How White Knighting Is Killing The NFL

Football season is officially upon us, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t as excited as a kid on Christmas day. There are certain corners of the manosphere that more or less frown upon being a sports fan. While I disagree with this sentiment, I will readily admit that there is some truth to the adverse effects of being an extreme fanatic who lives and dies with his team. There are varying degrees of one’s devotion to sports but I probably fall somewhere in the middle.

My discovery of the red pill triggered a lot of changes in my life. Not putting pussy on a pedestal, my ongoing quest to teach myself Spanish, and taking up outdoor hobbies are just a few things that have changed my life for the better. I’ve also made sacrifices, but sports fandom isn’t one of them.

The past year, however, has me seriously considering drastically scaling back my consumption of the American sports buffet. All of us can attest to seeing things differently after digesting the red pill. For example, I have identified an exponential increase in pussification in sports with both the overall narrative and rule changes, most notably in the country’s most popular and profitable league, the NFL. Here are a few shining examples of why sports is starting to leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

The Washington Redskins

One of the issues du jour on the professional sports landscape is the ongoing debate over the NFL’s Washington Redskins team name and whether or not it’s offensive to Native Americans. Before I get into this, let me go ahead and disclaim allegiances by saying this issue doesn’t matter to me because I am not a Native American, nor am I a fan of the Washington Redskins.

This feud goes back a few years but has gained considerable steam, and is now at the forefront of many discussions in mainstream media. But what the public at large is grossly unaware of is that the debate isn’t really about the team name. It’s about political correctness and its advocates.

Not only have the social justice warriors jumped on the bandwagon demanding the name be changed, but sports pundits have taken up the cause as well. What’s more is that once again, the media is pandering to the minority. This has always been the case with hot-button issues in the states, but seeing it seep into the sports landscape is troubling.

The fact is that of the 500+ Native American tribes only 1 seems to have a problem with the Redskins team name, according to research. If most of these tribes were offended by this name I could certainly understand the gripe. But Chris Cooley proved this is simply not the case when he visited actual Native American tribes. The tribes that have been questioned about the Redskins name were either unaware of the debate, didn’t care at all, or said they were more concerned with health care and the education of their people. The video below is compelling in these regards. Watch the white knighting go full-throttle after thorough, anecdotal research is presented by Cooley—for it is a microcosm of how sports has become sickeningly beta:

Political Correctness is a parasite that has ravaged American Culture for decades. It is the calling card of these so-called freedom fighters. The truth is more than 99% of people squawking about how the offensive the name Redskins is aren’t affected at all. They simply jump on whatever PC bandwagon they can to feel good about themselves for fighting against “The Man” (e.g. the ridiculous occupy Wall Street fad).

So now that self righteous zealots are once again making a mountain out of a molehill in the name of selfishness, let’s take a look at another situation that got the oversized panties of feminists in a bunch and compelled white knights to predictably follow in their cankle-laden footsteps.

The NFL’s overreaction to the public pressure over the Ray Rice situation

The Ray Rice domestic violence case has been well documented and covered in sports and mainstream media. To summarize, Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, knocked his then-fiancée unconscious in an elevator. The usual outrage ensued with feminists everywhere calling for him to be kicked out of NFL for life, castrated, hung in the village square, and the like. That outrage increased exponentially when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for the first 2 games of the 2014-2015 NFL season which, apparently, wasn’t enough to appease the angry mob.

McGinnis’s article has all the details, but now the plot thickens. Because of public pressure the NFL has a new policy regarding domestic violence situations: First offense is a 6-game suspension. Second offense and you’re banned for life. And now that the video of Rice actually striking Palmer in the elevator has come to light, he’s been released by the Ravens in the prime of his career and Roger Goodell has suspended him indefinitely.

Of course the blue pill sports pundits have hailed the decision and seem to be backing this draconian edict, as well as the Ravens’ decision to terminate his contract, but they still want more blood, using phrases like “The NFL was late to the party on this” and “There should be more to come for Rice.” They don’t even want any other NFL team even giving him a shot. Never mind the fact that those same personalities joked and chuckled when Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator. They have also completely ignored the fact that Hope Solo, goal keeper for the women’s U.S. National Soccer team, is back on the playing field after being in court to answer for domestic violence charges against her.

This overreaction is becoming commonplace in the world of sports, and it’s sickening. Taking away something a man’s livelihood simply to appease public outrage is ridiculous, especially for something that has as much gray area as domestic violence. Many think the NFL is trying not to alienate its female fan base with this announcement. I’m no economist, but if every woman in America stopped watching football I’m fairly confident the NFL wouldn’t suffer any significant profit loss.

Don’t misunderstand me—I’m certainly not advocating men beating their wives for no reason at all, but I’m not going to say it’s okay for a man to take a beating from a woman without, at the very least, trying to defend or separate himself from her. This becoming increasingly difficult to do, as women will now often block a man’s way out of a potentially volatile situation or attack him in a space where an exit is not readily available, such as a moving automobile or an elevator a la Solange. Trust me, this is no accident—females are keenly aware of their surroundings and won’t hesitate to exploit them to their benefit.

The NFL has literally made it open season on its most valuable asset and surprise, surprise, two domestic violence accusations have already been made against 49ers Ray McDonald, and Jets receiver Quincy Enunwa less than a week after the new policy was put in place. You can bet your bottom dollar that more are on the way, and if you think for one second this is just a coincidence, think again.

It won’t be long before the NBA, NHL, and MLB follow suit. Before we know it, there won’t be any players on the field worth talking about.

Jonathan Martin

Last season former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin quit the team, citing emotional reasons. The reader’s digest (and politically incorrect) version is that some of his teammates were busting his balls and he couldn’t handle it. Period. When the details came to light there was a media firestorm vilifying the “poisonous locker room culture” throughout professional sports, namely football because it’s the sport that exhibits the most machismo.

Ultimately the conversation veered into the realm of bullying, hazing, and “harassment” in sports. Sportscasters, radio talk show hosts, and TV personalities lined up to pile on Richie Incognito (below on the right), the main source of Martin’s heckling. When the smoke finally cleared, the Dolphins released Incognito and Martin sat out the entire 2013 season. One of the most telling aspects of the fallout from this ordeal is that Martin has been picked up by the San Francisco 49ers, while Incognito has yet to be signed by another team.

Incognito’s current exile is a direct result of the blue pill mindset that is now prevalent in today’s NFL. The wall-to-wall coverage was hard enough to stomach, but the narrative stating that testosterone-fueled 25-year-olds need to be more cognizant of each other’s feelings was outright laughable.

This entire “tragedy” could have been avoided had Martin, who stands 6’5” and weighs over 300 lbs, known how to assert his dominance, which shouldn’t be hard for a guy his size. But because he was raised by a weak father in a blue pill household he had no idea how to do so. How do I know he had a weak father, you ask? Because he chose to tattle on Incognito by texting his parents about his bully, rather than just kicking his ass for talking shit about his sister and mother.

In the end the media and the NFL took Martin’s side, but the overwhelming majority of the players did not. They understand that hazing and ball-busting is a part of life for men.  It’s a rite of passage of sorts. We give each other shit. It’s what we do. It’s good to see that most players see it that way, but the response from everyone else tells me that the lid is rapidly tightening on masculinity in the National Football League. When it finally snaps shut, who knows what the game will look like?

(Dis)honorable Mentions

The increase in feminine presence at sports desks and sport talk radio shows that this runaway train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Mixing the rationalization hamster-laden female opinion with the simple, straightforward male analysis of professional sports is nothing short of a headache (for the record, I am 100% in support of hot sideline reporters as all they have to do is report the facts and look good).

Another shiv in the ribs of masculinity is NFL teams wearing pink gear for the entire month of October to bring more awareness to breast cancer. Breast cancer sucks, no doubt about it, but trust me, we’re aware. Everybody is aware. Pink ribbons covering everything in sight and the countless TV specials year-round have made sure of that.

But what about prostate cancer, a disease that affects men? September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month but do you see NFL teams and players sporting light blue gear during that month to bring awareness to something that could affect them directly? Negative. They’re forced to wear a feminine color for four games because women are so damned valuable and should be treasured, even if it means ignoring a disease that kills thousands of men every year.

In Closing

There are few things I enjoy more than having my buddies over to watch a full slate of NFL games on fall Sunday afternoons. Drinking brews, talking about girls, and arguing about whose team has the best QB is male bonding at its best. But receivers wearing pink gloves while the commentators drone on about the growing epidemic of domestic violence and crimes against women during the game is beginning to wear very thin on me, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only man who feels this way.

Watching and following sports is something I’ve taken refuge in since I was a kid. It used to be a welcome alternative to following sensationalized mediums like local news and politics. But the increasing PC overtones on issues like this is making my longtime passion nearly unrecognizable. The NFL’s popularity and loyal following is growing by the second, but if the white knighting and female pandering continues at this alarming rate, it may soon have one fewer fan.

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290 thoughts on “How White Knighting Is Killing The NFL”

  1. Excellent post. One thought I wanted to add on the coattails of something you wrote:
    “…do you see NFL teams and players sporting light blue gear during that month to bring awareness to something that could affect them directly? Negative.”
    I think Brandon Marshall’s fine from last year or 2 years ago is the perfect counterexample here. The guy had multiple personality disorder, or something similar. He sought out treatment for it and has stated that he is overcoming this particular ailment.
    When he wore flashy neon-green cleats to raise awareness for mental health, one that has adversely affected him, he was heavily fined. He even signed the shoes and pledged to match any offer for the shoes and give the cash (from the sale, and from his matching of funds) to some organization to combat mental health problems in the US.
    I don’t necessarily care about ‘raising awareness’ efforts, but still think Marshall got hosed for something where his actions were pure and giving to those less fortunate than he, who share an ailment with him.

    1. Excellent point and I do remember that. I also remember thinking there was something inherently wrong with the NFL fining him to tamp down the awareness but didn’t hesitate to publicize his exploits with domestic violence a few years earlier.

    2. The breast cancer thing is about selling merchandise to females, period. I hate girls who like football. I mean, in theory if they truly like it that’s fine. But, they don’t do they.
      They like the attention they got from dad, that he didn’t normally give them because he was a schlub, when they sat to watch football with him. They loved the male energy associated with that attention. So, by ‘liking’ football as adults, they’re just reveling in the ‘comfort zone’.
      Ever known women who have joined the military? I bet 99% of them had fathers in the military who spent significant time away from home during key years. Well, that figure is anecdotally true for me with a sample size of over 10, but that’s just what it is.
      Sure, there are men who like sports because of their dads, there are men whose dads were in the military. But so many men like both anyway, because they are masculine things.
      Guys watching football all weekend at the expense of personal fitness, other hobbies, and chores – okay, the women might have a legitimate complain here – but watching a full 3 hour game on Sunday should be a man’s right, and women should respond by having tea with friends in the sun room. This pretending to like sports and sitting with your man during the game is a thoroughly modern thing. It’s a product of the neediness that comes from hypergamy run amok. Girls don’t put up with betas that like sports anymore.

    3. The attention to breast cancer is just another “tool” to get more female consumers on board. They have taken another outlet (for men) and turned it into god damn QVC….see those pretty pink (tops, shoes, buttons, clips, gloves, etc…).
      It used to be a place where men could gather (away from women and kids) to have a beer, discuss sports, and just be men – without being accused of being sexist for one afternoon.
      Now, we have to put up with these women in bars, sports bars, etc….and you have to watch what you say…or get kicked out (it’s a family environment). Some bring their kids, too.
      What the fuck?

      1. There is still hope. I frequent biker bars, real ones with real tough, battle scarred men. A group of cackling soccer moms showed up on a Thursday night, a GNO, and some had kids in tow. At a biker bar…where large dangerous men haunt…
        They sat down, with their kids. The bartenders refused to serve them, one of the moms got her panties in a bunch and started her Entitlement Dance at the table, and they were “asked” to leave. By “asked” I mean told, loudly and to many nods of approval by the regulars to “get the hell out of here, you and your kids have no business being here”.
        Fucking amazing that they would even try, but they did. The owner of the place is a hard ass about this kind of thing he keeps his license just clean enough to stay in business, but puts up with zero bullshit.

  2. I was watching ESPN early Sunday morning
    Before NFL countdown and a was struck by the number of women commentating.Its clear they don’t legitamitly know anything about football just a pretty face reading stats off a teleprompter.What capped the morning off was some old tennis dike proposing to her life partner on air.ESPN is just another liberal media outlet anymore.The NFL is not far behind.

    1. I starting noticing a few years back when they had a woman doing the NFL highlights on ESPN. I had no idea how ridiculous it sounds to have a woman shouting “He could! Go!… All!… The!…. WAY!!!”

      1. And why aren’t there any UGLY as balls chicks on these things? Because even women want to see beauty. And all the pretty chicks, have no worries about taking the jobs from the ugly chicks that actually PLAYED football as a kid in the backyard and are hardcore dykes.

        1. They are there, just not for football. See women’s bball, softball, soccer, gymanstics etc. They are genuine experts, not eye candy.
          The hot chicks are on football shows for the same reasons the cheerleaders are on the field, because the male audience responds to them. Or at least stares at them.

  3. All of these are the YKW media attacking the NFL.
    The sports media is even more cultural Marxist liberal than the regular media. After all, ordinary fans start to notice things that contract PC theology like “why are there no white cornerbacks in the NFL,” or “Serena Williams looks like she’s a man on Roids next to Wozniaki.”. The YKW media has to control the discussion to enforce PC theology.
    You wolnt meet an actual Indian offended by the Redskins name: the team is named after its coach. Here in Florida, the Seminloe Tribe loves the Seminole team.
    But, if you are a cultural Marxist and you can pick a fight between Indians and football fans, you win the money and control when it’s all done. The major anti-Redskins activist group founder goes to Temple with Snyder’s wife. The issue is a phony scam to distract and control.

    1. These issues aren’t really White Knighing, because they aren’t being driven by the league or the fans, but by the media.
      Roger Goodell is just reacting to the press, to keep up images. The fans don’t care, these issues don’t draw even the ratings of a Tebow segment.
      But by reacting to the press, and not standing up to the press, Goodell is letting the press run his league.

    2. Caroline Wozniaki is pretty hot and very feminine for being a top level athlete. Serena Williams looks like a fucking linebacker

  4. And the worst crime of all is…allowing female reporters in a mens locker room. What a fucking joke.

    1. Right…where is the equality? When are male reporters going to be allowed in female locker rooms?
      We need to start asking the tough questions and calling attention to these forms of “equality” that women need.
      So when is a male reporter allowed into your locker room?

  5. I’m no sports fan, I admit….but I think we can all relate to your anger and frustration at seeing something you’re passionate about being corrupted.

  6. Check out Rice’s wife now on instagram saying his getting cut from the team is “horrific”. Translation: the only reason she ever married this alpha thug was because of his NFL salary. Without that her life is ruined because who is going to give her the lifestyle she feels she deserves. lol

    1. She accepted the KO, but losing her meal-ticket is an unexpected and disproportionate punishment

    2. once upon a time a smarter than average thug said “Money brings bitches bring lies. One nigga’s gettin jealous, and motherfuckers died.

    3. I saw that video and translated it as “unsexy flat-shoed shrew gets KO’ed in mutual combat”. Case closed.

    4. Notice he never punched her, he pushed her open hand with his left hand(he is right handed) and her forward momentum (from mad dog rushing him) led her to knock herself out on the elevators hand rail. The reason she is apologizing in the media is because she knows her aggressive behavior led to this shit. Seriously, if she is composed and non combative does any of this bullshit go down? If she acted like a lady does she end up rushing him and getting mushed? Are we even discussing any of this if she had contained her behavior to simple words? I think not…

      1. Agree. Another example of how the woman is at fault here but they are trying to redirect the blame on the man in this situation.
        Any man not siding with Rice on this “exchange” is going to get the same thing…spit on or slapped by a woman (the highest form of disrespect).
        You didn’t have this kind of shit going on “back when” because at certain times in history (and today in certain places) a woman could have been put to death.

        1. Its so stupid how everyone says shit like “you NEVER hit a woman under ANY circumstances!”
          Women act like retarded privileged children and are allowed to get away with anything. The modern ‘man code’ is to lay down and take it like a bitch. These same people wonder why women take them to the cleaners in alimony, divorce, etc… You are enabling them to do whatever the fuck they feel like free reign.

        2. That’s bullshit. No one says you gotta sit back and get hit. I’ll be damned if some women is going to “hurt” me, blocking punches is more than enough, unless you’re dating a kick boxing professional, and then, that’s your fucking problem. My Italian wife has a temper, she used to hit me, but after laughing my ass off whenever it happened, she figured out that there were better methods to communicate. What “man” hits a women? You guys spout shit about Blue Pill this and Red Pill that, well, in my world, fellas, a Blue Pill guy is a pussy who hits women. Granted, I was born in the 50’s and I see too many fat ass SOB young-guys who NEVER hit a gym, and could get the shit kicked out of them by their wives, but they’re the Blue Pill men. If my son ever hits his girlfriend or his wife, he’s disowned.

      2. I’ve never heard anyone put it better.
        Also, if it had been a 120lbs man taking shots at Rice, everyone would be laughing at the obviously insane person getting knocked out.

    5. The golddigger did marry him for his income which is why she is upset but stupidity of the Negro male never fails to amaze me.He knocks her out and drags her out of the elevator knowing that there must be cameras there, as well as witnesses. She “forgives” him and they get married a month later so when he married her he had the video AND a police report and conviction which was minor but still for DV under his belt. How can this guy be so stupid? You’ll see that after a few months of fucking her until she’s knocked up she’ll claim he beat her and she was pregnant too! She’ll want a divorce and take whatever money he has plus child support. After all we have the video proof and conviction to show that he’s an abuser. If he had any brains after he settled the minor conviction he’d dump this bitch and stay far away from her because you know that she’ll use this DV stuff to her advantage in the future. And btw, if he can’t play football it’s not likely he’ll find another job even as a dishwasher because people will know who he is.These football players get pushed through college and really know nothing.This guy will end up in some thug crew and eventually in prison or dead and all because he had to have that one particular pussy. They can’t see how one thing leads to another.
      Martin is no pussy. The men in his family had gone to Harvard even in the 1920’s when there were only a few Negroes there.Hazing is stupid and there’s a limit to it and besides he’s there to play a game not to be harassed.I’m sure that many of the players engaged in it against him and since most of them are just ghetto thugs, brought up by some female hat hatted hooligan, and whose only ability in life was being big and able to run fast were probably jealous of him and his background and class.The White player was the one who was chosen to take all of the blame. It fits in with all of the pc bullshit about the negro being oppressed by the white man but you can be sure that the negro players were much worse to him.

      1. Let me add even one more thing about Rice. Many of these negro athletes and entertainers when they’re making good money spend like drunken sailors and neglect to pay their taxes first. There comes a time when they’re not making the money and if Rice isn’t able to play he won’t be making any money but may have an overdue IRS bill and between the fines and interest for unpaid taxes he’ll end up a slave for life. I can make a long list here of negroes who have ended up this way if I wanted to going back to Joe Louis whose taxes were paid by Frank Sinatra. Look at Tyson and hundreds of others.

        1. I don’t know what your race is but this is true. Being a young black man myself, majority of us are some arrogant mf’s. It’s like if your not the super cool type,thug,street coon, your wack/lame/gay. I’m sick of how black men always have to “ball out” or do this and that. Not glorifying the white man, but black men seriously need a heavy dose of humility. Especially when they rise to power. Stop trying to show off all the time. Nothing wrong with having a beautiful woman either, however, make sure her attitude/spirit matches or exceeds her beauty.

    6. what does it say about ray rice if he marries a woman who is willing to spit on him and marry him for his $? he’s a complete idiot with no standards.

  7. And in two months the NFL is going to endorse the breast cancer awarness campaign and every player and coach is going to be forced to wear those ridiculous pink shoes and caps to show their commintmet on the issue.

  8. Sports and TV suck now. The only shows I will watch is; Bloomberg($), westerns, and pre-1970’s acting.

  9. I can’t feel sorry for a woman who didn’t learn the hard way that staying with this loser would be hazardous to her health. The fact that she’s griping about his being cut shows her primary concern was money.

    1. Here we all know women will bullshit you to test your breaking point. Fact is, Ray Rice is a strong, rich alpha male. He doesn’t take shit from her and that just makes her more attracted to him. Rhianna even said she was still attracted to Chris Brown after he beat her up.
      Strong men don’t take shit from women and women instinctively know this. She knows she has a real man, but was dumb enough to push him to his breaking point which cost him his career. How dumb a woman is to shit-test him until he snaps and costs them both a lot of money.
      Women are drawn to physical dominance…to suggest shes not attracted to him is bogus. You really think she could go from Ray Rice to some nice guy accounting nerd? fuck no, she wants the brutal physical dominance

      1. But the right thing for Rice to have done would have been to immediately dump her and find a new woman. He was in a position to have done that.
        There’s better ways to make it very clear to a woman that her shit will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

        1. Yet she married him, and is now defending him because of how he acted. Had he wumped away while she was beating on him and had a ‘stiff upper lip’ she would have left him faster than a 20 year old college tramp can acquire a new tattoo.

        2. Exactly, she seems relatively tall. If a black woman came at me like that, and I ‘turtled’ and let her pummel me…..shed be like ‘this dudes such a fucking pussy for taking shit from me’. Women test you to see how much of a man you are. Any girl who saw you taking hits from another girl would label you a pussy and not be attracted to you

    2. lol…I’d like to hear (or have her type out) what she really thinks:
      It’s terrible that Ray got cut from the team. Now, how am I going to live that lifestyle that I’m accustom to (see Chris Rock)? Or how I’m I going to look down on those other bitches in my former neighborhood now that my husband isn’t playing ball?
      Ignorance…you have to love it.

  10. Let us not forget the Pink penalty flags and pink first down line the NFL trotted out last year because they just weren’t wearing enough pink….except you can’t see pink flags and lines on a green field….Thank god that mistake only lasted one week.
    1. The Redskins name is overblown PC garbage.
    2 Yes, Ray Rice should be fired but this media belief that the NFL should investigate crimes better than our actual police should is also complete garbage.
    3. Is Jonathan Martin a crybaby that shouldn’t be in the NFL? Yes. Is Richie Incognito an unprofessional loudmouth who skill doesn’t warrant the headache that comes with him? Also yes.
    4. The NFL is a business and women are an untapped market to take so there is no reason for being angry at the NFL for just doing what business are supposed to do, making money.

    1. So if this is all about economics, where is the push to incorporate more men into women’s untapped market niches? See the double standard here (not saying you were displaying it, I mean in general)?
      There are to be no male spaces. Meanwhile, women at my gym get their own special workout room that I’m not allowed in, whilst I don’t have a male-only workout space that women are not allowed in, yet we both pay the exact same membership fee.

      1. Where is the push to incorporate men in women’s untapped market niches you ask? Nike/Under Armour successfully convinced men that wearing tights was cool (just call them compression shorts….)
        As for the male-only workout spaces, if there is a demand for it, there should be one in your area. If there isn’t, I suggest taking on that business venture. As for the gym, if you don’t like the unfair pricing, quit. I understand how frustrating that is but its the only option we reasonably have.

        1. Underarmor is specifically built to wick away sweat, which is why guys wear it, generally the athletic types (well, I hope so anyway). But I kind of see your point on that.
          It’s not that there isn’t a demand, I know plenty of meatheads who would prefer that women weren’t in the generally male barbell areas (distraction, or sitting around doing ten pound “squats” in the smith rack, etc), but bring it up to management and they give you a look like you’re a nimrod. Puffcake brings up her problems though and fifty guys in uniform are there to offer her a tissue.
          Yes, there are market solutions, in theory. And if I tried to implement one, outside of a strictly no-money private-club setting (and even that is in doubt), I’d be sued for all kinds of discrimination across the board. This is a one way street dude.
          I’d prefer a free market solution as you suggest though, wouldn’t that be grand?

        2. Hey, sorry, that’s just silly talk “As for the male-only workout spaces, if there is a demand for it, there should be one in your area”.
          Answer: there is demand for male-only gyms and, for that matter, male only spaces. Haven’t you noticed that there has been a persistent and deliberate agenda to not allow for male-only anything? I mean that’s why we’re here at ROK and why there is a growing manosphere.
          We don’t have a free market solution because there is no free market. Here’s what will happen if I start a male-only gym. Sued! And probably picketed until I allow women in and trans and the 50 other supposed types of sex. If I don’t I’ll be accused, pardon, found guilty and labeled with the modern day scarlet letter “bigot” and/or phobist and they’ll scream injustice and discrimination. This is happening all over, I can say that two homosexuals demanding a wedding cake from a Christian owned bakery can use the free market and just go to another bakery, but no, those little entitled snowflakes couldn’t have it any other way so they made the state force this family owned business to do something against their will. Oh, and they endured death threats and basically had their business destroyed. Free market did you say?

        3. Hi Towgunner,
          I acknowledge the hypocrisy of the feminist movement and the agenda to integrate previously male-only areas. As a fraternity alumni, I also know how precious those male-only spaces in terms of male emotional health and growth. I don’t believe however that all male gyms can’t exist.
          It is illegal to discriminate against women but that does not mean that a gym has to cater towards women (this also applies to your bakery example). For example, in order to get rid of the girl with the 5lb weights taking selfies, don’t equip your gym with 5lb weights. A gym owner can get rid of treadmills, exercise machines, yoga classes, and basically set up a gym that only favors masculine body traits. The few women who would frequent this gym aren’t the ones taking selfies and whining about how the world treats them and you effectively create your masculine male-only space.
          Also you are confusing the terms free market and freedom of choice. A free market is an economic system where there is minimal government intrusion AND the assumption that all business are operating with the intent to maximize profits. A business in the free market is not allowed to intentionally destroy itself by pursuing an objective other than maximizing profits. Thus, in a free market, a government should intervene and set laws forbidding business to pursue any non-maximizing strategies which in this case means the government instituting anti-discrimination laws.
          In regards to the religious defense, there is no “thou shalt not barter with homosexuals” rule in the Christian religion, so arguing religious freedom in that case is a weak defense

        4. First part, I like how you think and believe it can be pulled off, in fact, I’ve long since argued that the manosphere should exploit Curves and say that they should allow men anticipating that they will push back only to acquiesce but in doing so using them to openly establish the precedent that its okay to have sex segregated gyms. The reduced version goes like this – Okay you say you want women-only, fine guess its okay for single sex gyms, fair enough, so you don’t mind if we have male only?
          Second part, I disagree completely, and have ZERO confusion on free markets and choice. If you believe in what you say, businesses exist to maximize profits, than they don’t need any outside entity to tell them that, after all, either they sell or the go out of business, period. Therefore, anti-discrimination laws, as it applies to a proprietor choosing who they may do business with are unnecessary and having these conditions as a law is an imposition on the free markets because the market does not need this. I suggest we drop the homosexualism stuff, we’re never going to agree.
          That said, yes, someone will hopefully challenge the feminists status qou using some of the tactics you mentioned above.

        5. I believe the real problem, in the USA anyways, is that we don’t have a truly free market and that we do all worship at the same church….the ATM (bank, money). Money comes before everything else…and that is the true problem here.
          A business does exist to do one thing…and that’s to make money. But, that has both an upside and a downside to it. It’s great for the business (and shareholders) on the financial side but it can create havoc on a culture or society.
          Greed is not always good because it does upset this “balance”.
          And, yes, forget about anything “male only” in this country. As Chris Rocks states “Grand opening, grand closing”. It would be that fast because the feminist parade would be out in full force.

  11. Drinking brews, talking about girls, and arguing about whose team has the best QB is male bonding at its best
    False. Going to a deer camp with some buddies and/or male relatives, stalking, shooting a deer and tracking it until it collapses; gutting it outside of your camp in the evening after having dragged it through the woods, and then settling in for a night of tall tales and beer around the campfire, now that sir, is male bonding at its best.
    I agree with your disappointment with what’s happening to sports. The last thing I want to hear is some female commentator giving me her “feeeeeelings” about some sports clip. Who fuckin’ cares?
    You know, we can make all male spaces again. The only weapon they have against men, and it only works on betas, is shaming. We scoff at their shaming generally, so what’s to stop us from having informal men’s clubs (not strip joints, but real male only type clubs, like VFW used to be, or whatever)?

    1. I can’t give this enough up-votes. Absolutely nothing beats hunting or fishing trips for male bonding.

      1. It really does reach down and speak to something primal and masculine. It’s a shame so many men do not know the feeling of the hunt. There was an article yesterday or before about feeling alive by tapping into a dark side, which describes basically the same feeling you get from a successful hunt. Fantastic stuff.

        1. I’ve been preparing for a caribou hunt this past week so hunting been on my mind a lot. As you said hunting is primal and masculine, but it is also a reverent and reflective exercise. You have to control the testosterone drenched adrenaline surging through you when you have a beautiful bull in your sights or when you flush a covey of birds. You cut and butcher the animal that you killed. Every time you sit down for dinner, you know that you are the first and only human to touch that meat. That’s a connection to your food and land that most of modern society never experiences. We’d rather eat ourselves to death on factory farmed cows that cause unsustainable resource allocation, obesity, environmental degradation and a host of other problems because guns are scary and only rednecks hunt! Society…

        2. You have to control the testosterone drenched adrenaline surging through you when you have a beautiful bull in your sights or when you flush a covey of birds.
          Heh, they don’t call it buck fever for nothing!
          Lots of teen men around my area have taken up hunting, my son included of course. It’s interesting to me insofar as these are well off kids who you’d never think would hunt, given the stupid stereotyping that the Left has slapped on hunters. But hey, there you go!
          You cut and butcher the animal that you killed. Every time you sit down for dinner, you know that you are the first and only human to touch that meat. That’s a connection to your food and land that most of modern society never experiences.
          Exactly. You can’t explain it to people though, they have to discover that feeling themselves.

    2. Agreed. Never been one to watch sports all day with my buds, unless it’s the Super Bowl. I just don’t see it as a productive activity. I’m also a bit of a lone wolf , so maybe that’s just me.
      I know some on here aren’t fans, but I’m a member of a Masonic lodge. I’ve found this to be a great place to be a Male only escape from feminization. Being a guy in my mid twenties , I’m 20 years younger than most members we there. This puts me in a unique position to receive advice from a lot of older guys minus the PC filter of having women around.We do not allow women, it has always been that way and always will be that way.

      1. I have a friend in Masons who reports the same thing as you, except he’s on my end of the age bracket (mid 40’s) and is probably in the same group as the older men who are giving you your perspective.

      2. Good on you with the Masons. Just a quick comment on the superbowl, that’s the one game I’ve come to avoid the most. Every year it seems there is more and more sjw type adverts and there is always this undertone of homosexuality etc. Its insulting, as if, the special interest groups out there use it to spit in white heterosexual male’s faces.

        1. I hear you there man, I usually am just around Thor the celebratory atmosphere of those game parties. The underlying homosexual tone in advertising and media in general is almost inescapable at this point. I don’t watch much tv other than “The Walking Dead” and “Alaska:The last frontier” so I can avoid most of it, but it’s really at an unbearable level. Social conditioning at an astonIshing level.

        2. Whats encouraging is I’ve seen numerous articles discussing the declining viewership of, basically, all forms of mass media. My theory is that we can molt this culture by embracing existing technologies such as youtube, and other more sophisticated solutions are on their way. Bottom-line: we have this suffocating homosexualism because mass media is controlled by 5 companies and 5 people. Its a monopoly/cabal and I suspect its allowed to exist because of crony capitalism, which I think creates this dynamic: toe the politically correct line (in this case pro homosexual everything) and get tax breaks and the regulators who are supposed to keep cabals and monopolies from forming will look the other way. Frankly this cabal (main stream traditional media, networks even cable etc) is actually obsolete. Soon you and I will have web based applications that will give us exactly the kinds of entertainment and news that we want. Advertisers will fully embrace this model because they can literally pin-point their marketing via analyzing our user profiles. It will be very liberating and, importantly, since 2/3rd of this country is right leaning it will, in the least, nullify the progressive media advantage. Academia is up next with online learning.

      3. Brother, I was just thinking about the Lodge after reading the original comment and scrolled down to see your response. I was just made an EA of a PHA lodge recently (also one of the youngest Brothers at 23) and even in my short journey I must say that the Lodge is one of the few places men can still come together as men. Coming together with the brothers to discuss topics like self-improvement via the Tools, discussing a man’s duties to himself, his country, and his Brothers — in essence, living by a code. Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done.

        1. An EA you say! Welcome to a great brotherhood. You have so much more to learn, the best advice I can give is to keep an open mind to all you will learn. There is so much to be absorbed. #SMIB

    3. The best way to attain such spaces is to go ahead and do it without permission. If you have to get permission or get some acceptance for doing it, then that’s a bad start. The very essence of the idea answers to nothing.

    4. Finally I can disagree with you! Boar hunting is superior to dear hunting as a male bonding experience, I will argue with to a stalemate about this point. Feels good to have a point of contention with you, I knew you could not always be right.

      1. Heh, well then sir, gird your loins for battle!
        Actually always wanted to try boar hunting, but we don’t really have boars per se in Ohio yet. Friend lives in Florida keeps inviting me down for a hunt, I should probably take him up on that.

    5. Agree. Professional sports is another area where women are going to stick their nose in it “just because” it’s another males space (or it was at one time).
      Could any male reporter enter female locker rooms (we’re going for equality, right)? I don’t fucking think so, folks.
      I could give a flying fuck what women think about professional football or any other sport.
      A man used to have that “space” ..but no longer. And fuck all of those beta reporters on TV who whine and who side with these women about shit begin unfair…..that’s life people.

  12. I generally can’t stand sports because they’re an example of an intense smorgasbord of consumerist bullcrap. All the white knighting is just additional icing on the cake. Don’t forget the whole Michael “Let’s give him an award for gayness #sobrave” Sam. Of course when he was traded because he’s a mediocre player at best I heard the butthurt cries of “so homophobic, bigoted”. I’m really tired of sports, it used to be an American past-time but now its an American passed its prime.
    Of course all of the SJWs shine the spotlight on sports people as one of the last vestiges of a male-space(although that’s changing). There is some hope though at that is that SJWs are starting to eat their own. Which is a metaphor for how they go about destroying each other in a race to have the best and “purest” thinking. No different from the Bolsheviks purging their ranks.
    A little off topic but I was getting late night food with a friend at Denny’s and heard a bunch of these white knight nerds at a table talking. I just shook my head and realized that could have very easily been me, had I not made big changes in my lifestyle and attitude during colleges. A bunch of pseudo-intellectuals with bullshit degrees and no job skills with that sense of moral and intellectual superiority. When in reality they’re just clueless(most likely unemployed) pieces of human garbage that our society loves to churn out. Listening in I could tell they were people going nowhere. If you combined all four pairs of their balls you wouldn’t even get one functioning man.

    1. Yeah, there are about 30% of baby boomers who are somewhat responsible adults. About 30% more are hard working if not loony. The rest are worthless. They retire THIS decade. Gen X will be the managers, and in 30 years millenials will be.
      Our civilization is going to have so many problems. And the worst part of it will be the insipid public discussions. I can’t wait for the endless emotional shaming in lieu of actual debate. Oh god, that thought is among the best arguments for leaving.

    1. So basically we should stop all black people from saying “nigger” too, correct? Because otherwise, dat’s wascist? Please inform.

      1. It seems that black people call white people “nigger” now. Frankly though, if it’s just one guy calling you “nigger” punch him in the face and get it over with. Loser buys the beer.

        1. Yes. I’m just not particularly enamored with the white guilt thing lots of Leftists have going on. They’ll castigate Incognito for saying “nigger” but turn a blind ear and eye towards the nearly omnipresent usage of the word in the U.S. black community (no idea about abroad).
          Never have been fond of double standards.
          Agree with the solution to the problem. I think the author was right, the guy should have just decked Incognito. Hell, it might have won him respect and, as you say, a beer afterwards.

        2. I’ve seen it happen I.e. the two guys fight and are friends afterwards. Just thinking though… I can’t imagine a racist would thrive in the NFL.

        1. I don’t watch sports nor do I care about it.
          Tried. There is no try, there is only do. I don’t hear about black players being ejected for using the word. Is it happening? Can you show examples (notice the plural)?

        2. Did you read the link I posted? They have tried this already.
          Are you saying that black people are responsible for racist attitudes in whites?
          And if you don’t watch sports nor care about it, then why are you talking about it?

        3. Yes, it has the word “Considers”, not “Passed A”.
          Meanwhile, “Richard Sherman says he hears the n-word in every game he plays.”
          Interesting. So where is all the media outrage? Where are the huffing thought police? Where is the mock indignation? Well, they did “consider” a ban, heh, I guess it’s the feeeeelings that count, eh?
          Are you saying that black people are responsible for racist attitudes in whites?
          No, and you know I’m not. I’m stating that I’m tired of the double standard. Incognito gets punished, yet ” “Richard Sherman says he hears the n-word in every game he plays.” Why aren’t they canned too?
          Double standards. Me no likey. Deal with it.

        4. And I did. I outed your weepy guilt trip and put you in your place.
          Have one hell of a great day, sir.

    2. Answer:
      If that’s the case then it supports the point of this article, because, special interest/political agendas have nothing to do with football and, Martin should have stood up to Incognito, the ism’s, ists or phobe is your perverse fantasy. First of all, “homophobia” does not exist…no one is afraid of homosexuals and someone who insults or hurts a homosexual’s feelings is NOT covering up for their own latent homosexuality. That’s a stupid and pathetic myth. I DO NOT recognize that as a word, in fact, I think “homophobia” is actually designed to stifle debate and if we stifle debate than we regress as a species. Racist? Good grief, if only they had a microphone to hear all the shit talking that goes on in formation…for fu*k sake watch “The Program” here…Alvin Mack at his best – that is football if you can’t handle this you don’t belong.

    1. Aye, quite agree. Heck you can go to a decent paintball yard (outdoors, woods) and find nearly zero girls. Turns out that things that require extreme speed, quick reflexes and no small amount of tactical and logical thinking somehow do not attract females. Whodathunkit?

        1. Idea. Organize a massive man-hunt or force on force airsoft or paint ball game lasting a weekend in the wilderness, testing our strength, endurance and intelligence. Simulated war. Afterwards, meat over a spit sauteed in a blood sauce and beer.

      1. Btw one time I played paintball I got chemical gas poisoning from a military grade smoke grenade. Right before the next game I threw up leaving a trail of vomit about ten feet long. After cleaning me up the game marshals ushered me out to the game because “this is the best one!” Health and safety be dammed. I really enjoyed that game but I was slightly delirious from the gas and got confused and started shooting my own team!

  13. Interesting, Monday night football ratings fall, could be many things, but still…
    Also, check out Stephen Molyneux’s analysis on the NFL where he reminds us that, believe it or not, this league is subsidized. If its subsidized then that means it can be controlled by the state and used as a lever to support their agenda and politics. Hence, with a community organizer as the potus, who is supportive of feminism and homosexualism (barry is rumored to be one himself) and a government which has admitted to using sports leagues for various things is there any surprise we see all the PC and focus on the female narrative/homosexual i.e. the recent unqualified man drafted for just being a homosexual? Remember these people are ideologues and see football as a paradigm of patriarchy, as such, they’re hostile to the NFL, many of them were probably bullied, ignored or cut from their high school team. I’m quite sure the average women’s studies professor did NOT date the QB or was awarded homecoming queen, thus, years later they can’t get over their jealousy. Plus, among other things, its masculine, reaffirms the natural differences between men and women etc and is a product of what they think is “traditional” American culture and exceptionalism.
    Its just sad to see this once great American institution compromised by petty politics…a league of exceptionally talented and strong men led by the nose by weak and envious control freaks. I think technology and the ability to iCulture will eventually break this up. One can say this will only get worse…so what. Right now a significant disruption is already in place. You can get streaming live sports from international IP addresses where regulations are N/A. Sports is the last stronghold keeping the old and obsolete msm in tact, so, once that is compromised its decline will go parabolic and its eventual destruction assured. When its all streaming and customizable over the internet, we might even see new leagues emerge, with no pussy rules and no politics.

  14. You forgot to include the superfluous media attention over Michael Sam, a 7th round pick that received more coverage than the 1st overall pick.

    1. Seriously. Who picked him up as QB this year? That’s all I heard all day long on online media. Just wait, when he fails at whatever position they DID pick him for, he will parlee this into a commentator gig, and he and the rest of the LGBTQU crowd will gang stalk the NFL and ABC, CBS, et al, to find him a spot.

  15. In this respect, without comparing the actual sports of Am Football (American Football) and Reg Football (Regulation Football), Europe or rather the rest of the civilised world is notably superior than America in this one respect, it gives its players AUTONOMY. There is no policing of professional players/ grown ass men in professional leagues. If an issue is summarily settled between partners or/and the authorities, the sports club will have nothing to do with it. American football being the wonderful game that it is, is being destroyed by a league and a public that is insensitive to the personal lives and freedoms of the players.
    A huge contradiction exists between how American football players are expected to play on the field and act in their personal lives. It’s seems like it’s a weird mix of envy and betaisation. That some liberal hipster who’s probably been disrespected by women in his life everyday in some respect envies the fact that men like Patrick Willis or Clay Matthews can possess extraordinary amounts talent, strength, fuck the best women, engage in professional violence and garner respect from their fellow men/peers. There seems to be an enviable inertia amongst the weaker men of society to control these types of men, and God forbid if these men ever retaliated against being offended, boy will they have hell to pay for not staying in their gilded cages that their beta mangina simps have designed for them.
    The game requires extraordinary amounts of strength and high testosterone levels to thrive at just about every position with the exception of punter and kicker. Men who are expected to crush bone, running at full sprints in short violent intervals are expected to be tame little betaised pussycats in their personal lives. I’m not justifying what Ray Rice did, but I can say that many Americans lack perspective and balance. Ray Rice, not the brightest bulb in the shed, a man who runs over defenders, and benches well over 113 kilos, played for arguably one of the most violent teams in the NFL, is supposed to be spit in his face and stand there and take it like most American men would (if by a woman of course). The lack of perspective that a man trained in professional violence, one from the projects nonetheless is supposed to all of a sudden be tame, is illogical. I’m sure the Romans in the gladiatorial arenas did not expect gladiators to be writing poetry and nurturing infants in their spare time.

    1. Aye, great observations. It’s the same feigned outrage that occurred when it was discovered that male fighter pilots like to drink, fight and fuck (Tailgate I believe it was called). The huffy indignant calls for all kinds of nasty retaliation were heard for weeks.
      End of the day, society really does hate masculine men. Odd that they depend on us for their very survival, given how they detest us, eh?

      1. There’s definitely a contradiction in American society that runs against nature. The propaganda that men who should engage in athletic and militaristic violence should all of sudden be the same types of men who push strollers, wear baby strap carriers, take orders from their wives and girlfriends and do whatever the current agenda stipulates is laughable. The Goddess Cult in America stipulates that woman is above reproach, that any of her actions unto a man are justifiable to any degree. Man must pay for being man. It’s a social and legalistic hatred second to none in modern times. Although wrong what he did, Ray Rice’s wife will never be asked, ‘Why did you stick around’? ‘Was it the money’?, ‘Did you do anything at all to provoke the situation’? ‘Do you think you are somewhat to blame for this situation’?

        1. Bill Burr’s standup “there’s no reason to hit women” talks about this hilariously. The amount of arrogance in believing there are actually never any reasons to hit women is astounding. Most men choose not to, but there are definetely good reasons to. The same way there are good reasons to hit other men.

        2. That same sort of double standard is expected out of US service members. They want you to look like a poodle but have the killer instinct of a pit bull. Doesn’t happen with living beings.

        3. Ray Rice’s wife will never be asked, ‘Why did you stick around’? ‘Was it the money’?, ‘Did you do anything at all to provoke the situation’? ‘Do you think you are somewhat to blame for this situation’?

          Funny you say that. There’s actually a #WhyIStayed hashtag that’s being used to “draw awareness to the complexities of domestic violence.” Lol. Needless to say, majority of the tweets are pure comedy.

        4. “Although wrong what he did”. The only thing he did wrong is allow some disheveled mid-tier woman to ruin his career. As soon as she started to give him any trouble, the proper response should have been to eject her from his penthouse suite and give her a long taxi ride home with kadesh. The fact that a millionaire athlete allowed himself to be put in this situation with a woman who has never accomplished ANYTHING in her life…….just…..insanity.

        5. Agree. The hard questions will never be asked (to the woman) because we don’t want to upset anyone (I mean lose female viewers and white knights viewers), right? That could mean holding people accountable but losing money (viewers).
          I just shake my head when I saw a couple of clips on ESPN. These fucking commentators were siding with the wife like she was the poor victim in the whole thing.
          Women abuse men (mental and physical) all of the time and it’s just dismissed as if “he deserved it”.

      2. Ah, yes. The delicate flower who was letting men shave her legs and was so traumatized by The Gauntlet, that she went through it twice.

    2. One fascinating thing about America is that even though our government is decidedly more “limited” in authority than European parliamentary social democracies, we seem to have a far more intrusive and nosy government. I suspect this is because Europe has a culture that dates back long before the rise of powerful monarchies. They don’t have this totally false notion of natural rights embedded in the Constitutional system (a pretense ultimately). Whatever rights people have or don’t have simply exist in the culture, and the government is part of the culture (hence the muslim immigration problem).
      America has this puritan/millenialist/imperial problem. We think our government should take ideals, then impose them on the culture. Despite being very left wing, Europe I don’t believe has been as traditionally aggressive and self-loathing as has America.

      1. That only makes sense if you do not examine European history prior to 1945. Prior to that and they were thrilled to go and impose all kinds of things, even beliefs (thank you Britain) all over the globe.

      2. That’s only because those countries aren’t powerful enough and/or it doesn’t serve their interests to behave that way anymore.

      3. You don’t consider Spain’s conquest and Catholicization of the New World to be an aggressive, imperialistic enforcement of that nation’s ideals upon other peoples?

        1. All they did was convert the locals to their culture. America constantly reinvents it culture to meet the political and economic needs of the elite.

    3. He was not inappropriate in his response, he was calm and non aggressive throughout the confrontation. Only one person in that elevator was bull rushing and it was not Mr. Rice. That said, I agree with everything else you wrote.

      1. C’mon Atl, he Tysoned some girl who looked to be 1/5th his body weight. I mean if his response was a James Bondesque bitch slap then that might be somewhat respectable while warning her afterwards, but that was overboard. Then again, spitting on my someone in my opinion is as equal an offence or possibly worse than left hooking someone to the jaw. However, the worst part are the media ‘indignants’ who in no way feel she, even in the smallest way, was culpable for what happened. We’re a nation of simps.

        1. Normally I agree with 99% of what you say, but in this case, his response was correct. If ALL men reacted in such manner, there would not be a problem of women acting out violently against men in the first place. If a woman decides to raise her hand against a man, she deserves to be dealt with in like manner PERIOD.
          The false chivalry of “male restraint” or “don’t hit a woman under any circumstance” has set a precedence that cannot not now be undone.
          As usual, MEN have allowed women to overstep their bounds, and now we men are wringing our hands trying to figure out how to correct the problem.

        2. “Now we men are wringing our hands trying to figure out how to correct the problem”.
          I was thinking a couple of days ago, that the best way to handle the problem would for the country to implement a simple 30 minute “Purge”, where men could legally slap cunts who act disrespectful and out of pocket. Then we would go back to normal. Even with just 30 minutes, it would instantly reestablish the natural balance of things. But one can only dream!

        3. I think never hitting a woman under any circumstance is a bullshit notion that modern feminist societies have foisted on men. The bitchslap, spanking and other ‘lower’ forms of corporal punishment were acceptable in more family oriented times. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel unless a man’s life is in the balance (like a bitch wielding a kitchen knife), then I think it’s acceptable to unleash full powered male controlled violence. I still do think that some Western standards of fairness in opponents and size should apply to the sexes.

        4. I recall the video of the ugly black chick chewing out some black dude on Youtube (probably one of many), and people were posting shit like, “man, she dogged you bro”…nigger please, ONLY in the White Western world (for all the good my ancestors DID do), do you see shit like this–not in White EE, or Africa, or the Ummah…women in the US, Canada, etc, do this shit, in and out of public because they never fear getting splattered AND kicked out on the street without even a suitcase.

        5. Agree. I have no problem smacking a woman (especially if she strikes first).
          That shit will end when she realizes that you’re not going to put up with that bullshit.
          She hits me then she should brace for impact. I will not let a woman hit me and get away with it…..fuck that.

        6. That’s the part I have a problem with….the fucking media.
          And the problem, today, with women is that they can get away with anything (any behavior) without being called out on it.
          When the fuck did we start giving women a pass for acting like children?
          They want equality (until it comes to this kind of shit) and then they want special treatment? Fuck that…if you spit on me, strike me, etc…then you should brace for impact.
          That kind of behavior is not accepted on my “bus”.

        7. “We’re a nation of simps.” Woudlnt say so. Its just that media has more resemblance to Soviet propaganda than anything else.

    4. “That some liberal hipster who’s probably been disrespected by women in his life everyday in some respect envies the fact that men like Patrick Willis or Clay Matthews can possess extraordinary amounts talent, strength, fuck the best women, engage in professional violence and garner respect from their fellow man/peers.”
      Spot on.

    5. I disagree with your conclusion. For ALL the reasons you gave, what Ray Rice SHOULD have done was to take the spit in his face, accept the slap across the same jaw, and walked out of the elevator, and OUT of this spoiled little witch’s life. But NOOOO…he has to lose his temper, “bitch slap her,” (Which is NOW considered MAJOR Violence), drag her off the elevator, get arrested, BEG to the league, apologize nationally (to a bunch of national assholes called the sports press), and then watch as the fuckers TOTALLY exposed what happened and hung him out to dry, anyway. He’s officially OUT of the NFL, he’s lost at least $35 million, not including long-term endorsements, and he’s STUCK with the chic who made him lose his temper. That’s what hitting a women will do to you; when all you had to do was “be cool.”
      oh, and Roman women were treated as highly respected property, and gladiators, while admired, were well beneath the wealthy women who might have chosen to dally with them.

  16. If the NFL wants to cater to white knights and SJWs, let them.
    It won’t be long before we have an Anita Sarkeesian blowing smoke up football’s ass anyway.
    That’s what happens when you give into the SJWs: they only ratchet up the attacks.

  17. The worst part is putting female sports anchors on all the shows now.
    The first time I saw women on Baseball Tonight I was like WTF?? It’s so fucking stupid its unbelievable.

    1. Oh, just wait, I heard on the radio recently that there is going to be an all-woman panel sports program, kind of like The View, except they show sports clips.
      Their audience of tens of people will abandon them within a month.

  18. I think what Ray Rice did is reprehensable… no way you can punch a woman right in the face unless she’s an imminent threat to you.. but even so, the media’s reaction has been ridiculous. I actually feel that the media won’t be satisfied until Ray Rice is literally hung on a cross.

    1. I made the point if women are so weak and helpless, why are they allowed in combat situations in the military?
      That’s the point, feminism tries to blur the line so women can pick what areas they want to be equal in. Any man knows full well what youre risking by attacking a stronger dude, but apparently women can do what they want free of retribution.
      The same people shouting equality turn around and say ‘shes just a woman! how could you do that?’ The truth comes out that they are more like children and ‘a man should know better’

      1. You make very good points, but I’m of the mindset that women are NOT equal to men, and I stand by that across the board. Yes, feminists are obviously hypocrits by saying that men are equal to women, and then crying that men can’t put their hands on a woman. I stand by the fact that men should not hit women due to our superior strength, but women shouldn’t be treated equally to men in other aspects as well (ie: military)

  19. To paraphrase Chris Rock’s quip about OJ, I’m not saying that he should have knocked her out cold, but I understand!

  20. Professional sports used to be a masculine thing. We now live in the age where people care more about selfie sticks and being PC so they can seem like their shit don’t stink. Last time I check the sewer run-off of human feces still stinks…just like it probably did generations that have come before us. I used to be very into basketball growing up. The determination, the pain and all that mental frustration it takes to do something and be the best at it…that part I can respect. I completely stopped giving a shit after they started handing awards out for sexual orientation. WTF does that have ANYTHING to do with strength, skill or determination? Almost everyone worships and pedestalizes pussy here in 2014. Makes life a bit meaningless don’t you think?

    1. Note that if it were a self-defense scenario where the white knights were the ones being threatened, and not a woman, the show would be shaming them for “resorting to violence.” “Violence is never the answer” the PC police say, except of course, when it comes to defending women. Then, it’s “heroic.”

  21. I love football. I also think, intellectually, that men should be able to develop their talent to the highest possible level and get paid for it. But the NFL is trash, and almost discredits everything I just said. It’s bread and circuses for drunk, dull betas all over the country. And they exploit that to indoctrinate folks to each and every politically correct notion they can get away with. So, we’re almost at that point of moving on.
    I’m a big fan of minor league ball. It’s fun, people don’t invest out of proportion attention to it, and it doesn’t compete with the sort of social morality (like, loyalty to your people or whatever) this is healthy. The only problem is that the players sort of suck.
    I think the solution is breaking up the big sport monopolies. Let other leagues field teams. That would be tough in football, but here’s the goal: 1,000 Lambeau fields. That way the good talent still gets paid, but it’s divorced from the big money machine. Here’s the devil’s bargain: you want the big money, you have to take the politics.
    And here’s the tough question. Would a real man, in pursuit of money and power, be dissuaded by token gestures to betas and females like political correctness and pink wristbands? Is it really a deal with the devil if you make the money and power? Or do real men attain heights within their own milieu rather than in a corporate/national milieu. Is government power ultimately a beta trick, or is it alpha regardless of all the chicanery involved? Who’s more of an alpha, Reagan or Clinton? Or is it a moot point? Can masculinity be defined in other ways than alpha/beta?
    I think that’s the heart of the question of what to do about the NFL.

    1. I love me some Friday happy hour minor league baseball. What better way to unwind for the week than a beer and baseball that still has heart?

      1. Right on the both of you, minor league ball is actually quite enjoyable live, and it’s very affordable. I think it’s $7.00 a ticket here in Columbus (Ohio) for the Clippers. Great way to stretch, relax and enjoy a slow but interesting event, which in my opinion we all need more of in life. Things are just too damned fast and “connected”, it’s good to get out of the matrix.

        1. Baseball is full of pauses and reflection. It’s part of the game. If you haven’t watched Ken Burns’ Baseball, do yourself a favor and start working through it. A great look at the quintessential American game covering everything from the superstars to baseball theory to legal cases and lawsuits.
          In it, George Wills (the same one who recently caught flack daring to question so-called college rape culture) eviscerated football stating “Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.”

  22. Oh, man. I forgot about the Martin/Incognito fiasco. If the hazing was that bad, he should have stood up for himself a little more.

  23. What surprised me most about the Ray Rice cut and ban was that the video TMZ leaked contained zero new information that made it seem Rice was more out of line than previously advertised. You see them start to argue in the elevator, what looks like a continuation of a prior argument from how heated it immediately got, Ray backs to the other end of the car to create some space, and when she lunges at him he reacts.
    I had heard about the firing before I saw the video, and assumed that he must have been instigating a confrontation, maybe hit her multiple times or was in other ways abusive, but no. It was exactly like he said right from the beginning, he snapped for one second and did something he regrets.
    If the Ravens and NFL were being honest, they’d have to admit that the only reason he got fired and banned was not because the video showed a different event than described, but just because the release itself is a PR nightmare.

    1. Most women would literally kill to have a jacked, rich NFL husband. She had a golden ticket in life and fucking threw it away because she thought she could get away with slapping him. She fucked up very badly and now is facing the consequences of this feminized society destroying her man.

  24. This isn’t “white knighting” per say … professional sports
    is one of the last bastions of manliness and the NFL is the champion of that. That’s
    why its under attack now, everything WILL fall under the current culture and
    holdouts will not be allowed.

  25. All those men in tight football pants makes me want to throw down in a gang bang. What else are men good for anyways? And not curing disease or any of that shit, god does that. Lol

      1. Hey, female here. In all seriousness I love men this website makes me so sad. Not all women are out to make you miserable. I don’t know who did not love you growing up but remember there are good women in America still

        1. “I don’t know who did not love you growing up”
          Yeah, that’s not an issue, although, its a convenient deflection and passive aggressive jab – typical.
          Could be because major magazines such as the atlantic had an issue that stated on its front page “are men inferior to women”? Methinks that’s what we’re against.
          You say you’re “sad”, so what, why do you presume everything is just about you? Might want to look into that…hey, did someone not love you enough?

        2. I’m not presuming everything is about me. You’re just all to late. Education is helping women see tge world for what it is. And that magazine? So you go on a manosphere site and bash women for what a man probably wrote? Have you heard of satire? Gosh, the war on men is just killing you huh? >sarcasm<

        3. Because the obvious is the boy children that frequent this site are to stupid to see that you’re not gonna change the world. Real men stand side by side women. Not Taliban motherfuckers the lot of you.

        4. If you this site makes you sad, nobody is forcing you to be here, you can delete anytime.
          And since your introduced the subject of not getting enough love growing up, any chance you might have daddy issues?

        5. You’re free to ignore me. You’re free to read my ever so awesome comments. You’re free to blog like a Taliban Jewy. You’re free to lick your cream pie off my snatch.

        6. Stop answering the cunt, you fools.
          Besides, I think this is not a real cunt, but a mangina posing as one.

        7. Why do I have to be a mangina? Oh, that’s right, any woman who is aggressive sexually isn’t really a woman? I mean women don’t everrrrrrr think about sex and cream pies, eh?

  26. In College Football, Ole Miss’ former mascot, The Colonel, is a great example of this. Because he resembled that of a plantation owner, it was changed to a bear.

    1. To truly be PC, and to ensure that the mascot won’t need to be changed for several years, he should have been changed to a homosexual “bear”.

  27. Having a negro tribunal sit in every talk show to make concerned faces and enforce PC doesn’t help either.
    You Americans are negro whipped. Oh the irony.

      1. You misunderstand. It’s not anti-womanism. That’s just what PC mafia tells you to think. We’re just sick to death of skanks and sluts. But that’s just what feminism has turned women into. Being chaste is not a value of feminism. But it’s a core value femininity.

        1. I’m not a skank or a slut, I like to enjoy my human experience. So, if that means sleeping with 5 dozen men over my lifetime than that’s what it is.

        2. Sorry, but whether you like it or not, that makes you a slut and a skank. And decidedly unfeminine at that.
          Although, I wouldn’t doubt if you were just here to troll.

        3. If it means nothing to you then it means nothing to you.
          Problem is; feminism insists on dictating what qualifies as a slut/skank to independent individuals. For example, if you really did sleep with that many people then I think you more than qualify as a slut/skank, period. Whether you think you’re not one, means nothing to me, because per my standards you are. feminism insists I’m wrong and says I need to change the way I think. I say fuck you. So, as a strong independent person, I’ll decide what is a slut, and again, if you really did sleep with that many people – you are a slut.
          Why the fuck do you care what I think anyway? You’re some femo-nazi troll, which probably means you hate me. Why do you care so much about what other people, especially ones you hate, think about you?
          Oh, ego…

        4. Fuck you too. You’re mad because we can have as much sloppy, bare back sex as you. Lol you’d make a stellar Muslim extremist.

        5. Honestly, I’ve been with so many men. I’m ok with it, i like the memories. Fine, I’m a slut and a skank and it’s not for you assholes to decide what’s right for women.

        6. Swallow, depends if guy is nice, how long I’ve known him. Not all men are deserving to have their cum swallowed. Anal, never.

        7. Nice- not an obnoxious ROK or manosphere blogger. Has no crazy paranoid delusions that feminism is somehow ruining his life, can comprehend that Patriarchy is still alive and well. /and I bet I could email you on the side, and then have death and rape threats against my family and I. Lol no thanks. How old are you?

        8. He’s not talking about you, a particular instance of a woman, but women in general. Notice that runlikehell2 doesn’t say *all* women are skanks and sluts. Only that *some* are, which allows room for exceptions.

        1. What happened to getting banned? Why don’t they just block female posters when this shit happens.

  28. I’m wondering, has there ever been an academic/scientific study about the correlation between female infidelity and domestic violence? I know there is bound to be a knee-jerk, “blaming the victim” reaction to such a study, but almost all the cases I’ve ever heard of domestic violence involves a woman who had been less than faithful.

      1. There is always some rationalization….always.
        I never see women lining up at the court house to protest (because they are getting the better end of the deal).
        That’s all it’s about, today, control and power (fuck equality).

        1. Keep posting that repetitive shit, I know what your doing and if you really wanted me to leave you would ignore me. Tell cnn to open back up the comments and I’ll gladly move on my fucking way from this awful cunt of cyber space

      1. The absence of evidence that supports a given claim is not sufficient to prove the claim is false. Appeal to ignorance fallacy.

    1. Yep..always the double standard.
      He isn’t playing ball (at the moment) and she is playing. So what’s wrong with this picture (where is the equality?).
      It’s bullshit and women know it.

  29. to be honest, I don’t understand why American sport teams must have an adjective? Why can’t they be called just Washington? Or maybe Washington Football Club?

    1. I get what you are saying but that is just how it is, but you have got to remember most teams here in the US, especially professional football, have not been around nearly as long as European football clubs which actually started as clubs to just play a game.

  30. Bill Burr put it best on how to deal with a crazy woman. Lock yourself in the bathroom and call the cops.

      1. Go live in Medellin, Colombia. I went there for vacation last month holy fuck there are tons of hot girls there, its unreal. A lot of people are afraid to go there so it hasn’t been overrun with tourists yet either

        1. Mexico is very red pill, so red pill many foreign guys can’t hack it, I’m not saying that is the case with Ao393 as I don’t know his particulars.
          Mexico may be a U.S neighbor but it’s a whole different world, stuff in the village makes this Ray Rice bullshit look like child’s play, many U.S raised people can’t handle it simply. I’m from a small village in Mexico and have seen this myself.
          If you are true red pill and want to raise a family down there you still can, but you will need to have a good hold of your woman.

        2. Well, there are pluses and minuses to everything. Mexico is great, except for all the Mexicans. Mexico has overtaken the US as the fattest country, and I can vouch for that. The local girls are fugly. Being a gringo here is like being a rock star as far as notches, but the Mexican girls are nothing like you think they are. Short, stubby, and fat in general. The semi hot ones you see on the telenovelas or the weather girls on the news are the absolute BEST they can come up with, and they are really nothing compared to American movie stars if you think about it.
          They all tend to blimp out once they are over 18. Young fresh ones can be kind of hot, but even that is rare. Plus, I used to love Mexican food, but what you all think is Mexican food is actually TexMex, the real thing is nowhere near as good, and there is simply NO variety.
          Then, trying to get anything done is a huge pain in the ass. Everything is done in a completely half assed way, by totally incompetent morons who are lying and trying to rip you off. And they are not even any good at THAT.

        3. Shit – that sucks man – I thought if you lived in like Cancun, or some of the lesser known cities there would be quite a lot of hotties.

  31. “But receivers wearing pink gloves while the commentators drone on about the growing epidemic of domestic violence and crimes against women during the game is beginning to wear very thin on me, and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only man who feels this way.”
    You arent in the least the only one who is tired of the pussification of our sporting arena. I may have to go to UFC just to see an actual sporting event.

  32. It was the same thing with Speedy Gonzalez the cartoon character..Mexicans loved him, but he had to go..because somehow he was offensive to a social justice warrior somewhere.

    1. It doesn’t matter….society (and the courts) will always side with the woman, first, and the man must prove (upon reasonable doubt) that he is innocent.
      Even after all of that bullshit, the man will still have to pick up the pieces of his life, career, etc….(yes, it’s all about true equality). Bullshit.

  33. NFL and Pro sports in general are nothing but a money grab nowadays , I don’t really watch it, nor am I interested. It’s about the $$$ with these leagues, anything involving $$$ in the U.S will bend to the culture.
    They are just rolling off the tradition and the history, but culturally these institutions are dead, they don’t stand for anything except the latest cause, best to just let these rotting institutions rot away, something new will be born that is hopefully better.

  34. The new basketball rules, especially in the NCAA, make the games agonizing to watch. Automatic technical foul anytime somebody gets a booboo on their face? If you got smashed in the face on the playground during normal play, you learned not to put your face there again.

  35. The Ray Rice thing has completely gone thermal nuclear in less than 48hrs. Watching the media, you’d think this guy had a hand in the Holocaust and maybe the Trail of Tears. It’s unbelievable. But despite Ray’s behavior, the wife is standing by her man…why? Because she won’t get paid for leaving now. How honorable.
    The Ray Rice story aside……I sadly agree with everything about this article and it’s tragic. I used to think Pro football was the one thing I could enjoy that was exclusively in the male sphere. No longer.
    This preseason I did a double take when I saw a female line judge officiating a Rams/Lions game. Not even regular season and I’m already in a foul mood.
    Flash to the sidelines and who’s there to interview the male coach? A female talking-head who probably caught 2 snaps at her sorority’s powder-puff game in ’02. Turn to the post game report on ESPN and who’s putting in their 2 cents…….the token 40 something female and 3 ex-NFL stars who earned their stripes and expertise on the gridiron. There must be huge $$$ being thrown their way to keep a straight face as she gives her “analysis” on how the game went down.
    Beam me up Scotty. My favorite sport has been infiltrated. I don’t think I can survive another breast-cancer awareness month and the pink towels one more time.

      1. Heh, were you aware that they have been trying to audition women to play? Some bint tried last year (I believe) and failed mightily, but the coverage was as if she were Marie Fucking Currie.
        It’s coming man. Time to bale on all professional sports.

        1. I agree completely. I predict that within 5 – 10 years we’ll see women in the NFL, NHL, NBA etc. Time to walk away from professional sports. Vote with your wallets gentlemen.

  36. Don’t watch sports anymore except for the occasional soccer game. Total blue pill men out there nowadays. Guess I’m not missing much in regards to the other sports

  37. Read an article about whether this will set a precedent. The typical
    question of what, if any, good can come of this was asked. One of the
    people in the discussion, Christine Brennan of USA Today, alluded to
    this leading to a change where those who were only accused of domestic
    violence would be suspended or put out of the league.
    As she the article has her saying-“So they have gotten to the right place, but so many questions, as you
    said, about how they got here and also what does it mean for others who
    have either been accused of or actually found guilty of domestic abuse
    in the NFL who are still playing, and is it time for them to go as well?

    What will actually come of it, is the higher risk of encountering a
    female you don’t want to be bothered with, and whether politely or
    impolitely brushing her off, pro athletes with have to deal with the
    higher risk of extortion, revenge, or notoriety grab attempts for
    something they didn’t do.
    Google glass may rise in popularity out of self preservation.

  38. The Redskins mascot is a proud and noble Brave. The Baseball team with the stupid, grinning redfaced guy is the only one I would ever classify as offensive.

  39. For Aussie Rules Football here in Australia, they just started ‘pink’ shirts for every team’s helpers such as doctors, assistance coach, etc… IT FUCKING MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP!!!

  40. Let’s not forget the infamous white-knighting for Erin Andrews after her post-game interview with the shouting Richard Sherman. Everyone in the media was so scared for her, and yet, her reaction to it was a typical female response familiar to red pillers: Gina tingles.

  41. And we can add all of the media and league falling all over themselves to kiss the ass (not literally, we can hope) of Michael Sam. The NFL reportedly pressured teams to sign him to their practice squad — an outrageous favoritism that no other player would receive.
    Sports journalists, especially Bob Costas, Peter King, and all of ESPN, as well as race-hustler Michael Wilbon, gender-hustlers Christine Brennan and Sally Jenkins, and those referenced in the article, always go out of their way to preen before their counterparts in the mainstream news press, just to remind us that they are also proudly on the PC reservation even though their beats should have nothing to do with politics.

    1. Its even more insidious when you account for the fact that the NFL is subsidized. You see, progressivism, feminism and homosexualism, are top-down ideologies, meaning its the state and elites that push this, unwillingly, onto the rest of us. Where do you think the pressure is coming from? Certainly the NFL, but, why would the NFL be that concerned with sodomy? Its made up of the same kind of men at the team and player level? Answer: its being pressured from the barry administration, which should be no surprise since this is the most authoritarian and left wing potus we’ve ever seen.

  42. I love Return of Kings and I agree with most of this article, but do you really expect me believe that Ray Rice isn’t a thug that belongs in prison? Let’s be real, the NFL is full of criminals. They get in trouble A LOT more often than the other major sports. I will say though, other players have done much worse than Ray Rice and still played. Ray Lewis was a murderer and was allowed to play.

    1. Somebody else mentions it down in the thread. You cannot expect a high T man trained and drilled to be hyper violent and expect him to turn it off and become a baby stroller pushing pastel wearing simp. It doesn’t work that way, it is absolutely in complete disregard to reality.
      Agree that most athletes are thugs nowadays. That said, the woman was slapping him in the hall, spit on him in the elevator, was charging him, he backed up as far as he could to get away, and then he basically dropped her (not a punch, from what I can tell) and she, being as drunk as a skunk, went cold. She has as much if not more agency in this as he does. And the telling point is that she later married him AND is now defending him. Yet the MSM is playing the “Ooooooh noooooeessssl!…mens are all abuserrrrrrsss!” tape nonstop.

    2. The arrest rate for the average nfl player, or you can phrase it the average arrest rate for the nfl is lower than the average arrest rate for the general public.

      1. I don’t really think that says much. How about the arrest rate of the NFL compared to MLB, NHL, and NBA?

        1. Can’t remember numbers off hand. But you think that a regular person is more likely to get arrested than somebody in the NFL doesn’t say anything, given that so many people make the thug claim, and keep saying every time you turn around, yada yada…

        2. You might be disappointed to hear that football has the lowest arrest rate of the 3 major. Didn’t have anything for hockey.
          But I would like to know how hockey and soccer compare in the u.s. to other countries where hockey and soccer are their most popular sports.
          Might find a drastic increase in things players get involved in where the sport is a much greater passion.

  43. “But receivers wearing pink gloves while the commentators drone on about the growing epidemic of domestic violence and crimes against women during the game is beginning to wear very thin on me”
    Best line of the article. Thank you!

    1. Not to mention that the so called correlation between watching football and domestic violence is yet another feminist myth that has been easily debunked many times over. Lies plucked from lies plucked from lies. Have you ever noticed how the commercials and ads for tv shows like to show the whole strong independent woman. Its sad, its pathetic, its pitiful…this is just a game, and politics has nothing to do with it. Only weak and pitiful people would parasitically attach themselves to a thing that has nothing to do with their agenda.

      1. Yeah, it’s like the commercials are aimed at turning American males into betas. They can have their three hours of the game on Sunday, as long as they remember that they are supposed to buy their feminist wife a new SUV, or a McMansion in suburbia.

  44. Ray Rice — I’ll admit that I don’t give two craps about this guy and never heard his name until this story broke, so I might be off with some of my facts. Here is what I know:
    Rice knocked out his fiance.
    They got married the next day.
    He got a slap on the wrist from the NFL when it came to light.
    NFL got reamed for the “light punishment”.
    NFL suspends him indefinitely.
    Here is what is important:
    1. Rice is a swine and a piece of shit for beating on his unarmed fiance. Genders aside he is twice her weight and most of that difference is muscle mass. The only justification for laying her out like that is if she posed a deadly threat, which has not yet been demonstrated.
    2. The NFL is a business. They invested millions into Rice and his behavior, off the field, that does not impact his ability to perform on the field is OF COURSE going to be treated more lightly…until public reaction and loss of advertizer revenue begins to cost them more than he’s worth.
    I think the NFL is going to regret bending to the moral sensitivities of the drooling masses…but what choice is there? Their entire existence is predicated on the patronage of said masses.

    1. He is not twice her weight. Rice is 5’7″ 200 pounds. His wife appears to be about 5’8″ 170. You jumped to the ‘twice her size’ fallacy because it plays into your pseudo-heroism. She drunkenly attacked a likewise drunken man. It was a bad moment of quick reaction and he has duly apologized and made his amends. If you think a 170 pound sister can’t throw a potentially damaging punch then you’re mistaken. The next time a drunk sister comes at you in full force then I’d like to see you just stand there and take it like a gentleman. You’ll be hospitalized. The default line that women are as physically harmless as falling snowflakes is so overused and totally inaccurate. Women are getting extremely violent these days. More of them need to be simply KTFO like this until they learn. Who knows what she would have done to him? Who knows what she has done to him in the past with drunken roundhouses?

      1. “drunken roundhouses”? What? Is she Jackie Chan? I think the term you’re looking for is “hay maker”.
        Let me educate you a little bit about colloquial speech. You see, when making a point, one can often speak in broad terms that are easily understood. This manner of speaking is advantageous in venues such as this where the space is not afforded for exacting levels of detail. In this case, “twice her size” is meant to clearly illustrate the differences in their physique. He is a 200lb trained athlete. She is a fat black woman. He could destroy her with literally one hand tied behind his back. Probably hopping on one foot, too.
        And where in my statement did I say that she did nothing to provoke him? Nowhere. You just assumed this was my stance because then you could launch into a tired tirade about “teh wimmins”.
        Dude I’m an amateur kick boxer and we have 2 thick black girls in my gym. I tell you that only to show that I know how hard they can hit because they go at us guys at 100%. I’m only 5’9 and a light weight at that. And yet they never win. Why? It is a matter of combat ability due to sexual dimorphism. The reason you don’t hit a woman is the reason you wouldn’t hit a child: they’re weaker than you and there are a lot of options beyond putting their lights out.
        But, as you pointed out, he was drunk. The other options might not have presented themselves. Well since I’m not an alcoholic I don’t often listen to an alcoholic’s excuses for violence any more than I would an alcoholic’s excuses for drunk driving. A real man is responsible for his actions at all times.
        Frankly I think they deserve each other. As I understand, she’s pretty violent herself and we can safely assume this wont be the last time she smacks him around once too many times and she ends up spending a few minutes drooling on the floor.

  45. The problem with sports isn’t the sports themselves but the media that covers them is sickeningly beta with the way they white knight on these issues. I live in the NY Metro area and I listen to ESPN 98.7 FM.
    I can barely listen to that station lately with them nagging so much about the Ray Rice story. Mike Lupica, Robin Lundberg, Ryan Rucco and all the rest of the beta suckups are so cloyingly beta, They need to be restrained, Clockwork Orange style, and forced to watch an information feed of red pill truth.
    The station has gotten worse, unfortunately, for us loyal listeners. Stephen A. Smith was suspended for a week in August for his red pill comment on First Take, that women shouldn’t provoke men into violence. A week later ESPN shipped him off to Sirius Radio. Now his former time slot has become a cure for insomnia with the boring goodie two shoes Ryan Rucco at the helm.

  46. I’ve worked and drank with many Yanks. Great lads. But the whole Rugby with pads is a huge red flag. Sort it out.

  47. I’m a new lad. And I’m older. But I recommend these books. There’s 12 in the series: Flashman. Read and enjoy. It’s when you Yanks were being born.

  48. RED-SKINS. I make un-pc jokes and have been accused of being a racist, sexist, etc. I’m not, but you understand. But the name is the bloody RED-skins. Just create the equivalent for any other race, ethnicity and tell me it doesn’t feel a little shitty.

  49. I blame this on Goodell, his outreach to women program is blowing up in his face. He only thought about the woman’s money but not about how they could cost him money. Its no secret that alot of these brain damaged guys who are paid to be violent on the field are going to go home and fight with their entitled wives who are often just as violent and lowclass.
    Nothing Goodell will do will satisfy the feminazis which is no surprise because we all already recognize feminazis cannot be satisfied. Proof:
    -They demand that Rice be suspended
    -Goodell does it
    -They demand he be fired; he does it
    -They demand he be banned indefinetly; goodell does it
    -After goodell gives the harshes punishment even retroactively, what do the feminazis do? They don’t say ok mr. goodell you have done what we asked and met our demands, everyone go home like a man would do. O h no, now they are calling for Goodell to be FIRED.
    -What Goodell should have done was be alpha and not suspend rice and say if you don’t like it eat cake. Sure some advertisers will pull out, but men are still going to watch football anyways, and they are going to come back when sales go down.
    -What Goodell should have said was that the NFL should not act as moral police when we already have a real police and court system who deemed it unneccessary for this man to go to jail and also issued him a marriage license to marry his “victim”. Do all the other employers act as moral police, is anyone checking if wolf blitzer beats his wife or if those talk show cunts do drugs on the weekends? Its not up to the NFL to police its employees for activities unrelated to the game.

  50. I always noticed how feminists hated football. Why? It’s because it symbolizes male happiness. Males are simply happy in the fall. Time to watch ball games, throw the pigskin. It’s a kind of happiness that feminists can never have. Their whole ideology, emotional frame, behavior, everything is based around unhappiness. Everything about feminism is unhappy. Name a happy element in feminism or anywhere near it. You cannot. I am not surprised at all. My uber-feminist sister HATES football. It is somewhere around cruelty to animals as far as she is concerned. It’s not the violence either. It’s that men can simply allow themselves to be happy. Feminists never can. It kills them.

  51. The NFL is a joke now. You can’t play defense, pink ribbons on uniforms for the beast cancer scam. Men losing their jobs for bs domestic violence shit. Rices girl married him two weeks after the incident. . If she got over it who the hell is the NFL to suspend a guy. Now Adrian Peterson is out for spanking his kid. All this crying over concussions. I remember when the NFL was a man’s sport. .

  52. The USA is becoming one big pussy, I swear. I’m no tough guy,thug/gangsta but you can’t even have a opinion nowadays. These MF’s are so soft these days, they make marshmallows jealous.

  53. I agree…if I see a few more articles on this feminine bs…I am not going to watch it much longer. This is like a bunch of chickens clucking.

  54. this is a silly piece. the nfl is classified as a “non-profit” – if you should be mad at anything, it’s that they make a ton of profit and pay zero taxes. us taxpayers foot the bill for their freeloading, corporate welfare. they nfl also gives lobby money to congress which is why they pay zero taxes.

  55. This dude is just now considering boycotting the NFL? Between the new officiating rules and all the pussy as pink PC garbage, you’ve got once hell of a tolerance. I stopped watching the NBA after early 2000 when they called fouls for looking at a guy the wrong way…bunch of pussies. UFC has some PC issues, but at least no one calls a foul for punching and kicking.

  56. Hey Donovan? BRADY is the best QB. Nah, I grew up in DC, Virginia, actually, think the Pentagon across the river. Lifelong Skins fan. It isn’t just a few years they’ve been bitching about the name, it’s been a few decades. Wanna know when the bitching is loudest? When the Skins are losing. They lose so regularly now (with a short break while Gibbs was back mid-2000s and they made the playoffs 2 outta 3 years) the change-the-name crowd gets to harp on it every year now, louder and louder. Compound that with a losing and greatly hated owner (Dan Snyder, loaded with Jewish/white guilt about everything but the trademark) and a PC league and you get entertainment of the concept of a name change. Somehow though, never a change, per se. It’s going to take a Supreme Court order for the NFL to give up such a valuable trademark. Never happen.
    Ray Rice? He knocked the bitch OUT! The league should ignore it. If the cops don’t care, why should the league? Incognito? Who cares? See, it’s a MAN’S league. If MEN don’t care about Ray Rice knocking the bitch out, if MEN don’t care about the Redskins, if MEN don’t care about racism, steroids, brutality, concussions and the rest, if TV doesn’t care and especially if TICKET HOLDERS don’t care, why should the league cater to those outside the patronage that supports the LEAGUE, that is, MEN? Fuck women, breast cancer and the politically correct. It’s MEN that play the game, it’s MEN that buy the beer, tickets and steaks for the tailgating. Cater to US, the MEN that made, play and support and together, make the NFL into the greatest spectacle for 22 weeks out of the year for MEN. God DAMMIT, can’t MEN have ANY FUCKING THING without it being tainted and pussified with estrogen? I’m pissed!
    The NFL and all sports are a MAN’s thing. It’s our thing, god dammit. And the NFL caters to elements other than MEN at their peril. When cunts and the politically correct water it down to a point that MEN walk away, the women and politically correct won’t be there to take up the slack. Ask how boxing and hockey are doing these days? Most guys couldn’t care less, they’re watching football and MMA cages. And we’ll find something else to fill in if the NFL takes football to the pussy-level.

  57. Female sideline reporters was the gateway to all the rest of this crap. Take that last red pill that you set on top of the TV and forgot to take.

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