South America won’t cater to their whims. And besides the hardcore militant crazies, most wouldn’t dare step foot in a place like Karachi demanding their women be given equal access to education.
      But here’s the damning evidence that they don’t care about other women; they have not made any significant strides towards improving the life of minority women living inside their own countries. The dreamers have been mostly on their own fighting for their legal status. Black women and Latinas get no love or mentor ship from their white and affluent sisters. They are instead treated suspiciously because of their inherently superior sexuality. That’s why #solidarity is for white women.
      The reason feminists haven’t been called out is because they control the media and thus control the message. But the truth is they are no more oppressed than their so-called opressors. Like the end of Animal farm, they are lipstick on a pig.

      1. Yes, they control the media. Oh, wait, WHO controls the media, again?
        All just a coincidence. Look, bakkaball!

      2. You say “Feminism is a blatant power grab by ugly women.”
        But it was not ugly women who drafted and passed the laws that created the family court plunder and affirmative action sexual apartheid.
        It was not ugly women CEOs who chose to broadcast feminist brainwashing from their mainstream media outlets.
        It was not ugly women who promoted these idiotic ideals from their academic ivory towers decades ago and vomited it upon society from the “education system”.
        It is very common in the Manosphere to think of the blue pill guys as pathetic losers. But the people calling the shots in what passes for our society are the ones promoting this disease and they are not ugly women.

        1. ‘It is very common in the Manosphere to think of the blue pill guys as pathetic losers. But the people calling the shots in what passes for our society are the ones promoting this disease and they are not ugly women.’
          nonetheless, be that as it may, ugly women still benefit handsomely from feminism. i don’t dispute any of you point though, the ones who calling the shots are akin to sauron and saruman while their goblin & orcish hordes ( ugly women ) are wrecking havocs.

        2. The ugly women that have promoted feminism may not have had direct control over the laws and media outlets like politicians and CEOs. In reality blue pill men or greater betas in those positions of power are responsible by ceding power to these women.
          That’s why I qualified my statement by pointing out that men in places like China, Easter Europe, Africa, and South America won’t budge against feminists, especially if their ugly.
          Blue-pill western men on the other hand, who have limited options, end up marrying these women. If they are in power, their ugly wives have great influence in the decisions they make. This is how women operate; they prefer to get what they want indirectly by manipulating others.
          There’s one thing you say that I don’t agree with; ugly women from their academic ivory towers HAVE been promoting these idiotic ideals for decades. They’ve been there since their bra-burning days in the 70’s. Since that time their indoctrinated pupils, having graduated into corporate America, have spread their feminist beliefs into corporate culture, squeezing men out who don’t parrot the party line.
          This is the blue print for feminism’s power grab.

        3. I benefit from feminism (I guess, I’m not really about feminism per se, just about equality). I am attractive, I can assure you of that. I benefit from equality because I have agency over my choices, some of which may be good and some of which may be bad, such is the human condition. You know who else benefits from equality? My husband. He’s got a hot chick with a brain on her shoulders and serious earning potential. Like at least 50% of the household earnings. And he makes good coin. So do I. You know what else he gets? A woman who values him beyond his earning potential. A woman who isn’t trapped, or financially dependent. A woman, who by all accounts could fully support herself, but realizes the value he offers, as a human being, to her life. Money can’t buy a best friend, or your emotional support network. And more money won’t make you leave that situation, unless you are seriously stupid. I’m sorry that a lot of you appear to have ended up on the wrong side of the current system. And I’m sincerely sorry that certain members of my gender have used the current system to their advantage. And I’m sorry that some of you are probably really good people at heart that were f—d over by nasty people. It happens sometimes the other way around too. Trust me. But please also trust me that gender equality was never supposed to be about screwing one half over, and when it works properly, amongst responsible adults, oh boy does it ever work!

        4. ‘A woman who isn’t trapped, or financially dependent. A woman, who by all accounts could fully support herself, but realizes the value he offers, as a human being, to her life.’
          all the best to you and your husband, just make sure you remember what you typed above whenever your hypergamy instict kicks in in the unlikely event of some hollywood heartthrob declares his undying love for you.
          ‘And I’m sorry that some of you are probably really good people at heart that were f—d over by nasty people. It happens sometimes the other way around too.’
          the other way around as in good people fucked over nasty people?
          ‘But please also trust me that gender equality was never supposed to be about screwing one half over, and when it works properly, amongst responsible adults, oh boy does it ever work!’
          equality is but a facade for it is not equality they’re striving for, it is superiority of one over the other.

        5. ‘all the best to you and your husband, just make sure you remember what you typed above whenever your hypergamy instict kicks in in the unlikely event of some hollywood heartthrob declares his undying love for you.’
          Not all women cheat, not all men cheat. I don’t know too many people, male or female, who don’t place incredible value on their marriages and their families. Doesn’t mean we ALL aren’t tempted to at some point in time, we are all human, after all. But being tempted and going through with it are two entirely different things and I’ve no respect for people in general who stray from their marriages. You signed a contract folks, so barring extreme circumstances, you’re supposed to stick out the rough patches.
          ‘the other way around as in good people fucked over nasty people?’
          🙂 “people” should have been “women”, but I prefer the Karmic value of my original statement.
          ‘equality is but a facade for it is not equality they’re striving for, it is superiority of one over the other.’
          Yeah, you’re kinda right on that one. Western feminists don’t really have a cause anymore. The article above was pretty much spot on, by the way, except that Neoliberal economic policies (which include feminism) are really the underlying cause of the exploitation of the third world.
          Men get screwed in a lot of government policies, especially those concerning Family Law. Slightly less so in Canada (I think), because at the very least we don’t have straight alimony awards, which as far as I understand it, still apply in the United States. (Correct me if I’m wrong). Child support is still completely out of control though, if the cost of raising a kid was anywhere near what fathers are being billed nobody could afford to have them in the first place. The only way a man can avoid it (in Canada) is to take the kids precisely 50% of the time. I don’t actually think women should automatically be given primary custody of the kids, but the 50/50 arrangement only results in children being shuffled back and forth between two houses like little hobos.
          The courts should make a decision as to where the kid’s primary home is going to be and work out the financials from there, based on the actual COST of the kid, not the father’s income. I get why men are resentful, but blaming ALL women for this mess is short sited to say the least.

        6. I used to work with a woman who was divorced and than re-married and had a second child. She was collecting child support for the first kid (calculated in part by the cost of the kid’s daycare). When she went on maternity leave for the second kid, the child support payments weren’t adjusted. Let me get this straight lady: you’re gauging your ex for the cost of daycare for kid #1, while gauging the government to stay home for a year and look after kid #2. Shit, why did I bother go going and getting a University education, I should have just squeezed out a bunch of kids from different dads.

      3. ‘Feminism is a blatant power grab by ugly women.’
        well-said indeed, and whom do ugly women resent? men who rejected them and women who are much prettier than they are.
        that’s why fembitches – ugly women that they are – came up with all these “objectifying women” or “women are not sex objects” bulshits.
        if there’s any shred of honesty left in their wretched souls they should have came up with “objectifying ATTRACTIVE women” or “ATTRACTIVE women are not sex objects”.

        1. no one wants you here you stupid slut. Your pathetic wymin and me me me shit is not even interesting to a stupid rock. Do us a favour and jump from a bridge. Thank you and now go find some bridge!
          one last thing you creature. If you would have REAL problems you would care about serious stuff. But you are just a fucked up spoiled slut from the west with no soul! 3
          No, dont respond you slut. I dont want to hear anymore shit from you!

        2. yaw dawg, are you a dude on crack or are you a woman pretending to be a man? i’ve been here for months and i’m sure the mods and lots of guys here know that i’m a dude.

      4. Feminists don’t control the media but an elite that has used feminism as a battering ram to achieve their divide and conquer objectives does.

    4. You didn’t hear?
      That line is beyond blue pill … it’s blue chemotherapy.

      1. Behind every great man there is a great many women daydreaming of catching him, nowadays by legal theft if necessary.

        not exactly ‘behind’ but you’ll get the point.

        1. I have to complement her blue eyes and fine goldie lox. Most would grimace at her and say she’s a pathetic fat slob.
          There probably aren’t ONE of her in five thousand. I’d guess she’s 450 lbs plus – which is VERY RARE. She’s a HIGH METABOLIZER / WATER RETAINER. There’s likely NO WAY to discipline her on diet, but she would be a great candidate for hunkering down in a survivalist bunker for an extended period, likely 1 – 2 years.She could outlast 99% of the ‘wasteful’ low- metabolizers and would come out the other end looking like . . eeh . . Cameran Diaz maybe?
          We call them ‘fatsos’, ‘slobs’, ‘whales’ and it is wrong. The high metabolizer / water retainer is one of the most important genotypes to preserve for each race. They carry our DNA chian through times of natural cataclysm and calamity. Man would not have survived the ice ages without the HIGH METABOLIZER / WATER RETAINER.
          Every time I see a water tank like her above, I want to start a colony in the desert where there are NO RESOURCES. In 18 month’s time, girls like her would be down to 110 pounds, playing VOLLEYBALL IN THE SUN.

        2. except that a high metabolizer is someone who burns calories really fast, her metabolism appears to be stuck in park. Nice theory, too bad you got your definitions wrong.

      3. where was nikolai tesla’s great woman? oh right he did it all himself
        and let me tell you paul mc cartney had such a great woman behind him. she was so great she supplicated to family court for 48 million dollars of his money despite only getting with him after he was famous and never helping him write a song.
        and james marshall. where would he have been without anna nicole smith sitting at home waiting for him to die and then trying to wrestle his company and fortune from his family.
        and gotta love the term “greater” as if there is some way being hitched to someone who does something great makes you greater than them?

    5. A huge part of what makes feminist policy making possible is wealth, and more specifically: A wealthy centralized government.
      Why? Because feminism requires massive government entitlement programs to “free” women — enabling them to work, be single mothers and to escape what feminists view as the “bondage” of marriage. In essence, the state has replaced the “man” in the lives of women. Now, instead of a man providing for a woman (in exchange for the many benefits of a traditional, gender-roled marriage) the feminist Utopia envisions the State providing for women (magically, in exchange for nothing).
      Women, relatively speaking, do not pay for the entitlement-state they enjoy.
      Feminists’ in their inherent intellectual dishonesty will cry “but we pay taxes too!”. But this is just bad math. Women receive on average 1.8 of the social spending dollars that men do. They extract more from this magical system than they pay in. Thus, what women used to extract from men by contributing to a marriage — they can now extract from men by legislation and taxation.
      Men, married or not, are now essentially “forced-husbands”. Even if they decide to remain unmarried (or are gay) they will spend their lives paying for women via taxation.
      This is particularly galling when one considers that feminists would have the world believe that they are an underclass. Clearly, when one considers the flow of capital to and from the state, women are not only ‘not’ underprivileged, but super-privileged. They are the superior caste, for whom the burdened caste (men) must toil.

      1. It’s the very reason why many are leaving the U.S. or any others. Men are being forced to support this nonsense (by the federal and state) through tax dollars.
        A revolution was started due to “taxation without representation”. If more men start to see through this feminist nonsense, then it may happen, again.

      2. except for well educated, high income earning, childless women like me. We pay my friends, just like everybody else. Nobody “toils” for me, but I too am punished in taxation. Women only receive more social benefits IF they have children out of wedlock (a bad idea for everyone involved). Women who have children within a marriage equate to great social benefits for the household (at least in Canada). Daddies benefit as much from this as do mommies. Meh, I suppose this is ok, I don’t after all, want a generation coming behind me which is illiterate and incapable of supporting my wrinkled ass (when the time comes that I need serious health support). Canadian perspective.

    6. Women have been complaining for so long it’s all they know how to do. Every day you hear some story (in real life or through the MSM) about how a woman is being “held down” meaning she was passed over for a promotion, her wage isn’t equal, etc, etc…
      I don’t remember any men doing this kind of shit so why are we treating women this way? Don’t they want to be equal to men?
      I don’t blame Bob, up the street, when I don’t get the same salary for the same position. I blame myself because I did a shitty job at negotiating my pay.
      I don’t blame women, either. I suck it the fuck up.

      1. No. SOME women have been complaining so long it’s all they know how to do. Other women, like me, accept that I didn’t get the promotion/job/whatever because somebody more qualified came along. That somebody may in fact be male or female, bottom line: they presented better than me and I’ll have to work harder next time. ,

    7. This was posted on Heartiste Friday. This is what the political map would look like if only white men could vote. Heartiste called it a map of where the biggest white male pussies live.
      Look what feminism and its after effects, all the other “isms” have done to white men.
      You are a pariah in the civilization your fathers created and your women now welcome every type of man but you into their bed chambers. You clearly have no political power left and yet the predatory female has still successfully labeled you as the oppressor.
      The most spoiled and entitled social caste in the history of this planet, Anglo women still can’t find happiness even though no group of people have ever had easier, better lives.
      And the hamster wheel will not stop spinning even though her people are facing extinction. It’s time to either grow a pair or let the band play on as the ship submerges.

      1. 1 Trillion in debt, and they blame banks? Heh, yeah, because they were forced to go to college.

    8. I often read the articles on this site because for the most part they are well written, and I have a great deal of respect for a well articulated argument, irrespective of whether or not I agree with it personally. I have to say though, spewing vitriolic rhetoric about women is ineffective and makes you all sound ignorant. Many of you might be surprised that a lot of women (myself included) are sympathetic to the plight of the Western male these days, especially in the area of Family Law. Women like me want (and have) equality, but we also fully understand that equal treatment means equal responsibility, a message that I will agree has been lost on a lot of women these days. We wanted the ability to be educated and financially independent, and we got it, so (some of us) need to stop feeling entitled to our man’s financial resources. Can’t have it both ways sistas. The article above is a perfect example. Yeah sure, the point is well taken, but neoliberal economic policies, and not women, have caused the current state of economic chaos. Same with the attack on welfare policies. As a high income earning independent female do you think I’m any happier having my hard earned tax dollars supporting the spawn of the R selected mouth breathers? The best course of action for Adrian Peterson right now is to reinstate him STAT (with a league sanctioned vasectomy) so the rest don’t end up paying for his bastard spawn.
      Seriously guys, stop hatin’ on every woman, cause there’s a lot of us who aren’t anything like what you describe. I don’t think you’re all rapists just cause Ted Bundy was a man.
      PS: In case you’re envisioning me as some maladjusted bitter middle aged woman, I happen to be blissfully married and extremely vain. Not shaving your legs isn’t a political statement, it’s just bad grooming and unsexy 😉

  2. Our western women only care about the plight of their lesser privileged counterparts in other areas of the world insofar as they can assist those women with a hashtag or something equally as effortless and useless.
    They can’t make spaghetti, how are they going to do something to actually improve some woman’s life in Malaysia or the Middle East?

      1. I laughed my ass off when a couple years ago it became trendy to have “KONY 2012” on everyone’s facebook profiles.
        Like a Joseph Kony gives a fuck about white sorority girls talking about him. Of course, the trend has past and none of these young liberals talk about him anymore.

      2. Girls Ain’t Been Brought Back (pause..) Yet. Still waitin’ on those stronnngg wimminz ta mobilize theyselves…

    1. There is some new hash tag campaign every week. Compare this to the guy in Tunisia who set himself in fire to spark the Arab spring.

    2. That’s what happens when society eliminates its own problems–swipl hipster chicks need to “adopt” (read: co-opt) the problems of their 3rd world “sisters” (who IRL they would cross the street to avoid brushing against), b/c the only “problems” that 20-something white girls have is “man-spreading” on the Subway, or maybe the barista at SBUX only put 7 pumps of concentrated sugar into their caramel latte instead of 8.

  3. The most entitled, spoiled, privileged, generation of women in the history of the world using the most oppressed to feel better about themselves. Spot on.

    1. The most entitled, spoiled, privileged, generation of women in the history of the world using the most oppressed to feel better about themselves and they end up feeling bitter about everything.

  4. Feminism is the current vehicle for the natural disposition of the State apparatus towards totalitarianism. Communism, “social justice”, equality, socialism, and feminism are all just PR vehicles with the end goal of entrenching its demographics into the State’s fold.
    These ideologies require the State’s infrastructure via tax collection, courts, legislature, treasury to express its misguided will onto a part of the population (i.e. men) that it sees as enemies/threats to its power and expansion.
    We need not focus so much on fighting and bickering with proponents of false ideologies so much as fighting the State apparatus in any way possible and draining it of its power to use control and coercion.

    1. They’re all just useful idiots for the state. But one must look beyond the state and see who opened Pandora’s box.

    2. False ideologies however are what fuel the expansionist state. If we do not deal with the root causes it will arise again.

      1. True, false ideologies are the fuel. However, the false ideologies are ever changing and transient and exposing their falsehood on a constant basis is like playing wack-a-mole; hit one 2 more pop up. It’s exhausting and ultimately unproductive. Feminism is the content, the State is the platform.
        A much more productive and sustainable solution is to change ourselves first by not indulging the State with support. While I don’t advocate a violent overthrow of the current State regime, I advocate and practice not lending material and emotional support to the State itself and it’s proponents.
        The ways to object are numerous. For example, investing money in other countries with more secure and reasonable banking laws. Buying commodities and storing them overseas. Obtaining citizenship in another nation. Learning another language in order to be able to survive in another country. Learning martial arts and other forms of combat. Not dating feminists nor giving them attention. Not getting married in the United States. Marrying women from other countries. Exploring and expanding one’s spirituality as a basis for one’s daily living. Not indulging the beast with your hard earned dollars via consumerism. Reading ancient texts. The list goes on and on.
        I’m a huge proponent of bettering oneself rather than trying to change individuals or society. If men can do one thing to change the world, it is to start from the inside and project that vision outward.

    3. Spot on. Every position in a state’s apparatus warrants having a mandatory shelf life imposed upon it. They’re making their money off of taxes paid by citizenry but a typical bureaucrat can remain in office for decades. He may be reviewed or re commissioned and may suck off the system for life. Some bureaucrats see themselves as untouchable.
      A real check on the state itself can only be made by its subjects – WE THE PEOPLE. A bureaucrat or public office dweller who has exceeded his stay or has grown his office to perpetuate his stay NEEDS TO BE TORN DOWN back to street level FACE TO FACE with his constituents and re evaluated from time to time. Really any state worker who can afford a silk pinstripe suit and an eight foot mahogany desk is making TOO MUCH. Our government ‘servants’ should work FOR FREE. GRATIS! That defines a servile position does it not?
      An untouchable government is only ‘untouchable’ by the citizenry. The NGO interests like church, industry and academia have their hands all over the state apparatus like a cheap whore. It is their biggest tool of all.
      NO GOVERNMENT EVER made any country great. WE THE PEOPLE made this country great. Government only polices, controls, regulates and stifles creativity.
      To the bureaucrat – It is not us BUT YOU who warrant a limited shelf life in office under OUR SCRUTINY and not your peer reviewers exclusively. Expect to be recycled. You did not create us – it is WE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE YOU to serve US.
      Nature has more authority over man than does the state. Our nature is patriarchal. Thus the state must yield to the greater force of patriarchy.

  5. 15 years ago feminist musical icons were Kathleen Hanna and Tori Amos – good artists who were relatively independent and free thinking – their politics are debatable, but not bad role models. Flash forward to today where young women look up to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj as “feminist” icons – all style, no substance, nothing but corporate singing sex dolls. Is it really any wonder why 20 something women are so fucked up?

    1. I wouldn’t even say they have “style.”
      These are the same women that literally worship satan, the illuminati and do sick things in their music videos.
      And you wonder why these teenage fans end up becoming fucked up in the head when they grow older. Parasitic, low life degenerate zombies, with their faces attached to their smartphones.
      Honestly, I’m not surprised at the rate of men who are now desperately going to Asia to look for women.

      1. Eventually, all the smart White men will do this. No White babies for them. The dumb ones will oildrill or marry used up femcunts, ergo only few defective children for them. Eventually, there will be no more White men.
        Of course, that is NOT the plan, it’s just a coincidence. There couldn’t be a plan, that would be a crazy conspiracy theory.

    2. God help us all if Tori Amos was ever a feminist icon. That woman was caught with her unappealing snatch on show at one of her own fucking concerts. Even bloody Ozzie Osbourne never went visible freeballing at his own shows.

  6. You have stumbled upon rule number one of the freakish agenda waging war on normalcy: all the freakish factions must be united against normalcy, even when their values come into direct conflict with each other. A good example of this is when feminist groups give free passes to radical Islam on the grounds of cultural diversity even though women are in many cases living under oppressive theocratic regimes. In this article, you’ve pointed out another, free trade, which has the ultimate goal of watering down all middle and upper classes to the same impoverished level. Although the rabid feminists aren’t necessary rabid free trade advocates, their interests are in line because they both wage war on the common enemy – the middle class man/woman who basically wants to work, save, and be left alone.

  7. Finally, an article that confirms what I’m helping to call out!
    It’s really sad that Anglo culture is actually complicit with this mess for two millennia. I’m not even an Angle, but I feel their collective embarrassment.

      1. Seriously, that Gwenhwyfar drama actually trickled down to lower-class Englishfolk, to the point even lower-class Englishwomen themselves hamstered, “Hey, King Arthur forgave Gwenhwyfar for her cheating on him; either way, I know I’m getting forgiven by my own husband if I cheated on him.”

  8. The irony of course being that depression is higher in these pill-popping Western countries than in countries where they have to work 50-80 hours a week and still expected to raise a family. In Rwanda the genocide of mainly men by other men has made women a prominent part of their politics, simply based on numbers.
    I take a different opinion on third world work than most people, most people like feminists, marxists, leftists simply scream oppression open-and-shut case. Here’s the reality, child labor and hard hours at low prices are what is building the third world more than any other campaign. Middle Class and elite Westerners have been so fucking brainwashed by their own wealth that they think, “those horrible conditions, think of the children, racism, classism, blah blah blah”. Here’s the reality, most children born prior to babyboomer era had to work hard, and the generation before that they were in coal mines and factories as well. But simply put without the income from working in these places, these people would be starving to death, revolting and getting shot, or fleeing somewhere else. Without the income from these factories there would be no roof over the head, clothes on the back, and possibility for an education. That’s not to say changes won’t come in these countries, but the changes certainly won’t come from guilty, gullible, wealthy, white liberals in the first world.


  9. “when not competing with their “third world” rivals for top victim status”
    This statement is fucking hilarious.

  10. Wow just wow ! What u expect ? those iphones dont make themselves and btw, they will be of good use here in the west because we will use them to ignore all men haha. So those women should thank us that we fight for independant and strong women and also, why dont they just write on blogs and like..stuff..to get rid of the patriarchy that helps here lol.

  11. I don’t get it. Why, just look at those strong, independent women hoeing that field! They get to WORK and have a CAREER and raise kids, too. What’s the big deal? Oh, wait…

  12. Feminism in a developing country: “I just want to go to school without getting shot”.
    Feminism in a developed country: “I just want to dress and act like a slut with no consequences!”

  13. You know how social justice fags go on and on about privilege all the time? Like, “Band-aids are racist because they’re colored like white ppls’ skin”, that kind of shit?
    Let me tell you the worst white privilege of all.
    White privilege is the ability to believe in idealistic bullshit like “equality” while remaining completely blind to their own idiocy.
    Every progressive piece of garbage and leftist lockstepper on college campus needs to check it.

  14. Women living in more advanced economies in the west are raised on Cinderella myth. When they reach a certain age and realize the myth is hollow they revolt and embrace feminist slogans. The sense of entitlement never really goes away, it just changes how it manifests itself.

    1. The distinction with the Cinderella myth, like many old stories which have survived this long, is that it has some fundamental and profound observations to disclose about male and female relations:
      (1) It fundamentally features the female protagonist’s chief enemies as other women – her stepmother and stepsisters, jealous of her feminine appeal who then do everything in their power to hamstring that appeal.
      (2) The female protagonist’s greatest ally is the fairy godmother: an ancient woman who brings (teaches?) the woman how to utilise her feminine appeal to best advantage.
      (3) The male protagonist is bedazzled by the female protagonist when she’s using her feminine appeal to best advantage. It is what marks her out from all the other would-be princesses at the ball.
      (4) The female protagonist understands fully that she cannot reveal her true status – orphaned, poor – to her high-value target, because she thinks he will reject her. Her esteem is bound up with her appearance, and she flees when it is under threat.
      Feminism does not have the status of myth. It is the communism of sex: self-deception by morons who do not understand the phenomenal power of incentives and whose glasses are so thick they can’t even envision unintended consequences.

  15. We all know feminism has long been a joke when they manages to groom academics into useless nutjobs with gender studies degree who want to abolish peer reviews like DiGRA.

    1. The cracked story mainly attacks the Mail as anti-feminist – although actually it plays both sides of the fence, since its readership is predominantly female I believe. The story linked to is a response to the Fawcett society’s attempt to discredit the original allegation. The Mail’s full response to the counter-allegation is:
      “Workers at the CMT factory in Mauritius are paid 62p per hour and earn the equivalent of one quarter of the country’s average monthly wage. They sleep in bunk-bed dormitories, 16 to a room.
      “We spoke to one worker who sends all her money home to Bangladesh and has been too poor to return to see her family for four years.
      “The president of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Union described these conditions as “sweatshop”. We are advised that the Government minimum wage in Mauritius is particularly low and that unions prefer to compare salaries to a “living wage” which is more than double the pay offered by CMT.”
      So the main issue appears to be the difference between the minimum wage, which the 62p per hour is above, and the living wage which is double. The sweatshop – 16 to a room – allegation seems as far as I can tell to have true of one particular factory (at least).
      If you read around the issue, there are a lot of liberals / leftists (i.e. people who ordinarily attack the Mail by instinct) who remain disgusted that these t-shirts are being made by impoverish workers, who would presumably have to do two jobs (how many hours?) in order to simply get a living wage.
      In other words the allegations stands: a UK feminist ‘charity’ is exploiting poor female workers in far less developed country. Nonetheless in its defence it is exploiting them legally.

  16. The Western woman:
    Entitled to everything
    Responsible for nothing
    Desired by everyone
    Needed by no one.

      1. “Desired by everyone naive about the real Anglo culture *coughsexuallythirstyIndianmencough*”

    1. I’ll add a little music….Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” playing in the background of this pic.

    2. except for the 2 werewhales, the rest are still fairly good materials for a 1 night stand and that’s about it.

    3. Even without the captions, I can just look at every girl in that picture and think “No. Would not want anything to do with long term.” You can just tell, I can’t explain it.

  17. How could any Third World female possibly understand the unspeakable horror of walking down the street in the latest fashions and having some mere blue collar worker whistle in appreciation?

  18. Feminism freed my high school girlfriend – she broke free from being an attractive, feminine woman to became a fat, 40 something angry childless lesbian.

  19. Brilliant article, really enjoyed this.
    ”Arguably women in the west live more privileged lives than everyone on Earth, with the exception of that small group of elite men they are so clearly fixated upon both sexually and, as feminists, politically.”
    That really is one of the most concise explanations of feminism I have ever seen, capturing it’s essence in it’s entirety. Just a bunch of spoiled women whining that all women don’t have it as good as the top <5% of men, and that as long as this is the case we don’t have ‘true equality’.

  20. Very few realize that feminism is just another tool in a globalist bag. It is the extension of ‘soft power’
    Behaviorism on such massive scale aided by propaganda and government funding that has only one goal. Social engineering and enslavement of entire, global population.

  21. I shame white women every chance I have. I’m Muslim (Sufi) and mixed White/Hispanic, and I make sure I disrespect white women under the color of religion or my own “of color” claims, to use Social Justice Creepery language right back at ’em. They never know what to say in response, whether it be in person or at a special training course, I couch my language so as to use PC right back at them, so that they are afraid to say anything for fear of sounding racist/islamaphobic…the SAME TACTICS THEY USE.

    1. white weemen wake up one day and reelize I fool them, then they bark like rabeed dog they are haha 🙂
      beem them up to mothership scotty, I wait for them. Speecial plans 🙂

  22. I’m convinced rape culture is an attempt to create such a poisonous atmosphere on campuses throughout the western world and purge or at least discourage men from entering the most important institution we have.

  23. So what? I starve my swetshoppe weerkers but also I starve feminist soul. At least workeers know they get exployteed 🙂

  24. Funny that Emma Watson says women are oppressed, when she herself has more money and influence than 90% of men and women combined will ever get to have.

  25. seriously, who gives a s—t what Emma Watson thinks? I’m a woman and I’ve never heard, nor am I interested in her opinions on well, ANYTHING.

  26. As the so far successful products of resource constrained competitive evolution, what women, and men, aspire to, is to leave the largest possible genetic footprint. Which is a function of the number of offspring, and the resources they can command in raising those.
    In national aggregates, simply counting the number of kids per woman who survives to reach reproductive age, is therefore a pretty good measure of how good women have it in said country. Meaning Afghan women are currently plenty better off than New York ones. Mormon US women may be better than both, since although they have fewer kids, they seem able to raise more of them to adulthood.
    Throw enough indoctrination at some dumb broad from a young enough age, and she may well spend her life regurgitating the nonsense that rotting away in a New York cubicle by day and being gangraped by functionally sterile men at night while looking forward to buying more handbags on the weekend, is somehow a step up from making an effort to be evolutionary relevant; but since nature has rigged it so that feeling good results from doing good evolutionarily, she will be wrong. All. The. Time. Like she has been taught to be about everything else in life, in order to make her more servile and useful for the powers that be, whom her genetic legacy would otherwise compete with for resources.

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