What Is Your Plan For When The Decline Accelerates?

I watch that “Doomsday Preppers” show on the Discovery Channel, which displays people who prepare to survive some form of societal collapse. I have always found it odd that none of them never really plan to exploit the opportunity. They just seem to exist to continue existing. I have yet to see a wannabe warlord stockpiling weapons, ammunition and a logistical tail to support his own army that would make any Afghan chieftain proud. It seems to me that a lot of these people hoping for a collapse just can’t make it in today’s status quo and will most likely be just as successful in the future as they are now (which is not that successful).

Commentary on the decline

To paraphrase Bane’s saying in the Dark Knight Rises; are you ready for the next era of Western civilization? In this day and age of money printing, drone strikes, broad daylight decapitation and leftist worldviews crumbling, the future is bright for an agile mind. Such a mind should be able to find opportunities in a changing and fluid environment. The changing status quo could present an opening or just more closed doors depending on who and what you are. Just like the Decepticons tossing their brethren off of Astrotrain in the Transformers movie, when the government gravy train starts slowing down, it will be the weakest that get tossed off first.


The spiral has begun to rotate

This is already happening with this supposed sequester and will continue to get better or worse depending on how you favor the current paradigm. Government grants for pseudoscience, social justice, advocacy groups, and any other federal largesse are starting to dry up. The reduction of disposable income is starting gum up the works of a materialistic society. The coming change in atmosphere will only lead to more opportunity for new markets, plans, and schemes. The current system is not nimble and many of its dependents will be selected out in one form or another.


Are you getting ready?

Readiness entails more than talking about it or thinking about it. It takes action. Action is not accomplished making Facebook posts about political stories. One cannot become a good gunfighter by watching fpsrussia videos on YouTube. Buying Powerball tickets isn’t rational financial planning. As it has been said, preparation is the key to success. Pounding weights at the gym is a whole lot more productive than reading a muscle magazine. Reading books is a whole lot better guide than taking financial advice from TV. Taking positive actions to improve one’s position is always a good move.

The future will be bright, for some…

Instead of worrying about the future, one can learn to enjoy the downward spiral. While it might be harsh times for everyone, those who have been coddled and put on a pedestal in the current system will feel the most pain. Imagine watching that women’s studies professor having to turn tricks to keep her apartment warm or depend on the protection of a man to keep her safe from “youths”. That smarmy hipster won’t be able to enjoy his ethical coffee and those tears will be delicious. The words driven, cry, and lamentations come to mind. In conclusion it is better to be the ant than the grasshopper.

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95 thoughts on “What Is Your Plan For When The Decline Accelerates?”

  1. Plans…
    Prayer, eat right, work out, don’t spend more than on things I need, read, won’t get married, and when STHF I’ll be the lunatic laughing while everyone else is crying.
    In fact…for men suffering, hardship, and death are preferable to make us grow. Let the women wail and gnash their teeth when the bubble bursts.

    1. Nah. Self imposed austerity is just a tacit form of defeat.
      Amass wealth, enjoy said wealth, but keep a low profile.

  2. This article sort of ties in with the one about the “Laddie Mags”. For example, in that article, a feminist complains about women being required to handle those pornographic mags. Now I found their complaints to be rather hypocritical since I know for a fact that most feminists are A-OK with women spending their prime years partying and fornicating. Now, if instead those girls were married off by 18-19 and behaving as good wives, then yes, I would agree with their disgust of porn.
    Same thing goes for this article. Those girls who have made the conscious decision (or had a good manly father to guide them) to remain feminine and devote themselves to their husband, will find that their lives will be much easier in a collapse than those girls who have wasted their youth.
    As Douglas said, the future will indeed be bright for some and very dark for others…

  3. The inevitable phasing out of human labor will be the catalyst for a paradigm shift. It might be a utopia if we ever arrive but it will be chaos getting there.

    1. originally resources were more valuable than humans……. that changed with the industrial revolution and mechanized farming……..
      now we are going full circle….. and as humans become less valuable…. slavery will become more of an option again…… I can see a good robot being more precious than your average Joe…..

        1. roll on slavery… i’m looking forward to installing my harem of penniless whores…. and chopping their legs off if they try to escape….

      1. slavery has been around since the get go man. its been what 100 some odd years that its been illegal everywhere? and that shit is STILL all over the place in one form or another. it will make a comeback. this shit is a phase.
        i just gotta do what i can to make sure me and my offspring dont become slaves. just because you are white dont mean shit anymore.

    2. Precisely. In fact there’s a lot of recent scientific literature documenting the fact that labor is rapidly diminishing while productivity (read: money that goes into the pockets of rich people) has been exploding.

  4. Douglas, you make a great point in your first paragraph… most of the people interested in perparing for the end of days, are just more fascinated with some alternate existence because their current one sucks ass….. they are no different to stoners playing World of Warcraft all day… only they do it with supplies from Walmart…..
    The most precious thing in a real decline will be guns, ammo, batteries, cigarette lighters, toilet paper, liquor, marlboro reds, antibiotics and basic medicine…. and most importantly having a few women around that will fuck and suck for favors….
    teach your wives well and your daughters even better…..

  5. For those interested in predictive history I can’t recommend the book, “The Fourth Turning” by Straus and Howe, enough. There are videos and discussions on the book available on the web and all of the predictions are lining up perfectly with our current state of affairs. More than likely, around 2020 we’ll be in a bloody “real” war either with another nation or with a split in the current government.
    I know the arguments people make against it. “People are sheep. They’re weak and easily lead.” Exactly. Easily lead. Those same sheep and beta males that get so much hate are dangerous when following a strong leader.

    1. China is likely to pop into some kind of recession leading into a revolutionary phase….. plunging the world into a huge depression……
      During that, I peg Texas to break off the Union, followed by California….the best thing for the US right now is to revert back to individual states
      and kill the federal govt.
      The medieval model where resources are more precious than humans and city states wall themselves off from the peasants and trash that can’t afford to live there is highly likely….

      1. thats all mental masturbation man. it wont be sudden. it wont be a revolution. this shit is going to slowly sour and degrade while the tv calls it progress. you wont wake up one day and the shit pops off man. you will wake up one day in 20 years and wonder what the fuck happened to the world. thats how it always happens. history teaches us that its all events. rome wasnt built in a day and it didnt fall in a day either. it isnt events. its processes.
        think about this. while everyone is waiting for the “day”, that day has already come and gone, and you have no idea which day it was exactly.

        1. Historical events tend to culminate slowly, and then accelerate.You are right that it has been a slow decline thus far, but at some tipping point the big collapse could be a matter of weeks, days or even hours. Consider as one example the anarchy that would ensue in any major city after just 3 days without food.

      2. Well, the near-future collapse of China was already predicted back in the 1990s.

    2. Oh, it’s 2020 now… I thought it was 2012, the Mayan end…. wait, no Two thousand zero zero party’s over oops out of time!…or 1984… Orwell was a genius, doublespeak is here but no one listens, they’re too busy posting on facebook..OK then it was definitely 1970? when they were shooting students at Kent State.. OK, OK it was 1962 with the Cuban Missile crisis… damn we’re getting back there huh?
      Someone could have been born during the Cuban missile crisis and then when the inevitable end comes the OMINOUS FOURTH TURNING which has sold how many copies it wouldn’t have if it didn’t portend doom, at the time of the OMINOUS FOURTH TURNING that person would have only lived 58 years. How sad, we should tell them now, only 7 years left dude.
      But wait, at the year 1000 everyone in Europe was sure it was the end, it was the end for something like a third of them because modern sanitation hadn’t been invented, but it was about 300 years later.

  6. Most important thing to do that the preppers miss totally is to make connections with people. You won’t survive on you own, especially not when gangs come and want your food-supply or guns or fuck your daughter.
    Make connections with butchers, farmers, medical-educated people etc. How to do it? By doing favours for them and you take some favours from them with their profession. Qiuet easy and could be very useful if you want to survive in the future as we are going to a tribalization of society, especially in the western world that nowadays inhabits different people with their own genetic interests.

      1. Okay, just saw some guys saying to keep their prepping a secret and not even tell the family about it.
        But okay, it’s the other way around. Good, so it’s not just some romatisized picture of survival they got from movies and video-games.

  7. Basing your assumptions of preppers on that television show is like basing your assumptions of game on Mystery.

    1. people into offensive combat operations would not be classified as “preppers” by me lol

  8. It won’t be so bad.
    In my experience I could act like three times the ruthless, self-interested, money grubbing asshole compared to a white guy and the lefty crowd won’t pay me much attention. You homies are like hate sponges for me, serious.
    If they do start bitching about me then I’d take all my money and brain drain my ass back to China. You guys can consider moving to like… Thailand or South America or something.

    1. I’ve heard jealous south asians seriously suggesting that CKJVs have “Asian privilege”, so the bullshit might not be too far off.
      Plus, the US is starting to feel more like a third world country everyday. I know recent immigrants who tell me the US is nothing like what they expected, if they had known it felt so ‘ghetto’ they would’ve never wasted the money immigrating.

      1. Just tell them power + privilege = only whites can be racist, they lap that shit right up.
        Also google up Scot Nakagawa. Guy’s a leftist freak, but he’s got some convoluted rationales about how Asians can’t be privileged, it’s good for fending off social justice zealots.

  9. ‘In this life, everyone is for themselves’.
    I’ve always tried to be socially responsible, but I had noticed many years ago that the feminism practised at the time made many women selfish and narcisstic, with passive aggressive tedencies – now this attitude has carried over to the men, and the entitled ‘I’ll get me mine’ mentality has meant that a social decline has been in the works for years, never mind the financial decline.
    Most people here are content with complaining and never doing anything. They also are too much engrossed in entertainment. When I lived in Germany and Singapore, the average member of society there was much better educated than the top members of society within the UK. And I spend my days with doctors who have medical degrees from Cambridge (US medical school is harder and has better competition and techonology btw).
    It is clear that whatever social engineering has taken place only benefits a few at the top and many in society have jumped onto the gravy train called ‘welfare’, without contributing. This gravy train is soon to end and people just will not acknowledge it due to cognitive dissonance. They have to lose everything before they will get it. And the many irresponsible people will drag everyone else down with them.
    The new model for Western society should be somewhat different from what I see today. It is inevitable that there will be increased burden of taxation on the few who can afford it, the rich get off scot free, and the poor cannot contribute for whatever reason. Most people do not have any realistic plans – they just live their life day to day and seek novelty. When the times get tough, they’ll get sent down.
    They don’t know basic first aid, some self-defence, an ability to fix basic items or even grow food if required. The basic knowledge that our ancestors often took for granted.
    Edumacation just doesn’t cut it and even many older folk are guilty of not being wise enough to take a look at what is going on in the world around them and make sure future generations will not suffer. I know these things and I have tried to be responsible. I won’t be responsible for people who cannot pull their own weight and I realise the joke that is modern society and I won’t have that yoke put around my neck, to serve both the rich and the irresponsible.

  10. A minimum $5,000 in savings is a good rule of thumb, make it a goal if you aren’t there yet, 1 month of food and water for you and your immediate family, some defensive preparations such as firearms/training and/or martial arts/strength training.
    A long-term collapse is very hard to prepare for, since we don’t know how slow or sudden the decline will be. SurvivalBlog.com is a great place to start, some of it may sound extreme or bunk, but it’s a good intro to the mindset. I’m working on getting my Polish passport and may leave CA relatively soon but that’s because of the cultural decline, the economic decline will hit eventually too. I wouldn’t suggest anyone stay in large, metro areas if things get bad. Increased crime and reduced police presence will be one of the first major indications of the accelerating decline.

    1. Shops are closing even in London where I live. Mass immigration does not help with the limited job situation – it only serves to increase competition and drive down wages, whilst the richest laugh all the way to the bank.
      They’ve even started government sponsored courses on women to become escorts and strippers, in Wales, a country tagged onto the side of England.

        1. I’m Scottish. I’ve lived in Wales. I’ve lived all over the world. You’re dumb. If the average Singaporean speaks 3-5 languages, has first aid training, economics training and military experience by the age of 20, that’s not what you have. I don’t think I am smart, but I have two degrees, and am in my final year of medicine, my third degree. I see how this country is way behind US, Asia and Germany in terms of education.
          Tell you what. Since you’re so smart, you can run the country. You’ll never be able to do it as you don’t have the world experience, education, nor leadership genetics and skills. It has become every man for themselves and their closest circle of friends. If I am the med student/doctor, then I will get the health care first and free – which you will get after me and will eventually have to pay for it. This is how the world works. And if you don’t wake up to the reality, and I am not here to denigrate the UK but to lament at how things have become, you will pay the price for your ignorance. I may even leave and go elsewhere and leave you with the guys who will never leave and will never have your back.
          Btw, those in charge want mass immigration to continue and the new immigrants won’t speak your language nor will have your back. Ever. So if you are smart, you will learn to make associations with people instead of being so short-sighted and arrogant. You likely are caucasian, possibly university educated and in your 20s. Race isn’t an issue for me. But whilst some Caucasian people are smart and good people, how will you survive and succeed if you cannot get people to see you as being in that group?

        2. I can run any country kid.And I’m glad to see you’re learning something useful as I did as a boy with 2 advanced degrees, one in medicine (Edinburgh ’76)I can treat myself too if necessary although in some cases it would be impossible.

  11. So are you guys all huddled down in bunkers eating canned beans yet? The way you people talk you’d think there’s gonna be a nuclear winter or something.
    Just make as much money as you can and stop caring what people think about you.

  12. You have clearly never known what winter is. You clear. clearly. do not know. what winter is.
    If you think the US economy is that shitty, you need to travel more. There’s a long way to go before open chaos and the entities with influence have a vested interest in that not happening.
    Get money, get girls, stop worrying about the end of the world or the decline or the whatever. Get money, get girls and you will be fine.

    1. @Bishop Another fool speaking…And this comes from someone that has visited and worked in the 3rd world

    2. “…I sure am hungry, ahh, screw it. Watch me read this chick’s palm.”

    3. I don’t think he’s implying that there will be chaos, just that the socioeconomic status of many/most Americans is going to change for the worse. And looking at the average wage, net worth, spending power, etc. of anyone in the bottom 80% of wealth-holders it is easy to see that they are in serious decline.
      As far as the comparison with third-world countries, don’t bother. Just because there are people starving in Rwanda doesn’t mean the bank can’t come foreclose on your house and put YOU on the street.

  13. “Imagine watching that women’s studies professor having to turn tricks to keep her apartment warm”
    Yes, and her price will be a couple of roasted squirrels that I can easily bag with my .22. I can’t wait!

  14. exactly. the weak cling to the way things are because they depend on it.
    change, good or bad perceived, always leaves room for the strong to prosper. litmus test: if you are ready to embrace changes then you will at least do ok. if you are afraid of the changes that are happening its probably because you realize you cant handle it.
    to beat my chest a little, just a little, i will say that i embrace the changes. i may not like them, but i do embrace them.
    except abortion. i cant say im too happy about that shit.
    and to the guys with the canned beans in the bomb shelter, thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not sure what your last sentence means, but if you are suggesting you are going to be a looter, you should think again. Justice will be swifter… criminals in the future probably won’t get a lawyer and 15 appeals before their sentence is carried out 🙂

  15. This decline is the typical omega boy’s fantasy.Look around you nerds, this is as good as it’s ever going to be for you and any decline will only put you into a lower position.Losers don’t suddenly become winners just due to some financial decline or war.

    1. …true, but a lot of would-be winners are biding their time. The society built on legislation designed to prop up women and weak-minded men is falling to pieces, and heavy hitters will be there grinning the whole circus finally goes pear-shaped.

      1. Biding their time flipping burgers?
        If you’re nothing now don’t expect it to change if times become bad. You’ll likely end up as someone’s bitch lol

        1. Why? Because Amerika is the Great Land of Opportunity? Times becoming “bad” might mean some banker can’t afford his jet or has to sell a summer home, for others it means the rules that have kept them flipping those burgers can no longer be practically enforced.
          Not that I’ve ever flipped a burger, but I do know how I feel about the Usury and Legislative classes.

        2. I have arrived in America and will say that this an incline to me. I hope to receive the honor of flip the burgers at Senior McDonalds fine food cantina. I pray to Santa Muerte and lite candles every day in hopes of getting job there and perhaps if I have good fortune become capitan of the burger flippers.This game is sure to attract woman when she see how importante I become as chief of burger flip boys.

        3. Any billionaire is going to be less apt to change the current system. He has succeeded in the current system. A new way of life is something he fears. What if his skills aren’t as well rewarded?
          Also, your argument is bad. It’s an ad hominem addressing the supposed “failure” of the person making the argument and not refuting any central points. This might work with people who are actually cowed by shame and fear but not with someone who values logic and reason. Someone, like a man.

        4. There are only a 1k billionaires in the entire world and almost all of them are at about the billion mark and have their wealth in the shares of their company. However, anyone who is clever enough to make this amount of money or even someone in the top 1%, which is a large group of people, are also smart enough to be way ahead of you in seeing trends and adjusting for them.They have no fear of a new way of like and just use the new conditions to make more money. Even during the Great Depression people became rich while in a booming economy, like the 80’s, the proles never seem to get rich.

    2. You’re misreading this. It isn’t about hoping for decline – that would be stupid. Civilization is generally a good thing. Remember that all the great civilizations were made by men.
      No, it’s about being prepared for a decline if and when it hits. Why not prevent it? Because the option of preventing has been removed from the table. That is precisely what this is about. Where men build order, women create chaos. That’s in their nature. Traditionally, the best societies have been ones where these two forces counterbalanced and complemented each other. Today, there is far more chaos and breaking down occurring than actual ordering and building.

    3. Mayer Rothschild and his conduct during the Napoleonic wars in europe refutes your thesis.

    4. DrJoyboy = TimMellon = MyNameJoseJimenez
      This guy sure loves voting up his own posts.

    5. This the typical internet arguer using mockery and name calling to refute a point they disagree with because they lack the logical analysis and intelligence to address the problem at hand.
      By your own arguments you are proven wrong. Since, if you could use logic in place of personal attacks, you would. Until then I conclude that you lack the understanding of the situation to have any further involvement in it.

  16. That line about astrotrain killed me. Women are akin to starscream and will stab you in the back every chance they get.

  17. That line about astrotrain killed me. Women are akin to starscream and will stab you in the back every chance they get.

  18. I am hoping to move to Chile. I could do some work with WWOOF, which is a community of organic farmers where they offer free food and lodging in return for a few hours of work during the busy times of the farming season. I can do that in Chile without a work visa since it is not paid and learn the language while doing it and get references to my work ethic to help me later get a work visa. Until then I will try to make some 3D printer designs on Shapeways to make some extra cash on top of my c****y graveyard shift job.
    I have also been investing heavily in cannabis industry stock. I know it is extremely high risk because the feds could shut all of those companies down on a whim, but with Obama’s public opinion polls dropping due to the NSA spying and IRS scandal I doubt he would turn on the potheads who are some of the few who still support him.
    I am taking Kung Fu classes from a real kung fu school (not the fake McDojos) and I hope the US economy will stay solvent long enough for me to get my black belt. Anyway, that’s my plan. Open to suggestions or constructive criticism.

    1. Do not go to Chile. It is true that chile is one of the best places in the world to live IF YOU HAVE MONEY!
      You do not go to a second or third world country to earn money. You go there to live a comfortable live with the money you already have OR that you earn in first world countries.
      Means for you. Get your shit together in the US first. Make money. Get a second job, do something on the side, whatever you can to save money. Cut down expenses to save even more.
      When you have a decent stash of cash, THEN you leave. If you do not want to wait, at least get a binding work contract in chile b4 going there. There is a reason why people risk their lives to get into the US or into the EU. Why? Because it is the places on this planet where you can earn more money than you need to survive quite easily.
      Kung FU: Wing tsun kung fu is highly effective and the best martial arts style I ever learned (and I did a few over the years). However do not expect this to help you much. If you are in south america and you get in trouble you will most likely face multiple attackers, some of them with knifes, others with guns and they will simply kill you and walk away. Nobody really cares what happens to a poor gringo. Consider yourself warned. Your worth as a human depends on your bank account in S.A. more than in the US even.

      1. Chile is not all that bad, but I agree that at least have some kind of fiscal plan of action in mind. Right now the Heritage Foundation ranks chile as 7th most economically free country in the world, on a list of 176 countries. http://www.heritage.org/index/country/chile The usa is number 11 on the chart. Although there is not much difference between a 7 ranking and an 11 one has to then factor in other qualities of life. With SA you do have to watch yourself a bit better, be a little more streetwise, but you are living more freely than in the US. In the States there are regulations galore on one’s personal life, all in a staunch, politically correct environment. That, plus in some areas of the States, you could be easily attacked in groups. I know American colleagues who are living in Argentina, one of the worst countries in terms of economic freedom, and despite this they have put down roots and would actually prefer to be there than in the USA. They have various small businesses, and speak both spanish and english which is important. It really depends on how Mad Mex beyond Thunderdome a country becomes when SHTF, that plus personal preferences in quality of life factors.

  19. IN other news, today unemployment is down, and consumer spending is up. But don’t let facts interfere with doom-saying, doom gets more attention.

      1. From today:
        1) Unemployment claims down:
        2) Consumer spending is up to highest level since 2009, please see paragraph 6 in the above referenced Bloomberg article.
        Also, as a extra bonus gold fell below 1200 today.
        But the most interesting thing is how effective a response like “Who told you that?”. It inspires doubt, and questions the person who stated something, without providing alternative facts of your own.
        A good all-purpose doubt-spreader.
        I clearly remember Weinberger doing that when they showed a clip of him shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.
        He immediately said “Where did you get that?” when that obviously was completely irrelevant. He was right there shaking hands with Hussein, it was not a forged video as if he hadn’t done it.
        Questioning a source is a great obfuscatory technique.

        1. That was just for the last week, and even if consumer spending is up to it’s highest level since 2009, so what? It’s still way below the level of the 90’s.

        2. I live in NorCal, an area that’s not depressed at all so I can’t speak for the whole country. The stores are full of delicious food, the girls are gorgeous tall and thin, you can barely get a space at the shopping plazas, if this is armageddon maybe I should buy a delicious bottle of wine for $4 at Trader Joes and celebrate.
          You can look for doom and gloom anywhere and find it if you think that way. What is real is your own doom, better to worry about the shit that’s DEFINITELY going to happen than some fantasy that kinda might maybe. To wit, your own death.

        3. Questioning a source is a must in veracity. For example, if i were to pick up a history book, i would peruse its bibliography to see how many and what sources the author used. Also, your reaction to it seems suspect. Therefore I will utilize a tested method to evaluate your source. From the Fm 3-05.310, SCAME will be used to quickly illustrate to people a quick analysis.
          Source-Bloomberg: A financial data business with a vested interest in keeping the status quo of the current paradigm maintained. An organization that has used unethical methods in the past to gain advantage, see “Bloomberg Terminal Scandal”
          Content-Statistics that highlight a “recovery” most likely to boost confidence
          Audience-proles that get financial advice from “big media” in an open source format
          Media – tv and internet
          Effects- some people apparently do take this information at face value.
          TLDR: Bloomberg is the “pravda of wall street” and will continue to report things to keep the suckers playing the game.

        4. Well, I hope so about your indefinite lineage, but of course to be accurate you don’t know right? For instance Shakespeare has no direct living descendents. However, from another point of view you’re right, in that _during your life span_; your children will be alive, so in the eternity that you know, which is only our life spans, that would be true.

        5. Well done tap-dancing, and more obfuscation and source-besmirching: but speaking of sources–where is your counter data? I found mine and presented it, you present rhetoric.

        6. 47,791,996 people were on the Supplemental
          nutrition assistance program(food Stamps) according to the us department of agriculture. According
          to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, petroleum use in America has
          declined since 2002. Accord to the Social security administration, there are
          14,154,000 people receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI),
          or both under the age of 65. These sources indicate a decline counter to your “recovery”
          statistics. I can’t tell if you are a “true believer” or just a shill, but time will tell who is right.

  20. You need stuff “beans, bullets, and band aids” as we say. More importantly, you need useful, wide ranging skills, from fire making to planting a potato patch, from changing the tranny in a truck to felling a tree. You need a high-level of physical fitness. You need a tribe of like minded people. You need to have a wide perspective and a broad array of experiences. You need to know the meaning of hard physical work, danger, discipline, and perseverance. You need a philosophy. Note that all of these things improve you as a man, so even if nothing does happen, you come out ahead.

  21. I really enjoyed this article, it references the future in a realistic, probabilistic, yet very positive way.
    Solid men of value WILL come out ahead. Challenging times separate the men from the boys.

  22. If society collapsed and there was no social order I believe the upper and middle class would suffer the most since they are the most physically inept of the population.
    It would play out like The Dark Knight Rises where the proles come into power simply because they’re physically superior than those of a higher social station. Without any form of social order to punish violence through police force or prison. Thugs and other varied miscreants tend to seize power.
    If shit went belly up for a day I doubt a dude named Douglas would be able to hold his own without 911.
    Not hatin’ just sayin’

    1. Hardly – you;d be surprised how many upper and middle class men are buff and go to the gym regularly (yummy!)….and they’re smart to boot….and they have the resources to escape…..take pity on those who live off the gov’t tit because when it dries up, hunger ensues….

  23. If society collapsed and there was no social order I believe the upper and middle class would suffer the most since they are the most physically inept of the population.
    It would play out like The Dark Knight Rises where the proles come into power simply because they’re physically superior than those of a higher social station. Without any form of social order to punish violence through police force or prison. Thugs and other varied miscreants tend to seize power.
    If shit went belly up for a day I doubt a dude named Douglas would be able to hold his own without 911.
    Not hatin’ just sayin’

  24. In short time, women are going to care less about the car a guy drives, and more about whether the guy will feed her kid(s).

  25. I’ve been looking forward to the collapse of this faggot,feminist, modern society for years. Unfortunately it just seems to be declining so damn slowly. I don’t think we’ll see a quick collapse, unfortunately.

    1. You’re one of these losers whose life is so pitiful that you dream of a collapse because you believe you may then be someone. Don’t hope little boy

      1. If you hold on to hope, you won’t ever change.
        If you change, you never trust hope.

  26. If you live in a seaside urban area (which are common), learn to sail and buy a boat that you can go anchor somewhere for weeks at a time and be self-sufficient. There’s nothing like a little seawater between you and a civil disturbance to keep you safe, and cruising boaters are a historically very sane and tight nit community.
    Before you knock this as a ridiculously expensive option, consider that people have solo-sailed around North America in sailboats that cost less than $15,000

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