Why I Love House Of Cards

TV has been rife with blue pill material for some time now. It seems you can’t turn on the box without witnessing a pathetic example of emasculated manhood or white-knighting fuckery. Every so often, however, you get a gem, a beacon of masculinity that shines brightly through the morass of betatude.

Today’s gem is Netflix’s new original series, House of Cards.


The show is about a hard charging veteran US Congressman named Frank Underwood who essentially wheels and deals circles around his political opponents. He gets ahead using a remarkable (and ruthless) intellect combined with a sheer force of will, his greatest weapon resting in his ability to embody what we here in the manosphere consider an “alpha male”. Each episode is an exercise in alphadom—the man regularly breaks the will of his opponents and even goes as far as to intimidate the President of the United States. Think of a massively more realistic and gritty version of West Wing and you’ve essentially got the idea. That realism and grit is probably why this show, unlike West Wing, isn’t on network TV.


Frank has a wife named Claire, played by Robin Wright (perhaps best remembered as “Jennie” from Forrest Gump).


You get the picture: tall, trim, blonde and blue eyed, she’s pretty much the American dream, the prototype of what many an American male spends his days fantasizing about and white-knighting for. She’s also the embodiment of the kind of woman that only a real alpha male like Frank could have gotten: extremely hypergamous, highly ambitious, fully aware of her beauty and its power, and absolutely repulsed by the sight of weak men.

In Episode Six, Claire visits a sick former employee of Frank’s. The man, named Steve, had been Frank’s bodyguard for eight years. He now has cancer, is stuck in a hospital bed and will soon die. He sends a direct text message to Claire asking her to come visit him in person, where he essentially takes the opportunity to confess his love to her. I’m sure he expected some sympathy. He received instead a very healthy, potent dose of the red pill… from a woman.

Steve: I hate your husband.

Claire: A lot of people do.

Steve: The past eight years I watched over him. But it wasn’t him I was watching. And every time I saw you, every time I heard your voice, all I could think to myself was ‘Jesus what I would give’… I can’t tell you how many times I thought about that.

Claire: You know what Francis said to me when he proposed? I remember his exact words. He said, ‘Claire, if all you want is happiness, say no. I’m not gonna give you a couple of kids and count the days until retirement. I promise you freedom from that. I promise you’ll never be bored.’

And you know, he was the only man, and there were a lot of others who proposed, he was the only one who understood me. He didn’t put me on some pedestal. He knew that I didn’t want to be adored or coddled. So he took my hand and he put a ring on it…because he knew I would say yes. He’s a man who knows how to take what he wants.

What we have illustrated here is a perfect example of the reality men must face when they take the red pill. Here we have a decent, honorable man (a typical beta male or “nice guy”) who thought he could win points with an attractive woman by putting down her “asshole” husband. He confesses his love for her and essentially admits that he has had her on a pedestal for a very long time.

She responds by telling him explicitly why she loves that “asshole”. She doesn’t want to be on a pedestal. She’s attractive, and has had many (probably hundreds if not thousands) of men put her there but she simply never wanted their adoration or coddling—those things are worth less than mud to her.


She desired a man with the confidence and force of will not to beg her to be with him or worship at her altar and hope for her acquiescence, but rather to simply take her. And she responded very positively to the one man who offered her this, because that is the only kind of man she could respect.


Rest assured that there are many women like Claire out there. Chances are that if you’re in a major city or on a college campus, you cross paths with dozens of them every day. They’re attractive and they have many male suitors, all of whom pine for her on a regular basis and wish to give her the world.

You may be tempted to do the same. But know that if you do, you will just be another afterthought in her mind. For these women do not remember the many men who coddle them, worship them and place them on the pedestals they don’t want to be on. Sure, the women are aware of who those men are and understand that they exist, but they don’t register at all as sexual options. In fact, a part of these women despises those men for putting them in a position (pedestalized goddess) they have no desire to be in.


The man they do respond to is the one with the force of will to seize what he wants and to rise above the level of the average beta.

While said beta seeks to coddle and shield her at every opportunity, he lets her breathe. While the beta places her on a pedestal and treats her like a goddess or an invaluable ornament, he treats her like the fallible, human female she knows she is.

The beta offers her nothing more than a boring marriage with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence and a chance to count the days until retirement, while he offers her excitement and opportunity to go along with any ideas of family he might have.


It is in your best interest to become him. Don’t be content to remain among the masses of discarded beta fodder, especially if you ever hope to attract a woman of this physical caliber in a society like this.

And watch House of Cards.

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67 thoughts on “Why I Love House Of Cards”

  1. A Wonderful article is here, but let me add some advice. Since marriage is no longer a good option for men in the West and Romance is dead since the Feminasties took power, then GAME women and PUMP, DUMP and NEXT them at your convenience not theirs if you want a relationship or sex, Gentlemen. If that is not an option for you, then whores are your best bet, and as long as the prostitute(s) or Professionals are doing what they should, then treat them well and even better than how you treat the amatuers, alleged non whores although many of them are worse in more ways than one from the Professionals, as the Professionals are increasingly more worthy and will appreciate you more and this will make life better for you too as they are more likely to reciprocate your kindness for money and repeat customers. You could also choose to be celibate and chaste. I agreed with Roosh that it is better to learn GAME above all, but I realize that this is not an option for all men and some men will choose differently even if it is an option. I am not advocating one over the other, just showing you your options.

    1. Learning Game is the best option, and all men can learn Game. If you can learn the alphabets and how to count, there is no reason why you cannot learn Game. I have a serious problem with paying for sex: it robs sex of intimacy; if you have successfully Gamed a woman, you will ultimately feel triumphant and acquire a certain pride…you will have the intimacy that’s usually inherent in sex. Now, one may argue that you spend money on women to get the poosey anyway…I don’t see it that way…I see that you are actually spending the money to improve yourself, i.e., getting a gym membership, buying better fitted clothes, getting involved in hobbies, etc…I think that’s money better spent…

      1. I agree, but not everyone will. However, individual results will vary greatly as blogger Roissy otherwise known as Heartiste would say. Blogger Advocatus Diaboli provided compelling reasons for using prostitutes. All I am saying is choose wisely, and I’ll respect your right to choose no matter how much I disagree. In the end, I don’t care how a man gets his sex as long as it is with a woman, and she truly consents. I’ll even respect you if you want to get married which is the 4th choice which I forgot in my original post which you responded because I think of the 4 choices marriage is the worst one men can make make because of how the Feminasties and their allies have changed the laws and culture. I advise always wearing a latex condom if you do decide to have sex and you are not married or if you are married and you don’t want children because there is no point in getting venereal diseases or unwanted child support against you. The condom is the only protection men have against this.

        1. I should have said above I’ll respect your choice as long as it is with a consenting woman and not a girl. I don’t care if you engage in homosexuality either, Gentlemen. I guess that’s the 5th choice and wearing latex condoms should be done for this one too to avoid diseases. Hey, it might mean more pussy for me and other men who remain on the strait and heterosexual route as long as homosexuals don’t force themselves on us.

      2. The real problem with hookers are STDs… the lack of intimacy is true but it comes second in my view, compensated by the fact that you can also relax and not care abour her pleasure.
        I hate gyms, by the way.

  2. Great show.
    Actually that scene reminds me of something the late Patrice Oneal said which amounted to him basically saying that sex means absolutely nothing to women, that it has no value because it’s so easy for them to get, that even cheating was pointless, because there was no challenge in it…what mattered was that their man was cool and they could present him as the sh*t, and it was a man’s ability to remain the sh*t, that would keep her loyal to him. However, her mission in life is to take your coolness and your swagger away from you and ultimately conquer you like she has done to other men…that for women is their entertainment, excitement, their mission in life, to make powerful men completely submit to them – this is why Cleopatra is viewed as an ideal archetype for women all over the world.

    1. Patrice [in the comedy circuits] was years ahead of his time. sure there were other red pill comics, but he was breaking it down bit by bit, point by point, black phillips show is highly recommended red pill viewing.
      The only real red pill comic left at the moment is bill burr, and to a lesser degree joe rogan.

  3. She’s got more of a manjaw than Spacey. The show’s creators are more red pilled than we think.

  4. Meh… I don’t think so. This isn’t reality. Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts and tyrants almost always end up dead. I’m not going down that road for any women no matter how hot she is.

  5. “It is in your best interest to become him. Don’t be content to remain among the masses of discarded beta fodder, especially if you ever hope to attract a woman of this physical caliber in a society like this.”
    The woman featured is an aged granny; I’ll pass.

  6. “It is in your best interest to become him. Don’t be content to remain among the masses of discarded beta fodder, especially if you ever hope to attract a woman of this physical caliber in a society like this.”
    The woman featured is an aged granny; I’ll pass.

    1. Agreed on that note. She’s not that attractive to begin with, and probably wasn’t when Frank married her.
      the other hand, she knew what kind of man he was and gave in to him to
      further her own ends. I’ve only just begun to watch the show and I
      wonder what safeguards Frank has put in place to protect himself from if
      and when she decides to divorce him and take him to the cleaners —
      very likely if he goes too far out on a limb and disgraces himself.

      1. “Attractive” for sure, but nothing to write home about. In Russia this would be a 7 (if gussied up a bit). In Moscow, a 6.5. She looks slightly mannish, what with the manjaw, the high forehead, the narrow eyes, the skin. The permascowl that she seems to have doesn’t help. German farmer stock. Not my cuppa at all, but again, I like them small and cutesy and with a button nose and pearly skin.

        1. “In Russia this would be a 7 (if gussied up a bit). In Moscow, a 6.5.”
          Proving my point. Russian 7 = American 9.

  7. Ouch.
    I mean, well-done Athlone — not “ouch” to you. I have not seen the show, but you have definitely made me add this to my “must watch” list. Your commentary is excellent, and the scene you chose to demonstrate your point was quite good. I cannot disagree with the analysis that women of a certain caliber seek a man who doesn’t coddle them, but instead respects them, and is able to earn their respect by demonstrating confidence and the force of will to seize what they want without apology.
    But . . . women of a certain caliber still fall short in my book if they lack the grace and charm and situational awareness to treat all men, even beta men — everybody, really — with a certain level of respect in return. One who can deflect the unwanted advances of a beta male and assert herself without unduly causing pain possess such skills. Unnecessarily “twisting the knife” in someone’s gut is a sign to me that perhaps this person is not, actually, of the caliber I might of thought, or indeed, they might be thinking of themselves. It’s a bit of a character flaw, a sign of someone lacking development.
    If this scene had occurred in a club, and the fellow had been drinking a bit too much, and sloppily spilled his heart and made an advance — well that would be different. That’s what I meant by “situational awareness.” Her response then would perhaps have been more appropriate. In evaluating her actions I am also considering the whole scene in that clip, beyond the dialogue quoted in the text — at the end she reaches under the sheet as if to masturbate him, and asks “is this what you wanted?”
    But, it didn’t happen at a club, and he wasn’t sloppy drunk, acting a fool.
    He was on his deathbed acting a fool. Dying of cancer. A bit of a difference.
    “Ouch.” I’m not impressed with a woman, or anyone, who decides to resolve an uncomfortable or unwanted interaction by insulting or needlessly piling more pain on someone who is obviously already suffering in pain. Especially when it’s not necessary.
    Beauty is subjective, and subject to change, and in many ways is genetic and not a “skill” that can be learned. Grace, and charm, are timeless skills which will never fail the person who learns them well.

    1. I like your thinking, but I feel personally that most of us suffer from a lack of correct perspective, and I admit that my perspective may be wrong. But here goes anyways:
      Beta and Alpha are not like chemical properties of mass. They are not destined to always be iron, or hydrogen. Ours is a destiny, not a physical and unalterable state. Human beings are more than the sum of our physical parts, we think and therefore have the ability to manifest change in both the natural, and perhaps the supernatural by our ideas and ideels as a system of living.
      It is also not written in stone until we are dead.
      I have little pity for the beta in most cases, not because I am an asshole (I am!), but because he/she chooses to stay in a comfortable morass of self-righteous indignation to those who aspire to be more. A conscious and unconscious series of choices conspiring to keep them comfortably situated in a mental prison of dissatisfaction, disappointment and its eventual acceptance as their reality, and poor living falsely portrayed as satisfaction at it’s finest. Simultaneously condemning all those who refuse to stay comfortably in their exact same prison of a mental state. A case of crabs trying to pull the crab whom successfully escapes back into the bucket so both can be eaten is not fair, though the one doing the pulling may like to think so.
      As if a hobo could tell me his is the only way of life worth living before taking a train out fo my life he could not afford to buy a ticket on.
      It then leads me to ask who is he kidding? Me, or himself?
      For example, I don’t agree with Roosh on everything, but it is not his success why I read his material, but his perspective as he walk through life trying to make his way whilst improving himself. Many here do the same, and we may not agree on everything; but this is how we learn. Also, why we shun those who condemn us or one of us. Like a loose collection of brothers through marriage, or in our case an ideological point of view; we take suffrage as a life calling, and every insult as a sneer of those who prefer the status quo we sense needs to be rejected.
      Change is never taken at face value, let alone accepted. However, the slow grinding process must be completed peacefully. For human beings there is no other way for an ideal to last the test of time. Otherwise, even if it lasts a few hundred years, future historians will write it as the sham it is.

      1. I appreciate and respect your point of view on this, thank you.
        I was about to say something about how this poor sap had not really been condemning her, or wasn’t expressing indignation . . .
        . . . but then I remembered that the scene started with him saying “I hate your husband.” LOL! So there you go. Perhaps he was asking to be put into place coldly and bluntly.
        But also, it’s not that I pity him because he’s acting beta, not sure that I pity him at all. But to the extent I feel compassionate for him, it’s because he’s about to die anyway. So there’s no need to kick him in the nuts before he hits the grave.
        I dunno, I just think that if it’s possible to accomplish the mission without being a real dick/bitch about it, and it often is, that’s the path one should take. ‘Show some class before you act like an ass.” The most skilled operators I have ever observed never feel compelled to “put someone in their place;” they just acknowledge that the person is already in their place, and leave them there.
        If someone ever condemns me, or insults me, or expresses indignation towards me because they don’t like “how I live” or “what I stand for” I generally don’t allow myself to reflect more negativity back at them, or as this woman did, go the extra step and taunt them. I just nod and smile, and let them stay in whatever unhealthy or pitiful state they have carved out for themselves.
        But hey, nobody’s perfect, and certainly not me. Sometimes I succumb to temptation and engage them anyway. Especially if they are really acting like an ass and asking for it.
        Of course, there is really a very good reason why she responded in the manner that she did — it’s in the script! Makes better television. Gets people thinking. Who knows, there might even be people so wrapped up in the drama, they sit at their computer on Memorial Day pecking away, compelled to analyze and share. Stupid television. 🙂
        Thanks Jesse, it’s a pleasure to be able to share perspectives and learn.

  8. I found the show to be as far removed from reality as The West Wing, except in the opposite direction. Very entertaining though.

  9. I found the show to be as far removed from reality as The West Wing, except in the opposite direction. Very entertaining though.

  10. I’ll bet you this show will have some white knighting creeping in sooner or later. Look at Iron man 1, RDJ was alpha as fuck ordering pepper around, and now in Iron man 3, Pepper owns his company and saved e day…and Iron man blew up all his suits for her like an idiot plus brought a giant rabbit which she did not acknowledge.

  11. What do you see in this Claire girl?
    She is rather plain. Old in age. Her tits are so small, they border invisibility. She doesnt even have long hair. In short she is a 5 on a good day.
    Considering what options a man in his position and his frame should have, this woman is the sux.
    If this woman is the price in your eyes, you really need to get out more.
    What do you guys thing of her?

    1. Well, she’s not my type either, but to each his own.
      Assuming the characters are approximately the same age as the actors who portray them, Claire is 47, and Frank is 53. So she’s probably a bit old to most of the young guys reading R.O.K., but she’s certainly age appropriate to Frank. Since I don’t watch the show I’m not certain how long they have been married, but I’m guessing they’ve been together for a while. So Frank didn’t marry this 47 year old aging Claire — maybe 20 years ago he snagged a hot 27 year old Claire, 6 years his junior. I seem to recall the actress Robin Wright was a lot hotter in her youth. All things considered, I think she’s still better than the typical 47 year old.
      I’m also guessing Frank does have options, and explores them when he wants to.

      1. In the original BBC version of this series with Ian Richardson as a Conservative “back-bencher” who becomes Prime Minister, he definitely has his options, and uses them.

    2. She’s an alpha female – intelligent, high social status, netting high-quality males. The people attracted to these types of women don’t want to admit that what they’re actually attracted to is social status in a female.
      Nothing wrong with that, but I’ll take good old femininity any day.
      By propelling these women to the top, what they don’t realize is that they’re pedestalizing them, just like all the other betas.

      1. exactly also remember that the more a girl is social the more guys she has orbiting around her…
        bottom line: this types of woman are VERY CONTROLLING and as soon as she’s bored or he loses his mind (whichever comes first) she will leave him guaranteed.

      2. Betas find women like this too intimidating and men who think their alpha but are actually beta find women like this too threatening for their manhood. They’re the kind of men who need their ego stroked too often so they rationalise their insecurity by making petty remarks and assumptions about women like Claire Underwood. Anyway, that’s just my lone female opinion. Good day gentlemen.

    3. She was very pretty as Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride, in my opinion. Overly-serious and unexpressive as part of the role, but beautiful.

    4. I don’t particularly see anything, but my objective vision shows me that she fits right in line with several general tropes of what America considers “beautiful” in a woman. Keep in mind that we live in a society where women like Jennifer Aniston (she of the manjaw and the not particularly remarkable body) is considered elite and pedestalized by tens of millions of men.
      Women like her are in high demand in this country, and much of that demand comes from high value men. That’s the reality, whether you and I like it or not.

  12. This show is the shit. It doesn’t even matter that its about politics. being about politics is fitting though, since getting head in the world as a man IS politics one way or another anyway.
    There’s a lot of good ideas in there.

  13. “Here we have a decent, honorable man (a typical beta male or “nice guy”)
    who thought he could win points with an attractive woman by putting
    down her “asshole” husband.”-AM
    Here is the chink in your armor of understanding, or perhaps a small lapse in judgement while you wrote this otherwise wonderful post.
    There is nothing noble about this fictional example of slithering mass betatude. The proverbial stick of stuck up and self righteous loathing projected on those with more success so as to better shield him from his subconscious’s rejection of his jealousy for his better, is firmly and irrefutably proven as if that stick was strip welded deep up his own ass.
    By his own weakness as tacit admission of self made flaw he shows that:
    A: He has no idea who this women is, let alone the love of his illusory life in his mind; not his reality.
    B: He unconsciously acknowledges his weakness and hopes for approval by validation of his pussyitius by a false idol he has no control over who promptly, and heroically rejects his per-mortem advance. As I always say, there is nothing alpha or strong about trying to steal a woman you could never get yourself outside of her moment of weakness, especially using the guilt trip of your own death, or just a strong women of high desirability on your own. Deceiving her into revenge is not alpha, it is the surest alpha mask any beta could hope to convince himself he is greater than the sum of his inferior parts.
    C: There is no nobility in betatude, betatude 2.0 is the social engineering marvel of modern feminism, as surely as betatude 1.0 was the absence of a father post-industrial revolution. Merely cold is the absence of heat, as feminism is the absence of masculinity. Kings cannot return fast enough.
    D: He showed that rather than being a friend, or a noble warrior to a cause greater than himself, he was a closet backstabber who stood hopelessly and weakly on the sideline while the supposed “”woman of his dreams” took the rock of her husbands alphadom under his “careful and protective” watch to her personal inner sanctum. Jealousy as a lifestyle is not alpha. Had his master, and lover of his”” woman (in his mind’s eye only) ever truly needed his protection, he would have discovered her cold ruthless heart as she took revenge for her true lover after what would have been his obvious betrayal by jealousy. He is a pussy I would never want watching my back.
    E: The man who he thinks is an asshole most likely is. However, being an asshole does not, contrary to post-modernist hipster weakling’s belief, constitute a trip to hell. I don’t believe God wants a bunch of beta losers in the afterlife. Sucks to be him, he lived and lied around his master to covet his master’s wife; and projected his own weakness on him for his own perverse pleasure.
    F: Though his master may have been a dark horse, he has ambition and is anything but lukewarm. Does not God kill his enemies? Does he not shun weakness and ill mannered behavior? For this fool’s sake, though I know he is a fiction, and the fools in real life had better pray that God does not exist. Better a short life of betatude followed by oblivion than finding out that the Greatest Alpha of all favors no such mockery in His Presence. I am assuming this character was portrayed as religious right?
    Neither should we accept this. Weakness and betatude are like social cancer. It sucks when we lose a male to such feckless behavior as the societal cancer we call feminist thinking, but no mercy or quarter can be given but to those who show a true desire for it. And the fortitude and willingness to change from blue pill behavior to red. No exceptions.

    1. I think you’ve misunderstood me. I describe Steve as a “decent, honorable man” because, if you’re familiar with the character, it simply is what he is. He’s a decent looking, hard-working guy who was very competent in his work and in most major metrics was a solid dude. A typical beta in other words, probably a “greater beta” of sorts.
      The fact that he is generally a decent, honorable guy doesn’t change the fact that he was weak coward when it came to his feelings for Claire and she could never respect that.
      Don’t mistake my acknowledgement of Steve’s status as a solid dude overall as a statement that I’m on his side here. I’m not. That’s why I wrote the article—he’s an example, and not in a good way.
      And no, the character isn’t particularly religious.

      1. Ah, thanks for that, and no I was not pointing out anything particular about you. Most of the articles of yours I have read are on point.
        My specific point above based on your explanation is based on experience. Greater or lesser betas to me who harbor this sort of thing are disasters waiting to happen.
        I figured what you meant when you said he was honorable. Also, I completely understand this character is a work of fiction. However, art often mimics life.
        There are real men like this, and their perspective on this character is one they will think is truly a noble position to have; coveting another man’s wife who you know you have no shot in hell with. Never improving themselves to garner attracting one of their own!
        I have served in the military with numerous types of warriors. Fighter pilots to Navy SEALs. Honestly, both have their superior alphas, general alphas, and greater betas. I have never known a lesser beta among them. Maybe in the police and Secret Service details you will have some lesser betas who will qualify for that sort of thing. In the lower ranks, and the military in general, I have noticed lesser betas abound numerically.
        I won’t go into too much detail, but I have met guys like that in real life. Almost nothing they do is truly noble. Some of it is, but only by the nature of the order they are given, and when they follow it they get the noble status by association. Most will commit ignoble acts if given the opportunity. They have to compete, and most did not compete well in anything as a kid, so they resort to the facade of being noble without trying to actually be noble in actual practice.
        I guess my baloney detector was tripped by that character, and I just said my piece. Nothing aimed at you, I usually respect most of what I have seen you write.

  14. Great write up on the show.
    There is a book that came out in the 70’s
    Power: How Get It, How to Use It
    By Michael Korda
    I would bet when the created the character of Frank, this book was consulted more than once.

  15. I understand the purpose behind this article.
    “You get the picture: tall, trim, blonde and blue eyed, she’s pretty much the American dream, the prototype of what many an American male spends his days fantasizing about and white-knighting for.”
    are the standards on the manosphere changing? She has man’s jawline, a LESBIAN HAIRCUT, and is far from feminine in appearance.
    Then again some guys feel they prove their manhood by conquering masculinized women.
    She definitely wasn’t what I was wanking to when I was a horny middle schooler.

    1. I didn’t say she fit my standard of what is considered “beautiful”, but I did argue (and will continue to do so) that when it comes to broader general standards of American beauty, she fits it to a T.
      Keep in mind that we live in a society where Jennifer Aniston is considered an elite beauty, manjaw and all. There are tens of millions of American men who fantasize about these kinds of women, even if we do not.

      1. “but I did argue (and will continue to do so) that when it comes to broader general standards of American beauty, she fits it to a T.”
        point taken. I can see her working for the highly educated PC SWPL types

  16. So your actually praising this kind of career women ? why ? what can you use their dumbass career FOR ?

  17. And someone should have told this bodyguard about EA and SA and he would’ve forgot all about a dumb broad like that.

  18. You did a good job of selling this haha. I’ll be looking into it for sure.

  19. This guy is the perfect role model for tough times (e.g. war and prison). When there are no other options for survival left.
    Voluntary cooperation and mutual aid.
    My freedom ends where your starts. Mine begins where yours ends.
    Let us disobey. There is no need to support this fucked up model of social organization. There are countless options.

  20. Thanks Athlone, this was an excellent article. I agree with you. I admired the honesty of the scene. Interesting final touch, (forgive the lame pun), is the way she goes to jerk him off at the end, as if to say to him “despite all your pedestalising bullshit, you really just wanted to fuck me after all” and victory went to the man who was more direct. Over all I felt the tone of the scene was pretty much just two people communicating their version of the truth. Sadly for the beta, the more accurate version didn’t match with his delusions. I will be downloading the series and watching it from ep 1.

  21. Thanks for pointing this series out. I started watching it, and it’s pretty good.
    Also, I might try that line if I ever get married again. My attempts to keep my soon to be ex-wife “happy” ended in disaster. It was like shoveling money into a black hole hoping it will fill up sooner or later. “I can’t promise you happiness, but it won’t be boring”. Classic.

  22. meh…I thought the series was trying waaay too hard to be ‘edgy.’ yawn…

  23. While I greatly enjoy House of Cards and this article there’s two things that this show is not:
    1) Realistic
    The speaker of the house wouldn’t be able to take a dump without somebody watching let along get away with some of the things he does without someone looking over his shoulder. The cast just feels… small, the white house almost empty.
    2) A good model for yourself
    Frank Underwood is an anti-social killer. He is all limitless ambition. Such single mindedness works well on TV and is very entertaining to watch but ultimately unsustainable in real human relations.
    Despite this HoC is some of the most entertaining TV running right now. And Athlone’s article is very much on point in its breakdown on gender relations.

  24. She is evidently attracted to psychopaths, so this whole discussion is irrelevant to sane people.

  25. A funny coincidence maybe even a synchronicity, just stumbled over the 1st episode an hour ago. Indeed impressive but my impression is, that the perspective offered is more somber. Although the quote for his love to her did catch. My attention, the fact that they haven’t kissed for the whole episode did also. They almost kissed maybe pretended to but just to whisper some cunnings in each others ears during a banquette.
    This Is nice as an inspirational post but I feel it is not an accurate analysis. Always remember taking the red pill means embracing the shadow. Striving for the whole picture. It’s not all peaches for frank or for us and we should better accept it, the sooner the better.

  26. I think I’ll stick with being a beta, or whatever hyper simple label you like, if the alternative is a never ending sociopathic quest for power. The show is great, but there’s nothing to admire about any of these people. It’s people like the that have the real world in such a sorry state.

    1. Red Pill =/= “never ending sociopathic quest for power”. (ie over others)
      Red Pill/Alpha = Making sure that at-least you have the power over your own fate and having to never kowtow to anyone else’s whims, to be someone who is hard to manipulate, someone focused on his own success and who gets what he wants. Enlightened self-interest.
      Now whether “gets what he wants” means having the ideal middle class life, with a well paying job or a “never ending sociopathic quest for power” or anything else in-between is purely up to you. So stop making sweeping generalizations.
      “there’s nothing to admire about any of these people”
      I’m sorry but the day you have the prerogative to pass such judgement will be the day you are capable of flourishing among a pack of hyenas in an environment where the rules are summed up in one phrase, “survival of the fittest”. Because last I looked, it took a lot of daring, insight and cunning do to that. And not being capable of it is exactly the reason why so many deserving people are left out cold in life. Case in point : My father. An extreme hardworker, even now at age 59, a very capable and experienced engineer, having facilitated some of the major projects at his company and yet his entire life he was left under-rewarded and exploited. All throughout, undeserving sycophants and manipulators were promoted and awarded bonuses while he was left out in the cold. To top that, each time he would respond in the same way and it would be to work harder. Having even an iota (and I stress, IOTA, not the full range) of the capabilities of people like F. Underwood would have ensured that the unworthy weren’t unduly rewarded and the deserving people got what they deserved. This is what is reality. If you want to remain sequestered in your fanciful, idealistic, chivalrous world, its your choice.

      1. Well said, bravo.
        I work in corporate America…trust me, it’s all shark waters. I’ve been chum one too many times, so I watch characters like Frank, and read, read, read, to learn to be more shark-like.
        PS…almost 50 here, just learning the shark lesson.

  27. I loved this quote and this article is spot on (shocked since most of this site is “How to attract insanely insecure chicks and stay emotionally distant enough that they think you’re worthwhile. Until, of course, your loneliness overcomes you or she starts realizing what a poser you are.”). The group of women that fall into the ideal are flooded with guys that “would do anything for them” but this scene beautifully illustrates what sucks about that. Ambitious, successful, attractive women want someone who is on the same level. I would also point out that Frank talks about his wife and compliments her in a way that RoK would piss its pants over (OMG, dudez, if girls know how much we like them they’ll USE us and DESTROY men). Frank and Claire are 100% a partnership and there are no punches pulled about Frank’s need for Claire or vice versa. RoK’s way will teach you how to find pretty but fundamentally insecure chicks who will freak out if you don’t text them. If you want a woman who is the legitimate package take the RoK slant that you should be confident and challenging to women and find a woman with the emotional maturity to be turned on by your accomplishments (if you don’t have some get some). Respecting the fuck out of each other and building a dynasty is the real aim. If Frank had “put her back in the kitchen” she’d have left his ass.
    If you have to fake confidence, fine, but smart/successful women will be infinitely turned on if you can engage them on their level.

  28. Remake of the British ‘House of Cards’, unusually good remake (for USA attempt), has FEEL of original 🙂

  29. Claire herself is actually terribly low-value compared to Frank U.
    Sure she’s slim and keeps in shape despite her age, but all of that is terribly counterbalanced by all of her other glaring flaws.
    She has short hair. She smokes. She looks for excitement elsewhere with that famous photographer, despite her marrying her husband Frank for being “exciting.” She has had multiple abortions. She doesn’t want children. She is an ultra-educated, careergrrl/tankgrrl – Which leads her to most likely had a partner count well beyond 50, and points to her having high T (testosterone is the genius drug, as well as the promiscuous drug). And of course, she’s old, used & abused.

  30. Not sure she’s what I would find attractive. A barren, old, career bitch who cheats on me?

  31. Sorry, but Underwood is no Alpha, as he seems to really be under the thumb of his wife, who acts like Hillary.

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