The Benefits Of Machine Gun Versus Sniper Rifle Game

Today we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of what you may have seen referred to as the “machine gun” approach; aiming at multiple female targets with indiscretion and scoring with whatever you hit. This is opposed to the more concentrated “sniper rifle” approach, where you concentrate your efforts on a few select targets.

Now, perhaps a first reaction would be to look at the above and immediately think “I want as much pussy as possible, so I will adopt the machine gun approach.” I can understand this—if you’re reading this and other manosphere sites, one of your primary motivators is likely wanting to sample as much as you can.


Machine Gunning

Firstly, remember the machine gun approach should not be confused with the abundance mentality. As an overarching principle, you should be intolerant of time wasters; there’s simply too many women out there. Initially, you should be breaking ice with everyone you have interest in. The advantages of the machine gun principle is you are diversifying your risk of failure, and so increasing your chances of conversion, through numbers alone. If this works while you’re on-form, you’re potentially going to experience jackpot weeks, such as when I slept with seven different women in six days.

Now, downsides. Irrespective of what others may say, you’re going to have to put time into this approach. Unless you’re a hypnotist, the truth is getting a woman to sleep with you who you also want to sleep with is going to require some time investment. You’re going to have to organize yourself and have good consistent excuses when they start bleating on about wanting to spend more time with you.

The stronger the competition in your chosen arena (online or not, demographic of region of operation and so on), the tighter your game is going to have to be. In reality, this means organization of time, understanding of progress with each woman and not becoming blasé about it, regardless of levels of success. It is a time and effort-intensive approach. If you’re trying to do more with your life aside from the minimum needed to sustain your existence (go to work and little more), the opportunity cost will be substantial.

Putting In The Hours

I mentioned becoming blasé. A level of success with this approach can affect your enthusiasm for sex. “Yeah whatever,” I hear you say. Trust me; I have testosterone and health levels significantly in excess of the average thirty-four year old and still, this shit can get old quick. Sustainability to keep onboard quality women is of note; regardless of what others in the manosphere might say you can’t simply ignore women who message you.

Maintaining a quality harem of hot women who know how to fuck, alongside the machine gun approach, is fucking hard work even for a man in his prime, particularly when other shit is starting to go down. You’re inevitably going to have to make cuts at some point or another, as days come by where you think “fuck this.”  Even if you don’t get to this point, your game can become diluted; where you’re expending so much energy among many, the end results may not be good. We only have limited personal resources.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I’m not entirely honest with women; I treat people how they treat me and women utilize omission of information more than anything else. Hence, I do exactly the same and that’s how I get the women I want; because the majority of quality women need at least a hope, the possibility of a fairy tale ending might be there in order for them to go further and stick around if you want some regular action.


Sniper Game

The sniper game also has it’s advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you can again begin with some scattergun ice breaking; taking aim at anyone who takes your fancy. But the difference here is, you isolate quickly the ones you believe are going to yield results, discard the time wasters, and concentrate on building a high-quality harem of two to three women, which will be easier to maintain over an approximate three to nine month period (as desired of course). This way, you’ll have more understanding on their part, more flexibility and less demands on their part. Frankly, this approach is going to yield you better quality and more regular sex, as the women are likely to engage emotionally with you, and so yield to your desires.

The most prominent downside to this approach is the misfire. Even the most experienced of us have been drawn into a girl and started going through the sequence, only to get blown out at some point. I’ve done it. Lots of the biggest self-deemed “players” do, you just don’t hear much about it. The only thing you can do is learn from it and refine your approach in the future.

Other disadvantages come mainly from when the harem is established. While you’ll likely change the composition of it in the time frame above, someone along the line is going to get inside your head at some point or another, and you may feel some attachment growing. That’s when you’re going to have to take control again, of yourself and the situation. Even the most hardened male is going to experience that sooner or later, and frankly if it escalates the best thing is to make a quick kill and deal with the situation immediately. It’s either that or you’re going to end up in a de-facto relationship.

More likely, she’ll get emotionally involved with you. While there is a need to maintain an ember of hope for a woman there could be something more (particularly with women over thirty), overall this needs to be tightly controlled. The best way I’ve found to deal with this personally is regardless of what you want, to set out strong boundaries and expectations as a man in the early stages. However even with this, in my experience this is basically inevitable. The vast majority of women are going to want to feel things are “progressing” in their minds, as the biological clock begins to tick down.

The ages between thirty and forty are going to determine the average amount of time before these demands become apparent, as they approach the point of barren spinsterhood. You may have experienced this yourself with women practically demanding a relationship on the first or second meeting. Don’t even waste your time with these dickheads – anyone with an ounce of sense would understand relationships develop naturally when they are of beneficial worth to both parties.


Personally, I’ve recently noted spreading myself too thinly and expecting too quick results (from having a string of previous successes with the same approach) has resulted in a much lower conversion rate than I’m happy with.  The net result of all the above is a lower tolerance for time wasters and so more deletion, as well as a desire to spend time on higher quality women. These women certainly require more investment.

As for yourself, I would suggest you evaluate what you really want to achieve in life. While a lot of people do certain things which seem to be driven by the desire for pussy, you should really concentrate on what you feel you need. While we always hear a load of information about building a career, family, and so on, this is essentially control propaganda. However, there is some truth in that you do need a good form of income to do things you find satisfying, to do things that will improve your life and also to experience the relations you need at this point of your life.

Much in the same way I’ve never owned a car and only rented, fucking a whole bunch of different women opened my eyes and aided my transition from Jaded to Unjaded, as I realized how many different types of personalities, bodies, and experiences there were out there to be had. With that knowledge, should I ever decide to choose one for the long term, I will have an exact idea about what I want. Life is there to be experienced. If you’re not sure what you want, I would generally advise you to have a little taste of everything until you do.

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102 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Machine Gun Versus Sniper Rifle Game”

    1. As I understand it, you are free to write one and contribute it if you so desire (and it passes muster with Roosh).

        1. That means that you too have to choose your partner on basis of their former partners. And to become attractive, you have to build a history of good partners.
          Let us call it gene grooming.

  1. “anyone with an ounce of sense would understand relationships develop naturally when they are of beneficial worth to both parties.”
    A notion I’ve lived my life by, and one that every woman I have been involved with has been completely oblivious too.
    Relationships can’t be “schemed” into.

    1. Too many women have been deluded by romcoms where the girl gets the guy initially by pretending to be what he likes, but instead find out the guy wanted them for them all along.
      While a decent enough premise for escapism they often ditch the “pretend to be he what he likes” part (because that would require effort and concern for his desires) and skip to the “he should like me just the way I am” nonsense.

      1. Yes, but when an *attractive* girl is putting effort into acting the way she thinks you want her to be from the start, it’s a great sign and a rarity. It means she’s looking for you to take the lead and guide her life… she’s probably a non whore, with vulnerability.
        Women are so malleable it’s impossible to ask a woman to “be herself”. Women don’t have a self, they are like an onion you never stop peeling.

        1. Weird. I always was told by manospherians that it was a trap.
          But yea, I always wondered “isn’t this what you want from a girl?”
          Granted there’s a reasonable level and an unreasonable level.

        2. I would argue that women being “like an onion you never stop peeling” means that they have deep, complicated selves. What’s wrong with having an “abyss of feelings?”

  2. Well said Unjaded! Well Said!
    Game teaches you so much about yourself and at the end of it all, it will be far more exhilarating than any roller coaster ride thrill you’ve ever had. The women you can meet of quality, are the icing on the cake.
    I would suggest any guy to date around. If you have something in your heart, pursue it. Best believe whomever you decide to pair with would rather see that joy die than risk losing you to it. Pursue it anyway. The only way to be happy is to go for it. Compromise will kill you 100% of the time.

  3. I think it depends a lot on your situation as well, I’m at a small liberal arts college in Missouri, Sniper game is really my only option. There aren’t enough good looking women out here for anything else.
    You do have to be careful, however, especially if you are new to red pill. When using sniper game, these blood sucking succubuses are trained to make you monogamous and will employ a variety of tactics. It’s a fine line to walk between convincing her there may be some real emotional connection and getting caught up in the bull shit. Don’t get caught in the bull shit.

    1. “I’m at a small liberal arts college in Missouri, Sniper game is really my only option. There aren’t enough good looking women out here for anything else.”
      Holy fucking hell. How can there be a dearth of attractive women at a small liberal arts college?? Let me guess, about 1/2 of the females at your college are obese, right? Because, fuck, if you can’t find good looking women between 18-21 on a college campus (where, statistically, there are more women than men) how bad is it going to be for the next generation?
      When I was in college (~15 years ago) there were so many possible targets that is was just fucking overload. The sorority across the street from me had about 50 girls living there, of which, about 45 were in the 6-9.5 range. I was a sciences major, so, no love in any of my classes (science and math are hard, you know, so women avoid it like the fucking plague), but, in a general studies course, I’d say that 3/4s of the women in the room I’d fuck sober, most of the other 1/4 I’d fuck drunk, and maybe 2-3 (out of 100 or so) that were hambeasts.
      Have things really changed that much?

      1. I concur with your observation. I live just a bit north of THE Ohio State University and the hot women are so numerous there that it’s hard to swing your arms in a circle on the sidewalk without knocking over at least three of them. He did say “small” however, and “liberal arts” so maybe he goes to Lesbian U or something?

        1. Ghost I just took the Megabus for $24 round trip to Columbus from Indy, got a room on 4th n High area & hit the campus for a couple of days. I am still amazed at the amount of super attractive, drunks girls there are there!! It may be time to move it’s that good!

      2. Half of the ”women” at my school are men, and most of the ones that aren’t dykes are whales. and there are about 4,500 girls here and I’ve only met probably 30-40 that I would fuck… but that wasn’t really the point I was trying to make.

  4. I was a bit desappointed at the beginning because, I thought this was a genuine article about machine guns tactics and sniper tactics… but really good article though.
    I actually like the military strategies analogies.
    So, to continue with the gun’s metaphore, the machine gun tactic is more suited for very dense areas, and the shorter the killzone is, the more “casualties” you’ll make ?
    You’ll have to find an ambush point then…
    While the sniper is better suited for wide moving women formations, such as in the countryside and its small towns ?

      1. “Pure” English?
        English has mugged and cleaned out the pockets and stolen the boots of every language spoken by any group that has conquered that bloody island, from the Picts forward.

        1. Silly me, I thought pure English was written down in inspired scripture in 1611.
          Please note sarcasm.

    1. Good to have a spotter with you if you snipe or someone to carry and load the ammo if you MG.

      1. So, englishbob, since you said that you’re also an introvert, where do you hunt during the day ?

        1. London Underground… Girls that can’t run away on the train. Or girls working in retail stores. I’ll work on those chicks for weeks until they are gagging for it.
          I try to pick spots where I have the strategic advantage I.e. where there is no avenue of retreat or possibility of a cock blocking relief force.

        2. Ok, no avenue of retreat or relief force, of course.
          I’m going on the field tomorrow. There will be a bit of urban combat, but my main positions will be the bookstore and library, where the enemy units don’t expect themselves to be engaged by a both manly and clever force.
          After that I’ll be reporting for duty.

        3. Just did my first street approach today.
          I was a bit clumsy, after a conversation during which I thaught I was not so bad, I got a “I don’t leave my phone to strangers” bullshit (I left her my phone number but I would not be counting on that) … but, shit, that felt good ! The adrenaline rush is sweet ! ( not as powerful as the one I was getting from boxing, but still nice).
          I can’t wait to go back on the battlefield.

        4. Nice one. Those approaches can be tricky. I try to think of something relevant. Like the other day I sat next to a girl on the train and she was reading a book in Swedish so I asked her “what language is that?” Before you knew it we were conversing on the plot of the book etc.
          True nothing beats the rush from boxing!!!!

        5. Haha ! To day was my second day on the field, in the library, a Swedish girl smiled at me. I talked to her and got her number. Good advices, mate.

        6. Well that’s it. Banged the Viking girl. I’ve actually got some unsuspected skills in game.

        7. Thanks mate !
          I don’t think she is. She doesn’t do blowjobs, doesn’t read and is vegan. And I want to keep approaching. That was a great night though.

        8. She doesn’t do blowjobs… What? LOL!
          I had one like that once. I dumped her and made sure she knew the reason why. I bet she sucked off the next guy she met!
          Yeah vegan is definitely a deal breaker. That’s one step away from full blown feminism.

        9. Yeah, but she’s a nice girl though. No mindgames, no shit tests… she felt honest and simple, for a woman.
          Now this early success made me lazy, I’m back to my “Shopenhauer” mindset. I can’t find the will to approach girls anymore, although I would like to, because game increase confidence and strategical thinking.
          How do you overcome that ?

        10. Well, as long as you don’t have to go elsewhere for your blowjobs… unless she’s cool with that. Although, some girls who aren’t too militant about it can be convinced to give head. Then you’ll be the first guy she blew!
          Just keep talking to girls. Not necessarily to ask them out but girls you have a good reason to talk to (like in stores, waitresses at the cafe, etc.) but try to make it flirtatious. You may find you automatically start gaming them. When you get to that point, might as well as for the number. But don’t feel you have to approach unknowns on the street. That can be stressful and offputting.

        11. Thank you very much for your precious advices, mate.
          And in general, the advices from this website, regarding game, are gold.
          She wants to see me again, therefore I’ll probably try convincing her to blow me.
          I think she’s way more hooked than I am, so I’m in the controlling position 😉
          Are you still boxing ? I’m going to try judo on monday.

        12. I am boxing today. I am like a cat with a ball of string when it comes to pad work. I’ll be at the gym with my coach giving all the little hoes a show!

        13. Lucky you ! Don’t get knocked out in front of the girls (already happened to me, very embarrassing…) 😉
          Makes me think, have you seen that English movie “Bronson” ?

        14. Bronson? About the convict played by Tom Hardy?
          Fortunately, no KOs and one of the girls told me I have beautiful legs! LOL! I have never heard that before.

        15. Exactly. It’s one of my favorite movie. Tom Hardy’s performance is astonishing in that movie.
          Have you seen it ?
          Good job with the girls ! Did you game her good ?

        16. I have not but it is on my list!
          I did not game her (not quite pretty enough) but I did game the girl on reception, just a little. When the same girls are there every day I feel no pressure to really get the number. But also the gym is a place of solace for me. So I don’t really like to date girls there – if things don’t work out you have to look at her face every time you show up.

        17. Wise choice.
          We should find a sexual equivalent of “you don’t shit where you eat”.
          I was wondering, did you have a red pill moment or are you a natural ?
          To give you an idea, my red pill moment was a very long time spent in the friend zone during my youth. (6years). At the end, the bitch lied to me during three years, and told me she was a lesbian just to keep me as a pet while fucking the cock carousel, because as blue pill as I was, I still had a bit of dignity and did not want to be “friend” with a girl who’s getting nailed by another one.
          That was painful, and my own fault. Everytime I think about it, I want to go back in time and punch myself in the balls.

    2. Going “sniper” is for any man who has the patience to nab the “big cheese”.
      Machinegunners mow down lots of common enemies, but the snipers nail the officers.

      1. Its good to just wing one of the grunts. Then you can pick off her fellows when they come to rescue her.

  5. I run them both.
    I’ve been in the community my whole life, but found the web-presence back in 2003-04. As I’ve aged (I was in my mid-30’s when I found 48 Laws of Power and sosuave) I’ve noticed I prefer machine-gun game on-line. Really, that is the only game to run on-line, in my opinion, because even women who are 5’s and 6’s have the tyranny of options on dating sites.
    When I was younger, I ran machine-gun in person, too. I just approached, approached, approached. Now that I am older, wiser, more experienced, and astute, I run only sniper in-person. I’m getting to my late 40’s and have neither the time nor inclination to cold-approach everyone. ITs a level of game that doesnt suit a mature man.

  6. Temperament can influence which approach you take. Extroverts will generally have the energy to engage more women, introverts will by nature need to be strategic and conserve energy.

    1. Very good point. I myself like to keep a just a few satellites orbiting me. The sex gets better the more frequently you hit the same chick.

      1. to further what you are saying, while introverts have less opportunities, in a way being introverted can make things easier as generally you will have a type who likes introverts and there are not as many who do. so once you find one, it tends to stick easier.

    1. Hehe, so did I! But when it comes to women, I’m a sniper. As a rule I try to avoid spending too much time in company of women. When I get horny I just go for the best I can get (or just fuck my wife) and then just forget about them. The more your penis is dipped in female sexual fluids, the more you become like them, feminine, yin.
      Man should spend his time in the company of other men, preferably men who are better than him.

      1. “The more your penis is dipped in female sexual fluids, the more you become like them, feminine, yin.”
        Yeah, Genghis Kahn was one effeminate little sissy, wasn’t he?

        1. Bad example. Genghis Kahn was also a warrior and spent more of his time fighting other men than dipping his dick in pussy. Do you see the difference?

        2. Your statement was universal in nature. And ol’ Kahn there bedded thousands of women, by most accounts, usually by some form of rape (which is still getting your dick wet, at the end of the day)
          If it is not a universal truism, then your statement holds no water, lacking specifics. A man who is consistently highly masculine won’t “become like them, feminine, yin” by bedding women.

        3. Those are rare exceptions. Of course men who are masculine enough (yang enough) can absorb more yin (even benefit from it) but how many men today are like that?

        4. So you were writing to betas then? Or were you positing that information on a man’s site dedicated to masculine men, where such an observation wouldn’t be applicable, for kicks?
          I’m not picking on you, btw, but I’ve never bought into the whole Doctor Strangelove view of sex/semen/essence. It makes no sense on any level. The few minutes after sex, sure, you are not up and rarin’ and you likely want to sleep, but two hours later you’re likely primed and ready for the hunt again like any normal man.

        5. Please, tell me you don’t compare the men here with the likes of Genghis Kahn and Sean Connery? The majority of visitors here are in fact betas who got burnt by women.

        6. You’re really off on a side tangent now. I’m stating that your comment makes no sense and cannot be backed up by any reliable science. By your comment, a man who has been happily married for 45 years and who has fucked his wife with regularity would be so feminine that he’d likely be wearing stockings, dresses and a nice bodice to work.
          This is simply not the case at all. Most of us had grandfathers who were good, decent and masculine men in that circumstance.
          The yin/yang thing doesn’t pass the test. Sorry.

        7. By reliable science you mean western science. The yin/yang concept has been fundamental block in Eastern medicine for thousands of years.
          Man who has been happily married for 45 years and who has fucked his wife with regularity would be very yin and not only because he’s had too much sex but because he has had sex with the same woman and what’s worse, for the second half it was sex with a ageing woman.
          Our grandfathers were much tougher than men today but even they used to say happy wife, happy family. Not very masculine, if you ask me.

        8. By reliable science you mean western science.
          Science has no geographical orientation, it’s either science, or it isn’t.
          The rest of your comment makes absolutely no sense with regard to observed reality. I’m not interested in speaking to eastern mysticism, it is illogical and makes one prone to making sweeping statements that have no visible proof. There’s no use debating a mystic.
          Have a good day. Slainte

        9. Believin in fucking magic is the definition of female mental problems.
          There isn’t a woman on earth hot enough for me to be willing to hear about astrology in order to bang her.
          A girl tried to talk to me about how she “senses” her cats ghost…I threw her out of our cab. True story.

        10. Trust me, I get more man the more pussy I get. If you aren’t getting pussy, well, I don’t if you are even a man.

        11. When a woman hits you at least 15 times first and then points a gun at you, hitting a woman does not make you a pussy, it makes you a survivor..
          Your assinine comment is typical of the feminazi harpies, start any fight you want and when the man defends himself, he is wrong.
          Your kind of attitude problem is why this site exists.

        12. GhostOfJefferson’s comment about how Sean Connery “keeps his woman in line with a smack every now and then.” was certainly NOT about being a so-called “survivor.”
          I’m not sure what sort of attitude you’re referring to. I simply don’t believe that domestic violence is acceptable. EVER. As you mentioned, it could also be a woman abusing a man. Either way, it’s wrong.

  7. Says ,,Game” in the title, I was expecting something about big guns in video games. Nice article !

  8. I appreciate the honesty in this article of pointing out that quality game is build on deception. Or “omission of information.” Some are still in denial about that inglorious truth.

  9. The general consensus here seems to be play MG in a large group of women, sniper in a small group. That’s counter-intuitive to me, I’ve always found sniping higher quality chicks in a large group of chicks where they are at parity or outnumber men works wonders, since they actually have to compete. Small groups of women where men outnumber, dunno, doesn’t seem to me that sniping (tight focus) on just a few would play out as well.
    BUT….my pickup gaming knowledge is hampered by two things 1) I live in a highly abundant area of college age attractive women and 2) I’m way older than the average guy on this site and have an entirely different perspective of things than may be appropriate for a younger man.

    1. I generally leave bars when men outnumber women. Its a terrible place to score because guys standards drop and even the average chicks start thinking they’re special. It actually ruins my enjoyment if I am in a place where there are more men than women. When the ratio is reversed, I find women friendlier and even find that they will initiate.

    2. “sniping higher quality chicks in a large group of chicks where they are at parity or outnumber men works wonders, since they actually have to compete.”
      Russia is an excellent example of that; two centuries of women outnumbering men because the men sent off to get killed in one way or another by orders of the Czars and later the Bolsheviks.
      Only the beautiful, feminine females got married and had babies. Then those mothers would everything they could to ensure that their daughter would keep herself looking nice and acting lady-like.

  10. Well Written Young Man!From the end of the article it sounds like you need a good carbine like the M4, allowing you to sight in quickly and deliver a well-aimed round but also giving you the three round burst selection, for more hostile situations.
    Since girls are highly mobile these days and spook more easily than a doe in a cornfield, be sure to use cover and concealment until you’re ready to make contact.
    Buddy-rushing with a few wingmen can help you avoid slaughtering innocents and be nearby to respond to white-knights-armament (heh, pun) insurgency.

  11. Interesting and accurate metaphor. Machine-gunning is animal instinct and sniping is logical and conscious selection. Both are valid.

  12. My take is to fire as many bullets as you can in a given moment, either you got it or you don’t. Game is consistent whether you use any type of approach. Improve yourself in all worthy facets of life and everything will fall in line.

  13. Snipers are dudes who abstain until marriage, Machinegunners are man-whores, and Riflemen are everyone else.
    Snipers go through the greatest discomforts and require the most patience, but in the end they are the ones who nail the big cheese.

      1. Not really, the snipers nail the few who deserve to be on the pedestal.
        The “high-ranking officers” or “heads-of-state” that I am referring to are the few who aren’t slutty.
        P.S. Bear in mind, I am still speaking metaphorically. It is easy to accidently misinterpret an analogy.

        1. You aren’t of catching an STD? When you bang a chick, you are also banging every guy she did it with before, and if any of them had HIV, there is a good chance of you catching it too.
          P.S. Much to my personal surprise, I have found a very-pretty chick who was an abstinent virgin; she told me she were looking for a good man who was husband-and-father material.

        2. High school health class was primarily created to scare you, not educate you. STDs aren’t THAT prevelant and condoms actually do work.
          Whatever works for you works for you…but im not trying to be a husband or father.
          Marriage is death.

        3. There is 0 chance for a completely heterosexual man to get HIV from a well lubrificated vaginal intercourse.

  14. I wish there were some game articles about trying to bang something other then club basics.
    There’s a whole world of game outside of those girls and a lot of time the game is easy as fuck (wear leather jacket + speak knowedgeably about local music scene + own lou reed records = bang endless art school freshmen).

  15. When I first started daygame I took the machine gun approach. I approached 100s of women (close to 1000 over the past 2 years). Some guys do much more. I’ve refined what I want in a woman and can judge from her appearance and style if she’s someone I’m interested in. Instead of doing a dozen approaches in a day I may do 1-2. Over time you’ll accumulate enough reference experiences to know what you like and only go for that. Ideally, once you’ve got the skillset down, you just approach the women that attract you over the course of your daily routine.

  16. As Roosh points out somewhere, as you become better at game, meet, date and have sex with more women, you will inevitably become more picky about women and more of a “sniper”. This is just part of evolving and wanting not just more women but better women.

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